Another Massive Fire At A Farm Supply Store That Sells Animal Feed & Fertilizer

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Headline News


A massive fire broke out at around 4:30 a.m. at the Tri-County Stockdale Company on Black Road. The farm supply store sells animal feed as well as yard care supplies and fertilizer.

“Accidental Fires” Continue To Happen At Food Processing Facilities All Over The United States

Shorewood police have issued a shelter-in-place order for two miles north and northeast of the fire due to fumes from the fire, according to ABC7 Chicago.   Between 12 to 15 fire departments are assisting and heavy fire was reported to be coming through the roof.

According to WJOL, right now there is no concern for an explosion within the building but the flames have spread to a second building.  The Illinois EPA is on the way to the scene.

“Our biggest concern now is the air quality because this building does store fertilizer and pesticides, so we have started monitoring the air,” Troy Fire Protection District Chief Andy Doyle. “We have put in a shelter in place for a two-mile radius north and northeast of this location because of the toxic smoke.”

Chief Andy Doyle said the fire destroyed four buildings. Chopper 7HD flew above the scene as firefighters poured water in the fire with much of the business appearing to be destroyed.

This is in no way going to help the food shortages. With more fertilizer gone and unavailable for use by farmers, and animal feed going up in smoke, it’s hard to say just how much of a problem this will cause, but it is not good.

Some chickens were able to escape but it is not known if all of the livestock in the store got out.

Food Lines Get Depressingly Long In The U.S. Again As Crops Fail All Over The Globe

These fires always seem to happen at businesses that can assist in helping alleviate the food crisis. Not much else is known other than this is just one in along line of fires that always happen at food warehouses.


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