Another Hawaii Emergency Broadcast System Now Broadcasting Their Passwords

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 24 comments



In photo blunder by the Hawaii Emergency Broadcast System, a password was revealed. In a photo released by the agency in July, a password can be seen stuck to a computer with a post-it note in the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s headquarters in Honolulu.

This government agency went so far as to brazenly display their password.  Media outlet Hawaii News Now reports that the agency’s password protection measures are now in the spotlight after a photo from the agency’s Honolulu headquarters appeared in news reports. Sharp-eyed readers noticed that a password was on a Post-It note stuck on a computer. Agency spokesman Richard Rapoza says the password was for an “internal application” that is no longer in use, not a “major piece of software.”

The agency says the alert was sent was because “an employee pushed the wrong button,” not because of a hack, but the photo has still rightly sparked criticism about the agency’s level of security. The agency has said a worker clicked the wrong item in a drop-down menu; sent the warning, and that its system was not hacked.

“It was a mistake made during a standard procedure at the changeover of a shift, and an employee pushed the wrong button,” Governor David Ige said. But if that truly was the case, it should be closed, right? Yet there’s an “ongoing” investigation into the employee who sent the alert.

At the very least, government incompetence is more than evident when looking at this photo.  But not only that, it helps prove to the regular, everyday American citizen that those who should be on the frontlines looking out for the public’s well-being don’t actually care much.  Like the rest of us, they just want a paycheck.

The emergency warning officer who accidentally sent Hawaii an incoming missile alert has been receiving death threats and is “not doing well,” says the executive officer of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. Toby Clairmont told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that the employee, a 10-year agency veteran, has received “dozens of death threats by fax, telephone, social media.” The worker, who has been reassigned to other duties, is “distraught that they’ve received death threats,” Clairmont says. “This is hard. What can be worse than this? Running over a child in a crosswalk and you realize you did it? It’s that kind of feeling,” he says. “This employee is not doing well. We need to help them, too.”

This accidental warning caused a massive panic in Hawaii, and people even put children in storm drains. 

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    1. Archivist

      “internal application” that is no longer in use, not a “major piece of software.”

      If that were so, why is “warning” part of the password?

      Passwords are a major inconvenience to most workers. If they are allowed to make their own, they choose simple ones, such as “happy” or “sailboat” (actual ones I’ve seen). If they are given passwords, they post them in plain sight so they don’t have to remember them or even look very hard for them.

      Almost every organization fails in basic security measures.

      • Annabel Morgan

        Pretty sure it says “warmingpoint2”, not “warningpoint2”.

        • Archivist

          The photo above clearly says “warningpoint2.”

        • DeplorableBitterClinger

          The security problem has been rectified. The password is now “Warning point3”.

      • False Flag

        there are 5 separate switches for warning plus site commander! False flag! BS.

    2. Jaeger Morder

      The “death threats” line is a distraction. He played his role to get the info out to the interested parties. Now that he was caught, he must be made out to be a bumbling victim!Am I thinking to hard about this. Just a spooky realist!

    3. king krazy

      give hawaii back to the hawaians. after they run it into the ground they will no one to blame but themselves.

      • puukapu

        its already run into the ground thanks to the greedy Americans that settled here.

        • king krazy

          fair enough, you tell me what do the Hawaiians want?

    4. B from CA

      This just proves that we are only human. Computers are more efficient than humans, but computers don’t think. They just do what they’re programmed to do.

      What happens when artificial intelligence turns out to be artificial stupidity.


    5. Nailbanger

      Our state here in Hawaii is full of government employees who will talk down to anyone who engages them for any reason, same at the county level, i hate all of them and they are ALL democrats.
      So move you say,,,
      I am trapped here. Unless im willing to give up and sell every last thing i own and relocate and then start somewhere i know nobody and with nothing i am trapped.
      I will just refuse to cooperate then take a stand. I dont really care,

      • Sgt. Dale

        Stay there. You don’t have to leave, because when The Shit Hits The Fan you will be one of the few that survives. When TSHTF Hawaii will get nothing from the rest of the world and only the prepared will survive. Hawaii’s population will fall by 90%.

        I’ve been there 3 times and I want to go back. I just hope I can before it is too late.


        • Nailbanger

          Thanks Sarge,

      • rellik

        Nail, I agree.
        At my age I don’t want
        to back to Washington state
        and start from scratch again.
        It has become ruled totally by
        Democrats so is just as bad as

        As Sgt. said we have the best possibility
        for survival if TSHTF. Year round farming,
        proximity to large cattle ranches,
        year round water, good weather, and above all

    6. Heartless

      And here I thought the password was ‘password’, ‘admin’, ‘root’; or more likely, ‘Oh Sh*t’.

    7. Sean

      What is the background of this guy, and where does he come from? Is he moslem? They may have found he’s a saboteur, and they’re trying to hush it up. A so-called “refugee” from anywhere in Korea could be a bribed/coerced/pressured saboteur. This was not a mistake, just a trial run/training mission. The next one will be on the mainland.

    8. cranerigger

      Damn! The stupid fools running my state govt. have embarrassed us again. We left the state of Californicate for the same reason. Now I know why so many of our friends from the range have moved to Texas.

    9. Deplorable Neal Jensen

      We should be in total awe of the competence displayed so far by the Hawaiian officials Department of Emergency Services (which is the last remaining portion of the Ringling Brothers Circus act of Freaks).

    10. Stuart

      “government incompetence is more than evident when looking at this photo”

      I think this explains it all. These people are not evil – just stupid. The result is the same so don’t waste time assigning blame; just recognize that their incompetence will kill you and prep accordingly. Blame is irrelevant.

    11. Hauptmann

      Seems like the Hawaiian “Hire the Handicapped” program is working well.

    12. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Hawaii is just Cali in the middle of the pacific.

      • rellik

        Not all of Hawaii, what you say may true for Honolulu
        but all the other counties are very much different.
        Government here is much less competent.
        is basically broke, and has very little possibility
        of raising taxes much.
        Culturally we have a very much different
        makeup, so not nearly as bad as CA crime-wise.
        I grew up in “old” CA(back when they had
        Republicans) so I can make
        some comparisons.

    13. Westcoastdeplorable

      At least the password wasn’t “password”.
      In any case, all these clowns should be fired.

    14. False Flag

      The warning was a false flag. There are 5 separate switches that need to be thrown to do this. Plus the approval of the site commander! Done

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