Another Blow To U.S. Farmers: China Suspends Agricultural Imports After Trump’s Additional Tariffs

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Forecasting, Headline News | 17 comments

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    In what can only be described as yet another heavy blow to American farmers, China has suspended all agricultural imports from the United States.  China’s decision was in response to an additional 10% in tariffs levied on Chinese goods.

    China has confirmed that the Communist country will retaliate against the 10% increase on $300 billion worth of goods shipped to the United States. Reports of China pulling out of U.S. agriculture helped exacerbate fears on Wall Street pushing stocks to their worst day of the year. Now that China confirmed the reports, it could add to pressure on equities, according to a report by CNBC

    American farmers are already on the edge of survival and the additional tariffs will not only increase the cost of their farming, but China’s retaliation will ensure they have a much smaller market to sell their goods. China is one of the largest buyers of U.S. agriculture. Bloomberg News reported that Beijing may stop importing them completely in response to new tariffs by the United States. According to reports by Chinese State media, it would also consider slapping tariffs on U.S. agricultural products that it already bought.

    U.S. farming has been a hot-button issue in the ongoing trade war. The president said that he had secured large quantities of agricultural purchases when he met with President Xi Jinping at the G-20 summit in June.

    American Farmers Are The Casualties Of The Trade War

    Chinese imports of U.S. soybeans have also dropped to the lowest level since 2004. “The leverage that China has is its large agricultural purchases,” Darin Friedrichs, a senior analyst at INTL FCStone’s Asia commodities division, said in an interview on Bloomberg TV. “This does affect U.S. farmers and the rural U.S. voting base that’s normally in support of Donald Trump. If they hit back before the election, that’s the obvious way to retaliate.

    Considering the tariffs have been paid by American consumers and businesses, not the Chinese government, it seems a good time to take off the partisan blinders and see this trade war for what it really is: a war on the American consumer with retaliation from China that puts the American farmer directly in the crossfire.

    The demise of free trade is never a good thing.

    The United States was the global leader in promoting free trade until two years ago. President Donald J. Trump calls himself “Tariffs Man” and uses tariffs as leverage in all types of international negotiations. No country has been impacted more than China. The U.S.-China trade war started one year ago, roughly on July 6, 2018, with tariffs and counter-tariffs being imposed on billions of dollars of goods. The situation continues to escalate. Four days later, Trump announced tariffs on $200 billion of additional goods coming from China. One year later, Trump is considering tariffs on the final $300 billion of Chinese goods imported from China.

    The Demise of Free Trade: The U.S.-China Trade War Explained


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      1. Meanwhile, the congresscritters from both sides are congealing around suspending due process (aka- ‘red flag’ laws) and universal background checks like the chunks of grease they are.

        If you aint got it by now, go get it asap. If you got it, grab a couple more.

        • “American farmers are already on the edge of survival and the additional tariffs will not only increase the cost of their farming, but China’s retaliation will ensure they have a much smaller market to sell their goods. ”

          FALSE !!! PATENTLY FALSE !!!

          Tariffs will only cost American CONSUMERS if they buy products from China. Tariffs have NO affect upon the cost of American farming. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

          In the first place, agricultural product markets are GLOBAL. There is a specific global demand for agricultural products, just like there is for minerals and oil & gas. There is also a specific, available global supply.

          If China buys farm products from other nations, who themselves have a limited supply to export without starving their own populations, then the historical customer markets of that producing nation will need to buy those same farm products somewhere else: like the USA for example.

          More importantly for American Consumers, American Farmers (who are primarily multinational corporations and / or multi-million dollar businesses), have been adversely affected by flooding in the Midwest destroying a large portion of the grain crops.

          Large cash subsidies have been approved by Congress to offset the losses of American Farmers; no, not to the mom & pop family farms we are accustomed to envision, but to BILLION DOLLAR multinationals. FUCK THEM !!! Let them buy crop insurance instead.

          Typically this loss of supply from flooding would sharply increase the cost of American grains & livestock to American Consumers, all things in the market being equal (ie Chinese Buyers). However, with the loss of Chinese buyers for American grain and other farm products, local prices will be stable despite this loss of supply. So effectively, the loss of supply coincides with the lack of demand from China.

          Its a fucking WASH !!!

          Now the demise of “FREE TRADE” is never a good thing, unfortunately as I have detailed to this community for almost ten years now, FREE TRADE has never existed in the relationship between the USA and China. China has been receiving Most Favored Nation Status for 30 years. Time to end that gravy train.

          Trade with China has been MANAGED TRADE, and managed to the advantage of China and the Global Uber Rich. FREE TRADE is FAIR TRADE.

          SHTFPlan, the members of this community DEMAND that you release Mac Slavo from captivity ie FEMA CAMP). The Mac Slavo of recent months is NOT the Mac Slavo this community has known & loved. 🙂

          • The real question is regarding supply and demand. If US food exports are cut, then that increases food supply here in the states right? So why are food prices in the US continuing to rise in spite of a mass glut of food supply? Just look at the high prices on meats.

            Any takers on this?

            • I don’t cook and the reasonable cost for dinners at the Casinos are discounted for Veterans. I can’t afford to cook !!! 🙂

      2. Universal Background Checks is an euphemism for mandatory registration from manufacture to meltdown. Its purpose is to facilitate confiscation when the political climate right.

        • I sold all my rifles to an Amish guy named Benjamin Stoltsfus. True story

          • And when they come for your guns, do you believe they will take your word for it or will they tear the walls out looking for them?
            People and their silly notions.

      3. Well what will they replace all this food with?

        mud samwiches?

      4. Ok great that’s good news. If china isn’t buying. and there is supposed to be a crop shortfall this years because of flooding. Then whatever crop is harvested will have less markets. and the USA consumers might not be charged as much. The USA crop stays at home is a good thing.

      5. You know what? FUCK THOSE FARMERS! And their GMO shitfest! Who else will buy their poisoned shit? Fuck Monsanto and fuck you! Make ethanol out of it. I hope these fat basads at walmart starve to death. I have a lot of farmers markets and organic places to shop at. Maybe it will cut the fat of the land a bit 😀

        • Russia Bans all food GMO’s. Putin said “Why would we want to poison our own people? Makes no sense. We want our people healthy.” And he’s right. Welcome to Merikka..

      6. I beg to differ on the US being “a global leader in promoting free trade”. US farmers are heavily subsidised, so they have not had to compete on a “level playing field” for some decades. They may just have to toughen up a bit like the rest of us.

      7. Just look at the USDA numbers , U.S. Farmers will have NOTHING to sell China , last year’s $50 hay bales are
        $200 this year . This report is spin to cover up shortages .

        • Go into any Wal-Mart and look at the country origin of where all the products on the shelf were made and or manufactured.

          Only item I saw in Wal-Mart made in America was Some food, Guns and Ammo. giddy up..

      8. Yes last year they wanted $50 for those round bales. and many around here set and rotted. I have a few cows. I bale the small square bales. one time I bought a big round bale where they where having a John Deer field day demonstration. Went and got my old M Farmall and 269 new Holland square bailer and unrolled the round bale and bailed it into square bales. It only made 7 and 1/2 square bales. Boy did I make those liars that stated one round bale was equal to 20 square bales upset.

      9. Our glorious spokes leader person did say that genetically modified creations are acceptable as a nod of approval that anything goes to further the sicken them agenda.

      10. It is hard to tell how much a round bale weighs. I have seen a 4×5 weigh from 500 lb on the low end to 1200 lb on the upper end of the scale. About 800 is average for a grass bale. I bale between 200 and 300 rounds a year and about 500 small squares. It is unclear to me if the China emargo will hurt farmers that much. I think it has the potential to help livestock producers in the form of lower feed costs.Like someone said grains are fungible as is money Everyone would have to refuse to buy from us to make much difference..

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