Andrew Cuomo & Bill Gates Join Forces To Use MORE Propaganda & Brainwash Children

by | May 11, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 7 comments

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    Bill Gates and Andrew Cuomo are the last humans on earth any good parent would want education their children. However, the two have joined forces to mold the minds of our nation’s youths, to teach them to obey the ruling class and be good little slaves.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday released the names of educators and others who would advise the state on its new effort with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to “reimagine education” in New York.  If you know anything about Gates or Cuomo, you should know this is an attempt to brainwash our kids into accepting the dystopian society they all want us to willingly submit to.

    Sculpting Public Opinion from Birth to Death: “Schools and Media are Completely Complicit in the Destruction of This Nation”

    This has drawn some concern from parents and teachers who believe they are the ones who should be involved in their children’s education, not the ruling class and wealthy elitists trying to push an agenda.

    The list quelled concerns that educators would not be included after the state said it would partner with the Gates Foundation to rethink what virtual education should look like after students, now learning from home during the coronavirus pandemic, go back to school buildings.

    It doesn’t, however, include any K-12 students or any current teachers, principals, parents, district leaders, or administrators from the New York City Department of Education, the state and nation’s largest school system, serving more than 1 million students. The City, New York City

    In order for the elitists to be successful at their attempt at world domination and the permanent enslavement of mankind, they know they need to alter the perception of children. They have been trying for decades and were successful until recently.  Now that children are home with their parents and no longer subjected to the blatant slave propaganda from the public school system, they’ve begun to ask questions to.  And that’s the good news: people are waking up from their slumber to realize they have lived the life of a slave since day one, and no longer wish to do so.

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    This has become blatant.  The elitists and ruling class are not hiding it anymore.  They demand complete control over everyone and will take as much as they can get.

    Goldstein said the governor’s office did not reach out to City Hall about participation on the council. The governor’s office did not immediately say why no one from the city was included on the list or when this advisory council is expected to start its work. The Gates Foundation declined to comment. The City, New York City

    When Bill Gates is involved, it cannot be good. Add Andrew Cuomo to the mix and you have a recipe for totalitarianism. If you haven’t opened your eyes yet, now is a good time.  We don’t have much time left before the walls of a dystopian enslavement close around all of us.

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      1. Bill Gates also said that he found Jeffrey Epsteins lifestyle very intriguing, AFTER Epstein was busted for pedophelia! He also associated with Epstein. Not the guy that should be in charge of anything!

        • and one of his employees was arrested while inside Bill’s home for distributing child porn.

      2. The Bank of England announced that it will lend money to businesses, only if they sign a secrecy NDA that the Bank of England lent them money.

        How does anyone know if the Bank of England lent money to anyone at all, and isn’t just bilking the tax payer outright for the total failure of The Bank of England?

        Nobody knows! Did the Bank of England fail?

        It pretty much sounds that way to me!

      3. “brainwash children” Thankfully there are enough of us to through the BS.

      4. The ongoing PROPAGANDA just gets worse. The Demonrats no longer hide their intentions. Folks, if you want New York & California style idiocy in your state, allow the liars to steal elections in your state. If you vote for a WE-FLUBBED-AGAIN, make damn sure they aren’t RINOs.

        In the meantime will somebody teach these cretins some basic ECONOMIC principles. You just can’t spend like a drunken sailor forever.

      5. Jared Kushner renters of 7,000 properties and people in need of shelter should go to Trump hotels, and just claim them as their own, according to their own squatters rights philosophies agreeing that Israel has annexation rights.

        That is not my personal philosophy, but it is theirs, so if they believe that Israeli land thieves and Israeli squatters have legal claim to those properties, the same philosophy must hold true of their own personal properties, and allowing other people into those properties, they have relinquished claim to those properties, by way of their own logic and reason.

      6. Not too long before the internet, I had cheap and free books from humble sources, including thrift stores, swapmeets, yardsales, the public library, at the end of my block, and public school fundraisers — particularly, when they were good and done with their overstock.

        And, by the end of second grade — at my scummy, ghetto, public school — I found my Zardoz moment.

        Authority figures were completely incapable of answering my innocent but socially-inappropriate questions about evolution, race, and communism.

        Let me suggest against a FUNVAX for atheists, with the same Jesus button, in the same headspace, being stroked by your version of the prophets.

        Where would you be, if your everyday gerbil just randomly stepped off the hamsterwheel of fanciful, public discourse, and he asked unimaginative, brutish questions about the reality, directly under his nose.

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