Analyst Warns Of Turbulence: ‘Geopolitical Dislocations Could Result In Key Resource Supplies Disappearing’

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    Some of the world’s biggest investors have been taking significant positions in the commodity resource sector as of late, most notably in gold. With geopolitical tension and fear of economic breakdown reaching a near boiling point, it’s not difficult to see why. Instability pervades the entire system, encompassing everything from financial markets to social safety nets. And while it is easy to ignore the seriousness of current events because stock markets remain at record highs and mainstream pundits continue to toe the recovery line, the fact is that an unexpected and seemingly minor event could well send the entire world into a tailspin.

    According to analyst John Kaiser, this is exactly what we need to be concerned with. In a candid interview with Future Money Trends Kaiser explains just how political dislocations could result in supply lines to critical commodities like food, copper, zinc and gold being cut – even without a major war – should the United States, Russia and China continue to bump heads.

    (Watch at Future Money Trends or Youtube)

    Forget about the big, giant macro-economic increases in overall global GDP, but instead let’s look at the turbulence we’re starting to see where China is asserting itself in the South China Sea area… where Putin is eyeing its lost colonies in Europe and Central Asia and thinking maybe we should re-establish the Soviet empire… where we see instability in the middle east.

    Then you also realize that a lot of metal comes from China… a lot of metal comes from Russia. And if we end up in a shoving match where, say, the United States pushes back in the South China Sea… and Chinese generals get all up in arms and we end up with an incident… well what happens if China suddenly has sanctions going against it… or something similar, that Russia goes beyond messing in the Ukraine and starts taking out Latvia or Estonia?

    All of a sudden we have not so much nickel coming from Russia anymore… and similar in China.. Tungsten, 85% of it comes from China… graphite, 85% of it comes from China… 40% of the world’s zinc comes from China.

    These types of geopolitical dislocations… they could result in supply simply disappearing.

    And because the rest of the world is still using the same volume of copper and nickel as before, that’s where you can see price spikes.

    As we know, much of our critical supply chain is dependent on China. Likewise, Russia supplies necessary industrial metals. One misstep here, whether in the South China Sea, Ukraine or the middle east and we could very well see massive price spikes for commodity resources across the board.

    This instability, as John Kaiser notes, could lead to a collective rush of risk capital into safe haven assets, including gold:

    Gold is also supposed to respond to geo-political stresses. When you recall in 1980, yes we had inflation. But also part of the problem in 1980 was that the United States appeared to be losing it… we had the Tehran hostage crisis… we had the Soviet Union expanding itself in Afghanistan… the perception was that the United States was losing its dominant role.

    If we ended up in a situation of anxiety about… are China, Russia and the United States about to square off? Is the world going to embark on a war footing?

    We could see anxiety about this spike [gold] higher.

    The similarities within this context is that the perception of the United States today compared to 1980 is that we are, indeed, losing our dominant role as the world’s leading economic and military superpower.

    Couple that with geopolitical tensions and economic upheaval around the world, and it’s not hard to see why resource investments into core commodities like food, gold, and industrial metals could spike significantly in the near future.

    For more interviews, news, and video documentaries visit Future Money Trends.

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      1. A military engagement, whether accidental or purposeful, is enough to light the fuse here. And yeah, oil, gold, wheat, etc. are going to skyrocket if we’re talking about something going down on the artificial islands off the coast of China or even over the no-fly zone in Syria. It’s just a matter of time at this point.

        Both Russia and China have been clear on what they intend to do if Obama interferes with their ambitions.

        • Keep stackin’ and keep stockpilin’. One of these idiots in charge is eventually going to give the go-ahead and then we’re all screwed.

          • They did it to Japan; anyone recall when RE metals skyrocketed, some by as much as 2000% overnight? China produces the lions share of all rare earths. If push comes to shove, they simply choose to stockpile instead of ship. The world would be at its knees. They’ve done it before; don’t think they don’t know what power they hold.

            • “where China is asserting itself in the South China Sea area… where Putin is eyeing its lost colonies in Europe and Central Asia and thinking maybe we should re-establish the Soviet empire… where we see instability in the middle east.”

              This guy can’t see enough of the big picture to even make it worth sitting through his video. I’m going shopping.

              • speaking of China…

                Putting China’s “6.9% GDP Growth” In Context
                •China export trade: -8.8% year to date
                •China import trade: -17.6% year to date
                •Industrial output crude steel: -3% year to date
                •Cement output: -3.2% year over year
                •Industrial output electricity: -3.1% year over year

                And so on…


              • I hardly think Putin wants Ukraine back, or for that matter other bankrupt former provinces. Seriously, do you think Putin wants millions of Muslims back?

            • Rare earth metals mining can be messy. The EPA under Obama has literally shut precious metals, and rare earth metals mining down in the US. Virtually all of it is now imported.

              When the EPA shut down the last lead smelter in the US that was willing to invest billions to build the cleanest smelting plant the world had ever seen, Obama sealed America’s fate. If there is war, we will be sanctioned, and find we have no access to the raw material that a high tech military depends on.

              To make it worse Obama has been selling off strategic reserves that are held for defense purposes during time of war, including rare earth metals as part of his ongoing emptying of the US Treasury. Communism works great until it runs out of other people’s money, and when Obama leaves office there won’t be a penny left, just a huge hungry debt monster.

              He seems bent on pulling all the teeth out of the US military capability. All the while he is killing off the best of our military in his secret wars all over the Middle East, Africa, and South America; he’s gutting military programs that would have kept us ahead of our enemies, of which we have far too many, due to Obama’s bungling foreign policy.

              • He also vetoed the NDAA last week…the national defense authorization act. Military will be out of money soon if they can’t trike a deal to please out dicktater in chief.

                • I’ve had the feeling that Obama intends to hit as many icebergs as he can, while in office. He doesn’t want the Titanic to sink while he is president, but when he’s done there will be no stoping it, it will go down hard and fast.

                  If democrats can blame the big crash on the opposition, Obama wins. His legacy will be one party rule. Democrats will be king of the burnt rubble pile.

                  • what a short memory. You DO realize that everything was put in motion and designed by Bush and his warmongers.

                    Obama has done NOTHING NEW (keyword).

                    and yes, I loathe him. just being real.

                    When you look into the Bush clan, things will become more clear.

                    • It started even before the Bush family. It goes all the way back to Woodrow Wilson but really went into high gear during the Johnson administration. Both parties are headed towards the same goal, total control. It’s just that the Democrats are running to the goal line while the Republicans are just fast walking. Either way the result is the same, a tyrannical government supressing and stripping it’s citizens freedoms. If we don’t stop and reverse this trend soon, it may very well take the ” Blood of tyrants and patriots to refresh the tree of liberty”.

            • We may have to mine our own landfills for rare metals.

              We also have closed backup REM mines.

              Another thing to consider is actually doing business and make deals instead of dropping bombs, destabilizing countries, etc. Policy changes beckon.

              • You triggered a thought on garbage, speaking of landfills.

                In a total SHTF environment, garbage will rat out preppers, even if garbage service still works you may want to sanitize your trash as well as sort it and keep anything of value.

                If you’re putting out empty #10 cans that once held survival food, while everyone else in the area is starving, you are going to have unexpected visitors.

                Everything must be cleared of identifying marks, so remove all labels from bottles, cans, cartons etc.

                Sort trash into categories like paper and wood pulp products that can be burned for fuel. Consider raiding neighbors trash for things you can use. If the SHTF in warm weather, fools will discard stuff that can be burned for heat, get it while you can.

                Compost all organic waste, use it to grow stuff, sort it so things that are normally not composted end up in a long term two year compost pile, for nasty things loaded with dangerous bacteria. Plant matter composts fast and safe.

                Clean empty cans and bottles may become valuable. I would not discard them. I would hide them however to prevent the hungry from knowing you ever had them.

                Aluminum cans….. There is a huge amount of energy stored in refined aluminum. Picture an aluminum drum with aluminum wire fed against it like a wire fed welder combined with an Edison phonograph, imersed in a alkalin solution like drain cleaner (sodium hydroxide). Take a 12 volt car battery and apply current across the wire and the drum, as the wire is fed against the drum. An exothermic electrolisys reaction will occur. It will convert the aluminum to aluminum oxide in a slurry and hydrogen gas. That hydrogen can be burned in an engine to run a generator, or for heat. The slurry collected and discarded, it is not hazardous. When you build the hydrogen generator, add a flapper lid that can just pop open and relieve pressure from any over pressure or detonations. Hydrogen is very explosive, so minimize air volume. The process requires you continuously add water for fuel as a hydrogen source. The oxygen combines with the aluminum. Yes a pre 72 car could be run this way.

                Point is garbage is incredibly useful, you can use all you create and don’t allow its existence to give your preps away. OPSEC!

                • I have observed these principles in action my entire life. My father was a professional with a home office; he always had a “burn bag” for documents relating to his business. He even tore name/address labels off magazines before the magazines were discarded; the labels went into the burn bag. (Same with the name/address portion of envelopes.) Ditto for ANYTHING with personal info, such as insurance documents, bank docs, medical docs, etc. that were no longer needed. If you can’t burn, a crosscut shredder (not a strip shredder) is the next best option.

                  Both my parents grew up during the Great Depression and were very frugal. Jars, string, scrap lumber, etc were put aside to be used as needed.

                  I incorporated these behaviors into my life long before I ever heard of prepping; they are an automatic way of life for me. I generate almost zero garbage because I recycle everything possible; and anyone who intercepted my trash (usually one small plastic grocery bag per week) would not learn anything about me except a few of the foods that I eat… plastic trays/wrappers from hamburger or vegetables or whatever. Nothing with my name, address, or any personal info at all, ever.

                  And when I drop off my recycle stuff at the town transfer station, I always scout around for useful things that others have discarded. Last week, I looked in the clothing bin and found a brand new pair of Wrangler jeans, still with all the store tags attached, my exact size. Sometimes people discard 1-lb propane bottles that are half full or more. I’ve gotten tons of books, including topics like hunting, fishing, plant identification, rock climbing, medical reference books, food preservation, vegetable gardening, etc. A like-new $50 ‘trigger stick’ for hunting; a cammo blind for duck hunting; and on & on.

                  I seldom even go to yard sales any more… why pay for stuff when you can get it free at the transfer station? I’ve gotten over 20 cases… yes, cases! — of canning jars (all sizes, from 4 oz to half gallon) in the past two years, absolutely free.

                  Pay close attention to your own garbage, and to that of others, as well. One man’s trash….

                  • Awesome follow up.

                    This is a subject I’ve been thinking of, but rarely see a prepper article on.

                    I don’t want to turn into a hoarder, but the moment the SHTF in a big way, it’s time to really pull in on garbage control. It will be a different world, as of that moment.

                    For years I have been one of the few houses that rarely uses the town yard waste recycle center. Except to make withdrawals! If it’s clean disease free organic material, I compost it. The town leaf pickup truck came past my house yesterday, it found no food for their machine!

                    I use the town recycle center, generally I periodically dump 6 buckets of hard pan clay soil, covered by just enough leaves to hide what I did. The soil I make from my mulch is more valuable.

                    It takes years to build up good garden soil, or even improve a lawn.

                    I bought a small electric B&D tree branch shredder, it lasted 30 years, I replaced it with a harbor freight version that seems to work almost as well. If it goes through the shredder it ends up in the garden. Otherwise it’s firewood or kindling.

                    I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to feed my yard. Plants get hungry, and the food your garden produces is a direct function of what you feed it.

                    Use your county extension service and have your soil tested every year, and feed it what it needs. You never know when you will need to plow your back lawn under and expand dramatically your veggie garden. You can feed a family with a 1/4 acre garden.

                    If I knew the SHTF was coming down, I have two lists, one for the big box SAMs club, BJ’s, Cosco etc for food, and the next for the the big box garden center, for garden food, pete moss, gypsum, lime, plant food. Possibly more important than food for the now!

        • Weldon.

          Not to worry. There are only Two of the Ten, Nimitz class aircraft carries deployed.

          • “…that Russia goes beyond messing in the Ukraine and starts taking out Latvia or Estonia?”

            That is an “Article 5” that triggers an all out NATO response. Putin is neither stupid or crazy.

            China has already started back-tracking from its original statements about conflict with the US in the South China Sea, understanding that unlike Putin in Syria, it doesn’t have International Law in its favor; but mostly that it understands it cannot yet win a regional conflict with the USA on the high seas.

            That’s current reality. 🙂

            • Putin is neither stupid nor crazy.

              This is what will happen at the right time:

              Russia will move in on the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

              China will invade Taiwan.

              North Korea will invade South Korea.

              The US IS NATO. There’s no way we will defeat Russia. Especially when they’re willing to use tactical nuclear weapons. Even without them, they have missiles that will take out our planes and our ships.

              • BC: Yes, at the right time Putin will move on the Baltic States. There are probably “little green men” there now.

                Germany, Poland, and Ukraine could defeat Russia in a conventional war with additional weapons from the US as they have more training and a larger population than Russia. Poland is no longer the pushover it once was. Do some research.

                Ukraine, and Kiev in particular will be destroyed, but Russia will bleed heavily in the process for the ground it gains. By the time Russia reaches Germany its supply lines will have been cut and they will be facing a fresh German army bolstered by US Troops.

                China will NOT invade Taiwan, any more than they needed to invade Hong Kong. China’s financial dominance of Taiwan will lead to financial absorption of Taiwan as Taiwanese businessmen flock to China for capital and customers, and the Chinese populations inter-marry. That is happening already. An invasion would be a military mistake because Taiwan is well “missiled”.

                Twenty years ago, nuclear triggers were sent to Taiwan from the US by “accident”. If you do not recognize that Taiwan is already a nuclear power, you are ill informed or naive.

                Your last paragraph: “The US IS NATO. There’s no way we will defeat Russia. Especially when they’re willing to use tactical nuclear weapons. Even without them, they have missiles that will take out our planes and our ships.” suggest that you are both. 🙂

          • slingshot said:

            “Not to worry. There are only Two of the Ten, Nimitz class aircraft carries deployed.”

            Not to worry… there are only two sitting ducks!

            The rest will follow.

            • There is a point taken there as islands are unsinkable aircraft carriers.

              China will continue to build military facilities in the South China Sea. If squeezed for oil then they will be used.

              • Islands need not be “sunk” only rendered unusable. 🙂

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Two carriers means, two carrier battle groups. Which will have Subs, Crusiers and Destroyers. Amphibious assault ships and other types depending on the mission.

              Lots of firepower and protection. About One third of the whole fleet is now at sea. One hundred vessels more or less.

              • Our laser technology can take out Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles. The USA is way ahead of its competitors in quantity and quality of all weapons.

                That is why the NWO PTB are sooo aggressive now. 🙁

        • Weldon

          I believe that the ambition for China is to secure an energy supply that can’t be cut off by a foreign power. Considering they have a billion plus mouths to feed that seems reasonable.

          Russia would like to maintain its European energy market. At first glance considering the size of its population and the economic demand to maintain political stability that seems reasonable too.

          Considering both of the above possess nuclear weapons, with a means of delivery, I think its prudent to treat them with respect.

      2. I fear the South China Sea situation is the most dicey. The US is terribly dependent on supplies from overseas. I worry about the supply chains breaking down, not just for food and fuel, but for spare parts. I’m stocking up on spare parts, diesel engine oil, and such for our tractor. And spares for some critical implements. I urge everyone to consider adding critical spares to their to-do list.

        • The USA is terribly independent upon supplies from overseas, only because it wants to use the resources of other nations first, before using our own.

          A simple but brilliant strategy. 🙂

        • Russian subs are currently hanging out very close to our undersea fiberoptic cables. If they sabotage these lines, or as th us gov has done, mirror those cables, there will be no truly secure come as RF transmissions can be captured, deciphered and locations triangulated.

          Image they sabotage our fiberoptics, and then someone sets off an EMP to boot, were in some serious trouble in terms of overseas comms , etc.

      3. article reads…”are China, Russia, and the USSAG about to square off”?

        The Holy Word says they are.

        The stage is being set. To ignore it is simply not facing reality of what is coming upon the earth.

        Not a message of fear porn from passin’, but one of, “look at the facts and the timing.”

        There is only one way to escape and that my friends is on a personal level. The powers are corrupt, and doing what the evil spirits lead them to do.

        is there a global chance to avoid such things at this point?
        Not a chance in hell. Pun intended.

        But through love for the Kingdom to come, we can survive it.
        Best be hitched to the right team of Horses.
        We are, and are not scared or panicked one bit. We welcome it.

        Preps are in place.

        • 100 % AGREED.

        • PWTW, sadly I have to agree. I’m heading for the BOL later this week on another supply run. Hope it doesn’t turn into THE bugout, but it could if the circumstances are right.

        • Hey passin, hard to find USA in any bible prophecy, scholars really have to stretch scripture never mind agree on it…China and Russia yes.

          • Yea, I used to think the same thing, until i began trying to look at things from a different perspective, and forget everything I had been taught and had heard.

            I don’t feel the need to try and convince anyone of the fact that America, the Super Power of Super Powers, hasn’t been left out.
            However; when reading of the “attempted” invasion, by the Russian led federation “prophesied” in Ezekiel 38/39, it is clearly obvious that two Israels are important and documented, in those scriptures and many other places in the Word.

            The “House of Israel”, can only be in reference to the ten scattered tribes of the Adamic/Jacob (Israel)/Caucasian peoples. Clearly, history documents that Great Britain and it’s surrounding countries house a majority of those descendants. Therefore, North America as the “Wings”, plucked from the Lion (Great Britain’s symbol), spoken of in Daniel….

            Dan 7:4
            “The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it”….seems to fit perfectly.

            Is it any coincidence that our National symbol is the Bald Eagle, and another symbol is a man on two legs with a heart, being representative of a prideful and strong Nation w/ a unique governmental structure, as Uncle Sam?
            Uncle Sam was given life as he was portrayed saying…”Uncle Sam, I want you”, for military enlistment, and other things. The younger generations can’t remember those images like us older folk.

            Here is a link to some poster pictures….Check out the one titled, Side by Side Britannia…
            ht tp://

            This poster shows Uncle Sam arm-in-arm with Britannia, accompanied by a lion and an eagle. It is a dramatic reminder of the long and fruitful alliance between the United States and Great Britain. The poster is titled “Side by side – Britannia! Britain’s Day Dec. 7th 1918”. The artwork is by James Montgomery Flagg. It was created in 1918 by the American Lithographic Co. N.Y.

            Seems like too much in alignment to ignore, and no other nation fits the criteria.

            And then there is also the “Mystery Babylon” argument, No other location and power base fits as perfectly as the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. The base for the NWO and World dominance, just as Babylon of old was. Both, creating much confusion and death, through deception and control.

            • Ok passin, but does seem like a stretch though,no need to try to convince me. I believe the super power of super powers will have its hands full with its own people try to calm the unrest at home once martial law is declared…cheers

              • No cause for concern, this is just the latest false alarm for Russia and China yet again going to end the world by launching an attack on the US. If you follow this site for any length of time, you’ll notice that there are an average of at least 2 stories per month that say the exact thing, going back for years. Somehow, all these ” imminent” attacks never happen, but one thing they do generate is to feed the never ending doom porn grist mill. It never fails to recharge the doom porn faithful into getting their hopes up and giggling with glee that ” this time may be it!” It isn’t. Sorry to dash all your hopes but the world will continue to go on like it does regardless of how many imminent world ending scenarios people want to believe.

              • Agreed. good day to ya.

            • Daniel 7:4 refers to the Neo-Babylonian Empire. It’s a series of prophesies regarding 4 beasts that represented 4 past empires with the last one being Alexander the Great. It’s not talking about America.

              • Not to offend, but that scripture is in Daniel 2. And i agree with your summation of the four Empires, but that was given to Nebuchadnezzar, and his vision in Chapter 7 was for the end times empires.

                The final world empire by flesh men is the one of iron mingled with clay, representing the revived Roman Empire/European Union/Vatican, and as headquarters of the NWO….USA.

                Many others like Russia (Bear),Germany (Leopard) aligned with it is France (the fowl/rooster), the Persians, China, and the Sunni empire of Saudi Arabia plus others, want to rule the world and that is why they have such authority from the Spirit of Satan.
                The ten toes represent all the authoritative Nations/Kings and not all mentioned here, but they are represented by the ten horns with a little horn coming up among them (Antichrist).
                The ten represent the NWO.
                Then the ten are overshadowed by seven because three are rooted out by the entrance of the little horn and His role as Christ returned. His lies and deception will cause the whole world to follow his beast system that is different than the one that is being formed right now through the United nations.

                Believe me when i say, I have studied this forward and backward and listened as many have describes what all this means. it will happen as it is revealed and it is happening now.

            • What a bunch of nonsense. There were no 10 lost tribes. There’s no biblical proof for it or any reason to believe it. God wiped out most of the Israelites when they were conquered by Assyria:

              (Isaiah 10:20-22 NIV) In that day the remnant of Israel, the survivors of the house of Jacob, will no longer rely on him who struck them down but will truly rely on the LORD, the Holy One of Israel. {21} A remnant will return, a remnant of Jacob will return to the Mighty God. {22} Though your people, O Israel, be like the sand by the sea, only a remnant will return. Destruction has been decreed, overwhelming and righteous.

              And of course, other tribes are mentioned in the New Testament:
              Levi, Asher, and Benjamin.

              The Jews ARE Israel. They’re not just from the tribe of Judah. The Levites know who they are. They’re people with the last names Levi and Cohen.

              The Jews are a Semitic people. They look like other middle eastern peoples. Europeans look totally different. There are people who want to believe that the 10 “lost” tribes are 10 European nations but European nations are each made up of a number of tribes and languages.

              There can’t be an English tribe because England was invaded by the Romans, the Vikings, and a number of Germanic tribes. The English from before the invasions don’t exist today.

      4. He didnt mention the most important metal that keeps all other metals safe , lead.
        We no longer produce it in the us due to EPA regs , we only import , imagine that .
        So what ya gonna do ?

        • Best be stockpiling some already formed, or get the forms and stock up on wheel weights.

          • You can get lead pure inexpensively in ingots,great for casting but if you like fmj’s then need to also buy copper jackets,also available(at moment).

            • WAR , i got enough for me buddy .
              I can only throw so many till my bad rotator cup stops me 🙂

              • rotator “cup”. Would that be like a jock strap cup that rotates with the nards?

                or,maybe a row tater cup for grubbing out spuds?

                Ah! rotator “cuff” as in the shoulder area.

                LOL, just messing with ya, hammerhead. I know all to well about those aggravating damn things. Just recently had an MRI on my right one after six months of pain and therapy, with no improvement. Luckily, my Orthopedic Surgeon was the first Dr. to perform Arthroscopic surgery in the US. He trained in Japan when the procedure was just beginning, while working as a military Surgeon. He should be retired, but loves his work and helping people. A rare find these days.

                You talk about a wealth of knowledge and a true picture of what any Dr. should be. If a man of his caliber says to do everything you can to keep from having the surgery, if there is tearing; then you might want to believe the outcome from surgery will not always be a positive thing.

                In other words, although he didn’t come right out and say it, You are better off trying to live with it the way it is.

        • Hammer,poly with copper jacket,they use it now in .458 rounds and assume others,same results gel tests anyhow.I do not worry as sure guy I am subbing for has some gold and silver along with food for me!

      5. What are the possibilities of the USA going to war with China or Russia.

        What are the possibilities that the American people will have a war against the government

        What are the possibilities that you or I, will wage war on the people in our towns and cities. Your neighbor.

        Are you preparing? Are you ready?

        • SLING , almost no possiblity .
          This will be economic war and or nucleur , no need to worry.

          (nucleur) HAHAHA ala , George Bush.

          • Hammerhead.

            How does it all play out. If we go to war with China or Russia. Some of us will be involved with that BUT!

            Then Our Government puts the screws to us and those exec. orders kick in and we get piss off at the jerk in the White House. Martial Law? Also how much confidence do you have in him.

            Then it could boil down to the people fighting against each other. Or robbing or stealing.

            So it is a big “Shit Layer Cake”. No matter how you slice it.

            • If a shooting war erupts with Russia or China, minimal resources would be left for martial law. I suspect that the focus of .gov would be internal.

            • “… people will be fighting each other…”
              = divide and conquer.

              A lot of annoyed folks at the big store lately where I live- scowling, cold eyes, unresponsive to a smile.

              United we stand,
              divided we fall.

              Pitting people against each other is an art form.
              Stir & simmer…

          • You laughed at Bush for saying it wrong but you spelled it wrong.

            • spelt even!

        • Sling, my prepping is still ongoing. Headed back to the BOL later this week on another supply run.

          • Braveheart.

            Been doing research on deterrents. Consider them force multipliers. Looking at lots of Utube. Downloading lots of info from prep sites. Small projects at hand. Some work, some don’t. Much of it is packaged, labeled, then sealed in ammo cans.
            If I die early, at least when they open up the cans and say, “What the hell is this?” They will have instructions included. Hahahaha!

            • Sling, there already some detterents in place at the BOL. we’ll be holding our own and then some.

              • Be cautious about holding your own. You could go blind.

            • Not asking you to divulge sensitive info, but if you could share general thoughts on which ‘multipliers’ work –and perhaps even more importantly, which ones you have found to be unworkable — I’m sure that many of the readers here would benefit greatly from your expertise in this field. Thanks! ~ K

      6. According to many sites the American military is occupying Afghanistan for the rare earth elements that are abundant there, all essential for present and future military applications. The opium poppies are another reason to never end the occupation. The war on terror is a fraud there as well as in the middle east. Look who the allies are in the middle east, The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Great Britian, Turkey, Canada and Australia and others to a lesser extent. The US and it’s allies claim to have been bombing ISIS in Syria, all a total lie. The MSM remain mute on reporting reality. American service people will be expected to die by the thousands to defend the lies soon. Time for another homeland false flag to stoke the fearful into the abyss to deflect attention from the true devils, the CFR and the puppet US government.

      7. It is interesting that he did not mention the rare earth metals. Not only does China control most of the world supply, but they are also buying up all of the junk electronics to recover all of the rare earth metals from them. They have became crucial to not only the electronics manufacturers, but also for super magnets, electric vehicles and military applications. China knows the world needs them and keeps a pretty tight control of them. I suspect these would be some of the first materials restricted if push comes to shove with China.

      8. Sinkers as a lead source.

      9. The way recycling is pushed it looks to me like a war over resources is underway. Metals are the building blocks to modern empires whoever has the most wins. Food is the fuel to keep production going there will be war over it. When people’s needs are not met they become animals and behave as such. When an oppressive gov uses food against its population along with killing people as an example of what getting out of line will get you. If gov needs food their troops will get it first and preppers are who they will get it from. Don’t keep all your resources in one place.

      10. Rare earth elements … Lithium that powers your cell phone and computer. There’s a lot of Money

        to be made. And the world needs lithium. And if some third world idiots don’t want to sell it to us because we’re infidels. Let’s wipe the rats out. Does the world need them . To be more diverse. Through out history we have been culling out the savages. Why stop now cannibles , pedofiles . If talking worked there would be no divorce of marriage . They don’t let women vote or have any say we do .. So we get political correctness . That is destroying our civilization . How good are women in war. They will want to understand the enemy instead of distroying them. They will want to tie our hands for the sake of the enemies children. . Sounds wonderful until it’s your father ,son or daughter, that gets butchered. It seems women love the enemies children men don’t and maybe shouldn’t .

      11. Lithium for cell phone and computer and all compact batteries.they got it we are willing to buy it but they will not sell it to Infidells .So our only alternative is to wipe them that a bad thing ? Will the world be worse Off with out them? Are there some good ones .that don’t want to lose there religious identity. And do you want your cell phone battery to last one hour or three hours. Through out history every country has been trying to wipe out these pirates. Unsecsesfully. Our guys are trying now . Will we never be able to destroy these rats.

      12. I read there is a die if you fill empty 22brass with lead and size it in this die . You can make jacketed 556 bullets . Would love to have one.



        • Yeah, I’ve got bunches of those projectiles and hive fired a lot of them over the years..

          They require a pure lead to be swaged into the formed shell casing jacket and then form it into a hollow point. You can get them up to around 60gr in weight but 52-55 seems to fly better.

          They work great as varmint loads, perform like an SXT and sort of blow the critter into mist, but they have a limitation of around 3200 or so fps -depending on barrel twist- and tend to explode during flight if pushed much past this.

      13. Key resource supplies disappearing? Does that mean we all starve to death? That will free up some parking spaces. And no more lines at Disney land. Sounds like a win win situation. And the tares get weeded out. Hate to see them all go .Maybe we should throw them a going away party. It’s the least we can do . So let’s do the least . They diserve it . And we will feel so much better.

      14. Sorry getting a little emotional. And anebriated.

      15. Did someone mention Aircraft Carriers? The last place you would ever want to be, should TSHTF. Just ducks in a pond with today’s missiles! The first to go.

      16. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

        That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

        “Never give up the fight” Lt. Murphy

      17. Yall need a laugh…

        Foster Brooks, one of my favorites…

        ht tps://

      18. Report of “key resource” disappearing. Somebody’s key resource disappeared…..

        “Fifty pounds of marijuana professionally packed and shipped to wrong address.”

        ht tp://

        Now, i don’t smoke the stuff anymore, and haven’t since the early nineties, but I do like the smell of some. Stepdaughter loves it and usually has friends around, when we go to visit, that has some real skunky buds. If sniffing the stuff made you high, i guess i’d be getting the munchies the whole visit.
        i couldn’t imagine receiving 50 lbs. by UPS, much less by mistake.

        A friend of mine, back in the eighties, was involved with an organization that i was involved with, and we had a meeting in town on the first Saturday evening in Nov. before elections on Tuesday. As we sometimes rode motocross bikes together and got high on weed, he offered up a doobie while having a recess from the meeting. As the meeting was about to close, free alcoholic beverages were brought out, and we had quite a buzz by 11:00 pm when the doors closed.

        He offered to drive if i would go with him to help with an important project. I said what can be so important at 11:00 pm on a Sat. night that can’t wait until tomorrow? His reply, “Well, as you know, tonight there is a deep freeze warning, the first of the season”. yes and…? Apparently he had some plants still growing and wanted help with harvesting, so they would not be frozen and ruined. here we go, slipping through the woods at midnight, cold and stiff as a turd stuck in a frozen puddle, and buzzing like a sack of flies.

        He had his patch in a place a darn rabbit would steer clear of.
        I asked how much farther can we go in this maze of briars and brush, and then I smelled it. I said, “wait, there is a damn skunk near us and i ain’t looking to get sprayed”. he laughed and said oh yea, she is ready. His biggest plant was like a six foot bush and loaded with six inch long hairy,sticky, skunk smelling buds. We pulled the plants and headed back to the car.

        i said i can’t believe you got me into this shit, and we laughed. As we drove back towards his house, he said I am gonna phuck with ****** and his wife (no kids). he took one of the bigger skunk plant limbs, covered in buds, and placed inside the storm door of the sleeping friends front entrance.

        The next day, after him taking me to get my vehicle, we stopped by the friends house to see if he found his present. The guy and his wife said they woke up about 4:00 am, thinking a skunk had gotten into the basement, and went on a search with a ball bat and broom. We all got a good laugh. Skunk weed chronicles.

        • passinwiththewind… I’d love some skunk bud right about now. Back a few years I tried growing a plant of skunk bud in a window facing west for the afternoon sun in Florida. That plant took off like, well a weed and before it produced any sign of a bud I had to take it down because the smell was overwhelming in front of the open window. Stupid greedy big pharma police state denying citizens the right to grow and use a natural nutricious healing plant that has the option of a wonderful side effect of gettng high. Fascist police state indeed. Reefer madness brainwashed flunkies.

          • I hear you. I believe in decriminalizing the growing and possession of Mary Jane. If it is allowed, then the big $$ will be gone from it as well.

            The court systems make too much $$ off it to actually get it fully decriminalized and legalized. I don’t think there would be a sudden increase in use, just because it would become legal to grow on one’s own property.

            I can’t actually say I agree with using it, for myself, because i did notice some changes in my overall well being that i did not like when i was consuming.

            Everyone’s biological systems are different and some can’t handle the THC, and other toxins, very well. That would be me. I have a low tolerance to any medications/drugs/toxins, and only take what is absolutely necessary.

            Sometimes, i do think about what it was like to get high, and remember the things i used to do. I owned my own landscaping business in those days, and came up with some very good designs and creative projects while high.

            However, the negative effects on me personally, out weigh any idea of ever going back to the bong.

            I have a brother that has been a lifelong toker since his mid teens, and he is one of the moodiest persons that I have ever been associated with. You never know which mood is visiting until a few minutes into the conversation, and then it is evident. I can’t help but notice when he is high, that he is pretty easy going. When not buzzed, he is highly argumentative to the point of being hateful and degrading. He becomes something that most people avoid.

            I truly believe his behavior is directly related to his chronic toking.
            I don’t really care for it, or even alcohol, but for an occasional drink, but think folks have a right to inhale weed, just as they are allowed to drink alcohol. Freedom of choice.

            • A big part of the $ associated with pot being illegal is the $ that are seized by the govt storm troopers, wouldnt want them to loose a major source of revenue now would we,,,,,

              • Nearly a million Americans are arrested every year for pot, 90% for simple possession.

                Once convicted, you are banned for life from possessing or buying firearms, even if it’s just a fine.

                The government will never give up this kind of gun CONTROL leverage over the American people!

                Folks, please, never admit on the Iternet that you ever used pot, even once! Anything you say can and will be used against you. People with simple juvenile possession arrests, are now finding the system has flagged them, and now in their 50’s they are blocked from buying firearms.

                I hate good people being turned into political prisoners, or second class citizens.

                • They have no problem with anyone using drugs, legal or illegal, but they have a problem with anyone admitting that they are depressed, and might have thought about harming them selves or someone else.

                  Never admit to having even a hint of depression, because the medical establishment has orders to make records and that is what will be used against you in the future.

                  There are some folks that want anyone receiving welfare and EBT, to be drug tested and have that used against them in an informal hearing where they can be denied those freebies.

                  It won’t happen because the majority are black and the NAACP has political clout to the point of mandating certain laws, or the non-passage of certain laws.

                  If the admission of being a past toker is all it takes to have your guns taken, then you can figure there ain’t much left of this flesh age at that point. A revolution and out cry would be so severe that we would be in martial law. And with martial law invoked, the potus has the right to declare anything he wants as illegal/banned/confiscated.

                  so admitting smoking grass twenty-five years ago, is not on my priority list of concerns right now. As a reformed smoker, I am less guilty than all the Coloradans, that toke, all put together. They may be legal in CO, but it is still a federal crime to possess. Or, has that law been changed while I was sleeping?

                  • It’s because of federal law that universally even minor local pot convictions, where pot is decriminalized, are converted into victims of the legal system being black listed from gun ownership on the NIC system. This is the leverage the Feds don’t want to give up.

                    If this federal law was changed there would be perhaps fifty million Americans that could suddenly legally buy guns, that were previously banned. The progressives, communists, Marxists etc never give up power, once assumed.

            • FYI – The human brain, especially ‘the emotion center’ is not fully developed until somewhere between age 25-26. So, if a person smokes weed (more than once in a great while) before their brain is fully developed in their mid-20’s, they are usually emotionally stunted as an adult (and there’s no treatment or cure once the damage is done), and more often than not are difficult to deal with… walking on eggshells and tip-toeing around them. It’s crazy.

              So, essentially what you have is an emotional teenager (with or without an above-average IQ) in the body of an adult. The more weed they smoked before their brain was fully developed the less emotionally mature they are. They may or may not be well-educated, but either way, as adults, they’re moody, unpredictable and aggravating to be around because they never matured emotionally — their emotional growth is stunted, emotionally stuck in adolescence, but not necessarily their abilities and IQ.

              And, these juvenile-adults have all the privileges and independence of an emotionally mature adult, and sometimes also the authority and power — like an unruly teenager with no supervision and lots of power to abuse.

              At times these emotionally stunted PITA’s are fine, and other times they are a nightmare to be around. Doesn’t take much to set them off — for the childish, juvenile, crazy drama to kick in.

            • Freedom of choice????? I can barely recall any freedoms we’ve had. If someone is in public and considered intoxicated they will be arrested. No if’s ands or buts about it! In some States one cannot smoke in a public park or beach, forcing smokers to basically walk down the road with a butt in mouth. Forcing them to now throw that thing in the street and possibly destroying your coat with just a flip of the wind.

              Why if these products are legal are there so many restrictions?
              I have never, ever been accosted by a drunkard in the street minding their own business. I have never, ever prior to “New Rules” upon smoking had a cig burn my coat.
              I do not imbibe in either of these “Legal Rights”……..but Rights they are, and I for one think as long as they are legal ……”They are Rights!”

              If Pot becomes legal there will be rules upon rules upon rules. And without a doubt it would be in the best interest of TPTB (for obvious reasons) ,not to mention all those extra TAXES!

              DAMN AMERICA……….Wake Up! This is not about Booze, Cigs, drugs! It’s about US! We’re all being targeted for just about anything. Seriously……anything NOT in their agenda. And just exactly what that agenda is??????, we’re gonna find out too soon.

              Be well, be prepared and be prayerful!

      19. While these major elements are crucial, I am afraid it is only the tip of the iceberg. The large transformers that we use in substations are made in China and I read somewhere that there is approximately a three year lead time to get one. I’m sure we have a few on hand, but what happens if a large number of them are taken out in some event or due to China conflicts they no longer sell them to us. I firmly believe that anything crucial to our country, should be manufactured in this country. Otherwise, we are beholding to that country. China knows we need most of what they produce and knows that we will never go after them, so they will continue to push the limits.

        • If I was a foreign government that EMP’ed the US. I’d wait a month until all the emergency repairs are done, and then I’d EMP America again, and take out all the backup equipment.

          Even a small parallel EMP attack TO China would insure all current production of repair parts would stay in China. The US would be finished.

          It’s not even like spares from Europe or South America could be flown in on military transport because most of the rest of the world works on 50 Htz and those transformers would not be compatable.

      20. Read at veteranstoday about US bombers a few days ago laying waste to a power station in Aleppo, Syria that shut off power to millions. Also a Russian report of finding a large area in Syria that had been repeatedly bombed, indicating the bombing runs by US were just dumping weapons. Meanwhile Obomber sent the defense bill back because he thought over 600 billion was not enough. The zionist pentagram control this warmongering puppet 100%.

        Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert.
        Congress said, “Someone may steal from it at night.”
        So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the
        Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?”
        So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies.
        Then Congress said, “How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?”
        So they created a Quality Control department and hired two people. One was to do the studies and one was to write the reports.
        Then Congress said, “How are these people going to get paid?”
        So they created two positions: a time keeper and a payroll officer then hired two people.
        Then Congress said, “Who will be accountable for all of these people?”
        So they created an administrative section and hired three people, an Administrative Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer, and a Legal Secretary.
        Then Congress said, “We have had this command in operation for one year and we are $918,000 over budget, we must cut back.”
        So they laid-off the night watchman.
        NOW slowly, let it sink in.
        Quietly, we go like sheep to slaughter. Does anybody remember the reason given for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY during the Carter administration?
        think so!
        Bottom line is, we’ve spent several hundred billion dollars in support of an agency, the reason for which very few people who read this can remember!
        It was very simple… and at the time, everybody thought it very appropriate.

        The Department of Energy was
        instituted on 8/04/1977, TO LESSEN OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL.
        Hey, pretty efficient, huh???
        our oil consumption was foreign imports. Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign imports.
        Ah, yes — good old Federal bureaucracy.
        Hello!! Anybody Home?
        Signed….The Night Watchman

        • The main job of the DOE is the care and maintenance of the nuke stockpile.

          The rest is window dressing…but your point is still true.

          Signed… The Day Tripper

        • 101 reasons to just walk away from the system

        • Thanks At the Last Straw for reminding us of this.

          I do remember that and yes, even I thought it was a good idea at the time.

          Funny how life got in the way and I totally forgot all about it.


        • Nope! Nobody home.

      22. Very interesting time that we are living in arent we?
        The things i post and the evidence that follows. China is coming to doc battle ships in Florida, why?

        Oh may forgot to mention, that we will be getting invaded by these chi-com rat bastards, and the current govenment that is in power is cooperating and allowing the chinese to invade the US. China, and the current regime in this country is in on it together.

        Possibly current conservations between the two?

        Cabal- you have to attack the patriots to make it look like China attacked. We must get this done with the next false flag. Its obvious that they are here to cordinate in the take over of our cities and execute whites, patriots, etc. Does this supprise us, look who is governor in Florida.

        Zi- jing Ping-dont worry yourself, we have 200,000,000,000 man army ready to take over you entire coutry. We will have out soldiers kill every man woman and child. Every chinese soldier is promised a women.

        Cabal- this way we have have chinese soldiers do the killing and massacreing for us, and the people wont know that we were behind it. We will be in our DUMBS.

        Z- we have over 1,200,000 coming in from my Mexico base just 65 miles south of the Texas border. I am going to remove Texas off of the map. Then we gonna open up the border. Let me handle it, i know what i am doing.

        Oh yes, you elitist rat bastards, we know what your up to.



        China You start it, we finish it.

        Russia, You start it, we finish it.

        • Hey, your mom called, says come up from the basement, dinner is ready.

      23. Metals are smoke and mirrors. Australia has sq miles of rare earth deposites. The USA has similar deposites that we are not allowed to mine. China does not have a monopoly on such deposites wake up. We ship China scrap copper rather than remelt it here due to DEQ. Zinc is associated with lead deposites but we have stopped lead mining and smelting in the US. Where do we get lead for bullets in war time? In additon we ship China iron, aluminum and brass scrap and old computers. That used to be my busimess, scrap metal and geology The rare earth thing is such a huge joke on the US it is moronic

      24. CommonCents… Pure propaganda! There are also studies that show cannabis is harmless to juvenile’s mental and physiological health. I guess it depends on your views, if or not influenced by reefer madness quackery, that or in a position where it’s in your benefit to keep it illegal as so many are, which is a crime against freedom and humanity. It’s not illegal because it is harmless, it’s illegal because Big Pharma and Police State America demand it. That alone should awaken thinking people to the prohibition intent.

      25. aljamo, I’ve always felt it should be legalized and still do. Many innocent people have died because it isn’t legalized. The fact that it’s still illegal is a crime in itself. Actually, up until the 90’s, William Randolph Hearst (Billionaire-San Francisco Chronicle) was partly responsible for outlawing mj, not just BP & PSA.

        My point was that people under the age of 25 shouldn’t smoke and should wait until they are 25+, if they are going to smoke. It doesn’t seem to affect their earning potential, but YES, it has been proven to stunt their emotional growth/maturity and we already have enough nasty bullies and ignorant idiots out there.

        Every adult I know of who smoked regularly throughout their teens & early 20’s can’t even hold a rational conversation. Disagree with them and they explode = emotionally stunted. Everything bothers them. Everything has to be their way. They are never wrong. Because they never grew up.

      26. Think a little bigger.. This is not about this chess move, but one 2-5 later. The stupidity of our leaders seems way more orchestrated to just be action/reaction. USA, dollar, world heading for a reset. And guess who will not be on top?

      27. Let us not forget that China manufactures most of our pharmaceuticals. My close friend in Big Pharma says a minimum of 5 years will be required before we could can get up and running again.

      28. “‘Geopolitical Dislocations Could Result In Key Resource Supplies Disappearing’”

        Its very important that I know this for my brother, “Will golf balls still be available”?

        Any information regarding the above will be appreciated.

        Thank You.

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