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    As we have noted, the Biden administration’s tax plan and the central bank’s modern monetary theory of creating as many dollars out of thin air as possible are setting up a “perfect storm” for precious metals, including gold. Physical assets are still a great way to protect your wealth and enhance your bartering power should the SHTF.

    Talking about the outlook for gold and getting an update on Blue Lagoon Resources and the Dome Mountain project, Rana Vig, CEO of Blue Lagoon Resources tells us a bit about new news at his company, Blue Lagoon Resources. He also tells us what he thinks about gold prices and where we are in the market cycle, writes 2 is 1 YouTube channel. 

    Rana Vig: Biden’s Tax Plan & The Central Bank Is Setting Up A “Perfect Storm” For Precious Metals

    Gold and silver will continue to become more valuable as more stimulus is handed out. This is the “perfect storm” for gold and silver. Governments are going to continue to create more money and as it goes down, expect gold to go up to $7000, even, says Vig. It’s all perspective and timing.

    Vig says he feels that cryptocurrency is here to stay, but so are gold and silver. People are stocking up on metals to protect themselves from a devastating economic situation that is coming down the road. Whether we see something happen this year, next year, or in the next few years, gold will be a hedge against government tyranny and an economic collapse that appears right now to be wholly intentional. -SHTFPlan

    Vig also reminds listeners that copper is hitting new highs as well and could be a great option for ownership. Metals such as gold have been around as money for thousands of years and it has outlasted other government collapses. It is likely to do the same. As the currency continues to be devalued, gold will break out and surge higher.  Gold is about a long-term plan to protect your wealth, says Vig.



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      1. So here we are again with more violence in the news. Conservaturds are making the alt-stream circuit enraged about that disgusting old whore Mad Maxine using her nasty scraggly voice to incite violent action in the street. And we know the Libtards will do exactly as the old hag directs. Of course these commie thugs never bring the reality to the people that the so called War on Drugs is entirely to blame not only for the violence and injustice suffered upon the masses but also has resulted in their financial impoverishment.

      2. So on the Christian Conservaturd right we have pop culture attorney Robert Barnes who looks like he just swallowed a 25 pound Butterball Turkey. He insist that the so called experts of the medical establishment gave testimony that would support the innocence of the alleged murderer Chauvin. Should we be shocked that the medical establishment is supporting their distressed soldier in arms? Since it is the medical establishment that is responsible for the Drug War and the extreme crime and poverty it has caused of course they will every time support the police who enforce the tyranny of the medical establishment. What would the doctors do if they did not have armed thugs to enforce their order? In our caste system the doctors actually take classes to learn how to be liked by their patients. This is integral to their con artist position. Meanwhile the medical establishment itself imposes tyranny upon society and the doctors sit at the very top in self glorification making untold riches. The vast majority of the public are pejoratively spit on by the medical establishment and the governmental bureaucracies. Normal people are incapable of even fantasizing the grand wealth that has been attained by the doctors. And through it all these doctors have bankrupted the everyday people of our country. They have successfully obliterated the upper middle and middle classes of our society.

      3. So we were looking at our caste system and we realized that cops are the armed thugs of the tyrannical medical establishment. Cops can be likened to German shepherds. They are of moderate intelligence and physically capable of helping with matters of security. Trained and treated correctly they are capable of providing both a certain level of companionship and security. Some may even have the intelligence and capacity to take on even greater task. I like German Shepherds. I often think that if I were to get another dog it may possibly be a German Shepherd. Doctors however are of another sort of animal. While doctors do not seem to directly oversee their German Shepherd cop underlings, the policies that have come out of the American Medical Association/medical establishment/Rockefeller Globalist United Nations Establishment are unswervingly responsible for the extreme violence and poverty that has befallen the United States in a hellish cascading spiral toward third world living standards.

        • First of all, all cops aren’t a– h–es. That being said, yes there are a– h–es in every occupation . I name a few in the local pd, but I can also name a few that I had to work with in 40 yrs in the packing house and I can name or remember a few in the AF Reserve unit that I was in for almost 30 yrs. but I’ve also worked a quite a few people though the years who were really nice people. But I remember being a police reservist ( many, many yrs ago ) when I was told to watch out when I was around two particular city cops, they were trouble, even the other cops watched themselves when they had to work with them.

      4. Short video encapsulates the current stand off between the leftist who are committing acts of violence while not understanding they are victims of the medical establishments Drug War against them. Sadly they are duped into believing the violence and poverty is a result of racism. Meanwhile the cops are being used by the ruling doctor establishment to enforce order. By using the doctor/medical establishment owned mainstream media the alt leadership from the right is able to mislead their followers into believing “Q is the Truth.” While these followers on the right are able to discern some of the most recent violations against humanity (forced masks and experimental injections) it is sad and doubtful that they will ever know the larger context of the Truth about the Medical Establishment’s Drug War against all humans and what is being done to them.

      5. OK, I can see why some folks think this article is just an advertisement for precious metals – but look a little deeper. The attached article about MONEY SUPPLY (M1 -M3) reveals the fundamental problem. Also know that silver (Ag) is a consumable used in many industries. Precious metals have been used for thousands of years as a tool for preservation of wealth. The prudent person holds some of their wealth in precious metals.

      6. The gov’t, central banks, major investment banks and houses, and other powerful entities frequently talk trash about crypto-currency and gold (PMs). But these entities control the dollar, and demand we use the dollar. Hence they control we who must use the dollar. The State will eventually institute measures like halting the purchase of PMs, outlaw or severely limit bartering, and shutdown or require official access to crypto-currencies when their dollar becomes so worthless people start looking for alternatives in an effort to force citizens to continue using the dollar.
        The State, Wall Street, major financial entities, etc. are actually parasitical, they serve practically no real function in bettering the lives of citizens. As long as we have to use their dollar they can both absorb and accumulate materially, and gain power as we are forced to use their dollar. In reality, we subject ourselves to the will of these entities when we work for dollars, get paid in dollars, when we spend their dollars, when we save and “invest” with their dollars. This applies to working people mostly because the dollar is continuously losing value, and these entities skim what they want from us before we even get our own money in the form of taxes, inflation, insurance, and so on. They can’t do that when we barter our labor, goods and services, or own PMs, or develop our own self-sufficiency.
        These entities created and own the system, for their benefit, and are forcing us to use the system. When challenges become big enough to affect their system they can either take over or ban opposition to their system. The point is these entities demand we stay in thrall to them.
        These entities don’t like citizens stacking PMs because once you spend that money on PMs and keep it in your possession, you have in effect taken the money spent for your PMs out of circulation. Secondly, because of inflation (gov’t creates inflation-only gov’t could stop it) we are forced to continuously give up more time/labor and wealth to the system. Dollars always their value, but your PMs eventually but always, increase in value.
        Fifty years ago an average wage earning man could buy a house, a new car every few years, save some money, and have a decent retirement from one source of income. Then the collusion of State and corporate powers decided (by designing and implementing social movements) that women needed to go into the workforce so gov’t could collect more in taxes from more incomes, and more incomes could buy more goods. But now with the incredible inflation (by design) over the last 50 years it takes two to have the same standard of living and quality of life now as it did then, these entities now have two people working for the price of one.
        I have greatly diminished being subject to the system, I stack PMs, barter whenever I can, keep amounts cash out of circulation, and store physical goods of all kinds. Of course when only a few do this it doesn’t make much of a dent in the system, but if millions did this you would see the power of the State intervene to end it.
        The more self-sufficient one is, the more freedom you have and the more wealth you keep. Of course for these actions you may be deemed an enemy of the people and the State.

      7. Seven comments and not a one about the subject of the post…gold.

        Well, I didn’t really read the first one because I’m not interested in reading an encyclopedia length wall of screed to find out.

      8. Not an apt example of the power of positive thinking, a debt is created for every credit, and curse for every blessing. Social “face” and money is akin to thermodynamics, in which no matter or energy are created or destroyed, ex nihilo.

      9. I think that some time in the future gold will be illegal and probably crypto too. They will brand it as the money of terrists. Silver is too small a market for them to worry about much. If you need to park some cash in something maybe consider solar panels and equipment. You can get 100 watt 12v panels on ebay for 80 bux with free shipping. Charge controllers for 20 bux. Inverters cheap too. Craigslist can have some very good deals also. Many people know nothing about solar or where to find deals and will pay/trade top dollar for it.

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