An Illinois County Just Voted To Become A Sanctuary For Gun Owners

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    An Illinois County board just voted to become a sanctuary county for gun owners.  That would entail not enforcing laws that prohibit the basic fundamental human right of self-defense.

    The Effingham County Board approved the resolution 8-1 on Monday which declares that they will not enforce gun laws that “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.” (Of course, that’s all gun laws based on the Constitution.)  Board members said they felt it was necessary to “take a stand” against the immoral and human rights violations in the form of gun control efforts in the Illinois legislature.

    Humorously, Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler told Fox News that they decided to “flip the script” and “make this a sanctuary county like they [Democrats] would for undocumented immigrants.”  Kibler admitted the action is largely symbolic and Sheriff Dave Mahon told the Effingham Daily News that the board’s decision would not dictate how his office enforces the law.

    Mahon did say, however, that if the state passed a gun control law with dubious constitutionality, he would decide how to handle it after consulting with the state’s attorney and the legal counsel of the Illinois Sheriff’s Association.

    As gun control activists ramp up efforts to disarm peaceful citizens, some are taking a stand against such tyranny. “The Second Amendment is not about hunting,” Shannon Alford, the National Rifle Association’s Maryland liaison told USA TODAY at a gun rights rally over the weekend. “It is not about competitive shooting. The Second Amendment is about self-defense. It’s about being able to stop people who would do you harm, whether that’s a criminal or the government.”

    And self-defense is a basic human right, making those who march in favor of gun control tyrannical fascists. Gun control “across the pond” hasn’t worked out very well.  Those who defend themselves from thieves are being punished while the criminals are allowed to slash and stab their way through London. But what’s the solution to increased shootings and stabbings in the wake of making an entire nation a gun-free zone? If you ask London’s mayor, it’s more knife control, and no, that’s not a joke. 


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      1. Sweet

        • so will they publicly stop cooperating with federal agencies on the matter as well? Thats where it really matters..

      2. What’s next? Confining white, conservative Christians onto reservations like the Indians were?

        • Only the ones ignorant enough to give up their arms. Hopefully very few.

        • Brian thats not a bad idea.As a downstate Illinoisian I suggest the southern half of the Land of Lincoln.All the states coal,oil,and gas deposits are here.Best of all,we would be rid of libtard Chicagoland.

        • Won’t happen. They need somebody to do the actual work.

          • the regressives are floating the idea of guaranteed federal employment for the unemployable.

            they would have plenty of slaves to dig coal or pick cotton if that came about. They dont want us folks with a work ethic and desire to improve anyway. they want servants.

      3. This country and these states are just getting so out of hand over this so called gun-control nonsense. I’m sorry but what very clearly does the 2nd Amendment say – “shall NOT be infringed”
        I give this group of people in that specific county credit for doing something positive for a change instead of just ignoring the Constitution and urinating on citizens rights!

        • There is a Gun Shop in the Central Florida area declared as a Muslim Free Zone. The demographics in the County are 98% White, Gun Toting Freedom lovers. I’d declare it also a 3ew Free Zone. Ban both predators and enemies of Americans.

      4. About F-ing Time!
        I salute you

        • God bless them in Effingham County. Good work State Attorney Brian Kibler and Sheriff Dave Mahon. You’re a credit to the nation.

          • Heartless, Sheriff Mahon sounded rather wishy washy to me. He didn’t sound like he would take a stand for the people of Effingham Co. and what is a gun control law that’s constitutional dubious, that he would have to consult with the Sheriffs Association about. If he don’t know what’s Constitutional he sure wouldn’t get my vote, but I guess that doesn’t matter because I don’t live in that County, I wouldn’t live in that Communist state Period. Trekker Out

      5. How ironic, a county in the state of Illinois (better stated as the People’s Socialist Republic of Illinois), whose general assembly and state gov’t is a rabidly anti-gun, has a gun-rights sanctuary county – with more counties in that state certain to follow. This is a good thing, people are tired of their rights being abused or curtailed. But in a way how very telling of how far our rights have diminished, the whole USA is supposed to be a gun-rights sanctuary. They need to hold tight, not back down, make it prohibitively difficult and expensive for the state to fight them.
        Their state gov’t is in practice merely an extension of Chicago city gov’t. In fact, Chicago politicians have been the authors and sponsors of many anti-gun bills submitted in the state legislature The liberal political machine will be looking for ways to crush this county’s free exercise of their rights; look for it to end up in court just as the local gov’t entities are doing in California to stop their state free imposing their illegal will on them.
        Another type of sanctuary needed is one from excessive taxes. Actually, its just best to bypass these small steps of creating sanctuaries and legal fights, the local populations should just go straight to demand the break up of those of liberal states, let areas in common form their own states. For example, I don’t know much about Illinois, but I do know the southern end of that state has almost nothing in common with the urban north. A break away would solve all their problems. Chicago and the surrounding urban areas are critically (existentially so) dependent on taxes collected from use the rest of Ill. (which is a high tax state). I bet the people would love to keep their money instead of having constantly funneled into an endless shithole up there.
        These sanctuary movements are going to catch on and spread for a variety of our Constitutional rights. The establishment will take steps to stop it. After all, in reality, gov’t and politicians hate the Constitution, they hate an empowered people.

        • Bill,
          you nailed it
          ” state gov’t is in practice merely an extension of Chicago city gov’t.”

          Most all blue states suffer from this. The largest city(s) run the state. We really screwed up when we allowed non-property owners to vote. That is the solution. Only people that own property can vote.

      6. Mac, you nailed it when you said “self-defense is a basic human right. Glad to see there’s still some sensible people in commie Illinois. What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t the anti-gun lobby understand? None of it. But understand this. Go after someone’s guns and it won’t end well for you.

      7. And remember this, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t give us the right to keep and bear arms. We have that right without the Bill of Rights. It is a fundamental right. The right to life. The right to protect that life. The Bill of Rights merely enumerates some of our fundamental rights. Our oppressors want us to think that we have no rights unless they let us have them. You will have to use the right to keep and bear arms, in order to survive what the bad guys have planned for us. Resist until they are no more.

        • The 2nd Amend is a law Telling the Government they cannot infringe on your Gun Rights. The Commie Government just doesnt like that law against them, and why they try to subvert it and disguise with new invented laws called Gun Control. “ALL” Gun Laws and Taxes on Guns and Ammo are Illegal and Infringements and an added burden to punish the poor in their own self defense.

      8. Good news.

        Now let’s make all of the USA a sanctuary for the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

        Down with Communism. Defeat the Enemies Within.

        The Second Amendment is the RIGHT to bear arms, the opposition is wrong.


        • B, AMEN to that one. The Constitution and Bill Of Rights are the only set of rules I live by. Anything else is null and void.

      9. All of the anti gun laws are completely illegal. The Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.

        This means CC permits are a violation, as are restricting any firearm.

        The key word is RESTRICTION. It is an infringement…..

      10. London’s Muslim mayor—of course he wants no weapons–in a decade, the Muslims will own London and parts of England, if not all.

        • The US had an illegal Muslim as President for 8 years. We know how London feels.

      11. The real problem is of course defining what rights the 2nd amendment protects, and where that line is drawn on “self-defense”. It’s obvious that there must be a line, and is. We do not allow citizens to possess a rifle larger than 50 caliber or fully automatic. And we certainly do not allow citizens to possess recoilless rifles, tanks, cannons, stinger missiles, or nuclear weapons. The reasons are obvious. So we do already “infringe” on the 2nd amendment, as one could make the argument that we need these weapons for self-defense. So the question truly becomes where that line (infringement) is drawn? Do we want an 18 year old to possess an AR-15? Do we want mentally unstable persons to possess “any” firearm? Do we want more thorough backround checks before purchasing.? We know the communist left wants to dismiss the 2nd amendment altogether, and eliminate guns. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. My inclination is to not give up one inch. The real threat is not guns. It is the moral collapse of America…..!!!!

        • If it is so obvious that a line must be drawn then there should be no problem getting the super majority needed to ratify an amendment. The only line to be drawn is whatever the military or police have the people need to have as well. We don’t need nukes and neither does the government.

        • Actually it is infringement of the 2nd Amendment to disallow private ownership of tanks, machine guns, etc. If I can afford it and don’t use it for anything illegal, I should be able to own any weapon.

          “Do we want an 18 year old to possess an AR-15?” Yes, because they are citizens of the US. They can vote and serve in the military.

          “Do we want mentally unstable persons to possess “any” firearm?” No. But we can’t make that determination beforehand, because psychiatry is pseudoscience that gives the results the doctor wants without any solid evidence. If someone has a gun and then does something crazy, then they’ve shown their mental state and then they can be disarmed. If you allow the government to disarm people that they “say” are mentally unstable, they will quickly get down to adding you to their list. The psychiatrists are making up new mental problems every year. If you don’t agree with the federal government, they have a mental disease for that.

          So, there is no problem defining “limits” of the 2nd Amendment, as there are none.

          If we need to defend ourselves someday from the federal government, we need the ability to have everything they have.

      12. Effingham sent another message a few decades ago ….

        there’s a 200 foot cross on the interstates intersection – the Cross at the Crossroads – still the largest in the country (??) …

      13. My 3200 square foot home is a sanctuary for guns…bring em over here. I’ll store em for ya and keep em loaded.

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