An Exercise In Propaganda: “Living On the Streets of Modern Day America” *VIDEO*

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The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest.
Edward Bernays, 1955

In his 1928 book Propaganda, Edward Bernays, the architect of modern day public relations and marketing, argues that manipulation of public opinion is necessary to overcome chaos and conflict in society. It’s a strategy that his been implemented for centuries, but most notably during the last hundred years. Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Hussein found propaganda to be an extremely effective mechanism of control over their populations, as have modern-day governments of the Western world where “freedom of the press” and government transparency are supposed to be a key tenet of an open society.

It’s often a soft-sell strategy, repeating a message hundreds, even thousands of times, so that the consciousness of an entire people can be shifted to accommodate the plans of those in positions of power.

Sometimes, however, the propaganda is so over the top that it leaves you wondering if it’s even real. The following video from notorious ‘Axis of Evil’ member North Korea leaves no doubt that propaganda is alive and well in our modern world.

According to the following documentary, reportedly disseminated to millions of North Koreans, conditions in the United States are so deplorable that Americans are being forced to eat wild birds and drink snow coffee just to survive.

This ridiculously blatant example of government manipulation is a must-see, not necessarily because of the irony of it being from North Korea, where Western journalists have reported that hundreds of thousands of people themselves are starving to death, but because it demonstrates how far leaders are willing to go to ensure their narrative is the only one that’s accepted by the masses, rendering all alternative opinions moot or conspiratorial.

(Watch at Youtube)

Before we start pointing the finger at North Korea’s propaganda machine, however, we must look at our own government, and the manipulations regularly proclaimed as truth to the American people.

One of the most infamous and well known lies perpetrated by our own government has led to a decade’s long war, taken the lives of thousands of Americans, hundreds of thousands of civilians and left our country trillions of dollars in debt.

Watch, as former Secretary of State Colin Powell provides justification for why we must take our country to war, a move he later acknowledged was “one of my most momentous failures, the one with the widest-ranging impact.”

As Colin Powell later realized, the propaganda was so widespread that not even he was aware of it, having been manipulated by his superiors just like the American people.

Lies and half-truths abound, even in a society where the information is purportedly free-flowing.

Make no mistake – if you see it on TV, and the same information is being repeated over and over, you are being fed a line of complete bull.

It’s all theater:

Pushing the envelope:

It should make every one of us question the legitimacy of what we’re being told.

Is our economy really on its way to recovering like our best and brightest say it is? Is the war in the middle east really coming to a close and will our soldiers really be coming home soon? Is the agenda to remove Americans’ access to semi-automatic rifles really because it will reduce gun violence?

Don’t believe any of it for a second. In today’s day and age we must be our own investigators if we want to know the real truth, because our government and their propaganda alphabet news agencies are doing everything they can to hide what’s really going on.

It is sometimes possible to change the attitudes of millions but impossible to change the attitude of one man.
Edward Bernays

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      • Gods Creation

        So the video is a fake. Who really cares. If it was real it would be the exception. As a fake, it is the rule.

        The only difference between that one and the MSNBS Nightly News is that one has been exposed as fake and the other has not.

        Other than they they are basically the exact same thing.

        • durango kidd

          Propaganda? Sure. Its the American way. That’s why Kim K pays a PUBLICIST to plant “news” stories 24/7/365 about her no talent, fat ass, have you seen my sex video that made me famous?

          She has no shame and the Sheeple love it! 🙂

          • SterlingSilver

            Thank God for N Korea’s coffee humanitarian effort here in America. Our diluted dollars will only buy us local snow diluted coffee.

            • durango kidd

              I agree SS and thank God for OUR own “Dear Leader”. Comrades in arms, no doubt! But if they cared about US as much as they say they do, they would be providing a free chocolate creme filled from Dunkin Donuts with the coffee.

              Cheap bastards! 🙂

              • SmokinOkie

                If elected, I promise, REAL coffe in every cup!(crowd cheers)…And Krispy Kremes in every household!! (crowd erupts, storms palace, kills king and jams me on the throne)

                • SterlingSilver

                  I’ll be your campaign manager and start making “Krispies and dark Coffee for all…if elected!”

                • mark

                  king smokinOkie,
                  that has a nice ring to it


            • Bob

              If USA had the money, we would import North Korean snow.

              • sixpack

                Perhaps this is a prophesy of what is expected to come to america when it all finally falls down…

              • durango kidd

                Bob: WE have an infinite supply of money, and the guy with a Big Gulp and BILLIONS says so. And then there is the guy who left a few extra $100 bills in the printer he leased from Best Buy.

                There is NO shortage of dollars and NO shortage of demand for them. 🙂

              • don't tread

                USA would have plenty of money if they didn’t import Columbian snow.

          • Not so Much

            I have a sudden urge for a hot pastrami sandwich…

        • Anonymous

          Here’s one for you, just saw two previews for different movies both about the White House being attacked,don’t think for a second that’s not propaganda to come save your holiness’s ass when the collapes he designed happen. I say good let it happen,reap what you sow……..

        • OutWest

          This Korean film was obviously made before the Obama
          wild bird and snow-coffee entitlement cuts took place.

      • JustMe

        You preppers are just paranoid. There is no media manipulation, no lies, just wholesome truth from our benevalent and all knowing leaders, and a fair and unbiased media.

        Those people who claim that MSM controls the press, and/or hides important truths, replacing them with pap and propaganda, are liars. Everyone knows they only speak the truth, they exemplify the highest standards of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech comes from our unbiased Press, not that evil document, you preppers worship…what’s it called, oh yeah, “The Constituion”.

        Our beloved President, our Dear Leader, has absolutely no intention of harming any good people. All those lies about all that supposed ammunition, our wonderful leaders have purchased, are just that, lies. And, what if they did, they won’t use any of it on any good people, only evil people like you preppers.

        And, so what if they have started confiscating those evil guns by the thousands in California, you evil people should be disarmed anyway. Your precious “Second Amendment” will not save you, and one by one, you will be mopped up, and jailed.

        Marxist Socialism will prevail, because thankfully, you evil people can’t unite. Go get your beans, and hunker down, the New Americans will find you, and once you are disarmed, well, let’s just say, you won’t need to worry about the future…

        So, dod I get a job with CyberTrolls For Obummer? I heard the Truth Will Set You Free…

        • clint hospo

          I about said a lot of crap about you until I started reading further down and knew you were mocking them. I was going to say, if you really think that, have you ever seen or witnessed an accident or something and then watched it on the news? It’s not even close to what really happened in real life.

          And for you idiots mocking me, just picked up 2 60 round mags for 100 bucks a piece brand new. Yea you gave me thumbs down and I tried to help you locate all the mags and ammo you want for your ar-15 9mm or 45.

          • durango kidd

            Clint: It was the Thumb Trolls. Pay no attention to them. You cannot cure stupid. Where did you get the 60 round mags again?

            • JustOneGuy

              @ DK,

              “You cannot cure stupid.”

              Ahhh…Book of Whie (Ron) chapter 2, verse 6…Yes?

              😉 :0


              • JustOneGuy

                Should read

                Ahhh…Book of White (Ron) chapter 2, verse 6…Yes?



          • BraneFrees

            Well I just picked up 60 2 round magazines for 1 buck a piece brand new.

            Now THAT’S a deal!

            • BraneFrees

              Gosh darn, I’m already getting thumbs down.

              Now my feelings are really hurt.


              (some people just take themselves soooo seriously)

      • StopItNow

        Another point to add is that as time goes on print or paper new will dissapear leaving electronic digital media only. Digital media is easier to manipulate and control and soon there will be fewer and fewer sources of digital sources of information. These blogs are great sources to get different view points. This topic is really of high priority of importance and should be repeated over and over as well.

        • StopItNow

          I hate watching movies anymore because of the ridiculous (but effective for the sheeple)propaganda messages within the film.

      • StopItNow

        You will know when tshtf there will be no news source, cell phones, internet or electricity. With no way to communicate the masses will know nothing.The drones will be flying and the U.N peacekeepers will restore order. The power comes back on (to the relief of the sheeple)and our new leader will be there to save us but with the saddening but unadvoidable news that there is a NWO and we the peolple must comply……….

      • Be informed

        Check this out, as it fits almost every government like a snug glove, including the present day US government:

        1. Those whom serve evil are destined to be totally enslaved by it.

        2. Evil cannot expand without enough followers.

        3. The more that true wickedness suppresses the truth, the easier it can retain its control.

        4. Evil gains much power by deceiving the inncoent and the naive.

        5. The only way to stop or slow down true wickedness once it gains a strong foothold is through forcibly confrontation.

        6. Those in control can find any reason to justify anything, no matter how wrong it is.

        7. Evil has to be fought or it eventually takes over everything and everyone.

        8. The more any government tries to oppress the people, the worst that future history books will judge them.

        9. Bad governments find any and all excuses to make you guilty of something.

        10. An evil government gains more control with each freedom that is either willingly surrendered or taken away.

        11. The loss of morality is the gain of evil.

        12. Victory for an evil government is when the reasons given for destroying freedoms sound good to most of the people.

        13. The more control an evil government has is its ability to fool the people into thinking that its actually doing good with no strings attached.

        14. The goal of evil is to make everyone as defenseless as possible against it.

        15. A horrible government is one that takes away our most cherished right, to choose our own destiny.

        16. True evil will tell us that it is for our best interest, yet have only one hidden agenda, to control us.

        17. You will always be a prisoner until your lives are free from a government that uses its power unfairly.

        18. A wicked government looks for anyway to loophole any constitution designed to protect basic freedoms.

        19. Freedom is way more than words, it is life itself.

        20. A truly evil government begins the enslavement of its people when it knows that it is superior; mentally, morally, but especially physically.

      • WASP

        Wet Blanket. There’s one thing for sure THAT AIN’T PROPAGANDA. I know cause I’ve heard it come out of almost every Democrat’s mouth. You don’t need “An Assualt Rifle To Hunt Deer Or Ducks” and that’s true. Don’t know about you, but I got mine for other purposes. WASP. Live Free Or Die!

      • BigB

        I don’t like it. Not one little bit. However with that being said I want to know where there is a place / country in this world that does not do this? Propaganda has been going on since before civilization began.

        Animals do it in there own natural habitat. It is part of human nature. There is not one person alive who does not do it either. The only difference is that the propaganda machine here in the U.S. has become more sophisticated.

        Why do you think back in the olden days before TV that the big prize for any revolutionary was the radio stations? Control the media and you control the country.

        So where in the world can we go and not have this?

      • Rod_Ansell

        Is there any kind of study or survey of USSR and other places where SHTF in the past? Let’s pray we aren’t in for a USSR style exstence for the next 30 years.

        • Nutbag

          Amazing how people just shrug their shoulders or smirk at me when i bring this stuff up.My wife and i have done a lot to prep. Unfortunatly, i hate rice and beans. beats dying though.

        • Theguy

          That… does add up to a rather large number of “domestic terrorists”… doesn’t it.

          A 22 year supply… being resisted by a full military deployment… for 22… fricking… years?

          That’s a lot of “bad guys”.

        • StopItNow

          I think that instead of planning to fight these entities with violence lets fight them with education of the sheeple as daunting and impossible as it seems.

      • Zoltanne

        Satori is so dead-on right with this. Sorry Mac, but I just didn’t have the interest to watch even one of these videos, much less 4 of them. Besides, I have a ration of 5G a month and I don’t want any of my ration to go into the propaganda-pay-for-view today.

        We already know the propaganda is horrendous. And the news that is churned out is incredulous. I gave up the TV bombardment and go to the trusted online news feeds exclusively now.

        So like Satori says:
        just TURN IT OFF

        • possee

          “It should make every one of us question the legitimacy of what we’re being told.”

          uh..been doing that for 40 years now..but even more so now.

          Question everything..including shtf..

          Read watch and decide for yourself.

’re almost always spot on though!



          • Anonymous

            ok so the video is fake, but do you think they really have snow coffe? do you know where I can get some? starbucks?

        • Gregory8

          Zoltane: My first instinct is to turn it ALL off. The worst of the worst is American news, if it can even be called news. It’s really entertainment with a few bits of news thrown in. I’ve been stationed overseas both pcs and tdy along with vacations and the news is very different in coverage and content in other countries. Ours is such fluff that the rest of the world knows what only a few of us know, that it’s a joke. Yes, all news is manipulated by those who contol it, that’s not the point. Now I could turn everything of and pretend that nothing of importance is going on or I can use my short wave radio and the internet and access numerous news sources and see the various takes on the same news story and with that be able to drew a ‘reasonable’ conclusion as to what is really going on. This takes a lot more effort but you may be surprised at what is happening in the world, who’s pushing what agenda, and even what countries (America) are even ignoring some stories, ususally in favor of some Hollywood gossip. There are many days I just want to say “screw it all”. But then again I hate being in the dark all the time.

          • Zoltanne

            Sure is true, isn’t it Gregory8? What the US keeps in blackout-mode can be found online in other countries. And yeah, you’re right about the quality of the news in the major online news sites, too. Can’t find a shred of REAL news at any of those places, but if I wanted Hollywood gossip, I could read for hours. Ha!

      • Theguy

        Meh what did you think was going to happen, they were going to say “no, we’re wasting our time over there”?

        I dunno if I call that hard core “propaganda”… I mean you’re talking a pretty high standard of “impartiality”. This is no different than what corporations with questionable products do all the time.

        Propaganda is kind of like the whole “nothing is actually happening” or “we’re doing it to spread democra… c…y”…

        Ah crap.


        Need to think this through a little more.

        It’s walking right up to the edge of propaganda and spitting over the side, that’s for sure… I’m having a hard time deciding if it actually jumped off the edge or not.

      • Gods Creation

        “”TURN OFF THE TV
        just TURN IT OFF””

        It’s not the TV that’s bad. it’s what people allow to be played on their TV that is bad.

        i just purchased a 300 DVD changer that will hold many seasons of my favorite sitcoms that I can watch commercial free,as well as many movies. If i get nostalgic, i have some sitcoms recorded from commercial TV so i can relive the good ole days of private corporations and false advertising.

        Something tells me a good laugh might be needed in the near future. You will not be able to find it on the Obama channel, and that may be the only one available. And my wife has no sense of humor at all so she will be useless if I need a dose of happiness and laughter.

        Or maybe they will feel generous and let you watch some show about an evil outlaw that was severely punished for possessing a gun.

        I am TV Land. It is just as important to prep for entertainment as anything other than food and water and the tool to protect them.

        • JoeRepublic

          The problem there, is this: There is not a single thing on Television, aside from a live CSpan feed and maybe the show, “How It’s Made”, that is not put there to shape and control your perception of reality.

          There are six corporations that own all the television broadcasts in America. These same six are part of much larger, supranational conglomerates with interests in everything from war to water. They will supplant and approve only the message that will keep your thoughts in line with their best interests, not yours. This includes SitComs and movies as well, remember that.

          So, the next time you catch a planted product in a scene, or some Hollywood fuckwad planting remarks about man-made global warming or over population, remember where the message comes from. I wouldn’t store a single lying thing from these bastards and would much rather entertain my own mind with imagination derived from my own pure consciousness, versus some propagandized message designed to enslave my thoughts.

          But hey, that’s just me. You like that filth, then have it.

          • don't tread

            Joe Republic

            I beg to differ. I have three Christian teaching programs that I watch regularly, (not Paul & Jan Crouch).
            I get a lot of good bible understanding and know when to question teachings that can’t be backed up biblically.

            I admit, they are “not” network (abc,cbs,nbc), therefore I am not subjected to the mind bending commercials.

            I can’t find anything that changes my “perception of reality” by watching some of the old shows like: The Rifleman, Bonanza, Waltons, Little House, Daniel Boone, Wagon Train, Lassie and a slew of other various oldies. I was even a fan of PEE Wee’s Playhouse. That quirky little show had a few good laughs and seemed to be a good distraction from day to day bullshit.

            • Gods Creation

              Later sitcoms and shows are socially leading. I don’t many of have those. Here’s a sample of what I have off the top of my head

              Green Acres
              Get Smart
              Petticoat Junction
              Beverly Hillbillies
              I Dream of Jeannie
              Leave It To Beaver
              Mary Tyler Moore Show
              Bob Newhart Show
              I Love Lucy
              Everybody Loves Raymond
              2 1/2 Men

              Not to mention the noncomedy.

              The Waltons

              I understand your point Joe, and you are correct to an extent.

              But remember, the PROGRAMS can only program you if your are programmable. If you live your life for TV, you will live your life like TV.

              TV can make you brain dead, or it can provide entertainment. It depends upon the user.

          • John_Tyndale

            Doomsday Preppers !!!

      • Fed up with Feds

        Propaganda does work,mostly on uneducated,mindless gibmedats. If it didn’t obortion himself would never had a chance.
        CHANGE I love this part when watching interviews with obortion voters, reporters ask,so why are you voting for dumb ass? O he gone gib me monies to pay rent,pay my baby momma keeeeds,so I ain’t gots to work no mo……….??????? When asked where he thinks that money will come from, he simply says.Obama!

      • possee



        The entire system is force fed propaganda via the tube..
        Indoctrination centers(aka public education) start at early childhood and reinforce the agenda through the media.

        By the time they reach college age they are dumbed down so severely that they can’t read write or possess any deductive nor cognitive thought..

        Of course this all by design…all of it!

        The media is just the reinforcement of the state..period.

        Even those so called journalists who have questioned the feds or president are now publicly disdained by their peers en masse.Woodward come to mind?
        or the college student who videoed Biden and was forced to erase their coverage…modern day stasi is here!

        Game over..


        • Gods Creation

          “””Game over..”

          Game just starting…come play.

    1. slingshot

      Nobody believes anything till it happens to them.

      • EOD12

        Yes, and even then they will sometimes deny it has happened.

        • Gods Creation

          That’s because they are so confused from being lied to they think if they deny it really didn’t happen.

          Works for the corp. look how many criminals are walking the streets of DC, and all they have to do to walk free is deny the truth in spite of the facts.

          Their crimes seem to disappear as soon as they sign the right papers or vote the right way on a bill.

          • Bob

            I have seen billboards asking whether the new face on Mt. Rushmore should be George W. Bush or Barak Obama. The website listed is rushmorevotedotcom

            • Gods Creation

              “”I have seen billboards asking whether the new face on Mt. Rushmore should be George W. Bush or Barak Obama.””

              I have a better idea. Let’s put them both UNDER Mt. Rushmore. It would be much cheaper and keep future inhabitants from having to look at the faces of evil.

      • Gods Creation

        “””It should make every one of us question the legitimacy of what we’re being told.”””

        No, we should question the legitimacy of the source of what we are being told, i.e. the Corp.

        Anybody who studies the “system” can see in an hour that the corp is NOT legitimate in anything it does. It is in fact and self evidently a criminal enterprise.

        The propaganda machine convinces people they don’t need to do the studying that will reveal that truth to them. Rather than hiding the truth from them, they make them too stupid to care enough to look.

        Still, some of us know how corrupt and irredeemable the system is. The critical information that we lack is how to get those suffering from propaganda overload to get off their dead asses and look for the truth that sits right in front of their noses.

      • Grasshopper

        That’s soo true, Slingshot! The Jews made fun of people who warned them about the Government, they called them names and laughed at them. I read that even when they were led to the gas chambers, they were still chatting amiably with their captors, trying to be optimistic, refused to believe what was coming. Then, when they went into the chambers and the poisonous gas started coming down, and they finally realized the truth, they all ran to the door but it was locked and they all collapsed in front of the door. Next morning, the captors removed their dead bodies and prepared for a new wave of Jews… and the story just repeated itself.

        Now, the last few days, I have been battling people who quote me B.S. they hear from MSM about how dangerous guns are and how we need to get rid of them. It almost turns your stomach to realize the situation our country is in.

        • Butterkinfe

          “It is in fact and self evidently a criminal enterprise”
          Bingo, figured that out in 86 at the age of 22

          • Gods Creation

            Figured it out about the same time. It took much longer to learn to handle it properly, which only happened when I learned who and what I was.

        • sixpack

          “Next morning, the captors removed their dead bodies and prepared for a new wave of Jews… and the story just repeated itself…”

          When I was young back in the 70’s, I met a janitor in the old Oregonian building where I worked security. He was tall and skinny with numbers boldly tattooed on his left forearm. I asked him one night what those numbers were and he told me…I wasn’t prepared for that. It was the jews themselves who had to go in and remove the dead bodies, never did a nazi touch one.

          One would think that the jews whose job it was to dispose of the bodies would be able to convince the rest that they were going to die if they didn’t do something fast, but apparently the truth was harder to swallow than zyklon b.

          I would rather get shot in the back while trying to escape, than to be marched in and gassed like a cockroach.

    2. Theguy

      Oh look, it’s Santa Monica!

      Oh wait it’s snowing… well meh close enough…

    3. DRD5508

      Mac, good article that is very true. How about a couple of examples: “depends on one’s definition of what ‘is’ is. ‘I voted for it before I voted against it’ (Kerry on the Iraqi war). No new taxes. Only the rich will pay higher taxes. Propaganda = a lie repeated repeatedly.

      • Cede or Bleed

        I have a very good example for you DRD5508. While staying in the Green Zone (Iraq) several years ago, an important news event happened one night. The news said some insurgents had lobbed a couple mortar rounds at a base 13 miles south of Baghdad and one of the rounds had hit an ammo dump. The whole base had gone up. Literally!!! Fox, CNN and the BBC said a local and two contractors had been killed and there were a couple a minor injuries also reported. No big deal.
        As I glaced at the news reports on the TV saying one thing, I was looking out my window watching the helicopters lining up to land in the Green Zone with more than just a couple minor injuries. I ended up, throwing up, just watching the most macabre scene I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It was like watching a scene from MASH 4077 and a Vietnam war movie with Med Vac Dust Offs coming in hot. And still to this day, the official number of casualties is two contractors and one local killed.
        I’ve she’d more than a tear or two for all those kids the media forgot to mention that day.
        Propaganda!!!! We’re all mushrooms being fed a continual load of shit.

        • DRD5508

          Cede, thank you for your service and I know your pain. Hang in there.

    4. Anonymous

      The two Conan clips are exactly right. I remember when all the media was talking about a candidate’s “gravitas.” They all read their scripts which evidently come from a central source. And that source doesn’t count on anyone actually seeing the multiple outlets all saying exactly the same thing. We used to have news reporters. Now we have news readers, like England has.

      I like Andy saying they need to get an envelope.

      • Archivist

        Anonymous Message #1294793 is actually me. Somehow my info got deleted.

    5. Jim

      Not that many people believe our own government these days. One of these days they will tell the truth and they won’t be believed when it needs to be. The government doesn’t trust us nor do we trust the government.

      • KY Mom

        “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” -Thomas Jefferson

        • Eisenkreuz

          Would that all white American boys had moms like you for the last 50 years. Instead, we have One Million Moms for Gun Control. My grandma cleaned game, cooked, canned, sewed, cleaned, washed, and gardened. The humble Holly Homemaker had USEFUL SKILLS that are vanishing everyday. The modern woman pretty much doesn’t know jackshit. Not that the men are that far ahead. This country sucks.

          • Theguy

            I can’t fathom how you got thumbs down for this comment.

            Just can’t fathom it.

            It seems to me “it’s not just a river in Egypt anymore”, eh?

            The men are a bunch of Metrosexual pick up artists that don’t know how to even SPELL “spark plug”.

            And the women? I mean, I can’t even believe that the women ON THIS SITE who are clearly very accomplished in terms of practical skill sets could even argue in favor of the AVERAGE American woman out there.

            You women on here are the EXCEPTION, not the rule.

            Men can admit to that, that the AVERAGE American man is hopelessly incompetent and proud of the fact. Why’s it so hard a concept when it’s women?

            Seriously picture picking one of these women out of a mall or a night club and plopping them into the middle of 1850.

            • sixpack

              you mean, without their iphone and a blow-dryer?

            • Facebook Page

              We are thumbing down the handle. We could careless about what they say.

              • Theguy

                Hmmm fair enough.

                I had to agree with this comment, I later disagreed with the Jewish bashing by the same handle.

                I do not have enough information to even comment regarding the Israeli political class. I’ve no idea. I do have a major problem going after an entire ethnic group based solely on the (unknown) policies of their political class.

                I’m rating the comment, not the handle. The comment IMO is spot on the money.

                The old ways of being basically the head of the family on the home front is a job requiring skill to actually do it correctly. Quite a lot of skill. The average American can’t do that right anymore either.

      • Gods Creation

        Jim, hell will freeze over before the truth is ever uttered. They KNOW the penalty for crimes they commit.

      • slingshot

        @ Jim
        Whatever does not fit their mold they will denegrate or embellish to suit their needs. Lies upon lies and when the time to tell the truth to “SAVE THEIR ASS”, it just will not happen. Because of the betrayal, when it goes south for them they will say anything and do anything to survive. You will know them by their actions and they can not help themselves to reveal in time their real idenity. It is in their blood. God help them if they met up with me.

    6. Olden

      All governments are the same, regardless of what title they take. The only difference is the methods that they take. Some are more harsh and direct and act quickly to force their society. Others are more patient and less direct like ours. The ladder is worse because they turn the heat on slowly and fool more people into believing that the pot is less hot. At least if it is done quickly, most of the people understand what is taking place and how to react to this. I am so tired of this, I am actually happy that I am old and soon will be gone from all of this. I feel only for those poor kids that I see playing in the park. If they only knew what was coming to them. God help them.

      • Bob

        The kids that survive will be pissed at us.

    7. etg83

      I have noticed that any country that supports the Palestinians is considered evil. Just sayin

      • Eisenkreuz

        Israel is a terrorist state and a welfare queen that sucks the blood out of the U.S. Free Palestine! I hope Iran starts a war with Israel and pushes those greedy Jew bastards into the sea.

        • sixpack

          Judging by the number of thumbs down, the media propaganda has done it’s job on Israel. While the ground may be holy, the people are not saints. We just don’t see the photo ops of israelis murdering palestinian children by the hundreds…we treat our DOGS more humanely than that. Here’s thay zyklon b choice again…

          Israel is full of a just and holy peoples…and zyklon b is made of white lilies and roses…

        • don't tread

          That way of thinking has gotten a lot of people into an early grave, Eisen.

          What you folks(Jew bashers) don’t realize is this; everytime you make a “blanket statement” about blaming the “worlds” problems on the Jews, you are judging them a a whole.
          God is the “only” judge, and he don’t care for people interfering with his business.

          Judge not lest ye be judged. Discernment is another thing entirely.

          There are three distinct types of Jews, plus many different factions. There are those that believe Jesus was just a man, and not necessarily Emanuel= God with us.
          There are those that believe Jesus was the Son Of God, and hold strictly to their traditions and rituals.
          There are those that are Christian first and Jewish second, and look at the christian gentiles as brothers and sisters in Christ.

          As in the days of old, when anyone lived in the land of Judaea, they were considered Jews, because of their residence, not their religion. There are many of those today that call themselves Jews, for whatever reason, but are not really Jewish, through bloodlines, at all.

          There was also an element from days of old, that still exist, that are more evil, than religious, and call themselves Jews, but are of the synagogue of Satan. Christ identified them and He and God know exactly who they where then and who they are now.
          You don’t know, I don’t know, and no one else knows for sure. Only God and the Saviour are the knowers of hearts.

          The only one that we can make a judgement about is Satan/Antichrist, because he has already been judged and sentenced to die after God is through using him. He knows it, and that is why he is working overtime, trying to deceive and take as many as he can with him.

          I don’t know everything, but i do know that anyone continually placing blame on “all” Jews is a dangerous practice. If you don’t believe it will get you in hot water with the Father, then take your chances.

          If you don’t believe bad things happen to people that come against God’s business; just read Numbers 16, and see what happened to thousands upon thousands that came against Moses and the job he was doing. These were not enemy combatants either; they were of the same tribes(Levi) and bloodlines. The earth opened up underneath them and swallowed them and theirs.

          When the SHTF, there will be many who have not gotten their prepping done in the right order of priority and bad things will happen, seemingly out of nowhere. If the mighty Hand of Protection isn’t in place, I would be thinking about where i was situated.

          The propaganda wars will mean nothing compared to the spiritual wars. Just sayin’.

          • JustOneGuy

            @ dt,

            “Immaculate”….you have the mastery Brother. Many Thanks therefor…


        • Gods Creation

          “””I hope Iran starts a war with Israel and pushes those greedy Jew bastards into the sea.”””

          Iran doesn’t start wars. The banksters do.

          Stopping ALL war is as easy as stopping ALL banksters.

          • Eisenkreuz

            People will always fight with or without financial backing.

      • Facebook Page

        I have notice that anyone supporting anybody is consider evil. Somewhere.

        • Theguy

          Yeah… not on board with the Jew hating. WTF.

          • sixpack

            I hate MASS MURDERERS no matter what country they come from, what race they are or what scripture they read.

            “Let no man deceive you”.

          • Facebook Page

            If that to say I am a Jew Hater.
            No I serve many mission with the IDF and Israeli services while I was on active duty. Still have many friends there.

            • Theguy

              That was not directed toward you, sorry for the confusion. It was directed toward the start of this entire “reply” chain… the comment that is now hidden due to low rating.

              • Theguy

                My apologies, it appears the confusion was mine.

                I hit reply to your comment instead of hitting reply to the one above you.

                My mistake, and my apologies.


      Propaganda is just like our tv commercials., it eventually becomes familiar and it becomes the thing to do /say.

      How many times have you repeated things from tv, to the people you work with or family. I have.

      🙁 🙁

      • sixpack

        …my bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R, my bologna has a second name it’s M-A-Y-E-R. Oh, I like to eat it every day and when they ask me why I’ll ssaaayyyy…

        ‘Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!

        • EAGLEDOVE

          EXACTLY!!! You were reading my mind !!!! 🙂 That’s been imprinted in my mind forever!!!

        • REB

          Aarrrrhhrhhhhhhggghhhhhhh!….took me 40 years of therapy to forget that and you…you….arrghhhhhh…. 🙂

          • sixpack

            Hotdogs—Armour hotdogs.
            What kind of kids eat armour hotdogs?
            Fat kids , skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks.
            Tough kids, sissy kids (even kids with chicken pocks)
            love hotdogs, Armour hotdogs
            The dog kids love to bite!

            • REB

              Forgot about that one too….havent had a hotdog of any kind in a long time…dont miss em either 🙂

    9. Patriot One

      I’ve talked about the Head Lies and propaganda for years. Now we have the first young adults that were taught this propaganda as fact. Many think the Founding Fathers are Terrorist and the 9-11-01 terrorist were freedom fighters.

      I gotta say though we are a lot better at it then the N.Koreans. Our propaganda is almost seamless from the government school indoctrination, school boards, universities, courts and government. Then the MSM shouts it from the rooftops to confirm its true. Joseph Goebbels would be proud at how we have made an art form out of what he started under Hitler.

      Do we even teach Civics and U.S.History in schools and universities any more?? History will repeat it self again. America is now in the same place as 1936 Germany, but with $16.7 trillion more in debt.

      All the propaganda in the world can’t stop what is coming. Its just a matter of time before the SHTF. Buckle up folks because the Central Banks around the globe are blowing bubbles, huge currency bubbles and its not going to end well.

      That’s just my view of things from under my Tin Foil Hat. What say you?????

      • Eisenkreuz

        The Founding Fathers WERE Terrorist and the 9-11-01 terrorist WERE freedom fighters from a certain point-of-view. It doesn’t make any damn difference how you want to word things. The only thing that matters is what events transpire. No we don’t teach civics and U.S. history in universities any more. We focus on diversity training, political change in the metropolis, and Africana studies (short course).

        I mean what kind of society are we living in when people want to vote their rights away, when someone interested in the basics of surviving is labeled a weirdo?

        • High Noon

          “from a certain point of view”
          (The English and Islam}

          Your post was SPOT ON.

          Stay Brave

        • Theguy

          While the English would have certainly considered the Founding Fathers to be “terrorists”…

          And while we’ve really got no business fucking up the Middle East, morally speaking…

          Last time I checked… the Founding Fathers did not go OUT OF THEIR WAY to target civilians…

          Just a… tiny… little… HUGE difference…

          • AnonLegion

            the guy unless you include the native american indians that were here and citizens of the continent first right?

      • Vicky

        I think “Civics” is dead in the water and you wouldn’t recognize History as taught by the schools. That’s why we home schooled. According to one of the “dioramas” at a local school, the west was settled by teen-age girls (women’s rights) and black cowboys, (the ubiquitous civil rights movement) UNLESS Native Americans were killed and that was all the doing of white, adult males. Get your kids OUT of the public schools.

        • High Noon

          Vicky: I think you want to be educated on “what can we do”
          From a former post.
          Google: Dr. Sam Clovis,an give it a trial run.

          Stay Brave

          • Vicky

            Thanks for the link. His biography is fascinating and I’ll read more of his articles after I get home from work.

          • don't tread

            Hey guys, want another reason to get your blood boiling about the liberals and their snooping into our lives thru our children; read Michelle Malkin’s article on the “Fed’s Invasive Student Tracking Database”. UNBELIEVABLE! You can find her stuff on

            Here is a little snippet about the current states that are signing on to this “illegal” crap:

            Another nonprofit startup, “inBloom, Inc.,” has evolved out of that partnership to operate the database. The Gates Foundation and other partners provided $100 million in seed money. Reuters reports that inBloom, Inc. will “likely start to charge fees in 2015” to states and school districts participating in the system. “So far, seven states — Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina and Massachusetts — have committed to enter data from select school districts. Louisiana and New York will be entering nearly all student records statewide.”

        • Patriot One

          Good for you Vicky. I only have grand children in the public school system. The government is out of control and will defend it self. TJ was right and I believe it’s almost time for the tree of liberty to be watered in blood again. God help us all. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

          • Vicky

            Thank you. Encouragement makes the heart glad. Home schooling does work. My oldest son got a 31 on his ACT and earned a 4.0 GPA during his entire four years of college. (He also earned that degree in four years instead of the usual six.) Hope this can reassure some of the more hesitant home schooling parents out there.

            Like your motto. As a Catholic, I understand some Latin and knew I had seen it other places. Pretty good philosophy.

            • Patriot One

              “If you wish for peace, prepare for war” I got thru latin in High school, but couldn’t remember anything. It did help me learn Italian and Spanish though. The phrase just doesn’t sound as good in Italian “Se lo si desidera per pace prepara la guerra” As you can tell it gets lost in translation.

              The bottom line in the propaganda is that out right lying and misrepresenting fact seems to be ok with Americans.

              • slingshot

                Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.
                If you want peace, Prepare for war

                • Patriot One

                  Since you felt compelled to try to correct me (as most liberals like to think they are intellectually superior) Websters, Wiki and the Greek translation is “WISH”.

    10. AZ Ready

      I guess that’s why we call them sheeple!

      • Butterkinfe

        lower than sheep, at least sheep know how to and are willing to feed themselves

    11. Wallimiyama

      Propaganda is alive and well in the US today…
      ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS…they’re not terribly different than the Ministry of Public Enlightenment…hell, that even sounds like something a modern Liberal would name it.

      Don’t think propaganda is in high swing here? Just yesterday, the POTUS said that we don’t have a deficit problem. Huh? Yep. He said it. I kept waiting for the lightning strike…but unfortunately, it never came.

      • SD Mule

        You forgot FOX!

        • Eisenkreuz


      • Gods Creation

        “””Just yesterday, the POTUS said that we don’t have a deficit problem.”””

        There is no deficit problem. Since there is no real money, there is no real budget, there are no real taxes, there is no real government. The deficit is as fictional as the rest of it.

        There is nothing but a giant fiction, using unaccountable agents without a principal, to convert as much labor as possible into fictional digits to be stolen and/or used to support the slavery of the victims.

    12. VRF

      As I have been saying all along, our MSM is complicite and criminal

      • Eisenkreuz


        • JustOneGuy

          @ Eiz,

          Hmmm, yeah…I’d go for THAT!


        • JustMe

          The parasites who own your “president”, are the same ones who own the media…

    13. Barn Cat

      A better story about the media would be how they’ve become apologists and bootlickers for Obama. They fawn over him. Defend him. Make excuses for him. They trot out his lies and never ask him tough questions. They participate in the fraud that the economy is in recovery instead of continuing to decline. They also engage in lazy thinking: If Obama says something they say, “Obama thinks…”. NOBODY except Obama can know what he thinks. All we can know is what he says and that’s an important distinction that they fail to make when it’s a Democrat.

      • Say When

        Barn Cat:
        Agree wholeheartedly about the media and Obozo, but I think a very few of them are beginning to ask a little harder questions of him and his flunky apologist. I think that the honeymoon may be coming to a gradual end.
        What all of us have to do is make sure that we endorse more candidates like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. We need to get more active to get the TEA to Washington. I hate to think what this commie will do if he regains a damnacrat congress. You think it’s bad now, just wait.
        Can anyone say Dick-tator!!!

      • Bob

        The appeaser feeds the crocodile in hopes of being eaten last–Winston Churchill

    14. Shifty

      I must say, the North Korea video about made me wet my pants with laughter. I wish to God I had some hot snow and a bird right now.

      • Shifty

        Both are yummy.

      • OutWest

        Old North Korean Proverb:
        A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush…..

        • Bob

          Depends upon whose bush.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Careful if that “hot snow” has a tinge of yellow to it….

      • JustOneGuy

        @ Shifty,

        Yeah, that’s about FREAKIN’ hysterical isn’t it?

        I guess that when you think about those poor little pathetic fools ‘over there’ that’s all they’ve got to keep them going….an external ENEMY….the old David and Goliath theme….you could almost feel sorry for them if the little savges weren’t trying so hard to get nuclear weapons. Oh, and that new young ‘Kim’…what a hoot that one is…little ’round boy’…heheheheeee

        Ahh, but a good laugh now and then is good for the soul, ain’t it?


      • sixpack

        But the sad part, is that little bits and pieces of it (the first video) are TRUE.

        There ARE homeless minions living in tents, or less.

        There ARE people standing in long lines for blankets and a cup of coffee and they are not all lazy or drug addicts anymore.

        There are still hundreds of thousands of people, FAMILIES, who lost their jobs and homes during the housing bubble bust and mortgage crisis living on the streets or in cars or homeless shelters.

        Many are GOOD people who WERE supporting themselves.

        What they did was embellish on a real problem that DOES exist, making it sound like the entire country has gone down the hole.

        There is a little bit of truth in the lies, but if we don’t watch it, the lies may soon become a horrible truth.

        Conspiracy theory to conspiracy FACT.

    15. Dick

      People have shown by and large they would prefer to be ignorant and/or uninvolved. The fact that Barry is still popular after all his manipulations proves this. The thing that TPTB have not realized though is there is a slowly growing pool of people becoming aware. In addition there is a network of free thinking people re-taking responsibility for themselves and those they care for. That is what truly is LIBERTY. I don’t have to THINK like you, LOOK like you, or LIKE you. I just ask you to leave me be and I will take care of myself and let you do the same.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Dude we’re like 1% of the idiot populace. There is no mass awakening and there never will be.

        • JustMe

          “The masses are @$$es” -White Rabbit

      • SWFL

        Especially the “taking it” themselves part. No-one is given liberty by anyone else. You may be given the situation that allows it but you either live it yourself or you don’t.

    16. QuantumBubbler

      When one supplants their own localized thinking with the worldly brew served up by the ‘media’ one should expect a degradation of the world immediately surrounding their self.

      “Put your ears to the ground!” (One ear at a time)

    17. peter parker

      I’m laying in some spirits as part of my preps. Question: Is the plastic okay for long term storage? It’s so much lighter and somewhat more compact. Thoughts?

      • Dick

        I would imagine that even if the plastic breaks down to a point it would be hazardous to consume it would still have a fuel/fire starting value if the proof is high enough.


      • Gods Creation

        By some flasks, fill them up, and you have a ready made barter item that will fetch top silver dollar when it is needed most.

      • 006

        The plastic they are using is stable, you should be ok with it. Just be careful when it is real cold so you do not crack them.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Glass if you’re staying put. Dump it into something plastic ifn’ its time to go.

      • incognito

        Spirits in plastic containers will not store. Alcohol (ethanol) is an extremely volatile and a small molecule. Over time will the ethanol will permeate through the plastic. Plastic is porous.

        Use glass containers only for long term storage. Keep cool and away from light.

      • Facebook Page

        Buy the cheap ones in plastic easy to transport. For bribes or trade. Quality trade able get glass. Think what a bollte of Johnny Walker Blue would be worth. And glass will last more or less forever.

        Plastic Vodka perfect. Doesn’t matter cheapstuf taste the same now or rotten.

      • Paranoid

        Problem is word “Plastic” some are good forever, most get old and brittle, lots leach out bad taste. Some of them the Alc will actually migrate out of the container. There are laboratory grade ones that last extremely well. Anyone here that can answer your question without more data lies.

      • Vicky

        Personal opinion, but I’d stick with glass. Moonshiners use glass and I’m sure they know best. It’s difficult to guess what might be in the plastic you use, and alcohol will certainly leach it out.

      • JustMe

        Keep your original, unopened bottles as long as you can, then transfer small amouts to your plastic bottle, to be portable, and available for immediate use. According to Selco, during the Balkan War, everyone had a bottle of “rakia”, (grain?) alcohol, which was pretty much the only disinfectant anyone had, and during slow times, something to drink.

      • Bob

        Don’t know much about it myself, but my wife says vodka from plastic bottles doesn’t taste right. She is Ukrainian, fwiw.

    18. asian prep

      the whole “it isn’t real unless it’s on my 6 o’clock news” never gets old to the sheep.

    19. braveheart

      I can speak on this subject with some authority. Patriot One, welcome aboard and I have to agree wholeheartedly with what you said. For longer than I have lived, anti-American propaganda has come from numerous sources. Within the last 3 decades, those sources have increased, as well as propaganda against white people. The best-known sources have been organizations like the NAACP, ACLU, ADL, NOW [in the case of white males], SPLC, and in more recent years, certain federal agencies like FBI, DHS, etc. I don’t accept brainwashing on any subject from any source. I know how to think for myself. Nobody tells me what to think or what to say about any subject. I’ll even touch on subjects that most people have been taught are taboo. Taboo subjects? I don’t recognize such a concept; no such animal in my mind. Where our country is heading is not propaganda; it is real.

      • Bob

        I could use a good brainwashing. I have a very dirty mind.

        A mind is a terrible thing…..

    20. OutWest

      ~we’re from the government, and we are here to help you~

    21. braveheart

      GC, spot on. Everyone needs to turn away from MSM and go to the alternative media for good info. But even then, you’ve got to do your due diligence. It’s no so easy to determine which sources are good or bad online. You’ve really got to work at that.

      • Fed up with Feds

        Ditto to your statement, alternative media is the way to go,that’s how I finally woke up! Did it on my own just to double check what msm was saying,didn’t seem true. Never looked back. Now my mission is to wake as many close friends ( not liberals) that I can. NOMI

        • Bob

          Aptly-named Colon Powell knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

    22. MadMarkie

      The government really got into the business of manipulating public opinion after the advent of reasonable quality TV signal transmission capability. They have spent simply ‘bazillions’ of your $ figuring out which buttons to push and which levers to pull in order to provoke/evoke the reaction or response that they desire from the vast majority of the ‘sheeple’.

      They beat most folks just like a drum ……. and the poor bastards aren’t even remotely aware of what’s happening to them! They get played, just like musical instruments.

      A little off the subject, but has anyone else noticed anything in common regarding the ages of quite a few of the individuals involved some of the recent “shooting incidents” in the news lately? A disturbing number of them seem to be in the 58 – 68 year old age brackets ……. the same ages as those 18 year old kids drafted/conscripted into military service some 40 years ago, those young men that they trained so well to kill other young men who wore different color uniforms and spoke a funny foreign language. I wondered at the time that they were doing it to us if it might not just come back again some day and bite the PTB squarely in the ass. Most came home damaged goods to one degree or another. Now most have little or nothing to their names and their so-called “golden-years” have taken on a distinct ‘ca-ca’ brown color as they look forward into their immediate future.

      And just think, it seems only a few short years ago that Ozzie and Harriet Nelson lived just across the street from us and Ward and June Cleaver lived on our side of the street just four houses down. Go figure.

      God Bless and good luck to all. We do live in interesting times though. Nobody can deny us that.

    23. High Noon

      This is the problem. Of eligible voters,about 26% voted for Obama, 24% voted for Romney, and 50% didn’t vote. The average American doesn’t give a shit.

      Stay Brave

      • Eisenkreuz

        I pray those 50% starve to death.

        • Paranoid

          1 I don’t even believe in God but if he exists anyone that wold pray for such a thing is an ass.
          2 I Voted but lots of good people didn’t want either candidate so they had no choice. You’re getting very tiring

      • Cowboy45

        That little O could be elected once shows how unable to reason the vast majority are.

        That it could be elected twice reflects the vast wasteland of apathy formerly known as America.

        If you think that you won’t let your guard down, ask yourself if you’ve ever purchased anything in the checkout line that you didn’t originally want.

        They know how to manipulate the mind and, yes, it can happen to anyone.
        I don’t mean to admonish anyone; I am simply reminding everyone how steep the battle is from our position. We too must wage a battle for the hearts and minds of people.

        Hmm. I think that the most I said since I got here.

      • CrabNebulae

        HN. If your voting stats are correct, then I see it as a good thing. I believe it means there is a very large sleeping giant about to wake (blow) up in the face of the assholes trying to control it. Just remember that the controlling assholes have been spouting bullshit for so long that they actually believe the stuff they are saying. I didn’t vote in either of the last two elections and I know several people that didn’t vote because they know they are wasting their time but that doesn’t mean they don’t give a shit. They have more resolve and focus in their life and give more of a shit than their stupid neighbors that did vote. The big difference? The ones I know that didn’t vote prep, and the one’s that did vote don’t. At this point, I have more confidence in the one’s that didn’t vote since many of those are very capable and prepared to deal with SHTF when it comes. Just saying. Now I’ll go back and finish tilling my garden and await what comes my way. Cheers.

        • JustOneGuy

          @ CrabNebulae,

          Hmm, “The hitting of one each nail directly on it’s ‘head'” I think. Astute observation Friend. Disagreeing here with Eiz above, I’d rahter that the percentage who DID vote starved….thier continued participation in the entire bull-sh_t game which is the American Political process is half of what keeps the idiots in power…if EVERYONE just failed to vote them the ‘jig would be up’ in short order, now wouldn’t it?


          • Eisenkreuz

            In spite of you grumpy old men bitching and complaining that all the candidates are the same, in reality there were many third party candidates who ran. You idiots ignored them all. If you don’t vote it’s not a moral statement you’re just stupid.

            And that’s the world according to ‘Kreuz.

            • WASP

              Eisenkraut you ain’t right very often. But your 100% correct on this! It’s ain’t because they don’t have a choice, it’s because they’re to stinking lazy to get off their ass, study their options, and go to the polls. Make excuses to not vote,and then talk about taking up arms. Give me a break!WASP.

              • Eisenkreuz

                I have no desire to take up arms but when the DHS is stockpiling weapons of war and plotting to murder us what choice will we have? This cannot end well.

      • StrokeO'Midnight

        High Noon,

        You are wrong in the interpretation of your statistics.

        26% The liberal idiots and the gimme dats voted for Obama.
        24% The useful idiots, the dead-enders stuck on stupid voted for Romney.

        50% It is wrong that the average American doesn’t give a shit. The average American is too smart to vote in a rigged “Heads I win – Tails you lose” election.

        • Facebook Page

          No. Most just do care until it to late.
          To busy,
          To tired.
          Dont know enough.
          Dealing with kids.
          Dealing with the parents.
          Trying to pay the bill.
          I’m done hope i made my point.

        • High Noon


        • High Noon

          StrokeO’Midnight: GOD ARE YOU SMART

        • Fed up with Feds

          Agreed. Election just a formality.. Winner chosen by elites long before they even announce a run!

        • yental

          @StrokeO’Midnight, I have been trying to post a similar response for the past hour. Error 404 keeps appearing.

          “50% It is wrong that the average American doesn’t give a shit. The average American is too smart to vote in a rigged “Heads I win – Tails you lose” election.”

          Precisely, at least 50% of “voters” have FIGURED THIS RIGGED SHIT OUT…not a question of not giving a shit!

          • JayJay

            I held my nose and voted for Juan McLame in 2008–it was rigged.
            Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

            I will never vote until paper ballots are reintroduced.

        • Rod_Ansell

          Actually, many elections are won by the “swing” vote. While roughly 2/3 of Dems vote Dem and 2/3 of Repubs vote Repub, MANY people vote based on the candidate. These are the swing voters. The definitely determine the local elections and probably the state elections at least.

          That 50% who doesn’t vote, don’t care. They could vote as swing voters and make a difference. At least locally.

          In NC, there almost equally the same amount of Indepenents (not affiliated) as there are Republicans and as there are Democrats.

          Its also interesting to look at profiles and voting percentage. Some profiles voted like 99% democrat in the last election from what I recall. I guess like marketing, politics is a game of segmentation.

    24. booger

      Urgent Alert Beware Patriots – HIGH IMPORTANCE

      * read take with a grain of salt . ;0p

      FBI to effect high-risk warrants WITH ARMORED CARS on the ringleaders of the SPLC’S RECENT 100 MOST AGGRESSIVE PATRIOT GROUPS IN AMERIKA .

      * I’ll believe it when I see it … as this will Start KICK-OFF a Free American Revolutionary Civil War DIRECTLY against the FBI AND ZOG MARXIST RED COMMIE FEDGOV ! ;0P

        • booger

          Mike And The Mechanics – Silent Running

          Take the children and yourself
          And hide out in the cellar
          By now the fighting will be close at hand
          Don’t believe the church and state
          And everything they tell you
          Believe in me, I’m with the high command

          Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
          Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
          Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
          Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

          There’s a gun and ammunition
          Just inside the doorway
          Use it only in emergency
          Better you should pray to God
          The Father and the Spirit
          Will guide you and protect from up here

          Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
          Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
          Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
          Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

          Swear allegiance to the flag
          Whatever flag they offer
          Never hint at what you really feel
          Teach the children quietly
          For some day sons and daughters
          Will rise up and fight while we stood still

          Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
          Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
          Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
          Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

          Can you hear me running (can you hear me calling you?)
          (Can you hear me) hear me calling you?
          (Can you hear me running) hear me running babe?
          (Can you hear me running) hear me running?
          Calling you, calling you

      • Facebook Page

        Are you and the gang on the list.

      • JustOneGuy

        Really Booger?

        I’ll be DAMNED!!

        I REALLY didn’t think that EVEN the Feds were THAT stupid…

        IF it IS WAR that they want…Ah, you can guess the rest! 🙂 Hahahahaaaa!!!!

        ‘Nuff Said…


        • booger

          Mind Blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 Quoting NWO plans to destroy America!

          Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today’s problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul’s positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty. Current information here!

          • JustOneGuy

            Evening Boogie,

            Thanks for the link, I’ve known for many a long year that – at the very core – something was simply wrong … rotten with the ‘All that we see’ around us.

            That said, this that we see today is the end result of a long process of reducing the broad quotient of Human dignity to the minimum possible level. If one should ask onself what possible GOOD could EVER come from such an endeavor one would would only obtain for an answer…an HONEST answer, “Nothing good whatsoever”.

            It is in the Human character to WISH for dignity, to crave after it like it were a potent drug and anything which dimishes that dignity makes ALL of us the lesser by it’s absence. For consider that the ongoing removal of a sense of place and of purpose can ONLY serve to infuriate the savage that lives inside all of us and in so doing only result in the increase of hatred, greed and ALL the basest things which reside in each of us.

            I have a Dream…of a world in which the young are treasured as the extension of ouselves into a future which we will not live to see…of a world in which the wisdom of those who are eldest amongst is shared and treated as the PRECIOUS thing that it is, where I through the experiances of those who have went before me SHINES a LIGHT into the darkness of the road I myself will travel without them…of a world in which no man be compelled to bend his knee to another for fear that his children will not eat…

            …I HAVE A DREAM.

            The Long Night is near upon us…but it will pass..


            …and THAT Dawn will see the final rise of Humankind into Adulthood…some WILL be lost…but there will be eyes left to see that NEW DAWN…


            Be joyfull…REJOICE… the DAWN also APPROACHES!!


      • JustOneGuy


        Really Booger?

        I’ll be DAMNED!!

        I REALLY didn’t think that EVEN the Feds were THAT stupid…

        IF it IS WAR that they want…Ah, you can guess the rest! 🙂 Hahahahaaaa!!!!

        ‘Nuff Said…


    25. Schmoe

      HAHA! The North Korean video is great. If it ain’t true yet it soon will be the way this country is going!

      Second,they are right about one thing, our houses do fall down that easily these days. Do you see what materials they use to build houses nowadays? Truly crappy!

      • Satori

        maybe it wasn’t meant as propaganda

        maybe it was meant to be prophetic ???

        HA HA HA
        I can believe that
        with the way things are going !

    26. Say When

      It seems to me that the article about North Korea is somewhat misleading. I just saw a news clip of Dennis Rodman visiting there and he says that things are just great over there. Oh, and by the way, all you preppers out there check your tackle boxes and see if any of your tackle is missing. I think Rodman fell face first into one of them.

      • Eisenkreuz

        BWAHAHAHAHAHA it took me awhile to get that one. Thumbs up.

      • don't tread

        He looks like he fell face first into a pile of KimJunkums steamy pile of radioactive crap. D Rodman is a worthless pile anyway.

    27. Be informed

      It is the same crap with the stock market, lies and deception. I can remember watching these idiots on TV, right before the housing market almost completely collapse, and this character buying a home in southern california for $1,015,000. This was to be used for an investment. One month later the implosion started. I checked the area on Zillow out of wondering what happened. That home, or a nearby home is now worth $510,000. It dropped at one point to $450,000. This is the same garbage and utter deceit that goes on with the government painting a rosy colored glasses picture of what is going on to SELL whatever they are prostitute out.

      The whole picture is that you can be trying to sell an idea or some lie, it is still not the truth. That desert worm Hussein did the same thing when he was getting the living crap bomber out of him, the Iraqi TV had the Iraq army advancing and shooting down US aircraft one after the other. As times become worse and worse, so will the volume and the intensity of the lies we are being told.

      I study earthquakes a lot, and time and time again earthquakes are almost always downgraded in the california area, and even the many other areas. The modern day seismographs are acuurate, and when you go from a 5.2 down to a 4.7, that is an insult to anyone with any science background that this is cow manure. I saw one reading go from a 6.0 to a 5.3 up in Oregon. The amount of energy between a 6.0 and 5.3 is enormous and so is a 5.2 to a 4.7. There don’t want to scare people and hurt the real estate market or the tourist industry. Why they don’t just lower it to begin with one can speculate much on. The point is they are lying.

      I get so sick and tired of this garbage, again and again it happens with practically everything. They wonder why so many people they call are conspiracy driven. When you are lied so much to, and purposely given DECOYS to further deceive, you begin to not trust anything they say. Then when they do tell the truth they can say. see how straightforward we are with the public. It is also no wonder that lying is now the new NORM. Telling the truth now is viewed as not taking full advantages of each situation.

      This is why I implore everyone to get those supplies ready, because this cannot last and will not last. Remember the worst things get the more deceit there is, and the more deceit there is the worse things have and are becoming.

      • OutWest

        I think that’s maybe why they call television segments,

        • yental

          Whether FALSE NEWS PRESENTATION or simple “sheeple distraction”, PROGRAMMING is EXACTLY what the “idiot box” has become.

          From the inception…to the point of NOW, the early “pretrials” have proven the reliability and strength of the PROPAGANDA MACHINE to influence the “sheeple” to enter any slaughterhouse designated. YOU KNOW, the likes of Bill O’REALLY, Megan Killyou, and other assorted shills on EVERY A-B-C network available would never LIE or MASSAGE the facts…because “they are professionals”. PROFESSIONAL PROPAGANDIST AND LIARS OF THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST DEGREE. Hannity’s biggest “put-down”, such-n-such is a 9/11 truther. OMG, someone that actually gets it…and so does Hannity, but his paycheck trumps the TRUTH!

          When this all finally “goes down”, these assholes will “hang” along side the rest! INFORMED LIARS have a “special place” in OUR near future! An earned and much deserved place.

          • Rod_Ansell

            Y’all probably know but the cartoons are also federally subsized I think. I see little adds saying this cartoon was funded by federal money. Not sure what “programming” they push, but they clearly have lots of embedded messages. E

      • Vicky

        Do you wonder what goes through the scientists’ heads when they see the quakes downgraded? Some of them must be real scientists, and I’d think the urge to tell the truth must be just overwhelming. OTOH, to whom would they tell it?

    28. Mal Reynolds

      I’ve noticed this tactic being used by the Hollywood Lefties when it comes to homosexuality. How many shows from Tinseltown now prominently feature at least one gay character? Been going it since at least Will & Grace. How many schools are teaching kids to not just tolerate homosexuality, but actually to embrace or ‘experiment’ with it?

      And the strategy works. In the past year or so, how many states have legalized gay marriage? How many gays are now serving openly in the military?

      Goebbels had Bernays’ books on his shelf. The strategy helped the Nazis in Germany and it’s helping the Progressives implement their version of utopia in our country today.

      We’re so screwed.

      My ‘homophobic’ rant is now over.

      Thank you,

      • Be informed

        @ Mal Reynolds. I have personally always wondered about homosexuals, and IF some of them are borned that way. Whether they are born that way or are this way by choice, no one has a right to force anyone to embrace them. It is not fair to “fag bash” someone that is simply living their life that borthering anyone. It however has gotten to that point of ‘get into your face’ crap because so many homosexuals, both male and female, want to FORCE you and everyone to accept them openly. FORCE everyone to make up for all the time before that society didn’t accept them. This means way more than not condemning them, it means taking away your freedoms to feel a certain way and express yourself even in a non threatening way. Goodbye more of the freedom of speech.

        This trend is very dangerous as this political correctness is killing our 1st. Amendment in all aspects of life. I personally think it is totally sick to allow a scout master that is a homo around young kids, and hear it from these radicals how awful that is. I counter with the issue that I don’t see some adult male the head of any girl scout troop. The old double standard here, it is okay to allow some potential pedophile around a bunch of boys because we are suppose to EMBRACE homosexuality. The mere thought of some single 18-30 year old guy with a bunch of young girls in the girl scouts is something that is beyond taboo. Even the father of one of the girls in the girl scouts subbing for a den mother would send shivers up the spines of many parents. Having some homosexual with 6-10 young boys is okay then because this is the political correct thing to do? What the hell?????

        If homosexuals are born that way we have no right to condemn them, as we have no right to condemn someone born with some handicap. This though doesn’t give a homosexual the right to have access to potential victims in the many children that are innocent and don’t understand this. As society we HAVE to protect the innocent from the evil, and this is something that is being taken away from us also. When we have our self protection STOLEN from us, in the form of gun grabbers taking away our firearms to those that made laws that take away our ability to protect those that cannot, the society is in its death throes.

        Can anyone out there tell us what has happened to basic common sense, logic, across the blanket fairness and justice, and the USA?

        • SmokinOkie

          When the blind have control, they demand the sighted be made blind.
          Ok, maybe that analogy doesn’t work. Sounds like I’m dissing blind people. And I’m not. But then again, if we say the ‘morally blind’ it begins to make sense. Morality is not subjective. It isn’t in need of a debate. A thing is either right, or wrong. The only ones clammoring for a debate are those who are doing wrong. And were once known by everyone to be wrong. They knew it themselves.
          I know, some of you are gonna yell “Who’s standard determines right and wrong?” The short answer is “Mine, of course, since I’m not blind. And if you’re not blind, it’ll be your standard, too.” We can debate the ultimate source of that understanding later. This aint Sunday school.
          Beware of people who want to change moral standards. They lie. They twist the language to mean something entirely new. Usually the opposite of what it used to mean. They don’t want a discussion. They want to do WRONG! And to do it openly, without condemnation.
          ‘Tolerance,’ a simple word which they’ve destroyed, is not a virtue. Think about the word for a minute. TOLERANCE. That’s not what you want to happen, it’s what you will put up with. It was never the desired condition. It was LESS than what you would’ve liked, had you been able to get exactly what you wanted.
          Toleration should always be just a temporary condition, til you can get closer to the goal of perfection. Today, though, we don’t seek to move toward perfection. We seek to brainwash ourselves into believing that mediocre is a good enough ending point. With enough mind-numbing propaganda, we can even fool ourselves into thinking that ‘horribly crappy’ is a good enough point. And we can stop thinking about it, and stop trying to do better.
          Formerly, homosexuality was not tolerated openly. People knew it was far less that the desired goal of the society. (even biological science shows that it is NEVER a useful trait in any species) Those who dared to openly express any such tendencies were quickly, and forcefully, reminded of the standards of society. So they hid it. And, this is most important, They Didn’t Have Free Reign To Spread It.
          It was still there. But contained to the very small group of deviants from normal society. Like any plague, it couldn’t spread because we (the general public) would not let it spread.
          Today, with 40+ years of self-delusion behind us, we have become blind. We accept ABnormal as if it were normal. We Tolerate. We elevate horribly crappy to the status of ‘very good’. We make excuses. We no longer need to be lied to by the wrong doers, we lie to ourselves.
          We’ve got to the point, not only of changing the meaning of basic words, but of re-writing God’s words. We ordain so-called “gay clergy”. And the larger world TOLERATES it. This is nothing less than suicide on a societal level.
          Well, I’m starting my own personal version of ‘Celebrating Diversity’. I’m devoting myself to becoming a more closed-minded, obstinate, uncorrect, intolerant, red-neck SOB than I’ve ever been. I can’t help it. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for stupidity…

          • slingshot


            Going to become a gruppy bastard like me if you don’t watch out. ;0)

            • REB

              10,000 thumbs up my friend! 🙂

        • Bob

          Create the GSA (Gay Scouts of America) and see how many parents sign up their kids. Religious objections aside, most people instintively reject such things. That’s why the militant homosexuals insist on infiltrating mainstream society. Wait until BSA has openly gay scout leaders, and watch their membership plummit (exactly what the lefties want). The “in your face” thing will blow up in the gays’ faces. They can try all they want, but they can’t change nature, and seem to always be perplexed by pushback.

          • Anonymous

            Love that about the gay scouts,problem is too many priest with fake Id’s would line up.
            I could care less if someone is gay,fag,queer,or lesbian whatever,just don’t shove it in my face!
            Anyone with the slightest intelligence knows its not natural. Seen any gay elephants , or queer lions, “NO” . Natural selection takes them out if there were…..keep it behind closed doors!

          • REB

            Comming a day not far off when things blow up that those who preach forced tolerance are gonna find out that Americans WERE the most tolerant and easygoing group of people that ever existed and wish theyde left well enough alone….forced tolerance willno longer be tolerated!

        • Robieone

          Homosexuality is a LEARNED behavior. God does not make homos. For years, the homosexual “community” has been looking desperately for the “gay” gene. Well, there is none.

          God said that homosexuality is an “abomination”. God said it, I believe it, that settles it.

          • Gods Creation

            “”Homosexuality is a LEARNED behavior. “”

            I really have no use for queers cause I ain’t one. But it’s not a learned behavior. There had to be many born naturally or they would never exist. It’s no chicken or egg question.

            It is on the rise not because it is socially acceptable. It is on the rise most likely because of the long term effects of the fluoride poison in the drinking water, and everywhere else.

            It is being made socially acceptable and normal to keep people from asking why the abnormality exists. If they are convinced through propaganda that it is normal, they will not look for the causes and they can stay hidden.

            It is also an attempt to minimize the number of true men (bull dykes don’t count) that can resist the tyranny. Most queers are like women with dicks and make me sick by their demeanor. They think a DICTATOR is a guy whose dick taste like a tator so they want one.

            Queers are not true men, but severely disordered humans with no real sexual identity. Sex is between a man and a woman done for purposes of reproduction. Anything else is not sex.

            What queer people do to each other is something else. It is not necessary to name it, only to recognize it as the deviant behavior it is.

            And while I am at it, I don’t care for queers but I fully support them getting married. Why should they be exempt from all the hell of marriage just because they pack fudge and strap on gadgets in the bedroom. Let them suffer like the rest of us. The corp can sanction any “marriage” it wants, but God will never go for it.

            This post may not use politically correct wording and may offend some more sensitive readers, but I really don’t care.

            If your a queer, be a good queer. Just don’t tell me about it cause I don’t care. What gets put up your ass and who puts it there is your own business.

            Whose in whose face….

            Go ahead and give me big thumbs down. Any straight man who visits this site will agree with what I have said in principle.

            But I suspect there may be many queers working for Obama’s internet army that may be highly offended by truthful remarks stripped of political correctness.

      • JustOneGuy

        Evening Mal,

        FWIW, IF those who are arrayed against America today are taking thier cues from the same literature that graced Herr Oberst Goebbel’s library then I am releived…

        …look at how THAT turned out for the NAZI’S, same thing will happen here…soon, VERY SOON…hehehe! 😉


    29. JoeinNC

      While you are pointing at legitimate propoganda machines, there is one you failed to point at, this site. You use the same practices of distortion, spin and selective use of facts.

      • Survival Slut

        Joe, stop telling the truth, all it gets you is a whole lot of thumbs down.

        Fact is, sites like this one , and others are selling fear, real or not. Hell fire, Glen Beck and wing nut Alex Jones have made millions selling half baked “ghost stories” to people with child like minds.

        Meanwhile the Communists keep taking a little more of America day by day.

    30. Ugly

      In The Beginning, God created The End….

      • Dick



      • JustOneGuy

        Howdy Ug,

        Gee, that sounds PROFOUND…I think? 🙂


      • Piper Michael

        I… uh… huh?

        and people accuse ME of being ‘weird’…

        (this could be construed to be the matter of destiny vs free will?)

      • SmokinOkie

        Ugly, I think I just sprained a few synapses on that one.

        • Ugly

          @JOG, Smokin, Piper, Dick, Preppers….

          Think of The End this way. Remember the sand dials?

          Yes, I have a sand dial. I looked at it and noticed all the sand at the bottom, thus all time had elapsed. But when you flip it, the sand now at top. You see everything. You see the beginning, the present, the past, and the future. You see the beginning and the end at the same time.

          The bottom of dial is the past where the sand has flowed. The present is the sand in the small orifice that is flowing in the present. The future is the sand at the top, waiting to flow someday. It is time in holding, thus the future. But, you can also see the top of the sand pile, thus The End.

          In the sand dial, you can see it all.

          Thus, whoever created The Beginning also instantly created The End. The present is the one with the least time.

          What does this mean to preppers? It means our end is know, thus have fun and prep while you can.

          Smokin, I call this a Wamsutter moment. You know Wamsutter, WY. Much like Brothers, Oregon.

          Hope I clarified this issue.

          • JustOneGuy

            Many Thanks for the clarification Friend,

            Ug, I didn’t KNOW that you had it in you…I stand well
            impressed! Your analogy is excellenet and closer to the the truth of the Physics of the greater world than you might guess…

            I hold that the One who MADE me KNOWS me…and yes..I am having the best time I know how…while prepping like a madman! 😉 🙂

            Again thanks!


          • Piper Michael

            From one philosophy to another, Excellent analogy.

            Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…

            oh… wait.

            Never mind. What was that about not watching tv…

    31. Eisenkreuz

      Diane Feinjew in prissy hissy fit with Ted Cruz today. Every Jewess I’ve ever met in my life has been ugly, pushy, bitchy, and a pain in the ass to be around. Those Jew are just horrible, horrible people.

      • High Noon

        Dianne Feinstein is a crummy Us Senator who just happens to be Jewish. The Senate has lots of crummy Senators of many religions or maybe none.

        Stay Brave


        Let’s see.

        Hitler and Stalin killed millions because they were disarmed.
        My personal feeling is…it’s the duty of all people to make sure they have a locker of guns and ammo for their grand children. They are the ones that might have to fight the next dictators. What if all of congress went black and they decided to to the whites what Hitler did to the Jews? Have you ever thought about that?

        The solution is quite simple. Respect the 2nd. and then things will never get out of hand again like they did in Germany or Russia.

        The second amendment was not about deer hunting.
        It was about the people coming together to remove those from office when they are doing harm to the people.

        These are NOT extreme views. They ARE our founding principles!!!!

        We need to start making that point loud and clear.

        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

        So my solution is… punish California for electing Diane Feinstein.
        Boycott California goods and service until they get her out of office.
        No trips there….don’t buy anything made there.
        Pull back….then…watch the state collapse and watch the need for guns spike.

        And I’ll say this… Being a Jew..why is Feinstein all hell bent on disarming folks?
        She of all people should respect history. If her parents lived in Germany..she would not be alive right now most likely.

        • Bob

          Is there any mechanism for expelling a state from USA?

          • Shootit

            Why? They would just replace her with Barbra Boxers daughter.

      • Bob

        Note that she didn’t answer the question.

        • Shootit

          They never do. It is always “In consideration of other considerations”

    32. Eisenkreuz

      A right unexercised is a right lost.



      • High Noon

        Born in 1945 I am a “old people”. Two years ago in NW Iowa Tea Party events, it was attended mostly by “old people”. Your generation needs to get off their milk toast ass.

        Stay Brave

        • Eisenkreuz


          • lastmanstanding

            Our kids are most-likely your age.

            They get it.

        • Piper Michael

          High Noon,
          He’s off his meds now…
          and on a lot of ignore lists, join the list… 😉

        • Gods Creation

          Noon, where were you when you were a young man and this plot against us was hatched? Maybe it could have been stopped if you had gotten off your own milk toast ass in your own day and put a stop to it while the playing field was more level.

          At least you had the benefit of an education. The youngsters of today can barely think their way out of straight line maze.

          And you want them to stop the machine that is now 1000 times as powerful as it was when you were afraid to do it.

          • Anonymous

            That’s just what they’re going to need in the years ahead when things get really tough. More whining and excuses as to why they should’nt bother to do anything. As to the “machine” being 1000 times more powerful today as opposed to a generation ago,you really do exagerate the problem by order of magnitude. But then again,that’s what you’re always doing anyway.

    33. GrandpaSpeaks

      I remember when they said nuclear energy will be so cheap they wouldn’t even meter it. The propaganda about nuclear energy is still the bench mark.

      • Piper Michael

        Agree Grandpa,
        As one grandpa to another, I remember those heady days of ‘nukler’ power, it was gonna do exactly as you said… course somewhere they forgot how expensive it was to actually make one of those tea kettles…

    34. Grasshopper


      I tried to explain they are being brainwashed by the media but they don’t seem to get it. I was even attacked for bringing up the subject of drones.. they said there is no such thing as drones and I need to stop reading all this stuff on the Internet that is just made up. (This was my little clueless daughter speaking). Anyhow, this article was great– I’ll let then see it. 🙂

      • slingshot

        No Such Things as Drones?

        The are building a DRONE training facility at the Naval Air Base In Jacksoville, Florida. Eventually they will fly them out of there with reports being use in tangent with the police. That was in the News.

        Look at it under construction on Google Earth. One other center is in Homestead, Florida I think.

        • OhioReader

          @Grasshopper and slingshot

          look up “drones WPAFB” and you’ll find articles and images from local papers going back several years. A local college offers a training course for unmanned aerial systems. Recently, WPAFB made the news for development of insect-size and bird-size drones that will be able to enter buildings and travel down hallways, land or perch on wires and window ledges. They will carry cameras, listening devices, and can deliver a hit on a target. They are real.

          • BlueH20

            However, people DO say that they have no idea about drones, have seen/heard nothing and they seem quite bored with the topic and dismissive. I had it said to me months ago when I brought the topic into a conversation.

            What conclusion should we draw from the fact that drones are not only all over all the media, now also being touted as an economic driver, while the audience remains unconcerned and actually surprised, but uninterested, when the information is presented to them face-to-face?

            I take one note from all this: no matter how much propaganda is shoveled out, many, many people are deaf and blind to it. That could be construed as a positive: they are not being manipulated. Or it could just mean that too many are only self-involved and have no idea that sometime in the future they themselves will just be collateral damage.

            Personally, I am tired of it all. Presently, our lives seem to lurch from one government-caused situation to another, all of them seeming to be aimed at wearing down the populace. Some are big situations, some are small and petty, but still have impact, if only cumulatively.

            Still and all, only 6.8% of older whites are unemployed, while the combined numbers for blacks and Hispanics are over 30% and the rate for youth are around 25%. The working whites are reading about Martial Law in Brooklyn, but only those living in and near that area will feel any effect. To the unemployed, those 6.8% are a target, even while all the tax money is coming from that group to support the others. Someone with the stats could perhaps translate those percentages into raw numbers. It would give some perspective. I believe that those currently under Martial Law are still blaming the
            employed, over-taxed, older whites for everything negative in their own lives.

            Sorry to ramble on. I am currently on hiatus while machinery is being replaced and this situation is being complicated by attempting to procure items that have been rendered nearly useless by engineers implementing government mandates in the name of safety and energy efficiency. Sorry to be obtuse, here, but I remain committed to my personal OpSec. Suffice to say that when you read of some vague governmental mandate to take place in the future, the day always comes when it becomes operational and you are personally affected. I saw this particular instance coming about 10 years ago. I contacted Senators and was sent back boilerplate that translated out to “Done deal, get used to it.” My only solace is that, as I researched a work-around to procure something functional, I encountered a huge groundswell of citizens who were experiencing the exact same thing. It was from this outrage that I discovered a few suppliers of the items I need. These same people were encouraging each other to take back control of how they lived, worked and produced in order to do things as they knew they should be done, rather than accept the dictates of others to function as we were told.

            There are awake and aware productive people out there and they are managing to communicate, mostly on very small forums aimed at distinct groups.

            It is a start.

      • Eisenkreuz


        • High Noon

          Eisen: May I add this
          (That where subordinated by their rulers.)

          Stay Brave

          • Bob

            The worst “gun violence” is perpetrated by governments against their own people. Governments ALWAYS turn their guns on their own citizens.

            • Gods Creation

              Only after the citizens have been disarmed. til then we have a fighting chance.

        • Eisenkreuz


          • Paranoid

            We understand you are an ass, and even if we agree with you we don’t want you on our side. I for one would rather have an empty slot than you. This is the last time I will ever bother with you.

            • Piper Michael

              He’s really off the meds today eh?

              Good on you, another one joins the list.

              • Anonymous

                You get a huge AMEN on that one Piper.

          • Facebook Page

            You do understand that you are thumb down without anyone reading a single word.

          • incognito

            Eisen thinkin eisen getting tired and bored of hearing from Eisenkreuz. Eisen need a break from the ridiculous moronic imbecile ludicrous spew of rotten festering diarrhea that works it’s way out of his dysfunctional mind. Eisen had enough. Eisen wishin he’d just find somewhere else to spew his crap. How about you?

    35. OutWest

      Only believe in what you can hold in your hands…..

      • PO'd Patriot

        Exceptn’ when it gets cold it might shrink a tad.

    36. JRS

      TV is all propaganda. If you read it on the internet it has to be true. They’re not allowed to put anything on there unless it’s true. I met my French model wife on the internet. “Bonjour”

    37. bubba

      Funny video, but if it is made by the Norks, how come they are so hard on our Dear Leader? Let’s pray the democrats don’t complete their plan or we’ll really end up as we are portrayed in this movie. We will all be huddling together (like the poor, the cold, the lonely and the homosexuals) eating hot snow together in our holey tents, in the snow.

      • Gods Creation

        By then our huddling will be taking place on the White House lawn….It will be vacated and the vermin criminals will have run into their bunkers.



      • SmokinOkie

        Just watched the feinstein video. Now I gotta go puke up my dinner. Why do I do this to myself? And, lil tiny snowflake, why don’t you put a warning or something on this? Remind us not to view on a full stomach!

        • Piper Michael

          She really is evil, and ugly. Have you noticed, the two generally go together?

          Sorry Ugly… not you… 😉

          • lastmanstanding

            a brief look into their eyes tell you everything that you need to know about them…who they serve.

            • Piper Michael

              But… wouldn’t that turn you to stone?

          • OutWest

            She’s proof positive, the results of
            bobbing for French-frys on Halloween!

    39. TXLEO

      Our entire culture is brainwashed, and seek only to play video games and watch reality television. Hollywood is and has been the leading propagandist for the machine since WW2. Think for a moment. We all believe something is on the cusp, be it collapse, martial law or natural disaster. 10 years ago Hollywood began ramping up films like this and hasnt stopped since. Meteor, Eathquake, Grid Down…you name it. Television prepared the masses to accept homosexuality with the sitcom My Two Dads. Prepared us for non caucasion president with casting Morgan Freeman numerous times over years. Now we see a remake of Red Dawn…whos the bad guy? North Korea! The News reinforces all that is done. We dont choose leaders, they tell us what our choices are! We have no money, just digital dollars. The wheels are falling off. I am delighted to see how many have awoken. I applaud those who help each other. Be mindfull of the rhetoric as the facts are scary enough!

      • Eisenkreuz

        There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality. You don’t have the right to have an opinion about it because America is not a democracy. I hope your kids are all gay.

        • SmokinOkie

          Eisen, I wish it were not my duty to correct you, but somebody has to do it. When you make statements like “There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality” you demonstrate a profound lack of understanding. Tolerance of such things is not a sign of intellectual strength, but rather, a sign of having drunk the koolaid. I know, you didn’t realize it, but you did. It probably began in the public indoctrination center where you were schooled. It’s not your fault that you were lied to. It is your fault if you choose to remain ignorant.
          I shall endeavor to correct your misunderstandings about human sexuality, though the task be great. I’m up to the teaching. Are you up to the learning? Let’s hope so.
          Think about this- would you want to be homosexual? Before you respond, consider carefully the question. I did not accuse you of being homosexual. From your comments I don’t think you are. But that’s not the question. I asked ‘would you want to be?’
          Why would you want to be? Why not? Consider what the average American homosexual endures-
          First, the mental and emotional stress. Almost all of which comes from within the individual because of their choice, NOT from persecution by the society. Social pressure to conform is NOT the greatest problem for homosexuals. That’s another lie propagated by the wrong-doers, and we’ll tackle that subject some other time. Let’s stick to the stress itself, rather than the source.
          Homosexuals are far more likely to commit suicide, to abuse alcohol and drugs, to seek psychological counseling, to suffer genuinely diagnosed mental disorders, and to die of Preventable diseases, than heterosexuals.
          Their rates of STDs are much higher. The number of lifetime partners is astronomically greater than for heterosexuals. This dramatically increases the odds of many, many diseases, cervical and colorectal cancer being just two of them. The cost, in physical and emotional suffering, for homosexuals is tremendous.
          And, despite the outright lies of the homosexual community to the contrary, their percentages of life-long, or even very-long-term relationships is miniscule, compared to the heterosexual community. Most reliable research (much of it from the homosexuals themselves) shows those numbers to be just under 8%.
          They say, ‘Most hetero marraiges end in divorce, so we should be just as free to marry as they are.’ Nonsense! Over 40% of first marraiges among heteros last a lifetime. And of the remaining 56 or 57%, HALF of them marry a second time and stay married for the rest of their lives! The homosexuals don’t even get close to those numbers.
          The lack of a long term, stable relationship, regardless of orientation, leads to countless numbers of other stress-inducing, life-shortening problems. And they manifest themselves at precisely the time in life where a person most needs the comfort and security of a mate. Sadly, very few homosexuals ever have that. Meanwhile, whether first or second marraige, over 75% of heteros do.
          Can you begin to see the costs of this deviant lifestyle, Eisen? And, yes, it is deviant. It deviates from the norm. The built-in biological impulses that lead the vast majority of people to seek the opposite sex, coupled with the homo-specific increases in disease, stress, and death, will never be overcome by any amount of social tolerance, brainwashing or anything else. They are ABnormal. Outside the norm. Deviant. And they ALWAYS will be. No matter how well they, or we, try to believe otherwise.
          Now, back to the original question: Would you want to be that way? Why would any intelligent person want to?
          I’m not asking you to run out and lynch a queer. Even I, redneck as I am, can restrain myself from that. I’m asking you to see the truth. To stop being fooled by their lies. To stop condoning, tolerating, or in any way, promoting a human choice that is greatly inferior to what is optimal. I’m asking you to THINK, a skill you claim to hold in high esteem.
          If you are man enough to face up to your shortcomings, only then can you begin to overcome them. In the meantime, try not to proclaim irrational ideas such as “There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality.” I know you’re smarter than that.

          • Paranoid

            Relax, he’s an idiot. Sometimes he makes sense, I think it’s like the old monkey with a typewriter bit. Like the wind just ignore him.

            • Eisenkreuz

              I’m sure your educational credentials could match mine.

              • Paranoid

                Education does not always count you are a self made idiot.

              • Anonymous

                Since when do insane asylums offer educational credentials?

          • JustOneGuy

            @ Smokin’



          • don't tread

            Good work, Oak. Your words are full of wisdom and make too much common sense for the average libtard to consider as truth. I think you are on target about the homos.

            My ideas on Lesbian homos are this:

            First of all, i don’t put them in the same category as faggots/fairies/fudge packers. Some lezzies, i truly like and actually am quite fond of. Queers? no; well except my uncle(God rest his soul), he was a good man and a Vietnam vet. He was bi-sex and was married w/a kid. He never turned down anyone that needed help. He was a closet queer, for the most part, until his wifey came home early one day and found him in their bed with his best friend. She always knew, but in her bed was too much. She told the whole world about them, and then soon after left him. Both alcoholics. Both sex fiends. I didn’t hate them, just their ways.

            Anyways, I believe some women were born the way they are, you know, “butch”. Their helix curve just kept curving toward the masculine side. They have a “domineering” and overly jealous side when it comes to their partner.
            Others are just “men haters” and carry a big dose of “penis envy” with them always.
            Others are both-ways/bi and are just lovey/touchy types that love sex no matter which side it comes from. The menage a trois types. Dated a few and they knew how to have fun. sinful, but fun.
            That’s just how I see them.

          • Eisenkreuz

            Uncle Okie,

            I have alreaedy written an angry rant about gay rights elsewhere on this thread. If you think sexual orientation is a choice you’re dumber than a pile of horse manure. Those who want to take away the rights of others do not deserve to have it themselves. The reason their lives are miserable is because of stupid old bastards like you making fun of them constantly. What business is it of yours if their medical heath suffers of what the length of their marriages are? Who gives a shit? People could start marrying cows and shoes and I wouldn’t give a shit. This is how I know all you Republican bastards are a bunch of fraudulent communists. You don’t value freedom. As I’ve said many times, the sooner you ignorant old people all die off the better the world will be.

            • JustOneGuy

              Howdy Eiz,

              The BAD news is….you don’t get to be OLD BEING STUPID,

              Go down to any local cemetary and you’ll see all kinds of young, WISE MF’s deader than shit…

              …get the picture Brother?

              Tain’t gonna be US who’s gone…


              PS “Moral Relativism” is a fool’s game….

          • Piper Michael

            Excellent work.

            I see it differently, but not so much.
            Eisen, is wrong in the sense of not understanding that it is inbuilt, in their dna, just like others have a ‘need’ for alcohol, drugs, or in my case, tobacco. Love it, and have tried to quit, have quit quitting. One day, the s will hit the F, and the Lord will quit me… 😉

            These vices are our to OVER COME, not SUCCUMB. To say, Eisen, that homosexuality is ok, is missing the whole point. You have truly drank the koolaid of the media and modern society, which, is designed to deliver you into darkness.

            I had a friend, a good friend, there was always something a little ‘off’ and sad about him. The way he looked at me sent chills down my spine. Never had a clue until one day, he sat down and ate a 38.

            One thing led to the worst thing, his inability to cope with his feelings, or ask for help, led to his suicide. He is beyond help now, even though I have, and continue to pray for him, my sense is, there is no helping him.

            If he had spoke up, I never would have condemned him, but would have spent more time with him because I would have understood the source of his forever pain. Now he is lost, but maybe not forever. If there is anyway to redeem him from that cold dark place, I will go into hell itself to do so.

        • TXLEO

          First, America is not a democracy. Second saying there is nothing wrong with it is simply ignorant. Wasnt meant to be sir. The point was not however to seek fault but to point out propaganda. We are drowning in tolerance and although you share some thought invoking points often, it is typically followed by useless diatribe and provacations. You cant yell about the NWO as you hum we are the world! The point is with socail media, television, hollywood and social endoctrination we are programmed to accept what isnt right. The sheep have no thought process. They believe it if its on tv! The sooner even the enlighted stop focusing on the small special interest items like sexual preference, abortion, religion etc then and only then will you see. This is what they use to seperate us. I have every right to opinion, but thats just it, its mine. It does not cloud my judgement or form my deciions. s for homosexuals they seldom cause me issues so they are not my concern, its between them and their maker. We have bigger issues.

      • JustOneGuy

        Ahhh, TXLEO,

        Excellent enumeration of the salient points…

        …welcome BACK Friend! Yet more must needs ‘come to the fold’ before too much time passes…that is imperative.


        PS Keep us abreast of things down in “Long Horn’ Land as you can… 🙂

      • JustOneGuy


        Ahhh, TXLEO,

        Excellent enumeration of the salient points…

        …welcome BACK Friend! Yet more must needs ‘come to the fold’ before too much time passes…that is imperative.


        PS Keep us abreast of things down in “Long Horn’ Land as you can… 🙂

        • JustOneGuy

          YO MAC,

          The site seems to be actin’ a bit sqirrely tonight…once a post is in and the screen refreshes you get get yanked UP and DOWN the page about 5 times…something has changed in the last 24 hours or so…


          • PO'd Patriot

            Its just the fusion center yanking the chain.

          • slingshot

            It was caused by the alternate lifestyle vibrations affecting the primodial syntex of the server.

            • JustOneGuy

              DROLL…VERY DROLL slingshot… 🙂


    40. Iowa

      Anyone know of an “Honest” History Book for my children?

      • Eisenkreuz


        • jerrytbg

          Give us an author…I want to see what you’ve read…
          Come now young Eisen…dazzle us…no seriously… 🙂

          • Eisenkreuz

            Murray N. Rothbard.

            Rothbard means “red beard” in Latin.

            It’s also where the word “Barbarossa” comes from.

            Famous Barbarossas include an invasion, an emperor, and a pirate.

    41. Ugly

      The United States of America:

      Born in Freedom of Tyranny……..July 4, 1776
      Discovered Some Sickness……….Waco 1995
      Sickness was a small tumor……..Sept 11, 2001
      The small tumor had metasized…..October 2008
      The metasized tumor is malignant..March 2013
      United States of America perishes.???????

    42. booger

      Traitor ZOG FRUADULANT THIEF u.s.s.a. californication socialist sen. Diane Frankenstein wants Your Guns AmeriKa …



      ‘Four trucks filled with bodies’ after Reynosa Mexico firefight

    43. booger


      If it’s in Alaska , it’s all the way down south along the west coast WASHINGTON OREGON CALIFORNIA beaches to mexico and beyond … people are swimming in it , eating it , drinking it .




      • slingshot

        Embrace the chaos and set your soul free!

    44. Piper Michael

      Mama said;

      “Believe nothing you hear, and half of what you see.”

      Mama was right.

    45. WickedJester

      This is just dumb how people believe what the media tells them. one more thing does anyone have any info on making a ghillie suit/blanket [completely OT i know but…]

      • jerrytbg

        I say this not just for you but anyone who didn’t know…
        And was reluctant to ask…

        As a general rule it’s anything that breaks your silhouette and blends into your surroundings… We all know that but the most important aspect and consideration is that all commercial patterns are in a database… and these drones and ground surveillance units have the optics to pick them out…
        Coupled with multi-spectrum infrared, very difficult to defeat but not impossible…
        Be creative…stay warm… 😉
        That goes for ALL camo, ground cover and suits.

      • Paranoid

        Find a close weave fish net or netting like on a ping pong net of proper color. Then decide what kind of suit you want, snow, forest, desert, brush etc. Assuming it’s typical tan/brown find old burlap bags, twine,, shag carpets. and start making your suit like a hook rug, Little spray paint in black, gray and brown. They make snipers make their own. Easier to buy one.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Large netted laundry bag will work.

        • jerrytbg

          Agreed with everything except the last sentence…
          But of course… 🙂

    46. BK

      The lies are certainly flowing like honey at this point.
      i.e. The so-called recovery, no real deficit problem, unlimited money printing is healthy growth, the constant banging of drums about Syria and Iran, zero percent interest rates to infinity, and of course no inflation.
      People are still way too comfortable even with their standard of living reduced.
      People will not change or wake up until they feel they have more to gain by changing than from staying the same.
      Until that time arrives in earnest, things will continue as they are.

    47. braveheart

      F#$% you, JoeinNC. IS THE REAL DEAL! THIS IS NOT SOME MSM PROPAGANDA SITE, PERIOD! THIS SITE IS DEIDICATED TO PRESENTING ARTICLES ON ALL SURVIVAL-RELATED SUBJECTS AND THE FORUM IS FOR PEOPLE TO EXCHANGE USEFUL INFORMATION WITH EACH OTHER ON ALL SURVIVAL-RELATED SUBJECTS TO HELP EACH OTHER HAVE THE BEST CHANCE POSSIBLE OF SURVIVING WHAT’S COMING TO THIS LAND. F@#$ YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON! SO GET LOST! Mac, i’m sorry for blowing a gasket like that, but I’m so sick of these trolls. I know everything you do here is legitimate. Plus, I had an shitty day at work and had to let off steam anyway. What better way than to go off on a troll.

      • Piper Michael

        Amen bh, let ‘im have it…
        I’m ignoring him…
        The fact that he was attacking Mac almost caused me to lose it too…

        • JustOneGuy

          Howdy bh, Piper,

          Hmmm, how about this?

          In the future, THE INSTANT that JoeinNC pops up at the board we ALL JUST ‘insta-blot’ him into oblivion?
          No commnet, no reaction,…NOTHING…stop feeding the trolls guys?

          Reaaly, the effort to respond to somesuch is a PURE waste, No? This incident should SURELY justify such a response I think.

          You All dwell on it a bit, S’OK?


          • jerrytbg

            It’s hard not to have the urge to slap a fool…
            I shall endeavor to do as you request… 🙂
            It IS the only way… agreed.

            • JustOneGuy

              @ jerrythg,

              ” It’s hard not to have the urge to slap a fool…”

              BOY, ain’t that the TRUTH…stil, things being as they are each of us should consider that – as BI has pointed out – this has an end…soon. For that reason, as Norse Preeper originally suggested a bit ago just ‘deal’ with them and move on…there are STILL a lot of people out there trying to get the information they need, still those who HAVE the time to ‘get it right’…this will help them along I think better than engaging fools, Eh?

              Many Thanks Friend!! 🙂


              • jerrytbg


          • Piper Michael

            I agreed before and agree again. Technically… I didn’t respond to him, I just td’d him… 😉 (He did go away pretty quick!)

            That’s why I merely gave bh some moral reinforcement. So hard… so hard… especially when damn fools attack good people trying to do good things…

            • JustOneGuy

              Howdy Piper,

              I hope neither of you thought that I was ADMONISHING you too severely…just a gentle reminder..noting jerrythg above it IS hard to NOT respond. 🙂

              How’s it going Bro, drop me a line when you get the time…

              While I’m here…Wassup BI! Anything new today? Not much going on above out heads as it were….Hey, check out my HAPPPY Day below…


              • Piper Michael

                Nah…we’re cool…
                Keep up the good fight…

          • Paranoid

            Absolutely agree, remember Sxxt splatters, so slapping them does not help, but don’t bother anyway. Would you really want them on your side if it gets tough? I’d much rather see them on the other side.

      • Eisenkreuz


      • Be informed

        @ braveheart. I know, you see the one few places where the truth is out, and that is a wonderful feeling. Then someone like Joker in NC that likely engages in bestiality with his dog, cat, gerbil, even his turtle, spits on this site, Mac, you, me, and all the other very bright people out there, it pisses you off. I think we all feel this way, but still I think Norse Prepper’s advice is the best, collapse the crap and take out the garbage. I have a temper also, and I have wanted to tell off that cockroach finx many times, but somehow I have avoided this. It has been very difficult.

        I myself rather go against these trolls with something worthwhile to talk about, especially about prepping and other ideas. The more positive that we can outshine these negative dark shades of manure, the stronger the site will become and the more we can all help each other before most of us will no longer have the internet to communicate with each other. I just feel bad that some totally worthless maggot troll upset you so much tonight.

        • Eisenkreuz

          You need to get your temper in check old man.

        • JustOneGuy

          Howdy BI,

          Speaking of NP and Kulafarmer…has ANYONE seen or heard from either in the last few days? I become perturbed when our ‘regulars’ are absent….


          • Norse Prepper

            Hey BI, JOG and the rest of the gang. I’ve been checking in briefly but have been real busy the last few days!

            Nice to know I was missed! Been thinking of our Prepper family on the site and saying a few extra prayers. It just feels recently like the clock is ticking faster and faster. Spidey sense is tingling! LOL

            Good job continuing to take out the trash!

            God bless you guys,

          • PO'd Patriot

            Ain’t heard from Mama Bear in a spell………

            • JustOneGuy

              @ PO’d,

              Yeah, odd that one…”D” right? Sent her an email – 2 in fact, over the last two days – no reply yet…

              Gonna START gettin’ worried about THAT one also if I don’t get a reply by tonight…might be time to fetch Mac in on this… 🙁


          • Ugly

            Kula wrote a post a couple days ago. It is easy to get busy for a few days and not blog.

        • slingshot

          Running with the trolls can have its up and downs. I like to read their opinion. Don’t like the direct attacks.
          The point that bothers them most is that if we are all crazy, then why do they exert so much effort in demeaning us? If they believe there is substance in our veiws, then why do they not prepare. Otherwise it would be better to argue with themselves in a mirror.

      • Facebook Page

        It has gotten very political around here not a bad thing but you must at least see it.

      • OutWest

        Yah, but,….wasn’t that a pig he rode in on??

      • 1000 Meter Stare

        @ Bravehaert, C’mon dude……get a grip on things, this is no time to show lack of SELF CONTROL. I mean how do you handle daily situations in life if you cant take a few jabs man,…It’s only someone who has nothing better to do than masterbate constanly, then get relief from taking advantage of a guy whom he or she deems an easy target. PROVE them wrong by not entertaining their unsatiable appetite of bullying VIA text. YOU know whom you are and what your morals, beliefs, values and ethics stand for. Hang in there bro !

    48. Anon

      The problem is not main stream media, it’s really mot. It’s people that view msm and say to themselves “oh, so that’s how it is. I understand now, I am so informed!”

      When a person cannot dissect a news broadcast for themselves and research and find the truth themselves, we’ll there is the problem. For a very very easy example. Media will show a hate group holding a Confederate battle flag. The viewer will think, oh what horrible stuff! They are a hateful bunch, and that flag they carry is their symbol! No research, and the flag is a symbol of hate. Show the same person the National Confederate flag chances are they will be fine with it.

      So we take that same individual and tell them guns are bad and show an ar-15. Msm points out that it can shoot a hundred bullets in just seconds. And what do we have? A person that now wants these guns off the streets.

      It’s ignorance. The msm plays off this ignorance with ease. People that come to this site, in my opinion, are not ignorant, they do not get spoofed because they research for truth. They dissect a news report into what is true and what is not. They look for alternative news.

      Msm just does what it does. Report bull crap a la mode. If the viewer cannot decipher, then that individual becomes the lamb, the sheep. But the majority are such a person, which means it is actually dangerous for us that actually think for ourselves.

      I am a teacher. I teach my students to think out of the box. Something that they struggle with because at home they are led by sheep, for the most part. But boy, when I can get my students to see things in a different way, they become the happiest children I’ve ever seen. See, for years these children have been told a cliche, “think out of the box.” But they are not taught to. It’s just a popular thing to say by other teachers. But when their minds actually start to do so, they become these amazing “aha!” kids. Quite neat to see really.

      • jerrytbg

        You’re a rare breed Anon…
        It’s been my understanding that most in your position, these days, just see it as a job and not the future of the country…

        • Anon

          My degree is in history, I minored in archaeology. Try having that and wanting to teach our kids. Nope! They prefer education degrees only. I only wish you knew how hard it was for me to obtain a teaching license.

          Conspiracy? I don’t know. I do know that most i work with do what is told to them. They are good teachers, mostly women yes.

          Let me tell you one thing though. When you teach a lesson to fifth grade kids about world war 2. And you teach and you teach about this country, and then you stand under the flag in the classroom and say “this was made in china.” I cannot tell you the feeling. The looks on their faces. My girlfriend does the same thing, it’s an amazing feeling to tell these kids facts and to then have then have that “what!?” Moment.

          Teachers are not bad people. The problem is that most are programmed and not educated. Even with college degrees in education, they are not educated. Teachers are not trying to make our children what they are, they are just taught that at the college level.

          I joined the marines at 18, but I got my degree in history. So when I applied for a teaching job I was, well, kinda shunned. I didn’t have an education degree, which is really really not a degree.

          • Anon

            Another thing. I told my children today that to walk inside the Jefferson memorial is like walking inside an ancient roman gods temple. Thomas Jefferson and George Mason are my favorite founding fathers. But I can guarantee that Jefferson would not have wanted a shrine built in his honor. What he would rather have had is rights unquestionably given to the people of the United States.

            • jerrytbg

              My sister gave up teaching after about three years…couldn’t handle the crap you’re dealing with…
              Why I said what I did…
              Many years later, due to economics, she went back and couldn’t believe just how much worse it got.
              She now does private special needs and has, as she puts it, almost free rein…
              We need more like you and her as stewards of those your minds.
              Whether damaged by indoctrination or fate of genetics something has to change and soon.
              Or we will perish…I think banning the nea would be a good start…What say you?

              • jerrytbg

                young…I hate it when I misspell… 😉

      • slingshot

        They would do well if they understood.

        Murphy’s Law.
        Laws of Unintended Consequences.
        Domino Effect.

      • Piper Michael

        God bless anon. Yes, you hold the future in your hands.
        When I was a child, I went to some pretty good schools.
        Luckily, there was no tv… we were forced to read, a lot. We were also taught to ask WHY, not HOW.
        This, IMHO, is the key to the Box thinkers.

    49. Unreconstructed Southron

      The difference between the Soviets and Americans is that the Soviets knew they were being lied to.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Not true. People believed Pravda.

        • Bob

          My wife grew up in USSR, and says few believed anything their government told them. In what was an officially atheist country, she said she knew nobody who was NOT christened by a priest.

          Russians have warned Americans to not give up their weapons. They know what it’s like because they’ve lived it.

          • Bob

            Forgot the story a friend from USSR told me:

            A woman gave her young son a few coins and told him to buy a copy of Pravda for himself, one for her, and one for his father. The father saw his son leaving, asked where he was going, and when told, took the coins and told his son they could get their news from the radio. When the boy’s mother asked for the newspapers, he told her that Papa took the money and said they could get their news from the radio. Mama dug out a few more coins and told the boy to buy a copy of Pravda for himself and one for her. The boy asked “what about Papa?”. Mama told him “Papa can wipe his ass on the radio!”.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Yes, Bob, I’ve been told the same thing by Russians and other Eastern Europeans. Too bad some people just don’t get it.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              Or just want us to “get it.”

          • Eisenkreuz

            OK but a lot a stupid people still believed the propaganda. I know people too.

    50. desert_rat

      surfing the web I came across citizen or one of the people… This has really thrown me through a loop, as before I did not realize they were not one of the same. What is the consensus? Is it just lawyer for we are now a ruling class? Strictly BS? Or has the wool been lifted? All thoughts, ideas, musings greatly appreciated as I’m still trying to wrap my head around this…

      link to post…

        • Piper Michael

          I do not understand this… and I’m a pretty smart guy… sometimes… 😉

          But it goes to show where the Constitution was flawed. It ALLOWED politicians, a permanent ruling class to form.
          WE gave up an aristocracy of royalty, and substituted an aristocracy of money.

          When we get it in our heads, that its time to stand them up against a wall or take that step into the endless night, we need to remember our lessons well.

          God didn’t want us to have a King. Hows all that King stuff workin’ out for us?

    51. eeder

      havent heard a peep from the MSM or even alt media about the riots in brooklyn. instead nonstop crap about the pope and barry sotoro lying more . RT is reporting on it.

      • JRS

        RT is pretty good…a lot of Thom Hartman’s program gets on my nerves and I miss Lauren Lyster.

      • Piper Michael

        Riots in Brooklyn?

        Ya gotta link?

        • Piper Michael

          I just slammed Drudge.
          If they’re not reporting this, then something is wrong. If, it is, in fact, happened…

          MAC? I would expect better of you as well, this seems very, um, shtf ish.

        • lastmanstanding

          it is in regards to the 16 year old kid, killed by police.

      • slingshot


        Seen it too. Remember everything is fine.

    52. OldSchool

      It’s easy do everything they say not to do lol. Buy guns, go to church, get married, raise your kids, feed your family, get a job, pay your taxes and, participate in politics etc…The crooked *** system wants you to not do any of that. The system wants you to be a lazy chicken eating, kool-aid drinking, crack smoking check collecting bum. It’s easy don’t live like that.

    53. Survival Slut

      1960 the then President Lyndon Johnson, when asked if he would send troops to the new war in Vietnam, looks into the TV camera and says, “I will never send American Boys to fight in a war that Asian Boys should be fighting”.

      A few years latter we had almost 500,000 grunts in-country.

      Red Dawn happened Nov. 2008, America will either fight or The Republic will be replaced by a Communist dictatorship.

      Choose today who you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.

    54. Survival Slut

      To really understand what the fuck is happening, watch everything you can find on Yuri Besmenov an ex-KGB defector.

      The whole takeover is being done thru propaganda as Besmenov said it would. It’s called “Active Measures”. See it before the day comes when it’s gone.

      • Bob

        Nice handle. Where would the world be without sluts?

    55. Anonymous


      keep up the good fight with those young minds…
      In the state you’re in, no need to say which, are you forced to pay dues to the nea? Or is that universal now?

    56. Ted Kennedy

      Powell is an ass clown.

      • Eisenkreuz

        What do you expect from a black man?

        • JRS

          If you’re not careful, one day one of those blacks you despise will be walking around with your shin bone tied up in his hair.

          • Piper Michael

            LOL, and picking his teeth from your Long Pork.

      • Bob

        Colon Powell

    57. lil bit

      About the only thing on I believe on TV is…. ummm …thinking thinking….ummm
      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” William Casey, CIA Director-1981

    58. Unreconstructed Southron

      “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” – Joseph Goebbels

      “I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.” – Thomas Jefferson

      “The press is the hired agent of a monied system, and set up for no other purpose than to tell lies where their interests are involved.” Henry B. Adams

      “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

      “Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth.” – Mark Crispin Miller

      “There is no such thing as an independent press in America, unless it is out in the country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you express it you know beforehand that it will not appear in print. I am paid l50 dol. per week for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, like Othello, my occupation would be gone. The business of a leading journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or his salary. You know this, and I know it, and what foolery to be toasting an ” independent press.” We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talent, our possibilities are the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” – John Swinton

      “Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.”: Mark Twain The Mysterious Stranger 1916.

      “Following the same course that virtually every other major industry has in the last two decades, a relentless series of mergers and corporate takeovers has consolidated control of the media into the hands of a few corporate behemoths. “The result has been that an increasingly authoritarian agenda has been sold to the American people by a massive, multi-tentacled media machine that has become, for all intents and purposes, a propaganda organ of the state.” David McGowan

      “The press is our chief ideological weapon” Nikita Khrushchev

    59. SmokinOkie

      Had my 5 yr old grand-daughter at the toys B us store. I stood back and observed as she got to talking with another little kid.
      She said, “Don’t ever buy this kind of leggo’s. They say they’re fun to play with, but the little nubby things break off and they won’t stick together.”
      The other kid, a boy about the same age, just looked confused. She took his arm and pulled him over to some electronic games, “And don’t get these ‘Falling Domino” games either. They say they’re fun to play with, but that’s a lie! The wire thingys come out when you change the batteries. Then they don’t work no more.”
      “And,” she leaned close like she was telling him a secret, “My Grandpa says they’re made in China!”
      He still looked confused, “What’s a Shine-uh?”
      “I’m not sure. I think it’s a place somewhere, but it’s really bad. They only make bad toys. And that makes kids like us cry when they break. I think they do it on purpose.”
      His eyes got big, “It’s not nice to make little kids cry. Is everything in Shine-uh bad?”
      “No. My Grandpa says all the toys are bad. But he says they make a mean stir-fry.”
      “What’s a mean stir-fry?”
      “I don’t know. Maybe it’s over here by the coloring books.”
      They wandered down another aisle as I stalked them from a few feet away, trying not to bust a gut.
      He said, “I get to play with my brother’s xBox sometimes, but only when he’s not home.”
      “Yeah,” she said, trying to sound like a wise old sage of five, “I got a brother like that too.”
      He said, “What’s your best toy that you like?”
      “Well, I really like my angry birds…and my new bike. Grandpa even took off the training wheels for me, so I can ride like the big kids!”
      “I still got my trainer wheels on, but I can ride good.” Then he asked, “Does your grandpa get all your toys?”
      “No, just the good ones. OH! And I can’t wait til I get bigger! Grandpa says if I was a lot older, he’d get me a pink AR15!”
      “What’s a AR 15?”
      “I don’t know yet, but Grandpa says it sure won’t have any training wheels!”

      • JustOneGuy

        “Classic Smokin’…hint of smart-ass, ‘bouquet’ of down home…definitely, undoubtedly …Yes, I have it..Smokin’ 2013”

        Ahhh, another fine “vintage” Friend!

        As always MANY thanks Bro..Keep em coming…we all out here need ALL the comic relief we can get!

        I think I’m quoting JayJay here,
        “Gee you sure do seem to have a LOT of fun in your head!”


      • Piper Michael

        Kids say the darndest things…
        -Art Linkletter

        Used to love that show, same as watching the SmokinOkie show…

        • slingshot

          We have achieved another milestone.

      • jerrytbg


        I don’t know about anybody else…but when I come on to an article here, I make a quick scan to find some of your comments… you missed your calling…really!!
        what a hoot!!!! 🙂 🙂

        and will someone please tell JOG that it’s tBg,
        “the boat guy”

        just joking JOG… 🙂 🙂

        • JustOneGuy

          @ jerrytbg,

          Gotcha Brother…old eyes and sittin’ TOO far back from thr screen…gits ya EVERY time!! 😉


          • jerrytbg

            kool…that’s why I look thru the flat tops…
            but it puts a crook in my neck… 😉
            I need a dedicated pair of glasses for this… 🙂

            all’s good, except in the rest of most of the world.

      • REB

        These are the moments…the times of our lives that make it all worth it…its what I mean when I tell folks to enjoy the little things and to not allow the BS around us to give us tunnel vision…kudos Okie!

    60. JustOneGuy

      JOG’s Happy Day…

      Finally, after multiple MONTHS of waiting, the last of my
      parts came in and I began assembling my brand-spanking NEW
      Hornady AMMO PLANT!

      For those of you who are not familiar with the Hornady AP
      suffice it to say that it is a LOVELY bit of kit. When
      operatiing it ejects one finished round per pulll of the
      charging lever – Pisol or rifle. The primary delay in this
      affair was the wait upon the ‘powders’ I had ordered. All
      three are now arrived!

      As such it is possible to load something on the order of
      1000 rounds of 44 Magnum or alternately 300 Win Mag in
      roughly a day….I feel like a kid in Candy store.

      I will have absolutely no problem ‘feeding’ my LR-308’s
      seemingly insatiable appetite from this point forward As
      an aside, when I was in KC this wekend past, on a side trip
      to Cabela’s I saw that powder is indeed coming back onto the
      shelves. The selection is still somewhat limited but what they
      did have on-hand they had an abundance of. specifically, on
      reaching the store I saw that there were at et least 20 1-lb
      containers of IMR 4350 there, available. Those of you who have
      anything at the upper end of the more potent rifles will
      immediately recognize that as a very desireable powder for
      suchas the 7 mm Magnum, 300 WinMag and also the 338 WinMag.
      I would recommend checking with your local distributors at
      this point as it appears that the powder IS NOW flowing
      to some degree.

      Happy Day Y’All… 🙂


      • SmokinOkie

        Ohhhh, NOW who’s having fun?! Gotta admit, I’m jealous. 🙂

        • JustOneGuy

          And he’ll have Fun Fun Fun till the ‘Mama’ takes the ammo plant awaaayyy….

          You’ll ‘catch’ the reference I presume? 😉


      • Paranoid

        I knew I liked you or SOME reason. One stroke envy!

        • JustOneGuy

          Howdy Paranoid,

          One stroke…and b’dats..b’dats..b’dats all folks!!!
          (Cue Warner Looney Toons music here…)

          Howdy Paranoid…just got the dies set and the powder autodrop aligned….tomorrow will be a GOOOOOD Day!

          Adios Muchachos!!! Andele!…Andele!!!!


      • Piper Michael

        Ooooooo…. pure green envy…
        Got a single station Lee…
        Lots a work, but I enjoy it… not as much as YOU though!

        • JustOneGuy


          Morning Piper,

          Ahh…not SO much envy…it’s not the FULL automated AP, it’s the basic version…doesn’t have the auto-case feed or the auto-bullet feed. I kinda balked at the additional expense…about another $700. Still, I can ‘make do’ with what it is…it’s not like I NEED 10,000 round output per day..

          …yet. 😉


          PS: FWIW..the Hornady AP only runs about $425 (without plates…about $35 apiece)….not TOO bad for what you get…

      • Shootit

        Cabela’s in LaVista(Omaha) had .223 ammo, 30 different powders, shotgun and small pistol primers. The handgun case and rifle racks were full. You could get a bad black rifle and additional hi cap magazines. They had a Ruger 10/22. Short on brass and bullets. No .22’s.

        • JustOneGuy

          @ Shootit,

          T’anks Brother…I presume you mean Omaha, NE…Yes?

          Hmmm, that’s JUST within driving range for me should a few additional items be required…Thanks again! 🙂


          • Shootit

            Yes, Omaha, NE. It is really in LaVista, but no one knows were that lands on a map. Picked up some brass, primers, and another paper weight.

        • VRF

          Ok, so you can get it, but whats the prices like?

          • Shootit

            Primers $37 /1000, Powder $28 pound, 9mm brass $22 /100. Did not see out of the normal pricing, except that in 2007 Primers were $19-23, Powder $14-17, and brass $11-18. No inflation in this country.

      • Eisenkreuz

        What is the cheapest ammo plant I can buy?

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        “I love the smell case lube in the morning.”

        • Piper Michael

          “It smells like…. victory”


          • JustOneGuy

            @ Piper,

            Yep…JUSTICE too. 😉


        • Shootit

          I like the smell of powder. Something about nitro.

        • REB

          …the smell of gunpowder and a good saddle on a cool morning by the campfire…..

          • JustOneGuy

            Howdy Reb,

            You KNOW it Bro!! Damn, I miss the mountains so. Well, as it happens I get to go back at the end of May… FOREVER!


            • REB

              I wish you well my friend!

    61. GrayFoxGreen

      Greetings Everyone!
      I quit watching the “news” for sometime now.I don’t even watch the weather reports.An exception to that is WGN weather at noon/10 pm.The guy doing it is VERY accurate and tries to explain why the stuff happens.A rare breed.He’s going to retire soon though.The regular “news” is for 95% a waste of time.Even the so-called stock report channels are fluffy FUBAR “white noise”.The ways to get factual reports are thinning out.Places like here,blacklisted etc. are few and far between.Add to that the Baa-Baa of all the confused/self-deceiving Sheeple and you can get quite a headache.But never fear good people,THE CHANGE will CHANGE everyone’s lifestyle no matter what social class/prepper-nonprepper viewpoint they espouse.God help us,it needs to get here more and more as our Republic devolves into something more evil than even the Nazi’s could conceive.And they had that German outlook that wanted a “Final Solution” to their “problem people”.They almost succeeded.In our present days,the “new order” coming might just get what they want.Due warning:If you have EVER posted here or any “subversive” web sites…..ALL’Ya ALL will get your own personal invite to visit first hand the FEMA “camp liberty”.
      On the other hand,it’s spring and time to get stuff planted.Chemtrails or no chemtrails.

    62. NMBC

      “It should make every one of us question the legitimacy of what we’re being told.” I agree.


      According to Malachy’s PLOT, NOT a prophecy, the cabal intend to put one of their FALSE prophets on the throne, and he would be the last pope. And the sheeple will receive the mark of the Beast (aka GLOBAL ID).

      MALACHY’s prediction was noted only in the 19th century.
      MALACHY is a medieval Irish priest and Kabbalist.

      Then there’s N# 266: “In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit … Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.” Is this the end of Christianity???

      The media constantly tell us, Pope Benedict & J Paul II are Conservatives.
      People still question about J Paul II, but pope Benedict is well known for his conservative doctrine. And does it need to emphasize that the Holy Father is a conservative?

      A TRUE pope should be one who believes in Jesus and follows Christianity’s tradition.

      With the system J Paul II put in place, anyone of J Pauls group could become pope (or perhaps Jorge Bergoglio???)

      Jorge Bergoglio and his buddies have invited conservative leaders as much as to prove that he is a true conservative/Christian. Several of the leaders have been rejected.

      Jorge Bergoglio’s buddies do not even want to be seen with him in public, and now Bergoglio wants to do “some housecleaning” and wants all conservative leaders in the world to come and worship him, so he and the media can prove he’s a true Christian/a conservative pope or whatever …..

      1. Jorge Bergoglio does not believe in capitalism and blames everything on capitalism; and as he said it’s the cause of poverty and an unjust system.

      “At a meeting of Latin American bishops in 2007, Bergoglio called on the church to purge the “social sin” of chronic poverty and economic inequality.” –Brian Murphy

      2. Jorge Bergoglio refused to talk about the human rights violations of the dictatorship’s abuses after the 1976 coup.

      3. Jorge Bergoglio refused to talk about the Kirchneer’s era of human rights violations.
      4. When Jorge Bergoglio became Argentina’s top church official in 2001, he modernized the church and approved gay marriage.

      Article Pope Francis I: Bergoglio Has Ties To A Dark Period For The Catholic Church


    63. JustOneGuy


      Solar Report,

      What appears to be an M-1.2 flare peaked ar 0702 UTC.

      The relevant SDO monitors are currently off-line – posssibly for Calibration – so an accurate determination of the genitive source cannot at this time be made. It IS the case that the curve being traced on the GOES-15 X-ray plots suggest definitevely that the emmision is of the LDE (long Duration Event) type and as such, depending on the location of the region from which the flare originated it might well produce a geo-effective subsequent event.

      The NASA WSA-Enlil CME simulation will not be available for at least 5 hours hereafter…updates to follow as warranted…


      • JustOneGuy

        Solar Update,

        The WSA-Enlil CME simulation has been updated and it appears that the Very Long Duration Event M-1.2 monitored last night will strike the Earth in roughly 41 hours. At the projected peak the simulation is estimating a particle density of 25 particles/cc and ALSO a dorward wave speed of 800 km/sec…rather fast as it were. The apparent souce origin is clearly NOAA 11692 which was unfortunately very near to solar center at the time of the eruption…being at North 09 by East 08 (in degrees).

        SolatHam is reporting that the LASCO platform recorded an impressive full-halo image subsequent to the discharge.

        In additon, both a ten cm warning AND a ‘Sudden impulse’ event ( SE recorded at the ACE plarform, located at the L1 lagrange point) were posted by NOAA.

        Update to follow as warranted.


        • JustOneGuy


          The onset of the incoming CME is modeled to occur at 20:00 UTC tomorrow withhte effective peak occuring some 4 hours later. The ‘ramp’, as modeled is very abrupt – nearly vertical – to be followed by a lonf sustained tail-off.

          It would appear that some very strong autora’s are possible in the northern latitiudes…I would recommend SPaceWeather-dot-com for the blow-by-blow as they sem to track such better than everyone else…


          • Piper Michael

            I prefer JOG-Weather….

    64. Zoltanne

      “We all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money” – Jim Cramer 3/5/2013 (He,y Cramer finally got something right!)

      “…Another one of the tools they use is propaganda. We see it each and every day via the financial stations. The idea being very simple… since we are a consumption society, we need people to consume. But if they think the economy is crumbling, they don’t spend their money, they try and save it. That is exactly what they should do… but because the elites have created an absurd economy, if people don’t spend…the economy falls apart. So everything you hear out of the White House, or the media is whitewashed. Twisted. Distorted. Or, simply a flat out lie.”

      From Internationalforecaster dot com
      (Source link to follow)

    65. JRS

      Anyone else find this disturbing?…A guy in the next county was arrested for trying to sell two grenades. He is being charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction. When did this start being used in this country? NOTE: move black iron further away from reloading bench.

      • Zoltanne

        They’re actually Title II weapons (Destructive Devices) under the NFA. With proper licensure, ownership of DDs like grenades is legal in most states. Selling, though, to an unlicensed dealer/owner is prohibited….as the guy found out (and should have known). Based on legislation, I’m not sure the WMD allegation can be upheld but other charges can (felony, stiff fine, jail).

        • REB

          ….to keep and bear arms…grenades qualify as arms do they not? 😉

      • WASP

        JRS, if your lucky, you could be one of his peers. Remember Jury Nullification! And then he would be lucky.WASP. Live Free Or Die!

    66. pale rider

      ” . . . there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda. . . After a convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the convention if we don’t like its agenda.”
      U.S. Chief Justice Warren Burger


      • Rod_Ansell

        Hi Pale Rider,

        I think this is the link you meant:

        Article says BBA would give carte blanche to over-spend. Seems that already is the case. Yep, I’d be scared of a Constititional Convention too given the abdication of morality we see in most of our elected officials in national government. Wouldn’t want most all of them at any convention representing my future!!!

        Might better wait until after SHTF. Then those left standing might be more responsible. Maybe early foundihng fathers were like that, having been through a revolution. Maybe they well knew that tyrants die. Sic semper tyrannis. – one account attributes that quote to Ceasar himself.

    67. Roonster

      Great article !
      Remember Jerry, it’s not a lie if you believe it!
      They only need 51% of the populaton to but into their bs main stream news. The sheeple then will follow the lead sheep. For all the people hypnotised by their TV’s this article would be like teaching relativity to monkey’s.

    68. Mike the Gardener

      Absolutely loved this article! Of course the North Koreans forgot to put in the video how we Americans torture puppies and kittens … I am sure just an oversight on their part … whomever made the video has probably already disappeared.

    69. braveheart

      Good morning, Be Informed. I’m just now catching your comment #1297535. Everything you said about evil governments is, unfortunately, all too true. It’s been that way ever since the Garden of Eden and will only end when Jesus Christ comes back to earth to clean house.

    70. rachel

      the corporate media is not longer a legit media and is no longer even considered mainstream. The indepenent media is the mainstream media to the point where the corporate media is now trying to buy them up and pass themselves off as independent. They are also faking thier numbers and using spambots to try an make it seem like they have a real following. No one in thier right mind, who is not living in a cave, will actually tell you that corporate owned media is truthful. Not even those who still watch the corporate media can tell you they are being turthful. They might try and say the media makes mistakes, come up with excuses but they can see the lies too. So, they are finished.

    71. JustOneGuy


      Seems like JPM is having a FEW more problems with that ‘teensy-weensy little trade’ that Bruno Iskill engineered last fall,

      as well it appears that Iskill’s boss – Ina Drew – hust threw the “Prince of Finacial Darkness” AKA Jamie Dimon, under the bus,

      it just keeps gettin’ better and better…

      Oh, and while I’m here,

      Lookin more and more like we should be partyin’ like it’s 1929 again!


      • JustOneGuy

        Sorry for the typo’s…in a rush this morning…

        • JustOneGuy

          Hi Satori,

          Ohhhh…Not a problem…1 inch hemp rope is CHEAP!


    72. JRS

      The gist of this story is from The White House Dossier website with my added color commentary…The cooosuckers sit up on Capitol Hill eating lobster salad with the King and discussing how to slash the budget while the proles freeze in their refrigerator boxes and dumpster dive to eat. Your Highness could not eat because his “food taster” was absent. Yes,they are afraid someone may poison the “beloved one”. lol. Hosted by Senator Sue Collins. When she was leaving the lunch, protestors informed her that the people could not afford lobster. Her reply…”Let them eat crab”. Cue the guillotines and boil the rope.

      • Piper Michael

        I saw that…WTF!
        Food taster? I mean… come on… I actually did laugh out loud…

    73. Be informed

      Once again another quake, this time in the Indian Ocean Triple Junction, points to Mexico getting hit. 11 out of 13 times since 1973, a big earthquake has followed after this area had a 4.5+. Many times from Mexico to Central Chile big earthquakes have occurred after this very narrowed down area had an earthquake. Also New Guniea to Vanautu and Japan.

      Here’s the very bad news, TWICE before this area had an earthquake then the largest strike slip earthquake every happened 6 days later last April 11, and 11 days later back on March 28, 2005 that 8.6/8.7 earthquake in the same areas, Sumatra, south of the Nicobar Islands. This is because that junction point is right at the Antarctic, African and Austrailian plate boundaries. This region can also influence the northeastern Pacific plate, California to Alaska area.

      After this earthquake by March 30, there is a 90% chance of a large earthquake, more likely on or before March 27. Mexico, the New Guinea to Fiji area, Sumatra, and Central America to Central Chile are most at risk.
      6.5-6.9– 90% chance
      7.0-7.4– 80% chance
      7.5-7.9– 75% chance
      8.0-8.9– 50% chance
      9.0-9.5– 30% chance

      Because of the moon being at the apogee on the March 19 and the spring equinox the next day, there is even a higher chance of a very large earthquake. The Foundation For The Study Of Cycles found that earthquakes are more likely when the moon is at or near the apogee, or the furthest point away from the Earth. This would make sense that the release of gravitational pull of the moon would allow a fault to move that is ready to break. In other words the gravity of the moon is preventing a fault from breaking. Spring and Autumn transients add to earthquake risks from the climate changes, but especially the alignments that occur with the Sun, Moon, and the Earth. JustOneGuy could really explain this better than I.

      Just get ready for a major earthquake possibly a mega quake, likely in the those areas mentioned above.

      • Eisenkreuz

        It would seem to be intuitive that when the moon is closer and the gravitational field is higher there would be a higher probability of a terremoto. I don’t understand.

        • Be informed

          @ Eisenkreuz. Think of compression such as sand being held together very tightly, then a release of this compression, the sand loses some of its cohesion. Gravity works in two ways with earthquake faults, to force a fault apart and to break, but also it can work to release a fault that is literally be held together by the increased gravity. I believe that when rock that is very hot is being held together tightly in a semi liquid type of plastic state, that releasing of the gravity of the moon creates a type of rebound effect that leads to a fault ready to break to go. Like something that becomes more elastic, or more “stretchy”.

          The moon gets as close as about 356,000 kilometers and as far away as about 407,000 km. 51,000 km, or about 32,000 miles is a lot of gravity changes considering how large the moon is, about 1/50 the size of Earth. Even a few thousands miles closer or more far away influences the faults. Just long at the wild variations in tides that occur like in the Bay Of Fundy.

      • JustOneGuy

        Howdy BI,

        Thanks for the update Friend. Incidentally, what’s up near Haida Gwaii…looks like the start of another cluster …almost?

        OH, ALSO…we had another GRB last night…the first in about 28 days not counting that tiny little one near the first of the month. We still haven’t seen the Light Curve over at the Repository for that yet though…


        • Piper Michael

          I hate to say anything JOG…
          But, you just completely LOST me…
          GRB, Light Curve, Repository…
          (maybe I speak for others too…)

          • JustOneGuy

            Howdy Piper,

            Aplogies…THAT was directed at BI solely…I made no provison for as to ‘soften’ the lingo. Had it been the case that Mac had a PM system up here it would never had posted in open forum…BI DOES understand what I said therein. Would it be OK for me to address you directly on this? I have refrained from ‘disturbing’ you of late as you seemed quite involved when last we ‘spoke’. Let me know, I’ll respond immediately if you do Friend.


      • Todd

        another person I follow with quake stuff is saying a big quake 7+ for the March 21-23 range too. He’s pretty accurate with dates, but never gives locations. With him and you in agreement, BI, time to be focused!

    74. GrandpaSpeaks

      Better info than the experts give BI. Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands)off Canada’s west coast last night. 4.6 reportedly an aftershock from last years quake. I like yours and JOG’s reasoning better. Physics, plain and simple.

      • JustOneGuy


        Should read as Wayne Lapierre (NRA)

        Tired today guys, up late watching the Solar last night…


    75. Piper Michael

      Personal message to;
      Angelo Mysteriouso

      What you have shown me is interesting… but, will await further proof. There is just so much BS online… that is why I like to collect dots… if this dot connect to other dots, then the probability of BS gets lower…
      I place Noahide(whatever the hell that word means!), in the same category as the Protocols of the elders of Zion. You never know what to believe Angelo, but I do not doubt your sincerity.
      I know we do not see eye to eye on theology, but you are a true patriot and something rarer, an honest preacher…

      God bless
      May His Force be with you…

      • Thinker

        Piper; Seems like most on this sight have there own idea and convictions,and are too afraid, to be open minded enough, to research and and prove their theories.You and Angelo have done a lot of research in your individual theses.My father always told me to never to discuss ,politics are religion but to do your own research and go “Within”and decide the truth. Therefore here is a link by the red cross that helps prove Angelos,and my understanding of what really happened on the holocaust.

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