An ARMS RACE: Deadly AI Tanks, The U.S. Military’s Next Project

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    The United States military is going to attempt to build deadly artificial intelligence-driven tanks.  Dubbed Project ATLAS, this type of tank would lead to the first autonomous ground combat vehicles.

    According to Quartz, the Advanced Targeting and Lethality Automated System (ATLAS) would theoretically give a tank the ability to do everything necessary to take down a target except pull the trigger. A human operator will still need to actually fire the weapon that will kill another human being. The United States Army has already called on experts in the field to help it develop this deadly technology. Eventually, it will allow a ground combat vehicle such a tank to automatically detect, target, and engage enemy combatants – without the risk of the operator losing their life.

    The U.S., with support from contractors like Boeing, has continued to develop AI-powered military technology even though some 26 countries have banned autonomous weapons development.  The U.S. Army, on the other hand, has the goal of automating the battlefield in order to make combat and war more efficient. For now, human operators are still required by law to be the ones making the final decision to fire.  “It looks very much as if we are heading into an arms race where the current ban on full lethal autonomy will be dropped as soon as it’s politically convenient to do so,” University of California Berkeley computer scientist Stuart Russell told Quartz.

    “Anytime you can shave off even fractions of a second, that’s valuable,” Paul Scharre, program director at a national security think tank called the Center for New American Security, told Quartz according to Futurism. “A lot of engagement decisions in warfare are very compressed in time. If you’re in a tank and you see the enemy’s tank, they probably can also see you. And if you’re in range to hit them, they’re probably in range to hit you.”

    The United States Army has also already demoed an F-16 that flies and executes strikes all by itself. Humans have begun the fast process of removing what it means to be a human from society.


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      1. ht tp://

        Main battle tanks
        Ranked 1st. 3 times more than United States
        Ranked 1st.

        Russia clearly has the tank advantage

        ht tps://

        Tank Strength 20,300 5,884

        These are the military states that global firepower reports.
        There are estimated numbers based on type as well.


          Russian tanks and types and stats including retired versions.

          Russia [46] T-54/55 1,200 Soviet Union Retired [47]
          T-62 1,689 Soviet Union Retired[48]
          T-64 4,000 Soviet Union Retired. Awaiting to be Scrapped. [49]
          T-72 10,255 Soviet Union Most upgraded to T-72B standard. [50]
          T-80 4,500 Soviet Union
          Taken out of service.To be deployed in colder Regions. [51]
          T-90 550 [52][53]
          [54] Russia
          T-14 Armata 20+ Russia

        • ht tps://

          Russian tanks and types and stats including retired versions.

          Russia [46] T-54/55 1,200 Soviet Union Retired [47]
          T-62 1,689 Soviet Union Retired[48]
          T-64 4,000 Soviet Union Retired. Awaiting to be Scrapped. [49]
          T-72 10,255 Soviet Union Most upgraded to T-72B standard. [50]
          T-80 4,500 Soviet Union
          Taken out of service.To be deployed in colder Regions. [51]
          T-90 550 [52][53]
          [54] Russia
          T-14 Armata 20+ Russia

          • United States
            M60A3 400 United States
            In Reserve storage or Used Training Tank, and used by National Guard .
            M1/M1A1/M1A2 [64] 7,970 United States
            Army: 1,174 M1A2 and M1A2 SEP variants, 4,393 M1A1 variants
            Marines : 403 M1A1

        • “Russia clearly has the tank advantage”

          in sheer numbers, yes. But again thats the russian method- quality via quantity.

          • Yes. We have a decent tank, the M1 Abrams and many of them versus the Russians having an excellent T-90 and T-14 but only 570 of them.

            It also would not be a pure tank war but a very mixed battle of tank-killers on both side.

            The Heritage Foundation or simiar had a massive tank scenario as a paper. It seems like the US War College likewise had one. There are tabletop exercises as well. In each case, you have EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink going on.

            Part of the problem is logistical too as you have to get them into position tobe effective. Most likely that’s a blitzkrieg into Germany. There are papers on a future NATO vs Russia war.

            • ht tps://

              ht tp://

              The real question is how weak is the EU? My guess is if even tactical nukes are used, they cry uncle immediately. The French and German contribution to NATO is absurd. Not onlyis the equipment poorly maintained, they have no stomach for war.

              Russia could rapidly seize land, but then gets demolished if it goes nuclear. But the USA survives but in a horrible way where perishing might be preferable.

              • htt ps://
                Pretty pathetic, right?

                ht tps://

                French Army Conclusions
                France can probably field one medium or heavy battalion task force within a week. Generating the equivalent of a full armored brigade probably would take several weeks to a month.

                The toll of France’s ongoing operations — especially Operation Sentinelle — on French Army readiness introduces a significant degree of uncertainty regarding France’s capacity to sustain a brigade and that brigade’s proficiency. This uncertainty will linger until France finds a way to lighten the load currently carried by its ground forces, particularly in the army’s homeland security role, while also growing the overall size of the force.

                German Army Conclusions
                The German Army most likely would require a week or more to mobilize an armored battalion; a full brigade probably would take a month.

                Because the Germans will have to strip other units of equipment to provide for an armored brigade, they will have a hard time fielding a larger force or engaging in other operations until equipment shortages are addressed.

                Yet these asshats are proclaiming they want to create an all EU military! What a joke.

                • RAND is overly optimistic about France because the French are having a horrible crisis with the yellow vests. Thus if France tried to muster forces, it probably would cause an open revolt and they couldn’t trust their own people.

                  The bulk of the yellow vests are leftists but they also don’t get along with other French leftists.

          • There is no comparison between the US and Russia world wide as the US is deployed everywhere. Russia has the capability of defending Russia and little else. Its reach is within driving distance. Last I seen NATO is on their border and there is no Warsaw Pact.

            If the mistake of Herculean proportions occurred to pit the US against Russia before the week was out nuclear weapons would be employed. Given the little reaction time to make the “use em or lose em” decision one side fearing first strike commits a first strike.

            Its all madness

            • I don’t get the Russians as we could and should be economic partners and might do a world of good IF Russia would stop inciting subversives in the USA.

              Frankly the Russians and Chinese are winning as practically everywhere the nations are at least socialists.

              There actually is a BBC program called Traitors about subversive Communists within the Labor party in postWW2 England. It’s a decent watch as the Americans fear all their hard work was for naught.

              But Russia does insane things like develops hypersonic missiles. Or pushes for AI submarines and drones.

              The Cold War could have totally ended in the 90s but instead we are still fighting it largely as a subversive information war. Think of the TRILLIONS wasted. It’s insane.

              One proposal was to turn every nuclear warhead into a nuclear energy plant. If we had focused on nuclear fusion, then we might have solved it, instead of creating new weapons.

              We screwed the pooch on China by boneheaded free trade as that totally destabilized Asia. They will never really abandon communism and will end up our mortal enemies.

              Russia has vast natural resources but poor growing conditions. Actually we really helped them with grain shipments in the eighties when we could have let them starve.

              • 5eCW3vdEPLo
                BBC Traitors tv series

                The OSS recruits Tories to infiltrate the new government as Churchill is abandoned and a broken UK desperately needs American loans to rebuild but resents it. This causes Labor and other Socialists to seize the government.

                • ht tps://

                  The Cambridge Spy Ring was a ring of spies in the United Kingdom, who passed information to the Soviet Union during World War II and was active at least into the early 1950s. None were ever prosecuted for spying. The number and membership of the ring emerged slowly from the 1950s onwards. As far as the general public was concerned, this started with the sudden flight of Donald Maclean ( cryptonym : Homer) and Guy Burgess (cryptonym: Hicks) to the Soviet Union in 1951. Suspicion immediately fell on Kim Philby (cryptonym: Sonny, Stanley), but he did not follow them until 1963. Anthony Blunt (cryptonyms: Tony, Johnson) and John Cairncross (cryptonym: Liszt) confessed to British intelligence but this remained secret for many years, until 1979 in the case of Blunt. It therefore took several years for the usual modern name to evolve through the Cambridge Four to the Cambridge Five . [citation needed ] In the innermost circles of the KGB, they were supposedly known as the Magnificent Five .

                  The term “Cambridge” refers to the recruitment of the group during their education at the University of Cambridge in the 1930s. Debate surrounds the exact timing of their recruitment by Soviet intelligence ; Anthony Blunt claimed that they were not recruited as agents until they had graduated. Blunt, an Honorary Fellow of Trinity College , was several years older than Burgess, Maclean, and Philby; he acted as a talent-spotter and recruiter for most of the group save Burgess. [1]

                  All of the five were convinced that the Marxism–Leninism of Soviet Communism was the best available political system, and especially the best defence against the rise of fascism. All pursued successful careers in branches of the British government. They passed large amounts of intelligence to the Soviet Union, so much so that the KGB became suspicious that at least some of it was false. Perhaps as important as the intelligence they passed was the demoralizing effect to the British Establishment of their slow unmasking, and the mistrust in British security this caused in the United States.

                  • Thanks for the history lesson. News Flash, everyone spies on everyone; as Kissinger said, “The US doesn’t have friends, it has interests”. Meddling? Where the US doesn’t meddle NGOs in conjunction do it. Read Manifest Destiny by F. William Engdahl. The US is bought and owned by the globalists who Trump is attempting to thwart. They have been using the US as their Bully Boy enforcer essentially identical to what USMC MG Smedley Butler said in “War Is A Racket”. Nations with oil resources are having their governments dismantled so the “Oil Peg” , the cornerstone of the globalist empire isn’t threatened. Islamic Terrorists, ostensibly the enemy are doing the work as was shown in Libya and Syria. Who is arming them? It’s not Russia or China. Make peace with Russia? Never happen. The end goal is to destabilize them with the Islamic Fanatic Fundamentalists coming up from their southern border which unfortunately for them had a significant Islamic population. The end goal, of TPTB globalists is to control everything and everyone.

              • ht tps://
                Carter used grain as a weapon with the grain embargo to the USSR due to Afghanistan. Reagan halted the embargo and ended up saving them.

                What happened? The USSR betrayed Reagan’s kindness and thus he massively outspent the Evil Empire and broke the back of the USSR.

                I have little sympathy for Russians as they caused their own problems.

                That’s why the Cold War never ended because the Russians can’t be trusted.

                Like this INF treaty. For FOUR YEARS the Russians were violating the treaty and Trump was tired of it.

                ht tps://

              • Russia dares to put its country in the center of US military bases; how dare they be so provocative. I can’t understand for the life of me why they would want to counter missiles that are virtually at their border with no more flight time than the hypersonic missiles they’re deploying. How dare they hide their communism by having the means of production not in government hands. I have no idea why George Soros, likely the greatest purveyor of authoritarianism is barred from Russia.

                Define a socialist nation. Is Norway socialist? Is France socialist? Sweden? China couldn’t give a rats ass about expanding communism. China cares about expanding its pocketbook, capturing markets, having a raw material supply that can’t be severed. Russia? News Flash, communism is done there and the oligarchs ain’t having it come back.

                Subversive? Look at Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission. Look sat their membership, ask yourself who in power with wealth is missing? who in the Main Stream Media is missing? Who in global industry is missing, their lay the power base. The threat to freedom isn’t 10,000 miles away.

                • Maranatha

                  Do you think it was in the US strategic interests to deindustrialize? Who pushed NAFTA and China Free Trade that facilitated it? It was a Neo-Con brainchild. GH Bush tried but didn’t have the political horse power to pull it off. With the help of splitting the Republican vote Bill Clinton ascended to the Oval Office and low and behold, despite campaign promises to the contrary, twisted Democrat arms in the House Of reps and got NAFTA passed. China Free trade came about 3 years later. News Flash, this great US deindustrialization occurred with indigenous forces not Russia or China. The danger isn’t 10,000 miles away, its right here.

                  “None are so blind as those who will not see”.

      2. Goodie! Can I have one fur Christmas Mommy?

        Interesting thing about the Red/Russian Army, they hang on to what ever weapon systems the youngest generation is trained to use, until they are past “service to the Motherland” age. Thus if you know how to drive a T-62 or load an SKS rifle, those are in storage if you get called up to save Mad Vlad’s revolution until you are in your 70’s.

        Ever wonder why there were so many AK’s and SKS’s made by the Chinese for sale in the U.S. during the 1980’s-90’s?

        Watch out fur dem robo-tanks and hogs!

      3. My 2 cents is that this is a bad idea. If a human has the final say, then you must be in communication with it. Way too much tech required. If this thing is required, the enemy will more than likely have the tech required to jam the signal or to take out the com link. Way too much tech dependency and serious $ involved per unit. The military industrial complex must be fed though. God Bless, James

      4. llzKYdjeSzQ
        This is the JAVELIN tank killer.

        Of course our old A-10 Warthogs from the 70s and 80s (716 of them) some are still in service doing regular duty. That’s the primary armor piercing tank killer.

        ht tps://
        The old TOW missile was a real oddball wire guided tank killer. It’s still in service from ground mount, shoulder mount, tank mount, and helicopter mountm

        • o2P0N2qYD8U
          Modern TOW missiles have optical and electronic guidance communcation.

          The old school wire guided TOW missile had an absolute limit of 2.5 miles. Can you imagine wire strung out that far?

        • Those Javelin missiles are expensive ($174,000 per missile)! It fires a tandem HEAT warhead.

          The A-10 fires up to 1,350 armor piercing DU rounds using GAU-8 Avenger. Now this old 1977 Gatling gun autocannon is pretty badass for an antique. It will just burst fire and RIDDLE a poor tankcrew into Swiss cheese.

          ht tps://

          Of course the A-10 weaponry and defenses as well.

      5. The last impediments to perpetual war are casualties on the aggressor’s side. And we wonder why the US military is obsessed with the use of drones, robots and AI.

        “It is well that war is so terrible – otherwise we would grow too fond of it.” Robert E. Lee , Statement at the Battle of Fredericksburg (December 13, 1862)

      6. The expression which I heard, from decades ago, was of a centipede, with hundreds of legs and one mind.

        So, this wording about autonomy is inept, because they don’t expect employees to be autonomous. In fact. They are formally considered to be wards of the state. This AI is property. The people building and using it are also property.

        • Head cold typing with no edit function. 🙁

          • If I had an AI…

      7. 84NiP-zxK18
        This is the Russian URAN-9 robot tank, but it seems to be driven by a human remote operator.

        ht tps://

        This is the US WARTHOG tank-killer robot-drone that has two operators, one to drive it and one as a weapons operator.

      8. The replacement for the venerable M-1 Abrams is the M-1A2SEPV3


        They ordered a thousand of these.

        ht tps://

      9. There is debate regarding the US military’s capacity, with sufficient demonization, to follow orders and turn on the American people. A co worker of my wife, an Iraq vet, USMCR was asked if the Marines would obey orders to disarm the US civilian population if so ordered; his bone chilling reply (but not unexpected) was, “Marines follow orders”.

        AI takes the variables out of the above.

        • 70% of soldiers vote Republican. Typically it is raw recruits who vote Democrat.

          If push came to shove, what matters is the voting of NORTHCOM as they would be the tip of the spear in a civil war.

          My worst fears came true during Hurricane Katrina when soldiers UNLAWFULLY seized firearms even assaulting helpess old ladies and “lost” seized weapons for decades. What made me furious was there were local guys protecting their families as they had electred to stay to prevent looting, and the military seized their weapons and temporarily handcuffed them. That was a dark period of US history.

          This is part of the rationale of Oath Keepers to prevent a repeat of that.

          • ddTchyzdwJA
            Some soldiers REFUSED to comply but most did seize firearms and it was pointless and harmful and ILLEGAL.

          • I saw that Katrina footage of those thug traitors body slam that elderly woman who wouldn’t give up her revolver. Made my blood boil!

        • Plebs and praetors are not assumed to be coequals, according to their honor code.

          The peace keeping routine seems to work the same way, whether in the foreign theater or under a domestic declaration of martial law.

          Video of civilian disarmament is in the public record, matter-of-factly. Noone has to speculate.

      10. It’s kind of unfortunate when you abort half your future soldiers, and demoralize the remaining half, giving them nothing to fight for, isn’t it.

        Little bit easier to develop tank pilots the old fashioned way wouldn’t you think?

      11. I ask a young army sgt if they talk about whether or not if they would fire on civilians, he didn’t want to talk about it. Remind all your children and grandchildren that they swore to serve the Constitution not a corrupt government.

      12. Firing on unarmed peaceful civilians is of course an unlawful order. Going house to house of US civilians and taking food, gold, or weapons is also an unconstitutional unlawful order.

        Defend the CONSTITUTION from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

        Communists and Socialists are by their own choice enemies of the people and enemies of our Republic.

        Military could play a supportive role to federal or local police, but they should not Engage the commies or socialists directly.

        The Communist-Socialist-Democrats, Nazis, KKK, ISIS, or ‘whatever’ radical violent dangerous domestic terrorists would have to be directly engaged by federal, state and local police officers.

        So if a certain female communist was calling for the overthrow of the Whitehouse, she would need arrested for her stupid ideas and go back to waiting on tables or perhaps be in jail.

        The trouble begins when the socialist communist democrats assault police officers and resist arrest.

        Still, a matter for the courthouse, so President Trump should be working overtime to resupply our judicial system with conservative Republican judges to undo the decades of neglect starting back in the Carter Era.

        Not that President Carter did a bad job, but some things went by the wayside as more important matters pressed forward …

      13. Shoudn’t be too difficult to hack one of those AI tanks and turn its gun-turret in the direction of the USSA Knesset on Capitol Hill

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