An Amish Community In Pennsylvania Has Reached “Herd Immunity”

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Without any vaccines at all, an Amish community in Lancaster County Pennsylvania has reached herd immunity from the COVID-19 scamdemic that continues to panic everyone else who remains glued to their TV. “Experts” have said that interaction with others and getting the virus has lead to herd immunity, but you should still get the “vaccine.”

    Is this yet another piece of evidence that the lockdowns did more harm than good? We would say so, especially considering they don’t want herd immunity to come naturally, they want it forced into your body in the form of experimental gene therapy.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Experts at a New Holland Borough Healthcare Center said around 90% of households dealt with at least one coronavirus case after churches reopened last year. “Herd immunity refers to the number of people in a community or a country, for that matter, that have some protection against an infectious process,” explained Dr. Mike Cirigliano of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, according to a report by Fox News affiliate Fox 29.

    This news is not being widely reported on, but you can bet you’ll be hearing all about the fourth wave, the new variants, and the need to get “vaccinated” against this deadly (99.98% survival rate) disease.  Why? Isn’t it obvious:

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    MSM Continues To Fear Monger Over The “4th Wave” OF COVID

    They Moved The Goalposts AGAIN: COVID Variants Mean “All Bets Are Off”

    But don’t worry. The propaganda continues:

    “We don’t really know how long you’re protected and we’ve seen cases where people get re-infected,” Dr. Cirigliano added. “I don’t personally believe that we will reach herd immunity going forward without the use of vaccination.

    Medical experts are debating whether the news out of the Amish community is really as good as it sounds, especially with new variants of the virus popping up across the country.

    “The idea that, well we will just let [herd immunity] happen naturally, in my opinion, is a bad, bad idea. We need to vaccinate to prevent severe illness and death,” Dr. Cirigliano said. -FOX 29


    MSM Admits: Flu Has Disappeared!


    At least articles such as this one show the true colors of the rulers and those who prop them up. They will continue to treat us like slaves until we understand that we aren’t and have no obligation to obey or listen to or believe anyone. Use your own discernment and enhance your critical thinking. Don’t just believe things because I’ve typed it here or someone else said it. Look into things, apply mortality and objectivity. More often than not, the mainstream media and comments from the masters and elitists don’t pass the logic sniff test.


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      1. Herd immunity is instantaneous against a non existent virus.

      2. You’re a clown. You don’t you try writing about something else for a change.

      3. Surprised they didn’t got the way of Orthodox, in Israel.

      4. Imagine if you would a world of sight and sound where there is a virus so deadly, so contagious that the only people not affected by the disease are the people who just don’t give a shit. You’ve just crossed over into the elites twilight zone.

      5. I’ve “herd immunity” is easy to come by especially when the so called “virus” is a great big hoax to begin with.?

      6. There is no so-called herd-immunity for this virus. Once you get this virus, it’s with you for life by way of impulses stored in your cells even after all anti-bodies have disappeared from your body. These impulses are energy vibrations that can unpredictable make the virus re-appear within the cell which the cell starts replicating leading to mutations while you are asymptomatic.

        The vaccines are not the answer either as it takes 10 – 15 years to make a safe effective vaccine. The vaccine manufacturers cannot keep-up with the mutations. Their efforts will fail as the vaccines give a false sense of security making people believe they can return to life as before the pandemic.

        The only solution is a strict global lock-down for at least 3-months as that is the maximum asymptomatic period for the virus. So the lock-downs should be strict for between 5 and 8 months. During this time those that exhibit the disease must be isolated for life in a human fashion so that they have their own economy and life.

        Animals are also asymptomatic carriers and another vector for infection.

        Coronavirus – Urgent Measures Needed

        Coronavirus Precautionary Measures – Based on Information from Billy Meier

        Contact Report 766:

        Ptaah That’s right, you have already spoken a lot about this yourself all this time and explained what you learned from my father. What you have often said is also correct and corresponds to the effective indisputable facts concerning the state leaders and the experts in medicine and virology etc. You have already told me at the beginning of the sectarian period that there is no need to reheat this. You already explained to me at the beginning of the epidemic what you and my father Sfath learned in the 1940s about how this Corona virus has special peculiarities, before we ourselves even had a clue about it and only through our research came to the same results as you told me and knew from my father Sfath from the 1940s and 1950s. On the one hand these were your explanations concerning the late effects, on the other hand concerning the pulse deposition, which lead to a variety of late effects. It was only through your information that we were inspired to carry out corresponding research, which in the course of time confirmed what you had explained. This is something I want to touch on briefly, but explain to you, Onkoton, in more detail later. You, Eduard, dear friend, know about the whole thing, so I just want to pick it up a little bit, although you already explained it some time ago and it can also be read on your website, in order to briefly address these questions here, which I should not actually do. Since these people who are raising these questions have obviously not read all of our conversations that you have retrieved and written down on your website, I will briefly answer a few things in relation to these various questions.

        As far as the late effects after recovery from the Corona plague are concerned, first of all it has to be understood that according to our research findings an effective and complete recovery from this strange man-made plague is absolutely impossible, but only corresponds to a false recovery. This is because the corona virus does not only exist as such, but unusually also as an indestructible impulse unit or as a fundamental physical quantity, which as an impulse object shows peculiar characteristic states of motion. This impulse object contains within itself a closed system of a constant organic-energetic impulse set of different factors, and these correspond to pure triggers in relation to disturbances, which affect the normal physical and mental block of the whole human organism, whereby the performance and the well-being of the human being are subjectively and objectively perceptibly negatively influenced and illnesses inevitably occur, which can be of different natures.

        The corona plague impulses deposited in the entire organism of the human being inevitably arise in every human being and remain in existence for life after recovery, but usually remain inactive for a long time, whereby then, however, for medically inexplicable reasons, a suffering or a serious illness can unexpectedly become acute. The causes of the ailments and illnesses, which occur unexpectedly even after 30, 40, 50 or more years, cannot be determined by earthly physicians and scientists, because on the one hand the impulse deposits in the organism cannot be recognised and researched with the given and still primitive earthly-medical and earthly-medical-technical possibilities, and consequently the whole of the long-term late effects cannot be counteracted medically. According to our research findings, late effects occur in several ways: on the one hand, the stored impulses cause suffering and illness only after decades, while on the other hand, late effects can already occur after days, weeks or a few months after recovery. Another late consequence is the way in which suffering and illnesses already develop during the course of the corona plague, which continue after recovery and are long-lasting or, like all consequences of corona suffering, can last for many months, years or a lifetime. Our very accurate Earth-wide observations and record-keeping conducted over the past 26 months – since the Corona plague became acute in January 2019, unnoticed by Earthly virologists and medics, steadily mutating as the 5002nd mutation since its first appearance in the mid-1977s, and was recognised as a Corona plague in Wuhan in December and began spreading worldwide -, According to the results of the study, 27% of all those who have contracted the disease and those who have recovered from it will suffer from a wide variety of minor impairments to their well-being for the rest of their lives as a result of the stored corona impulses. 19% will be affected by the stored energetic corona impulses sporadically throughout their lives by recurring light to medium illnesses and diseases. This, while 12% of the corona-affected have to complain about severe illnesses and diseases before and after recovery, which can last for many months, years and even for life and can lead to bad distress and agony as well as to births and infirmity. If the whole of the Corona plague is analysed further, it can be seen that the facts of the Corona virus as a virus created by humans further show that it is not stable and consequently subject to permanent and dangerous mutations, as it can also – contrary to earthly-medical, virological and epidemiological false claims – jump over to children and animal life forms.

        In addition to the dangerous mutations of the Corona virus, there are also numerous smaller mutations that produce various side effects, such as those that have played a decisive role since the mid-1970s in the fact that, according to our findings, 5002 different mutations have emerged from the virus as of January 2019. These mutations can either cause a change in the virus structure or change its behaviour and genetic code and shape, and when they occur they can become more aggressive and dangerous than those from which they mutated, consequently most new mutations become more lethal.

        Billy If I may interrupt you, dear friend, because I would also like to say something about this, namely what I have already recorded in our 764th discussion report on 26 January, namely this, which I have written out in order to bring it up again, because I have not found any information about this either on television or on the radio or in any newspapers, etc. It may well be that neither our virologists nor the medical experts or doctors, etc. have found anything about this so far. It may well be that neither our virologists nor the medical profession or doctors etc. have so far discovered anything in this respect, but it may also be that everything is being kept quiet and the people are deliberately not being informed, as is the case with many things. So if I may recite this extract:

        “…Well, there are various other things, as also, for example, that the new corona mutations have the property of infecting a person not only with one mutation alone, but that one can be infected by their 2 or under certain circumstances even their 3, as also that a person infected by one mutation and can also be infected again by another corona mutation and fall ill. This has already been established by Sfath, but whether this is already known to today’s virologists and doctors, I have not yet heard anything about this, because so far nothing has been reported on television in this respect, just as no such report has been heard on the radio and, as far as I know, nothing has been written in newspapers either. If one considers all the wrong actions of the governments, their inability to assess the facts and the situation and the complete lack of the necessary foresight, as well as the lack of intellect and the irresponsible actions of that part of the population that crosses and crosses despite the half-value orders given by the governments – even if the government orders issued are really only halfway correct and useful – then it is clearly already pre-programmed that the whole disaster will continue for a long time and will continue to claim many lives.”

        This, Ptaah, I simply wanted to have mentioned again, because so far no information has appeared in any public organs. But you can continue with your explanations now, please.

        Ptaah It may certainly be good that you have brought up the information again. But what I have to explain further is this: In the last few months, several new wild mutations have emerged from the original virus discovered in Wuhan, as I mentioned earlier as joining mutations, which have been discovered not only by us but also by various earthly virologists. These mutations show minor or major changes, which not only show changes in terms of contagiousness, but also cause different effects in case of infection. Depending on the geographical areas, especially in different climatic regions, such changes develop that new mutations or virus variants emerge in rapid succession, which also usually become more malignant and aggressive, resulting in new waves of infection, which dissolve the previous ups and downs of infection waves and fatalities, and consequently a new grass-roots of the epidemic begins, but this time with a new virus mutation.

        What we have been able to observe since the first onset of the Corona epidemic in January 2019 in southern China and then from November 2019 in Wuhan, and have been able to observe again and again since then, has remained the same to this day, namely that on the one hand comparable mutations occur simultaneously in various locations in different areas, and on the other hand the various new virus mutations also develop the property of docking more easily, more quickly and more effectively with a suitable host, infecting it and also impairing its immune system to such an extent that it succumbs to the virus attack.

        Another unfortunate consequence of the corona epidemic, according to our research, is the fact that if antibodies are formed as a result of infection with a corona virus, these cannot guarantee complete protection against the virus.
        Antibodies therefore do not provide absolute security and only partially or not at all protect against further infection, either by the old virus or by a new virus mutation. According to our research, antibodies are only able to neutralise various corona viruses partially or not at all, just as vaccinations can be equally useless, just as recovery from a corona virus disease cannot be a guarantee of immunity. Our findings in this respect show beyond doubt that despite antibodies and vaccinations, new infections are also possible with the mutating virus.

        What has now been explained, Eduard, are the facts that I want to state openly, but not further explanations.

      7. Long live the AMISH.

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