Faces of Gun Control: New Ad Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin, Mao – Cites Genocide of 60 Million People

by | Dec 13, 2011 | Headline News | 179 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.
    George Washington, Gun Owner

    A new promotional advertisement from online gun and ammunition dealer USA Ammo will likely have President Obama’s base up in arms (not the ones protected by the 2nd Amendment, of course). In the picture version of the advertisement (accompanying video is available below) the company depicts Obama along with 20th century tyrants like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, whose gun control policies left millions defenseless against their governments, subsequently leading to the deaths of some 60 million people worldwide.

    Via CBS Local:

    USAAmmo states that “tyranny is knocking down the doors of American cities daily” and that Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and other gun control advocates “are secretly conspiring American Citizens of the right to bear arms.”

    Trace Williams, director of operations for USAAmmo, defended the ad that was emailed Monday. He told CBS Washington that “Obama and his various czars are infringing on the rights of Americans to own guns.”

    “He’s anti-gun and he’s obviously a socialist cramming health care down American’s throats,” Williams said. “That is exactly how those people in that ad rose to power.”

    Williams told CBS Washington that he doesn’t regret comparing Obama to those dictators and that his company has received “unbelievable support” since the ad was put out.

    “Just look at history. Obama’s socialist agenda is geared toward depriving American citizens of their God-given rights.” He also added that sales have gone “through the roof.”

    Via The Daily Sheeple:


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      1. I saw that site and ad a few weeks ago and went to their site and ordered some ammo. 😀 gotta support the good guys.

        • Timely and intelligent marketing are still not a crime the last time I checked. Good move on the ammo purchase. “Are we there yet”. The answer is becoming crystal clear to all “Watchers”. One more “pit stop” and WE will be “there”.

          I don’t remember being asked to help plan the “trip”, but I do remember waking-up enough to prepare for it. Game-on, and HOLD THEM, don’t fold them.

        • You dont see many political comments around here lately. The atmosphere is quiet.The teabaggers have put away their tri cornered hats. They dont have a champion. Ron Paul is all they have. He is 78 years old. Michele Bachman, is certifiably crazy. She is a Christian fundamentalist , with a very checkered and disturbing record. Certainly the least effective completely unqualified member of congress. She is a very weak candidate. Mitt is an empty suit. Born into wealth ,he believes he can ride that golden road right to the white house. He is the choice of the establishment , but the establishment is frustrated because they must rely upon their wayward flock who actually bought into so many crazy ideas thrown out by the party , in an effort to obfuscate and dodge in the name of preserving the elite which is the ultimate goal of the republican party.
          They will insist that Capitalism goes hand in hand with freedom, and therein lies their ideology. No one disputes that. But Feudalism is not capitalism.
          Mitt is an empty suit. He will ultimately be thrust upon the republican party.He will be candidate , by hook , or by crook.
          Newt is a bully. In a field of weak candidates, he is a calculating PR /con artist. and hes making you all look rather foolish. A philandering , lobbyist ,bully. A career politician. A veritable snake oil salesman.
          Then you have a few more very poor examples that only demonstrate the fractured mess that the right presents. How the heck did this all happen ? What went wrong ? Why does the ideals of the tea people seem familiar to the occupy protesters? And when will the tea protesters join the occupiers to take America back from the unelected elite why have purchased our government thus enslaving us all.
          And thats what is going on here my friends. So just vote. Demand that your entire family votes. That everyone votes. Make that an issue. Thats the only thing that matters.
          BTW, The president has done a pretty good job. He has accomplished an incredible amount in three years.
          President Obama is the leader of his house, the party , and our country. That much is clear. That is the honest truth. We are at a crossroads. The time has come that the people of this planet are awakened by technology. Connected , and informed. ignorance is on the run. But evil is very clever , and she is already scheming her revenge. The only way to defeat evil is to vote. You win when you vote. You have defeated the centuries of evil and declared you independence . You have done a brave deed when you stand up and speak your mind. You are a hero, when you vote.

          • “The president has done a pretty good job. He has accomplished an incredible amount in three years.”

            Boy, you are one delusional cupcake.

            Yes indeed, the “One” has done an incredible amount in the last 3 years. Smuggled himself on board as an illegal alien. Lied to get a first class seat. Thrown the Constitution into a barf bag, then raped the stewardess and stewards. Entered the cockpit as a make believe Crew Member. Tossed out the pilot, co pilot and navigator. All the while the passengers are oblivious cuz they’re still trying to recover from getting cornholed by TSA before they boarded. And, has the flight headed straight in for a one point landing, that is, nose first.

            Oh, and yes, he’s the only selfish bastard with a parachute.

            (A shill, plant or stooge is a person who helps a person or organization without disclosing that he or she has a close relationship with that person or organization.)

          • Well, someone has really drunk their kool-aid today. Unfortunately, while the sentiment is generally accurate, what you say is equally applicable to,all politicians. That you think it’s “just the other guy” who is the problem showns how uninformed you are. The only way to defeat evil is to refuse to accommodate it. Voting for the perceived lesser evil accomplishes exactly what the adversary wants, it proves you have bought into the system. My thoughts: if everyone refused to vote, that would send the message about how illegitimate our govt has become in the eyes of the citizens these last 40 or so years. Electing one party or the other is just rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic as it goes under.

          • I was actually reading your comment, and agreeing with a lot of it about Newt and Romney, then you spouted that goose-stepping nonsense about Obama. You are an idiot.

        • If I can find some of their ammo on shelves somewhere, I’ll buy some. I don’t buy ammo over the internet. Maybe some apparel.

          Ditto, Joe! Gotta support the good guys.

          By the way, they have a *FORUM*. Its at TeamUSAammo.com. You know a *F*O*R*U*M*, those forum things are *REALLY* cool. REALLY REALLY.

          Hehe. Just kidding Mac. We know you’re working on it.

        • Off topic and I’m posting this up here at the top of the comments section.

          For those that are interested, Big-5 Sporting Goods has the Mosin Nagant 7.62-54r on sale until Christmas for $119.00. If you need a large caliber rifle at a decent price with ammo that is dirt cheap, go for this.

          Not the prettiest of weapons but sturdy and accurate.

      2. Good for them. I’m glad someone is willing to point it out. I’m guessing the lame stream media won’t let this ad run on their networks or in their newspaper/rag magazines.

        • Even Faux News blushed when Hank Williams, Jr. compared Oblahma to Hitler.

          • You guys/gals are really pissing me off comparing Obama to Hitler.

            A few years ago, I was equally pissed off, by comparisons between Bush Jr and Hitler

            Hitler had actual artistic talent and ability and was painting and designing/building things up to the very end. He volunteered, and fought, for his country in war. He didn’t shrink from dangerous missions, in fact he was a “runner” or messenger, a very dangerous MOS. He flat-out earned the Iron Cross, 2nd Class and then, First Class. Enlisted men didn’t get that very often in WWI. Look at photos of him, he could have covered his chest in fruit salad if he wanted to, instead he simply wore his Iron Cross.

            After the war he went out and lectured on the street, on the very cobblestones, about his beliefs. Now I may not agree with his beliefs, that’s beside the point. But he could have literally have had his block knocked off by anyone on the street, it was not safer back then in chaotic post-WWI Germany.

            Evil as he was, he put his ass on the line more than any American President since Revolutionary times.

            Thus, comparisons of this or that modern President to Hitler, aren’t fair – to Hitler.

            • +1. So true.

            • Interesting is to have a close look at the so often cited gun restriction of the German Reich of 1933.
              The reader will find out that those who declared War on Germany 19 days after Adolf Hitler got elected as Chancellor were the ones who were denied most of the privileges of owning certain guns etc.
              The general public with unblemished criminal record had no restrictions even on hand guns if technical and skill requirements were met.
              In fact restrictions in place after 1919 to the update of the corresponding bill under Hitler were eased and lifted for most practical uses.
              To judge this time someone has to consider the particular situation of that epoch, understand the open and hidden power structures which had cornered, blockade and effective starve the German population.
              The war(WW1) was brought on to Germany to destroy this Nation and has not stopped through WW2 and even now to dissolve it into a diluted, degenerated mindless populace.
              Albert Pike was one of the ones indicating what was planned.
              Interesting enough if WW3 is on the horizon or already started the enemies of Germany have manged again to draw this Nation or what is left of it into indirect participation though NATO, supply of top military equipment to Israel and others plus is ongoing forced involvement in Afghanistan.

              To understand again is to realize that the SHAEF dictates still control this reagion and only allow a German corporation (BRD GmbH) to deal with issues following what is coming down from USA and Israel.
              Germans(unlike Japan) have no Constitution or even a peace treaty but a puppet government of increasingly communist, socialist in different versions and spineless so called Conservatives.

              If the constitutional gun rights in the USA are more weakened or eliminated no freedom will be left.
              The cabal of those bloodthirsty Nation destroyers will not rest and will show no mercy.
              Just look at the Russian Revolution, its “thinkers”, makers and his financiers.
              Same clique as today’s nations arsonists.

      3. Someone needs to let these goofballs know that they used a still-frame of Forrest Whitaker from the movie “The Last King of Scotland” and not the real Idi Amin.


        • Most people won’t really notice the difference, although if Whitaker sues them they will pull the face off.

        • Then I suggest you tell them.

      4. I agree, but don’t care for the add, I’d rather someone had made a bigger deal over arresting without trial
        Americans by Homeland Gestapo.

        • Then I suggest you contact an advertisement agency and develop such an ad.

        • The fact is the Democratically controlled Senate and the Republican controlled House with the President, his bureaucracy, Gestapo and the Federal Reserve are dead set on control of the American people. I’m afraid no election will remedy this problem. The problem is the a fore mentioned parties are controlled by a foreign interest whom I surmise wants control of the entire World. But America being the last vestige of Freedom with guns and the will to use them stands in their way. We can still take back America without any violence, but it would take millions of Americans marching on Mordor on the Potomac encircling Washington D.C. until they relinquish control.

          • “Mordor on the Potomac”

            I get the Middle Earth reference but prefer the term “Sodom on the Potomac” in reference to DC. It surely does fit that gang of c***s***ers.

            Besides… controlling Americans is like herding cats or pushing on a string. Not only is it basically a dumb idea but there’s a million ways for it not to work… and they will likely find every single one of them.

            • Sodom pretty much kept to itself–Mordor schemed to take over and rule all of middle earth with its hellish minions. All you had to do was run away from Sodom and God destroyed it for you. To destroy Mordor, you had to put your life on the line and watch your friends die, skewered on the pikes of the Uruk-Hai. It’s a really good analogy–we even have the Nazgul, with the border drones that were used to spy out and arrest that family in North Dakota who chased the sheriff off their land–the Brossarts? Ol’ Remus linked to it yesterday.

            • I like the Mordor reference. Sodom just kept to itself, and all you had to do was leave while God destroyed it. Mordor intended to spread its evil across all the land with its jackbooted Uruk-Hai warriors, and the “good guys” had to shed their own blood in order to overcome the evil….and in reading Ol’ Remus yesterday, we even have the Nazgul in action with the drone used on the Brossart family in North Dakota. Remus links to the LA times article, but I thought this post was good:


            • Okay, that was weird…sorry for the double post; first one disappeared, then reappeared.

          • The South was right!

        • Arresting? How about summary execution by drone? Its’ already happened – precedent is done.

        • why would they make a big deal out of that when this is directly related to their business,,, come on use a bit of commonsense here, don’t be an Obama!

      5. We can’t have any guns we are saving them for Mexico!!!

      6. Say hello to my little friend.

        • put that thing away, public indecency and lewdness is prohibited here

          • Ironic the joke was a made by a guy that goes by the name “BJ”.

            • 🙂

            • Wow! That was just about the quickest I ever got disgusted! Ha! Funny.

        • Who ever junked me, that really hurts!

          • Rich 99, you’re like Dr. Pepper. So misunderstood.

            • LOL!!! Good one!

        • A small friendly weapon?

      7. Found this over at fuckfrance.com: ‘new jersey man gets 7 years for being a responsible gun owner’. yikes

        • Is that site safe to go to?

        • Wow! And I just thought that was an ad site for their prostitution biz. Who’d a thunk?

      8. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

        Thomas Jefferson

        • Folks should stop and cogitate on that statement for a second. Every FREE man and woman in the world has the God given right to self defense be it defense from some crack smoking POTUS, er, occupier, er lout OR from their own government.

          The difference between Americans and the unfortunate Aussies & Brits is that our Founding Fathers were prescient enough to WRITE IT DOWN. Those written words in the Second Amendment to the Constitution is what gives myself, and every other free person, the willingness to protect our freedom to worship God, speak our mind, go where we want and resist government tyranny.

          For these God given rights I pledge the very breath in my body.

          I AM an Oathkeeper.

          I AM, by nature, non violent.

          I will kill, and if necessary die, for liberty for our progeny.

          • AMEN & God Bless You!

            • Ditto!

              POA, you raised the hair on the back of my neck!

              I will pray that we both get the chance of one or the other.

              I never took The Oath formally, but, by the reading of every word in The Constitution I realized that to love America is to love The Constitution and to love The Constitution is to know that we must defend it. We are, after all, The Constitutional Militia and it is our duty to defend it.

          • The only mistake our Founding fathers made is the Second Amendment should not have been an amendment, it should have been part of the main body of the Constitution, making all amendments dependent on it’s existence. this would have screwed the libtards over completely.

            • Actually there was quite a bit of debate about adding those first ten amendments. The worry was that future generations would come to see that those were their only God given rights that were to be protected by the government.

              The majority point of view was that man is completely free except to do harm to another. In other words if we were to follow the Ten Commandments of the Bible we could throw out just about 99% of the laws written subsequent to ratification.

          • Plain Old, I too am an oathtaker, and I hold my word as sacred. I echo your every sentiment.

          • Incredibly well-said, POA…

        • First class ticket to “your” nearest FEMA (re-education center). Keep up the good work, maybe I will bump into you there. Assuming THEY are able to confiscate all guns and ammo while I am still in a drunken stupor. Otherwise, perhaps you will be digging a hole for me. :). If Jefferson were alive today, THEY would waterboard him at Guantanamo Bay.

          You must never forget, the GOOBERMENT is your bestest buddy. Jefferson was a misguided “visionary”. Best you submit to “full assimilation”.

          BTW, satire for the satire impaired. The SHTF is no longer a “hidden agenda”. It has become the “open agenda”. Hows the view?

          • Ha! The view sucks but it sure does make it easier to get the range.


          • “If Jefferson were alive today, THEY would waterboard him at Guantanamo Bay.”

            No. If TJ were alive today, he would be kicking government ass and taking names via the Internet and the alternative media that lives there. >:-]

      9. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED what part of that is so difficult to grasp.

        • Hey! Thats my line!

          No, really, I used to go around saying it all the time. The fact is they DO get it. They’re not infringing on your right. You have no right until you claim it. To claim it, you must first claim you are not a “person”. Persons only have rights imputed to it (them) by a bigger “person”. Step out of your strawman and become only a (wo)man. Then, tell them to get lost.

          Declare your rights. They have no reason to think you have them unless you tell them. The presumptions made by law enforcement are manifold.

          • ” Persons only have rights imputed to it (them) by a bigger “person”. ”

            Don’t know what you’re smoking but it’s rotting holes in your brain. Rights exist period. They are not granted they precede the body politic. It is only by the existence of “rights” that bodies of power can be created and granted power… better put that doobie down. I think it’s been dipped in formaldehyde

            • Sad, the word “person” NetRanger refers to is basically an artificial entity, i.e. corporation. Corporations derive their existence and “rights” from the government. Living breathing human beings rights come from God and are not “persons” under the government definition of the word.

              Now don’t be a Bogart and pass that doob!

            • ssd, not Sad. Where are my glasses???

        • Most likely the “infringed” part. For those who struggle with simple English, any word having more than 5 letters is difficult for them to comprehend.

          Don’t forget that these are the same idiots who think that the 2nd Amendment refers to national guard troops that didn’t exist in the 18th century and that the only possible use for firearms is to collect, hunt, or target shoot… and they ain’t real fond of any of these.

      10. they can pass all the legislation they want..it still wont make me give up my arms.
        These “rights” are not given to me by my government..we gave them to our government.. the bill of rights was drafted to be given to the government, as our conditions..so they cant take away something they never gave in the first place

        Molon Labe

        again I dont need any stinking badges…MFers

        come for it, i’ll give it to em…lead first.

        (pssst…making a gun isnt rocket science,,, wink wink)

        always buy in bulk..and send it on with love

      11. JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) did a very detailed study relating to disarming a segment (or entire) civilian population and genocide. Every nation that disarmed it’s civilians did not commit genocide but every nation that committed genocide first disarmed the group to be persecuted. In excess of 54 million civilians have been murdered by governments gone bad in the 20th century (not including those killed directly by war) and a very high percentage was by their own governments. Actually the #1 murderer of civilians (once again on purpose not war collateral damage) in the 20th century has been governments gone bad.

        Once the toxic cocktail mix of poverty caused by a corrupt government, hate fueled by that government to redirect blame for poor economic conditions and a disarmed subject group all bets are off on their survival. I shutter to think of what might have happened to the Japanese Americans interned during the Second World War if the US was loosing and a Japanese invasion took place.

        When genocide takes place in third world nations without running water and electricity like in Africa and Asia (Cambodia) one thinks that “Hell they are savages anyway, what do you expect”. When a nation with long time Juido-Christian roots, a high level of technology and education commits genocide a cold chill runs down ones back wondering if it can happen there it could potentially happen anywhere. Human beings are nasty animals with a capacity usually directed by some authority to hurt their fellow human beings having no bounds. From rock to nuclear weapon and everything in between they have used it all.

        If President Obama wants to disarm the US population he is still not on a page like the people (and I use that word very loosely) in the add with him. Hitler, Stalin & Obama? It’s like blue, red and cat in a word association.

        The left is often crazy but the far right can also be quite mad.

        • U voted for him, admit it!

          • Rich, man. You got thumbs up. Congratulations!

          • You got 10 thumbs up! For what it is worth, I give you quite a few of those. I don’t care what they say, you are alright. 🙂

        • Obama has not come out to disarm the people directly. Doing so would cause a wrath by 50 million homes in America that owns firearms. Its political suicide. No he gets there through the transparent model – appointing supreme court justices like the last two that would over turn pro gun decisions like Heller already adopted by the court.

          Michelle Obama is already on record giving a speech in public at an event where she told the audience “we need just one more vote to overturn Heller” and he was clearly referring to the supreme court votes.

          Its sad to see people who consider the right to bear arms “ok” with Obama because he hasn’t produced a direct assault on firearms, but the indirect assault is in place. People that ignore it – I guess don’t deserve to keep their guns because they are voting for a ideology that will take them.

          Final note – please review the Fast and Furious documentation if you need more evidence about how this administration deals with or thinks about guns. The emails clearly state they wanted to document this was a problem (rather than fix it) so they could restrict gun sales further…period.

          • Let us stop and remember Brian Terry. Now let us think of the hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens murdered by thugs using weapons provided by this government.

            Holder, Clinton & Obama should be indicted by a Mexican grand jury and should be tried for their culpability in those deaths. (after they are tried here for treason)

            We have come to the point that we are now proving Mao correct: “Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” (I think it was Mao, I’m tired) We no longer have respect for the institution of law to smooth out the differences between men. It is about power. And for now, the government (mistakenly) believes they have it.

        • Kevin2, while I totally agree with 90% of your typings, I have to take exception to your final conclusion. While Obama hasn’t personally OK’d many of the absolutely brutal things the others have totally approved of, he’s getting there!


          Ordered the Drone-a-cution of a US Citizen?

          Early on, criticized the ad-hoc legal interpretations of the Bush Admin and then created his own ad-hoc legal precedent to indefinitely detain people that MIGHT pose a danger? (He did this in his first national security briefing.)

          Uh, yeah, he’s getting there. While, you are correct, the far right can be mad, sometimes they’re just telling the truth.

          …as in this case. He’s getting there. Given enough time, who knows where he could end us up.

          • NetRanger

            Thank you for 90% agreement. In this case I the differences are too great. Hitler, Stalin & Obama? They did that with GW Bush too.

            As I said any country can become a NAZI Germany given the right circumstances but we dam,n sure ain’t there.

        • If you think that President Obungle is of a higher moral character than Hitler or Stalin, then I have some swamp land …… err, I mean vacation property in Georgia that I would like to talk to you about. I can make you a good deal on it???

      12. No comparison.

        Aside from his “dark” side, Hitler had some brains.

        • And he was vegeterian, he loved to work out, he was a decorated veteran of WWI, and had a beautiful villa up in the mountains.
          Perfect guy to mary your daughter. 🙂

          • Umm, not really. He was (according to Samuel Igra in Germany’s National Vice) a male prostitute in Austria before WW1.

            • Lol you’ll believe anything.

            • POA, You are on a roll tonight!

            • Well he lived in Meldemannstrasse, a hostel in Vienna known as a place where old men could obtain gay sex for money. He lived there for three years before WW1. He was also a close friend of Ernst Rohem before he had him executed during the night of the long knives. Rohem had quite the reputation. Check it out.

          • Hitler also had a very good looking woman that hung around with him. Well, OK, Obama’s daughters are cute. I guess that qualifies.

            I am sorry. I know being the first lady isn’t a beauty contest, but, Michelle Obama is a hideous hag! There! I said it and I mean it! She has no class. She has no grace. She has no beauty. She is rude and putrid. How is it possible that this “woman” can be *MY* first lady? Ugh.

            • Have you ever heard of Reggie Love?

            • Beauty is, as Beauty does. I wouldn’t give a crap that she looks like Mr. Snuffelupagus, (she does)if she actually did something worthwhile for this Country. WHAT A WASTE! Here she has a Once- In- History chance to make a Positive statement for Black women and women in general, and she makes it all about what? Fat.Kids. Not about education or empowerment or accountability. It’s about doughnuts. and french fries. So, as I said the outward matches the inside. Below average in my opinion.

          • … and meth addict in his later years.

        • yeah and I think his ‘ol lady was much better looking too

        • until he blew them out with his gun

          • Get sum, get sum! Eagles Nest. I disagree. They probably looked better outside of his brain bag.

        • I also heard Hitler was able to get Germany’s economy back on track after WW1 and was also able to get the Olympics to come to Berlin.

      13. It’s important to note that gun laws actually became slightly looser under Obama. I’m not for more regulation and I’m very pro 2nd amendment, but it’s important to state the facts and stop the “my team/your team” bullshit. Of course, this could all change tomorrow. Look at all the liberties that were taken away under Bush and now we have an extension of that with the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. This is as serious as it gets but we don’t stand a chance of fixing it with the usual politics. All I need to know about someone is whether they’re a stand up American or just another useless consumer. Piss on political parties!


        • 2 supreme court justices appointed, and Michelle has said publicly we need just one more

          • There’s a big difference between what the first lady says and what the President proposes as policy. Obama has much larger fish to fry in dealing with the economy, and his re-election bid. No President, no matter how anti-gun, would be so foolish as to make gun control a priority in times like these.

            • No, but he’ll do every thing he can to steal votes so that he will get another 4 yrs to then TRY to take away our gun rights!! Does ACORN sound familiar?

        • “Piss on political parties!”

          Why not? Turnabout IS fair play!

      14. I think it’s very disingenuous to associate Obama with those other guys. After all, they all had real jobs before they became leaders!!!!


        • Maybe so, Chuckles, but I bet that their communities were completely disorganized! 😉

      15. 90 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hands.

        90 million gun owners must organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

        90 million gun owners must register in their State’s Republican Primary and vote for Ron Paul, if there is to be any real change in the direction of America, anytime soon.

        Pass it on, everywhere.

        • durango kidd – you are right, if gun owners stay silent; then, they will lose their rights to owning guns.

          BTY: Where did the 90 million number come from? I read it was more like 60 million and that number sounds too high to me considering that about half of our 300 million population are children (150,000 million) and 51% of the remaining population are female (76,500 million) which leaves about 73,500 males. I realize some women own guns but most gun owners are male.

          • 50 to 60 million of the 110 to 115 million homes have guns in them. Those homes represent 90 million individuals considered gun owners.

        • Again, thanks for the consistent and constant message. They are listening. 🙂

        • Agreed, but there are too many Republicans hung up on having the gov’t stay involved in people’s lives to ever let Paul have a shot (i.e. outlawing gay marriage, outlawing abortion, drug enforcement, on and on). Ron Paul is the one person who is consistent across the board, representing a unified libertarian theory of policy. Everyone on this board, whether they agree with the social issues above or not, should be in favor of liberty and letting others live as they please. Unfortunately, I suspect that’s not the case. This post will probably generate plenty of dislikes accordingly…just as Paul has little chance swaying the “average” voter.

          • …especially when they won’t give him soundbites. How many straw polls has RP won but the new refuses to recognize that.

            Frankly, I think they are TERRIFIED that he might actually get to be a candidate and if he does, well, he’ll really upset the apple cart.

            So, what do they do? They freeze him out. In Iowa, he was the clear winner. Bachmann spent over $4 Million to win by only a few votes over RP who spent about $90 Thousand.

            Yet, night after night, they talked about Bachmann and the 3rd and 4th place winners (Rino Romney and Big Government Perry). It was to the point of being damned odd.

            They have an agenda. The press isn’t free. It was bought with a price. A big one! …and the cost to the American people is even greater.

            • What I do is give folks this link and then ask them to review it. When they are done please tell me which policy “scares” them or makes them believe he is “crazy?”


      16. Durango Kidd nailed it.

      17. I don’t care what any charismatic politicain wants.
        I don’t care what any judge decides.
        I don’t care if all of congress signs onto a UN gun ban.
        I don’t care if we end up in a global tyranny whose leader invokes the death penalty for gun ownership, I shall forever keep the tools that afford me liberty and a defense against genocide.

      18. Guns should come out of vending machines…cash only.

        • I agree… and it’s too bad the Hangun Control Act of 1968 did away with mail order guns. Pre-1968 must have been a sweet time to live in America… mail order guns and no yellow form.

        • I told my wife that the next gun I buy will be for cash in the parking lot of a gun show … no paperwork. For good meassure I’ll drag my left-leaning lawyer son-in-law with me as he need to see somne “right” thinking folks. Knoxville has a gun show almost every month.

          • Whoa big fella. Make absolutely damn sure that the guy you’re buying it from doesn’t have a table set up at the show. Gun shows are like militia meetings – about half the folks there are government agents. If you go outside to buy from a dealer specifically to avoid filling out the 4473 I believe you have committed a crime. (I could be wrong. I ain’t no lawyer) Now if you buy it from some Joe Schmoe that is just carrying one or two around to sell I believe you are OK.

      19. I was watching TV a few weeks ago and saw an add by the Department of Homeland Security that said “Report any suspicious activity”…

        I could not believe it…

        I thought my god are we living in a former Eastern Communist Bloc country or Stalin’s Russia!!!

        The scary thing is that most people probable did not even pay any attention to the add…

        • I studied Russian language and history as an undergrad and spent time in Russia. Government officials encouraging American citizens to report fellow citizens is especially troubling to me. Talk to anyone who has lived in Eastern Europe or a Soviet block country and they will tell you how scary daily life was because they were terrified that someone would narc on them over frivolous, contrived disagreements and circumstances. This is very scary indeed.

        • The power of suggestion. If you here it enough you will become brainwashed and believe you are endanger from your neighbor.

        • I don’t know. I don’t own a TV anymore. Started Plato’s Republic last night. Anyone with smarts want to help this confused old fart? (LOL)

          • damn straight – only Americans a stupid enough to actually PAY for the propaganda they are served. Most cable bills come to a car payment these days. TV free for 7 years now…but hey sit down fatty and consume you dalily ration of lies and inanities.

          • POA–I had a course dedicated to Plato in graduate school, one of the most rewarding courses I have ever taken, due to the foundation of knowledge it provides. However, his writing is quite difficult to get through until your mind is attuned to it. The first book of the Republic is particularly hard if you aren’t yet familiar with the Socratic question-and-answer dialogue.

            One takeaway from reading the book–I do NOT want to be ruled by a “philosopher king.” In particular, in book V he discusses breeding the “Guardian” class of men and women like dogs or horses, the best to the best, and all the babies are taken away by the state, and all the mothers nurse all the babies so they will never recognize their own. The defective or less-worthy babies are killed in secret. This discussion starts around section 459, and it is pretty shocking, along with some other totalitarian-sounding ideas. But it is a big jump forward from just being ruled by the local warlord.

            That being said, as you read Plato, your mind is definitely illuminated, and you can see why the chruch fathers thought Plato forsaw Christ “through a glass darkly” as Platonic philosophy had a profound impact on early Christian thought and writing–in particular, the gospel of John in couched in very Platonic terms.

            I would recommend something like the Teaching Company course on the Republic–it is $129, but think of it as a college course in a box. Maybe they have it available at your library? At any rate, it helps to approach the book with a good teacher.

            Good luck with your reading!

            • Oops–the Plato comment was from me; sorry!

            • Thanks. I have the Gryphon, classics of liberty edition. I believe this version was interpreted to provide the easiest understanding for the reader of modern English while staying accurate to the thought.

              Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

            • Let me know how it goes. Its kind of like you have to have read his works before you read a work–you need the perpective of the whole platonic system in order to understand the mechanics of what’s going on. But definitely a worthwhile endeavor. I would also recommend reading Machiavelli’s “The Prince” with the perspective that M. was deeply in love with the city of Florence and sought to protect her common people from the new Medici in power.

      20. 🙂 THE JOKE OF THE DAY!!! 🙂

        A doctor from France says:
        “In France , the medicine is so advanced that
        we cut off a man’s testicles; we put them into another man, and in 6 weeks he is looking for work.”

        The German doctor comments:
        “That’s nothing, in Germany we
        take part of the brain out of a person;
        we put it into another person’s head, and
        in 4 weeks he is looking for work.”

        A Russian doctor says:
        “That’s nothing either. In Russia we
        take out half of the heart from a person;
        we put it into another person’s chest, and
        in 2 weeks he is looking for work.”

        The U.S. doctor answers immediately:
        “That’s nothing my colleagues,
        you are way behind us….in the USA , about 2 years ago,
        we grabbed a person from Kenya
        with no brains, no heart, and no balls….we made him
        President of the United States , and now…….
        the whole damn country is looking for work.

        • Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

      21. True story from a Kansas State
        Highway Patrol officer :

        I made a traffic stop on an elderly lady the other day for speeding on U.S. 166 Eastbound at Mile Marker 73 just East of Sedan, KS. I asked for her driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.
        The lady took out the required information and handed it to me.In with the cards I was somewhat surprised (due to her advanced age)to see she had a conceal carry permit. I looked at her and ask if she had a weapon in her possession at this time.She responded that she indeed had a .45 automatic in her glove box.Something—body language, or the way she said it—made me want to ask if she had any other firearms. She did admit to also having a 9mm Glock in her center console. Now I had to ask one more time if that was all. She responded once again that she did have just one more, a .38 special in her purse. I then asked her what was she so afraid of. She looked me right in the eye and said, “Not a fucking thing!”

        “Life isn’t about how you survive the storm,
        but how you dance in the rain”

        • This is AWESOME! The elderly are often the most vulnerable to crime. On a recent visit to my local gun store, the owner told me that the last CCW class held at the store was 95% seniors and an even mix of men & women. The Pistol Class I just took had 6 women and 2 men. I think many would be surprised at the number of female gun owners. My mom personally owns more guns than my father. lol! I think more and more women are stepping up to the idea of owning and carrying. Exercise your constitutional right because you can! And remember guns do not kill people….people kill people. God Bless~D

          • I always encourage the women I know to own guns. When I was married I sent the wife to a gun store / indoor range to take a course. She got to shoot anything she wanted and at the end of the course she bought a Ladysmith .357. That is one beautiful gun and it’s funny to see a 4-11″ lady that weighs about 108# shooting a .357 but she does.

            Thinking about the old saying “Never speak in absolutes” I realize that not all people fit into categories, but it is my opinion that after they are comfortable owning and shooting handguns most women tend to be more mature and less likely to over-react than men.

            I have a female friend that just got to go thru our local PD training for the “shoot / don’t shoot” scenarios. She had two and passed both perfectly. Put 3 holes in one perp in less than 1 second, LOL.

      22. unbelievable, you rally around the bigoted cowards who insult your president like so many mindless moths to a flame.This idiot spews his hatred for health care spinning that it will cause you to lose your right to piss away your hard earned money on toys, and juvenile instruments? I am even more discusted with you clowns than usual. You hate America, because you hate what America stands for. You are the Nazi’s. Go vote for Ron Paul, you love crazy old men and you are all closeted homo’s.

        • You just put a target on your forehead. Bolshevik jackass.

        • Wanker

        • THAT was effective, wasn’t it Maindawg? Your ever-so-eloquent post has spurred such a discussion that you have changed everyone’s mind!!!

          YOU, Maindawg, are a miracle worker who has accomplished what Dr. MLK was unable to do. Merely by calling people gay, YOU HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD.

          Bigots are now peace-loving hippies. They are joining me, Daisy, in braiding a dandelion chain of love to reach around the world. Please join me in a round of Kumbaya around the campfire of love.

          We aren’t worthy of your brilliance, Maindawg!

        • Sir, I am willing to listen to anybody with an intelligent opinion, But there are no facts to back up any argument that you might have concerning what you stated. 1.) There is nothing in the constitution giving the Government the power to mandate healthcare to the American people. 2.) The 1st amendment gives us the right to speak our mind about our Government. 3.) My hard earned money is mine to do with as I please including exercising my 2nd Amendment right. 4.) I am a Veteran and I love my Country. 5.) Apparently your idea of America is the land of the free paid for by the few willing to work and earn a living.6.) I believe if my history is correct the Nazi’s were the one forcing the will of the few on the unwilling many through terror and death. 7.) Ron Paul may be the only person in my lifetime that actually wants to do what is right for America including forcing the government to abide by the Constitution.

          • The Constitution doesn’t GIVE us anything…it merely states what rights we are all BORN with. Most of the Constitution defines the LIMITS of the power of the government.

            If you want freedom, you have to be willing to give it to others. Vote Ron Paul!

        • We hate America? You, sir, have no idea what America *IS*. To talk like that to us, you are revealing to us that you have not a whisp of the American spirit within you. Be gone! Move to some socialist outpost. Don’t beg us to come get you when they decide you need to be in a forced labor camp or just left to starve.

          You know, you can call me whatever you want. A clown. An idiot. An asshole. A retard. But, to say I hate America, well, that pissed me off the most.

          Sorry pal, but we *LOVE* what *AMERICA* stands for. We HATE what the United States of America, Inc stands for and how it has fucked over America, The World and its people. …and we’re fighting it, tooth, nail and soon, I fear, bullet. Go shill somewhere else, commutard!

          • …and furthermore!!! There are people that probably have holes in them, limbs missing and loved ones that died that love America without saying a damned word. They gave more than a whiner such as yourself could ever give. While I’ll be the first one to say how the military is used as an evil tool to consume massive quantities of military supplies and destablilize societys to enrich the elites, the men and women that sign up for the US Military are the most honorable on the planet. For you to insult the ones on here with an accusation that they “Hate America” is the most ludicrous thing I have ever read!!!

        • F-U-C-K Y-O-U 🙂
          leave my country

      23. have you noticed in the past few days that you cant see, and cant read, or cant comment on any AP news report or yahoo news..??

        wonder how many other news agencies are “claming” that their interactive portion of these stories is down?

        • yep i noticed that too. I thought i was blocked but they are not letting us speak our truth because the truth hurts and they know it. that is sad.

        • My local (Hearst-owned) news channel website recently changed from open commenting to FaceBook-only commenting, meaning only logged in FaceBook users can comment. Needless to say, free speech dropped 99% overnight.

          • I am thinking the time for “commenting” is coming to an end and fast

      24. As the USS of A has now stopped minting coins (due to having no money to do it !) we can reasonably assume the end is near.
        With 300 million plus sheeple still out there, you Americans have NO CHANCE unless you ALL wake up and stand up and dump this pathetic sock puppet “leader” you have called Obama.
        So realistically, you’re all screwed as there won’t be a mass uprising. I know it, you know it (deep down anyway) and the US government knows it.
        Get out of the US now while you still can.
        A nice subsistence living growing potatoes in a remote mountain range in an undeveloped country sounds good.
        Wait much longer and you won’t have to leave the USA to get that life…

      25. Does this mean gun shops are gonna take down that poster that has Obama as “Gun Salesman of the Year”……I sorta liked that one.

        • Was that the one that had target on his forehead?

        • Now, that’s funny..TnAndy!!!

          Thanks for that.

      26. Every Politician wants an unarmed constituency.

        • “Every Politician wants an unarmed constituency.”

          No, actually every politician does not want this… but EVERY tyrant and every wannabee tyrant does!

      27. Nice hype (advertisement). He’s making a point and trying to sell more ammo is all. Nothing wrong with it. Certainly nothing there to disect.

      28. If what I’m learning about the republican candidates is true… Gingrich is a progressive, so is romney. Paul is better but foreign policy sucks, back to either bachman or santorum.
        Screw it clone John Wayne!
        We need someone to junk everything the govt has implimented since 1881. Unleash the American spirit of individualism, inventiveness, and freedom. Release the chains of regulation of industry and watch this country come roaring back to be the leader of the free world. Amen here endeth the sermon.

        • “We need someone to junk everything the govt has implimented since 1881. Unleash the American spirit of individualism, inventiveness, and freedom. Release the chains of regulation of industry and watch this country come roaring back to be the leader of the free world.”

          You said RP’s foreign policy sucked and then you wrote a paragraph advertising EVERYTHING he stands for.

          Are you schizophrenic?

          • Nope… Work nights, have ADD, 6 cups of coffee, 2 heavily sugar coated donuts and 3 hours of sleep.
            RP is ok on domestic issues but isolationism is what got us into WW1 and 2, let the progressives take control of this country and let lots of good people die. The world is a big place with lots of people who want to kill us, because of what our constitution represents. That’s what I’m getting at. Put him in charge of the treasury with the FBI backing him and get all these GB buttholes in chains!

            • Please grow up.

            • Actually the GBs wanted us involved in WW1. The German embassy put ads in the newspapers trying to get Americans to stay off of the Lusitania. They knew it was being used to haul ammuntion.

              Enough of that, here is the link to the Ron Paul positions.


              Take a look. See what his foreign policy really is.

              Personally I believe that islam is a very dangerous political ideology that goes beyond anything that we can be held accountable for. Sure, we angered them by sticking our nose in the wrong places but muslims kill in Kenya, Russia, Phillipines, India as well as attacking Americans.

              Since we do not live in a perfect world but do seem to have some, damn near, perfect weaponry I personally think there is room for an honest, intelligent and rational debate about what risks are truly posed by them possessing nuclear weapons. If someone is insane enough to celebrate the deaths of their children then we need to honestly assess what, if any, risk they pose to us. For that reason I would like to see a Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and maybe Santorum, debate.

              It’s the leadership of the RINOS and Democrats that are the NWO banker buddies and I don’t believe they are going to allow anyone other than their selected few run.

              Pass the double aught buck, please.

      29. Ok, one more friggen time. Mac can you post the Ann Barnhardt interview that was run on wideawake news. I just watched it and it will definiftely bring some round table discussion. Btw I just got hung up by the ” YOU’RE POSTING TOO FAST, SLOW DOWN!. My response:phtwwwwwwfffff.

        • Dude, if your blog is going to contain no original material, and you are going to promote it thru comment spam (comments that add nothing to the discussion and simply say hey visit my blog), at least get the menu straight. Contact=About Movies=Videos Submit=149-2

      30. IMHO this is the time to stand for what we believe in. Protest as preppers, and dare them to take our stored food, guns, gold, or whatever else we want to buy with our own hard earned money. Time to turn the lights on the cockroaches. Let them be exposed and run back to their dirty hiding places. Cockroaches are opportunistic cowards. Takes guts, but wouldn’t any one of you die for your children and their freedom to live a life of dreams and goals. These cockaroaches want to take that away from you and your children. Can not let them.

        • …in short:

          Ann Barnhardt up!

          Wow! The only woman on the internet with Steel Ones!

          She’s amazing!

          How about Paul/Barnhardt 2012. Holy Crap! That would put THE FEAR OF GOD into the District of Criminals!

          • I thought about Ann as director of Homeland Security. She’d be packing a 16 with a 203 herself, LOL.

      31. There ain’t much a man can’t fix
        with 7 hundred dollars and a 3006.

        Y’all Beware!

      32. I was in an 8 hour pistol class on Sat. The instructor, a retired Sheriff , informed the students that there were warehouses full of primers ready and waiting to be shipped out to stores, dealers, and ammo manufacturers, but TPTB refused to release them to be sold and shipped. TPTB said that they must be inspected first. The manufacturer said fine come inspect them….TPTB said oh, but we currently do not have any inspectors available to do this. We will get to it when we can. Folks, this is a wake up call! They will probably never be successful at stopping the ownership of guns so they will attempt to control the availability of ammunition.

        • Pardon me while I comment on my own post. The instructor found this out because he called to place an order with said manufacturer. They explained, while there was no issues with inventory, they would have to put his order on B/O until as such time the Fed’s got around to the inspection and release the product to ship. He doubled his order and it arrived nearly three months later. He also told us about an ammo. sale he took advantage of, 1/2 price with customer limit. Upon his second trip through the check stand, the clerk said umm, there is a limit. He told her every time he walked through the doors he was a new customer. She asked how much he planned to buy. He said 10k rounds because I can.

      33. Where is Clay? Straight up guy, miss his comments.

      34. I believe in “gun control”….Without proper “gun control” one cannot place the next 49 rounds where the first one went.

      35. Here’s all the “Gun Control” you need–

        1*Line up the sights…(crosshairs, open sights, laser dot, whatever
        2*Relax and breathe evenly and steadily
        3*Squeeze trigger in a steady smooth pull, dont jerk
        4*Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 until no more loud noises come from gun
        5*Remember to reload immediately, even if the zombies all look dead

        • Can I borrow this? Will attribute to Mr. S. Okie!


        • Uh, if they are armed, they aren’t peasants..they’re THEIR bosses…don’t forget that.

      37. If they try to do weapons confiscation or ban guns or the Supreme say the Second Amendment is not an individual right. This is what will happen the day after they issue any of these orders.


      38. Both party’s suck. It’s like professional wrestling.You put this move on me to make yourself look good, and i’ll do you the next time around. The fool’s who vote will never know what hit’s them. Oh, by the way, what’s the next thing we can loot from the dwindling coffers ?

        • Mike C:

          You’re right. Both parties suck. And the reason they suck is that both parties are progressive parties. So, it doesn’t matter if you vote demo or rep, the USA will wind up somewhere between Socialism and Fascism in the next 4 or 5 years.

          • “So, it doesn’t matter if you vote demo or rep, the USA will wind up somewhere between Socialism and Fascism in the next 4 or 5 years.”

            Sounds like a “target rich environment” to me.

        • Mike C: you say the Demican-Republicrat system is like professional wrasslin? I vehemently disagree for one reason:

          The female wrestlers are SOOOOOO much more attractive than the female “representatives” on the Potomac!

          Just look at those females in the Senate and the OutHouse–Lindsay Graham, Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, SchaCOWski, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Feinstein, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Debbie-Washerman-Shultz, McCarthy, Cantwell, Susan Collins, and Amy Klobuchar!

          • Vincent, I can still look at them (one at a time) and not suffer as badly as looking at Nappytonto. She makes my eyes hurt.

      39. When the shtf, the governments stance on gun control will not be the big issue. Regardless of what THEY put into law, very few will give up their guns. A bigger issue to think about would be THEIR guns. Our efforts and our focus might be more effectively applied to disarming THEM. We need the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Nat. Guard on our side. We need the Police to side with us. Lets put TPTB on the defensive with gun control. THEY can’t even consider disarming the people if we give them no wiggle room

        • Check that. OathKeepers. God Bless the OathKeepers!

      40. Unlike Obama, the other genocidal maniacs in the ad were genuinely respected, genuinely feared, or genuinely loved.

      41. I dont see any way that they can put these horses back in the barn. And they know any attempt to do so, could spell the end for them.
        problem is..they aint too bright, and the Fast and Furious gun running debacle shows just how stupid they can get.
        These are the criminals we are dealing with, and these are the acts they will go to to meet with their adgenda..no matter how many innocent people get killed in the process, this in and of its self shows me we have lost the leadership in this government, and they all need to go.
        I hope Mexico wants them all, and if I had any power to give them to Mexico..I’d do it in a heart beat
        Because thats what you do with traitors.
        Mexico lines traitors up.. This country pays them, gives them power..and ignores their crimes against their own country men

      42. I will make my next ammo purchase from USA. About time people started to tell it like it is. This scum, impostor in the WH has disgraced the whole nation. He would like nothing better than to use a “false flag” to bring down the 2nd Amendment. Now you have to ask yourself why are the dems so set on taking away our guns? Could it be that they are afraid of the purpose of the 2nd Amendment and the rest of our Constitution? Without the 2nd Amendment the rest of the Constitution is not worth the ink it was written with.
        BTW…see Fast & Furious if you have doubts of “False Flag”

      43. Hey everyone,
        Where is clay, I hope he and his family are okay. Just busy I bet. He has farm like me.
        I knew our President had no respect of the Constitution of America. That is one of the reasons I did not vote for him. I absolutely refuse to vote for someone because of their color or gender. I come from a military family and the man did respect the military at all.
        I’m black, was raised in a God fearing, country loving, hard working family.
        It would break my Dad’s hear to see what had happened to this country.

        I ordered 10 pocket Constitutions to give with Christmas gifts. Most of the people I’m around do not understand just how preious our Constitution is.They take our freedoms for granted, and do not see how we are losing them.

        stay prayed up and keep prepping.

        Non Carborundum Illegitimatus (Don’t let the bastards get you down)

      44. I don’t think the government can take peoples guns now, they may have pulled it off in the early 50s when hunting slowed down and people were still tired of guns from WW2 and Korea, but now there are about 90 million gun owners and a couple hundred million guns, subtract about a million for LEO who would keep their guns for our protection. Maybe people who are on the tax payers teat will roll over just to keep what they think are their entitlements, but the majority will not. I just wish I was twenty or even ten yrs younger to see what happends in the next ten yrs.

      45. Oh I meant to comment about guns. Maine is a lot like the west in that we don’t give a second thought to guns. they are a part of rual likfe. My husband and I figure there are mostlikely 30 to 35 guns and rifles on our road alone. We grow up with guns. I love the story about the elderly woman in Kanas.
        We had an 80 year old woman that pulled a gun and held the guy until the police showed up.
        They will never disarm us.

        We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth..
        For my part, I am willing to know the truth;
        To know the worst;
        And to provide for it.

        Patrick Henry

      46. I’m sorry, but an ammunition company scaring the shit out of you by flashing footage of genocides is akin to an ice cream company telling you your optimum weight is 400lbs. Cui Bono? Who benefits? As much as I support gun ownership (which is higher per capita in socialist Canada, by the way) I do not support brainwashing and scare tactics used to dupe people out of their money. It is a stretch to tie gun confiscation and registration to the horrors depicted in this commercial. The most dangerous thing is to lose the ability to think critically and rationally, this type of hyperbole just drives the wedge between people deeper.

      47. My question: Even with ownership of guns, how are we suppose to protect ourselves from drones and other high tech weapons that are now being used in the U.S.? Glenn Greenwald has a good article on the use of drones inside the U.S. (he is at salon.com – and the only guy I read over there).

        The US made its first arrest of some guys (over some cows of all things) by using drone technology.

        It is going to take more than just retaining our ownership of guns to diffuse this authoritarian state that is creeping faster and faster into our lives. (What seems to be coming will make Orwell’s world look mild in comparison).

        • Well, Cat. I guess the only thing to do is get one of those military guys that can shoot a flea off a cat(sorry) from a mile..after a few of these drones fall, think they’ll get the message.
          OOh-Rah! any military ace shooters out there??

          • I shot many “pinwheels” at 500 yards with an open site on my M-14. Sure would like a crack at a good target with an M-82.

            Who’s gonna spot for me?

            • Oh, DK, when this s**t goes down, I don’t believe you’ll have a problem finding a spotter.
              You may have to stand in line at the tree of liberty, though; bring lots of rope..

              Scripture mentions ‘putting on the armor of God to stand against the devil’s schemes’…..I read the ending; we win!

      48. Kinda telling that the government isn’t worrying so much about all the illegal weapons in the hands of career criminals and the hundreds of street gangs. Instead, they concentrate on ever more restrictions on legal firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens and obstructing our right to carry concealed for self defense to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

        The way I see it, the government must view an armed citizenry as a threat to itself. Armed criminals and street gangs on the other hand only prey on each other, and on us.

      49. Mr. Obama wants e-mail on all Republicans.He has a list of all his “enemies” YOU and ME…..when I lived in Eastern Europe we had a list on all the commies and God only knows how many of the sob’s have disappeared ( in backwoods) They understand only one thing…brutal force…make a list …start taking names as they do….take names …take names….and addresses
        and dont be shy to go after them when the SHTF

      50. I like guns, but you can’t hole up in your house forever. Eventually you have to leave it unguarded, and that’s when the home invaders strike. They’ll be waiting for you when you return home. In the event of SHTF, people will live, as they once did, within guarded fortress walls. Isolated, well-stocked cabins, are easy targets for roving bandits. I think many of you crazed survival-types haven’t thought through your anti-social handicap and are unable to see how it would really be.

      51. My family is from Argentina. To compare any American president to “leaders” who killed millions is highly offensive to people like me who are the descendants of those who fled such tyrannical regimes. You all should thank God every day you live in a country where you can speak freely and make ads like this, because I assure you if you lived in North Korea or Nazi Germany and made this ad, you would be in a concentration camp so fast. The fact that the makers of this ad are not dead yet is proof that we live in a free country. God bless America.

      52. It’s ridiculous that some folks really think that the gov’t is trying to take their guns away. It goes to show that some people will believe anything they hear. I got plenty of guns, I never bought that phony crap these loonies are peddling. Plus on the nazi thing, honestly, unoriginal, overdone, inaccurate.

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