America’s Quiet War on Cash Fuels Banker Power: “Cracking Down On Paper Money”

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    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The

    Editor’s Comment: The new system is being built up to make slaves of us. The digital currency is the least secure in every way, not only giving banks and governments specific and total information about all your transactions, but opening people up to hacking, theft and the power of losing all your 1’s and 0’s at the touch of a button.

    If/when the system is shut down, digital accounts will be inaccessible or wiped out. Cash, where it is still available, will be heavily restricted. Playing by the new rules means being completing dependent on the system being operational and secure. All the power to the top and entrusted to people who are not to be trustworthy.

    Why You Should Be Paying Attention to America’s Quiet War on Cash

    by Shaun Bradley

    Government campaigns of intimidation — like the wars on drugs, terror, and poverty — have been used to extort the public for decades. Despite the previous failures of institutional “wars,” a new war on cash is being waged that threatens freedom in a more subversive way than ever before.

    Banks and governments around the world are cracking down on the use of paper money, and in turn, eliminating any anonymity left in the current system. Through strict rules on cash transactions and civil asset forfeiture laws, for example, the system has already instituted penalties for using cash. But as payments evolve into a purely digital network, the consequences of this new paradigm are being brought into the spotlight.

    The ability to track, record, and mediate transactions of all individuals is a power dictators throughout history could have only dreamed of. Those who value privacy are turning to alternatives like cash, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals, but these directly threaten central bank dominance. This ongoing tug-of-war in financial innovation will determine whether we enter an age of individual empowerment or centralized enslavement.

    As mundane as it may seem, the main reason for this push to go cashless is directly tied to what world central banks are doing to prop up their economies. The manipulation of interests rates to zero or even negative has left central banks no ammunition to fight off the next recession. Without the ability to cut interest rates even further, stimulating economic growth is nearly impossible.

    The decisions made in response to the 2008 crisis have led to a perverted environment in which customers could be charged just for holding money in their accounts. As long as individuals have the ability to move their funds into paper currency and escape the losses, banks are still limited to how far they can push the envelope. Regardless, the federal government continues to pressure banks into issuing “Suspicious Activity Reports” for withdrawals of even as little as $5,000. That amount will undoubtedly decrease if and when more people resort to stuffing cash under their mattresses.

    Kenneth Rogoff, the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, noted in a recent paper how a cashless world would expand banks’ options:

    “In principle, cutting interest rates below zero ought to stimulate consumption and investment in the same way as normal monetary policy, by encouraging borrowing. Unfortunately, the existence of cash gums up the works. If you are a saver, you will simply withdraw your funds, turning them into cash, rather than watch them shrink too rapidly. Enormous sums might be withdrawn to avoid these losses, which could make it difficult for banks to make loans.”

    Conditioning the public to believe privacy and mere possession of cash are criminal acts is key to the establishment’s push into this new digital model. The media’s focus on cash and Bitcoin being used to fund cartelsterrorism, and gang activity is just a smokescreen for the real agenda of complete control — especially considering the big banks have already been caught laundering money for cartels and terrorist groups. The disruptive role cryptocurrencies and precious metals will play in this grand scheme is yet to be seen, but for now, they’re the best competition to the fiat dollar hegemony.

    Bitcoin has been the trailblazer of blockchain technologies. With its mobility and limitless applications, it has created an entire frontier for entrepreneurial innovation. Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network promotes free association, free trade, and increased privacy without needing a government or bank stamp of approval. With the help of free-thinking developers, the cashless revolution could take shape as an open-sourced network that empowers people in incredible ways. The cashless central bank knockoff being put in place is nothing more than a trojan horse that, over time, will reveal itself as obsolete, like all other centralized models. The transformative effect on communication that will come with the development of the internet offers some idea of what the blockchain will do for the financial sector. Peer-to-peer banking has done a better job of encouraging small business growth and entrepreneurship than any government policy ever has.

    The rapid rise of Bitcoin’s price created a frenzy of interest, but the volatility and hacking scandals that followed have stalled the momentum. If cryptocurrencies are going to have a real chance as a viable alternative to government paper, they have a lot to prove before they can win over the masses. The blockchain ecosystem needs time to stabilize, and the public needs a chance to educate themselves on its potential. Until then, a balance between this new technology and more stable, time-tested assets can create a foundation for those seeking financial independence.

    Gold and silver bullion shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to personal finance; with a hard asset that preserves wealth, losses from inflation and negative interest rates can be a thing of the past. Not only have they outlasted every government fiat currency in history, but they also provide a way to hold value off the books and transact anonymously. With precious metals, there is no counterparty risk, and their worth isn’t dependent on any government, bank or company. Having tangible assets directly in your possession assures the purchasing power of your savings is secure.

    Euro Pacific Capital CEO, Peter Schiff, warned about not diversifying out of fiat currency:

    “People should have an escape valve for their money, their assets. If you have substantial financial assets, the government is going to confiscate the purchasing power of those assets and spend it.”

    The government’s crusade to restrict financial freedom is just beginning; as always, fear and propaganda will be used to condition the masses into submission. The personal responsibility needed to protect yourself from the inevitable changes in the system can be overwhelming, but without taking the proper steps, the current ruling class will make the decisions for you.

    A cashless society is sold as a way to protect your identity, prevent crime, and create a safer world, but there is always a tradeoff. The only cashless model that can succeed is a decentralized one that can sustain itself without bailouts or manipulation. Banks and governments aren’t motivated by some noble vision for society; like all humans, self-interest is paramount. If their power monopoly is threatened by cash, free speech, drugs, or anything else, that threat will be demonized and attacked with no mercy. Although this technology based future has many unknowns, hopefully, the path we choose will create opportunities for entrepreneurs to make real progress against this financial oligarchy.

    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The


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      1. Cash today Gold and silver tomorrow. I don’t care I spend all I have on prepps.

        • The solution: Ten dollar bills in number ten cans. Save your change every night. Been doing that for years. Take the cash out of the system. Put it in your pocket. Or in the backyard with your physical gold and silver. King Dollar will be the last fiat standing.

          Keep stackin N packin. 🙂

        • CASH… use it or lose it, cardtards!

          • Use the cards. Stash the cash. Cards will collapse long before King Dollar does. Leave the gangster banksters holding the cards while you hold the cash. 🙂

            • WTH are you talking about DK? The cards are denominated in dollars. When they ban cash it will be all cards! All control too. Your post makes no sense whatsoever.

              • They are not going to ban cash for YEARS at best. You worry about it, I don’t need too. I got a mountain of gold & silver backing my stash.

                And if they ban gold and silver? I got lead. 🙂

      2. Why we always see the quotes and advises from the same people who are part of the same Jewry banking cartels? The goal should be the total elimination. Not the elimination of the money rather the elimination of the banksters and their families and minions worldwide.

        • Smart people aready converted their fiat paper to physical PM’s. So banning paper will make my wealth skyrocket. Sooner the better.


          • Skyrocket in digital currency? How is that a good thing?

      3. Perhaps we, the people, could decide upon a no fluctuating value for gold coins and silver dimes. And start circulating our own money without the permission or advice of government employees.


        • Those coins which you speak of, are called: “pieces of eight”. It won’t work. 🙂

        • BfromCA, My employer will not pay me in metals and not enough people have metals to buy stuff from me. I would just be giving away all my metals till they were gone. Too bad the masses are so addicted to their cards, they will get what they deserve. It just pisses me off they drag me down with them.

      4. If you want to deal in gold and silver, you’d better invest in testing kits, because everyone in the world will be counterfeiting. Test kits, I notice seem to be missing on all the prepper “must have” lists.

      5. Invest in barter items with your cash now. H.ave some gold and silver also.

      6. My neighbor was feeding a wild rabbit that started hanging around. I think this one may have some, if not all, domesticated DNA. Yesterday, the rabbit was in a large bird cage. I inquired and found that they wanted the rabbit poop for fertilizer. As if we don’t have enough chicken shit. But you never know how valuable shit is until you go out and try to sell it. I’ve had some businesses. Sounds impressive but it’s not really. My little sister rented a store and started a business selling God knows what when we were kids in our teens. She’s no genius and neither am I. You just have to find shit that people want. Like I said.

        Well, when I had my business kiosk at the mall; there was this pretty little lady crying her eyes out. I asked why, and she told me nobody wanted to buy her shit. And she had a lot of it.

        The moral of this story is, be careful what you stack for barter. Don’t just stack one item in case that item is not going to work out. And sometimes the things we need are free and readily available if we open our eyes and look around.


        • ive been making potassium nitrate from rabbit poo all my life. Generally it is used as a food preservative but it is also good for gunpowder.

          • How about some potassium chlorate?

            • There are easier and more hygienic ways to do that.

      7. Heading towards a one world currency. Mark of the beast for total control of the masses.

      8. It is about control

        • And it will give them ABSOLUTE CONTROL! Once again, thanks cardtards!

      9. Digital money has not been immune to government confiscation (civil asset forfeiture). Get stopped by the police and you can find the police have taken all the money out of your prepaid cards.

        There was a recent lawsuit because the government froze all 30 million of assets of a woman leaving her nothing to live on or pay legal fees, These included brokerage accounts and bank accounts.

      10. JP Morgan: “Gold is money, everything else is credit” (or debt). Let ’em take back their debt based fiat. Metals will thrive in the black market.

      11. The War on Cash– hmmm, what part of THE prelude to the Mark of the Beast don’t people GET about this???

        Wake the FLOCK UP, people!!!

      12. The idea behind alt-market is plan to set up small local barter markets post collapse in the same vein as the ones that popped up in Argentina in 1995. The lessons to learn from them is to keep it local and never centralize. They started to have problems with the model when they tried to centralize their own “creditos”, a kind of paper currency used only in the barter clubs. I can see this model only working locally and if you want to introduce a “coupon” or other kind of paper system(to have usable denominations), you would have to establish a “silver standard”.

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