America’s Death Zones: Where NOT To Be When It Hits the Fan

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Headline News | 442 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    As the potential for a globally destabilizing event becomes ever more probable, many concerned Americans are starting to wonder where they’d go if the worst were to happen.

    To help answer that question, we can start by identifying the areas of the country to avoid.

    The following map of the United States takes into account all of the gun related deaths since the Sandy Hook school shooting. You’ll likely notice that there is one common denominator. The majority of the violence has occurred in major metropolitan areas, with some incidents spreading into outlying ex-urban and rural areas. As of this writing 2,244 people have been killed since December of 2012.

    If this is the state of our nation during relative peacetime and perceived prosperity, imagine what it’ll look like in the midst of financial, economic or political turmoil.

    Americans living east of the Mississippi River will likely experience the brunt of it. But anyone residing in and around any major U.S. city will, likewise, have a tough road ahead of them.

    If you live in one of these red zones, you’d better plan accordingly:

    Mapping the Dead

    As you may have guessed, the overwhelming factor in determining your chances of survival during a wide-scale regional or national emergency will be population density, a topic that has been extensively covered by Strategic Relocation specialist Joel Skousen:

    …every crisis that threatens, even a local crisis, can turn exponential because of close proximity to people who cannot help themselves. Even good people panic in a crisis…

    Wherever we find large groups of people, when crisis strikes we will also find the worst that mankind has to offer – rioting, looting, starvation and violence.

    Survival expert James Rawles refers to them as the golden horde; the thousands of people who will be desperate for supplies, shelter and safety in the aftermath of a major catastrophe:

    …there is just a thin veneer of civilization on our society. What is underneath is not pretty, and it does take much to peel away that veneer. You take your average urbanite or suburbanite and get him excessively cold, wet, tired, hungry and/or thirsty and take away his television, beer, drugs, and other pacifiers, and you will soon seen the savage within. It is like peeling the skin of an onion—remove a couple of layers and it gets very smelly. (Survival Blog)

    Given the probability of the United States succumbing to any number of devastating catastrophes that may include an economic collapse, food shortages, pandemicregional earthquakessolar storms, or war, there is ample motivation for those with the means to do so to get out of densely populated areas of the country. Likewise, living in locales with close proximity to major thoroughfares such as interstate highway systems could pose a danger as the ‘horde’ evacuates disaster-struck areas.

    For many, relocation is not possible because of job requirements or other factors. Thus, those of us who are left with no choice but to remain in populated urban or sub-urban areas, it is strongly recommended that you consider preparedness planning for staying put, or bugging in, during an emergency. It’s not the ideal scenario, but if you plan on hunkering down then you may find it advantageous to have food stores and other long-term supplies, as well as home defense plans. And, should things get so bad that you have to leave your primary residence, be sure to have evacuation plans in place.

    The U.S. government is actively preparing to deal with the aftermath of many of the possible crises cited above, namely the civil unrest that will follow. Police and military units are training to deal specifically with urban scenarios because emergency services planners understand that America’s metropolitan death zones will be completely devoid of law & order.

    If you’re in one of these areas, and plan on staying during a major crisis, take steps now to prepare for the inevitability of mass chaos.


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      1. I just wanna at least live long enough to know my ex is dead. Anything after that is gravy.

        • Some suffering would be OK too. She was so sure the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.

          • FB

            You know Mclovins ex?

            • I meant mine. After 25 Years she went Bat Shit Crazy.

              • Well, at least you made 25 years. Mine went nuts after 23 years. Left me, the kids and her annoying chihuahuas behind. For the UPS guy no less. I kept the preps though 😉

                • Mine left me for the non drinking guy that died of liver cirrhosis a year later. Luckly my youngest was 18 and they were smart and stay the hell out of the way.

                  • Thanks guys for the laugh. My first left after 21 years and gave away all my preps and cashed in the gold when it was at $250 an ounce. Good news, in the last 12 years I have recovered to 80% of what I once had and a prepper minded wife (8 years now). Thank the Lord.

                • Mine went nuts after 23 years too! Also left me ALL the preps. She also left the very protective Mastiff/Lab mix. Life is good.

                  • It’s been 23 years for us. How’d yall get her to leave?

                • What happened to the MilkMan?

                  • He clabbered?

                  • I don’t know but I have a feeling the UPS guy packed it in.

                  • They no longer deliver, she’ll have to search him out.

                • yeah, those ups guys really deliver…

                • What can “Brown” do for you?

                • My wife thought Our firstborn looked like the UPS man. Should that have concerned me?

                  • Only if he had a large package.

                • I dunno…maybe you guys are the ones that are nuts..huh?

                • Well we conveniently have to take all of y’alls side! I’m sure the women would have a very different story indeed! Probably something along the lines of not getting her needs met for 20 something years, while putting up with a jerk, and finally realizing life’s too short to be miserable, or too long! Just depends on how you look at it I guess!

              • Mine only took 15 years to get there, but since she was with me until 2001 she is a Doomsday Prepper. There is even a video about her.

                She has driven away everyone who ever loved her so I doubt she will last long on her own.

                • Mine was 11 years. I have the house in the woods (my b.o.l.), the preps, guns, silver, and now, a new fiance who can cook. She got the new guy (who’s already beaten her twice), the kid she got knocked up with while we were married, half the bills, and a life she never dreamed would be hers when she decided to step out and lie to me for 2 months. But what made me file, was when I was praying for guidance, on my knees, trying to convince her to come home so we could raise a (his) child, she said to me “Stop praying, I don’t believe that crap”…….. Best of luck to the rest of you

                  • Ironic…similar thing happened to me.

                    Still got the house, the preps but it’s not all resolved yet.

                    God be with you all.


                  • Well you can never tell;so much for the “compassionate souls”-mine’s gone after 7 1/2yrs and since the 10yr mark means half OF EVERYTHING THING,NO MATTER WHAT(PENSION,401k,Deferred Comp)I signed what I probably shouldn’t have but have rebounded marvelously well financially,spiritually,emotionally and have preppered like no tomorrow and if things really go “south”,to hell with custody,I’ll be taking my daughter away from the madness(might have to bring her along or she just might run behind us cause it won’t be cool for a single womanand know what that means)cause I’m the only person totally charged with her safety and have the means to do so,so all you guys in similar situations,hey,you’re not alone and with GOD on your side you shall prevail. PEACE.

                • I enjoyed the video, made me feel married all over again and grateful that I am divorced. Thank God, she left, and life is quiet and good once more.

                  • amen;aint nuthin like peace of mind.

                • Gee. Sounds like you cared a lot about her. I wonder why she ever left?

                • So many watched the video that someone complained and Youtube deleted it, but you can find it at one of the many mirror sites like

                • YouTube has already taken it down “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.” Fumduckers…

              • Dude. It’s called menopause.

                • I think your all fucked in the head this a survival article not your exwives

                  • Are you married? Sometimes survival is getting rid of a bad choice when you were young. ^_^

                  • If you have a relationship with YAHUWAH that is all that matters now, people will disappoint and be unreliable and unfaithful, but God is always there for you even to the end of the age, it is not the end of the world so dont panic, stay focused, and get blessed candels, if you have not repented of sin, do so and give your heart to HIM. If you are a sinner the candels wont light,the houses with blinds and curtains drawn and the candels burning God will supernaturally protect. Fill your bath with water, the world will be plunged into total darkness no moon either, dont go outside or let anyone in once the darkness has set in, the voices wont be loved ones but demons pretending to be family or friends, if they are not with you in the house before the darkness, they are meant to die, and are not Gods chosen few. The darkness will last 3 days and 3 nights only, then it will be over and the wicked will be no more, only christians left to re populate and start anew. Seers and prophets from different centuries all gave this prophecy. See you in the golden age if you are a descendant of Abraham and you live the commandement, love the Yahuwah with all your heart mind soul and strength and love your neighbour as yourself. Hallelujeh Amen.

                  • swampratt, have a sense of humor, you’ll need it when the shtf. There are so many ways to get stressed out, and there are times on this site that our brothers and sisters in prepping get hit with a thought that actually helps many of us smile or laugh.
                    Remember: being high strung will cause you to make a fatal mistake.

                    Benny Youngman once said ” My wife enjoys sex best at a hotel, she called me the other day from the hotel and said she really enjoyed it.”

                  • If you think marriage is not a true test of survival then you have miles to go before you sleep.

                  • Yeah, they survived marriage, and then a divorce and came out on top! That’s surviving!

                  • Anonymous, please provide the scripture reference(s) to your post about 3 days and 3 nights. Thank you.

              • @Facebook, but why?!? oh, but why did that happen?!? lol, somehow mine is still hanging on.

              • I’m guessing she learned about the Jews. It’s enough to drive anyone insane.

              • Mine left after 3 weeks and had to be hospitalized with emotional stress. The doctor found she had a genius IQ…while she was in the psych ward.

              • I had one of those too, had to get rid of her.

            • Not really, but I know American chicks.

              99% chance he’s right.

              • Thank you all for reconfirming that I should and will never get married. No wonder my married friends call my a genius, good lord!

                • @morgino, Keep in mind that married men live an average of 5 yrs longer than non-married men. I haven’t been sick in 5 yrs(although my blood pressure is through the roof…weird huh?). I just made it through the critical 5yr mark. Now, where’s my drink…I think the wife said she was going to do me a “favor” tonight….and I thought I was doing her a favor (again…weird huh?).

                  • They don’t live 5 years longer, it just seems that way.

        • Best possible place to avoid is where there is a high concentration of anti-self defense radicals that want to destroy our rights to protect ourselves and our families and friends and those that can’t. The anti-self defense and anti-gun strongholds are some of the worst deathtraps there are. When the state of whereever limits you to what you can defend yourself with, WHEN the time comes, your safety will be extremely at risk. This upsets me so much, the shear stupidity of anti-gunners that are poisoning the world, I just had to write this to point out how to define the good guys and bad guys, and the truly rotten that support the bad guys by takingh away good honest people’s human right to protect themselves.

          When you look at the definitions of a honest and responsible firearms owner and; a criminal, rapist, or a maniac, it is incredible how ANYONE would not want the honest and responsible gun owner to be able to protect themselves against someone and/or something that is dangerous and life threatening.

          Honest, adv: Free from deception: 1. Truthful; also: Genuine, Real. 2. Reputable. 3. Creditable. 4. : marked by integrity. 5. Frank syn, upright, just, conscientious, honorable–Honestly, adv–honesty. Also: law-abiding, lawful, aboveboard, straightforward, open, straight, square, clean-dealing.

          Responsible, adv: 1. liable to be called upon to answer for one’s acts or decisions: Answerable. 2. : able to fulfill one’s obligations: Reliable, Trustworthy. 3. able to choose for oneself between right and wrong. 4. involving accountability or important duties(~ position)– responsibleness n– respsonsibly adv. Also: dependable, faithful, solid, sturdy, stalwart, stand-up, blue chip.

          Criminal, adv: involving or being a crime. 2. relating to crime or its punishment. Criminal, n: One who has committed a crime. Also: felon, lawbreaker, offender, gangster, thug, hoodlum, mobster, hood.

          Rapist, n: Pervert, Sex Fiend, Deviate, Perversion, Pedophile, Sicko.

          Maniac, n: Madman, Lunatic, Psycho, Monster.

          Let’s see now, whom are the bad guys? The honest gun owner that only wants to protect themselves and their family from becoming victims? Or the above descriptions of criminals that will be very much empowered and given the advantage if firearms are taken away from the honest and responsible citizen? Not too difficult to figure out for anyone with intelligence above that of an imbecile whom is good and bad.

          Yet with the most simplistic of explanations there are still “stuck on manure for brains” people that feel that the criminal will abide by very restrictive gun laws, and “magically” when you disarm the honest and responsible citizen that crime will go down and less innocent people will be victims. Yes, those people that go throughout life with their heads in the clouds that just know that when the honest people have all their guns, knives, baseball bats, stun devices, pepper sprays, and everything else that is considered a weapon taken away from them, an utopia of peace will reign.

          Those that are NOT affiliated with crime syndicates and want crime for their city have to be beyond stupid to want to take away people’s self defense. It has been proven again and again, violent crime skyrockets when the criminal no longer have to think twice that a potential victim being able to stop the criminal. Why these anti-self defense radicals cannot figure this out is basically they lack any intelligence and the most rudimentary common sense. Also they value the “POOR” criminal that society has done this to, over the many innocent victims that have harmed no one.

          Now lets look at the definition of an anti-self defense radical that ALL have nothing upstairs to work with.

          Anti-gun and/or anti-self defense advocate, n: 1. Idiot, Cretin, Half-Wit, Imbecile, Moron, Retardate, Simpleton, Mongoloid, Dullard, Airhead, Bozo, Dim Bulb, Blockhead, Booby, Dimwit, Dodo, Doofus, Dope, Dumbbell, Dummy, Goofball, Meathead, Ninny, Nitwit, Numskull, Pinhead, Chucklehead, Fathead, Lamebrain, Feeblemind, Mental Defect, Fool, Dolt, Ass, Dumbass, Nincompoop, Jerk, Dunce, Cluck, Oaf, Clown, Chowerhead, Knucklehead, Dunderhead, Dumb-Dumb, Lunkhead, Noodlehead, Birdbrain. 2. Stupid, adv: Dull, Dumb, Brainless, Witless, Unintelligent, Dense, Simpleminded, Simple, Slow-Learning, Backward, Weak-Minded, Doltish, Rattlebrained, Empty-Headed, Muddleheaded, Dimwitted, Duncelike, Obtuse, Oafish, Idiotic, Half-Witted, Oafish, Ditsy, Scatterbrained, Cretinous.

          WOW, I think that pinpoints down to a tee exactly what descibes someone that wants to take away our self defense and give the bad guys all the advantages to become more crime efficient, and make the criminal’s “job” a lot easier. The real and true criminals’ friends.


          • Long Live the Constitution of the United States Of America. (With a C)

            • Daisy must be the one thumbing down the Constitution.

              Save your thunbs till you read all of the posts below. They may enlighten you all about your Miss Daisy.

              • FBP
                I’m the one who gave you the thumbs down, not Daisy!
                And if you and your foul mouth were standing face to face
                with me right now you wouldn’t be talking with teeth.
                I’m not one of the little guys

                • Just had to say ten thumbs up bud,

                • So the big man go straight to the punch on a little 115 pound man. Oh what a tough guy.

                  Well at least we know you are a Constition hater also.

                  There seem to be a lot more of them here than I ever could of imagine at this site.

                  See DK This is why your plan will never work.

                  • FB
                    Play with the big boys you’ll get your arse kicked eventually. It’s not about size mate…well not amongst the men here, it’s about attitude. You have far too much of it or your own good

                  • FBP
                    I don’t give a shit

                    I don’t take any shit

                    And I don’t put up with assholes

                  • What “plan” are you talking about?

                  • @Fuckface Page, you are a fine example of an egocentric, comment parasite. As if “your” opinion of other commentary is somehow not only superior, but “educational”.

                    Okay, it is “educational”…about the self-absorbed, “look-at-me”, waste of skin you represent.

                    How about you try posting something “relevant” without sucking on the tit/dick of someone else’s comment…TOO CHALLENGING?

                  • “Well at least we know you are a Constition hater also.”

                    You misspelled Constitution.

                  • FP..what’d the matter? Living in your mom’s basement eating cheetos and collecting that minimum wage government check got you down? Don’t worry I understand bammy is going to cut 15% from his salary to make it more equitable. Feel better?

                • Internet badasses…..


                  • LOL

                    Before the www they were telephone tough guys

                  • Funny! It’s easy being a tough guy when your hiding. Probably someone that got the shit beat out of them on a regular basis in school…

                • outwest be careful with your notion that because your not one of the little guys you will fare any better then the they would. I have seen many gomers go down at the hands of little 5’4″ females. Just because they thought oo im bigger and tougher…. yeah that went well for them…..
                  ( dig what your saying tho some ppl should show a bit of respect )

                  and fbp lol watch your ass dude daisy may be a fucking insane mass murderer who would slice your flesh from the bone to wear it as a sunday dress. Who knows? not saying she is just saying never know who is who and what they can or will do.

                  The jester is least expected but most dangerous, because he is viewed as nothing more then a fool and a clown.

                • So someone says something ugly and you protest by threatenting; you don’t sound like a big man to me.

            • Who are the people who come to this site just to do thumbs down? I can understand if you don’t agree with someone’s post now and then but come on. If you don’t like preppers like us there are plenty of Barry O Jangles brown nose sites for you to visit. Sorry I just started getting addicted to this site and the libs are everywhere!

              GOD Bless and buy more bullets!

              • Hey Indy – if you are where you say, we could be neighbors…good to see you here!

                • I’m not in Indy but am in the beautiful state of Indiana. About as far south as you can go in the state. Just glad hoosiers are pro gun. We’re also one of the few who run a surplus and don’t rely on the feds.

            • @Facebook, yup, Long live The Constitution of the United States Of America, probably the only thing that has a chance of bringing us all together again.

          • “The best possible place to avoid is where there is a high concnetration of anti-self defense radicals that want to take your rights….”

            BI, I don’t know maybe it would be best to seek them out. It would make one hellova target rich environment.

          • There is a problem with this map. Nothing showing for El Paso, TX, wrong. Nothing showing on Indian reservations where the tribal police and FBI have jurisdiction, wrong again. Don’t call me racist, i worked on one for 10 years and killings were a regular event. Furthermore, the FBI acknowledged that per capita the reservations had some of the highest death rates in the state.

          • BI,

            ……thank you for staying “on task” regarding subject matter.

          • That was excellent. Only thing I have to worry about is all the queers living in the nearest town. They don’t have guns anyway and I don’t think they’ll get close enough to slap me. I should be good.

            • @Bill,
              Careful, they may hit you with their purse.

          • Best place to be is anywhere there isn’t any Black males.

            • Wow, just wow! Actually, I’m not really surprised anymore, not by this kind of ignorance and hate anyways! I guess tell that to Denzel Washington who just paid towards a rehabilitation center for wounded warriors just returning from war. There are many more similar examples, but of course your heart is already hardened! I will pray for you, as it will be terrible for you when YHWH turns His back on YOU as you have an entire race of people, pretty much.

          • I think you just about covered I can’t think of anyone else.

          • Why do you say “if” the government takes our guns? Thats NOT going to happen unless you let them. Hide your guns, refuse them entry @ every chance. Get with your local sheriff and support him/her if they support the Constitution. Most of all, be brave.Do not let the socialsts/commies bully you. They only know lies and intimidation, because their entire premise is a lie.

        • I just want to live long enough to be able to put a cap up someone’s ass who’s trying to steal my prep. Especially those that ignored all the warnings and refused to prepare. You know those that called us crazy. 🙂

          • Your wish should be that you never have to do that. Because you can never go back once you have put a Cap in Someones ass.

            • Well some people have to go to hell so others can go to heaven.

              • The way you talk you sound like someone who’s going to hell. Jesus said to love our enemies. It’s wrong to wish harm to anybody. No matter what they did to us. And no, I’m not sitting around hoping I can kill someone before I die either. I’ll do what’s necessary to protect myself and my family but I’m not looking forward it.

                • Read your Bible carefully. Jesus told his disciples to sell an extra cloak and buy a sword…

                  I can guarantee you that His advise to purchase a sword wasn’t for pealing apples.

                  Yes we are to love even our enemies. I am in full agreement with that just as Jesus commanded. So, don’t torture your enemy simply show mercy when and where you can and if no such opportunity presents itself then then kill your enemy quickly.

                  That’s a act of love in the heat of war where savagery is on a rampage. Good day.

                  There are other failures to love that brings humankind to wage war. Let’s start with Fear, Anger, Hatred, Bitterness, Envy, Jealousy, and these emotions brings us to Coveting.

                  Coveting is a special vice that not even the wealthy can afford. It is the instigator of all the afore mentioned human flaws. Coveting murders! Coveting Lies! Coveting steals!

                  Enough, you get my point. Good day…

                  • Another famous saying was; “those that live by the sword shall die by the sword”

                    What happened to “pride”?

                • So that means you’re gonna kiss Komrade Obama Osama’s a$$? Jesus wants us to use our common sense too,eh.

                • Yes .our wish should be NOT to HAVE to kill anybody before we die.Dont hold your breath.You do what you have to to LIVE!

            • Well if its in their ass it will hurt like a bitch but they most likely wont die Just saying

          • Firing equates to giving your position away.

            • “Firing equates to giving your position away.”
              That’s what bows, crossbows and even blowguns are for.

          • Out west

            I like you x

            Take care

            • Burt
              Think nothing of it

              Just looking out for the Real people

        • Hahahahahahahahaahahahaahahh OMFG!!!! BEST COMMENT EVER!!!!!

        • Really?

          – Married Man

        • Mclovin:

          I just want to get married to Jesus.

        • LOL… I think a lot of us can relate to that. 🙂

        • @Mclovin,

          Still McUNlovin I see. Hang in there.

        • I call this Huffington Post map B.S. El Paso, TX which has a very high crime rate and it being one of if not the largest border towns on the Mexican border shows no deaths. It is not even shaded. And you are going to tell me that North and South Dakota have areas where there are enough killings by gun to even rate? So with just a cursory look see at this map lends credence to my claim of B.S.


        • I view your post and FB’s as disheartening, to say the very least and I am rather appalled that you have had so many people respond to you positively. Get over yourselves and concentrate on what is NOW important….you two are not the first (man or woman) to be betrayed and disillusioned by those you loved.

          • Married 30+ years to the same beautiful woman. I am a lucky man. We have plenty of popcorn stored for the next 30.

            • I giggled reading thru the 1st posts, and hoped someone would post a good one, we are 42 years this year, yes we fight and argue, but wouldnt trade him in for anything, hes my jack of all trades, nothing he cant build, fix, or do or fix what I screw up

            • Married 33 yrs.

            • HSL.

              “Here Comes My Girl” By Tom Petty

        • You know she will jump on her broom and fly away to avoid all the chaos.

        • McLOVIN,I think you may get you wish if you and her live on the coast ,cause the lord warned a month ago for everyone to leave the west coast’BY APRIL.15′,and just by chance NIBIRU,approches the earth on april 27,so if you all live out there good luck……………….

        • AMEN brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I miss my Ex, but my aim is improving .

        • So, you’re the one who married my ex!?



        • Do you think we can still claim life insurance? I agree on the X being dead but if I can collect is my question. Since she ran off with the horse trainer 13 years ago I have kept the insurance payments current on her big fat ass! It would be such sweet justice!

          I know the answer, just asking.

      2. Google Earth is invaluable for determining exactly what is around you.. you can’t assume that just because you think you live in a rural area or an urban area that you are well located. Examine your area using Google Earth, you will likely be surprised at what you find. I was.

      3. According to the map I live in an area of 1.5 million people that has had what looks like 8-10 deaths from guns in the time frame given. Am I ok or should I be getting out of Dodge?

        • I think there are a lot more variables than just gun deaths in determining if yours is a safe area. There are a lot of benefits to living someplace you’ve been your whole life, for example, where you have an extended support system, that might outweigh relocating to a distant mountaintop. Alternatively, being someplace where you can grow your own food provides a totally different kind of security.

          Really, if it goes down like many of us expect, no place is truly safe. You just have to make the best of where you are when it happens, and use your skills and knowledge to survive.

          ~ Daisy

          • Remember this is advice from someone who ran from her country to only find out she had to come back..

            • FBP ~

              Go away and quit stalking my comments.


              • Just stating the truth. You are a little to into yourself you know. And if you can’t handle when someone show you the truth about yourself.

                You need to stick to your blog where it is only 10 comments and are full of old ladies wishing they were young like you or old men sniffing around for a stroking of their man pride from you.

                • How nice that you read my blog. Thank you, FBP, that’s lovely.

                  While you criticize me, have you ever considered that I remained in the country so my children could see their father on a regular basis, instead of leaving them to only fly back for a week in the summer and another at Christmas?

                  Take your clueless, misogynistic, nationalistic bigotry and shove it.

                  • nationalistic bigotry

                    Just notice this so you were ashamed of being an American. I alway though that by your writing but was sure enough to make it a point. Plus that would of hurt the profits of your websites. We americam still have money and you of course is that what really is important to you.

                  • I like your blog Daisy.

                  • Nationalistic bigotry, sweetheart, is what separates civilized Americans from human-flesh eating savages with sub-retard level IQs. Then again, your mentality has seen to it that America is flooded with such people. So what the hell, let’s just drop the pretense of needing defensible borders and carry on like savages ourselves.

                  • FP Try to Act like a White Man.

                    Jesus is comming soon so try to Look busy!

                • At least D is a stand up gal not hiding behind an anonymous online name,
                  Just pointing out the truth!
                  Im just sayin.
                  Lots more folks reading her blog than some of the nonsense in these comment areas.

                  Daisy’s blog is great, people are civil there! Recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been there.

                  • Kulafarmer

                    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve learned a great deal there

                    Take care

                • Facebook Page,

                  Your comments about Daisy are vulgar, rude, and uncalled for! Leave her alone!

                  Daisy provides a lot of useful information on her blog and does so with wit and humor. I and many others enjoy her blog. She has never pretended to have all the answers, but shares what has worked and what hasn’t. She is kind, supportive and helpful. Thank you Daisy!

                  I too have lived in other countries. My husband’s (former) job required travel. So, our family lived in a number of different states and three other countries. That did not mean I had forgotten my roots or family back home. You learn to live and raise your family the best you can, wherever you are. You know, like the old saying, “bloom where you are planted.”

                  • I lived in Germany for 10+ years and in 3 states here in the good ‘ole US of A. I’ve spent time in at least 14 Countries in Europe and the Middle East. Where you’ve been and what you’ve done is of little importance in the eyes of God, but your final journey!

              • perv much?

              • @fbp

                your kinda a dick, who likes beating up on women mentally aren’t you?

                i hope you don’t behave this way when the shtf.

                you wont last long if you do.

            • Daisy,

              I thought you went by car but I could be wrong. I see your fan club is still here. He’s just a sad bastard, try to treat him like the retard he is…I know it’s hard but hell we all have our crosses to bear lol.

              Take care

              • Maybe she used a car. It would have been faster for her to get away from her country.

                But my new Purple with Black detailed Dodge Challenger with the Viper V10 (Supercharged of course)will be ready to go crusing on main street soon so we all can go for a ride.

                • FB
                  How can you be so defamatory to people you have never met and know nothing about? It’s a sad state to be in…your issues with women in general detract from anything valuable you MAY have to say

                  • If he keeps on, Daisy may beat him “purple and black”

                  • And you think your just the SOB to kick her in the gut don’t you.

                  • OK so I am SOB. You will always know where I stand. You rather keep watching the show.

                • FB

                  Having a flash car just makes you a target, very smart of you

                  • FB

                    You believe the persona people put on their blogs? Dear God man do you think we are all stupid enough to put all our personal stuff out there? You are deluded, you’ll be telling me you think my real name is Lizzie next. Just think about what you are saying. Blogging attracts enough nutters when you use a pseudonym let alone putting our lives out there. Yes some stuff, the non-identifiable etc but to say you know someone from what you read on their blog is totally stupid.
                    Bless you, you really are a bit slow aren’t you ?

                  • This is pathetic. Fucking Young and the Restless. You Jerry Springer guest wannabes. I just hope you are all eaten by the advance platoons of the Golden Horde so that I and my family don’t have to be annoyed by your petty goddam squabbling in the redoubt. For Christ’s sake. Can we talk about guns now?

                • Ah… his bragging about his car reveals his insecurities about his manhood….

                  • Of course I am. When my wife left me, a car and a thick wallet made my life much better.

                    And the flash car will be left on the curb when I need to blend in. And a dodge is not the flashest one I have. I got it just because my girlfriend loves purle and What was once an American muscle car.

                  • FB

                    Spit it out then son.

                    There are enough that frequent this site that do know who I am, where I live, the name of my kids and even have my home phone number. You are not one of them. Come on then, show your cards….we’re all waiting…….

                  • You are the one who started that. Since you live over there . It doesn’t really matter what you do. We should have an American only SHIF. Because all of you in these Ninny Countries are just fuck. Y

                    You should start one there and see if you can all get together.

                  • Why do you people keeping feeding Facebook energy?

                  • I like to hold up my pinky and say with plenty of lisp – compensator.

                • FB you appear to be a real egotistical (really insecure) little man. Get a life, would ya?

                • FB
                  I’m bored, say something

                • FBP – I get it now…115 lb man (your words) and a sports car, super-charged of course (your words)…yeah, pretty clear what the issue is…sorry to tell you, size does matter….but it sounds like you know that already 😉

                • So your one of the idiots that bought a new car? Big car, big Viper V10 = little dick and small brain.

                • new here….Ive been reading many of these threads for weeks…seems anyone who touts thier car the way FB does is more then likely a child. A grown man would not act that way

              • You are all a disgrace. Fucking young and the restless. I hope the advance platoons of the golden horde eat you all, so we don’t have to endure your petty squabbles in the redoubt. Can we go back to talking about guns now, or is this going to turn into a fucking episode of Jerry Springer? Idiots.

                • Jerry Springeeeeeeeeer.

                  Homer Simpson.

                  • WE LOVE LESBIANS!!!!

            • Why do you care so much that you have to stalk her and insult her like this? Just exactly what business is it of yours what she did/does?

              • That was not an insult it was the truth on how her life is.

                Oh I forgot many here are still afraid of the truth. Just because the old timers here think shes great. Other than canning what does she bring to the table. That is paste and post. ANd quite often is early to jump the gun on mant thoughts.

                SHe ran from here country proved she counldn’t make in the Outback in the moutains. ANd still has the gall to say she is preppped for anything.

                She was just lucky to be on the coumputer some lonely night and was able to jump on the coattails of the the many successs stories here.

                • FB

                  oh my god you are a total twat. How do you know what the truth of her life is? You know fuck all. You are a a misogynist of the first degree. Sad, tragic little man.

                  • Read her posts Listen her Read her stories. So all she talk about must be made up then.

                    well that mean she must be on the Eisz team of daily typers then.

                    Now which way is the truth now.

                  • Sad, tragic little man.

                    5 Ft 2. 115 Pds of Fighting Blind out of breath Fury.

              • Hope Eisen doesn’t find out Facebook Page is a 65 year old white Republican on welfare.

                • Myspacerocks

                  Take care

                  • Damn all this time here I thought facebook page was a Negro guy!!…oh well learn something new every day huh.

                • Fb

                  I said the personal stuff is not out there. I have a vision of this tiny skinny little runt of a man reading Daisy’s canning blog and making notes bwhahahahahaha. Too funny. Well I hope you and your purple car work well together when shtf. Good luck with that. You are quite safe, Daisy and I prefer men built like men not like prepubescent boys.

                  • Well his mom needs to make that prepubescent boy get off the computer in the basement and go do his chores.

                    He thinks “he’s so much cooler online”

                  • The video was based on Facebook Page’s true story


                  • I call BS on the 115 pounds. Your manner of attacking folks reaks of a 300 pound failure of a man who compensates for this by spewing witless crap. Do you get aroused when people call you out?

                    Burt dont lower yourself to his level.

                    FAP out


                    Molan labe

              • Yo FB

                Come on prove your point, if you’re right I’ll say so……..I’m hours ahead of you time wise, I’m turning in around 11 try and post it before then…cheers

                • Now that one was directed soley at Daisy. But I guess if it hit a nerve with you maybe it is you also.

                  But your life is only public by bad luck. Daisy chosse to be public.

                  • FB
                    I choose to blog…hardly bad luck is it? You don’t even tickle a nerve in me let alone hit one. I have Facebook, twitter and a few other things besides. I have a few on line personas, one you have commented to directly, one you like and you have no idea it’s me. It’s hilarious.if you rumble me i’ll hold my hands up and admit it but until then you really need to pull in your arrogance and consider who you are commenting to.

                  • Burt I have never said I dont like any of your faces that you put forward.

                    But you will admit some thing of your life you would of prefered to stay private got out because of the INternet.

                  • ENOUGH! Will you kids stop fighting…..this was a good story for folks who need to understand all the situations that complete prepping involves. Either you two hook-up, (both of you are “tense”) or take a time out! I’m leaving to clean my guns……….

              • FB
                How do you know I live in the UK? I am British, but jobs and the like make people pretty mobile these days…

                You assume a great deal. And we are all still waiting for your declaration of my name address etc, after all you know all about me don’t you? Just like you know all about Daisy. Bwhahahahahaha

                • Oh. My. Gosh. You are all fighting like an old married couple.

                • WHen did I say currently UK. I chosse not to say it. But you do go back to the the same Router address alot. Just Saying.

                  • FB

                    Really? Well I am currently sitting on a beach in the Middle East but I doubt you knew that. I doubt you know when I was last in the UK or when I was last having a drink with friends in Boston. Malaysia has been done this year as well. Got all those so you can refer back to them? Good. I will be stopping off in the UK for two weeks for a court case at the end of the month, last week in April first week in May actually and then back to the US.

                    I hope you find something more interesting to do with your time than supposedly track a British woman you have never met.

                • FB
                  My Christian name, nothing more. I have to say that the gent concerned knows more than that about me but although we have is agreed and possibly will again he has I believe the integrity to leave it at that. We exchanged Christian names on here and I still regret my temper that caused that to happen.

                  There are quite a few on here who know the ‘real’ Burt and I trust all of them. You on the other hand don’t know a thing more than what you picked up that night.

                  You are rude and crass to Daisy at every opportunity and nobody can understand why. She does not deserve you to target her as you do.

                  We all say things on here that others disagree with, and that’s what a forum is about. You are not the first to suggest I have no place here because I am not an American, I doubt you will be the last.

                  The fact remains that this is a public forum and like it or not you are stuck with me, and Daisy and a fair few others you may dislike.

                  There are some on here I would like to punch in the face…you are one of them, but freedom of speech means you have as much isn’t here as anyone else. This ultimately is why we are all here Facebook, because we believe in freedom and rights.

                  • Disagreed, sorry fingers faster than brain.

                  • Why why why why why must you feed idiots ……….stay on point please…some of us still look for advice here,not a bitch fest…..and yes he has it coming…..move on

                • I’ve been to England 36 times. The favorite subject of most the men there was their fascination of watching the birds and yes they have their fair share of those lovelies.

          • Daisy,

            I agree. No place with ever be 100% safe. Even a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bunker) is only safe while air is being pumped into it. And then lets say you find the doors and weld them shut and the people inside now have a multi billion dollar tomb (a line once used by a Navy buddy who was in subs)…..

            Live your life, enjoy a sports game occasionally, bring your woman some flowers, don’t miss your kids game for some BS, prep and be ready for the SHTF but don’t live like it is tomorrow every day.

            I am probably wrong, but that is how we are living. My woman is buying a new handgun this weekend. She is torn between the Glock 19 and Berretta 92F. I like both and she is more familiar with the 92F. Whats the feel of the room??


            • Glock 19 more reliable and less jams. Glocks are the AK’s of handguns. Just can’t beat um. Both good option. Is the price the same? Used or new?

            • If money is no object, get the 92F.

              • she will be shot and killed by the time in a stress sit while she is forgetting about the safty..

                Glock Sig only when your life depends on it.

                Keep her alive.

                • You are dead to me shit face book boy. All thumbs down for you from now on……..won’t read any of your dribble,….god damn no it all !

                • Im facebook page und haf an eeny veeny veener
                  Und i like to zuck big fat dog veeners yaa

              • Despite what numb-nuts FBP says, the Beretta is a sweet gun. All three are great, but I love the grips on the Beretta.

            • Glock 19: if for no other reason than reliability and spare parts availability. A Glock 19 in a SHTF Scenario would be ubiquitous.

              My two cents.

            • My girl likes the G19, we got a 22lr conversion for it and its a sweet plinker as well as a sufficient self defense weapon, just make sure you can get ammo for whatever,

            • Glock 19 with an Advantage Arms 22LR kit. If you have the extra cash pick up a lone wolf threaded barrel. The LW barrel will let you also use cast bullets without leading issues in a real SHTF situation where you cannot get plated/jacketed. And if you’re going to buy a spare barrel why not get a threaded one just in case you want a suppressor later?

              One thing, the AA kit is _extremely_ picky on what it’ll feed. But luckily Remington golden, yeah the cheap crap, functions as well in it as any 22 I own.

              Glock hands down because they’re everywhere. Our group has even standardized on Glock’s in 9mm and .40 for consistency and stockpiling spare parts and strongly encourage every adult to own a 17/19 or 22/23.

            • lets add something to your comment jjsan
              suppose we just stuff some old oily burning rags in that air vent,,,i know they have a exhaust vent too,,,but that one will be easy to find and stuff full,,,


              • A procurement op, good thinking, another is to hook some sort of burner to their intake so it sucks in carbon monoxide, be like a shopping trip,

            • Ugh, don’t like ether one, get a Brownng or a Smith. I like 9mm Browning with jacketedHP. Grip fits, good gun.

            • She likes the Beretta, let her get it. It’s her gun, right?

              • Beretta 92F is military issue. Parts would not be an issue nor would ammo. Glock has an issue with safety and how to decock the weapon.

                • The guns that are “great” are the ones that run when you need them too, fit your hand well, and are most accurate with. Different guns play many roles. Remember this about guns if you don’t remember anything else at all about them…..MISSION DRIVES EQUIPMENT.

                • @Mike Are you sure talking about Glocks? The ones without an external safety and no decocker? Can you provide more info on the issue?

            • Takes a special person to volunteer to man a ship designed to sink.

          • Remember, most of the “gun violence” is related to other criminal activity. Any area with a large bleck population will be a war zone. Fire away on the red thumb cannon, but we all know it’s true.

          • i think there is a lot to be said for knowing the enviorment you grew up in also ,i wouldnt recomend anyone stay in down town atlanta or LA ,its one thing to move around your state to get away from the population ,but i dont think it would be wise if you grew up in florida to move to north dakoda ,you’d probaly die quicker from the elements ,than a stray zombie

        • What is the population density? I would try for less than 50 per square mile. My BOL is located in a place with 10-20 people per square mile, that is enough to help you when you need help, but not enough to attract the attention of the gov, gangs, or refugees.

          • Barlow,

            Too funny

            Take care

        • Some of the gun deaths could have been suicides or self defense shootings.

          • a of gun deaths in areas where they have the tightest gun laws are because of gang-bangers with saturday night specials plinking each other. Like in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC.
            I’m in Houston, TX and it is pretty peaceful in spite of the population density. We have good and bad neighborhoods.

          • Most of the “homicides” are criminal A ending a dispute with criminal B. The numbers don’t include the good riddance factor.

        • Everyone should go within and discover where YOU should be. It is likely that some will survive in the most unlikely of places, while others may die in an area they consider “safe”.

          WE are all going to die. No one can escape death. And those who seek to save their lives may very well lose it. Obviously those who have responsibilities and people to care for must use their best judgement upon the behalf of those who are too young to judge for themselves.

          There may be many reasons why YOU need to be in a particular place, at a particular time, that YOU cannot fore see. The Lord has told me unequivically in a dream that HE wants ME in a particular place.

          I will be there.

          • Hey, Kidd. That’s my last name as well…must be brothers. Anyway, hope you fare well on the coming whatever it is that’s coming…peace.

          • DK, you summed up my thoughts exactly. I’m staying right here where I’m at until I’m carried “Home”.

        • Being anywhere near that many people is out right dangerous…get out now while you can.

          • Some were made to run. Others to stand and serve. Many are called. Few are chosen.

            Everyone gets to choose.

            • Moto of Specwar


            • God makes it snow, ergo snow is good, snow makes everything white, ergo white is good. Therefore go where it snows and there is near zero violent crime.

        • I could be wrong but isnt HP a liberal/commie type rag site?…so the map/info would be slanted towards the anti-gun mindset,right?….so even if this is correct it would then include all the wacked out crooks who were shot homeowners wilst they were breaking in their house…all the rapists who the ladies sent to hell…all the gangbangers who were wasted trying to jack a car and so onincluding actual murders/shootings,correct?…so it would seem that this may be quite inaccurate material(nothing against Mac) to be using to make any major discisions…I think paying attention to ones surroundings and area would yeild more reliable discision making material…just a thought!

      4. Looks like a bullshit map to me!! I live in one of the red area’s but I am 150 miles away from any city over 50,000 people. I live in a small town of 7500 two miles outside of town. The nearest “big ” city is one of 40,000 and it is 60 miles away. I it is a bad shtf event there will be a lot of innocent people die in the large cities, there will be a large number of scumbags that die out where I am, as the majority of Good people are armed and they will not take much shit off of any scumbags for very long.

        • Agree. Total BS. Means nothing.

          • Looks like the one “gun” death that is withen 50 miles of me was a hunting accident. Wonder how many other “gun deaths” were the result of accidents, suicide etc and not really some gun nut shooting up people. Besides how would any type of gun control except a full ban on “all ” guns have stopped the one in my location.

            • I meant to hit the thumbs up…. I have fat thumbs!!! Thanks for the info!!

        • This map is put together using US Census data and can be sorted by county to give a more localized picture. I think population density and culture will be the defining factors, a little bit higher pop density is ok if the culture is more sociable, self-reliant, etc.

          Population map

          • Thanks for the insight.

        • Agree, Bob.

          Click in on the red circles, and it gives you names of the dead. In our local case, father went nuts, and killed wife and two children, then himself.

          What does that have to do with some future SHTF situation ?

          Or guns in general ? What if he had simply driven the family over a cliff, or stopped in front of a freight train in the family car ? Or turned cracked the gas line and killed the pilot light ? Or any number of other innovative ways a nutcase could take out his family and himself ?

          People have been committing violence they were able to pick up a rock, and probably always will. The whole idea behind owning a gun is to even up the odds with the guy that can pick up the biggest rock……something liberal rags like the H-Post seem to always miss out on.

          • Click on the red circles and then scroll the calendar into the future and then click the circle again. You will freak at some of the names that show up.

            Modern technology is great! …or, is it?

          • Consider the fact that 10% of the population are on perscription mind altering drugs. When the SHTF takes place there will be no more resupply of drugs.

            SHTF will be one of the biggest stress events in their lives. With no drugs to control them, they will act out in ways we could not imagine.

          • Many if not most govnt and liberal sourced population/crime maps skew the numbers when race is included in map. As in criminals who Commit act’s of violence that are Hispanic often are included in the White map area. While Hispanics that are Victims of violence/crimes are added to the Hispanic part of map.

            This skews data to make it appear as if More Whites commit violent crimes. There is a website that verifies these skewed maps, and Corrects the map to reflect True numbers with actual racial numbers, that reflect a proper number of criminals and victims in each race. The difference’s are quite remarkable when both maps, lib/govnt And that websites Acurate portrayal with acurate racial stats, are compared side by side. Sorry I cannot now recall the website name, but it is probobly easy to locate.

        • I expect to receive the hordes from San Antiono & Austin although im a ways off the main route im close enough the more hardy type can still make it. Hopefully it goes down in summer you aint goin far here with no water. Of corse who knows what will come up out of Mexico. This is the reason there ain’t nobody getting my 30rd mags.

          • 10/4 Gus. If they move out of Austin in a NW direction, I will see them. Highland Lakes area is where a few will go.

            All my mags were lost in a BD Lake accident….

          • Austin here too Gus, although suburban, probably gonna get a lot of unwelcome visitors at my place. Austin is the San Francisco of the South, it oughta be a hoot.

            • I remember a few years back, the new commandant of Ft. Hood sent soldiers into the surrounding countryside to confiscate all the guns. The soldiers knew this wasn’t right or enforceable, and I’d really be surprised if they got even a .02% compliance rate… poor guys. Nope, El Espinosa ain’t the place to raid.
              Being where we deal with hurricanes and what-not, I’d guess that the natives are prepared for another Katrina type thing. The Gov enacted Katrina legislation against firearms confiscation a while back. All the old farts like me have extra canned goods and ammo.

        • I remember reading about the mass movement of ethnic Germans
          when they were expelled from various countries after WW2

          as they traveled down the various roads
          they would spread out as far as 10-20 miles off the roads
          looking for food and shelter

        • Bob: Don’t panic! The map is not full size. 🙂

        • I noticed on the map, it looks like a couple people died out in the water, south end of Great Salt Lake. Maybe they were shot just before they drowned or something. Maybe, two guys fishing and got into fight and shot each other? No, wait, there’s no fish in that lake. Wonder what it could’ve been? Have y’all heard anything about this?
          Maps can be so confusing. You just can’t trust ’em. I tried to explain that to my dispatcher. Told him I’m not a cartographer. He said-
          ‘That’s no excuse! The freight is due in Cincinatti in an hour! What the hell are you doing in Omaha?!’
          “Uh…I dunno. Must have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque…”
          He hung up on me. No sense of humor at all. Plus, he probably never watches Bugs Bunny. Poor fellow….

        • Lots of dopers in rural areas. Note the term “hillbilly heroin”.

      5. Unfortunately I live in one of those zones, north of Los Angeles. We have several men and women who are all ex military, police and fire that have agreed to band together. Will we make it if it all goes to shit? Who knows. You can be isolated in the hills with a perfect retreat and get sniped by a single shot .22 rifle. We do our best, make the best of our situation, and fight like hell to survive.

        Keep your powder dry (and safe),

      6. I’m not moving to flyover country,and I don’t want to be the last one alive,messy cleanup ya know.I’m living and loving Florida,,,,brang it on!!!!

        • I’m from Miami, the farther north you go in FLA the further south you get!

          • Closet Yankee’s In Miami.

      7. crap !

        time to move !

      8. Note the major exception: El Paso, right next to one of the most dangerous cities on earth, Juarez, more than a million people in the metro area, but not a drop of red.

        • ST:

          Are you located anywhere near El Paso?
          Trying to get like minded people to assemble into various groups, scattered yet close by for support if needed.

          • No, sorry. I live in WV now.

      9. “We’ll Kill the Dollar!”

        Some might be surprised to learn that the fate of America’s economy has already been determined, verified and announced by the Obama White House. Yet, it has received scant attention from the corporate media. In 2011, economist Kyle Bass interviewed a senior member of the Obama administration about its planned solutions for fixing the US economy and trade deficit[ia].

        Among the questions he asked was about U.S. exports and wages, but the question itself was not nearly as important as the response he received from this senior administration official. In fact, this single, seven word response clarifies everything, explains everything, and leaves little else to discuss: “We’re just going to kill the dollar.”

        • Shall I tack both of mine on the fence for them? There’s already an eye at about center mass.

      10. Getting out of dodge may be difficult if the DHS sets up road blocks and check points near major cities like Houston. There are plenty of rural areas out of town but you have to get there.

        A system of Caches and alternate routes is recommended.

        Watch your 6

      11. Just be sure to Zig when you should Zag

        and remember, grenades trump firearms

        • Depends on the Range to Target.

          • FB;

            Your rant’s today are out of sort, are you trying to post these comments on FASEBOOK or SHTF. You apparently seem confused. Have a great day, you may also try ICloud….

      12. plan ?

        the plan is simple .

        abandon the savage towns for the less savage wilderness .

        i suggest folks look for alternative bug-out locations in the deep woods … preferably a few miles from any roads or wide trails .

        you can all easily survive 3 months in the woods if you properly prep now .

        during that time the tax debt zombies and government will be having fun killing each other in the ZOG MARTIAL LAW LOCKED DOWN towns and cities .

        head for the woods .

        P.S. pounded dry grass makes excellent TP .

      13. Not to worry about it. 0bama will disarm us all so we won’t have to worry about anything but North Korea nuking us, no sense in disarming them, is there….

      14. I live in Houston, just miles away from oil refineries, the 3rd largest shipping channel, the best medical center in the country and home to more fortune 500 companies than anywhere else.

        why Houston hasn’t been hit already, considering how easy it is to fly into some country in central america with anything you want and take a boat right up the ship channel; i do not know. i guess Houston just doesn’t have the same image that an attack on NYC or DC does.

        • That would piss off the people with the Guns and the Guts to do something about it.

          Let one of these fuckers bomb a mall and see the women of this country wake up and insist on total destruction of the scum around the world.

          • FB

            You really need to talk to someone about you issues with women

            • I think your one who says she want a man in her life but instead prefer these weak broken men that are growing these days.

              You want the door open for you but then you slap us when we look at your ass when you walk though it.

                • Both depending on the age group we need to talk about.

                • FB

                  I got a man. 6’9″ tall 245 pounds. Never once slapped him or any man for looking at my ass.

                  • What if I’ve been “naughty”… would you slap me then?


        • I’m in Houston.
          Houston probably hasn’t been hit because the Bushs are based here and running their drug laundering through here.
          Even more likely because our deputy sheriffs don’t buy into bullcorn. Also because the CHL people here won’t buy into bullcorn, either.

      15. Not only do I live in one of these areas, I would have to drive 450 miles to get “out of the red and be within 200 miles of my land. As of Yesterday, dear hubby and I are starting to discuss plans to get away from here ASAP instead of by 2015. We don’t think we have that long. If it didn’t get so cold in winter where we’re going, I could live in a tent year round until house is built. Would love to sell my current home in this new ‘housing bubble!”

      16. Appears to be a little red over me. However, Pa. has over a million armed hunters and more NRA members than any other state in the union. As the asshole James Carville once said…Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with a third world country in between. I live in the third world and I feel pretty secure here. You could get lost in Appalachia and end up with kin that have cross eyes and buck teeth. Now where did I put that banjo?

        • Agree. I live in Pa in the middle of no where. Most maps can’t even locate the rural street I live on. My farming family and I are quite happy here in the mountains and valley’s of Appalachia. After living in this area for over 275 years, I think we’ll stay, and if I were to bet on it, I’d say we’ll thrive come what may. Good luck to anyone that runs into my enormous family with bad intentions. Most of the girls are just as comfortable with guns as the guys. Not to mention my feisty grandma, a farm girl born during the depression, is enough to scare anyone away on her own. When grandma yells, we all listen!

        • Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell like pig for me!!!!!!

      17. The main issue with any area is having the ability to identify your enemy. Yes I understand most people over time can and will be a threat, but the initial threat will in most cases have numbers and some organization.

        I for one spend time each month tracking local gang activity/police/crime reports in order to identify known open threats.

        we can’t all move, but we can be ready.

      18. jungle bunnies.

        • Aint no Thang, buta Chickin Wang!

      19. Whether Urban, Suburban, or Rurel, all three settings
        infer a proximity to a city.
        If one is not way out in no-mans-land (the sticks), then
        they aren’t nearly far enough to avoid the golden horde.

        • The alternate concept spoken of by FerFal in the “Surviving in Argentina” blog
          is that being out in the sticks actually made people more vulnerable if they didn’t have a sizeable tight-knit group with them. The Golden Horde could just show up and take everything because the police were too far away.
          Worth checking.

          • Rural Argentina is nothing like rural America.

            Ferfal has flip-flop on stuff he has written over the years. He use to say that not having food stored away was one of the biggest mistakes he made and then never speaks of it again.

            I use to argue with him, on Frugals, that America would be closer to what happen in Yugoslavia then Argentina.

            But no. What happen to him would be the way it would in the US. End of discussion.

            Want someone to learn from?


      20. Looks alot like the map of people that voted for O-a-hole

      21. Wyoming sticks out like a sore thumb doesn’t it. I have 1800 miles worth of fuel right now. Almost there.

        • If you come, bring your own guns and ammo we don’t like freeloaders. Machine gun and cannon shoot may june.

      22. I am in Northern VA, (total death zone) very near to Quantico Marine Corp base. My house has been shaking from the blasting or “target practice” they have been doing for the last two days. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the situation in Korea but they are doing non-stop target practice.

        Still trying to get out of here (DC Metro area) before it all falls apart but my hopes are sinking .

        God bless and keep prepping.

        Southern Gal

        • Hey don’t worry. I live not far from you at Ft Belvoir. When the s hits the f, you’ll notice a lot of your marine neighbors are the best prepped to get out of dodge. We’ll take care of our own. It’s the parasite federal civilians around here who will kill you and strip your bones. Beware.

        • Ft Lweis has been a NO stop BOOM Fest also.

          • Everyone hates the PAGE today for telling the truth.

            • @FB Page….no that is not the reason….because you are NOT telling the truth!! You are being what we call here in CANADA, a BULLY!

              I am only going to say this one time and one time only…NOBODY likes a bully, not even the bully him/herself…to some of us, it just looks like you are soooo jealous of Daisy and her accomplishments….and as a single mom, she should be given a “Badge of Honor”….so there, how do you like “them apples???”

              I want you to know that there is nothing worse than the “scorn” of a woman, and that’s what I feel (and all the women on this post feel right now!)

              STOP BEING A BULLY!! Write what you like….because from now on, I will not read your foul mouth posts, no td…no tu!!! Now you take care CC.

              • Not to be crude dear, but anyone that talks to FB would try to talk to a fart, it’s not worth the trouble, relax.

        • @Southern Gal…..this is why I so wish we could establish a means to aid those who cannot leave until events occur….it would be heartening for those on the road to know there are safe places to go enroute….I am attempting to figure it all out….perhaps minds greater than mine will take up this thought and run with it.

          • I’ve thought about the same thing. I, for example, am on an in between route. I have facilities to be a good, out-of-the-way stop-over point for a hot shower and a hot mean and maybe phone/internet usage.

            Problem is OPSEC—how do we connect with each other without compromising anything important? I don’t know how to let anyone know where to go if they need to, without taking a chance on getting some screwball on my doorstep instead…possibly even getting robbed or something, who knows. If anyone has an idea, I’m open.

            • I meant HOT MEAL.

              • Those in the North did that back in 1850’s and look at how That ended up today. Look at all those red circle areas on the map! Thanks underground railroad northerners.

            • I have a specific book on my bookcase where my family and friends know to find my emergency instructions. That way I can change the instructions/directions at any time before bug out and/or change who has access by changing to a different book.

              For an added layer of protections you can encode the instructions stuffed in the book with one of the book pages itself by using what is called a one-time pad. You would tell them to look for ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and use page 27 to decode the instructions.

              I will add a link as a reply to this message for moderator review.

              • In those days they didn’t have the raw computing power the government has today. They didn’t even have the old IBM punch card for decades.

                They are now able to decode genes, the entire genetic code in a few hours. 512 encryption is no longer unbreakable. The only reason 512 WAS considered unbreakable, is not because they couldn’t break it, but because they couldn’t break it quickly enough for it to be of any use…that has changed.

                I don’t believe the news article I saw today, saying the government is upset because it “can’t” unencrypt imessage texts. For one, if they really couldn’t, they would never say so publicly. Second, I believe they have the computing power to do so, but they’d rather squeeze Apple for the master algorithm than foot the bill for their new toy to do it. Getting the key to the backdoor is cheaper and easier.

                I think we can’t beat them going upstairs because they are already at the landing waiting for us.

                I think our key will be much simpler than all that.

                Consider how effective insurgents in Iraq were against our big guns and high tech toys.

                Maybe this time we need to come to a gun fight with a feather…and figure out how to use it effectively.

            • There IS a way! I just don’t know how to accomplish it…But if they did it way back then, we can sure do it in the days to come!
              Faith….that we all can do whatever we can do ……
              I am ON BOARD

          • I think anyone who attempted to do this would be overwhelmed if word got out. Anyone who thinks they will be on the road should bury a few caches along the way now. A single five gallon pail with a good sealing lid will hold enough stable foods, clothing, emergency blankets, water treatment, first aid, and ammo to get a family to the next one.

            For a temporary BOL along the route, rent one of those small self-storage units often seen adjacent to rural convenience stores. $30 a month will hold a set of bunk beds, water and fuel containers, food and cooking/heating appliances, etc. Make sure to pile a bunch of junk in front and get there early in the crises before they are looted.

            • I don’t think I’d put it out there for everybody, just the few in my area. Perhaps coordinate with the next area down the road. Sometimes it’s better to take a couple of small steps, than to jump off head-long and hope for the best.

              I also wouldn’t be giving it out to anyone who wasn’t already prepped. The idea would be as a ‘rest stop’ along the road to wherever…not an end point.

      23. Motorcycles are killing more people where I live than guns.

        • Thats essentially true everywhere except a couple of block radius in the drug infested inner city.

        • Over here drunk driving kills more than 15 times the number of guns and drug related deaths are more than 23 times the number of gun related

        • Doctors kill 5 times the number guns do with their mistakes. I have yet to see any serious talk of banning doctors.

          • No, but the law says they have to be “registered” with the gov. so apparently they are on the right track to confiscation!

          • No, but the law says they have to be “registered” with the gov. so apparently they are on the right track to confiscation!

      24. Mac,
        The format of this Huffington post map is VERY deceptive…
        The larger circle sizes attempts to show an area vs death rate, but is biased due the area variable…quite deliberate in my opinion… I mean, Huffington post? bleh.

        This is an example of what Mark Twain called “lies, damned lies, and statistics”. It would be far more accurate if the circles were all the same sizes, to fit in the metro areas in order to prevent any seeming overlap with other areas, maybe different colors instead would be more accurate.

        In the area where I live, it appears I live within a death zone, but nothing could be further from the truth. There have been 2 murders in this area since the time of this map. It would also be more instructive, if the ETHNIC content of these ‘murders’ or killings could be revealed, my guess is, the results would be VERY much more revealing…

        In my experience, we have a lot of black on black killings, rarely a black killing a white, and even more rarely a white on white murder. When these numbers begin changing, then I would sit up and take notice of these ‘statistics’.

        Thank you for your consideration.

        • Coming form this source it’s “lies, damned lies, and more damned lies”….. but something worth considering.

          • was referring to Huff-puff not

          • Thanks for the high praise…
            Bubble maps are notoriously biased, especially useful for convincing idiots of political agendas.
            By looking at this map, most of the country is a war zone… (sarc on)AGH, WE GOTTA GET THE GUNS!(sarc off)

        • Things always change rapidly in SHTF…

      25. See.


        You’re making a pretty strong argument for the gun control crowd there, I’m afraid.

        I don’t like what I’m saying. I really don’t. Really.

        But you have to admit, some of that looks like fucking Afghanistan.

        If I was the .gov I’d be… EXTREMELY… worried about what happens post catastrophic event. To me and mine, obviously. But also in general.

        This is far more convincing than some media spin on Sandy Hook.

        I’m still not convinced but I don’t know how to logically defend my position, looking at that.

        • Think “Chicago”

        • .gov won’t waste their resources. They’ll pull back, protect their own asses, and let the people in large cities thin themselves out. When the herd has been culled, they’ll move on the leftovers and try to reassert control.

      26. I wonder what the smaller red spot is west of Denver. It’s too far from Utah to be Grand Junction.

        I’m making plans to have other folks move in, and together we’ll do what we can to defend the house. Not the best idea, but I don’t have an easy retreat to get to. Am open to suggestions.

      27. Most of those “gun deaths” are suicides…

        • Good point!

      28. I’m very grateful to live where I do, a small patch of pale red over us, not too bad considering EVERYONE is armed,lol. Luckily, we’re so far removed in the mountains, that I believe hordes would have some serious issues with accomplishing anything in our region. I’m sure there would be some, but I’d also like to think that they would be so afraid of the possibility of meeting a back-wood, banjo playing mountain man, would be enough to try and avoid us, not to mention that if they deviated from the major roadways, they would become hopelessly lost. It’s VERY easy to get turned around in these valley’s and ridges-it used to be “the Frontier” for a very good reason. Checking over my go-bag (bug-out-bag) tonight- too much crap going on to keep putting it off.

      29. If a shtf event occurs, the friends to our south will be coming in droves across the border to claim their so called land back. The Russians will take the artic and Alaska back. If not part of Canada… So be prepared to not just defend against the American havenots ….. As soon as the world sees America as weak…… We will be hit from all sides….

      30. When the mass exodus starts most of them are going to bypass us to get where they’re going. Our community is preparing to defend our site(around a lake)and deal with anything that comes around. Everyone else will be on the interstates trying to get where they are going and will probably overwhelm the gas stations along the way with no way to continue or go back. Where I’m at its worth bugging in. I’m in a situation where I don’t have to go anywhere to get anything I’m good right here.

        • Like water, a mob follows the path of least resistance.

      31. I’ve posted this before

        but in case ya missed it

        The Golden Horde

        and as for those anti-gun nuts ??
        WTSHTF they will be BEGGING for a firearm
        but it will be too late

        Proverbs 22:3 NIV
        New International Version

        A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

        • Drug gangs in Mexico are utterly ruthless in a way the worst cop in this country doesn’t understand. The assassination of DA McClellend and his wife sends a message: no one is safe, no one is beyond our reach. We will kill you and your loved ones.
          This is an important shift to a classic insurgent tactic. Its use inside the US demonstrates a fundamental shift in the strategic landscape, but it won’t make police or prosecutors take a hard look at their own actions.

          Prosecutors and police profit from the Drug War, as prosecutors cover for police by refusing to bring charges after police officers murder innocent people. In the end, the police that engage in 80,000 SWAT raids a year, often against innocent, non-violent people, now must cower in fear from people more ruthless and murderous than they. Now, they will increase the brutality against innocent people, in the name of “officer safety” and “protecting prosecutors.”

          This is an extract from an article by William Anderson

        • Everybody MUST read that link!

        • Satori- thanks for the link. Only takes 5 minutes to read and EVERYBODY should see this!! Possible life-saving reminder!

      32. Mclovin and F.P.: Too funny! Like the old fart who won’t retire because his ex would get half his retirement. @JRS: we always call it Pennsyltucky. @ All: the issue of medals to the Fort Hood survivors, the prosecutors thought it would hurt their case against the insane gunman. Soldiers in Korea tired of this heightened state of alert. China should give porky piglet some money, food, and medicine and tell him to stand down. Why did we fly the B2 and stealth fighters over N Korea? Why didn’t we just say we did! Isn’t that the point?

      33. This is why guns should be banned and confiscated from every American, he’ll the entire world.

        • I hope you are kidding…

          IF NOT , call 911 and get to the Emergency Room, you need to have your head pulled out of your ass.

        • The reason the Japanese wouldn’t attempt a raid on the US mainland is because “there is a rifle behind every blade of grass”.
          Listen, detonating an EMP or nuke is one thing, but if you can’t take and hold the territory, it ain’t yours.

          • Don’t forget our own government is trying hard to remedy that for them…

      34. I’m planning on bugging -in but I travel a lot for my job and I really need a bag in my trunk that I can grab and go-ya’ know, in case North Korea actually does send us an EMP or something. Been gathering stuff to fill it with but that won’t do me any good unless I’ve got it with me. SOOooo glad I woke up when I did, wish it had been sooner but at least I know now ( and knowing is half the battle, right, boy’s and girls?)

        • I just read a really awesome article about a “get-home” bag. It was on Ready Nutrition. Hang on and I’ll post the link.


          • You mean you dont have your own thoughts on the subject.

            • FB
              The only bags I think of when I see your posts is body bags

              • I think of the little doggie bags you carry when you take the dog out to poop….

                • Barlow..

                  Never thought of that lol

            • Shut up Facebook page! Most of us really like Daisy and “appreciate” her info and comments!!! Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about you and yeah, you are a dick!

              • Most of us.. No most dont.
                Just most dont take the time to point it out.

                • FB

                  Rubbish we all take the time to point out we do t like you, why should Daisy be any different?

                • Mack, time to restrict this idiot, hes starting to ruin this great forum!
                  Thank you,

                  • I second that. He has abused his privilege to post here repeatedly and he has abused most of the other posters despite people asking him to stop.

                  • Thanks Kula — Apologies for some of the comments slipping through our mod system. Will try to do better to keep these threads more on topic, informative and civilized.

                    We’ve purged several and will continue to do so with comments posted in rapid succession, as well as those that unnecessarily berate other users.

                • Yeah….I guess that would be your opinion, since you seem to think so well of yourself! Another legend in your own mind….

                  • My prior message was to Facebook….

            • Come on man. Let whatever it is go. You’re fucking up the site. We get it already.

        • @Appalachian Momma…..You Go Girl (: !! take care CC

      35. Thanks Daisy, that was the term I was looking for-“get home bag”. and thanks for the link! If something went down while I was at work, I would be 8 miles from home and 16 miles from my baby at her sitter’s house! I gotta be ready for some heavy duty hiking (I WON”T use the main roads-hell no), and I feel like I have a pretty good collection of gear for my bag, but I’m sure there is something else I’m forgetting or not thinking about (there always is…).

        • You’re welcome – when the link clears moderation, you’ll see that there’s a nice list included. 🙂

          Is it possible to have a secondary bag at the sitter’s house so you can replenish supplies when you pick up the little one?


          • Thanks again Daisy, and no, I had not thought about that (bag at sitters), a very good idea!

      36. FBP sounds too much like Eisen. Piper Michael, I agree that map is way too deceptive. I’m still stuck in Memphis because my credit situation won’t let me buy any property. At least we still have private gun ownership here, so it’s not Chicago. It will become way too interesting here when the balloon goes up. I’m still prepping all the way til’ the last minute. BI, good afternoon, and once again, you’re on target. As far as any restrictions on self-defense are concerned, I haven’t been following those since the Clinton era. i carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go. I’m not going to be a victim. let someone with bad intentions toward me come make one wrong move and he’ll get something he DOESN’T want! braveheart

      37. there is just a thin veneer of civilization on our society. What is underneath is not pretty, and it does (NOT) take much to peel away that veneer.

        I used not–because that is much more realistic!!

        • If you understand that statement you can easily see what you and you group are infor when the real SHIF happens.

          But then it will get real bad from there.

            • Small keyboard code.

            • He’s got his foot in his mouth again, Burt.

              • Barlow

                Agreed. You remind me of someone who used to post here, have we chatted before?
                Take care

                • Possibly. I used to be a “follower” on your blog before I deleted mine and quit following everyone.

                  But I suspect I’m not the person you are thinking about.

                  • Barlow,
                    Yes I noticed you vanished. Well I am sure you are as nice as the guy from here I was thinking of. Pleased to meet you.

                    Take care

                  • Well, same here. I’ll get on over to your blog and drop you a line one day soon.

                • Hey, your blog is pretty cool, sorry for eavesdropping on your exchange with barlow but …
                  Good blog, new reading source Two thumbs up Burt

                  • Kulafarmer

                    Thank you very much, As for eavesdropping, pretty normal here I think lol. Well, time for bed.

                    Night. Take care

      38. FBP, Burt is right. You definitely don’t know how to deal with women. Plus, you need to back off Daisy.

        • Something to think about definitely,

      39. @Daisy –

        Your blog looks interesting. I will check it out more when I get home tonight.

      40. @ daisy….my brother just named his new little girl…daisy….I actually thought of you when I first heard the name… :>)

        • Badpuppydog

          Congrats on becoming an uncle.

          Take care

        • Awww….congratulations on the new niece! You must be so excited! 🙂

      41. after lookin’ at this map some

        i’d be interested in seein’ a overlay of murder committed by knife , bat (bludgeon) , poisoning , vehicle , choking / physical battery .

        we’re not seeing the big picture here .

        there are more deaths murders per year per population in ZOG AmeriKa caused by other means – guns are bein’ singled out for a reason here .

        don’t believe the hype .

      42. Well, I live in a red zone, so we shall see what happens when all hell breaks loose. Don’t take this as racist, it just is what it is, but most violent crime around here is either black on black, or black on white. I doubt their ammo supply goes past what they have in their weapons. They will prey on each other and hopefully there will be enough of us with a little foresight to fend for what is ours. When the gov’t cheese gets turned off, we will have hell to pay.

        • “There is no parking in the Red Zone”

          • They will Not need Affirative Action programs to get into Hell. Their many actions will more than qualify entry.

          • Reminds me of Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage” …

            “The white zone is for loading and unloading only. If you have something to load or unload, go to the white zone. You’ll love it!”

      43. The ONLY way anyone should even remotely consider staying in or near a city (of any size)is IF and only IF your finances said NO way. But consider friends, relatives, church members any one you can think of that lives in the country as NOW is the time to talk to them and offer to help with stores, ammo anything it will take to have them take you in, in a total SHTF scenario. If your a Doctor or veterinarian or any other (needed) skill you probably will be in like flint. BUT if your a bookkeeper, stock broker, lawyer etc. you better have lots of Food, water filters, guns, ammo etc. to add to the kitty to get them to take you in WHEN SHTF. There are ways to get out of Dodge but in some cases you will need to be creative. But your life and your familys life just may depend on how creative you can be in regards to finding the right person in the country to take you and your family in. Also if it’s just you or you and a wife and you have some skills you will have a much better chance than if you have say 3 children to try to provide for.
        Good Luck and God Bless and Keep You and Yours in these troubled times. Prey Hard / Prep Fast / Time is Short

      44. I’ve often spoke of no where to run, no where to hide and no way out scenarios. We live east of the Mississippi which is basically all a red zone with pockets of grey. If we can’t secure the Islands 4 bridges at least we have natural water barriers around us. If we do have to bug out I have a fully mobile plan for that too.

        In Florida we see how the unprepared act almost every year during Hurricane season. No supplies, No plan and No where to run. They mindlessly follow the horde, generally northwest 24 to 48 hours ahead of the storm. You would think they would wise up, but they don’t.

        As for me I have a theory that no place will be safe for long. No matter where you go you will have a foot print and sooner or later you will be seen or smelt. But, after the initial purge 21 days to 6 months many of the red zones will turn grey and the grey could turn red. With that said this is narrow in scope for a economic collapse scenario where most would be killed trying to loot or starve to death n and aroung the major population centers.

        Having mobile capability will enhance your chance of survival. I’m not saying everyone needs a diesel pusher, but your gonna need some back packing equipment at the very least. If your on a low budget just having a good pair of hiking boots and a good back pack will be very valuable. Just think of the basics, air, water, security, food and shelter. Those 5 things and a $50 old Alice pack and your mobile. Even if you have a Diesel pusher your still going to need the back pack in case you have to abandon the vehicle. In a survival situation you are the lowest common denominator.

        • I’m just hoping it rains to wash any corpses tossed in the creek away.

          • Bury them or burn them, numbnuts. Poisoning your own water supply is pretty stupid.

        • I very much agree. In a true WROL SHTF situation the survivors are going to be one or more of three things, lucky, so well hidden that daylight doesn’t hit them or in a big enough group to be one of the last targets of the bad guys.

          Preparation puts you well ahead of the game but all it takes is some bad luck, one mistake that gives away your position or simply out numbered to make all your preparations of no use.

          Build your preps, build your plans and build your networks. If things get really bad, you’re going to need it all and luck to be able to stand up and be counted at the finish line.

        • An economic collapse; diesel not found anywhere; and you have a diesel pusher??
          Motorhome for those that never heard the called that.

          • Well JayJay it’s not like ill be out there cruising around. I can carry enough for 2000 miles and I have the capacity to make more if I can find the raw materials, oils.

      45. Mac, I live an hour from San Diego, and because of my husbands job, we can’t move right now. I was wondering what you would consider as “taking steps now for chaos!” Can you make a list or give the the top 5 things I should do? I have 6 months of food, water, first aid and guns! What else am I missing?

        • Cash at the beginning, precious metals or barter goods for the middle and end game is something to consider.

          Alternate plans for what happens if you’re forced to leave everything behind just to stay alive (mobs, fire, officials, disease etc).

          Like minded folks to share the load and watch each other’s backs.

          And don’t forget to enjoy the life we have now. If (when) everything goes pear shaped you’ll need those happy memories to keep on keepin’ on.

          • I meant to hit the thumbs up… Thanks for the info!!!

        • Laundry supplies—you will get tired of dirty underwear.
          I have 3 tubs from TSC, 2 toilet plungers, a washboard, and a mop wringer.
          Lots of detergent made with Arm & Hammer washing soda, Borax, & Zote.
          Why?? When rinsing laundry by hand in a tub, a real helper is no suds.

          • I second what JayJay said about the mop wringer – we did laundry off grid here for a couple of months and it is an enormous help.

            When you wring everything out by hand, not only is it really hard to do, you just can’t get enough water out of the clothing to allow the items to dry in a reasonable amount of time indoors.

            I’ve also seen some spinners with a hand crank that use centrifugal force to get the water out of the clean laundry.

            • The spinners I’ve seen aren’t all that great. One could though, if one was handy, make a wind powered spinner.

              You can still buy real clothes wringers, they’re pricey but hard to beat for their job.

          • Emergency Essentials has a mobile plunger for just this purpose. It can be used in a 5 gallon bucket with just 4 inches of water. (Save the grey water for other purposes)
            I have one but have not used it yet. Perfect for washing small items or a shirt, etc.

            I also use homemade laundry detergent but I use Fels Naptha soap. Hard as the dickens to grate. I have used that though. I don’t have to use a rinse because the clothes are so soft and smell so good.

            4 year prepper

            • I love my zote. With whiteners. If the bar is a bit
              dry and hard to grate, microwave for a few seconds.
              Softens right up. I also use a vegetable Peeler instead
              of a cheese grater.

              Keep preppin’

              • the cooking mom,

                I also use Zote (pink bars) in my homemade laundry detergent. It works good. It is also safe for delicates.

                Zote soap is made with coconut oil and tallow and is scented with citronella oil. The citronella oil makes it also useful as a mosquito repellent.

                If you are working outside (garden, etc.), that is a nice bonus.

                Here is the recipe I use for homemade laundry soap. It cleans the clothes well, does not cost a lot of money, and lasts a long time.
                (See link below.)

                • Homemade laundry soap – $28 … A YEAR, based on 6 loads of laundry a week

                  1 (4 lb. 12 oz.) Box of Borax
                  1 (3 lb. 7 oz.) Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
                  1 (3 lb.) Container of OxyClean-(optional but recommended)
                  2 (14.1 oz.) Bars of Zote Soap- Found in the detergent aisle (we chose to do pink for the scent but the white would be just fine. You can also use Fels Naptha)
                  1 (4 lb.) Box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda-(*Use any baking soda currently in the kitchen first. Buy new to replace your supply.)
                  1-2 (55 oz.) Bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener- Found in the detergent aisle (This is 100% optional, but it makes the laundry smell good the towels nice and soft.)

                  The hardest, most time consuming part is grating the Zote soap. Use a hand grater (fine side) or a food processor on the Zote soap. The soap dissolves just fine, even in cold water.

                  Mix everything together in a 5 gallon plastic bucket. After mixing, keep the bucket covered with the lid. (5 gallon buckets & lids are sold in the paint section at Walmart, Lowes, etc.)

                  I use only 1 or 2 teaspoons per laundry load. If you have a HE washer (as I do), just add the laundry soap directly to the washer barrel. (This is a low sudsing formula, but gets the clothes clean.)

                  If you opted to put the Purex Crystals in your batch, save the container. You can scoop some detergent right into your bottle and use the cap as your measuring spoon. There are 3 lines on the side and the middle one is approximately 2 tablespoons.


                  (Our local Walmart had all of the supplies, except Zote. So, we ordered that online.)

            • We use the plunger gizmo when we go to week long (Boy Scout summer camp). Sometimes the boys have some seriously overpowering Barak Obama.

              It seems to work pretty well. The clothes get decently clean as long as you dont re use the water too much.

      46. I live in a very rural area but I have a nuclear power plant in my back yard (only 4 miles away). You think I am safe here or not? With those crazy North Koreans led by that crazy fat ass Kim Jong Un (ugly man of the year) who the hell knows. They could launch a ICBM over America and explode a nuke about 300 miles above America and put us all back into the stone age with an EMP for the next 100 years or so. Then where would I be with a nuke plant in my back yard with NO power to cool the reactor rods or to pump cooling water into the storage tanks, can you say Fukishima……… BIG Time…….

        • I wouldn’t be so quick to believe everything you read in the msm.

      47. That big gaping hole East of the Mississippi is West Virginia. It has the highest percentage of households East of the Mississippi and is fourth nationwide. It has plentiful water and other natural resources including coal, gas, wild game, and woodlands. Most importantly it has NO nuclear reactors to melt down.

        I know it seems dangerously close to populated areas, but the mountainous terrain is a natural buffer and city folks won’t be getting in once we lock down the holler. Best of all my neighbors aren’t preparing to heat with wood, raise gardens and livestock, and hunt out of season. They have never stopped.

        • I think is so charming and self delusional every time I hear and WE HAVE NO NUCLEAR REACTORS TO MELT DOWN, in our state. Redraw the lines. There is one not so far away from you. Fall-out doesn’t go around the borders. Wind knows no boundaries. Weather happens. There is one in my state, over a hundred miles away, across three mountain tops and a few rivers and valleys and because of the wind patterns and the rotation of the earth, YOU will get the fall out before me! The east coast is covered in nuclear waste holding dumps. Don’t kid yourself about that fact.

        • West-BY-God Va! Great post, I’m not that far from you, and I suspect it will be very much the same here, lock down the holler! I find it funny how much the rest of the nation mocks and ridicules everyone in the Appalachia’s-“just a bunch of dumb hillbillies, they’ll welcome us w/open homes and all the food we can eat!’, right? They’re in for a very rude awakening-I don’t want them here now, I sure as hell don’t want them when tshtf!

          • Appalachian Momma,

            I am in eastern KY. Too many people still believe those stereotypes. LOL

            • LOL, yes they do!That’s okay with me though, let them keep thinkin’ that, if it keep’s them outta’ here!

        • I love West Virginia, my daughter lives in Inwood. When I was a kid in the 60’s and early 70’s we used to camp out by the Cacapon river on Sparky Dawson’s farm.

          As I said in my comment though West Virginia is grey now, but post economic collapse I believe it would turn red quickly. There isn’t enough fish and game to feed the horde in West Virginia or for that matter in the whole country without ranchers and farmers. Without commercial food production half the citizens of America will die. It simple logistics.

          Regardless of whether it turns red or not I sure wouldn’t mind having 20 to 100 acres in SE West Virginia.

      48. I like skousen’s book, but disagree on my state. The factors he and survival blog use for Louisiana dont take into consideration that we have a massive swamp between us and the baton rouge, new orleans A.O. The bridge across it is 20 miles long and there is nothing in between. Hurricanes are the only draw back to my retreat location. We also have the second best gun laws in the US. I like Idaho and Montana, but tooooo many nukes there. Anyone in Louisiana living east of the Atchafalaya Basin or in or west of Lake Charles is up shit creek, also Shreveport, but everywhere else is a prepper paradise. I can grow food all year and they cant port any ships along the coast except N.O., and Lake Charles, because the coast is all marshland, so china isnt coming up in my back yard very easily.

      49. Thank you for telling all the unprepared to go. Now, there will be no safer place.

      50. Let’s face facts. The circles are oversized to the point of being silly. The violence in this country is concentrated in black and Hispanic neighborhoods in the cities. And the key is cities. The blacks and Hispanics in smaller towns like mine, aren’t significantly more violent than the whites. So it will be the cities that explode and that violence will pour over into the rich, liberal, lightly armed suburbs. As to violence here in the country, yes, it will happen. But as Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society.” Out here, more people are armed than unarmed, and higher percentages of us are former military, hunters, and regular shooters than in the cities and suburbs.

      51. It is spring time, all you have to do is look at all the FERTILIZER (Bull Sh-t) being spread today.

        Keep the FAITH

      52. Don’t Talk about the Weather Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis? This film is handed out to anyone with a free hand where I live yet I havenât found it on the Web so thought Iâd extend its reach to a wider audience.

        Donât Talk About the Weather chronicles a grass-roots investigation into chemtrails, analyzing the different and contradictory official explanations, as well as uncovering official documents that prove chemtrails are not only real, but are a WEAPONS SYSTEM.

        It also examines media involvement, including subliminals and counter-intelligence, and links the subject to an all-encompassing political agenda. There should be something new here for anyone who sticks with it, as each section takes a different perspective. Information presented to provoke intelligent and peaceful debate.

        • SQ–so bad here in Ky, thanks to chemtrails am honestly concerned about my solar oven.
          I have a Coleman camper cooker and lots of fuel for whatever I bought before the solar oven.

          • @jayjay – hi ;0)

            try finding a large 27” old box television with a curved glass viewscreen . dismantel it safely for the glass viewscreen .

            if used properly with the curve bulge inwards even on cloudy days it will magnify focus the heat radiation coming through the clouds .

            plus line the bottom of your cooker with black brick so it absorbs the heat . cooks faster and better .

            cheers ;0)

        • You get your name from here??

          I bought one of the freedom girl coins. Beautiful coin.

      53. Saw the map. Got a little worried and called the wife at home-
        “Honey! Look outside and see if the ground is red!”
        ‘What are you talking about?’
        “Just do it! We may be in an unsafe area!”
        ‘Okay, I’m looking. What am I supposed to be looking for?’
        “Just need to know what color the ground is! Is it red?”
        ‘No…it looks kind of …grey, like it always does.’
        “Whew! Thanks goodness. You’re safe.”
        ‘What’s this all about? Are you off the wagon again?’
        “Oh, No! I swear I’m not! I been sober since…(looks at wristwatch) well, at least 1982. You know me better than that.”
        ‘Then what is this all about?’
        “Uh…never mind. I’ll explain when I get home.”

        • smokin okie
          after that phone call do you think its safe for you to go home????


        • **dunks Uncle Okie in the toilet and gives him a swirly**

      54. I’m sorry, gun-related deaths under our current ‘normal way of life’ situation in no way represent what will happen in a wheels-off SHTF scenario. There are folks out there who try to predict what will happen, but no one really know. The United States has the most heavily armed civilian population in the world (see It is anybody’s guess how this is going to go down.

        • I agree with John Nordstrom. Who would have thought that you could confiscate 40% of the bank deposits in Cyprus without some kind of civil disorder. Americans are being gouged daily by a rouge government intent on making serfs of us all. How far are we going to let the government push us before we retaliate? I’m not sure that there will ever be any serious large scale retaliation against “free food, free water, free housing and free entertainment. But I want to add that hell no I won’t go. HA HA HA! YOU CAN ONLY KILL ME ONCE.

      55. Guys. Really, you can’t gauge the areas to stay away from based on gun deaths? Seriously this is kind of ignorant at least the map anyway. No deep stats just a map with red splotches. Ohio is knee deep in red but it is one of the safest areas in terms of most shtf scenarios.

      56. Love this blog Mac – read most articles you post and the comments are interesting, informative and some…entertaining. Last year I relocated from Southern California to a rural mountain community in the Pacific Northwest. Having researched like crazy prior to my move, visiting the area for several months before purchasing my property, I still had no idea what type of people I would find living near me. I lucked out…pure simple luck.

        This little community I found myself in consisted of 30, 5-15 acre properties. Imagine my surprise when shortly after moving in, my closest neighbor drops by to welcome me and hands me a “phone tree” or phone list of all 30 neighbors. It consisted of their names, phone numbers and where their property was located. One by one over the course of several months each of those 30 property owners showed up at my door to introduce themselves and welcome me and of course I’m sure, check me out. Coming from Southern California, I knew the neighbor’s on either side of my tract home and that was it!

        During this past year I have gotten to know most of them. They come from all walks of life and all ages but they all seemed to have one thing in common– living a more self-sufficient life style. Now some people think the PNW has become a liberal take-over and maybe in Seattle that might be true. Where I live, it couldn’t get anymore conservative. On Saturday afternoon you can hear the sound of guns going off as these folks target practice on their land. Although not so much lately as they are conserving their ammo.

        The neighbors raise everything from horses, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits and turkeys. They put up gardens and stock their fish ponds (thanks to the fish stocking program of the state). We have an abundance of wildlife as well. Deer, elk, bear, mountain lions,coyotes, coons, red fox and bobcats. More importantly we have an abundance of water. Besides the rain, my property is next to a year round stream. When I need help building something out of wood, I can call Joe. If I need help with Metal, I can call Rick – If my truck breaks down, Dave is down the road with his tow truck.

        These are not people who were born here and distrustful of strangers. These are people who moved here, like I did, to get out of the suburbs into a more self-sufficient life style. Did I know that when I purchased my property? No, like I said I got lucky but I also think there are more of these self-sufficient enclaves than most people think.

        Will these people have my back when the SHTF? Well I don’t know, but I do know one thing – they will put up one hell of a fight defending what’s theirs. That beats the heck out of the pervasive liberal attitude in SoCal that I came from.

      57. Many people can’t bug out because they are tied to their jobs, family issues or have medical problems. If you live in a normally safe community, have sufficient food and water for about 6 months or more, and have like-minded neighbors, you should do ok. My suburban house is on a street of hunters and preppers and we take care of each other. We could defend against a few meandering trouble maker attacks, and we’d survive by helping each other. Getting out of the city area is a major priority but it takes time to find the right place and get setup to live off the grid. Like someone posted the other day, it’s impossible to pay cash for land or a house purchase. There is always a paper trail.

      58. I do not believe this map has much merit. There have been many crisis events but none to compare with those to come. The map is not really relevant to what could happen..obviously, the urban areas would be among the first affected, but,for example: most likely there are some in the non-red areas who have not a clue how to survive in the event of a National, not regional, crisis……and would become greatly hostile if they were without necessities….this is all supposition. To “suggest” a bug out prematurely would be against the best interests of those involved.

      59. One can easily sum it up and say don’t be around a lot of people and do be around a lot of resources. Wherever that is X marks the spot.

        • Craig In SC

          Point well taken. It reminds me of what a maintenance contractor in the Oil Refinery I worked in told me. He said, “The problem is cement”. “I worked up in NYC and it was all cement and all problems”. “Here it’s some cement and some problems”. “Back home there’s no cement and no problems”.

      60. The only safe place is in ones mind.. It’s a vast open space that is warm and inviting!

        All other places contain other human beings.. And if things go bad… Best place is in the company of yourself..

        I doubt anything will happen.. The Rich are making too much $ on us A-holes who go out everyday and work.. ” why mess up a perfect model”

        Think about it.. Every day you wake up.. You have to spend $ in some fashion – may it be fuel for your car, power in your house, food, medicine, monthly car payment or mortgage payments ..

        Realize that we are ALL slaves to the banks and Govt.. Like rats on a wheel..

        No one is truely free.. The Indians thought that.. Then some white dude said..hell no.. And Kicked there ass off their land to build a McDonald’s!!

        We all are living a lie.. Wake up.. There’s nothing’s you can do but keep the scheme alive and due in debt..

        • I would recommend you look up the Georgia Guide stones. As I have previously said in articles and writings, I have known some of these arrogant elitist scum, and it is not about $$, it is about RESOURCES, and the depletion that massive overpopulation causes.

          They plan on a future where their children be ‘da massa’ and you be ‘da serf’ in debt to their company store, those who are left anyway.

          The last great experiment, in men governing man, was an epic fail, and now we revert to the standard operating paradigm of history; tyranny.

          And it is all our own fault, because we buy the bs, and love money, that they own and we rent. We have always placed ourselves into slavery through the mechanism of ignorance, apathy and laziness. We love a good line of BS, as long they are pretty, speak well, and act intelligent. No one knows this more than they.

          I only hope this time is different, and the internet can come forth with a new thing, an evolution of knowledge resulting in collective consciousness, dedicated to the defeat of evil, centralized ‘authority’ and false money paradigms.

          If we can do that, and learn we do not need Elitist rich people, they need us, then maybe we can truly enter into the time when we can ‘pound our swords into plowshares…. and neither learn war, anymore.’

          • We are too far in the hole to be taught to be self-reliant..

            The culling of the herd must come.. there is no other way..

      61. WTF

      62. you will all burn in hell….so who cares?

      63. Post SHTF people are mostly going to be on foot for lack of fuel. That should limit their range quite a bit. A flash mob would get to the suburbs and exurbs but would disintegrate any further out than that. So you’re biggest worry would be lone bandits and those in small packs. With proper security provisions put in place and a neighborhood watch, these shouldn’t be too hard to disptach, provided your community has enough ammo.

      64. Map is crap. Just another media stab in support of O’s meddling in our freedom.

      65. do not agree with this map. It is showing areas as less dangerouse (such as Las Vegas and any part of Cali.) than areas like west Virgina and North Carolina which are so much less populated than the others I just had to laugh. I know we all look at things and try and hypothosize what will be the worst areas etc. but common sense should prevail. All cities that are “densly” populated will be feeling the shtf very quickly. Suburbs will be next. The Golden Hoarde will come marching in alot later than sooner because the cities and burbs will have the gangs ruling it all and they will be in controll of everything for awhile. It will be them who rule those areas and until everything runs dry they will not venture into the rural area. One thing I can tell ya is they want to stay in what is familiar to them until that are will no longer sustain them. Who is left will probably band together as they will not want to venture in the areas they are not familiar with. I can bet that they will be desperate but being desperate they wil not have a real plan but doing this haphazardly and not at all ready for people who are really prepped. Most rural areas I would guess will also come together to protect there neighborhods. By the time the gang makes it to rural homes the prepared will have a game plan for there neighborhood. I do not think these parasites that live on the teet will be so fast to move as in the misery of others the will for a moment be in power. Like I dsaid by the time all the looting. killings etc happen rural areas will be better organozzed and ready for them. I think CA and Vegas are going to be in alot more trouble than the East coast becase there is still ALOT of rural areas here from Florida up until Virginia, North of that it gets a little more populated. I can tell ya there are still parts of NJ that are farms and acres and acres of woods. There is water in rivers lake and streams. I just do not get the logic of this map. The Southern Part of IL is rural and as Southern as a turnip green with lakes, rivers and hunting galore. Going from Chi town to the southern part of Il would be a real journey and I just say good luck to the city folk that venture that way. Like I said this map maks no sense unless it was realted to a tsunami or a nuke attack….

        • Like I said above, this is a map of political agendas…
          when you see that, it makes perfect sense by showing their pathetic attempt to turn numbers into nonsense.

      66. Sooo.. stay out of the east and away from southern California according the Huffington Post? Alrighty, I’m set…I wonder if all those documented shootings were in self defense or just shootings. The Huffington Post doesn’t have a good rep in my eyes…

      67. I have been visiting this site for several years and have yet to see one post regarding getting people together in case such an event occurs. I realize the necessity of OPSEC and security, yet fail to see all the possibilities that out there as a cohesion unit and community building for those less fortunate.
        Example; Have 25 acres with one building that can house approx 60 individuals, cramped yet able to work. Also have several animals, Goat, Chicken, Angus bull etc., that will requires more work than the 3 it was built for. Additional personal willing to assist with such task is in reality plausible. Of course this will depend greatly upon commitment and training and actually getting together, also have several Large tents double insulated that can house additionally 10 min., per tent or whole families.
        This is the type if information that needs to be shared (cautiously) for additional support and numbers.
        Backgrounds needed, ability to work with animals, gardens etc. Individuals should be social and aggressive when the time arrives. This place is located at least 10 miles from nearest neighbor, and 30 miles from nearest community. One way in and one way out, can see traffic several miles out and can prepare for such in no time.
        Any suggestion how to put this information out for each locale that wish’s to assist????
        Also, location is nowhere near any of the indicators listed above.

        • Hi TxRngr,
          It HAS been discussed, and dropped, and discussed, and dropped…
          It is anathema… but would take an essay to explain why and how opsec is just the excuse for the individual natures of our community members. How most don’t think, even as preppers, that anything will happen ‘that bad’, that would actually require them to bug out of their comfy retreats, bol’s, or other well stocked paradises.

          Many are deceived by the false god of America, Ayn Rand. Who in my book caused a lot of our ‘issues’ because she portrayed socialism as ‘stupid’ instead of Truly Evil. In that, I wonder if some scholar commentators were right, that she was a highly skilled Russian plant. We are also held back by religious doctrines and pure plain old fear of change. Most don’t see the need to organize like some of us, at the very least, while we are still able to build Trust networks from the comfort of our keyboards.

          Many are deceived by ideas like the Militia of One concept, and think they will be able to go to guns without major consequences, I think they have under thought the response of a truly evil government that has taken off the velvet glove.

          Your heart is in the right place, keep it up, maybe we’ll get somewhere… but, it’ll have to get bad before anybody gets serious…

          • Piper;

            Thanks for your time and suggestions as I, to understand everybody’s reluctance to give out their information, stratagies, etc. This will only hinder those willing to work together PRIOR to anything actually going south. Once that occurs, it will be to late as trying to build or trust anyone will be extremely difficult.
            Persistence is the only way to assit while there is time…

            • Piper, your statement:I think they have under thought the response of a truly evil government that has taken off the velvet glove, is spot on. That is my biggest worry, that most people aren’t ready for evil coming at them full force because we are a compassionate people and evil isn’t. Remember this thought: evil is erradic, they’ll turn even on their own.

              Piper: we all need to OPSEC people for even with some preppers, there are need of leaders (not a bad thing). Would love for many of us to get to meet each other. Bet there would be a lot of gray and white haired people.

      68. No one is going to survive. Once the infrastructure gets broken that was (usually, more or less) keeping the 100+ USA nuclear power plants from going into meltdown, all those plants WILL go into meltdown. 100% total guarantee. So much radiation will get released, pretty much everyone dies. Including the operating crews of plants outside the USA. Which means another 350+ plants going into meltdown. So much radiation gets released that virtually all life on Earth dies. And the meltdowns will continue to last for hundreds of years.

        Do you get the impression that the existence of these damn idiotic plants are a very BAD idea?

        From pole to pole, all humanity dies. We all literally puke and crap ourselves to death from radiation sickness. Sounds like a real GOOD time, eh? Or, possibly not.

        The nuclear power plants are going to be the final deciding factor that no one survives. Not you. Not me. Not anyone.

        “No nukes are good nukes.” Pass it along.

        PS. The Fukushima meltdowns haven’t been fixed and they continue to get worse by the day. The entire Pacific Ocean is being radioactively poisoned from just 3 meltdowns. Now, imagine 450+ meltdowns. Like I said, no one survives. Somewhat needless to say, Japan is already radioactive toast.

      69. Who ever this is News to…You might as well drink the Kool-aide

        A: people have never, Not scene the beginning of time, Just went away somewhere to politely starve to death…

        B: it’s too late to get enough ammo.

        C: This hasn’t occurred to you long ago.

        Bottoms up….

      70. It’s things like this that start me thinking about being able to go back in time to some point between the mega-fauna mammals and when the first people appeared.

        People — a virus no planet could do anything wrong enough to stricken with.

      71. Another esoteric fear-based article to drum up the Macgyver do-it-yourself comments. I have more food than a small grocery store in my basement and as much guns and ammo as some gun shops, but I prefer to look at the brighter side of life. I believe in a rebirth of Constitutional principles, the death of fiat currency, and overall righting of the worldwide ship. Someday all of the crap and human misery going on today will be placed in a museum for our grandkids to marvel at.

      72. Thoughts to Ponder:
        People with more than 2 brain cells are frustrated by what the government and the liberal elite are doing to the US and the Constitution. We seem to be unable to change the country’s headlong rush to a financial collapse. I have one radical solution that might work.
        Advocate for and support the government in providing GM volts for every urban welfare recipient, liberal/socialist/communist, and rabid environmentalist.

        Before you click on the “thumbs down” button, please read my logic.

        A GM volt is manufactured in the USA………more jobs.
        A GM volt has a range of less than 75 miles per charge………limited travel.
        A GM volt is “worshipped” by the left………….no opposition.

        Bernanke prints $85 billion per month, by subsidizing the GM volt Bernanke and Obama can reduce the $85 billion of worthless paper………….it’s all gone anyway.
        Obama can claim “millions” of jobs “created or saved”.
        The limited travel range of the GM volt will keep the loonies closer to urban areas since it takes 8 hours to recharge it.

        It’s a win-win, I invite you to add other “benefits” for our side.

      73. Interesting to see the Agenda being played out here. All the hatred of men towards woman and vice versa. (by some) Getting you to hate the opposite sex,gearing towards homosexuality,Planned parenthood,single parenthood (poverty),vaccination to cause sterility. All geared towards population control,economic control and mind control. Good job peeps, they love seeing this. All the angry haters of ex’s are the ones I want to see mapped out cause when the SHTF, they are gonna call open season just to satisfy their programmed hate.

      74. Does that map include people who NEEDED to be shot? Ie burglars, rapists etc…..We have had a few shootings in our area (which shows ONE red dot) but the vast majority are homeowners etc…icing bad guys. I consider that a BONUS, not a problem.

      75. I didn’t read anything about nuclear power plants. Aren’t those a problem when STHF? Without cooling I’m pretty sure they’ll all blow up.
        I live in Leavenworth KS right next to Kansas City, which is a bad place to be according to this map. (And I know it too, way too many meth heads around here.) Anywhere else is Kansas seems ok, but a lot of people don’t know that there are nuclear sites peppering the midwest. So don’t just go by this map, look up everything you can.

      76. “And, should things get so bad that you have to leave your primary residence, be sure to have evacuation plans in place.”

        I suggest that should things get too hot to remain where you are, it will already be FAR too late to leave unless it’s in a Sherman tank. Just sayin’

      77. Not to be that guy, but may we see a chart of gun deaths BEFORE the sandy hook incident?

      78. How many of these “gun deaths” are suicides? How many “suicide by cop”? How many gang member killing gang member?
        While we’re mapping, how many drunk driving deaths since Sandy Hook? Let’s see the map. The “gun deaths” map is driven by those with an anti-gun agenda. Another interesting map would be deaths from overdoses of illegal drugs.

        Please re-code the “gun deaths” map to separate the suicides, gang bangers, legitimate law enforcement, and self defense. The city of Chicago alone is a festering disaster of black on black murder.

      79. That wog density map is very usefull. Thanks

      80. Montana, Wyoming, here I come.

        Don’t bother moving ti Idaho, the state is selling itself off to China with Project 60, setting up Chinese economic zones, populated by Chinese nationals and run by Chinese.

      81. It’s good to be a Yooper, eh?

      82. I am A country boy in Nj, although the island where I live is very nice and the southern part f NJ is not too heavily populated (considering)…my issue is BOL. I know I can last for a bit at my ALAMO , but NFL. Getting out of this state is nothing short than a crisis. Inner city GoldenMobs and than only bridges fully secured to deal with. I have all I can stock up on and for one I am overly resourceful in providing/caring in almost any situation. My plan is go by water and save the masses for the interstates. I do have my wife and 3 kids which does limit me as they are not ON-Board (no pun) with current events no matter how much I bash them with facts. My family is in rural yadayadayadatown and well equiped. Bt, just as the devastation with Sandy proved; the whole of te North East Cooridor is no good at best. Primary concern is that I have to go before any normal person witnesses the signs of collasps. Kind of being a rock and hard place. My entire plan rest with me being able to identify SHTF while in it’s premature infancy. If you see a good ol’ boy with a family come through, make sure the kids are ok. If you see my kids and I am not there; tell them Daddy loves em one more time for me.

        • what if the sh the f in february? still going by boat?

      83. did any one check the huffington post map of gun deaths looked where i lived and checked the obits this info is bs
        the names aren’t there and its a small town and county word like that spreads like wild fire.

      84. So what’s going to happen to all the people who are incarcerated in prisons in this country when SHTF in this country? Will they be abandoned and left to die or find a way out?

      85. People think that when it’s this dangerous they’re going to GO anywhere? If it’s that bad, good luck on the road, back roads, or wherever… you’ll head straight into ‘deliverance.’ Better shore up where you are now. Besides, if everyone (even just preppers) bug out to the ‘safe’ locations, just how ‘safe’ do you think those places will be. ANYWHERE you can think of that you think is a place only you know about is likely known by MANY others… there are VERY FEW ‘secret’ locations in the USA… better buy a jet and fly to a jungle somewhere. Guess this helps to sell books and ‘survival’ gear few will know how to deploy. Even having served in the Army, I know my chances in a real SHTF/WROL are not good long term, except that I be blessed by God (if living through this would be a blessing). People really don’t foresee what things will REALLY be like when/if this happens. Nothing glorious or romantic and you won’t be running around like Mad Max or Rambo… many of you will be curled up in a corner crying and will commit suicide quickly. It will be hell.

      86. 27 years for me, with a woman that hated men! ALL MEN.

      87. ummm…..
        this is the wierdest thing I have ever read, and I’m a prepper somewhat…first we have all the happy nuts who are free of their supersized luvmuffins, then it turns to god and guns, what a surprise. Of course jews make an appearance for good sport, everyone salutes the flag and Clint Eastwood, then goes off for a wank at, am I right or what?

      88. all you krackers over 300 pounds raise yer hand

        all you skinny crackers with an edjumacation punch a porker

      89. yea I been hearing this shtf 10 years now nothing happen. people there a lot money to be off fear.

      90. Why does the data for the map only go back to Sandy Hook? The sample size of only 4 months may not be large enough to be statistically accurate.

      91. Ok.. This article tells me the violent deaths occur around the population centers where there is an accumulation of resources and other things that make civilized life possible.

        Taking a trip out to the hinterlands of America where there are no people will most likely reduce one’s chances of violent death (as argued in the article) but in turn would increase that person’s chance of dying from other non-violent means such as starvation, exposure to the elements, and/or a basic lack of medical care and other infrastructure supports.

        Just saying, this article only looks at half the picture and if folks follow through on relocating to the sparesly populated areas of the country without adequate preperation then they make themselves prime targets for death due to non-violent means which may be worse-off than just staying put (abundantly stocked and armed) in a population center where resources are more likely had.

      92. I enjoy this site and a few others like it. I am a prepper but not many people know that. I am currently going to school to become a physician. I do not look like the typical prepper. As corny as it sounds I beg you guys to keep an open mind. I am black but I have never received a handout and I don’t want one. I trust no politicians, not even Obama. I hate what this world has come to. I just ask that people remember fucktards come from all types of backgrounds. It’s rough out here as a black prepper lmao, other black people think you’re crazy and the other side doesn’t take you seriously. Wtf did I write this? Pure fucking boredom and I appreciate the info shared here from everyone.

        • I gave you a thumbs up. Not many blacks around here but a few. And those few are straight hard working cowboys or rough necks. Trust all 2 of them and know them both my name. 1 goes to my church.

          It aint the color, it is the character. If you voted for Ovomit, are a Democrat, a liberal, homo, meth or pot head around here you won’t last long.

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