America’s Biggest Killers: The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To See

by | Jan 5, 2013 | Headline News | 484 comments

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    What we are hearing from bloviating gun control advocates in America is nothing short of emotionally driven irrationality.

    According to statistics assembled from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Center for Disease Control and the Federal Government, firearms related homicides are minuscule in comparison to other the other “big killers” in the United States.

    If we look at homicide statistics in the United States it’s clear that more murders are committed with knives, bats, hammers and poisons than with firearms. As Kurt Nimmo recently noted, ” the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outpaces the number of murders committed with a rifle.”

    The facts, not the drivel being spewed by the anti-gun propaganda machine, leave us wondering why some State and Federal lawmakers are so adamant about restricting the sale and ownership of handguns and rifles, especially since the majority of gun owners – close to 99% – have never committed a violent crime in their lives, let alone used a gun to do so.

    Here is the chart they never want you to see:

    The chart above proves that politicians and those who would disarm Americans by going so far as to call for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment have ulterior motives – or they’re completely ignorant of the facts.

    Perhaps their goal is to trigger a revolution in an effort to implement a total police state over the American people.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that a government has tried something like this.


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      1. Just wait for Obummercare…those medical errors will increase…

        • If you’re over 55 and need life saving surgery then you are screwed. A non medical panel will decide if you are a viable candidate. In other words, death panels are going to be the norm. They want the older generation gone, to them they are useless baggage that isn’t worth investing in. Why do you think they are indoctrinating our children in public schools to be good little athiest, socialist, progressives. Hell, they are even convincing the kids that the parents and especially the grandparents are nothing but useless, old fashioned morons who want to fight the New World Order.

          They don’t care about statistics, that doesn’t fit their agenda, disarm, brain wash, make the trouble makers gone. If you don’t believe it then think back about four years and look at the difference now. If you don’t follow the politically correct rules and you are white then you are a racist. Gay marriage is now a holy right, television is full of the most vile filth that many kids watch, illegal aliens have more rights than most americans, even religious colleges are caving into the atheist demands. What the hell is it going to be like four years from now. The anointed one will be inaugurated or should I say crowned soon. We are in a world of shit and it is just going to get worse every day. They will take our guns because they will never have a better opportunity than now. I say yea, let it all collapse and get a clean start.

          • morals, religious-based ethical self-limitation, modesty, patriotism, individual thought & critical thinking, honesty etc. ALL interfere with the corparate profit-making system that steers our elected politicians through lobbyists.

            I’m not sure how it will turn out in the end….all I know is that I personally will not surrender my patriotism, my sense of right and wrong, my faith in Jesus and God’s wisdom, my ability to think for myself, and my guns….

            • It does seem as though we have the perfect storm brewing. “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. “ Matthew 24:21

              As stated in the article: “The chart above proves that politicians and those who would disarm Americans by going so far as to call for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment have ulterior motives – or they’re completely ignorant of the facts.”

              I believe we can safely put every so called American that attempts to repeal the 2nd Amendment on a domestic enemies list. Including the disgusting media pundits that assist these anti-american scoundrels.

              And now we have this going on:

              President Barack Obama called a conscience clause for military chaplains in the National Defense Authorization Act “unnecessary and ill-advised.”

              The NDAA provision ordered that no member of the armed forces may require a chaplain to perform a rite or ceremony that violates the chaplain’s beliefs, and that chaplains may not be disciplined for refusing to perform such a ceremony.

              Obama signed this law into existence, and now he is reneging on a key element. These people won’t be happy until they either force all of us to sell our soul like they have or they successfully eliminate us.

              “unnecessary and ill-advised.”??? Pandora’s box has opened wide!

              Time to tighten up the bull rope and prepare to endure to the end (Matthew 24:13).

              It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. We are already feeling gusts from the pending storm.

                • Say whaaa????

                  If an entire post is going to be devoted to statistics, especially when used to drive a position of spin-doctoring, it would be prudent to list actual sources for the stats provided, not generic dot-gov agencies we don’t trust in the first place.

                • Umm, just a sec:

                  Your link relies on civilization to remain up in order to do any useful work. Let’s see how to do it specifically post-collapse.

                  Also, I want to take issue with that smoking-related deaths thingy up there… most docs will chalk nearly anything and everything up to tobacco, if the victim even so much as looked at a cigarette in his/her lifetime.

                • @ Odd Questioner

                  And all along I thought you were up to policing the moneylenders, pimps, and burglars in your neighborhood.


            • Whoa, off topic here team. Been trying for days to get on to and every time I get shown a page saying that this website no longer exists and that the web name has been sold??? I’ve tried everything to log onto this site. I just got lucky looking at I clicked on an article and well blow me down!!!! The link was to SHTFplan!!!!! Finally here after days of trying!!
              Also starting to notice that living way Down Under here, that some of the sites and pages over ‘your’ ways that I frequent, are drying up, disappearing or suddenly becoming …..nonexistent??? Or better still, some stories are getting scrubbed clean till they only reflect ‘someone’s’ very biased opinion.
              So heads up and keep an eye in the rear vision mirror. It’s getting darker by the hour.
              Hope I make it back to this site again. If not, then all the best SHTFplanners.

              • Try using the actual IP address, Also, look up the IP addresses of all your favorite websites and bookmark them that way, so that if the government or someone else screws with the DNS servers, it won’t stop you. Find an IP lookup site on startpage.

              • Odds are good, especially in AUS, that you were stuck in DNS caching Hell.

                For what it’s worth, I saw the “this domain has expired and will be up for sale on…” thingy too (GoDaddy? c’mon, Mac, you know better than that 😉 )

                • I had the same problem on Jan 02, 2013 when I tried to get to through the bookmark I normally use. I looked up the IP address and was able to get to the site that way. Since then I have changed the bookmark address, for all of the sites that I can, to the IP address.

            • The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect American citizens from foreign governments. AS it is now, they are stealing 40% of American’s money and using it to control the thought process of half the country.

              • If that was the case, Thomas Jefferson would not have said these words: “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

                Please remember the key words, both foreign and DOMESTIC…

                The Founding Fathers were far more worried about future generations of government forgetting who they serve and what they were supposed to protect than anything else.

                I know it’s hard to fathom that one day a group of people could get elected into office and eventually bring this country down and turn it into a dictatorship… it’s also hard to fathom that our government would take us 16 TRILLION in debt and their biggest concern would be disarming its people… but it’s happening.

                ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There have been far more bad guys in control if you look back at world history than their have been good guys. The odds are stacked against having a FREE country. Disarming the people would have to be the first priority in achieving such a feat as to turn this great country into a dictatorship.

                Just a few thoughts from a random red neck 😉

                • @Rare_Breed;

                  Sadly, I entirely agree with you. The likelihood of an “elected” group installing a dictatorship here is exponentially increased when technology (Electronic Voting Machines) abet the ballot box in installing freedom assassins. For those of us that seem to think it can never happen here, please study history and review common events. It is as plain as the nose on your face.

              • The 2nd Amendment was also designed to protect the people from their own government, no just foreign governments. Our Founding Fathers did not like “standing armies” threatening citizens and wrote the 2nd Amendment to protect the people from them.

              • No, the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to protect Americans from their own government–should that government ever go rogue.

                It has.

              • The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to protect us fro the Federal Government (of the USA)

              • Half? Try 95%. Perhaps you mean half brainwashed by liberals, and forgot the other half brainwashed by republican sources. Propaganda is a given. The only differentiator is what side are you being swayed to. After all, you need 2 sides to have a conflict.

                The purpose of the 2nd is so that citizens can protect themselves from tyranny, be it from other citizens, foreign governments or even our own government. I’m glad Mac put this chart up, I was researching these stats and related stats for a post of my own.

                Others have asked how you can trust stats provided by a government that is hard to trust. Well, if these are fudged stats, I’d hate to see the truthful ones. Info like this that if congress and our other elected “servants” were serious about “protecting the children”, not to mention the rest of us, they’d start at the top of the list, not the bottom. Further logic concludes that this gun fear/hysteria and supporting statements that “we must do something” are nothing more than government not letting a crisis go to waste. This question is rhetorical for this group: Why would the government want to take our guns away? I’d really like to see the other side acknowledge this question. They cannot because a honest discussion would expose them. Their lies however, are telling since you cannot say a gun ban is for citizen safety, because if that was the goal, they’d be talking about banning pharmaceuticals, cars, hammers, fists, tall buildings, etc… before guns even popped up on the radar.

              • Actually the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect American citizens from their own government.

              • So your source is an article in a British Newspaper who’s known agenda is to back any country’s attempt to disarm their population and wouldn’t DARE twist the facts in an FBI report to further its agenda?

                Are you really THAT unintelligent?

              • Hey, fact checker (as if)., that article was using homicide stats only, no other violent crimes, or other deaths. The vast majority of violent crimes don’t end in murder, aka homicide. Talk about cherry picking a stat to make your case. So yes, that article makes it look like guns are used in the vast majority of crimes, when in fact the OPPOSITE is true if you check all of the facts, not just some of the facts.

          • If you have money, you can get anything at any age, which is as it should be. If you don’t, who’s fault is it? The Meds (Medicare/Medicaid) will be the first to go, but most of the US medical system will go also when there are no big profits to be had. If you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t deserve to live a long life. It’s that simple.

            A friend of mine just had his gall bladder removed, including 5 days in the hospital, at a total cost of $3,000. It would cost that much just to be in the hospital in the US, not to include the surgery or follow-up. (I live in the Philippines now.) Specialist doctors charge $15 for the first visit and $12 for each visit after. What is your ‘co-pay’? A root canal & porcelain crown is $250. I paid 5 times that for my last crown in the US when I did not have dental insurance. Many changes coming folks. You are being robbed blind by the system there.

            • 8 years+ of school to get $15 a visit? Does everyone there make such low wages?

              • Who said anything about 8 years of school?

                • Hear in North America doctors have a history of being treated like some Demi-god. Over time their institutions have started to charge way more then their services are worth. Look at the services doctors use to provide when it was a calling; home visitation, 24 hour on call, home birth, etc. Then it became big business and we are where we are today.

                  At $15 bucks a vist at 4 and hour that’s $60 per hour. Not a bad wage at all given the cost of living in those areas. High prices and inflation are just an other form of Goverment control.

                  My prediction for the NWO with a one world leader, from the biblical perspective, is when every economy crashes some one is going to step up and sugguest. That all current private and government debt and all current monetary holds will be reset to zero. Everyone starts with nothing. Labour rates around the world will be set at a given amount for everyone. Pricing will be set based on wages the same for every country. Since the masses have most to gain they will agree. The rich elites that protest will be ignored as their power base of money will be gone. Gold and silver will be pegged at a set rate per ounce in the tens, not thousands of dollars.

                  Because printing currency and coin is wasteful and supports crime. Everyone will use a debt card, then to make things easier, the “mark of the beast” will be required to prove your support of the new system. Gold, silver, currency will all be useless. No mark for electronic payment no purchase.

                  Just a thought ….

                • US doctors do far more than 8 years of school and the average Medicaid office visit reimbursement hovers around $15. Insurance complains largely follow suit. The “push back” from doctors, then, is to pad the visit, exam notes, and extra charges to avoid the “average” charge. Great system, eh?

                  Why do you think it is an assembly line at most family doctors’ offices these days?

                  Why do you think almost all med school grads eschew primary care and instead enter higher paying specialties?

                  In the US you cannot keep the lights on and pay the staff for $15/patient.

                • Argggh—I have to turn off auto spell check. Typos turn into crazy stuff.

                  CORRECTION: “…Insurance companies largely follow suit….”

              • It isn’t that $15 is so low it is that the value of the US Dollar has been stolen through inflation.
                Do yourself a favor and take an hour to research what wage rates and cost for goods/services were prior to the Federal Reserve System. You will find that the dollar you have today is worth about THREE CENTS in real money as defined by the US Constitution.

                • Federal Reserve notes belong to the private Fed and its owners, banksters! The fiat currency circulated here does not belong to anyone else! I recommend not holding any other than what you must have in your possession to pay basics; otherwise, dump ’em! Just walk away from their system of shite! Best thing ’til this is over!

                  • Good idea. Keep everything else in something to barter, or in gold or silver. Piss on their notes of debt.

              • Maybe money has real value there, is EARNED, and the opportunity is appreciated by all.

                unlike some here in the US.

            • He speaks the truth, I have my dental and some medical if it can wait , done in Peru..1/3rd the cost of here, and just as proffesionally and skilled

              • VRF. So if a company gets a skilled worker from another country to produce something for them instead of an American it is wrong (not saying it is your personal view), and yet if someone gets medical done elsewhere it is ok because of the savings. I fail to see how we can complain about corporations sending jobs overseas but yet when we do it personally it is ok.

                • The difference is that many individuals simply have
                  no other option than to go for the less costly solution
                  whereas many corporations outsource to maintain
                  or improve profits. I recently read a headline that said
                  by the numbers Walmart could give all employees
                  including the CEO a 30% raise and still turn a profit. I
                  suspect many corporations that rely on foreign exports
                  and labor could do this.

                • Well , My opinion is, this country and its government has forced corp’s to do this..because of the gov resrictions on Companies, and have made this country so hard to operate in that they have found ways around the restrictive taxing and regulations of this country, our own Gov. again screwing us into the ground out of Greed.They have made Profit a 4 letter word here.

                  People who have big money and companies, have the ability to go where they are not regulated into a loss.
                  its the small guy that will always get screwed in the way this gov is run.
                  So the small guy has to find ways to survive too or he will end up on the Gov dole too..thus costing you and I the tax payer more,,another person on assistance because is easier than busting his back to get fucked by this greedy gov. and end up not having anything to show for his time effort and knowledge.

                  The reason I have had medical (mostly dental) done in another country, is My wife is from there, we were visiting and I chipped a tooth..found out that 35 dollars was a hell of alot less then the 700 my dentist said it would cost me not a big money earner that could say hell 700 is a drop in the bucket..I had to vote with my feet on you would do the same in a heart beat. I can do a lot with 665 dollars left over, wouldnt you agree?

                  we the small people ( in the gov. eye)have to do what ever we can to survive..if that means finding it else where , just as good..and cant fault a any person for that.

                  Remember one thing..these companies wouldnt be doing this..unless they were forced to do so by the policies of this admin.

                  is it right? thats becomes an opinion..but in the name of survival you do what makes you get to the next day in one piece, without going broke and becoming one of the tit suckers.

              • Foreign medical care is the way to go. My girlfriend requires annual MRIs for a cancer followup. WITH her deductible and 20% part of Blue Cross, it costs her around $2,800 out of pocket.

                We flew to Cancun, stayed 5 days, got the MRI for $200USD total, in a very nice modern hospital (

                And we did it without a doctors order. We walked in, asked at the counter and scheduled for the next day. We had the results in 2 more days and the printed report for her oncologist in Houston.

                The staff and doctors were excellent. The equipment was brand new. The hospital was clean, modern and very new.

                Total trip was less than she’d pay Blue Cross and we had a beautiful vacation.

                And if you want porcelain veneers, try Peru or Cancun also. What is $35-40k here is $4-6k there.

                • To be honest, it is a mixed bag.

                  In the US, the reasons medical care costs so much ranges from the stupendously greedy (pharmaceutical corps charge more here to recoup R&D costs faster), to the stupendously stupid (w/o tort reform, you could almost sue a doctor if your first post-op orgasm wasn’t as satisfactory as usual, so malpractice insurance always factors in). Also, given the massive number of regulation and taxation that’s going on (and all the equipment and people needed to support that), cost inflation is almost a given.

                  On the other hand, few other countries will go so far out of their way to save your ass should you experience massive trauma. Facilities here go way out of their way to save babies born as premature as the 24-week period, where most others would call it a miscarriage. If you want the latest/greatest technology to treat something, odds are best to get it in the US.

                  Back to the first sentence… overseas, it’s a crap-shoot. Some countries do it up very nice, some will depend on what you’re in there for, and some will stand a better chance of killing you than not, even for minor issues.

                • “We flew to Cancun, stayed 5 days, ”

                  Of course, the flight and hotel stay brought the cost to well over what you paid here.

                  And of course, once the libtards have destroyed AMERICAN medicine, those foreign shores will advance not one iota becaus they ALL rely on American ingenuity and advance.

            • I live in Malaysia. Just had a kidney removed………at a public hospital…….cost US$ 300

          • To Live free or Die, .. quite correct !

            I am far over 55 and a Viet-Nam vet, Yes, as you have well stated, we older ones are certainly screwed. My hope is that many of you younger souls are awakened to the tumultuous times ahead. If not, then the Nation will be surely screwed.

            The chart above illustrates completely what the weapons ban is about. Not safety, ONLY control. The “assault” of most damage is the one that is ignored by the disgusting media. The assault that is upon the Constitution and the cherished uniqueness of this Nation is the stealth weapon that will grind us all down. Even the dumbest among the land will suffer from the continuous shredding of the Constitution, they just do not know it yet.

            My sense of smell and situational awareness are not diminished. I know lies, propaganda, deceit, and what chicken crap smells like. So stay away from the leftist media that seeks to cook your brain in shit. Push the TV in a corner and unsubscribe to the big media turds. Spend that time thinking and reading.

            One truth is clear, without the 2nd Amendment…the remaining Amendments have no protection. Neither will any of us.

            • Niner X-Ray,

              You are exactly right, well said.

              • They’re all dumb asses in Washington. They make me tired watching them run around accomplishing nothing for the good of America. Obama and his cronies can spend, spend and spend; deprive us of our dignity, humanity, and rights. A damn monkey could run the country better than Obama. Go play some golf in Hawaii on our tax dollars ya big jerk.

                • They certainly appear dumber than rocks don’t they?

                  Yet they reek havoc across the world,live as Royalty,lie to us daily,smile for the camera, and basically tell the rest of us to f*&% off in no uncertain terms.

                  They abide by their own set of rules,pass laws that stifle the Bill of Rights and the Constitution,
                  reward their benefactors(banks,corps) with our money
                  while taxing us more,deflating our currency, and
                  further their agendas by their complicit media conglomerates..

                  And all the while the majority of their “subjects”,who continue to vote for them, are spellbound by bread and circus media,doped up by big pharma as useless idiots,half of them totally dependent on the Royals, and loving every minute of it.

                  The loyal subjects are enamored by their glamorous lifestyles and vacations as they surround themselves with the billionaires and follywood elite.

                  History does indeed repeat itself over and over and over again..


                • They are not dumb asses. They are bought and paid for by the banksters. This world only changes when each and everyone of us stop pay taxes and stop paying all loans,credit cards interest to the ruling elite. Do everything as local as possible,food clothing etc. Choke them in by their wallets and you will see how quickly things will change. Stop paying attention to the Dem. vs Repub thing,it is just divide and conquer, the real war is us against them.

                • PP: These people are not dumb. They know EXACTLY what they are doing and what they are doing to US and OUR money. That is the difference between malfeasance in office and treason.

                  Read an article today that says the Globalists in government are planning to spend $500 million of OUR money to build a dam in Afghanistan for the “farmers” to irrigate their crops.

                  The only crop they grow in Afghanistan is poppies for heroin. This dam will support the CIA and Mossad who manage the worldwide drug trade.


                • A monkey IS running the country. No, actually he only follows orders from his controllers.

            • Katyn and Choeung Ek is what happens when you ALLOW yourself to be disarmed and surrender. Never do that, never!
              It is only the first step, ALWAYS!

            • Very well said Niner X-Ray. I too passed 55 a few years back. I expect nothing from the Gov’t, even SS which they want to call an “entitlement” despite us paying along with our employers into for many, many years. Sickening and I don’t really see any light at the end of the tunnel unless it’s a freight train.

            • amen to that..

              I don’t know about the rest of you out there..but here. this is the norm on all local sites..
              Out of stock. On order
              Beretta storm SOLD OUT! We do not have an ETA
              SIG SAUERS None in stock and no ETA
              Smith & Wesson M&P-15 5.56mm OUT OF STOCK. MORE ON ORDER. NO ETA
              PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily not accepting any more orders on the KRISS rifle
              Smith & Wesson M&P 15T New Model #811048
              OUT OF STOCK

              NOTE: We do not have any 5.56 or .223 ammunition in stock. If you see it listed on our site…disregard it. We don’t have any.

              9mm Very little in stock. 2 box / customer limit. We can’t get enough from our suppliers


              • seeing the same thing around me even local shops have nothing

                • Went to my local Walmart yesterday to buy ammo. No one piece of 22LR! Empty shelves.

            • Howdy Neighbor, Here’s a few simple facts to pass on to you: the constitution was set aside when the Southerners seceded. Since then, a private municipal corporation was chartered called the United State, Incorporated; part of their policy, NOT LAW, is to incorporate the constitution into their policies. And, they, owners, banksters, Vatican, can alter those policies at will. Congress is the board of directors and they are basically a front to confuse the masses as to policy matters! Poor saps believe they have a constitutional government when, in fact, they are being “managed” by a private municipal corporation. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro in Indonesia, can make any policy change or make an addition, Executive Order, however he’s directed by his handlers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Bilderbergers. And, this private municipal corporation is planning a gun grab sooner than can be imagined. Whether you believe it or not, it’s going to be done. They’ve been planning the grab while Americans watched American Idol and porn and “ate out.”

          • I read that the IRS will not allow companies to get out of Obamacare by either cutting hours or employee numbers. They intend to combine hours to make the requirement stand, two part timers equal one full timer. Looks like alot of businesses will be folding.

            • The Obama Care will be enforced through the filing of a tax return at the end of the year. Simple as that.

              But now you must understand WHO is liable for the tax and under what circumstances.

              Truth be told, the income tax is just an excise tax. That’s all it is and ever has been.

              So, if you go around signing W-4’s and W-9’s, Under penalty of perjury no less, then basically you are claiming the tax applies to you.

              The income tax is a legitimate excise tax and W-4’s and W-9’s DO HAVE A legitimate purpose. It’s just that the purpose for what they are actually for and how people are using them are 2 totally different issues.

              Just an example would be….. The average guy, living and working in the private sector in any one of the 50 States of the union has NO income tax liability on that money that is earned in the private sector which is his own domestic source money. And has NO requirement to sign a stupid W-4 or W-9 to get paid or get a job.

              But, the dumb dumb who does all the hiring at company X who has NO idea what the law actually says who are to use those dastardly W-4’s and W-9’s will claim you DO have to sign it otherwise they can’t hire you or pay you which is NOT TRUE!

              So if you want to END obamacare as fast as it started, STOP SIGNING W-4’s and W-9’s UNDER penalty of perjury no less when those forms have practically ZERO purpose for the average guy living and working in the private sector and then STOP filing a tax return on those signed forms and there you go. Problem solved!

              Knowing who IS liable for the Income Tax is as EQUALLY important as KNOWING WHO IS NOT LIABLE for it!

              Want to know more? The best book I have ever read on the topic is Dave Champion’s Book, “Income Tax: Shattering the Myths” which describes in extreme detail what the law says, doesn’t say and what we can all do about it.

              • You are so right, Neighbor; even if you sign the forms to just get a job, duress, then it’s basically not valid; you’re never held to a signature under duress and that’s what it is; and how, in phug, can the IRS a foreign municipal corporation, collect tax via the IMF? Well, by your assent or consent! There numberous ways to avoid the illegal collection of tax; file a corrected form or simply zero out the amount by schedule calculation. This is an easy one by depositing all checks or even if you’re taking cash by endorsement as follows: Redeem in LAWFUL money pursuant to Title 12 USC Section 411 John Henry DBA John Doe and if depositing, Deposit to Account #123456789. What you’ve done by this is take your fiat currency to the public side which is NEVER taxable! Look at a Federal Reserve Note and you’ll see the left hand PRIVATE SIDE and the right hand side, the PUBLIC SIDE. When you change from the private side to the public side, you can NEVER be legally taxed. FACT! A former IRS commissioner exclaimed, “I don’t know why Americans send these tax returns!” I got some serious refunds based on the above and never have a tax bill now! I simply put on a separate schedule the W-2 amount subtract the exact amount to zero and word, “Private check funds exchanged for LAWFUL money pursuant to Title 12 USC section 411.” Zero is zero, Neighbor. 1099 Misc and else same thing. If you don’t know these things, you better learn quickly. Obamacare cometh! Translated, the largest fiat currency grab in history! Get REAL money soon!

            • Crushing small business is the objective. Small biz represents capitalism and they can’t controll the vast numbers of small businesses. Thatsbwhybthey lie a handful of big corporations they can control and garner donations from. Employment will never recover by design. Capitalism must be destroyed for Communism to sprout from the ashes.

              • Spot On

                and cash Buisnesses will even be hit harder..because they are difficult to trace taxes on

            • John W.: Nonesense, the IRS has not been given any such authority. Congress has to authorize that and it has not done so. The IRS, along with the Dept of Labor, could PROPOSE changes to hiring practices, but this requires a period of Public Comments where anyone and their allies/supportes could weigh in and pose objections which they must consider. The next step, would be for these same folks to seek injunctions against these agencies, should they fail to disuade them during the Commments period. Hey and finally, all these snmller companies could say o.k., everyone is dismissed and they can only come back as independant contractors who are soley responsible for all of their own taxes and insurance since these companies no longer have ’employees’. Now these companies contracting with these newly ‘fired’ folks could offer the use of their accounting software and perhaps a small increase in some sort of incentive pay to ease the sting. This could still be cheaper than paying for insurance. But as of now, there are no new laws or regulations on the books yet to support your claim.

              • Guess again. That is how they are going to enforce/interpret the law which no one read. Not my idea, the whole Obama care thing sucks but there is no way they are going to let business slide out of it. Destruction is the goal here not health care.

                • John W.: Going to call bullshit until you can quote a specific passage in the bill that supports your claim of IRS authority to dictate to private enterprise who they can hire, fire, and how many hours each employee must work. Show me I’m wrong and I will humbley apologize.

              • There are no “laws”; ONLY policy! There has been no LAWFUL constitutional government since the Southern states seceded; that’s a fact! What you are calling a government is a private municipal corporation called the “United States, Incorporated, charted out of the “City of London” and the Vatican! FACT! It’s wholly owned privately by banksters/billionaires behind the scenes; Congress is the board of directors and the entire jurisdiction is the ten square miles of DC.

                • Thank god for another one that is awake

            • Got a link on this, John? This wouldn’t surprise me that the brownshirts would try to do this, but if you have documentation on this, that’d be awesome.

              • Nicholas,
                No link just a article/blurb on a news site home page. I will try and find it again. Basically stated that the IRS will be combining employee hours ro come with full time. Not sure how that will work, nothing however would surprise me. Then again as Gregory8 stated maybe I am mistaken. I will try and find the excerpt.

          • Just one correction. They will not take ALL the guns and some of them that are taken will be unloaded with too hot to touch barrels….

            • Patsy

              My profound condolences for your loss, ma’am!

          • all the more reason to take care of your health and not eat McDonalds, Burger King and other crap. And exercise and take vitamins and minerals…

            Eat organic and NON-GMO and when possible, buy locally grown produce.

            then those death panels will be a bit less relevant since the most crap people eat and do to their bodies are causing them to die prematurely anyway.

            • You shouldn’t eat at ANY multinational corporations; NEVER! You are supporting the NEW WORLD ORDER that will enslave you sooner than later by your giving them the dollars they need! Phug BK and Mickey D’s!

          • Excellent points. The over 55 crowd is duty bound to teach the younger ones. I was born in the state called “live free or die”. That statement comes from an old NH fellow (Colonel) around 1790 who told the younger ones, who were on the way to Boston to celebrate the 4th of July, a few scant year after it they called it a holiday.

            That man and many more like him, then and over the years, made me proud to be born an American. These Americans who came 200 or so years before us set the example and left us many amendments to save us from the crap they saw in their early lives.

            History repeats itself. Our young Americans today, I am sure, see the crap, maybe a little bit more hidden than what they saw 200 years ago.

            I hope the young Americans have the same guts as their counterparts some 200 years ago.

            I honestly wish I was young today and could be a part of I what I know will come.

            • Neighbor, There has not been a lawful constitutional government since the Southern states seceded! What was formed afterwards/chartered was a private municipal corporation called the United States, Incorporated. It’s privately owned by bankster billionaires with the utter policy of enslavement! Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is the CEO, President of the corporation and the Board of Directors is the Congress; Obama can do anything his handlers direct him, notice the recent pay increase he gave to himself and Congress! He really exposed himself attempting successfully to buy their consent. Of course, he doesn’t need it but people are deceived into thinking they have a government of the people when in fact they do not! Obama, without any consent or authority, can do anything his handlers direct him including taking up all the guns if the people allow it and they stupidly will! Black flag event coming sooner than later!

          • Live Free of Die: Sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you and the others who believe this “over 55” stuff. I’m 59 and still have my BCBS from work and nothing has changed and according to them, nothing will. Those that MAY get screwed under “Obama-Care” are those that find themselves with no option but the government sponsored medical inusrance. Now, this may expand to those (65+) who rely soley on Medicare as well, but for now, it does not. Medicare will only be a supplement to my primary insurance, as well as most folks who still have and maintain their private insurance. I agree that some of the changes coming look a little freightening, but it’s not some diabolical conspiracy as some make out. But hey, I could be wrong. Only time will tell.

            • Gregory8,

              Yes you are right for now, just wait and see what is going to transpire with all health care. I wish it wasn’t true but IMHO it will come to pass. This progressive plan for universal health care has been in the works for many years. It is diabolical when it is forced down your throat and you are lied to repeatedly about how great it will be. Lies, “You can keep your own doctor, your premiums will go down, pre-existing illnesses will not prevent you from getting insured”, all the bologna and lies will not change the fact that you and I will pay double if not triple in the very short future. Yes there will be non medical panels, that is a fact and they will decide who gets what when the supply of Doctors has diminished. This will indeed occur, sorry to say.

              Have you read the headline today about health insurance premiums doubling in certain states? You can thank Obamasama care for that.

              • Just a couple thoughts, Neighbor! First of all, Obamacare was put together by a think tank, Council on Foreign Relations! Do you know who submitted Obamacare for policy? Check who submitted the Bill and tell me that person could ever single-handedly put that thousands of pages together! The bill was worked on for years to attain the goal of utter control and enslavement. FACT! The people are still asleep and don’t want to wake up! They’ve somnolently elected Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, as president once again. Actually, I doubt he won; I watched a 60 minutes program that showed that all counters of the totals control the outcome now via computers! Rigged!

              • Live Free or Die: All I see here from the thumbs down is fear driven by abject ignorance from the folks on this site. And this fear causes confussed thinking where facts get mixed up with conjecture, which is also driven by fear from not understanding the facts. Now, and for the foreseeable future, we that currently have medical insurance will not be subject to death panels because BCBS doesnt’ have them, nor are they scheduled to have them, and other such nonsense I’ve seen spouted here. We will keep our current providers, and the only change, as you correctly pointed out, is that our premiums are going going to go up. Our’s just did, again, as they do a every year, but only a little. How much they’ll go up in the future is pure speculation which is driven by fear mongers without any hard data. May premiums double or more, that’s to be seen, but as to date, no one has, governmnet or insurance industry types, projected any figures. As to end game you fear: universal health care, that may be coming, but since Teddy Roosevelt, and four other Presidents, it’s failed. May it eventually come to pass, yes. But that is also to be seen since it haasn’t been seriusly proposed since Clinton in 1992. We’ll just have to wait and see and not allow ourselves to be driven by fear and rumors.

            • Gregory8 – I personnally do not see any private insurance companies in business in the future. Don’t know when that could happen but I don’t think it will be too far down the road. The whole point of Obamacare is control. It has nothing to do with healthcare. There is no way private insurance companies will stay in business because that would defeat the purpose of Obamacare. I am 63 and things do look frightening that are coming our way. Just my own thoughts. I hope I am wrong but it looks like the jig is pretty much up for all of us no matter what your age is.

            • The goal is single payer. Figure it out for yourself.

          • when true patriots are considered enimies of the state you can bury my corpse next to the rest of em

            • Wickedjester

              A very noble wish on your part!

              But I would also posit a few points of interest that perhaps many are overlooking.

              Should the idiots in govt actually pass a totalitarian gun ban & attempt to enforce it via DHS/TSA/ATF and/or the military…you’re gonna see Civil War II kick-off, real quick.

              The regime & congress and its liberal stalwarts will become instant targets, ditto for their staffers/assistants.

              Plus the first cluster-f*#k op/raid that goes awry on national TV…will do nothing for their side…but from that point on…they will be the best recruiters for the resistance, every time they attempt such!!!

              Irregardless if/when they do get one right.

              This WILL be a WAR without a FRONT!!! The vast majority of their federal offices are quite isolated from military bases and hence, easy pickings for destruction.
              They cannot/will not protect them!
              They WILL protect every federal reserve bank & the their mints.

              Their armored vehicles, combat aircraft, helicopter gunships & drones are formidable weapons indeed……so long as they have FUEL & spare parts!!!!
              Without such…they are useless.

              In a war w/o a front…it is incredibly easy to destroy their logistics pipeline!!!
              Light-up their fuel trucks & supply vehicles. Deny them everything…especially rest/comfort!

              …and the longer the campaign drags on, you will see an ever growing number of desertions amid their ranks!!!
              A lot of grunts are gonna say….”FUCK IT…I didn’t sign up for this SHIT”.

              Many will bring their weaponry & skill-sets to OUR SIDE!


              Somebody…somewhere…in regime central had best tell Feinswine, Obama, Schumer, Levin, Lautenberg, Nadler, Rothman, Kohl, Boxer, Lantos, Jarrett, Frank(fagboy), Clinton and every other liberal sociopath/politician…..

              ….Hell is coming if they persist & their judeo-banking masters will NOT be IMMUNE from retribution either!!!

          • First off these so called “death panels” are a voluntary program where suggestions can be made about end of life care such as full care homes and programs. So stop spreading propaganda because you are no worse than the government. Secondly, no one is convincing the younger generations that their parents and grandparents are nothing but useless old fashioned morons more than you old useless old fashioned morons that got us into this mess. You are the ones that use fear to control your children with the fear of god. How old do you think the leaders of the world are…young atheist or old men afraid to lose their grip on the world.

            You sit here and preach like a proud christian and you cant even use your own name to defend your ridiculous propaganda.

            I am a 28 year old atheist and I support your right to defend the second amendment …we are on the same side of the issue but you are attacking me as if i did something to prevent you from having a gun. I have a gun and have nothing to do with the movement to take it away from you.

            • tom,

              Sorry you are in denial but one day you will probably live to see the truth. I guess you didn’t hear the speech by good old Ale Gore, yea he told kids at a school to not listen to their parents. You are part of the problem because you are wearing blinders. What I say is true. This country is a mess because of people like you who want to take away the comfort of having God to lean on and the knowledge that one day we will live for eternity in heaven, if we are good decent human beings while on this earth. What a great moral message for our children. I do not force my religion on you, I am a believer and I feel sorry for you but I do not hate you. Believing in God keeps me on the right path, but then again, atheism is sweeping the planet now so in the end I believe that God will have the final word on everything.

          • Wow. You are the most delusional person on the entire internet.

            Enjoy your blood pressure rising as you watch 4 more years of Obama, then 8 years of President Hillary Clinton. America has rejected your derp, hopefully the Republican party can return to being somewhat rational by rejecting the far right nuts that have polluted the party.

            • john,

              My blood pressure is just fine because I am a prepared person. Hillary will never be president but Osamabama may get a third term. I accept reality but you don’t.

              Left beliefs; every one pay their fair share, unless your one of the elite club members.

              Provide free food, healthcare, day care, cell phones, to those who do not work but feed off of those who do. Never any consequences to them, only to the middle class.

              Free birth control for all the college students who want to have lots of sex before they are married.

              Free abortions that are paid for by everyone.

              Keep the blacks, the unmarried mothers, the mass of kids born into poverty and the illiterate crack heads in the squalor that they live in but bus them in when it is time to vote of course.

              Kill the babies, or as they refer to them as fetuses until the are out of the womb. Save the trees, kill the babies, even late term.

              Keep the bottom feeder happy with enough scraps to satisfy them as long as they do not dare to try and better themselves. Do not under any circumstances allow them to get out of the ghetto, stop them from going to better schools in better neighborhoods, yea the pres. made sure of that one.

              You lefties are evil soul destroyers and one day you will pay.

            • I love heard you leftards calling someone a far right nut like you even know what that means.

              Always gives me a good chuckle to know who the devoid of thinking dolts are.

          • I do have to wonder how many of these people over 55 needing life saving surgery will decide to seek that surgery in prison after removing the individuals on the death panel?

          • soylent green !!!

          • With reference to your first post?about death panels. You already have death panels. What is your insurance firm but a death panel when they decide your treatment is too expensive / experimental or whatever and refuse to pay for it?

          • You spew all your alarmist observations but without proof your just babbling,Show some statitics don,t just spurt crap from your mouth no one is interested in your vile opinions.

        • And where exactly does this data on the chart come from? Data with out a valid credible source is useless, listing the US federal government as a source is a bit vague.

          • It says right on the bottom where it comes from.

        • The 2nd Amendment is a Statement of fact just as the earth is round is a statement of fact. Repealling it does NOTHING just like removing the reference to the earth being round from every geology book would no more make the earth any other shape than it is now.

          Truth is, WE HAVE A RIGHT, not a government granted authorized privilege to “keep and bear arms”. All the 2nd Amendment does is make note of that natural right.

          To keep and bear arms is a natural right. Not a permission slip from the “scum” we commonly refer to as government.

          I always say, if people are so concerned about the 2nd amendment, the use it. Put the amendment into use!

          For me, I have the right to keep and bear arms with or without a 2nd Amendment. All that amendment does is just make note of a fact of the general population’s right to keep and bear arms mainly so that there would be some type of equal force to government. If it were repealed, it would NO MORE negate that fact just like the earth is round concept.

          Once you look at it from that perspective, you won’t be worrying about a 2nd amendment. And when the government comes looking to confiscate firearms, then you give them to them by showing them how guns discharge rounds and hopefully there will be enough of those types of people to demonstrate how these weapons work.

          But, as we know, this government is a trained killing machine and has weapons far greater than ours. So who knows the outcome of such a battle. I pray if it ever happens, that the 3% who would would be the only ones to defend “All of Our rights” including the right to keep and bear arms, come out on top of the conflict.

          Then, as the declaration of independence states, “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”

          That’s how i see it at least

          • Excellent point, Chris. The Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, enshrined in our Constitution, not privileges that Government may grant and take away at will. The 2nd Amendment enshrines the Right to Life, as you said. That is why James Madison pushed through the Bill of Rights in the first place; he knew that the original Constitution (before the Bill of Rights) was not sufficient enough to protect the people of the new nation from Government overreach.

            “When the People fear the Government, there is Tyranny. When the Government fears the People, there is Liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

          • Chris, You’d be surprised what 3% (8-9 million righteously pissed off independently equipped riflemen with a fairly general unified purpose) can do in 5 +/- million sq miles of the good’ol USA. And all that without so much as one single 5.56mm round…..shouldn’t take too long, 12-18 months. Their (the bad guys) grandiose arrogance, and perception of superiority is amazingly stunted and truly unfounded. Makes one think they’re truly insane. Keep in mind that last year, 2011, more rifles were sold in this Country than all of NATO combined could field at one time. That’s ONE YEAR my friend……You needn’t worry too much.

        • I think the figures for the number of iatrogenic deaths shown in the table each year in the US may be somewhat shy, as this article reckons around 784,000 to around one million deaths a year from medical causes. This table uses estimates from some years ago, so I presume the population increase and lowered standards in medical care will have worsened this figure since then too.

        • Oh it will get worse. A lot of the ambulance services are going broke right now. Obama care will make it worse, especially in rural counties where 911 service is often times provided by volunteer EMS organizations. Keeping an ambulance going is expensive. Under Obama care, payments for transporting people will be reduced. I have volunteered with an a local 911 volunteer EMS department. They have a hard time repairing the ambulance and keeping it supplied.

      2. Happy New year All.

        At last someone gets it all into proportion. Nice one Mac.

        Take care

        • @BURT


          fuck these ashkanaNAZI jews!

          • SS/Medicare Tax is going up on the paycheck and we have to turn in the guns at the same time. They must be in a hurry.

          • Iowa

            GOD bless you & yours in the coming year.

            Ummmm…understand…..that because you are now awakened & can identify the enemies of GOD & mankind….you’re gonna be tried & slammed for your GOD given wisdom!!!

            Hold fast to the truth, brother!

            You’re NOT ALONE!!!!

            • I hope there are more God-fearing Christians than govt employees.

              • JayJay me too but This is what they ALL have been really acomplishing for quite awhile now(since 1960 era).

                The 1/7/2013 NEW AMERICAN says the CIA is recruiting within the “LGBT” community for spy agency staffing in order to diversify its workforce. The spy agency is reaching out to a group that once was unable to get security clearance – lesbians and gay men. Number 26 of the 45 Declared Goals of the Communist Takeover of America is to present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” Number 27 is to infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.” Number28 eliminates prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

                And for FURTHER Proof libs=Mental Disorder!

                According to Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D., a board certified psychiatrist who has diagnosed and treated mental disorders for more than 40 years, says it’s not just Obama: America’s leadership ranks are full of people with serious psychological problems, declaring that “the modern liberal mind its distorted perceptions and its destructive agenda are the product of disturbed personalities.

                America’s constitutional form of government was gradually replaced beginning with the New Deal and culminating in the late 1960s and 1970 by an Adminisrative or welfare state. It was in 1945, that the Senate approved the U.N. Charter that paved the way for Congress to enact the Administrative Procedure Act in 1946 (Public Law 79-404) that began our movement toward “democracy,” which could be described as “mobocracy” as we’ve been watchin with the Occupy Movement and the union protesters in the State of Michigan over its governor simply wanting to give workers a choice whether they want to belong to a union or not. And there is much more rioting and protesting on the horizon as the president implements his class warfare agenda by hook or crook – executive orders, regulations, etc.

                Straight from FDR’s Mouth(his radio shows)…

                A political science professor John Marini wrote the following in Hillsdale’s 2012 book: IMPRIMIS ON POLITICS.

                Roosevelt and his fellow progressives rejected the idea of natural differences between men, insisting that those differences arise only out of social and economic inequality. As a result, they redefined the idea of freedom, divorcing it from the idea of individual rights and identifying it instead with the idea of security. It was in the case of this new understanding of freedom that America’s constitutional form of government was gradually replaced – beginning with the New Deal and culminating in the late 1960s and 1970s – by an administrative or welfare state.
                Roosevelt had made it clear, even before he was elected president, that government had a new and different role to play in American life than that assigned to it by the Constitution. In an October 1932 radio address, he stated; “…I have…described the spirit of my program as a ‘new deal,’ which is plain English for a changed concept of the duty and responsibility of Government toward economic life.” In his view, selfish behavior on the part of individuals and corporations must give way to rational social action informed by a benevolent government and the organized intelligence of the bureaucracy. Consequently, the role of government was no longer the protection of the natural or political rights of individuals.The old constitutional distinction between government and society – or between the public and private spheres – as the ground of liberalism and a bulwark against political tyranny had created, in Roosevelt’s view, economic tyranny. To solve this, government itself would become a tool of benevolence working on behalf of the people.

                Hobammy has stated repeatedly his Hero is FDR!! So far hes proven to be a african kenya version of FDR eh.

                ATTEN: Younger posters here…FDR is the blame or fault of the “Greatest generation” NOT the Boomers gen!!!

                And Hobammys crap is Your “Youth” gen x’ers Fault mainly!

          • And you claim and spout off about Christianity and being a Christian Iowa? Wow! Sorry, if that is what Christianity is all about, you can have it!!

            • Sometimes a little education can go a long way. If you aren’t just being a paid government shill take the time to read this. And, yes, I, too am a Christian and I will take all I can get, including the part that gives me the right to serve and protect….

              • According to your article, it would be improper to shoot at any one coming for your guns, since it is a form of theft????

              • I love Jesus too.

                Also remember there are some people you can’t talk to. Like throwing your pearls before swine.


                – Bible and Gun Clinger

            • Well all the down thumbs prove that this site has gone to the Jew-bashing, anti-Christian, new age deceivers calling themselves Christians but are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing! Good luck with that. Good luck having ZERO blessings and nothing but curses from the Father above. Each of you who believe the lies of some here who are filled with evil are pathetic and weak! God forgive you, for I will not.

              • @Anonymous–you read plenty of angered filled posts even in the MSM blogs. Americans are blaming each other instead of focusing on the bigger issues. Those issues are a collapsing dollar and lack of any real job growth, and deficit spending and printing. A big problem up the road.

                I think most of us know something is coming up and that we have very little control at stopping it. Therefore fear is driving the posts as people are wanting their opinions heard.

                All I want to do is prepare the best I can. Yes, the Lord is in control and nothing happens without his providence.

                • Rightfully angry when one can see these globalist swine manipulating the foolish and events in my country. Kick out the rothschilds and their minions. Take their wealth and abolish the federal reserve and bring back the gold standard. Send george soros and all his buddies back to hell where they came from. No more! I will die before you filthy pigs take my weapons!

                • UGLY: Wrong! it aint fear based postings here rather it is some of us has Opened Our eyes and ears fully. And contrary to anonamous’s warped Pastor Hagge emotional based crap of always defend jews regardless what wrongs they does etc.

                  Some of us here are real christians who actually READ what Christ and apostles wrote in the New testement regarding the evils of judaisim and how christians need be on Guard for True wolves in sheep clothes…That being “Beware of Judaisers type pastors(99% mega/TV types)”

                  It is the likes of anonamous who keeps such evils in power from a warped, wrong headed False belief and flat out refusal to even consider an alternative view.

                  Then acts like a holier than thou Zio-Christian who always sides with jews no matter what wrongs is proven!

                  And then You ugly symphathizes with anon, with nonsence to Sooth his or hers “Feelings”!…Pure emotional based reply!…..please both of you Wake Up! what is it you still don’t get?…Open eyes and Read evidence/proof galore!

                  PS: Ugly stop confuseing Opinions with Facts and Truths proven beyond all doubts ok…Yes all can have own opinions…But none gets their Own set of Facts…

                • @Angelo:

                  Facts are what I look for. Opinions are fine too.

                  Fear is a great motivator. Did the recent gun sales go up because of demand? No, it went up because of fear of confiscation. Did ammo sales go up because of demand? No, they went up because of the fear that ammo will be in short supply and prices will skyrocket. Do we store food because we think it will always be there? No, because we know how fragile it is we store food because we fear that it may not be there someday.

                  Fear can lead to positive action.

                  Do I buy some silver because I love silver? Heck no. I buy silver because I am fearlful of the future with the dollar.

                  So I was telling anon that many angered posts are also on the MSM blogs. And that what he/she was reading is fear in a different direction and people are venting with their facts and opinions.

                  Angelo, there are many anons and joe-in-nc out there. I talk to them all the time. Many people think preppers are kooky, the paranoid type. I let them know my take on it and why I believe we (USA) are going down the drain.

                  Be prepared, or not be prepared. Those are our choices.

                • @Ugly,


              • @Anonymous…

                I love Jews, even though there aren’t alot of them in Iowa that I know of. Its the EVIL FAKE JEWS that Jesus Christ condemned a number of times in the BOOK OF REVELATION! Fake Jews give Real Jews a Bad Name.

                I think its safe to say that the Last Days are upon US.

                • Iowa: read JOHN ch 8 vs 44 and see that its also Real jews from Christs era fwd(and prior too due to evils of babolonian talmudic false teachings of Doctrins of Men, which make the Word of GOD of no effect).

                  Bottom line per new testement is ALL must accept Jesus Christ and the NEW covenant period.

                  ZERO exceptions and zero “other” paths exist even for jews, good Or bad jews!

                  All who fail to heed and do what Christ himself said will NOT recieve eternal salvation, but rather will end in Hell and lake of Fire. That Includes even jews good or bad types…Don’t bash Me as I am only repeating what He says!

                • @Angelo Mysteriouso,


                • Then why say ridiculous vulgarities in the same breath? That’s uncalled for.

                  Ugly has been the most coherent and logical on this issue to date. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, no one really cares anyway.

                  Good evening.

                • just like fake christans

              • You are out of you dam mind, you freak!!!

            • govt is a “growth” industry, lots more of them than us.

        • Yes, let them work on the deaths caused by tobacco, cars, alcohol, drug use, and others, THEN worry about my legal guns.

          Hell, just stop releasing felons early, see how that helps the crime problem, THEN worry about how many cartridges my clip holds.

          • Why release the felons? 7 men, 6 blanks, 1 live round. Problem solved. Save us money, time, and rids us of a few guilty criminals.

        • Burt-baby…

          A very Happy, Prosperous & Fulfilling New Year to YOU & YOURS!!!!

          All the best, dear!

      3. facts never bothered a liberal…

        • Wally

          Facts never bother any politicians.

          Take care

          • @ Burt Agreed. Until we all realize this, we will all keep napping.

          • “Facts never bother any politicians.”

            I’ll never understand you leftards. You realize this and yet vote with the ones ALLERGIC to the facts.

      4. Hmmmm. Medical Errors. This is a very difficult number to calculate, and I would suspect includes drug side effects (Drug companies don’t want to take any blame) as well progression of a patients horrible health and underlying medical conditions. As a physician I can say that anyone who is looking to blame me for their bad health, bad genes, or bad luck is welcome to find themselves someone else. Physicians have a job of advising a patient and explaining risks / benefits / alternatives. It’s your responsibility to actually make a choice of what medical pathway to take. Be aware of the trend of saturation in physician practices. If you have entitlement mentality or aren’t reasonable to the staff you will have a higher likelihood of being labeled “non-compliant” which is akin to getting on the no-fly list in the new electronic medical records era. Just an FYI. Rant done.
        Mac, I’m glad no one swiped your domain the other day!

        • As a diabetic, who two weeks ago in the hospital couldn’t figure why my sugar was way out of control and started yelling at everyone until they noticed the saline solution they were using had 5% sugar in it. In spite of my condition being marked on all their charts. I have more than a little argument with your position

          • I’m not surprised you do. Good luck to you. I can tell you the smartest people will most certainly not be going into medicine, and the ones I know who have planned ahead will be getting out as quickly as they can.

            • I suggest everyone start eating natural foods with lots of fruit and veggies; then take a few vitamin and mineral supplements and walk around the block a few times a day if you cannot run or attend an athletic club to exercise.

              A good diet and proper nutrition is the basis for good health. A healthy person is a sexy person.

              I’m a stud!!! 🙂

              • Of course my idea of a snack is yogurt, or nuts, or broccoli sprouts. Yeah! I eat them right out of the bag!!!

              • I can second that! I changed my diet and added exercise thru late summer to early fall. Lost 20 lbs and felt SO much better on a “clean” diet vs. “average American” diet. Derailed for the holidays, but back on now.

                Why? Watching my mom deal with health related issues due to obesity. The amount of medical care (and expense) seems in no way sustainable. Hundreds of thousands from Medicare this past year (of course the final bill was written down to agreed upon rates, but still approaching $100k billed out).

                She feels entitled to it, I feel appalled. And I also know that coverage won’t be there for my generation. And struggling with poor health without the healthcare does NOT seem fun after seeing it up close and personal.

          • As a diabetic, you should not even be alive. It is a genetic or a lifestyle failure. Both don’t deserve treatment. They should be allowed to die out of the gene pool. And they WILL when the system collapses (and it will) and there is NO treatment or drugs available. What, 30 days life expectancy? It IS coming. Prepare, if you can.

            • No matter what I’ll be in the gene pool longer than your kind. I have planned ahead, so feel free to make your pass; your faded

            • You evidently have not done your research regarding diabetes, most diabetes is now caused by the crap that is in our food. Why don’t you grow up and maybe if you pull your head out of your rearend you will learn something,

              • A. You have no idea what I know and don’t, nor how bad it is, or anything else.
                B. I’m not raining on your picnic,so why rain on mine.
                C. I’m not complaining to or about you, only that MD’S should pay attention to their own charts. If you don’t like that idea, fine, best of luck next time you have a medical problem.
                D. Childish insults don’t bother me a bit, Over a lot of years I’ve found they are a substitute for intellect.
                E. Push comes to shove I can cover and raise any bet you can make. Have a nice DAY

            • And philopinas which are akin to african monkys but speak what? Spanish instead of Swahilli? you speak of gene pools?

              How much $$$ does usa liberal dems polititions give away to affirative action programs to Your island?

              Uncle Joe was correct…he always said “Angelo you can remove a monky From Africa, but regardless Where you place him….You can’t Never remove the African from the Monkys”

              Question for your gene pool expertize?…Is it the same in philipeans as in mexico or south america, that being, it seems them with alot More Whitey genes is always Far less like a jungle bunny, when compared to the rest with Far more african genes?

              • Seriously dude, don’t hold back, tell us all how you really feel.


                • 9MM: if you refer to my post?…Ok heres how I Really Feel!

                  First off switch that 9MM to Min of .44Magnum! since uncle joey also told me “Angelo remember if them monkys ever starts a Race war against white folks?…Use large calibre magnums as the monkys heads are as thick as a Coconut shell!”…Hmmmmm…I rekon we will need wait a little longer to find out if uncle joe was correct on this one, as he sure was on his other monky advice he gave me…

                  9MM is this a little better?

              • When people begin to ignore the true tribalism, and custom of the people. Or on the other hand split up the family. Then you get Strife all the way around.
                I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s 70’s. There was a strong sense of family and heritage. WE were never scared. Home invasion was almost unheard of. Armed robberies, gangs/mobsters were what you saw on the television. All 3 channels of television.
                You look at all the families who seceed, and those are the ones who stick and live together. Families sharing the wealth. House is paid for fast time so that growing family can buy a house for their married daughter or son next door. It was a good life, until Tv began to dominate peoples spare time. Cell phones, don’t know how the people survived without them?
                Since we are going back to the hitler/Stalin/Lennon type of government, and family does not count. Those who follow along, deserve what they get. Want to go it alone, see what you get!

                • Patsy: yes very well wrote! Us boomer age folks can recall how libs aka Kommies did it in Stages.

                  #1=so called “civil rights Movment” which always ended in Violence and was truly an agenda to Install massive white guilt and PC into white folks.

                  #2= once lib/kommies seen that african hoards flooded into major citys to Eject whiteys etc could Only go so far to destroy white aka middle class folks….

                  The kommie libs invented “Hippies”! along with much varried Dope and Protests!

                  #3= Then after kommies libs realized the resilient whites weren’t so easy to snuff out, by use of african hoards/violence/ and doper hippies(Red Diaper babies full growed)…

                  Them kommies libs invented “Femanaziisim” femminist types, along with lezbos and faggots leaving closets nationwide.

                  Today we see them Feminists has ruined far more of traditional america than african hoards & Hippies/dope combined.

                  And finally, one thing common to ALL these “movements” is the facts that NAACP-ACLU-Feminists-Hippies-ALL were begain/inventions of/ Funded by/ Run or managed by…

                  Bolshevik Kommie jewsih folks. Facts to this is all online and very easy to research for inquireing minds who seek truth. I also can provide many many links if any desires it.

                  Now in 2013 era its full blown attack mode again on white middle class america. Because nobody can destroy america without first destruction of said middle class whiteys who still after 60+ yrs of relentless attacks make up aprox 68% of america.

                  Yet on other hand..No other group has as much right to destroy what was Built and Paid for other than white middle class folks!…I do NOT advise that. But whites did build it and pay in cash and alot of Blood to create the greatest freeest nation ever assembled.

                  And none would be possible without Gods great blessings on us all…Perhaps thats reason so many libs/kommies/jews(aclu et al) try so hard to end all forms of christianity and meere mention of God and Prayer everywheres.

                  Its now Our turn to deal with such scum and evils perpetrated upon americans and our nation the last 100 yrs since 1913 era….Never give up your guns…We May need em!

              • and angelo thinks he is a christian 🙂

                • Anonlegion: what Really Counts is that the Lord Christ Knows I am one of His christain Brothers.

                  I think He is more concerned with them christians who Refuse to obey His commands to Know and Speak Truth, And to reprove and rebuke liars and false pastors types etc.

                  Especially them who defend zios regardless what the zios preach or does wrong. Many seem to believe they will somehow get blessings doing such.

                  Just proves how evil pastor wolves like todays TV mega church preachers truly are eh. Once a person falls for them pastors scofield crap definitions, and unquestionable zio/jew support or defense, they be like total liberal fools.

                  Unable to consider Any alternative thoughts other than what wolfie pastorboy told em.

                  Aint if ironic even funny how maost all pastors today agree that Mosiac(moses) laws(judiac) from old testement was “Nailed to the Cross at Calvery”….EXCEPT!

                  That moses law of One Tenth Tithes!?…Yeah all moses laws done away for ever…BUT KEEP forking over 10% of GROSS pay every week to keep Fatass pastors in $10 million cribs, when they aint abord their own private Leer jets!….Hmmmmm…

                  I wonder what todays fat scam pastors would do if alot of preper or farm type folks began to bring a Tenth tithe of Animals or crops instead of CASH?!!

                  I bet them pastors in two minits flat would find an OUT of context verse or 1/2 verse as “proof” God ONLY wants CASH in todays “Tithing” church world eh!!!

                  Welcome to zio lover whackos church of help jews murder more innocents worldwide! and as Your Host …

                  Pastor aka pasdaloot welcomes your CASH!!!

            • Makati1

              What a thoroughly despicable thing to say. It’s a fact that most of the people on the planet have some genetic flaw, no matter how slight and often unknown. Maybe you think we should kill everyone off with a known imperfection. Cleanse the gene pool is that what you are suggesting?

              I am sure if you look hard enough you will find a eugenics forum, or one devoted to Agenda 21.

              I SUGGEST you crawl back under the rock you call home, I’m sure if you wait a few million years you may have evolved enough to make an intelligent comment.

              • @ Burt the Brit. I have done a lot of study of the crime rate over in England, because of that bum crack piers morgan coming over to the U.S. and attacking our rights to defend ourselves, and I need your help. What exactly is legal in England to defend yourself with other than the legal rolled up London Times newspaper weekly edition. Are you allowed to carry anything to defend yourself. They classify pepper spray as a firearm???????????????? No vicous dogs in England I guess. What can you carry to defend yourself?

                When I think of the poor innocent women in England and other European countries that have to live in fear of being attacked or brutally raped because they have no weapon to equalize the fight against much bigger and stronger perverts, it makes me sick. The logic is beyond me that a law maker could ever outlaw a device to protect yourself from a vicous dog. Where I live you can carry just about anything to protect yourself and the criminal knows this. However in 8 states they won’t even allow stun guns or tasers out of the 50 states.

                Pepper spray has done far more good than harm, yet these whacked out law makers in so many countries outlaw it. guess they are part of the crime syndicate or they have had their brains lobotomized. This really and truly bothers me so much that these not functioning brain morphs could take away the victim’s self defense, that I have been not spending enough time trying to figure out where the next earthquake is coming. It is so unfair, it is exactly like one of these lawmakers fighting over a chimpanzee without a wepaon letting a little lady defend herself against some male.

                Can you carry anything to defend yourself in England? I know the rape rate is almost 4 times per 100,000 in UK than the U.S. The vioent crime rate is 4 times higher. This is what happens when a country or state gives the criminal the advantage. Lawmakers are the friends of the criminal and the pervert. Please tell me and everyone else more about English law about self defense, all that you know. It can help us in the states keep our self defense.

                • Be informed.

                  Good morning. Up until recently getting prosecuted for using an offensive weapon depended entirely on where you lived, if you had a reord or not and about a thousand other things. I will give you an example cited by a police officer. If I go out with one of those hair combs with a pointed end on and I used it as a weapon I could argue self defence, I am a female with hair. If a bald person did the same there would be the argument that he/she had no hair, did not need the comb and therefore was carrying an offensive weapon.

                  Carrying a knife is a mandatory 5 year prison sentence, likewise owning a gun that is not licensed.

                  We have had people jailed for maiming/killing home invaders even when the lives of families were at risk because the invaders were carrying firearms. The law sought to get the message across that killing is bad apparently. This is the same law that locks you up for ten years, seven with good behaviour if you kill someone.

                  Judges here are totally out of touch and have no idea of the real world. There is no law that says you rape and kill a child you stay behind bars for life. Even self confessed proven beyond doubt murderers and paedophiles are allowed out if they do not have a whole life tariff which is very rare here.

                  Gun deaths is low here but is increasing year on year. There were 58 in 2011 the last available statistics. However, those injured by gun crime is much much higher. One hospital in my city recorded 147 gunshot wounds in 2011 and that is not uncommon. There are eight hospitals in this city and we are far from being the worst gun crime city in the UK.

                  Public outcry has prompted the government to allow citizens to fight back in their homes without fear of prosecution but it has to be fair. You cannot for example beat an intruder to death, but you can beat him until he is not a threat. If he dies from falling down your stairs ok, if he dies because you strangled him not okay. If he dies by kitchen knife, okay, by machete, which you should not have, not okay.

                  We need a system here where by if you are found guilty of a given crime you have a given tariff. It should not be dependant on how happy the judge is that day.

                  As for pepper spray…illegal.. As is making a potion of your own and using it defensively.

                  Anything else please just ask.

                  Take care

                • Burt. It’s the same down here in Aussie and New Zealand. The guns have pretty much gone. But most people will tell you that crime has gone down too. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still crime!! But the violent crime is more socially orientated and fueled by alcohol and totesterone and more often than not, it’s within cooee of a pub’s front door

                • @ Burt the Brit. Thank you for the very frightening accounts of a law system that belongs in some George Orwell horror novel of government went insane. I am so sorry for you and the poor people that your government has enslaved with fear of protecting themselves, I am so sorry for the English people. It is obvious that your government absolutely thinks of the people as expendable to the criminal element.

                  Where I live you carry anything and everything, and if you are attacked by someone or something, they are going down and your safety is paramount to the judges here. Burt, I just cannot believe that someone would not be allowed to carry pepper spray or make some yourself, this is a food that I use all the time to cook with. If someone is attacked by a bear here, pepper spray, stun baton, or firearm is likely the ONLY thing that will save you from being mulled to death. Same goes true for mountain lion that sometimes comes into town.

                  I cannot see the logic at all that someone is not allowed to protect themselves from a huge dog with pepper spray. Like I said, your lawmakers must be part of a nationwide crime syndicate or pure evil or the dumbest individuals alive. Again, you poor, poor, poor people that have to suffer from the state that considers your safety and well being nothing to be concerned over.

                  This is what I fear over here, by those whack jobs that try to take away our self defense. The crime rate and vicous animal attacks is one of the lwest in the country because we are armed and it works as a deterrent. Even animals can sense when someone is not to be messed with. I always carry pepper spray with because I will not be bitten by a dog, and I have had dogs back down from me when I aimed that pepper spray at them and in a harsh voice told the dog, just try it. Dogs are quite intelligent, usually, and they know that what you have in your hand is going to bring them much pain and they usually back away.

                  Stun batons and tasers work wonders on just about anything, and again you don’t have to worry about missing an animal with a firearm and it hitting someone in the city. Outside of the city a nice revolver would take down any mountain lion that decided to try to eat you.

                  Americans have not embraced letting their government take away their self defense in most states, and the crime rate shows this WORKS. The worst crime rates are where the most self defense is restricted, case in point Illinois and New York.

                  The U.S. is truly in for a vicous civil war if they try to take away all guns like that blockhead piers morgan is trying to do in a country that is foreign to him. I would not come over to England and try to change laws there unless I became a citizen. Even then IF I did what piers morgan is doing here in the U.S. over in the UK, the English would ship me off in some cage to the South Shetland Islands and let penguins walk on top of the cage each day until I “learned my lesson”. The U.S. sure has a lot more freedom than people in the world realize and people that see this don’t want to lose that freedom and become the united states of europe and have to defend themselves with a rolled up newspaper as their only means of defending themselves.

                • BI
                  can you tell me where the fault lines are east of mississippi river,,starting point southern most USA point to northern,,from where to where north to south ,,,east to west,,,thanks


              • Thanks Burt, but relax, Worrying about the words of fools only gets your stomach upset, Me I’ll be fine. (Actually the word is the average person has 3-4 lethal genes.) I’ve already decided to go from a chocolate OD at 90 odd. Have 2 #10 cans of Brownie Mix (good for 30 years down stairs,) just in case. Only thing I worry about is storage of the chips and sprinkles.

            • I respect and appreciate Mac a lot. But have to disagree with him when he censors, or when anyone censors for that matter. But your comment here has to be the first time I have seen a comment on this website in almost two years that I wished Mac HAD of censored and deleted. You are a sorry sorry person.

              • Speaking to Makati1 above

              • Freedom of the Press. Don’t like Mac’s ways, start your own site.

            • Eugenics was a failed attempt by the elite to try “Refining” the human race. Every time it was implimented, mullwits like you who propose such stupidity slipped through its cracks are the genetic abortion in need of “dying off”! Try watching your loved ones die off because the treatment for them is deemed fine for elite use, and not for peasantry like you because you can’t pay for it out of pocket….

            • wow, what a dick!

              I really hope Karma is for real

              • Be informed

                This is why I support you all in you fight to keep the gift to ear arms. We have people mauled to death by dogs, seniors beaten senseless, the list. Allowing people to carry a weapon is a deterrent ….does she have a gun? Does she ave a taser? That hesitation can aske a difference between life and death.

                I carry wrap spray, I have the receipt. If I use it the receipt is there because I was on my way to the shop to return it as I’d purchased incorrectly lol

                I have a metal nail file with a handle…very effective that is, pinned a chaps hand to my own shoulder a while back, of courseI have long nails so a reason to carry it.

                There are numerous little things that give you the ability to fight back. Are you aware you can make a one use only taser from a disposable camera?

                Hand sanitising spray is good for close quarters, anybody gets that in the eye they’re going to le go I assure you.

                These things empower you a little, give a touch more confidence and sometimes that in itself makes you less of a target.

                Thank you or your concern.

                Take care

                • Burt, just an idea. In my home state of Ohio they were debating a concealed carry permit law (For the millionth time) several thousand people got together and openly carried guns outside the capital, which was legal and the legislature got the point and passed a reasonable law. What might be if you could get a few thousand law abiding bald guys and a bunch of people with beards to carry around your pointed combs, and straight razors and shaving cream? The powers that be hate arresting taxpayers and know they cannot arrest large numbers. You might just get some real action

            • I prefer not to engage in ad hominem attacks. I will say that your ignorant, insensitive comments re: people with a chronic medical condition disgust me. Shame on you.

              • My comment was directed at Makati1, comment ID: 1002842.

        • DocX,
          Could you please tell us more about this non-compliant label and the effect it could have on our medical care? Also, if we refuse a vaccination, or refuse an elective injection until we can read up on it and make a decision later, would that get us on this list?

        • Hi Doc,
          Just to add a little humor. I worked awhile for a civil engineer/land surveyor in my younger days. He used to say: Lawyers litigate their mistakes, doctors bury their mistakes, and land surveyors monument their mistakes.

          He also used to say, “Anybody can do good work with good tools, but it takes a skilled man to do good work with junk.” I think he liked that saying because most of his equipment was junk. If I could draw I would have created a dual scene cartoon for P.O.B. (P.O.B = Point of Beginning and is a popular land surveyor’s magazine)

          In the first scene the big boss would be chewing out his Instrument man giving the anybody can do good work speech. In the second scene the Big Boss is laid on on a gurney having just suffered a big MI. A wild eyed crazy looking doctor preparing for surgery is holding a dirty butter knife as he tells the Big Boss, “don’t worry, anybody can do good work with good tools, but it takes a skilled person to do good work with junk!” …;-)

          I’ve always liked having good tools and appearing skilled when I’m not instead of trying to make do with junk. It is nice when those that are skilled are also adequately rewarded. That is one thing it seems to me Obamacare is going to do, remove the rewards from those who have worked hard to become skilled.

          • WG, I think I worked for that guy too, years ago. His was,”A good mechanic can make do with the tools that he has.” Which was mostly a hammer and a screwdriver.

        • So YOU’RE the one doctor that actually advises their patients and gives them ALL the options. I KNEW there was at least one of you out there. I rarely go see the doctor (must have great DNA) but the times I have gone, all they want to do is push some time of medication and pills because, well, we all know you make a good “spiff” off of selling those “legal drugs’ (which one could argue are more dangerous than a lot of illicit drugs) not to mention, the pharmaceutical industry is nearly a trillion dollar industry. There is no money in the cure so there will never be a “race to cure” anything. As Thoreau once said, for every thousand men hacking away at the branches of evil, there’s but one attacking the root. What we need is people like you in your position to tell the corporate statists to go eff themselves, to show some integrity and expose the corrupt system for what it is and teach people about ‘health’ and not ‘sickness’. From the top down this country is about money and until that changes, no good will come to us. ALL OF US!! Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Rant done.

          • FYI… my wife was cured of Pancreatic Cancer 6 years ago after being told she had 6 months to live. She took something called “Bloodroot”. I still am amazed as well as about 5-6 Doctors at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, La. It works on most Cancer Cells and has few if any side effects! Naturally, most of you have never heard of it and other natural remedys cause the AMA AND especially the Pharmaceutical Companys don’t want you to! Would definitely screw their “bottom line” up! Money and Greed people…that’s what it’s all about now!

        • Yep, my doc said:
          “You’ve got high blood pressure!”
          “Here is a prescription, take it every day for the rest of your life”
          “NEXT PATIENT, NURSE!”

          No discussion of side affects, no alternatives, just ORDERS! Needless to say, when the side affects kicked in I threw the stupid pills away! I can control my BP with exercise and diet better than the pills were anyway.

      5. Facts! How dare you present the facts! Colonel Klink will not like this.

      6. I wonder when they are going to start banning doctors? or at least for god sakes have them complete a background check..jeeze

        • VRF, I’m not a doctor, but I am a family nurse practitioner and I’ve had to undergo a background check for each of the two NP jobs I’ve held so far. BTW, when the SHTF and you need someone to suture you up because of some clutzy injury you’ve caused yourself, perhaps you should amend your attitude a bit before groveling for help to your local friendly medic. Doctors aren’t perfect, but the ones I work with at least sure give it their best.

          • Lighten up , and BTW..I can sew my self up just fine..been ther done that…cant really remember if or when I last last groveled..

            maybe a lesson in sarcasm was missed wile you were busy with your nose in books and not socializing any?

          • Jane

            I have enhanced criminal record checks, background checks, the lot, as do all in my profession, but not only are mistakes made but on occasions some people do actively seek to deceive regarding qualifications and experience. It’s a fact and that’s that.

            Most medics do give their best, but some don’t, some aren’t fit to practice and some aren’t even real medics. Sadly that’s also a fact.

            Just being on here hopefully means you have seen the writing on the wall and you are aware life is not going to be good in the future. You’re experience and knowledge could be of use so get off your indignant backside and think about how you can contribute. The moral high ground can get lonely.

            Been there, done that.

            Take care

            • Hello there, Burt the Brit,

              Pardon me a moment while I dust off my indignant backside and totter down from off my moral high ground. I clearly have gotten off on the wrong foot with you all. I work with a phenomenal bunch of doctors who deeply care for their patients, so when VRF spouted off, I went on the defense. Of course there are some bad apples in the medical profession, as there are in every profession, especially, as we’ve seen lately, politicians!

              Frankly, I think we need to remove the whole lot of them from office, and start over with a clean slate. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and its ability to create trillions of worthless $$ out of thin air. Get rid of HHS and all of its ObamaCare mandates. I could go on, but need to get down to the basement to check out my stash of goods for when the SHTF. . . .

              Happy week to you all.

              • Jane

                Touché lol. Welcome to shtfplan.

                Take care

          • Theres a reason why they call it “a practice”

          • JaneFNP: Well said. Having been a firefighter and ambulance driver/emt, most trips to the ER in my experience (95+%), are due to peoples own stupidity either in livestyle choices or just sheer carelessness. Most medical errors are begun by the patient because of these factors. These very choices landed them in the hospital in the first place. If anyone wants to avoid medical errors, first: stop being stupid with your body. Pay attention and treat it with respect. What’s wrong with the stats presented above is that they are only half of the story. That’s like give half of football or baseball score without talking about the other team’s score. Today, the Dodges 3, and in basketball the Knicks 101, and in hockey, the Penguins 2. That was a very funny Dan Ackroyd scene from SNL. To blame medical professionals for deaths is a bit irrational when compared to the number of lives that are saved. Could the medical profession do better, yes. And most professionals are looking for ways to eliminate as many errors as possible. But in the end, they, like the rest of us, are just humanbeings trying to do their best. Peace, health and long life.

          • DR’s , and the Rn’s ignored the warning labels all over my fathers chart and barcode wristband, and pumped him full of morphine. which killed him. What was to follow, was just sickning. oh yes, they love to blame others for thier mistakes. Then go along as nothing happened.
            Then have the family ejected from hospital when the overlooked morphine allergy was severely overlooked.
            Morphine the drug of choice for overdosing elderly and termanilly ill!
            My Father who build up most the auto industry with his engineering knowledge. In his lifetime he created millions of jobs that paid a living wage! Now if you lost your job in the trickle down effects from out sourcing from NAFTA/CAFTA and your bank.
            When they overdoesed Dad, they actually killed the goose the laid the golden egg! That was just recently.

            • Patsy, I’m very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how awful that must have been for you to lose your dad; sounds like he was a pretty amazing guy. I live in Michigan, and some local hospitals have bent over backwards to figure out ways to prevent such mistakes, and if they do happen (because we’re all human) to try and learn from these painful mistakes.

      7. The new Aurora shooting isnt gonna help things

        • If there was another Aurora shooting, and that’s doubtful with the information coming out about the last two false flags that are so screwed up, maybe one of the teen victims of MKULTRA got his messages wroong.

          • People or sheeple read to much shit on the Internet. False flag? People died, and you say false flag? Wait until someone false flags your arse….

            • @Anon

              9/11 was an inside job.

      8. I have tried to have reasonable conversations with some ‘intelligent’ people who believe gun control is the answer. No amount of reason or logic will sway these people.

        When the sheep keep telling the shepherds not only to ignore the wolves, but to disarm, it’s time to find a new flock to watch over.

        Esse Quam Videri

        • Southpaw, Don’t waist your precious time to have a reasonable conversation with Anti Gun side. I did the same on many occasions and it simply was a waist of time. This is my stand when it comes to gun control as an law abiding citizen from now on:

          No concessions
          No compromise
          No compliance

          • A good tactic I use and it works to shut up lib antis swell usually.

            I figure since 99% of their liberal crowd is also Very Inffected with whitey guilt complex, I awhile ago began to call Them Prejudiced at gun owners.

            Not many lables scares a liberal more than to be called Prejudice. Try it, and when you say it, say it Loudly so others bystanders can hear!

            Example= You liberals are always sooooo Prejudiced and why do you peoople act soooo Discriminatory?

            Discrimination is ALL you type libs can react with eh?

            Just observe how swell that works when We turn tables around and use Their wordings always reserved for us by them…Fight fire With fire….Damn discriminating lib antis! How Dare you do such?!!

            Try it and post responses here…I bet everytime it is done, it will work like a charm to shut up a liberal quicker than goose crap passes thru a Tin Horn!

        • I have fallen into the same vicious circle. I know your pain. And it is funny that everyone I know who is pro gun control, does not own a gun; usually because of a bad experience when they were younger. They don’t even realize that they hate guns and that it is corrupting them. Or perhaps they do and simply don’t care because of their need to try and control others.

        • Deterence Factor.

          I’ll guarentee a conversation similar to this has taken place, behind closed doors, of course;

          “, Excuse me Senator Feinstein, there are 300 million guns, and 100 million gun owners in the USA. If you manage to piss off 1%, that’s 1 million armed individuals. How far do you want to push this?”

          And, if it ever got this far, who’s going to go collect these firearms? I would say it’s a safe bet 25% of leo’s and military understand and believe in the Constitution.

          Pass a law and make criminals out of freemen, patriot, soveriegns?

          Government didn’t give us our rights, and they damn sure can’t take them away.

          I got ripped here for saying they needed to do “it” by the rules, if at all. After reflection, I was wrong. Nothing gives them the right,or authority to “remove” or “take away” or “legislate away” our Rights.

          So, to answer David Gregory, ” why does anyone need a 30 round magazine?” “or a military style firearm?”.

          Because if it makes a politician stop and think “what if”, it does it’s job magnificently. Without a shot fired.

          We will not unilaterally disarm.

          • Rick: what you wrote on you reflected and Changed Your mind etc…See that is exactly the huge main diff from Us to liberals…They, libs are totally infected by Mental derangments caused by Kommie brainwashings…And not a single lib will admit to this neither!

            Everything folks here post on how evil or wrong stuf in tv-msm-hollywood-politics-schools-univ’s-etc…..Is due to the exact same type kommie institutionalized agendas of brainwashing done over the past 60+ yrs now in america.

            It is the massive Herd and group think approval which libs Craves!…Just the thought of loss of group approval?

            Sends a typical lib into hyper-overdrive brain activity. Sort of what some calls Cold sweats from Fear based emotional thought.

            Typical lib pattern of thought on guns is like this…

            “If I had a gun in my car or coat pocket, while awaiting a parking space, and just as I was trying to drive my car into that space I patiently waited for for several minits, some idiot quickly jumped in front of Me to get My space I waited on?…Well, I hate to admit it…BUT!(libs Always say But or However) i’d probobly grab my gun and begin to shoot that asshole idiot!

            And now since I Know I am a Normal type person, I can only picture what Others Less normal than I am would do if They was allowed to have any guns!”

            Libs always believe their self is avg/normal and use That as a starting point to Judge all others by/with.

            Truth is libs Aint never been “normal” and Never will be unless They repent or seek help from Our type folk…That aint ever going to happen neither…Their “Normal” selfness is Far higher plane(in a libs mind!) than what They percieve of us types…And with libs mental derangment of cannot never admit when wrong or that Their lib agendas always Fail Miserably….Well what else can be done?

            NOTHING! libs is way too far gone mostly. They are like the Disease and We are like the….CURE!

            Liberals Knows this! and its what scares the crap outta libs, especially when they think about Our many firearms!

            If we actually ever do that “Cure” to Fix america?….Thats what keeps liberals awake nites and always so paranoid….Liberal=Messed up Royally!

            They Fear the day, when 50 million armed patriot american folks begins to view every cement wall seen while out and about town, as the Perfect wall for use as a Firing squad backstop wall!(similar to how folks views trees once they begin to heat with wood).

            But wont never admit its because of Them and loony lib agendas that causes Our side to even think so!

            Only ONE side can exit and survive…Hint= it aint Theirs!

            • you said it

              Only ONE side can exit and survive…Hint= it aint Theirs!

              and they know it

              • VRF: ooopps! I forgot to add the “S” in exit, should read EXIST!…Oh well seems folks knew what I meant eh.

          • From a video I listened to, more like 75%. And that came from a former LEO still in the loop.

            • What was that video? Do you have a link?

      9. Gun control has NOTHING to do with guns but has EVERYTHING to do with control. Disarm the public and there is no limit to the oppression this government can inflict on us. Every crime or act of terror has been nothing but an excuse to eliminate our civil rights.

        Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence made it absolutely clear that when the government demonstrates their intent to impose absolute tyranny it is our right, our duty to cast off that government and provide new guards for our future security. Our failure to do so will be our folly, not theirs.

        When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

        • When guns are outlawed, we will be the outlaws.


          • S-steve

            I reckon so…

        • honestly is the second amendment the ONLY one we care about? No one did shit when the first got raped, no one did shit when the 4th got raped, no one did shit when the 5th got raped, no one did shit when the Patriot Act came out, no one did shit when NDAA (2011) came out, but the guns OMG NOT THE GUNS. They are systematically raping and pissing on the constitution, and we pretend we are patriots who will defend it, LOL, well the second was put in place to protect THE OTHER 9. NOT TO PROTECT JUST ITSELF.

      10. VRF
        Some years back we had a doctor at a very esteemed hospital that turned out was a barber…he failed medical school and got work using his brothers ID…he had qualified. He worked for almost two years, doing surgery before he was found out. Sad thing is he was better than someof the qualified ones.

        Take care

        • Funny, I think I heard about that

        • Cincinnati had the same thing happen. So much for the “qualifications” hanging on the wall. In USA we have confused being educated with being qualified or smart.

      11. Medical errors are the number 2 killer. That’s why I do all I can to avoid doctors.

        • I have never had a flu shot, nor a swine flue shot. I was around several people before and during the time they were sick with swine flu a few years ago, I never got it.

          Sure I have been sick with the flu several times throughout my life, but I haven’t been really sick for several years. The last time I was sick, it was a simple fever that didn’t even break 101.

        • I am 68, and in those years, I doubt I have had 10 doctor’s appointments for anything more than stitches from something stupid I did. I do remember that, when I was 12, I was hospitalized for 3 days and had I.V.s to counteract a drug overdose prescribed by my doctor. It was too strong for my age and body mass. That was before ‘sue the doctor’ became fashionable. It taught me to live a healthy life and avoid medical treatment as long as possible. I only take a one-a-day vitamin and an 80mg aspirin each day and am a healthy, active adult.

      12. Can we ban cars for the drunk driver?

        • MM2… the Feds are on this. Soon you will have to install a breathalyzer to start your car. Ain’t gubmint grand???

          • That’s what I’m waiting for. I’m expecting to see roadside urine testing for marijuana soon in Colorado where the weed has been legalized. Yeah, they’ll give us what we want … if it furthers their agenda. Last I heard, they were trying to determine the legal limit for pot intoxication. How else are they going to do it?

            • About 25 yrs ago, in mich, tv news told us how state cops shop was checking into plans to train Rabbits! To sniff marrywanna on drivers breath. Then cops could use that as proof to arrest driver!

              As I recall it was a total waste of money and most everybody laughed the idea out of existence.

              Many folks began to question How can a Rabbit testify if drivers demand live court trial or hearings with their accuser present?(the acuser=Rabbit!)…

              JUDGE: Ok so You testify to smell of marywanny Mr. Buggs Bunny? Another vast waste boondoggle of tax moneys eh.

        • How about providing free cigarettes, pills, and booze to all politicians when traveling to their new drive-through-hospital exams?

      13. I think the overreaction by the so-called gun grabbers has triggered a bit of overreaction by gun owners. Relax. At worst there will be some cosmetic changes to gun regulation in this country but nothing will essentially change. This is a scenario where the will of the majority will prevail.

        • We can only hope you are right.


        • ever think that maybe some of those kids pictures were of missing kids?, ..kidnapped and never found kids…picked off the internet kids and maybe a bit of photo shop added in just to change it up some? a mix of missing, kidnapped, plucked images..etc..

          proof is waiting 5 to 10 years down the road when none of the names match the empty graves..or nothing to see at all..or nothin in them at all
          but by then we will be far into a Civil war/revolution..or complete servitude and feeling like its 1934 to 45 in Nazi Germany , or FEMA’d / NWO’ed to death..

          hey ..when the Second hits the skids..were all dead

          But I’d rather go down a smoking hole in the ground than some pussy push over sucking on the foot of the Fourth Reich!

          • VRF it aint any fourth reich or nazis we are dealing with here. Rather it Is Kommie Bolsheviks, the Only “nazi’ in it is the end of AshkaNAZI’s(jews) aka Khazer bolshevik eastern european russians.

            we got a 1918 russia situation at hand now…And it is the exact same situation And same type people(kommie) the german folks was dealing with when Their german nation and way of life was trashed by khazer kommie filth.

            A few hrs reading of Real historical data reveals todays usa is 99% same as 1930’s germany and the same people is the culprits. Kommies ashkaNAZI khazers.

            Just wanted to clarify things is all.

            • great point, I was just making up the 4th, because the last time around it was called the third reich..


          this article goes into some very well thought out questions regarding the sandy hook false flag. the agenda is in motion and each event adds to the next

      14. Of course there is an agenda, that is why I have been saying, any gun control is TOO much!! If these actions are not enough to convince people I don’t know what will. No way in hell are these idiots getting my guns, I only pray that all of us feel the same way. I would love to suggest what to do with the assclowns who published people’s names, but tptb would arrest me.

      15. Enslave the liberals…. Hey. they are unarmed.
        You know I’m joking here!!!!

        But a funny thought.

        • @ Funny Thought

          Are you really joking? Because there may be some merit in your thought.

          What if there was a national gun day once a year where everyone who owned a gun carried it out in the open. A show of force to those who contemplate banning guns of any kind. A show of the power our armed nation would have should they decide that this government is tyranical and needs replacing.

          March 1st 2013 is on a Friday. Should be enough time to get organized. What do you all think?

          • Im fine with that, but I carry mine everyday, so it wouldnt be too hard for me, and yes, I do carry it openly on some occasions

          • I have my NRA sticker on my car and my house doors.

            I had a friend who used to know a professional bugler.
            He used to pass by “NRA houses” for good reason.

            Get your sticker.

            As for cops. they know when they pull over an NRA member…they
            are an honest citizen and it puts them at ease.

            • I dont advertise..period.

              yes theifs do break into homes with those stickers, to steal… advertised they might be in there.
              no hunting slogans, Just two things

              An American flag, and a dont tread on me flag..if they dont get that..than the rude awaking is theres to own.

            • Yeah, if a professional bugler stopped in front of my house and blew ‘Reveille’ at 0530, he’s going to find out I’m a gun owner, for sure.

        • if liberals worked…they would be conservatives.

      16. Well, that’s better than the “free” colonoscopies they have in store for us…

      17. Mac,

        AS A veteran, …



        thank you for your service, THE REDCOATS ARE COMING!

        TRUE TO THE END 11B

        • Amen Iowa. I am proud of the 8 years I served in the Navy as a Patriot to this great country. I am still serving in the protection of the constitution. I have lost some liberal friends who dont want to wake up and see what is going on in the country. I will continue to make as much noise as I can until my Lord calls me home.

      18. Unless I missed it, there is no referenced time period relating to this chart. Is it one year? If so, what year? This article and chart are useless without a frame of reference.

      19. Wow. Time to quit the Copenhagen!

      20. Ah. I put on my glasses and could see the “one year” part at the bottom of the chart. I’d still like to know what year this was.

      21. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, between 2006 and 2010 47,856 people were murdered in the U.S. by firearms, more than twice as many as were killed by all other means combined.

        Fact lovers, discuss…..

        • Poob

          Even if your figure is the correct one that’s 0.00015 deaths per firearm on the estimated arms held in the US. 15 deaths per 100,000 of the population

          The National Centre for Health Statistics states that in November,December and January an average of 7200 Americans die of cold each DAY. An extra 86,400 deaths in 12 weeks of the year. An incidence of 0.00025 25 deaths per 100,000 of the population and it occurs in just three months.

          The point is you can play with numbers all day, you can chart them, extrapolate them and manipulate them but they all point to firearms as not being implicated in as many deaths as numerous other things.

          Put diseases on the list and guns drop even lower

          TPTB are pointing at the terrible incident at Sandy Hook as a reason to tighten controls. Here in the UK, a country where guns are not allowed for the most part we have had similar situations. Hungerford, Dunblane, and the Cumbria shootings each averaging 16 dead. Gun control didn’t stop these incidents happening.

          Control or not there will always be people who for reasons unknown, commit atrocities . Gun control won’t stop it in my very humble opinion. If it worked that way the 15 5 year olds and their teacher killed at Dunblane would have celebrated Christmas this year.

          Take care

          • A few yrs ago it was reported on fox tv news and several others too, and Many online alternate sites, that on avg, every day in america aprox avg of 25 us citizens get Killed by Illeag;es immigrants, most of which are mexican.

            They said it was 1/2 Murdered by various means in robberies and rapes etc,,,And remaining 1/2 of the 25 total was killed by DRUNK driver illeagles(mexicans mainly) who had zero driv lic and zero insurance.

            And to top it off many if not most had a stolen auto!

            25 american ctitzens With a right to be here…Killed each day on avg by Illeagles who got NO right and NO invitations to be here!!!!!

            Liberals…BAN MEXICAN ILLEAGLES! Leave MY guns alone.

      22. Does “Firearm Homicides” include killings by cops or agents of the government?

        • I’ve heard a few include suicides with a firearm.

          • I’ve read that as many as 50% of people who commit suicide are taking antidepressants.

        • Would those be considered “murder”? Then no.

        • It does include the cases of criminal A offing criminal B. There is no allowance for the “good riddance” factor.

      23. Where are these stats found and who created the chart?

        Its so small my poor eyes barely can make it out.

      24. If triggering a revolution to gain control of everyone is their goal,
        Way more of us than they think

        • kula, the bastards that trigger the revolution will probably be hiding in under ground bunkers, or go into hiding somewhere. to screw them we need to piss down their air vents or something…

          • Apache,wouldn’t be great if we could lock their bunkers from outside and entomb them there while we go on living freely.

            • weld their doors shut, but all RATS have a escape route, we have to find that and seal it shut also. seal them in there with a copy of their oaths to the constitution they swore to and broke.

          • How about pour gas down their air vents and then toss in a match?

            • yea, good idea, after we piss in them.

      25. How about lets ban high areas to prevent falls. Complete background checks and licensing for ladder ownership. That should save a few lives.

      26. I’m too busy preparing to resist tyranny to worry about what the tyrants have planned against us. Stand strong, keep your powder dry and by all means pray, my fellow Americans.

      27. What is really amazing about this chart is that it shows so many more auto deaths than firearm deaths.

        There are, not including the latest spurge in gun purchases, more than 300 million guns in the US.

        I doubt that there are anywhere near that many cars on the road; so the ratio of deaths per instrument of death for autos would be much, much, higher than the ratio of deaths for guns.

        I just thought I would point that out. 🙂

        • It appears banning texting and talking on the phone while driving has not stopped traffic fatalities. It has probably increased the numbers. So a traffic violation is the solution? Lame.

        • durango kidd

          More interesting yet is club, bat, blunt instrument is 1.5X more than rifle of any type and bare hands and feet are 2x rifle of any type.

          I was involved in the defense of the Second Amendment back in NJ well over two decades ago. Information like the above needed lots of paper, lots of people and lots of workplace copying machines to get it out. The anti gunners are now called on their “inaccuracies” and set straight with facts from sources that are indisputable such as the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. This is why they need legislation passed in the heat of the moment their logic is based on falsehood.

          High technology is a two edged sword. They watch you, you watch them, they gather information, you gather information, they have the increasingly distrusted MSM and you have the increasingly trusted non MSM . In the end remember this. The battle is for the hearts and minds and the truth is on your side. They cannot trump that and they know it.

          • Sorry, but this chart is utter BS. If I go to a cinema I don’t expect an Auto to mass kill innocents? If my kid goes to school, I don’t expect medical errors to kill 22 people in one school at one time? Why should any intelligent person except this chart as representative of gun risk? If gun advocates are to remain credible, dont use BS charts which reduce the pro gun argument to an embarrassing sideline

            • The PTB like visual aids. It helps them conceptualize what they can’t understand with a rational mind.

              Remember Bebe’s bomb chart? LMAO!

      28. And of the gun related homicide, how many are gang on gang or drug turf killing, all of which would happen anyways if there were no guns.

        There are a few goals that’s been part of the left’s DNA for a long long long time. Nationalized education, Universal health care, ban guns, ban religion, Nationalize Banks, Nationalize Energy, Nationalize Food, Housing and transportation with the promise of a tofu chicken in every pot. Most lefties don’t even know why they want what they want, what they think they know is if “The other side” doesn’t like it, then that’s even better because then it makes them superior. The condescending persona is evidence of their DNA mutation.

      29. found this

        Sandy Hook Shooting Victim Allison Wyatt does not exist. Her photo was stolen from her mother Cathy Gaubert’s Flickr page. The girl’s name is Lily Gaubert and she is alive and well.

          • Jay Jay

            The hyper links don’t go to where one would think they go from that posting.

            Yes, getting weird.

            • works for me

              • the link

          • I wonder how they could get away with that, because wouldn’t the school, students and teachers, say that person didn’t even go to that school?

            • Word is from lots of sources now that the entire incident was staged with crisis actors from disaster classes.
              If you watch some of the videos–and I watched about 5 today–it is sooo obvious especially the daddy in the suit getting ‘in character’ before the camera.
              You can actually watch him puff and puff and get his shoulders raised getting in the set for coming tears.

              • Assuming it is staged how does one keep it a secret.?A ton of people would be involved. Monkeying with some evidence is one thing but staged off the get go is quite another.

                • kevin2 a Ton of people are in it now…Did you see the post here a few days ago which had a Link or two to articles saying how now the Jewish community in that area became involved as a loud huge voice for 2nd bans?

                  I know your pal was aran zelman and he was very pro gun etc…My concern is the rest who aint progun nor pro gentiles. Thats the largest group of their tribe.

                  I wish it was not so..But it is what it is eh. And if NJ jews begin whinning and piss and moan for antigun crap laws, you can bet yer ass NY jews along with Kalif and chicago jews will likly join in to advance any jew causes.

                  I wont be shocked if we soon see International jews clamor with fellow tribe here to Disarm “gentiles”…And jew run MSM of usa wont bother to even akmowledge JPFO aron’s org. Personally I never yet heard his org mentioned on Any msm tv news or shows..

                  Its too bad the 99% bad makes the 1% like aron look bad too for those who aint aware of araon or his org.

                • If this crime scene was tampered with and handguns were used instead of the dreaded Bushmaster a whole lot of evidence would need to be removed and replaced. That crime scene was a State matter not Federal like JFK in 1963 where the Federal authorities ran roughshod over Texas Rangers.

                  I don’t know how you monkey with evidence on this scale W/O someone seeing something and talking.

                  As for faking all of this why? Since when would the powers to be care about killing people; hell they start wars with false flags that kill a million. Assuming they could (and that is one huge assumption) fabricate this right out of “Industrial Light And Magic” why risk getting discovered?

                  This tragic multiple homicide happened.

              • Really, Sandy Hook and your posting both are a testament we need better mental health care in our country.

                The dad thing is freaky, but I can see others I have known with Narcissistic Personality Disorder doing just that. It’s always about them. There are parents who don’t really give a damn about their kids and use them as accessories.

                However, these kids are really dead. And you need help.

                • Not Timothy – you are the one who needs help.

                  You need help to face your cognitive dissonance. Your avoidance of the fact that things are not right suggests that you have problems with accepting reality. I realize it’s extremely uncomfortable to believe things as horrible as this – but you adjust.

                  Until such a time that you are able to accept reality, try to refrain from being insulting and condescending to those of us who do.


                • Hi Daisy,

                  Haven’t posted in a while, but I can assure you that even though Sandy Hook is horrible, it really did happen. To real people. My former boss has not been back to work since this happened and his kid was only in the room where some were killed. Friends they had had for many years (adult and children).

                  For those who are dealing with this tragedy the fact that there are people like JayJay who claim the whole event didn’t happen … well it’s bad. Kinda like the holocaust deniers. And I know we have those too (along with those who think Hitler didn’t “do enough”).

                  Perhaps, maybe?, some of the weird things are simply poor journalism? With the ease of publication with the Internet, not much can be trusted.

                • Hi, AC.

                  I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I am saying that the story is full of holes. I’m saying that something very very odd has gone on. I’m saying I do not accept the official story.

                  I can’t chalk it all up to poor journalism.

                  I believe something horrible happened but I think it was a false flag. Surviving children (and adults) will be traumatized forever because of someone’s agenda.

          • Cathy Gaubert Claims Her Daughter’s Photo Was Stolen From Flicker And Used As Sandy Hook Shooting Victim

            My link took me to this topic.

            • I have 4 grown children. If anything like this would have happened to any one of them i assure you i wouldn’t have been on the news media anytime soon talking about it and i’m sure unlike some of the interviews i saw i would have had real tears running down my face. Seems there are discrepancies concerning the facts of this matter. I was an Army Ranger during Vietnam. I know what this government is capable of. There are things that happened during that conflict that very few Americans are aware of! I assure you…do NOT discount anything this government is capable of! And especially with the current regime!

          • unless that pic was photo shopped a lot it is not the same girl. Eye shape, lips, nose, heaviness of eyelids, ears, even the eyebrows are different. Much like the pic of the aurora shooter if you look and know what to look for unless it was photo shopped they are not the same ppl.

        • VRF

          Got a link to back that up?

          No offense but false info is put out to dilute and discredit factual information. The dozens of books regarding JFK, November 22nd 1963 is a prime example. Facts are intentionally buried in bullshit so that the common person gives up believing anything and therefore the official version is the only one left standing.

          Please everyone site source of claims so that we can win the hearts and minds battle.

          • right above ya..Jay Jay beat me to it,, but there are a ton of stuff out there if you just go hunting for it

          • posting links takes too long to moderate..9x out of ten if you type in the title of a post or the context of that post you will find it..a bit od sluthing on the web if you will..get those fingers typing

            • If you were dead it would probably hinder your ability to keep your class in order.


          • “Operation Phoenix” is a good start as well as the fact that the Vietnam war was started by a lie!

        • to bad this wont go viral,,, I wish it would.

          • I guess being a holocaust denier is ok too? They were all actors….wish that would go viral.

            Are you kidding me???

          • help it along..send it out..keep it on top

        • OH please. Someone supposedly posted a bad photo according to some media whore mom. I have not seen that bogus photo anywhere on the news coverage, only now on some of the nutcase blogs. The real photo is not contested, nor is the fact the real Allison Wyatt is no longer with us.

      30. The Federal Government and the Kenyan are the biggest hypocrits that there ever were in history. How many children are killed through ABORTION everyday so some slut can live her selfish life? I saw Obunghole say that the Sandy Hook shooting was the worst day of his presidency, wow, the Armed Forces must be so proud of their commander who doesn’t acknowledge that every soldier killed in the illegal wars the gov wages is tragic. There is a reason that the military only takes in young people, because the older ones are too fucking smart to believe the governments bullshit.
        There can be only one solution to our problem of this out-of-control stupidity and we all know what it is. The scum are dug in like tics and all the arguing and bitching in the world won’t shake them free. We either get the resolve to stand up and march to DC or sit down with your children and apologize, like you mean it, for not caring enough about their futures to do anything about this cancer in the government. The time for arguing is long past. They have heard our arguments and they spit in our face in response. No one can do it alone, so I don’t need to be asked why I don’t start things. We should be here planning a march instead of swapping recipes.

        • I wonder if it wouldn’t be a more prudent course of action for several hundred thousand armed men to head for DC to throw the criminals out on their asses as opposed to waiting around hoping it’s your neighbor that gets the midnight knock before you. I also wonder if a few guys said they were going on left home if others would join up on the way?

          Just thunking…

          • But, you see, that is what “they” WANT you to do. “They” count on violent resistance… even encourage it. “They” plan for it. “They” live for it. “They” run computer simulations of it. “They” are much better at it than you are.

            “They” are more afraid of you than you are of “them”… because there are far more of you than there are of “them”, and “they” know it… and you are far more powerful than you realize. You’ve let “them” convince you that you should be afraid of “them”… when the reality is, you scare the hell out of “them”. That is why “they” are making this last grab for power. “They” know “they” are on the way out as humanity awakens.

            “They” do not know how to deal with the likes of the Gandhis of the world… or, for that matter, that tree-hugging hippie the Christians all claim to worship, but cannot seem to live anything like. Peaceful non-compliance doesn’t play by “their” rules. Government only works with the consent of the governed.

            Simply stop consenting to be governed. Learn the true difference between right and wrong, (hint: it has little to do with all the meaningless crap “they” argue over. That stuff is meant to keep us arguing amongst ourselves. Divide and conquer works very well. You all are proof of it, every time you argue over “libtards” and “conservatrolls”) and live your life, as is your right, with consideration for your fellow human beings. Be free because you say you are free, and encourage others to do so with equal consideration for you.

            It’s easier than you think, and you only have your fear and your excuses to stop you.

            Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. If you’re itchin’ to push up some daisies, then by all means… push up some daisies. I guarantee “they” are waiting for you to try what you suggest.

        • WOW…I think I hear crickets.. “stay away from that guy who is named after the “bad” gun, he will get you in trouble”

          • Didn’t Ghandi’s Pacifistic methods get Alot of Indias folks killed by brit military types?…Ghandi is the only one they avoided killing due to his high MSM profile.

            If my recolection is correct???..Ghandi got alot of Others killed by pacifisim. It may sound fuzzy warm or emotional sweetness to contemplate…But in real world pacifisim can and Will get ya killed off quick.

            Just ask many antigun libs who tried to use it to tell rapist car jackers their wonderfull world lib views…Oh wait! Can’t ask Them as they are All dead now.

            I bet the first and Last thought them type pacifists had was somethibg akin to “Oh My if Only I now had a gun to Stop this rape! or murder or car jacker etc etc”

            • I hear so many people say they’d rather die free than live in chains. Time to put up or shut up.

              If they were not willing to die for their beliefs, would they have followed Gandhi? Are you willing to die for your beliefs? Or are you so afraid of death that you’ll sell your soul to the highest bidder?

              You speak from fear. Your words are understandable in that context. Spout all the inflammatory, marginalizing labels you wish… they do not disguise your fear. You are afraid of those who are afraid of you.

              You are far more powerful than you realize… but if you choose to sacrifice that power in the name of fear, then there is nothing more to be said to you that you would listen to. Enjoy your fear. It’s something a great many humans seem hopelessly addicted to.

              • I assure you and all the others…the spirit and the resolve of the American People is still alive as it was over 200 years ago. If push comes to shove you’ll see an awakening in this country like hasn’t been seen in generations! Like Admiral Yamamoto said after Pearl harbor…i fear we have awoken a sleeping giant! It was true then and it is true now! There are many who don’t espouse their views. But those are the ones in the end who will stand and protect our Constitution and our way of life. And there are many…and believe me, they are getting fed up!

      31. Like I have said before I would rather die a free man than cave for these asshole’s.I do not recognize any anti constitutional laws they have made.If they want a civil war we should give them one.The damage they have done to this USA is appalling.Keep preparing,planning,and most of all praying.

        • What do you mean – damage they have done, how about admitting you are part of the problem? Doing nothing, is doing something. Get out there and campaign for governorship if you are not happy. Stop blaming others and start being part of the solution. How do you think US got so great in the first place???

      32. The firearm homicides include suicides. This 11,000 number unintentionally gives anti-gunners false ammo against us because they will say these are all murders.

        • That’s the 43 x more likely that a firearm kills a family member than kills and intruder came from. One is left to think a gun in the home is 43x more likely to murder a family member than kill an intruder.

          They all went to the Joseph Gobbles school of journalism.

          • my bathtub is more dangerous to any family member than my XDM

            • Ted Kennedy’s car killed more people than your XDM has.

              • I know thats right…lol

        • livefreeordie,

          Don’t want anyone to confuse us, two different people.

      33. This is an easy one since about 2/3 of the population doesn’t own a firearm. They just pick up whatever will harm someone the most, normally a sharp object or a blunt instrument. Firearms only get such a bad rap because it is more shocking to the anti-gun extremists that WANT these type of mass killings so they can disarm the population. YES they want them, because anyone that wants to takes away some porr innocent lady’s self defense, ANYONE’s self defense, is pure evil. These anti-gun wackos want to be the criminals’ friends.

        Thank you Larry Pratt for shoving that one line into that garbage mouth piers morgan’s face. You just want to be the criminals’ friend. This is why many of these anti-self defense nuts wait around for a bunch of innocent people to be butchered so they can use this to further expand their cause to disarm everyone of everything to protect themselves, even pepper spray against vicous dogs. Anti-self defense wads are evil, they are not peaceful flower petal pushers, they are wicked and want people to be victims of criminals, the government, and vicous animal attacks. They are the ones that should be viewed as extremely dangerous, not good honest people that are just trying to protect themselves and their families.

        • Amen to that.

          The idiots in the legislatures cannot count above ten unless they remove their shoes.
          This is why they want to limit magazine sizes to ten rounds presumably to stop “gun violence” as they call it.

          Why stop there? Why not end “drowning violence” by a ban on high-capacity bathings suits larger than size ten?

          Why not end “vehicular violence” with a ban on high-capacity fuel tanks larger than 10 gal. in cars and trucks?

          Why not end “medical-mistake violence” with a ban on prescriptions larger than ten pills?

          The illogic of the gun grabbers does not work anywhere.

          The only real solution is to repeal all laws at all levels of government that violate the Second Amendment. The only way to stop an intended murderer with a weapon is to shoot back. Everyone who so desires should be able to carry a concealed, loaded pistol. Even if only a small fraction of the population actually did carry concealed, the criminals would not know who is armed.

          Finally, we need to enact harsh penalties for legislators who violate our rights.
          We need to limit their terms of office to ten minutes.

          Pray for the Republic.

      34. It seems to me we as pro-2nd-amendment advocates are really missing the wagon here. Yes, it makes sense to throw statistics back at the gun-grabbers to a degree…that’s their preferred method of debate and it’s easy to beat them at it.

        But please bear in mind that they won’t fight fair. Let’s say more people are killed by rampaging siberian tigers or boas in the everglades than were killed in gun homocides. It makes the point nicely. But you know…KNOW…the first time those siberian tigers lose by a single death to gun homicide, they’re going to point gleefully to that as perfectly legitimate reason to ban all guns. And it misses the whole point anyway.

        The point of the second amendment is certainly not hunting, and it’s not self-defense. It’s not target shooting and it’s not “freedom to collect” or any other silly thing. It’s there in hopes that it will never be needed, but it is there in case we ever need to take back our government…by force if necessary. There is no other compelling reason for it to be there…the rest (target shooting, hunting, everyday home defense) is gravy (and very nice gravy at that, but still gravy).

        That reason for the 2nd amendment cannot be shunted aside or limited such that that goal cannot be accomplished. That is why we need “high” (actually “full”) capacity magazines and decent semi-autos. It’s also why we don’t need nukes or tanks or the other straw-men the gun-grabbers ridicule us for wanting.

        Because it shouldn’t be possible for a minority to sieze the government either, and the military could do that if they wanted with their hardware and training. If all we had was hunting rifles, it wouldn’t be all that hard for a trained military unit to mow its way through an entire city without taking any losses.

        But if we took a page out of Switzerland’s book and had a military-style rifle in every house, not only would we have less violent crime (and be able to hunt!) but the best-trained military with full-auto and grenades and everything else would still be wiped out by sheer numbers.

        I don’t see a need for any kind of action like this now or in the foreseeable future. But neither do I discount the possibility, or of the possibility cropping up quickly. We need those guns in as many places as possible, reachable by citizens. It doesn’t cost the government a penny…indeed, it makes them money with their taxes and such.

        Guns are power, more so even than money. Power should be as decentralized as possible. Period. Allowing people who have committed no crime and have no disqualifying mental issues is a cheap, easy way to ensure that state of affairs. I would advocate for REQUIRING ARs in every home, but I also believe in as much liberty as possible, and some people aren’t comfortable with guns. To each his/her own. If only the other side maintained such a philosophy….

        • Don’t normally use caps but,

      35. acting as grieved parents in sandy hook Nick Phelps (fake name)

        Now at home in Florida using thier real name..Sexton

        they work for …’ll never guess…

        Homeland what? “Crisis actors” promote Obamas attack on the 2nd Amendment

        • they should be shot

                • Somebody posted a link or two on a previous article a few days back here. It stated something akin to sandy hook jewsih community moves into Forefront on latest battles to bad 2nd amendt etc…

                  How much More proof of what several of us have been saying all along about Who our true enemys are needs be presented, before folks stop defending them regardless whats said or done?

                  Wake Up! do you get it yet?…The Head of the evil snake/serphant = Zionists/jews. libs…Which IS most of them. The Only demographic group with such high percentages of Liberal/Kommies and dem votes other than african blacks is…jews.

                  Its got zero to do with any other “feelings” or “Emotions” regarding that group…It simply Is what it Is…And that “IS” is, that jews(not all of course) are primarily a problem wherever they go. History proves it in Spades.

                  Now over 1/2 of worlds pop of their tribe is in america.

                  The Last time they had such numbers was in Russia with aprox 8 to 10 million Prior to Their revolution They caused and They managed where They profited and fullfilled Their warped agendas of spilling innocent white and christian blood by the TENS of MILLIONS!

                  That was aprox 20 yrs before they began to Flood germany and attempt the same type revolt but were halted by a vast Majority of german folks who awoke in time.

                  I only hope americans awaken soon or they sure will wish they had…Then most all will know what some of us are telling them was Facts and truth. Won’t do any good if too late though eh.

                  Read! Read! and Read more till You do get it Please!

                  I can provide many, many links to proof even the us supremes can’t refute.

                  I just hate posting any links in a comment as it takes forever to clear most times.(I still got a post reply awaiting clearing since Two days ago or longer!)

                  But if any need links?…I will post several if you ask ok.

              • Wow–VRF..those two pics when you scroll down are the same woman…OMG–it is so obvious.
                She didn’t even try to change her hairstyle.

                • I know, right?

                  this is such a blatent game for TPAB..and Im sick of where it takes us..

                  Im not saying no one died that day, I really cant say. I wasnt there.
                  But there sure is a lot of inconsistancies (sp) in what is coming out of this ..once the fog of war slowly lifts, critical thinkers start to bring up what most people cannot see thru their sadness, or grief..or complete sheepdom to what is going on in this world..not just here..this shit is going on all over.

                  and its obvious that the intent over this was to either start a war, or disarm us, than start a war..either way we all better watch our backs, and each others backs, cause these pricks play hard ball.

                  If you are not armed (every hour of every day) someday you might meet up with someone who wants to shut you up.. and you better be able to defend your right to free speach with a .45

      36. Why don’t we go ahead and ban anything that could cause us injury? We can all live in well lighted, rubber rooms till the end of our days.

        A life without risks is not a life at all.

        • TYPO! That should read “END” 2nd Not Bad 2nd ammendt! sorry!

      37. I before got so wound up defending people’s right to defend themselves, that I neglected the earthquake predictions that could save many lives, not today. I did a little research on today’s 5.1 earthquake in the Mauritius Reunion region and did I find something interesting.

        Out of the 24 earthquakes 5.0+, there was 22 earthquake waves that followed. 92% of the time a 6.5+ within 15 days. This is the highest percentage of ANY area so far. On May 5, 2005 this exact same spot was hit, within a couple of miles, and “5” earthquakes followed with 15 days that were 6.5-6.9.

        On February 28 of last year one about 55 miles east of todays earthquake hit, and 11 days later the 9.0 Japanese earthquake happened on March 11th.

        This area has real specific targets later for earthquakes that are large or massive to occur. Here are the areas:
        – Japan
        – Indonesis
        – New Guinea to Fiji and especially Vanuatu
        – Columbia to Chile
        – Central America from 8-18 degrees north
        – Indian Ocean
        – Yugoslavia to Greece area
        – South polar regiosn which leads to further earthquakes

        This means that one of these areas has a 90-95% chance of a major earthquake by January 20.

        This does not mean that the other polar earthquakes that occurred between around Christmas Eve Day to around the New Year’s day that that second earthquake is not coming. There is still a 75% chance of this. The northwest should absolutely be on high alert until Jan.10 for the Cascadia fault danger. California needs to be on alert until at least Jan.14, as those two earthquakes in the Balleny Islands and Scotia Sea intersect with each other when the lines of energy on drawn on a three dimensional plain travelling north, right in Central California, real close to the 2nd. longest fault in california, the Garlock Fault and near to the Grapevine about where the 1857 San Andreas fault broke at.

        • I’m glad you left out the yellowstone basin and the wasatch front. Living in Pocatello Idaho, I’ll need to know if I should refinance my house a month before the big one.

        • completely understandable

        • @BI, check out this site, that Alaskan earthquake hit the entire US with shock waves. THis site is very visual and helps see how the earthquake affected the US with waves…

        • Also, please check out this site and tell me what you think. He predicts earthquakes using heat indicators. All very fascinating!!!

          THANKS again BI for all you do!!!

          • @ you don’t need to know. I have seen Stan’s site each day and like Mac, he and Holly are pro-freedom and pro-self defense. +++++++++ to both of them. Stan uses most earthquakes to show that his predictions are correct, I only use earthquakes that can cause a lot of destruction, usually 6.5 or higher. Other areas that get hit by high 5’s and low 6’s I actually don’t usually count as something this method I use as a correct prediction. Last month with california I warned of it being ready to be hit and there was either a 6.3 or 6.4 off of San Diego and I said this was accurate as an alomst.

            6.5+ earthquakes are much more difficult to predict and even more so to narrow it down to a region. 7+ are that much more difficult to forecast. This is why I would call this method of prediction quite successful. I actually tried to see what would happen with pure chance, seeing in a skeptical manner whether this system was just getting lucky. No, there was about a one in 4 chance of forecasting a 6.5+ earthquake anywhere in the world within a time period of about 2 weeks. When you narrow down the zones, the odds skyrocket to at least one in 25. Then when you do it over and over again the odds start to hit thousands to tens of thousands to one. Then it hits within a 100 miles, well chance wise, it is like getting 5 out of 6 numbers in the lottery.

            So this works, looking at the past records to help forecast the future. The Old Farmer’s Almanac uses this to help forecast the weather months in advance and they are pretty accurate. So why not use a similar way to help forecast earthquakes. It works on top of uses a globe to help chart the energy waves.

            @ Ugly. I would be a lot more concerned about the Wasatch Mountain range than Yellowstone. Like the New Madrid fault zone, inner mountain zones are much more connected with stress from the south and/or north to the North American plate. The Caribbean plate has a lot of bearing on the plate most people from the U.S. ride on. The Asian plate to the north also has tremendous bearing with the North American plate. Start getting high activity where that one earthquake over a week ago north of Russia, then I would start to worry about middle of the country earthquakes. On the USGS map you can push the up button on it and see the plate boundary between Asia and North America plates, this is the area to watch as precussors to a large earthquake in the mountain regions of the country.

      38. I urge congress, the President, the courts, and federal agents to escalate your oppression, so that America becomes so nauseous of tyranny that she finally vomits you out. You have much to accomplish soon, so get with it. The sooner Americans see you for what you are, the better.
        You will soon overstep yourselves. Tyrants always do. You’re confident that you’ve got it all worked out, that you see where Nero and Hitler and Stalin failed. I’m delighted that you believe your NEW WORLD ORDER plan to be infallible. IT’s NOT INFALLIBLE.
        Popular resistance will defeat you!
        Because, in the long run, you really aren’t all that SMART, are you!

      39. If there is any resolution submitted to the states to repeal the 2nd Amendment, word will get out very fast, and people will hammer on their state legislators not to adopt the resolution. This is what we need to watch for, a resolution submitted by both houses of Congress to the states for adoption.

        • thats already starting at the mayoral level..all over mayors of cities and towns are playing into this..

          • Mayors tend to think their power is much stronger than it actually is. I see nothing about mayors in the constitution, nor have I seen the most flaming liberal try to claim that their opinion matters outside the limits of their own town. I don’t think we have to worry about Rahm or Mike wrt the 2nd…though if I was born a New Yorker or Bear fan I certainly would have left by now.

            But ScoutMotto is right (nice nick by the way…I’m an Eagle from the 80s and former camp counselor). I’ve been waiting and watching and trying to determine what signals would cause me to go dark on the internet, finalize preparations and go to ground for real. “This is not a drill” signals. And one of the few I’ve identified is the first time someone submits a resolution to the states. Whether it’s initially successful or not is immaterial. It’s like the “assault weapons ban”. It’ll sort of break the taboo, and once they try once, they’ll keep trying and won’t stop. They will have crossed the Rubicon. So that’s when we’ll know they are truly bent on destroying what remains of the republic, and that’s when preparations need to begin in earnest. That’s when it’s time to start burying stuff and getting rid of dollars and starting PT for real.

            OH…and one other thing. Though I’m not a frequent commenter here I kind of like this community. But those who continue to bash Jews and/or blacks do not help the 2nd amendment cause. Quite the opposite. That plays into the worst stereotypes our enemies have of us, besides being, in my experience, inaccurate and unfair. Even if they were true, just saying “gun-grabbers” encompasses them just as accurately without giving our enemies another example of why those on the fence should avoid us. I won’t say any more about that, other than to point out that every snark against either of these groups or any other irrelevant grouping (asians, gypsies, Mongolian midget wheelshair-bound strippers, etc) works against us and makes our task that much harder.

            • So even when its proven as truth we still must avoid it and never speak out about it?…Thats your plan?

              Well anyone who is a real christain minded type cannot go along with it. One of the Main commands to christians is Speak Truth…Know truth And Out liars or evil doers etc… Its called “Reprove and Rebuke”! yet you think we should ignore that so liberal idiots will somehow “like” our side better?

              Sorry but Your way to think IS one which for too long has been done by them on Our side…Look where That got us so far?….20,000 compramized antigun laws since 1968…With the mighty NRA as Prime compramizer org.

              Hows about no more gun laws and always speak out factual Truths even if it harms african or jew or etc etc Self esteems eh…After all if jews and blacks didn’t lie or do so many wrongs?…we type would have zero to out em about.

              Your proposal of More PC and whitey guilt is wrong and has NOT worked at all so far.

              Only them with stuf to Hide gets worried when some of us outs their Lies or falacies. I am sick and tired of lies or bad lib agendas and pc crap.

              PS: ever notice how all who yells antisemite or racist etc NEVER challange our facts or truths with Anything like a credible counter?….No even jews never disprove what some of us state and show factual proofs of, including statements from Their own jew members!

              They simply call out antisemite or racists or rightwinger etc…Yet never ever dispute the Facts!…No I rekon I wont be silent any longer. If thats bad for their self esteem or?…Too bad.


        This chart shows the ulterior motive of banning guns. It has nothing to do with banning guns but a far more sinister motive is involved.

        For this chart shows that guns are practically the lest cause of death and as the author pointed out owners of guns are extremely responsible people pointing out 99% do not commit violent crime.

        This article should go viral IMMEDIATELY right up the asses of Bloomberg and Feinstein. And I don’t mean their pet donkeys.

      41. Tobacco use #1 killer. that wont ever be banned, cause they tax the hell out of it

      42. Feinstein’s ban will prevent the next generation from inheriting the weapons and hi-cap magazines that this current generation and past generations hold as a collective check on our “elected leadership”.

        Does anyone on these boards really think that the FED. will be able to even enswer the phones to try and enforce these proposed bans in 25 or more years from now….really?

        They couldn’t stop illegal drugs, they couldn’t stop illegal immigration, they cannot stop their profligate spending, they cannot stop the infiltration of marxists into the government, they cannot balance the budget, they could not pacify Afghanistan or Iraq…..and all this was while the dollar still held the illusion of value.

        What makes any of you think the fed will have any ability to enforce these bans in the future when their own personnel won’t even be able to pay their mortages or educate their children?

        Behave yourselves, hold-fast, wait out this beast until it starves itself and never….ever surrender your guns.

        • Yup , ’cause when Im dead..there will be no one to tell them where my guns are..

          but someone i trust will know

        • They were successful with cigarettes.

          Never underestimate an idiot that is in full control.

          Do not take what an idiot says lightly. They are likely to be highly successful with their mistakes.

          Yep, the game is rigged toward stupidity.

      43. @ mac……I didn’t see PRESCRIPTION drugs on the list assuming those aren’t covered under the ” drug abuse” number of 25,500. I’m not sure how many people die every year from PRESCRIPTION drugs but i’m sure it’s more than enough to make that list.

      44. Hey Mac, or anyone, which year are these stats from? I’ve gotta couple of anti-gunners in my family and need to back my arguments up with verifiable facts. Can anyone provide a link I can steer them towards so they can see for themselves?

      45. Please take a look at the official FBI crime statistics, specifically murder stats, here:
        These are the stats for 2011, the numbers for 2012 are not out yet.
        Please check the totals, on the top line.
        In 2011:
        – 323 murders were committed using rifles
        – 1,694 using knives or cutting instruments
        – 496 using blunt instruments (club, hammers, etc.)
        – 726 using hands, fists, feet
        – 856 using OTHER means
        Why isn’t anybody going after knives, cutting instruments, hammers, or hands and feet? Not to mention, those OTHER means …
        But, they want those RIFLES. That is what we just shouldn’t have!
        Based on these numbers, does it look like they are out to get your RIFLES because they want to prevent crime … ?
        There shouldn’t be one hammer left on the shelf at the Home Depot.

        • @agmand….

          the data does not add up to Americas usual 18,000 plus. If you add all of this it is about 4,000 murders total. Maybe this is the stats for a particular State?

          • Ugly

            The link is posted. The numbers add up. Total murders are 12,663 not 18,000+. Total firearm are a little over 8,500. Total rifle of all type 323. Blunt instruments exceeds rifle of all type. I don’t know if the blunt instruments was mainly using the aluminum assault baseball bat or the wooden sporting baseball bat.

            This is for the entire USA.

            • @Kevin2….I see it now. He was using a subset. What thru me off was the 6,000 with hand guns.

              No doubt, murders with rifles or shotguns are down the list. That is why my first gun will be a 12 gauge.

              Also, in past 40 years, peak murders were in 1991 at around 25,000. The murder rate has slowly declined since 1991 even though we have well over 50 million more citizens since then.

              So we have gone from 25,000 murders to about 13,000 murders. Thus, really no evidence that any gun ownership increases the murder rate. Probably the opposite due to self-defense. I would like to know how many people had to use a gun for self-defense purposes. I bet it is higher than the murder rate, and that is why murder rate is down.

              This makes things like Sandy Hook even more suspect. Why take a tragedy and on same day force gun laws?

        • Would somebody PLEASE clarify the data reported.

          Specifically differentiate between “rifles” and “guns” …or “handguns”… or “firearms”

          Why?….. because several have caused confusion, and anti-gunners will jump on the confusion
          = = = =
          If we look at homicide statistics in the United States it’s clear that more murders are committed with knives, bats, hammers and poisons than with firearms. As Kurt Nimmo recently noted, “ the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outpaces the number of murders committed with a rifle.”
          = = = = =

          Specifically, are
          there “more murders are committed with knives, bats, hammers and poisons than with firearms.”?
          ……….with rifles?

          I’m sure that rifles are a sub-set of firearms and therefore fewer murders by rifle than by firearms, but I’m not sure that what was reported means
          = = = =
          “more murders are committed with knives, bats, hammers and poisons than with firearms.”
          = = = =
          IF the report meant “firearms”, it is a dis-service to the 2nd Amendment to say it was about rifles.

          PLEASE clarify!

      46. Once again:

        Folks, DO NOT ALLOW them to skew the issue by claiming gun control is about reducing violent crime.

        It has nothing to do with violent crime!

        It is about disarming the citizenry in order to better create and maintain a dictatorial police state. PERIOD!

        Most of the people killed by bullets in the 20th century were murdered by their own governments. THIS is what what the 2nd Amendment is intended to prevent by giving us as FREE CITIZENS a means to defend ourselves from our own government if it ever comes to that.

        The Socialist Liberals know this. This is the real reason they want the 2nd Amendment abolished and why they want us disarmed. They can’t fully create the Neo-Stalinist “worker’s paradise” they envision unless we can’t assertively refuse to apply by contest of arms.

      47. Revolution is the only answer.

        I constantly see pundits and writers on the Right telling us that we need to send letters to congress or call our congressman or send letters to the president, and on and on and on.

        What do these people think we are going to do? Sit at our computers 12 or 16 hours a day reading what they are really doing and do nothing but write letters all day or make phone calls all day?

        It’s not possible. Even if we did, they would still sneak legislation by us. There is no way a majority of voters can monitor these criminals 24 hours a day.
        We just have to accept reality. All civilizations have gone through what we are going through. It’s beyond stopping it with letters or votes. It will keep progressing until enough of us are starving in the streets and we grow the B-LLS to put up a real fight. If we do, we take our country back. If not, we go to the gas chambers.

        It’s just that simple.

        Pubicola B B

        • Pale Rider, If you think Revolution is the only answer-Lead On- or are you like the person that stands on the bank when someone is drowning and yells “why don’t somebody do something”. But before we start talking revolution, it would be a good idea to exhaust all other options. Maybe you haven’t emailed your elected Reps. if you think it takes 12 to 16 hours a day. I email 4 Senators and 2 Congresswomen in 2 different States. One where I currently live and one where I have a bug-out-location, and it takes about 30 mins. That’s alot easier than dying before we need to. We still have our guns, and we still have the freedom to get on sites such as these and speak freely, and I still go to the Church of my choice and worship the GOD I choose, openly. So lets continue to complain to the powers that be. There will be time enough for dying in the future. Mountain Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • MT: Has any of your e-mails produced any results to date. Some of us have been e-mailing, writing, going to town meetings, for 5 years now, and they still will do what they want when ever they want.
            These people only understand one thing PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION.
            As for what other options do we truly have SIR. We can sit here and type anything and everything we want, right up to the point that the door is kicked in.
            Yes SIR I’ll stand up and die for your right to E-MAIL your elected REPS.
            So will you meets us at the OLD CHURCH IN THE BLACK SWAMP!
            If you think E-Mail or what ever will do the job, then that is your choice, mine is start the what we know is coming and get it over with.

      48. OK, everyone, I’m back with a vengeance. AP, the only part of your post #1002572 I disagree with is on the 2A not being about self-defense. IT IS ABOUT SELF-DEFENSE AS WELL AS STOPPING TYRANNY! Everything else you said is true. BI, once again i have to agree with you on #1002563.Anyone who would take away anyone’s means of self-defense ought to be put into the same position; let them lose someone they love to a 2-legged animal and see how that feels. Live free and Rifleman, both of your analysis are 100% correct. If the gun grabbers want to go ahead and commit suicide by trying to take our guns, that’s a perfect way for them to do so. I suspect it will be a combination of feds, state boys, foreign troops, gangbangers, and Obama supporters who will take part in the effort. There’s going to be tremendous amount of blood flowing in the streets when it starts. My advice to any would-be gun grabbers is this: IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, DON’T DO IT! It’s not worth losing your lives over! To all LE and military: You receive your paychecks in the same currency as we “civilians” do. When this economy collapses and the dollar crashes, your dollars will become worthless just like ours will. Your checks will stop being issued just like ours will. your debit and credit cards will stop working just like ours will. We will all lose our pensions, benefits, etc. It just doesn’t make any sense for you to go to war against the good people of this country. This is your country as much as it is ours. Your children have to grow up in this country just like ours do. If you were to go to war against TPTB, gangs, and Obama supporters instead, hell, we would join you in that effort. please don’t let yourselves be used for the wrong kind of cause. let’s join together and we can take this country back and straighten it out; let’s go back to the kind of country God intended for us to have. best wishes to all. Braveheart

      49. Oh well. I guess my smokes and chew will do me in before a bullet will. I suppose I haven’t anything to worry about then! Hell man, bring on the ABC soup boys! LOL

      50. Fuckem, fuckem all to hell

      51. My cousin was killed last night by blunt force trauma then he set the house on fire to hide it, he had no gun but maybe if she would have had a gun she would still be here. Taking guns away just means the average person cannot defend themselves from any kind of violence.

        • Sorry to hear that. My Uncle was stabbed to death walking in San Fran about two years ago. People that murder usually make sure the other person is defenseless. My prayers goes to your cousin and family.

            • Most ALL of My ancestors were Murdered by Bolsheviks in Poland by the Very grand parent ancestors of the likes of Finestien-Schumer-lautenberg-Bloomberg, and aprox 5-7 Million More decendants here, of said bolshevik kommies of russia and poland.

              Give Me One good reason why Our 98 1/2 % of america should allow Their kommie 1.4 % to Rule over us all?

              Is it because They are self chozens?, special ?, because They are Not “gentiles” that qualifies them?

              Or more like far too many still believe all that kommie brainwashings we was all taught to believe about Their tribe?

              I am sorry for your loss ranch wife….But I still want/Demand justice for My ancestors. Or at minimum demand we Never allow them to do the same to us and todays kids etc.

              Wake Up americans…yeah You all the 98+ percent.

              • most of all my ancestors were killed by this government..Almost to the point of extinction..and no this is not a joke its for real

                ask a Native American Indian if we can trust our government…they havent become this way just recently..they have a history of killing off people who “get in the way”

                And todays people just dont get it..they dont want to get it.
                Our Government and its war machine kills more people, than any object or tool.

                when a peoples language is gone…they are gone…this counties dirt is filled with my families blood!..thats not easily forgotten.

                • Its payback time. I cant wait to see the looks on their faces when they are tried by their own laws, and standing in their own gas chambers…. buried in their own coffins. I know its morbid but if you want to win a war, you better be willing to do to them as they would do to you, and more

            • Rancher’s wife. This is sad news. I will keep you and the family in my prayers.

              • Thanks everyone for the kind words. They have caught the guy he was at the scene (guess he wanted to stay and watch the fire ) with blood all over his hands. He was high on mushrooms It makes me ill to think of what she went through there at the last. This will get me thumbs down but if he had to kill her I wish it would have been with a gun instead of beating her, she would not have had to suffer as she did. I wish people would realize that if someone wants to do evil it won’t matter if they can’t get a gun they will find a way.

                • Ranchers Wife….so sorry ): this is shocking! Prayers go out to you and your family…take care, CC

        • R-Wife

          I am sorry for your loss. GOD bless your grieving family members.
          I hope they catch/nail the perp!

          • Anton Hackl,

            Don’t you wonder what kind of pond scum would red thumb a sweet message like yours?

            • Live free

              Damn if I know, friend!

              Looks like your post pissed ’em off too!

              More than likely its a case of ‘courage-envy’, if you know what I mean.

        • Rancher’s Wife ~

          I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you.


        • oh my God sorry to hear about this..
          Prayers for you and your family.

      52. Which word do you think best describes this site? A) Whimsical; B) Delusional; C) Parody; D) Paranoid; E) Hyperbole; F) Bipolar; G) Ridiculous; H) Pretentious; I) Satire.

        • @Twain…

          There you go again….projecting your own mental disorder onto everyone else.

          Take your meds and go to bed.

        • Neither. “Tolerable” would be more like it.

          • Informative would be a better adjective.

        • Twain,

          You forgot two words, HARDCORE HONEST! Do yourself a favor and go have a nice warm cup of kool-aid, get comfy and watch the first coronation of the anointed one that you most assuredly have recorded. I almost feel sorry for you but then again I really don’t because you and those like you are the ones reinforcing this take over of America. Lazy, brainwashed, conformist who will run in circles and squeal like a little piggy when all hell breaks loose.

          • Agree…though I’m not so certain what my own reaction will be if and when things “get real”. I may well run in circles and squeal myself. Or freeze and do nothing. Or fight a fight to make Rambo proud. How would I know? When I tried to enlist in the military I was disqualified on a medical…for life, from all branches. Pretty harsh sentence for someone from a military family who’d done nothing wrong, but there you have it.

            I’ve never had training and obviously no experience in combat to know how I would perform. I’m a decent shot, but the targets and the deer weren’t shooting back either, and army and marine vets I’ve spoken with seem to think that’ll take a toll on your aim. I suspect they’re right.

            I suppose if I ever get forced into that situation, I’ll be satisfied with myself if I can just avoid throwing my arms in the air and running screaming like a little girl.

          • Live Free or Die,

            Somewhat curious. Have you ever heard shot fired in anger? I have. C.I.B., Bronze Star (V) and Jump Wings to name the most prominent – not spectacular but I was there (Vietnam). This was followed by 25-years of police service with three commendations for valor. Now, many moons later, you might be right: “I’ll run in circles and squeal like a little piggy when all hell breaks loose.” I’d like to think I won’t. On the range I can still find the ten-ring seven times out of ten.

            • Twain,

              Hats off to you for your service, I still think your post was dumb but you have had quite a remarkable career. Just answered your sarcasm with my sarcasm. Peace.

        • Twain, this is absolutely Hilarious. Can’t believe all the red thumbs. You related to Mark? Trekker Out.

      53. Ancient Chinese proverb-

        If loving you is wong,
        I don’t want to be white.

        Mrs Okie said, “You did remember that tonight is our movie night at home, right?”
        I inventoried my supplies. Fresh batteries in the remote, check. Popcorn, check. Frosty beverage, check. “OK. I’m ready.”
        “Not so fast, mister. Did you forget something?”
        I rechecked everything. “Uh, nope.”
        “You forgot ME!” she said, plopping down beside me and almost tipping my popcorn bowl, “AND, we are not watching another old John Wayne shoot-em-up. Tonight is the night for a romantic movie. You promised.”
        I reluctantly forked over the clicker. She started the player and read the back of the dvd box, “A classic story of love, life, and the heartrending pain of a disastrous romance…”
        “Aren’t they all?” I said.
        “All what?”
        “Aren’t all romances disastrous, at least to a certain degree?”
        She was indignant, “We’ve been married 30 years! I take that as a personal insult.”
        I tried, unsuccessfully, to recover the mood, “Oh, I wasn’t talking about us, Dumpling. We have the perfect relationship. Especially since I’m such a romantic old fool. But we’re the exception, not the rule.”
        She was getting more frosty than my beverage, “You are so full of yourself! Besides, you’re no more romantic than the average lunk-headed male.”
        “Wait a minute! What about the little diamond necklace I got you last month? And the flowers I sent to you at work. Twice! And for no special occasion, either. Just because I was thinking of you. And what about the poem I wrote for you. It had enough mushy romance to get me permanently kicked out of the Brotherhood of Guys. Doesn’t any of that mean anything to you?”
        She was wide eyed, “You never did ANY of that? What in the world are you talking about!?”
        I winked, “Oh, sorry. I was confusing you with some other woman. My mistake…”

        So, here I sit. Exiled to the couch for the rest of the night. Just because women have no sense of humor.
        My popcorn is cold. The frosty beverage is warm, and flat. And the mood in here is….gloomy. Oh well, at least the remote still works good. Hey! There’s a John Wayne movie on Turner!…..

        • You’ve been lookin’ in my windows again, haven’t you.

        • I have to give in to a “chick-flick” about once a month to keep piece in the bedroom. It’s a small price to pay and sometimes I get by with napping thru most of it anyway.

          • I know what you mean, don’t tread. Keeping the little woman happy does have it’s benefits!

      54. Too bad we can’t get about 20 million gun owners to march in the cities around the US on the same day, all carrying wooden guns with various slogans painted on them.

        The idea is that we are not about to convince the anti gun crowd with polite discourse, since they live in fear and that blocks any logic. But maybe we could increase their fear level to the point that they would quit trying to deny us the means to protect our own lives. I think we should let them know that this is the last straw, and we mean it.

        • “The idea is that we are not about to convince the anti gun crowd with polite discourse, since they live in fear and that blocks any logic. But maybe we could increase their fear level to the point that they would quit trying to deny us the means to protect our own lives. I think we should let them know that this is the last straw, and we mean it.”


          The time has come to stop being nice. We let them know that we will not be disarmed…..period. They can pass any law they want, it will be ignored. If they try to confiscate, they will be resisted….with deadly force if necessary.

          This it folks. Line in the sand time. Time to put up or shut up. And no amount of hat-in-hand begging is going to get them to change their minds. So….just let them know we mean business and if they don’t like it they can FOAD.

        • Wooden Guns?!! Sorry All mine are REAL guns!

          plus when 2.1 million tea party folks marched to dc last april 15th tax protest(?) it was’nt even broadcast on tv.. Even cspan refused to show or talk of it!

          Maybe its time for 20,000,000 patrotic Geurilla warriors in small squads EVERYWHERES to make a statement. And let our firearms do our talking…Not wooden ones neither.

          Nothing less will now work. I wish it weren’t so…But it is. They did this not us. We has 50 yrs of built up Rightous Indignation. Soon it will blow like a huge volcano and them fool kommie libs et al will be in the direct path of the flowing lava…Good! that should aclimate them to a future in Hell!

          Send them demons Back there.

        • the only wood i will carry is the factory stock on my arms, fake shit doesnt send the right message..and usually just pisses the right people off…
          if your going to do it real, locked and loaded,prepaired, and mean it

      55. People are always threatening me. Seriously. I can’t go anywhere without being told how precarious my safety, my freedom, even my life is.
        I go to Wal-Mart. Right there on the front door is a big sticker. “Every Danged Thing You Do In This Store Is Being Video Recorded! So Watch IT!” I’m not taking any chances. I won’t even go pee in the men’s room. I’ll just hold it til I get home.
        I got a new aluminum step ladder. It has a dozen bright yellow and red stickers telling me I’ll bump an electric line and shock myself. Or fall off the top step and break my neck. It practically says, “You’re DOOMED If You Even Attempt To Use This Ladder! Just Buy It And Store It In The Garage. NEVER Open It!!”
        I tried to watch a movie. There, before the actual entertainment even begins, is the FBI, threatening me with extreme harm (probably including a trip to Gitmo) if I try to copy the disc. I got so scared I forgot to watch the movie.
        So, I drove to the gas station. And there it is again! Right on the pump is a picture of a burly cop on steroids, arms crossed and face scowling at me: “If you drive off without paying for your gas, you will lose your license to drive! Plus, I’ll personally hunt you down and taser you to within an inch of your life!! So, don’t try stealing gas, you scum!”
        I’m beginning to think that everybody is out to get me. I’d head to Dunkin Donuts for some comfort food, but I’m afraid the Food And Drug Administration probably has the place surrounded by a SWAT team. Can’t have people eating sugar and cholesterol and stuff. It’s just too dangerous….

        • its getting old , isnt it?

          • VRF

            David Lory Vanderbeek


            • David’s latest contribution is well worth the time. May this go viral!


          • VRF, yes. We’ve been warned about everything to the point that most people just ignore all of them. Usually that’s ok. But I think we know that’s part of the NWO plan. Get us immune to the warnings and few will bother to rebel when they make a big move against us. I’m counting on the few million of us who (at least on this topic) won’t ever relax our vigil.
            To everyone here, stay sharp! And as dk says….Engage!

        • SmokinOkie, You sure do some great post. Thanks for the humor. And the one with the wife and the movie, had me rolling on the floor, now I gotta start over, lost count on my ammo. Can’t even remember who I was going to shoot next. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

      56. Hey everybody, have you seen the Sun recently? Sunspots are popping up all over the surface of it. The Sun looks like it is getting the measles. Just One Guy needs to comment on this one. I get nervous when I see this many, as it takes just one to flatten the electronic age. Space Weather gives a 5% chance of a X flare in the next 24 hours. It would probably have to get X-8 or higher to really do some destruction from an EMP, but I counted 15 sunspots with about 5 more smaller ones around the 15. I wonder if this is going to increase the ground motions if you know what I mean?

        • The Sun is now in the part of it’s 11 year cycle that will have high amounts of Sun Spots. Nothing that has not happened before, and will not happen again,

          It is always possible that a large flare or CME will have some disruption on the Earth. But, I am not going to stay awake worrying about it.

          • @ Carl Rooker. You say “nothing that has not happened before and will not happen again”, like the 1859 Carrington Event? 8 years ago if the U.S. had been in line with that X-32 or X-40 flare things would be a lot different right now. Yes, it will happen again, a true EMP, it is ONLY a matter of time and it will make life awful for us on this planet. I am not going to stay awake worrying about it, but I am going to take precautions against it like putting important electronics in a faraday cage. Tha same as people try to safeguard their homes in fire prone areas by cutting back the brush. It is about preparedness and what IF, especially from something that HAS happened again and again and will happen definitely in the future.

        • makes me wonder if the PAB are fully aware of this, and they are trying to get things in place for when it happenes to take full advantage of it…

      57. @BI….

        Yes I have. Flares are pretty strong. This was mentioned even on Coast-to-Coast George Nory….

        I wish I had a way to measure this. But it could have an effect on the ozone layer.

        Scientists still dont know too much about the Sun. Maybe the hydrogen:helium critical mass ratio for a red dwarf is much sooner than they think. The spots are almost like the sun is suffering from some gravitational collapse, with many dark, cooler regions starting to form.

        I am not sure if neutrinos would elevate or decline in this scenario? But it does warrant some research into what is being reported on the web.

      58. Greetings Everyone!
        So TPTB are at it again….
        I’m getting my self defense items at the next “show” or places due south.
        Gold is nice,silver is more useful(IF either hold their value).
        That latest “mass murder” has all the earmarks of a false flag event(some our local mass media are even wondering about it not being reported by LEO in a “accurate” manner(I.E. they LIED!),since there were videos of a second or third “POI” running from the event afterwards)
        I put nothing past the past,current or future CIC.Things are going to get madly,truly and so very deeply strange in the coming months.Not looking fwd to the coming events.We’ll see how far down the rabbit hole these people are going to take us collectively.I used to not quite believe that the “system” is being influenced by SATAN and his minions.But now…what other explanation fits the logic of all the GMO “foods”,”fracking”, the endless ongoing and “unresolved” wars,corruption at the highest levels of government,etc…
        NO ONE that is sane would allow these things to happen to their fellow humans.Unless “someone or something” is whispering in their ears.Even the Kock brothers wasted over a half a billion dollars plus just to LOSE.Guess the only “final” solution is God’s Kingdom.Every other form of governance has “flamed out”.
        just a few thoughts.
        All the best to All
        Hope you can keep warm and well fed these days,

      59. First, let me say that I am very much on your side. Second, some of your data is off. The figure for non-firearm homicides is way too high. It should be about 5,200 (5,249 to be nit picky about it. ). The larger point is sound though: there are a lot of things that are a lot more deadly, in terms of annual deaths, than firearms. The reason I’m making note of the inaccuracy, is because bad information – intentional or not – is something the statists do. NOT us. Let’s make every attempt to make OUR arguments and data irrefutable. …and, please, let’s not shoot the messenger, here. …so to speak.

        • Leveretth, I couldn’t agree with you more. I recall the numbers to be approx what you stated because I recently looked them up for a diff. post at this site.

          Like you, I want facts that can be substantiated. I’d like to know the actual data that was extracted, the date-range these stats were taken from, and the organization that collected the data. But heck, the chart in this post can’t even be tracked-back to the original creator.

      60. Meet Your British Royal Feudal Over Lords and AmeriKa’s Masters … AmeriKans are blind to the fact they are nothing but tax debt plantation Slaves living under the Rule of True Narcissistic Predator Sex Degenerates .



        * see link below …

        ~ N.O. ;0P

      61. The chart proves nothing. Your statement that the chart proves an ulterior motive proves you are an idiot and you have an ulterior motive and are incapable of higher order reasoning skills.

        • The chart does prove something: gun deaths are nowhere near the biggest danger we have in this country.

          And your post also reinforces something everyone on this site already knows, which is why I don’t have to comment further on it.


        Jimmy Savile’s niece Caroline Robinson speaks out about abuse – This Morning 22n

      63. Drone attack in Pakistan kills at least 10: intelligence sources says right in the article..”drone strike killed at least 10 people suspected to be Taliban fighters”


        so our government can just go and kill 10 suspects?

        with a Drone?

        “Exact casualty figures are difficult to verify. Most of those killed are(suspected) militants, but some civilians have also been killed.

        and they want to dis arm us..hahahhaha yeah right..F-U

      64. Pink Floyd from album Animals sums it nicely on the elite:

        Dogs (Waters, Gilmour) 17:06

        You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need.
        You gotta sleep on your toes, and when you’re on the street,
        You gotta be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed.
        And then moving in silently, down wind and out of sight,
        You gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking.

        And after a while, you can work on points for style.
        Like the club tie, and the firm handshake,
        A certain look in the eye and an easy smile.
        You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
        So that when they turn their backs on you,
        You’ll get the chance to put the knife in.

        You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder.
        You know it’s going to get harder, and harder, and harder as you
        get older.
        And in the end you’ll pack up and fly down south,
        Hide your head in the sand,
        Just another sad old man,
        All alone and dying of cancer.

        And when you loose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown.
        And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone.
        And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw
        So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone,
        Dragged down by the stone.

        I gotta admit that I’m a little bit confused.
        Sometimes it seems to me as if I’m just being used.
        Gotta stay awake, gotta try and shake off this creeping malaise.
        If I don’t stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this

        Deaf, dumb, and blind, you just keep on pretending
        That everyone’s expendable and no-one has a real friend.
        And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner
        And everything’s done under the sun,
        And you believe at heart, everyone’s a killer.

        Who was born in a house full of pain.
        Who was trained not to spit in the fan.
        Who was told what to do by the man.
        Who was broken by trained personnel.
        Who was fitted with collar and chain.
        Who was given a pat on the back.
        Who was breaking away from the pack.
        Who was only a stranger at home.
        Who was ground down in the end.
        Who was found dead on the phone.
        Who was dragged down by the stone.


        GREAT BRITAIN puppet pol itician pro sti tutes create new ch ild s ex in cest laws … IN CEST AND PED O PHILIA TO BE LEGALIZED ???

        ummmmmm … WTF ??? ;0p

        * U.N. – the united nations is trying to pass this same law making it global law .

        Harriet Harman under attack over bid to water down ch ild p orn ography law Harriet Harman’s political judgement has been called into question after it emerged that she once advocated the watering down of chi ld p orn ography laws.

        She was a senior figure in a civil liberties organization that wanted the age of consent to be lowered to 14 and in cest decriminalized.

        These are the same people who OWN AMERIKA … RULE OVER AMERIKA as British Royal Predator Dicktators … These are the same people who want to TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS !!!

        Now we know why ???

        Cause their afraid we’ll use them on them for victimizing not only us but our children as well in their Luciferian Rituals and S E X Parties of the ELITE in their hidden s e x slave prison brothels around the world !!!


        ~ N.O. ;0P


        H.J.Res.15 – Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.113th Congress (2013-2014)

        Overview: House Joint Resolution
        Sponsor: Rep. Serrano, Jose E. [D-NY-15] (Introduced 01/04/2013)
        Cosponsors: 0
        Latest Action: 01/04/2013 Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
        Major Recorded Votes: There are no Roll Call votes for this bill

        read it and weep


        • deeper into Dicktatorship

      67. haha, just heard this morning that italy has disabled the credit-debit card system in the vatican saying there is a money laundering problem. In the vatican right now they can only accept cash, however the response by the vatican is it will be worked out shortly and to have faith! hahaha, there is more to this than meets the eye too, wanna bet.

      68. “Dad can we go to the movies?”
        “No dear, we cannot. Obama and Congress did not do their job and our payroll taxes changed. Mom and I don’t have that extra money because our nations leaders could not control their spending and stole it from us….you.”

        For the next four years we decided NOT to spend any money. Just keep it to the bare essentials. We won’t support a socialist president.

        President Obama….kiss our white asses.
        Let it all fail.
        Then…maybe we’ll get people thinking socialism is not so great.
        We are NOT slaves to the poor.

        Peaceful resistance. Pass this on.
        Are people who refuse to spend money…will they be branded as “Terrorists”….you watch…they will try. Assholes.

        • Peaceful resistance? Oh man, you’re already done for.

        • Take it one step further, a funny thought, don’t buy newspapers, unsubscribe to all magazines, no tv/cable, never go to the movie theater…stop supporting our oppressors.
          You can if you have the will. I did–4 years ago.

        • the time for peaceful resistance is long over

      69. Hey, all you ass wipes who want to take away the guns from the responsible citizens, make sure you don’t call a cop if you have a thug at your door. That cop will show up with a gun and God forbid he may save your life with that bad, evil weapon. You can’t have it both ways and still be credible. Thug has gun, you have no gun, who wins? Neighbor has gun and you know it, are you going to call him to save your sorry ass? But if they take away your neighbors gun then who you going to call, I can guarantee that the thugs will never give up their weapons. Perfect scenario, criminals with all the guns, average citizen, no guns, what are your odds of coming out in one piece? This will be a national holiday for the criminals, a gift from Osamabama.

        • A responsible citizen who willingly surrenders his weapon (s)? That citizen is a moron and beyond help. Let the thug have his way. I will not intervene.

      70. Most of us on here support American gun makers and the 2nd. However, there is one gunmaker we need to boycott. HS Precision in Rapid City, SD. They have hired Lon Horiuchi as their spokesman. Yes, THAT Lon Horiuchi….the cocksucker that blew off Vicky Weaver’s face with a 308 as she stood in her doorway holding her baby. There are no statute of limitations on murder and this guy will someday get his due.

        • shoulda happened a long dam time ago

        • Texas chick
          no we are not screwed,,we have to go with another party united to defeat the poison,,,


      71. Some of the most heinous of crimes in history were committed by governments against their unarmed populations.

        No one wants to disarm you unless they intend to hurt you without fear of reprisal


        Arms confiscation and control was a major issue in the years leading up to the American Revolution.

        Here is how a train of gun control abuses came to a head:

        The American War of Independence began on April 19, 1775, when 700 Redcoats under the command of Major John Pitcairn left Boston to seize American arms at Lexington and Concord.

        The militia that assembled at the Lexington Green and the Concord Bridge consisted of able-bodied men aged 16 to 60. They supplied their own firearms, although a few poor men had to borrow a gun. Warned by Paul Revere and Samuel Dawes of the British advance, the young women of Lexington assembled cartridges late into the evening of April 18.

        At dawn, the British confronted about 200 militiamen at Lexington. “Disperse you Rebels—Damn you, throw down your Arms and disperse!” ordered Major Pitcairn. The Americans were quickly routed.

        With a “huzzah” of victory, the Redcoats marched on to Concord, where one of Gage’s spies had told him that the largest Patriot reserve of gunpowder was stored. At Concord’s North Bridge, the town militia met with some of the British force, and after a battle of two or three minutes, drove off the British.

        Notwithstanding the setback at the bridge, the Redcoats had sufficient force to search the town for arms and ammunition. But the main powder stores at Concord had been hauled to safety before the Redcoats arrived.

        When the British began to withdraw back to Boston, things got much worse for them. Armed Americans were swarming in from nearby towns. They would soon outnumber the British 2:1. Although some of the Americans cohered in militia units, a great many fought on their own, taking sniper positions wherever opportunity presented itself. Only British reinforcements dispatched from Boston saved the British expedition from annihilation—and the fact that the Americans started running out of ammunition and gun powder.

        One British officer reported: “These fellows were generally good marksmen, and many of them used long guns made for Duck-Shooting.” On a per-shot basis, the Americans inflicted higher casualties than had the British regulars.

        That night, the American militiamen began laying siege to Boston, where General Gage’s standing army was located. At dawn, Boston had been the base from which the King’s army could project force into New England. Now, it was trapped in the city, surrounded by people in arms.

        Is Obama playing with fire?

        • You forgot very important details here, you didn’t mention Jonas Clark, a preacher. He and his men from his congregation shot the first shots when they heard from a spi that the brittish were coming.

      73. I believe that revolution is their goal…After we are disarmed

        • Any news on the oath keepers.

          I wish they’d take over the govt and instate Ron Paul as interm. prez.

          I think the govt. is trying to prep up for preventing a french style rev.
          It was about the currency collapse.
          Hey…a NWO person has to be somewhere on this planet and folks will seek them out I fear. Hence their alignment of drones and such.

          I’ll be in my home living in peace, but nicely armed to protect the home front.

          I still think the govt. doesn’t have to worry about the preppers..we’ll all just stay home in a dollar crash.

          It’s all the poor and ghetto fucks who will “go zombie”.
          I don’t plan on risking my ass trying to free them from a fema camp.
          I think that’s the govt. plan… round up the ghetto zombies and
          fire up the burners.

          I’m just saying…scary times are ahead.

      74. I believe that revolution is their goal…After we are disarmed

      75. Another 99% suffering for the lawless 1%. You feeling me?

      76. Ranchers Wife, my condolences for your loss and i will pray for you and your family. i hope the perp loses his life over this. BI, I followed your exchange with Burt with a lot of interest. What she said about the situation in the UK sent chills up and down my spine. I will never give up my right to self-defense, period. i already carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go; have been for many years. I don;t even care if I’m violating some unconstitutional law pertaining to them; like i said, such laws are unconstitutional, illegitimate, null and void. JRS, I find it very interesting and disturbing what you said about Horiuchi and HS Precision. I’ll be sure to avoid them. I once met Randy Weaver at a gun show and he only reluctantly opened up to me about what happened. I was in tears myself by the time he finished. braveheart

      77. They are missing suicide in their chart which tops motor vehicle accidents at over 38,000.I think prescription drugs cause most of these.If they included that it would knock firearms homicides off the chart being its so insignificant compared to the rest.

      78. For the life of me, I do not understand how you people can, at this point, still wastefully bother to debate the obvious. Enough already, you all know what must be done if we’re going to have any semblance of a Country in the very near future. You are as bad as the DC and local State Politico’s, Financiers, and liberals, sociopaths and psychopaths all, whom you whine about. Goddammit, grow up and take action. This coming storm is about the destruction of your Nation, your way of life and the quality of that life, even your very being and those of your loved ones.

        Gentlemen, NO man takes your weapon (except for burglary/theft), its ammunition, your Liberty, or starves you to death unless YOU consent to and comply with it, period. He has already assumed a posture of war against you, and He WILL make war on you. You should respond accordingly. It appears though, that you would rather banter about like women at a sewing bee than do your duty to yourself, your family, and your Nation.

        Registration, confiscation, seizure, arrest, detainment etc….all require your consent and cooperation. Really, just what real man gives a flying fuck if he’s told to do anything by any illegal authority ? That’s right…he doesn’t. You wont make him do anything against his will. Push it– and you’ll have a quarrel. This is the very essence of the Second Amendment.

        As this nightmare fight unfolds, you castrated, passive, end of the World, death worshiping, deceived, self proclaimed Christians stay the hell out of the way. Your religious banner only serves to hide your cowardice behind it. Your End will surely come, yes, but not in the manner or fashion as you retards expect. It comes forth now….because 100 million of your men have done nothing, after having every opportunity. Go ahead, have the destruction of yourselves which you so fervently wish and Pray for……you will indeed receive what you seek. Please be sure to be on time to the local reporting station when the call goes out, for you MUST obey your is pleasing to God, as Paul directs you to do. Neither I nor mine will defend you in any way. Hopefully for your sake, the blade will be sharp.

        Your childish inaction has a direct hand in your date with the hereafter, and YOU can explain to the Almighty Creator why you were so willingly stupid and irresponsible in this life, and you will have to look into the eyes of so many who gave all to attain Liberty, only to have you so flippantly cast it off.

        I believe Hell awaits you.

        As for me, I choose Liberty, the fight to recover it, and the rebuilding of this Nation afterwards.

        Your Neighbor

      79. “We have given you a Republic. It remains to be seen if you will be able to keep it.”

        Time is drawing close, wouldnt you say?

      80. oh…and lets not forget all the little babies who are MURDERED in their mothers womb….what it is? 50,000,000+ and counting? Maybe it’s time this EUGENICS dominated medical industrial complex was held accountable for DELIBERATELY making sure the hospitals are full by means that would frighten each of you.
        Guns are NOTHING compared to the NAZI mad scientists that were taken to AMERICA to finish the work HITLER started. All this garbage you see now…everyone on prescription drugs, vaccines, the metal health industry, etc was all invented by the NAZIS. Don’t believe me? Look up OPERATION PAPERCLIP and educate yourself. How many millions of people worldwide have died due to the continued work of hitlers mad scientists that were taken here after ww2 by THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. This shouldn’t be a shock to some of you since PRESCOT BUSHY was involved with the NAZIS as well as that utter SCUMBAG GEORGY BOY SOROS ( who is a joo that sold out his own people btw during ww2 )
        My point is this… can we SERIOUSLY be talking about getting rid of guns when we need them to protect us from a bunch of utter LUNATICS in our own government. we shouln’t even be allowing them to SPEAK about taking our guns much less actually taking them. Our for-fathers told us we had better JEALOUSLY guard our bill of rights and constitution or we would LOSE THEM ALL…….are we doing that AMERICA?

        • badpuppydog,

          Thanks for a great post, very informative and inspirational, you are right on point.

      81. I just realized something. We were thinking the school shooting was a two-fer for the globalist agenda. I now realize it was a three-fer. Remember how the school shooter had Aspergers? This is going to make kids with Aspergers (which has exploded in frequency) look dangerous. It fits the eugenicist agenda, a small step in marginalizing anyone with a “disability.”

        • LT

          They’ve successfully dismantled the Bill of Rights & Constitution step by step,inch by inch,E0 x EO.

          Nearly all of us are now classified in some psychopathic jargon lest we even be seen by some quack therapist or analyst..not I for one!

 will play out though to their detriment in the long run..Aspergers ADD ADHD,terrorist, constitutionalists,survivalist,prepper, ad nauseum..screw them all with their labels!

          There comes a point in time where there is no longer a line in the sand..

          We must draw a line in the rock..solid..steadfast..and unforgiving past that point..


        • It goes deeper than that..but I get where your coming from.

          we all will be singled out..eventually

          just like all the non gun owners think they dont have a dog in this fight..well , where will all the gun owners be when they need us?..
          and when something in thier lives or way of health is attacked by this bunch of pigs?

      82. TTSX stands for: Tip Top Shape X-ray ( X-ray is a military training designator)….no trademark infringement is intended nor implied in any way, shape, or form, and is in absolutely no way associated with the Fine, Outstanding Folks @ Barnes.

        We do very highly recommend them though. We apologize for any potential confusion in this matter.

        • TTSX

          Well done sir, on your prior comment..

          forwarded(copied)and sent to my Nam and Iraq vet friends in arms..

          semper fi


          • Sir, I had to sound off from the heart on this. My flesh could not resist the rightful urging to call it like it is. The fight for Liberty, and everything else we hold dear, is coming home now. My Oath before Almighty God did not expire when I ETS’d, and as for all of us, is in effect to our last breath.

            I wasn’t so sure if it would ever come in my lifetime, but the S2 in me clearly indicates it is, and fast at that. My intrinsic disdain for the side liners is evident, and to a higher degree than the contempt I hold for our enemy. The horror of Dictatorial history is about to repeat itself.

            Thank you for doing your duty and answering the call when it came. The call comes again.

      83. Come the 22nd of this month and FEENstein shows her cards, I hope she calls for an all out, total ban. I’d like to see her up against the wall, FIRST. The Bolshevik Mulatto will obvioiusly be in that line, right near the front next to Hillary…, it’s going to be long line. They’re going to be sweating “bullets” when their name is called. I’d even buy a TV again to watch it.

        • 60″ LED rented for the day


        • No need, it’ll be on the net. Especially YOUTUBE.

        • Because the object is to ban all guns in the USA. Anything that detracts from that will not be aired, and if it is it will only be once

        • because that would be one more notch on our belts..not theirs


      84. From Ann Barnhardt

        A true patriot..

        1. First, the new feature. With every posting of the Lord’s Prayer, I will add an image of a statue, fresco, mosaic or painting of a saint, angel or Christian layperson wielding an ASSAULT WEAPON.

        One of the tyrannical oligarchy’s arguments about the Second Amendment is that it only applies to the technology of the late 18th century.

        Anything beyond that “doesn’t apply”.

        As others have pointed out, scoffing at flintlock muskets is truly ridiculous because those flintlock muskets were state-of-the-art weaponry at the time, and those flintlock muskets are what defeated the greatest military on earth at the time – the British, backed by Hessian mercenaries.

        Before the musket emerged as the dominant assault weapon technology in the 17th-18th centuries, the arquebus, an early long gun, was the forefront of assault weapon technology. Before that the edged weapon was the assault weapon of choice for many centuries, and before that people just bludgeoned each other with clubs, so clubs were cutting-edge assault weapons.

        Today, select fire, intermediate cartridge, detachable magazine carbines are exactly, precisely, directly, technologically equivalent to the edged weapons, arquebuses and muskets of years past.

        They did this so that you could be easily disarmed and conquered, and Christianity eventually destroyed and replaced with a new neo-pagan cult tied directly to the tyrannical state.

        They’re winning.

        Fight back.

        King Leonidas replied, “Molon labe.”

        Come and take them.

        A single phalanx of 300 Spartans held off the entire Persian Army for THREE DAYS before being finally defeated, allowing the other Greek armies time to muster and position.

        It is the greatest delaying action in the history of warfare, and dramatically shaped world history.

        stand your ground ..


      85. Look why do you think the government wants you to turn in your guns?

        1.-To disarmed the masses.
        2.-So they can pick out what they want, Kimbers, Rock Rivers, M1As, S&Ws, etc. for themselves.
        3.-How do you think they will arm their THUGS. With your guns.
        4.-The reasons go on and on.

        So if you will not fight with them and are planning to turn them in, my I at least ask this, nothing has been said in what condition they must be in, at turn in. Take the bolts, triggers out, bend the barrels anything that you can do, to make them where they will not work or can be used against you and others. Let others have the spare parts for theirs.

        I will not let some Government A-S HOLE have mine PERIOD!

        Those that turn in guns and those that follow the government’s orders deserves all that is coming to them, and that is a view of the grass roots above their heads to my notion.

        The time to truly take up arms is fast approaching.

        Where will you line up, with PATROITS OR VULTURES?

        HOW SAY YOU!

        • give em a pile of junk!

      86. I propose it’s time to organize gun owners at the national level. We need a Political party. If these bastards want to see what “power” we really have…its time to show them who they are messing with.

        We can call it, The “welcome to the party bitches” party

        • Wouldn’t work We may agree on guns but we are far from agreeing on anything else. Just look at the arguments here. And it just over red thumbs.

          • Im sure we could do better than anything they can give us, dont be such a downer

          • Oh, and I wasnt talking about anything else, I thought i was clear on that

      87. everyone needs to call their local sheriff/ dept head,police chief etc.. and demanded an official, career-influencing policy on what they will do after these laws are passed?

        Note: I said Career – Influencing, Im trying to be nice.

        • because I realize this is not coming from them , yet it will impact them

      88. The vast majority of hammer and knife owners don’t commit a crime with a hammer or knife either, but there are surely hundreds of millions more hammer and knife owners than gun owners. This article seeks to lie with statistics. Don’t be fooled.

        Nobody needs a freaking assault weapon, whereas everybody uses knives and hammers. You think the second amendment gives us the right to own a rocket propelled grenade launcher? How about a tank? A missile silo? Where do you draw the line?

        No, the 2nd was about having citizens armed with a single shot musket in case of invasion. Jefferson feared having a standing army because he knew it leads to fascism. As we can see, the military-industrial complex is Jefferson’s worst fears come true.

        I’ll support your right to arm yourselves if you agree to get rid of our empire building aims and get the hell out of the 100+ countries the U.S. currently occupies in the name of “national security”. We’ve got bigger problems than just whether you’ll be able to keep your gun fetish supported…

        • Your name is a tad optimistic.

          • Unreconstructed Southron.

            That is funny!

          • In order to prevent colatoral dammages or deaths to Our progun side…Hows about a Fed Law requiring ALL antigun libs like Doofus to recieve Bright Red full face tatoos of whats called a common type circle bullseye target.

            This will make it far eaiser to avoid friendly fire and accidental deaths due to mistaken identity.

            it also will save on wasted ammo when as it stands now even a lousey 50 cents per bullet is alot to expend, for such worthless idiots as antigun liberals are.

            Perhaps others can come up with fool proof ideas for back and side of head bulseye type markers. Most anything which can be used as an outstanding reference point of Aim should do it. Maybe fed law to require Barbers to learn fancy bullseye back of head haircuts, similar to many of todays Rap star or nba fans haircut logos etc eh?

            Liberal antigunners…Do it for them Childrens Phaaaaaleeze!

            • Most lib doofuses I know already ‘have a sign.’

        • Gun fetish?
          Who are you to tell me I have a ‘gun fetish’?
          I tell you what doofus, molon labe.

          The 2nd amendment meant ‘military grade weapons’, period. This is what started the 1776 Revolution when the Redcoats came after their armory.
          It is the reason why Japan never invaded CONUS(I refuse to use the word Homela.., as it is Bushian Fascist construction.)

          And yes, that means fully auto, rocket launchers, tanks, and if I wanted, and could afford a missile launcher, it means I should have one. It means, as a member of the Militias of the Several States, I am as fully capable of defending America from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and that my friend, includes YOU.

          The POWER in this country is in the hands of the people.
          Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.
          (You lefties think you’re the only ones who have read Mao?)

          And F*** anybody with the BS liberal opinion that it means anything about hunting rifles, as it is intended for the declaration of open season on animalus marxist liberalus.
          (Sorry Ms. Daisy… but… the enemy is HERE.)

      89. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

      90. Having a hell of a time getting back on this site, is the domain the same?

        • same here..been slow and locking up

          • The site has slowed to a crawl all day..

            Must be the servers..

            Comments are taking several minutes if at all..

            What’s up Mac?


      91. What Really Happened At Sandy Hook?
        By Brother Nathanael Kapner
        Copyright 2013

        There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage.

        Even Lieutenant Paul Vance, head of the Connecticut State Troopers, admits that much information surrounding the crime is being withheld.

        [Clip: We want the people in the community and the state and the world to know exactly what’s going on. But there also some issues that we need to keep the cards close to the chest.”]

        To this day we have yet to see a single body – or even a casket – of those murdered at the Newtown School.

        And what about the first responders? Why were they not allowed to enter the school until DAYS after the murders? Why haven’t we heard from even one of them?

        We are we being told that every parent who lost a child in the incident is sequestered by specially-appointed state troopers so that they will not be ‘bothered’ by journalists and that any contact would be prosecuted as “criminal harassment.”

        “It’s a time of mourning,” is the excuse given to forbid access to the aggrieved.

        Isn’t there one single parent who is angry about the murder of his or her child and would like some answers? … Like, “Who did it?”… “How did it happen?”

        Isn’t there a single parent who is against tighter gun control who wishes to say, “Gun control is not the answer?”

        Instead, we’re only hearing the scripted Jewish agenda out of the mouths of one or two carefully selected parents. Why not those with an opposing view?

        [Clip: “What was it like spending time with President Obama? Was that helpful for you all? My daughter Natalie was interested in asking him if he could pass some kind of legislation so that the only people that had guns were military personnel and law enforcement. And if people needed guns for sport that they could go to a range and the guns would have to stay there.”]

        No way! Banning guns is NOT the answer. It’s a RELIGIOUS problem. Americans have abandoned Christ and their accountability before God. That’s the problem … NOT guns.

        Moreover, I know that if it were my child I’d be hollering for answers. Instead, more and more questions keep piling up.

        First of all we have the medical examiner, Wayne Carver, who stated that clearly it was a “long gun” and NOT “hand guns” that fired multiple shots into the bodies of the children.

        [Clip: “All the wounds that I know of at this point were caused by the long weapon.” “So the rifle was the primary weapon?” “Yes.”]

        But now we’re being told—contrary to Carver’s AND the Lieutenant’s testimony—that the supposed killer, Adam Lanza, had in his possession “two hand guns,” one of which he shot himself with.

        No rifle, we are told, was in his possession at the scene of the crime.

        When Carver was asked if Lanza killed himself with the “rifle,” Carver answered, (and this is crucial): No. I don’t know yet. I’ll examine him tomorrow morning. But I don’t think so.”

        [Clip: “Did the gunman kill himself with the rifle?” No. I don’t know yet. I’ll examine him tomorrow morning. But I don’t think so.”]

        Yet, there has been NO subsequent press conference or statements regarding Carver’s autopsy on Lanza…why?

        How then did Lanza die? Or, is he dead? Or was Lanza not even the primary ingredient in this nightmare, as some are suggesting?

        Was Carver told to shut up? If so, who told him to shut up? Why did he say at the outset of the interview that he hoped that he and his team AND the people of Newtown don’t have a “crash on their heads” later on?

        [Clip: ” And I hope they and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have a crash on their heads later.”]

        What could come “crashing down on their heads” later on?…that we’ve been told a bunch of lies?…That there’s more to Sandy Hook than what the Jewish-run press has been telling us? And what Carver is forbidden to reveal?

        There’s more to this cover up that fortunately hasn’t escaped some astute observers’ eyes.

        On December 14 2012, the local NBC affiliate showed local police inspecting a “long gun” from the trunk of a black car that was parked outside of the school.

        Why did the “NBC Connecticut” network shut down this video?

        And why have “hand guns” replaced the original statement of Carver and that it was a “long gun” that fired multiple shots into the bodies of the children?

        I will tell you why.

        It’s because the Jewish agenda is pursuing a National Gun Registry—Feinstein announced this herself…[Clip: “What we’re looking at now is placing these weapons under the Federal Firearms Act. And this would require that they be registered.”]…in order to eventually, inevitably REVOKE Concealed Weapon Permits specifically targeting HAND GUNS. Get ready dear gun owners, urine samples are coming soon.

        If you ever at any time took a prescription drug like Prozac, Valium, or even a strong pain killer like Percocet, your Concealed Weapon Permit will be revoked. And all future permits will be limited to a select few.

        And those select few will be under the control of that “select” same tribe—Feinstein, Blumenthal, Bloomberg, Schumer, Boxer—who want nothing more than to see the Goyim gun-less, disarmed, and their 2nd Amendment torn to shreds and trashed

      92. I know people mean well, but we need to stop pretending that the gun haters don’t know these things.

        They KNOW that guns save lives and protect people from crime, they simply don’t care.

        They want a fearful, malleable and easily controlled population, and private gun ownership interferes with that.


      93. The day they outlaw my simiauto AR it will become a full
        auto AR. Just sayin

        • Is that a difficult proceedure or does one need a machine shop and a degree in gunsmithing from MIT?

          • For legal purposes the courts have used the, “eight hours in a fully equipped machine shop” to determine if a gun is a machine gun or not when a design is submitted for approval. If it can be converted to full auto in less than that time in their opinion it’s considered a machine gun if it fires full auto or not. They have made some mistakes and retracted their original approval. The semi auto MAC 10 fired from an open bolt. It was discovered that they could be relatively easily converted to full auto and the guns already sold were declared machine guns. I have no idea what happens if you unknowing have one thinking, “It fires semi auto and it’s therefore semi auto”. The next model was modified and fired from a traditional closed bolt and was given approval for sale.

      94. “emotionally driven irrationality.”

        No. Incorrect.

        They know exactly what they are doing. They are taking logical actions that take them closer to a goal. They are using every means necessary to push an agenda forward.

        If you think them “emotional” or “irrational” that’s exactly what they want you to think.

      95. @ live free or die…thanks …..i felt it was something important that needed to be said. I’m not seeing as much ” jealousy ” reguarding our 2nd amendment as i’d like to see….I think it’s getting about time for some ANDREW JACKSON level jealousy when dealing with these REDCOATS that want to take our guns.

        @ everyone…Alex Jones is set to be on Piers Morgan’s show Monday night….that should be entertaining to say the least.

        • waisting time and energy watching that jackass is just giving him un-necessary attention..the ratings on his show should end up so low that the only ones watching it are the guys opperating the dam cameras.
          Send the message were mad as hell and we aint taking it no more..the fact that that Terrorist is still on the air, is a problem and it shows our administration has no teeth..if they cant get this guy out of our country..they sure as hell cant dis arm all us gun owners

          • There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage.

            Even Lieutenant Paul Vance, head of the Connecticut State Troopers, admits that much information surrounding the crime is being withheld.

            [Clip: We want the people in the community and the state and the world to know exactly what’s going on. But there also some issues that we need to keep the cards close to the chest.”]

            To this day we have yet to see a single body – or even a casket – of those murdered at the Newtown School.

            And what about the first responders? Why were they not allowed to enter the school until DAYS after the murders? Why haven’t we heard from even one of them?

            We are we being told that every parent who lost a child in the incident is sequestered by specially-appointed state troopers so that they will not be ‘bothered’ by journalists and that any contact would be prosecuted as “criminal harassment.”

            “It’s a time of mourning,” is the excuse given to forbid access to the aggrieved.

            Isn’t there one single parent who is angry about the murder of his or her child and would like some answers? … Like, “Who did it?”… “How did it happen?”

            Isn’t there a single parent who is against tighter gun control who wishes to say, “Gun control is not the answer?”

            Instead, we’re only hearing the scripted Jewish agenda out of the mouths of one or two carefully selected parents. Why not those with an opposing view?

            [Clip: “What was it like spending time with President Obama? Was that helpful for you all? My daughter Natalie was interested in asking him if he could pass some kind of legislation so that the only people that had guns were military personnel and law enforcement. And if people needed guns for sport that they could go to a range and the guns would have to stay there.”]

            No way! Banning guns is NOT the answer. It’s a RELIGIOUS problem. Americans have abandoned Christ and their accountability before God. That’s the problem … NOT guns.

            Moreover, I know that if it were my child I’d be hollering for answers. Instead, more and more questions keep piling up.

            First of all we have the medical examiner, Wayne Carver, who stated that clearly it was a “long gun” and NOT “hand guns” that fired multiple shots into the bodies of the children.

            [Clip: “All the wounds that I know of at this point were caused by the long weapon.” “So the rifle was the primary weapon?” “Yes.”]

            But now we’re being told—contrary to Carver’s AND the Lieutenant’s testimony—that the supposed killer, Adam Lanza, had in his possession “two hand guns,” one of which he shot himself with.

            No rifle, we are told, was in his possession at the scene of the crime.

            When Carver was asked if Lanza killed himself with the “rifle,” Carver answered, (and this is crucial): No. I don’t know yet. I’ll examine him tomorrow morning. But I don’t think so.”

            [Clip: “Did the gunman kill himself with the rifle?” No. I don’t know yet. I’ll examine him tomorrow morning. But I don’t think so.”]

            Yet, there has been NO subsequent press conference or statements regarding Carver’s autopsy on Lanza…why?

            How then did Lanza die? Or, is he dead? Or was Lanza not even the primary ingredient in this nightmare, as some are suggesting?

            Was Carver told to shut up? If so, who told him to shut up? Why did he say at the outset of the interview that he hoped that he and his team AND the people of Newtown don’t have a “crash on their heads” later on?

            [Clip: ” And I hope they and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have a crash on their heads later.”]

            What could come “crashing down on their heads” later on?…that we’ve been told a bunch of lies?…That there’s more to Sandy Hook than what the Jewish-run press has been telling us? And what Carver is forbidden to reveal?

            There’s more to this cover up that fortunately hasn’t escaped some astute observers’ eyes.

            On December 14 2012, the local NBC affiliate showed local police inspecting a “long gun” from the trunk of a black car that was parked outside of the school.

            Why did the “NBC Connecticut” network shut down this video?

            And why have “hand guns” replaced the original statement of Carver and that it was a “long gun” that fired multiple shots into the bodies of the children?

            I will tell you why.

            It’s because the Jewish agenda is pursuing a National Gun Registry—Feinstein announced this herself…[Clip: “What we’re looking at now is placing these weapons under the Federal Firearms Act. And this would require that they be registered.”]…in order to eventually, inevitably REVOKE Concealed Weapon Permits specifically targeting HAND GUNS. Get ready dear gun owners, urine samples are coming soon.

            If you ever at any time took a prescription drug like Prozac, Valium, or even a strong pain killer like Percocet, your Concealed Weapon Permit will be revoked. And all future permits will be limited to a select few.

            And those select few will be under the control of that “select” same tribe—Feinstein, Blumenthal, Bloomberg, Schumer, Boxer—who want nothing more than to see the Goyim gun-less, disarmed, and their 2nd Amendment torn to shreds and trashed

            • Well said Sir! unanswered questions… hummm… they’ll come up with whatever makes “sense” to them and try to sell it to the masses….like 9/11

      96. Yes, it’s time to scrap the constitution, the rule of law and take away the guns. After all, those angry, starving, homeless, jobless, rioting, armed citizens might use the law to go after the real criminals: those who planned and then used the 9/11 inside job to shred the constitution, loot the US via the eternal war on terror, underwritten by China, who is now buying up the US lock, stock, and barrel; and go after the bankers who impoverished them via the toxic mortgage/LIBOR fraud scams.

      97. The graph reposts a combined 28,000+ murder annually in the US, but shows that in no year since 1960 has the rate of homicide been that high. I suspect the numbers in your graph may be inaccurate and/or skewed by suicide rates (which account for more than 50% of gun-related deaths in the US)

      98. It is very evident that most anti-gunners have no idea of why the 2nd amendment was put into the constitution. Fully ignorant!

        • Hey You

          That’s not the worst of it. Considering there are 70-90 million gun owners it’s my assumption at least 2/3 of them have a convoluted idea why the Second Amendment exists too. I heard once too often out of hunters and trap shooters mouths, “People shouldn’t have guns like that”. They don’t know and don’t care to know; It’s “leave mine alone”.

          I think a lot of Liberals or call them what they are communists damn sure know why the Second Amendment is there and they don’t like it for that very reason. Don’t assume because they disagree with you that they’re dumb. Quite to the contrary; they’re sneaky, manipulative, cunning and shrewd which are traits communists possess in abundance. While they fail massively with integrity or honesty they do show possession of high intelligence. Do not fail to underestimate them.

          The above being said fascists are no better and in the end no different. I see fascism as the controlling system and communism as the means of control through pacification of the masses. That’s a very formidable alliance.

      99. Well, if you’re going to die, take out as many of them as you can with you as you go down.

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