Americans “Worry About Hunger and Homelessness” As Income Drops, Jobs Dry Up

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 65 comments

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    While those at the top of the heap are getting richer than ever, millions upon millions of Americans are struggling more than ever before.

    As a general institution, jobs for the masses increasingly feature frozen wages, evaporating benefits, part time hours, and less than stellar opportunities.

    For these people, just getting by can be very stressful.

    And that is being reflected in a big way in a recent Gallup pole that has captured unprecedented levels of concern among lower income people who are statistically terrified of losing their grip.

    via Wolf Richter of Wolf Street:

    Lower-income Americans worry more in general than those with higher incomes. Everything is riskier and tougher for them. But nothing compares to the worries about hunger and homelessness. Gallup:

    Since 2001, worry has been highest among those residing in lower-income households, likely because those with limited financial resources are more at risk of going hungry or becoming homeless. A consistent majority of lower-income adults worried about the problem before 2012, but that has only increased in the past five years.


    On average, across the 13 issues, the percentage of lower-income adults who worry a great deal is seven percentage points higher than among middle-income Americans, and 17 points higher than among upper-income Americans.

    But differences in concern about hunger and homelessness far exceed those norms. In fact, the 20-point difference in worry about hunger and homelessness between lower-income and middle-income Americans is higher than for any of the other issues. Similarly, the 30-point difference in worry about hunger and homelessness between lower-income and upper-income Americans ties for the highest, along with concern about crime and violence.

    Turns out, among Americans making $30,000 or less a year, 67% worry “a great deal” about hunger and homelessness! Food and shelter, two of the most basic human needs. That’s the highest percentage ever in Gallup’s data series on this question going back to 2001.

    Obviously everyone already knows that poor people struggle more than well-off people whose needs are easily provided.

    The unknown here is why those who are making less than $30,000 per year are so much MORE worried about hunger, homelessness and ‘just the basics’ than they were fifteen years ago.

    Moreover, why are the middle class people – making a healthy $30k-$75k also more worried than they have been about personally being homeless and hungry?

    What has changed?

    Though it is hard to pinpoint, there has been a squeeze on the economy. Somewhere out there, there is a monster.

    The glut of money created to give the banks liquidity was reinvested back into government bonds, and companies own stocks. Investment did not, generally, trickle down to the working man. Jobs weren’t created, and a recovery never happened. And many people are on the brink of losing everything – obviously many of those making at or under $30,000 are finding it pretty difficult to make it through.

    The disillusionment hasn’t helped. Even with an expanded SNAP government food aid program, people are more freaked out than they ever have been about how food is going to be put on their table, and about how they are going to keep a roof over their head.

    The level of worry here is frightening enough in of itself.

    As Wolf Richter asked, is there some particular reason why things have suddenly “gotten a lot riskier, scarier, and uglier in some profound ways for lower-income Americans, those making $30,000 or less a year?”

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      1. It is called the Federal Reserve. It is evil. It is stealing the wealth of stupid Amerikans. Tge stupid Amerikans do not even care.

        • Kfilly rings the bell. Meanwhile, the so-called Republicans ask about your “skill sets”, essentially blaming the poor, while the so-called Democrats try to pass out more “freebies”. Political humor. Tragedy for Americans who suffer under the yoke of the private central bank, the Federal Reserve, which is not federal at all, but privately held, and has no reserves.

      2. Its sad, nobody really wants to be homeless, and certainly not hungry, while folks like me might want to help, how do you find people who wont become a problem? I would love to build some shelters on our place, and basic facilities for bathroom etc, have the space and the spots, but how to find people who are good and not some crazy slobs who are just lazy?locally our safety net is strained because of all the out of state people who have come here, its sad to see people down and out, and at the same time infuriating to see the drug abusing vagrants who have moved in, it has been found out that several cities in the lower 48 have been giving people one way tickets to come here, just mind blowing, always un traceable, the one guy that was spotlighted on local news a few months ago said a lady gave him the plane ticket and cash as well as a bus pass, they took him and got him to a Y and some new clothes, and two days later he was sitting under a palm tree on waikiki beach,
        Of course he is homeless still and again as there are no jobs for people who have issues,
        Its nuts

        • Nailbanger, you make some damn good points. This article really hit home for me. I’ve seen ever since 2008 a lot of otherwise decent people who were forced into homelessness really go to hell in a handbasket. They end up getting on drugs or alcohol and just stop caring about anything. Oh yeah, the homeless definitely have issues but the same can be said for other people that AREN”T homeless. It’s really disgusting what people have turned into but there’s nothing that can be done about that. All I can do is focus on my own survival and prepping. That’s all that really matters to me anymore. I’ve also seen some of the homeless in my area get helped only to still continue the same way. No point in trying to help them when they DON’T want to be helped.

          • Its just a bummer how our society has degraded, just a damn shame how people have no class, no empathy, no morals

            • It all started when the homos started coming out of the closet. I knew then that they will never stop fagifying everything. Soon it will be illegal to be straight.

          • Braveheart1776

            Civility and empathy are a luxury for those with a home and a meal with the knowledge that they will also have it for the foreseeable future. Abject poverty brings out the worst as survival dictates actions. Conversely ease and wealth without earning it can erode morality as things become more important than people. The US middle class has been squeezed by both of these forces with debt facilitating “ease and wealth without earning it” and finally the lack of such earned or not because its no longer available. One would be hard pressed, short of war, to come up with a better plan to destroy a nation.

            • Kevin2, as usual, you hit the nail on the head. It’s just a damned shame that my past efforts at helping some homeless didn’t bear the RIGHT KIND OF FRUIT.

        • 50-60 years back bi-polars were institutionalized. Now they medicate them and we get to
          work with them. See that. Take a few pills, good to go. Same goes for manic-depressives.

          • Anon,
            How’s that work when a social worker takes a homeless mentally ill person and gives them cash and a bus ticket to another city, washing their hands of another homeless problem.

            The homeless guy runs out of meds and has no connection to social services to get more, the system in the new city has to start over, or they just go without meds and go nuts.


          • And when they stop taking their meds, they go crazy and go right back on the streets. It’s a vicious cycle.

          • Manic depression and bipolar disorder are the same thing. And no surprise deinstitutionalization didn’t go as planned.

        • At least the guy ended up on Oahu.
          Unlike where you are it is very wet here
          and most the visible homeless are very localized.
          The ones you don’t see are the ones living in
          vehicles. Using WiFi at Starbucks or
          resorts and showering at the state parks.
          I just finished a second house. There
          is a guy on this site that claims to have built
          a house for 15K, it must be pretty
          barren. I, with a lot of free labor
          spent 85K( It is the reason why I drive an old truck!)
          to build a 1000sf 3 bedroom house and provide all
          It is no surprise to me that there are homeless.
          Most homes in my area run $600,000 and up( mostly up).
          Very few people can afford to buy or rent even
          when they have jobs!
          In my defense I bought years ago and have no
          idea why prices have gone up so much, but the
          prices far exceed most “middle class” incomes.
          Even If I was still working I could not afford to buy
          my present home.

          • 85k, ive spent double that on the remodel im doing, stuff adds up quick

            • It sure does!
              I get a 10% veterans discount from
              HPM, Home Depot, and Lowes and it still
              shoots through thousands.
              I get the shakes just walking in the

      3. Catipillar Indiana plant 800 jobs …. dust in the wind
        This type of loss equates into way more than 800 jobs lost
        Will effect vendors to that plant and suppliers to that market
        Possibly affecting as many as 2400 people or more in the long run

        And didn’t Cat also have another plant closure a few years back?

      4. “As Wolf Richter asked, is there some particular reason why things have suddenly “gotten a lot riskier, scarier, and uglier in some profound ways for lower-income Americans, those making $30,000 or less a year?” There is a reason and it’s called inflation which the government flat out lies about. Also you can directly correlate from the 1970’s as the size of government grew the standard of living decreased for most people. The money has to come from somewhere. Remember anytime you here it’s free or subsidized by the government it means “TAX PAYER” funded. There is no FREE. Every time the Fed prints money, the money in your pocket is worth less. This is not rocket science, it’s simple economics.

      5. But I thought everything was all sunshine and rainbows now that Trump got elected. How can this be? Truth is, all of America is in for a harsh reality check. Beans, bullets, and band-aids folks. It won’t be long now.

      6. Mac, this is one of your best articles ever and it really hit home for me. Ever since the financial crisis in 2008, I’ve been approached by more homeless people asking for help than in my whole life before that. To me it’s a wasted effort to help any homeless, especially when they have any kind of issues. They’ve gone so far downhill that they don’t want to go back to a normal situation. It’s all I can do to keep myself going. And things will only get worse.

      7. I think we can all relate to that guy sitting on the curb in that picture. Everyone understands
        how truly messed up this world is. He understands too. Hope things get better for all of us.

        • The guy sitting on the curb is indicative of what being unprepared means. I lost my job with the ’08, however my savings and some BS jobs pulled us through and I’m working again. It meant giving up junk I didn’t need anyway. It showed me how much we all waste and the programming that goes along with it.

          You could say that guy on the curb is also indicative of that programming and he looks stumped. If he had the right skills, he could be living off the land and not from the Gov hand.

          I advised my kids to either create businesses or work in jobs along the engineering, mechanical and computer fields. MAN-you-will-labor is done.

      8. The biggest mistake people make trying to ‘help’ the homeless is to offer passive help. Most homeless people are there for a reason: substance abuse, inability to manage finances, no or low skills, low IQ, burned bridges, nobody wants to help them, no family or friends, or violent tendencies or anti-social behaviour.

        The absolutely worse thing you can do for such people is to keep feeding them or feeding their self-pity. I have seen very successful programmes get people off the streets but they do this through work. Not a day goes by in which the homeless person is not made to get up in the morning and work all day. They are made to provide all the food, clean the housing facilities, do the landscaping, and put in a full day, either making something or studying. A fund is set up for them and a bank account. Only when they are fully ready are they allowed to even access that money. And only when they can actually put down the rent for 6 months and have a job happening. Otherwise, they stay under total supervision.

        The unsuccessful programmes, unfortunately, are all around us: the soup kitchens, the ‘homeless shelters’ where they drink and smoke outside on the pavement and start fights with each other, or the sick and depraved ‘bum culture’ of street fighting, gay sex, rape, drug abuse, and theft. Or the police just dumping them in the next jurisdiction for somebody else to deal with. These are character failures and are not solved by just giving them no-strings food.

        Personally, I would make the technology companies pay for a fund to be set up. It would be staffed by ex-military, especially Marines. They would then run the facilities for the homeless and ensure they run a tight ship. I would fire all the SJW types, the gays, the predatory paedos and homos who tend to work for these ‘homeless’ agencies. I would make sure you never saw another homeless shelter employee with a goatee and ear rings again. It would be proper men and women with discipline and deportment.

        • Excellent discourse Frank.

          Agree 100%

          Has to happen from the private sector. Gov can’t do it right.

          I have a family that shows up once a month with a sad story about not being able to eat. There is some mental issues, but one in that family I may be able to help.

          He tried a garden last year and it failed miserably. He needs a little help with prepping the soil and proper heirloom seeds. I’m gonna offer help this spring. I think I’ve gained their trust enough that they may let me.

          While canning may be a hazard in the house, I think they can freeze their produce w/o any problems.

          That’s what preppers need to do in their own communities. Even if you live in the city, help someone find a community garden and get them started. If they don’t do the work through harvest, help someone else next year.

          One person or family at a time. Bring them back from the edge. Be the one that makes a difference in their lives.

          James 2:15 If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,
          2:16 And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit (what good does it do)?

        • FT, one of your best posts ever. Couldn’t agree more.

      9. Yes I can relate to that. After living outside and stinking so bad that people cant stand next to me in public, I will never forget the hell that I went through, never in hell will I let this shit happen to me again. fuck it. That site and picture makes my stomach sick. Look at what the ruling elite has done to us. We have been used, abused, all for them prepping to get the underground bases ready to survive whats coming, that is what its been about since the 1930’s when Extra Terrestrials took over all the major governments of all the major super powers. So they created jobs, used Hollywood to keep us motivated with cars, and women and other bullshit, so that we would bust our asses, working everyday, living in the city, paying the rent and mortgage to sudden hear and EMP or nuke go off and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of and SHTF EVENT. And your not prepped. The reason why it happen to those people you see in that photo, is that they don’t know what’s really going on, so they didn’t plan. It’s happening again, this time in mass all over the entire country of Venezuela, PEOPLE LITERALLY EATING GARBAGE. Totally stomach sickening. That’s why trolls keep coming on here attacking me guys. They know that I know something and know a lot of shit going on at the Extra Terrestrial level, and they are making sure that I don’t spill the beans. You noticed that I dont talk much about Nibiru anymore, you watch and see what going to happen in the next few years if we last that long.

        I have been there and it could happen again. This is why I decided to aquire land. If you aquire land and you own it and paid cash, then I can build a cheap ass house on it from all the pallets and other stuff that they throw away all over Houston. In Fact I am building a 2000 sq house with my friend at his BOL, and the total cost of that house is under 15k. He is paying all cash. We just built it for less..I have been homeless in the past, and I am done with trying to live in the city. If I was smart and awake before the engineered 2009 crash done by soros to teach us Americans a lesson about compliance to the NWO, then fuck me. Now if I had land, I could have been out there growing my own food, have chickens, eggs, and all the good stuff. So after being out there for 2 1/2 years plus, I had to move right back into the city and pissed out 42,000 in rent over the last 3 years, I must have been stupid. 42k can do a lot for a prepper. For one, I can buy 10 acreas in the middle of bum fuck jungle, and fuck off with the city limits urban live. I should have taught about this along time ago, but government assured me that they loved guys like me, that if I don’t drive a fancy car, and own a big house in the middle of the city and buy GMO, and take medication that I was nobody. THOSE FUCKING DAYS ARE OVER.

        What has the new president done to get people off the street, nothing. Not a damn thing, instead all I am hearing that North Korea must get taken out, instead of taking care of his citizens, ending poverty, start the new manufacturing with the Free energy devices, build up the economy, he is busy sending military pointing guns in the face of patriots at Keystone, opening up oil pipelines, causing more pollution, and creating other problems. Right now as it stands, the Donald Trump scam is over, and its more of the same bullshit re-branded to make it look good. I knew in my gut that things would no change. In fact nothing will be changing and the change that we will see, will be soldiers shooting at us in out cities, and only then will be accept the fact that we have not had a legitimate
        president since Thomas Jefferson. Business is bad right now, the economy is not doing good at all, and the only reason why I am still getting new customers is because I rage economic warfare against my oponents who compete against me, this is how they deal with me, and me with them. This is war, and I am wining that war. And with womens un predictable behavior, including mine, it would not suppise me if I am told that I am not good enough, rich enough and some other bullshit excuse to leave me hanging dry. This is not likely to happen, but I can happen, and it can happen to any one of us, and I am prepping to cover my own ass just incase. I am no dumbass because lots of women will be throwing themselves at us preppers who are fat, ugly, good looking, ones who stink, who look fat as hell., old etc. We will get the hottest women when shtf commences.


        When your a star, they let you do it. When shtf strikes, they will let you do it for certain. Preppers will be the new stars.

        • Trump was a dick before, hes a dick now, still better than hitlery, but a sad state of affairs we are in,

        • Hey HCKS. I guess when TSHTF we can REALLY call women gold-diggers. AHAHA.

        • HCKS, I hear you loud and clear. I’ve been through something similar in the past so I know where you’re coming from. All I’m going to care about in post-SHTF is survival and fighting off whoever comes to harm me and mine.

        • Hcks , you are definitely a star !

      10. The retail store closures are way overdue,we have more stores per person then all other countries,way too many.

        That said,we do have a problem with the fed/govt. stealing from the people at every turn.I will say you fall on tough times tis why we prep,does not have to be a natural/manmade disaster to need extra food/other goods,could be a personal setback.The more we help friends/family the less we will have to worry about homeless folks,we all just do what we can.

        • Not only fed gov, local and state govs are some of the worst as well, move you say? Easier said than done plus i was here first, so why should i

          • nail,fed is for fed reserve and covers the imf/central banks world wide ect.,govt,all levels of govt. that fuck with us.

        • I will help/feed any homeless I come in contact with.
          I am so blessed, I just need to.
          What they do with the food is not my concern, for when I have to answer to a higher power why did I turn away? I want to have an answer.
          Better than…’Oh, I just thought they could help themselves, blah, blah, blah.’
          Just my 2¢.

          I mail money anonymously lots of times..there are ways…like the fellow in Texas taking donations to feed, clothe, and buy tents for the homeless veterans.

          What a remarkable accomplishment as I sit here on my *** admiring him and his wife…who by the way sent a thank you card AND a # to contact for claiming the small dontation to IRS.
          God is good and in all of us..whether we are homeless or in a mansion.

          • JayJay,
            I was in social work school and ran across a homeless young man who was at a Laundromat washing his clothes. The guy smelled really bad. He asked me out of the blue if I knew where he could get some help because he had been sleeping outside. I gave him some numbers to call. Found out he hadn’t ate in a couple of days and I bought him lunch. He ate the lunch like he was starved. Every homeless person has a story but I sensed this young man really had a story to tell. Sure enough he told me he left his home because his dad and his own brother were molesting him. Not all homeless are drug addicts or bums. Glad you are blessed and passing it on.

      11. We have now spent approximately $20 freaking TRILLION in the leftist War on Poverty. Detroit was the first major city to adopt the leftist Model Cities prog.

        Anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty might get a clue, but remember, we are talking the fascist left, who have literally lost their souls,not to mention their intellects. Perhaps it was all that “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting that did it.

      12. Here’s how you can help, leftists, a simple, elegant solution!

        Google “George Clooney mansion” or the same for Mikey Moore, Babs Streisand, or lefty Carole King (or a thousand other leftists). Then click on “images.” Lefty Tom Hanks bought THE largest house in LA County in 2010, 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific Palisades for $26 million. Why can’t we put the homeless up in their zillion room mansions? Certainly, as leftists, they should be all for that… right?

        I will vote left the FIRST time just ONE Hollywierd Learjet leftist opens up just ONE room in just ONE of their zillion room mansions to just ONE indigent person for just ONE night.

        Meanwhile, one of the most important books I have ever read is by Dr. Arthur Brooks, Syracuse Univ., called Who Really Cares. For example, if leftists gave blood at the rate of conservatives, we would have DOUBLE the supply of blood in the national blood banks.

        Truth is, leftists don’t care. Their “caring” is making others pay so they can feel good about themselves. Read Brooks’ book. It will open your eyes to what the left is all about.

      13. When I see someone begging for money it makes me think their family won’t help them so something has got to be wrong.
        My husband and I once gave a homeless man in New York City money in a park. We went back next day and he was wild, crazy and did not know us. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GIVE MONEY TO A HOMELESS PERSON. I would hand them food and drink. If cold weather, a blanket or coat.

        • One of my sons-in-law is an only child and both his parents are dead. He is one of the unlucky ones who would have no support from his family and I am glad he is a member of my family now.

      14. I see more poor people every day now. It’s been getting worse for a long time. We have 2 new tenants in our bldg. Both are young men. Both work in restaurants for low pay. One has no car and must bike it to and from work, even in the winter. A big chunk of their pay goes to the rent. No hope for a better job. Unless the flow of migrants is stopped. Too much cheap labor. There is a balance, but we aren’t near it.

      15. “Jobs dry up”

        Mostly, the US cannot compete with foreign countries on labor costs.

        Locally, one of the last knitting mills around here just closed it’s doors. It was established in 1946 and made t-shirts, sweatshirts and underwear from material woven on it’s own looms. One of the things about this company was it used all American sourced materials in their clothing.

        The owner said he could no longer compete with countries that pay one dollar an hour with no benefits.

        Unfortunately, the President will not be bringing these jobs back because there is little he can do about labor costs. No one here can afford to work for slave wages and people want the lowest prices.

        • Slave wages still exist in the south. They expect folks to work for the minimum wage
          with no benefits and they expect you to show up for work on time and with a smile on your
          face. Then when they give you a performance review they tell you you will get a raise when
          the minimum wage goes up in a few months. Hows that for justice. People say the cost of
          living is lower in the south. Yeah. So are the wages. Even Steven everywhere you go. Move
          to some city where jobs are more plentiful and the cost of living is outrageous. Sad.

      16. That house in the burbs with the white picket fence and two cars in the driveway is now a privilege and painting that fence brown will not matter one iota. Take away everything in that picture that is not paid for and there is only 4 tires sitting on bare ground. While we diss the homeless thinking we are so much better than them, the faces of our failures instill a fear in some that must be acknowledged. I blame the root cause. The government only saves itself and we are not the government.

        • They want us to be good little boys and girls and pay our taxes.

      17. Immigration Act of 1965 and NAFTA destroyed our country.Immigrants lowered wages and NAFTA took the best jobs overseas in favor of cheap labor…

      18. Our country has been going downhill since the mid 60’s starting with the Immigration Act of 1965,followed by NAFTA in 94′..Immigrants lowered the wages and NAFTA sent Millions of good paying jobs overseas in favor of cheap labor..

      19. We used to be competitive on wages. Since 1970 the printing of money for the Empire required workers to get cost of living raises just to try and stay even. No way. Couldn’t do it. You would have needed a 1000% raise. Workers ended up getting priced out of the international labor market rate. This was one of the causes for out sourcing and in sourcing. The Empire must die for us to survive. May the force be with you! Sit Vis Vobiscum! Or something like that.

        • Him

          “This was one of the causes for out sourcing and in sourcing.”

          Actually that is not true. The US lost to virtual slave labor wages in the developing world. The US Textile Industry, largely low paid by any standards at $15 / hr fled to East Asia where sub $1 / hr is the norm under horrifying conditions. The catalyst for this was the collapse of the USSR thus negating the threat of nationalization of these factories like Castro did in Cuba. The world became a great place to expand to with people willing to work for a bowl of rice and a fish head.

          Its was pure greed. Nothing more. This was facilitated by corrupt politicians and a public asleep and naive.

          • Ross Perot warned everyone. The media made him out to be a silly rube. His warning stood
            the test of time. Most people have short memories.

            • Anonymous

              I have an opinion of Ross. He was an insider and his job was to get Clinton into office. He was “the spoiler”. Perot made NAFTA an issue taking votes from GH Bush and facilitating a Clinton victory. As Perot was gaining in the polls, in a three way race, he had a shot at winning, he then sabotaged his own campaign. Very suspicious. Clinton once in office got the vital Democrat votes needed (that eluded GH Bush) and got NAFTA, then China Free Trade passed and signed into law.

              In the end Perot’s presence got Clinton in. Clinton made it law. GH Bush took the blame for it for two decades. GH Bush wanted it but didn’t have the political horse power to make it happen. TPTB won.

              These are the dots I connected.

              • Kevin, true. Perot was supposed to be rewarded with the contract to handle Hillary Care. But the Republicans fought hard enough to stop it. They got revenge on Perot.

      20. As long as The Immigration Act of 1965 and NAFTA remain intact nothing will ever change for the good and we will continue on the path toward 3rd world status and will more than likely reach that status within 25 years..

      21. Question in regards to finances. If the average income in USA is approx 50k how do people even make it? I fix all my own stuff and don’t really have anything nice to begin with. I look to move and houses, especially houses with any land the prices are outrageous. Same with cars, a decent new car is 30k. If they are just buried in debt how can you even stay afloat like that, you can’t just keep transferring balances right? Don’t you have to pay t piper eventually?

        • Heck I live on a $1000 per month social security and can save part of that. Everything we have is paid for. We grow most of what we eat. I can fix anything that we have. And I am not going to help anyone. Im a believer in the saying no good deed goes unpunished. Let the weak and unfit perish. Time for a culling. And most of those homeless are culls. When a SHTF & WROL (without rule of law) happens only those who take a hard line will survive. The Mamby Pamby Do Gooder types will be the first to die.

      22. Aw come on! All we need is more immigrants (legal and illegal) and more refugees! That will solve the problem! Just bring ’em in and let them compete for the few jobs available! It will work! Your congressman says so! Be sure to vote them back into office next election! They have such great ideas! Why, they are the “elite” so they must be smart? The voters think so! They vote them back into office term after term! So all must be well!

      23. “Though it is hard to pinpoint, there has been a squeeze on the economy. Somewhere out there, there is a monster.”

        You are kidding, right? Ever heard of outsourcing? Ever heard of H1B? Ever heard of NAFTA, etc? This is why so many people are unemployed. And why the rest are living pay check to pay check. Because the “new” jobs being created are at wages FAR less than the previous jobs. Add in all the new taxes, fee, and inflation and you have a winning combination for the 94 million unemployed. Want to know how this all happened? Talk to your congresscritter…

      24. Nonsense.
        Is it tough? YES.
        Tougher when you have less money? YES.



        while those earning either under $30k or betweem $30-75k
        who worried about those things increased 25-30%…
        the worries of those who earned over $75k
        INCREASED OVER 55%.

        Do. Your. Math.

        This kind of RICH vs POOR nonsense belongs on LEFTIST websites.

      25. Everytime a republican goes in the WH the MSM starts running the homeless/ hunger stories. Funny how when Reagan, The Bushs and now Trump are in office homeless are reported everywhere but instantly they all found homes, jobs and food when Clinton and Obama went in the WH. More BS from the MSM.

      26. What’s changed with the middle class. Everything his higher in price and you get less for your money. My house décor is antique and vintage furniture and lots of books, art and plants. It’s always been my style but now the bohemian style is sooo trendy. A few years ago they were encouraging people to donate and get rid of books. Nobody wanted books and book sales were down. Now book sales are way up because they are used for interior design. It pays not to follow the herd.

      27. The globalists want us all blended together, economically, culturally and genetically/racially. The good get diluted with bad, smart with dumb, good looks with ugly, rich with poor. This is with an exception, they, the controllers, do not blend. We become bland farm livestock, controllable for service or slaughter.


      28. How much has a certain bunch been paid that are supposed to solve problems but have only created more? Yep. That’s called job security for them. An endless crop of problems.

      29. Yet Americans are still doing absolutely nothing about the Zionist controlled government that abuses them.
        Stop:voting, paying taxes, working, going to school, etc.
        Let the system go while you still can.
        The NWO is coming and you won’t have any choices in their totalitarian society.
        The only ones who can drain the swamp
        are the American people.
        Whether the U.S. will become part of the North American Union is up to the apathetic American people.

      30. Time for a purge! The US government took over $7200.00 out of my pay to help other, PURGE!

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