Americans Want More Stimulus Checks to Fight Inflation

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Headline News

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    A recent poll ascertained that Americans are willfully ignorant at best, and dependent slaves at worst. The poll proved that most Americans are economically ignorant and have no idea what causes inflation, the majority of those living in the United States said they want the federal government to hand out stimulus checks to combat inflation. 

    In the poll commissioned by Newsweek, 63% of the respondents said they agreed that the feds should issue new stimulus checks to tackle inflation. Forty-two percent said they “strongly agree” while only 18% disagreed. Fifteen percent said they neither agreed nor disagreed.

    Economist Ludwig von Mises explained exactly why this redefinition of inflation is so pernicious.

    People today use the term `inflation’ to refer to the phenomenon that is an inevitable consequence of inflation, that is the tendency of all prices and wage rates to rise. The result of this deplorable confusion is that there is no term left to signify the cause of this rise in prices and wages. There is no longer any word available to signify the phenomenon that has been, up to now, called inflation. . . . As you cannot talk about something that has no name, you cannot fight it. Those who pretend to fight inflation are in fact only fighting what is the inevitable consequence of inflation, rising prices. Their ventures are doomed to failure because they do not attack the root of the evil. They try to keep prices low while firmly committed to a policy of increasing the quantity of money that must necessarily make them soar. As long as this terminological confusion is not entirely wiped out, there cannot be any question of stopping inflation.”

    Ironically, stimulus during the pandemic is one of the factors causing the high prices today, wrote Schiff Gold. 

    Americans have shown they don’t care for liberty or freedom, they simply want dependence on the slave system erected around them. Once the central bank’s digital currency rolls out, it could be an uphill battle for those who just want to be left alone.

    The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

    The federal government exacerbated the inflation situation during the scamdemic by handing out three rounds of stimulus money, along with trillions in other aid. This enabled consumers to keep spending even though they were sitting at home and not producing anything. With more dollars chasing fewer goods and services, a massive spike in consumer prices was entirely predictable.

    The money creation hasn’t ceased either. Now, the ruling class just calls it “aid” to Ukraine in its “fight” against Russia.


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