Americans Struggle As Elitists Make Billions

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    Due to the dramatic overreaction to the coronavirus, millions of Americans have lost jobs, homes, and descended into poverty. On the other hand, several elitists with ties to the central bank and ruling class have made billions

    At the same time, the master is threatening to steal even more of the fruits of the labors of the slaves.

    Biden Wants To Steal More Of Your Laboring Energy

    Here’s a quick question to ponder for those who think taxation is justified: if taking 100% of the fruit of another human being’s labor is slavery, at what point is it not? Logically, that point would be 0%. Meaning any taxation is slavery and as we know, government is slavery.

    More than half of American consumers (56%) said they are living “paycheck to paycheck,” according to another poll, and 48% have experienced unexpected financial setbacks in the last 3 months. Over 70% say they are becoming more conscientious of where they spend their money. Food prices are rising too, regardless of what the mainstream media is telling us. Has anyone been to their store lately? Use your own discernment to figure out what’s going on.

    Half of Americans (49%) say they have saved less than $500 in the past 3 months, and 40% of those who saved less than $500 were hit by job loss or a fall in income, according to the MassMutual Consumer Spending & Saving Index, released Thursday.

    According to Market Watch, a clear majority of baby boomers (72%) said this has been the “worst economic downturn” they had ever experienced, even compared to the Great Recession and the 2001 dot-com boom and bust. Half of boomers have eliminated spending on non-essentials.

    For those employing the use of their critical thinking skills and preparedness knowledge, it is easy to see the writing on the wall.  Things are going to take a while to improve. This will be a marathon, not a sprint.  Stay aware of what’s happening, be alert, and continue to make preparations for whatever you can.  A complete and noticeable economic collapse is still not out of the question.


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      1. Here’s the problem. The economy is an energy construct, not a monetary one.

        Heat provides the industrial growth economy: fuels must be consumed to sustain it and provide continuing employment to make things that are ultimately thrown away, in order to consume more, to enable the debts to be carried forward.

        The system of rolling debt requires increasing amounts of energy inputs. The industrial economy relies on one thing…converting explosive force into rotary motion. Internal combustion engines run the economy. From vehicles to electric turbines fired with gas or coal. Only hydrocarbons can supply the sufficient amount of fuel to keep things turning.

        The problem is, the world burns 25 billion barrels of oil a year (2016). New discoveries (2016) amounted to only 2.4 billion barrels. We are now eating our seed corn. As existing oil fields deplete and few new cheap and easy to access oil fields are discovered the economy will sputter and slow to a halt. Without surplus energy to fuel growth (debt), it seizes up. This was happening before covid and the bosses are using covid to mask the oil depletion.

        Industry, in the last 150 years, was built on coal with an EROEI of 50:1 and oil with an EROEI of about 100:1. Cheap surplus energy that created industrial infrastructure and enabled the current affluent lifestyle. That no longer can be maintained with oil that now only returns around 20:1 EROEI and falling. It takes more energy to bring a barrel of oil to market than ever before. Wind and solar cannot supply sufficient energy to replace oil.

        The world is running on old legacy oil. Oil wells cannot be filled by votes, prayers, or money printing. The apocalypse is just over the horizon. When the explosive force no longer keeps the wheels turning everything stops. The JIT delivery system seizes up and you stop eating. Hungry people will overwhelm those who have prepared.

        Billions will be liquidated in the Mad Max collapse. Try not to be one of them. Get your sand rail and assless chaps ready ahead of time.

        • JRS, well said. Mad Max World here we go.

        • I saw lots of historical examples of serviceable, productive infrastructure, being retired, due to legal fees.

          Like a mine that still produces ore, or a factory that still produces cans.

          So, I have to assume that market forces are, in some places, arbitrary.

          “…things that are ultimately thrown away, in order to consume more, to enable the debts to be carried forward.”

          Between the different kinds of energy, you are suggesting efficiencies in what amounts to a fool’s errand.

          Like if coal or petrol was used to fix Bastiat’s broken window.

          It doesn’t suggest peak anything, because the elite can just appoint you to a new reason to live.

        • Wow JRS, awesome commentary, well received.

          Peak oil came and went, the collapse imminent. Previous whistleblowers from inside the oil industry said it was their understanding, when you see oil turn to fracking, you know peak oil is near. That was a decade ago.

          This guy will blow your mind and I warn you, you can not unlearn what you learn from him. Global systems collapse may be imminent on every front. The contrived narratives of the day, purposeful distractions. He’s been on point for decades and truly believes in his position and messages. I know we’ve changed some of our habits just in case he could be remotely accurate.

          There was a documentary some time ago, living cities or something like that. Cities are lifeforms, highways the veins, consuming water, resources, shedding organisms and expanding outward with continual growth. Each big city spins off enough humans to populate small countries every year. The energy resources depleting faster than being replenished.

          Per Darth Skippy, I believe you pointed to the ‘planned obsolescence’ argument. There is to this day, a lightbulb from the original era of bulbs which is still lit and operable a century or more later. The corporate model is the most wasteful model because it seeks planned obsolescence, in an effort to promote repeat consumer purchase for the same likewise product. Enter the patent game. Now enter plastic. Now enter the final phase of global catastrophe as they accelerate wasteful practices and non sustainable ‘green development’. Google one word and click images; ewaste. There is a great youtube doc on this, here, found it for you. This is a long watch and you’ll need to bounce from listening to reading subtitles but it is fully worth your time to watch and share at least once. I know watching this changed my consumer habits for life and gave me a deeper more richer understanding of what happens through our entire society and how I can make more responsible consumer decisions which tip the scales to benefit me rather than the producers. I am no longer sold on anything, they can’t sell me. If I need something, I seek out the best version, regardless of cost, and I always get better value because I have to buy these items with less frequency, if not just one time because I chased quality not convenience or price. By chasing price and convenience people become infinite repeat customers, unaware they’re being played. An interesting side note, if your printer is not working, you may be able to just change the date or print count in the code lines, and voila, printer works again. We shop at goodwill and thrift, repurpose consumer goods for a mere tiny fraction of comparative cost ‘new’. We get far more, better durability, and pay less. Most importantly, not adding pressure to the consumer demand pipeline but rather relieving that. That is how we do our part, not by advocating for energy use swaps.

          The all in one easy plug and play solar systems with inverters came down in price notably over the past 10 years. Currently you can get a complete kit w/ multi panel, inverter, windmill, and extra high capacity batteries for like 2k or 3k. Those used to be 5k-10k range. It’s our next major purchase. Also long series of online try out vids so you can see them in action and make better informed decisions.

          Per this article, rich get richer, poor get poorer. But only for those whom play their games. We had our best year ever and are fixing to buy land or a second home. Guys on our favorite am radio station were like talking about reparations, and slavery. We’re all economic slaves, every one of us. The only way to win is not to play. There are solutions to build wealth without relying wholly on fiat to get there. You’ll want the 10am to 1pm circuit, mst, and a few on the weekends. Suggested listen, always learning something new and fresh content. Nothing is as it seems, education is power.

      2. The rich die to.

        • Yes, but… Life is not about dying, it’s about living.

          What’s in your wallet?

          • I have enough to live on, but life isn’t about money. Furthermore, I’m not a human garbage can.

      3. This is part of the War on the Middle Class. Lenin said they could not destroy the US until they destroyed the middle class. The Middle Class is the backbone of the US. They are the people who are independent and the majority of the voters.

        They are the ones who lost their jobs and businesses in the BLM assaults on major US cities and who are losing their businesses, savings and homes from the COVID Lock-down.

        When the Middle Class is gone, the USA will be gone.

        Actually, the people lost their government when they allowed themselves to be denied a fair investigation of the Presidential Election. When they cannot question the elections of their Representatives, they have none, and the government is owned by those who count the votes. “The election is not decided by those who cast votes/ It rests with those who count the votes.” Josef Stalin

      4. The rich are never going to be happy. They are greedy till they die. ?????????

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