Americans Slowly Wake Up: Some Are Becoming Less Willing To Beg For Permission

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Americans may be slowly starting to wake up to their slavery.  Many have become less willing to beg the government for permission to make a living in light of the ever-tightening restriction on our very humanity.

    Government officials claim that doing business is a revocable “privilege,” but many Americans see it as a basic human right that they’ll exercise with or without licenses and permits, according to a report by Reason.  Finally, we are seeing some push back against the government. It may be late, but it’s better than nothing.

    As the COVID-19 scamdemic narrative continues to simmer and lose its fear factor, the one competency that officials have consistently displayed is in tightening the screws, using the licenses and permissions they require as enforcement tools. For people tired of being bossed around, the obvious response is to carry on without the government’s imprimatur—and they’re doing so in droves. It’s an attitude likely to live on long after the crisis has passed.

    This is the kind of thing that will eventually make governments obsolete. Keep in mind, we do not need them for anything. They desperately need you to believe you need them, but we don’t. They need us, and that’s the disgusting truth they hope we never find out.

    People across the United States have finally gotten to a point where they have nothing left to lose. “Our businesses are doomed,” Chris Polone, co-owner of a Fort Worth bar that was one of more than 800 such establishments to open in defiance of Texas closure orders, said at the end of July. “We have nothing to lose. We can either fight this thing, or we can starve ourselves out.”

    As apocalyptic as that sounds, it’s a reasonable statement when the review site Yelp reports that 55 percent of all businesses shut during the pandemic is believed to have closed their doors forever. For many entrepreneurs, breaking the rules may be the only way to survive.

    Free men and women don’t ask for permission to live or survive anyway. They already know that they were born free and no amount of voting or heavy-handed government can tell them what to live.  People all over seem to be realizing that historically, government has not been a friend of the people, but a way to slowly amass more power until there is nothing the public can do.  But people have been backed into a corner now, so the realization that they are either going to be free or live a life of enslavement to the ruling class is a choice to be made now.

    However, those who are wanting complete control of everyone on this earth will not give up easily, and it’s important to note that they will double down as more people wake up and become free. Don’t fall for the fear, live freely as the creator intended, and stay alert. 2020 is not over yet.


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      1. Did Trump actually do that?! Wtf was he thinking?! Trump appointed Iran-contra wheeler and dealer Elliot Abrahms as special envoy to Iran!

        I sincerely hope that Iran puts their foot down and simply refuses to talk with Abrahms.

        This is outrageous! Iranian diplomats that even go near Abrahms with a ten foot pole will be destroyed by the public for doing it, I think.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Ya ya – I am going to be moderated

        Never give government this much power over us- Fight for your GOD given rights. What/when has the government ever done anything right?

        “I am from the Government and here to help” – OH NO! we are screwed.

        I recognize Trump is a speed bump – but he is a very very important slow down of the NWO. If we can take down the American haters hard this November then maybe there is some hope.

        • Trump is nothing but a globalist puppet. Just the latest pretender in chief!

          • And you are nothing Charles but the devil’s spawn …..

      3. Senile sex offending Joe Biden chose evil agressive prosecuter and imprisoner of children and small time ordinance rebels prosecuter Kamala Harris, who is willing to overlook Bidens lengthy big-league criminal record, because He is The Man, and prosecutors in America never stick it to the man! They stick it to the people, but never to the man! 

        The reasons for the efforts to impeach Trump and elect anyone but Trump are as follows:

        1.) Student loan forgiveness and free college. A degree does not guarantee a job. It would be great if Trump would offer a choice of a home or a free college education, let’s see who would be screaming for free college if he did! If we are going to spend a fortune to help people, it should actually help them! Give the something tangible! 
        2.) Trump ended all corporate income tax, reducing large businesses reliance on Wall Street and banks.
        3.) Trump started taxing carried interest, which the hedge fund managers and wealthy hate!
        4.) Trump opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership that Biden supported and would allow corporations to sue governments for loss of future profits if governments enact laws to protect workers, the environment, national security, or human rights amd liberty.
        5.) Trump cut Obamacare subsidies to hospitals, clinics, big pharma, and research organizations, which is the reason for the covid scamdemic.
        6.) Trump eliminated government EPA jobs. The EPA was not protecting the environment at all. It was just sucking money out of the treasury. The EPA actually acted as cover for repeated life threatening EPA hazardous violations. It did nothing for the most dangerous environmental violators, and increased regulations on family farms and property owners to the point of nearly impossible compliance in many cases.
        7.) Trump wanted to tax Chinese imports which hurts Silicon Valley, Amazon, and Wall Mart on a mass scale, much more than other corporations. Apple  was exempt from some of the import taxes.
        8.) Trump initially wanted to establish ties with Russia. We have seen what that has led to.
        9.) Trump wanted to end the war in Syria, but the white helmets staged terrorist attacks everytime Trump tried to withdraw all troops. 

        Trump is a long shot from being a saint, and he has never claimed to be one, but those are the actual reasons behind the extreme demonization of Trump, in addition to the fact that he was a complete outsider that did not have a record of high crimes and treason in 2016, and now that he has been in office for 4 years, his record has been tarnished by the Swamp Creatures. They are all totally corrupt. None of them are demanding to open an investigation into 9/11 staged attacks, the $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors, or the covid scamdemic being used to terrorize the country, bankrupt families, individuals, businesses, and local, state, and federal governments.

        These are criminal predators that are running the country into ruin. 

        Check out Saul Alinsky’s thirteenth rule:

        “13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” -Saul Alinsky 13 Rules For Radicals

        A terrorist group has been using the 13th rule against me since 2015. I do not know what they want. The answer is no though. I refuse to reward evil terrorists. Rewarding evil behavior only provides positive reinforcement for evil people with behavioral problems that are sadistic individuals with deviant personality disorder. Most people, myself included could not even conceive of such evil sadistic and inhumane tactics invoked with a premeditated, deliberate intent to harm and also employs violations of RICO laws, as well as dozens of other predator type class one felonies. These are violent crimes. They are not victimless crimes. The people are evil and do not even deserve the time of day, let alone concessions granted to them for evil saidistic, abusive, terror. They deserve time in prison. The psychos that have been doing this to me should spend their lives in prison. They are evil beyond imagination. I would rather die than negotiate with them. I don’t know what they want. Individuals only stand to lose by negotiating with thieves. They are not entitled to anything from me at all, other than my testimony against them that sends them to prison for the rest of their sick, evil, sadistic, predatory, serial criminal lives!

        Andrea Iravani

        Andrea Iravani

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