Americans Most Concerned Over “Dissatisfaction With Government Not Guns Or Even Terrorism”

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 41 comments

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    When Governments Go Rogue

    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website.

    Editor’s Comment: Advocates of a limited government have long argued that “a government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.” It seems not only that this is true, but that many Americans are keenly aware of it.

    Americans today see President Obama trying to restrict 2nd Amendment rights, destructive economic intervention, police abusing citizens, free speech under attack, insiders starting wars in the name of fighting terrorism and mounting taxes on everything while the cost of living soars. Yes, the official priorities of the White House are completely out of step with the people, and the people see their government as the biggest threat.

    New Gallup Poll – Americans Consider Government a Much Bigger Problem than Guns

    by Michael Krieger

    U.S. President Barack Obama is not just the world’s best gun salesman, he’s also the world’s worst gun control spokesperson.

    Despite immediately politicizing every single shooting event in recent years by using his bully pulpit to lecture the American public on why citizens must give up their rights to feel safe, his message has fallen on deaf ears. Why?

    Mainly because a man who consistently orders drone strikes on women and children all over the world, intentionally bombs a Doctors Without Borders hospital into oblivion, and who launched more shady wars across the globe than George W. Bush, doesn’t exactly hold much credibility as a humanitarian pacifist looking to “save the children.”

    – From the post: A Majority of Americans Oppose “Assault Weapons Ban” – Highest Number on Record

    We learned the above just last month, which makes the latest findings on how Americans view gun control consistent with previously observed attitudes. Meanwhile, Nick Gillespie over at Reason explains the latest poll results from Gallup, and  highlights how Obama continues to force an alternative agenda on the American people:

    The first major action taken by Barack Obama in 2016—a set of new gun-control measures mandated via executive order—is aimed at a threat that Americans don’t spend a lot of time worrying about.

    In its latest survey of Americans, Gallup finds that “dissatisfaction with government,” not guns or even terrorism, tops the list of concerns:

    Obama’s new actions against guns include expanding background checks; changing definitions of mental illness in a way that limits who is able to own guns; increasing the number of federal agents charged with tracking gun sales and crimes; and more.

    Because violent crime, including gun-related crime and murders, is way down, gun-control issues don’t generally capture the public imagination the way that they would in a world of increasing murder rates. In the same Gallup survey that listed “dissatisfaction with government” as the top concern for each of the past two years, “guns/Gun control” was considered “the most important problem” by 2 percent of respondents, about the same who listed “lack of respect for each other” and pollution.

    Yet Obama pushes forward with measures that even he acknowledges “will save few lives,” almost certainly more out of politics than an interest in dealing with the most serious problems facing the country.

    Obama’s willingness to always pivot to issues that are not front and center, along with his willingness to expand the role of the state in virtually every aspect of our lives from health care to mass surveillance is surely a big part of the reason why people are consistently worried more about government than anything else. In this, of course, he’s had plenty of help from Republicans and his fellow Democrats, which also helps to explain another Gallup finding released this time last year: “In U.S. New Record 43% Are Independents.”


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      1. Those evil Doctors without Borders terrorists had it coming.

        • Imagine Doctors working for free, it’s un-American. They probably don’t even golf.

          • Medicins sans frontiers is one of the few mainstream major charities I support unreservedly. Some incredible individuals within that organisation who put themselves on the front line of the global war on humanity without ever asking for any form of personal recognition. My respect for some of those I’ve been blessed to meet involved with this organisation is infinite.

      2. Yep, ussa government is nothing but a bunch of scum.

      3. “dissatisfaction with government” as the top concern for each of the past two years

        The Libs and the Cowardly RINO’s in all the branches of the federal government have FUBAR’d America.

        I love my country, but I hate my Lib government.

      4. I don’t know about you all, but I am tired of getting raped over taxes.

        I added it up yesterday. I pay 55% of my gross salary to taxes. FICA, SS, Medicare tax, property tax, vehicle tax phone tax, electric tax, gas tax and the 50 other taxes I have to pay. Not including sales tax. Add another 8.25% on top of everything that I buy.

        I don’t have any money left after paying all these dam taxes.

        That is what the Tea Party was founded on. The FEDS are killing us by taxes.

        And you thought slavery was a thing of the past. We are all just serfs to the king.

        • I looked at my landline phone bill. I pay 13 different taxes on my phone bill.

          The phone bill tax was originally started during WWII to help pay for the war. The promise was that when the war was over the tax would be removed.

          My cell phone taxes:

          State sales tax 6.25%
          Local sales tax 2.00%
          Wireless 911 tax 1.07%
          Texas USF 2.08%
          911 Equalization surcharge0.13%
          Universal Service Fund (Federal)6.46%
          17.99% TOTAL

          • Oh I hear ya John
            thats why none of us have any more non discretionary income anymore
            between the taxes ( and O-Care that is also a tax ) our play money that might have been something you set aside for your kids education or a new truck or shit you want , we no longer have

            • born free taxed to death.. or is it born free taxed into debt

          • that universal service fund is so jamal down the street can have a free phone.

          • What they didn’t tell you is that he war is against US and it will never be over

        • John; add the rain tax and they’ll find other things to tax. they may tax your tax!

      5. It’s simple, really..don’t comply. If the “law” is unConstitutional, then it is automatically null. No need for anyone to follow it. They can’t arrest every gun owner in America. The thought is laughable.

        • Executive orders are not law. Only Congress has the authority according to the Constitution to pass laws, not the Supreme Court and not the President. All an Executive order does is direct Federal agencies to operate under specific peramaters. If those directives violate a law that Congress has passed they are not enforceable. As far as I know Congress has passed no laws limiting gun ownership.

      6. the bankers are responsible for the destruction of the country, the politicians and the courts are responsible for letting it happen, the politicians are responsible for all the filth and scum crossing our borders, drug and crime gangs, criminals no telling the hundreds of thousands, the terrorist cells that have been allowed to come in this country, the diseases that have been allowed in, this is no accident, america is being destroyed and there doesnt seem to be a damn thing that anyone can or will do about it. The govt knows that americans are waking up that is why they want your guns. All we have seen from govts so far is death and destruction of life, and the planet along with criminal behavior, greed. The whole political process has been nothing but a fraud from the beginning, a few people who have gotten very wealthy off the backs of the people and lived the good life at the expense of working americans, but americans continue to vote for their slavery. I think soon you will get what you deserve, it seems like americans have a death wish, and if you look at what govts have done in the past, they will fullfill your wish, america is no different.

      7. Yes, we are more focused on/concerned about our dissatisfaction with government than with guns and terrorism because if this country had good leaders (with a moral compass, a conscience & some common sense) providing sound, effective leadership we wouldn’t have to worry about those things. It starts and ends with our leaders, most of whom don’t even deserve the title of “Leader.”

        So, yeah, I’d agree Americans are most concerned about dissatisfaction with government than terrorism because we have a terrorist in the White House who has surrounded himself with like-minded enablers.

      8. New Gallup Poll – Americans Consider Government a Much Bigger Problem than Guns

        Though I completely agree with this Poll

        Who would ever imagine that Americans would end up feeling this way about their own Government?

        Considering all of the previous historical mayhem that has occurred throughout previous generations over the years … America was suppose to represent a “beacon of hope”. A new place to those to start a new life. A country where one had the opportunity to rise and fall on behalf of their own merits.

        Look at America now … what was once a dream to pursue happiness, has become a damn nightmare. Politicians, Corporations and Special Interests Groups have sold the American people out. Dismantling from within, yet … amazingly enough … some people feel “change” will happen by the means of “voting”.

        Not gonna happen – As Carlin said – “garbage in, garbage out”

        “Now, there’s one thing you might have noticed I don’t complain about: politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It’s what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain’t going to do any good; you’re just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here… like, the public. Yeah, the public sucks. There’s a nice campaign slogan for somebody: ‘The Public Sucks. Fuck Hope.”

        Touche’ – fuck hope

        • The ONLY way we will ever see any REAL change in govt and govt policy is for EVERY SINGLE incumbent to be voted out of office — to clear the decks in Congress of all the old guard, roots and all, and get in fresh new stock of people and blood – – no relatives or friends (old buddies) of any of them to be installed, etc., ONLY FRESH NEW PEOPLE. But, how many Americans are willing to actually do this?

          • J’Marinde –

            Voting on a peaceful level is not going to bring the change that is desperately needed in these “elected” positions.
            It will only recycle the same kind of folks you described (friends & relatives) back in to fill those spots. It is the very reason we still encounter a traitorous government to this very day.

            I’m all about having some NEW FRESH PEOPLE, or some may refer to it as “some new fresh blood”.
            It will take blood, to remove the parasite shitstains that have over welcomed their stay.

            Peaceful avenues have not worked … violence will … then maybe we can get the right people back into those proper places of governmental seats. If the right people are established, and things appear to be back up and running functionally … question is … for how long?

            Can a functional government operate without corruption being introduced back in?

            I have doubts about such an outcome … As now, we have people of power … who put their effort into other Nations needs first, while they neglect their own country and keep us on the back burner.

            Get rid of the dual-citizenship of elected officials … put people who have to follow the Constitution … get rid of Executive Orders (that power has been overly abused)

            Until then … vote your heart out if you like … but I assure you … you will just get more of the same.

            You will get more failed promises coming your way.
            You will get more taxes coming your way.
            You will get more of your civil rights taken away.

            If this sounds good to you, then by all means … keep supporting the “voting system”. The Government is counting on your support. By voting, you give them consent to continue their illegal unconstitutional behavior.

            A person who votes can’t piss ‘n moan about the government, you have given them consent.

            I … on the other hand … can. Because I already know the game is rigged against you and I. Makes no difference who is put where … the results are always the same …

            Want to make a difference and want some change?
            Do your duty, grab your weapon of choice when the time has come. If not … sit back and, keep voting … and please keep us informed if anything positive comes out from it.

            thanks and much appreciation in advance ツ

            • since they only understand 1 thing, we need to leave them an example. they fuck us they dangle by the neck in front of the congressional building. Probably only take 3 or 4 and
              the point would get across. lots of light poles in DC.

        • You forgot to mention the percentage of Politian’s who are Jesuit trained.

      9. Question. What kind of seed do i need to order to put back so that i can keep planting from previous year crop are they called heirloom. I have wal mart crap seed but need good ones for long haul cus not much time left

        • GS, yes they are heirloom seeds that you are looking for. Try ‘Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds’. Great folks to deal with. Located in Missouri.

        • look on pack to see if they are hybrid or heirloom.

          Wal-Mart seeds are not necessarily crap seeds.

          Hybrid seeds will generally give better yields. Heirloom seeds are generally better for hardiness and disease resistance, but you still need to get the right vegetables for your planting zone.

        • Check these guys out ht tp:// they are good with me and I highly recommend them. ALWAYS get a little extra, your going to need them, the storm clouds are growing darker. I ordered from them and I would rate them 100%. I used their seeds for a Arizona winter garden. So far ALL seeds are doing just fine. Eating carrots, spinach and onions for the past month. God Bless and good luck to you!

        • Check out:

      10. First off, why does our government continually attack our rights? Why do they allow illegal aliens into our country? Why does odum bass want executive orders on gun sales?

        He wants to track guns and if the person is on the no fly list that he decides, meaning the person is more than likely Republican or conservative, will not be allowed to purchase a gun.

        These gun measures are illegal!

        Impeachment proceedings should begin immediately.
        1 violating oath of office.
        2 arming enemies of our country.
        3 violating the Constitution.

      11. The ONLY way we will ever see any REAL change in govt and govt policy is for EVERY SINGLE incumbent to be voted out of office — to clear the decks in Congress of all the old guard, roots and all, and get in fresh new stock of people and blood – – no relatives or friends (old buddies) of any of them to be installed, etc., ONLY FRESH NEW PEOPLE. But, how many Americans are willing to actually do this?

      12. If the morons in DC would do what we want and not what they think we want we would have it made.

        These dumb shits once they get to DC forget what and why they are there. Time for term limits. Or just simple recall to recall the turds that vote the wrong way.

        Or maybe just let the damn thing die and start over again.

        I’m so disgusted with the whole damn thing!!!!! I could just S#$T!!!!!!


        • i hear what your saying but instead of being disgusted .. sit back and start making rope for these fuckers..its very liberating

          and it will give you something to do in between false flags and hoaxes

          • “E”
            The old farm that I live on grow Hemp during WW2 for rope and it still grows all over. This would be a good start. What do you think?


            • yep, just dont get busted by your pals , cops still think hemp is illegal , some even think its what hippies smoke

              just razzin ya boss

              Ive already got about 100′ of good rope ( unfourtunately not hemp) made up already.. wonder how much im gonna need ?

            • Sgt., hemp tends to rot when used as rope. Don’t want it to break when strung to lamp posts and such. Manila is better, won’t rot. Manila is made from abaca. Manila is what I use for tying the diamond hitch on my pack horses and it’s wet, snowy and cold where I go.

              Keep that hemp rope dry, or tar it like in the old Navy and it’ll do for hangins’. We’re going to need a lot of it, soon.

              Semper Fi

          • I used to carry just one 1911 with seven mags and one in the chamber, all hard ball – 50 rounds.

            Now I’ve added my .44 mag with 24 rounds, all 250 grain hard cast lead.

            Should get me to my M1 Garand. It’s always in arms reach. Black tips work just fine.

            f ’em

      13. No, I don’t trust or want the government or any of it’s enforcers.

        No man has the right to rule over another man…period. My natural rights tell me this.

        A government of one…me telling myself what to do.

        Long live anarchy…

      14. Two things guys- Sorry OT, but it does have to do with self reliance.
        I want to start an onion patch… how do I go about doing that? I have a raised bed that I am going to try to set up before spring here in Texas, and want to do two things… onions and sweet potatoes. Anybody have any experience with these?
        I want to put together a radio setup that allows us to monitor CB as we live near a major highway (you would never know we were here from the road)- police transmissions (trunked scanner?) – and HAM I guess, which I know nothing about. I will be setting this up in its own area in the house and I would like it to be as simple as possible in configuration. Any suggestions are welcome.

        • 2isone- I grow onions from seed every year. I’m in AZ so our climates are similar. I start them inside in august and plant them outside in September. They winter just fine. Depending on type, harvest is june/july. must move them every year though. 3 years between spots to keep from exhausting the soil. I do garlic the exact same schedule.
          a little liquid bonemeal every month makes them large.
          too much nitrogen makes them green but small.

          • Thanks citizen- I was reading an article today about starting onions from the tops that you cut off when you cook. I just don’t know when to put them in. I might try some seeds in the Fall- plant some tops as an experiment over the spring/summer and see what happens. I’m going to do it in a part shade area since we get scorching days here sometimes.

      15. “Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism”, somebody said it and they hit the nail on the head. The dissent is lacking in public, lacking hell it barely exists. The PTB know what the majority think, their actions are all out to stop the growing chance of a collective pushback which is the peoples Constitutional right. That day is not far off.

      16. I can’t seem to find the exact details of Obummer’s EO — does anyone know where to find the full text?

        Does anyone know if it applies to ALL sales of small arms; even one unit sold between friends / relatives?

        Or does it apply only to professional sellers?

        Any info much appreciated….

      17. Donald Trump has enough money to beat and pound these political AntiAmerican bastards into the dirt. Give him that chance. VOTE TRUMP. Nobody else has the guts to tell the truth.

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