Americans Convinced Gun Homicides Soar Despite Actual Plunge In Gun Crimes

by | May 7, 2013 | Headline News | 167 comments

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    In yet another example of the massive gap between the American people’s perception of what is going on around them (whether by propaganda channels or simply cognitive bias) and the actual reality, Reuters reports that while gun-related homicides are down 39% from the 1993 peak, only 12% of people believe that gun crimes have fallen. Non-fatal firearm crimes declined by 69% to 467,300 in the same period but 56% of Americans believe that gun crime is higher now than it was 20 years ago, the Pew Research Center said its poll showed. The dichotomy between record food stamp usage (and non-employment) and multi-year highs in consumer sentiment comes to mind – we wonder which is more ‘real’.

    Highlights of the report:

    • Firearm-related homicides declined 39%, from 18,253 in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011.
    • Nonfatal firearm crimes declined 69%, from 1.5 million victimizations in 1993 to 467,300 victimizations in 2011.
    • For both fatal and nonfatal firearm victimizations, the majority of the decline occurred during the 10-year period from 1993 to 2002.
    • Firearm violence accounted for about 70% of all homicides and less than 10% of all nonfatal violent crime from 1993 to 2011.
    • About 70% to 80% of firearm homicides and 90% of nonfatal firearm victimizations were committed with a handgun from 1993 to 2011.
    • From 1993 to 2010, males, blacks, and persons ages 18 to 24 had the highest rates of firearm homicide.
    • In 2007-11, about 23% of victims of nonfatal firearm crime were injured.
    • About 61% of nonfatal firearm violence was reported to the police in 2007-11.
    • In 2007-11, less than 1% of victims in all nonfatal violent crimes reported using a firearm to defend themselves during the incident.
    • In 2004, among state prison inmates who possessed a gun at the time of offense, less than 2% bought their firearm at a flea market or gun show and 40% obtained their firearm from an illegal source.
    • Males, blacks, and persons ages 18 to 24 were most likely to be victims of firearm violence

    Directly from the government:


    Breakdown of homicides by age and sex:


    Breakdown of violence by region:

    And the full data:

    The full report can be found here

    Chart: H/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

    This article was originally published by Zero Hedge


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      1. The only increase in gun related deaths is by drug related stuff and Govt wanting people removed. If you are in the way of the NWO, then bang–you are gone.

        • I went looking for America, and couldn’t find it anywhere

          • It is in the hearts of the people here and fellow patriots everywhere

            • The sheep will not be able to read the charts any more than they can read the words.

              They take their propaganda by ear from talking heads in a box.

              In present day America, the small minorities are correct far more often than the majority. The majority is always and easily swayed to follow the NWO, where as the minorities (political, not racial), are the few who educate themselves and are not concerned with conformity according to the indoctrination process, but instead focus on the truth and the reality of the world.

              For the record, gun violence will explode when they try to take the guns. But the dogs will be the target, not the sheep.

              • GC, still got my Dog Tags. By the way, don’t you all see it as odd that the media doesn’t rant on about the gang violence/shootings in all the major cities? The only shootings to report are(majority) white males.
                Even the chart illustrates the decline in gun violence with the majority of the shootings being drug and gang related. Now tell me they aren’t conditioning the sheeple to think white males are the real terrorists. TPTB are setting up this country for a race war.

                • Amen.
                  Welcome to the media induced Wonderland.

                  The original Alice in Wonderland was a parody of the British Empire at the time… I wonder what analogy fits the best in this Empire of Debt…

                  “You can conquer a country by the sword, or by debt.”
                  -John Adams

                  We are so f***ed. Damned if we do, and damned if don’t.

                  pipermichael . wordpress . com / The Kabuki theater of the damned…

              • The charts provided in the article have the same path as ALL homicides. In short, the gun and non gun homicides are both going down at about the same pace. This is not pro or anti gun, just mainly demographics. Less youth means less violence. When the number of young people increase, so will gun and non gun related violence.

          • People are’nt free, but don’t tell them that, because if you do they’ll start killing everyone to prove to you that they are……

          • The average American idiot is now going to get into the stock market. Wow, I can make a lot of money because the stock market is soaring, I want a piece of the pie. This is exactly what the powers wanted, get the public involved, entice them to invest in this Ponzi scheme then, BAM, everything goes pop, the bubble bursts and retirement funds are gone, people are left holding an empty bag. Does any of this sound familiar? It is all a set up. People forget so easily.

            They can make the average ignorant citizen believe anything that they want, gun violence, getting rich off the stock market, buying a house with the same mentality that caused the housing bust, forcing banks to give bad loans to dead beat losers. Here we go again, same story different day, only this time it is for keeps, no fake recovery for this set up. My only question is how long can this go on and when are the intelligent humans going to expose them before it really is too late?

            This may be a slow excruciating death of the American dream and the freedom that goes with it.

            • With the fed printing fake money non stop, they are putting America in it’s most perilous situation ever. We are just an hour away from devastation, China knows what we are doing and they can pull the plug at any moment. If China does react to Bernanke’s printing frenzy then we are screwed. The dollar will collapse and so will the phony stock market. This could be life altering for us and the whole world. How could they put us in this position, how do they sleep at night, how do they get away with this? I can surmise that they get away with everything because of greed and manipulation, not just them but every American who wants their share of the pie at any cost.

              In the middle of it all, they want to disarm the honest citizens, I hope we all know why for certain now.

          • OUTWEST they moved to china some got off in mexico

          • OUTWEST it moved to china and took a shit in mexico along
            the way

      2. Will anyone that thinks truth has any validity in this discussion please take another Prozac

      3. Tyler. Good article with some real stats.

        In reality, most citizens want peace. They want work and food. When those go, those charts will rise again.

        • You know you gotta wonder??
          I just had friend return from israel day before yesterday and he told me that he did not see anything alarming,and had a great time while he was there? WTF Is this all just a movie and we are being played??????????


          • Thinker: Give it another month.

            • Dk
              You think we have another month to waste?
              I sure haven’t lost nothing over there,you??

              • Thinker: I think an Israeli First Strike is likely before July 1st. Bibbi is in China promising Israeli high technology in exchange for its support in the upcoming clash…..

                America be damned.

          • Try going into Syria.

            Take a gun, you’ll need it.

          • im not surprised, some people cant see shit if it was spread all over thier face

          • @Thinker,

            My husband has military connections over there and he says the same thing. Our media really propagandizes what’s really going on, same with the Iraqi war!!!!

          • Good point. I kept thinking I’ve read something like this before and then it hit me.

            I’m going to cheat and copy/paste the “best answer” from wikipedia.

            1984 – George Orwell

            Theme of Warfare

            1984 depicts warfare as a necessary tool and symptom of a totalitarian state. Oceania, one of the three superstates of the world, is in constant warfare with one of the other two. This is necessary, as warfare keeps citizens in constant flux and fear – they then willingly submit to the control of the Party. Only after this submission can the Party regulate supply and demand to ensure classism, and ultimately, power.

        • @ugly,

          Sadly,that will be true…
          at least al gore will see a hockey stick rise on a chart…

          • Jerrytbg….

            America is losing its economic powers. The dollar has slipped and not recovering. Wars are around. Energy not being created, but maybe being destroyed.

            Those will be the factors that lead to economic hardship, lack of available food, and people panicking and looking for survival.

            Since 2006, there is no good news that is real that shows America recovering. That is why we are printing….

            • couldn’t agree more Ugly…
              None of what we are seeing can be explained by ANY “business cycle” model…
              No, this is well thought out and generational in scope…

              • Heh I told that VP guy back in ’06 that this wasn’t a business cycle.

                And I guess he valued my (what he considered to be semi-naive yet oddly often right) opinion more than I thought, because 4 months later he retired to North Carolina. Rather rapidly at that.


        ummmmm ;0P … are the Corrupt Criminal Political Mafia run Cities of Zio-Mafia run Sheeitcago(Chicago) , Dumpster Detroit , Trashy Trenton , Fascist Pheonix , Leaving Las Vegas and Swamp Island New Orleans no longer part of Zog AmeriKa !?

        because All 6 have seen a rise in Gun Violence and Crime this year as their economies have collapsed .

        it’s all relevant to local industries , social welfare and economics .

        which is why i don’t put much faith in charts and biased reports personally .




        PREPARE .


        • Um srsly wtf is a zog?



          Again, if you’re going to go around being an anti-semite, don’t be surprised when the rest of the world lumps the ENTIRE American public in to the same class as American politicians and responds accordingly.

      5. If the goverment can’t remove guns and/or ammo they will send in the drones to do their killing.

        • If the people can’t shoot down the drones, they will shoot the people operating them.

      6. How Tannerite Works

        by Marshall Brain | April 23, 2008

        Tannerite is a binary explosive that is readily available from the website It has gained notoriety in 2008 because of high-profile stories like these:

        A “binary explosive” is an explosive made of two parts that must be mixed before it becomes explosive. In the case of Tannerite, the two parts are fairly benign prior to mixing. After mixing, they are explosive but require a great deal of shock (e.g. being hit by a bullet or triggered with a blasting cap) to initiate the explosion.

        The chemical formula and mixing process is described here: What is Tannerite

          • Its a good idea to immediately mix all the stuff as soon as you get it… Then you can scoop out just what you need and save the rest for later.

            Never having bought any of the stuff before, I have to wonder just what written warnings they provide and how many actually bother to read them.

      7. WTF do statistics have to do with the Second Amendment?

        • The 2nd Amendment is subject to interpretation.

          People’s interpretations are informed by their perception of reality.

          Statistics can shape people’s perception of reality.

          Before anyone argues that the Constitution isn’t open to interpretation, I’d like to point out that it’s the Supreme Court’s current interpretation of the Second Amendment that allows individual states to more or less disregard it and make whatever laws they like based on local interpretations of the reality of guns.

          The Court interpreted the 1st Amendment in a different way, so New York can’t make a law against me thrashing the SAFE Act online every day.

          We live on tenuous ground, friend.

          • I’ve eluded to this in the past and here’s another morsel in the thought process…
            If the average educational level of the “colonist’s” at the time of the Constitution’s enactment was say, 5th to 8th grade level,which is probability true, why do we need “Constitutional Scholars” to tell us what it means?

            It’s always been my belief that the wording was such to allow the common man to understand…

            • The Constitution was targeted to the average person at the time it was written. Consider today that the average reading comprehension level of the average person, particularly in comparison to educated persons in the 1700s, is probably 3rd to 5th grade. (Also, it’s “alluded to”, not “eluded” which means a successful escape. However, that is a picky, personal thing and I understood what you meant, as did everyone else.) I’ve heard kids in class complain that they “just don’t understand what it means”, and they never try to grasp it, just wait until someone else dumbs it down for them. Intellectually, we’re so screwed.

              • I stand corrected (red faced)… oops…
                I’m glad it was still understood… 😉

              • MOAR ADDERALL MOAR!

                …becaues methapmhetamines are GOOD for your brain! Just ask any junkie!

                • 🙂

            • The 5th grade in the 18th Century was equivalent to Sophomore year in college today.

        • Psikhushka (Russian: психушка; [psʲɪˈxuʂkə]) is a Russian colloquialism for psychiatric hospital. It has been occasionally used in English since the Soviet dissident movement and diaspora community the West used the term. In the Soviet Union, psychiatric hospitals were often used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally; as such they were considered a form of torture

      8. The Battle of Athens – 2 AUGUST 1946 – Copyright © 1995-2011 Constitution Society.

        I. Introduction

        “On 2 August 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force to overturn it. These Americans wanted honest, open elections. For years they had asked for state or Federal election monitors to prevent vote fraud — forged ballots, secret ballot counts, and intimidation by armed sheriff’s deputies — by the local political boss. They got no help.

        These Americans’ absolute refusal to knuckle-under had been hardened by service in World War II. Having fought to free other countries from murderous regimes, they rejected vicious abuse by their county government. These Americans had a choice. Their state’s Constitution – Article 1, Section 26 – recorded their right to keep and bear arms for the common defense. Few “gun control” laws had been enacted.”

        http ://

        • The Battle Of Athens 1 – 4

          Patriot Justice – Published on Apr 3, 2013


          News & Politics

          Standard YouTube License
          Leonard Melton

          1 – http ://
          2 – http ://
          3 – http ://
          4 – http ://

      9. Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
        only light can do that.
        Hate cannot drive out hate;
        only love can do that.
        Hate multiplies hate,
        violence multiplies violence,
        and toughness multiplies toughness
        in a descending spiral of destruction….
        The chain reaction of evil –
        hate begetting hate,
        wars producing more wars –
        must be broken,
        or we shall be plunged
        into the dark abyss of annihilation.

        Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
        Strength To Love, 1963

      10. This is a MUST read for Piers Morgan!!!!

        Thanks for the update..

        • He can read it while he’s on that slow boat to china

      11. Can anybody direct me to more resources as regards the sovereign citizen legal argument?

        • Eisenkreuz: Go ahead and start spouting off that stuff and see what happens. Cops have had shooouts with “Sovereign Citizens” and the SPLC has made training videos for all LEOs based on these incidences and their ‘research’ of this movement. Start quoting this crap to any cop today and they’re going to figure your up for armed conflcit right then and there. If you survive, there’ll be a warrant issued for your home and place of business in futherance of their ionvestigation of domestic terrorism based just on your comments to the cops. This is some serious crap. Don’t believe me, check out Sovereign Citizen shootouts and the SPLCs role in training LEOs, it’s all on Youtube.

          • 3n3my of…: This is a free country and you can be all you want to be. But perhaps the one thing you can’t be is very bright. I’m not slamming anyone or any movement, but you’re not smart enough to gleen that from what I posted. I merely pointed out that anyone who’s foolish enough to start spouting that to any LOE, because let’s be honest, that’s where most of this will be aimed, will be met with extreme force because that’s what they’ve all been trained to expect-violence from those that spout sovereign citizen rhetoric at them. LOEs across the country are being taught that the sovereign citizen movement is nothing more than home-grown terrosist/anarchist who are armed and dangerous. Only an idiot would invite this kind of police scurtiny. Hope that clears it up for you.

          • Eisen, try this for info…1-800-zio-komi, ask for either Mark Potok or Morris Deese. 25 More awaiting to assist your call at SPLC HQ.

          • GREGGY TROLL,


            • eisen try putting your head up your ASS and see what you
              find SHIT HEAD………………….

            • Note to self: reverse psychology works on Eisenkrautz.

            • Esisentard: You really are a moron, you can’t distinguish been a friendly piece of advice and a condemnation. Play a little too much football without your helmet? Go ahead and look into the movement, no one cares, least of all me. But know that you’ll be a target as soon as you start taking courses in person or on-line because the Feds are watching these clowns very closely. There have been a number of deadly shootings involving these fools and a number of them are also in prison for tax evasion, which they also preach. Almost all local cops have been trained by a coalition of the Feds and the SPLC on this movement. The FBI, BATFE, IRS, and the U.S. Marshalls are monitoring these folks through their fusion centers and giving this info to their field offices which share them with the local LEOs. I SUGGEST, that if you do look into this movement that all your future purchases; be they guns, ammo, long-term food storage,etc. that you do it in person and with cash. Once you access this movement’s site, or attend any meeting, you’ll be in the Feds database and all your in-store/on-line purchases will be recorded as well. If they think you’re stocking up too much in preparation ‘for the end’, you’ll likely get a 05:00 no-knock warrant raid and be on the evening news as a crazy ‘doomsday prepper racist anarchist’ because that’s how the SPLC is painting these guys. Me, I’m staying under the radar because jail is the last place I want to be WTSHTF. But hey, you think you’re smarter than the rest of us so go right ahead you stupid little punk. You’re the guy Ron White was talking about when he said “You can’t fix stupid”.

        • @Eisenkreuz … ;0P

          first i want you to know ‘ i don’t like you very much !’

          second i don’t like gregory8’s little attack on the Sovereign Movement even more so here … start here .

          As I am a Freeman Patriot Sovereign Citizen .

          NinaO ;0P

          Sovereign Citizenship
          By Scott Eric Rosenstiel

          Sovereign Citizenship is the status held by our forefathers. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and everyone else who won their freedom from the British Empire had this status. It was the birthright of all Americans, and we were generous in extending this most important right to foreign-born persons through the naturalization laws. With this status, our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and property couldn’t be infringed.

        • kreutz…Gregory8 is quite right that LEOs consider sovereign citizens to be terrorists. However, they could not be farther from the truth. I would say that you could study on what a “legal fiction” is as applied to the common man, for starters. Did you read “The UCC Connection”? You will get no cooperation from law enforcement as they work for the legal fiction corporation called the United States.

          • Law enforcement has no use for common law. They have been taught to enforce “coloured law” written as Codes and Statutes.

          • JRS: Thank you, you are quite right. It’s not what you or I think about the movement, it’s what the Feds think of it. The Feds, along with the SPLC, are training local LEOs about the ‘dangers’ of the Sovereign Citizen movement. Take one of their courses, either in person or on-line, and you’ll end up with a big target on your back. The Feds will feed this to the local LEOs in your area and the next traffic stop could get ugly very fast because they’ll expect you to be armed and violent. All I’m saying is that it’s smarter to stay off everyone’s radar screen because it’s almost SHTF time. When surrounded by superior forces, it’s smarter to stay hidden rather than engage them and likely loose. Better to live to fight another day.

        • Eisen,

          I will respond simply because you appear to be lucid right now…

          All citizens in the USA are Sovereign. Why? Because the Constitution, in the tenth amendment says, to paraphrase;

          All powers not delegated to the Federal government, are delegated to the states or THE PEOPLE.

          This basically means, we, are, THE POWER in the country. It has been misinterpreted to mean that we can act individually against the duly elected representative government… not so. Individuals have said this gives them the right to drive without a license or insurance, and many other ‘rights’ that just aren’t there. Even though WE ARE the POWER, we GIVE IT to our elected representatives… this is a democratic republic.
          At least, it was, now… not so much.

          But if you go off in that direction, and stand up to them as a ‘sovereign citizen’, they will turn you into hamburger by various means.

          • PS: Before anybody jumps me…
            I AGREE with the SENTIMENT of the SovCitizens, but, not their methods. Either they band together, as a legally constituted militia, and LEGALLY declare war on the Feds(Globalist faction), or sTFU.
            Now, if they do that… I’ll join.

            • When ever was america under Common Law? Prior to 1779(?) before us const ratified, it was ruled under British law since the pilgrims arrived up to the us const era right?

              Wasn’t former british law based mainly on magna carta stuff since like around 800 yrs prior to George washingtons era? When did any “offical” common law era exist?

              I recall 50 yrs ago as a small kid hearing of Common law marriage’s were recognized if a man and woman lived as married for at least 6 months. But that was done away with after so many gold digger type women swindled men out of their homes or 1/2 of it and alimony paymnt’s etc.

              I do not recall any other type mention of common law in america.

              I agree also that whatever today is promoted as soverign that I ever read or heard of seems to only get good folks ended up in fed prisons for a varity of reasons.

              Especially claims of gold fringe at flag bottom trim. That seems to be a real biggie amoung proponents as a sure fire method to refuse to appear at state or fed courts hearings. I also read there are many such folks Now residing in fed prisons for such.

              Basically all I read of it a few yrs ago, and I read alot then, was always a massive amount of info that turned into undeciferable goblygook. It reminded me alot of many preachers who twist out of context verses to such an extent nobody including the preacher can make any real sense of it. Perhaps it is just me. But I never yet seen any easy to comprehend info on soverign movnt issues, nor any that seem to work as promoted to. I do think a small few folks earn tons of cash from seminars and phamplet/book/video sales though. Which is another common thread with some preachers today.

              If You are serious on doing this, it seems best advice is to be had from those who did it and are Now in Prison! Ask Them what went wrong so as to avoid same mistakes.

              • The best explanation of the adversarial justice system and its history is here


                The author is Evan Whitton and given he insults every lawyer living and dead and has not been sued I reckon he is dead on the target.

                • My lawyer once told me the first job of every lawyer, beat into them in law school is;

                  Defend The System.

        • Eisen is looking for attention. Please respond to the child and tell him he is cool and what a great patriot he is. Can anyone tell Eisen where to buy his mother a mother’s day present? Where to give money in order to help children? Eisen needs our help and our love.

          • FUCK OFF, TROLL

            • Awwww. Risen. You are so original when you are having a tantrum. Your shit is old and your old guy comments don’t work with me. I am younger than all the ages you have said you are. Fuck off? That’s all you got?

            • Eisenstein: Do you kiss your mother with that filthy mouth of yours little boy?

      12. Sad that so few Americans know that their government is screwing them to the wall with “safety and security” broadcast 24/7 on their TV screens.

        They even made hi-def a requirement, why? to mesmerize and entrance you all the more. throw out the TV, read, learn and get involved.

        A real matrix within a matrix.

      13. Israel, US take over Syria greater israel
        Amid reports of Israeli attack on Hezbollah-bound weapons shipment, head of terror group’s political bureau says Hezbollah ‘ready to prevent Syria from falling into Tel Aviv and Washington’s hands’.

        ‘ Desire of Personal Freedom , Right to be Secure in your home and property is not exclusive to just AmeriCan’s !!!’

        Syrian Citizen’s National’s have the same Human Rights as do AmeriCans to such things .

        Think about it .


      14. Good write up Tyler. Nice to see some fact based information, rather then skewered disinfo designed to pull on the sheep’s heart strings…

        I get angry at people who act like they care, watch mainstream news, and want to argue over the lies they are fed. Too lazy to look for the truth…

        Just got a memo at work today, saying that because of the “sequester” our sick leave benefits have been cut by almost twenty dollars a day… Complete bullsh#@t… The working man takes the short straw again. An insurance to help protect those of us that pay the taxes that drive this nation, and it gets a haircut. And I am not kidding, it says straight out, because of the sequester.

        Cut those lazy s.o.b.’s government handouts that don’t want to work…

        Sorry for the rant, but just another example of our government bending over the wrong class of citizens.

        • I.S.
          If the social programs were magically stopped, some would try to find at least some way to put food on the table, but . . .? The “but” is, hunger makes even normally sensible hardworking people behave irrationaly. Wait till people that have been on the dole start getting real hungry and it will eventually happen, then how do you think they will respond. We all have the primal instinct in us somewhere buried in our genetics.

          We can’t keep supporting it and we can’t cut it off. We are screwed either way.

          • “Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it
            must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be eaten.

            Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the
            slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

            It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle –
            when the sun comes up – you had better be running.”

            • That statement hangs on my wall over my desk.

              Simple to live by.

            • In Africa we call that the law of the jungle thats why I always do lots running/long distance walking because before us white men arrived there were no wheels in africa & if middle earth goes hot we will have no fuel to turn our wheels. Least ill have a pair of legs that will be good to go

          • Congratulations, that’s exactly what the 1% are thinking right about now. Except much larger in scale, by necessity.

            It’s not that I don’t “get it”… I just happen to be one of the many that would not benefit (to put it mildly).

        • Well, they’re REALLY going to want to work NOW, aren’t they?


          I’m noticing of late that every domestic policy is creating the opposite of the stated desired result.

          I think I’ve seen this show before…

        • RT news last nite showed that in England folks are out in streets protesting a new Raise in income for the Queen! To the tune of $5-Million Brit Pounds! aka thats about $7.5 Million in usa dollars!

          The Queen needs such a Raise? 1/2 will fund Crown Polishers and Boot Lickers I rekon.

      15. Sheep are not interested in facts, unless the latest celeb is telling them whats going on, none of this will make any diff at all. Its nice to be able to show someone this stuff and hats off to Tyler at zerohedge for putting it all together, but really the dye is cast.
        “You dont need a gun”
        “nope not until you really need a gun”

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3,
          For some reason, that video won’t play from youtube, so I am downloading it with Download Helper for Firefox…at 17K/sec.
          Putting an orifice plate in the pipeline must be the new censorship strategy.

      16. Only thing missing from those plots is the level of private firearm ownership and the number of concealed carry permits over the same period of time.

        • Coach, note they also had Percentages factors for everything Except of course the exact precentages of Young Black Male caused violence and murders. All it showed was an admition to black male causes. Are they worried actual numbers will go off the chart almost?

          FBI stats used to show that figure and for each years stats it averaged around 83-87% of such violent crime caused by same age black males. Hmmmmm

          Seems the main stat folks need is that Guns=Good, while Black males of younger ages=Bad for america. Keep firearms and Ban such blacks instead. Crime will almost dissapear. Hark! the Detroit Boblo Boat heading One way to africa is Now boarding!

          Todays Detroit Ebonics Lesson: What does it mean in Real English when you hear a Mob of Black males running fast towards the Boblo Boat chanting “HoDeDo” “HoDeDO”?

          Answer; Hodedo translated to Modern English means “Hold The Door”!

      17. I have read so many comments over the last few months about Government take over, and the police or the military taking control over everybody, and sticking us all in FEMA camps, and then DHS buying up all the hand gun ammo, and the police running around in military vehicles. Well maybe instead of worring about how much 22LR ammo cost and how hard it is to get, we should pawn our wide screen TV and sell our golf cart and everyone get a 50BMG. I know they’re expensive but I think every patriot group or every patriot family should have atleast one, even if it is a single shot. What is surprising is that I know many patriot gunowners and I do mean many, and I only know of one that owns a 50BMG. The Big 50 can do some really long range heavy duty work. So let’s give it some thought. Trekker Out. FREE MEN OWN GUNS, SLAVES DON’T

        • MT, I’d love to own a Barrett. The only problem is I really don’t have a range or place to stretch it out. Our range only goes out to 300 yds. There is one in our neighboring state that is putting in a 1000yd berm but I don’t know when that’ll be completed. I’d also would have to purchase another Redding reloader press to keep it barking. I do believe your post has alot of merit and that any group should seriously consider the .50.

          • My wish list has a custom 338Lapua mag on it,,, but like you lack the range, and at the moment I cant find the components for rolling my own ammo either, brass is almost non existent, projectiles are limited,, wait times on custom barrels is streatching into the 6-8 month to forever range,,, guess were in the run what ya brung bracket now,,, that fine tuned ruger 30-06 will do just fine, and only need one .45 to end it all if it gets too bad!

            • I started handloading just in January. True, components are hard to find, but it’s out there.

            • My comment on patriots owning a 50BMG wasn’t meant to limit us to just a 50BMG. I was just thinking along the lines of having something bigger than the standard battle rifle, which is plenty of gun for the average Joe or even for a marksman out to 1000yds. But the 50 BMG or the 338 Lapua or maybe something that I’m not famaliar with would come in handy when dealing with most vehicles. Trekker Out. FREE MEN OWN GUNS,SLAVES DON’T!

              • Howdy MT, Kula-Bro!

                “Standard Hunting” calibers do leave a bit to be desired when ‘things are about to get messy’, true enough. As Kula points out above the 338 “L” is getting more and more difficulat to obtain brass for…though the venerable 50 cal can still be had – for a price. There IS another well respected cartridge out there guys, at least in the AP-role – not the anti-material role – specifically, the 300 Winchester Magnum….tis nothing to sneeze at, being regularly used in 1000 meter competitions…

                When that was developed they moved the shoulder forward a slight bit, allowing for slightly more powder in a case that is delivering a projectile that is sinigicantly lighter than the offerings in the 338 WinMag parent. It is NOT uncommon to see 178 gr bullets driving at around 3100fps. The nice part here…the 30 cal line has MORE extensive development work over time than any other caliber in EXISTENCE, hence a WIDE variety of such exists within the field to suit ANY need,
                VERY much including ‘VLD’ (Very Low Drag) offerings from many manufacturer’s.

                That said, there is also the 338 Remington Ultra Magnum (as well as the 300 ltra Magnum as well) which is JUST slightly less powerful that the 338 Lapua (112 gr vs 121 gr H2O case capacity) for which both riles and brass are readily available. The EXISTENT problem with the Lapua and ALL Weatherby aa well (with the exception of the 300 Weatherby Magnum for whom Hoenady now manuf’s brass) is that all such are WHOLLY sourced from European manufacturer’s…thus a SINGLE brass casing for say 338-378 or 30-378 Weatherby may be well above $5 PER CASING!!!…same apples to all things Lapua as well, or nearly so.

                One other “near-field” contender (if you could find it) is the 50 Beowulf. Aside from being intended to BE an AR cartridge from the outset the stopping power up to 200 yards is truly formidable…specifically designed at the short range for anti-material applications, designed to be an ‘engine-block’ killer with FNFMJ available up to 410 gr. As always, it’s an issue of WHAT your needs are as well as the character of the geography where you will be using it. The Beowulf is fully considered to be capable of kncking DOWN any Bear in MorthAm in existence …


                • Thanks Anon, I do have 338win-mag. Your comment is very informative. Trekker Out.

              • A Mastercard Moment…

                One Barret .50 cal BMG-$3500.00

                One Beginner pak of, 100 rounds ammo for Barret .50bmg-$600.00 on Sale.

                One set of Hearing and Eye protection equipment- $50.00

                Watching on Live CSPAN TV, U.S.Rep. Henry Waxman(D-Calif.) Foam at Mouth with huge sweat beads pouring from his forehead, while Henry rants and raves of his dire concerns. That his chief Armed Body Guard has just informed Henry how totally Ineficent his newly bulletproofed armored Limo will be in the event any person uses a, .50 CAL Rifle to fire an armour-piercing round at the side back door next to where Henery is sitting!…Rep Waxman went on to add his testimony of abject fear that his body guard also informed Henry, that such a bullet even when fired from as far away as 2000 yds is able to not only penetrate henrys limo door, but to also pass clean thru Henry, prior to exiting out from the opposite side back door of his BulletProof Limo! Seems Henery finished his fear based ranting in saying what a total waste that he spent $3-million to make said Limo bulletproof only to now hear of This! Henery halted his testimony at that point to wipe the sweat from his entire facial region as it became profuse..PRICELESS!

                • Howdy TG,

                  “Priceless”…INDEED, 😉


                • is it me or does Waxman resemble a ferret that little weasel like face and his simpering voice.
                  he Bloomberg idiot schummer feinstein and the rest are all just wanting to control the sheeple

                  and just how the hell did this ferret get 3 million to armour a limo ? can you smell govt taxpayer money ?

                  get a 458 socom it doesn’t have the range of a 50 BMG but close up it will penetrate a door and take out a water melon.
                  it’s basically a 45/70 round shortened with a 45 acp base on the cartridge takes a 300 grain slug all the way up to almost a 400 grain HP.
                  it can be pinned to a standard AR lower with just a slight mod to the Buffer and spring

                  screw the ranges folks just go far enough in to the country and shoot unless you live in Ca or Ny

                  i never shoot at ranges there too full of rules written by idiots with no concept of common sense.
                  i live in an area that’s got thousands of acres of open space.and nothing around for miles

                  skittle shittin

              • Mountain Trekker,
                .300 Win Mag is about the biggest I’m ‘a going, but I get your point.

          • Morning PO’d,

            “Barret”…it doesn’t GET any better than that, does it?

            I don’t know how well you’ve been keeping up on the ‘state of the art’ recently, but have you ‘scoped-out’ the 416 flavor thereof?

            A little research yields that the actual offering of projectiles for those are “Hyper-efficient” aerodynamically speaking and thus, in a 2000 yard stand-off between someone equipped with the 50 BMG and the 416 let’s just say that the fellow with the 50 cal is ‘out-gunned’…As well, one of the ‘neatest things’ I have seen lately is an offering from Zel Manufacturing which machines from a billet, an ‘upper’ reciever with a 9 or 10 round side-load magazine which FITS on an AR-15 ‘lower’ which gives you JUST that in up to 30 inches of whole-some barrel-length. You might look it up just to ‘oggle’ it…it IS ‘remarkable’, to say the least. Unfortunately, the back-log is significant…

            …Now THAT is Impressive, No? 😉

            Per the article here, it becomes more plain by the day that the PTB have a fully latent, ulterior motive in wishing for the the COMPLETE disarmament of the Citizenry…after all, a Congress that votes itself the full, unabridged authority to ‘steal’ via legislative stock-manipulations doesn’t exactly want anyone, anwhere else to be able to ‘contest the issue’ with them…Does it?

            Have a Good One today Friends…there may not be many such left till “Night Falls”. Prepare. Again, remember;
            “If you CHOOSE not to make a Choice….Still, you HAVE Chosen…”


            • Anon,

              When I was looking for a Barrett to buy a few years ago, I went with the 50BMG simply because the .416, much like the 408 CheyTac, is what I like to call an “exotic” cartridge. It can cost 2-3 times what the 50BMG costs to reload, and the 50BMG is one of the easiest cartridges I’ve reloaded. It just takes a bit more elbow grease for full length brass resizing. Not a problem with the right resizing wax. Also when the SHTF, as a standard NATO cartridge, 50BMG are readily available compared to .416. The .416 is a sweet cartridge, but I like to shoot the big bore 50BMG 🙂

              You’re 100% correct about congress stealing via the legislative process. Criminals don’t like competition.

              • Howdy YH,

                JOG here… A FUNNY THING happened to me on the way to the Forum”…

                If I DIDM’T KNOW ‘bteer’ I’d say that my Net connection IS being interfered with DIRECTLY lately…hence I’ve QUIT logging my hANDLE AND EMAIL addy to what I send in…as a ‘ret’ of sorts…FUNNY…ALL those without seem to go in here just fine…the REST never GET HERE…Wonder what all that is about, Hmmm?

                As you say, “Criminals don’t like competition.” …nothing truer ever said Friend! As well, your noting that the 50 is (or was, till lately) significantly cheaper to relaod aa well as more available DOES place it these days at the ‘Top of the Heap” in my book as well. Alternately, the cost for various of the 416 components DID come down quite a bit before our Beloved
                ‘Dictator-in-Chief’ elected to go all “Outer Limits’ on us. Promarily, I was noting what I did to give a slightly ‘broader view’ to thoae here…those who DO NOT regularly keep up with things. Have a Good One Friend!


                • JOG,

                  Well said! Take it easy!

            • I am no expert, but what gun comes close to the energy of a 50BMG? I understand that these are approx 12,500 ft/lbs. I think my 300 win mag pales in comparison @3000 or so. So the original poster might be thinking about overall penetrating abilities. I really do not know the power from the 416 discussed or the 338 variations. Anyone know these?

          • Barrett is a good guy but his goods are overpriced, IMHO. Go with Serbu. That’s what I did, with no regret. I should think that a single-shot bolt action in .50 BMG is plenty of firepower, no need to go semiauto.

            (Fun fact: I recently bought a shotgun and went thru NICS; it took 25 minutes. The fellow at Dick’s sporting goods who ran the check told me the person on the other end told him they had to run some “additional checks” or some such Bravo Sierra. Said he had never heard such a thing. Suggesting that when you buy a .50, you go on a “list.” Probably several “lists.”)

          • I want a BFG 9000. ^^

            • Sshhh, don’t tell Mark Serbu. He’ll try to build one.

        • Mountain Trekker,

          I thought 22LR ammunition was difficult to find until I recently went online to find factory 50BMG ammo. The only place I could find it was Gun Broker. The factory ball ammunition is still selling in the $3-5 dollar range per round, but the only component bullets I see for sale are pulled and mangled API bullets which most ranges will not allow.

          Widener’s used to be the best source for 50BMG bullets, but they have been sold out for over a year. The last batch of new 690gr bullets they sold came from South Africa. Great quality. Those sold for $29 per 100 bullets. I don’t expect to see any more of those while the current administration is in office. The good news is that you can still find brass, powder, and primers.

        • Yea right go ahead and move to Fucking belize and try and pull your free sovereign citizen crap there.

          Belize has the strictest gun laws around you can only own guns IF you show a true need ( job as a security officer ) you cant pull the i am a rich gringo and get any thing you want unless you want to try and bribe them. you can only own up to a 38 or a 9mm NO 357 no 45 no 454 casuell and only a small bore hunting rifle no 308 win shot guns are ok but only one. the license to own a gun is around $300.00 to $400.00 PER GUN! per year. any calls from the neighbors accusing you of any small crime and the cops pull your guns on the spot. and if you think you can bring a gun in with your house hold goods think again its a big crime and you get 15 years in prison AND any one in the house with you at the time of seizure also gets prison time. JUST for being in the same house as an illegal gun

          criminals actually go in to neighboring mexico and rent guns for the week ( i am not kidding ) to commit crimes.

          All guns and i mean All guns are licensed and must be re licensed every year and the Local cop can deny you a re issue for any reason including you had too much to drink you had a ticket etc. want to yell at your wife ? that’s a reason to pull your guns and license

          Belize is the most UN FREE country in central america
          the tourist areas are full of petty crooks and hustlers and will rob you blind the minute you turn your back almost every house has bars on the windows and doors and cars have to be locked 24 7 you cant leave any thing out for an hour or so as it will walk off.belizians are big on petty theft and view everything as theirs.

          if you have a pretty wife or daughter she will be a target for rape and prostitution as most Belizian’s are wanna be pimps. girls are accosted in the tourist areas and offered big money to work but they never see the money.

          3nemy of th3 stat3 go ahead and move and see just how long you stay down there and the first time you pull your bull shit on them they will throw you in the prison and you will find your self being used as the white whore. they hate americans who think they can come down and throw there weight around and act like belize is there free americans state

          Expats mostly stay in the jungle or Own businesses in tourist areas and act like the locals and that means no making waves in the kiddy pool remember your a small fish in there pond.

          belizians also blame the gringos for all there problems so you Will get shit from the locals
          about three years ago there were two children killed by alligators along a river or pond. they went to the American owned tourist Croc farm and Killed every croc there and ran the owners off there very superstitious people. the British left them with a state of the art system for the time but they have done nothing but trash it and now they border on true third world status

          belize citizens have no real rights and gringos have even less unless you have an income of about 1 million a year then you can bribe them into anything.

          there big on being bribed usually a $20 us bill folded under a license will buy your way out of a traffic ticket. but that’s not a guarantee

          • Sounds alot like Hati. French whiteys turned hati into the jewel of the carribean. Then white french discovered a new trend called Liberalisim. Then whitey french said Let’s make them darkies our equals! Then whitey french changed laws to allow darkies to Vote!

            After the vast majority darkies of Hati voted to remove whitey french rulers, and replace with darkie rulers, it was just a short matter of time untill the New Darki rulers again changed laws. Then majority darkies in Hati began to Loot everything in sight, Murder every single whitey french, children too, and Burn down Hati till it now resembles detroit’s ghetto. Today I hear Hatians also Blame all whiteys for every problem they have or had.

            • actually the belizians are a lot like children.

              the folks that work in the tourist areas are a bit more decent but the townies and such are the problem children

      18. Sexual assaults among active-duty US military forces climb by 35%

        The US Defense Department has released a survey study showing a 35 % climb in sexual assault cases in the military, just two days after an officer leading Air Force’s sexual assault prevention programs was himself detained and charged with sexual battery.

        • US MILITARY FACT : The Pentagon report, released on Tuesday, estimates that 26,000 American military service members were sexually assaulted in 2012, a major Leap from 19,000 such cases reported during 2010.”


          • And what did they think would happen when they made the military co-ed? And homofied?
            True story: My son related that on his final bivy in the field during basic training (about 10-11 years ago), he was in his sack, when a gal tried to crawl in with him. I asked ” how’d it go?”. He said I told the dumb bitch to get lost, don’t want to get kicked out over this. He said the gals were worse than the guys with the come-ons.
            And I’m sure it’s been posted here, but how about the dimwit in charge of investigating sexual harrasment, getting aressted for sexual harrasment? Probably just doing research, eh? Bet that’s his excuse.

            • Yep, sorry Nina, it’s right there in your post.

              • @Rick … Respect !

                ;0) please no need to apologize , I sincerely appreciate your input and knowledge .



            • Your son is probably gay too

      19. “An armed Society is a polite society. Manners are good when one has to back up his acts with his life”
        Robert Heinlein.

      20. Facts do not matter to the gun control crowd. What matters to them is taking your right to protection.

      21. Urban Invisibility

        A person with an ulterior purpose could hardly choose a better disguise in urban and suburban, or even rural, areas than that of a utility worker. Utility workers include meter-readers and technicians for power, water, phone, gas and more, as well as road workers, county inspectors, and so forth.
        These workers may go almost ANYWHERE…people’s back yards and private property, factories, even secure areas; they are often completely ignored, and rarely ever questioned closely about who they are or what they are doing.
        Typical appearance: work clothes in blue or khaki, or jeans, or just pants/shorts and a T-shirt, almost always with a mesh-type orange vest for visibility; the vest may, but often does not, have something written on it…even when it does many people don’t notice the writing. A hardhat and tool belt, or just a white or orange ball cap and a clipboard, with appropriate footgear (work-boots) complete the outfit.
        Vehicles would be a required part of the disguise only in some areas, but a white pickup truck or van would usually suffice, and lettering could be put on the doors with electrical tape, trimmed with a razor; rarely would anyone examine it that closely. Utility subcontractors sometimes drive unmarked vehicles…but most do have a yellow caution light mounted. In some areas, utility workers may cover considerable ground on foot, making the disguise-vehicle unnecessary.
        Those workers who enter private or secure areas often wear a picture ID clipped to their vest, with the worker’s name and company written on it…keep in mind this type of ID is easily falsified, and again, people rarely examine a utility worker’s ID closely. Even security guards rarely do more than glance at it. Another point is that many people will only remember the “uniform” (as in “he had on an orange vest and said he worked for the water district”) rather than the persons face.
        If the impersonator assembled his disguise with attention to detail, and armed himself with a plausible and simple cover story, there is little likelihood that he would be “blown”.
        Obviously, a person who had observed, for example, the power-company meter-readers in his area, noting what they wore and what sort of equipment they carried, and especially their behavior/activities, could easily impersonate one…merely looking and dressing the part and saying “meter-reader!” is usually enough to gain entrance nearly anywhere without being particularly noticed. If the impersonator behaved as if too busy to talk, answering any questions directed at him while continuing to walk briskly in the direction of his goal, most people would assume “he knows what he’s doing” and thereafter leave him alone.
        Clearly this gaping hole in security is worth noting. If someone wished to move about otherwise private areas, unquestioned, while being little noticed and poorly-remembered, impersonating a utility worker would be one of the subject’s best gambits. We should all take careful note, for our own personal security and that of our retreats and businesses, that a man or woman wearing an orange vest, hardhat and clipboard may not necessarily be what he/she claims.

        Keep the FAITH (COFFIN)

        • When they come to my home, I have a furry, four legged, 80# barking machine that lets him (meter reader) know he’s been spotted and also lets all the other furry barking machines in the neighborhood know there is a prowler lurking about. They (meter readers) always slink carefully and nervously in and out of my yard… and all the other yards in the area. There are usually at least fifteen barking machines (all different pitches, from yip yip to wooof wooof) talking to each other all during his walk. There’s no way anyone can lurk and sneak around my area without being noticed.

      22. Guns don’t kill people. People in uniform kill people.

        • JRS,
          More like, “Guns don’t kill people, Socialist Governments and Muslim Jihadists kill people”, a whole lot more people.

        • JRS,

          More like, “Guns don’t kill people, Zionist Commie Fascist Illegal Governments like Israel , Israehell Zio-Jew Mossad and Fanatic Jewish Cult Illegal Settlers kill defenseless unarmed Palestinians , men , women and children ”, and a whole lot more people in other countries .

          Remember the USS LIBERTY and others …

          NinaO ;0P

      23. That is because every night on the news all you hear about are gun related crimes … it may be only 1 being reported over the course of 3 nights, but in the minds of those that are watching it feels like a lot more. Just my take.

        • Sure. The incident in CT dominated the news for six months, but the guy who went berzerk with a shotgun in Herkimer, NY and shot a bunch of people was strictly local news for about two days.

          Statistically, the CT mass shooting was like 4 times as bad as the Herkimer one. In terms of the emotional impact on the country, the disparity is incalculable.

          Statistics mostly matter when some windbag is emoting around them on the national news.

          • CT was a made for TV movie produced by the 08&M& &DM!N!57R&7!0N (A DHS CIA, JOINT!). According to official documents Adam Lanza died on Dec. 13th in New Hampshire, Nancy Lanza on Dec. 14th in New Hampshire. Nancy was never a teacher @ S.H. But she WAS a CIA Analyst. Peter Lanza is an executive for GE Capital, you know the company that’s neck deep in nasty Obama stuff.

            There probably never was a younger second Lanza son, and their older son changed his name from Adam to Ryan around 2009 when Adam completely dropped off any record anywhere.

            No first responders took any of the shooting victims to any area hospitals. The hospitals commented, ‘its almost like it was a drill’; close but better a full-fledged FedGov’t PsyOp, completely filmed directed produced and package for the will MSM to foist upon the American public. An elaborate lie by the Prince of Lies himself…

            One of the children who was supposedly killed turned up in a photo with Obama taken two days later.

            The three “hero” CT State Police interviewed on TV turned up dressed as mercenaries at the ‘Boston Marathon’ False Flag and Street Theater. You know the one where there are pictures of actors spreading fake blood, cutting clothes, knocking over fences and scaffolds, putting fake injury prostheses on double amputees, and declaring Martial Law and Violating hundreds of peoples’ Constitutional Rights with para-military police point rifles at US Citizens, etc. etc. etc.

            I could go on and on and on and on with discrepancies, FBI, Actors, DHS documents, etc. etc. etc. But, its all out there to see if you look.

            • Okey Dokey

            • I think you need to do some more investigation.
              Several of those theories have been debunked. I’m as suspicious as the next person, but I’ll tell ya, sometimes really scummy people actually do really sh1tty things.

              As for Boston, I walked past where the first bomb went off with my son 7 minutes before it blew. I can tell you it was real. I heard the blasts. I saw people panic. Saw the emt and police vehicles flying down the streets to the scene.
              It was a life-changing event for me. I’ve been following this site and others for a while and have read a ton of good info, but that day in Boston sure got me thinking about enjoying every moment because none of us knows when our life will be cut short.

              • None of it has been “debunked”. The only point in question is whether or not there ever was a second Lanza son. The evidence on the Boston False Flag is voluminous. There are private citizen videos and CCTV videos (which come from various unrelated sources and tell the same story) recording the spreading of blood, the fake prosthetics on the double amputee, the Federal Gov’t mercenaries who posed as CT State Police at Sandy Hook, (along with other mercenaries at the scene) etc. etc. Also a lot of the runners heard them say they were having a “DRILL” don’t be alarmed”. Someone from the Boston Globe tweeted it and said the explosion would be adjacent to the library (across the street near the finish line).

                Boston was a False Flag, and so was Sandy Hook both produced directed and packaged for the MSM and popular consumption. My only question is whether or not the children were killed, kidnapped, or were never in the building at Sandy Hook. That question really does disturb me, as it would disturb almost anyone with a conscience. One thing is for sure, if they were murdered as reported, NO ONE OUTSIDE OF THE DHS/CIA has SEEN ANY EVIDENCE OF THE BODIES, NOT EVEN THE AUTOPSY REPORTS.

      24. The debate on guns in the U.S. has never been about numbers.

        Gun legislation is entirely panic driven.

        We have the Second Amendment, along with the Third, because people were panicked about soldiers busting in their doors and taking over.

        New York banned pistols around 1911 because crime was out of hand and people thought they were likely to be shot walking down the street.

        We have no machine guns because everyone was afraid of tommy gun wielding gangsters in the 1930’s.

        In this latest round it’s a couple of deranged mass shooters who’ve scared the shit out of everyone.

        It’s not the number of people who are shot that matters; it’s people happen to think it could them on any given day.

        Drug dealers shoot each other every day and, quite rightly, no one gives a shit. They do drive the statistics up though.

      25. — Off Topic — Physical Preps

        I just wanted to share with anyone who may have similar issues and haven’t acted on them yet.

        A year ago my vision was 20/400 – which is basically blind without corrective lenses. I considered it a physical prep and had LASIK done. 36 Hours after my surgery my vision was 20/15 and I just had my 1 year check up and I’m still at 20/15.

        Having to rely on eyeglasses or contacts sucks ass in day to day living, in a SHTF event it’s going to really suck, especially when your contacts go bad or a lens gets broken. Only thing the doctor didn’t warn me about which I wish they would have is the smell. When they’re doing the procedure you get to smell your eyeball burning from the laser, aside from that it’s pain free and really quite amazing.

        After I did that I decided to deal with my allergies, which are horrible as well. Been doing shots for a year this June, went to a doctor that would let me double up on dosages for the first 3 months, first time in my life I’ve been off all allergy medication for 6 months now and 90% symptom free. Once again, claritin and all that crap will be gone quickly.

        Lastly I had high blood pressure and cholesterol, doc wanted to do lipitor and BP meds. I switched my diet from buying microwave dinners and bags of chips to whole foods and went to a vegan diet, dropped 30lbs, BP is good, cholesterol is good and now I’ve been working out and increasing strength. I do cheat and have meat every now and then, just not everyday like I used to.

        Anyway, my point being it’s important to prep water, food, medical supplies, ammo etc, but there’s permanent things you can do to your body now, before it happens, that could really help in the long run. Good luck to all in the coming months.

        Hopefully the Benghazi tragedy may have some good come out of it today in the hearings in bringing down this administration – I doubt it though.

        • Aslard,

          Thanks for the info on the eyes. I’ve been stalling on the LASIK procedure and checking to see if it would help me. I’ve saved up enough money to have it done, it’s just I HATE doctors and anything to do with my eyes. I had to wear cheaters for the past 6 years to be able to read.

          I take it that you are very satisfied with the final outcome.

          Thanks for the nudge… I will be checking into it.

          • Op – very satisfied, I personally don’t do well with doctor procedures, my doc was done in under 20 minutes. 4k dollars in 20 minutes, must be nice =)

      26. Big picture, bottom line……More overall guns in circulation in America than ever before, gun crimes dropping- short version More guns, less crime.

      27. Too quote a great man ” Imagine how stupid the average person is , well half of them are even stupider than that “. – G. Carlin

        Too illustrate the point , 545,000 background checks for guns every day , yet the supermarket shelves are still full and we are exporting grains. How do you all think that is going to turn out when the just in time system comes off the rails ?

      28. May 7, 2013
        Some senators seeking AUMF revisions
        Rick Moran

        The Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) resolution may be tweaked if some senators get their way.

        ‘ The Posse Comitatus Act is the United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) passed on June 18, 1878, RING A BELL FOR ANYONE !!!’

        ‘ GOT HEMP ROPE !?’


      29. Well, we know how dumb the sheepal are…..nothing new here. Hell, half of them believe there’s aliens in outer space, watching us grow like fish in an aquarium. They talk about the universe like it’s some infinite playground, in total disregard of how lethal it is ? As for guns, I don’t talk about em, because there’s nothing to talk about…’s like talking about steak knives, pencils, or pipe wrenches.
        But, murder is murder, and I don’t care what tool you use, it’s still murder !

      30. You know what is amazing? If you were to save the lives of the family of one of these anti-self defense, anti-gunners using a firearm, at the time you might get praise. Afterwards you would get nothing but condemnation, and you might even have to defend yourself in court about using unnecessary force, but the snake of the anti-freedom to defend yourself scumbucket would turn on and support the criminal that was shot or the criminal’s family in some sort of civil suit against you. This is vileness that are anti-self defense parasites, they are vermin and everyone should remember this because they have no respectable anything about them. If they have any substance to them, they would not be trying to take away other people’s right to defend themselves.

        • Thats why I have a policy of just taking care of my own.

          if they elect to not carry , than they made thier choice.

          they have the right to be stupid, as I have the right to be armed

      31. Here comes another head ache
        Explosive Materials Background Check Act Revealed

        For you re-loaders…yes if you havent been hiding under a rock, then you know primers, powder and projectiles have become harder and harder to obtain..oh its by design, so dont fool yourself

        when I have commented many times in the past about how this admin was going to round house our 2nd Right, by ammo removal, licincing it, restricting it, and out right keeping it out of the market..well they have done so pretty effectively

        Now this

        Jesse over at Predator Intelligence has a document he put together that shows how the EMBCA amends Federal law to screw over gun owners. Here’s what I take away from this . . .

        ■Requires those who want to use black or smokeless powder to obtain a “limited” explosives license. ANY AMOUNT OF LOOSE BLACK OR SMOKELESS POWDER WOULD REQUIRE SUCH A PERMIT. Commercial small arms ammunition (finished cartridges) is exempt. For now.
        ■The bill redefines “manufacturer” in terms of explosives to mean anyone who makes something that goes boom, even if it isn’t for sale or profit. Previously, you needed to be “in the business” of manufacturing to qualify as a manufacturer, which means making a profit from your endeavors. As the current law makes the manufacture of an explosive without a license illegal, this is pretty clearly a stab at making tannerite and other binary explosives that people assemble themselves illegal.
        ■It expands the factors that would exclude someone from purchasing “explosive materials” to include those who have a restraining order against them.
        ■Restricts those who are suspected of being terrorists or on one of the many secret terrorist watch lists from obtaining a license for explosive materials, turning the “shall issue” explosives permit process into a “may issue” permit at the Attorney General’s discretion. And they don’t have to tell you why you were denied, or provide a means of redress.

        In short, it looks like this bill is specifically designed to restrict the ability of those who load their own ammunition or use black powder firearms from buying the components that fuel their activities. Keep in mind that right now, gun stores don’t need an additional license to sell black powder or smokeless powder. You can even buy it online and have it shipped to your door for a modest fee.

        Should this bill pass, gun owners would need to pay $50 every three years to buy and store gunpowder. And gun stores would need a whole new set of licenses to sell the stuff. This is an immense financial burden to law abiding Americans involved with firearms, and doesn’t do a damned thing about fireworks. Or pressure cookers.

      32. I just did my own stat check. In my state, there are twice as many “car deaths” as “gun deaths”. Nationwide the numbers are about even. However, if you take out the top 10 big cities, far more people nationwide would die of “car deaths” than “gun deaths”. I don’t think I need to explain why the stats are skewed by the big cities. And yet, no one is calling for a ban on autos? If a drunk runs a stop sign and T-bones your family, do you blame the car? Get real.

        • No reason to call for cars being outlawed. They are not specifically made to kill. They are for transportation. When it comes to addressing cars and deaths, several laws exist including DUII. Keep it real.
          So following your logic, did you know 40% if car deaths are drunk driving related? That means 60 percent of deaths are not related to drunks. Looks to me like your odds are better if you are drunk on your ass. Your logic and this article are both stupid.

      33. I turned the TV’s in both break rooms at work to the Benghazi hearings and the customer lounge as well. 2 TV’s went to cartoons and pawn stars, I turned them back to Benghazi. They are holding on those stations and so far 3 sheeple have asked, What is Benghazi and Was this broken today.


        • Damn, and I thought Rumplestilskin was a childrens story. Tell them they were only asleep for the last seven months.

      34. I think I understand the point that the article was trying to make, but the statistics provided make a pretty good case for 1994 AWB type of law. You have to be careful with stats because they can work for you and against you. I would think ZH would have done a better job of editing this before posting it and making sure the intended point was made.

      35. I made this point in a prior post. This article is in fact true. This article does not point out that all homicides are down. Not just gun related homicides. This article misrepresents the real reasons and that is demographics. I am sure the author will agree and point that out when the youth population increases and gun/all violence also increases.

      36. “Death is a part of Life”, ask me how I know? Cummings

        Am I on tv? I want to be on 5 Sunday talk shows.

      37. I’m going to beat this drum again, although I suspect it will not be heard again. I think it is critical for all who support gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment to understand, and to argue, that the whole gun control debate is entirely misdirected. I have often felt, over decades, that the problems surrounding violence in America had to be social, or cultural, but if so, I was at least partially WRONG.

        Our problems are, at least in part, ENVIRONMENTAL.

        Levels of non-organized violence in America (and elsewhere) do involve the involuntary ingestion of Pb (lead), but not so much in bullet form, as in the air we breathe and the water and food we take in. There is a 23-year direct and statistically unbelievable correlation between environmental lead levels and violence. See

        As it turns out, lead in gasoline, in terms of tons per 1,000 people, peaked right about 1970, 23 years before the peak in violence (in America). It is at this time that the Clean Air Act provisions kicked in that substantially reduced lead emissions, and guess what? As the trend line slopes downward radically in lead emissions, it does so right in line with the downtrend in non-organized violence, beginning 23 years later, in 1993. The correlation is so strong that scientists have estimated that lead contamination may explain up to 90% of the rise and fall of violent crime in the past 1/2 century.

        And now this ( comes from a health article totally unrelated to violence or crime or guns in any way:

        “The average blood concentration of lead measured in children aged 1 to 5 years was 92 percent lower in 2009-2010 than in 1976-1980, according to the EPA. Most of that decline occurred in the 1980s, but consistent decreases have continued since 1999.”

        Many preppers (call-out Daisy!) understand that what we put in our bodies has a heck of a lot to do with how we are able to function. Why should it be so difficult to get people to understand that what is put into our bodies involuntarily — through contaminants, pollution, etc.)– can affect huge numbers of people in highly negative ways? When the contamination is society-wide, as was lead contamination, then it will affect the whole society. When it is regional (like the radioactive contamination along our west coast), then you will see regional affects (like the 25% spike in infant mortality along our western states).

        Okay, that horse has been whipped again, the drum beaten.

      38. Thank you, Nehweh Gahnin~ 🙂

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’d like to add to your list of environmental toxins. The poisons from chemical farming methods poison the air, the land for decades to come, and the water supply. People who live near industrial farms are dropping like flies.

        Folks like to say that the only way to feed our ever-growing population is to chemically farm and genetically modify. Instead, this is a measure that could become extinction level as the world becomes more and more polluted, seeds can no longer be saved, and people have no real food left to eat.

        ~ Daisy

        • Those Lead stats do Not explain a reason as to Why if you can blame lead for violent crimes is it always mainly a huge disproportionate number of BLACKS commiting said violent crimes? If that premise was true it should affect all races equally. Yet 40+ yrs of fbi stats covering massive crime info from Every city-village-county-state-hamlet-township-area nationwide, once added up reflects each year a massive percentage of Black commited violent crimes. EVERY YEAR in EVERY Catagory of aprox 12 major crimes of violence catagories listed by FBI.

          So, Sorry but I say that lead contamination stuff is BUNK. Sounds like another well engineered liberal reinvent reasons for crime so to Absolve Black crime ratios.

          The ONLY thing that can make any sense of this is if they say evidence shows provable that Blacks are affected by Lead in a far different or greater way than say, Whites are. And if they go that route, than they are admitting that there is No such thing as equality amoung our Race and Theirs. And if That is the case?…How Many More Unequalities exist between blacks and whites for example?

          I aint buying it. Proof is in the Puddin, and the Puddin=Blacks do a massive disproportionate number of crimes while ingesting likly equal amounts of Lead in air or ground contamination etc.

          • Sorry, pal, but I think the onus is on you to produce something other than your blind prejudice to support your argument.

        • That is absolutely and entirely correct, Daisy. In fact, Monsanto’s business model could prove the single greatest immediate threat to humanity if the petro-chemical methods of farming are shut off through the disruption or cessation of oil supplies. If the lights go out, POOF! so do the billions of bushels of wheat and corn they raise. Their monoculture farming has depleted the soils, drained the aquifers and threatens natural foods and medicines. (Big Pharma does this too, especially with respect to healing herbs.)

          You are always an inspiration. It is heartening to have you in the mix.

      39. Mac, et al…

        We, I, have been talking about the globalist conspiracy for a long time… I and others have stated that this is an economic or financial control mechanism… working through the biggest banks and corporations…. now we have proof, in the form of a whistle blower…(Karen Hudes, Former Senior Counsel to the World Bank) who lays out the control structure of a ‘group’ of 147 companies with interlocking influence that own or control the stock and directorships of 43,000 ‘transnational’ corporations… operating from the World Bank.

        She also has confirmed Jim Willie’s thesis, that I have discussed before, concerning the BRICS nations abandoning the SWIFT system and the World bank by developing their own system, the BRICS Development bank. Which will be the basis of what Willie calls;
        the ‘Dollar kill switch’.

        She also speaks to the coming PM based ‘money’, and something that was a travesty, when all the independent TV stations were ‘rolled up’ under a couple corporations back in the ’90’s.

        She is confirming everything we have discussed as ‘tin foil’ for years… after working in the lions den… she turned on them.

        • Piper, thank you for sharing that link — Will definitely check this out in short order!

        • Saw the interveiw Piper,it was indeed eye opening to say the least. Been a big fan of Jim Willie since 2006 when he first started writing about the dealings of the corrupted banks and their governmental hand maidens.But the major advantage these criminals have,for the time being at least,is that 99% of the people will never know about this information until it’s too late to act on it.

      40. If the Obama administration comes out of this Benghazi mess intact, we, as Americans are not doing our job. There simply is no excuse for what happened at Benghazi. None. Period.

        Obama and Hillary both should be in prison for the rest of their lives for the treason and dereliction of duty that they imposed on those braves souls who were ruthlessly murdered while the Whitehouse watched and listened.
        The Obama administration and all others involved must be held accountable.
        Give Obama and Hillary time to think it over in prison.

        • What did the President know, and WHEN did he know it…

          Don’t think it’ll ever get that far, but this is far worse than a simple break in. The rumors about gun running to moooslims persist, and would be par for this administration…

      41. @ Grippentrog. All peter parker was trying to do was give some form of an analogy to gun related deaths. I think stupidity plays more in car related deaths than anything. Texting while driving is dumb, a person can wait until they are stopped to send some message. Unless there is some major war starting or some local or individual emergency, nothing is that important to take someone’s eyes off the road and destroy others’ lives along with their own from a totally unnecessary and preventable accident. Other accidents are varied, but a car may not be meant to kill, but it still does through someone improperly using it. A firearm is the same, inproper use leads to accidents and death.

        People are scared of losing gun rights like these hellholes in europe that have not only taken away firearms but also non lethal devices. It is a crime against humanity to not allow someone to carry pepper spray to avoid getting their body mauled by a vicous animal. Back in the days of the USSR, people desperately tried to get to western europe for freedom from Warsaw pact countries. Now freedom is so restrictive in these western european cess pits, people that desire freedom move, maybe even back to eastern europe. Take away firearms and other devices are next.

        Most people are passionate about their 2nd. Amendment rights because it is about freedom and everyone’s right to defend themselves. Manos from Greece absolutely shocked me when he wrote on this site that you are not even allowed to defend yourself with your fists or your body in that “country”. Talk about Greek citizens that need to seek asylum in FREE countries from that nightmare over there. This could happen ANYWHERE, and the people here and the ones that still understand and want freedom know what happens when you have your rights to defend yourself taken away, even a little bit. The slippery slope to tyranny and a cesspool like in england that has 4 times the violent crime rate per 100,000 people than the U.S.

        I really hope you are not one of those anti-gunners, that would be awful. Those individuals are either control freaks that worship governmental control or they have total lack of any brain activity, like those retardates that were trying to ban cookware (pressure cookers). Talk about someone that belongs in primate encounters at the local zoo. I hope you see the need and the basic right that everyone has to defend themselves against being injuried, crippled, raped, or murdered from true criminal scum.

        • Not anti gun. I see the point of the article. I also think the anti gun people will make the opposite argument when the violence increases. This is a two edge sword. I also don’t make false comparisons. We all admit guns are made to kill. The people shooting the guns are either justified or the problem. Cars are a bad comparison.

      42. It goes to show you…most folks are sheeple, and of minimal intelligence. This is why so many Americans think that gun homicides are soaring.

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