Americans Are Too “Idiotic To See How Enslaved They Are” Even As the Gates of Hell Open Up

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 33 comments

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    There’s a whole sordid history to America’s idiotic return to war again – and again – even though each and every episode, each and every war has wound up being a pile of lies.

    But there’s no time to go into that here, and it’s besides the point. If the truth were simply sitting there, on a platter, it would still remain unknown.

    So disorienting is the multi-pronged, two-sided propaganda regime that controls our thinking, and thus our lives, that Americans seem incapable of learning from their past mistakes – making them regressive and defenseless animals that are being easily manipulated and contained by the larger collective organism that has pushed for war as a means of metabolism and growth.

    Nothing good can come out of what happened in Syria. Its consequences may take time to play out, or not.

    And no one is currently in a position to stop or even stand up to any of it.

    via SGT Report:

    10 Reasons Trump’s Attack on Syria Was Idiotic and Based on Lies — James Perloff:

    Trump bent immediately to the will of the deep state. Like a twig in the wind.

    It’s time to be honest about that. The people never had a champion in the ring.

    Let us talk no more of “democracy,” or of “voting”. Of course, that is hard to accept and acknowledge, because it is so devastating to the delusions that hold individuals together from day to day.

    Many people may not even be capable of holding the thought or notion that they might oppose or stop it. Most Americans are now literally numb to the actions of its own government, the lives it is destroying and the lies it is working for.

    The candidates and the creatures of the state who have willingly lied and deceived the people while looking them in the eye (and pretending to have good reasons) are recklessly and wantonly jeopardizing the world in a way that that hasn’t been seen since the cold war.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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      1. If you were TPTB, and you objectively observed the intentional ignorance of not just the worshippers of the sphere but society as a whole you would come away with the conclusion that they are not capable of self government. We have a congressman that thinks islands float and his constituents, obviously dumber than him, vote him back in. Maybe a small nation with a monolithic educated society would be capable. Switzerland would be an example of such.

        • Kevin2,
          You’re absolutely right! If the “average” IQ is 100, then that means that 1/2 of the population is dumber than 100, which means they’re only slightly smarter than morons. So 1/2 the population are little better than morons, probably a 1/3 are libtards (above average IQ, but below average ability to think logically), the other 1/6th are smart enough, but we can’t outvote the other clowns. We’re basically doomed.

          • Yeah, I hate to agree with you, ‘T’ but I cannot disagree with your math. All democracies are ultimately doomed. Once the voters realize they can vote for their own public largess, that’s the beginning of the end.

            The Amerikan Founding Fathers understood this and created a Constitutional Republic instead of a democracy. Hey, it lasted more than two centuries before the Powers-that-Be ignored the Constitution to hasten their wealth extraction.
            And the rest, as they say, will be history …

          • The median WHITE IQ is 100. . .Blacks in Africa [not mixed race mulattoes]- Median IQ is 67. Yes it’s true.

          • Ever read Guy Odom’s America’s Man on Horseback? He suggested our nation (all nations) is doomed as our core of creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders are swamped by a rising tide of morons. He basically wrote the basis for Idiocracy 20 years before the movie was made. He believed intelligence and leadership were passed from mothers to sons and the more women chased successful careers, the fewer intelligent leaders there would be in future generations. He gave nations on average a 250 year cycle of birth, vigor, and decline and predicted our failure in the 2030s.

        • Good point Kevin2, but I am under the belief that people for the most part, are relatively smart and they know about what is going on. The issues are what can one do about it? When one is living paycheck to paycheck, one focuses on that. Until it becomes dire straits, we keep doing what we do.
          For those with some extra time and energy, the following will take the satanists out of control:
          1. Lottery selection for all political jobs, not only the voted in jobs, but all the jobs. This will keep a change going, and no one can predict or control it. We will all be on the same side, no more political parties, that are only used to get us to fight each other. The elites cannot control a lottery, and thus, they will lose control.

          2. If they cannot have complete lottery control, then 5 years maximum for any and all government staff positions. No exceptions.

          3. Companies may have 100 employees or less. It is due to the massive communist style/socialist style huge companies, that give power to a very few people. With massive amounts of small companies, this will be true capitalism, and Not communism nor socialism, large corporations are really just socialistic or communistic ideas, with one or two in control and all the rest slaves. With many, many small companies, when a new invention arrives that can cause a paradigm shift, a 100 employee company will not be able to stop it. Look at the kerosene lamp industry, they held on for years, until finally the electric lights took over. Slide rule to calculators, and on and on.
          My neighbor in Michigan, his dad built a carborator that gave his v-8 engine 100 mpg. It was bought up and shelved by GM.

          Today, if you create a paradigm shift, you just get murdered.

          4. One person may own one company, no groups, no companies owning companies, it has to be a single person, and a single person can only own one company at a time.

          5. Legalize all drugs. Our prisons are filled with minor drug infringements. The real drug manufacters, sales and distribution, are the CIA, the FBI, mayors, police, authoritarian people. When a business makes a million dollars a day, this is not a business run by poor people.

          6. Land tax reform, if your land and home get bought an paid for,
          then no more tax liability. Without this, you do not own land,
          you are only renting.

          • Fran

            ” I am under the belief that people for the most part, are relatively smart and they know about what is going on.”

            I long to be in your circles. I come here because its one of the few places where the relatively (and some greatly) informed congregate. I have a few friends that are well informed otherwise I people don’t know, don’t care and don’t care to know.

            Small minds talk about people. Medium minds talk about things. Large minds talk about concepts and ideas.

            • I disagree. People are clueless. Americans are more clueless than most other nationalities. They still think there is a rule of law and “constitutional rights.”
              There are none. That is all gone.

              The DOD-US government-Media-Corporate-Schools, amalgamation is a VERY EFFECTIVE mind control and manipulation machine.
              They control and manipulate perception and public opinion VERY EFFECTIVELY.
              They fear the Internet with free speech outlets such as this.
              That is why eventually these outlets will be shut down, blocked, filtered.

              He that owns the DNS servers and search engines CONTROLS real information.
              US government intel agencies control these. The information might still be out there but without search and dns you won’t find it.

              As far as comments above about stupid people.
              Never underestimate stupid people. They are the most DANGEROUS.
              A thinking man has self control and self restraint.

              An idiot with nothing to loose has none. They just act as animals. Violence is just a normal day for them. So I wouldn’t be feeling all superior. You will hesitate and be civilized. You value life. An idiot will NOT. He or she, will act with unyielding and unmerciless violence against you or yours. Your hesitation will be your demise.

              This is why you need to train your family members and ALWAYS yourself be armed. Strap on that sidearm as you are in your home. Be prepared to defend your home and family against low IQ, nothing to loose, and other dangerous types. Gun safes are for fools. Locks on guns are for future dead men.

              As the economy collapses and more leftist drug bums need their daily fix. The more danger there is. No matter your neighborhood. I live in nice neighborhood. My neighbor is strapped while taking out his trash.

              Tell me, If you are a punk cruising by looking for trouble. Would you start something up with him? Or would John Citizen liberal in pink golf shirt no side arm be your preference to jack with? Even stupid are not that stupid.

              I never underestimate ANYONE. My friend was murdered by his wife. 5 out of 6 were hits. This woman was cute, petite, and dangerous. Women are the most dangerous. They loose their minds monthly and many have little to NO self control.

          • Sorry, but I don’t believe that’s true. Most people today seem to be as dumb as a sack of hammers. I’m inclined to believe we’re on the verge of another dark age as idiocy rises to rule the world.

            It’s hard to believe we’ll ever become a Type I civilization when we still can’t get our people to stop throwing babies in dumpsters, pop culture is still pop, Kanye West is a creative genius, mind-warping drug use is considered a good way to spend your time, and the average college graduate never opens another book after school.

            • pray for nukes….lots of nukes !

        • What you are saying is, is that the Georgia Guidestones were essentially correct…I would agree although I disagreed when I learned about their existence, but since then have come to realize they were great ideas waaaay ahead of their time.

      2. Let us not blame the public for the decisions of those with money and power. The people are flawed but not beyond hope. The ones at the bottom intellectually may be helped a bit but most are simply unable to rise to the challenges in life. How they became so dim witted is part heredity and part crimes against humanity to which they are the victims. Bombarded with poison in food, meds, vaccinations, chem trails, Fukishima, lead in toys from China. So, even otherwise intelligent children are now in big bodies with damaged brains. But they vote.

        Then we have the music pounding out whatever brain cells are left after TV has turned the minds of the normal people into consumer obsessed sexaholics, totally confused. They have had an education designed to reinforce feelings of worthlessness. Yet the education makes them just fit enough to be useful to the master manipulators. Then you want to blame them for being stupid. These are the ones who can be reached. They aren’t retarded but they have been made to not think. We can reach these. Call them libtards but don’t desert them. They are our best hope. Get them away from TV. Give them the books the establishment wants banned and burned.

        Time for those of us who have been enlightened to reach those who have not as yet.


        • B from CA

          ” How they became so dim witted is part heredity and part crimes against humanity”

          I believe that they’re not inherently curious and intellectually lazy. I came from parents and have family that could not care less about anything that did not directly, and importantly obviously effect them. Not a shred of curiosity was in them. I on the other hand analyze everything.

          “Give them the books the establishment wants banned and burned.”

          Books? They don’t bother to read. Short story. I read countless books at work as a good running power plant, which is what you strive for, has a lot of time doing nothing. Its very often hours of boredom punctuated by moments of terror when “the shit hits the fan”. I read countless non fiction books. Many played video games, some cards, to occupy time. One of the Sr operators, cocky type tough guy stood over me bragging, attempting some intimidation said, “I never read a book in my life”. I looked up and said, “And it shows”. Everyone cracked up.

          Most people just want to do their thing and be left alone. Interest in all of this was nil 25 years go. It only got some traction (little but some) when all the manufacturing jobs fled the
          country. People just don’t care.

          • I used to work at a power plant. The operators I met were mostly former Navy engineers. Most of them seemed pretty smart. They were all characters.

            I’ll never forget the brilliant idiot sitting with some guys in the next bunk over from me in the army. He had a scorpion tattooed on his bicep and he was showing it off to the other guys and said this, “Yeah, I want to get a tarantula on my other bicep, because when you combine the two most deadly animals in the world, you get me!” I barely kept myself from guffawing out loud.

            The most rewarding compliment I ever got was when one of my buddies overheard a supervisor of ours commenting that I think too goddamn much.

      3. Blanket statements……Call me an idiot to my face and see what happens when you fukc with somebody whos not only stupid, but violent too……Fkn douchebag.

          • Got it that time. LOL.

          • that was good 🙂

      4. I may be a little “out there”. Trump spend 47 million dollars to
        make a point. Americans made those missiles and we can make many more. Russians either chose not to, or could not stop them, most likely the case.
        As far as war goes, I really don’t remember a time when we weren’t at “war” with someone, cold or hot. My brothers and in-laws kids were Iraq era. I’m Vietnam era, my parents were Korean era, my grand parents WWII era, I could keep going back in time, but the point is, people are always fighting.
        I submit to you, our next war has already started, and if we don’t wipe Moslem’s and Democrats off the face of the earth, TPTB are the least of our worries.
        Have a happy Easter, I’m trying to figure out how to smoke a ham.

        • rellik

          ” if we don’t wipe Moslem’s and Democrats off the face of the earth, TPTB are the least of our worries.”

          You have that 180 degrees backward. The Islamic terrorists are funded by TPTB to overthrow the stable government leaving ungovernable chaos, ripe with oil/gas or its distribution network really exploitable. They’ll take what currency we demand, they’ll allow that we want, when we want.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

          h ttps://

          • The words troubles are a symptom, with rare exception regardless of its source, the cause is TPTB.

        • rellik

          “I could keep going back in time, but the point is, people are always fighting.”


          “Read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”, by Antony Sutton. Learn about US Senator Prescott Bush the father of GH Bush, grandfather of GW Bush. Read “War Is A Racket” by USMC MG Smedley Butler. Read, “Trading With The Enemy” just for a start.

          • You have not given some good advise on how to smoke a ham.
            Happy Easter!

            • Slice it thin and use Joker rolling papers.

        • I’m trying to figure out how to smoke a ham.

          Then I can ask- “what have you been smoking?”

          Be sure not to inhale!

          That’z all folks!

        • can’t help but wonder WHEN those missiles will be “paid for”? you don’t suppose there will be any INTEREST charged, do yuh?

        • Really big rolling papers and a propane torch!

        • Add the usual prefix

      5. Make war profits great again!
        You’ve been fooled again America.
        Even the creators of The Simpsons tried to warn you America.
        No prison for Hillary, no Obamacare repeal, and the swamp is deeper.
        Every month Trump retracts things he said during the campaign.
        Haven’t you Americans figured out that change can’t come from within a corrupted system owned by Zionists?
        The Zionists have their puppet and business is looking good.

      6. I had to quit face-palming..i kept giving myself concussions…..I full time cheerlead for a zombie apocalypse these days. At least that would actually work to the benefit of all.

      7. Apr 13, 2017 Mkultra – The Cia’s Psychic Warfare On The Soviet Union

        Project Mkultra – The CIA’s mind control program used by the US to counter the ‘Soviet threat’ and control foreign leaders including Fidel Castro.

        • In The End All Will Answer To God!

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