Americans Are Rediscovering Self-Reliance To End Their Own Enslavement

by | May 25, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    In the aftermath of the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, which has impoverished millions and destroyed the supply chains all around the world, Americans are at least taking some responsibility.  Many are now taking to self-reliance, as they’ve realized the government is not there to help them.

    Many people initially obeyed the commands to destroy their lives, shut their businesses, and become good slaves. But a lot of us quickly got fed up with the tyranny as the orders killed jobs, smothered social interactions, and put the entire population of the planet in mental chains. If anything, the plandemic restrictions fed oxygen to the embers of the individualist, anti-authoritarian tradition. Likewise, the lockdowns have fueled old habits of self-reliance, prompting Americans to relearn skills and revive almost-forgotten habits in ways that, for better or worse, may shape the future.

    Cooking at home was the first skill to gain new life in a nation that had become increasingly accustomed to take-out, fast food, and sit-down restaurant meals.

    “Until recently, learning how to cook, or learning how to cook better, as an adult was considered an aspirational skill akin to learning how to ski—could be nice, might be fun, but would be daunting and could come with potentially expensive start-up costs,” the Washington Post noted in March. –Reason

    When you rely only on yourself, you cannot be manipulated or controlled.  This is perhaps the biggest blow to the political and ruling classes of the work we’ve seen yet.  As David Icke said, “dependency is the greatest form of control.”

    Stand Up For Liberty: Dependency Is The Greatest Form of Control

    Self-ownership, personal responsibility, and self-reliance have all been on the rise since the elitists insisted on trying to bury the public in fear and horrific tyrannical restrictions on literally everything.  People have risen up though, and perhaps this is the point in history when people got off their knees.

    Americans now have a renewed interest in gardening. “We sold more seeds in March than at any other time in our 144-year history,” announced George Ball, chairman of The Burpee Company. And yes, those are “mostly vegetable seeds and plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and beans,” according to House Beautiful.

    Canning supplies and online lessons in food preservation also took off, as people realized they have to use or store anything they grow. Food waste is becoming a thing of the past. Whether Americans want to continue doing things for themselves after the lockdowns ease and life returns to some form of normal depends on how much they enjoy the experience. Many will pick a life of convenience if that’s back on the menu. But the harsh reality of what the government is may dictate an extension of the DIY experiment for some time to come.


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      1. Mac, You don’t understand. You are drastically down playing the severity of all of this and are oblivious to the extremely evil nature of those in charge. You may realize that they are evil and ruthless to start wars on innocent countries that did nothing. Now every person on earth will be their target. Total mind rape is the dystopian wave of the future if the gulity are not brought to trial and an end to the total predation and total corruption is not immediately addressed. You are foolishly kidding yourself if you believe that re-opening society and businesses is grounds for a victory celebration, when the psychopaths remain free to continue their crime spree! There is no victory while they are alive and there is no victory until their victims have been
        listened to and the victims have been recognized, in addition to the gruesome nature of the crimes perpetrated by the psychopaths. They are a ruthless, Satanic cult of sadistic, terrorist anarchists. Society and humanity are not and never will be safe as long as they are free and live. It is not possible. Yes, society and business should be allowed to open, but it is like claiming a victory in a 50 yard race after three feet.

      2. When the psychopaths in my neighborhood were pouring water on my step everyday just before I would leave at no set scedule, knocking plants and lawn sculptures over every day, and breaking into my house vandalizing and stealing, I realized that it was their goal to get me to install surveillance cameras, so I did not install them.

        When my phone was hacked, I realized that it was the goal of an evil psychopath to get me to go to the Apple store, so, I did not go there, knowing also that Bayshore Mall is an abduction capital in America.

        When evil psychopaths are trying to manipulate you to do something, chances are that is never to benefit you, since you know that they are evil psychopaths that hack, spy, stalk, vandalize, steal, and break in.

        It is not a crime to do anyone a favor. It never has been and never will be a crime to help someone. So, you know that the cowards are Anonymous, because they are evil criminal terrorists.

      3. The very first thing that happened to me, was a state actor physically sabotaged it and plainly stated his preference for big business.

        We’re living in the one of those cheesy, anti-Communist movies, right now. It’s literally that stupid.

        • Actually, I kind of view masks as robbery attire. Robbers nearly always wear face masks. Pretty sure that there is a direct correlation to being pro-shut down, pro-mask, pro-social distancing, misophobic hypochandriacs and

          They could not ask for bail outs and not bare all of the responsibility for needing bail-outs, if it were not for their
          “squirrel theory” distraction psy-op game. They all planned it at the Davos World Economic Forum.

      4. The best way to end our enslavement is SECESSION. Everything else is just polishing a turd. For some reason, many would surrender their GOD-given freedoms, and see their children kiss their chains, rather than see territory break away from the entity we presently call the USA. They have succumbed to a statist mindset.
        I can tell you there are untold thousands to millions in every state in the South that prefer to secede, we want out! But secession isn’t just for Southern states, it’s also for any other state where people no longer want to tolerate tyranny, no longer want to watch their culture, traditions, and Christian way of life being erased. Our forefathers would have not allowed to any degree what we have become today.
        The highest, most overarching, primary goal of the deep State is to irrevocably alter the demography and culture of this nation, specifically, of European heritage. They know once our numbers are marginalized no power can stand in the way to prevent the elimination of the Constitution, our institutions, our way of life. TPTB want a highly centralized State vested with all authority and power, unquestionable with no alternatives. (One can find articles on-line with references, that reveal their goals in detail.)
        Therefore, TPTB want massive 3rd world immigration because those people are unaccustomed to individual freedoms, and accustomed to authoritarian gov’t. It’s why sanctuary cities and states are allowed to exist on sovereign American territory for illegal aliens, and why TPTB fight against border control and construction of The Wall even though the majority of Americans want to stem the flow of illegal immigration.
        You can vote for who you want, it won’t make a g*dd*m bit of difference in the long run for the preservation of your way of life. The time for voting is over, just support getting out.
        This is not just a Southern cause, it is also freedom vs. tyranny for anyone. Everyone who wants their unqualified and unconditional freedoms and liberties, and way of life must act. To ultimately coalesce into a national power, that will leave no choice to TPTB.
        There is no compromise with the State/PTB. The truth is they viscerally despise us. One can find on-line videos where they openly wish only destruction on us. They want you and your children eradicated. For example, a video has recently come to light of a CDC official stating most anti-vaxxers are white, the solution in her words is to get rid of all whites. So you see, there’s no point trying to work with them.

      5. Until the people arise from their knees, their faces will be at just the right level to kiss the a$$e$ of the PTB. Without taking control of the reins of governance those narcissists will bury us in poverty, pestilence and illness, as our children are sold into sex trades and slavery. We fought for our freedom once, we now must fight for our survival. We owe it to our grandchildren. Our children must be in the trenches with us.

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