American Psychological Association Seeks Federal Funding For Censorship

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    The American Psychological Association is going all in for a new psyop campaign, that’s centered around censorship. The association is asking for federal funding from the ruling class to help stop “misinformation” online.

    This is an ongoing censorship campaign. In 2021, the APA accepted a $2 million grant from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help it control the mainstream COVID-19 narratives.

    According to a report by Natural News, the APA was tasked with developing “a scientific consensus statement on the science of misinformation,” and a post on the APA’s website announcing the award claimed: “Psychologists can serve an important role in guiding the world out of the pandemic. We are the discipline with expertise to address vaccine decision-making and susceptibility to misinformation.”

    Now that the APA has dipped its toe into the censorship agenda, it is asking the ruling class to fund it in doing so. In a self-serving post on its website, it outlined eight recommendations for countering misinformation. The APA lists funding psychological research studies as one of its solutions, explaining that large-scale trials will help them understand which “interventions” work best at combatting specific types of misinformation.

    The subtitle reads: Specific ways to meet the ongoing risk of misinformation to health, well-being, and civic life

    Just to be clear, when they refer to “civic life,” they are only referring to the slave class and what they are allowed to be exposed to information-wise.

    The APA’s CEO, Arthur C. Evans, Jr. says that making sure the slave class stays that way, especially during a (s)election year is a top priority. He also bragged that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have tasked the APA with fighting misinformation and that the organization can help censor those who don’t buy the official narrative.

    Considering the way that people who tried to share their concerns about COVID-19 vaccines were often mocked online for not believing in “science” by those on the left, it makes perfect sense that the APA and the CDC are so eager to spend money trying to find scientific justification for further censorship. –Natural News

    The censorship and attempts to stop the free flow of ideas that threaten the ruling class will be ramped up as society quickly descends into the dystopia we all know is coming.


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