American Farmers Are Losing Patience And Money In Record Numbers!

by | May 14, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    American farmers are being pushed to the brink by government policies.  Most have had enough of the trade war and are increasingly becoming impatient with their financial instability and worsening regulatory burdens placed on their backs.

    Bankruptcies are skyrocketing, food prices are expected to soar, and American farmers are losing patience with their inability to keep up. For the most part, farmers have stood behind president Donald Trump’s mission to get a better trade deal with China. One that addresses long-standing issues with what they say are “unfair trading practices,” however, they now seem to be in the crosshairs of the feud.

    After weeks of optimistic statements by Trump and members of his administration about how trade talks were progressing, Trump abruptly escalated tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods last week and opened the door to even more. This move prompted Beijing to hit back Monday by raising the tariff rate on $60 billion of US items, according to reporting by CNN.

    Some farmers are even saying Trump now “owes” them a solution to the problems they face because of his policies. “The President of the United States owes farmers like myself some type of plan of action,” John Wesley Boyd Jr., a soybean farmer in Baskerville, Virginia, told CNN‘s Brianna Keilar on Monday. “Farmers were his base. They helped elect this president … and now he’s turning his back on America’s farmers when we need him the most,” he added.

    The sad truth is that the woes that farmers have come face to face with will impact every single person who purchases food. We’ll all see fewer products for higher prices with the potential for a full-blown food crisis in the near future. Soybean, corn, and wheat growers have been battling tariffs from China for nearly a year now. Beijing imposed those duties in retaliation to tariffs put on Chinese products by the Trump administration. The tariffs made those American agricultural products more expensive for Chinese importers, and private buyers have mostly stopped buying American-grown soybeans or wheat because of said tariffs.

    With no end to this economic disaster in sight, farmers have begun to grow worried and impatient with the Trump administration. Our speculation is that Trump never had a deal with China worked out in the first place.  His goal has always been to try to “stick it” to the Chinese, however, in doing so, he’s punishing the American farmer, consumer, and business owner more than the Chinese government.  It’s simply not working, and while we understand why Trump started the trade war, it’s hard to understand why he insists on continuing and amplifying it.


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      1. Trade wars of this magnitude always lead to all out war. I believe were on the brink of a World War. We’ve got N Korea, Iran, Venezuela in our sites. And now China threatening absolute retaliation. The Russians have been preparing for conflict since the Neo-Cons have pulled us out of the Ballistic Missile Treaty. The scary thing of all is that our military has been decimated by political correctness. Go watch a crew boarding of a Naval warship these days and you’ll see very little difference between the sailors and the slobs in Walmart. Only difference is the sailors have uniforms. I know for a fact that serviceman (and woman) carry stress cards and are encouraged to file a report if they feel intimidated or offended. Harassment and discrimination reprimands are now the norm….and any officer knows he/she can be reprimanded, demoted, or court-marshalled at any time for such offenses.
        As such, the chain of command has been obliterated. Oh sure, we have some very advanced weaponry, and some highly-trained soldiers/pilots that can really take it to the ememy….BUT, they won’t be allowed to do their job. Just like the police officers are not allowed to do what it takes to keep our streets safe (lawsuits/political correctness, etc..).Simply put, we’re not going to win a world war. China/Russia/Iran/NK are going to hand us our asses. I would expect to see Chinese/Russian/UN troops in our streets during the post-war occupation.!!!!!

      2. The days of the privately owned “Family” farm are limited. Corporate automated farms are the future.
        I operate what I call a gentleman’s Farm.
        It is essentially a hobby. I’m working to be self sufficient
        and I barter what ever I don’t keep for my needs.
        For example I trade Tumeric root for beef.
        I’ll trade my white Pineapple crop for whatever.
        It is un-believeable what regulations, insurances,
        and money issues, a real “for profit” farmer faces.

        • “American farmers are being pushed to the brink by government policies. ”

          LMFAO !!! 🙂

          Trump has already stated that Farmers will be reimbursed for their “losses” in the wake of the TRUMP TARIFFS; as they ALWAYS are if history is any guide. Hell they are even paid to let their fields lie fallow.

          Cry me a fucking river !!! Farming is a multi-billion dollar industry, controlled primarily by multi-million dollar corporations who are SUBSIDIZED like Big Oil and Big Banking.

          Yet YOU can no longer deduct the interest on your personal car loan (which is likely necessary for you to get back & forth to work) from your taxes.

          Fuck Big Agriculture !!! 🙂

        • Yep,,,
          Same here,
          I decided i would rather sit on my azz and grow only what we need and a bit more, than comply with the endless onslaught of regulation and documentation ordered by the bureaucrats,
          I personally couldnt care less if they all starve!
          As they say,
          Who is John Galt!

      3. Mid-west farm belt is about to get hit with more bad weather. Trump said that our Government will buy up what the Chinese would have, MORE GOVERNMENT CHEESE?

      4. Your average farmer is fairly old and many of the children have no interest in becoming farmers themselves. Most farmers don’t have the funds to plant without getting some kind of advanced credit. The effect of the grand solar minimum might already be upon us which will make farming even riskier than it is now. It’s a stressful occupation which is getting even riskier. Working with so many chemicals makes it an unhealthy occupation. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of farmers decide to call it quits.

      5. Ok bright boy,what do you propose we do? Your very good at complaining but not very hot on solutions. Do we go back to the status quo before Trump? The Chinese were taking us to the cleaners on trade,and making us foot the bill too. Sick it up,face and walk through the fire. You would be surprised when we come out stronger on the other side.

      6. It is beyond belief as to why farmers still stand behind Donald Trump. He has screwed you over yet you still don’t get it. Then there are those who feel that if they aren’t personally impacted by his policies/actions why care, with no thought that they could be next. Or concern for their fellow man. How UN-American.

        • You know why it is beyond belief?
          Because it is not true.
          Trump hasn’t “screwed” anybody. In point of fact, he is the only person in DC who gives a rats ass about you.
          I live in a very agricultural area and 95% of the farmers are family. They are doing just fine thank you.
          As I’ve said till I’m blue in the face. Mac is creating the electronic version of the National Enquirer. Mindlessness – shear mindlessness. There seems to be more and more new people here and they all seem to respond with their own mindless, ignorant drivel.

          • Stuart – FYI, Trump is in bed with Monsanto… sooo there’s that to consider. Once the Monsanto Crime Family takes over the entire farming and agricultural industry, and they will because they are almost there, we are done. Trump is on their side, not ours. Not yours either.

            “He who controls the oil controls the nation. He who controls the food controls the people.”

            The only thing he needed from you was your vote. And hopefully padding his already fat bank account by purchasing a MAGA item to add to the tens of millions of MAGA items sold that were “Made in China.”

            If he didn’t want to or intend to profit from selling millions of units of MAGA merchandise why didn’t he hand them out for free to all attendees, or sell it to them at cost, instead of the high markup in which he profited quite nicely. “He doesn’t need our money” you say. Yes, but then why did he take it, I ask?

            Contributing in any way to a leaders wealth, holding rallies and that include chanting, lies hidden among truth… hmm, all combined what does that sound like and where have we heard that before? Get Real.

      7. Another subsidy for the farmers. This time it’s 15 billion. This is what Trump accuses China of doing…subsidizing their industry. I thought this was a one-time “temporary” thing. “Temporary”…hahahahaha…just like the suspension of gold redemption for dollars was temporary. Just the same as the income tax. Just the same as the liquor tax here in PA to pay for the 1936 flood. No, when the .gov decrees it, it is never “temporary”. It’s permanent.
        Trump said give the unsold crops to the hungry. Mmmmmm….lemme see…soy milk, tofu, soy turkey, soy ice cream, soy burger.

        What’s not to like? Soy products topped with a little high fructose corn syrup. The heart of the new Food Pyramid.

        I’m gonna buy stock in WalMart fat carts.

      8. China is began loser war with usa, one super power is not only farms, need industry, obama sold all factory for China, now trump come factorys back for usa

      9. The trade war with China is only one factor that is making for reduced harvests and higher prices. There is a number of factors that are involved that are working toward reducing the harvests and raising the prices. Trump’s critics know this but still want to blame Trump’s policies towards China as the sole reason for higher prices. It is just politics. Agriculture has been a strong sector of the economy for so long that most Americans took it for granted. I think the American public is in for a huge shock and it is not Trump that they have to blame.

      10. I don’t believe in a system, that subsidizes corn and soy to rot, and slops the animals with old candy.

        You believe that a “farmer” looks like the olden cartoons of white people from cowboy days. That’s the help, the labor.

        Actually, there is an effeminate landowner in solar shield shades and golf clothes. Like a swishy Colonel Sanders, too friendly with the burly mulatto…

        You pppinko hacks have just laundered subsidies. Do they come from Red China. Who gave you the idea, that Red China is your only outlet. There are lots of different countries in the business-to-business market.

        Maybe, an American can use it. This is a chemical feedstock which does not necessarily have to be fit for human consumption.

        You have gotten too soft on welfare (in this case, corporate welfare) and are just malingering (playing sick.)

        I hope that you lose it all and are replaced with a competent businessman, who makes it work.


      11. Having grown up in a four generational farming family I can tell you first hand that the majority of the issues are a direct result of the farmers themselves. They get into a vicious cycle of debt and government subsidies; buy 100s of 1000s of dollars worth of equipment barely make back enough to pay on loans, have a poor crop, get a government handout to plant more crop, barely make enough to pay on loans…ad infinitum. In then end most all farms end up becoming, either directly or indirectly, government and bank owned. If we were ever to have another financial crisis like ’08-’09 that involved farm loans it would be apocalyptic compared to the mortgage crisis.

      12. A welfare recipient with a wine collection, losing patience.

      13. Farmers owe money for necessities and have lots of expenses like their expensive farm machinery, loans they took out for land, seed, fertilizer, etc.

        They will eventually, and sooner than later, go under and the land will be sold to large corporations some of which are multinational corporations that owe allegiance to no country, and could well be based in China or other hostile nations.

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