“America Will Have No Manufacturing Left At All”: Ford Moves More Production To Mexico

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    Ford small cars mexico

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and was originally published at the Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: Yet another wave of good jobs, disappeared out of the country. Another community with a dwindling future. What’s going to happen to the people that worked there. Given that this has been an accelerating trends, where do we go next, and what happens when millions of people can’t afford living expenses?

    Most of these questions can’t be answered yet. Solutions, if they are good ones, aren’t here yet. The wave of unemployment will hit us much quicker than any response to deal with it, and that action, in turn, could be quite diminishing, as it is likely to result in greater numbers of people receiving government assistance to meet basic needs, and less likely to turn over new jobs, or new fields from which value can flow. This problem needs to be addressed.

    More Jobs Shipped Out Of The Country: Ford Moves All Small Car Production To Mexico

    by Michael Snyder

    What is going to happen when America finally doesn’t have any manufacturing jobs left at all?  On Wednesday, we learned that Ford Motor Company is shifting all small car production to Mexico.  Of course the primary goal for this move is to save a little bit of money.  This hits me personally, because my grandfather once worked for Ford.  He was loyal to Ford all his life, and he always criticized other members of the family when they bought a vehicle that was not American-made.  When I was young I didn’t understand why making vehicles in America is so important, but I sure do now.  By shipping jobs overseas, we are destroying jobs, we are destroying small businesses and we are destroying our tax base.  If we want to be a wealthy nation, we have got to make things here, and hopefully we can get the American people to start to understand this.

    In 1914, Henry Ford decided to start paying his workers $5.00 a day, which was more than double the average wage for auto workers at the time.

    One of the reasons why he did this was because he felt that his workers should be able to afford to buy the vehicles that they were making.  This is what he wrote in 1926

    “The owner, the employees, and the buying public are all one and the same, and unless an industry can so manage itself as to keep wages high and prices low it destroys itself, for otherwise it limits the number of its customers. One’s own employees ought to be one’s own best customers.”

    These days Ford is going in the complete opposite direction.  Pretty soon, Ford won’t be making any more small vehicles in the United States at all

    Ford is shifting all North American small-car production from the U.S. to Mexico, CEO Mark Fields told investors today in Dearborn, even though its plans to invest in Mexico have become a lightning rod for controversy in this year’s presidential election.

    Over the next two to three years, we will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States,” Fields said.

    Could Ford keep jobs in America?

    Of course they could.  During the second quarter of 2016, Ford reported a net income of 2,000,000,000 dollars.

    But if they move production to Mexico they can boost that profit just a little bit higher.

    Shame on them.

    Needless to say, Donald Trump is quite upset about this move by Ford.  This was his response

    “We shouldn’t allow it to happen. They’ll make their cars, they’ll employ thousands of people, not from this country and they’ll sell their car across the border,” Trump said. “When we send our jobs out of Michigan, we’re also sending our tax base.”

    And he is exactly right about all of this.  We can’t afford to lose more good paying jobs, we can’t afford for the middle class to shrink any more than it already has, and we certainly can’t afford our tax base to continue to deteriorate.

    We may think that we can live on borrowed money indefinitely, but that is going to catch up with us in a major way at some point.

    Sadly, Ford is not the only auto company doing this.  Just like Ross Perot once predicted, there is a giant sucking sound as good paying auto jobs leave the United States and head to Mexico

    Ford isn’t alone. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said earlier this year it will end production of all cars in the U.S. by the end of this year as it discontinues production of the Dodge Dart in Belvidere, Ill. and the Chrysler 200 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

    In recent years, automakers that include General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen have all announced plans to either expand existing plants or build new ones in Mexico.

    The bad news for American workers won’t end once all of our manufacturing jobs are gone.

    Today there are millions of Americans that make their living by driving, but the revolution in self-driving vehicles threatens to make large numbers of those jobs obsolete.

    Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Google, Apple and a whole host of other big corporations have been feverishly working on this technology, and many of the tests have gone very well so far.

    Once this technology starts being rolled out on a widespread basis, the job losses could be absolutely staggering.  Just consider the following numbers which come from Wolf Richter

    • 1.8 million heavy-truck and tractor-trailer long-haul drivers in 2014, expected to grow 4% a year (BLS), with a median pay of $40,260 in 2015. At this growth rate, there will be 1.94 million long-haul drivers by the end of this year.
    • 1.33 million delivery truck drivers in 2014, expected to grow 4% a year (BLS), with a median pay of $27,800 in 2015. They’re picking up and/or delivering packages and small shipments within the city or region, driving a vehicle of 26,000 pounds or less, usually between a distribution center and businesses or households. At this growth rate, there will be 1.44 million drivers by the end of this year.
    • 233,700 taxi drivers and chauffeurs in 2014, growing at 13% annually (BLS). They earned a median pay of $23,510 in 2015. One in five worked part time. This doesn’t – or doesn’t fully – reflect the “rideshare” drivers working for Uber, Lyft, and the like.
    • “Over 500,000” rideshare drivers are estimated to ply the trade in the US. It’s a high-growth sector: the number of Uber drivers in the US doubled in 2015 from the prior year to 327,000. Half of them worked 15 hours or less per week.

    In order to have a thriving middle class, we have got to have middle class jobs.

    Unfortunately, big corporations have become absolutely obsessed with finding ways to eliminate expensive American workers by sending jobs overseas or by replacing them with technology altogether.

    The elite will always need people to cut their hair and wait on them at restaurants, but those aren’t the kinds of jobs that can support middle class families.

    As I noted yesterday, for the first time ever the middle class in America has become a minority and poverty is on the rise all over the nation.  The long-term trends that are eviscerating the middle class are accelerating, and there doesn’t appear to be any quick fix which will turn things around dramatically any time soon.

    So the middle class is going to get smaller and smaller and smaller, and that has dramatic implications for the future of this country.

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and was originally published at the Economic Collapse blog.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. BUT BUT , The ford exec on tv this morning said it will increase US jobs !

        • The increase in US jobs is only if you follow the Obama model of unemployment.

          For every one US job lost the unemployment labor force looses 6. That may seem backwards, but here is how it is done.

          In the real world, when someone looses a factory job, 6 additional support sector jobs are lost as well.

          But in Obama’s world, when 1 factory job is lost, 6 support jobs are lost, then 7 people join the government welfare and cheese line, so really there is a market increase in jobs by 1. Hence, problem solved.

          • I love Donald Trump’s line when he addressed a Church in Flint Michigan.

            “It used to be cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint. That’s not good.”

            • My two 1950 fords were made in the USA and they still run. Some new parts are still domestic. Ah don’t need no stinking Mexican Fords.

              • Americans are breed of lazy animals, obese and transgendered…these brutes onle worry about their prescribed oxytocin and spend their disposable income in pot.

                Wise decision carried out by Ford Motor Compamy moving their production to Mexico.

                • Why is it all you cowards and liars sound the same? You sound like hiliary and ovomit! You can always take your anti American pathetic self to another country like other losers do!

                • A_ _HOLE

                • Get in line you are next!…..

            • Rodster

              “It used to be cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint. That’s not good.”

              This is the “battle cry” of this election. I hope someone sells T shirts with this on it because I want one.

        • 80% of the Japanese don’t believe their governments bullshit about Fuck-you-shima and most don’t want nuclear power anymore despite the fact that it is the cheapest mode.

          More than I can say for white people in Europe and the US!

          P.S. were getting 30% more Syrians next year despite all the shit that’s been going on in Europe.

          Still hate those racists and sexists?

          Still think diversity is so fucking wonderful??

          You fucking idiots.

          • AE

            Gonna get diversity right up the ass.

          • Do I still hate racism and sexism? Yes. Do I agree with closing the border to people from the Islamic world who do not share our values and come to destroy our culture rather than integrate with it? Absolutely. However, I can do this without hating them and wishing them harm. I hope they have a nice, wonderful life with their women wearing sacks and all the other wonderful benefits of Sharia law that their home countries provide and they seek to keep. Just let them reap the “benefits” of their religion in the countries that already impose it on them. As for me, I love women and see them as different but equal, and want to live in a society where most others agree with me. I also like living in a society where they can wear bikinis at the beach… just sayin’.

        • “The Obama administration is pressing ahead with plans to boost the number of refugees it will allow into the U.S. as a national debate rages over immigration and security.

          The increase to 110,000 represents a nearly 30 percent increase over the current fiscal year. It is also a more than 57 percent jump since 2015 “and is consistent with our belief that all countries should do more to help the world’s most vulnerable people,” a State Department official told NBC News.

          Of the 110,000 the U.S. intends to begin admitting at least 40,000 are from the Near East and South Asia, a White House senior administration official said. And most of those are likely to be people escaping the brutal Syrian civil war, even as many GOP lawmakers and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sound the alarm about terrorists in the midst of the refugees.”









          • Acid, stop holding back and tell us what you think.

            • They Have to Refugee those folks they cannot just kill off. In order to make the entire lands of Syria Uninhabitted so that then next Nuttyahoo and his ziocrew can send in Bull Dozers to flatten it all.

              Then Nuttyahoo and ziocrew will send in Masses of jewdeo contractors and builders, to build brand new jewish settelments…Then they send in a bunch of talmudic zio demons to occupy settelment housings.

              Then they move on to Iran next! Copy-Cat exact same process, also include already trashed Iraq and half dozen other recent war ravaged nations, and the entire mid east region will consist of a “Greater Israel” stolen lands!

              HQ of their New JWO world Rulership over all of the Goyim animals and cattle they so desire to rule over and Own!

              But just as was the main problem in WWI and WWII eras, them ziocrews are going to have it very difficult to convinve enough jews worldwide, especially the kommies within usa, to actually make that Move to new mid east settelments housings.

              So, I predict as was done in WWI 1920’s and again an enhanced bigger program done during WWII era, the zionsist will get in Cahoots with whomever is This new eras new “hitler” boogieman guy, and work out a “jewish Transfer Agreement” to create a total atmosphere of much antisemitism in every nation jews inhabit/infiltrated to date…In the zio hopes it shall cause such mass hysteria and Fear in jews in general, that most every jew then fast moves in to live in said jewish settlement housings.

              It is bound to badly Fail as it did prior in WWI and WWII eras. But failure never yet stopped such abject leftist marxist demonic zios from again attempting a repeat objective and expecting different results eh!

              Now…All Nuttyahoo will need, and badly need of, is to locate some rather Large group of peoples within nations like America for example, that can then get turned into the worst most vile ajbect haters and antisemitics and rayssis folks ever yet seen!

              Because as always in the case, such phony, yet believed by most duped souls, methods always requires a Scape Goat group of folks to play the Role of said evil antisemites and rayssis bad guys….Hmmmmmm…Now just which usa large pop group can they possibly have in mind to play their roles of bad guys and boogiemen?

              What was That I heard whispered here a moment ago?…Ahhhhh! Yes indeed I think I heard at least One or Two very jewized up souls here at shtf site that whispered it is going to be the WHITEYS used for that role played as pure evil whites..

              Yep and so what else is new eh?

              Just imagiane and picture in your minds Eye how different all these issues woud be. And the many good changes that would occure, if we could just convince a vast portion of Both current duped usa military types as well as the majority of them 60-Million evangelicals still royally duped by apostate preachermen into such vast abject worship of all things or issues jewdeo and zio eh?

              Why…With so many awakened to the huge Hoaxes, and then unwilling to go fight wrong illeagle wars that only benifit jewdeozios and wall street/banksters etc.

              And with the huge combo effect of most of 60 million No Longer royally duped and headed as christian Goats straight into hell, via following their object of praise, aka jewry, into hell. And joined with those military personal once both groups members have had a very Huge Re-Think of all this stuff, and finally removed their collective 75 Million heads out of ziojewish ass…

              We could actually See a true real american awakening and one for the Betterment of most all usa folk citizens in a very short time frame.

              Then next convince all that mass of peoples to also Boycott Every corp that used to make products in usa and now moved factories etc out and into mexico or china or india eh…Watch how fast that ends and reverses then eh.

              And the close to $10-TRILLION saved by NO More wrong illeagle Wars on behalf of the worlds tinyest small minority of demonic Nation Wrecker tribe, being funds diverted into Infrastructure rebuilding in USA Lands and With ONLY USA Citizen work forces…

              Well lets just say the good possibilities are endless almost eh…Once those two groups get awakened and jewized up, and we as a Nation Deals with all type Nation Wreckers and problem makers. Got Rope yet?! You shall definatly Need Rope! and a few..

              Big Rig Semi Trucks with 53 ft Flat bed Traveling Gallows so that once a couple Dozen traitors gets sentenced and Hung, the big trucks can take hanged traitors for a Ride into next town or city and again commence with more hanged traitors!

              Picture small kiddies asking Mommies: “Gee Mommie! Why do them two dozen persons get transported down the freeways and roads all strung up that way?…Mommie answers little suzie cremecheeze daughter:..”Well littlle suzie, thats what we just have to do to finally Deal with so many usa traitors and crook polititions that have so sold out to ziojewry demons and tried to hard to destroy Our way of life and Yours too soon Suzzie!…This is so folks can View their now Hung dead corpses going down the road on that Gallows semi truch trailer and Learn how such traitorus Crimes do Not Pay to do, once enough folks awaken to the many swindle scams and money changers lies.”

        • Did he say US jobs or American jobs……Central American Jobs, I’ll bet he meant.

      2. Mac,

        Off topic, but I hope you post the latest info about Constitutional Carry in the US. Last night at 8pm, the Missouri Legislature handily overrode the governor’s veto of SB656, which included provisions for Constitutional Carry, Stand Your Ground, and many many more. Bloomberg and out-of-state gun grabbers worked tireless during the summer to sway legislators before the veto session. It’s so good to see their efforts for naught, and even better to see Nixon get overridden yet again. He’s the most overridden governor in state history!

        Now that Missouri has Const. Carry, the legislature will work to ban “gun free zones”.

        • Chicago now blames all their gun crime on guns being brought in from out of state.

          They claim their gun prohibitions work, therefore it is someone else’ fault.

          • Sounds like typical leftist BS
            As GMAFB would say,,,
            Same smell different day

          • The 100% True Factual Proof Issue on, EVERY type or form of Listed at FBI crime stats, published yearly for gen public consumption. That is broken down into over a Dozen Catagories of Violent Crimes within the entire USA.

            Proves beyond ALl doubt, and which NO sane, logical, commen sense capable person can ever refute as anyting But Factual Documented Proof galore that.

            Guns and ALL other type weapons, even bare hands and rocks or bricks! Are simply the Scape Goat claim by usless worthless Lib dems and negroes unable to ever admit that.

            What every years, for aprox 45+ years now, FBI Crime stats documents Prove is that if they are serious about real soultions and a real End of most all violent crimes against persons and properties?

            Then every such brainless antigun idiot lib and negroe and their vast aray of idiotic pastors and polititions.

            Would STOP blame on firearms and legit gun owners, and instead direct all of their anger and hate and laws desired into the..

            Wholesale Ban on AFRICAN Blacks and Many Mexican Browns, that acording to every years fbi stats prove to have committed between a LOW of 75% to as much as 89% of ALL catagories, of Violent Crimes.

            And those FBI stats are compiled from the actual Police and Courts and prosecutors offices reports and are combined from EVERY USA Jurisdiction in Existence period.

            Aprox 100,000 jurisdictions nationwide from every town, city, village, hamlet, gated comunity, and every State of all 50 states in usa…Large or small as Barny fifes domain in Mayberrry rfd land…ALl MUST file accurate FBI stats reportings each Year period.

            It is so many stats and crimes that FBI is typically always behind by at least 18 to 24 Months!

            Ergo..If You today request a copy of Latest FBI crime stats files…You probably will only get stats for the Year of 2015 at best!

            But that don’t diminish Facts that YES no matter which Years stats, since first year ever done by FBI aprox 45 yrs ago up to 2015 or 2016 stats.

            America can RID itself nationwide of 75% to 89% ALL violent crimes by simply DEporting african blacks and most mexicans OUT and to Stay Out to almost totally End violent crimes every place they happen at.

            When are Lib dems and antigun fanatics ever going to face these reality Facts and Re-think their total antigun absurdities eh? Aint it about Time finally?

            If yes, america is at that awkwards stage, where it is too Late to work within the system, yet still too Soon to begin shooting the Bastards?

            Then lets Fund a study think tank to fast inform Us all as to Just WHEN will that change into “NO longer too soon to begin to shoot those bastards”.

            The bastards have been at Our gun owner throats 50+ years now…Enough IS Enough. Either make their move or shut the fuck up already and deal with our firearms we aint ever giving up asshole libs and stupid low IQ blacks.

            Do they really, really desire to see an actual upriseing of very very pissed off White armed guys? I find it difficult to believe they are really That stupid.

            I’d think them transported back to africa where zero whites are to mess up all their black lives matter bs crap…Would be far better desired when compared to the Fast work pissed whites would employ to rid usa of this vermin race of usless worthless nation wreckers eh?

        • Spike, you need to follow your State’s Laws. Each State is different.. And reciprocation of Carry laws from state to state. There are plenty of websites outlining this.

          ~WWTI… btw. look at this Silver manipulation today. Silver began to rally over night, and as soon as the market opens up at the NY exchange, they beat silver down like 30 points. Look at the green line for today. Somebody needs to go to Jail. http://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

      3. Well, from my point of view, we, the consumers of all over the world have the best weapon to counteract this predatory policies: get organized (its a lot more easy nowadays with the social networks) and start mass boycotting the products of such companies. When these gready CEOs start receiving their sales quarter reports numbers falling like a truck into a cliff, maybe they start to realize that throwing to unemployment those who used to buy their stuff isn’t such a a good idea after all. And who knows, in the process we might save their company and our societies life stile in the long run…

      4. If you have a business you want to make the largest profit possible from your investment. So you do whatever is necessary to lower the cost of production. The USA is a difficult place to have any business and expect to make a profit. Too many rules and too much taxes. Shame on those evil corporations for leaving the USA. They should stay here until they are Bankrupt.

        • or nationalized…..

        • There are two lesser identified reasons for businesses to move production to other countries and in some cases other states in the U.S.
          1. Excess taxation
          2. Excessive regulation

          In the end the costs inherent in both of those millstones are passed on to the consumer in higher prices. So, the consumer buys cheaper goods made in other countries.
          “The wqay to crush the middle class is to crush them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” Vladimir Lenin

          • Oregon Buzz; Dead on!

        • Do not worry, Hillary says she can fix it by doubling down on Obama’s policy’s.

      5. This all started 25 or 30 years ago. I was an insurance agent in Denver and some of my clients, who were in IT, were complaining that they were forced to train people from India so their jobs could be outsourced. I said then “who will be left here to buy products”. I guess I was kind of a prophet huh? God Bless, James

        • Has anybody ever tried to use Amazon’s help line. All the workers are from India and are total retards.

          I tried to return a defective Amazon Fire and three times I tried to use the help line, as required, and all three times I just got the run around. I finally just gave up and took the loss.

          I guess that’s Amazons business model. Give customers the run around until they get frustrated and give up.

          • Next time if you can help it, maybe your item will be on ebay from a US seller.

        • This post will not likely be seen as per past experience. But here it is:
          H1-B Visa’s fast tracked by US government.
          The corporations want to pay NOTHING for IT workers/Admins.
          Funny thing is that the guys from India can’t repair a damn thing.
          If it isn’t in a book they can’t figure it out.
          No real understanding.
          No common sense.
          No intuition.
          Just book knowledge. Paper Tigers with credentials but no skills.

          US corporations with US government BLESSING, gave over CRITICAL Infrastructure to Foreign Nationals. This is a National Security Threat. Just like Hillary Rotten Clinton.
          The Foreigners take our jobs and despise Americans.
          Just LIKE Hillary and pretend poser president Obama does. They HATE America.

          No Military Leader.
          No Law Enforcement. (Except Sheriff Joe Arpiao in AZ. God Bless Him.)
          No Congress.
          No Senate.
          No Judicial.
          No Media outside of Internet based will tell the truth. They all go along.
          Our country is –Taken Over– by UN NWO Communist who are out to DESTROY the Economy-Family-Jobs and out to destroy America the country.
          No one will stand up to these TRAITORS.

          Why Isn’t Hillary and Obama in JAIL for crimes including TREASON?
          Why? Why? Why?

          Because they are protected by CRIMINAL Law Enforcement like the FBI.

      6. Meh, just one more in a long chain of abuses,,,,,
        Just remember WHY these corps are going away and who made that happen.
        The federal government has enacted free trade agreements and at the same time the appointed bureaucracy has created so much regulation and taxation that these corps would be stupid to stay,,, after all, the purpose of being in business is to make money isnt it?

        • Nailbanger

          That’s the truth. I do not have any sympathy for the people of this nation. You made your bed now lay down in it.

          55 more days.

          • Yup, 55 more days,
            But then what?
            Going to be interesting, most likely just a million more pin pricks but then again who knows….

          • Who made the bed? Who chose to outsource the jobs?

        • Hey Nail,
          Keep in mind that I’ve been a union member most of my working life, but the real problems are due to Democrats and unions chasing off and destroying jobs, small business, and small farms in favor of large Government and large corporations.
          Democrats are destroying the middle class and buying the poor class with entitlements. Rich are becoming richer. The middle class is letting it happen, because they refuse to destroy the Democrats, and they won’t support Conservatives.

      7. All the cars that they build in Mexico they can sell in Mexico.

      8. Leadership of America fell into the hands of the globalists and socialists many years ago. Trade agreements favored shipping our blue collar jobs out of America to cheap labor markets. People like Bill Clinton made no secret that we were going into a service economy and the dumbed down American voters cheered. Now we have ninety four million people that do not have a job and most of the jobs being created are low wage jobs. Well America is still bleeding our remaining middle class jobs, we are drowning in red ink and the socialists are running Washington Please be careful how you vote

        • NAFTA sends our jobs to Mexico, and they send us drugs and unskilled labor to collect welfare in this country. Manufacturing is just about gone we are primarily a service economy. Who will buy the services when no one is left to pay the bills. Screw Mexico, Ford and the Politicians We will crash before we can come back, the country has been sold out.

          • BlackJack

            The country will crash. We are not coming back because we should have done what needed to be done long ago.

            There are no losers. Every one is the same.
            Lower the educational standards.
            Take more drugs.
            No accountability or responsibility for our actions.

          • Exactly. They say millenials are dumb and unskilled. Not all are. Many are college educated and working in service jobs. Something is not right.

      9. Soon, there will not a market in the USA. No jobs equates to no money.

      10. Henry Ford penned the book titled “The International J*w”. Henry understood the corrupting force of this organized Communist leading element in society which represented such a clear and present danger to America and the world. Since the death of Ford and his son, the very elements he opposed seem to now control his car manufacturing. If Ford wants to move to the Moon, it matters not to me. I will buy a Mercedes and give a job to a German. Besides Mercedes is a solid piece of steal, as are most products made in Germany. If I can’t get a car built by an American, I’ll get a car made by a European white man, even if I have to go half way round the world.


        • I wish Benz would market the Unimog more agressively in the US, if i could have gotten ahold of a new Mog i would definitely have bought that over the Super Duty i just picked up

          • I second that! The Unimog is a badass vehicle.

        • My husband works, at a German car manufacturing plant.
          In two years, the company is closing shop, and moving to Mexico. That will throw hundreds,into a tailspin

      11. Good God, even if they brought manufacturing back-Can someone please enlighten me on how a population of disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, addicted, drunken, Big Pharma pill popping obese toxic dump US Government dependent COWARDS is going to work any machinery other than an I Idiot 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11…..phone, or their video game console?????????????????????????????

        • RA

          Love to see one get wrapped up in a lathe.

          • LOL – yea … shove one into a CNC Machine and press “cycle” and watch the show through the window on the door.

            • FTW

              Watched a fellow worker drilling a piece of stock on a large drill press. Did not anchor the vise to the table. The stock and vise began to spin as the bit grabbed the stock. The worker then tried to grabbed the rotating stock. Damn near beat him to death before he realized to pull back. Messed his arms and upper body up pretty bad.

              • I’m not surprised by that persons reactions … seen plenty of people try and over power the law of physics in such situations.

                There is a reason why there is a “kill switch” on these machines.
                Some people feel the need to ignore the Red Button!

        • Sadly, you are correct. They are too retarded.

      12. I saw a guy on TV about 30 or 40 years ago. His name is Prof. Lester Thurow. He stated that every American job that could be sent out of the US, would be. And every American job that could be manned by migrant low paid people, would be. He didn’t have a chrystal ball. He was stating a policy written by the Globalists. He was on the William F. Buckley show. How’s that for memory?

      13. “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

        • Test, excellent point about the “citizenry”.
          Since the demographics have changed, and will even more before barry’s term is over, you have pointed out how far down the USA really is.
          There is no possible hope left of changing the dumbed down citizenry.
          Thomas Jefferson could be elected President and I doubt he could fix this stupid population. And by that I mean the majority. Most people here get it, but our numbers are few.
          Whose quote is that?

        • Agreed. And that is what terrifies me the most about the future.

      14. Just imagine the increase in the amount of job openings in hijacking cargo, robbery and burglary ,shoplifting in order to survive . The future looks so bright here in th USSA.

      15. At least jobs booking uber luxe trips for Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama are going great!

        More from Snyder: Tent Cities Full of Homeless People Are Booming in Cities All Over America as Poverty Strikes http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/tent-cities-full-of-homeless-people-are-booming-in-cities-all-over-america-as-poverty-spikes. Thankfully, Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama’s vacations and Obama’s golf trips are still going full bore, employing thousands!

        More Obama fun facts:
        The cost of nine of Obama’s executive actions: $31 bn, per Washinton Free Beacon at http://www.freebeacon.com/issues/just-9-obama-executive-orders-cost-taxpayers-31-billion
        $12 billion for delaying the employer mandate under Obamacare
        • $3 billion for changing cost-sharing provisions for Obamacare insurers
        • $501 million for overtime pay for contractors
        • $115 million for overtime inside the Labor Department
        • $5.5 million for additional background checks for firearms transfers
        Syrian refugees? According to the CIA Factbook, Christians are somewhere around 10% of the population. Last year Obama admitted only 56 Christians out of 11,157 Syrians. Today they now make up one half of one percent. http://joemiller.us/2016/09/syrian-christian-refugees-us-still-line-behind-muslims-obamas-just-fine/ And speaking of Islam, check out the streets of Dhaka after the Eid sacrifices, running red with blood: Where are the animal rights activists?? https://youtu.be/VmTR8rb1NKI Where are the greenies and their protests over environment degradation? Or are they the same place as the feminists were for Bill Clinton’s rapes?

        • The national debt is now over $19 trillion. A third of this is owned by foreign nations, namely Japan and China. Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served under Reagan and now at Boston Univ. says that if you count ALL unfunded liabilities, the number is north of $200 TRILLION! http://dailybail.com/home/chart-shock-the-real-national-debt-is-202-trillion.html or http://www.financialsense.com/contributors/laurence-kotlikoff/government-conspiracy-hide-us-debt-burden or http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/01/opinion/laurence-kotlikoff-on-fiscal-gap-accounting.html?_r=0 Exactly how do you think this will ever be paid off?
        • Our education system stinks to high heaven. We spend more than most of the world on education — $115,000 per student — yet we rank 36th in math, reading, and science…far below our Asian competitors who are eager to eat our lunch on the international stage.
        • Our homes are open to government intrusions. Police can crash through your door for hardly a reason at all. They also have radars that allow them to peer through the walls of your home now – literally. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/01/19/police-radar-see-through-walls/22007615/ or http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30904218
        • Our prisons house the largest number of inmates in the world. What’s more, they’re operated as money-making enterprises for private corporations.
        • Our republic was lost long ago. The U.S. now operates as a corporate oligarchy, where our elected officials represent the interests of the ultra wealthy and powerful corporations…not the average citizen.
        • Our health care system stinks even worse than our education system…yet it costs way more than other western, industrialized nations. Obamacare is only exacerbating the problem of both high cost and poor quality.
        • Over 58,000 bridges — one out of every 10 bridges in the country — are in urgent need of repair. All the while, enormous amounts of money are supposedly being spent on infrastructure. Where could all this money really be going?
        • An astounding 27 percent of elected officials cannot name even one right or freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. On top of that, 54 percent of them do not know the Constitution gives Congress – not the President – the power to declare war.
        • Over one in five American children live in poverty. This ranks us among the worst in the developed world
        • Our government has expanded the money supply by 400 percent since late 2008 and more than doubled the national debt since 2006.
        • Our labor force participation rate — the percentage of able bodied people who are working — is at its lowest level since 1978. Just 62.9 percent of the population who can work is actually working.
        • Every single month, 49 % of Americans receive benefits from at least one government program. Factor in Obamacare and this number jumps to 52 percent.
        • More than 50 percent of the children in U.S. public schools now come from low income homes. This is the first time this has happened in at least 50 years.
        • After accounting for inflation, median household income in the United States is 8 percent lower that it was when the recession started in 2007.
        • A remarkable 51 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year. This may be why 62 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
        • The number of homeless children in the United States has reached an all-time record high of 2.5 million, per the National Center on Family Homelessness.
        • There are over 45 million Americans on food stamps. That’s about one in six people who depend on the government for their daily bread. Even worse, one in five — or 20 percent — of children depend on food stamps to eat.
        • Americans collecting federal disability insurance rose 49.7 percent over the last ten years. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it will cost taxpayers $50,000 for every person who gets health insurance under the Obamacare law.

        • Test. Good post. So sad but true. Can anyone else think of a more depressing and un optimistic time in our history? Sure we’ve had bad times on and off for 200 years , but I think Americans could keep hopeful and at least believe it would get better. I really see none of that now. I feel sorry for the young kids that do wanna work. I see the u.s becoming one big third world hellhole. If this rampant immigration does not stop good god. Google how many acres of farmland we lose every hour. We are destroying ourselves. There are too many people on this planet. Hey pope, how about approving condoms ? Another useless religion to me. Don’t forget test about all the water treatment plants , sewage systems all over in dire need of money and guess what no money. It’s all gonna blow up sooner rather than later. We used to have one kick ass country. Oh well. All must fall I guess

          • I think also of the teens who do not have jobs or work experience. It is a detriment to them. Every store that closes is one less place a job seeker can go to.

      16. since German made vehicles have been mentioned by several people
        let me throw this into the mix

        A tale of two systems

        h ttp://www.remappingdebate.org/article/tale-two-systems?page=0,0

        “In 2010, over 5.5 million cars were produced in Germany, twice the 2.7 million built in the United States. Average compensation (a figure including wages and employer-paid benefits) for autoworkers in Germany was 48.97 Euros per hour ($67.14 US), while compensation for auto work in the United States averaged $33.77 per hour, or about half as much as in Germany, all according to 2007 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For Germany-based auto producers, the U.S. is a low-wage country.”

        • Satori

          GREAT LINK!

      17. when all the jobs gone, who will have money to buy there crap, In the late 1890 a business man would say why hire a man for a dime when I can get a kid for a nickel

          • “It used to be cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico,” he said. “Now the cars are made in Mexico, and you can’t drink the water in Flint. That’s not good.” – DJT

            Well spoken. 🙂

            • DK

              That statement defines the election. It conveys the message clearly for the masses of people who historically are the swing vote that puts people in or out of office. I have UAW family that asked me if they can vote republican being they are a registered democrats. Speaking to them they say that there friends (and UAW people are like cops as all their friends are UAW people) are voting for Trump.

              This all hinges on the debate on Sept 26th.

              • I was once a union steelworker, then a union aerospace worker. I am surprised that some union guy(s) haven’t decided to eliminate both George Soros and the Koch Brothers for destroying their lives.

                We are all Seal Team America. 🙂





      19. All I can Say is sell your crap in mexico so you better start paying them a lot more. NAFTA its a Clinton thing.

        • Started by Bush, nubria.

      20. It is simple: either the corporation knows what it is doing or it doesn’t know what it is doing. Same with government: either it knows what it is doing or it doesn’t.

        Having worked in the military (paratrooper) and (the best organization in my opinion), worked for a Fortune 200 corporation, and chaired public hearings, I believe the stunt (goal + deception) is the ability to make short term money.

        The Corporation projects and executes ranged milestones to make money. Government puts out fires and uses propaganda to cover for their “oopsies” and the lobbyists.

        The key here is to heavily tax the American Corporate products returned to the US to make up the difference. This means turning off NAFTA and other trade agreements. Hopefully this reduces the level of “double speak” and stunts.


      21. Ford goes to Mexico. Chevy goes to China.

        • As a person who lives in a State that was at one time heavily involved in auto manufacturing – I’ve seen the downfall of a once productive Middle Class dissolve.

          I boycotted GM back in the day when they dropped the Pontiac and Oldsmobile makes – I’ll never buy another GM, now I wouldn’t even consider buying a Ford – just based on the mere principal.

          These companies are shooting themselves in the foot – hopefully these “loyal” Ford/GM buyers will stop investing into their product and look elsewhere for their transportation needs.

          • FTW

            Its economically foolish to buy a new car period.

            • 100% Agreement with that remark Kevin2

              Overpriced – too many useless gadgets = too many problems.

            • WORD!

            • Kevin2
              Up here, in Canadstan, the local car dealership, is offering leasing for 84 months! That’s seven years! What kind of moron, would even think of leasing for that long, in these tough economic conditions?!

        • And my Tundra was built in Texas !

          • My Frontier was built in Tennessee! (But my Prius C was built in Iwate Prefecture…)

      22. It’s sometimes difficult to blame the American people for the mess we’re in. Remember, they have been subjected to some of the most intense propaganda and indoctrination for over 50 years.

        • Observer

          Then when shit happens they blame everyone else for their woe’s but themselves. How pathetic.

          • Anon:

            It’s pathetic alright. What is pathetic is what is going to happen to the scoundrels who conspired against the white Christians in America and around the world, when the victims realize who has been behind the scenes orchestrating their suffering, deliberately dumbing down their education, sending manufacturing out of America, not to enrich the third world but to exploit these foreigners in slave shops, while simultaneously dragging the first world white Christian Countries down to third world status, so that these merchants of misery can enslave the entire world under J*wish Communism; when white Christians in America figure this out, the J*wish scoundrels will discover that they have played with fire and now they will burn in hell.

            Watch what happens when Blacks wake up to the fact that they have been used and abused by their so called friends, the J*ws.

            Wait until the people manning the sweatshops in China come together with the other peoples of the world exploited by these arrogant self serving, self chosen absolute supremacist scalawags. The whole world will turn on these Country wreckers and indeed, it will be pitiful.


      23. The thing is to position yourself where your well being isn’t at the mercy of other people things & conditions. The Amish pretty much do that. Ive been working towards that for goal several years. Im thinking stem engine. Been looking at U tube video of home built steam engines made by converting one cyl gas engines to run on steam.

      24. FTW

        Good input. Think of it this way and juxtapose the equation. Ford going to Mexico and Chevy going to China (thanks anon) need to develop loyalty in Mexico and China. In other words need or loyalty equals macro money.

        The US is “pooped out” with spending money (cash) and too far in debt.


      25. My mother was born in Inkster, Michigan. Her entire family worked at Ford in the 1930s-40s. Hear her tell it, those were the good old days. These days there are no jobs paying a entry level living wage for the average person. This is not ending well.

        • I walked out of HS in the mid 70s knowing that within 5 years or less (and it was less than one year) I would be working for, DuPont, Shell, Monsanto, Mobil, Texaco, BP, Sunoco, Hercules or BF Goodrich. We caught the tail end.

          • reminds me of Archie Bunker’s theme song
            and that one line

            “guys like us we had it made,those were the days”

            “those days” are GONE

            • Satori

              I watched the loss all around me since almost day one. Some strategy, some luck, kept me away from a pink slip for three decades. Thats about 20,000 jobs at the previous mentioned facilities in the mid 1970s. Now between closure and downsizing its no more than 2000 combined for a 90% drop. In the meantime the US went from about a population 225 million or so in the mid 1970s to 320 million today. It appears that most people in that area today are employed in sales and distribution of stuff made elsewhere.

              If the US were to seriously attempt to retool and manufacture again the skills needed are gone. The facilities I mentioned haven’t had skilled trades trained in 35 years. The pipe fitters, millwrights, electricians, welder / boilermakers are old guys at or on the cusp of 60. In the meantime China is graduating more engineers in a given year than the US has people in college total with most graduating with an utterly useless “degree”.

              • Kevin2

                To those like Hillary who look down on those who make a living with their hands. Change you own damn tire, Bi@ch.

                • Any trades that pay well for women who cannot do heavy lifting?

                  • Accounting

      26. Here in NE Wisconsin we’ve seen a number of plant closings recently. The most recent is Brillion Iron Works. It employed about 350 people in a town of 3100 people. The plant that my wife works at will be closing soon too. Her last day is tomorrow. She worked in a typical union plant–an old building with old equipment that the company struggled to keep running. It’s hard to make a profit when workers get over $20 an hour and get as much as 7 weeks of vacation.

      27. I just want to cheer everyone up. All those Muslim refugees aren’t going to take American jobs. They’re never going to work! They get $3000 per month, per individual, plus the EBT card and free medicaid. And the best surprise of all is this, they get to legally import their entire extended families after they get here. And those people aren’t classified as refugees, so you won’t know how many got in. Surprise!!! Minnesota has 250,000 Somalian migrants already. That’s not counting Sudanese, Syrians, Nigerians etc. Wheee!

        • Connect the dots about the Muslims:

          The biggest event in America today is we have l0,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day for years to come. The biggest problem in America is we cannot for the duration support these retiring Baby Boomers. The reason we cannot support these baby boomers is we have not produced a large enough group of supporting taxpayers.

          Why are there not enough taxpayers to support retiring Boomers? Government eliminated 60 million future tax payers with making abortion legal. Also it is estimated up to 30 million tax payers were prevented by the cheap birth control pill. And lastly the dissolution marriage as an institution in America has created much smaller family units than prior generations and single family moms have had 20 million fewer babies. This means 120 million tax payers are missing to pay for the retiring baby boomers.

          How is our government replacing the missing revenue from lack of taxpayers? To replace these missing tax payer’s government has allowed 61 million immigrants plus into America to replace our missing tax payers to support the boomers (the total is estimated to be 94 million). These immigrants are fast tracked getting jobs our youth should have using subsidies from the government. Dems and Repubs are together on this. Democrats want the immigrants as future party supporters. Republicans want the cheap labor.

          Why are Muslims the primary people import? Muslims don’t have abortions, take the pill and Muslim women are not single moms. It is not uncommon for Muslims to have the 6 to 10 children like white families used to have in America. Congress is counting on this group to generate the missing tax payers.

          Why is America a bankrupt government? Revenue from current taxes is too low to pay for increasing entitlements and retirees. Deficits and debt plug the entitlement hole until immigrants produce enough taxes to fill the entitlement hole . Government is betting immigrants will produce the taxes to pay for retiring Baby Boomers before America goes belly up. Once the U.S. world reserve currency runs out and the government can no longer print bucket loads of money and debt they will strip the U.S. citizens cupboards bare to keep going. Need more proof on America’s bankruptcy? Look up Kotlikoff’s senate testimony last year.

          • Rabbitone, uh, those Muslims will never work. they get straight onto the programs freeloading on our tax dollars. They’re TAX EXEMPT AS LON G AS THEY DON’T BECOME US CITIZENS. THEY DON’T HAVE PAY INTO FICA OR SS.

          • “The reason we cannot support these baby boomers is we have not produced a large enough group of supporting taxpayers.”

            We have the people but how much does a minimum wage worker economically contribute to the tax base and SS? If one takes into account a kid in the equation its a negative value.

        • Observer:

          I wonder whose behind all that. Could it be the Bloombergs and the Levines, the Steins, and the Goldmans, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers? Look around folks at what’s happening and put 2 and 2 together. The answer is four little letters: J * w s .

          ••••. B E L I E V E. IT. ••••

          • B from CA, Just wait until the idiots accusing you of being a Nazi. Never accuse any of the chosen and poor jews of any wrong doing.

          • B from CA, google the “Rivkin Project”, for many of the answers. Rivkin? Is that Irish?

      28. Karl Marx i beieve once said” if a free man competes with a slave you will enslave the free man”! Both parties have supported free trade. Our forefathers were fair traders! Big difference! Free trade, open borders are all tools trying to achieve global government!

      29. We’ve owned Fords and they’ve been better than the Chrysler hunk of junk I drove for 8 years. As far as I am concerned, Ford just shot themselves in the foot with all the locals who drive them because they’re American made. It’s time for a new company and different type of personal vehicle to fill the void in American manufacturing. If I have any “liberal” bone in my body, it would have to be in the area of moving people. Nobody should have to own a vehicle unless they want to imo. But, we are forced to do so in multiples to get to jobs on different areas of town on roads and overpasses past their expiration dates… constantly adding lanes to the tune of billions. I’d love to pay what I pay for insurance, tags, ez tag, gas and upkeep for a light rail ticket and a rental minicar to cover the rest of the gap between the station and wherever.

      30. Cut out the corporate income tax, and jobs will flock back to the US.

        The left has convinced people that ‘corporations must pay their fair share’. Seems no one ever asks these dumbasses what exactly do corporations DO with profits ?

        They either distribute them to shareholders who pay taxes on them, or they reinvest them in product development, new equipment, etc.

        If there were more distributions, shareholders would pay more taxes and the net taxes would be the same.

        If there were more spending on product development, new plants, etc, the entire economy would benefit from that spending, and all the taxes collected on that spending.

      31. Most CEOs of Fortune 1,000 companies are traitors, just like the vast majority in Washington DC.

        • Diane,
          And have psychopathy.

      32. TnAndy

        “Cut out the corporate income tax, and jobs will flock back to the US.’

        Its going to take more than that as the delta in labor compensation is too great. The developing world makes anywhere from 25 cents / hr to $4 / hr (and the $4 /hr jobs are leaving them to cheaper labor elsewhere). China its believed has 500 coal miners per year killed in cave in and accidents. This excludes the occupational health effects and deaths from black lung. Union Carbide killed 6000 Indians three decades ago and justice still awaits those killed and injured. The opportunity to run roughshod over the downtrodden in every respect including environmental is too great to pass up. Interestingly the globalists want everything but some normal standard of living. In that respect they are traditionally sovereign.

      33. We are in the “May you live in interesting times” vortex.

      34. America’s day as a manufacturing power are over, OVER !

        For decades, and I mean all the way back to the 1970s and probably even before that, America has given up every advantage it had and will now be nothing more than a retail/service society forever more.

        It gave it up thru decades of:
        1. Giving other countries trade advantages
        2. Giving away technologies
        3. Allowing foreigners to come and get educated on how to manufacture products better and then take that back home.
        4. allowing unions to push for higher wages, ensuring companies would eventually move jobs offshore
        5. increased regulations, increased taxes and increasing welfare causing employers to use any measure to be able to stay open.

        Sorry Trumpers, jobs now being done overseas and across the border for a dollar a day are never coming back.

        I do not know when this rude awakening finally hits people’s minds and the wage scale; but it’s going to be bad for a while when todays youth figures out that 30K is probably going to be a high salary in their lifetime.

      35. “What is going to happen when America finally doesn’t have any manufacturing jobs left at all?” Given that the answer is somewhat obvious, let’s back up first and ask why America will soon have NO manufacturing jobs? The answer is indisputable. Look no farther than Congress and the Administrative Agencies that wrote the laws, created the regulations (many unlawfully), imposed the draconian tax code, savaged the middle class, and rewarded (punished) corporate success, small business owners, and America’s middle class by entering into approx. 30 “free trade” agreements that caused the transfer of manufacturing, technology and jobs to other nations. Welfare has been such a huge success in American that Congress (in its infinite ignorance and arrogance) chose to implement it world-wide, i.e., redistribution of USA jobs, USA technology, and USA standard of living on a global scale, i.e., global welfare. Do you want to know where the problem came from? Look to Congress before you look anywhere else! It was Congress that destroyed the United States of America. Even worse, they could have stopped it anytime they wanted to. Today, the borders are still wide open – invaders and terrorists in and corporations out. And look how many Congressional, corporate, media and foreign interests want to keep it that way, and who savage the one man who opposes open borders?

        • “What is going to happen when America finally doesn’t have any manufacturing jobs left at all?”

          It will end up being a country that has FAILED.

          No country can survive without a manufacturing base.
          A country that cant produce, will be a country that dies.

          • … and on that note …

            George Carlin: America is a full of shit country

            Duration: 4:14


      36. I hate to see manufacturing leave the US, but maybe quality will improve. It certainly could not get much worse with Ford. My brand new Ford with 300 miles has a defective engine that is being dismantled. It’s hard to “Go further” with a seized engine.

      37. It’s all part of the plan. America is a country full of goyim. It must be destroyed. Or enslaved.we all must boil in a vat of sewage with Jesus. We are trying to knock over there tables just as he did. So we must be destroyed.Jesus called them the children of Satan. How racist bigoted and hateful . God said . I know the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are the synogouge of Satan. How racist bigoted and hateful. Haters are so terrible. They hate for no reason. Jews are so wonderfull . How could God and Jesus say such things . Because Satan rules this world and he loves his children. Just like you.

      38. Ford can shove every one of their Mexican made vehicles up their a$$.

      39. madness. Ford did this in England as moved Manufacturing to nutters in TURKEY!
        Ford should be subjected to huge import taxes as punishment for scrapping jobs in USA & UK

      40. Last person to leave please turn out the lights!

      41. I say the too Hell with FORD!

        That said what if FORD is protecting its-self from an economic collapse in the USA?

        Moving assets outside the USA and parts of Europe that is heavily connected to the US dollar.

        Its bad for the US people but FORD is looking to survive as a company.

        After all Obama care is a $240 billion dollar tax on the American people and they still elected him to a second term at the cost of their own jobs.

        It burns my rear end that FORD is leaving but they are trying to save their own A$$.

        So shouldnt we be doing the same thing?

      42. If Trump wins he can institute an import tax on any new vehicle that enters the United states, AND PAY FOR THE WALL!

      43. Its such simple. Don’t buy anything from these companies.

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