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    This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Today, America is voting. One year ago, at this time, President Trump was pretty confident that he’d win a 2nd term. After all, tax cuts and major regulatory hurdles were removed. Through a combination of natural trends that were in motion and his administration’s policies, America was booming, economically speaking and the improvement was felt by enough Americans to give Trump a landslide victory.

    Covid-19 opened the door for Democrats to re-enter the presidential race, so to speak; it forced Mr. Trump to manage a healthcare crisis, which is obviously not what he really wants to do, as a business-oriented individual. Many millions who weren’t raving Trump fans, but were quite happy with the way their careers and finances were going, were laid-off and now had an excuse to change their tune on the Republican Party.

    It’s pretty safe to say that President Trump hates this virus, from a personal perspective. He was riding on the gravy train until it came along and forever changed many aspects of our lives, at least for the next 5-10 years.

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    The markets have changed as well; the puck has moved towards fiscal stimulus and away from a monetary one. Tens of millions of Millennials have now become actively involved in stocks.

    If, up until now, any word uttered from the mouths of Bernanke, Yellen or Powell, caused trillions of dollars to change hands, the next president will have an impact even greater than that. There are new top-trending fund managers; less than 1% of the population has truly realized just how different of a world we are entering.

    The markets are now following what Congress does more than it cares for what the Federal Reserve can do. As a child, if you’d gone to Six Flags and went on the same ride a few times, even if it was the best one, the thrill factor had a diminishing effect. Even if there were no lines and you could do it time and again, most kids wouldn’t.

    They’d much rather try a brand-new ride, a rollercoaster that they’ve never seen before – one with new colors and a fresh design in another part of the park.

    Fiscal stimulus measures like direct deposits, checks to the bank account, and other socio-economic policies, which we will see in the years ahead, will be a critical catalyst for markets. They will be much broader in scope than Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security, and include demographics much younger than retirees.

    We believe the U.S. government will act in such a way that inflationary expectations will rise, while the FED will attempt to suppress rates, thus sustaining negative real rates (as we’ve predicted for more than a year), while leaving the nominal bond yield in the positive range.

    Trump or Biden; Washington will be fully engaged in MASSIVE DEFICIT SPENDING in this decade and commodity investors will flourish.


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      1. The failed ideology and circular logic of the fake revolutionaries was once again demonstrated on Sputnik’s Critical Hour with political cartoonist guest Ted Rall, who basically fell back on the ends justify the means and by any means necessary mentality, which are counter-intuitive, counter-revolutionary ideologies because a revolution cannot be based on lies. If a so called revolution is based on lies, it guarntees a permanent state of chaos and social unrest because many individuals would be denied justice since the fake revolution would be based on lies. A revolution that denies justice is not a revolution, it is tyranny.

        Ted Rall claimed that something good may come out of the covid crisis but is not willing to acknowledge, at least not on pro-covid tyranny Sputnik, that the covid response is a Scamdemic based on scientific and economic fraud. The United States was under unprecedented crisis during 9/11, which was another create a crisis event by insiders and created no revolution. The 2008 financial crisis was challenged by the Occupy Movement which was shut down and failed to create any revolutionary change as well. 

        In fact, the only successful attempts for revolutionary change have been instituted by ending corruption and exposing bad actors and uniting around the truth. The Joseph McCarthy hearings, Watergate hearings, and the Pentagon paper hearings were all examples of this, and the end of slavery, the womens surffrage movement, and the end of Jim Crow laws also relied on the truth movement and a society that united around the rights of individuals and demanded that the rights of those individuals be allowed to flourish.

        What a ridiculous existence that the covid tyranny propagandists that have infested the media, some alternative media sites like Sputnik, the health scare industry, the fascist universities and “education” systems, the government, large corporations, and the financial institutions are destined to live for the rest of their measily, weasily, existences, spending the rest of their lives acting like Hillary Clinton lying about Rusdian hackers depriving her of the election. She knows that she is lying, those involved in the conspiracy know that she is lying and aree also lying on her behalf, and everyone else knows that she is lying, and Hillary Clinton will probably spend the reaminder of her life lying about Russian hackers, and so will those involved in the conspiracy, and now the covid conspiracy tyrants, mamy of whom, but not all like those on Sputnik, have made the conscious decisions to spend the rest of their lives being stubborn, wrong, and totally asinine.

        It takes far more mental energy and effort to knowingly be committed to falsehoods than it takes being committed to the truth. So if it will be a test of wills, I believe that the truth will win and that the crooks and liars will lose. 

        This is what the culture of sabotage has brought America to. Sabotage being the method preferred by the mentally incompetent, to level the playing field and rig it in their favor since they are incapable of competing on a level playing field.

        Many Democrats had voted for Trump in the primary as well as promoted him in the primary because they belived that it ensured their victory, and many Republicans voted for Biden in the primary for the same reason, which brings us the candidates of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Imagine if the Democrats that voted for Trump in their primary voted for the Deocratic candidate that they would have preferred, Hillary might not have bedn the nominee.

        That is why Democracy is failing to a large degreee in my opinion, directly as a result of sabotage during the primaries, often guaranteeing the worst candidates in both parties, and there are not enough oligarchs to do that, so it is largely corruption once again by the general population, and not strictly the oligarchs.

        Hopefully people will learn their lesson and stop sabotaging others. It does not only take place in political campaigns. It is so typical in America and is why America sucks. 

        The psychopaths that have been hacking and terrorizing me and are also using hacking to do it are saboteurs. The level of low life idiocy and mental incompency that would be required to target someone like me is mind boggling. The wasted life, with the goal of destroying others through illegal means, in which the only thing that they gain is the destruction of their souls and a lengthy criminal record that they will have to spend the rest of their lives running from and trying to conceal, if they are lucky enough to get away with it.

        I guess that that is why so many on the left re-acted the way that they did when Trump was elected, because they were subjected to their own worst nightmares, and they knew within their hearts that they were in part responsible which they would never have the courage to admit to. They had tried to rig the system in their favor and it back-fired on them and they had become the creators of their own worst nightmares.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. So far it’s Biden with 131 and Trump with 92….certainly not a “landslide” for Trump.

      3. America votes! And the winner is……… Oh, Canada!

        Israel is losing in Canada. I am predicting the political ascent of Canada rising internationally and replacing the U.S. and E.U. as Western front runners. The Canadian dollar has been holding at .76 on the dollar for months now. Maybe that will change and the Canadian dollar will take off hey to the north.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. It is a problem if journalists have decided to self-censor,  since self-censorship is a Kami Kazi mission. This may come as a surprise to those short sighted journalists, but people do not read the news for the advertisements or propaganda. Yes, there are many who refuse under all circumstances to listen to the truth if it creates cerebral discomfort by finding out that the person that they voted for was a fraud. This amazes me, but it really is true that a certain percentage of the population would rather be delusional than admit that that the candidate was not all that he or she was cracked up to be, as if they are not only refusing to admit that they were wrong about the candidate, but refusing to admit that they are not psychic with profoumd and magnificent predictive capabilities, and of course, this happens to include a large percentage of people who divorced, but appatently that has been somehow seperately compartmentalized in their psychic predictive capabilities and is not a factor that they might not be the magnificent judges of charchter that they believe that they are. When I find out that people that I vote for turned out to be frauds, I get mad as hell at them! What it is that compells people to defend someone that screwed them over by violating their rights, and by being a fraud is mystyfying to me! They are more worried about being proven that they were wrong than they are about having their rights violated by a total fraud! That is by all accounts beyond stubborn and completely insane! 

        Andrea Iravani

      5. 80 year old Nancy Pelosi & the 10 congress-critters older than Nancy are part of the House of Representative. The “House” has the power of the purse in the Federal Govt. How well do you think govt. finances are handled?

        Now we have multiple DEMONRAT states that can’t figure out how to handle election ballotting & counting. Many large states figured it out just fine. What’s wrong with the stupid states? Or is it just an opportunity to CHEAT THE VOTE?

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