America Is Bowing Down to Sharia Law: “This Is What You Can Expect In Your Neighborhood”

by | Nov 15, 2015 | Headline News | 180 comments

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      1. Uhhh my neighborhood is a bunch of mormons, I doubt Im in danger lol.

          • I hardly ever agree with you acid but I think you’re on point here.

        • Every mainstream media article published about Paris makes over how Muslims aren’t to blame the religion of peace blah blah blah all the Muslims condemn the attacks the Jihadists aren’t representative of Islam.

          The mainstream media is a domestic terrorist organization.

          Think I’m being histrionic? The occident is having its death knell as we speak.


          The beginning of all wisdom is to call things by their proper name.

          • The lamestream media is owned by Zionists pushing their agenda. Get a copy of “The learned protocols of the leaders of Zion”. These Zionists has infiltrated every institution of society and their agenda doesn’t coincide with a free peaceful world for Christians.

            • Sorry, typo. The book name is “The protocols of the learned elders of Zion”.

              • the protocols of zion is a plagiarism of “dialogue in hell”

                also the papal “court jews” are the patsies/fallguys/frontment for the real papal power that has ruled the world for the past
                2 thousand years.

                this antisemitic nonsense is pure jesuit propaganda.
                most don’t peal enough of the layers of the onion of truth and get stuck blaming the “globalists, illuminati, jews” ect.
                when the vatican controls all of these groups.

            • Yeah right
              … the Jews are behind the Jihad terrorist cockroach cowards. Get real Bruce

        • lol mine too. We are all armed, prepared for at least 1 year, and safe in eastern Idaho. Everyone here assumes were lds since we have so many kids (we’re baptists) and we fit in just fine. A storm is coming and this is where we’ve decided to ride it out.

          We’re not leaving or surrendering it either.

          I’ll be buried on this farm one way or another.

          • “the targets of violent and racist attacks by the local citizenry who have had enough of the Muslim invasion”


            • Sixpack, spot on. I’ll do whatever I believe is necessary to protect myself and mine and I don’t care what anyone calls it. Dave Hodges sounds like the MSM calling citizens standing up for their country ‘racist’.

            • Everything is racist today. Even the word I.
              Isn’t their signs racist too? Oh wait, I fogot…they can say that and get away with it.

          • The scum muslim trash won’t even see who shot them. They’ll be too busy running their mouths until the moment half a face is missing. That’s what they will receive here.

            • We will do no such thing, we will continue to pander to them, via the politicians and the media. All the while more and more will be funneled into our communities and businesses. We will all be too distracted with the LIE that the enemy is thousands of miles away in Syria. We will all jump on the war wagon and happily send others into harms way to show “isis” what ‘merica! is made of. We will pretend to be badasses stickin it to the muslims, while simultaneously not having the brains or balls to stand up to them in our own country. “isis” is not the enemy, “isis” works for the enemy, political islam is the enemy of a free society, we are being flanked on all sides. I imagine a few will fight to their deaths, but it is a sad FACT that most,when they realize they are surrounded, WILL lay down their weapons and raise their hands in surrender.

              • The ones that are investigating everything are the zionists and they’re also the ones being pandered to. I agree that there’s a Muslim extremist terror problem. But in order to get to the root of the problem, you always kill a snake by chopping of its head.

                • *Instigating everything. Sorry guys, small buttons big fingers:)

                • has more than one head. It is a conglomerate. Sound familiar?

              • RH, what is this WE crap? Speak for yourself. I’ve already decided what I’ll do and nobody else makes my decisions for me.

              • Im afraid I would have to agree with you richard.
                We have all let it get this far ready. And will continue to let it go. Hell is coming and it will not be pretty.
                For those of you that THINK you are safe in your own little state, you are wrong. They are there too. And certain countries have even bought some of your land. Courtesy of….?
                You just havent heard nothing yet. This has all been going on for a LONG time while people party, watch dumb shows on tv and whatever else you do.
                In our own shithole of a small town they are even here. Even russians. So…go figure.
                Yes, we ARE FLANKED on all sides By several countries that have blended.
                So all you macho fired up guys can talk harder about it. Do you have the “stufff” they do? Of course not. I havent noticed any for sale.
                Coming soon, stay tuned.

                These countries just let crap like this happen. See those signs? And what does the country do..they just put up with it. Really? I guess they like their own country torn up.
                I would RUN THEM OUT before it gets worse.
                But no..they let it go on. Raping people and making their demands, putting it on their little signs..Forget being a civil country. Soon it will look like their own country. You like rocks and dirt? And your women? They will be theirs too. None for you.
                They need to go back to their own sh##hole where they came from. This was all a ruse. Letting the bad ones come through too so they can take over their country. Well, looks like they are doing it good.
                Soon to be here too. And why???.?
                Because we and the powers that be let it.
                Your houses will become theirs. Who do you think are buying up those foreclosed homes? And getting more than the regular citizens are getting. And for FREE or course. Piss on the ussa. Yeah they are doing that too. And laughing about it.
                Get used to it because we are next. Get ur slingshots out.
                Yeah Richard I will have to agree with you. We are already FUBAR.

                • yer gonna turn into a punkin, cinder. not many muzzies being shot in punkin land.

                  got powder and lead.

          • Haven’t they dropped a bunch of these refugees in Idaho? We’re not safe. These refugees were capable of marching hundreds of miles into Germany, and soon they’ll be all over Idaho, Wa, and Montana.

            • That is precisely what the goonies-n-charge want.

              They need and want muzzies to infiltrate every state in the continental USSAG so that the call for jihad will break out in bloodshed across the land.

              Voila’… there is your sign. Martial law will ensue with further controls over freedom and movement. As there is no way to control pockets of resistance to the beast, they will mandate electronic/digital/implant tracking….”for your safety”. Wonder why they don’t want people to stockpile food?

              Anyone that refuses will be hunted down and treated as domestic terrorists and either killed or imprisoned. Who would want to live in such a sick world? Hopefully they will run out of time to implement the whole of their plan. It gets real close, according to the Word.

              Maranatha! (Lord Come Quickly)

              • martial law will be used to protect obama’s muslims.

                They’ll need it, but it won’t help.

          • Living in Idaho you will have plenty of pork to eat as there are pigs everywhere!

        • I bet we do have enough ammo to kill all islamic trash. Every last one.

          • Even the women and babies?

            • Anon

              Why Not. The mean to kill our women and babies.
              If you let them live at some point in the future you will have to fight them all over again.

              After this go round. Once is enough.

              • I am glad you called me out as your enemy.

       have now shown who the real slingshot is.
                And, who the real slingshot is, is who i would not want to be associated with, or anyone for that matter that would seek to kill innocent children.

                You kill babies, born or unborn, and you are playing god and committing murder. Women on the other hand, if they are enemy combatants and carry weapons, well, they are fair game in war.

                • there is no ‘fair’ in war. only survivors

                  • Titsmcgee, spot on. No fairness in life either. That’s just the way it’s always been.

                • PWTH.

                  That is O.K. You see now you must know who is fighting along side you. These people are not screwing around and if I am still able I will take the fight to them at whatever cost. We would all like to take the High Moral Standard but it might get you killed. You must break their will to fight.
                  Actually these terrorist hide behind women and children. Did they care after 126 people in France were killed? They killed innocence. Have they not?
                  You are really not my enemy. Only a person I would not feel comfortable to have fighting next to me. More of a liability.
                  It is also good that you know there are more like me out there. So maybe we can call it even.

                  • Muzzie refugee resettlement map on Drudge.

                    • A few states have refused to accept any more Syrian refugee’s. The rest are a little slow.

                  • Of course they cared. They cared just a little bit more than Janet Reno did about the Branch Davidians they cooked at Waco Texas. We don’t need to inport any extreme killers. We already have plenty.

                  • Slingshot, I’m with you all the way on your position. Anyone who attacks me, male, female, kid, etc. will die, period.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      There always has to be a person who has to do the dirty work to bring the atrocities of the world to an end. We did bomb Japan twice and Firebombed Germany. Then Germany firebombed England, plus V1 and V2. In the end we broke the enemy’s will to fight. We did not win in Korea. We did not win in Vietnam. We did not win in Iraq or Afghanistan. Why? So if we do not rethink what we need to do here. We will lose on our own soil the War of Terrorism.
                      These people do not think the same as we do. Their teachings are not one of peace.

                  • Slings right this has to end now . We e tried being politically correct And our grand children will curse us for it as we curse our grandfathers for not wiping them out. That five year old boy you vets did not shoot in desert storm is now a twenty five year old jihadist. But we can’t blame you. How do we end this? Are Christian ethics suicidal. Genocidal? Are we doomed to be exterminated .? Or does it matter?

                    • Are you serious….you think it is ok to kill a five year old?

                      if you do, you are not a sane christian, as you insinuate.

                    • drink more ovaltine, Damn.

                • as the izzy kid puts Passin’s head in the cross hairs .. deep breath followed by a slow release of air.. than BAM

                  they already played god with their own offspring , thats not our fault

                  • I don’t care about all that hypothetical bullshit.
                    If it happens it happens, but i am not risking my eternal soul by playing God, and taking an innocent life.

                    All you people that think like that are heartless.

                    When and if they reach the age of accountability 9 to 13 and then start trying to kill others, than that is a different matter.
                    How in the hell can you even fathom the idea of killing a five year old. If that is how you really feel…then you are a sick sob, and probably need killing your damn self.

                    • Passin i will

                      i have before and will again if need be

                      and yes i walk free

                      if like many many years ago some one messes with me or my family i will kill in self defense and with zero problems

                      and yes i sleep just fine

                      if the idiot that has been dead for years would have chosen a different house to break in and try and steal from me and my family he might have lived many years
                      but he chose the wrong place and got 2 in his hollow brain head and down he stayed for good

                      local LEO even thanked me for cleaning up their problem child. and that was what he was a problem child

                      and in the end a 15 year old kid died and for what ?? a portable radio and some cash not much else..

                      and yes GOD will judge me i dont care
                      i did what i had too for my own survival

                      skittle shittin unicorn

                    • PWTW.

                      Would you rather have me fighting against you or for at least the cause, so to speak, with you.

                      Interesting you would want those who think that way to kill ourselves. Sick son of a bitch you say, for me to think that way.

                      I think killing myself puts me in hell.

                      On the news today they are saying it might take Decades to defeat ISIS on Fox. The Arabs said they will have more children and marry our daughters. Install Sharia Law. Sounds like a long term plan to me.
                      We don’t even have a plan to counter them.

                      I don’t think/remember I called you any foul words except enemy.
                      I don’t feel bad that I don’t sign on with all the religious stuff. Some I do.

                      Now I will save you some trouble and tell myself to Go To Hell.

              • Slingshot:

                I am with Passenwiththewind on this one. Your genocidal attitude is exactly what the Zionist murderers in Isreal are doing to the Palistinians and others in the Middle East. Then the eternal criminals of the past 6000 years send the mad as hell displaced refugees to us. Who hates us? The jehadists and the Zionists both hate us but only the Zionists are running the Federal Reserve. Only the Zionists are running the media. Only the Zionist in control of our government send our children into war. Only the Zionists have the largest lobby AIPAC. So you go kill babies. If I was a killer, I would kill the real enemies. The adult men and some adult women who control every aspect of life in America. The billionaire Zionists are the enemie. Kill them. Problem over. Obama works for the owners of Goldman Sachs. Before killing babies, kill the men who pull the strings of the puppet in the White House. All you killers are full of shit liars. You aren’t going to kill anybody. But if you are a suicidal nut at least kill the guilty, not the innocents.

                • B from CA.

                  I appreciate your input, Whether we become killers or not is yet to be seen. Suicidal Nut. Hmmm.
                  I don’t care about the Zionist or the bankers, etc. Only what happens when they show up in my neighborhood.
                  Whatever your opinion may be. Insure you pick others with like opinions for your group. It will save you lots of trouble in the long run.

                  “I may be wrong or I may be right”

                  Billy Joel.

                  • we’d be crazy to think that they wouldn’t be killing our kids

                    Bombs kill EVERYTHING.. they dont discriminate

                  • Slingshot, I’m with you on ALL of your posts. PWTW seems to be misguided on a few things, although I’ve enjoyed his posts also, but I know your position is 100% right. Remember, there won’t be any rules in post-SHTF.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      Been at this site for a good span of time. The way I am reading it. We’re Not Going to make it. The country will not rebound after our so called reset. If there is a country left. Being correct won’t matter then.

                • Boo fucking hoo.



                  One of these groups is civilized, the other is not. More I say.

            • Babies cannot be muslim trash until they are raised to be. Women want equal rights don’t they? Muslim trash women are killers too.

          • We sure do Mr Menzo

            We have around 85 billion bullets in private ownership in the former USA. Let’s get it right the fúck on!!

            Also I like your screen name , not sure many of our fellow posters here would know of that city. In fact it’s funny you started posting here. I had a dream about that heated rock piller/ clock tower and it was so vivid. Anyway take care

            • Back at you, friend.

        • Think again.

      2. This is getting insane now. Seriously.

        How long before a Paris-style attack happens in the United States?

        How long before an American woman is gang raped by a hoard of Muslim extremists?

        How long after that before Americans realize they will not stop?

        There will be no peace for them until everyone lives under Sharia law.

        • I’ll tell you how long. About as long as it takes me to find where they live and burn them alive 🙂

          • Wait and I shall consult my “897-Inside secret Sources” for your answer. Davy Jr.

            • i got a captain marvel decoder ring.


          • Genius, same here.

        • “There will be no peace for them until everyone lives under Sharia law.”

          Peace is sometimes overrated. I hope they packed a lunch.

          • The thing about peace is the muslim trash will not have any peace here either. It’s our duty as men to make this so here.

            • It was our “duty as men” to stand up as a nation back in June, when the pos potus, allowed the “people’s House” to be covered in the colors of the faggot population, and earlier had been used as access to the evil muzzie leaders; our duty… to physically remove the fag muzzie from that house and string him up as a traitor. Then repeal the evil mandates that we the people allowed to be put in place since Roe vs Wade.

              Now, that we have allowed all this to go on, we have put our selves as a nation, to become partakers of the covenant of death.

              The birth pangs will increase steadily from here on out, and we the people are to blame. we the people will reap the results of our actions, and in-actions. Muzzies have been muzzies for thousands of years. When the world empowered them with $$$ from our lust for cheap oil, we set the stage for this terror. There is no turning back now.

              • Passin:

                Your heart is in the right place. But you fail to recognize the true evil behind the Presidency. Our government officials shake in their boots and piss their pants in fear. The evil is the murderous Kazakhs who control thru Zionism which is an outgrowth of Bolshevik communism and it is fascist in philosophical practice. These mongoloid maniacs embraced the Talmud. They are imposters. They are not descendants of David and not the inheritors of God’s favor. They are a vicious gang that was expelled from Asia because of their violent anti-social behavior. They are clever deceivers who have duped the world. They are Satanic Pagans. Their only loyalty is to themselves. These Zionists are the architects of the New World Order. So unfortunately, hanging this or any president is pointless. We must simply depose the Zionists. First identify the enemy. Then deal with the enemy. First things first. We are a financially failing nation yet we send billions to Isreal. Stop sending $$$$money to Isreal. Secure the borders. Halt immigration. And put the financial criminals on trial for the recent thefts. We can and we will be victorious over evil. We have God’s promise. We will have peace and prosperity. God bless America and Americans.

                • @ Bfrom CA,

                  I knew who they were 20 years ago. My best friend at the time, a paraplegic VN vet, and I researched and learned who, Where, and when, and why. That doesn’t excuse the evil liberals like the Bush’s,clinton’s and obammies. They are playing their game and are just as guilty.

        • I seem to remember a American woman in New Bedford being raped by a gang of white Christian,s. No one race has a monopoly on being evil.

          • ignorant comment all the way around

          • But we condemn it . They say she didn’t have her hair covered so she deserved it . You old guys are suppose to have wisdom.

          • I suppose you’re old enough that your memory is failing now.

            If not, you’re a moron.

          • Tell us about how the New Bedford gang raped that woman in the name of God, how often they attended services, and if they justified their crime by quoting scripture and verse.

            Totally off the wall comment. It’s a given that no one race has a monopoly on being evil, but to attempt to equate modern Muslim terror and invasion to a bunch of drunken barroom louts is completely moronic and ignorant of the truth of the matter on all fronts.

            • I’m with you smokey, old guy ain’t right.

      3. It was Posse i think that used to say, nothing happens by accident. Everything is by design. I remember those phrases in everything I see. I keep my children close at all times.

        • Churchill said that.

      4. You do notice the pro printed signs? Yes this is The Powers That Shouldnt Be’s plan, but its the best laid plans of mice and men..Destine to FAIL. The tyrant has shown the world he’s totally naked and his plan is backfiring in his face…Nothing will unite the people better then threaten their way of life and safety…We are the many, they are the few…Any vegas odd’s out there???

        • the pro printed signs are a sign that the unions are behind some of this BS

          just like the black lives matter the occupy wall street etc if you look on most of the signs there is a made by a union printing shop

          and a lot of the Ferguson bull crap was made much worse because the So Called protesters were bused in from other states

      5. It is time to nuke our countries in order to kill the cancerous politicians that sold us out!
        Like a stuck bandage, do it quick, a little pain for our peaceful future.
        We can’t go on with these b.s. attacks, the sheeple are getting nervous and ruining the wool.

        • We are heading head on 100mph into perpetual war against a created enemy. Wake up people! How do we keep falling for the same trick! It blows my mind how many people are talking about ‘takin it to the terrorists’, Good Lord! it’s like 2001 all over again. And for what? Because tptb apparently fund a few asshole muslims to kill people in france and then cnn and fox play the same two clips in a loop for 4 days. It’s amazing how easy it must be for them to start a war. Just a couple clips on a loop and the ignorance and lack of critical thinking from the citizenry. Lies!!! All Lies!!! Please for God’s Sake Open Your Damn Eyes People

          • Richard is correct. I see it for what it is. Its a staged event and simply fear & doom porn. Folks don’t fall for the dog & pony show. Its been done time and time again. Custer was totally in the wrong. Yet the newspapers twisted the facts and made Mainfest Destiny and The slogan( The only good indian is a dead indian) into a widely accepted notion.

            • What if your wrong? And we let more and more of them in till we are out numbered. What should we do to the people that told us everything was fine . Let more of them in. When we our fighting for our lives. Custer was totally wrong ? Sacajawea was kidnaped by one tribe and sold to another . That was their way. They were mostly savages . Not all but most. Can we afford to take the chance that these muslems who are slaughtering people everywhere else won’t do it here? Are they worth taking that chance? If your wrong your grandchildren and the rest off us will curse your name.

              • He’s not wrong. Although this being a completely planned event doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to war. More than likely on our own soil. The way things are playing out make it inevitable. If anyone still thinks that this isn’t a planned event, they’re still ignorantof reality and are pretty much useless. Our own government has spent billions in training and arming these jihadists. Then they claim they have 4 or 5 trained fighters on the ground. Right. 4 or 5. And suddenly there’s and army of terrorists conquering the middle east. And still, dumb bastards believe that, and laugh while claiming the government is run by idiots. Who are the real idiots there?

            • Old Guy, you’ve become senile. You see nothing for what it is, you want this terror event to be a staged event so it will fit within your depraved world view and vindicate your twisted propagandized belief system.

              Start thinking outside of the box you have put yourself in. You have let others create a tool out of yourself.

              • Gee smokey, did you come up with that response all by yourself?

      6. Here’s how to take back the country:

        Blacks returned to africa
        Mexicans returned to mexico
        Mussies returned to where they came from
        Women back to the home/kitchen/bedroom
        Cops / military / mercs disbanded
        Government returned to 1776 levels of servants (no more govt. employees)
        IRS abolished
        All laws made to constrain the Constitution nullified

        This is just a short list, I hope I have pissed off each and everone here, now REALLY think about which time period would be better for the majority of you reading this, life as it was in 1776 or 2015?

        • What you have posted is called common sense.
          It is also the safest way to ensure European DNA In the United States and Europe.
          And because this is How to save white people It is automatically racist.
          You and I can not have white identity.
          The only one’s allowed to have racial identity Are the wonderful colored ones.
          Welcome to world that complacency built.

        • Don’t know why this would piss anyone here off. Sounds like a perfect plan to me.

          • Looks like THERE are/will be some target rich environments. Damn spell check is dumber than I.

        • CRC:

          I would go a step further and return Europeans to Europe. Of course that would require kicking out all the immigrant refugees from the Middle East and Africa and deposing the NWO. But something tells me that Europeans would prefer European Americans over the jehadists and African Muslims. Just a wild guess.

        • Wow, I had no idea my dissent was so widely shared, perhaps there is hope post-reset after all???! 🙂

      7. I’m getting sick of being moderated Mac, I’ve been posting with the same info for 3 years, how long does it take your spambot program to learn simple character identification? C’mon now….argh

        • I just re-checked your IP and email address in the local AKISMET system and am not seeing any moderation restrictions.

          The only thing I can think of is that your email or IP got flagged by an administrator of another web site that also uses AKISMET and it now requires your posts to be moderated on any system that utilizes the AKISMET spam filter and moderation controls.

          Unfortunately there is no way around this working directly through AKISMET (I’ve tried!).

          I will, however, look into “White List” plugins for WordPress where we can force Instant Posting for certain users.

          • I don’t post on any other sites, but if the e-mail address I use has been dualbused by someone else, that might be the cause. Thanks for looking into it Mac! 🙂

            • I will see about that “white List” plugin application and maybe that will work.

          • Guess that leaves me out again..
            My problem is I have to reset the darn router im having problems with. Still.
            Never posts aren’t worth putting on here.

      8. Unfortunately the Parisians didn’t have guns. America is rife with personal armaments. Shoot 1st ask questions later. Screw Syria period point blank. These humps will be on our turf.

      9. It is now time to stand up and the first to go should be any local or state politician who agreed to this. Their families to. Time for leaders to know who they work for. And if their is an attack and you catch the pricks don’t call the police. Get some gasoline and a match.

      10. Put the traitors on trial. Direct the Muslims to the guilty. Off with their heads. Well, they want them here. So let’s have some of that Sharia. All is fair in love and war.

      11. I wonder how the PC brainwashing will be executed this time… I can hear the screaming of tolerance already.

        Obama has well prepared those who value the 2nd amendment, they are armed to the teeth. Perhaps a war is what they wanted all along

      12. This is what ISIS can expect in my neighborhood.
        Bullets that have been dip in pigs blood.
        No 72 virgins for you Mo-ham-ed!

        • Bacon-wrapped .45acp burritos for the muzzies breakfast tomorrow? LOL!

        • John WV…

          That might gum up your breech. How about just using a little bacon grease on your barrel cleaning patch? Much easier to clean than your receiver.

          Try reading Getting Home series by A. American. There is a good description of how pigs get along with trussed up, bleeding invaders.

          Let the jihadists know that when they fu*k with us on our soil, their end WILL involve a pig. Be it a soaked bullet, lubed bore, or turned into pig chow.

          Always Be Armed.

      13. Personally, I think this is on borrowed time. While it is clear as a bell to anyone who has a brain what is going on, I question how long politicians can realistically pull this off. It will start with Eastern Europe, who will draw a line and say ‘no more’. Then it will be individual states within countries such as Germany. I think people will just disobey the orders from Berlin etc.

        There are not enough police and military to brutally enforce the dictats of the EU; they are already overwhelmed. Just as the Muslims use technology to organize, so will communities. It takes a bit of time for people because they are used to living in peaceful civilization. But as more and more they wake up to find this ending, they will take action. At some point a switch will occur: members of the military and the security services will stop taking orders from the politicians and side with the people just as happened in the old Soviet Union. And that is when the politicians will be thrown out of power and put on trial.

        • I sincerely hope so Franko.

          The way I see it, it aint gonna be good for any muzzies in the west.

          They’ll eventually haul their sad asses back to wherever they came from pronto.

          Could just be wishful thinking on my part though.

      14. Who is this “ISIS” you speak of?

        Why haven’t they attacked the “Little Satans”?

        Why haven’t they attacked the Wahabbis?

        Why did the State Department supply them with training, Toyota Hilux pickups, weapons and ammo?

        Why does Israel maintain a hospital on the Syrian border to treat their wounded?

        Why do bomb proof and fireproof passports automagically show up at all these “attacks”?

        Operation GLADIO was not a “conspiracy theory”.

        Most all of what is puked out on teevee about this subject is Anglo-Zionist propaganda for the manufacture of consent for war. Keep digging for the truth.

      15. Let’s see how it turns out when a Muslim tells the red necks across his street that his daughter must follow shiria law or she will taken by him and his jihadist buddies.. in fact try that crap in a Katy Texas neighbourhood and see how many. 223/5.56 that you Muslims can dodge from your house and get this, your reinforcements will be shot upon entering the area.. sharia law is here my ass.



        Phuck sharia law..

        • New law: The husband of any woman who wears a body covering must wear one himself! Same for daughters and fathers. Abuse your women? Abuse your self !!!

          Hmm, I thought some area W or NW of Dallas already is under Sharia. Is that not correct?

        • AMEN.

      16. Below is the note I just sent to my Senators/Congressman.

        Our “sheep” legislators need to be forced to take a vote if they want to allow this influx of Syrian ‘refugees”

        Should a Paris attack take place here they must be held accountable.

        If they are not on the record as for or against this program, you’ll just see more finger pointing if an attack happens here.


        I want a response ASAP!

        Questions #1 Do you support the resettlement program of importing Syrian “refugees” ?

        No spin, yes/no answer.

        Demand a show vote in the House/Senate of those who support this program immediately.

      17. Do you all see those signs and what they say.

        That is coming to America. After the first couple of attacks. That will embolden the rest of them to hit the streets. They will have guns of military grade. They will riot and loot.

        It is already happening up North. Mussie’s in New Orleans and Florida. I think in Texas too. This is an invasion, short and sweet. The Politicians and Goody Two Shoes don’t give a Fuck if you don’t like what they are doing either. Maybe a few churches burned by Mussie’s might change their minds, but it might be too late. Stupid Asses.

        Prep For WAR.

        • If you see armed men in the streets looting, and destroying things, I think it’s time to show them the way out by firepower….if Europe had met the first few invaders with guns instead of open arms, I don’t think Paris tragedies would have occurred. Let’s not make that same mistake

          • Yes indeed If the native americans has killed all of the first white men who came. possibly they could have avoided their demise?

            • Yes indeed and the canibles of Puerto Rico could of ate them. .Like the Hawaiians long pork. We wiped out the savage cannibles. With the civilized tribes help they didn’t like getting eaten.

              • Now they own casinos and are on welfare and doin fine .

            • Total and complete bullshit, Old Guy.

              The native americans were destroyed by the Columbian Interchange of germs and viruses. Warfare just completed the job. Cortez could have set sail in his ships instead of burning them, and achieved the same result. Both sides were doomed as soon as they came near each other, totally unawares. Only by chance were the New World microbes not fatal to the Europeans, due to their prior exposures to microbes from Asia and Africa over millennia.

              Get beyond your comic book versions of history.

          • 30,000,000 invaded across the mexican border. How many were shot? Who “vetted” the bastards, women, children, military age ISIS, commies?

            EU is coming. Who’s going to start it? Preppers? Not likely.

            Cowards everywhere.


          • Right BC55 I agree… and, when citizens aren’t allowed to bear arms it’s because TPTB don’t want them to be able to defend themselves, not because they are trying to protect their people.

            By facilitating all these refugee/invasions TPTB don’t need to depopulate. It will just happen naturally as more and more invasions occur. This is only the beginning.

          • they have to be armed? damn.

        • It’s already here in America. We’ve had dozens of ‘lone wolf’ attacks by Muslims, a terror bombing in Boston, and quite a few foiled attacks by single or groups of Muslims over the last several years.

          The people calling these things ‘false flag’, ‘staged’, ‘Zionist’, etc., are deluded sheeple unable to face up to the fact that we are under attack by Islamic terrorists at home and abroad and need to deal with it.

      18. Carefully choose your targets… Some moose-slimes are like tannerite and go boom when shot with lard lubed bullets…
        or as my Halo playing son says.. “jihadi birthday party”..
        Head shots only..

      19. Occasionally Hodges puts out something worth paying attention to.

        This might be one of them, at the least it is worth some serious thought.

        • I really question Hodges this time when he called the attack on refugee centers in Sweden by local citizens “racist”. That’s MSM terminology. Also used by the tribe. So Hodges must have been a closet libturd all along.

          • Braveheart: more like one of the far too many that has been fully Mezmerized-Kosherized-and-HoloHOAXED so bad for so long they actually Believe whatever is shown daily on FOX TV….And fall everytime for the scam idea that somehow even after 109 other nations booted the tribe out prior…Those 109 bootout events ALL happened simply due to Tribe members= 100% always Innocent victims and all remaining 99% of Goyim Others of said 109 nations was just a huge population globally of “evil bad nazis”! oh and they were all Haters also eh!

            Picture some guy expaining how since he was age 21 yrs old and went to his First bar for a drink…Hes now 50 yrs old and been to Another 108 Bars and with exact same results! IE: Each of all 109 Bars Booted this guy Out ….and when You ask him “Gee Why did they ALL boot you out of them Bars”?…

            His ONLY answer is “Well I Never did ANYTHING wrong! It was ALWAYS the Bartenders Faults who for some reason kicked me out”!

      20. Maybe this will open some eyes of those who think we should accept them into our country.

      21. The benefits of diversity outweigh the costs.
        But one of the benefits again?

      22. Where is the video of this fantasy? A supermarket destroyed and no videos? no cameras, no phone snapshots? No proof of any kind? I am Christian and taught by the truth. I am not a hatemonger of anyone and am tired of these kinds of fabrications. Americans should not torture, pre-empt with no proof of harm, slaughter the unborn, marry gays, print magical paper wealth, steal and enslave their own citizens, pollute everything they touch. If we want to curb evil, we should start in our own back yard. Where is your reason, compassion and common sense? This is my first comment after 8 years of reading your website. Do you want to survive the apocalypse? “You who desire the evil day, what is it to you?” “The mighty man will cry there bitterly.” Your gold and guns will not save you. Guess what- all flesh dies- “Their blood shall be poured out like water and their flesh like dung.” Get real, get on your knees and repent while there is still time, and stop shilling for the hatemongers.

        • Do you support Sharia law it is OK for a man to beat his wife and kill his children? God put you here to stand up for what is right. Didn’t Jesus pray God’s will be done on Earth? I know God didn’t mean for women to be born into Muslim slavery.

        • Jim you have a valid point. Ill adnit In racist . I prefer my own kind. Wich is redneck Cracker southern Hillbilly I don’t like Yankees of left and right coasters. having stated that a persons soul doesn’t have a color or nationality. First and foremost lets not do anything that would endanger our immortial soul. lets be rational, logical and prudent. Knee jerk reactions to media propaganda are not going to solve anything.

          • Knee jerk reactions? How politically correct . You should write for the MSM . Let’s do nothing that’s the best reaction . Let’s put our heads back in the sand . It will go away by its self. Wait till they have a knife to your throat then ask them nicely not to cut your head off. If it is a false flag the more the better we need to get off our buts before it’s too late.

            • The Jesus freaks always say that crap. They are too scared to do anything, so they say God will protect them, therefore they don’t have to do anything. Or they really believe that crap, that God will save them. One question though, religious people…if God will save YOU, why didn’t He save THEM?

        • I wanted to see some proof of this, myself, and did a quick google search. I did not find photos or video of ransacked markets in Germany, but did find photos of empty shelves with signs in German apologizing for the lack of goods due to ‘difficulties beyond our control’, whatever that means. There are, however, numerous blogs and statements about refugee gangs, assaults, rapes, attacks, and coordinated theft of food and merchandise. Too many to be some fantasy.

          This is real, and getting worse.

        • repent, jt, that outta do it.

      23. Or unarmed doing the same…..

      24. Time to crank up the reloader!

      25. americans are damn fools, you are getting exactly what you voted for now sit down and stfu

        • Amazingly, I totally agree. Take it like the man or woman that you claimed to be when you made those choices in the ballot boxes. Take it like the wimps you were when you allowed the gov to take God and Prayer out of schools, when you allowed the killing of innocent babies in the womb, and when you accelerated the power of the LGBT movement, and embraced them with pc love and compassion.

          • If voteing mattered they wouldn’t let us do it. Mark Twain. Everything else is corrupt but not the voting ? You must work for the NSA.

      26. The White House spokesman says we are vetting all the Syrian refugees coming to the USA.

        He says the Syrian government is helping vet these people.

        Ahh… Same Syrian Government that we have been trying to overthrow.. by way of arming anti-Syrian Government forces etc..

        Show me an ounce of common sense with this policy

        • There is no way to vet them, Syria can’t and won’t give any info on these people, remember our leader was against Assad and he is the enemy of Obama, and why we had the CIA train insurgents to fight against him… so when TPTB states they are being vetted, it’s a damn lie.

        • The White House spokesman is lying through his teeth. It is not possible to properly check these people out due to a lack of databases, police records, and interviews, or even governmental integrity, in the Middle East.

      27. I see DALLAS/Fort Worth has taken in quite a few Muslims. Bonus!!!!!
        Wouldn’t want to live in town!!!!

        I stomached as much of oBOLA’s speech as I could. Asked the same question three times and never did give a coherent answer. Bonus!!!!

        Don’t pee down my back and tell me it’s raining…

      28. Sharia Law, my Rebel butt!

        If these Savages pull this in my beloved South, they’ll end up alligator bait, or buried in an Orange Grove, Cotton Field, or Peanut Field.

        There is nothing a Southern Boy likes better than a good fight, the South WILL rise again!

        • Don’t know if I would want to pollute the ground like that….

      29. I wonder if they will include Obama in the “vetting” of immigrants?

        • Obama was “vetted” by commies. They found him a muslim and a commie. Just right to overthrow, in a bloodless coup, the Constitution.

          He’s a POS and everybody knows it.

          • To be eligible to be president of the United States Both of your parents must be born here. Obamas father was born in Kenya . End of discussion . And the FBI , and every other agency and politician , and every military general knows that and does nothing . Including our media. Traitors all.

            • Wow, then I could not be president because my mom was born in Canada…

              Not that I would EVER want to be among those psychopaths anyway.

              • bommies mommie was a commie. From Kansas, no less. muzzies found her commie hole and it weren’t no rabbit.

      30. While the Islamic Fundamentalists are threatening the western powers their creation was at the bequest (better said orders) of the Globalist Bankers who are intentionally destroying stable governments (Iraq & Libya) and in its wake creating failed states armed with looted weapons ripe for terrorist occupation. The purpose is quite simple. Without a stable government resources can be extracted from these nations in a manner and payment of our choosing as the people within these borders have in effect no government at all.

        There is no war on terrorism.

        • Right?…it’s all the Juice fault, as usual.

          When will you get tired of this delusion?

          P.S. Start taking your meds

        • Tell us another fairy tale about how the Israelis are creating a world full of hostile muslims in order to effect a Jewish takeover of the planet, that won’t result in the destruction of themselves in short order.

          Got to be one of the stupidest conspiracy theories ever.

          • Fairy tale? How many countries are ISIS claiming they have trained terrorists in? How many in Israel? How many attacks have they carried out? How many in Israel? Funny that an Islamic extremist group would attack every western nation, yet while being so close to Israel, have never even fired a shot at them? Why does Israel have a hospital that they evacuate wounded ISIS fighters to? Exactly where’s the “theory” to this conspiracy?

      31. We will conquer your country, and subjugate the infidels. Your woman will be our wives, and your offspring will be our slaves. You will convert to Islam, or you will perish. Allah is great.!!!!!

        • Thanks for clearing that up for us, Mohammed. Good luck with that.

          By the way, if you really exist, you just got yourself on a watch list.

          • smokey

            Yes sir. He is one of us now. Hahahahaha!


        • I ain’t got enough catriges, mo, but a workin’ on it.

      32. Just looking at the picture. I don’t want a democracy also. A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. I want the Republic. A woman asked Ben Franklin What kind of government have you wrought us? Franklin replied A Republic mam if you can keep it? It looks as our Republic is in trouble.

      33. Looks like we’re gonna need to upgrare to full autos. A few claymores would be helpful too.

        • Full auto’s waste ammunition and will get you hard time it they’re not legal ones and registered.

          Better off learning to shoot IMO.

          Claymore’s the same as far as registration (yes you can own one if it’s registered) but have the rather serious problem of needing new parts every time you use one.

          • make sure everthins legal, anon, like the muzzie leader on the ptomic

      34. Most of the time Dave Hodges is a dolt. He will post your comments on his site as long as you agree with his position, otherwise the moderator does not approve it. On one hand D. Hodges calls the attacks a false flag and on the other Beware of Sharia! Should it not say beware of the false flag of Sharia? Either ISIS terror events are false flags or it is just pure muslim totalitarianism, it can not be both.

        I stick with the belief that Dave is a dolt.

        • Most people claiming “false flag” don’t even know what the phrase actually means.

          ht tps://

      35. George Washington open vision of America at Valley Forge.

        We are coming into the third part of the vision. We will be badly beaten, bloodied, dieing and killed by those coming here. But we will have victory in the end.

        Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the

      36. Braveheart1776, dont you come on here acting like your some kind of bravheart. Go phuck yourself muslim. Think you can come on here and discredit David Hodges. Everything he says is a fact of life, so go phuck off and eat sh….t. Dont you dare ever post false information, comments on unvarifyable info on this site every again. I am calling you out.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • HCKS

          Braveheart1776 is not a Muslim.

          • Sling, thanks for that. HCKS ain’t playing with a full deck…..Correction, he NEVER had a deck to play with.

        • HCKS, you got some kind of nerve calling me a troll on the last thread. You take Hodges way too seriously and seem to have some blind faith in him. I know damn well who I am, and what I believe and stand for. Hodges is wrong to call the people of Sweden ‘racist’ for standing up against the muslim invaders in their country. Sounds like MSM. Must have been a closet libturd all this time. Now you call me a muslim? Now I know you’re off your rocker. Oh wait, I’m sorry, I forgot you NEVER had a rocker to be in! So go f#$% yourself and eat shit your damn self, you POS turd!

      37. why not simply get a mini pig. one of them can be trained similar a dog. and no Moose limb a gonna get close to anyone who has a guard pig. fill a few syringes with pig blood maybe?

      38. There are no rebublicans/democrats left, this is the Washington cartel headed by Muslim
        Leadership. Our states are now trying to stand up 11 so far and counting, no refuges!!!!
        GIVE YOUR SUPPORT call 202-224-3121 and tell your employees you are behind these

      39. Govt Trolls did you get that message? Time to start tracking that one you know what it is ,the hunt is on for that muzzie, good hunting…..

      40. Well, this is one of the big differences between migrations based on circumstance and those that are ‘forced’ migrations. In the past, many people came to America for a change in OPPORTUNITIES. They then assimilated into American society. When you get a group that is forced to relocate for other reasons or that you forcibly remove, you get a group of people who want to re-create their society or country in their new home, NOT a group of people that want to assimilate. When you throw in the religious motivation and reasons this particular group has expressly to make sure they do NOT assimilate, the results we’re seeing now are not a surprise. Like just about everything, looking at it in historical context provides the answers.

        These immigrants should at most be given shelter and then RETURNED to their lands when the problems have been resolved. Period. They will not assimilate. In fact, their stated goal is to CHANGE their new communities into near mirrors of their old communities. That isn’t going to mesh well with the “live and let live” doctrine of the West, nor will it work in a land of “free speech” or other personal rights. It’s a disaster or civil war waiting to happen.

        Because what happens to towns where migrants outnumber the natives? The migrants get elected to positions of power, etc. and then start to change laws and rules of the community. So at what point will the natives and the migrants reach an impasse? I’d say pretty darn quickly and then you’ll have violence. Pure and simple there is no other possible result as long as the migrants refuse to assimilate and yet want to compel all others to not only respect, but to FOLLOW their views.

      41. Revelation talks about the rise of Babylon. Islam uses many symbols and is a spinoff of the Bablylonian religion. Is this the rise of Babylon that the Bible is talking about? Its coming and we are watching it before our very eyes. The rise of Babylon, one world government, wars and rumors of wars, drought, earthquakes in various places, the rise of every evil thing being called good such as homosexuality and good being called evil. The displacement of cash so you will have some type of mark to be able to use electronic payment. I’m just getting started here. It is unravelling before our very eyes so be ready. I’m just waiting for the trumpet call to go home and leave this place. Eternity is close so be prepared.

      42. And the monstrous feminists are mute.

        Because the monstrous feminists have no fricking balls.

        Everything you have, we gave you. Do not for one second think your personal strength accomplished anything. Rich men gave it to you, as is evidenced by the fact that these pathetic goat herders can take it away without so much as a whimper from your ilk.

        Pathetic, same as always.

        This is what happens when you kill your personal goose that laid the golden egg.

        Shits given = 0.

      43. Allowing Sharia, is the establishment of a state religion.

        The founders gave us a protection, Americans must not allow the constitution to be trampled on this issue. Sharia does not provide equal justice, it directly discriminates against women and non Muslims. It gets worse from here because it’s all about promoting Islam.

      44. They’re going to have to do better than two against one with me. I have no problem with beating them unconscious by any means neccessary, putting their bodies in trash bags with some cement and dropping them off some pier in the gulf.

        More likely, i’m going down for being white and stopping at the wrong light at the wrong time. WTG Obama ! the usa is a couple of instances away from being in a full blow race war.

        • We don’t need any more trash bags in the ocean.

        • won’t need no uniform, lena

      45. So, is China or Russia having a muslim immigration problem?

      46. A lot of Americans are going to die.

        My step-daughter and a sister-inlaw are so far into the lib/ progressive ideology that they actually cover their ears rather than hear what anyone else has to say. We (those on this site– who are not trolls) need to stick togther. We don’t always agree on the method, timing, reasoning, right or wrongs of it, but damn, I come here to share and learn ideas and strategies and what-are-we-going-to-do-about-it….not judgements. Either rename the site, or get back to business.

      47. Menzo, watch your phucking mouth on this site, you are taking some really derogatory crap that is too extreme.. you will kill anyone the way you talk. I may have to moderate your sorry ass..

        Mac is still the boss around here and allows us to talk serious crap, but you have crossed the line. If this crap continues, it will have to stop. Even on this site we have limits.. Muslims who are against isis may not be happy with your ignorance so you need to tone it down or get th phuck off this site.
        It’s disturbing how you talk..take your sh…t elsewhere.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

      48. Its like what white south africans have been saying all along. Soon you will be begging them racist south africans to teach you how to implement apartheid. Because the alternative is too ghastly to contemplate

      49. I don’t particularly care for Dave Hodges anymore. He blew the whole “Walmart stores to become FEMA processing centers” bulsh1t through the roof only to find out that they were remodeled completely and opened back up for BAU.
        Hodges is a fear mongerer and fear mongering gets clicks. Whether he gets paid per click or not I don’t know, but if he is? He should be a billionaire by now.

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