Ambellas Warns: “There Is A Secret Sinister Shadow Government Running Behind The Scenes… They Are Not Going To Stop”

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Headline News | 33 comments


The Deep State, or whatever you want to call the shadow government attempting to control the puppet strings behind the scenes, appears to be moving forward with their agenda at full steam.

From geopolitical conflict and financial manipulations to silencing “extremist” speech across the internet and supplanting the Constitution, they are desperately trying to maintain the narrative in an ever expanding information war.

As Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub warns in a recent alert, they will never back off:

“They are not going to stop,” Shep said. “They are doing everything in their power to keep that information from coming out and they want to regain control because see they’ve lost control.”

“As Obama was exiting he got together with the State Department and they formed this secret ‘7th Floor Group‘ which Intellihub reported about. It’s a “shadow government,” Ambellas said.

The highly secretive group was said to have been cleared out of the State Department entirely by Trump appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson which is what likely prompted Obama to set up shop in D.C. post-tenure.

“All of these people are part of the C.I.A.-N.S.A. Deep State apparatus. They are all approved to be in there. They all know that there is this secret sinister shadow government running behind the scenes.

“But the thing is, Trump is just a citizen so he didn’t have access to all of this. When he became President they kept him out of all of this, they kept him out of certain briefings because, you know, the Deep State just does what it wants. But all and all the Deep State’s lost some of its power […] but they are still controlling things, they are still orchestrating things behind the scenes […] now, their biggest battle is literally the alternative media.”

Via – Visit The Intellihub Youtube Channel For Updates

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    1. TEST

      King John (1166-1216) also demanded to keep control. However, his desire was overshadowed by, as Victor Hugo wrote, an idea whose time had come.

      This satanic (that’s precisely what it is, in its lust for power) control cabal reminds me of That Hideous Strength, where the same type of controllers pictured there were actually dealing with forces far beyond their ken (i.e., demonic forces).

      Speaking of demonic forces, saw this 9 minute vid on what socialism has done for Venezuela. Just dandy.

    2. TEST

      If it is proved this 7th Fl group exists (I don’t know enough about it), they would arguably be *the* most evil people ever to have existed in this country. Hilary’s (presumably part of the cabal) crimes would just be pick-pocket level stuff compared to this. Look forward to further details on this!

    3. Faux Liberte'

      “The deep state lost…” lost what? See where I’m going with this? No you don’t. You only think you see where I’m going with this, but in fact I’ve gone nowhere.

      (Insert twilight zone theme music here).

      • awed bawl

        your insertion is ready, would you like some fries or onion rings around saturn

        superb version by Ventures [’62 redone digital ’92]

        check out ventures in space- some claim it’s best instrumental rock album of all time

      • Apollo

        The Deep State needs to be charged with Treason. Government employees all tale an oath to support and defend the constitution. Not obstruct. Violators will be charged and face the firing squad. Once the shooting starts they will learn quickly. Traitor will die.

    4. Menzoberranzan

      All these evil souls will be in attendance at the great white throne judgement of God and will all be begging for mercy. It’ll be too late.

      • Meltonmark

        Remember the parable of Lazarus? Remember too, that Christ warned us 3x in the New Testament about the Synagogue of Satan.

    5. Him

      Menzo, don’t hold your breath on that one. God helps those that help themselves. Starve the beast. Defund the dogs in D.C. Someone get a lot of rope. Another good use for hemp.

      • Menzoberranzan

        Yea I’m all for sending them there . But there they will go sooner or later.

      • deplorable infidel

        I don’t find “God helps those that help themselves” in the Bible, but it does say that faith without works is dead James 2:14-26

    6. rellik

      The fix is easy.
      Kill all Democrats.
      Then we can go to work on the

      • B from CA


        You are CIA operative or what???

        You advocate killing half of Americans then starting in on the other half, wtf.

        We need to wake up to this here tactic of divide and conquer.
        Join forces and fight the DEEP STATE. It’s THE CHEWs. They own the Central Bank.

        Got it !!!


        • Anonymous

          Find out where they live and go get them, wannabe big talking HERO.

        • awed bawl

          One must ESCHEW THE CHEWS

        • Harlem GT

          No, they don’t – but keep telling yourself that if it makes you sleep at night. You black guys just have all the excuses. Dumb liberal.

      • Anonymous

        Spoken like a true asshole.

    7. Yeah, right

      This guy is as full of it as InfoWars now is. All these sites do now is say that Trump is different than all the other presidents that have been selected in the last hundred or so years. Then they create this b.s. narrative that Trump is the new savior/superhero who has defeated this deep state and has somehow single handedly moved from game show host to president. While these/their sites are out to protect him. Yeah, o.k., all I hear is ‘believe our b.s.’ and not any of those other people who question how we got to this new point in time. Yeah, if everyone is saying that we are being controlled by the Russians then we must be legit. Talk about fake news piled on more fake news. It’s now pick the layer of b.s. that you want to believe, and then that’s your level of b.s. to live with and defend. It’s a plan to keep everyone confused and controlled. And it’s right on schedule.

    8. Sgt. Dale

      OK I think we all know this. Question is how are they and how do we stop them?


      • Anonymous

        Get some ginkgo biloba. Elevate your remaining 4 brain cells and figure it out.

      • rabbitone

        Politicians are blinded by their self-interest, which always comes before that of the people or country. Thus is born a shadow government culture that thrives on its own in fringes of the political elites power base.

        Governments think they can by power, law or regulation nullify their own failures. As some one said “…“Government Is Not Reason, It Is Not Eloquence — It Is Force…”. And they will continue to force on us their will until we band together and fight back against them.

        To fight them we must seek out locally those that recognize the threat we are under and band together into a group. Then using that group we can influence outcomes. Read Sun Tzu’s Art of War as a strategy course to do this…

        • Anonymous

          Forget Sun Tzu. Read, “Shit On The Great Wall Of China “, by Hu Flung Pu.
          “Under The Bleachers”, by I. Seymour Butts
          “Running To The Outhouse”, by Willie Makeit,
          illustrated by, Betty Dont

    9. Anonymous

      I support Judge Nepolitano to be DJT’s right hand.
      DC office feds get fired all the way down to district office levels.

      This morning on Fox Business the guest was Sir Martin Sorell, CEO of WPP Group. He stated that Ad companies are complaining about inappropriate web content and don’t want to be associated so they will use data analytics and persons to identify sites etc. Well we knew this. The guy is form Britain, Soros and EU dupe. Also associated with Richard Branson. One of the folks at Fox tried to call Sorrel on his views and he flat out shut her down!
      They should have unleashed on Sorrel but they just sat there like idiots!

      Its clearly out front that the globalists are behind these attacks on our freedoms. The globalists think they have authority to limit free speech in the US. Remember Obama gave control over the internet to the global body.

      Paul Ryan had his azz handed to him today, GOOD! Now let the Ocare implode! If DJT is smart he will forge a budget around this implosion but ….

    10. oops

      Intellihub uses fb, discus, google, twitter, pintrist; DUH! Each one of those tracks.

    11. TEST

      Shocker! Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore lead in population loss: Nice work, leftists!! (CNS News is excellent)

      Last Republican mayor of Chicago: 1927 to 1931
      Last Republican mayor of Detroit: Louis C. Miriani. 1957 to 1962
      Extra credit: Detroit the first major city to adopt the socialist “Model Cities Program” – see “Killing a City” at
      Extra extra credit: Detroit literacy at 47% (!!) (a number last seen in the Neanderthal period)
      Last Republican mayor of Baltimore: Theodore McKeldin, 1963 to 1967

      Extra credit: Interviewing Venezuelans on how that sociaist thingy worked out for them:

    12. Braveheart1776

      Civil war2/revolution is not too far off. There will be blood from all kinds of people running everywhere.

    13. aljamo

      I don’t know, tptb seem to have everything under control. What? They worry? The people are easily led to the finish line as in herd mentality. It’s someone else’s problem so they say.

    14. Kevin2

      The “Deep State” referred to by many names and composed of several groups has been around long before Obama and certainly was the culprit in the JFK assassination.

    15. End the Federal Reserve

      The biggest way to give the shadow government in America a mortal wound is to destroy the Federal Reserve system.

      Keep in mind “the borrower is a slave to the lender” and the so-called money that the Federal Reserve lends out is created out of thin air not backed by anything.

      The destruction of the Federal Reserve should be the first priority. With that said, don’t rely on Donald Trump to be able to do this. So where does this leave us?

      • Apollo

        End the Fed nailed it. Declare theoe phony fiat dollar null and void and typu destroy their income. Jail them, lock them up and confiscate their wealth. We have the most powerful army in the world. Why is George Soros not in prison yet? Start there. Throw that fat slob hag Janet Yellen in prison. They destroyed our economy and stole our wealth with their money counterfeiter printing presses.

    16. Traitor Hator

      Yes and over 2000 years ago they also owned the media and the money changers as they do today. And they paid protesters as they do today to yell Crusify Him . Rev. 2:9 ,3:9, John 8:44. Isn’t this all obvious? How much more obvious can it get? How long can we stay in denial?

    17. Just me

      The deep states control is an illusion of delusion for the idiots. They will soon find out that not only were they not in control, but they have no control over there eternity either and they are not going to like how that plays out as a result of their evil while earth dwellers. Bye bye – so long – farewell deep state – you have been weighed on the scales and have been found wanting…

    18. Traitor Hator

      Must See. Incogman Revealing Quotes.

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