Almost Everyone Missed One Of The Main Points Of The Eclipse

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    A lot of people were expecting a lot of things to happen on the day of the Great American Eclipse of 2024, and none of them happened.  Personally, I did not expect to see any sort of a major disaster or emergency on April 8th, and this is an opinion that I expressed over and over again during the weeks leading up to the eclipse.

    But without a doubt, I believe that this eclipse was a sign and a warning.  In particular, the fact that the Great American Eclipse of 2024 completed the giant “X” over the New Madrid fault zone that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started is such an obvious warning that I can’t believe that almost everyone is ignoring it.  That giant “X” over the New Madrid fault zone was literally one of the main points of the eclipse, but so few people are talking about it.

    Earlier today, I was watching coverage of the eclipse on ABC News, and I thought that overall they did a pretty good job.

    But of course there was no mention of the giant “X” over America that was being finished by the Great American Eclipse of 2024.

    And there was no mention that the precise intersection of the two eclipses fell in southern Illinois.

    I am sure that the other major networks also chose to ignore the obvious.

    But somebody out there has certainly been trying to draw attention to what the eclipse on 4/8 really meant.

    On Friday, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake rattled New York City on the exact same day that an earthquake at a depth of precisely 4.8 miles shook the New Madrid fault zone

    The New Madrid Seismic Zone started rocking early Friday morning.

    The U.S. Geological Survey recorded a magnitude 2.1 earthquake at 12:17 a.m. April 5.

    The tremor was centered along the Mississippi River in Lake County, Tennessee, about 3 miles northeast of Caruthersville and 26.5 miles northeast of Blytheville. The USGS said it had a depth of 7 kilometers (4.8 miles).

    Just another coincidence, eh?

    That quake was part of a mini-swarm of 5 earthquakes that hit the New Madrid fault zone that day…

    I am not a scientist and I’m not saying that eclipses and earthquakes are related, but I do find it interesting that a mini-swarm of 5 quakes has just hit the New Madrid, Missouri area just days before Monday’s historic total solar eclipse that will cross that region.

    The USGS has confirmed there are at least 5 New Madrid, Missouri quakes as of this writing. 2 happened early Friday morning and there may be more now, but 5 is the total as of this writing.

    What we are witnessing right now are warnings.

    Someday there will be an apocalyptic earthquake along the New Madrid fault zone that will permanently alter the geography of the United States.

    But it isn’t time for that yet.

    The dividing of the land of Israel comes first, and this is something that the Biden administration seems absolutely determined to accomplish

    For decades the U.S. has pushed a two-state solution to the conflict in the Middle East but not formally recognized an independent Palestinian state. That may be about to change.

    The Biden administration is drawing up options to enact the policy after Israel’s current war in Gaza, a senior administration official told NBC News, a move that could offer political, legal and symbolic power for Palestinians and add to international pressure on Israel to engage in meaningful talks for a long-term peace.

    We have been warned that if we divide the land of Israel our land will be divided.

    But the Biden administration plans to do it anyway.

    Recently, a simulation of what a magnitude 7.7 earthquake on the New Madrid fault would look like was conducted…


    Of course, we have seen much more powerful earthquakes than that in the region in the past.

    In 1811 and 1812, there was a series of three massive earthquakes that all measured “between 8.3 and 8.7 on the Richter Scale”

    The seismic zone generated some of the largest earthquakes in U.S. history. Three earthquakes struck between 1811-1812, destroying several settlements along the Mississippi River and spurring a series of aftershocks that lasted for months. Scientists have estimated the intensity of the earthquakes as between 8.3 and 8.7 on the Richter Scale, according to the Iowa Geological Survey.

    These three absolutely enormous quakes were part of a series of more than 2,000 earthquakes that rattled the New Madrid fault zone during those two years.

    In the entire history of the continental United States, we have never seen anything quite like those quakes

    The New Madrid earthquakes were the biggest earthquakes in American history. They occurred in the central Mississippi Valley, but were felt as far away as New York City, Boston, Montreal, and Washington D.C. President James Madison and his wife Dolly felt them in the White House. Church bells rang in Boston. From December 16, 1811 through March of 1812 there were over 2,000 earthquakes in the central Midwest, and between 6,000-10,000 earthquakes in the Bootheel of Missouri where New Madrid is located near the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

    Prior to the catastrophic New Madrid earthquakes in 1811 and 1812, two solar eclipses actually formed a giant “X” over the heartland of America.

    The giant “X” in the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio that a solar eclipse in 1806 started was completed by a solar eclipse in 1811.

    Meanwhile, Tecumseh’s Comet was getting a ton of attention as it raced through the heavens.

    Three months after the solar eclipse in 1811, the shaking in the New Madrid fault zone began.

    Now we see a very similar scenario playing out right in front of our eyes.

    On April 8th, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 completed the giant “X” over the heartland of America that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started.

    Meanwhile, the Devil Comet is racing through our solar system for the first time in 71 years.

    You can dismiss this if you want.

    But let’s see what happens.

    I am entirely convinced that “X” marks the spot, and scientists assure us that it is just a matter of time before extremely destructive earthquakes hit the New Madrid fault zone once again.

    So keep a very close eye on what the Biden administration does.  Once a Palestinian state is formally established, we will definitely be in the danger zone.

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