Alleged “State-Backed Hackers” Transformed A Telecom Giant Into GLOBAL SPY System

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 17 comments

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    According to the Associated Press and Reuters, both of which have published an expose about a cyberespionage campaign that might have its origins in Beijing, hackers turned a telecom giant into a “global spy system.” Cybereason Chief Executive Lior Div said because customers weren’t directly targeted, they might never discover that their every movement was being monitored by a hostile power.

    According to ZeroHedge, the AP, which sourced its story from a presentation given by the head of Cybereason, a global cybersecurity contractor brought in by telecoms firms to trace the source of another potentially major breach, a group of possibly state-backed hackers infiltrated the system of an unnamed telecoms giant to spy on a group of unnamed “VIPs” call records, location data and other information. The hack essentially allowed those hackers to track the movements and activities of the targets. And because the hack occurred at the service-provider level, it would be virtually impossible for the 20 or so end-user targets to discover the breach on their own. In essence, the hackers were able to transform the targeted firm into a “global surveillance system.”

    “The hackers have turned the affected telecoms into ‘a global surveillance system,'” Div said in a telephone interview. “Those individuals don’t know they were hacked – because they weren’t.” Div, who presented his findings at the Cyber Week conference in Tel Aviv, provided scant details about who was targeted in the hackHe said Cybereason had been called in to help an unidentified cellular provider last year and discovered that the hackers had broken into the firm’s billing server, where call records are logged. The hackers were using their access to extract the data of “around 20” customers, Div said.

    Cybereason cautioned that even though all signs of who the culprit might be pointed to APT10, the MSS-backed hacker crew that orchestrated China’s ‘Operation Cloud Hopper’, the campaign that reportedly infiltrated eight of the world’s largest enterprise tech companies, they were reluctant to conclusively blame APT10 for the intrusions.

    False flag? It looks probable, because these signs could have been manufactured to point to APT10, even though the real culprit could have been another government, or a criminal organization, or maybe even the infamous ‘400-pound basement dweller’ that Donald Trump once joked about.

    Who might be behind such hacking campaigns is often a fraught question in a world full of digital false flags. Cybereason said all the signs pointed to APT10 – the nickname often applied to a notorious cyberespionage group that U.S. authorities and digital security experts have tied to the Chinese government.

    But Div said the clues they found were so obvious that he and his team sometimes wondered whether they might have been left on purpose.

    “I thought: ‘Hey, just a second, maybe it’s somebody who wants to blame APT10,'”  he said. -ZeroHedge

    This is especially concerning considering just yesterday, The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity released a report showing proof that major mainstream media outlets ask the government’s permission before the release stories. That means that almost every bit of news we get is manipulated by the government and the lapdog corporate media to control our thoughts.

    Whoever hired Cybereason would be remiss if they didn’t disclose the intrusion, since failing to alert their investors could be construed as securities fraud. But if the recent past is any guide (remember Equifax?), companies that have been the victim of large-scale hacks are often reluctant to disclose it for fear of the market backlash.

    However, if China is behind the hacks (or the U.S. government can make the public believe that China is behind the attacks), that would give the Trump Administration one more reason to hold off on striking a trade deal on the grounds that Beijing simply can’t be trusted to end its sweeping cyber espionage campaign.


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      1. I admit that I am tech challenged and I am totally OK with that. All I have is a flip phone I got for emergencies for 10 bucks and some time from track phone. Why folks spend 1,000 for a phone and 100 a month is way beyond me! We got along really well before all the spying/tracking stuff all around us before with some degree of privacy. What have we done? Too late now!! God Bless, James

        • ALL Telecoms are spy agencies for Governments. After 9-11 The Patriot Act created warrantless wire taps, and thus the US Government spied on Americans without any warrant.

          Today, the newest spy agencies tool of the Government is Google, FraudBook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, G-mail, Firefox, Apple, etc.. Its all about collecting our date. If you are Grid Tied you are also being spied on for your utilities, how much electricity you use, and when and what smart device as they are now all connected. Technology is not your friend to remain anonymous, banks and credit card companies spy on you, and Google Maps knows if you have a swimming pool in your back yard. And so does the rest of the world.

          For my BOL, I have several 45 Ft Camo parachutes’ I can throw over assets or buildings or vehicles to hide the foot print. And 80% of my property is covered with 85 Ft tall Oak Tree canopy.

          Be the gray man not only how you dress bit your entire lifestyle footprint do you present for prying eyes? Think OPSEC. I deploy trail cams and motion detectors on my property. I want to see who comes to my gate and I get a heads up to know they are there by my property, before they think I know they are there. Get the jump on them. What can you do in 20 seconds. Put some boots on grab my battle belt, hydration camelback, AR-pistol, handgun and shotgun and out the door. Never try to defend your home from being inside of your home. You need to get out there and get the jump on the thugs. Ever night train, put your battle rattle on and go walk your property at 2AM in the moonlight. See how well you can see in the night, and what you can’t see in the shadows. I still have NV on my bucket list. Those with night vision will rule the night. And Take odorless bug spray so you can stay still and not noisy swatting bugs in the night.

          • Never put anything on your cell phone you would not want anyone else to see. Go look up -Fake Cell Tower “STINGRAY” SPY Technology that will suck all the data off your phone as you pass by this FAKE cell phone tower. All your phone book and phone numbers, photos, your texts and emails will all be copies and put in to the data base on you at the local fusion center. Its true. And when you drive through town every bridge, every highway entrance all have license tag readers to track your whereabouts and what time of the day you pass these areas. They know everything about you if you live in the cities. And get ready for 5G, radiating and tracking that can even X-Ray you and see if you are carrying a gun. 1984..

        • Well James, I have tracfone. I have the flip phone and keep minute card in my purse.
          Unless I need the talk time, I save a few dollars a year by not activating it unless I need it.
          I think I have 15 minutes left, but unless I activate in 30 days, I lose it so I will lose it.
          I still win paying about $80 or less a year.
          $20 for 120 minutes isn’t great, but I don’t use one, so why spend that money.
          Husband still has flip phone with unlimited minutes for about $40 a month.
          Any person needs a phone for emergency while in the car or away from home, I think.

      2. “‘infamous ‘400-pound basement dweller’ that Donald Trump once joked about.”

        You cede the country to replacement demographics, then expect danger from the internally-displaced incel.

        My sense or personal feeling, about these media giants, is they are whores, in which the govt has controlling interest. Besides passively gawking at peoples’ private info, besides just turning it off during a rush, they can probably be paid or manipulated to think, say, and do almost anything.

      3. The Chinese ‘Miracle’ which took a country of 800 million people from being Rice daddy subsistence farmers to a World power challenging the US. In a scant 30 years was obtained by the simplest means available; pure, unadulterated theft of everything they could lay hands on.
        My Dad used to say, “You can be a liar and not be a thief…but ALL thieves ARE Liars…period”. The Chinese Miracle is utter bullshit based on nothing but lies and theft. The Russians shouldn’t be regarded as our eternal enemies – we at least share a core of common western values – but the Chinese are nothing but lying, thieving dogs and the longer we let this bad puppy get away with what is is then the worse it’s going to be for everyone …everywhere.
        In a few short years they will have leveraged thier thefts of technology from us and others such that virtually any friction that leads to open conflict is going to result in the deaths of billions of people world-wide.
        Better to deal with it now…swiftly and decisively up to and including extirpation; root and branch as it were. Already whatever vestiges of individuality are being eradicated at breathtaking speed effectively rendering Chinese society a ‘hive-mind’. I can think of nothing else on this planet farther from Western Judeo-Christian philosophy than that.

        China IS the Great ENEMY of the West…Period.


      4. I got to call horse-shit on this one.

        • So what’s next? …a fart sniffer to detect what you had for lunch?

      5. Had good comment. But why comment?
        Everything Censored-Banned-Shadow Banned.
        Delayed for days if anyone does see comment.
        Welcome to your FREE country.
        Amerrikka Controlled by techno monopoly bullies who snoop snitch target.

      6. Truth, Free Speech, Open Discussion, the first casualty of Tyranny.

        Next is mass media, politician, public education, their brainwashing of the masses. Continuous , relentless, always on same page all around you. Brainwash the children when young, keep up the lies.

        Then comes the Police-Stasi-KGB-GRU-China Intel-etc. etc. All the same. Thugs with a badge. 12 of them and one of you.

        Then comes the gun confiscation. Peasants able to defend themselves against thug Police is bad for thieving politicians. What if the peasants get fed up with getting stolen from by the politicians? What if they defended themselves?

        The new twist is the Technology Monopoly Control Track Trace control grid. Add 5g and it is a kill grid. 5g is a military grade weapon to be used upon the civilian population. Don’t forget about the satelite waves being beamed down on you too. Full spectrum coverage.

        What does all this lead to? Genocide. Famine, food is a weapon. Always has been. False flag justification for wars. War is way of thinning out those that would resist the ruling class. Cull of the warriors.

        Censorship. Shadow banning. Delisting. Your Tech Monopoly control freak masters at work. Free speech not popular with Tech tyrants or politicians.

      7. Off Topic but pay attention. Here’s the latest.

        No one seems to know where the $100 million went that Donald Trump gave to his daughter Ivanka earlier this year for the Global Women’s Empowerment initiative program. No response when asked for an update. Six months later and NO accountability thus far.

        On another note, in other news: “An Ivanka Trump Trademark For Voting Machines Was Approved By China Last Month.” Believe it or not, it’s true, I checked into this and it is true.

      8. i have been a follower for 10 years and curious why no post since 6/27/19?
        has the website changesd ???

      9. Why has the SHTF Plan site not been updated since 06/29?

      10. I read July 8th articles yesterday. No clue whats happened to them…

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