“All Hell is Breaking Loose”: Rumors of September Market Crash Driving Panic

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 188 comments

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally posted at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: As much as nobody wants to face it, a number of factors are lining up that may well signal our demise. The market, prone to disaster at this very special 7 year cycle culminating in September, may hold some very unfortunate surprises for Americans who are distracted by media trivia and oblivious to what is going on around them.

    Why Are So Many People Freaking Out About A Stock Market Crash In The Fall Of 2015?

    by Michael Snyder

    Is the stock market going to crash by the end of 2015?  Of course stock market crashes are already happening in 23 different nations around the planet, but most Americans don’t really care about those markets.  The truth is that what matters to people in this country is the health of their own stock portfolios and retirement accounts.  There are a lot of people out there that are very afraid of what could happen if the money that they have worked so hard to save gets wiped out in a sudden financial collapse.  And right now there is an unprecedented amount of buzz about the potential for a giant stock market crash by the end of this calendar year.  In fact, I don’t think that I have ever seen more experts come out with bold predictions that a stock market crash will happen within a very specific period of time.

    The following is a sampling of some of the experts that have made very bold proclamations about the rest of this year over the past few weeks.  Many of these individuals are putting their credibility on the line by proclaiming that a stock market crash is just around the corner…

    -Tom McClellan says that we are heading for an “ugly decline” and that there will be “nothing good for bulls for the rest of the year”

    Tom McClellan loves doing what financial advisers tell you not to do. He tries to time the financial markets — to the exact day, if his charts align just right.

    At the moment, they are telling him to be bullish on the stock market for all of his trading time frames, including those that trade every few days, weeks and months. But bulls should be ready to flee, as soon as this week.

    That’s because McClellan said his timing models suggest “THE” top in stocks will be hit some time between Aug. 20 and Aug. 26. He expects “nothing good for the bulls for the rest of the year,” he said in a phone interview with MarketWatch.

    McClellan doesn’t have a strong view on how far stocks could fall, just that it will probably be an “ugly decline” lasting into early 2016.

    -Harry Dent recently stated that we are just “weeks away” from a “global financial collapse“.

    -Gerald Celente says that “the global economy has collapsed” and he is “predicting that we are going to see a global stock market crash before the end of the year“.

    -Larry Edelson insists that he is “100% confident” that a global financial crisis will be triggered “within the next few months”…

    On October 7, 2015, the first economic supercycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100% confident it will hit within the next few months.”

    -Jeff Berwick, the editor of the Dollar Vigilante, says that there is “enough going on in September to have me incredibly curious and concerned about what’s going to happen“.

    -Egon von Greyerz recently explained that he fears “that this coming September – October all hell will break loose in the world economy and markets“.

    -Even the mainstream media is issuing ominous warnings now.  Just a few days ago, one of the most important newspapers in the entire world published a major story about the coming crisis under this headline: “Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control“.

    -The Bank for International Settlements and the IMF have jumped on the prediction bandwagon as well.  The following comes from a recent piece by Brandon Smith

    The BIS warns that the world is currently defenseless against the next market crisis. I would point out that the BIS has a record of predicting economic crashes, including back in 2007 just before the derivatives and credit crisis began. This ability to foresee fiscal disasters is far more likely due to the fact that the BIS is the dominant force in global central banking and is the cause of crisis, rather than merely a predictor of crisis. That is to say, it is easy to predict disasters you yourself are about to initiate.

    It is no mistake that the warnings from the BIS and the IMF tend to come too little too late, or that they are beginning to compose cautionary press releases today that sound much like what alternative analysts were saying a few years ago. The goal of these globalist organizations is not to help people prepare, only to set themselves up as Johnny-come-lately prognosticators so that after a collapse they can claim they warned us all, which can then be used as a rationalization for why they are the best people to administrate the economies of the planet as a whole.

    So why are so many prominent voices now warning that a global financial crisis is imminent?

    The answer is actually very simple.

    A global financial crisis is imminent.

    Back on June 25th, I issued a red alert for the last six months of 2015 before any of these other guys issued their warnings.

    When I first issued my alert, things were still seemingly very calm in the financial world, and a lot of people out there thought that I was nuts.

    Well, here we are just a couple of months later and all hell is breaking loose.  23 global stock markets are crashing, the price of oil has been imploding, a new currency war has erupted, industrial commodities are plunging just like they did prior to the market crash of 2008, a full-blown financial crisis has gripped South America with fear, and junk bonds are sending some very ominous signals.

    In the U.S., things are beginning to slowly unravel.  The Dow was down another 162 points on Wednesday, and overall we are now down almost 1000 points from the peak of the market.  At this point, it isn’t going to take much to push us into a bear market.

    So enjoy what is left of August.

    September is right around the corner, and if the experts that I mentioned above are correct, then it is likely to be one wild month.

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally posted at his Economic Collapse blog.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Could today’s stock meltdown be the beginng of the end?

        • DJIA 16,990.69
          S&P 500 2,035.73
          NASDAQ 4,877.49


          • Mac…why do you keep saying “This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally posted at his Economic Collapse blog.”

            When some of know, YOU ARE Michael Snyder.

            • I assure you mike Snyder and i are two different people! But to be compared to Michael is an honor – thank you!

              • Kinda like Jeckel & Hide

                • Not at all, Maddog, not at all…totally wrong comparison.

                  Think Orville & Wilbur, Elwood & Jake, Lewis & Clark, Armstrong & Aldrin…and now there is Slavo & Snyder.

                  • Mac, thank you for having a place for all of us to vent, postulate, and post.
                    I only wish the best in the future for all here.
                    We do not know the future, but being prepped is a step in a positive direction…

                    May all be well…

                    • Oy veh! New motto for SHTF: “All Shemitah all the time.”

                • It’s Jekyll and Hyde. Seriously, how long does it take to google something.

                  • I was involved with a woman in the early nineties, that I referred to as Jekyll & Hyde B……

                    She was a long tall drink of cool water until she got about five beers in her, then look out. after a couple more it was on.

                    She was a brawler and could turn into a wild woman at the drop of a hat. She had a black belt in Karate, but I had two long fast legs. When she turned into Hyde, I would run and hide.

                    Finally packed her bags after she came in late one night drunk and pulled a gun on me. I realized that the baby dolls were not always the smartest.

                    • I’ve dated a lot of women in my life, and refer to that as the Risk/Reward. The crazier they are the better the sex you get, nympho like, and thats all they want is sex. I hang in there for months to get my fill, then they turn psycho if you suddenly piss them off or try to break up. Exactly, you know when they start turning violent to Run as fast as you can away before they do drastic harm to you physically or legally. The even mild tempered women are loyal but boring in the bedroom. There is no perfect woman out there… of course the women would say the same thing about men as well. Ive gotten more accomplished in the last few years by not dating much at all. Women areca distraction to your goals and tgey know how to get you to drain your wallet on them instead of worthy things like prepps. Cant live with them and you cant kill them either. Single and free is great. I only date women now about half my age now. Late 20’s is good.. They still are happy, cheerful and love to learn and explore. Older women just want boring shit, sit around, needless stuff, like a frigging anchor. However younger women mostly have ADD, and can easily be distracted, but still a good challenge and keeps me sharp as a buz saw. If I could only find me a young hot stable prepper chick, good natured and happy, eager to learn and try anything, including living off the grid, let me know.

                      Hey Mac, about start up a prepper dating link to find a compatible mate? Ha. Lots of new single preppers out there but how do we all connect in a common goal forum?


                    • Quiet right dear passin.
                      Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker and beer is a brawler.
                      Be blessed friend.

                    • passin,
                      WOW sounds like my ex-wife!!

                    • Hey knucklehead,

                      You got one thing right, the crazier the women the wilder the sex. Oh,excuse me I think you said “better”. OK close enough.

                      The sex can be better with almost any woman if you know what makes them tick and will tell them it’s the “experimental” way, or the highway. Most will go along and try to keep up the tricks in order to hold a relationship together. But, some relationships aren’t worth the effort. If there are no emotions, it is just a physical endeavor.

                      The Jekyll/ Hyde bitch was one of the best and…. can’t get into details here, but I’ll just say two things, sizz-wheel and hair trigger, ok three, no lube required.

                      Anyways, I put up with crazy for almost three years before the pulling of the pistola episode, just because of the awesome sex. We clicked almost 90% of the time, but she was never gonna give up the excess beer. Liquor was a big no no…scary.
                      The night she came home late from a drinking binge with her girlfriends and pulled the gun, she was 10 ft. and bullet proof.

                      Problem was, I was alert and also had a few years of martial arts. When the fight moved outside, and she made a move to kick my gonads thru my teeth; before she knew what hit her, she had a broken foot and her sidekick “Harvey”, the little snub nosed 38 bastard, went flying thru the dark night to rest in the woods.

                      Ole, passin’ was stretched out on the couch with the doors locked and she was still screaming like a wild woman…”you broke my damn foot”. When the sob’s stopped flowing, and all I heard was sobbing, i gave her an ultimatum.
                      You can sleep in the car or the porch swing, or I’ll put your car keys at the back door, or in one hour you can calm down and I’ll let you back in to sleep on the couch.
                      An hour later, she was apologizing and sobering up somewhat.

                      I said, “you can sleep on the couch if you are quiet as a mouse, for your last night under my roof. I warned you what would happen if you showed your pretty ass again, and now we are done”.
                      Reluctantly, the next day she put all her packed up bags in her car, and was gone, still limping of course.

                      I did retrieve “Harvey” after some searching, and returned him minus the bullets. As i was walking away from her girlfriends apartment after dropping off the gun, all I heard was…
                      ” gimme back my bullets”. That L.S. song is always a reminder of a love gone wrong, but some of the best sex ever.

                      A few years ago, I took the wife to a Journey concert for her birthday. She is ten years younger than me and a prepper from hell. She looks like she is in her late thirties instead of fifty. After we had driven the eighty miles to the big city, of which was where the ole Jekyll Hyde girl was from and had moved back to some twenty years earlier, we sat in the parking lot and just watched as everyone came pouring in.

                      The Lord works in mysterious ways, I do believe, and i also think God has a good sense of humor. As our row of cars filled up and the cars began filling up spots in the row in front of us, almost exactly in front of us, two women got out.
                      I almost fainted, there she was, ole Jekyll/Hyde B…….

                      A full twenty years since i had last seen her, but I would recognize that face and nose, anywhere. Her burnette hair was totally grey, and her body had shriveled up like a prune. She looked seventy instead of late fifties. The wife says..”that is the baby doll in those pictures”?
                      Well, it was. Hard sinful living can have that effect on people. Wifey gave me a hug and a kiss, and said, “I’m sure glad she pulled that Harvey on you”.

                      Happy Birthday, baby!

                    • i don’t know….sex can be pretty damn GREAT when you join that support group i got into a year or so ago…you’ve heard of “parents without partners”?…well, it’s something LIKE that…our group is called “SEX WITHOUT PARTNERS”!

                • that’s Hyde with a “y”

              • Mac, don’t take it as an “intended” slam or insult. I said it from a neutral standpoint. But you should just own up and embrace that people know. BTW, the analysis has been confirmed by many who think it and one who used to be, uh, let’s just say a “professional.”


                • BJ, I’d love to read that analysis! If you’ve got a link please shoot it over!

                  I didn’t take your comment as a slam or insult at all.



            • are you deez nuts?

          • Betcha that the stock market will be back up tomorrow with whatever was lost today and then some.

            • RJ
              You may be right on that point. Watch how many times it happens. The swings back and forth. Watch if the swings get bigger. Then it will not be long for the downward break.

              The National debt. Are they still running the numbers? I think they stopped.
              Bond Market.
              Baltic dry index
              Volatility index
              Trade deficit

              All good indicators to what is happening.

              • The news tonight was blaming the oil and gas prices for the stock market losing so much today. HaHaHa. Really.

                I was waiting for a swing below 17 and if it doesn’t
                swing in the other direction tomorrow I will be surprised.

                I am betting it will open at +116 points. Anyone else care to make a wager? The casino is open until 10.

                • Well ole buddy, looks like you were W R O N G! Market opened down and will stay down until the ppt throws the moon at this thing. this morning the news said it is the threat of an interest hike that has the market in turmoil. Never once mention the rest of the world is crashing as well.. The msm is on the “list”.

                  • Dammit .02!…lol…was gonna post the same thing to the promoters of “The all will be well again”.
                    There is deep panic going on right now…
                    Advice for RJ…read the tea leaves before posting.

                    Live Free or Die…grab your ankles and keep your head down!

                  • Well there’s a first time for everything. Time to get some more beer as the weekend is here and Monday should be one heck of a ride.

            • No one can predict the market. Anyone who tells you they can is lying.

              If you’re in the market and worried about it, get out and get some sleep and night.

            • Remind me not to use you for investing advice. Now, down 250 and crashing hard.

              • You can sell and get out anytime you want.

          • I would like to take my money out of the IRA acct, hubby says leave it in. In 30 days I will know if I was right….he started the account, so it’s basically his money, but it has doubled in 13 years…..good news is, I can live without it cuz other preps take precedence.

            • At my co there is no cash/safe haven but I took 1/2 as loan. That is one way to get to cash on your 401-K. Costs like $50 or $80 fee.

            • If you had bought gold and silver 13 years ago your investment would have quadrupled. And it would be out of the hands of the sharks and safe. What you have is up for grabs by a plethora of govt. freaks. Good luck with that.

              • G, 99 was a good year to buy, $270 gold, $4 silver.
                Wish I bought more.
                Being well rounded is the key.
                Buy when there is blood in the streets…

              • Genuis, yeah wudda cudda shudda. If I would have sold my house in 2006 I could have about doubled my investment in just 5 Yrs. But we all got greedy and thought it was going to the moon. Thats why you never fall in love with any assets. Buy low sell high and look for the next opportunity. Silver is a great buy here, and I think $14 dollar range was the new bottom for Silver. I bet its $20 by the end of the year. Thats a good snag on return.

        • NFJT. Doubtful, as Rich99 says those sayin’ co-lapse comin’ are full of chit.

          • If McClellan is right and his timing indicators accurate, then today’s 7% drop in the Dow is the rush to the exits … EXACTLY on cue, as today is August 20th.

            Another 3% decline tomorrow and the 10% correction I predicted last April 26th to manifest before September, is in the tank.

            Its in the Archives My Peeps. 🙂

            • Today’s DOW drop was 2% not 7

              • J Gibbs,… you too see DuragoKiddy has no Fn clue about economics or how to calculate percentages. Ive corrected him so many times, and he refuses to accept logic or facts. Hes an uniformed BSer. Ignore if you can anything he says about economics. He’s. Wacked out.

                • WWHTI: You have never “corrected” me. You have always been wrong. I bet you still insist that China is not “pegging” the Yuan to the dollar.

                  Google “Yuan Dollar Peg” and do some reading. You will discover that the Yuan has been pegged to the dollar since 2014 and the current changes have also been set and reset by China.

                  You are the financial midget I speak of; get a fucking clue. LMFAO!!! 🙂

              • J Gibbs: Thanks for the correction. I was quoting what I remember reading. Ok so the drop was only 2% (358 points on the Dow) with another 400 points today, or 2.35%; but right on schedule, according to McClelland.

                The rout is on.

                We know the markets are manipulated. My guess is the the PTB are allowing the drop NOW to try to stave off a much bigger decline later and a self fulfilling prophecy in September, so we may get that 10% correction yet. 🙂

            • Dkiddy. Did you figure out the Yuan is Not pegged to the dollar yet? Bwhahaha.

              Cause if it was pegged, as you claim in the Archives over amd over, the exchange rate would never change between the 2 currencies. Which is simply not true.

              Even a dumb pig falls in the mud on occssion if they stumble around enough mud puddles. Clock is right twice a day ect ect.. we can only believe about 20% of what you say. On economics about 2% of what you say is true.


              • The yuan is PEGGED to the dollar and ALLOWED to move within a specified range, and only within that specified range. Recently China has PEGGED it DOWN (two or three times) & then UP to move that range. These manipulations were not market driven.

                That you insist on doubling down on your error again and again and again only serves to magnify your stupidity. Now I understand why you lost $30,000 as a “day trader” (ouch!) you don’t even know the BASICS. LMFAO!!! 🙂

          • So you think Rich99 knows more than those people?


            • Nunya…Nope……maybe……who the hell knows? This one says this and someone else says they’re right. One thing’s for sure is, we’re headed for a world of hurt. Besta luck.

              • Dow futures are down -76 points and market trading is a very low 16850 this morning, and gold is up again. Seems to be no rebound so far this Friday morning.

                This is blamed on a number of things on the business news networks like China, the global debt and no paybacks, over production, etc., except panic. Marketers are begging people to buy “low” now, but there are no buyers, so if you are selling, there may be no buyers for your stock until it goes much lower.

        • http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/17/business/international/as-cyprus-recovers-from-banking-crisis-deep-scars-remain.html?_r=0

          Remember our friends in Cyprus? It seems the luxury goods have departed the beautiful island but the money is starting to slowly trickle back in. We are just past the two year mark. Where money is concerned, reputation and confidence is everything. Part of me blames the Cypriot people for allowing the government to cock up the books so bad and get them so far into debt (as I blame ourselves). Part of me is enraged the government and the bank management lied and said they would not nick the accounts THE DAY BEFORE THEY IN FACT COMMITTED THIS ACT.

        • http://www.naturalnews.com/050853_urban_youth_employment.html

          1% dickhead cant figure out why young people aren’t grateful for the shit jobs he offers.

          Maybe it’s because we are up to our eyes in fucking debt from the college ripoff jerkoff and the only jobs we can get are shit jobs with a dickhead boss bitching at us to get the most work out of us for the shittiest wages.

          • Acid Etch

            I got out of HS in the mid 1970s and I was, along with my friends pretty confidant that we would end up at one of the below companies. Here is their roster and approximate number of employees. All the below were within 20 miles or less.

            DuPont (3 facilities) 9000
            Mobil Oil 1500
            Texaco 800
            BP 800
            Hercules Chemical 30
            Monsanto Chemical 250
            BF Goodrich 400
            Shell Chemical 400

            Total 13,180

            DuPont (1 facility) 550
            Mobil Oil (sold twice) 400
            Texaco CLOSED
            BP CLOSED
            Hercules 30
            Monsanto (sold) 250
            Shell Chemical CLOSED

            Total 1230

            This is a 93% reduction in “good jobs at good wages”.Where did I hear that before?

          • Welcome to the real world. Bosses have always been that way. Don’t like it, start your own business and find out what you are really worth.

            As for college debt….sorry, you folks borrowed it, often to have pizza and beer and a nice car, and a useless degree….so suck it up and pay it off. I got a masters and my wife a doctorate, and we never got a single grant, scholarship, or borrowed a dime to do it…and there was no family money…both of us come from single working moms. I used the GI bill for part of mine, and we worked and went part time for a decade to get the rest.

            • You don’t know me oppie and don’t feel free to opine on my life, cuntwaffle.

            • TNAndy. Yeah back in your college days a 4 yr degree was about $15 K. For everthing incl a dorm room and meals. Not like that today, kids today leave college $75K in debt. My nephew took out a 30 yr loan mortgage basically to payoff a dental school degree, and if his hands are not in somebodys mouth hes not making any money. Not a life I would choose, but to each his own.

            • TNAndy… Yeah back in your college days a 4 yr degree was about $15 K. For everthing incl a dorm room and meals. Not like that today, kids today leave college $75K in debt. My nephew took out a 30 yr loan mortgage basically to payoff a dental school degree, and if his hands are not in somebodys mouth hes not making any money. Not a life I would choose, but to each his own.

        • http://www.naturalnews.com/050856_water_wars_California_drought.html

          The water wars continue. Those of you who live on the east coast and think the water wars wont affect you can leave this site cause you aint no prepper.

          Too high a water table can bring just as many problems as living on the mesa. When the toilet wont flush your turd cause theres too much backpressure in the septic tank. Don’t tell me groundwater cant get in the septic tank, youre an idiot. When your tap water is sludge cause so much groundwater runoff seeps into the well the filter cant process it fast enough to meet the house’s demands.

          • Acid; You generalize too much,you’re out in left field and nobody else on the field. give it a break.

            • Fuck off, dipshit. What do YOU contribute to this site?

              • You’re contributing nothing, Acid Wretch. Less than zero, in fact.

                You have a serious problem if you believe your posts have redeeming value.

              • Off your meds again? Man, I didn’t think homo’s were such angry and hateful people. Maybe you secretly hate yourself and take it out on others?

          • You should become a turd herder for RotoRooter there Assis Stretched. “Get along Lil Turdy”.

        • Hope so. I’m ready to drag the nearest scum politician down the street behind the truck while he screams.

          • Let me know when and I’ll bring the rope.

          • Tie em between two and have a pull off!

      2. Got beans and bullets??

      3. Got beans and bullets??

        • Rice n bullets count?

          • rice and beans make a more complete protein (well spectrum of amino acids) than either alone. You should consider having both. Just like bullets are really only part of the equation 🙂

            • question

              What kind of shelf life do dry uncooked bags of rice and beans have? They have been left in their original plastic bags, and placed in a large Rubbermaid container away from moisture and mice. Didn’t know if you have to worry about any kind of mold or anything like that, or if the beans could look good on the outside but be bad on the inside. I ask because I’ve had this batch for probably 5 years.

              • Her is what duck duck go says white rice 4-5 Years — —
                Oxygen Free White Rice lasts 25-30 Year

                Dried Beans last for Indefinite — —
                Canned Beans last for 1 Year — —
                Fresh Green Beans last 1-2 Days 7-10 Days Cook first
                Lentils (Dried) last for Indefinite

                • Wild rice lasts for indefinate

              • Rice turns dark yellow, but still edible. I read before that in an emergency you don’t need to cook rice to be edible, just cover them with water the same height as the rice in the pot and let sit for 4 hours, it should be good to eat. Beans on the other hand was a real pain. After a while they turn rock hard, I soaked for a full day and they didn’t rehydrate, I tried to cook them and they were still hard and stale. The only thing that worked to make them taste good was using a pressure cooker.

                • Another option is to grind them in your hand crank country living grain mill and add to soups and such. Much easier to eat, though our kids don’t like it.

              • Dried beans probably won’t cook.
                Take out a cup and try.

                Just FYI. …..you’re supposed to be using your
                Preps and keeping them rotated.

      4. Here we go

      5. All that counts now is who is going to catch a falling knife and put a floor in under the DOW.

        Pump and dump.

        There will be lots of bargains soon for the bottom feeders.

        • You got that right.

          We will now see if the brain child economists predictions come true.

          For those just tuning in, the prediction was that once the DOW, goes below 17,000, the sell off would begin across the board and continue.

          Now I have no horse in this race because I cashed out all my paper a couple years ago. Prior to that when gold was 15 to 16 hundred, we cashed that in, plus some silver. Oh how nice all that now looks in the form of preps. Beansbulletsbandaids, don’t seem all that bad when a life’s work is held by banksters and brokers; and the value of those pieces of paper is crumbling in the firesafe.

          The warnings were put out, but the people were too selfish and greedy to sell/cash in. My brother kept putting off selling some stock that he had been building on for thirty five years. Last month it hit an all time high and I suggested he cash in some. Not the whole quarter million, but some.

          His response, “When it grows to another five bucks a share i will sell some”. I said what if it never does and when the shtf this Fall, it goes to half?

          He said…”it will never happen in my lifetime”. Well, all those years of robbing God, while claiming to be a christian, may come back to bite him in his 58 year old ass. Tough titty said the kitty, when the milk went dry.

          When he looses it all (90% would seem like it all), and he could, if he holds out for a return to last months high, he will be crying like a baby.

          Many will commit suicide. Many will kill and be killed. The reckoning is about to begin people. God has removed His Holy Hand of Protection from the Nation of USSAG.

          20 days..Jerry! What is in store for the Un-prepared?

          • Probably the worst of all scenarios, we run into a nut like you.

            • Yea, when the real shtf, and chaos ensues, you don’t want to run into a nut like me, cause I’ll be armed to the teeth, and in my woods, I know every nook and cranny.

              Anyone sneaking around will be perceived as an enemy, unless they are perceived to be under the age of 16.
              It will be shoot, shovel, and shut tf up.

              As Tom Petty sings…”don’t come round here, no more”.

              • PWTW

                Welcome to the nut house.

                Oh yes, I was crazy when I got here,

                But I’m all right now.

                • walk softly and carry a big stick.

                  Last year a couple lowlife distant relatives pulled into a hay field near the house in their van. They thought it was late enough that I would be asleep, but i had the lights off and heard the vehicle. I slipped out the door with my binocs, and eased out the drive and over the hill just enough to get a visual.

                  They are thieves and were up to no good, but it wasn’t my land so i couldn’t rightly confront them and put some rock salt loads on their asses, so I went back to the house and got the ole magnum deer rifle and chunked her full. I slipped back out there close enough to hear music in the van, and sent five hot loads about four feet over the roof and then whipped out the 44 mag pistola in case they were stupid enough to start shooting back.

                  That van left out spinning grass and dirt and almost turned over flying out the road. The next day they slipped through the woods, to Dad’s house nearby, and siphoned gas out of his tractor while he was at church. Pieces of shit thieves.

                  • Yep when the flock goes to church they get fleeced in church and out of church. Well deserved for stoopid sheep.


                  • Passin, don’t take this the wrong way but you’re really full of shit, anybody who’s awake at 12.45 am must be drunk or crazy posting tall tales on internet blogs. Get a freaking life loser.

                  • How hilarious would it be if you suddenly suffered a debilitating stroke just as the SHTF and you had to watch many of us trampling all over your property and helping ourselves to your precious preps?…The Lord works in mysterious ways, numbnuts.

                    • How hilarious it would be thinking you pekerheads would make an attempt to get passin’s preps. His wife can shoot the eyes out of squirrels at 100 yards with her 25.06. She owns half those preps and if something happens to cuz, she will protect with her life. You dumbnuts don’t have a freaking clue as to what is coming down the pike.
                      You farts will be smellin your own shit when it hits because you will loose your guts out of fear.

                    • How MORE hilarious would it be if everybody was so fucking stupid they actually thought oicu812 was somebody OTHER than pissininhispants?

                • slingshot and pasin,
                  you know your ok unless you use the term ( me, myself and I ) then you need a shrink!! HA,
                  you guys are OK, the standard is set by the majority, so who is to say the majority is correct?? get the picture!
                  there will be those of us who will survive because we know!!

              • Wow! And he’s a real tough talking, chest thumping nut also. Boy, am I scared now.

              • Anyone that comes around Anonymous’s BOL will get a serving of hot lead.

      6. Fuels are looking good. Now’s the time to be stocking up on diesel if you use it. Those burning home heating fuel for boilers and warm air furnaces might get a better deal at the pump. Start price shopping.

        • Notice how Michael Syder doesnt talk about his Hard Evidence of high energy costs driving us into depression. Bwhahaha.

          Cant fool all the sheep. A few here are Sheep Dogs. Keeping the flock alert on fear porn wolf misquotes.


          • Okay,

            What the fuck is “fear porn wolf misquotes”?

            I feel like I should be watching that…..

            • Must be some knew critter he ran into down in the ‘glades.

      7. Looks like maybe THIS time I might FINALLY be right! Wait, on second thought, I’ll make the REAL collapse a time in the ” near future”, you know, just in case.

      8. When the elite hunting starts, then we can celebrate. Tribe house AKA WallStreet goes up and down but when the house gets burned down then wake me up.

        • Stolz V. Yep tip your hollow points with bacon grease. They will slid in easier upon impact for the ZOG Traitors. Like frosting on a cake.


          • I would prefer packing the hollow points with feces.
            If for some odd reason your placement is not a kill shot, the soon to be nasty infection from the shit will take them out of commission.

      9. If this is what we all have been waiting for, the market crash of 2015. I hope and pray YOU ARE READY. Keep an eye on gold and silver prices. If they start going through the roof and the market keeps going down. that is one sign that the end is very near.
        If the FED tries another QE watch the dollar crash and gold and silver go wild.
        The entitlement army will be in the streets because their free dollars will not buy STUFF like it use to.
        I can just about bet that there will be chaos in the big cities in very short order. Martial Law will be declared in the big cities and OBAMMA will not leave office.
        This just what he wants to happen.
        N. Reb

        • Northern Reb.

          This is going to be a “bail in”. The banking system is going to use our savings to bail the banks out. I don’t believe there is enough money. A monetary nuclear detonation that hits everyone in there pocketbook. remember when you put money in the bank it is theirs not yours. Everything is connected. Business, Banking, Real Estate. Soon the precious metals will dislodge from the paper price and the wild card is “Derivatives” that are so huge, it can tear a rift in the universe.

          • Northernreb and slingshot, agree with both of you. Been pulling money out of the bank and buying precious metals of all types as well as building my stocks of preps. I believe we are seeing the beginning of this centuries “great depression”. This is going to be a long deep depression and all those college educated idiots with no real skills are going to be reduced to beggers. Keep prepping while still possible and polish those skills to make yourself valuable in the tough times ahead.

            • I think that all these college kids with worthless degrees certainly deserve some of the blame, but I also think their parents and grandparents deserve some too.

              What 18yo really knows much about how the world works or what they should do with their life? Parental guidance should have kept a lot of them from going in the first place or at least from majoring in liberal arts.

              I know when I was 18 I didn’t have the first clue what to do with my life. Fortunately I went and got a job, well several jobs, and didn’t start college until I was 28yo. Everyone said I was crazy and that I’d never go if I didn’t go right after HS. Imagine if I had listened to my elders and counselors, I’d be as bad off as most of these kids.

            • Sling and Texas:
              Gentlemen You are both right and going the right thing to get through this mess. Keep calm and carry on and we will get through this cluster……..

              I only have enough money in my savings to keep an account with them.

              I also have been buying silver and beans and bullets and H2O stuff and land and other goodies.

              Keep your powder dry because your going to need it before this SHTF scenario is done and over.

              It is not looking pretty, I just read where unemployment is up again and more people have just quit looking for a job and are now living of the government. it is some were close to 47% are living off of assistance from the government.

              When that entitlement army stop getting paid and stores start refusing the funny money. LOOK OUT!!!! Can you say burn baby burn!;-{

              N. Reb

          • While I agree in principle NR and ss, I’m trying not to underestimate the government’s capacity to cheat, lie, and steal to keep it all going a little while longer.

            • Rebel:
              Yes, you are correct, they will do everything they can to put a pretty face on the crash, but that is like putting lip stick on a pig.

              No matter what they do, and other QE, devalue the dollar, nationalize the market, or just sit on their hands it will crash because the crash is not just here it is world wide and we are so wrapped up in it that we will feel it just like everyone else.

              One thing I will said though is no matter how bad it gets, the U.S. will still be the best looking horse in the glue factory.
              Unless the bombs start flying then all bets are off.

              N. Reb

        • Northern Reb,
          BIG YUP, been saying for a long time Obummer won’t leave office, either cause he was removed by force OR because he caused Martial law to be declared and will be there until the civil war is done!!
          keep the powder dry and watch as the world crumbles!!

      10. Anybody stuck in a 401K better move to a safer area within your fund. Stay away from equities and bonds. Margin calls will crush the market. Capitulation and cascading sell orders will flood Wallstreet. The Government lies to us about everything. Food costs seems to double every year. Stock up now at today’s food prices. Cans of Alaskan Salmon will go for a premium by 2017 when the FuckUshima hits the West Coast. Enjoy the seafood now today while we still can, it may take decades to restore the food chain back to eatable standards. Russia and China announced mass joint naval exercises. Oil Co’s are begging for War to jack prices back up. Record volume stockpiles of Oil is sitting around, than in decades. Texas oil country getting crushed. Illegals enjoying vacations in the US when they cross the boarder they get an Obama welcome goody bag. Comes complete with Drivers License, Road maps, EBT Card, Democrat Voting card, jobs, free housing, medical care, free education for their kids, Taco Bell $dollar off coupons and a drunkin Viva Obama welcome party chaperoned by MS-13.

        Regular Americans what do you get? Why you get the Fat Bar Tab skimmed off your income called Fed Taxes. Amd if you complain, Why Camp FEMA for Retraining on how to be more patriotic and loyal to yoir master. Bring it on, while I am still young enough to fight.


        • “when fukishima hits the west coast, when salmon do what”

          You been hiding in the swamp too long, you ole crazy knucklehead.
          What do you think has been killing the fish in the Pacific up and down the west coast? Too much pisswater from surfers?

          The salmon are already infected with lesions on their gills and dying in record numbers.

          “when it hits”….lol

          • Glowing lox and bagels anyone???

            • Can I get a large coffee with it.

              • Of course, coffee for all…

                Poodles are one of the smartest dogs around. Any dog can be trained to obey commands, if started early.

                May all be well….

          • Right, this way we’ll have to either resort to buying their crappy (loaded with pesticides and antibiotics) bacteria-ridden farmed-raised fish as opposed to fresh wild-caught OR do without seafood altogether. Really sucks.

      11. Axe the Fed, erase the debt, print a new US Currency minus any Fed control, Jail the bankers, confiscate all their wealth to bring manufacture jobs back. Corp USA did a hell ofa job sending all our technology, skills, machinery, patterns, blue prints, etc over to China the last few decades. Fc War, Whats it good for? Absolutely Nothing.


        • It’s a pleasant dream. Kinda like my dream where my wife wants to invite all her hot friends into the hot tub . . . it’ll never happen.

      12. A major market crash is not the end of the world, unless it starts translating to layoffs, business closings, and deflation.

        Will we see a market correction or the big crash?

        Expect governments to try to control or just soften it. Time will tell. Friday will be interesting. In the after hours tonight the market will be under heavy manipulation.

        If the Great Depression and the 2008 housing collapse is any example, a deflationary death spiral takes months. 2008 took years for the housing market to return to some semblance of normal. There are still stricken parts of the country despite Obama claims of recovery.

        I gotta say if we have another big crash, I don’t think we can stand another Obama recovery!

        • Monday morning will be the real interesting one,

          • Monday morning on Sept 14th, very interesting.

        • The stock market drop is usually a trailing indicator – the layoffs, business closings and deflation are already happening. The deflation in fact has been going on since 2008, although they like to call it “deleveraging”. Only reason the price drops have held off so long is that the Fed (at the behest of Congress and the Halfrican) have been generating trainloads of new “money” to counteract it.

          • I didn’t mean to be flip, we have watched the middle class be destroyed. Employment participation is at 40 year lows. Yes unemployment is through the roof.

            I was referring to a new round of layoffs in the few sectors that were making money.

            Interesting news article I saw today, one brokerage house announce today they were laying people off. Do they see the writing on the wall?

            There were several large cap companies reporting bad numbers this month and they are the ones that WERE making money.

      13. if the experts and players thought for sure that the market was going crash, they would do things to make sure that it wouldn’t

        • They’ve been trying just that since 2008. Propping up the system with printed money. It hasn’t worked, it has just made it worse. Now the fall is going to be farther and harder. If the government’s would quit trying to manipulate the system, thus creating bubbles and let FREE MARKET principles work we would have a much more stable monetary system and world.

          • I’m having flashbacks of Slim Pickens riding the Bomb.

            • That’s why I only drink distilled water and pure grain alcohol 🙂

              • Because it’s bad for your hullabalutions?

        • A market crash is driven by fear and greed.

          Saving America is not in the Bankers agenda. Taking people’s money is what’s on their mind.

      14. I call bullshit.

      15. Well, it looks like the nut cases writing posts on this site may get what they want, a stock market meltdown leading to an economic collapse. I too believe there is an economic and financial crisis coming and have been prepping, but I don’t want it to happen. There could be hunger, disease, homelessness, and violence on a large scale not including the possible loss of our freedoms. But apparently many fruit cakes show they want it that way, regardless of the resulting suffering. When trying to determine why I can only conclude how stale, and empty, and meaningless their lives must be. Not to mention their delusion and ignorance. Even the most prepared of us prepped are going to have a rough existence. All they can say is they’re going to shoot it out, or hunt for food, or beans and bullets, or some other nonsense; all these will be the first to go. It shows an appalling lack of organization, foresight, and a true understanding of the situation. Oh, I forgot, they’re too tough, they don’t need that. I have read the Chinese are going to invade, that FEMA is going to put us in concentration camps, or it will be like Mad Max. Now some spastics are saying we are going to get hit by giant asteroids. It is apparent all everyone is doing is repeating anything someone puts out there. I can tell you for a fact and can prove it that some of these stories were posted on the internet just to see how far they would go and how many people would actually believe it. The more absurd the farther it went! Have fun and enjoy the misery you want inflicted on society.

        • Fred, you couldn’t be more right. There’s a lot of people drooling over the prospect of a total collapse, even though it will also take them out to. I guess they want the opportunity of a week or two to jump in glee and say I told you so to their friends and families who didn’t emulate them. I think most secretly dread any kind of event like that though, but they love to drool over the daily doom porn for some reason or another.

          • Fref & Johnson. Thats exactly what Religion does. Plays to the stoopid sheep’s fears of Hell, Fire and Brimstone. If they fail to Obey. When SHTF they will soon realize Religion and People will fail and abandon them.


        • Fred

          “Lunatic Fringe”, We all know you’re out there”.

          By Red Rider.

        • Fred, nobody desires the pain and suffering that will be consequences of the crash.

          It shouldhave been allowed to happen years and years ago, when the pain would have been a lot less. But the politicians were in fear of what the general population would do to them, so they held it off, until now the pain is going to be 100x worse.

          Wait any longer, and it’ll be 1000x worse. So do we want it – yes. Get it over with, in hopes that our children and grandchildren may live in a better world.

          • Sorry, Old Coach, but this has nothing to do with politicians any longer.

            The blame falls right back into the laps of the “people”.

            Two times the “people” turned their backs on their Creator, that could have had an impact on which direction this coming collapse could have gone.
            Once in 1973 when baby killin was legalized, which has resulted in an estimate of 70 million, just in the USSAG, and not counting their potential offspring.

            The other event when there was no overwhelming opposition to legalization of queer marriage.

            Color this society black, as in burned down to charcoal baked done. The reckoning has begun, and i for one have lifted up mine eyes to look for the glory of the Lord. Anyone that is not in that frame of mind, is in need of some spiritual repairs.
            hey ya’ll, don’t shoot the messenger just because you can’t handle the truth.

            • We don’t want to shoot the messenger, just have him committed to a mental hospital where he belongs. Anyone who’s in your frame of mind needs some psychological repairs. Hey, don’t blame me just because you can’t handle the truth.

            • Questiom for the Religious Hoax Folks. If Christianity teaches everlasting life, then what the hell is Born again Christians mean? Like declaring you are a born again Virgin?. Its about as dumb as people saying they were dead twice. And telling us about it. Like WTF?

              Btw/ Sixpack still POd at Mac for erasing her posted comments? She sure showed him eh… Hopefully Mac will delete all our posted comments before a Sopeona is issued for our IP addys. I have a few tricks to make it hard to track me. Aint telling what it is though. IP OPSEC.


              • I know it’s a moot point with you wwti, to explain anything having to do with God and humanity, but for the sake of your question and for some that have an open mind…here goes.

                What does “born again” mean?

                The KJV translators did a poor job of bringing forth the true meaning. The old time preachers did an even worse job, and it has stuck like glue through the centuries just like the pre-trib “rapture” doctrine.

                I am gonna give the short version here. There are three Heaven and Earth Ages, plus a 1000 year Millennial Reign.
                In the first H & E age, all souls/children of God, were created, including Angels and Cherubs. Satan was/is a cherub (Ezekiel 28:14, not in the same category as Arch Angels like Michael and Gabriel, but with powers and authority.

                Anyways, when Satan rebelled and fell, he took a third of Gods children. In order to set things straight, God decided to have all his children…billions… be re-born through flesh bodies, innocent and ignorant/no memory, of all that transpired in the First Age.
                Why? So each could make up their mind, through free will, who they would choose to follow, Him or Satan.
                God was saddened to do this, make spirit into flesh/organic, but the alternative was to kill a third of His children/creation that rebelled. Ask yourself, how hard would it be to kill just one of your kids? Evidently not that hard if you have never seen them or talked with them. Millions have done it.

                Anyways, the born again part, in the manuscripts was, born from above, and “through” the waters. Not in baptismal waters/river, but through the bag of waters as in the womb. Get it? Born innocent, in order to have a true chance at eternity, but with temptations from the Devil, to be tried and tested of whom you truly follow.

                I can’t make it any clearer, but the time of repenting and getting to that day of salvation is getting closer with each passing day. When all souls have been born through the bag of waters, from above, then the time of the end is near. This generation will live to see that day. That is a biblical fact.
                It may be seven years and it may be 17 years, but it will happen and there will be “NO” flesh born ever again, even through the Millennium, when all have been born again, and that has nothing to do with salvation, except it must come first before the salvation part of,accepting/ being born again/salvation from death of the soul, with a new repentive heart.
                Like it, lump it, or sling it out the window, I don’t give a shit what argument you or anyone makes, this is truth and it’s biblical, and in time “all” will come to see truth.
                I don’t care if people judge me, cause the only two Judges i am concerned with have sanctified me as a flesh sinner and from the first age when they knew me as a spirit man.

                • Well you do have the part about us being spirits or deities if you will born into human flesh. There in lies the rub with the bible and christianity which took this and twisted and perverted that knowledge with what we have today.

                  Death releases us from human form and we become these spirits once again. Some will reincarnate on earth again (falling for the soul trap if you will) and still fewer will remain in spirit for and become one with the god/life source again.

                  • you are one screwed up joke.

                    • You should know better than anyone about being screwed up pissin, you’re officially a permanent resident in left field.

        • Oh come on you know why. I mean, do I have to draw a map?

          When you feel like your concerns are not being addressed, and are not only being actively ignored, but also actively pursued in 180 degree fashion (aka the shit you want to get better is deliberately getting worse…) and there’s clearly nothing you can do about it…

          Then you fantasize about that situation ending.

          NOTE that I said FANTASIZE. In huge capital letters. It’s normal, it happens again and again throughout history, it don’t mean shit.

          You think anyone really actually WANTS these horrific consequences? They WANT people in control to listen and for things to get progressively more positive.

          Also, there’s a fear factor here, fear of crap getting worse and worse and it feels good to air it out, much like it feels good on TV when you find out the monster is really a dumb as fuck zombie that’s easy to deal with.

          None of this is real, give me a break already. I mean by that, none of the “wishing for it to happen” is real. That’s like Charles Manson shit. That represents like half a percent of the population.

        • Fred:
          I pray to GOD every day that this mess will not happen.
          The problem I have is the greed and laziness by the people that I see in this country today.
          And a government that allows the killing of babies, the destruction of the family by gay marriage, the over regulating of the people rights, the wanton destruction of Christianity.
          Soon or later we are going to have to pay for these thing call it karma, call it Gods will or just bad luck, call it what ever you want , but it is coming and we are going to have to pay for our mess that we let happen.
          It’s not his fault, her fault , your fault or my fault it is OUR FAULT.
          N. Reb

          • N Reb. You just answered your own response. It is the lazy who sit around and pray. Praying wishy washy hopey pray never solved a single problem other than by coincidence or happenstance. Get off your bottom and make change. You want to predict the future? Go create it. Wishy hopey pray is for suckers and the lazy peoples excuse. Like stupid phrases like. Well it Gods will… One of the dumbest respinses I ever heard was from my neice who said. “God will provide for me.” If she wasnt family Ida about slap the shit out of her numbskull brain. Its lazy people talk dumbed down religion thats killing our country. You-who dumbass, get off your ass and get a better job to provide for your family. Of course she was the Oops child my dumb sister had in college by mistake when she dating the dumbass total loser lazy brother in law / religious born again idiot. Acorns not fall far from the tree. Hes dead now and my sister finally admitted he was such a waste of time. No shit sherlock. You wasted half your life chained to a dumbass anchor who loved religion to oppress my sister. You just cant fix Idiots.



        • Fred, I see where you are coming from. I do my research on these claims and most of them are phony which reminds me not to believe everything you read on the internet. IF you point out these false reports, you will get attacked by the fringe, even here.

          BTW, false fear-mongering reports are published because it makes fools fearful and makes money on the blog’s click ads and sponsors of survival stuff. I learned this trick when I had a website business but I didn’t use these tricks to deceive. It’s all about luring in customers and making money from fear off of them. It’s not really to see what they can get away with. But I must say Michael Snyder’s Economic Collapse reports are mostly accurate and he sincerely wants people to be warned and prepared.

        • It seems some people are not aware of the plan to enslave the world, known as the new world order. Something those in power have been working on for decades, to the demise of America and all nation states. World government, world religion, world currency, the three tall tell signs of the times, as written about thousands of years ago and found in the Bible. So for those who are clueless to the base reality of our day and age, sad, it’s all freely available with a little research.

          Fred, you mock things that are well documented. No one wants to see what’s coming, other than those who have been planning it. Most here who are aware, prepare, because they know the enemy is more than willing to take the world down to it’s knee’s, or perhaps kill off ninety percent of the population (one of their stated goals as etched in stone in the Georgia Guidestones).

          So to act as we are mongering fear, is insanely naive to the true reality of our day.

      16. Good post Fred,
        Fear porn is at an all time high. The key to success when the financial markets go south is to make sure you have the correct types of materials to provide for you and your family. Don’t pull out a gun and start stealing other people’s items. We should consider forming co-ops and dealing in barter, all be it some other form of currency will surely take center stage. I believe in the goodness of the people in my community and know we will be fine. Start looking at the mirror each day and ask yourself are you going to be a cause or a solution.

        • Hope for the best (from people too) plan for the worst (just look at the utter crap we have in society now)

      17. Whatever happens it’s obvious that those who hold most of the wealth will continue to hold it after any type of financial crash. The have nots will have even less if that’s possible. That’s the name of the game, big dog eats little dog. The next level down from dirt poor must be death.

        • Depends on the type of wealth. If it’s in cash, stocks, bonds, etc., they’re going to be just as poor as the guy with the EBT card. If they have commodities, gold, silver, brass, lead, copper, food, water, etc., as well as creative skills such as the ability to make or repair needed items they will probably come out better than they started. You could see the rebirth of the blue collar manufacturing middle class, farmers, ranchers, and the small businesses if this truly is an economic collapse. People with those skills will be more able to adjust quickly and fill the needs of others. The “Academic” that has no real skills will be the biggest losers.

        • Actually if you look at previous stock market crashes, 1929 in particular, the wealth disparity was less afterwards. Say everyone loses half their wealth, if you had zero or very little you’re still at zero whereas the wealthy are now a lot closer to you in nominal terms.

          Remember the old Alabama song Song of the South? “Someone said wall street fell, we were so poor we couldn’t tell.”

      18. “And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,”

        Many Americans refuse to believe that an economic collapse is right in front of them. They hear the warnings, but they insist on believing and relying in the routines of their lives which seem to continue on. But the regular routines of “life” are soon to end and they will see that their blinding routines couldn’t save them from the reality of judgment that will be upon them. America, prepare for judgment:

        3 Now is the end come upon thee, and I will send mine anger upon thee, and will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense upon thee all thine abominations.

        4 And mine eye shall not spare thee, neither will I have pity: but I will recompense thy ways upon thee, and thine abominations shall be in the midst of thee: and ye shall know that I am the Lord. (Ezekiel 7:3, 4)

        “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

        • Lord have mercy on a sinner such as me.

      19. Obviously this nation’s whole existence depends on continual warfare. Killing, raping and pillaging are the government specialty. Trillions spent arming the world for mass destruction, all to benefit corporate and banking leeches. We are now in the phase where the masses of people are unwanted and highly disposable. No dissent allowed. No truth allowed. The U.S. will treat it’s citizens like Saudi Arabia treats their citizens, barbaric with an iron fist, and mini nukes if necessary.

      20. Let me set the record straight!

        If it wasn’t for US Crazy Mother Fuckers the rest of you would still be asleep. Where
        in the hell do you think the warnings come from? Most of the crumb crunching, potato chip crunching fat ass’s would be hard pressed to get out of bed. God forbid if they loose the remote control to the T.V.
        Now you want to blame us because we have made you feel uneasy for the same shit that is headed our way. Only we want it to happen quicker. That’s your right.

        I don’t need no help. I don’t want no help. I don’t care if I die in the mess ahead. But I do know this. This ridicule does not bode well for me to give any help to others.

        Straight up.

        • Like i said earlier, Sling.

          I respect your hardcore, straightforward warrior attitude.
          I too am a warrior of a little different style, to some degree, and i don’t have a problem defending what is mine and those that are standing with me.

          To the death!
          Straight up.

      21. Have kind of an off topic question…Im looking for an aluminum garbage can to build a faraday cage with but cant find any. Will a galvanized steel one work as that’s all there seems to be out there…Could I wrap heavy duty aluminum foil around it and cardboard on the inside? Or do I need to even do that much?

        • Aluminum is much too prone to corrosion to make good material for a garbage can. Yes, anything conductive will make a Faraday cage.

      22. More doomer bullshit. Speaking of man-made events, nothing stupendous is going to happen in September. Including JH 15.

        A volcano might blow. There might be an earthquake. The fear porn obsession for September is bullshit.

        The doomer formula is: bad event will happen in 3 – 6 months. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
        Keep your eyes glued here, and buy from my sponsors.

      23. I want to see a depression.
        Inflation kills me.
        Deflation is my friend.
        My investments are pretty
        You could price my home at
        1% of what I paid for it and
        I would not care.
        It would cut my taxes.
        I hope the whole thing crashes.
        I invest in people, land, tools, and lead.

        • Amen,
          Same here, overhead and expenses can be cut almost to zero real quick andi grow food so can deal

        • Don’t be so sure about your property taxes being cut, most states and counties tax on the budget they want to have, then apportion it out on a ‘value’ basis.

          We had 20% drops in assessed values here, and taxes went down about 5%, mainly due to expiring levies.

          • Thats what our county does, these assholes call it “revenue neutral”
            Id like to neutralize all of them

      24. You are correct by saying most Americans are more worried about their own stock portfolio than the DOW in general. However, the underlying problem with the statement, no offense, is that most Americans don’t own stock. I don’t. What most Americans own is lots and lots of suffocating debt. I don’t. But, again, most American’s do in fact own MEGADEBT, especially when compared to their annual incomes: Which by the way, is an income that can easily exit stage left and never return, as in prolonged unemployment or never ending financially anemic underemployment. With that said, bear markets follow bull markets and vis a vis. It’s the natural ebb and flow of all things monetary. They fluctuate, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. So if the market “crashes”, we’ll live to fight another day. That too is natural; painful, but natural. The no deposit, no return “Killer” for the economy is when people, en mass, that are addicted to debt, commonly referred to as easy credit, are denied the right to feed their addiction through more incessant borrowing, by whatever sign here please venue they choose to continue their enslavement, then the economy will not only go to sleep, as in hibernating bear, it will completely tear itself apart and sink, as in “Titanic”. Stats show and prove no less, than nine out of ten people have already hopelessly sold themselves into life long debt slavery before they are thirty years of age. That is a lot of people and a lot of IOUs. In fact, beyond words of description. Like it or not though, debt, in copious amounts with likewise copious amounts of interest, penalties, and fees is the glowing white hot afterburner that drove America into the stratosphere of opulence, and when people no longer have that taken for granted assess to the “credit god of prosperity”, the economic engine will grind to an abrupt halt: Overnight. And when it does, brought about by a plunging DOW, or whatever malady is the crash and burn recipe of the day, the Government at that point will no longer have the money to put on the EBT, SNAP cards, and other modes of welfare exchange to allow the so very incorrectly called ‘poor people’ to purchase food, and then, in the main stream media fed theaters of their own minds, the forever downtrodden ‘poor’ will seek vengeance for their self inflicted lot in life by rioting and burning the cities to the ground, before advancing their razing pilgrimage to urban and rural areas. Couple rioting with the trucking industry, which borrows money everyday, no exceptions, via the banks and COMDATA, to purchase fuel to deliver food and it is “Game Over”. Referencing food, the meals you consume travel an average of 1500 miles before arriving at the table. That is an eye opener as to how venerable we are to a draconian food shortage (and anarchy). America can recover, and has recovered from many financial reversals: It can never recover from the denial of more, bigger, and longer lasting debt, because America is debt. Debtmerica, if you will. Debt, by spending tomorrow’s money on today’s “mostly frivolous wants”, generates the tax revenues that keep the lathered in self pity Downtrodden Hordes, who refuse to self propel their own gainful livelihood, from burning down their taxpayer funded homes (and ours). Alas, without credit we have no debt. Without debt, we have no food for the poor, middle class, or wealthy. And soon, through lack of funds, when the banks and other lending institutions turn the credit spigots counterclockwise, credit will die, therefore Debtmerica will die, and so will we; both figuratively and literally. Again, at that date time group on the clock and calendar it is forever: GAME OVER! Period.

        • Far more Americans “own” stock that you realize.

          Pension funds are necessarily heavily invested in stocks.

          Many, many 401k accounts are invested in stocks.

          Otherwise, the post is pretty much right.

          • @The Old Coach: The latest stats say that about 50% of Americans employed in the private sector have 401k type retirement accounts. Those accounts can and have virtually disappeared overnight as in 2007-09. However, less than 10% of Americans actually ‘play’ the stock market. Debt remains both the problem and the solution for this ill contrived economic model we have today. Either way I do appreciate your reply and wish the very best to you and your family because there is a complete meltdown of our society approaching fast. God bless and have great weekend.

        • Hunkerdown

          Good post.

          “This is how we do it”.
          By Montel Jordan

      25. i work for a major national motor freight carries who’s name I won’t mention. I learned from my boss who is the manager of our service center. We have little meetings before we start working. Here’s what he told us. He said business is down across the board for our company about 10percent. He said they put the official number at 8 percent. Now he put up the bid sheet and the way the bids are decided is projected workload. He said other terminals are doing layoffs but we are not at this time. I’m not in the first ten to be laid off. But I looked at the bids and there most likely will be no overtime at all at least for 6 months. Freight logistics is a good indicator of economic health. I’m not picking up much freight. If I don’t pick up it can’t be billed and there is nothing to move. It still comes in from all over to be delivered. But business is slow for sure. Summer is the time when it picks up and this year it didn’t really at all.winter is always the slow time so it could be collapse coming. I would get whatever you need if you don’t have it yet seriously. Put it on a credit card if you got to. I’m not talking getting all the shtf toys you want either just the no bullshit stuff it takes to git er dun.

        • Asshat: Thanks for the post, the trucking industry is the only indicator that’s really engraved in stone. If you ain’t hauling then there is a very real problem. Please answer this question since you are directly involved in the industry. “Is there still a truck driver shortage”? Is there any freight at all coming out of California these days? Ok, that’s two questions. I googled the Petro truckstop in Wheeler Ridge, California and the parking lot was virtually empty. Thanks and God bless.

      26. If the US economy comes to a halt, if the USD is unwanted both foreign and domestic the US Military will be underfunded and deployed at home to suppress potential insurrection. This makes them far less available for use out of the country, at a time when their usefulness increases for the globalists. Its illogical for this to be in their best interest, as they are only supportive of kayos which is managed by them.

        If the worst case scenario occurs its, “Round and around we go ; Where we stop nobody knows”.

      27. Feed good constructive analysis. The only source that I reference is allnewspipeline.com and thecommonsenseshow.com. The rest is from a real scientist. I have to tell you the info be is telling us he is not even putting out the Internet. I simply out it out at least what I our safely because I have gear things I cannot even post on here. I already mentioned the extra terrestrial info and people are thinking that I am making up stuff. It’s real, the environment of the planet is about to change send climate change is real. Its global warming that is the scam. Let snow compare the two.



        I was told that if I stir sh…t that it stinks.

        • HCKS- Then I guess you know that extra-terrestrials blink twice as much as humans to avoid their eyes changing shape. Humans blink an average of 15-20x per minute, while they blink minimum 50x per minute and it’s not because of a nervous tic or Tourette’s Syndrome, which includes some twitching with the ticking.

      28. Let’s all help the crash by hoarding $ and resisting consumerism. When are we gonna learn our oppressors use $ against us. When we refuse to play the ever changing game they invented we will win. Fuck corporate America. Earn $ off corporations and hoard it. Dont put it back into corporations pockets. Down with banks too. Don’t borrow $ they can’t make interest back off you. Make extreme conservation a way of life by choice. Keep your $ yours. Don’t worry about what the markets are doing. Worry about what you can do to keep your$ from being stolen from you by banks and corporations. I’m gonna burn my $ before I die so no one can get it get your own $ that goes for my own family too. I will be doing them a favor they will have to get their own cake. This keeps people from getting lazy.

        • The problem with this is that most people’s incomes are tied to other people purchasing goods and services. Even chiropractors, dentists, etc need repeat business to stay afloat.

          Ideally it would be great if we could all just have our little homestead to work and barter with locals.

          Oh wait we did that in the….

          Most people like their modern technology, toys and trinkets.

      29. In other news, children will now have “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” instead of a mommy and a daddy, according to Tennessee’s Administrative Office of the Courts. Shortly after the Supreme Court redefined marriage, the state’s Office of the Courts revised its documents. A spokesperson for the courts confirmed to me that the words “Mother” and “Father” had been replaced by the terms “Parent 1” and “Parent 2.”

        I was alerted to the gender-neutral parenting documents by Kendra Armstrong, a family law attorney in Memphis and one of my longtime readers. “Why are heterosexual parents having their rights violated?” she asked. “So now it’s improper and inappropriate in a court of law to refer to a parent as a mother and a father? Cited from Townhall.com, Todd Starnes, Aug. 18 2015, http://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2015/08/18/tennessee-courts-replace-mother-and-father-with-parent-1-parent-2-n2040457

        Note: It is highly discriminatory to consider someone a “parent” – implying inequality and boundary setting. And given that we don’t want to be speciesist, what about just “Older entity 1” and “Older entity 2?”

        XTRA CREDIT:
        The University of New Hampshire recently published a “Bias-Free Language Guide,” which “is meant to invite inclusive excellence in (the) campus community” Terms such as “American,” “homosexual,” “illegal alien,” “Caucasian,” “mothering,” “fathering” and “foreigners” are deemed “problematic.” Other problematic terms include “elders,” “senior citizen,” “overweight,” “speech impediment,” “dumb,” “sexual preference,” “manpower,” “freshmen,” “mailman” and “chairman.” For now, these terms are seen as problematic. If the political correctness police were permitted to get away with it, later they would bring disciplinary action against a student or faculty member who used the terms. The offender would be required to attend diversity training, the leftist equivalent of communist re-education camps (cf. Jack Philips, that baker in CO. who was being forced to attend a gay re-education camp after choosing to exercise his freedom of conscience against the latest gay judicial Kristallnacht. No word yet from Mario Savio, leftist icon of the free speech movement on the steps of the Student Union at UC Berkeley in the early 1960s

        Speaking of brilliance, AP reported today UN to Allow Iran to Inspect Own Military Sites – one story at http://www.clarionproject.org/news/bombshell-un-allow-iran-inspect-own-military-sites# And yes, that sound you heard WAS Neville Chamberlain turning over in his grave.

        • Hmmmmmm. It’s like how they ask people what their first name is rather than their Christian name. Just another GMO ingredient in the leftists recipe for alphabet soup… SHOVE IT, SHOVE IT, SHOVE IT.

      30. IMO Walstreet crashing will not lead directly to TEOTWAWKI. We have had market crashes before and survived them. That said starting a new Great Depression could VERY easily morph into a world war, a whole different kettle of fish. I believe TPTB in our society would start one in short order if we go into depression. We might win it or we might not. Not sure if WIN will be an operative word. Can any thinking person really feel much confidence with leaders like Merkel and Obummer going against Putin and the latest Mandarin running China. That’s excluding the Middle East which will be glass if the balloon goes up. For you guys complaining about “fear porn”, can you honestly look at the world as it is today and not wonder if something is about to give. If you don’t my hates off toyon,your denial is strong enough to insulate you from reality or your grasp of realityisfarsuperior to those of us on this site. Which begs the question, Why do you come here at all?

        • Definitely an uneasy feeling about many things, just too much not right.

      31. Folks the greatest American banker heist is about to be pulled off on we people ever. Bank holiday soon look around a long weekend, but for sure on a weekend and when they open back up if they do (doubtful they will) all the money will have disappeared. Yes we all know it is an inside job. The crooked bastard’s are just running out of idea’s to keep the can going down the road, so the only thing left to do is take the money and run. Bank holiday coming soon to your branch. Oh the holiday will be everything, banks, Wall-Street, 401K, pension, I mean everything with $ sign attached to it EVERYTHING. The house of cards is falling.

      32. We’re going to get hit we all know it and feel it

      33. A lot of predictors are lining up along with some gloomy world events. You get the feeling that something is near.

      34. Dow Future’s are down 90 points.

      35. While I have no grand illusion that this market is normal, is there any chance that panic can be set off by rumor alone? Food for thought.

        • MG

          With communications and the internet to verify it would have to get real bad to have panic to set in. Most people are “normal bias” and roll with the perceived punches when actually they are being hit with a sledgehammer.

      36. Dow down 162 points.

      37. Dow down 210 points

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