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    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    GOLD IS TRADING ABOVE $1,820/ounce, as I’m writing this, so the cartel MUST BE either asleep or positioned in gold and silver themselves.

    It’s been close to NINE YEARS since we’ve seen gold priced this high USD-wise, but there is no sense that this is a bubble. For one, silver has BARELY MOVED since 2015, up only 40%, while gold has risen by around 70%.

    Secondly, reflation is here!


    The GDX index is now 20% above its 2016 peak level but still WELL BELOW its 2011 highs. The bull market is only beginning. The GDXJ, which truly indicates the phase investors are in when it comes to sentiment, has just BROKEN OUT above 2016’s top, but it has to TRIPLE IN PRICE to go back to 2011 highs.

    My point is quite simple: I’M STAYING INVESTED.

    Our portfolio is looking amazing and stocks that we’ve featured in the past 12 months are RECORDING BEAUTIFUL DAYS.

    We will be providing FULL UPDATES on all of our current profiles soon. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights:

    1. Franco-Nevada, which was profiled in June 2019, is up 69%.
    2. Sprott Inc., whose share price has been consolidated 10:1, is up 67%.
    3. Our favorite OPTIONALITY PLAY, which we profiled for as low as CAD$0.38 IN 2016 and again at the beginning of 2020 for CAD$1.37, has already KISSED THE CAD$2.49 MARK just a few days ago! In THIS LINK, you will find one of the company’s MOST FAMOUS investors explaining why he loves it (timestamp

    There are several other companies we’re PREPARING FULL BRIEFINGS on as we speak. They will be lengthy and detailed.

    It’s clear that we want to be invested in precious metals at the moment:

    1. Goldman Sachs predicts $2,000/ounce within the next 12 months. The investment bank also forecasts silver hitting $21 during this same timeframe.
    2. Bank of America IS TOPPING its Wall Street rival with a $3,000/ounce thesis in 18 months.


    We are absolutely getting a REBOUND IN SENTIMENT for the overall economy.

    In our view, we mostly attribute this to the fact that death cases are sinking. America alone is developing 130 types of drugs/vaccines/cures, and because of record-testing capabilities, people are treated within the first five days, which is critical.

    As economies get back on their feet, we expect the changing CONSUMER BEHAVIOR to offset profits for many industries, but we don’t expect any disruption in mining precious metals.

    Therefore, companies that either (1) produce metals through mining or (2) are advancing a promising project can rise in price by multiples, and they will!

    It’s been a very long time since gold equities and silver equities were in a CONFIRMED BULL MARKET. Enjoy the ride.

    This is going to be MESMERIZING, and Future Money Trends will feature the most attractive risk/reward setups in financial publication history!


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      1. Great News! The media, government, AMA, and universties  have been hiding from us that conformed consent is legally required for covid19 vaccines as is legally required for all other medical treatment! Unfortunately, I have had illegal medical experimentaion performed on me while unconscious in the hospital without being informed, and without my consent, and it s estimated that at least 300,000 other Americans have also be Dr. John R. Hall from Austin Texas that has documented it on his website, International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies :

        The link from Global Research shows the extreme dangers posed for vaccines, particularly for high risk groups of the elderly, obese, and immune compromised populations, as well as the necessity and legal requirement of informed consent which is at the very end of the article.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Trump will lose many voters and probably the election by allowing the IDF to open up shop in NYC and farm and steal Americans intellectual property by spying on them, since they are too incompetent to concieve of anything that anyone is actually willing to pay for from them. All of those decades sitting around doing nothing but collecting interest has obviously diminished all intellectual capability, as their engineering claim to fame, Soda Stream, was a rip off of tbe WW2 Iranian invention. Hey they invented the police kneeling on necks, the TSA, fractional reserves, and usury, though! 

        And then when Trump loses because of that, then the Israelis will get their way! Because the Israelis oppose anyone that refuses to comply 100% with their trade policies, which are not just related to Israel, but any import taxes on Chinese imports that they have invested in, as well as any economic sanctions that they oppose on Chinese companies, or people that they bought, like Mike Bloomberg confessed that he bought 40 Democrats that ran for office.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Fook gold, I just added to my silver supply!

      4. And in more important news…. Millions of useless consuming zombies might die! Wow I will have to have a party for that one! Pray with me won’t you…

      5. Swiss immunologist, Beda M. Statdler stated that everyone in the medical community challenged Koch on his findings of coronavirus being both novel and the notion that there was no immunity to the coronavirus, in addition to the reasons for the extremely high positives being due to reverse transcription polymeraise testing, in which even shattered viral rna, which is caused by the immune system when it has fought off the virus, to result in positive test results.

        Statdler also states that people would benefit more by wearing a helmet, than a mask, since the odds of something falling on their heads are much greater than the odds of contracting the coronavirus, and that the alarmists owe everyone an immediate apology, so that society can return to sanity.

        Statdler also suggests that those who deny the theory of natural and herd immunity, ought to be referred to as immunity deniers, which sounds great! 

        I can’t help but laugh that many of the coronavirus conspirators, will be defeated by their own conspiracy, since they are requiring all healthcare workers to be vaccinated, and that anyone who is vaccinated, must consent to round the clock surveillance. I only laugh at those who have been wishing for this on everyone else as a racket and gimmick in the yet again busted medical mafia extortion racket, that provide both the disease, and the “cure”, known also as Munchausen Syndrome, and less specifically, as Superman Complex!

        Andrea Iravani

      6. China has never had a population of 1.4 billion people in its history. China has been attempting to exert its force in the world, and many leaders of other countries are not on board with China’s exercise of force. The U.K. is upset with China because the British-Sino agreement stipulated that Hong Kong would remain independent until 2047 China has had a 50 year history of violating agreements with the United States. The United States leaders are equally to blame for placating American businesses with conflicts of interest in the United States and China to be writing the policies of both countries. 

        Chinese media attempted to incite national hysteria in Kazakhstan over pneumonia, claiming that there was a new and deadly viral pneumonia strain, attemting to start testing and invoking emergency orders which were denounced and shot down by Kazakhi officials. 

        Russia also seems to be becoming fed up with the lack of Chinese diplomacy.

        I do not believe that most Iranians will be happy about Chinese military bases in Iran. Iranians are very independently minded people. The Iranaian government has the capacity to rebuild those ports and infastructure if it chose to. In Iran, homes are torn down and rebuilt when sold, which are purchased for the property and not the homes, and they are constructed out of steel and concrete, like fortresses. There is not a shortage of materials in Iran. The United States demonization through sanctions have led to a decrease in demand for its exports, so the Iranian government has not had the incentive to be investing in those structures caused by a lack of demand resulting from internationally imposed United States sanctions. 

        It is foolish for the Iranian government to have Chinese military bases in Iran, with the population of China being 1.4 billion, they could use Iran to expand and take over everything east of Iran.

        China has border disputes with India that have not been settled as well. 

        China is not a very reputable player. Win win for China means that that the country that they are dealing with lose loses. That has been their history, and it cannot be ignored. 

        The notion of U.S. global hegemony is ludicrous. If the U.S. has had U.S. hegemony since the fall of the USSR, we have to wonder how our hegemony allowed us to become a debtor nation with our imports exceeding our exports and a sky rocketing national debt. If that is anyone’s idea of hegemony, let them have it! 

        Andrea Iravani

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