ALL Digital Communications In The United States Are Being “Captured” By Government Surveillance Systems *Video*

by | May 8, 2013 | Headline News | 200 comments

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    You may be reading this article in the privacy of your own home, but somewhere in a National Security Agency control center your every move is being tracked. What time you logged on this morning, the web site you visited, how long you stayed and even what you said in the comments section – all of it – has been cataloged and possibly even flagged for suspicious activity.

    Several years ago, to the disbelief of many, we discussed the tracking and archiving capabilities of advanced monitoring systems being implemented by the government. We noted that everything you do on a daily basis is being tracked.

    Since then, the government has further expanded their capabilities. In fact, their ability to monitor Americans has increased to such an extent that they’ve built a data center so  massive that it can store over a yottabyte of information; that’s 1 trillion terrabytes, or about 100 trillion high definition DVD’s worth of information. The NSA’s new data center is such a game changer, that it prompted one whistle blower to come forward:

    Domestically, they’re pulling together all the data about virtually every U.S. citizen in the country and assembling that information, building communities that you have relationships with, and knowledge about you; what your activities are; what you’re doing.

    We’re talking about every digital data bit in existence here. If it crosses an internet pipeline (and that includes your phone calls), it’s being logged.

    Many Americans may not realize this, but nothing that you do on your cell phone or on the Internet will ever be private again.  According to the Washington Post, the NSA intercepts and stores an astounding amount of information every single day…

    Every day, collection systems at the National Security Agency intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications. The NSA sorts a fraction of those into 70 separate databases.

    But even the Washington Post may not have been aware of the full scope of the surveillance.  In fact, National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney claims that the NSA has collected “20 trillion transactions” involving U.S. citizens…

    In fact, I would suggest that they’ve assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about U.S. citizens with other U.S. citizens.

    What’s even more frightening is not that they can log and cross reference this information, but that they have the ability to monitor these data flows in real-time.

    What does this mean?

    As noted by Liberty Blitzkrieg, it means that all digital communications – that includes phone calls, text messages, emails and even live internet chat – are being actively monitored and captured, and they can be recalled at the push of a button.

    This isn’t some new and emerging technology; it’s happening right here and now.

    It’s not just a theory. It’s fact. It has been confirmed time and again, most recently by former counter intelligence FBI agent Tim Clemente:

    On the National Security side of the house we have assets. There’s lots of assets at our disposal throughout the intelligence community. And also, not just domestically but overseas. Those assets allow us to gain information and intelligence on things that we can’t use ordinarily in a criminal investigation, but are used for major terrorism investigations or counter-intelligence investigations.

    I’m talking about all digital communications are… there’s a way to look at digital communications in the past. I can’t go into detail of how that’s done or what’s done.

    I can tell you that no digital communication is secure. These digital communications will be found out, the conversation will be known.

    (Video via Liberty Blitzkrieg and The Daily Crux)

    What’s more is that they are not logging this information just for the heck of it. They are using advanced algorithmic systems to cross-reference all of this information in such a way that they can easily connect the dots to determine everything from your purchasing habits to who you hung out with at the local watering hole yesterday evening.

    And before you say, ‘well at least they don’t know what I was talking about when hanging out with friends last night’, understand that in all likelihood you have a personal monitoring device right in your pocket or purse. Should an interested party have reason to do so, they can easily activate the microphone and camera on your cell phone without your knowledge, so everything you say in confidence during a private conversation can be listened to by a third-party without your knowledge. This covert listening technology has been available to the FBI and other agencies for at least a decade.

    The real question is, why does the government need these capabilities? They’ll argue that it’s to protect America from terrorists. But considering that that we’re talking about the real-time, 24/7 surveillance of every single citizen in this country, one has to wonder whether there is an ulterior motive.

    Couple this with the massive ramp up in the militarization of domestic police forces across the United States, and the only answer that makes sense is that elements within the U.S. government are pursuing a strategy that aims to completely lock this country down and move it from a Republic in which an individual is free to do as they please without interference from the State, to a tyrannical regime where our every move and conversation is monitored to ensure our actions are not subversive to the control infrastructure.

    In due course this fairly passive surveillance may well be utilized to identify “domestic terrorists” as broadly defined by the Patriot Act. Once an individual or group has been marked as extremist, the next order of business will be to detain them “legally” under the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the government to seize an American citizen and hold them indefinitely without charge or trial.

    Of course, they’d never do such a thing and something like that would require massive prison camps to be a viable strategy. And we all know those don’t exist. They’re also not stocking up billions of rounds of ammunition.


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      1. This is why when I am driving, I sit on my iPhone. When I rip one, we all listen….

        Orson Wells did well. His 1984 was revolutionary on human terms. He warned us about the Thought Police and Control Police.

        Revelation and Daniel is here.

        Praise The Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Engage your employees or be recorded by them. Blacks comprise 12% of the US population. Blacks out voted whites in the last election.

            If you are going to stay home and grouse about the government you get; sorry, you deserve it. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Get involved, be involved, stay involved. All politics are local.

            Defend the Constitution where you are at. Create a Freedom Cell. Engage.

            • Thanks kidd. WYOMING FREEDOM CONFERENCE. Sat. May 11 from 10AM to 4PM Riverton Wyoming, Fremont County Fairgrounds. For Info Call Jen McCarty (307 332 9102) Here’s your chance to get involved, if you live in Wyoming. Trekker Out. FREE MEN OWN GUNS, SLAVES DON’T!

            • What the f– has color got to do with it, idiot? Only a very small, narrow, ignorant mind would classify character according to color. Bush was WHITE, remember??!

              • Obama works for Bush and the Royal family. One in the same people.

          • This site is well tracked. You know what though? I personally try to help people prepare for what is coming, as well as many other people on this site do, take up their own free time without any compensation, because they want to help their fellow persons. Many of us get much pleasure from sharing what we know and obtaining information from what others know. We all bitch on occasion about how the country and world is falling apart because we want what is better for others. We cherish and enjoy freedom and can’t stand to be so brain dead like the majority of comformists.

            Thinkers like this on this site are the reasons why mankind is not still flinging crap at one another and barely able to make fire. Conformists are scared to death of anything new idea. We here have more qualities to the spirit of what made this country so strong. More inventions have come out of the U.S. than any other country that has progressed the technology so far as it is today.

            So, super secret agencies, if we here are something that is regarded as wrong, people that are the backbone of what is left of the U.S., you SOB’s come get us all. You sure as hell would learn something from people that can actually think and use their minds for more than wondering whom will win Dancing with Stars or what kim kardashian is up to.

            • I just hate this. While I try to keep a civil tongue in my head, I boil over occasionally. Apparently, you can never discuss any idea lest it be misconstrued. We’re beginning to work on any type of non-electronic or Wi-Fi communication. My husband is teaching me semiphore, although that will only be visible for short distances. Guess I’ll just shutup all the time which ought to pop a cork now and then. My other hope is that they listen in constantly and are then carted off, bored to death. If nothing else, I’ll sing old operettas. Pray our community can still stand. Thanks, BI and Durango Kid!

            • Land of the free my ass

              • Kula….

                We are free!

                This is the Land of the Free. You are very Free to Obey. Feel Free and Obey and walk to Left. Feel Free and not obey and walk to the right enroute to FEMA. You see, we are Free.

                You are very free to obey.

                Just obey, and you are free!

                • Well,If the feds are reading this I would like to
                  let them know its alright to eat the yellow snow.

            • Dear NSA,
              I’m thinking about a T shirt I saw a flyfisherman wearing the other day. It had a nice dry fly on the front with the caption, “BITE ME”

            • I never saw dancing with the stars and don’t know who that kim whoever is, cause I don’t watch TV. And them panty wearing pussy’s at nsa can go screw themselves.
              I suppose now when the raids start they’ll send a drone for me, whatever. Screw you nsa.
              Now I feel better.
              STU OUT

          • Seems rather simple to me, we can either drop all digital/internet communication, and be isolated, or we can continue to participate in the discussion and exercise of liberty by expressing our opinions. Much has been said recently about NOMI and gun control. Well, it’s time to say WMPOLOFOSH.

          • Obama et al can threaten all they want. That’s all they have. Any large scale action to arrest governors, seize resources, etc will cause the whole US economy to implode, and they know it. Their machine will sputter to a stop (but be very dangerous as it does). Who’s going to loan .gov money as they fight internally? Why take dollars for oil if you’re not sure they will be good for anything? So much uncertainty in such a situation. OPEC ill will look for another protector, possibly China. The world could end up seeing the birth of the petro-yuan.

          • The FEDS work for the States. The FEDS have been trying to change the relationship, starting with the 14th amendment and everything there after. It is “We The People” Not “We The GOV”

          • “…they can easily activate the microphone and camera on your cell phone without your knowledge, so everything you say in confidence during a private conversation can be listened to by a third-party without your knowledge. This covert listening technology has been available to the FBI and other agencies for at least a decade.”

            This is a little short of the whole truth. They were using remote activations to catch mafia bosses, many years ago, in the case of John Gotti Sr. Look his case info up and you’ll see for yourself that they were doing this for a while now. Long before it ever broke into the public knowledge realm.

          • Per article in beforeitsnewsdotcom
            ~~~There are NO U.S. laws prohibiting National Guard troops from also joining their State’s Defense Forces.~~~

            There will be soon!!!

          • When people start coming out with their shotguns, and blasting these little dome cameras off the light poles, I’m gonna LMFAO.

            • And how many people got their picture flipin the bird, or mooning the camera, I know I do every chance I get.

        • So, they listen to and record everything now. I say who cares anymore? I have totally lost all respect for any elected servants. I guess all we can do is take it till we can’t anymore and then we get to open our own special cans of whoop@ss.

        • george orwell?

        • Ugly forgive me i hate to correct anyone

          but it was george orwell ,in case someone wants to read book

          • @Vicious and Lower….

            Thanks for the correction. I read 1984 online a couple years ago. He definitely saw what was coming in the future back in his day.

        • “Orson Wells” Um, I think you mean George Orwell.

          • Orson Wells brought us War of the worlds, a fake false flag radio show used to test the power to manipulate people with the media.
            transparencynow. com/welles.htm

            News of the attack on Iraq used the same proven basic War of Worlds script. Hyped media false flag events 911, Auroura Boston, Sandy Hook etc… are used to terrorize the population and pass draconian legislation.

            George Orwell’s “ministry of truth” showed how information is fabricated and lost to the “memory hole.” CNN and the MSM have fabricated “news” for decades, taking notes from Orson Wells.

        • This is where the use of tinfoil actually applies. To ensure your cell phone cannot be accessed, even when powered off, you must block the signal. Here is how you can do that.

          1) Get a piece of tinfoil from the kitchen that is about 12″x12″.

          2) Gently crumple the foil into a loose ball.

          3) Carefully undo the crumpled foil back into a square, except now you have a lot of wrinkles and dents in it.

          4) Place your phone in the center of it and carefully fold the foil around it, completely encapsulating the device.

          5) To test your cloak, use another phone to call the phone you wrapped in foil. If you have done this properly, your cloaked phone will not ring.

          This is the same as stealth technology. All the angles wrinkles in the foil bounce the signal around so no signal can leave the foil and no signal can enter.

          For other communications, consider using only encrypted communications. Encrypt all your emails, use encrypted chat, download files using SSL and store your data on encrypted hard drives. Personally, I prefer to use my own implementation of the Blowfish algorithm, but several other algorithms will do the job, such as AES.

          To prevent listening devices from penetrating your windows, you can build a safe room in your home that is shielded. You can look into how this is done by doing a quick search on the internet. Essentially, the room should be impervious to all scanning, listening devices and x-rays. That’s right, I’m talking about lead lined walls with a foil overlay. Expensive, but private.

          Privacy can be obtained with a little knowledge and a fair budget. Absolute privacy has been completely removed from this planet. Some idiots argue that if I have nothing to hide, I should not care if they monitor my every move. I reply, “If I have nothing to hide, then they have no reason to monitor my every move.”.


          • You can keep smart meters from bombarding your home in the same way. I was getting sick from the 4 meters on my wall. I pulled the drywall of where the meters are, stuck heavy-duty aluminum foil on the entire back of it and replaced the drywall, mud and finish. I tested for signal penetration with an old dual-band motorola cell phone, put into service mode. You may not know this, but those old phones in service mode will search for and receive and display those signals. Each signal they pick up is given a numeric value. A phone tech should know how this works, and should be able to easily adapt it for this purpose.

            (I used to program cell phones back in the mid 90’s)

          • They can listen to me all they want because I don’t say anything of signifigance. Anyways, if they want you to be guilty of something; do they really need credible sources to convict you?

            I watched the (rise of the AR) program recently on MSN..( a network I hate) Remember that guy who said he was going to start ki1ling people several months ago when the assult rifles were going to be taken away? The reporter asked him why he didn’t want to talk about that comment he stopped the interview. They said he lost his carry license after that rant.

            My point is; what is to be gained from saying crazy stuff that will get you in trouble. Everyone knows when SHTF we won’t be scared to do what we have to.

            • You are referring to James Yeager and he has a youtube channel.

              He likes to run his mouth all the time and basically let his mouth overload his butt. They did in fact pull his CCW in the state of Tennessee. I’ve heard he finally got it back but not sure on that.

              As for your, “I’ve nothing to hide let them listen.” that’s BS.

              The 4th Amendment restricts their search and seizure. I have a right to my privacy until I demonstrate otherwise and based on that they get a warrant. not that they can snoop until they create a reason to search me.

              • I didn’t say I thought is was constitutional to listen; I just said let them listen because it doesn’t matter. They’ve been doing it for over 20 years so its not going to ever be stopped. You have to choose your battles.

          • When someone says if you got nothing to hide etc, I always say Ok take off all your clothes rigt here now.

            None has yet stripped naked, guess they too got stuff to hide.

            As for encrypted info, I read quite a few yrs ago that the fbi demanded and got fed laws to force every maker of encryption programs to give fbi a backdoor entry into every brand or type avail to public for sale. So even that wont really work as far as fed gov goes.

            • Yeah, they try to ask nicely for a backdoor. I don’t know where you read that, but they don’t demand and there is NO SUCH LAW. Look into Bruce Schneier and the Blowfish algorithm, some strong stuff. However, it is the implementation of that algorithm that must be secure in it’s processing and clean-up.

              Now, I have been writing Blowfish implementations since 1998 and so have thousands of other programmers. Do you actually think that every one of us had to install a secret backdoor for the feds? LoL, that would never happen.

              What you’re talking about is using commercial encryption software, for which most is compromised. Anything Symantec, Microsoft, McAfee and so on, I would NOT trust. Get a source code implementation from one of the many thousands of programmers out there for FREE.

              This is where you’re wrong, it will will work. The feds have a great disdain for free encryption. Even with all their cracking power, it would still require them more than 70 years to crack a text file encrypted using a symmetric 64-bit Blowfish block cipher implementation and a MD5 key hash. That’s a 16 character key from a pool of only 256 characters in the set.

        • You mean George Orwell, author of 1984 and Animal Farm.

        • But folks are fogetting one important thing-MATH. The programs are extremely fast but they’re only as good as their algorithms which are created by humans. They are premised on certain key words and phrases in the right number to get flagged. Ex: a few words may cause a mild alert but as these increase a certain threshold is reached, as designed by these programers, then the bells go off. Now I realize that they’re constantly updating these things, but a smart person can stay ahead of them in a number of very low-moderate tech ways. Ex: Never use words that any reasonable person could construe as inflamitory. If necessary, get a number of disposable cell phones that will not be traceable to you (use cash). Use internet cafes and route any important emails through multiple anonymous overseas routers. Use a code that you’ve worked out and change at prescribed times (this can be sent by snail mail). Speaking in a foreign language, some in code and some in open talk can also really screw up their data mining. The same goes for local hand-held radios and ham radio which can also be used with a mixture of open-talk, code, and foreign language (be careful here about FCC violations). The higher tech folks get the easier it is to f*ck with them. Be creative and have fun. Computers may be faster but they’re not smarter than people.

          • One time pad. It’s easy and 100% secure if the random numbers pad is secure.

        • Mac Slavo’s article is timely and extremely important for mass consumption.

          One very important consequence Slavo didn’t cover is how this digital information can be used to fabricate crimes out of thin air against politically troublesome citizens.

          If they can determine your purchasing habits, banking deposits, withdrawals, transfers, credit card usage, travel, daily routines, who your friends are, family, business acquaintances, and all your personal affairs, they can connect-the-dots for creating a crime that fits your personal MO that was never committed.

          Moreover, it is possible to determine your personality and conative type, and assess your cognitive abilities to a relative degree. This information can be used to wage war against you. As Sun Tsu has stated; “Know your enemy” in order to destroy him. The digital information collected can be used to support a created motive for a fictitious crime.

          Take your pick of political dissident topics; what level will the establishment take to protect their empire and to silence or “get rid of” a dissident? What empire is being attacked? Are they Constitutionalists? Patriots? Libertarians? Christians? Is the empire abortion? GMOs? War on drugs? Immigration? War on terror? Drones? CCTV? Taxes? Divorce Industry? Property Rights? Agenda 21? Codex Alimentarius? Big Oil? Fracking? Federal Reserve? Guns? Free Speech? etc.?

          The list is endless. The collection of all digital information on individuals makes it a real possibility for creating Hollywood-style fictional crimes that are used to criminalize individuals. There is already voice emulating software sold on the market that replicates your voice and inflections. The FBI has been accused of using such software to incriminate individuals.

          With access to “developed” digital information, I can envision a script writer being hired for creating a crime to fit the individual’s MO. And if you can’t believe this as a possibility, then look no further than the Boston Marathon bombing where a growing consensus point out “Crisis actors” were used.

          Are Crisis actors real? An Internet search will verify it. What extent is their use?

          Digital information can be used in “pre-crime” volition software where government can send State psych evaluators to determine whether you are a threat to “society”.

          Government collecting all your digital information can and will be used against political dissidents whether a “crime” has been committed or not. A growing dossier is being made on everyone.

          The question is what are they going to do with this information? The possibilities are surreal.

          We should all be alarmed and outraged.

          We should demand an end to the collection of personal information without the probable cause of a crime being committed.

          • You worry too much. The people have murdered 50,000,000 babies and 50% of the people are commies. Commies have installed a communist government with communist law schools and lawyers.

            What could go wrong. Stay off the phone, wear a che shirt and you’ll be all right. ‘Course your shithole will be a gulag, but not to worry, no one will burn it.

        • You mean George Orwell.

        • I guess Aldous Huxley wasn’t doing the job fast enough.

          … could we please… have some Thorium nuclear reactors? I mean at the most basic level this all traces back to resource competition…

        • Orson wells was a movie actor – I think you’re confused.

      2. Hangin’ day is comin’ …

        i’m looking forward to the day i get to see their faces change from smug ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV GESTAPO self righteousness to pissen’ their pants fear , when we start hangin’ them All from the telephone poles across the country by looped and noose hemp rope for treason against the peeples of once free AmeriCa .


        • The Four Boxes


          It used to be said that American liberty rested on four boxes:

          – The soap box;
          -The ballot box;
          -The jury box;
          -The cartridge box.

          It was also said that they ought to be employed in that order.

          And the First 3 have so far have been completely corrupted an Failed …

          GOT ENOUGH AMMO ???


          • 20 rounds a piece ought to just about cover it, aim small miss small.

          • Allow me to add #5 to your list…pine box.

            • dont waste perfectly good pine,,,
              I hear hogs really like to munch on mamalian flesh

              • buzzards gotta eat, same as worms

      3. This is another example of the state of this country. The bill of rights grows weaker every day, and the government’s non military organs increase their efforts to arms themselves, while seeking to deny the private citizen the same opportunity.

        Fascism is alive and well in the US of A. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that citizens of the US of A have the right to abolish their government when necessary. If this does not qualify as necessary, then what does?

        • Tell it like it is,

      4. It’s a shame the feds don’t monitor the border with the same degree of enthusiasm.

        • Freedom Dude….

          They are monitoring the border with same enthusiasm. They are making sure, They get in and that we do not get out….

        • Or drug dealers!!

        • You’re kiddin’ ain’t you. The feds are commies.

      5. Good thing I have just passed my ham radio technician and general tests. Now only extra to go. Meanwhile,
        HF portable radio, check.
        Triband handheld, check.
        Buddipole portable antenna, check.
        Buckmaster 7 band Inverted V portable dipole, check.
        Antenna analyzer and tuner, check.

        Just need morse code (CW) decoder, and of course more skill and practice which I hope to get shortly.

        posted on is a very timely piece:

        • @HorseAss…..

          I plan to buy a shortwave radio, but am a newbie. What would you recommend for a beginner that just wants to listen to chatter in USA and World. I wish the Haygen was still producing, but not.

          Also, Vietnam Vets. Who was the Viet Lady on shortwave that spelled propaganda on shortwave to US soldiers at time? I remember an article on her @ 5-6 years ago and I think she passed away?

          Does Radio Shack sell any shortwave for beginners, or somewhere else?

          • Hanoi Hannah was her radio name.

          • You can buy any number of fine shortwave receivers at My personal favorite is the Grundig G5. It is small, has low current drain for long battery life, has great reception, and is quite compact. Most Grungig’s are very good. However, there is one Grundig to avoid. That is the 350DL. It is single conversion and really a piece of junk.

            All of today’s sw radios if they are at least dual conversion are much better than the shortwave radios of the past.

            • Anon. Thanks for advice. I’ll buy. I want to hear the worlds chatter from our other brethrens from other countries. I’m sure many others are worried about the World’s economy and future too.

              • For a full feature desktop short wave receiver, check out the Icom R-75.

            • ugly – i have a tecsun pl-660
              seems to work pretty good for the money .

          • That’s the problem U, I am for all practical purposes, a beginner. Yaesu or Icom triband I guess, but a little pricey?
            My theory is you can always listen to any of the amateur frequencies with no license, but to transmit, you need a license to keep legal. In order to learn to transmit, you will need a license during this window of opportunity. Of course, in a true EOTWAWKI situation, licenses won’t matter, but it may be a little too “inconvenient” and too late to learn.

        • As I said above, learn the One Time Pad. It is perfect for shortwave and radio and you don’t need Morse code. Send and scoot. Drones and commies everywhere.


        • No brainiac. That is a stupid idea. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights apply to the 50 states. DC is a federally chartered entity. Patriots crossing the Virginia line into DC will be arrested for a gun felony, and legally so.

          March into New York from Pennsylvania. There the Constitution and Second Amendment have standing. There SCOTUS must rule on the legality of States Rights to supercede the Second Amendment

          Adam Koresh is an idiot and grandstander. get a clue. get a REAL plan. Not exactly a strategic thinker, is he?


          • Durango? You know i don’t agree with eisen very often but sometimes he puts forth somethings that have value. Now maybe this koresh is a grandstander, but at least he is bringing attention,and sure it will,and may be used for a false flag,as it seems to me that every time they have an event that goes haywire,we get more people that wake up, and it is the government that is behind it.
            Anyway back in the sixties it wasn’t the peaceful marches that got the most attention, it was the ones like Kent State that brought the most attention,at what our leo and government was doing,that got me the hell out of Vietnam!

            If you have a better plan i sure would like to hear it?? because Brother we are running out of time!!!!


            • And a clock that’s right twice a day (analog) still isn’t worth a piece of my poop… So now some of you will die/march/kill/get on a list so the rest of them will benefit? I say wait and you will know the time. I’m not after the glory, just the survival of my people. It’s not too late just yet…

          • Durango, you are right. That group says it’s going with loaded arms and when told to disarm they will comply like good little commies and be jailed.

            Sounds like a .gov sting with most of the moron provocateurs getting a get-out-of-jail-free pass.

        • Hope it works out better than the bonus marches.

          • The DC police have already warned them… this is beyond just dumb… but dangerous, for you and me.

            All it will take is one hothead with an itchy finger…
            Then, Kokesh will have destroyed us if he is ‘perceived’ to have fired first… they say they’re going to be peaceful and turn around if confronted… we’ll see if they’re ‘allowed’ to.
            It wouldn’t surprise me if there is an agent provocateur in the crowd… then, the Black Caesar gets to pull off the Velvet glove… and declare us all Enemies of the State.

            • PS: I advocate the same thing as Kokesh, difference being, not a nonviolent protest, but a hanging party…
              If a million of us decided the same thing, that’s the only way it would happen.
              I hope to live long enough to see it.

              To the Feds who monitor this site;

              Sirs, we know there are still good guys in the Federal Establishment. Do your jobs and defend your oaths, you take care of the Globalists before we have to, you know who they are better than we do. We know its difficult, first you would have to terminate your bosses, that’s ok, you’ll get a medal and not a rope…

              Wait for first blood. This Adam Kokesh character may give that to us, but, it will not be an American patriot that fires first, it will be an imposter or agent. Keep many eyes on that crowd.

              Everybody else, keep your powder dry, remember the lessons of the Civil war. If the Feds fire first, they are the bad guys, otherwise, we are. If this Kokesh march goes south, there will be media spinning up like never before, that’s why I think its prudent to have it on camera from many many angles. I don’t see how the media could ignore it, in fact I think it would serve their purpose, they could scream from the parapets; “SEE, we told you these people are dangerous! They’re TRAITORS! ROUND ‘EM UP!”

        • Iron Cross: Yesterday’s WaPo had an article on this. One might want to think carefully. Heller ratified the right to possess at home, not to carry. Johnny Gotrocks from Iowa brings his deer rifle to DC, gets arrested for a firearms violation. When he gets home his concealed carry permit is yanked. Now he is on their double secret hassle this guy list at all levels of gubmint. Plus which if some idiot starts shooting you have Kent State on steroids. I’m an anarchist. I hold the 2 A is the only carry permit one needs. But then there’s the practical angle: an avoidable hassle with the criminal justice system is a tremendous waste of your scarce resources even if you win. Sounds like the SDS plan from 1968: a radical is a liberal who has taken a police nightstick to the noggin. Why don’t you do it dude and send us a full report from DC jail?

          • Coward.

            • If you’re speaking to me, you go do it worm spawn.

              Get a federal firearms conviction. Lose your RKBA. Maybe your home or the family farm when your dumb ass is in prison. One of the commenters above who wrote about agent provocateurs firing a shot is dead on. The law will be armored head to toe. The demonstrators won’t be. Guess who’d do all the dying if it stops being peaceful. Could set RKBA back ten years or bring on martial law. But go do it. Post a picture of you on Memorial Bridge being arrested. And STFU.

      7. Well, sort of. Even the NSA has budget constraints.

        If anyone is bothering to monitor me all day… well, if I’m the threshold then they’ll go broke fast trying to keep track of us all.

        • Sorry Selkirk, That old Computer in the Data Center! It really don’t care, it just keeps on computing, it never gets tired, and it don’t love you or hate you, it just keeps on filing and cross referencing information. We can grip and even cuss or holler or threaten TPTB and it just keeps on recording. And it thinks no more or less of you, than it does of me. But that info will be there when they need it, this is one of the reasons that it is alright to exercise our FREEDOM OF SPEECH, but still be wise in where and how you do it. I know I’ll get some red thumbs and hear about how they’re not gonna keep some, from exercising their free speech. And that’s alright, cause those old big ears will just keep on collecting info. Trekker Out. Speak Softly and Carry a Big 50!

          • Well I aint gonna red thumb you.

            Automatically stockpiling massive amounts of data on everyone creeps me out, and I’ve waxed fanatical on that point on a number of occasions.

            I’m just saying that the government has a finite capacity for law enforcement. They have to make practical choices about who needs their chain yanked on any given day, and if they try to target everyone their effectiveness will degrade pretty quickly.

      8. If anyone enters the sheep pen by any way other than the gate, he is thief and a murderer – Jesus

        • Do horse pens count? If they do, I’m a thief and a murderer many times over by that rationale.

          When I was young I thought gates were for old, fat guys.

          • Ears that hear eyes that see…

      9. H7N9 update

        132 cases
        another fatality brings the death toll to 32

        the US stepping things up a bit

        US invokes emergency act to keep H7N9 flu at bay

        developing a vaccine may be a problem

        “Labs are now making “seed” viruses for manufacturers to create H7N9 vaccine. That process faces the same development delays as in 2009, when vaccine arrived too late for most people.

        But there is another problem: H7 flu is poor at stimulating immunity. Virologists at the European Flu Summit in Brussels last week told New Scientist that early results show 13 times more H7N9 virus is needed to elicit a protective immune response than is needed for ordinary flu. That’s bad news: the more virus a vaccine requires, the fewer doses that can be grown in a given time.”

        • Shhh! You’ll scare the crap out of everyone.

      10. I would like TSA and NWO, since they monitor me, that I have been eating the yellow portion of dandelion flowers. They are not that bad. I have heard you can make teas out of dandelion roots?

        So, NWO please get out the Agent-Orange and spray world of dandelions thus prepper Ugly can eat no more….

        • Don’t forget Lamb’s Quarter. Clean and cook like spinach. HIghly nutritious. You can have a lovely green and yellow salad. Cheers!

          • Vicky. I eat lambsquarter too. Also redroot pigweed and shepherds purse. I will try cattail as soon as the new shoots grow. Must eat small portions at first cause body not use to real edible plants of the wild.

            • If you are living in prickly pear country, it is excellent food and it tastes good, rich in vitamin C. They skin easily. I haven’t found a use for the thorns.

        • re: TSA humiliating people with genitle pat-downs. As a passenger, Im not the one who makes my living feeling men’s balls. Bet mom’s proud of you now!

        • Yeah, will any listening device from a bunch of initials please tell someone to get the guy who’s dealing crack down the block from me? That dude’s really pissing me off.

          I don’t think he has a computer, or a bank account, or is literate… and his phones are burners, so he’s going to be tough to find. He’s off the grid, you know.

          If you’re really tracking me, blink twice and I’ll walk past his house around 6:00 AM on Friday.

        • Ugly

          If you get a chance, try someone’s dandelion wine. YUM!



        • Eisen….

          I know what you are saying. I am only 52, thus about 9 years younger than you. Those pesky WWII folks at 90+ have caused everything. That work ethic just killed this country. Those folks that paid their bills are nothing but criminals.

          Our country will be saved by Peace Maker, Wars, Illegals, and EBT cards. Thankyou, the new Generation….

          • He is a loudmouth little douchebag.Displays all the traits of a whinning leftist.Of course he’ll claim to be libertarian,but that’s total bullshit.

        • Eisenkreuz:

          You here to judge the wounded or pierce them again?

      12. Now that I know they are listening, does that mean I can give them the finger and they will duly note it??

        • If you want to give them the finger check your rearview mirror for a black Escalade or Yukon with tinted windows. Drive slightly under the posted speed limit, and if the SUV doesn’t pass you, go right ahead and flip them off.

      13. Can they at least give a warning to my wife and my mother in law to not call each other every 10 minutes and talk for 15 hrs a day each day? This is a clear and present danger to my mental health. Still I am trying to figure out their discussion topics.

        • @Tactical:

          Good Day Sir.

          Just the opposite. Have them call each other dozens and dozens of times. We should all call everyone we know everyday and overload the system. Instead of billions of bytes of data, let us give them trillions.

          Mothers Day just around the corner, call all your loved, and not so loved, ones to flood the system.

          Rain Data.

          Best to you and yours.

          Happy Mothers Day.

          ….there are more treason the left than on the right…BA.

          • Good idea. I may call other people’s mothers, as well. What happens if you call a company and just let the phone sit there, still connected, but saying nothing?

          • @BadAmerican:

            Excellent Idea Sir. I like scientific approach to resolve the issues.

            p.s. I encouraged my wife to increase the number of calls to her mom and now she is asking what I am up to? LOL.

            Happy Mothers Day to you and yours and all of the mothers.

          • I wonder how they would take it if 50 million folks all at same moment called another person on a phone, and all 50 million at once began rapid fireing of guns. Picture the sound of that all at once! I bet that would set off red flags galore.

        • Tactical;

          It’s you man, it’s you

        • Is that you Chuck! Trekker Out.

      14. Ok folks, listen up. I had a neighbor tell me a friend of his told him that he knew a guy who worked with his son who had a friend that said someone from the local police department thought that he heard his boss say that someone from the DHS told him that they were going to get some orders from someone high up in their chain of command who will be getting the go ahead from someone in Washington to be prepared for something big this weekend. The word on the street is that something big will happen and someone somewhere will get taken down for something that they didn’t really do and a lot of unknown people will be involved and a bunch of officials will have to sort out the details later. Then, shit will really hit the fan. Soon, the bankers will be howling, the politicians will be yapping, the sheeple will be braying and the preppers will be hunted down like dogs and their preps will be given out and devoured by the hungry masses. The bees are dying, the crops are shriveling, the water is polluted and unknown microbes are lurking everywhere. Y’all be on the lookout. Get your shit together, wash your hands, keep sharp… shape up your bag and hang loose. The truth is that whether or not shit hits the fan now, then, or now and then, NO ONE will get off this planet alive!!!

        • What the fuck? Dude,
          You ever play that game in grade school where the teacher had
          All the kids in a circle and told the first kid something and had them go in the circle and by the time
          It got to the last kid it was something COMPLETELY different,
          Same thing bro

          • That was the point… A sense of humor is sorely needed in order to survive until it’s our time… but, the end result will be the same for everyone regardless of how much we know or how many preps we have. Preps help though, at least for the short term. The long term is a different story since it covers multiple generations and depending on one’s age, preps may or may not be necessary for the long term. Anyway, no matter how one mixes it up, NO ONE will get out of here alive!! 😉 Just saying.

        • Good one, Crabbe..we should all copy and paste this and include it in all our emails every week or so.

          ~~~I had a neighbor tell me a friend of his told him that he knew a guy who worked with his son who had a friend that said someone from the local police department thought that he heard his boss~~

          I’m still smiling!!

          • Update:
            I had a friend’s neighbor tell him a co-worker of his aunt told him that she knew a guy who worked with his son’s girlfriend’s sister who had a teacher friend that said someone from the local police department thought that he heard his surpervisor’s assistant say….

      15. I need Flo & a rental car (with driver).

        • Drunk again???

      16. After reading the story about O sending threatening letters to the governors I did what any red blooded American would do and ordered more ammunition. It is just about here friends. If a rat is cornered, he can get pretty mean and O is acting like someone ***t in his spaghetti. Add my name to the list of people that thinks this country is going off the track at full speed. It is getting to the point that remaining silent is cowardly.

      17. What Ticks me off the most is that it is our tax dollars that are being used to pay for all of this stuff they have to spy on all of us. It isn’t a secret that everything written here and anywhere else is noted and logged. Be careful what you post people. Only state things that you would like to be public.

        God Bless,

        • Norse Prepper. The sad truth is that we are probably being monitored more than gangs, terrorists, war mongers, tax cheats, central bank fatcats, con artists, and so forth.

          If you love America, you are being monitored.

          I wonder why ‘they’ are more paranoid than ‘we’?

          Do ‘they’ know something that ‘we’ don’t know?

          I would like a meeting so that ‘they’ can tell us ‘we’ what we need to know….

          maybe someday?

          In the mean time, God Bless America. It really is the Land that I Love. Stand behind her, and guide her….

          • “Stand behind her, and guide her…”

            …ass right onto the pole. The new Amerikkka is a wretched old crone. A hideous hag. Thanks for the police state you left us. I feel so safe now. Safe safe safe. We gotta be safe. Already the talking heads are saying the police should have the right to search every house on the block when somebody is kidnapped.

          • They know that if we get off the plank, they will take the fall,
            Im already off and not going back!

        • I will not live in fear.

          I will not lose my freedom of speech.

          I will not comply.

          • Get Him!

          • @eieiosonk:

            change the “will” to “do” Sir, and together we can charge hell.

            Rain lead.





        • You must really like the attention you get here. Responding to you is largely a waste of time, but I will anyway. You reveal your ignorance more with every post.

          Soldiers do not pick their wars. Old men pick the wars and young men fight them. The hope is that the old men will pick only necessary wars, but we all know how rarely that happens.

          I did 6 years in the Marines and I am proud of that service. I think much of your teeny angst comes from a lack of pride in your own accomplishments.

          But, by all means, keep demeaning those who serve this country. When things get really bad, they may be your best hope.

          “There is a thrill to living the protected never know”

          • Yeah you “served the country” by stealing my taxes and killing people in a foreign country for no reason whatsoever, pissing people off around the world. Brilliant.

            • I see you have discovered lower case letters. Congratulations. That must qualify as an accomplishment in your life.

              You seem a sad, bitter little man. Is living in mama’s basement starting to bother you?

              Get outside, quit with the porn and make something of yourself while you still can.

              I feel the need to defend my actions to a loser like yourself. I just need to remember that, “There, but for the grace of God, go I”

        • Those that serve are picked from the most able and the youngest men. Mostly, they are fresh out of school and don’t know much about the real world. If the leaders in Congress had to get off their fat asses and go to the frontlines of every war they start, there would be few to no wars. Apparently you also have never heard of the draft where you basically had no choice.

          • I forgot about the draft. I apologize if that’s the case. I’m not used to that in my own time.

            Children of congresmen are exempt from going to war.

        • Well Eisen.
          I think you have crossed the line with me. I am one of those Old Military Fuckers. Been blamed for lots of things but not the downfall of this nation. Realize it is the government which uses it Military to do its bidding. Even with all the faults of the military, you can still say what you want, maintained by very large sacrifices of many now and who have gone before us.
          Your attack on one is an attack on us all.

          I do not want to restrict your rights to free speech but I think it is time for you to move on. Believe me if I would have saw and heard what you said you would had a little trouble on your hands.

          • I love the part about “walking by,flipping them off,and telling them to get a job.” Then mommy woke me up and said it was time for my pop tarts.

          • Fuck you. A decent human being doesn’t need to resort to violence unless attacked. The only reason you “served” is that you wanted to kill other people and get away with it legally. In the process, you assured that the entire world wants to kill Americans. Half a million children have been murdered by Americans since the start of the Iraq war. You don’t care about that but you wanna whine and bitch about the Boston bombing. You’re all gung ho overseas but you’re all cowards about a peaceful march on DC.

            • I drew a big number of 10 on the draft and did not run to Canada.
              You have no respect for others and you wonder why others on this board have little respect for you.
              I will disengage from further comments with you. Wish you all the luck.

            • Pardon me eisendouche,but isn’t there a gay pride parade that your scheduled to ride your skateboard in? I think mommy is gonna use the opportunity to get the hell out of dodge while your gone,that is if she still has 2 working brain cells to use.

            • I can understand your outrage over the loss of innocent lives. It is unavoidable in war. Sorry you didn’t know that.

              Your internet tough guy act needs to go if you want people to take you seriously. You may be a voice that people would want to hear if you weren’t such an asshole.

              I know you’re a kid because part of growing is getting the idea that at some point in your life you have to stop blaming your parents for your lot.

              Grow up a little. You still have time.

          • When will all you ex military acknowledge that your “service” was actually a disservice to the very freedoms you thought you were protecting? The truth about what you accomplished is more important that how you want to feel about what you did. It does not matter that you thought you were a good guy. You were the invader, the agressor and the destroyer of freedom. Accepting the truth is more important that your feelings. This disgusting need to have some sort of “honor” attached to military service is why so many impressionable youth still sign up to do the bidding of evil men. Put down your feelings, put down your ego and start holding up the truth.

            • By that token, all military men, everywhere have been the tools of evil. I can’t agree with that, although I can see your point of view.

              Soldiers don’t pick their wars. Old men in leadership do that. Soldiers just fight them.

              • I do not believe that anyone who fights for his country is by default doing evil. It is simply a similar line as we have with individuals except a nation has no right to preemptively attack due to a perceived threat. A nation unlike an individual cannot be killed by a single event and thus cannot be the one who delivers the first blow out of “fear for life and limb”. Even more simply. When you are killing them in their country you by definition are the bad guy and they have every right to attempt to oust you the invader. it is very simple. People will attempt to muddy the waters in an attempt to preserve the righteousness of their own actions. Very few are willing to admit to having done wrong.

      19. I am so glad we have this site to express our freedoms of speech. Hate to blog on CNN or MSNBC where voices are monitored.


        more MK-ULTRA BRAINWASHING bullsheeit from the ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV …

        Flag mystery in Ohio House of Horrors

        Flag mystery in Ohio House of Horrors



        • Duh, I finally figured you out eisenkreuz! BI-POLAR


        FSN: This Is Stunning, I Haven’t Seen Anything Like This In 43 Years

        May 8, 2013 at 9:42pm

        Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food IMMEDIATELY !!!

        from King World News

        Standing By in the Rockies getting my hemp rope and torches ready .

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare … Predator or Prey its really happening as you read this post – TODAY !!!


        • Just Don’t Enjoy Dow 15,000!! Everyone Screams “RIGGED” or “PONZI” or “BERNANKE” on Every Uptick. Our Current Financial System Is So Toxic, A Collapse Is Imminent!!!
          May 8th, 2013

          Even The Pros Hate Everything About This Market And The Economy

          CAN YOU HEAR IT ???

          SsHush … THAT WHIMPERING IN THE AIR AROUND YOU ALL IS once free AmeriCa last cry for Help before dying Crushed under the ZOG GESTAPO JACK BOOT HEEL of ZOG AMERIKAN RED COMMUNISM .


          • YEP … WE’RE SCREWED ;0p

            In 2007, 43 percent of Americans
            were living paycheck to paycheck. In 2008, the percentage increased to
            49 percent. In 2009, the number skyrocketed up to 61 percent. The most recent number for 2010 has exploded to a shocking 77 percent. This means in our nation of 310 million citizens, 239 million
            Americans are one setback away from economic ruin and millions more are
            in danger of having to rely on government assistance for survival.


            Cities and Large Towns will become War Zones ;0p

            GOT ENOUGH AMMO and DEFINED mapped out BACK-UP BUG-OUT LOCATIONS away from the concentrated population areas ???

            * Remember its best to ‘Bug-Out’ to Soon than too Late .


        • 3n3ma, hope you don’t smoke that hemp rope, before the Schumer Hits The Fan.WASP, Freedom At Any Cost!

      22. To those that are eavesdropping,
        Hello nice to meet you, you allready know my name so no need for introductions, where I work, what I do with my spare time, how I spend my money, who I hang out with and on and on. I know I know Im absolutly fascinating arn’t I? If I didnt know me I would probably spy on me too. So I cant hold that against you, yes some could consider what your doing as immoral but not me, I would be all over me too. I’m just that interesting so no worries here I get it. My entire life , conversations , e mail , texts and web history are just way too juicy to be kept private and who am I to stand in the way of your enlightenment a la Hog? So stay tuned eavesdropper the Boss Hoggery shall continue to chill, thrill and fill all the voids in your world. Wow I allmost wish I was on your side of this thing just so I could read about me for the first time. What a fantastic job you have, your mom must be proud.
        Keep up the good work,

        Boss Hog

        • Dear Boss Hog…My friend’s neighbor told him a co-worker of his aunt told him that she knew a guy who worked with his son’s girlfriend’s sister who had a teacher friend that said someone from the local police department thought that he heard his surpervisor’s assistant say they are on to your act.

          Just sharing.

          • PERFEK lol

      23. A lot of people I know, and Iv seen a lot of people on here I have seen say “when they come for my guns I’ll say I lost them in a boat accident” I usually joke with them and say dont you mean a voting accident? But in all seriousness hiding your stuff will be pointless, they know, and if/when it happens, it won’t be the guns they will come for, they will be coming for you. If the guns are hidden, that’s fine,if your not around to use them. They won’t care how hidden they are.

      24. I have been meaning to address the precursor earthquake on the Mid Indian Ridge yesterday. 12 out of 13 times before at this almost exact same location it lead to a major earthquake of 6.5 or higher. The areas are real narrow. Central Indonesia, New Guinea, Central to Northern Japan, Kermadec Islands, eastern Russia, Iran, and Peru. That is it. You can expect a major earthquake in one of these areas by May 22. 85-90% sure, and 90% sure of a major earthquake somewhere else. The quiet period is about to end.

      25. Dear NSA,
        I stand with all the men and women who have bled and died for this country that we may have FREEDOM. I stand for the principles that this country was founded on, not the country that we are becoming.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

        Potato out

      26. Becky Quick is looking FINE % perky this morning.

      27. This would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic. The criminal federal government is worse than a cornered animal. Broke beyond belief, unable to project anything much beyond the illusion of power at home and abroad, and being undermined and hedged against at every turn. When the dam bursts, hundreds of millions of guns, foreign and domestic, will suddenly be aimed at agents of the federal government, and on a larger scale, anyone who claims to lord power over his fellow man. Time is running out for the criminal cabal that has existed since JFK was eliminated. They’ve lost control of just about everything but the fear-machine mainstream media. Positive change is coming. Someday this whole charade will be part of museum exhibit.

      28. If this is true , than how does all these crimes go un-punished, including the ones DC is pulling off?

        • ….because they protect their own….

        • VRF,
          “Spiritual wickedness in HIGH places…”
          Darkness attracts darkness. In my experience, the most ruthless executives, administrators and bureaucrats rise in the organization, regardless. This is something they teach in executive training… it is called the emotional quotient or maturity factor. Only the most cold blooded rise to the top, and those who are the best actors, to the very top.

          In my organization way back when(Big Pharma), I was given, what I considered at the time(and still do) to be a test of loyalty to the organization. I was told to lie to my employees concerning an IPO… management pulled a scam that ended up giving them share options all out of proportion to the number of shares that would be outstanding.

          I refused. I would not sell my soul for filthy lucre. I was moved out of my cushy corner office out to the ‘north 40’, to a literal closet that had been cleaned out for me… I wasn’t demoted, but all my employees and responsibilities were move elsewhere, and I was left with the sh*tty end of the stick on an impossible project. I ended up quitting, and becoming poor.

          There is a lot to be said about not having to fight with the constant moral dilemmas of maintaining a high income lifestyle working in an evil environment. Not all corporations are the evil of the world, but the corporate system turned toward profits at any cost, including raping the planet so people can have cheap trivial geejaws and products designed to wear out and be replaced, must come to an end. Things used to be designed to have long life and be easily repairable, packaging used to be held on deposit, returned and reused. We now should see the costs on society and the Earth of this disposable society, we are drowning in filth, garbage and pollution. The only way to eliminate this paradigm, is to eliminate the evil, which means the Corporation.

          • Piper

            Its all been meticulously planned. The consortium have gone to great lengths to set up this house of cards. They have stockpiled every concievable thing that is needed to restart life and do things exactly the way they want it done. I chuckle to myself because to all of you who collect data, and doing their dirty work do you really think you are included in those plans? How much room do you think is behind those steel doors? My advice is you should start to watch those who sent you to watch. We are all on the same boat. Seriously look around, the time is at hand.

      29. For those Feds who are listening ….In the words of my dear ol’ Pap who would say when another driver on the highway blew by him doing eighty, “See you on the hill, asshole”.

      30. When I want secure communication I use old bean cans and some kite string. Hey NSA, can you count how many fingers I’m holding up?

        • Yes… they can as a matter of fact, count how many fingers you are holding up. They have high resolution satellites in orbit that can take pictures sharp enough that an analyst can measure the length of your dick and count the moles on your ass.

          • So what if they can see you!! Your choice; Either pop tall or slink into the corner. As of today, you still have freedom of speech. I suggest that you use it while you can.

      31. If my communications have been monitored for the past ten years, the NSA already knows I am a pathological liar so I doubt they believe much of what I say.

      32. Ya know, with all these schools suspending jounior for the imagination of using a pencil as a gun, or drawing a gun, or using a pop tart to make a make believe gun, it really tells a lot about how these educators have lost control over thier system, and are basically not teaching any of these kids anymore.

        I think it would be perfect justice that every kid that gets suspended for this adult stupididty, stay home and be home schooled..fuck the school system..they have a kid count every year for thier funding..let um fuck themselfs out of this funding

        I say every parent that has a kid suspended for acting like a kid, never put them back in that system and screw up their own of unintended consequences needs to play out here

      33. They have been monitoring for a long time, this is nothing new. Coming out now and admitting it, is another way to stop some of the people from communicating with one another. Scare tactics no more.
        I like the comment earlier, OVER LOAD the SYSTEM, hey tell you didn’t work today because your pet pig died, or give them a new recipe for a sh-t sandwich, anything that’s bull-sh-t. Make them think it’s some kind of code. They know that when they shut down the inter-net, cell phones the games begin. So they will just take little steps at a time to shut it all down. Give them enough B S to cause them to become cross eyed zombies. This is my take on this piece to the puzzle.

        Keep the FAITH

      34. Did you hear that a judge denied the FBI from hacking into webcams on our laptops?

        • yep, so the FBI does it without tipping thier hand now, you really didnt think they were going to stop because they were told to do so did you?

        • Funny you should mention that. Hubby “humors” my “self-reliance/prepping” attitude and doesn’t really visit these sites too much. He is in the apathy mode. Prepping too much like work so I’m the one doing it. Imagine my surprise when I saw his work laptop with a sticky note taped over the camera. I asked him about it & he said that you never know when someone has/can/or will hack/access your laptop camera (he is a computer person). I cover my camera too but never told him because I was sure he’d think I went off the deep end. Apparently he and I think more alike than I thought.

          • @CenTXMom,

            I just took my Mac to an Apple store. I had green tape over the camera. The Apple “Genius” showed me that the tape was too big because it also covered the light sensor and dimmed my screen. Now I’ll use a smaller piece of tape that covers only the camera opening.

      35. I know that all long distance calls are stored and subject to key word searches. It’s possible that all cell phone calls are too. But I don’t believe that local land line calls are automatically recorded.

      36. A good friend of mine shot a turkey on his property one week before season opened and texted a picture of it to me. There were two text exchanges in total and no other communication about it after.

        Two weeks later, his property was visited by two DFG agents looking for that turkey.

        Oh yes, they are watching……

        • a neighbor probably reported him, highly unlikely someone intercepted a hunting picture sent via text, and used that to setup an investigation of hunting season violation…

          • His closest neighbor is a mile away…. no one there but wife, who said nothing, other than… “that was delicious”….

      37. “Saudi Muslim Student Hospitalized in Boston with Gunpowder Burns, Officials have no comment on his expired visa status or contact with marathon bombers and US federal handlers”

        Profiling works.

        this system they say they have isnt I believe it to be a lie..more fear

        if this is true how do so many crimes go un prosecuted?
        cant find this or that, lack of evidence etc..

        hard to buy this

      38. Che Guevara can now be clearly understood-

        As this economic downturn continues, what is now a
        passive and confused population will eventually devolve into an
        explosion of violence. Without a coherent non-violent movement to
        provide a viable alternative, without an outlet for severe and
        legitimate grievances that provides any chance for urgently affecting
        necessary political change, people will resort to violence as a last
        desperate act of vengeance and frustration. As time passes, these
        forgotten and isolated people, tens of millions of them, are
        quickly running out of options, and they will act out just as exploited
        people throughout the world always have.

        A man who sparked a revolution against the same banking cartel that
        has caused our crisis described the general attitude among a population
        that successfully rebelled through armed insurrection:

        “The people are weary of being oppressed, persecuted,
        exploited to the maximum. They are weary of the wretched selling of
        their labor-power day after day — faced with the fear of joining the
        enormous mass of unemployed — so that the greatest profit can be wrung
        from each human body, profit later squandered in the orgies of the
        masters of capital….

        The feeling of revolt will grow stronger every day among the peoples
        subjected to various degrees of exploitation, and they will take up arms
        to gain by force the rights which reason alone has not won them.”

        Whatever your preconceptions of the man who said this may be, the
        voice of Che Guevara can now be clearly understood and related to by the
        overwhelming majority of people throughout the United States.


        • @NinaO; I may not always agree with your POV, but sometimes you post some good sheeit.

          • ;0p

      39. All this and they were not able to stop the Boston Marathon debacle? So, not only are they intrusive, but incompetent as well.

          • Certainly seems fake but it’s about the recent kidnappings. The link is misleading. beforeitsnews should watch how they word their links or they’ll be seen in the same light as CNN. I was hoping for some concrete evidence of a false flag Boston. I have my doubts about the whole affair.

            • Beforeitsnews is already a questionable source.

      40. Off topic – With all the nonsense playing out in this screwed up world, I would like to state that

        Amanda Berry is my hero!

        The patriots telling the truth about Benghazi for the fallen are my second.

        Have a nice day!

      41. When the Berlin Wall came down and E Germans discovered the vast paper files that had been collected by spies under the government of Erich Honecker, they immediately destroyed them. Ripped them all to bits, burned down the apparatus, and celebrated. Around the world people viewed this as a triumph — the E German spy system was condemned!

        Now look what we have in USA? A network designed to spy on American citizens which is 1000s times even more effective and efficient. I say get rid of it!!

        Throughout history Germans get it right over and over again. I wish that spirit were present in American society.

      42. This world is standing on a razors edge of World War 3. Can we stop it, NO, we can’t. When it starts every weapon known to man will be used, every single one, no one person will be safe no matter where they are no one. But, Mother Nature may, by physically pulling the earth apart at the seams. That will put a stop of MAN from killing MAN on hold for a while, but a short while.

        We have truly aloud the inmates to take over the asylum. In doing so they will do whatever they want.
        The only thing we can do is prepare for what is about to happen whatever that maybe. My take on what is going down.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. People don’t know how correct you are. Every single weapon in a war, a real war depending on the very survival of a country, will be used. That means of course the hydrogen bombs, but it also means the mega exotic weapons being held for “special purposes”. People have no idea the living hell that war will bring. It will not only resemble the Day After, but something like a primitive type Star Wars. Disruptor type weapons being used, microwave and sound generated weapons. All these by BOTH sides that is being held back Until…………

          The aftermath is reason enough right now to have as much as the family budget can spare in supplies. We are going to need it. War follows depressions and this time is highly likely no different.

      43. NinaO, you’ve been misled about Che Guevara. He was a cold-blooded murderer who was personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Cuba. 10 people from my wife’s family were among his victims. He got exactly what he deserved in Bolivia in 1967. I know you normally post good info; I’ve been to a lot of links you’ve posted and found them valid. I recommend you research Che Guevara more thoroughly and you’ll see what I mean. Braveheart

      44. I used to suscribe to a state militia site that at times got active and outspoken. Not long after joining, I started getting hangup calls at home and my computer got this mysterious slowdown which a virus checker could not find. I reloaded my operating system and quit posting on the site as a test. I never had any other problems. My imagination or ??????

      45. Eisen, you’ve gone too far this time calling everyone neocons here. We “old people” as you like to refer to us are all just as much against a police state as you are and I don’t think anyone here subscribes to the neocon philosophy. I consider neocons to be in the same category as libturds. your comments about veterans also have crossed a line. Veterans all over out here have fought and sacrificed so much just so a dickhead like you could live in a free country. So go find a country you like and relocate to it. Oh, and while you’re at it, go f#$% yourself! braveheart

        • Veterans fought so they could kill someone and not go to jail. Patriotism in the camouflage of the vicious.

          • You do understand that it’s a known fact you’re a democrat troll.

      46. Howdy, Watchman and BI, and you’re both on target. I’m on razor’s edge knowing something is coming and sooner than anyone realizes. I’m still prepping as fast as I can. Let the inmates come to my place for any reason and it will end badly for them. Braveheart

      47. “Orson Wells did well. His 1984 was revolutionary on human terms. He warned us about the Thought Police and Control Police.” ORSON WELLS! Brilliant.

      48. I am a military veteran “old person” who served during the Vietnam war and I would like to nominate Eisenkreuz as
        AS*HOL* OF THE YEAR. You must be one sick puppy and crave attention, even if it’s bad. What goes around comes around and I can picture you in shtf on your knees begging an old person for a drink of water. Loser.

      49. The line “I can tell you that no digital communication is secure. These digital communications will be found out, the conversation will be known” does not have to be true.

        ShofarDomain is building the technology to eliminate DNS tracking, and ShofarPortfolio not only encrypts your communications, there is also no indication if, when, and to whom you communicate. The project is looking for allies (individuals not corporations).

      50. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
        ― Mahatma Gandhi

        It appears that they are now fighting us.

      51. If you can’t speak freely,
        You are not free .

        Data mining is not new . Yet the sometimes spontaneous response by the watchers is new . I’m concerned about reports I’ve not been able to verify on prosecutors questioning suspects on any deemed large cash bank withdrawal s.
        Being unable to recall is deemed criminal .

        Together .

        Might I clearly say again here for one and all
        If I can’t speak freely,
        I am not free .
        God bless one and all

      52. OK…we’ll then…here’s my profile…

        NY guy…married, with a kid. Salt of the earth guy….same house, wife and employer for 25 years. NRA member, tax payer, never been arrested or in trouble.

        So why don’t you profile away…then take the freedoms away from the crooks and give me a card with a gold fucking star..and let me go.. na na na to the losers.

        Stop running the govt. by exception.
        If you’re caught in the country illegally.. death.

        Guys like me built this country.

        Folks, you already are chipped, monitored, data mined and cataloged.
        So why not insist that they give you the gold star rating and earn the right to pass on the airport rotten crotch patdown.

        Yeah… racial profile the dudes you think need some cock grabbing.

        I’m just saying… we’ve been slaves for years…so why not insist on good treatment.

        Fuck…you guys were never free..
        But I like the concept.

      53. We all know what is happening. I for one have rid myself of my computer. Next and probably will be the not so smart phone. Analogue?? Or no phone at all. I enjoy reading these daily articles. They are fuel to my fire. But it is time to go underground without dying. Thanks to all for the insight and real media. God bless.
        Thog out
        good luck to all and goodbye to TPTB. You have what you have but will have no more from me.

      54. While the government has been mass monitoring all electronic communications since the 1980s, this has moved – as it has in the civilian sphere – into highly complex, detailed data mapping and data clouds. At present, the government uses various platforms that form dataclouds of all people using electronic communications in any form. And, yes, this is in real-time.

        The great flaw with the system is apparent, however. If it was perfect, then there would never be any crime, fraud or plots of any kind. But this system suffers from information overload. Then add on top of this the fact anyone really doing something bad – various criminal organizations, clandestine government agencies and agents (kill teams, snatch squads, money launderers etc.) – throw up ‘smoke’ to distort the dataclouds, then it is a very flawed system.

        Think about it: want to do something really bad? Then spend two years going to gay nightclubs, dating guys on websites, buying pink shoes, organic olive oil, the finest pecorino cheese, holiday at the Milan Fashion Week, etc. and make your data cloud scream ‘giant fruitloop, don’t bother with him’.

      55. I am going with different color smoke signals they can spend million$ on trying to figure out that shit.

      56. roger says:
        Comment ID: 1638023
        May 9, 2013 at 2:38 pm
        “Orson Wells did well. His 1984 was revolutionary on human terms. He warned us about the Thought Police and Control Police. ORSON WELLS! Brilliant.”

        @Roger – Truth is, Orson Wells was one of “them”….a technocrat. If you haven’t already, research the term “technocracy.”

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