Alexa Device Gives Definition Of Chemtrails And It’s Freaking Some People Out

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Entertainment, Headline News | 33 comments

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    Amazon’s Alexa device is back in the spotlight after people began taking notice of the response they got when asking about chemtrails.  The actual response, however, is freaking out the “we buy the official narrative about everything and believe everything the government says” crowd.

    Alexa stirred some controversy in the past for her “response” when asked if she worked for the CIA.  The device didn’t actually give a response, rather, it just shut down.

    But check out what happens when simply asking Alexa “what are chemtrails?”

    Of course, that’s not the response the sheeple in the population were hoping for. They wanted a quick validation that all of their faith in the government has been well-founded and they would never be lied to. Most are actually so physically uncomfortable with response (because there’s no way the government would ever lie to them) to the point that they immediately go to the “conspiracy theory” comments.

    If ever anyone wants to know why alternative media has gained a foothold, it’s for the simple fact that those who dare to question the mainstream media’s version of events; are to be labeled as false and “conspiracy theorists,” even though their views obviously make the most sense. Conspiracy theorists don’t only have to believe in alien abduction or reptilian creatures anymore. Now, all they have to do is question authority or the media’s scripted version of events; and that was by design as well. –The Daily Sheeple

    Any time a credible but politically unpalatable explanation for real world events is expressed in the American public sphere, it is often denounced as “conspiracy theory”, then dismissed and studiously ignored by the mass media. Public opinion, the public herd mind, obediently follows suit and closes itself to any such crazy conspiracy talk. –Econintersect

    The cognitive dissonance is real.

    IFL Science said:

    It turns out that Alexa might not be the best source of information if you want to learn about chemtrails. If you ask Alexa about “chemtrails”, it appears it will go full Alexa Jones on you, and give you a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory that takes you to the very heart of government.

    But all Alexa did was give the actual definition of a chemtrail. So why all the scary conspiracy nonsense? That is by design. When asked, the Amazon Echo Dot Alexa gave the very accurate response:

    “Chemtrails. Trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials.”

    What’s even more fascinating, is that the propagandists upset about Alexa giving a correct definition actually made such a big deal about it, that the product will now no longer give you the definition of a “chemtrail.” It’ll instead, tell you what a “contrail” is.

    Since the flaw in the Echo Dot’s reasoning was found, Amazon has updated the response. The device will now explain to you what contrails are, rather than give you a conspiracy theory response that will send you down a rabbit hole that leads you to believe the Deep State is hiding the truth about the Earth being flat. –IFL Science

    Remember, these are the same people that needed Google to change the definition of fascism because the correct definition doesn’t make them look all that good. The simple fact that people were upset that the delicate balance of lies was upended in their minds to the point they had to have the response changed to fit their biased belief is all the indication most need to know that asking questions is how we get the truth; not some blind allegiance to the mainstream media and government agents.


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      1. I am really beginning to like this b*tch.

        • If you like this bitch now, wait until Amazon’s Alexa is loaded into a sex robot to do your bidding while collecting every bit of information possible about you for the “CLOUD”.

          And hey !!! Shipping will be FREE !!! 🙂

          • So…. you don’t think the cellphone app is 24/7?

      2. You are crazy if you have one of these devices in your home. I don’t mind using the Cell phone voice recognition, for messaging, but a device that is basically on line 24/7 listening to you is not what I want to deal with.

        • Agree, Rellik. My 17-yo sone BEGGED for one of those damn things for his birthday and (unfortunately) DW complied. I immediately laid down the law that the device will never leave his room, and never be set up in our common living area.

          Still sucks tho. I’d rather not have one within a mile of me.


          • It fits nicely on a trap thrower.


          • This is one of those moments when you tell him yes,
            and then buy him an encyclopedia
            – ya the hard back paper book kind.

            Look it up, and give him another book on the Soviet genocide and revolution…

        • Why is the listening device safer than the talking device.

          Also, if the person next to you has one.

        • And you think your phone isn’t capable of the same monitoring?

      3. At this point, anyone still buying the “official narrative” is a lost cause. Cut ties with them because they’ll fight to the death to keep their head buried up their @ss!


      4. “Alexa …. Who is John Galt?”

        • Alexa, tell me the names of those in the deep state and their home addresses, and what time the person goes out in their driveway to pick up the news paper in the morning. Thanks!!

      5. I won’t have one in my house. Now, here is something really nerve racking to me. My wife and I each have a computer and cell phone. Each has a separate Google account. I do not have facebook, but she does on her computer. If I go on my computer, under my Google account and search for something, or go on amazon and search for something, it immediately shows up as an ad on her Facebook account. Same thing happens if I Google something on my phone.

        • Today, I went on amazon and purchased a new sansung fridge water filter. Right now, all the ads I see on this site are for Samsung water filters.

          • I have been dealing with a health issue for a few months now but have not even done any research on it through my laptop or my cellphone, i only used my cellphone to make Dr appointments but I am getting inundated with emails about this issue’s it’s beginning to freak me out.

          • You need to clear your cookies frequently after ever site you visit. Boycott Amazon, Google and FraudBook. These sites will track you down and kill you. And they have been building a data base on you now for years. Buy local, support your local community retail stores if at all possible first. Avoid these data collecting Tech companies like the Herpies. Only use search engines like DuckDuckGo. Never Google. Disable the Google Administrator authority in your settings function on your cell phone.

        • Jas,
          You don’t by chance have a static IP?
          Never, never use Google for searches, Gmail for email, and be really careful with Youtube.

          Look in to using the Foxfire or TOR browser.
          For searches use DuckDuckGo.
          Get a private email, they are cheap.
          I don’t post to Youtube.
          Amazon is a store and they keep track of everything you
          buy, can’t help you there. But my shopping never shows up
          on my wifes Facebook.

          Another thing is that my wife’s computer is Win 10.
          Her Facebook usage is very limited and she is very
          disciplined as to what she does on it, I’ve explained
          it to her.
          I run Linux on all the other computers I use.
          We own 5 computers, if you count the android cell phone.
          We don’t have any security problems and we don’t buy
          anti-virus anymore.
          Try to use ad blockers.
          You may also turn off Java scripts if they
          irritate you.

          There are ways to defeat some of the stuff that
          is offending you, but it does take time.

          • unless you’ve installed your own version of android (cyanogenmod?) *without* the “google apps”, your android phone is logged into google 24/7. If you don’t give it an account, it creates one for you. There is a convoluted way to delete google accounts from your phone, if you have multiple accounts on it, but it will not permit deletion of the last google account.

            I run anent version of android I compiled myself from source, on a linux kernel I also compiled from source, and a firewall of all google and amazon IPs. I still don’t trust it.

          • Never never use Yahoo or Google Gmail or even AOL. Get a foreign email service like Hushmail out of Canada. You can encrypt your email messages and there is never any advertising at all bombarding you. Sure pay the annual $49 fee for Hushmail but its worth it. Any Email service that is Free is NOT Free. They steal your data to exploit you. Check out Hushmail dot com

          • Dont use Firefox either. Deep state.

      6. That word no longer means what you thought it meant. beep!

      7. Denver seems like the most heavily chemtrailed areas I’ve seen, anyone know where a top 50 list is lolz?

        • We lived in SW Florida for 20 years and didn’t see many. Now that we are in Southern Illinois…the sky is FULL of them here.
          I would be interested to know which states see them more frequently.

          • What idiot would move from tropical SW FL to fricken Illinois? What you got “Stoopid” tattooed to your forehead? Cant fix stoopid.

          • The best thing about Southern Illinois is Western Kentucky.

      8. Here seventy miles north of Seattle we’ve yet to have a day over 63. Spring has simply declined to arrive in due to the “ censored “ playing god by using “ censored “ and “ censored “ to change our weather.
        Curious to discover the truth I turned to the national weather radar images and sure enough extremely large fronts are suddenly blooming ( created by “ censored “ ) out in the Oacific just off shore of Washington State on a frequent basis.
        Additionally on the rare days it’s clear sky’s, air planes flying crosshatch patterns leave the sky littered with high wispy clouds that soon blossom into much greater density blocking the sun and bringing more rain. I believe these to be “ censored “.

        I hope my comment goes through without being “ censored “.

        • Interesting that nobody seems to be able to photograph these “cross hatch patterns” of trails. All photos so far show normal aircraft trails. (certain photos showing cross hatch patterns have been shown to be photoshopped) At a certain point you have to realize that in some areas in flight paths there are a LOT of planes flying over, and they leave normal vapor trails.

          • I have personally taken pictures of many of these.
            Yes there are checkerboard ones. There are all kinds of them.
            My husband was a pilot and can tell the difference in trails, like if it is cold, etc.
            This stuff is being sprayed day and night.
            Early in the morning I see them hard at work. At night if there is a moon, you can see them too.
            There are plenty of utube videos. Some actually show the insides of the plane.
            Sprayers and all. Bet they will take those off too before long.
            The plane you may take a trip on has them too.
            Are these pilots really that dumb or do they love the pay that much?
            The plants and trees look like crap these days. They aren’t right.
            I’m sure it does all kinds of nice stuff to the people. Cancer anyone?
            Look at some people and they are losing thoughts it seems. Some act dense. Seriously.
            Getting close to not knowing much anymore or is it zombie time??? 😉
            Btw, question here..
            If they had learned to seed the clouds back in the 50’s for rain, why do we have droughts still?? Hmmm.. right.
            Then we have too much rain. Hurricanes too. Overland hurricanes also.
            Lot of people would be really mad if they knew why their home was destroyed by the ” weather.”
            And no, it isn’t global warming. Geeze.
            Weather patterns are all messed up. Temps go from too cold to too hot.
            Well, there goes the food. You have to have a certain temperature for food to be able to sprout and grow.
            Wont be long before lot of things go terribly wrong. It is now. But people aren’t even paying attention.
            Look at the sat view of the usa. Most of the west is dried up pretty much. It shows a lot of brown. Not much green anymore.
            Aww just send us to another planet so we can fk it up too.

            I know many sites ( this one too ) have people watching it. Personally I don’t care.

          • Ronna, you a troll or did you get paid to say that?
            Or do you look down at the ground mostly?

          • Ronna–There are thousands of photos of chemtails and videos too. If you’re not a troll, go ahead and search for them. Or check out the website or search for Operation Popeye, the UN Treaty on Weather weapons, the IPCC regulations on geoengineering, etc. Search and ye shall find the truth!
            Most modern airplane engines DO NOT produce contrails any more — and those are distinguished from chemtrails by the fact they look like short tails and evaporate quickly. Chemtrails hang in the sky and spread out. After a few hours of dumping trails, the bluest of skies will turn hazy gray….Also, they tend to spray 24-48 hours before a change in the weather, usually rain or snow. I noticed the pattern of spray, then rain years ago before I even heard of chemtrails….but once I did, having noticed the pattern, I knew right away what they were talking about.

      9. This is the same device that claims Jesus was a myth and Islam had a real prophet called Muhammad.

      10. I saw a chemtrail the other day. Turned out it was spraying out orange kool aid which explains the color of little hands trumps hair.

      11. We need a good EMP to destroy all these deep state electronic tracking devices called cell phones.

        Get back to the simple life folks, out of the cities and into the country, BOL off the grid homestead, plant a garden and raise your own livestock. Bake your own bread, get a dog, fence your property and put up No Trespass signs on your parameter. Have a driveway locked gate, set up security with Infared Cameras, game cameras, motion detectors. Alert systems with round rocks in tin cans to rattle when your fence is messed with. Security is about layers. I put a motion detector on my water canal. Anything approaches my property coming by or via canal alerts me. That extra 15 seconds allows me to grab my shotgun and investigate. Get the drop on them. Dont be a victim of an ambush.

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