Alex Jones Warns Of Trump Assassination Threat: “They’re Going To Blow Him And His Family Up… They Want Them All”

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Headline News | 193 comments

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    Earlier this week it was revealed that a high-level Republican Congressman told Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne that forces operating behind the scenes were actively putting together a plan to “suddenly” remove Trump from the Presidency. And while impeachment or indictment have been on the table for Democrats and anti-Trumpers since the day after he was elected to the Office, Howard-Brown says this is not the case with the current plan. Noting that we should “read between the lines,” he hinted that the President’s removal could well come in the form of assassination.

    “He said there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the president out, I said you mean by impeachment or by indictment – he said no, to take him out, he will be removed suddenly from office,” said Howard-Browne, before adding, “you can read between the lines”.

    But Trump isn’t the only target, as Alex Jones explains in a recent Infowars video report:

    This is real… They’re in publications trying to get it ready… They’re not just going to kill Trump… And believe me, they’re going to try and kill him… they’re not going to haul him before a court in chains and turn him into a super hero… he’s going to be a big enough martyr already… They’re going to try and politically destroy… then kill him… then bring out horrible lies about him so he can’t defend himself… and then they’re going to go after all the opposition…

    If they get Trump they’re going to get Ron Paul, they’re going to get Rand Paul, they’re going to get me, they’re going to get Matt Drudge, they’re going to get Sean Hannity, they’re going to get Rush Limbaugh…

    They’re combined in this evil combination… this trifecta of the mainstream media, foreign corporations and the political class in this country that want to stay in control… you’ve got this evil combination… and all their minions that are useful idiots…

    As for President Trump and his family, is there any doubt that nefarious forces who stand in opposition to his policies and vision for America would take the opportunity to end the movement he began if given the chance to do so?

    He’s real folks… I can’t believe he has gotten this much done… they’re going to kill him… any day now… They’re going to blow him and his family up… they’re going to wait until they get the whole family together… they want them all… especially Donald, Jr.

    Full report: Alex Jones reveals how the elite are planning a coup to overthrow Donald Trump:


    Prepare For The Worst Case Scenario: A Step-By-Step Guide

    Report: “There Is A Plot On Capitol Hill To Take The President Out… Will Be Suddenly Removed From Office”

    Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki Warns Trump Of Deep State Takedown: “My Concern For My Friend The President… They Are Going To Find Something”

    “They Are Taking Out Trump’s Lieutenants”: Deep State Intelligence Ops Sabotaging the White House?


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      1. If any of this was to happen, The Civil War II would jump-off big time I can tell you that for nothing!! Wake up folks.

        • All sorts of folks country wide have all sorts of lists,this would get very ugly very quickly.While I agree with a lot of what Jones says also think he is very manical in the way he presents it.I would say though powers that want to be may go for the open push,would make a interesting start to the weekend.

          • Yeah , Jones is way over the top . These people are evil , but not good at anything but fundraising and ripping off the American public . Just the fact that this story is out there should be proof enough .
            And like CC said , it would start a shit storm .

            • Perhaps the shitstorm is EXACTLY what they want…

              • The Bible put if very perspicaciously years ago: “Let not him that puts on his armour boast himself as he that takes it off.”

                • ?

              • I am not as optimistic concerning a revolt by the Patriots. Even with all the weapons in hand, I am not sure if ‘numbed down’ America would respond quite in that way to pursue a ‘civil war’ over the overthrow and assassination of POTUS. Many will probably assume a wait and see attitude by which time the perpetrators and ring leaders will have taken control of the MIC, declared martial law, and taken over the country. Resistance will be brutally suppressed and the opposition will be identified, divided into quadrants and taken out. Without rallying leadership, the resistance will be futile! The POTUS is increasingly being isolated and I do not see a strong leader coming to his defense. The GOP lacks vision and unity of purpose, and it looks like every doggone one of them is marching to the tune of a different drummer! They are their own worse enemies! At the moment it sure looks like POTUS is on his own! Even his staff are at each other’s throats! Who will/can rally the troops without him? It is astounding how blind to the dangers they all have become. The sirens are blaring, the red lights are flashing, the announcements are deafening and yet they act like it is business as usual! There is no sense of urgency. I want to scream, Wake up PEOPLE, PLEASE! Those with malevolent intent, enemies of the Constitution and the people of these United States are amassing at the gates! They all have one common goal, DESTROY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND DESTROY THE UNITED STATES!

                • Oh Boy,

                  President Trump has just replaced Reince Priebus with Homeland Security Sectretary John Kelly!

                  What is the significance of that?!!

                  Louisiana Eagle

                  • Laeagle, I’m not sure what it means but I do know that Scaramucci and Priebus had an ongoing feud. Scaramucci blamed Priebus for the leaks coming out of the WH. That may be true since Priebus used to be the RNC chairman and one of Paul Ryan’s suckbuddies. Priebus is ESTABLISHMENT and was against Trump just like all of the other establishment scum. I’m still wary of Scaramucci coming from Goldman-Sucks. He’s supposedly targeting Steve Bannon now.

                    • There once was a president named Trump
                      Who promised to clean up the dump
                      He said with a grin as he wiped off his chin
                      Just kidding I’m israhell’s chump…

                    • Scaramucci is a hatchet-man. He was brought in to cull the weak links… in this case, to ferret-out the leakers. Generally, hatchet-men don’t stay in one place long. I was two years old when they murdered JFK. He was a scoundrel in his own way… they all are, but I’m obviously not alone when I assert that if they try to pull another JFK… they aren’t going to like the response.

                    • Trump is a Genius. You see, when Trump first started appointing the swamp creatures to his cabinet they had to sign a pledge that they would never again lobby for any foreign Country or Lobby. So when he fired them they still need to obey their pledge or probably be arrested and charged. Kind of a smart move. Sec of State Tillerson may be replaced also, as Trump disagrees with him often.

                      Trump plays chess, and makes plenty of moves way ahead of the rest.

                • ht tps://

                  • Laeagle, BTW, civil war 2 IS coming, like it or not.

                    • I truly believe there has got to be a black swan event – just look what the country has become. I see no other possible way to truly change this country for the better.

                • even if Trump were killed by the Government, Nothing would happen. Nothing happened after JFK, 911. Some complained but most just accepted the official version. All talk of a “revolution” etc is just that, talk

                • You are spot on. The answer is for the patriots to attack by all means possible the MSM. Kill our president and your fake news and your families will breathe their last breaths.

                • 3% of the population would fight in any given civil war, no more than that. Fifth columnists that would embed in patriot forces are the real enemies. If you see your patriot comrade fire a rifle, then and only then will you know he’s with you. Soldiering is what binds the cadres of comrades.

                  Fat lazy corpulent white sportsfans that the Patriots are effectively trying to defend in a civil war situation will turn on the 3% on a dime when they are even the least hungry.

                  You cant march on Washington, too far and crosses liberal territory. In a theoretical civil war situation the patriots can only win by taking territory populated with like thinkers and the USA balkanizing and seceding down into three or four countries. The Blue helmets then enter in. We cant take the whole country back, but we can definitely take our areas. Why else would the NWO globalists want to disarm us?

                  • SOP,

                    Great points! Something to take to heart. That 3 percent number may be right. I am encouraged that true patriots will be surrounding and protecting the People’s House. Stay vigilant!

                  • When they try to really take our guns, well, that speaks volumes people!! It will be put up or shut up time.

                • Eagle, unfortunately I agree that most people will not come to the aid of their country. Realize that our revolution only had 3-5% of citizens stand up with GW and crew ? And it is no different today as well. I have seen this first hand. Bottom line is, all those guns do not mean anything unless you will use them and stand up. And beyond that how many are even physically capable of a real fight ? So these claims of see what happens and how the majority will fall in an stand up is nonsense and fantasy of wannabe warriors and patriots. I truly wish it was not true, but it is. Most will do nothing at all, but talk !

                  The only way we could defeat TPTB would be to get enough people to march on DC and every state capital and stop those that are responsible. As well those that are hiding and part of the matrix of the cabal we face. We have no central command structure to make any of this happen. as well we do not know how many gov employees would be loyal to gov, including military and the many LEO agencies all across the nation both local and fed ? They have COG in place and DHS and other entities well stocked and some what trained out. So the end result remains to be seen on who will stand with who ? I am not saying do not stand up, I am simply saying you most likely may not live thru it and need to accept that part as well as your brothers not showing up as they claim in numbers that will save us all ! We have the numbers , but they are just numbers, not real warriors or fighters of any kind !

                  Ponder this, just who would you attack in retribution for Trump and crew ? We cannot all get to DC or other hiding places. Perhaps some sort of meltdown would actually be a solution in disguise and cause all forces to solidify one way or another and at least we would know who was who ? I do not see any sort of orderly event taking place to save us or fight back. Too many outlier events involved. Maybe we will get lucky and Trump will succeed ! who knows for sure. all the more reason to actualyy be fully ready at all times.

                  • Excellent survey of the situation!

                    Like Don McLean sang in American Pie:
                    “Drove my Chevy to the levy and the levy was dry. The Good Old Boys drinking whiskey and rye singing this’ll be the day that I die..”

                    Freedom is never free. If you love freedom, who’d want to live as a slave. Picture Maxine Waters and the Hildebeast and other screeching harpies deciding everything in your life. At that point it’s not hard for a guy to go ballistic. Fear of loss drives primal fears, and fear leads to anger and anger drives away fear of death.

                    In the original revolution, the men on the continental lines feared loss of everything. It wasn’t a tax revolt. It was the realization that Britain was about to export thousands of their elites to America to seize and take over everything and that loss of freedom was at hand.

                    You cannot wait until freedom is gone to revolt, then it’s too late, you will be disarmed. The British were in the final stages of enslavement of the people when they were grabbing guns, and the colonists almost didn’t succeed. Freedom lovers today cannot wait to long. If The CIA (IE Brennan, Comey etc..) are actually actively trying to topple Trump, which is what they are doing, we are almost too late now.

                    Something to think about, Patriots.

              • Genius, let them bring it. We can show them what a shitstorm REALLY is.

                • DBH, G, A,

                  I think the POTUS must be aware of the conspiracies against him and so has brought in General John Kelly from Homeland Security to help bulk up, repair, and manage the team at the White House. Priebus showed himself as a weak Chief of Staff and may have been complicit or was compromised by his association with the anti-Trumpers. It will be hard for the rats to get close. Hopefully there will be more discipline in the WH, and the message will become more focused on the real issues and task at hand. I think you guys are right about a civil war but the rallying figure or leaders will be extremely important if the patriots are to survive. Disorganized resistance against an organized force may be formidable. McCain has once again shown his true colors and endeared himself to the Demonrats. I had a lot of respect for him at one time but he is right up there with the Schumers and Feinsteins.

                  • boy, are you on a ROLL today….but i think you were right the first time. america(ns) is so dumbed-down, and we’ve PROVEN over and over that we will do NOTHING….i can’t see this great uprising……chaos, yes, but organization against the powers that shouldn’t BE….no. they win in the end….but what will their prize be, left with a nation of idiots….and USEless ones at that.

                    • BCOD,

                      Looking at how the GOP is behaving now (disorganized, narcissistic, selfish, working against each other, no vision), if they can’t even find enough common ground and unity of purpose to get a ‘Repeal and Replace Bill’ passed, a Bill they promised to repeal for 7 long years, it is hard to see anybody/any leader, other than our current POTUS, rising to the occasion to provide the kind of selfless leadership in a true national and constitutional crisis.

                      Realistically, it is very hard to see Patriots, who are scattered far and wide, coalescing and organizing to form any kind of meaningful resistance against the organizers of a coup. Now, if the MIC were on the side of the Patriots, that would not be a problem. Perhaps, the Marines will yet rise to the occasion to protect the Constitution and give the enemies of the Constitution reason for second thoughts concerning their malevolent intentions. (From my youth, I was inspired by and could sing the Marine’s Hymn by heart!) But, it sounds like the MIC may be part of the Deep State, who has in turn embraced the NWO that wants to take out our duly elected POTUS and nullify the Constitution of the United States of America.

                      The best bet if a coup occurs may be to ‘go Galt’, become the ‘Grey Man’s Grey Man, hunker (way) down deep, and bide one’s time until a meaningful effort can be mounted and a true Resistance can be organized by the remaining Patriots. With all the smoke, saber rattling, it is hard to see clearly at this time.

                      I am convinced that there is no virtue in going out in a hail of bullets unnecessarily like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Each one of us ‘patriot’ minded and freedom loving individuals/groups may need to live and operate autonomously until such a time when a strong leader arises. It will be important to avoid getting caught and rounded up and placed in FEMA camps. Until then, we will have to live by the old adage, “Fight today and run away, Live to fight another day!”

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • The crooked racketeers of the WA DC cesspool are as desperate as rats abandoning their own stinking sinking ship. it’s the pedophilia child traffickers that are against anything Trump tries to do. They’ve been named,including the Frankenstein, the Mccain/Lindsey twins, little Chuck E, Nasty Pelusi, not to mention the klinton krime kabal.
                    President Donald J Trump is outside the reins of the power elite, making him a huge threat to establishment snakes like these bad bad actors. Go figure!
                    God began this thing in America, He is not finished yet. He has not brought us this far to fail now. With prayer and intercession He will see it to conclusion for His honor and glory in spite of what this country really deserves. I pity anyone who goes against Him.
                    The haughty ignorant elite who just think they are gods are the ones who will be destroyed in the end.

                    • Amen! Thus may it be!

                      I like Cris P Bacon!

            • Latest North Korean ICBM Can Reach Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago

              “While North Korea has test fired numerous ballistic missiles (mostly intermediate-range, including one intercontinental) in the past, and as such today’s launch was largely seen as merely the latest political provocation to Trump by a seemingly oblivious Kim John-Un, there was one notable difference in the launch post-mortem:

              according to press and Pentagon reports, the maximum altitude attained by the ICBM was 3,700 km (2,300 miles) with a flight time of about 47 minutes. This is material because according to All Things Nuclear, based on the latest information, today’s missile test by North Korea could easily reach not only the US West Coast, but also a number of major US cities.”

              “As reported earlier, North Korea launched its missile on a very highly lofted trajectory, which allowed the missile to fall in the Sea of Japan rather than overflying Japan. It appears the ground range of the test was around 1,000 km (600 miles), which put it in or close to Japanese territorial waters.”

              “According to physicist and co-director of the UCS Global Security Program, David Wright, if those numbers are correct, then the missile flown on a standard trajectory would have a range 10,400 km (6,500 miles), not taking into account the Earth’s rotation. Adding the rotation of the Earth increases the range of missiles fired eastward, depending on their direction.

              Calculating the range of the missile in the direction of some major US cities gives the approximate results in Table 1.”

              ht tp://

              • KYM. Just a note: Pls tell Mentally Il Kim that no need to nuke Chicago. The left has already done more destruction there than their little bomb ever could. In fact, it MIGHT even improve things!!

                • yes inDEED….why WOULD he need to destroy america? it’s pretty much baked-in-the-cake already.

              • And Porky looked so happy in the photo I saw today. He was hugging one of his military guys.

              • I vote Chicago

        • If Trump is taken out, thus goes America, and let the great culling begin. Americans especially on the Right are armed to the teeth, and yes we have lists and know full well who the enemy is. Swift and fast justice will apply. I’ll leave it at that.

          • CSS, same here. I’ve never been so sick of the libturds’ BS as I am now.

          • 1000s of armed Canadians will be joining you…

        • It would definitely hit the fan at that point!!

          • Pres Trump has kept another Campaign Promise. Trump is paid a $400,000 Salary per year as President, or $100,000 per Quarter. Trump just donated his entire 2nd Quarter salary to charity again like the first. What a guy. You think Hillary would have done that? He deals with the left’s hate America shitstorm daily, and all for free.

            • Trump’s payment will not be measured in dollars, but in the pages of history, when he restores the greatness of our country and freedom to the people.

        • ” …is there any doubt that nefarious forces who stand in opposition to his policies and vision for America would take the opportunity to end the movement he began …”

          WRONG !!! TRUMP did not START this “movement”. This MOVEMENT started with the disatisfaction of the American people with GWB and the NWO NEOCONS who blew up the WTC, invaded the Middle East, facilitated the transfer of 70,000 factories and tens of millions of American jobs offshore, while encouraging the invasion of the Nation by tens of millions of foreign nationals.

          The American People were soooo dissatisfied with GWB that WHITE AMERICANS voted Obama into office on a wave of HOPE & CHANGE …. only to discover that the TREASON in the Oval Office transcended Political Party; and the transformation of America into a Third World Nation Police State by the NWO LIBERALS was all to close for comfort.

          TRUMP IS THE VOICE OF DISSATISFIED AMERICAN PATRIOTS, BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, BROWN, AND RED who have awoke from their slumber and complacency. He was the ONE MAN with the strength of personality and conviction of spirit willing to oppose the NWO, who did not suck from the NWO TIT and accepted the responsibility to lead America back to its roots.

          That said, pray for TRUMP’S protection, but fear not. MARINES are controlling the access to the Levers of Power now in DC. Marine Officers are PATRIOTS !!! 🙂

          • Agreed DK — thank you for clarifying. You are absolutely right. I misspoke in the article when I made this reference.

            • The NEOCONS did plan this out but didn’t have the political horse power to bring it to fruition. Bill Clinton did the Free Trade industrial evisceration and Glass- Steagall for them.

              Bill always gets a pass. Blue collar former US manufacturing workers largely think positive of him. They vote for Trump, hated Hillary but kind of like Bill. Go figure, Bi-Polar.

              • There are only 2 presidents that I’m old enough to remember, that DID NOT put at least one major globalist agenda in place during their presidency…JFK and DJT.

                Clinton gave our economic power away in one-sided trade deals, and sold our military secrets to our enemies. Dubya took our privacy and created the global surveillance/spy ring we have now, obama put us into mega-debt and flung open our borders to muslim terrorists and mexican gangs.


                • sixpack,

                  It is great to have you back on board! I almost missed your comment but decided to check this out again and was delighted to find your post. I visited Portland last summer and was thinking about you up there somewhere. How have you been? I remember you talking about having some health issues. Is everything all right? I’ll come back to this post later. Great to hear your voice again!

                  Louisiana Eagle

          • DK,

            You are spot on! I could not agree with you more! “TRUMP IS THE VOICE OF DISSATISFIED AMERICAN PATRIOTS, BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, BROWN, AND RED who have awoke from their slumber and complacency. He was the ONE MAN with the strength of personality and conviction of spirit willing to oppose the NWO, who did not suck from the NWO TIT and accepted the responsibility to lead America back to its roots.
            That said, pray for TRUMP’S protection, but fear not. MARINES are controlling the access to the Levers of Power now in DC. Marine Officers are PATRIOTS !!!”

            There is no other Republican leader who could rally the patriots with the personality and gumption of Donald J Trump. That is why he is POTUS and not the Witch or the other 16 contenders. Even his own GOP has been swiping at him in the frenzy to take him down by a 1,000 little cuts. If only the GOP could be more unified!

            I do feel his enemies are noticing that the POTUS is surrounded by Marines, true patriots, and they are now in control of the WH too! Brilliant!

            What is going on over at Foggy Bottom?

            Louisiana Eagle

        • Alex Jones says it all. “moon landing fake, vaccines bad, pollution is a myth, the world is flat, science bad, literacy bad . . .”

        • A Trump assassination triggers all-out, world-wide JEW SLAUGHTER.

      2. Fake news.

      3. Rush Limpballs!! WHAT A LAUGH!! COXY MORON??!! GOSH, WHAT A PIECE OF sh–!

        He has bolts in place of brains. If they DO take the idiot out, it would make my day! I can’t stand liars, i.e.– Rush Limpballs and the MSM. All JUNK!

        • Don’t forget Hillary, Obama,a couple of AGs,Reid,Pelosi,Waters…..I’m running out of ink…

      4. There would be a culling of the left…both sides would get bloodied.

        • Yup just like when they got JFK right!

          We really showed them then.

          Remember JFK….cause that’s what happens when you miss with the American people!

          • Darn tootin’ Imma buy stock in kleenex!

          • X

            This isn’t 1963 when every one was living in Camelot. It is 2017, and people are very pissed now. They weren’t pissed then. I was almost 10 years old then, and I remember those day well.

            Just think how pissed they will be if Trump is taken out.


            • Yep it is now 2017 and everyone is fat, stupid, lazy, and pissed lol. Oh and much more in fear of the govt. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any significant response…

              • Correction: The people who are asleep, entitled, lazy, work for the gov’t are fat, stupid, and lazy. The rest of us? Meh, not so much.

                But I agree, the leftists on my block are generally obese, ignorant, lazy and probably have trouble running around the block. I am a more typical conservative/libertarian, still the exact same weight I graduated high school with 40 years ago, still go out and run two miles every other day, go out shooting with a recently retired IL. state trooper on a regular basis (and former Marine sharpshooter – all for free!), and more.

                And fear? The only one I fear is God. As Luke 12:5 says, per Jesus, “But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.”

                You sell people too short. There are many, many who will resist tyranny. True, some won’t, but you will be surprised – and so will others. And even more so, as we saw the the von Stauffenberg affair, the East German soldiers not firing in peaceful demonstrators in Leipzig, you will ALSO be surprised at those who either side with freedom, or refuse to leave their barracks (literal or figurative). If I was a PTB oppressor, I would be afraid, very afraid. But of course, in their arrogance, they aren’t. Nor were the Nazis in 1941, or the communists under Brezhnev in the 1970. They were wrong.

            • I have a photo of JFK on the wall of my BOL Cottage, along with the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me Flag, A Mohawk Nation Flag, A Jolly Rogers “Pirate” Flag, a US Flag, and Confederate Flag, and a Trump Campaign Flyer poster that says Make America Great Again. There is no question where I stand.

              • don’t advertise, keep it in your circle

            • Sarge, good points and same here. I was only 6 years old on Nov. 22, 1963. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was at home from school with the flu and laying on the couch in the living room watching TV when the programming was interrupted with the report about Kennedy being shot in Dallas. Mom and I stared at the set for what seemed like eternity. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. If anything happens to Trump it has to be game on.

              • I was 2 years old and I think I pee’d my diaper 🙁

                • I was less then one year old.As for pissing yourself,lay off the booze Genuis!

                  • Born with a bottle, die with a bottle ya know lol. It makes life more tolerable too ha ha ha and FUN! Have a shlitz on me ol’ boy!

              • NO, nothing happened after JFK and 911. If god forbid, Trump were killed. Conservatives would just say, well we have Pence and go on and watch football and entertainment

              • I was 29. Earlier in the day I was first on scene when an AMTRAK train cut a car in half at a grade crossing. The driver survived with minor scratches and when I heard the news abut JFK I hoped and prayed he would survive too. Instead, we got LBJ. Bummer!

                • AMTRAK started running trains in 1971, eight years after JFK died.

              • The Deplorable Braveheart

                I was 6 too. Nuns had us pray. We went home early I think. My Mom was crying. I went over to the backyard neighbor and told his Mom that the President was my Uncle. I thought, Moms crying, she recently cried when my Uncle (who I never recall meeting) died. JFK must be my Uncle too.

                No cartoons on Saturday morning. Mom got angry with me because I was upset by that. Seen Ruby shoot Oswald I think in real time. The country hasn’t been the same since, the downhill slide accelerated.

                • Now the msm is saying Russia is responsible for JFK’S death. This translates to me as just covering for the announced release of evidence withheld because it is obvious nothing new will be released. Also shows that the msm is CIA controlled and will not allow a closer relationship between Russia and the US. Russia as Americas major enemy is the backbone of US intelligence and the Pentagon. The US actions threaten Russia. Oswald was a CIA asset though he did not kill JFK.

                  • “Oswald was a CIA asset though he did not kill JFK”

                    Oswald had top secret security clearance in the Marines and in 1960 was allowed to travel to the USSR. He was loaned money by the US state Department for his return a couple of years later. He was seen involved with pro and anti Castro groups. He hired into the Texas School Book Depository a month before Kennedy’s Trip to Dallas was publicly announced. The JFK motorcade’s route was changed to put it at Dealey Plaza despite opposition from the Secret Service. Oswald was a set up patsy.

                    Nothing to see here. Oswald is just your average common citizen.


                    • Kevin2… yeah Oswald was all that. Just a freak thing that he was murdered within the Dallas police control. Was that the security you would expect of someone accused of murdering the president? He was silenced for a reason, to cover up the conspiracy. By all accounts the secret service you speak of moved away from the car as the car slowed to allow for the fatal shot. I never said he was your average common citizen.

                    • Learn the facts, read Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey … Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics
                      What else is in the Warren Report not made public?
                      h ttp://
                      h ttps://
                      h ttp://

                    • Sarge, the info about DR Marys Monkey explains all manner of shit here in USA ! Excellent information all should research . Fascinating stuff to be sure and all from first hand experience.

              • I too remember JFK assasination. I was 14 and in school. They brought us all to the auditorium and told us there. I remember it well.

            • Hmm … What country are you living in currently? I live in the one where people watch fantasy porn on HBO, stream Netflix like it was life or death, cheer on the bread and circuses of UFC, eat fast food like it was mana, drive giant fuel-guzzling SUV’s and pickups like their great-grandchildren will never need clean air and water, believe every UFO sighting is an invasion, think owning a dozen guns equals liberty, etc. etc.

              That’s the America I know. You must live in dreamland ….

              • Stormy;
                You must be talking about your friends.

                Only Libtartds would take like this.

                I live in the one where people watch fantasy porn on HBO, stream Netflix like it was life or death, cheer on the bread and circuses of UFC, eat fast food like it was mana, drive giant fuel-guzzling SUV’s and pickups like their great-grandchildren will never need clean air and water, believe every UFO sighting is an invasion, think owning a dozen guns equals liberty, etc. etc.

                As far as the Pick-Up and SUV’s Big deal!!!! Only True Patriots have Pick-Ups and dozens of Guns. There will be Lots of Clean Air and Water to go around. Quit spotting FEAR PORN about the Water and Air. Because back in the 60’s and 70’s they were spouting the same old SHIT!!!!


                • Cops Respond to Wrong Home, Shoot and Kill Innocent Husband as He Came to the Door
                  07-28-2017 • thefreethoughtproject . com By Matt Agorist
                  A community is grieving after an innocent man was gunned down by police officers who allegedly responded to the wrong home belonging to an innocent couple.

                  Police responding to a call of domestic violence this week allegedly went to the wrong home and killed an innocent husband.

                  Ismael Lopez and his wife were the only ones home when Ismael heard his dogs barking, so he took a look outside to see what was going on. Through a translator, Mrs. Lopez said that Ismael looked out the window and saw police cars.

                  “They started pounding on the door and as far as she knows when he opened the door, they started shooting. She didn’t see it, but she is just repeating as much as she knows,” says Rami Desantiago, a family friend.

                  “My sister told me it was the police that killed him. I can’t believe it. He was a really good person,” says family friend Juan Castillo.

                  “She said when he got up, she heard the footsteps all the way up to the door, she heard the doorknob turn, and then after the doorknob turned it was just gunshots from there.”

                  ht tp://

                  • CSS, where that incident took place is a suburb of my area. Something is definitely fishy about it. but I also know the Hispanics, at least the ones in my area aren’t what they make themselves out to be.

                  • CSS
                    My heart goes out to this family, but it was a mistake and he must have done something for him to have been shot? Doesn’t tell the other side of the story or the whole story, just one side. Like most you will find out later that he was armed and pointed the weapon at the cops. Like I said it is a shame , but it happens.

                    What I find funny is that you only attack Cops! I didn’t see you put anything in here about.

                    “Two days in Phoenix, two babies dead in hot cars” I guess its the Cops fault here also. TWO DEAD BABIES IN ONE DAY.


      5. Because the left wants our ultraconservative vice-president to be in charge?

      6. Alex Who?

        There are always people who would like to take out whatever rulers are in power. That’s why rulers go to such lengths for security.

        I don’t believe this line at all. First off, Cushner is the (((deep state’s golden boy))). Secondly, Trump is useful. As long as people believe they have a man who is in government representing their needs, they are unlikely to feel compelled to act on their own.

        If the family is killed what difference would it make? Not much. Guys like Adelson, Eisner, and the like really run America. The presidency is just a little bit more than a reality show and Trump is a class one entertainer. Anyone who thinks he’s stupid is not informed. He has an IQ of 150. That is considered genius. So, is Trump a real American patriot doing as much as he can within the confines of the deep shit state. Or, did he bullshit the American people in order to further the agenda of the rich 3ews he loves so much. Only his hairdresser knows.



        • Zionism, Not Islam, Is America’s Biggest Threat

          Chuck Baldwin

          While evangelical Christians and pastors and conservative pundits on FOX News, radio talk shows, and Internet news sites constantly rail against the perceived threat that Islam poses to the United States (Saudi Arabia IS a real threat–most of the Islamic terror groups hail from Saudi Arabia–but of course, the U.S. considers the House of Saud an ally and has made over $11 billion in military aid available to them; and rarely do anti-Muslim Christians make any distinction between Islam in general and the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia in particular), almost no one dares to warn the American people about our country’s greatest threat: Zionism.

          It is a fact, and anyone who is willing to do even a little personal research can easily discover the data proving it: Zionists heavily influence–if not outright control–the mainstream news media, the major motion picture industry, the popular entertainment industry, mainstream Christian religion, and the U.S. government. I’ll say it straight out: Zionism is not only a “clear and present danger” to the liberties of the American people; it is the BIGGEST danger to the liberties of the American people.

          Full Story:

          • FTW. I was going to post this article also. Chuck Baldwin Nails it, and is a wake up for the sleeping sheep. Its is exactly what I have been saying here for many years. We know who America’s greatest enemy is, and this ZION Boycott needs to happen fast and starve the Parasite out of the country for ever. Dump your Cable TV for starters, ESPN, 50% of NBA Team Ownners, Many retail outlets, perfume Co’s, Movie Theaters, all Zion BS.

        • B from CA

          “There are always people who would like to take out whatever rulers are in power. That’s why rulers go to such lengths for security.”

          That security is to prevent an outside job, not an inside job.


          • Kevin2, agreed. I believe if anyone makes an attempt on Trump’s life it will be an INSIDE job instigated by CIA. It’s next to impossible to prevent an inside job.

            • When the organization committing the crime, are in effect the very same who investigate the crime, the outcome of said investigation is obvious.

              “Who protects us from our protectors”?

              • Kevin2, we the people DON’T have ANY protectors. As individuals we are all responsible for our own personal safety. We have to be our own protectors. All we really have is ourselves.

      7. It is OBIVOUS who the person is who said that to the pastor. It is INSANE McCAIN!!!! And look how he voted against to repeal Obamacare. He is a TRAITOR!!!!

        • The pastor said well known congressman who told him has been in office since 1996. Both Graham and McCain qualify, but don’t know that either one would confide in the pro-Trump pastor. Newt Gingrich also qualifies and he has revealed things we didn’t expect before.

          • mccain would he is old stupid and looking for the spotlight read how he was acting on the floor right before the vote on obama care

          • Oops…looks like there are two Marie’s here! I will use the name Marie B from now on…..yeah, i was 14 when JFK got done in by our government.

        • I have Never liked that old-ass McCain. He just needs to have his cancer put that old-ass 6ft under and thank god call it a damn day!

      8. And I am suspect of this Pastor. Seems he is pushing some agenda for the left! And fear porn!

        • Remember pastor Lindsay Grahm? Another full of shit fear porn peddler that was so full of it he went off the radar. Sam Adams is my favorite beer by the way 🙂

          • And I second that on the Sam Adams! BTW, ‘Ol Rinse Dweebus got the iron boot. Seems like they should either leave the whitehouse front door unlocked or install a revolving door for all the firing and hiring taking place.

            • Genuis and PO,sam your favorite beer?Really?!I grw up in Boston,have had all incarnations of it,a friend used to pick up the used hops ect. to feed his pigs!I went once and got straight from the barrel,eh,not that great in my opinion but to each their own.

              That said,Genuis,after your statement as “favorite beer” never want to hear any more garbage about good ole #&!

              They used to brew right down the road from Carling Black Label,I heard you worked there could enjoy it(?) at lunch and a free case to take home every night,a functional alcoholics wet dream job,well…..,except it was Carling black Label!

              • Hey man, I was poor back then lol. What’s your excuse ha ha ha…

                • “That said,Genuis,after your statement as “favorite beer” never want to hear any more garbage about good ole #&!”

                  You mean Shlitz?

                  • You know damn well meant #7,or,perhaps you have “shine thingking’ going on.

                    I never drank the Carling,was really before my time,the damn brewery now some fucking office building(has been for many decades),rather Carling Black Label!

                    Of course,they used to build Cutlasses down the road from brewery,back in the 60’s/early 70’s when they were nice rides!

                  • You know damn well meant #7!Hmmmm….,perhaps you have shine brain at moment and didn’t!

                    The Carling was before me day,now some godawful office park in Natick.Of course,late 60’s/early 70’s right down road from brewery they mad the Cutlass,when it was a cool car and great base for hot rod build,sigh….

                    • Hell, yer only 1 year younger than me and we drank black label as teens when we were broke. Remember generic beer? It was a white can that just said BEER on it lol. Ranier and Stroh’s was the beer of choice for us po’ white kids though 🙂

                  • Genius, you and Warchild bring back some memories for me. Way back in the day, Miller was my beer, Miller High-Life, The Champagne Of Bottled Beer, as the old commercial goes. I used to drink more beer than anything else. Didn’t care much for hard liquor. Always preferred beer because of the lower alcohol content.

                    • DB, ha ha ha. I drank miller too for a spell. It changed up as time went on. I see Hamm’s is making a comeback. Olympia too. Bottled beer is best, Coor’s and miller still have bottles. Try regular Sam Adam’s sometime, it’s great.

                    • Hey Miller in bottle was the “champagne of beers”!We usually drank bud/coors when available(was a import back then!),of course,we had our “other stuff”.

                      Remember that old beer ad,3 guys hanging out in the wild drinking beer saying it doesn’t get better then this.I kept saying then “Well ya,if your gay and have bad taste in beer!”.A couple years later they had same add but added the Swedich Bikini Volley Ball team,will say then,yah,pretty good excepting the beer!

                    • The Deplorable Braveheart

                      It was far more difficult to get into trouble with beer as opposed to liquor. Back in the day, three decades ago, I had a taste for Chivas Regal Scotch and Crown Royal. If your going to drink booz make it the best.

                      If your ever constipated Jamaican Red Stripe beer will loosen you up.

                    • When i was younger i liked Canadian beer. Now i like the very dark beer.

        • Sam Adams, if he’s a pastor I know I wouldn’t trust him. They’re just as bogus as the day is long.

          • Gee, i changed my name to Marie B and am in moderation. So i just used Marie here and lets see if it gets on quick. Said did not recognize my email address, but i post here all the time and it’s quick, except when i just added a B onto the name as there are two Marie’s here…..

            • Yep, it got posted real fast. I know. I will keep it as Marie up above and just sign off with the Marie B.

      9. This pastor will not tell the Secret Service who this person is. WHY? I thought the pastor was on the presidents side not the Left side. WHY would this pastor protect the one who gave him the info if lives and America are at stake. The Pastor is NOT a journalist. Pretty fishy ya think!!!

        • He doesn’t trust the Secret Service and wants to protect the Congressman.

          I have some doubts regarding the validity of this Pastor but little doubt that TPTB are plotting in the extreme to neuter or remove Trump from office. He is sand in the gears and might graduate to stones. His move to defund the terrorists (yes terrorists) attempting the overthrow of Syria / Assad is equivalent to JFK withholding air support at the Bay Of Pigs. JFK did it one better firing Dulles.

          The CIA for all intent and purpose has a rogue element within it that certainly operates outside of the established chain of command. It obviously operates with impunity therefore someone or something is more powerful than the President.

          “Who the hell got to him or what the hell got to him” “I could never get an answer”
          Admiral Lyons

          h ttp://


        Run for Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming to …
        Run for Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming to … because the American police state is coming to … and I certainly think less of The Rutherford Institute.

        • That link takes you to the homepage where I scrolled to the bottom, did not see the article at all.

          • Genius,

            I searched it on their site and found it as follows:

            Run for Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming to Get You

            April 17, 2017 | John W. Whitehead | The Rutherford Institute

      11. The fact that this is being discussed, or even remotely possible, is truly and utterly evil. I know people here think Pence is a tool of the elite, but if he were ever in power, they might just be surprised. Nevertheless, our battle is an irenic one, where no matter WHAT happens, we need to peacefully educate and inform a gullible public. Obungler was just the SYMPTOM of a deeper malaise.

        As has been written before: ““The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

        The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

        The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

        • Test,

          You nailed it again! The ‘vast confederacy of fools’ extends throughout academia, the so called media, much of the ‘church’, and the rest of the liberal elites and the EBT dependent population. It can be a formidable swath of the electorate but slowly (hopefully) they may be waking up thanks to the alternative media.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Many times I have said I am far more concerned with the American people than any other force working against us.

          Our own government is likely our worse enemy with the people in second place in many ways. Mostly laziness, apathy and gullibility. So far all of our losses have come from within not, out side ! That tells the story clearly.

          I consider if our people were paying attention none of what we see would be possible.

      12. Just How Bad Has The Police State in America Really Got …
        … because the American police state is coming … Bad Has The Police State in America Really Got? … is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute.
        Run for Your Life: The American Police State

      13. Its am article by John Whitehead, a lawyer… but can’t seem to get it here… won’t come up!

        Its called, “Just How Bad Has the Police State in America Really Got?” (It was EXTREMELY upsetting!!! I made copies of the article).

      14. Sugar is the biggest threat to Americans. Sugar is poison. It is hiding everywhere. Even healthy foods like fruit have been cultivated to be sweeter than nature intended. Many bitter foods contain anti-Cancer nutrients.

        Corn, wheat/flour based foods like bread, cookies, cake turn to sugar inside the body. Potatoes turn to sugar. French fries cooked in hydrogenated oil is probably the worst “food” on the planet.

        To avoid type2 diabetes and live long and prosper, quit sugar and foods like French fries.


        • Sugar is great! You just need to ferment it first lol 😛

        • Send me all your sugar B from CA. I got a use for it!

        • B from CA, the last bunch of buckets and No. 10 can are ALL comfort food. Pancakes, Potatoes (Mashed, Diced, Sliced), Rolled Oats, Flour (Not Wheatbuds), Brown Sugar (A TON).

          When everything is going to heck, I will be swimming in butter, syrup and honey. Fat and Happy!

          • Ha ha ha, I have a sheetload of canned butter and sugar. and freeze dried ice cream sandwiches and all manner of desserts! The end WILL be sweet 😛

          • Justice,
            How do you keep a butter stash?
            I have some powdered stuff, but haven’t
            tried it yet. I’ve looked at Ghee
            and will probably go that route.
            Thanks for the inputs!

            • Powdered butter isn’t butter at all. Read the ingredients it is a chemical cocktail from hell. Do a search for Red Feather canned butter, it isn’t cheap but it’s good and will last a looonng time if kept well. Just an fyi for ya…

              • Red Feather butter is pricey, in the SHTF a case would be a real moral boost. A lone can on the black market would be very desirable.

                There’s also Bega canned cheeses.

                I have powdered cheese, but a few cans of Bega is another moral boost, or high end barter item.

                Don’t forget to get cans of freeze dried peppers, mushrooms, sausage crumbles, tomato chunks etc to add to other meals to make them tastier. Tastier is always better.

                Check your spice rack and always have one each unopened in rotation. You can keep the unopened in a freezer to provide a way extended shelf life. Extra salt and pepper is a key barter item.

                • I also have a TON of bega canned cheese. One thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t melt. Tastes good but no melting? Kinda weird but whatever it’s valuable. You are right, spices will be a luxury! I like tomato powder as it fits many recipes. Sausage is pork (ewww) I have chicken and beef. CVS stores have spices cheap! Also real salt sells bags of 25 lbs. and it beats the sheet out of other salt. You can get bulk spices on ebay for cheap too if you shop around. good post, thanks!

            • Rellik, it was apparent early in prepping that certain items are best kept frozen. Butter and cheddar cheese are two examples. Everything is better with butter! (I also freeze my dehydrated fruit after I vacuum seal them/Food Saver. There is still some moisture but they freeze REALLY well and are a LOT cheaper and compact). Number 10 can are outrageous. Blueberries make pancakes and especially Oatmeal, that I have a ton of.

              I buy 4 1 lb. packages of pure butter at Costco and vacuum seal 2 packages together (or fit 3 together in a good freezer bag it works great. They stack great. I have 50 lbs of butter now and want another 40 lbs (10 packages 4 each at $10.00 a piece = $100.00). It does not take up much space.

              The real cost is making sure the chest freezer (and backup that I don’t use) stays running. The backup freezer is smaller but only cost like $150.00

              1. A Solar Set-up: I have a four 100 watt Panels setup (with 8 panels in storage as backup $100.00 each at, you guessed it Costco). I have 10 deep cycle marine batteries set up in 2 banks with a switch. I can run one set of 5 or the other or both; approximately $100.00 each). I don’t like to parallel more than 5 batteries in a row.

              2. I have two small Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200-Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability; approximately $600.00 each – the price varies so shop around. One alone is enough to power the freezer AND recharge my batteries. A Tip get a Quick Charger, the kind you find in mechanic shops and are used to charge Trucker batteries (many trucks have battery banks). You can recharge a battery bank in less than 1 Quarter the time. That means you just run your generator for an hour or so instead of 4 or 5 hours.

              a. I want to buy a small duel-fuel inverter/generator from Costco (they go on sale frequently) BECAUSE I store a lot more Propane than gas.

              All I expect my solar system to do is:

              1. Keep one freezer going (box freezers are VERY EFFICIENT)
              2. Keep the lights on (Florescent/LED bulbs) I don’t have to worry about batteries as much.
              3. Keep my small electronics running/charged. (My notebook and Tablets run on less than 10 Watts! I will be watching TV and Movies. Maybe I’ll set up a movie theater.)

              You can set up a simple solar system (KISS) for $1,000. The cost can be spread out over months. Buy one component at a time. Really, if I can do it anyone can. Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be. Over 10 years I have acquired backup components but you don’t have too.

              This can be a real investment but the ability to freeze stuff is vital and GREATLY adds to quality of life. Cooking and many other things are better done other ways and not rely on Solar. If you do plan to cook with solar use an Induction Stove Top.

              Sorry for the long post. If anyone has questions about components and stuff please don’t hesitate to ask.

              • Sorry to post this, but it’s an important topic and this might help. DUDE… We Got a CHEST FREEZER! (Appliances & Off Grid Living)


              • One tip about solar panels that you won’t see many places is attach each panel to a mobile stand. That allows me to track the sun when needed. This way I can get 2, 3 or 4 times the amount of watts over stationary panels. Really.

                When I track to movement of the sun it’s like I have a 12 panel setup.

                • Last thing, this is the quick batter charger that I use. Deep cycle batteries can handle this kind of amps.

                  Schumacher SE-8050 4/30/60/200/300 Amp Manual Charger With Tester

                  • Justice, Being Off Grid here I went through the exact same situation as this couple in the Video with the Small fridge and Small freezer. I will say it takes a lot of power here in FL to run a freezer since it is 95 degs outside temps here daily.

                    To really check what the wattage use is of an appliance get the $16 Unit called a KILL-O-Watt reader and plug that unit into your wall outlet then the appliance into the box and hit the watt button to see the actual wattage when the appliance is running. What ever the wattage says annually on the Freezer tag is only about half of what it uses, because they are counting on the freezer running half the time, then resting half the time so that is deceiving and where you live as to how much the freezer will run to maintain a freezing temperature. Here in FL it runs a lot more than up in the Mts.

                    I also thought that freezing a bunch of bottled water in the freezer will help in maintaining the cold temp since it take less energy to cool a full freezer than an empty freezer. In my testing, if I had more than a day or two of cloudy weather, that the freezer would run down the batteries too fast. And in the summer why would I want a freezer in my living space giving off heat when it is already 95 degs outside. I unplugged it until I get more solar panels and more power to run it properly. So this was sort of a FAIL so far. But I know what I need to do, to make it work.

                    RE: Solar Charge controllers
                    Also Know the difference between PMW controllers and MPPT. Go with MPPT and you will be a happy camper.
                    Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charge Controllers (MPPT) are different than the traditional PWM solar charge controllers in that they are more efficient and in many cases more feature rich. MPPT solar charge controllers allow your solar panels to operate at their optimum power output voltage, improving their performance by as much as 30%. Traditional solar charge controllers reduce the efficiency of one part of your system in order to make it work with another. Read our BLOG to learn more about how you can maximize your power output with MPPT Solar Charge Controllers!

                    Also for a Battery Bank Charger I found this: Works Great. SEC-1230UL Samlex 30 Amp, 3 Stage Battery Charger, $192.86 12VDC
                    ht tp://

                    And you can buy it here. 804-325-4838

              • Justice,

                Thanks for all that useful and practical experience. With your set up, do you need to get appliances that run on DC? What about appliances that run on some kind of fuel like kerosene or propane? You did say you use propane.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • Appliances that run on propane and or Kerosene are not Renewable energy sources like Solar. Unless you like to buy propane and kerosene to run it, try to run this all off solar.

                  And a FYI- When I wanted to stock up on 10 Gallons of Kerosene, I spent about $50 for 2 cans and another $50 for the kerosene. Not real cheap in my area. And since I bought the kerosene I never have used any of it, and it is still sitting in the cans. Kerosene has a short shelf life span,

                  Q: How long does kerosene last?
                  A:Quick Answer~ Kerosene, when properly stored, has a shelf life of two to five years. Adding a fuel stabilizer once a year should keep the kerosene in good condition indefinitely.

                  Kerosene is an oily fuel mostly used for heating and cooking. It can also power generators that produce electricity. Standard kerosene is available in two types. The most common type of kerosene is K-1, which has a low sulfur level making it acceptable for unvented heaters and stoves. Kerosene produces carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide when burned. If burning it indoors, make sure there is adequate cross ventilation to limit intake of dangerous fumes.

                  Store kerosene in the original packaging or an approved blue container. When storing kerosene, keep it in an outside building or enclosure and away from any ignition sources, because kerosene vapors can travel fairly far. If storing large amounts of kerosene, a fuel oil tank can be used. Though kerosene does not explode like gasoline, it does still ignite. Kerosene should also be stored in as airtight of a container as possible because kerosene accumulates water when exposed to oxygen. If water collects from the kerosene being stored too long, there are filters on the market to remove the water from the kerosene.

                • laeagle, I use a regular chest freezer plugged into a Sunforce 2500 Watt Sine Wave Power Inverter but I have used a non sine wave power inverter and it worked well (Power Bright PW2300-12 Power Inverter 2300 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC). I run the freezer off the grid but I have run two tests and the freezer keeps running off the inverter.

                  It’s the generators that I use to backup/supplement my solar system. I have two gas generators but i want a duel-fuel generation that will run on gas and propane.

                  I never put more than half power usage on an inverter. Fridges have a notoriously huge start up surge current because they have a motor. Some guys do OK with a 1250W inverter, some with a 1500W, some with a 1750W. But I recommend getting a larger inverter 2300 or 2500.

                  Some new fridges have fancy control circuits that do not work from MSW, or so I heard. But I contacted a solar comany rep and he said that modified sign wave inverters work fine.

                  Many of the physically smaller PSW inverters do not seem able to deal with much surge for very long.

                  The bank should be sized for about 3 days worth of load, without any charging. That’s a generic rule of thumb. My system does not meet this requirement. Being able to run a generator 1 or 2 hours every 24 hours (at night) gives me total confidence. During the day you have the draw from the solar panels AND the batteries.

                  Best to try to keep the batteries above 12.2V. That’s about ‘half’ charged… or ‘half’ dead?

                  My setup is designed to deal with brown-outs and rolling black-outs and less a grid down situation. It helps a lot have a propane generator that you can use to supplement the solar power.

                  • This is from the Sunforce 2500 Watt Sine Wave Power Inverter owners manual

                    Features of the Sunforce Products Pro Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

                    The output of the Pure Sine Wave Inverter provides stable power and it can be used to run the electronic equipment that modified sine wave inverters cannot.

                    For example, the Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter works with small electronic tools, air pumps, electronic doors, SMALL MOTORS, REFRIGERATORS and hair dryers.

                  • Once you know how, it only took me a couple hours to set up the entire system. The main components are:

                    1. Solar Panels (the panels connect to the charge controller)
                    2. Charge Controller (the Charge controller connects to the batteries)
                    3. Batteries (Batteries connect to the Inverter)
                    4. Appliance/Freezer (Plugs into the inverter)

                    Started small. Get 1 solar panel; One 20 amp charge controller; 1 Deep Cycle Marine Battery; and an inverter (a small one is okay, it can be used as a backup when you upgrade)

                    With this you can have unlimited lights through the night in a grid down. Have 2 panels and two batteries and you can watch TV on a tablet/Notebook. Having lights and entertainment greatly increases quality of life.

                    • I run 2 small refrigerators (110 volt) on my system. Here’s a trick that works well… Fill at least 50% of the freezer section with blue ice packs. They freeze during daylight when you have plenty of power then unplug the unit at night and the packs keep the fridge cold. Once my packs are well frozen I can go 24 hours or so and still have cold beer. The one I use for food has a totally seperate freezer unit and If I deem I need to shut it off I just place the packs on the top shelf inside the fridge part and it works well too. Like CSS said if you have a chest freezer keep some frozen jugs of water 3/4 full in them. The best thing about an MPPT controller is that most of them will take 24 volt panels and put out 12 volts so you can have a 12 volt battery bank and 24 volt panels. In my experience (21 years) Outback makes the best followed by midnite solar. Try and keep your battery bank within 1 year of age difference. I don’t let my voltage go below 12.5 so my batteries will last for many years.

                    • Thanks for the tips!

                    • Justice, CSS, Genius,

                      Thank you again, for that very useful information. I have a generator and a neighbor has solar panels on the roof of his house but I have yet to make that step. I have been thinking about it for quite some time. I believe I just have to do it. I have natural gas and in a blackout we have managed quite well with the generator to power some appliances and the natural gas for cooking.

                      Again, Thanks!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • Justice,
                    Good info, a trick I used.
                    I had a 400 watt harbor freight inverter and a power hungry lap top years ago. I wanted to run it in my car off a 100 watt standard cigarette lighter outlet, but the laptop often demanded more power than I had.

                    These were the days when a GPS cost $500.00 and a Delorma GPS software pack with USB GPS cost $50.00 and worked fine, assuming you could run the laptop in your car. The fly in the ointment was the laptop would often crash due to power issues.

                    My solution was to add a huge capacitor on the input side of the inverter. It solved the problem of providing the instantaneous power needs of the inverter. That capacitor is like the large ones used by high end car stereos.

                    To this day that capacitor is still wired and strapped to that inverter. I’ve used the inverter to run my 120/60 hedge trimmer off my garden tractor. Without the capacitor, the hedge trimmer just blows the fuse in the inverter, but with the capacitor, it works just fine running the hedge trimmer.

                    Some of this is the power factor issue, but some is just the instantaneous demand of these inverters. To make it work, if using a cigarette lighter outlet, I did need to connect the feed side with the inverter shut off to charge my capacitor first. Trying to charge the capacitor and boot the inverter was just too much power demand otherwise, and would blow the fuse.

                    The capacitor I used was rated 60 volt and 10,000 MFD. Like I said, it still sits attached to my inverter, in my bug out box, and extends the inverters ability to run inductive loads like motors or laptop switching power bricks.

        • B from CA,

          My favorite sugar is
          If used to excess it will
          destroy your liver.
          Used in moderation, it helps
          you tolerate all the idiots
          we have to live with.


          • 2 parts carbon, 6 parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen correct? Alcohol.

            • And C2H6O is a low carbon emitter, let’s have a save the planet party……….

        • BCA, sugar is a poison in many ways but hardly the biggest threat to us for many reasons. People willingly eat all manner of foods that are not good for them and many are not even foods actually. And others simply pay attention, just like every other matter and event. Those items you mentioned that turn into sugar are very different forces and processes than eating any forms of raw sugars or corn oil derivatives. Some of those foods we need, especially if you are working out regularly and strenuously. Carbs are not all bad and the Paleo thing is not at all as exact as it is hyped. And it is just another fad. Everything is all about balance when it comes to health and fitness and there is a tremendous amount of bad info out there being digested daily. We need a good balance of carbs and protein to be healthy and strong.

      15. Genius:

        Beer gives men big tits and shrinks their balls. It lowers sperm counts, too. And, as most people have observed, people who sit on the couch drinking beer not only get fat, they get a huge belly which leads to Cancer, stroke, and heart attacks.

        Vodka and tonic or whisky might be better if you must drink because you need your leg amputated in the field. Booz is medicine. A little respect, please. Don’t become a damn alcoholic addict.

        _ cheers

        • BfromCA, Thats interesting, my tits aren’t big and my balls are normal and my sperm count is 0 because I had that fixed. I am anything but fat. I know what your saying though. I don’t make beer just use sugar for real booze. And yes it has several uses! No disrespect from me, I like your posts 🙂

        • The beer belly is from the bubbles. The same is true of carbonated soft drinks. It’s the bubbles keeping your stomach inflated all the time to make it bigger and make you crave more food than you need. Even switching from diet cola to real sugar lemonade will help you lose weight.

          • How is that true if I am not fat and don’t crave food very much?

        • Hypocrites leaning toward virtuous political gains!

          Long time reader of SHTF, not only are the articles great but thoroughly enjoy reading the comments and find peace in this insane world knowing like minded patriots exist, to live another day. Not a typical contributor to comments all though I have in the past, should become more active with insight and ideas. That being said, i felt compelled to be humerous to the comment of tits and beer, hopefully my rude sense of humor may crack a smile in such a serious deranged mental apocalyptic world we live in.

          I truly wish beer would give me tits, as for shrinking balls, I would invite that blessing, for as I empty bottles of beer and my aim is hindered, I choose to sit and grow tiresome of dunking my balls!

        • Beer belly comes from drinking way in excess, essential you end up with a huge belly because your liver becomes way oversized through cirrhosis of the liver.

          A freind of the family who loved Colt 45 malt liquor and lots of it, died from cirrhosis. During one surgery they removed 75 pounds of dying liver tissue. In those days there were few treatments.

          There is a fad in recent years of people doing wine enemas to get drunk. Preppers should read up on it. If you ingest alcohol for anesthesia you could vomit, drown and die. A wine enema can get you stone drunk without liquids in your stomach. Never tried it, but printed out info from the web and tucked it into my field medicine book. The wine must be diluted. The alcohol absorption is fast and the effect more powerful than drinking the same amount.

          • You could still drown just vomiting hydrochloride acid( stomach acid) on an empty stomach during surgery. Better to have something solid in there to absorb it.

          • Won’t the wine taste like shit?

            • PO’d,
              Only if if you recycle it. Eeeewwwwwww!

              Interesting memory, had a friend (mom and dad were out of town) who’s little sister came down with bacterial meningitis and nearly died. The older brother and sister got her to the hospital in time. Bacterial Meningitis acts inside the brain on the other side of the blood brain barrier. They treated her with an IV spiked with alcohol. And kept her totally smashed until the alcohol had killed all the bacteria in her brain.

              The older brother and sister had been working on a case of beer that night. Bacterial meningitis is highly contagious. The doctors said because they were quite buzzed the bacteria couldn’t get a foothold.

      16. Personally, I think we would simply get another collective yawn. Americans would do nothing. However, they might not have a choice, as I also believe they are going to go after the “72 types” as defined by big sis and the dhs, and implemented by obama and loretta lynch as the going after domestic terrorists act. Considering 96% of federal government employees voted for hillary clinton, we could definitely see them move against conservatives.

        • Dave, we outnumber govt. employees by 100-to-1. The Hillary supporters can forget it. They don’t have a chance.

      17. Technology has significantly improved in the last five decades. When the investigators are under the employ of the investigated they turn up nothing. Seventy year old men under stress get heart attacks all the time. The Establishment VP is as they say one heart beat from the Presidency.

        Plausible deniability.

      18. Just remember, there are only “pockets” of liberal cities… NY, LA, Chicago but the vast majority of the country is Conservative territory. The worst that will happen is that we’ll lose some cities to the libs but they won’t take over the country. Not gonna happen.

        • After Trump failed to repeal Obamacare and failed to stop the latest batch of Russian sanctions (Trump will even be signing the bill into law), what does any of this matter?

          Trump has proven to be no different than the Clintons, the Bushes, and the Obamas (looks like Michelle is going to demand her turn at the presidency), we know the Deep State is in full control of the country.

          Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride to a full on collapse of the American Empire and World War 3.

          • Blame-e, Trump DOESN’T really want to sign the damn sanctions bill but it passed both houses of Congress with overwhelming support. The only thing Dems and Repubs agree upon. if he vetoes the bill, Congress will just override the veto and the bill becomes law anyway. Nothing good will come of the sanctions. It also included new sanctions for Iran and North Korea but those 2 don’t give a shit about sanctions. Not stopping them from doing what they want.

            • Not one shred of truth; not one fact has been presented that the Russians hacked elections. This bill is just more of the same McCarthyism and “The Russians are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” hysteria. These sanctions are just a government admitting that it is no longer capable of governing itself.

              These sanctions put the country one step closer to war.

              Barack Obama has the nerve to say Donald Trump is unfit to hold high office by reason of his “small hands.” If Donald Trump is “unfit to hole high office,” Barack Obama should know — being that he has been the worst president of all time.

              Meanwhile, the politicians paint John McCain has some kind of hero when he was plainly unfit to be a U.S. Senator by reason of his geriatric rage, war-mongering, and old age. Speaking of being unfit, who cast the deciding vote on these sanctions — John McCain or his brain tumor?

              Trump is a failure. You cast a veto on principle. You cast a veto when the bill is sanctioning the bogeyman. You veto a bill when evil is just plain evil. If it get over-turned at least you are on record as being for sanity.

          • If Congress can’t get off its ass and pass anything it doesn’t matter whether Trump is willing to sign it or not. It will either not get passed or his veto will be overridden,especially the Russian fiasco. He promised a lot but his own party won’t support him and of course the Dems won’t either. It was Congress that failed to repeal Obamacare not Trump.

      19. “When the investigators are under the employ of the investigated they turn up nothing.”

        There is good reason why JFKs autopsy was done in DC and not Dallas.

        Read “Best Evidence” by David Lifton

        Plausible Deniability

        • Not only where it was done, but more importantly by whom it was done. Total fiasco.

      20. The New Russian Sanctions Bill Is Washington’s Monument To Its Criminality

        July 28, 2017
        Paul Craig Roberts

        The Congress of the United States by almost unanimous votes in both House and Senate has made it clear that Congress had rather destroy the President of the United States and to increase the risk of nuclear war than to avoid conflict with Russia by normalizing relations. The vote on the new sanctions makes it pointless for President Trump to veto the bill, because it passed both houses by far more than the two-thirds vote required to over-ride the president’s veto. The only thing Trump can achieve with a veto is to prove the false charge that he is in league with Vladimir Putin

        The new sanctions bill forecloses the possibility of reducing the rising tensions between the two major nuclear powers. It also shows that whatever interest Congress has, if any, in reducing the threat of war and in avoiding a break with Europe over the sanctions, Congress has a much greater interest in continuing to collect campaign contributions from the powerful and rich military/security complex and in playing to the growing hatred of Russia that is encouraged by the US media.

        FULL STORY:


          Just to add to your post, may also contribute to this article as well, President Trump AKA Make America Great was circumvented by a 96-3 vote to prevent him from vetoing the bill, mind you the bill that these Washington War hawks were able to pass across party lines. These American coins, left and right and the same coin!

        • FTW,
          You said; “The only thing Trump can achieve with a veto is to prove the false charge that he is in league with Vladimir Putin”.

          Sad thing is you can’t prove a negative. The best you can do in courts like FRANCE, where you are guilty until proven innocent, is to try to prove another committed the crime. Thus the DNC won’t let the FBI near their hacked servers. If the evidence is suppressed Democrats and RINO’s can continue to say anything they want. It’s a freaking playground for the corrupt MSM.

        • FTW, thanks for that article from PCR. That man is always on target.

      21. I don’t believe Trump or his family will be disposed of at all. After all he supports the one percent, that being the Pentagon and its blackhole insatiable money sucking worldwide murderous rampage scheme. Installing democracy whether you like it or not.

      22. Continuity of Government and COOP. When you read the plans and then compare it to the actions of Congress Agencies, Local Govs. it appears to be silently in play. I have never witnessed the number of elected GOP folks voting against Americans at local, state and national levels.
        Even at the WH there are people directly acting against the POTUS.
        Although, I am sure regulars of this site already know.

      23. The South African and Jones says there is a plot and that is laughable. NO PRESIDENT HAS BEEN ASSASSINATED SINCE 1963!!! In 1963 things were different and now things are different. Even in 1981, the President was not assassinated! Truly I say to all of you that in 3 years time Trump will still be around and people will be saying, “hey what ever happened to that phony plot? Never happened. Do you still listen to that pastor and Jones?” So, in all likelihood there is NO plot. Thanks for the conspiracy theory. Haha

      24. Yet another bs fearporn.
        If “they” was going to do so “they” would not tell us about.
        This website used to be about prepping, now it is all about selling shit.

      25. Yet another bs fearporn.
        If “they” ware going to do so “they” would not tell us about.
        This website used to be about prepping, now it is all about selling shit.
        Mac, don’t you have anything else to write about?

      26. Trump is a failure. Another in a long line of fake presidents. Ever since Trump assumed office he has shown himself to be completely co-opted by the Deep State. If Trump is assassinated it will be by his own betrayed supporters.

      27. If any of you have been paying attention, it is all fake news now. Drudge, Naked Capitalism, Zero Hedge, SHTF, the Daily Sheeple — all tools for the Deep State. It’s all over people. The only thing left is to sit back and wait for the American Empire to collapse and for World War 3 to spin out of control (on purpose). It’s all part of the plan.

        • negative much? people need less cynicism and more faith.

        • Blame-e is putting out fake news.

      28. No ones talking about HR. 3364. It says any nation that buys or sells to Russia can not buy or sell to the USA. We just told the nations of the world to pick a side for WW3. Will China and Europe stop trade with Russia. If not China can’t sell anything to the USA. WW 3 has just been declared. Russia must capitulate or attack.

      29. The s h I t storm this would create
        Would blow their entire game wide open

        Nope , they dumb but not that dumb

      30. the blame-e… I tend to agree with that. The entire net is a spy apparatus, exactly what it was developed to be. Then the microwave exposure is debilitating now pushing for 5G brain frying antennas everywhere. The assault only escalates.

      31. So-called comedians, late night show hosts, and main stream media have created an environment where it is not only acceptable to show disrespect the Presien but is also accepted to talk about removing him by force or even assasinate him. If someone considers him irrational and incapable of carrying out his duties, then press for impeachment. You’ll need to prove it as you would with anyone being accued of a crim.

      32. Plotting to over throw the US govt is high treason in its self. Benedict Arnold only plotted his dastardly deed he did not succeed in doing it. Thus such plotters today are traitors and deserve the death sentence. It is not stylish elite to plot treason. the plotters are not dashing heros they are traitors the lowest scum on earth. Most of the public will sit like stunned fish but not all if something happens. As in all such cases it is the first few days that will really shape history. The plotters are organized but it is a big country and the army has all the guns that count. the army is not big democrat country.

      33. God Help George Soro’s If Anything Bad Happens To Donald Trump and Family.

      34. There was a blog about a huge sunspot labelled AR2665 which caused some geomagnetic storms here on earth. As the sun rotated to where it faced away from earth. During that time, the AR2665 had three signicant coronal mass ejections that could have caused significant geomagnetic storms. In early August, the sun’s rotation will cause it to face earth. No reason to panic since this happens all the time. If you have any homemade faraday cages, you might want to secure your microelectronics.

      35. Obama said before being elected that he would cut back on nuclear weapons then proceeded to throw a trillion at upgrading them. The extinction level event remains ongoing as the radioactive levels keep rising. That’s if you believe Bob Nichols who states “all life is radioactive by now, only taking about 70 years. This is a planetary death sentence. Everyone is included, there is no way out. Lethality is why the US decided to make bombs from Plutonium and to drop them on humans

      36. I’ve noticed that the comment box only allows so many words. I wasn’t finished above but ran into a wall and could not add even a period.

      37. Any accused dissident can be subjected to the same abuses, as when handicapped people and migrants are disrespected.

        Also, anyone can be singled-out by the hetero-phobic and Christo-phobic, reverse racists.

        But, who is an altruist, without using it as an excuse to do evil.

      38. Beaumont, all I know for sure is that anyone who targets me it won’t end well for THEM.

      39. Why won’t Trump investigate Clinton? Well they all have dirt on each other and have to keep the phony Republican vs Democrat mirage going. Trump is not going to replace Sessions. The narcodupe AG will not investigate Clinton either. Same for Debbie Wasserman Shultz the deposed DNC chair up to her neck in corruption for Hillary. She knows exactly who killed Seth Rich and other unsolved deaths since the election. The police also protect the truth from emerging. They all protect each other. And to think the plan was to be Jeb vs Hillary. At least that plot failed.

      40. And where are cops getting their militarized training?

        From that shitty little cuntry in the Middle East.

        The one with the blue and white flag.

      41. Aljamo, as to your first question.
        Didn’t Trump also visit Epstein’s Lolita Island?
        (((Someone’s got the video dirt on EVERYBODY)))
        It’s the only possible explanation.

      42. I don’t think they’ll be taking out his “whole family”. As far as I know his son-in-law is a Jew. Go figure this out for yourselves. 🙁

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