ALERT: WORLDWIDE Netflix Email Scam Is Targeting Millions Of Subscribers

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 7 comments



A new email scam is making the rounds and this one appears to be targeting Netflix’s millions of subscribers. The email threatens to shut down the users account if they fail to update their billing information.

According to ABC News, the email asks its readers to click the link, leading them to a fake Netflix homepage and prompting them to enter their private information. According to MailGuard, an Australian cybersecurity firm, that includes billing information, so the scammers can access debit or credit card numbers.

The well-designed, individualized, and fake email convinces customers to update their account information to avoid suspension. This results in stolen personal and credit card information.

Action Fraud has enclosed an image of the scam email so it can be easily spotted.

“Unfortunately, scams are common on the internet and target popular brands such as Netflix and other companies with large customer bases to lure users into giving out personal information,” Netflix said in a statement to ABC News. Netflix says that the company will never ask for personal information in an email and advises its subscribers to be careful of any phishing emails that lead to false websites, according to its security page.

“Scammers can make their fake emails and bogus websites look pretty convincing, so it’s always a good idea to check carefully that the email comes from the actual company domain and not a scammer,” advised MailGuard on their company blog.

Never click on links in an email or text message. Go directly to the company’s website to check on your account. Scams such as this one are not new by any means, but a lot of people are falling victim to this one.

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    1. grandee

      I’m good. We don’t do Netflix 🙂

    2. Kay123

      You and me both!
      Don’t do Netflix OR E-MAIL,
      Going to do even less if
      scammers keep doing dirty tricks.

      In fact, I’ve got an idea this whole internet
      thing is going to blow sky high somwhere
      in the not too distant future.

    3. Him

      Netflix is peanuts compared to this. Another war is breaking out in the middle east. Lebanon. The Saudis,Israel and the US are going after the Shia people of Lebanon. They will claim it’s because of terrorism. But it’s about pipelines to Europe. Who’s going to have the pipeline though Lebanon? Iran or the Saudis? Thousands will die. A million refugees, at least. That’s if the war doesn’t spread to Arabia and Iran.

    4. Brian

      Someday the Iranians and Saudis will have a go at each other instead of all the proxy wars Saudi Arabia has recently seen several powerful figures arrested. Things can change very quickly. The Mediteraanean gas and oil fields held by Cyprus and Israel. If the Saudis and Iranians go to war, a lot of other countries will probably be drawn in.

    5. Brian

      The advice to not click on a link but to go to the website on your own is extremely good advice if you are going to enter personal financial information in answer to an e-mail. There are some identity thieves who are capable of creating believable webpages.

    6. Heartless

      One word – torrent. NO pay, take a small risk. Watch whatever you want more or less.

    7. laura ann

      Many will drop the service and go to Hulu or Amazon prime or google. We had discussed getting it, as we have hulu, but no more.

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