Alert: Nine DEAD In London-Area Canadian ‘Flesh-Eating’ Bacterial Outbreak!

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The Medical Unit in London, Ontario, Canada had declared nine people have died from a bacterial infection outbreak.  The outbreak, declared eighteen months ago, has been slowly getting worse.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit says more than 132 cases of infection have been reported since April 1, 2016. Of those cases, 22 percent required treatment in intensive care, 15 percent had Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome and 15 percent had necrotizing fasciitis – also called “flesh-eating” disease.

The bacteria are spread by direct contact with nose and throat secretions from an infected person, or by direct contact with infected wounds or sores on the skin. While the infections can occur year-round, the health unit said Monday that the number of infections tends to increase during the winter.

Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Gayane Hovhannisyan said about half of the cases have been among injection drug users and/or people without access to stable housing. However, Hovhannisyan said the alert has been issued because the health unit is seeing an increase in infections among people who have no connection to the outbreak. “We need a better understanding of what’s happening, which is why we’ve issued this alert,” she said Monday in a news release.

For the most part, the majority of streptococcus infections cause relatively mild illnesses like strep throat. But sometimes more serious and potentially life-threatening infections are able to get into muscles, blood, and other organs. The health unit advises regular hand washing, covering the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, avoid sharing drinking and eating utensils, and do not share drug paraphernalia in an effort to avoid infection.

Symptoms of a streptococcus A infection depend largely on the site of the infection but still include fever, chills, sore throat, dizziness, confusion, severe pain, and redness or swelling around a wound or injured area.

Provincial health agencies report data on a monthly basis, so there are more recent statistics available, but in an effort to compare the number of infections, for example, there were 91 cases of invasive Strep A reported in January 2017 in Ontario. That was up from 77 cases reported in January 2016 leaving health officials a little concerned.

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    1. Frank Thoughts

      What people fail to consider is how much Canada has changed in the past 20 years. The factors that can contribute to this (and it is usually multi-factoral) are:

      1) More third world people coming into the country unscreened. Children in the school system who have many diseases they bring from the third world.

      2) Ageing population. Old people dosed up on drugs in hospitals are very infectious.

      3) The mess that has been made of much of the health system.

      4) More and more Canadians being either made homeless or vulnerable as the cost of living skyrockets.

      • durangokidd

        The best defense is a good offense: take thousands of MG of vitamin C EVERY DAY … like I do. Add garlic, ginger, zinc, turmeric, and vitamin D3 to your diet.

        It’s EASY to be healthy but you have to pay attention to your health, give your body the nutrition it needs, and make it your first priority.

        If you have good health the rest will follow. 🙂

        • laura ann

          DK: agree, and I take pro biotics and kelp for iodine. One gal takes 5000IU’s vit D a day and I take 2000iu, what do you rec.?

          • Phoenix

            Vitamin D dosage is actually race-dependant, believe it or not. Folks with a scottish background, for example, require very little, whereas a person of african descent requires an exorbitant amount of vitamin D. This is due to the amount of sunshine various ethnic backgrounds have adapted to absorb and use. The best way to know when you’ve reached your daily dose is when your skin just begins to turn pink – that is when you’re maxed out for the day. There is no way that i know of to translate that ideal “sunshine dose” to a supplement dose. And you CAN overdose on supplemental D3 because of how it is delivered. I know that i need a high amount (i’m on the darker-skinned side) and even though i have d3 pills, i prefer to use the tanning salon for my top-ups when needed. I also eat LOTS of homegrown eggs.

          • Fran

            If a person has Ricketts (vit d deficiency), the standard dose is 50,000 U Vit D daily for one year, then re check. Humans can take a lot of vitamin D. High doses of Vitamin A, can cause severe headaches resulting in Pseudotumor cerebri. However, one large dose of A, improves vision substantially. The idea is to keep your immune system on the up and up. I have taken care of patient with Necrotizing Fasciitis, and the patients have succeeded in winning. But it has a 50% mortality, and higher. Always remember, in looking at the PIE of health care options, Modern Medicine is only one piece of the pie, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, and the many others, all have winners and of course modern medicine is in the pie. All have winners and losers. I have been a Hospitalist/ICU doctor, Emergency Department, Cancer Specialist, and all the different modalities have their place. Modern Medicine is only one wedge of the pie, if you have an illness and your therapy is not working, then
            go to the other modalities.

      • Angry Beaver

        Agreed on all accounts.
        1. The flood of these third world and Muslim shit bags is a huge contributer.
        Selfie socks just let’s em in no questions asked.
        2. Anyone is at risk of infection in a hospital.
        3. Yes sadly our health care is gone to shit unless of course you have brown skin
        I’m fortunate enough to have an olfashioned country Dr same one I’ve had for 40 years
        4. That m@#$&@f@#$n carbon tax is really doing a number in us $1.25 per liter (4 liters to a gallon) so…. $5.00 a gallon gas and any one who lives in Alberta will tell you it’s nothing for us to have to drive 2-3 hours to get anywhere and in the winter anything less then a decent 4×4 will just get you in trouble.
        The other night I got called into work and hit a snow storm lol the only way I could tell I was on the road was listening to the rumble strips as my tires hit them.

    2. Menzoberranzan

      What do you do when you see a cockroach? You kill it.

    3. Heartless

      Perfect reply Menzoberranzan. And man oh man – there’s a whole bunch of swarmin’ cucarachas in England, Canada and right here in the good ol’ USA. I do believe it is time to start a-stompin’.

      • genie

        You are all talk and no action.

    4. PO'd Patriot

      Things seem to be lining up.

    5. Anonymous

      Right. Those canadians are spreading ebola,tb,aids.ect
      Would you like to hear another theory?

    6. Dave

      It is part of the junkie problem. Canada is over run with dopers right now. Everywhere you go, even in rural areas you see needles laying around. Farmers carry rifles when they are harvesting as the low lifes try to steal your truck when you are out combining.

      • genie

        You are all talk and no action.

      • Frank Thoughts

        Very well observed: the country has a massive crisis on its hands. The ‘Sunny Ways’ of Canada involve leaving people to die in the streets whacked out of their minds on opioids (and Canada is cold!), going hungry, or being bankrupted from the high cost of electricity. So, why the fag-prince prances around the world, the streets of Canada are cold, hard and filling up with death.

    7. Cricket

      Sounds like you are talking about sodomites and their disgusting practices.

    8. Anonymous

      So nine people have died over 18 months.

      At this rate, I expect Canada will be largely depopulated soon and cease to exist as a functional nation.

    9. Kman

      Just a thought regarding how this bacteria is spreading especially with people outside. I’m guessing its in the spray that they’re hard at. Everyday theres planes overhead making grids and X’s which spread out and make the sky grey. Those “trails” of poison are full of toxic substances of which they also add various biologicals. I’m sure they dump some of this bacteria over certain areas for testing. I’m certain something has been sprayed where I live as everybody is sick with unbelievable symptoms. Anyway just my 2 cents of an opinion.

    10. me

      You had me at “April 1”

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