ALERT: Legislation Details: Senate to Ban Hundreds of Semiautomatic Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, Magazines; Includes Fingerprint Registration Requirements

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Headline News | 646 comments

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    For anyone who may have thought Senator Feinstein and her colleagues in Congress were bluffing about coming firearms legislation that would restrict the sale, transfer and possession of certain firearms, think again.

    A summary of the proposed legislation has been made available, and it’s a whopper.

    Among outright banning 120 ‘assault’ related firearms (such as AR-15’s and AK-47’s), the bill will also target any weapon that utilizes a “detachable magazine,” as well as any magazine with a capacity of over ten rounds, which would include semi-automatic handguns and shotguns.

    Moreover, if you already own a firearm or modification that ends up on the ban list, you will be required under Federal law to register that gun, complete with a background check, fingerprinting and local law enforcement verification.

    Those who have recently purchased firearms that would fall under the ban may soon find Federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) at their door looking to confiscate ‘illegal’ weapons or engage in home searches for illegal accessories like ‘high capacity’ magazines (over 10 rounds), flash suppressors, pistol grips, and bullet buttons (a feature designed to circumvent ‘fixed’ magazine laws in states like California).

    The following is a summary of the proposed Assault Weapons Legislation:

    Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of:

    • 120 specifically-named firearms
    • Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one military characteristic
    • Semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds

    Strengthens the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and various state bans by:

    • Moving from a 2-characteristic test to a 1-characteristic test
    • Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the characteristics test
    • Banning firearms with “thumbhole stocks” and “bullet buttons” to address attempts to “work around” prior bans
    • Bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.

    Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:

    • Grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment
    • Exempting over 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes and
    • Exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons

    Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:

    • Background check of owner and any transferee;
    • Type and serial number of the firearm;
    • Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
    • Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and
    • Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration

    (Also available in PDF)

    What Is an Assault Rifle? (You’ve probably been lied to):

    Video via The Daily Sheeple

    Ammunition, namely the purchase of bulk ammunition, has not been mentioned in the legislation summary. However, previous reports indicate that the purchase of large amounts of ammunition through the internet and directly from dealers may also be in Congress’ sights.

    Are Americans prepared to give up their guns?

    In Los Angeles, where millions of residents depend on government support to feed their families and receive healthcare, hundreds of cars lined up for hours for a local buy-back program that promised to exchange guns for $100 grocery gift cards. Thousands of handguns, rifles, and antique firearms were turned in – for food.

    The lock-down is coming and it’s going to start when Congress reconvenes on January 3, 2013.

    Many Americans, who have no concept of why the Second Amendment exists in the first place, will accept it without protest.

    Ed Thomas of contributed to this report.


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      1. Fuckstein and her cohorts need to be removed from Congress.

        The real assault here is not the guns.

        • You wanna bet fuck-tards like Feinkenstein and Harry Reid won’t give up there weapons? Nah they’ll keep there stash while disarming, you know the little people. 😉

          • The day they’re willing to walk around in THEIR districts (like Chicago, LA, New York, Detroit) without armed guards is the day I’ll surrender my guns. (if I had any to surrender. 😉

            • This morning as I drove to work I heard over the radio something about it was against the law to have in your possession ammo that you do not have a gun for. I think they were talking about DC but I do not know. I was half listening when it came on.

              Does anyone out there know if this is true?

              • Tina what state and city do live in? It is true of places like Washinton,D.C. and New york City. Check with pro gun groups in your state. They should have copies of their state laws about guns and ammo.

                • The goal is 95% depopulation and to enslave the survivors.

                  For them this is a necessary step.

              • I don’t know, but you raise a good point, Tina. If you choose to rebel and hide a prohibited gun, then for crying out loud don’t let the gun grabbers see the ammo that goes into that gun. If they see the bullets, they’ll use it as evidence that you have a gun and they’ll begin a thorough search of your property.

                • Just use the bullets and the powder( slightly modified of course) to mail a nice package to the state reps.

                • @ TINA; if you’ve got a weapon on that list(and even if it’s not)best believe a THOROUGH search will be forthcoming and woe if the FED finds it cause you can most likely kiss it good-bye and expect future visits. CONCEALMENT is becoming of UTMOST IMPORTANCE. TO ALL PREPPERS-LOOK OUT AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • @ MAC—–

                First you say you will be required to register them, and in the very next paragraph you say ATF will be at your door confiscating the stuff.

                Make up your mind. Talk about sensationalist “journalism”

                • You can’t confiscate W/O first having registration.

                  You can’t collect things if you don’t know where they are.

              • “The experts agree. Gun control Works” poster must always include photos of Feinstein and Schumer next to Stalin and Mao.

                THEY must understand that we know how dangerous THEY are.

                • Let me correct you John Q: they must understand that we know how dangerous WE are, and we are more than happy to show them…

            • Agreed Zoltanne. They must be removed one way or another.

              Its getting harder to ignore the rancor emanating from the orifices of the judeo-communist/liberal enemy & their lame/lapdog media outlets.

              The psy-ops pressure they’re applying is intended to induce a “total FEAR of overwhelming govt power”….unto the point where we(as individuals)…self isolate & become socially, psychologically & militarily impotent!!!

              Its a big gamble on their part…poker face writ large!
              They’ve raise the stakes/upped the ante…Its up to us see them & call…


              That said…

              Sooner or later, we gonna have to shit or get off the pot, on this one…(i.e. fight or surrender)!!!
              Sorry to be so blunt, but there is NO OTHER WAY…unless the enemy backs down!!!
              I’m betting they’re not likely to do so, this time around.
              Yet, I hope they do!!!


              Life has taught me that the only thing…STUPIDITY, ARROGANCE & TYRANNY…fear & respect is….RAW/BRUTAL/LIFE THREATENING/RIGHTEOUS VIOLENCE!!!!!
              Be it with hands/feet, a baseball bat, an ice-pick or a .30cal from 500yds away…

              Life has also taught me to always….fight smart!


              Astute observation reveals there are many vets here…there are also many “alpha-type” civilians & honorable LEOs too…& we’re all in this mess together, right???

              We all understand the words “INALIENABLE RIGHTS”…equates to “GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”…& thus we all share an obligation to man-up & defend those rights.

              It is our duty to consider it an HONOR to do so….because if the CREATOR thought enough of us (& our potential), to guide the hands & passions of the founding fathers….who codified it in writing, with ink & parchment(see Constitution & Bill of Rights) affirming such, then….
              …thus we are obligated!!!!

              And if any should flee this field of battle, being forced upon us… are a coward & were never our countryman!!!


              That said…in a worst case scenario, this battle will be waged in many realms:

              1.> Political(current phase).

              2.> Social(ditto…current phase).

              3.> Physical(future guerilla-warfare ops/insurrection).

              4.> Geographical(urban/rural).

              5.> Spiritual(good vs. wickedness).

              6.> Fill-in-the-blank(your mindset/ideas/talents here).

              …..not all are capable of ‘soldiering’…but all can contribute or support…if & when the balloon goes up!


              We’ll need:…

              A.> Safe houses.

              B.> Spies.

              C.> Defectors in place, to “throw sand in the gears” of the regime.

              D.> Techs/couriers/lone wolves & leaders.

              E.> Medical help/back-up.

              F.> Articulate, ‘above ground’ advocates…to explain our cause.

              G.> Healthy tails to supply the teeth…their bite.

              H.> Target lists.

              I.> …fill-in-the-blank(s).


              For those lacking military experience, here is your “must have” reading homework assignment/library additions:

              1.> Army FM 31-21(Sept/’61 or later)…also consult USMC equivalent if available…see LRRPs.

              2.> Total Resistance(by Maj. H.Von Dach)ISBN 087364-021-7…still available.

              3.> Fighting in the Streets(by Urbano)ISBN 0-942637-47-X…out of print/see

              4.> The Art of WAR(by Sun Zhu)…still available.

              5.> …fill-in-the-blank(recommendations from others here).


              On a personal note…

              I hope others here caught VRF’s written pledge(on a prior related thread)….plus courageous others(you know who you are, as do I…& I salute each of you)!!!
              ….’cuz you are the men/women we should honor…& take solace in the fact, that no matter the distance of separation between us….WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!!


              …and remember this…

              Washington/Wall St./Rothschild-Satan’s NWO….cannot win a guerilla’s & sniper’s war!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • thak you, I was fealing verry alone. there is hope for the Republic.

                • Friend if you call over 100,000,000 of us, locked and loaded, as being alone; think more than twice.

              • OUR “fusion center” databases on the perpetrators, enablers, mouthpieces, enforcers, financiers, banksters, etc.

                Every last one at NUREMBERG 2.

                • The data centers the size of a 20 foot shipping container they use for comm under their comm towers. Gasoline.

              • PLEASE-remember,paint on their windshields stops them in their tracks,be ready when they come out,have your snipper teams ready,a small light bulb filled with paint can be launched a hundred different ways,AND IT CAN’T BE WIPED OFF,this should give you more then enough time to snipe them,remember NEVER SHOW YOUR SELF,and that little badge on their shoulder,thats a go no go badge for drones,take it off their clothes and keep it, the drones will signal it befor opening fire,if you don’t have one they will lock onto you and open fire(infared)…………..

                • The original paintball… oil based paint for ‘tree marking’:


                  I have no doubt that a creative person could find many uses
                  for these.

              • Need to keep the guns and ammo on there ban list buried in a good place and keep a 6 shooter at home and other type of firearms like single shot rifles and shotguns around for small defense.Let me make this clear when it starts (THE TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY) many of us will die free,I figure myself include.But that is ok with me Im almost 50 and lived a good life.My spirit will always be free. It is gonna be hard For the common folk to find these low life rat shit scumbag thieving despicable piss stain on America’s fabric of freedom.But if I could snap my fingers they would have been vaporized when they were shit out of there whore mother’s ass.I know I am not the only one who is fumming right now.I predict sleeper cells are popping up everywhere .sorry about the curse words but that is all I could come up with to describe them.In closing remember to be smart and don’t go of half cocked.

            • I don’t surrender ANYTHING …
              Molon Labe Baby!

            • I’ve heard that feinstein has a ccw license and walks around with a gun in her purse . Her and her bodyguards are armed but we can’t protect our Families and ourselves ? what a hypocrit .

          • Who would have thought that this would occour here in the US ? I would never dare to suggest that anyone consider hiding their “prohibited” guns in the event this legsliation is enacted. However it would be prudent to protect your property from a “buyback” in which officials provide 1/10 of it’s value. As for me I sold my prohibited guns at a gunshow prior to all this mess and before I was required to keep records of the people who I sold them to. My other guns were lost when while on a canoeing trip the darn canoe turned over and they sank to the bottom of the bay.
            Remember should you deceide to “keep” a prohibited firearm it could and probably will be considered a felony. But let’s not jump to conclusions. Don’t over react but be prepared to act in you and your family’s best interest.
            During WW2 the NAZI’s did this to the Jews. It didn’t turn out too good for them now did it?

            • When it comes time to hide them, it is time to use them.

              • I agree 100%. Sadly, most of the sheep (gun owners included) won’t lift a finger.

                • Ten Million Guns and tons of ammo have been sold in the last 10 days. Does that sound like americans will not fight ? I would say they are getting ready to fight. Gun and ammo stores are empty. Backorders for months.
                  If the time comes to fight i think everyone will be surprised.

                • @steve – speak for yourself.

                • @harley hooch, this is true. Even the gun rack at our local WalMart was looking bare, and the ammo shelves were 80% bare. It’s just crazy. I’m 55, I’ve never seen anything like it. Do you think The People are starting to suspect all these “black flag” shootings? I think most are feeling squirrelly, and don’t quite know why yet.

                • oops, i meant “false flag”

            • In 1934 the Jews declared war on Germany. German Jews were a declared internal enemy.

              We have NOT declared war on the USA. We are NOT a declared internal enemy, but that isn’t stopping THEM.

              In fact, look carefully and notice WHO is disarming you: Feinstein, Schumer, Levin, Nadler, Bloomberg, etc.

              Are they calling to disarm Israelis? No, they are disarming the goyim.

              Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ advice on killing Gentiles:
              “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

              Because Gentiles are not human, Gentiles are owed no debt of morality or decency – not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia 24a], not even life! — “The best of the Gentiles should all be killed” Soferim 15, 10

              October 18, 2010 Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews:
              “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
              “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

              • Seriously? Did you really have to use something as important as today’s news to push your agenda?

                There are much, MUCH bigger things to tend to than to hate on Israel, you know?

                • Odd Questioner, Yes, seriously.

                  In case you haven’t noticed, THEY are HERE and THEY are the loudest mouths working to disarm YOU.

                  Did you think it is the Iranians trying to disarm you, depopulate the earth, crash the economy, and enslave the survivors?


                  T ruble,

                  SInce the last 2/3rds of the post are VERIFABLE QUOTES from the rabbis, yes, I agree, the last part of the post is crap—crap straight from hell.

                • this is completely on topic!look at all the politicians whom took an oath to defend the constitution. but now are trying to ban guns. they are easy to spot because they all have dual citizenship with Israel! they are traitors to our constitution and again to our country!. you probably think this next comment is off topic too. do you think it is just coincidence. that of the four thousand Jews that worked in the world trade center…none of them. none of them came. to. work on Sept 11 2001!? the only Jew that died was a visitor!

                • Odd,

                  You are correct, we all need to get our heads out of our asses, petty issues and such need to take a back seat to what our nefarious government has planned for us. There are approx. 3% of the population who gets it, and those of us who do get it, such as most people on this site, need to start a vigorous wakeup call to those who will listen. Do not waste your time on libtards, they are stuck on stupid, reach out to those who are confused, stick to the facts, most of these people don’t want to hear about 9/11, false flag ops etc., stick to what THEY know. Be firm, be patient, and above all else, keep your composure, if you start foaming at the mouth I guarantee you will lose them. Turn off the state run propaganda machine, tv and newspapers, they are in lockstep with those who wish to disarm us. Read the news online, as well as other alternative methods, pray and read your Bibles.

              • I starting reading your post thinking you actually hadp something intellegent to say, then you starting spewing crap

              • There are nuts within the Jewish community as there are elsewhere. The person being quoted is himself not quoting the Scriptures. Wanna know what God thinks – read the Bible. Stay clear of the fruit loops.

                • @ DanTexas

                  And exactly how am I supposed to “stay clear” of Feinstein et al.? Leave MY own country?

                  And exactly how am I supposed to “stay clear” of the ones who want to kill us goyim? Run away?

                  @ Feisty Old Broad

                  Let me get this straight.

                  Feinstein et al. want to disarm us.

                  The Jews were the FIRST ones to declare World War 2.

                  The rabbis teach that I am not human because I am not Jewish.

                  The rabbis teach that because I am not Jewish I should be a slave or be killed.

                  But I am the one who is a hater??? Go figure. Sounds like AIPAC “logic” to me.

              • I often wonder if there are those who comment in different venues who merely wish to inflame…..why so much hatred for Jewish people?…I am not Jewish, but I take umbrage at your comment(s)…..You,sir or madam, are most defineatly not a Christian and the hatred that you put out into the world will most certainly be something that will come back to haunt you…..


              • I can tell you for a fact,OUR DEAR LORD is going to show the KAZAR JEWS,who run ISRAEL that making up laws that DO NOT FOLLOW THE TEN COMMANDMENTS,will be destroyed,only his tiny flock will survive what he has planned for them,THIS PLANET is the LORDS HOME WORLD,the COUNTRY OF ISRAEL is his home country,the city of JERUSLEM is his home town,the jews are only care takers of the lords land,they don’t own nothing,the lord owns it all,and all the gun grabbers are in deep shit because he will destroy them to,the LORD HATES gun grabbers,SO SAY A PRAYER TO THE LORD SO HE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE AND HE WILL PROTECT YOU TO,YOU WON’T WIN THIS WAR,WITHOUT THE LORDS HELP……….

                • arizona….hatred should never be a part of any religion….


              • You are not a reliable source jqpublic… have far too much hate in your heart to be heard by God loving Christians……


              • I guess the Zionists had to call in lots of employees on this one:

                In 1934 the Jews declared war on Germany. German Jews were a declared internal enemy.

                We have NOT declared war on the USA. We are NOT a declared internal enemy, but that isn’t stopping THEM.

                In fact, look carefully and notice WHO is disarming you: Feinstein, Schumer, Levin, Nadler, Bloomberg, etc.

                Are they calling to disarm Israelis? No, they are disarming the goyim.

                Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ advice on killing Gentiles:
                “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                Because Gentiles are not human, Gentiles are owed no debt of morality or decency – not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia 24a], not even life! — “The best of the Gentiles should all be killed” Soferim 15, 10

                October 18, 2010 Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews:
                “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
                “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

                • Don’t forget the HOLOHOAX. Insects.

                • @johnnyq…..I am a 56 year old woman 2nd generation of Finnish and Swedish descent..I am a Lutheran..I am employed, not by any figment of YOUR imagination, but by a family owned pizza place in the midwest…..get over yourself and please, please get over your hatred for others not of your religion! Jewish people are not evil!!

            • “The lock-down is coming and it’s going to start when Congress reconvenes on January 3, 2013.”

              Keep in mind that this is merely Feinstein’s PROPOSED legislation. What makes anyone think that it will pass? Sure, the Statists are screaming for any measure to further destroy the 2nd A, but it seems that passing such legislation is a LONG SHOT at best.

              • Just like Obama Care was a long shot? How many people were against ObamaCare during the entire process?

                Who is paying the people in Congress to pass this bill? There is almost always a money trail. For ObamaCare, it was Big Pharma and Insurance Companies.

                Are the police and military planning to go for a gun ban to allow more actions and confiscations like they currently do against drugs? Is this a step to expand the drug wars since marijuana is becoming acceptable?

                Find who is funding the action to ban guns and that will tell you a lot about whether it stands a chance of being passed.

                • Merree:

                  Obamacare was NEVER a long shot. It was a certainty from election day forward, given Obama’s clear statement of intent during the election campaign and the supermajorities the Democrats enjoyed in both houses during the run-up to the vote (yes, they made it law “by other means,” but the circumstances are very different now). Additionally, while Obamacare is an assault on the Constitution, additional gun control measures, particularly in light of recent Supreme Court decisions, are a direct takedown of an amendment held dear by what, 150 million Americans, as the very foundation of all liberty. Moreover, the Democrats will not get away with a straight Party line vote on gun control. Far too many of them depend on gun owners to stay in office. A huge number of Democrats would reject the Feinstein approach.

                  All of that said, I do not disagree that there is a real danger of the federal govt overreaching yet again and taking steps to assert gun control. Feinstein’s proposal will be rejected, of course, but it will be painted as a reasonable measure rejected because extremists pressured congress to reject it. Something less aggressive will be offered, gaining wider acceptance via the media and Statist propaganda machine. This “lesser” measure (e.g., nothing more than, say, registration of “assault weapons”) will seem like nothing, so Congress will possibly cave, starting the ball rolling, over the course of several years, to the full-Feinstein proposal.

                  Two key points:

                  (1) The Supreme Court is going to be enormously important in this debate. If any of the five reasonable justices leaves the Court while Obama is President, then the Statists will win.

                  (2) Regardless of what Congress or the Supreme Court says, if Obama wants to assert gun control, he will do so. He will use an unconstitutional E.O. to do as he has done so many other times to defy the law and ignore his oath of office.

                  In the end, we will have more gun control unless WE, THE PEOPLE, stand up and take back our nation. This cannot be done solely via the ballot box. The ballot box follows media, the culture, the arts, academia, and quality candidates. THE PEOPLE have relied for far too long on the milquetoast Republican Party to represent and defend our interests, liberties, and property. The Republican Party cannot do it. It has lost all credibility. It will take enormous work to restore the republic, but it can be done. Each of us should immediately get active in our local govt one way or another. As long as we sit on the sidelines, pissing and moaning, we are nothing more than part of the problem. So get active, get vocal, get visible. Let your voice FOR liberty and property be heard. CHANGE the sources of the message–actively campaign against Statist CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT through sponsor boycotts and such, don’t send your kids to Statist-leaning colleges, don’t watch senseless TV or let your kids listen to songs that debase the culture. . . WE, THE PEOPLE are responsible for this mess, and it is time that WE, THE PEOPLE accepted this responsibility and took back our nation.

                • Wife & I picked up an AR-15 before Christmas. Store was packed. Crowd included two uniformed police officers buying assault rifles for their home use. That should suggest how a lot of police will react.

              • Don’t be suprised to see an even more horrific mass shooting right before the vote.

              • I’ve heard the members of the Feinswine crowd boast that they could give up 80% of what they demand and would quickly get what they wantedf anyway. You know the attitude of most police: push the envelope until somebody makes you stop.

              • Federalist,

                Long shot? Yah…you keep thinking that…keep underestimating these people. Let’s not forget that ol’ Barry could pass this via executive order. This is not 1994 anymore. This country has changed dramatically since the last ban. They are coming and you best be prepared. Underestimate them and you will lose.

                • Bob:

                  I do not disagree that there is a real danger of the federal govt overreaching yet again and taking steps to assert gun control. Feinstein’s proposal will be rejected, of course, but it will be painted as a reasonable measure rejected because extremists pressured congress to reject it. Something less aggressive will be offered, gaining wider acceptance via the media and Statist propaganda machine. This “lesser” measure (e.g., nothing more than, say, registration of “assault weapons”) will seem like nothing, so Congress will possibly cave, starting the ball rolling, over the course of several years, to the full-Feinstein proposal.

                  Two key points:

                  (1) The Supreme Court is going to be enormously important in this debate. If any of the five reasonable justices leaves the Court while Obama is President, then the Statists will win.

                  (2) Regardless of what Congress or the Supreme Court says, if Obama wants to assert gun control, he will do so. He will use an unconstitutional E.O. to do as he has done so many other times to defy the law and ignore his oath of office.

                  In the end, we will have more gun control unless WE, THE PEOPLE, stand up and take back our nation. This cannot be done solely via the ballot box. The ballot box follows media, the culture, the arts, academia, and quality candidates. THE PEOPLE have relied for far too long on the milquetoast Republican Party to represent and defend our interests, liberties, and property. The Republican Party cannot do it. It has lost all credibility. It will take enormous work to restore the republic, but it can be done. Each of us should immediately get active in our local govt one way or another. As long as we sit on the sidelines, pissing and moaning, we are nothing more than part of the problem. So get active, get vocal, get visible. Let your voice FOR liberty and property be heard. CHANGE the sources of the message–actively campaign against Statist CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT through sponsor boycotts and such, don’t send your kids to Statist-leaning colleges, don’t watch senseless TV or let your kids listen to songs that debase the culture. . . WE, THE PEOPLE are responsible for this mess, and it is time that WE, THE PEOPLE accepted this responsibility and took back our nation.

            • You know, Justice, the same thing happened to me. I think that I might have had a rifle once. It fired AK bullets. I was riding in a boat, hoping to shoot some bass, when it turned over and my gun, flying out of my hands, went straight to the bottom of the river and I never saw it again.

              • I am so sorry for your loss. Hope all is well with you and happy new year.

            • If I hear one more person say hide them I am going to puke!!!!! Its time to take our country back!

              • I know that more than a couple of us might own more than one of a specific model(s) of gun that might end up being on the “bad gun” list. I don’t know about you, but I can only shoot one gun at a time, well, maybe two if I practice a lot.

                It’s the second, third, forth, or fifth guns that might need to be hidden.

                • close by so you can get to it.

            • Are you a paid shill?

            • Here’s THE LIST..SO FAR!!!

              Rifles (or copies or duplicates):

              M1 Carbine, Sturm Ruger Mini-14, AR-15, Bushmaster XM15, Armalite M15, AR-10, Thompson 1927, Thompson M1;

              AK, AKM, AKS, AK-47, AK-74, ARM, MAK90, NHM 90, NHM 91, SA 85, SA 93, VEPR;

              Olympic Arms PCR; AR70, Calico Liberty, Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle or Dragunov SVU, Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR, or FNC, Hi-Point Carbine, HK-91, HK-93, HK-94, HK-PSG-1, Thompson 1927 Commando, Kel-Tec Sub Rifle;

              Saiga, SAR-8, SAR-4800, SKS with detachable magazine, SLG 95, SLR 95 or 96, Steyr AU, Tavor, Uzi, Galil and Uzi Sporter, Galil Sporter, or Galil Sniper Rifle (Galatz).

              Pistols (or copies or duplicates):

              Calico M-110, MAC-10, MAC-11, or MPA3, Olympic Arms OA, TEC-9, TEC-DC9, TEC-22 Scorpion, or AB-10, Uzi.

              Shotguns (or copies or duplicates):

              Armscor 30 BG, SPAS 12 or LAW 12, Striker 12, Streetsweeper.

              Catch-all category (for anything missed or new designs):

              A semiautomatic rifle that accepts a detachable magazine and has (i) a folding or telescoping stock, (ii) a threaded barrel, (iii) a pistol grip (which includes ANYTHING that can serve as a grip, see below), (iv) a forward grip; or a barrel shroud.

              Any semiautomatic rifle with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds (except tubular magazine .22 rimfire rifles).

              A semiautomatic pistol that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine, and has (i) a second pistol grip, (ii) a threaded barrel, (iii) a barrel shroud or (iv) can accept a detachable magazine outside of the pistol grip, and (v) a semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.

              A semiautomatic shotgun with (i) a folding or telescoping stock, (ii) a pistol grip (see definition below), (iii) the ability to accept a detachable magazine or a fixed magazine capacity of more than 5 rounds, and (iv) a shotgun with a revolving cylinder.

              Frames or receivers for the above are included, along with conversion kits..


              • My .22 rifle holds 26 .22 shorts. A quick reload is done by using an arrow shaft preloaded, they drop right in fast.
                I would not want to be hit unddf 50 yds with a .22 short winchester hollow point.
                Point is there are always ways to reload and achieve max firepower. Hell, a sword or spear are still lethal.

              • they forgot plastic straws that could hold a pea.

              • FIRST OFF,possee you must remember the DICK ACT OF 1902,forbbids any and all gun laws and can never be repealed as long as america exists,now anyone trying to side step this law is guilty of treason,remember this when they come over to your house and treat them accordingly,if they are there for your guns,BLOW THEIR HEAD OFF,their traitors and as an american its your duty to help keep america clean….and free,like all the veterans fought for,and now its your turn…………

              • Possee

                Where did you get that list?

            • When Feindrink finally announces “we have done it.we have disarmed the American people” that is when the enemies of the nation will hit big time…but let the fed fight them..with their stuff cause they have proved they not for us…after the conflag is done is when we need the survival bolt actions to rebuild life and protect from animals of the field… if we don’t pray we don’t have a chance…we need the wisdom and guidance of God just like Geo Washington received…his clothes were shot through by many sharpshooters with no wound…you best beleive it was prayer that made him all that he was and is…

            • Making yourself an accessory to genocide is also a felony. Hand your guns over, and you aid and abet mass murder worldwide. F*** their GD “laws” signed by the kenyan invader and mossad agents like zionstien. F*** them X 120,000,000 PATRIOTS.

            • JUSTICE,when they come to your door,they won’t be coming for a party and will kill everyone,this is not going to be a social of some sort where they walk away empty handed,they intend to take this country and you better believe they will kill millions just for shits and grins,when you see them coming you better have a plan,OR it will be OFF TO THE FEMA CAMP for you and your family,god help your family if you get taken to a fema camp,get ready now,AND TELL ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS,to get ready too………….

              • Anybody that would kill innocent children to get get a gun ban passed deserves execution.


            • No the British are not coming.
              SLAVES have no need for WEAPONS!!

              • The Communist elite think they know best for all are coming!!!!

              • Not true! Weapons belong in the hands of slaves when they kill each other in the public spectacles put on for the joy and entertainment of the elite, while the sheeple look on in frenzied oblivion.

            • Everyone on this site needs to check out Chris Duanes Sons of Liberty Academy…it is free.

              The british were fucked by the Rothschilds during the revolutionary war but we fucked them both…hard.

              and they have been “possessed” with getting us back ever since…The zionist jews. They run the banks, they run the govts. why do we have 20+ isreali/US dual citizens in barry’s bunch? Why do we give the isrealis huge gobs of tax dollars and isreal itself is a shit hole.

              Think about that…sons of liberty academy.

            • iowa
              you are wrong they are not coming the bastards are all ready here,,,form up


            • I prefer the nickname ‘Fedcoats’, that’s what I’ve been calling them that for years.

          • “Those who have recently purchased firearms that would fall under the ban may soon find Federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) at their door looking to confiscate ‘illegal’ weapons”

            LOL I hope these ATF employees have good life insurance policies. I guarantee this won’t end well for them. It’s likely that many American’s will be “gunning” for hero status, and will be more than willing to defend the Constitution. Look at the state of this economy! There are already many people out there with “nothing left to lose”…all you need is a spark, and this situation will start GETTING REAL…really quick.

            Having said that though, I expect this bill will be heavily contested in Congress…not because of the bill itself, but because of the ramifications of the bill. There’s the rise in talk about seccesion of course. But there’s also the issue that the police, under current law, have NO OBLIGATION to protect citizens. Seems to me that this fact will throw a big wrench in some of the arguments for the bill.


            • We MUST start calling Our congress critters and tell them to vote against feinstein’s bill in no uncertain terms . No profanity or yelling , they will just hang up on You . If these critters hear from enough they will cave . . . btw, give barry a call too . . .

        • This is TREASON. The citizen militia is GUARANTEED under the 2nd Amendment to be there in case the armed forces cannot be to PROTECT THE VERY SURVIVAL of the country. The United States is a superpower and MUST have a well armed citizen army against the MANY enemies of the United States. There CANNOT be a disarmed population that cannot protect the country from invasion.

          There has to be some really true constitutional lawyers outr there that have to see this as a total violation of a well armed citizen militia to protect the country.

          I got news for all of you f’en liberals that want guns banned. You ready to learn some nice Chinese and Russian, or Arabic language, because when you take away the civilian firearms you leave the country wide open for future invasion. You f’en peace nuts anti-self defense dumb asses, you ready to have your lazy butts sent to slave labor camps when the country falls? You f’en pacifists in europe, you ready to be ruled under Russia because after the U.S. falls your countries fall?

          You take away people’s firearms and not only will the criminals have the advantage, but so will ALL the enemies of the United States. You take away guns liberals, and you cause a massive nationan security risk to the whole country and the whole world. This is what China and Russis and Iran and every other terrorist group wants, to make the U.S, as vulnerable as possible.


          How can these f’n lib fucken tards be so f’n stupid to disarm the population while the chinese are and have being arming themselves to the teeth. The civilian population MUST have satisfactory firearms or the country and the world falls to the eastern powers.

          I think, as well as many others, that those that are so interested in disarming the population may well have ties to China and Russia and perhaps Muslim countries determined to weaken America as much as possibel and need to be fully investigated under conspiracy, espionage, and most of all TREASON. No witchhunts here, this is real, it ultimately means the survival of the country. WHO AGREES WITH ME OUT THERE?

          • 100%, BI.

            And this is the exact stance and strong sentiment that We The People must MUST embrace as we FORCE our Constitutional rights, our God given rights, upon the traitors that swore an oath to protect and defend us but who have turned against us and our Nation.

            The traitors who are public servants and paid with US tax dollars are committing treason against the very people they take from and swear to protect.

            • Maybe someone out there could better word this than I, to help send this type of petetion to the Whitehouse and around the country to preserve our rights to defend ourselves against all enemies foreign and domestic.

              We petition the Obama Adminstration to:

              Immediately cease all congressional actions to ban any current legally owned firearm.

              We feel that ANY legislation against citizen firearms violates a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State that shall not be infringed. Banning any legal current firearms will substantially weaken the citizen army’s ability to defend the United States against foreign invasion, should the U.S. armed forces be unable to perform this duty. We believe that any law prohibiting any currently legal firearm openly encourages foreign enemy powers to attack the United States and gravely put at risk the freedom and very survival of the United States of America.

              • Instead of saying “We petition”, as the owners of this country, we should say “We hereby order”.

                • BRAVO!!!!

                  Yes! Yes! Yes!

                  That’s it EXACTLY.

                  We do not grovel to them, hat in hand ASKING for our rights. We DEMAND that they RECOGNIZE our rights and cease their efforts to deprive us of them.

                  And we should make it clear that we intend to defend them.

                • If a bunch of illegal aliens can march in AMERICA demanding “their” rights, and get them, than law abiding, tax paying, working class AMERICANS can not? WTF? Maybe it is time that the working class did some marching on our state capitals demanding “OUR” rights. Maybe it’s time to give these fuckheads a legal, political, and media shitstorm these stupid, f*cked up mother f*ckers will wish they had not started. We are talking about a handful of assholes. WTF? Maybe the working class should boycott going to work and paying taxes, and shut this country down, until these assholes are charged with treason like they deserve. It sounds like it’s now or never.

                • Every body who has relatives should get all to email and call your congressman to enforce the BE INFORMED PROTOCOL
                  …whether Dem or Republican because we know not all congressmen are idiots who want to give their own bed to an other country…

              • Agreed on principle, but there’s a small technical problem:

                The Executive cannot order Congress around (at least not yet).

                • No, The Executive can order Congress around, but will simply bypass Congress via an Executive Order.

              • Requesting the Obama administration to stop the confiscation or ban of legally owned firearms is like asking Obama to ban illegal immigration, or stop supplying the Mexican cartel with guns, well known as “Fast and Furious”. It will never happen so don’t waste the time.

              • The reliance upon the connection between your right and a “well-regulated militia” is dangerous. The government, through the connection, can well-regulate by confiscating, requiring registration, or anything else. The right IS INDIVIDUAL and is connected to a well-regulated militia only insofar as a militia, being necessary, is effective only if armed. But the right is OURS, whether participant in a militia or not.

            • Zoltanne,you are absolutily correct,JUST like that commie cop who says only lawenforcement should have automatic weapons,SO if america is invaded and the people can’t defend america,and it falls,should we hang him for treason?THE DICK ACT OF 1902,stays in force as long as america is a country,MOST COPS can’t read because their just not smart enought or their commies…..YES the POLICE and MILITARY do intend to attack america,it can’t be stopped,they hate everything about america and would destroy their own family,children,parents and kill all their neighbors children,and be happy to do it…TAKING GOD out of america has been a BIG mistake,its to late to fix it now and I don’t think america cares why the country is falling into hell,three generations of devil worshippers,will bring down any country,are you going to have to fight,”YES”,the police and military do intend to take everything you have,even if they have to kill you to get it,and they WILL TOO………..

              • As a FORCE to be reckoned with, those of us who are Constitutionalists must stick together and make demands. As 64EchoMike so boldly said, “.. give these fuckheads a legal, political, and media shitstorm..”

                Wasting time by reaching out to the Obama admin will prove ineffective. We should review both the NRA and GOA to learn the advice/outreach they use and take it from there.

                Then we must demand, not ask, DEMAND that Congress get back to legitimate Congressional business. This nonsense they continue to waste tax dollars on must end. The 2nd Amendment is protected. And there is nothing in the US Constitution that permits the Federal Government to assign permission, licensure, or regulations to guard the government against the people. Congress must learn to abide by the US Constitution.

                We keep hearing about the “fiscal cliff” and there are unresolved and potentially illegal activities that involve many from the Obama admin — what actions have been taken? None! They continue to bombard We The People with problem after problem, cover-up after cover-up! And for all we know, the Fuckstein gun-ban may be yet another divisive tactic to keep We The People from the bigger problems elsewhere. It is evident that the Feds are overloading the system with crises. It is also evident that the Feds are attempting to initiate emotional reactions from American citizens. We’ve got to remain calm and rational and beat them with Common Sense, our Founding documents, and the legal means that DEMAND a better course of actions from within the Federal government both at the Legislative and Executive Branches. But it is time that the Federal Government become familiar with the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and stick-to-that-legislation instead of re-inventing or crafting new laws. Activism has no place in Congress.

                Accusations of treason are very strong sentiments and should not be lobbed without reason. Therefore, We The People must cite the reason(s) for our accusations. And we call them out as Traitors, Congressional Traitors. We have reached the crossroads where our verbals need to be ratcheted up several notches to combat the Progressive goal to overthrow our Republic. The time really IS now.

                Perhaps a few of us could work behind-the-scenes and we could author a statement (akin to a short version of a position paper from We The People) that we will no longer tolerate Congressional threats to our sovereignty.

                The time for idle chatter is gone. Who here is brave enough to stand against the Congressional Traitors and commit themselves and their signature to a return to our Constitutional rights?

                • Some tried that. In 1995 I think, militia leaders went before the Senate, for hearings. ” “We are the calm ones. We are the ones who calm people down,” said Mr. Johnson, dressed in a conservative dark suit, unlike his camouflage-clad counterparts from the Michigan Militia Corps. “We are not baby-killers; we’re baby boomers. We are not terrorists; we’re extremely ticked off.” ” Youtube JJ Johnson militia congress.

          • Agreed 100%

            These scum took an oath when they were sworn into office to uphold and protect the constitution. That doesn’t mean pick and choose which parts best fit your goals and to heel with the rest. Feinstein should be arrested for treason and anyone stupid enough to vote in favor of this should be as well. What part of shall not be infringed is confusing to these mental midgets. We need to reach the LEO’s and military, they would be only entities that could possibly stop we the people from taking our country back. Enough is enough, this lady is going to start a civil war.

            • “Enough is enough, this lady is going to start a civil war.”

              I agree with you Seeker, but it’s a catch-22. I feel like we can NOT stand by and let this happen, but I also know they WANT us to react so they can say, “Look, look! The nuts with guns need to be controlled! Martial law!” What to do? The only thing I can think of is to leave America 🙁

              • That Harpy is no lady.

              • Where can you go and take your guns?

                • My solution is a home that can travel whenever you don’t like where your at….. A boat with a US flag on the back …. you may keep your weapons…. may have to have them locked up or even transported to local police station for your foreign port stay but …. at least for now my best option….
                  the usa is a declining empire…. prepare and remain flexible…
                  I invite others to contact me … [email protected]

                • Very true John Q. Public.

              • Organize,organize,

                • If you organize, you will be a target and be infiltrated.

                  Disorganize, disorganize 🙂

                • organize in small groups of three .

              • Where the f%$@ are we going to go? We do the right thing, thats all we can do, history will show we were right.

              • And where will you go?

                I think THEY are the ones who need to leave.

                • Amen ,and ill furnish the boat .i just finished it ,its made from concrete blocks

              • Dusty

                ” The only thing I can think of is to leave America”

                And go where?

                • I have no idea. But someone said above me that history will show us right, and that’s very true.

              • DEAR DUSTY,this is the reasoning of cowards,IF america falls how long do you think it will be ,before they come to whatever country you went to and kill everyone in that country?? WHO WILL BE THERE TO STOP THEM????the cowards who left america??maybe the unarmed locals will throw pitchforks at them HUH??AFTER AMERICA FALLS there will be no safe places left in the world…..and you cowards need to remember that……….

                • Arizona, I agree with you completely, but if you’re witnessing what’s happening and deny fear, then you either fail to grasp the absolute black evil that encompasses our government, or you’re LYING.

                • Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

              • Where ya gonna go? Ronald Reagan said it. this is the last, best hope of mankind. There is no place left to run.

            • If a million gun owners marched on Washington peacably caring openly, how could they stop us from being heard?

              • World War One Veterans peacefully marched on Washington begging for their promised bonuses.

                The army rolled in armor and soldiers and FIRED UPON THE VETERANS.

                Google “bonus marchers.”

                In the 20th century governments killed 1/3 BILLION of their own citizens, NOT including wars. Connect the dots.

            • seeker of truth
              their oaths went like this

              i promise to do my duty to do my best to help myself and fu#k the rest


          • I don’t think this went through for some reason. Here goes again. Maybe someone out there can better word this than I, and send this type of petition to the Whitehouse and around the country for people to see. Ignorance abounds just how wide open the country becomes IF the civilian population is disarmed.

            We petition the Obama Adminstration to:

            Immediately cease all congressional actions to ban any current legally owned firearm.

            We feel that ANY legislation against citizen firearms violates a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State that shall not be infringed. Banning any legal current firearms will substantially weaken the citizen army’s ability to defend the United States against foreign invasion, should the U.S. armed forces be unable to perform this duty. We believe that any law prohibiting any currently legal firearm openly encourages foreign enemy powers to attack the United States and gravely put at risk the freedom and very survival of the United States of America.

            • We would be in a rather good position should we be attacked by enemies from without, rather than from within…all of this talk comparing US with those who fought for Our Independence is really not feasible…..not in this day and age of technology….does anyone believe that this site is not monitored and that our isps are not collated? We lack what our Fathers had…..Faith that our cause is Just….Faith that we CAN make a difference and Faith that the Will of the People will come….but, sadly, the Will of a great many of the People is very clear….”we want what we can get for free and we don’t care who has to ultimately pay for it”……so, realistically, just how many would come into the fray? Not many, because so many talk the talk but refrain from walkin’ the walk…..
              Just a thought here….

            • No petitions. No marches. No “organizing”. Decision time.

              Don’t you think, if petitions, marches and organizing were going to work, they would have by now? Don’t you understand they can get away with this kind of shit because they know people are still willing to petition, march and organize…and they will ignore it?

              They couldn’t find a way to save Social Security after years of talks, but one long weekend and they came up with $700 billion for TARP to save the bankers…and ignored hundreds of thousands of emails, letters phone calls and texts from citizens. The time to ask for anything is OVER.

              You know the ONE THING GUARANTEED TO STOP THIS IN ITS TRACKS? Everyone saying, this is it. I am going to ignore the law, law enforcement, Congress, judges and everyone else who is so corrupt that they will try to enforce this. If only one in five gun owners grew a pair and decided to stand up NOW, you’re talking over 30 MILLION PEOPLE TELLING THE GOVERNMENT TO FUCK OFF.

              Do you really, really think the US Congress can stand against 30 million armed people who defy them? It won’t happen, or we’ll finally have the mask taken off the federal government.

              The police, the armed forces are not filled only with statists. There are weak links throughout this corrupt structure. They have been used to us giving in on everything. If 30 million Americans say COME AND GET THEM, this entire game is going to be over. The bankers, the gun grabbers, the corporate parasites…ALL OVER FOR THEM.

              There is just one thing you have to do. Decide if you will stand when the time comes with your brother and sister American citizens who are the true patriots, walking in the footsteps of Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Paine and the others. Decide you will NOT LET THEM DISARM YOU and we are at the beginning of the end for everything we hate.

              History for our entire planet can change, starting right here in America. It’s up to every single person who is reading this, and what you tell others.

              • Enough. Great plan. Count me in.

              • Enough Is Enough,

                Actually, rather than saying you want or wish for lawlessness, demand your Constitutional rights. It is our Founding documents that preserve our liberty and freedoms, not feckless abandonment of laws. We The People must assemble a larger body of individuals who legislatively demand that Congress uphold the laws of our Nation through the Constitution.

                And remember, to walk in the footsteps of Jefferson, Madison, Henry, and Washington means traveling into the fray, meeting with legislators, speaking out, engaging others by letter and speech. Simply complaining on a forum isn’t going to move the traitors out of Washington!

                So what will you do? What CAN you do? Will you engage?

            • Hi be informed,

              You should add in this: When the government does the check on people buying guns , they just check for criminal records, that they should check the persons medical/mental record along with others that live in the same house hold. If they started this along time ago a lot of these gun shooting sprees would of never happened.

              I really don,t know, Maybe the government is really going to try to have total control of us so we will have no contol or protection at all.

              I don,t know what the government will do when they try took take the guns away from people in Texas. They will have to have a lot of military in that state and a lot of people will die in Texas!

              I would also like to add to all these post of others on this subject with foul mouths and cruelness against others, the government should maybe check your mental record and maybe you should not own a gun! If any of your have a mental problem then your guns should be taken away. Otherwise I beleive everyone else should have the write to have weapons for protection for their family and our country!

              • Gee, 5th ammendment ring a bell? I’m not guilty because someone else is ‘incompetent’ to own a gun. Damn, you libtards just cant bring yourselves to support the USC no matter what. No thanks, nutbag.

          • I am a peace nut. I believe America would have a better world image if the troops were at home and to be used as defense. The military is spread thin across the world and should be used for domestic use. ‘IF’ America gets attacked then send out the troops, but this world police thing is hurting America more than helping. Bring everyone home and let the countries that America is occupying defend their own lands.

            My personal view is if all armies go home and stay there, all is well. If any 1 country leaves its own land for ANY reason, the world should come down on them like a sledge hammer on a staple. EVERYONE go home and stay there. This preEmptive crap only breeds fanatics. I know if I were in a country where a drone killed my family I would certainly want revenge. Violence/war for peace is a load of shit.

            • “The military … should be used for domestic use.”

              Uuugh. Stupid fuck tard.

              • Domestic as in IF you were invaded numb nuts. Not on its own people. Geez. Neo-con asshats love invading other countries ‘Not So Much’.

                • Brilliant assessment of what I think. I dont know how you divined that from what I said. Yea, us neo-cons just loooove invading other countries.

                  Of course, you’ll have no coherent reason why your neo-marxist messiah obamugabe has ‘invaded’ more countries than that oh so evil bush. I’m sure you’re retarded so I’ll list out his accomplishments if you’d like.

                • Obama is an asshole too, I never said I liked that fascist twit. Jokes on you ‘not so much’. I dislike most government. Keep the drones at home and grounded.

            • Who gives a fuck about our image? Are you an idiot or what? What a dumb ass thing to say….

            • Hey Gravlore

              Your going to get some violence/WaR for peace soon. Right here in the Good Old USA. And that ain’t no bullshit.

            • @Gravlore. Nothing is wrong with wanting peace at all. The nut comes in when someone tries to force their idealsim down someone’s throat by trying to force them to get rid of their self defense. There are plenty of peace “nuts” that ban pepper spray, stun batons guns, tasers, and other various devices used to protect someone from getting their throat or limbs ripped apart by vicous dogs. These are not just scumbuckets that are “nuts” they are pure evil that makes victims out people that should never have been.

              Then there is the nuts that try to ban people’s firearms, so their country has no back up civilian army to protect their country from falling into enmey hands. Slimewalkers like this are traitors and guilty of treason against their country and their countrymen.

              Fooling around in other people’s business is exactly what goes hand in hand with other countries and within this country with taking away people’s right to protect themselves and their families.

              You hope you will never have to harm anyone with your firearm, but truly you also hope that the freaken government never takes away your self defense either.

              • Thomas Jefferson > ” Tis better to live in dangerous freedom, than safe slavery.”

                • Dangerous freedom IS “Anarchy” since an Anarchist society is one that has no master of any kind. Safe slavery is anything under a governing body that requires tax. Tax IS slavery.

                • Anarchy with the “Rule of Constitutional Law”.

                • I agree with that old southern man.

          • +1. 100,000%

            i just wish i knew how to start a group and gather people of like minds, sooo many liberal sheep in our state it sucks, i would move in a heartbeat if i could pull it off,

            • Kula
              where are you???


              • And there you have it. Back at where is your line in the sand. I don’t see one person giving up his/her name, a date and time and a place to meet. Once some one has the guts to do that then what is your plan of action?

                1. Meet as an unarmed group and protest the actions of our legaly voted in politicians?

                2. Meet as an armed group with rations and ammo enough to march on a state capitol and in effect mount a coup on the legaly voted in government?

                3. Meet as an armed group and march on Washington DC and kick them all out. Set up a perimeter around the nations capitol and declare your unorganized selfs as the new goverment?

                My point is that with out a set of principles and goals backed by an established command and control structure no one is going to do anything. It will take a already proven / established / recognized leader of an organization to stand up and declare a call to arms.

                When that person does call for action it must be a swift and decisive action that can be activated and instituted before the powers to be shut it down hard and use it as a propaganda tool to stop anyone else from such actions.

                There is an answer to how we can take back our government, re-institute the values and morals our country was based upon. The poblem is that as soon as I state it and hit submit the government will be at my door and I will never be heard from again. So you see in the end I am just as chicken as anyone else.

                • There’s that catch-22 I was talking about. By the way, I’d just like to point out that FEAR IS NOT FROM GOD. I’m fearful, but I have to remind myself that more and more often these days.

                • Even several hundreds of thousands of people marching on Washington will do little good as the media wouldn’t cover it. Organization must be informal, in small groups and local. The soviet union fell because eventually the masses simply stop believing in the government and ignored it. If they pass gun laws, ignore them, if they “physically” come for your guns then hide them and say what guns? If they fine you, don’t pay the fine. If they come for you for not paying gun ban fines then the line has been crossed….resist with your local “support” group.

                • Whatever happens, has to be for the restoration of the Constitution and Republic. Otherwise you’ll have no support.

          • BI
            under executive order and or martial law,,i dont think there will be a constitution,,,will it mean anything,, i`m ready to die,,,but my friends,,you must live on and fight on,,,
            But this i can tell you alone you dont stand a chance,,
            I think its time we form up,,time for talk is past,,time for action,,time to come together and be heard,,,,


            • Snake, it’s not our job to die for our country. It’s our job to make the other bastard die for theirs.

              • AO1(AW)
                so where are you hiding at???i told everyone that read a past post where i can be found,,to date not one has shown up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                I`ll ask you again where in South Carolina are you???
                you are wrong its not our jobs to make anyone die its our DUTY,,,,,,we can talk it to death,,but untill we form up no one in DC will listen to out big talk or should i say small talk,,,,,,,,rants and ravings on a peckerwood site,,,(no offense Mac),,,


              • And so said General Patton…

          • Be informed,

            You are absolutely correct.

            History teaches us that gun registrations and bans ALWAY precedes an extraordinarily dark period in human history. In the current environment we can only guess at what will collapse first. The economy, the dollar, the bond market, social order, global war, etc. Either way, the government most likely intends to carry out an agenda against The People and/or the Constitution, and they don’t want any retaliation.

            • YOu guys must be very tired living under extreme fear and paranoia day in and day out. It is fun to see the people here come and go… post for a long time then finally realize you are all crazy…

              remember smokymountinlady and even manos had the brains to get out of here… yeah…like he was really from Greece…and even if he was… the internet gone. No.

              You people ARE the people that need to be watched.
              I don’t know how some of you are legally allowed to have guns. Your half insane with paranoia.
              The article says in one sentence that you will need to register arms… in the next it says the ATF will be going door to door…. this site feeds you what you need to “eat”….to keep those dvertising bucks flowing!
              WAKE UP. Sheesh.

              • Mack
                you are so right,,,,,


              • The 75 million Chinese who were disarmed and killed under Mao, or the 20 million dead under Stalin, or the 100,000 under Augusto Pinochet in Chile, or 6 million under Hitler would all agree that you’re full of shit.

                In light of the hundreds of millions of people who were forcefully disarmed and killed by their own governments just in the 20th century, your opinion is irrelevant as are you. You are a tool and a boot licking shill for the socialist collectivist wealth distributing gun grabbers.

                If our warnings and concerns weren’t valid, ass wipes like yourself wouldn’t be here. Go back to Politico’s web site where you can feel right at home you steaming pile of crap.

                History is full of assholes like you. Lucky for us our right to keep and bear arms is one of our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. So F%UCK OFF.

          • Yeh, well the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was treason, too. But nobody ever repealed it or punished the conspirators who abused the legislative process of impose it upon us. Treason has a proud century-long tradition in the United States. Every time we spend a Federal Reserve Banknote “dollar,” we approve of what the traitors did.

          • BI, Right F*n on…
            The classic definition of a liberal, is a conservative that hasn’t been mugged…yet.

            On Fox yesterday, Juan Williams, liberal retard, said we all have “fantasies of bad guys”… and that he felt safer not being around guns. This was in response to ‘the list’ being published…

            I almost broke the TV…
            Now I read this…

            Its almost time…

            • I’m reading all these comments and I get a restless feeling I can’t quite explain, like something is about to explode. I think you’re right.

          • No invasion. Nuclear weapons are anti invasion insurance. The US would not dare invade lowly India. Any idea the havoc created by a nuclear water mine on an invasion fleet?

            They are well aware that economic hardship is coming and the ability to govern a disarmed population will be difficult and an armed population almost impossible. They knew such a day was eventually coming but I get the distinct feeling that they’re now pressured for time. In the past they operated in the shadows sacrificing speed for stealth. Now they have abandoned hiding their globalist intentions and have accelerated their time table. While they create “events” to further their goals they appear reactive not proactive to deteriorating economic conditions.

            While a long term plan set the direction of where we are today I think the magnitude of it all is beyond their control. Some of this is taking on a life and direction of it’s own.

            • KEVIN,your close,first off you need to understand 1.these people are all devil woshippers 2. they hate you.3.they love to sacrafice children or just anyone to their god LUCIFER.4.AND THE MAIN REASON,THEY HAVE TO HURRY,IS NIBIRU IS GETTING CLOSE NOW,they want a WAR going when it shows up,as it will kill millions and they know it,check it out,”nibiru,the planet of the crossing”ITS REAL and don’t let anyone tell you it ain’t,this star is coming and its effects will be felt for years after it leaves…..

              • Nibiru. Really? All you lunatics said that was gonna *poof* appear on the 21st and kill us. Maybe I’m dead and just dont know it. Nah, you’re just a gullible douche.

          • Sport, Prussia will defend itself internally against the red hoards again, and they (‘reds’) are everywhere in the so called old white developed world, from Greece to the US. (I’m not meaning this to be a race thing btw).

            You guys have been engineered for decades, bit by bit. If ‘they’ receive backlash – they give a bit of freedom back to ally concern. They then try ‘it’ again months,- even years later.

            They will intimidate, threaten, use voilence to achieve their aims of total control. Even in small ways, example; if you oppose, even moderately – the arguments for climate change, the red thugs label you a ‘climate denier’, they do so publically by any media in an effort to shut your dissent up, to achieve their desired goals.

            They have infiltrated all political parties, white anting them as it were, but certainly mostly those of the centre/laboring type parties.

            They teach much, but much of their teaching is meaningless, their art, its ugly and pointless. Promotion of medocrity, or the promotion of the individual over the nation state. They destroy family and nation-state kinship, social cohesion. Just a few small references to their cancerous spread.

            They are a tool – to an end.

          • The traitors and sheep cheering on this effort think they will not be affected by it.

          • i will fight for my guns

          • The U.S. has the finest and best-equipped professional military force in the world to protect it from external invasion. No country in the world is REMOTELY qualified to challenge this force in a conventional military attack on the U.S. The protection of the ability to raise citizen militias under the Second Amendment was necessary in the late 18th Century to guard against a counter-revolution in favour of the British monarchy.

            • Steve

              The Second Amendment was incorporated into The Bill Of Rights well over a decade after the British monarchy lost control of it’s former colony and an entirely new nation emerged. There was no such right codified in the colonies under British rule hence the attempted confiscation of weapons by the British.

              You have revisionist history that from a timeline perspective is invalid let alone the intent which can be found throughout the Federalist Papers.

          • “This is TREASON. The citizen militia is GUARANTEED under the 2nd Amendment”

            @Informed: I always enjoy your posts…but answer me this..and I fully agree that the 2nd Amendment is rock-solid…we already HAD one assault-weapons ban. And it STUCK, until Bush let it expire. So we are at a place we’ve already been once before. If it was un-Constitional THEN, then it’s un-Constitutional NOW. So why did the ban STICK last time?


          • Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

        • Pardon me for trying to sound reasonable here but does anyone really think the ATF is goin to go door-to-door doing searches? Think about the number of civil rights violations that would constitute? Not to mention the shear amount of manpower it would require with local authorities that are already understaffed in most cities.

          • They don’t have to. If you have any registered weapons they merely notify you by registered mail that by a certain date you will have complied with the new rules. Not doing so will have financial results. They have all the bases covered. How hard will it be to make owning a gun a child endangerment issue? Oh yes they have ther ways.

            • I have a 50 gallon drum of personal lubricant and 6000 condoms ready for them when they arrive.

              • ANd you better have a very big and open ass, cause they will use all of them on you….

              • OMG – A condom bomb!

          • You don’t get it. Once this law is passed, YOU become the criminal. You won’t even be able to take your gun out of the house without fear of arrest.

            • AkCoyote,

              I’m not sure how one can become a criminal if the law in question is offensive, illegal, and maliciously infringes upon the Constitution.

              I for one will never consider myself a criminal for not following an illegal law.

              • The one with the most guns decides which rule are just.

                • Facebook Page,

                  That pretty much sums it up, which is why it would be a grave mistake for civilians to disarm. The Founders knew this conflict might happen one day, and gave us the legal tools to remedy it.

                • “The only real power comes out of a long rifle.”- Joseph Stalin

              • @YH,

                I am with you. Any law of this sort is illegal at inception, and thus is negated. I do not consider defense of my family or myself something I need permission for. I have semi played along with the existing laws to the extent required to keep a clean record. But if this passes all bets are off for me. I will carry everyday, anywhere, anything I choose.

                And when I am eventually confronted you will see the most embarassing photo they can find of me(probably the one from my ccw when I was dabbling with a mustache) on the msm with a story of how I am the type of loon they’ve been warning of. Just keep your eyes open for those stories and read into them since we all know unbiased news went away a long time ago.

                While our odds are terrible one vs the machine, never underestimate what a lone wolf can do. That of course entails staying off the radar or surviving your encounter with the man and being cunning enough to make them regret backing you and others like you into a corner.

                This is my line in the sand.

                • wadya gonna do when they cross it? Move it another foot and dare them to cross THAT one…
                  YOUr line…what a joke.

                • Mack,

                  Have you ever heard the saying, “Stand up for something, or lie down for anything”?

                  Looks like you’re already lying down and the battle is just getting interesting. No need to get up, you look comfortable down there. We’ll just walk over you.

              • you will find out soon enough

          • When a gun ban is passed, you won’t be able to use your prohibited gun for what were once lawful pursuits. You can still commit crimes with it and incur no risk greater than those which criminals are already willing to chance. And, if you want to be a martyr, you can do with your gun what Joe Stack did with his airplane. But what you can’t do is use it for something harmless and expect the police to leave you in peace. If I were to learn that somebody had shot half of Congress with a banned gun, I’d laugh. I wouldn’t do it myself, ’cause I’m too chicken, but I’d approve and admire any American hero who did.

            • If semi-automatics are newly classified as the same as automatics, there is no longer an additional penalty for having an actual assault rifle.

              • Bob

                What is even more interesting is those with NFA 34 registered weapons can legally sell them to another so permitted and will them to their children. An M-16A1 is ok while an AR-15 HBAR is just too dangerous to not be destroyed once the owner passes away.

                The reason for the above is that rich people primarily own full auto weapons.

                I’ll give you a true story.

                The former Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan was given a Thompson Sub Machine Gun upon his retirement. He moved to NJ and looked at it’s legality in that State. NJ effectively banned full auto ownership in 1967 but left a loophole in which active duty police officers can personally acquire a full auto in that state. The criteria is to first have a carry permit (or be a Police Officer) and show that you have the full auto weapon to “promote the public safety” . The Secretary was first denied the NJ machine gun permit but then the President of the US Ronald Reagan called then Governor Thomas Keene and magically the NJ permit was issued. I can imagine that the former Secretary of the Treasury is doing one man police patrols with a 1928 Thompson in East Orange NJ.

                Equal protection under the law is probably the most false premise served upon the public although that list is damn sure long and getting longer. Modern High School Civics Class is far more fantasy than reality. How can one teach the Bill of Rights and maintain a straight face?

          • Cmon people, what guns? We all have a lot in common (besides frequenting this web site). It seems that the majority of us have either sold their guns at gun shows in the past couple of months, had them stolen in a burglary, or lost them in freak conoeing/boating accidents while trying to shoot bass. Aren’t we an unluckly bunch?!?!?! Personally, I traded mine in for food vouchers. My local Acme was having a sale on chipped beef and I wanted to stock up for the apocalypse. Can’t get enough of the stuff!!!

          • No civil rights violations will be found to exist bc the homeland has been designated a battlefield against terrorism (whatever the hell that means) and therefore the constitution doesn’t apply in war says the Feds.

            If you are designated a domestic terrorist, you don’t get the constitution so says the Feds & so says the Supreme Court.

            And guess what? If you have a non-compliant firearm YOU WILL be designated a domestic terrorist.

            Mao said “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”

            Thucydides said “The strong do as they can and the weak suffer what they must”.

            Bottom line is > it don’t matter what the constitution says when 6 guys w swat gear show up @ your door.

            As as freedom loving sovereign man you know what you have to do at that point. We are going to be dealt a shitty hand, but that’s the hand you will have to play. God bless us all. And may history vindicate us.


            >my name is Legion for we are many. Expect us<

            • .gov is scared shitless. They know something bad awaits USA, and are desperate to hold onto their power. They know how deposed dictators fare, and know their own alliances are no more solid than those made during the Hunger Games.

              Nature may throw a monkey wrench into their plans, and you can rest assured that in any such event, they will ignore the lawless and try to come down on the defenders with both feet.

              Having a noncompliant firearm will guarantee you a shallow grave or a spot in camp FEMA. Any large scale ban will be another straw on the back of the American economic camel. The delima faced by .gov is that they want to tighten their grip, but know that if the economic machine stalls, their grip on power is tenous at best. If the economic machine breaks down, drones become difficult to fly, unpaid thugs become disloyal, they all try to throw each other under the bus.

            • That’s when your neighbors need to step outside their doors and lend a helping hand.


          • Chicago, Detroit, etc, is a prime example of absence of manpower. Impossible to go door to door even if guns were registered at a particular home address.

        • An attack on any part of the Second Amendment is an attack on the entire Second Amendment.

          • Ill do ya one better… attack on any right of any freeman is an attack on all rights and on all freemen…

          • VRF,

            Bravo. I couldn’t agree more!

        • Does this mean the elite’s body guards will be stripped of their weapons? Hah, not a chance in hell. Two face vile monsters. They want to leave you defenseless while they reinforce their perimeters, in order to keep you vulnerable and under their control. These filthy bastards are evil and have just about all the control they have desired for a long time now. The only problem is they have no idea what door they are opening but they will soon find out, resistance, resistance, resistance. Bring it on you Mother Fuckers.

        • Be aware they will not come after the gangs or criminals or other hoodrats first. They will come after the WHITE WORKING CLASS first, most likely from orders of this present administration. The white working class is the militarized arm of this Nation. My belief is if worse comes to worse the feds will co-opt gangs to harass white neighborhoods or to lets say smoke them out, letting them belive their being attacked, by home invasion, then arrested or killed when they come out. If this comes to past, you must be hyper alert, they will try to deal with everyone one at a time, 150 to 200 law enforcement, FBI, ATF, DHS, will show up for just one person, and thats just to confiscate, even though you have not broken any laws. The show of force will be ridiculous. You better hope that everyone in your neighborhood is armed and comes to help, thats the only way it will stop. Because if it turns into Revolutionary tactics by the people, I feel sorry for THEM, there is no place to run, and there is NO QUARTER for treason………..John Wayne said in one of his movies; You must think I’m a real dangerous man…..Make them think that!……History will repeat itself.

          • THEY live on your fear. Right now, THEY are living-high-on-the-hog. That is “our” fault and the fault of every other coward in our ranks. If you believe there is nothing worse than death…continue to cower, hide, and worst of all: COMPLY. The reality you will support with those actions will BE WORSE than the inevitable, regardless of what you desire to believe!

            Less than 600 “self proclaimed rulers in the district of criminals” will not amount to a pimple on an ant’s ass…unless your actions support that ABSURDITY.

            Nullify and refuse to acknowledge the insanity. Spread the word, THEY only have the power we willingly surrender. I for one will NEVER SURRENDER to this insanity.

            The high numbers of state wards that have been made dependent on “THE STATE” from birth will not join us until they are starving. In other words, those individuals will never be a part of the fight, or the solution.

            TIME FOR D.C. TO BURN TO THE GROUND. We will only survive/thrive with a complete “do-over”.
            WE have the POWER NOW…and NOW is the time to use it. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. This declaration is not open to “congress-critter” interpretation, IT IS SELF EVIDENT!

        • “Your responsibility to be ready for the fight is coming!”
          December 27 2012

          (with co host Patriot Nurse)

          James Yeager
          Tactical Response

          nough said


          • I noticed that subtle change too. I hate that it has come to this, but we better be ready to literally fight for our freedoms, because they are coming to take them. Nov. 6 showed they have the numbers.

            They are not interested in subtle change this time. They have patiently been putting the pieces around the chess board, and they are now ready to make the final moves toward transforming THESE UNITED STATES into a tyrannical Oligarchy.

            I do not have to ask permission to defend myself, because God has given me that right. The Constitution put that right to paper as a founding principle of this nation.

            No one has the right to come into my house and harm my family, regardless of whether or not they carry orders from a fiat Legislature. We are not all in agreement about every issue, but the right to defend ourselves and our families unites us like no other issue could. We must find a way to fight this together, because none of us can make this fight alone.

            I think we all better understand what the Founders were feeling when they saw Tyranny from the most well equipped power the world had ever seen. They understood the idea that they must “unite or die”, must “hang together or surely hang separately”. I am sure they felt fear, but they took action.

            We have been lulled into a sense of security by a period of time where we were not required to personally fight for our freedom. That time is over. Jefferson asked, “…what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” “Let them take arms.”

            That time has come. They must not be allowed to disarm us. The time for “the blood of patriots and tyrants” is upon us. If it is my blood I know where I am going. I also know where they are going. I am at peace with both. I am not at peace with knowing my complacency will lead my children into slavery. A couple hundred years ago men in a similar position had to choose whether to live ‘comfortable’ lives or risk losing everything so that their children could be free. They risked their farms, property, careers, reputations, and lives for what they believed in. Each of us must choose what we are willing to risk. I have made my choice. I know most of you have made yours. God Bless you all.

            Esse Quam Videri

            • Do you think they won? it was rigged from the start. This has been the plan all along.

        • You’re damn straight the real assault isn’t on our guns. The damn government is scared as hell and need to disarm us. They have all this superior firepower (we’ll go with some simple firepower: tanks, armored humvees, air support) and are scared shitless. The government knows that half of the military would defect and need to weaken us as much as possible. $100 in a grocery stipend for a gun? Tells you how intelligent these people are? I would have given them twice that ;-). Sorry, Los Angeleons, that would be $200. Twice means to multiply by 2.

          • Thank you for this comment PuffyPete! I have this image in my head of an all-powerful government, and I forget that they’re the 1% and they’re scared of US! Puts things into perspective 🙂 (yes, I’m young and new to this)

        • Ist time here. Don’t lie to yourselfs, this will end badly and you know it. People won’t give up what’s rightly theirs. Many will not surrender their property.

          My advice is get your shit in order real quick.

        • I agree with you totally on removing them from congress, let them come and try to take what is legally ours the fight will not be easy and it will not go without consequences so I guess the day they try to take our guns that will be another day in history remember 1776…..

        • Sandy Hook- No “Assault Weapons” Used- What Now Gun-Grabbers?!?
          Posted on December 27, 2012 by chris

          Watch this video. MSNBC admits it. No AR-15 used. Think about this revelation for a second. Ponder why, after non-stop lying for two freaking weeks that, all of a sudden, this is let out?

          Possible Answer: They are desperate to shore up the lone gunman lie, and pin it all on the dead Adam Lanza kid. This indicates fear on their part that their tale is being unraveled, and that big, fat bald-headed medical examiner’s statements about all the kids being killed with a rifle and the lies they told about 223 brass being found all over the inside of the school – if those lies (or truths) are bounced against the AR15 being in the trunk and not inside the school, then that opens up an avenue to the truth – that there had to be multiple shooters, and it was those shooters who used the AR-15s to kill the kids – if, they are really dead, which has still not been determined to my satisfaction. They cannot risk this angle being pursued – because it would lead straight to a pair of very evil fast & furious cockroaches – and it would expose that the whole thing was a set-up job designed to be used to disarm Americans.

          Incidentally, ballistics and forensics testing of the AR-15 bushmaster retrieved from the car trunk would not match the shell casings or bullets which would be taken out of the bodies of the allegedly dead children – assuming whoever did the testing wasn’t part of the whole conspiracy. This would reveal that some other AR-15 rifle was used and not the one in the trunk of the car. This is the piece of this puzzle that they can’t risk being brought to light.

          So, they are weighing their options and trying to do some damage control on the fly, changing and adjusting the ‘facts’ (manure) to fit the narrative that would best cover their complicit ass-cheeks. However, this lone gunman lie doesn’t hold up under scrutiny, either.

          This kid is now claimed to have 4 handguns – instead of just the Glock and Sig Sauer, as were reported to have been found on his body.

          Putting aside the obvious impossibility of a 20 year old autistic kid with no military training, no marksmanship awards to his credit being able to KILL and not just wound so many kids, who the bald headed liar said had between 3-11 bullets each into them – what is clearly going on here is an attempt to adjust the facts and increase the number of handguns to more closely match the magical and often repeated claim of 100 bullets being fired by the lone gunman. The time element for these shootings in so narrow that they are adding more handguns to their narrative so as to boost the magazine capacity up to account for the number of bullets they claim were fired – the kid couldn’t have reloaded his two pistols as fast as was necessary to get the 100 shots fired, everyone ‘killed’ and not just wounded, so he had to have two addition handguns bestowed upon him by the media – who are working with and for that pair of evil fast & furious cockroaches.

          Share this video people. Make it go viral, and feel free to add my analysis.

          • it’s all a hoax except for the deaths of those children. Just to try to get our guns. All responsible should be hung from the highest tree until their bones turn to dust.

            • How much you want to bet those children were killed with 10mm.

        • Future generations, looking at the Finsteins, Reids, O’Brians, Morgans, Matthewses will judge them on par with Benedict Atnold, former Stasi apparatchiks and Nazi collaborators.
          Better yet, one day they will stand in front of the ultimate authority and there will be no other idiots (as their hero called hem) to give them aid and comfort.
          That is comforting.

        • your right this is an attempt to disarm the people so that an all too powerful and corrupt government will have ultimate control over the people and thus the end to government by the people for the people. the nwo will be put in place and all freedoms will be lost as if we have not lost enough already. i say if all gun owners which i think is about 100 million refused to comply there is nothing they can do outside genocide and if they try that then game is on.they know guns are not the problem for switzerland requires everyone to be armed and has virtually no crime rate.

      2. It seems most of the sheeple are totally fine with this because you can still own guns, just not the types listed. “You can still have a bolt action rifle for hunting”, saw this as a comment on the news story. What they don’t understand is the second amendment is about protecting yourself from government tyranny, not hunting. The liberals changing the narrative on the second amendment from just owning guns to hunting was a tactic they seem to have succeeded at.

        • Other possibility is this……they know registration will not pass the House. When it doesn’t then Obama can come out, with the help of the state run media, and say if Congress will not act to protect our school children then he will be forced to and he will take this bill just as Feinstein has written it, and sign it into law as an Executive Order.

          I think they are counting on it not passing because if it does there will likely be provisions that won’t make it due to the compromise that always happens. They want the whole thing to become law and putting something in front of Congress they know won’t pass is a way to give Obama political top cover to go with an Executive Order. He looks like a hero, will be praised by the media, and can get all the provisions they really want. The fix is in on this you can bet on it.

          After registration we all know what comes next which is also part of the bigger plan.

          • If they do that, States need to nullify it. Citizens need to get behind nullification for a lot of unconstitutional, globalist things.

            • Perhaps other means of nullification will be in order.

            • Nullify what? The kenyan is NOT president, and is a foreign zionist plant. Anything he signs is NOT law. End of discussion.

          • If this is How its going down, with a EO..we Shall disobey any any all Laws or EO”s, that are against our Constitution, PERIOD..People its near time to Water the Tree..Stand up and be counted..We will Never disarm or Surrender!

            Semper Fi

            • Well Said!!!!

          • Great Thought on this issue.

            The Senate may pass this, the house may pass it. But the courts will have to rule on it and then the indiv. states will have to act upon it. By then the 24 months from now election will happen. Depends on who wins and looses. May be enough folks ousted to stop this gun control crap.If not , the states will have to act to which way they will go. Then we shall see how the LEO’s and the Military act on this issue. After that, a person should think about what a weapon means to themselves… Listen to the old utube of Red Skelton talk about the Pledge of Allegence. Think again, and put your plan to action. With wanting Grandfathered guns registered, that says they do not have a clue where the semi autos are, they were either sold by previous ownwer or lost in a boating accident.

            The second ad, is the straw that may break the Camels back. Load the Camel down with gun control it may break the back. We will soon find out if we are the people who deserves the country our Founders gave us.

          • Registration? Never in a thousand years.

            • Agreed!

          • Obamacare would never pass the Supreme Court either. How did that turn out. Wake up.

            • “Obamacare would never pass the Supreme Court either. How did that turn out? Wake up.”

              The constitution means anything 5 justices says it means. End of analysis. So much for constitutional protections.

              TPTB have correctly determined that nearly anything can be rammed down the throats of the typical brain dead, media saturated couch potato provided the right media spin is put on it (and it sure is).

              There is NO SOLUTION to the problem of the system screwing us slowly within the system bc the system’s has safeguards to prevent systemic change using the system’s rules & procedures.

              If you are paying taxes you are funding your own oppression. The system runs on money. It needs you to makes $$$ so it can extract $$$ from you to pay for bureaucrats & oppressors.

              I don’t want to hear the whiners say “I can’t not pay taxes bc, I have a paid job, or a family, or I am afraid they will …, or, or, or. You either live your values or you don’t.What are you DOING???

              Just because you can’t do everything, that is not an excuse to do nothing.
              You must monkey wrench the system whenever possible. You must subvert the system whenever possible.
              You must frustrate the system whenever possible.
              You must raise your children and educate youth to see the evil of the system whenever possible. \

              WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

              ++my name is legion, for we are many. expect us.++

          • This kenyan insect NWObama has ZERO authority. He is not an American.

        • Tried to write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper to this effect, it got shot down! Said it was too long, on the same day they printed two anti gun pieces that were longer than my letter, lame ass liberal sheep media.

          • Find out where THEY live.
            Break their windows…
            Bad guy tactics?
            That’s what the founders did before it went ‘hot’.

        • Spot on DW,
          They have tried that for years,”A well regulated militia” I Remember them trying to convince everyone in the 1980’s that that meant owning a gun was only for the national guard. And the word regulated meant having all these regulations for owning one is ok and is what the 2nd really says.A well regulated militia means nothing more than a well armed population. Regulated meant armed back then.
          Do you remember the movie ‘Young guns” They called themselves “Regulators” for a reason.As late as the 1910’s regulated meant just that.But then the progressives came along and needed to tweek that outdated Constitution.

          They have went so far as to co-opt the language we use today so as to deal with the pesky 2nd i believe.How else can they be able to get around the last “Shall not be infringed” language with all these infringements and nobody says shit?

          Lets quickly go down the list so far of what we have allowed them to chip away and infringe from our 2nd.

          ban on full auto 1934
          registration(for later confiscation)
          CCW permits fingerprints
          first semi auto ban sks imports and steel core ammo never returned.
          total bans in cities like Chicago,New york, DC

          Back in 1990 you could buy a milled Russian SKS for 89 bucks and a Chinese one for 40 and a case of 1100 rds. of 7.62×39 on stripper clips was going for 39 bucks!

          They put a stop to that quickly, wouldn’t want poor people to be able to get a decent weapon and ammo too.

          They realized long ago they could never get changes to the 2nd the legal way needing to change the Constitution so they have just chipped it away infringing it bit by bit with these bullshit unconstitutional laws till we find ourselves where we are today.

        • We will still have many many millions of .223’s for hunting: traitors en masse.

      3. They just do not seem to get it? Nor do the ignorant Ameikan populace. I have never met a gun that killed someone. Infact the only time I have ever heard of a gun killing someone, it was in the hands of somebody. Rock on Amerika, FOOLS!

        • A couple of great article just on this topic:

          40 Reasons to ban guns:

          a couple examples;

          #37 “Assault weapons” have no purpose other than to kill large numbers of people. The police need assault weapons. You do not.

          #27 Most people can’t be trusted, so we should have laws against guns, which most people will abide by because they can be trusted.

          Glossary of Terms

          The Journalist’s Guide to
          Gun Violence Coverage

          All very interesting and informative reads, do check them out.

          • Invincible Ignorance by Thomas Sowell

            “The key fallacy of so-called gun control laws is that such laws do not in fact control guns. They simply disarm law-abiding citizens, while people bent on violence find firearms readily available.

            If gun control zealots had any respect for facts, they would have discovered this long ago, because there have been too many factual studies over the years to leave any serious doubt about gun control laws being not merely futile but counterproductive. …

            Yet many of the most zealous advocates of gun control laws, on both sides of the Atlantic, have also been advocates of leniency toward criminals.

            In Britain, such people have been so successful that legal gun ownership has been reduced almost to the vanishing point, while even most convicted felons in Britain are not put behind bars.

            The crime rate, including the rate of crimes committed with guns, is far higher in Britain now than it was back in the days when there were few restrictions on Britons buying firearms.

            In 1954, there were only a dozen armed robberies in London but, by the 1990s – after decades of ever tightening gun ownership restrictions – there were more than a hundred times as many armed robberies. …

            Guns are not the problem. People are the problem – including people who are determined to push gun control laws, either in ignorance of the facts or in defiance of the facts.

            Some years back, there was a professor whose advocacy of gun control led him to produce a “study” that became so discredited that he resigned from his university.

            This column predicted at the time that this discredited study would continue to be cited by gun control advocates. But I had no idea that this would happen the very next week in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.”

            posted at lewrockwell dot com

      4. I don’t use profanity often but, NO F’KING WAY!!!

        • I do. Its NO FUCKING WAY……,………..,…….

          • Agreed!

          • time to consider a massive recall election on these Phucking Turds

            Harry Pinky Reid and the rest need to go

      5. Posession is 9/10’s The Law

        Whatever I got before The Hammer fell is mines.

        I will not turn over or register shit

      6. If they push too far they’ll tear the nation apart. I firmly believe this “ban” antics of hers is just posturing. Then her beloved media can label her the great compromise when they reinstitute the AWB and a hi cap ban. The anti gun crowd has always been and always will be about the death by a 1000 cuts – they don’t dare go right at it – the bullets would fly.

        • And THIS is why the Feds have made such huge purchases. With OUR tax dollars, no less!

          • Taxes … another load of crap in itself

        • Jim said:

          >>”…they don’t dare go right at it – the bullets would fly.”<<

          Exactly! I couldn't have said it any better.

          • The bullets will fly and they don’t care.

        • I don’t think that this is going to have a good outcome for us or our poor country. I know several very well trained former military, most with multiple combat tours in both Iraq & Afghanistan, who tell me that this is their personal “line-in-the-sand” ……. the place beyond which they refuse to be pushed.

          But hey, if you’re presently unemployed and REALLY desperate for a job; I hear that there will soon be numerous positions open and available in the highly lucrative field of door-to-door-gun-confiscation. Just not much of a life expectancy associated with the profession.

          Maybe it will help to divert our attention and focus off the really shitty economy and on to something else. Ya gotta love it boys & girls!!!!

          • PS….California’s legislative bodies will be 2/3rds under the control of the Democrats after they take office in January. Watch California push the envelope in gun control as far as possible. The AWB is almost a certainty, hi cap ban already here, I’ve heard they want us to buy a license to buy ammo ($50 license), but there is no end to what they might do here. 9 months from now I’m a Nevada resident anyway.

          • Guess what all the street gangs will be doing when this gets enacted. That’s right working for the govt. taking guns. Also anything else not nailed down.

            • sounds like i have read that somewhere before….. possibly the “Turner Diaries”?

              maybe alot of folks should check it out.

          • Hell, they didn’t have any problem finding lackies for 10 bucks an hour to go door to door for the census to GPS locate your front door and find out your status and when your last bm was so the un troops wont need to be able to read English to find you.Just like they used it during ww2 to round up the Japanese.

            I am sure thousands of low IQ libatards will sign up to help their beloved government rid the nation of evil guns one house at a time.They will have their little arm bands and clip boards and If and when they are shot at the door they call and send in a “real” collection team of military to deal with you. saves the gov. professionals the trouble of having to locate the resistors among the millions of sheep.

        • I hope you are right. I don’t want to see them succeed by 1000 cuts, but I am not prepared for a civil war &/or a Chinese invasion.

          • Perhaps you should think about getting prepared.

          • Don’t worry about a Chinese invasion dude. At least not of the MILITARY kind. that’s not their style. The Chinese “invasion” will (and already is) be purchases of land, businesses, and technology assets of the US. And look at it logically; they still hold a TON of US debt. That debt pays interest…in Dollars. If the US government allows China to hold US debt, and earn US dollar interest on that debt, then it can’t really stop the Chinese from USING those dollars! If the US blocked the Chinese from these US investments, the Chinese would consider its US debt to be no longer useful….and would dump it all. Dumping the debt would spike US interest rates so badly that the economy would be crushed, banks would lock their doors, and ATM’s would stop spitting out money. We’d be screwed. Not saying I LIKE it, justing telling it like it is.


      7. Pick 7

        • 100 heads

      8. Them giving me Orders to seize MY firearms as well as millions of other Americans weapons? (Begins chanting) Hell no I won’t go!

      9. I’ve got to call bullshit, know a lot of law inforcement
        pepole not one of them is coming to your door……..

        • They won’t have to. They’ll starve you to death using the IRS. Your credit cards will be deeveed, your bank accounts attached, your SSI pension cut off. Get ready.

          • Personally, I do business with Bank of Mattress.

          • Your kids will go to school one day and you will not get them back until you comply.

            • what about the ones that dont have kids?

              and kidnapping would not work, I know many parents that will tell them to keep the brats, after a few hours they will be calling the parents back beggin them to come get the little bastards

            • Thats when they start dying!

            • Good God I didn’t think of that one. Yet another reason to take the kids out of public indoctrination schools!

          • Not to mention the 400,000 foreign troops already here. Watch out for the blue helmets

            • “Watch out for the blue helmets”

              Ah, don’t worry, those helmets show up really well in either optics or irons. Even better, they won’t be wearing any flag that matters.


          • ^This post scares the crap outta me LOL. You know why? Because it’s completely right. And speaking of the IRS. We’ve already lost property rights in the US. Remember all those times that we never protested illegal property seizures by the government…ya, well here’s where we get kicked in the ass for sitting quietly by and allowing it to happen.


          • On a large scale, such actions would torpedo the “above board” economy.

        • You are right COF. The majority of Law Enforcement will not be coming to your door. They’ll bring in Chinese peace keepers for that job.

      10. Martial arts grew from the denial of self-protection and turned farm tools into weapons, hope is a difficult thing to crush, but our government should understand that the loss of hope is always replaced with hatred.

        • aint that the truth, and were seeing it develop more and more each day

        • And the Moro rebellion against the American forces resulted in anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 dead civilians. The swords, sticks and crossbows were no match for the guns of the constabulary. The 45 cal is known as the “Moro killer”.

          Remember that any insurrection would be dealt with in brutal ways. APCs, drones, automatic weapons, CS gas, utility cutoffs, etc.

          How many protests followed the extermination of unarmed Waco residents? Drones kill civilians everyday, and no one protests! Expect most of your neighbors to cheer for the uniformed jackbooted “PEACEKEEPERS!”

          • Vincent, there are solutions to every problem, the human spirit, the American spirit are not dead just asleep for now but many a rugged individual are awake.

      11. I read this today & thought it might apply to those who want to disarm the population BUT keep their guns.


        Gun Free Zones are supposed to protect our children, and some politicians wish to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms. Those same politicians and their families are currently under the protection of armed Secret Service agents. If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians

        • …but I thought it was illegal to shoot politicians and their families….what do they need bodyguards for?

      12. The sad reality is, no one could do a thing to stop the first AWB, and it won’t be any different now. We are not the men our fathers were.

        • Perhaps this is why WE need to stand up and BE the men our fathers were!

        • @Realist more people are awake now thanks to the internet. A wicked wind this way blows.

        • Personally, I’m not the man my grandfather was, but I’m twice the man my father is. He supports this bullshit.

        • speak for your’e self

      13. To correct the video, as of this writing, select fire full auto machine guns are still legal in most parts of the U.S.

        If you can locate (or afford to spend $14,000+ on) either a pre-1986 machine gun sear, complete machine gun receiver, or the complete machine gun itself, it is perfectly legal to own IF you can get the required signatures on your AFT Form 4, pass the multitude of background checks including fingerprinting, pay the $200 dollar tax stamp, and can wait 6-12 months for the paper work to be processed through your local Chief of Police or Sheriff, AFT, FBI, and INTERPOL.

        All that hassle to legally own a machine gun. At the same time the Government allows over 2,000 battle rifles to walk right across the border into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in operation Fast and Furious.


        • I bet the number is much higher than we have been told..2000 is not even close

          • VRF, exactly! 2,000 rifles only scratches the surface I’m sure.

        • A good cnc mill could cut thousands of them in a matter of days, is no big deal to copy the design if your half way competent with a CAD program, and they are cut from aluminum to boot!

          • Kulafarmer,

            The sear being the heart of a machine gun has to be made from very high quality steel and carefully heat treated to withstand the friction and stress of 4-7 cycles per second. This is why semi auto battle rifles cannot be easily converted into full auto in most cases. The sear will simply melt or shatter if any inferior metal is used.

            • The ones i have seen are actually a stamped part, it trips the spring loaded trigger right as it resets from the recoil, the bolt carrier is the only other part that is different, the body behind the slot for the hammer is shorter to accomodate the travel of the hammer because of the quick cycle

              • Or just buy a slide fire stock

                • i cant believe they are not on the list,they will be.

              • Kulafarmer, good post.

                That sounds like an M-16 design which I’m unfamiliar with. I am very familiar with the HK93 design and it’s completely different to the Stoner design.

          • I know a shop that cut 10000 yes 10000 AR lowers. They though they get rich when Obama was elected but the prices never took off. They are still sitting in his shop. He keeps saying he’s going to scrap them but never does.

        • @ YH

          Learn about the benefits of having an “NFA trust.”

        • Just FYI, guys… If you, as a private citizen, want to own class 3 items, you’ll have to go through all that bullshit listed above. If you become a corporation, you don’t have to go through all that bullshit listed above. Obviously, there’s still bullshit, just that being a corp always seems to get you beyond most of the Rules of the Peasantry.

      14. Hey Mac, do you have a link where this is on an official website?

          • I don’t see the list

          • Very vague summary, no details at all. You’re going to have to pass the law to find out what’s actually in it.

            • Thats funny stuff Old Coach

            • Well it has to be vague Old Coach. Remember the Obamacare? I don’t recall the name of the politician who said: you don’t have to read or to understand the entire law….just pass it and then make modifications later. The net is Register the GUNS FIRST and then later proceed to confiscate them.

          • The list of banned and exempt weapons are not there.
            Secondly the proposed legislation does not prohibit ownership of the banned weapons as previously speculated in articles on this and numerous other blogs. But, if you own one you’ll be registering it, and when you die it cannot be transferred.
            I called F’s office in LA, they said they didn’t have the list and transferred me to the DC office so I could talk to the aide working on the legislation. On hold and disconnected. The list may be “in the works” but it is not finalized. Get involved now and put on the pressure to minimize the banned list and the exempt list. Heck, my Stevens Model 82 semiautomatic fits the banned list definition as it has a non-detachable magazine capable of accepting more than 10 rounds (15 to be exact) unless mentioned on the list of 900 exempt guns.

            • You can bet this bill will be changed at the last minute like the Obamacare bill and NDAA and almost every other piece of treasonous legislation that comes out of the crapper we call Washington, when it passes they will have added wording to include an outright ban, is harder to reverse once its passed. WE ARE ALL BEING PLAYED BY THESE PRIMADONNAS IN WASHINGTON, THEY DONT CARE WHAT YOU OR I OR ANYONE THINKS.
              LIVE FREE OR DIE!

          • YH, You provided an official and real link. The content is exactly the same as the proposed bill by DF. NRA also provided the exact same material as you have done. Thanks.

            • Tactical,

              Copy that. Thanks.

        • Thanks guys, I have all these naysayers around me telling me I am being paranoid and that they just want to pull the semi auto assault rifles off the street. I laugh at them and temm them by their definition, my handgun is an assault rifle because the magazine holds 12 rounds and is detachable. Such idiots, sticking their heads in the sand so they dont have to think or worry, just watch tv

      15. Hmmm, wonder how bad people would scream if we were to pick apart the first amendment in this same manner? You can only have freedom of speech if it’s in print. Not from your mouth, no free speech for digital mediums(web/text ect..) No free speech in large cities- only 10 word capacity sentences are allowable in California….

        We have been givin the right (granted from our creator not a king or president) the Right to bear arms- not the right to bear certain arms that a growing oppressive government picks out for you.

        Any active effort to eradicate the Second Amendment outside of law — without going through the proper process of state ratification for Constitutional amendments — is, by definition, an act of sedition against the United States of America and its people.

        ANY elected political figure that tries to intervene with these rights should be removed from office and stripped of ALL of his/her liberties that he/she so grandly dissaproved of.

        Stock up, and prepare to rock out with your Glock out folks, the third act of an inevitable collapse/reformation is beginning…..

        • Once the 2nd falls the first will die a quiet hushed death.

      16. You know, there is a mechanism in place for amending the constitution. If the left is so sure the American public wants to so fundamentally change 2A then why don’t they go for it? As for me, I’m really way beyond sick of all of this. Lets just get it on libtards. Come for my guns. I’ll meet you at the front door. Oh, you’ll undoubtedly get guns alright. It’ll just be after you have killed me. The thing is mine will not be the only corpse on the ground.

        • They won’t try through legal channels because they know they will lose, big time!!! And they Patriots will see who their enemies are, they won’t be able to hide any longer.

      17. Chu-ko-nu…….When the ammunition is not being sold anymore and you have to protect yourself and family. It may not be equal to an AR-15 but it beats the hell out of a sling shot, and ammunition is only a tree away.

        • Awesome machine…!
          Looks pretty easy to convert a regular crossbow to a repeater…
          a worthy project…

      18. Of course a ban like this will keep the guns out of the hands of people like the ex-con in New York (who wasn’t even allowed to own a BB gun). Because the kind of people we need to protect ourselves from would then NEVER be able be to get their hands on these weapons.

        You’ll never need the second amendment until they try to take it away from you. Thomas Jefferson

        • Arco,

          Well said.

          Jefferson also said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

      19. All gun owners absolutely need to stick together against this. I remember that idiot klinton’s ban in 1994, many gun owners said that it was only assault rifles and who really needs those, so they did nothing. This is only the camel’s nose sticking out from under the tent. If this is allowed to pass, there will be another false flag event with someone using a high-powered, scoped deer rifle, probably with a black synthetic stock (scary-looking), the media will scream about sniper rifles and those will be gone. Then some idiot will shoot up a mall with a pump shotgun and those will be gone too. Just because you don’t own an “assault rifle” doesn’t mean you don’t have the responsibility to help defend my right to own one. Stick together everyone, don’t let the leftists demoralize you!!!!

        • MX, not just gun owners. Anyone who values the Constitution and sovereignty of our nation needs to object to the ban.

        • The left are experts at bullying their way to what they want. They decry bullying while they themselves are experts at engaging in bullying to silence their detractors. A new book will be out soon “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation silences America” I’m hoping it will be a good read providing info to help us combat their tactics. Unfortunately they have been quite effective. They have successfully co-opted the MSM and made the MSM their personal propaganda arm. It is pretty tough going up against the MSM, but they are just as guilty as those they enable in wrong doing.

          They are quite suave and self-righteous in presenting their messages. Pay particular attention at 1:00 to 1:13 minutes.

          Their hypocrisy is probably unmatched in all of human history. Before I’ll consider any of their pap respectfully, I’ll need to see a “This is a Gun Free Zone” sign in the yards and on the entry doors of all liberal leaning residences.

          Soldiers are not required to obey any unlawful orders. They can get into serious trouble should they choose to obey an unlawful order. “My Lai Massacre”. Neither should citizens ever obey any unrighteous laws. In discerning which are and which aren’t lies the problem. You can be pretty certain though that any assaults on our 2nd Amendment are unrighteous. The test lies in the deleterious consequences witnessed by history past for all previous national gun confiscations. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot… Any law abiding citizen and innocent man who becomes a prisoner or casualty of any anti-2nd Amendment agendas should be considered a political prisoner or casualty regardless of the perp walk and demonization they are put through by the MSM.

          For those of you that do believe in God, it is time more than ever in the history of our nation to seriously heed Ephesians 6:13 “Put on the full armor of God so that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”

          Time sure seems short.

          Matthew 24:32
          Luke 22:36

        • Any gun you own will be taken sooner or later, once this starts it will not end,this is the only the begining, this not going to go away.

      20. If I cover my stock in pink embroidery, paint the exposed metal tulip pink and hang rainbow fuzzy dice from the scope, will THAT look less threatening when you’re looking down the business end of the barrel? I’ll just rename it “my little pony 12ga”.

        • I had some pink glocks made up. My oldest daughter said we needed style. All her girlfriends love them. And because they have matching holsters see is able to carry them better. The e color blends when she is in here outfits.

        • I’m putting in an official order for “My Little Pony 12gauge” my daughter wants one LOL

          • I want the Hello Kitty Saiga..

            • They are all ready making those kits. Not many but someone made them. They were at the show.

      21. As usual, you idiots are long on hyperbole and paranoia and short on facts. Morons.

        • …and yet, you’re here….Again.

          • And with nothing substantive to say, only insults. Who’s the moron again???

          • He heard we had a shortage of morons so he voluntered. He is certainly qualified to wear the badge of “MORON”.

            • too bad he cannot read the badge

        • So please enlighten us Joe, what are the facts? Feinstein doesn’t want to ban semi-autos and hi cap mags??? I’m confused. Or do you just agree with her, so that makes the rest of us morons?

          I usually don’t make personal attacks on these pages, but I find that when Lib-trolls usually resort to name calling and ‘opinion’ without any facts because they don’t have any. And please don’t come back with some MSM gibberish that was complied for them by the TPTB. Give us hard, verifiable facts that were all wrong and just bunch of idiots.

          Otherwise, shut the hell up and go troll on the “Huffpost” with others of your ilk.

          • arco,it’s never been about facts,Facts are for us thinking losers, its all about feelings.

        • History class gave me all the facts I need.

        • Joe, with every post you make you only add stupidity to your own inequity.

        • JoeinNC

          Your right again. Nothing will be passed because of the political might of the NRA and 70 million gun owners.

        • As usual you’re full of shit and short on charmin.

        • @JoeinNC….


        • Facts Joe? FACTS? REALLY?
          There is only one FACT Joe, well two…
          First, you are a pathetic progressive troll in the employ of your Dear Leader…
          Second, the second amendment is there, because of people like YOU Joe.

          It is a hunting license Joe, and don’t tell me you don’t get it, you do, but you see, we read Mao too… that;

          “All political power flows from the barrel of a GUN”.
          With equal firepower to the JBT’s you’re friends with.
          So when the balloon goes up, that mean, I get to hunt;

          • JoeinNC actually IS a troll and all we need to do is check his words to see the Progressive trollisms he uses. Just search the phrase “long on hyperbole and paranoia and short on facts” and you’ll find it’s a popular one-liner of their hypocritical nonsense.

            • Z, I just had to vent a little, sorry…
              We have been knowing what he is, a paid Obot board troll. But, its just getting on TIME, ya know? People like Joe don’t realize, their toe is hanging over that last line in the sand…

              I took an oath Joe, to defend her from all enemies foreign and domestic… funny, don’t remember anybody ever UNOathing me… that, my good Obot traitor, gives me LEGAL authority to execute judgement. And I call upon all Vets, to do equipment checks, lace up, define target ‘lists’, and be ready to become;

              A Militia of One.

              (Since we will not organize, then we must become their worst nightmare, a shadow that moves in the darkness, a slice of cold fear that pierces their heart in their sleep, never knowing, never seeing…)

              When I put my boots back on Joe? All you will see is a shadow.
              The sleeper must awaken.
              It will soon be time, to water the tree.

        • How a libtard end up in North Carlina? You need to go back the UK or what ever communist country you came from.

        • What a troll-faced douchebag! Go watch your msm rhetoric and drink enough of the kool-aid to finish the job, ass gasket!

        • Joe, You are a small man, not small in stature but small in heart and mind. Dont go away mad, just go away.

      22. Where did the government get the money for those gift cards?

        • I heard New York can’t afford it. Oh wait, they’ll just use some of that money intended to help Sandy victims.

          BTW, where are they going to get THAT money? According to Timmy we’ll be broke by Monday.

        • From the tax dollars of the 25% who work and are not on some sort of welfare

        • “Todays supplied gift cards are the courtesy of: The Federal Reserve”

      23. Mac,
        Where are the links that list the proposed 120 weapons? I notice that posession is not included in your article as it was in earlier articles.

        Where is the list of 900 allowed weapons?

        • 230 JHP…” where is the list of ALLOWED(?)weapons?” BRO…a government of the people, for the PEOPLE, and by the PEOPLE does not tolerate being ALLOWED ANYTHING! We need to start tar and feathering these traitor assholes who think we are their inferiors. PUBLIC SERVANTS SHITHEADS!!!

      24. Im not registering SHIT!!!! gun bans only exist for those who turn them in.

        • ME EITHER!!!. Fuck that Nazi looking old hag!! Well, on the bright side, I never thought I would live as long as I have and I don’t want to die, sitting in my own shit in a pair of Depends in a nursing home, forgotten by my family so I guess I’ll get to die a little early DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION. BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKERS!!! YOU MAY GET A STEAK DINNER OUTA MY ASS, BUT I’LL GET A BALONEY SANDWICH OUTTA YOURS…I’LL BE WAITIN!

          • Have a plan. Dont just give it away. FBP

          • I agree. MOLON LABE

          • blackriflewarrior… are a man after my own heart.

            • Amen Blackrifle…

              They do NOT want us old vietnam vets to put our boots back on…
              We have tricks… not very pleasant tricks… but…
              if it comes to this, I’ll do what my daddy did, die and take a few of the JBT’s with me.

              Dear JBT,
              Yes, we know you’re here, we know you’re watching, we also know, you’re scared… you’re nothing but hypocrites and bullies in the schoolyard… you think you have the advantage, but all you have is technology and firepower…

              We can defeat you all with one word; GUILE.
              If you come to my house, I won’t be here, but you will die a slow and painful death and I will watch from a distance as my little booby tricks thin your ranks.

              Then I will say a prayer for your sorry souls, and go after your bosses.
              And when the Tea morphs into The III,
              God help you all.

            • I was just wondering…. being the storm knocked out elect. power on the east coast…. Wouldn’t it be terrible if numerous storms knocked out power from calif to new York and Texas to Nort Dakota at the same time. Over and over again.

              I hope nothing like that happens…..May we all hope for fair weather.

              • Ah yes laddie, you read minds?
                Such a simple thing, a wind, a storm, that the bastards sew, to reap the whirlwind.

        • My Polish friend tells me there are historical signs posted at the Auschwitz memorial. The Nazis first required everyone to register their bicycles. Then they taxed bicycles and confiscated any unpayed for. Then they required everyone to turn in their bicycles. Finally, anyone who didn’t turn in their bicycles was executed. This is what we have to look forward to the way our nation is going.

      25. A few days ago I posted that they’ll try to start a registration program. Everything else is a sorta smokescreen. They want the US populace to accept the registration of SOME firearms. And then they’ll start slowing expanding it to ALL firearms… and then start confiscating. Mac brings up a great point about there simply being a critical mass of sheeple that don’t understand the Bill of Rights, let alone the 2nd amendment. Our public schools, some would say intentionally, have kept our kids from learning about our Constitution. Immigrants don’t have to learn about it either. They’re taught how to collect welfare and the Establishment Liberal is happy to get their uninformed vote.

        Her legislation will never pass the House so long as the Republitards hold it… That makes the mid-term election in 2014 all the more important. But are we fighting a losing battle? I think we are.


        • I think you’re right Mal. They want to throw out something so outlandish (banning & confiscation) that when the “compromise” to something reasonable (registration), people will accept it as a good thing, “We Won, they aren’t taking our guns!” All it does is push the Overton Window a little wider open. Outlawing & confiscation is never too far behind registration.

        • Three million third worlders brought in every year. Once they start sending them to the small states they will have us. Two Senators is two Senators no matter how big or small the state. Small states are much easier to take over. Took them thirty years to destroy Cali. because of it’s size. Fifty thousand new voters will swing most small state elections especially with some fraud thrown in.

          • @John W.:

            Good point. I know Minnesota is already overrun with Somalis. “Officially” the number is 50,000. But if you believe that, I’ve got some land in Florida to sell you. It’s more like 200,000… or more. Hell, I’ve seen them all over Anchorage, Alaska as well.

            We’re screwed. A free Republic was fun while it lasted. Euro-Socialism seems to be on the agenda for at least a generation or two. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Texas will secede again.


            • Very soon the believers in western culture…all of it, are going to have to stand up for and defend it…we cant win this on their terms abiding by their rules and definitions… its rigged…weve been lied to and been extremely guilable..sorry I dont know any other way to say it,we gotta stop playing the game…run them out of the country….start with the leftists and those who dont respect liberty and the rule of law and stop buying the bleeding heart liberal lies like if you breathe air you have a right to be in America and act any ole way you want to…just because you managed to sneak in here with leftist help or on your own doesnt mean we gotta just shut up and let you be…whilst you plunder our childrens futures at your leftist masters bidding…just one of many examples of how being PC and “nice” has nearly cost us our nation/culture/futures…time to fight back…nuff said!

      26. This might be arguing a small point, but doesn’t a “gun buy-back” program imply the previous (original) owner wants to pay you for your firearms, that is, your federal, state, or local government was the original owner.

        Kind of like a college book buy-back program. You buy the books from the college (original owner), after the semester, the college BUYS THEM BACK.

        I only point this out due to the continual and intentional obfuscation of definitions by the gun grabbers.

        Also, here is an excellent article:

        • Fantastic article, but don’t read too far down into the comments if you have any problems with hypertension…

      27. This is how it will get done:

        They will put it as rider on a bill that will “save us” from the fiscal cliff. The press will form the public dialogue to give the appearance that the Republicans are condemning the country to another recession in order to pander to the NRA. The Republicans will compromise and 2nd amendment to save those that are earning less than one million a year and then go along with it so they wont be labeled as the party that took us over the fiscal cliff.

        It’s a game that’s been played over and over and it will be played this time too. I hope I’m wrong and I hope enough reps in the congress will grow a back bone and just say no.

        • I hadn’t even thought of that possibility, but you are most likely right.

      28. MAN O’ MAN … ;0) IT’S GONNA BE “OPEN HUNTIN’



        “BRING IT … YA’ lil’ baby jesus killers ZOG FED COMMIE GOV TRAITOR ZION-NAZI BWIATCHES !” ;0p

        GOT “DICK Act of 1902” Constitutional Amendment ??? ;0P it says plain as day … YOU TRY TO TAKE MY SHEEIT … YOU DIE A TRAITORS DEATH 2 to the chest 1 too the head !

        “LOCK and LOAD AMERICA !!!”

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • “Dick Act of 1902”

          Have you ever heard of the “Dick Act of 1902?” More properly known as the “Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654?. Oddly enough it is not available online from government sources, only a “catalog page” found at The Library of Congress .

          The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws.

          • A c not a k. I amazed. The way you beat up AmeriCa its hard to believe you would want to defend it.

            • ” Speaking of DICK’S !”

              @FBP aka SID Sucks Italian Dirks aka SBG Sucks Big Gonads aka LT Large Turd = Ya’ HOMO baby jesus killer ZOG LOSER !

              ” PISS OFF @FAG.BUGGER.PUSS !”

              ~N.O. ;0p

            • It hasnt been america in a long while. We live in some fucking place.

        • Wizard of Dog:

          I wanted to be on record that I gave you a thumbs up because…


          True to the end.

        • Still a moron. At least you are predictable. How many screen names you have anyway nina or whatever the hell you alter ego is. Inciting violence on a public forum. What you be ATF, DHS, FBI?

          • Actually, John W, if anyone brings “federal shill” to mind, it would be you and your buddy, Old Coach.

            Why, you ask?

            Well, it seems as though the two of you are constantly working in unison to plant those little seeds of fear – like above:

            The Old Coach says:
            Comment ID: 979310
            They won’t have to. They’ll starve you to death using the IRS. Your credit cards will be deeveed, your bank accounts attached, your SSI pension cut off. Get ready.

            John W. says:
            Comment ID: 979746
            December 27, 2012 at 3:17 pm
            Your kids will go to school one day and you will not get them back until you comply.

            Little quotes like these are fairly consistent with the two of you – just small hints that resistance will be an exercise in futility. Just planting that seed, perhaps in order that people might think twice before resisting?

            The other thing that is consistent with the two of you is how you are constantly trying to devalue the information that NinaO passes on. You seem to tag-team with this effort as well.

            You say NinaO is a troll – not a chance. If anyone fits the troll MO it’s the two of you. You aren’t as subtle as you think you are.

            And if you aren’t “on the payroll”, then perhaps you just don’t have what it takes to resist coercion – based on what you post here, anyway.

            • ” just small hints that resistance will be an exercise in futility.”

              I didn’t catch that in the above post, but this makes a lot of sense. There’s a lot of this getting spread on YouTube right now too (maybe an orchestrated campaign?). Anyway, WE have the numbers. It doesn’t matter how many UAV’s they have if all their little 140 pound nerd “pilots” have been taken out. We have MILLIONS, including plenty of police, fire, and active military who support a Free America. It would be ugly, but D.C. “elites” would ultimately get a “nice fair trial”, and then promptly executed for treason. Perhaps these D.C. people should visit YouTube and watch the Saddam Hussein execution video again.


      29. Do not feed this troll.

      30. Here we go again. If anyone does not see a New World Order agenda by now, then they are the Pinball Wizard–deaf, dumb and blind….

      31. I believe they are “using” this tragedy to advance their agenda.

        NBC Reports AR15 Not Used in Sandy Hook Massacre, Only Handguns

        “Original reports were that 3 guns were found at the scene of the Sandy Hook elementary school mass shotting in Newtown, Connecticut.”

        Latest reports are that 4 handguns were found inside the school.”

        “Video shows authorities retrieving the assault rifle from the trunk of Lanza’s car outside the school.”

        But at a press conference today the Medical Examiner said, “All the wounds I know of at this point were caused by the long weapon.”

        A reporter then clairifed, “So the rifle was the primary weapon?” The Medical Examiner replying, “Yes.”

        Gun Inconsistencies in Sandy Hook School Mass Shooting
        Youtube dot com

        • I so distrust our media, I wondered if he really used an assault rifle. Glad to see other skeptics on the ball. You wouldn’t believe where I go to find the least biased media reporting (Al Jazeera) and where I go to find things our government controlled media doesn’t tell us (Russia Today).

          • You don’t have to be a skeptic to catch the lies, you just have to be able to READ above a “Dick and Jane” level.

        • KY Mom

          One must wonder how they get so many to move lockstep with them. Do they just walk up to a medical examiner and tell him what to say? Do they threaten his life, his family’s life? Are they “Men in Black” type characters? Dozens go into a crime scene, shell casings abound, their may be survivors; How do they manage to get a solid irrefutable but incorrect story from everyone?

          For the sake of conversation lets assume “they” can do the above. The question then becomes; What can’t they do?

      32. Please excuse my French, But JoeinNC can go fuck himself and jump in bed with the gun grabbers. I’m with eveyone else here in this issue. I don’t care what’s on their list. It’s not legitimate and I’m not following it. Remember this, people. Someone will take your guns only if you let them. Never give up your weapons under any circumstances. I’m not giving up my guns or anything else I own. Nobody tells me what I can or cannot have in my home, period. Come try to take anything I have and see what kind of day you have as a result. If you want to live, don’t be stupid! Best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • braveheart

          JoeinNC is here for amusement like Joe Biden and one must admit “Say it ain’t so Joe” is funny.

          • joe in NC hell he is joe biden,,what ya think


        • One thing I plan on doing next year is to change the “official” address on my driver’s license…to one of those mailbox centers in a strip mall. If you decide to do this, be sure you also switch the address for your car insurance. In a traffic stop, cops will always check to make sure the license address matches the insurance address. This is not a government by the people…it’s a government of occupation. NEVER let them know where you sleep.


      33. Dreamers

        lol…yeah like they are stupid enough to knock on doors


      34. I have to wonder, once are guns are taken away, who will strike us first? A foreign country, or our government?

        • The economic collapse

        • I fear my own government much more than any foreign invader.

        • Time frame?? Well if events from 2008 to 2016 are any indication of the direction and carry forward from 2016; we will be disarmed just as Australia was. We will join the rest of the major nations of the world. Ready for the the world’s ‘shadow government’ to take over.
          Disarmed by 2020; Taken over by 2040!!

          Your comments please


          • no way it lasts to your dates…within 2 years.

          • Mountain Mike

            Sorry, but our economy can’t stay propped up that long. I’m saying no longer than 2014 and it all may be for nothing if this Gun Control Issue takes on a life of it’s own, which is probable.

            I suspect that Barry and his gang will first get our military out of here and into other countries before the UN or NATO is invited to do the dirty work of confiscation. And they won’t allow them to return home.

            • Thank you LMS and MS great comments. In my reply to GK I was looking at getting to a totally disarmed Republic; first the ‘assualt’ gun then pistols, then hunting rifles. Then a takeover by the UN or others will meet minimal resistance.

              Certainly when you lay a worsening economy over the top of a gun ban it certainly worsens the entire outlook for our country. Just look at the LA gun ‘buy back’ on one day and they ran out of money cards in the early afternoon.

              So I will amend the take over back to 2030; however I continue to believe it will take until 2020,OK 2018,for the government to find and seize anything near to the 300 million guns in private hands today.

              I will say, I enjoy a two way conversation on a subject instead of just a thumbs down without knowing your opinions.

              More comments are certainly invited!!! THANKS!!


            • Mustard Seed
              i do believe you`ve hit the nail on the head,,,only way i can see it working,,,,


        • @gregorklusar, a foreign country and your government are the same thing. Its a new world order man. Your government is connected at the hip with Israel. Which is essentially made up of all the worst NWO commies in the Soviet Union. They drove the vile jews out.There are already Chinese an d Russian forces on American soil. All of this nonsense leads to a tiny country known as the Vatican and more specifically an independent wing of the Vatican. The Jesuit Quarter. To answer your question Gregor, its both. and they are the same thing. confusing, yes, by design.

        • You have to play the probabilites, especially since nobody has unlimited money for preps. The only foreign power to be worried about is the UN.


      35. Told you.

        And… once again, no one needs to come to anyone’s door and physically confiscate jack shit.

        They already know who you are. Suddenly nothing will work for you, and they’ll have warrants out for you all over the fucking place. I seem to recall some rather large… “facilities”… existing to house you. Just don’t ever get in a traffic accident or swipe any kind of card, you should be fine, right?

        So this is the “money where your mouth is” moment. Seems like.

        • TheGuy

          They really do not want to do that! They really, really do not want to do that! All bets are off if they do.

        • Well, if nothing works, then maybe theres nothing left to loose and everything to gain?

        • Thats assuming I have any credit cards/bank accounts/money/drivers license/and so on…you may be right but it wont hurt alot of people who dropped out of the system either partially or completly long time ago!

          • I haven’t had a valid driver’s license OR state ID card since 1998, and that’s a fact. They’re gonna have fun figuring out what my address is, I don’t have a rental contract and my phone is a wireless extension off someone else’s….I will see them coming.

      36. how are they going to find or know where to look for the ones that never got regisered?..huh?

        How are they going to know where to find the ones in the states that dont register?.

        Like to hear their answer on that one


        what if they do come to my door or work place or where ever im at , and I say I dont have any of those types you think I have..whats their move than?

        what about guns that can have magazines that hold say 13 or 15 rounds, but also can have a mag for that same gun that only holds 9 or 10?

        What if I go buy 10 round mags for my gun..and hide the 13 or 15 round mags, and say I never had any hi-cap can they prove I do?
        you dont register the magazines..these people are seriously F’ed in the head..I can find a million ways around this..

        Not to mention

        I dont think they have enough body bags for thier team..oh..yeah thats right FEMA has em..better see if you punks can set up a deal, ’cause if yer gonna go door to door..I bet you dont make it outa Texas alive.

        • 1. Small and containable sub-fraction of the population. They do nothing. Later at some undefined later date, they do the National Guard. No one “important” gets killed. Collateral damage = small and they can make shit up. Aka “oh well”.

          2. They have the records. If you say you don’t have them doesn’t matter. They’re licensed to you so either you have them or you gave them to someone, unlicensed. Also known as “terrorists”. Capiche?

          3. They can’t control that one. It may turn out to be useless if they ban everything with any form of detachable mag. It’s their only work-around there.

          4. They’re unified. You’re not. Cut off your finances and make you each individual fugitives, what are you going to do, suddenly “band together” and sing Kum-Bay-Ya? I doubt it.

          • Or they thy will get some bad actors like in the sandy hook interviews and make it up as they go.

        • “I bet you dont make it outa Texas alive”

          I bet you’re right! Paraphrasing a now-dead, but wise Japanese man…if you invade Texas you’ll find a gun behind every mesquite tree and prickly pear, and a pissed-off redneck on the trigger. Good luck with that LOL.


        • VRF,

          Its gonna be the busted tail light or rolling stop played at you. They will find something wrong with you and your’s. Nothing about any of this will have anything to do with the law, or right and wrong, or what a judge or lawyer will do…GET IT?

          Once they forgo the Constitution its Bizarro world and anything goes!

          • Yeah I got it,, but two can play at that game,,or should I say all of us against them can play that game and win..we just have to unify

        • facial recognition will get people on cameras in the gun shops. They get all those feeds and can go back and damn near read the serial number off the purchases, if it was held at the right angle at any given point.

          You must store your rounds/etc… in a chest thinly lined with a lead-composite sheeting, or they’ll be able to read heat signatures and x-ray rebounds from the casings and metal bulk of guns and parts of any size bigger than a pack of cigarettes. They can do this from outside your home and without your knowledge.

          They have been using this kind of technology to bust drug dealers and manufacturers for over a decade now…that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds by now. Nobody cared about it because they were only busting druggies with it, but now it can easily be deployed against gun owners.

          They can listen to everything said inside your home with a little laser beam hitting a window or a common wall. They can do this from a rooftop across the street.

          If you want to find out more of what they are capable of, start researching surveillance in the war on drugs and you’ll want to cry…trust me, you are not safe just because you aren’t very good at doing paperwork. THIS is my area of expertise.

      37. Fall of New York Stock Exchange

        “On Dec. 20, the Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced the purchase of the NYSE, ending what USA today called “a storied 220-year reign over financial markets.”

        The New York Times reported: “It was the temple of commerce, the symbol of New York’s status as the nation’s – and for many decades, the world’s – financial center.”

        “In the days of judgment, the foundations of a nation’s power are laid bare.”

        New York Stock Exchange Ends It’s 200 Years of Independence, Will Sell for $8B To It’s Rival

        “Pre-NWO consolidation. Less competition. Just like the Banks being consolidated because of Dodd-Franks. Easier to nationalize when the time is right in the future. Gotta have the dominoes in place before the flick of the finger.”

        “Maybe sooner and softer (nationalization) than we think. What if ICE defaults on this purchase? Will the Government be required to bail them out? Will the GSE be relocated to Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver, or George Town (Grand Cayman Island)?

        Like Acorn, ICE changed their name, they used to be CCX. You know, the ones that were going to trade carbon credits for Hank Paulson and Al Gore”s global warming scam. Now they own the NYSE. Good grief, what next?”

        Let’s see:
        Religion – done
        Health – done
        Energy – done
        Banks – done
        Military – done
        NASA – done
        Small business – done
        Manufacturing – done
        Self preservation – done
        Family – done
        (Private Gun ownership – working on)

        The American way of life as we knew it – done
        And this administration has four more years!?

      38. DICK ACT of 1902 . . . CAN’T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) The Trump Card Enacted by the Congress Further Asserting the Second Amendment as Untouchable
        The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities. The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia , the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.

        The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders.

        The National Guard Militia can only be required by the National Government for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the Union ; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes for which the General Government can call upon the National Guard.

        Attorney General Wickersham advised President Taft, “the Organized Militia (the National Guard) can not be employed for offensive warfare outside the limits of the United States .” The Honorable William Gordon, in a speech to the House on Thursday, October 4, 1917, proved that the action of President Wilson in ordering the Organized Militia (the National Guard) to fight a war in Europe was so blatantly unconstitutional that he felt Wilson ought to have been impeached.

        During the war with England an attempt was made by Congress to pass a bill authorizing the president to draft 100,000 men between the ages of 18 and 45 to invade enemy territory, Canada . The bill was defeated in the House by Daniel Webster on the precise point that Congress had no such power over the militia as to authorize it to empower the President to draft them into the regular army and send them out of the country.

        The fact is that the President has no constitutional right, under any circumstances, to draft men from the militia to fight outside the borders of the USA , and not even beyond the borders of their respective states. Today, we have a constitutional LAW which still stands in waiting for the legislators to obey the Constitution which they swore an oath to uphold.

        Charles Hughes of the American Bar Association (ABA) made a speech which is contained in the Appendix to Congressional Record, House, September 10, 1917, pages 6836-6840 which states: “The militia, within the meaning of these provisions of the Constitution is distinct from the Army of the United States .” In these pages we also find a statement made by Daniel Webster, “that the great principle of the Constitution on that subject is that the militia is the militia of the States and of the General Government; and thus being the militia of the States, there is no part of the Constitution worded with greater care and with more scrupulous jealousy than that which grants and limits the power of Congress over it.”

        “This limitation upon the power to raise and support armies clearly establishes the intent and purpose of the framers of the Constitution to limit the power to raise and maintain a standing army to voluntary enlistment, because if the unlimited power to draft and conscript was intended to be conferred, it would have been a useless and puerile thing to limit the use of money for that purpose. Conscripted armies can be paid, but they are not required to be, and if it had been intended to confer the extraordinary power to draft the bodies of citizens and send them out of the country in direct conflict with the limitation upon the use of the militia imposed by the same section and article, certainly some restriction or limitation would have been imposed to restrain the unlimited use of such power.”
        The Honorable William Gordon

        Congressional Record, House, Page 640 – 1917



      40. I am thinking of standing on the street corner with a sign that says gun buy back and hand out 100.00 walmart gift cards all day. 🙂

        And keep thinking gun confiscation want happen! Think Katrina and the L.A. Riots happen then.

        • Now that is one hell of an idea. Cash in on the stupidity of others by emulating the evil of government, BRILLIANT! Not that I approve, but I do commend your creativity.

        • You pick the corner and I will paint the signs. I’ll add a bonus for semi autos.

      41. I wrote this concerning Newtown Conn.

        Even though the news media bares no responsibility for this event., they do benefit from high ratings and the revenue from advertising. So every time they invoke the killers name and event., this possibly only excites the next killer to take action in the future.
        Understandably this might not be always the case.

        The best thing for all of this is to not mention the name of the killer, keep the event at a low hum if possible and not to bring this up to people you might find questionable… this is where discernment comes in.

        Can we get the media to join in with this thought?

        • I still don’t think we know who the real killer(s) is/are. Too many conflicting reports on the shooting, still.

      42. GOOD LORD when are these sheeple idiot Americans going to GET it?! It’s NOT ABOUT HUNTING! It’s about the government saying they’ve decided that you don’t need something, therefore you don’t have the right to own it! This could apply to food next, or anything!

      43. Just Say No to Tyranny!

        (Excerpted from “Proactive Liberty”)

        The next time the conversation drifts toward the current political situation and
        somebody says, “The government has stripped the constitution,” or, “The USA
        Patriot Act has destroyed the Bill of Rights,” you must instantly respond, “No!
        That’s not right!”

        If anyone asks, How so? Or tries to argue the point, your response is simple:
        “Congress can’t amend the constitution, and therefore it can’t override it.
        Congress can’t pass a law that changes or erases any part of the constitution!”

        However, you can effectively erase your liberty by believing that congress can
        do those things. But you erase it by believing in an illusion. The illusion is based
        on the assumption that when congress acts and the president signs, the result is
        necessarily a law.

        Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many Citizens,
        because of their respect for what appears to be law, are cunningly coerced into
        waiving their rights due to ignorance. –US. v. Minker, 350 US 179 at 187

        We must all simply walk away from this delusion and the self-pity that flows
        from it, and live as we are supposed to live, free people in a free society. Of
        course, first we must regain an idea of what that looks like.

        To get there, the term government must first become understood in a different
        light than it has been. Currently, where the word govern means to hold back, it
        is too often taken that government’s job is to restrain everyone and to permit
        only those things to which no one objects. Our government today is taken to be
        an issuer of permits, where all things not permitted are prohibited.

        People all over the country are inadvertently surrendering their rights to the
        growing fascist tyranny in Washington. The strange part is that while they are
        doing it begrudgingly, they are at the same time doing it proactively. They are
        doing it to themselves! They do it every time they say anything like, “The
        government is destroying our rights!” or, “The Patriot Act is destroying the Bill of
        Rights!” This is, of course, merely the voice of confusion, and neither of these
        statements is true. It’s a cruel joke: who needs oppressive government when you
        can fool the people into voluntarily surrendering their rights all by themselves?

        Repugnance and Nullity

        Most people think that when congress acts to pass a bill and the president signs
        that enactment, the result is automatically a law, which can be enforced and
        then must be obeyed. This is not always true.

        An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties;
        affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as
        inoperative as though it had never been passed. –Norton v Shelby County, 118
        US 425, 442

        The Belligerent Claimant in Person

        That’s a hefty title, and frightening in its implications, but it’s the one you must
        wear if you are to be a truly free individual; so sayeth the US Courts. What does
        it mean?

        Here is what an Appeals Court has said:

        The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive
        resistant, nor the person who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one indifferent
        thereto. It is a fighting clause. Its benefits can be retained only by sustained
        combat. It can not be retained by attorney or solicitor. It is valid only when
        insisted upon by a belligerent claimant in person. The one who is persuaded by
        honeyed words or moral suasion to testify or produce documents rather than
        make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection. Once he testifies to part,
        he has waived his right and must on cross examination or otherwise, testify as
        to the whole transaction. He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the
        matter in contempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus. –US v Johnson, 76 F.
        Supp 538, 540 (1947).

        In plain language, the belligerent claimant in person looks like anyone else, with
        one big exception: he does not “go along to get along”. He steadfastly refuses to
        meet unconstitutional mandates and the misguided social expectations that flow
        from those void mandates. He consistently encourages others to stand up for
        themselves and to band together for their common preservation, and he lives a
        life of integrity: he is a fine example to all those who meet or see him of what it
        means to be truly American.

        The Method of Liberty

        The method I propose we all use as the foundation of our recovering our rightful
        relationship with our government, that is, we being the sovereigns and it being
        our servant, is for us to become the belligerent claimant in person, every one.
        Yes, it’s a little extra work. Yes, it’s a bit risky. But then freedom is not free.
        And lazy people always become slaves.

        The belligerent claimant in person is not on the defensive. He is proactive,
        aggressive, yes belligerent, in claiming his rights. The belligerent claimant in
        person forces the accuser to meet the legally required burdens of due process
        and proof.

        The belligerent claimant in person never says, “I objected to the search because
        I have the right to a lawful warrant,” unless there is an actual law authorizing
        that search under a lawful warrant. When what really happened is that they
        came to his door without a warrant and claimed they didn’t need one under
        such-and-such allegation of law, and proceeded to violate his privacy under
        color of law, that’s clearly unconstitutional regardless of any allegation of law or
        legal right. In that case he merely asserts his rights and demands that they prove
        the elements of their claim, beginning with the constitutional basis for their
        presumption of legal authority.

        The belligerent claimant in person never says, “I didn’t file or pay any income tax
        because…(whatever reason)….” Instead, he just demands that they prove the
        elements of their claim, including showing exactly what type of financial
        receipts he had and exactly what in which specific law clearly shows that those
        particular receipts, or any of them, are taxable income.

        When you plead an affirmative defense, you do two things to your case. An
        affirmative defense operates as a demurrer, which essentially says that the basis
        of the government’s action is valid but that it doesn’t apply in your instant case
        because of this or that exception. What this means is that you’ve waived your
        rights as they pertain to constitutionality and with that waiver you’ve given up
        the right to argue the constitution! And, you’ve totally shifted the burden of
        proof onto yourself. If you cannot prove your counterclaim, you automatically

        This is where the so-called patriot movement has erred all along. This is how
        we’ve gotten into the apparency of being told that we can’t bring up the
        constitution, which has led many of us to believe that the courts are more
        corrupt than they actually are. And this is how the government has generated an
        overwhelming mass of bad case law that is now used to improperly invalidate
        affirmative defenses that, while they still should not be raised as defenses,
        might otherwise serve us well as the foundations of a challenge against the
        illegal applications of law and the outright unconstitutional acts of governments
        that we are seeing so much of.

        If you enter an affirmative defense, they only have to poke holes in that
        defense, and you lose. They don’t have to prove their claim or justify their
        actions because you waived your right to contest those facts when you bought
        into the game and took the burden of proof onto your defense.

        Instead, you should assertively claim your rights as inalienable, in the same
        exalted sense that they are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the various
        states’ declarations of rights. These are rights that the people who formed our
        constitutional governments knew we had before and senior to that formation,
        and which they wisely saw to define as being above the law.

        Rights that existed antecedent to the law (before the law existed) cannot be
        removed by the law when they are guaranteed by the source of the law itself.
        To be sure, the Johnson case explicitly states this, where the legal definition of
        privilege with respect to rights includes the language, “held…against or beyond
        the course of the law”. No law can restrain you from the responsible exercise of
        your rights unless that law complies with the constitution’s own due-process
        provision for the forfeiture of rights upon conviction for serious crimes.

        So: the method is to be the belligerent claimant in person. In practice, it is
        refusing to comply with unconstitutional mandates, whether they are disguised
        as laws or merely the improper demands of officers and agents of the courts and
        government. In action, it is ignoring unconstitutional enactments altogether, and
        when accused by government, doing nothing more than steadfastly and

        aggressively demanding that government justify itself before the constitution
        and valid law.

        This is beyond civil disobedience. This is proactive liberty!

        In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind
        him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution. –Thomas Jefferson

        The operative word is bind! The method is to be belligerent claimants in person
        and bind the fools and fascists down by the chains of the constitution.

        The Plan

        The plan is to take the necessary organizational and action steps to encourage,
        facilitate and defend proactive liberty, and see to the enforcement of lawful

        We must make it safe to be free.

        We must proactively employ political involvement and the electoral process to
        remove and replace every elected official in the land who will not or cannot pass
        a basic test on the constitution and sign a binding contract with the voters to
        actually follow through on speaking and voting consistently with it. And we must
        support and elect those who will.

        How will we do this? The same way our opponents have accomplished their goals
        so far: organization and funding.

        Obviously, time is short, and tyranny is looming large upon us.

        The enemies of the US constitution, both foreign and domestic, have
        successfully positioned themselves within our midst as being just as American,
        just as patriotic, just as devoted to the American solution and anyone else. But
        the truth is that they are not that at all. They are pretenders perverting the
        vision, gently massaging it through the years until it meets their standards. And
        their standards are not the standards of the founders of this country.

        Where our founders saw strong, self-reliant but cooperative and responsible
        individuals going forth to carve a free society from a harsh but benignly neutral
        universe, our enemies see frail victims who owe each other everything in their
        futile common cause against a cold impersonal universe, huddled together
        against cosmic chaos. In that view they see us as agents of disorder and self-
        serving individualism, and they must destroy us and our way of life. They have
        largely succeeded, because they have two things we don’t have. They have a
        plan, where we have something to lose. And they are building something, where
        we are fighting a dismembered defensive action.

        No wonder we have lost most of the dream.

        Yet, again, Minker, cited above, shows us the way: ignore the illusion, formulate
        a plan, and set to building something!

        For far too long American constitutionalists have been on the negative side of
        the equation–accused, cheated, attacked and living in grief for what once was.

        It is time to find the high road and assume a positive posture. We are the ones
        who know what America is, because we are the ones who understand our
        founding documents. Believe it or not, the vast majority among our enemy hasn’t
        even read the constitution! They know all they need to know from the
        propaganda machine they’ve built into our public schools. With our own money,
        our enemies have indoctrinated our children against their heritage. And most of
        what we have done about this and a thousand other affronts to our birthright is
        to weep.

        But the belligerent claimant in person does not weep for what was and now
        appears to be gone. No! He sees that the world of politics is of our own making,
        and that all it takes to stand tall, proud and strong, and preserve our
        constitution, the guarantees of our rights, and our country as it was intended to
        be, is to claim it. Against all challengers, within as well as without.

        That is the necessary attitude adjustment the patriot community needs to get
        through. For not to do that would be to continue stooped-shouldered and beaten
        down the path to oblivion, for there is no strength in fighting a holding action;
        eventually you are worn away. True power is in taking a position, holding the
        position, and then proceeding in terms of it. Where we have failed to do any one
        of these, we have been defined by those whose interests oppose ours, and with
        our loss of self we have seen our world eroded.

        If we are to rebuild, we must take the affirmative perspective of the builder:
        where there is emptiness, there will be structure. We must re-envision our
        country and our people moving freely upon the world’s stage in all their intended
        glory and we must follow those three maxims of positioning to that vision: take
        it, hold it, and proceed in terms of it.

        For now, the first step is clear: determine to become the successful belligerent
        claimant in person. See yourself as living free and using law and votes to stomp
        out of existence anyone who would interfere with your responsible and
        benevolent exercise of liberty.

        Allen Hacker, Lawful Government

        Excerpted from the essay, “Proactive Liberty”, on the LawfulGov.Org website.

        Permission is hereby granted to freely copy, forward, and include this article, in
        its entirety, into newsletters and other publications, provided this
        signature/permission/copyright block is included.

        Copyright (c) 2003 ASC Missions Group, ntc. 3/12/3

        • Beautifully stated! I’ve known for some time that the ‘patriot’ community actually acts in the capacity of the debtor to the system, and then cries about being abused; yet it is the right of “We the People” to always maintain our status as the creditors, not the other way around. We are the parent to government, we created it! The government presumes that they are the parent, and then when we act like rebellious children, they win through our complicity and tacit agreement!

          The excerpt you quote is just awesome! Thanks for posting it.

      44. Is the TRYING to provoke civil unrest? Or rather, uncivil resistance when they try to enforce this kind of “law”?

        If you draw back and think about all of Obama’s EO’s about the taking control of the transportation/food/oil/etc, the purchases of billions of rounds, the relentless media campaign against guns/preppers/etc, I think there is a bigger game here.

        Perhaps this bill is a trial balloon for the to gauge just how MAD people are. DHS is likely monitoring all the relevant websites and social media, as well as emails etc….

        Does the think they can really control 100 million gun owners? Are they that confident or that delusional? Neither option pleases.

        There is a bad moon rising, my friends. I hope your preparations are in good shape, you’re gonna need ’em.

        • “Is the TRYING to provoke civil unrest?”

          No. It’s The Fourth Turning. It’s happening now because it’s SUPPOSED to happen now. History has seasons…and it’s going to be a cold winter.


      45. Dammit….. my boat with all my guns in it just sank.

        • Yours too?

        • It will become EPIDEMIC of boat sinkings…

      46. the task that they are contemplating is not possible..there is no way they would have enough manpower to go door to door, even if they werent met with any resistance

        and as we well know, these government pukes could screw up a two car funeral..they just dont have the competency to carry this out

        besides the horse is already out of the barn, and within the past few months and recently last few days thousands upon thousands of these types of weapons have been purchased..LEGALLY

        So..a side line..Are they going to pay those who would “turn them in” the fair market value?
        If I had one I wouldnt, but some will..
        in this depressed economy people are not just going to hand over thousands of dollars worth of harware and just shake the guys hand and say have a good day..these jokers are dreaming

        Another look..

        Is this what they plan to use these forign troops training here in the USA for?( disarming us)..because they will not get full compliance from our militarty or our law enforcement groups to un-arm US citizens..I know this for a fact

        You know..its real easy to put on paper what you’d like to do, or like to see done..but when it comes down to making it really happen, they aint got what it takes to take away our right to own any weapon.

        If Outlaws will be the only ones with guns, than I guess that could make me an outlaw, in the future..

        • Exactly right VRF,
          My NIL is a deputy sheriff…
          The Feds will not get support from all the ‘local yokels’. We, may even have eyes inside…

      47. Well here you have it. Like I said its either your guns or you break out the lube. Are you guys sure your law makers arent from here in Canada? Pinned out clips and long guns are in your future unless there is political blowback. Hide your shit and load up on ammo.

      48. Got Militia?


          • We are the Militia bud, we are going to have to fight for our own cant sit back and let someone else do your job..we already see where that got us with these government pukes..

            having representatives is a failed experiment..time to change this before this country is gone

            this REPUBLIC must be preserved, or were one is going to do it for us.

            • VRF, I was just wondering, if we are to preserve the REPUBLIC, which I am 100% in agreement with. What form of Government would you recommend. If as YOU say, having represenatives is a failed experiment. Then who would represent us.

        • “Don’t tread on Me”.

        • I do:-)

      49. The Art of War by Sun Zhu…….read it,know it, live it.I hate to say it but web sites like these are the starting points for the govt.
        It wont be FBI knocking at your door randomly….it will be your neighbor,ex wife,friend co worker turning you in. Just like the germans did to the jews.

        • Neighborhoods need a shunning policy like the Amish and a good grapevine to get the info out on who the traitors are.

      50. The “Grandfathering” is just to let it seem like we can keep out guns. When in fact they are obtaining the information they will need for later confiscation of them. That is how it works, that is how it always works.

        I dont want to see anything happen to our LEO’s trying to enforce this baloney. Remember, LEO’s we support you and what you do to keep us safe. Now its your turn to support us, the people, and not violate our 2nd Ammendment Right.

        • The coward pigs are going to do as theyre told and betray the constitution, same as the lily-livered faggots who pass for soldiers these days. A pig is nothing more than an enforcer for the crime bosses. Theyre big an bad with an easy task like bullying unarmed citizens but theyre fucking cowards when its time to stand by their oath of office and protect our freedoms. A pig who supports this evil, criminal government deserves nothing but scorn and contempt. In the words of that little fuckass draft-dodger Bushitler, “its no defense to say I was just following orders”.

          Fuck the police.

          • “The coward pigs are going to do as theyre told and betray the constitution”

            Some will, some won’t. We can’t afford to judge them all, because we need their training, skills, and access to intelligence. Many cops are ex-military and very patriotic. Same for EMS and Fire….don’t just assume. It will likely be cops who sound the early warning.


        • I fully expect many LEOs to be replaced by the right people. This is already happening where areas accept federal money in the name of anti terrorism. Our only hope is the govt. goes completely broke.

          • maybe we should help that along by no longer paying taxes, I dont think I should pay taxes to an administration that doesnt recognise my RIGHTS..or that INFRINGES UPON THOSE RIGHTS.

            Wonder if the huge number of gun owners just up and decided to not fund the beast who’s intention is to enslave us, what they would do to try and enforce it

        • We’ll have to find something cops value more than their pensions before we’ll get them to disobey orders. Oath Keepers are no exception.

        • 308 says;”LEO’s we support you and what you do to keep us safe.”

          Keep us safe? Ha! 308 you are either ex-LEO or a deluded bootlicker.

          The problem with this country’s loss of freedom is manifested by the fact that Law Enforcement Officers have replaced Peace Officers.

          Used to be if you weren’t disturbing the peace in any way you were left alone. Now the guys with badges and guns enforce a seemingly endless lists of bullsh-t laws that primarily harass,supress & most importantly to the state, extract $$$ from you.

          I got NO RESPECT for these bullies. They don’t deserve your respect. They deserve your contempt and your shunning.

          I don’t even need the gov’t to “protect” me. I can do that just fine if they leave me the F-k alone. What I am in fear of when I go out in public and onto the public roads is interacting w power hungry, small dick complex assholes with badges who get off on harassing private citizens. They are the handmaidens of the fascist coporatocracy, no more.

          Respect? Get a real job that produces a good or service that the people who you interact with actually want you to give them.
          >my name is legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

      51. As you know we are a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy. We are a Nation of laws not of men. And we are bound by a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. And in the Bill of Rights there is a 2nd Amendment, and it means what it says. Don’t infringe on our rights, plain and simple. It is not CONDITIONAL. These are not to be changed when ever some Dictator or group of politicans decide that they know better. And once again, call or email your Senators and Represenative and let them know we will not stand for what they have in mind for us. Remember they don’t read these blogs.

        • Mountain says: “there is a 2nd Amendment, and it means what it says.”

          Sadly, no it doesn’t mean what it says, it means whatever 5 justices say it means. And currently those 5 say it means swat teams doing a Waco all over your ass when the gov wants to get you bc you don’t kowtow to TPTB.

          >my name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

      52. Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence ?

        Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died.

        Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

        Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

        They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

        What kind of men were they?

        Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence
        knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

        Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the
        British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

        Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

        Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

        At the battle of Yorktown , Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

        Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

        John Hart was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.

        Freedom is never “free”

        • Butterknife:
          This is fascinating history which I never knew. This reframes the the nature of the battle for me – it wasn’t easy to hammer out freedom then, and it won’t be easy now. Thank you for finding this information and printing it. It is very, very encouraging.

          • Thanks butterknife.

      53. I don’t believe they have any intention of going ‘door to door’. They’ll simply make it a felony to be caught with an unregistered gun. And then use the game wardens, rangers, local sherrif’s etc to wander on by all the official and unofficial ranges. At which point they’ll then they’ll do an ‘insta-check’ when they ask to see your firearms. ANd make it a felony to refuse to comply. Kind of like how you can’t get out of a drunk driving test if they think you’re driving under the influence.

        It’s the same reason there isn’t a uniformed cop at the exit of every bar and other place that sells alcohol to do a breathalyzer before you can drive out. Even though if they did that they’d save more lives lost from drunk driving than are lost in fire arm related incidents every year. They don’t hae the money to do it.

        The same reason half a _million_ people die every year from tobacco related disease. There’s a LOT Of money to be made from tobacco.

        Because when you get down to the root of it all, it’s all about the money. A disarmed society is less threat to the money stream.

      54. Ok Guys, lets be honest….how many of us have had those dreams of giving a Commie a wedgie?

        • I dream of cutting communist faces in half with a hacksaw for what they did to my grandfather. Communists must be exterminated from the face of the earth.

        • Wedgie no, two in the head, YES!

        • “Ok Guys, lets be honest….how many of us have had those dreams of giving a Commie a wedgie?”

          Hmmm. I was thinking more, litle hole in front big hole in back. But that’s just me.


      55. I just E-mailed my brothers in arms with the gun ban outline. I am convinced there is going to be a fight.
        Use your time wisely. Get ready.

      56. WOW, THATS B.S= since we cant do anything about what they are going to do




      57. The defeated turn in their firearms after they unconditionally surrender, not before.




      59. This is a masterful plan to destroy the country! Mark my words there will be another high profile shooting to push it over the top. We are looking at the systematic destruction of our country and it is not going to be pretty. We are the rock that holds the whole world together. If we fall the whole darn planet goes with us.

        This is insane!!!

      60. As much as I hate to say it, I believe that we are heading towards American Revolution II. Here’s why.

        The November election has more than proven that the left is in control of the government. For the first time in history, 51%+ of the US is on the public dole and Obama can’t wait to add more.

        Next, there will be at least one and possibly 2 supreme court justices retiring and we already know the type of justices Obama will pick. The left will be able to pass whatever they want, regardless of constitutionality.

        In 2014, the right will lose more house members and by 2016 the take over will be complete.

        As for the budget, we now pay $1/2 TRILLION in interest alone and it won’t take long for that to reach $1T/yr. China will cut off our credit line, the printing presses will go crazy and inflation will go through the roof. Out of necessity, the government will have to cut back on ‘benefits’ and that is when Sh*t will really hit the fan and we will have food riots in the streets.

        My personal feeling is that this will all happen in the next 8-12 years and that there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. For those who fail to prepare, life is going to get very, very rough in the not so distant future.

        • I absolutely agree that we are approaching the revolution point. That point is reached when the pain and suffering coming from going along to get along exceeds the pain and suffering that comes from revolution.

          There will be some trigger event. Maybe a handful of people will stand up when the government comes for them, and a large number of angry people will be emboldened to show up and assist in their defense when they hear of it instead of just avoiding the fight by thinking, “I will fight if they come for me”. It takes great courage to place one’s self in danger instead of turning away.

          Individuals often resist tyranny alone, and government can cut us down, one by one. We won’t know how strong we are until the trigger event occurs and people come out of the woodwork to join the fight.

          Be prepared, and understand that nothing is going to change for the better as long as we hang on to the delusion that we can end government tyranny by voting. Look at what voting did in 2008 and 2012.

          • Hello SD, Your comment truly gets to heart of what the possible reactions can be to what we face.

            So I believe the “Tipping Point” was when 51% of the voters became the takers.

            So we now face SD’s “Trigger Point”
            Again SD a great comment one I think those here need to reread and printout as we face a very uncertain future.


        • Agree with everything you posted. As you are predicting, I think we are still quite a few years away from the main event, but the general course looks really clear to me…really REALLY clear. We don’t know the future, but the TREND can point us to it very well.


      61. to those who think this doesnt apply to them , because they dont own these types of weapons..i have this for you

        Rest assured, when there are no more evil “assault weapons” to blame for senseless violence of crazy people your weapons will be next.

      62. Some people may be too young to remember, or weren’t paying attention because the media wasn’t as powerful then, but back in 1986 gun owners made concessions to the anti-gun lobby in order to protect the future rights of gun owners. The Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 outlawed machine gun ownership for automatic weapons not manufactured and not registered before 1986. Many gun owners were completely fine with the legislation saying, “What would I need a full auto gun for? I have my semi-auto versions, which are cheaper anyway. Besides, they’re letting people keep the ones they have now, you’ll still be able to get one if you really want one.” However, over 25 years later automatic weapons are almost unattainable due to price and availability. Those same gun owners who were OK with keeping their semi-autos are now the same ones fighting for their rights to keep those weapons legal.

      63. 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

        From the Tenth Amendment Center;

        AN ACT, which shall be known and may be cited as the “2nd Amendment Preservation Act.”

        To prevent federal infringement on the right to keep and bear arms; nullifying all federal acts in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


        SECTION 1 The legislature of the State of ____________ finds that:

        A. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        B. All federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the 2nd Amendment


        A. The Legislature of the State of _______________ declares that all federal acts, laws, orders, rules, regulations – past, present or future – in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violate its true meaning and intent as given by the Founders and Ratifiers, and are hereby declared to be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.

        B. It shall be the duty of the legislature of this State to adopt and enact any and all measures as may be necessary to prevent the enforcement of any federal acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


        A. This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.

      64. DONT TREAD ON ME

        I’ve always wanted to live in the Revolutionary Days…BAM…I’d like to thank God…

      65. I have said it a thousand times and i will say it again they will come for the guns after you are required to register them. The only way to take back this country will be by force and if that means going to washington with 100,000 armed men exacting the punishment deserved all traitors deserve then so be it. All of you are crazy if you think this is not going to come to a shooting war. Otherwise turn in all your guns now and be the pussy that you are. It is time to seperate the men from the boys soon. Who will you stand with?

        • 100,000 armed people marching on Washington would soak up couple million bucks worth of bullets and that shit would be over in a day and a half.

          You can’t be serious.

        • NH, I like your fire. But a 100 grand of bodies ain’t gonna make a dent.

          • A 100K going to washington being sneaky, not showing up at the edge of the city, would work. Probably don’t even need that many if it is a coordinated attack and it is a surprise. I agree if 100K massed at the border of DC would get slaughtered but if they can sneak in undetetected and launch a suprise coordinated attack it would succeed.

        • NH Patriot,
          I could not agree with you more. There IS no other option. My feeling of today’s Americans are that they do not have the courage or integrity to stand up to TPTB. Most will gladly give up their guns and liberty for a little safety, quite opposite of our founding fathers.

          • Give up ur guns and liberty for a little safety? How does giving up ur gun provide safety? Anyone who tries to take my weapon, that I legally own buy force, they WILL eat dirt………Watch ur corners, Shoot straight, Watch ur Six.

      66. DEATH FIRST!…….

      67. It wasn’t until 1953 that a Native American could own a firearm in the United States, yet I seem to remember the “Indian Wars” and Gen. Custer.

        D.C. also tried to ban the drinking of alcohol for a while too, how did that work out?

        Look how many new members of the Tea Party Militia have joined up in the past two weeks. Guns are the one issue that unites all brands of Conservatives.

        The NRA is rock’n and Barry is playing golf.

      68. It’s time that the States take a stand. Single citizens can’t stand alone. Maybe it will be AZ, MT, or FL. going first. Maybe the Republic of Texas? If D.C. is dumb/cocky enough to go for the whole ball of wax, some smart head of State is going to have to step up.

        Then yes, (God forbid), it could be Civil War.

        • “Single citizens can’t stand alone.” –Auntie Commie–

          Speak for yourself. I fully intend to stand alone if need be. If enough other people are willing to stand alone, then they will run out of goons to disarm us.

          But the willingness to stand alone is EXACTLY what everyone must be willing to do.

          • Walt, I always took you to be brave, never dumb.

            Try standing in front of a tank, like that kid in China did decades ago, then tell me how much good you’ll be to “The Cause”.

            I get that you are angry, we all are, but we need to keep our heads and follow God’s lead.

            • Who said anything about standing in front of a tank?

              Look……our military has been in Afghanistan for 10 years and is no closer to having control there than when they started.

              I have no illusions about surviving a civil war. But simply giving in to them will not be the answer either.

              Sometimes God’s lead means facing the giant.

              • Word!

                if they cant control that fractured country, they wont be able to control this fractured country either, and we have way more arms and ammo

                what is being fought over in Afghanistan is basically a Civil war.. and we dont have any buisness being there.

              • Look……our military has been in Afghanistan for 10 years and is no closer to having control there than when they started}
                Great point, Walt..if the soldiers with all their resources can’t succeed in Afghan in 10 years, wouldn’t our 90,000,000 armed civilians stand a better chance against the govt?

            • Auntie I would never stand in front of a tank. But I damn sure would try and kill the crew while they were trying to get in it.

              • Isolate it. Demobilize it. Burn it.

      69. Why in hell are we even putting up with any of this?

        • Great question. I fully agree.

          Instead of wringing our hands and hoping they don’t pass this law. We need to be telling them that we simply are not going to obey it…….period.

          It’s called defiance against tyranny.

          • Good. I hope that you still feel that way after the first dozen or so “examples” of what happens to “gun hiders” are shown on TV.

            We really ought to have had already an organization like the one described in Dr. Pierce’s novel “The Turner Diaries.” We don’t. If we try to make one, every third recruit will be either an informer or an infiltrator.

            If there are people who will turn in their rifles in order to get a week’s worth of groceries, then there are even more people who will rat on you to the cops in exchange for a reward or a bounty.

            • “We’re all scared. You hid in that ditch because you think there’s still hope. But Blithe, the only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll be able to function as a soldier’s supposed to function. Without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. All war depends upon it.” –- Lt. Ronald Speirs, 101st Airborne, 506th Parachute Regiment, ‘Band of Brothers’, Episode: Carentan —


        • @ VRF. They have over 85,000 signatures to deport piers morgan on that petition, and there has been talk that CNN MIGHT be thinking about firing him because he is too radical for even them, if that is possible. What do you think about this? Could piers be heading on a slow boat to South Africa? There are sure a lot of individuals that would welcome his job and all the pay that goes along with it. There are sure a lot of “them” that could fit it in the spot. At least they probably would be Americans, and not some foreigner trying to destroy our self defense rights in which he has absolutely no right or business at all in attempting to do so. In fact NO ONE has the right to try to dimish our gun rights.

          There was something interesting that happened today that only has happened ONCE in the past 40 years, an earthquake of 5+, it was 5.3, extremely close to the eastern flank of the Caribbean Plate. It was off to the east of Barbados. As you know, super jammed up plate boundaries usually never have moderate earthquakes because they are so locked. Usually any foreshock is actually the fualt rupturing and then temporarily relocking. This was not directly on the plate boundary, but the closest, furthest east, in the 40 years worth of records. Could be finally ready to go, and that means Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic tsunamis. Will try to monitor it more, it is just ticking me off so much about this 2nd Amendment attack.

          I just can’t believe the action in the middle part of South America, and I think these 4 plates, the Cococ, The Caribbean, the Nazca, and the South American plate are all getting ready for something very horrible. Easter Island had an earthquake today also that shows much pressure building. Between now and Jan. 8 is truly the dates to watch out for. I hope your family will stay safe and practice earthquake preparedness for during and after the shaking stops.

          • If CNN is thinking of dumping Piss Morgan, it is because of advertisers and lost$$$$.

          • I think if CNN knows whats good for them, they better act quick and DO IT ALREADY..or face the music of thier precious news station tanking..

            I really dont GAF where they send that prick..just get him the hell out of this country and away from the mic and cameras..

            we have freighters and planes leaving this country every second of this day..he needs to be on one, going somewhere

      70. “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” –Captain John Parker, Lexington, Mass., April 19, 1775–

        • Yes, that is correct Walt. The line in the sand, what we’ve always said will begin the second civil war in the United States, is gun confiscation. We either meant what we said, or we did not. It looks like we might find out soon whether any of us is still the kind of man that Cpt. John Parker was.

      71. There are more people with arms and ammo than ever before. Just let them pass the whole gun ban bill. Why work ourselves up in a frenzy. Pass the bill and then we do what needs to be done. I do not want more negotiating that takes our rights away a little at a time. Let’s do it now while we have the firepower. If you die, at least you do not have to listen to the shit no more.

        • The government does have an advantage. Their minions are trained to work together. Most US citizens are not. They can go from door to door, overwhelming the residents of a neighborhood one house at a time, and everyone who hasn’t yet been visited and had their guns confiscated will pretend not to see anything, not to hear anything, not to be able to recognize that NOW is the time to fight back.

          And so the government will win. House by house will be emptied of guns, until the neighborhood has been stripped. Neighborhood by neighborhood will be emptied of guns until a whole city or county has been stripped. At no point will any grassroots patriotic organization appear to engage the government’s forces in battle. We don’t really have any such organization – none of consequence anyway.

          So just how are we going to oppose the government with a bunch of cowardly braggers who get their macho thrills from TV shows and by voting Republican? What percentage of them will give up any chance of surviving the week in order to take out three, four, five, or six federal agents? Almost zero, that’s what.

          Those federal agents know that you aren’t ready to die for your country, and that’s what will let them take your country away from you.

          • Are Federal Agents ready to die for an unjust cause.

          • they will not win..there is no winning..

            are they winning over in the Afghanstan?
            Nope..and plenty have died to show its not working.

            they will only win if you lay down and let them fuck you over

          • The govt wants to believe that….too bad for them thats not the case and theyll find out the hard way soon enough.

          • Seems to me nows the time to remind people about John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences”

            I read it online a while back…

            Offers some interesting scenarios for consideration.

            Molon Labe

          • DS I don”t know what Hood you live In, but They will have a lot of Hoods to Cover, If I saw my Hood being Infiltrated with any Alphabet Agencies , and Guns being Confiscated We would have a real Turkey Shoot, This is what the Bastards want, people to be So afraid to defend Fellow Citizens, Its all going to come down to Community..I live In a Town with around 30k People, County 22K,,they have 30 Cops, 70 Deputies, and assorted DHS etc..Do you think they can waltz in and start Knocking down doors? Everybody in the Town and County are Hunters, and Ex-Military, do you honestly Believe we don”t stand a Chance? I call B.S. on that Working Out!

          • David Sims,

            Your ATF is showing.

      72. Hmmm….They have purchased over 1.5 billion rounds over the last few years and now they want to ban our guns? How about these hypocrites ban their drone strikes and cluster bomb attacks on innocent children in Afghanistan and Iraq?

        Kiss my arse you brood of vipers. The second ammendment is the only ammendment that insures all the others.
        -end of rant-

      73. Just remember that mid-term elections are coming up. Vote out every a-hole that votes for these restrictions. If we are not careful, in the end we will have the UN policing our streets. They have beedn pushing for years now to get the US to sign on to an international gun ban under their control.

      74. The worst gun massacre in modern times occurred in Oslo, Norway…. a country that has a 100% ban on all guns, so how is more legislation going to reduce, or eliminate this type of act if it cannot do it in a country with no legal guns?

        All this does is create more killing zones for evil people. This is weak and lazy thinking, but what should we expect from politician’s…..

      75. Drudge has it at the top center. How fitting a picture of a LeMatt revolver, favored by James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart. Drudge “They’re coming for your handguns”. I’ve got two photos of my great-great grandfather in his confederate uniform. One at a soldiers reunion in 1902 and the other a single photo which is also on my cell phone. Everytime I open the cover there he is. I have an old print that hung on my Grandmother’s wall in her home in Front Royal of Lee and Jackson entitled “The last meeting”. Lee is astride “Traveler” and Jackson is astride “Little Sorrel”. I used to stare at it all the time when I was there. Now all I have to do is look up from my desk to see it hanging on the wall in front of me. In my office I have my great-great grandfather’s baby clothes trunk. On top is another photo pose of “Marse Robert” (Lee) atop Traveler. The Good Lord knows I don’t want it to come to a civil war, but something is wrong with these folks in DC on both sides of the isle. I don’t know if its something they’ve been eating or something in the water. Their reasoning is definetly FUBAR. I think the founding fathers knew this was coming to pass. Gonna be real interesting in the coming weeks. I won’t however give up my firearms to anyone no matter if they’re state, local or fed. Those that come to try better kiss and hold their wives, husbands and young’uns real good before they do as I’ll do the same. See you on the field.

      76. Looking over the recent past, with an eye for the confluence between government action, media behavior, and current events, does it not seem as if everything that has happened this year fits a pattern?

        The Trayvon Martin shooting, and the mainstream media’s many nasty lies regarding George Zimmerman’s person, his past, his injuries, and his 911 call.

        The Batman movie massacre, where one guy (the one with the red-dyed hair) is photographed as the alleged perpetrator, but another guy (the smart-Alecky looking one) keeps getting his picture posted as being the one in jail awaiting trial for the crime.

        The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which, as anyone with a brain can figure out, proved the failure of gun control, is nevertheless being used as “proof” of the “need” for gun control.

        The government’s willful stupidity regarding what those massacres really mean is the sort of thing we’ve come to recognize as part of their usual steamroller, I-won’t-stop-for-nothing push to get something evil done.

        The government is acting like that Israeli bulldozer driver who ran over Rachel Corrie, seeing her, but pretending not to see her. Likewise, the members of Congress and the US Senators aren’t too stupid to realize that the only reason criminal shooters can commit massacres is because they’re the only ones with guns. These legislators can figure out that an armed society is a safer society because good people outnumber bad people.

        They know that, but they are pretending not to know it so that they can get our guns from us.

        And the only reason they want to get our guns from us can be that they want to strip away all of our rights and make us slaves, chattel, who must do as they say or else be shot.

        Tyranny has returned. And soon we will know who really meant what he said about keeping his guns, whether or not they are legal, and who was just a big-mouthed coward.

        • I have often wondered if there were those who visited sites such as these to promote their hatred…..I am not Jewish …..I am a Christian…raised a Lutheran…..gotta tell ya john that the hate you put out there in the world will come back to visit You… you don’t believe in God, then maybe Karma will come to mind….

      77. Looks like a dark cloud is rapidly forming over the great land that was once America. America; the land of the free? The home of the brave?

        If I do not stand up for my lawful natural born rights who will stand up for me?

        If you’re reading this then you are the resistance.

      78. I have seen the Fienstein report on why they need to ban so-called “assault” rifles because of the crime committed.


        So what else is new??? Go after the criminals not law-abiding citizens who have the right to keep and bear arms. ANY ARMS!!!

      79. I fully expect “RbyReg or Wao”type events by summer. We need to make our minds up now to render aid to those being attacked by ABC jackets, and not wait till they come to our front door. Don’t know if Rohn Joss’s idea will work but might come to that.

      80. You know, any state is empowered by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the US Constitution to recognize “other rights retained by the people” which the US Constitution does not recognize explicitly.

        Of course, the US Constitution DOES explicitly recognize the right of US citizens to keep and bear arms. But just because the Federal government ignores parts of our “supreme law of the land” doesn’t mean that the states have to follow suit. Any state can recognize that its own citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, and federal laws can’t restrict guns traded solely within the state where they were made.

        With a little patriotism from the state legislators, the federal gun ban might engender an arms smithing trade in every state.

      81. While the registration will probably not be challenged before the USSC a future confiscation (which is a given) would be. It would be wise for the anti gun movement to time any future confiscation with a USSC with Justices stacked against the Second Amendment. This case would go right to the center of the Second Amendment or as close to center than any previous. A case such as this would be at the core of the 10th Amendment too because registered NFA weapons cannot even legally cross state lines W/O approval of the BATFE. There is no “interstate commerce clause” to stand behind for legality.

        Refresher 10th Amendment

        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

        Possibly some 9th Amendment too

        “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

        Ex Post Facto

        There are three categories of ex post facto laws: those “which punish[ ] as a crime an act previously committed, which was innocent when done; which make[ ] more burdensome the punishment for a crime, after its commission; or which deprive[ ] one charged with crime of any defense available according to law at the time when the act was committed.”1913 The bar is directed only against legislative action and does not touch erroneous or inconsistent decisions by the courts.1914

        One would have to have the desire and belief that they could ignore at least two parts within the Bill of Rights (2nd & 10th) if not the Ex Post Facto provision to pull off a confiscation. No doubt they have that belief.

        • I don’t think they care a wit about the Constitution at all.

          • They are still operating under the cloak of legality otherwise they would just issue an executive order bypassing those testy issues like a Congress and Senate vote.

          • Almost all state governments are pretty much on board with it. FED$$$$$$

      82. Dear gang. It may very well be futile, but I remind all – while the rule of law hangs on by a thin thread:

        Think local every chance you get… think local elections: Sheriff, school board, mayor, etc. After folks you think you sent to have your back has made his / her way to DC -it matters not any longer.

        I have watch my small community come under attack of some thinking of being liberal, bleeding hearts. If not for a few active peeps they would have changed our landscape under the cover of BS.

        Sound the alarm, don’t wait for ‘someone’ else to knock on doors to shine a light of truth. It comes a-creeping and next thing you know – you don’t even remember how it got so wrong.
        Know the folks who matter in your immediate vicinity.
        After ROL is null and void (coming, it’s a-coming – can you feel it? I can!)… it’s good to remember who was up to task and who was not. If you look at the mirror and say it’s FUBAR in your immediate area – time to move your ass ~ ASAP.

        ~..~ wee

      83. Its going to be verry interesting to see just how many state governors and legeslature go along with this. By the way… It will also be verry interesting to see federal agents “TRY” to gather up the hunders of millions of guns and ammo in our hands.

      84. I mean REALLY ?? Would YOU want to be a government worker these days? Having everyone looking at you and wispering while out with your family in your neighborhood?? ” Look! There goes Frank! That NAZI gun Grabber who works for ATF!”

        • The Brits had soooo much success in Northern Ireland. Most IRA people seem to have lived mostly normal lives. The Brits expended lots of resources.

      85. We all, each and every one of us is going to have to make a decision alone, on what we will do at that appointed time. Yes it will be a LIFE and DEATH decision.

        I don’t think there will be door to door, not at first anyway.

        Just look at old video’s, you tube go to whatever you can find, study their tactics, how they enter a building etc. Then adjust your defenses. Exp. – 90% of the time they line up one behind another, kind alike dominos. Get my drift.

        Our country’s and our FREEDOM depends on our decision!

      86. It will be difficult, with Big brother/Internet etc., but we must organise groups/militias! Otherwise everyting I have read is just verbal diarreha!

      87. As I analyze the potential of this bad bill, several thoughts hit me at once. The British found the uprising of our forefathers as an illegal defiance. But to the forefathers there was nothing illegal about it, and it eventaully formed a new nation.

        There must similar thoughts going through our heads as these “exciting” times come to pass. How many of us see the federal government as many lawbreakers continually violating the contract that created them in the first place? Where this is constant violation, there is lawlessness. If the people feel they have exhausted their remedies with the central government, who is to say a revolt is illegal? The central government may think so, as the British did. But then, if the central government were abiding by the law to begin with, they would not have reason to fear the peoplem and would be fully justified in their unlawful actions.

        As it stands, they are not justified, and continue to push the people until the day comes when they wish they had not.

        • Actually that should say that if the central government were abiding by the law to begin with, they would not have reason to fear the people, and would be fully justified in their actions, period.

          We the people must know the law, and whether the government is obeying and enforcing it correctly. It is up to us to know their jurisdiction, and therefore the limits of their authority. If they come at us with laws favoring themselves as an upper class over the people, the people have a duty to remind them that they work for us, not the other way around.

        • “If we are ready to violate the Constitution, will the people submit to our unauthorized acts? Sir, they ought not to submit; they would deserve the chains that our measures are forging for them, if they did not resist.”
          — Edward Livingston

          “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” –The Declaration Of Independence–

      88. The old saying of, ‘If you dont learn from history, you are bound to repeat it’ is very true.

        America is repeating paralels of WWII and Germany.

        Wars, money printing, hating of a certain people, and killing their very own people (dissidents), and concentration camps….

        I dont know north, south, east, or west anymore.

        Agenda 21, New World Order, Bilderburgers?

        We have over 2 million soldiers in other countries fighting and then maybe a few dozen at our borders.

        Let me know if you see drones flying in your area. I will let you know when I see one in Idaho….

        • Every news story I see in the MSM causes me more and more to understand how the Jews must have felt in Germany in the 1930’s.

          People in this country who hold traditional values, believe in being prepared, believe in the Constitution in general and the 2nd Amendment in particular, are now demonized and considered to be racist (simply because they disapprove of the actions of the President) or terrorists because they make preparations for a potential financial or natural calamity.

          Many of them have called for the death of people like Wayne La Pierre and other NRA members. They’ve called for the arrest of those who disagree with Obama’s policies (Harry Belafonte).

          I could go on and on….but most everyone here understands.

          The question is…..Will we quietly disarm and board the trucks to the FEMA (re-education)camps, or will we resist?

          I think a lot of folks don’t want to admit that this is happening. Just like a lot of the Jews did not want to admit that their own countrymen would turn against them.

          In this situation, normalcy bias just may be a fatal disorder.

          The lessons of history are there for us to see. We ignore them at our peril.

          • “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” ….. Winston Church

            • Winston Churchill

        • @ugly

          Yup, I’ve seen a drone flying a grid type pattern, very odd, here in Puget Sound.

      89. What a bunch of shit…if they try to take our weapons this won’t go well for them…COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE.

      90. Time is near to separate the men from the boys, the patriots from the tv watching, cheeto-eating, lotion hands pansies that call themselves men… The tyrants want some American Spirit? I say show them it is still alive and well, we just have way better weapons and communication than we did back in 18th century. Oh, and every LEO and Military Member I know says they wont hand over their guns either. Makes the math kinda hard on the commies in DC dont you think? USA RIP? NO!! Communism RIP… Get the hell out of my country!!

      91. Dear People,

        First off, thank you for taking a few moments and reading my post.
        I know what I am about to post many of you may not have ever known about, saddly most Americans don’t and the Political class want to keep it that way for a reason.

        All Laws in the “United States” only extent to to 10 square mile area noted as the “District of Columbia”
        Thus all laws are only for the peoplr within that land mass, unless you have given your consent.

        Please learn about the “ORIGINAL 13th Amendment”
        Please learn about the “District of Columbia Act” of 1871, within these you will find a few of the nails in the flat tire. Other points are as follows;
        What happened when this nation had its 2nd Con Con, you may recall its noted as the Civil War.

        Get a copy of Black Law and learn the real meaning of the words that keep you in prison, with all the above and more.

        Next look into the IMF and the contract signed by FDR in 1938, that gave YOU as “Americans as Collateral” for a loan from the Bank noted as the IMF.

        Now how to shut down this latest act – 1st Americans need to ~ Take back the “Original Constitution” also all Americans need to stop following the pernicious ACTS of these criminal Law makers.

        They are not working for your benifit, nor are these persons whom you all call Congress persons really congress, they are only “Law makers” that make laws that obfusacte your rights in a shroud of overt as well covert deceit.

        Thus their laws are null and void as not a single law they have produced was explained in a truthful mannor, thus thats called: Bait and Switch.
        It also falls on their own law noted as the RECO Act, thus orginized crime to rape and rob the American people.

        Now all the American people need is a laywer that has balls big enough to do the job.

        Any takers?

        Peace and Love Shalom

        • “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain, any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

          I have a photocopy of this amendment included in the Constitution, in the Colorado Revised Statutes of 1866. The “slavery” amendment is included and bumped up to position 14.

      92. I would gladly give up my AR-15 for a $25 gift card to Best Buy. I could use a new Xbox game. Being unarmed does not scare me in the least. I can kick, scratch and pull hair with the best of them. Cheerio mates!

        • Nice parody.

      93. dianne are going to be the one knocking on my door. ? i hope so!!! good luck to you princess. maybe we should be looking at your husband business affairs . how did yo become so rich being a mayor..???

      94. If the idiot libturds pass some kind of gun control. We need to decide not to convict anyone charged with their silly laws. If you are on a jury just refuse to convict them. If someone is charged with using a gun in the commission of a crime refuse to convict them of that. I have never heard if anyone being charged with using a pen in the commission of a crime. Refuse to follow their rules. If it isn’t in the constitution or the bible do not convict them. If enough people refuse to convict people for violations that are stupid, they will quit trying, because it will cost them too much money or it will bankrupt them. Be beligerant do not support anything they support. Refuse to become one of them.

          • Satori, Thanks for this post. Most of us are familar with jury nullification but not being lawyers we don’t really know the in’s and out’s. But this is a subject that is often overlooked in most of these comments. But this is one thing that we do still have some power. We must educate our family and friends on this subject, and let everyone know that when anyone is tried in court on a 2nd Amendment violation they will not be found guilty under any circumstance. Many people won’t even register to vote because they don’t want to be called for jury duty. So if you don’t vote and won’t write your politicans, don’t blow about how tough your going to be. They won’t be coming for your guns, they’ll just summons you to court and threaten you with 10 years in prison. And then see how weak your knees will get. Talk is cheap! Let’s do what we can until we have to put our life on the line. I will be there!!!!

      95. Dammit ! I hate accidents ! they all fell out of the boat into the lake ! I would turn them in ……………..but I dont have them any more . * wink * wink *

      96. I hope no one is placing too much faith in our “leaders’
        to do the right thing

        need a recent example or two of their failure to “protect and defend the Constitution” ???

        its a damned good thing this current bunch wasn’t around in 1776
        or we’d all be speaking the King’s English

        isn’t it absolutely amazing and disheartening when you compare the current crop of leaders and the patriots of the Revolutionary era ?

      97. Eliminate the spaces, replace (dot) with . and copy and paste as a completed URL.

        Collectively, this will cover what many here have said before. THIS IS A MUST READ from this URL.

        www dot canandafreepress dot com/index dot php/article/52005

        Y’all Beware! After reading about this situation, I made an appointment to see Dr. Smirnoff.
        Live link to follow.

      98. getting 404 errors a lot on here

        • @VRF ;0) “NEVER GIVE UP !” … WHEN YOU GET THE “404 ERROR” it means your being fUSION cENTER Filtered BY THE NWO UN ZOG FED COMMIE FEDS probly by DARPA NSA !

          Go back to the previous page … save your comments to word pad / note pad … then shut down your pc COMPLETELY AND YOUR ROUTER … wait a FULL minute then reboot start it back up .

          That should renew your i.p. address so you are no longer filtered … the try to repost your comments .

          If that doesn’t work …




          CHEERS ;0)

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • If this site didnt go down last night from 10 pm EST til recently 8 am EST..than I was kicked off..Musta pissed in someones wheaties..I have the comment number that kept coming up when I shaddowed the IP address of this site..Its at a different location
            im on another computer else where, to put this in

            Mac, can you shine a light on this for me?
            or you W of ZOG?

            • comment number that came up on the IP was 215097

            • VRF ~

              You weren’t the only one having issues. Somebody emailed me that he was getting a 404 error with one particular comment. He tried posted innocuous comments and they went through fine. Then I tried posting his comment – same error – after the 3rd time, I got blocked from the site too!

              To get back on to the site I had to reboot my computer and router 2-3 times.

              Ever get that feeling that *someone’s watching you*?

              There are comments that are absolutely being flagged and blocked. Repeated efforts to post those comments seem to lead to the poster’s IP getting blocked.

              It looks like it’s “game on”.

              What I’m wondering – is this a “keywords” issue or is it some kind of real-time, individual monitoring? Can anyone provide more information about this?

              • Every time I try to post a quote by Alexander Solzhenitsyn I get the 404 error.

                Every time.

                • AHH HA!..thats what I was trying to posty when this happened to me.

          • I just got that too today for the 1st time. Thanks!

      99. @ Be Informed – Thank you for your updates on earthquakes.
        Most everyone here is a Paul Revere. I learn much here.
        Thank you.

        • @ Emily. I have really been neglecting the earthquake monitoring. Two days ago there was on the Pacific Antarctic Ridge a 5.5. This area in 40 years has only experienced 18 sequences of 5+ quakes. 15 out of 18 times, 83.3% of the time a big earthquake followed. This on top of the other areas that I mentioned before increases the odds of a 6.5+ earthquake in the areas mentioned before to 85-90% chance between now and Jan. 8, and a 90% chance by Jan.10.

          Bull’s eye targets (one of more) to really watch for:

          Mexico, big time, 7+
          Kermadec Islands, 7.5+
          Caribbean, 7+, the Haiti quake happened two days after this area had a quake
          Kuril Islands

          Less probable but still dangerous:
          California, 6.2+
          Antarctica area, 6.5+
          Black Sea region and Caspian Sea area, 6.3+
          Indonesia, 7+
          Japan, 6.8+
          Chile to Columbia, 8+

          I know that 8+ sticks out, but I would not be surprised to see a mega earthquake in this area, all indications point ot something terrible building.

          To be honest this gun issue and these air heads trying to take our freedoms away has been very upsetting. That piers morgan when he has gotten someone on like Larry Pratte, sounds like he is having nervous fits, he goes ballastic on this, and he is a freaken foreign on a visa. This fool sounds and acts like a cockroach that ate some bad garbage. When they fire him, I hope many play that song “na, na, na, na….na, na, na, na,…hey, hey, hey… goodbye”. What a turd that just won’t flush, even with a plunger.

      100. Ladies an Gentleman, …dont be alarmed , but be “CAUTIOUSLY OPTOMISTIC”! I being a thirty year soldier think that the powers to be, “KNOW” what they are up against, and that they have (TABLE TOPPED) all scenarios, being it a financial collapse, solar flare, EMP or gun grab. Stay COOL,….. read , “RESEARCH” and then make an assumption. We are AMERICANS,…..WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS REGARDLESS OF WHAT WE HAVE HEARD, SEEN FELT OR SMELLED!!!! HAPPY NEY YEAR EVERYONE !!!!!!

      101. Just remember, one of the President’s most trusted mentors and advisors said the left was going to have to kill 25 million Americans to get what they wanted.

        This is a giant step forward along that path.

      102. It will be interesting to see who has the balls to fire the first shot back at the zionist dhs batfe pajama enforcers…….indeed.

      103. Assault is an action and not a description of an inanimate object.
        The citizens of this country have defense weapons. Only bad guys like government have “assault” weapons.

        • Assault is an “intent”. Battery is the action. But I get what you’re saying Rich 99. Good to hear from you.

      104. Bring it.


        Now what?

        Doctrine of 100 hundred heads kids. Look it up. Got your lists? In the absence of orders, find something evil and kill it.

        • like your line of thinking…

        • good another one who knows what my 100 heads comment was about

          • VRF says:
            Comment ID: 979697

            December 27, 2012 at 2:56 pm

            100 heads

            People like this comment. Do You? 4 0

      105. BI, I’m with you on everything you said in #979340. DS, what you said in #980054 is just too farfetched. While there may be a small percentage of people voluntarily giving up their weapons, sorry, I just don’t see the vast majority of gun owners just throwing in the towel and say,”Here’s my guns, just don’t harm me or my family.” They can never even get enough UN troops in here to do confiscation. Kevin2, I understand your point on JoeinNC, but with the mood I’m in right now, i don’t see any humor in his message. This is one of the most serious issues any of us has ever had to deal with. Here’s something I’ll bet no one else has thought of. What if TSHTF before a gun ban could be enacted, like EMP, solar flare, etc.? How the hell could they enforce a gun ban or anything else with the grid down? in that kind of scenario, a gun ban will be forgotten about, with survival taking priority over everything else. Even if they were try it after order is restored, they can still fail. I have no illusions about surviving post-SHTF all the way through; I doubt if I do. But I’m not going into the night without putting up a fight and putting out a lot of hot lead at anyone who comes to harm me. best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. The problem is exactly what the NRA fights is the paper trail that leads the feds to your guns. Those suckers can demand you turn in your firearms and through other agencies these bastards can tap into your wages, bank accounts, etc. I know, have everything in gold and silver and a well stocked food and other supplies. God, I am talking about this and there is not even a natural disaster. They can use terrible scare tactics and even serve you to appear in court to answer for not responding to their “request” to turn in your firearm(s).

          This is awful, because failure to appear in court can get you arrested. Sure you can take them on, but this is a losing battle, too many of them. I would hope that enough people like you said would just not comply, but do I see tens of millions revolting if they took assault rifles and magazines of 10 or more. I just don’t know.

          This is why the louder the voice is and the more united gun owners are, the less likely that the house and senate will go through with this. BO can of course use the hitler executive order to grab all guns, but this would be far more likely to get those tens of millions to fight for their rights. Do I belief that most gun owners could end give up most of their guns? I believe anything is possible and that is what is most disturbing that the government probably has an insidous plan for this that might or might not work. In either case, life will become much more difficult and hell like for us all if and when this plan is put into motion.

        • @ braveheart. I get upset about JoeInNC. This character has said he has guns to protect himself from all of us. You just have to pity someone like this that they have say something to upset everyone to get a reaction, ANY reaction. It is like a 2-3 year old screaming at the top of their lungs to be noticed. More like an obnoxious very loud Macaw or Cockatoo bird locked in their cage all day and night long and learning to make the worst sounds imaginable to get attention. They can be loud and make the strangest sounds.

          Joe might or might not even belief anything he says. Like I said before he reminds me of that butt ugly kid with the worst looking glasses and talks all the time about totally meaningless crap, gets their ass kicked, head dunked in the toilet and then comes back the next day for more. Joe is either a paid government shrill or one of those masochists that gets some women in leather beat him up in some weirdo chamber of sickos. Joe is one of the two. If he is a shrill then everybody is doing their job pissing off the government. If Joe is a masochist, oh boy, I mean someone like this is the one dangerous that has firearms.

        • If a major event such as EMP happened, North America would emerge greatly changed, probably as several smaller nations. Many ideas and political structures from the old USA would be left behind out of necessity. The emerging nations could no longer afford such nonsense as pet psycologists, etc.

      106. Yes we need to be very alarmed about this proposed legislation and not let our guard down in the least should it not pass because we know the other side will continue using whatever means they can to push their anti-gun agenda. But we also need to realize that firearms are only one tool, a tool that hopefully will not have to be used any time soon to preserve this Republic. Overall I believe we have become too dependant on society at large and have forsaken to a large degree small, local community and our own ability to take care of ourselves. Now is the time to not only procure tools for self protection and learn how to use and maintain them but also to work on building sets of skills that will help us take care of ourselves and those close to us. Instead of watching three bowl games on New Year’s day maybe watch only one or two and use the balance of time learning/teaching knife sharpening or bread making or dehydrating or read some Proverbs from the Bible… Firearms won’t win the fight against evil by themselves, they need to be a part of the toolbox of Liberty and the more tools (knowledge, skills, experience) we possess the less influence and control these evil tyrants can exact over us. Week by week, month by month take steps to become more self-relient and by all means pass these skills on to others, especially our children. Sports can be fun and video games/DVD’s entertaining but sending an eighteen year old out to live in the world knowing they can cook for themselves, take care of basic auto mechanics, possess carpetentry, electical and plumbing skills, etc., that is very rewarding and reassuring. Continue to fight against this silly and dangerous gun control blather while at the same time taking positive, active steps at bettering our own lot in life.

        • ….. “Week by week, month by month take steps to become more self-relient and by all means pass these skills on to others, especially our children”…..

          A strong Father and Mother who work hard at and are personally involved in rearing their children who will in turn become assets to themselves, their community and a stronger Republic!!

          Pass your skills to those who would listen and their children too!!!


          Great comment “Palouse Prophet”

      107. All I can say about all this is that if TPTB plan on turning 200,000,000+ of America’s gun owning, voting, constitution-believing, predominantly white Christian taxpayers into overnight armed felons because we will not submit to registration/confiscation….then what if any rule of law will matter anywhere in America???

        Franken-Feinstein will have achieved what Stalin could have only dreamed of….America’s patriot-class and her government locked in a celebrity death match like a really bad case of terminal lupus.

      108. Here is what I wrote both of my senators (extreme liberals). It won’t do any good in pursuading them, but we need to do whatever we can to let them know that we oppose this violation of the Constitution. Feel free to copy this and paste it in to an email to your senator. Also send it to your House representative because there is no doubt they will be voting on it as well.


        Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. I just read that Senator Feinstein is planning on introducing legislation that would ban high capacity magazines, “assault rifles” and other firearms.

        I strongly urge you to oppose her legislation as it is currently written.

        I often hear lawmakers and news people state that nobody needs to hunt with an AR 15 that has a 30 round magazine. This is 100% true. The problem is that the Second Amendment was not writte to protect hunting. It was written by the founding fathers to provide an armed populace that can be an armed militia to protect the people from foreign invaders or a tyranical government.

        This new legislation is taking advantage of a sweeping emotion across this nation as a result of a mentally unstable person in Connecticut committing those atrocious murders. It was illegal for him to posess the guns he used. It was a no gun zone. There were many laws in place making what he did illegal, yet it still happened.

        When you were sworn in, you took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. Please review it on this issue and decide for yourself if the founding fathers believed that a standing militia should be armed with bolt action deer hunting rifles. The Second Amendment states that the right to bare arms shall not be infringed upon.

        I’m sure you are getting many of these emails and plenty on the other side of this issue. Regardless of what either side wants, what has to happen here is to defend the Constitution. It is what you swore to do when you took office.

        Respectfully Submitted,
        Norse Prepper 🙂

        God Bless

        • I admire you for trying, but we all know that the “hunting” excuse is just another catch phrase they like to use to push their agenda, much like “fiscal cliff” and “assault weapon.”

        • NP 980678 I commend you for taking this action, however I think I would word it just a little Stronger,,these fools now what they are doing..they know the Meaning of “Shall Not Be Infringed” But they don”t give a Damn what we Think!

          Its time to lay it on the Line..We will not Accept ANY Law or any Registration PERIOD..and then we Explain the folly of even attempting to pass this Unconstitutional Law, that will be Ignored no matter How its Written..If they don”t understand This, then we will be Forced to evict them from office..if need be By Force….This Will Not Stand..they have declared War On the American People..and if its War they Want..its War they”ll Get!

          Semper Fi

      109. this is exactly what Hitler did to the Austrian people. Register and restrict, then shortly later confiscate because you register them, they know where they are. If we go along with this it’s over for our freedom.

      110. If this passes, I predict that 52 of these DC super liberals will have their names and faces on new playing card decks. Their lives will be meaningless as they will be hunted and hanged for their treason.

      111. OK, aside from all the histrionics here, I have one question: what does “one military characteristic” mean? Any gun can be used for military purposes. This is the smoking gun in the entire thing.

        • In most cases they are

          Can use 11 plus round Mags, Pistol grips, Bayonet lugs, flash suppressor. Threaded barrels. Detachable mags. Uses same ammo as local military does.

      112. Republicans out number the retards by 33 in the congress that will be voting. Is it wishful thinking that the assault weapons ban bill will be dead on arrival?

      113. Zionist Gun Control Legislation In The United States 1968 – Present

        Also youtube – David Cole – Ernst Zundel – David Irving Mark Weber – Jonathan Bowden

      114. Looks like cooler heads are not in abundance here.

        First, the anti-Semitic crap has to go. Such rantings where false history and fake quotes are taken as truth only expose the ranter as a complete moron, likely with less than a 90 IQ and 3rd grade education. Such idiots weaken our cause of liberty and personal freedom.

        Second, we have a House of Representatives that will block any such legislation by a huge majority which will also be composed of many Democrats.

        Third, such a law is practically unenforceable. When Roosevelt confiscated gold in 1932, fewer than 30% of those holding gold bothered to turn it in. Most fellow gun owners I know aren’t so chickenshit that they would simply roll over and turn their firearms in. If they literally did come to my door, no worries . There are hundreds of good reasons I can dream up to tell them I no longer have those guns (lost them when my boat capsized, got stolen out of my hotel room when I was on a hunting trip, dog got ahold of them when I wasn’t looking and ran off with them into deep woods! WTF! Please, no fear here, but I am hearing way too much of the paranoid kind.

        Bear in mind most of us citizens bear a lot of arms – a lot. No freaking way they’d stand a chance tearing them loose from us. Just not going to happen, especially after they go for the ones owned and treasured by my wife and daughter, who sadly, are better shots than I am. Between the three of us, we could probably stock a small armory. I’ d hate to be the guy who would try. And that brings me to my final point. So who would try? Cops? Most cops I know are strong 2nd amendment advocates and gun lovers as well. Same for military folks, many of whom are good old Southern boys like myself who don’t abide any Yankee Feds who might come a knocking at the door.

        Sure, the NWO statists are giving their best shot, but it ain’t gonna happen. Besides, I’m guessing that this whole house of cards we call the monetary system is about to blow down soon enough anyway, which is fine by me, because those blowhard phonies in D.C . Will be far more stuck in a bad situation than we country food, no gas, and surrounded by hungry, hostile locals with plenty of firepower. So, why worry?

        • Here’s what will happen: there will be a major false flag event which will allow the UN to bring in their troops – the ones who do not recognize our rights.

          • At that point all bets are off. All target are clear and I do not think they could bring enough. Yes they use Tech at first. But it doesn’t last that long.

            And if it is drones. I know a few that could override them with off the shelf equipment.

        • Read Israeli news sites and see how “false” the quotes are.

          Read the rabbis and see how “false” the quotes are.

          Think deeply, Ralphieboy, you claim that quoting Israeli news sites and quoting the rabbis is “antisemitic”??? Go figure.

          Google “Judea declares war on Germany” and tell me how many of those archived 1934 international newspapers are lying.

          You are in deep denial.

        • Ralphieboy

          I 100% agree on the ignorant anti Semitic crap. God I wish Aaron Zelman of JPFO was still alive.

          Your otherwise an optimist of high order. I don’t know where your gold figures regarding confiscation came from but regardless your future wealth lost it’s store of value by making gold no longer an acceptable medium of exchange. Likewise driving once legal firearms underground deprives the owner of their use. Get attacked by a mob, use a banned weapon, survive and your in the end going to jail for a decade and loose $250k in the process.

          • Sigh.

            Anti-Zionist does not = Anti-Semitic – just sayin’.

            Read the complete comments and the supporting links. You have been BRAINWASHED by the media to believe it is politically incorrect and evil hatred to think anything bad about someone who is a Zionist Jew.

            Again, I repeat, Anti-Zionist does not = Anti-Semitic.

            • Thank you, Daisy.

              I have never condemned what a person cannot control. People cannot control their parentage, race, or place of birth, but they CHOOSE what they BELIEVE and what they DO.

              I have been scrupulously careful to criticize wicked behavior and wicked belief.

              I condemn all Master Race creeds, Nazism, KKK, and Judaism included.

              It is not only Zionism and Communism, the secular offshoots of Judaism, that are problematic. Judaism and its Kaballistic necromancy are VERY problematic precisely because of their “only Jews are human” and “kill the best of the Gentiles” creed, especially since it has been put into global action through there banksters, financiers, and genocidal policies.

              There are indeed people born into such briefs who have rejected the Master Race creed and they are NOT the problem. It is the Lenins, Trotskys, Kaganovichs, Netanyahus, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Feinsteins, Schumers, Nadlers, Bloombergs, Liebermans, etc. who ARE the problem, precisely because of their beliefs and their actions.

              Careful readers already understand that, but unfortunately there are lots of careless readers and lots of people programmed by the lifetime of propaganda in which they have been immersed by Jewish-owned media.

              I am gratified to see that you have penetrated the propaganda.

            • Typo: should be “…their banksters, financiers…”

            • Terrible proofreading on my part or I should turn off the autocorrect spell checker, mea culpa.

              Should read: “…born into such beliefs…”

            • Revelation 3:9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

              Even the Bible says the people we know as Jews today ARE NOT God’s people.

      115. Where is George Washington when you need him. No one has yet to bring up any ideas on a good leader for all the unorganized militias. All USA citizens between the ages of 18 and 45. There are so many gun owners in America that we could do tons of peaceful ma-ham to this nation to overturn any bill they pass,We just have to become organized. So we join the NRA or we vote in a Commander to lead us to victory. We should think about this before they shut down the internet. There are tons of options out there the people of this nation could do starting right now. And no shots would even be heard. We don`t need a civil war to accomplish this. We need Leaders.

        • Very true. I’m spearheading the Thurston County Brigade of Freedoms True Vision. Details to follow, there’s a knock at the door…shhh…

      116. The purpose of the 2 nd amendment was/is to protect us from the government! Not withstanding the tradjedy in Conn. recently we must remember what governments in the past have done to unarmed citizens. 6 million Jews in 1930s Germany,millions of Cambodians in the 1970s, tens of millions of Russians under Stalin and over 50 million Chinese under Mao could have used a firearm for self defense. A modern semiautomatic sporting rifle is a completely reasonable means of self defense for your liberties. Thomas Jefferson said ” when the people are afraid of the government you have tyranny but when the government is afraid of the people you have liberty

      117. If this gets passed in its entirety, you will see doors being kicked in and searches being performed. I’m sure that those who resist and kill these Nazis will be vilified. Stories will be concocted on those who do until even their longtime neighbors will be horrified. I can see this in my mind’s eye playing out. I wish you all well in the new year. Keep your eyes wide open and just watch. The PTB are now picking at a scabbed sore on the American People. These politicians are in for a rude awakening.

      118. Amazing how this legislation can be fast-tracked but they (Congress) drag their feet on the “Fiscal Cliff”. No wonder there is a permanent stench emanating from DC.
        Isn’t it amazing that it seems like this crap was already written and ready to go – just waiting for a “random event(s)” to take place?

      119. I guess that leaves the rest of us to defend our constitution. I am as horribly sad about the tragedy in CT as any normal person would and should be, but the fact our founding fathers made sure we have firearms has not shit to do with hunting “ducks” as they say. It is to protect ourselves from a tyrannical gov’t. They fear us, and want to turn otherwise law abiding folks into felons. We better fight with tooth and nails or the .gov will have us in chains before you can say spit. When the .gov types give up their protection with real “assault” rifles aka machine guns, well, I still won’t give mine up. Our country is in real trouble, and when criminals of the worst kind are running the show, you get what you get. Feinstein, Reid, and their ilk, should be tried for treason.

        Another problem is, we have no institutions to put insane people in anymore, and most families can’t afford to put them anywhere. Heaven forbid you get busted and thrown in jail for a joint, but be totally and criminally insane, it is “politically incorrect” to label these people and institutionalize them and put them out of society where they can’t go on rampages.

        We’ve lost it as a country people. These are indeed sad times, and it really makes me angry that I don’t think my children will have the opportunites that were afforded to us and our forefathers who fought so bravely in all the wars to make sure we had freedom for many years to come. My Step Father (RIP) was a WWII vet and one of the finest people I’ve ever known. He has probably rolled over in his grave numerous times at this point.

        We’ve also sold out to the Chinese, and everyone else leaving us a broken nation, but gun control will now take front and center as we crumble. To say I’m sad how things have become is an understatement.

      120. Please read Brandon Smith’s piece (dated today, 12/28/12) over at alt-market dot com. It’s entitled “Feinstein’s Gun Control Bill Will Trigger The Next American Revolution”

        Ready on the right, ready on the left..

      121. You silly children. We will come to your next door neighbor’s door to get his guns, all of them, and you won’t do shit. You CAN’T do shit from under your bed. You’ll be trying to remember if you forgot to bury any of your guns SO YOU CAN BURY THEM NOW! If your wife or teenage son has more balls than you and puts up a fight, we will either murder them outright, or put out the word that you have a meth lab, are abusing your family, are an anti-semite, or God forbid, a—dare I even say the word—RACIST! If a significant number of your kin, friends, townspeople come to your aid we will put out the word that there is an ebola, hanta virus, anthrax or other epidemic in your town/community and people will be screaming for us to slaughter you lest you break the “quarantine” and make them sick. But probably all we’ll need is a six-pack of Bud, a dozen doughnuts, and a Bible to thump on while we explain to you that giving up your guns is what’s best for Israel and it’s what God wants. You know that deep down, in your “heart of hearts”, you’re looking for a way to rationalize siding with a bully, and you know that, either literally, or figuratively, you’re gonna fucking get it!

        • Thank you BatFaggot.

          What you have just stated will do more to unify than to destroy. We now know exactly what we are up against.

      122. Just read the history of Germany from 1918 thru 1947 to see how this all plays out. We are repeating the same history.

        In that time frame, about 300 million died worldwide.

        If Hitler had todays technology at his hands, he would have won and all would be speaking german.

        Agenda21, the New World Order, and Bilderburg and others want a sustainable planet. They need a new currency that the World follows, plus only about 1 billion people on it.

        The only system in its way is America, and the Dollar as its currency. Dudes, the system is here and we are seeing its beginnings. Later, I think we will see where all the guns of Fast & Furious went.

        2013 is definitely the year to prepare. Know your food supply, know how to obtain water, talk to those that you trust, pray, and etc.

        I really hope this is just fear and nothing comes of it. But I believe the other way. Biblical times of the New World Order and the Anti-Christ might be here today?

        Guns are a big matter in the issues. But guns wont mean much if you and your kids have not a meal in 3 weeks. Starvation is a great compliance motivator. Be prepared and keep reading and jot down good ideas.

      123. Sobering steps from freedom to fascism

        “Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away!”

        By Kitty Werthmann

        An Austrian witness of Nazi tyranny and transformation

        “The Final Steps – Gun Laws:

        Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms.

        Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily.

        No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up.

        Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria . Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath.

        Instead, we had creeping gradualism. Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.”

        Read the whole article at:
        (Direct link below)

      124. Something else we need to keep in mind: likely this propesed legislation will not pass, but also likely it is that some type of new controls over “dangerous” firearms will be added to the federal laws. Registration seems innocent enough to most people as it still gives the right (as if our rights come from Uncle
        Sam!) to possess firearms as long as you and the gun have been approved by the state. Of course most of us on this sight see through this as the power to approve gun ownership is as controlling as the power to tax. But before we make bold statements about how they can take our guns and ammo from us one bullet at a time it would be prudent to think through possible scenerios so that we don’t get blindsided in the future. What if they pass some kind of mandatory gun registration on all guns, even .22 caliber? What if the penelty for not registering your gun is you become a felon with a mandatory prison sentence of 10 years and a $250,000 fine? That right there will likely weed out at least 50% of the good folks who currently say they would never let their guns be taken as the threat of losing your family, home, income is very taxing, so many will justify gun registration as a neccessary evil, “we register our cars and businesses so maybe doing so with guns isn’t the end of the world.” So now guns and their owners are on a list and you have a card in your wallet to show the gun range when you go to shoot, for that is also in the law (anyone firing a firearm at any time for any purpose: target shooting, self defense, hunting must have in their possession their federally issued gun permit or be charged with a felony.) Go to the store to buy ammo (if it isn’t severly restricted) and yep, you have to show your card. Then you can only buy ammo for the gun(s) you have registered and likley in only limited quantities. Who knows, perhaps they will say each qualified person can only own one or two guns. Once they have a database of gun owners will they require some sort of liability insurance on each gun? They could be gov’t sneaky and start required insurance at a “reasonable” $10 per gun per year and then after the dust settles from all the protests over required insurance up the ante to say $500 per gun per year! Just some things to consider as this issue isn’t always going to be as cut and dry as thinking they will go door to door taking guns. That is possible but unlikely considering the American gun culture.

        • Are you another disinfo TROLL? Suggesting 1/2 of the 120,000,000 gun owners will comply with a felonious “law” that violates the Constitution? Or are you merely a crackhead? Which one? Not even 5% will comply with any “law” that is a sure ticket to a fema incinerator, as set forth by a zionist who is a mossad agent: zionstein, and signed by an illegal invader from kenya NWObama, who in NOT a president. 50% compliance? Dream on TROLL.

      125. Good morning everyone.

        I just reread all the posts here and there is plenty of excellent discussion. What I take away from all this is there are a lot of good people trying to figure out what they are going to do if this bill passes in the Congress. This Bill with its drastic implacations is a warning of what is to come. A juggernaut once unleashed will lead to other infringements. As I read all the petitions to State or Federal agencies I presume that they will not be recognised, therefore become null.
        I say this because of all the lies and deciet we have been fed in the past. Why should it change? We are a nation divided with half dependent on goverment. A nation that has a drug dependency, a material dependency and combined with deficient education, can hardly make rational decisions no further than the needs of the day.
        For me I abhor confusion,indecision and those gray areas which enables others to spread lies. It is a black and white sort of world in which I chose to live in. Most likely kept me sane all these years.
        As I stated above the confusion,indecision and those gray areas, do nothing more than create fear. Fear is the most paralyising. Fear of the unknown. Fear of prosecution. Fear of death. They have instilled fear by by a faultering economy and debasement of our currency. They have instilled fear by the introduction of the gun ban and its prosecution by law. They have instilled the fear of death to destroy the Constitution and all we hold sacred.
        You only have to go to the backlog of editorials here at SHTF and read them again to substanciate why we must stand up and be counted.
        I am going to the woods this weekend to talk to others, to lay down some ground work. I hope others are doing the same.

        • Amen Brother!

      126. Dont give up your guns or you will land up like so many in africa being driven off their lands by cia/nwo thugs only to be herded into un tent cities where you & your family will be malnurished or diseased to death while non govermental organisations on behalf of large multi national corporations make corrupt dealings with despotic tyrants to take ownership of large tracts of land so they can buy phoney carbon tax credits for european countries and secure the land for further oil,gas or mineral exploration. we lost our sovereignty years ago because we were to busy running after sinful lusts rather than considering our state of affairs and checking our enemies within and without. Fight because thats all you got left and repent for your national sins

      127. Chicago just posted their 500th homicide for the year. How’s those strict gun laws working for you Windy City?

      128. So should I hurry up and try to by the hi point carbine. Or would it just be a waist o time and money. If or when this bill goes through I really would like to keep it without paying a 200 tax once a year or some special permit. I used to have the hi point pistol in 40s&w but lost it on a canoe trip. But still have the exta mags.

        Serious Suggestions?

        • Get the gun, don’t pay the tax, take the carbine on another canoe trip. When they come to get it then tell them what happened. I for one, will never pay any tax but sales tax on my guns. If they want to come get them I’m gonna make them work for that 200.00 bucks.

          • screw the Tax, I already paid the tax when I bought all my arms..not going to continue to fund the subjugation agaisnst me

            • Refuse to comply with ANY law they pass.

              Refuse. Resist.

              Stop feeding the beast.

      129. Well, the historical sequence is (1) legislation, (2) registration, and then (3) confiscation by whatever government is involved. I am a 10-year USMC vet (Vietnam) & a life-long conservative. I do not hunt; but I do care about protecting myself & my family – knowing that even the best police cannot be everywhere whenever they are needed; and I absolutely no longer trust the government I served for so long. At some point if this legislation is passed, probably sooner rather than later, the government will want to make some brutal examples of some people to induce everyone else to comply, and that will be the tipping point of a collective decision to fold or to resist. I hope it never comes to that – perhaps the House can stave this off, with its Republican majority. But if it does, I am glad I live in Mississippi, because the Feds are likely to get some unpleasant surprises – including a few from the local police and the Guard, if some of the comments I occasionally hear are any indication. We all have to remember that the bottom line of the Second Amendment is to enable the citizenry to protect itself from the Government; everything else is detail. If we surrender that, the American experiment is done.

        • No doubt will pass. States/counties already have similar stuff don’t they? Probably the turnover has already been sealed; but I’m not sure who are the new lords.

      130. Walt Kowalski

        seems like you and I read the same publications, or research some of the same materials

        do you fequent Sipsey Street Irregulars?
        Mike Vanderboegh site?

        • @VRF…


          The Sipsey Street Irregulars article was sent to me a few months ago.

      131. When a group of people who make Gun Laws so strict. They either 1 ban them or 2 make it impossible to own them even IF they are on the shelves. Then their only leave ones thing left. ITS OPEN SEASON MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!

      132. If there’s a confiscation action, perhaps an “example” for the community or neighborhood, it would be feds do the raid, state police provide security, local police put out further on the perimeter. They do an example full on SWAT raid to spread fear, then say turn in guns. Rewards provided to those who snitch on folks with guns.

        If the confiscation goes bad, and there is a shoot out, homeowner(s) dead, than it opens up a guerrilla war on a national level.

        Let the tyrants shed first blood, those of innocents protecting their God given rights. We now have just war concept and the contract between a Constitutional government and people has been cut by tyranny.

        While the illegal actions of those above entities conducting that raid in that area should be included in the range cards, it shouldn’t be every police dept across the nation, many will hold to their oaths. It’s better served to do a targeted flush of the planners, enablers behind all this (doctrine of one hundred heads) PERHAPS minimizing a full blown bloody civil war which might give the tyrants pause… also while police depts including all support staff should be warned in variety of ways, harassment, phone calls to home, etc. Fed level security forces are more apt to be loyal to regime, their leadership also needs to be “tweaked” throughout the country.

      133. OK, have you all heard about this?
        Safeway agrees to help sponsor Tucson gun buy back event
        Posted: Dec 27, 2012 9:08 PM Updated: Dec 27, 2012 9:52 PM
        By Carissa Planalp –

        TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –

        A city leader organizing a gun buy back event has made a big step in his fundraising goals. Safeway has apparently agreed to be a sponsor.

        Tucson City Council member Steve Kozachik plans to hold a gun buy back event at a police station. And he says Safeway will pitch in $1,000 to help provide gift cards in exchange for guns.

        A woman who survived the January 8th Safeway shooting says it’s a step in the right direction. Patricia Maisch took part in the Demand a Plan video urging gun control measures.

        She’s credited with snatching ammo away from shooter Jared Loughner as he was trying to reload his weapon.

        Maisch says an event where police can safely take weapons off the streets may prevent a lot of accidents.

        “It’s a start. It will keep guns out of the hands of some children who might get it and shoot their sibling or shoot a visiting child. You know there’s been some of that,” she said.

        Organizers still need to raise $4,000 to make this event happen.

        Copyright 2012 Tucson News Now. All rights reserved.

        For this article, cut and paste this to your browser

        If a corporation is in cooperation to help disarm law abiding citizens, then I am going to send back my Safeway rewards card with a letter telling them that I don’t appreciate them using the money they get from me to crap on our 2nd amendment. Here is their address.

        Safeway Corporate Office & Headquarters
        5918 Stoneridge Mall Road Pleasanton CA 94588
        Safeway corporate phone number:
        (800) 723-3929

        • bye bye safeway. no more $$$ from one hell of a LOT of your ex-Customers. Traitor scum corporation.

      134. Give me Liberty, or I give them: DEATH.

      135. Get rich – buy futures or calls on rope stocks, you know: the TRAITOR hangin’ kind.

      136. by Stephen P. Halbrook

        Published in The Wall Street Journal, April 11, 1989, A22

        On his first day as drug czar, William Bennett decided to declare war on America’s 70 million gun owners. The war will not be one on “assault weapons,” however, but one on law-abiding citizens who, under a bill introduced by Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D., Ohio), could get 50 years for possession, transportation and failure to register many semi-automatic rifles with magazines.

        This is not the first time American legislators have prohibited popular substances and then blamed gun owners for the resulting violence. They reacted with chilling similarity to the gang fighting generated by the Volstead Act’s prohibition of alcohol during the 1920s. The philosophy behind both the New Prohibition of drugs and the Old Prohibition of alcohol is that if the “noble experiment” fails, infringe on the Second and Fourth Amendments.

        In 1924, Congress held hearings on “Firearms and Intoxicants in the District of Columbia” in response to an incident in which Sen. Frank Greene of Vermont had been wounded by a stray shot when police opened fire on bootleggers. Contrary to the hopes of the crusaders, the police rather than the bootleggers turned out to have fired the stray bullet. Nevertheless, a permit requirement for carrying handguns was imposed in Washington.

        Similarly, a petition to the Illinois state constitutional convention of 1922 called for the “suppression of the manufacture, transportation and sale of” concealable weapons “so far as private individuals are concerned.” The petition also proposed amending the state constitution to allow denial of bail to people accused of any crime, even misdemeanors. (Neither proposal became law.)

        Other proposals made in the 1920s to ban firearms were linked with demands for the infringement of other civil liberties. A committee of the American Bar Association concluded that “the revolver serves no useful purpose in the community today. We recommend that the manufacture and sale of pistols . . . shall be absolutely prohibited.” The committee also recommended weakening the rights against self-incrimination, to appeal convictions, and to trial by jury.

        In 1926, a book entitled “Outlawing the Pistol” was added to the Debater’s Handbook Series. The canned brief for the pro side noted that pistol ownership, like “the traffic in narcotic drugs, . . . is a great national shame and abuse, {and} only complete prohibition is an efficient remedy.”

        “Within the last decade two new schools of crime have developed in the United States,” observed one contributor. “Violations of the National Prohibition Act . . . comprise the first group. Gun crimes comprise the second.” Another contributor argued that a federal prohibition on firearms traffic was necessary, just as earlier “it was realized that if the saloon was ever to be outlawed it must be by national, rather than local or community, action.”

        Prohibition violence eventually persuaded Congress to suppress pistol traffic. Rep. Loring Black of New York argued for a constitutional amendment against concealed weapons modeled on the Prohibition Amendment, and Rep. Heartsill Ragon of Arkansas likened opponents’ arguments to “the old anti-prohibition cry.” These efforts resulted in a 1927 ban on mail-order handguns, the first federal legislation regulating firearms.

        As Congress debated the postal ban, the Chicago gangs that had arisen after passage of the Volstead Act discovered the machine gun. Al Capone’s first use of the Tommy gun in 1926 left a likely trio dead: a bootlegger, a politician, and William McSwiggin, assistant state’s attorney. Congress again jumped into the fray. Rep. Hamilton Fish of New York, proposing in 1930 a machine-gun ban “copied word for word from the prohibition law,” conceded that you have “to stretch the constitutional provisions to a considerable degree.”

        The repeal of Prohibition in 1933 ended most of the gang violence. But without waiting to evaluate the effects of the repeal of the alcohol ban, Congress passed the National Firearms Act of 1934.

        As introduced, the National Firearms Act requirement would have strictly regulated not only machine guns and sawed-off shotguns, but also pistols and revolvers. Attorney General Homer Cummings conceded that the Second Amendment precluded an outright ban on possession and instead sought registration of these firearms under the guise of a tax measure, in a ploy similar to the Harrison Anti-Narcotic Act, which mandated doctors’ prescriptions and justified that by saying it was the only way the government could keep track of narcotics sales for tax purposes.

        Pistols and revolvers were ultimately removed from the bill. This deletion avoided perhaps as much civil disobedience as alcohol prohibition had caused.

        Just weeks after the bill passed, federal agents searching for an unregistered machine gun shot and killed an innocent mother of four children. The National Rifle Association magazine commented: “This is probably just an unfortunate accident similar to many unfortunate accidents of the same type which occurred during the efforts of federal agents to enforce the Prohibition Law. Fortunately, there are relatively few machine guns in use around the country, so that relatively few innocent citizens may be expected to be killed by federal agents looking for machine guns. Had . . . pistols and revolvers been included in this new Federal Firearms Law, {this} incident perhaps gives a hint as to what might have happened.”

        These words are prophetic for what will happen if severe restrictions on semi-automatic rifles and pistols pass Congress or the states today. Millions of citizens will not forfeit or register their firearms, squads of federal and state agents will snoop, massive no-knock warrants will be issued, and both citizens and police will die in raids. While previously law-abiding citizens and the police battle each other, the drug lords will continue their nefarious trafficking. Adding firearms prohibition to drug prohibition means war on the innocent and, by diverting police resources, will give armed pushers even more free rein.

      137. All gun owners need to work on getting the info out that all the so called shooters were on pharmafia drugs and only since they started drugging the children has mass shootings begun get it out ” ban phyco drugs – NOT guns” go on the offense or they will leave us defenseless gun Should be clubs and stores should make up a badge to pass out to get the message out.
        For the bio-warfare people need to know about high voltage AC produced colloidal silver, for free plans to do it right, see on you tube Himacmovieman
        For our environment, the 100 miles per gallon info check out and pass on

      138. I didn’t have a problem with Judaism but when they come to collect the Jews this time I’ll be the first to give them up. The Jews are the lawyers and judges like Diane Finestine and I find it hard to believe Jews are one of the largest proponents to ban guns; like Hitler did in the 1930’s…. and they will collect them, make no mistake!!!

        • Go to the JPFO web site Jews For The Preservation Of Firearm Ownership. The founder a Jew did more for the gun rights movement in the US than anyone except Neal Knox himself. Too bad this gentleman Aaron Zelman may he be known for good has passed.

          Ever see those writings linking Gun Control with Genocide around the world? Aaron Zelman and Jay Simkin gathered the old gun laws, had them translated and acquired the documents confirming the number of civilians killed in the various genocides. It took years to compile and the data is irrefutable. Bless them both.

      139. Over 350 Million Guns has not prevented them from taking away your existing rights. In fact nobody even protested because they were all taken away so slowly, you woke up one morning and discovered they’re all gone.

        Even if these were put in place, their would still 100 Million sitting in drawers, cars waiting to be stolen.
        If anything there will be a sales explosion of six shooters to bring the total back up to 350 Million.

        It’s like listening to a baby when somebody takes away their Pacifier.

      140. Just Nuts

        And in relatively short order the remaining handguns, revolvers which you call six shooters will be included too. The prize is the scoped highly accurate hunting rifle. No doubt plans are already there to false flag some incidents to demonize them. It’s called salami tactics and the strategy is employed over and over only modified to fit the given situation. It’s also referred as, “Boiling a frog” but in the end it’s simple gradualism. Creeping Free Trade staring with NAFTA is an example and the national ID number known as Social Security which was promised to never be used in identification was another. The list is far too long to be all inclusive and it is the well established norm.

        Yes a pacifier does pacify but the baby cries for good reason. Ignoring the reasons for the baby crying and using a pacifier is indicative of being a poor parent.

      141. petitions need to also include a call for the impeachment of any politician that votes to limit the 2nd amendment. A declaration that any politician who votes for any ban on weapons needs to lose their citizenship and be exiled from this country and lose all personal property to be confiscated imediately. tar and feathering is too good for them

      142. Took advice above to write local senators, unlikely to matter but no point in not doing it. Anyone should feel free to adapt and use as needed:

        “I am writing to urge you to oppose the National Firearms Act Senator Feinstein intends to introduce in the next session of Congress. I understand what is driving this effort, but the historical sequence is (1) legislation, (2) registration, and then (3) confiscation by whatever government is involved. I am a 10-year USMC veteran (Vietnam) & a life-long conservative. I do not hunt and I am not a member of the NRA. I do care about protecting myself & my family – knowing that even the best police cannot be everywhere whenever they are needed. And I absolutely no longer trust the executive branch of the government I served for so long.

        At some point if this legislation is passed, probably sooner rather than later, the Federal government’s enforcement agencies will want to make some brutal examples of some people to induce everyone else to comply, and that will be the tipping point of a collective decision to fold or to resist. I hope it never comes to that. But if it does, I do not think I will be alone in refusing to fold – something the British learned from our colonial ancestors elsewhere at Lexington and Concord, and a spirit that Washington may be chagrined to learn is far from gone today.

        We all have to remember that the bottom line of the Second Amendment is not the ability to hunt, nor even the capability to protect ourselves from criminals. It is to enable the citizenry to defend itself against unconscionable excesses by the Federal government; everything else is detail. If we surrender that, the American experiment is done. I, for one, will do all in my power to keep that experiment alive.”

      143. As they said, Fienstein has committed a TREASONOUS ACT, by violating the terms of her agreement to “defend and uphold the Constitution” so that the “right to bear arms shall not be INFRINGED”.

      144. If anyone ever shot DCM matches what the hell happens to that? The AR-15 HBAR and M1-A are the rifles of choice. Good by Camp Perry.

        I guess the civilians will be slowly pushed backwards in technology to the long rifle flintlock at that because the percussion cap will be labeled a destructive device.

      145. “Ammunition, namely the purchase of bulk ammunition, has not been mentioned in the legislation summary.” That wouldn’t matter anyway, because just in the last few days, all the ammo has already been bought up! lol!

      146. “Many Americans, who have no concept of why the Second Amendment exists in the first place, will accept it without protest.” I don’t know about that. The mumbling by all the vets at the local breakfast stop says otherwise.

        • tayronachan

          Unfortunately they’re a minority. Non gun owners know nothing and a solid 1/3 to 1/2 of gun owners have a “don’t take my gun” attitude. The remainder understand and maybe 10% of gun owners are hard core. That hard core portion has been a political force far greater than it’s number. They work the vote getting the word out, registering voters; I know, been there done that. The gun owners mantra is “Remember in November” and in that respect they don’t forget.

          This battle is now on top of the soap box. We’re far from finished. Wait until the bulk of gun owners sees that semi auto conventional handguns are on the list. Even if removed the anti gunners intent of taking everything is plainly obvious.

          I cannot imagine this bill passing in it’s present form. Far too many are effected with the inclusion of normal handguns. If a 1911 is an assault weapon a Remingtion Model 700 and Winchester Model 70 will be labeled a sniper rifle in the future, guaranteed.

      147. Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting

        On Sunday December 17, 2012, 2 days after the CT shooting, a man went to a restaurant in San Antonio to kill his X-girlfriend. After he shot her, most of the people in the restaurant fled next door to a theater. The gunman followed them and entered the theater so he could shoot more people. He started shooting and people in the theater started running and screaming. It’s like the Aurora, CO theater story plus a restaurant!

        Now aren’t you wondering why this isn’t a lead story in the national media along with the school shooting?

        There was an off duty county deputy at the theater. SHE pulled out her gun and shot the man 4 times before he had a chance to kill anyone. So since this story makes the point that the best thing to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, the media is treating it like it never happened.

        Only the local media covered it. The city is giving her a medal next week. Just thought you’d like to know.

        • And I’ll bet the shooter was on psychotropic meds too. That’s another thing the MSM will NEVER mention. Do we think it’s because they and Congress recieve millions from the Big Pharma companies? duh-huh

      148. Parker Middle School, 1998
        Student killed one teacher at graduation dance at nearby restaurant. Apprehended by armed restaurant owner 11 minutes before police arrived. No further casualties.

        Appalachian School of Law, 2002
        Student kills two teachers and one student. Apprehended by two armed students before police arrived. No further casualties.

        New Life Church, 2007
        Gunman killed two people. Armed church member shot and wounded gunman, who then fatally shot himself. No further casualties.

        Trolley Square Shopping Mall, 2007
        Gunman killed five people. Cornered by armed mall patron until police arrived and shot gunman dead. No further casualties.

        Destiny Christian Center, 2012
        Gunman killed one person. Armed church member shot and killed gunmen. No further casualties.
        December 18 at 10:30pm ·

      149. What if all the producers just told the feds to take a hike?

      150. Our time has come to keep our oaths.

        • I heard the vets in this area mumbling the other day at the breakfast stop. Most saying things like, “don’t come to my house”, “we were trusted with tanks…now we’re not trusted to keep a rifle?” “I fought for this country and the Constitution.” “I took an oath”. Not sure how things will play out in our area, but on the bright side, our police chief heard me complaining about magazines being sold out (at the breakfast stop, again), and told me he had plenty, just let him know what type I needed (i went huh?!?). Again, you just don’t know how things will play out when/if the laws are passed. I can tell you, it’s just plain unAmerican to not own a firearm.

      151. It’s time to get real secretive in your preps. Billy the kid is right when he said they will reward snitches for turning in gun owners. Stop talking to people about your armoury and supplies. Cash purchases are best now. If you haven’t already lost your supplies in a canoe accident, then consider a cache for your stores. If/when they do come for confiscation, they will probably time it for when you are at work or suddenly get pulled over while driving to the store. Last thing they want is someone bunkered in like Koresh. You probably won’t even know your stuff is gone until you come home and find your place ransacked and the gun safe door cut off. You have to leave sometime.

      152. Don’t let them take your guns!They did it in Australia after a mass shooting (many unanswered questions regarding this event!) by using the very same excuses I hear coming from your politicians.It’s an exact replay of what happened in Australia.Hide your weapons,bury them but don’t give them up.This is just more “control” by a corrupt Government who fears a population that might fight back.Good luck people!

      153. Suppose this is all true and legislation is coming to virtually outlaw the private possession of all semi-auto rifles, handguns, ammo and extended magazines. How about stop posting what weapons you own or wish to own? They can’t get what they can’t find. Stop showing off your guns or talking about guns. There are too many guns in private hands for the govt. to get them all. But no, I read post after post about all the weapons people have stored away. Don’t be surprises if there is a knock on your door. The smart man discusses nothing about his or her weapons, in fact, the smart person denies knowing anything about guns. You can only lose your 2nd Amendment rights if you allow it to happen. Start taking these politicians serious and make no comments about gun control. Let them guess who is armed. You always make reference how Germany was disarmed by the Nazis. Well, don’t make the same mistakes as the Germans did. The Nazis were only able to disarm the people because they knew who was armed. Today, there is no reason why to advertise which weapons you own. Let the govt. guess and the bad guys be surprised.

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