Alert: Highly Sophisticated Large Scale Cyberheist Targets Customer Funds at Major U.S. Banks

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Headline News | 189 comments

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    A credible threat to the U.S. banking system has been identified by cyber security firm RSA and suggests that plans for a highly organized, large scale online bank heist targeting retail customers in the United States is currently underway.

    In an advisory, RSA said it has information suggesting the gang plans to unleash a little-known Trojan program to infiltrate computers belonging to US banking customers and to use the hijacked machines to initiate fraudulent wire transfers from their accounts.

    If successful, the effort could turn out to be one of the largest organized banking-Trojan operations to date, Mor Ahuvia, cybercrime communications specialist with RSA’s FraudAction team, said today. The gang is now recruiting about 100 botmasters, each of whom would be responsible for carrying out Trojan attacks against US banking customers in return for a share of the loot, she said.

    Each botmaster will be backed by an “investor” who will provide money to buy the hardware and software needed for the attacks, Ahuvia said.

    This is the first time we are seeing a financially motivated cyber crime operation being orchestrated at this scale,” Ahivia said. “We have seen DDoS attacks and hacking before. But we have never seen it being organized at this scale.”

    RSA’s warning comes at a time when US banks are already on high alert. Over the past two weeks, the online operations of several major banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo were disrupted by what appeared to be coordinated denial-of-service attacks.

    A little-known group called “Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam” claimed credit for the attacks, but some security experts think a nation may have been behind the campaign because of the scale and organized nature of the attacks.

    The latest discussion suggests that they now have individual consumer accounts in their crosshairs, Ahuvia said, warning that the gang plans to attempt to infiltrate computers in the US with a little known Trojan malware program called Gozi Prinimalka.

    The malware is an updated version of a much older banking Trojan, Gozi, which was used by cyber criminals to steal millions of dollars from US banks.

    The group’s plan apparently is to plant the Trojan program on numerous websites and to infect computers when users visit those sites.

    The Trojan is triggered when the user of an infected computer types out certain words — such as the name of a specific bank — into a URL string.

    Source: Computer World

    As noted in the RSA report, Denial-of-Service attacks responsible for taking down the web sites of several of the nation’s largest banks last month were attributed to an online terrorist organization. According to the U.S. government, the cyber terror cell had direct ties to, you guessed it, the Iranian government.

    Additionally, this week the Intelligence Committee of U.S. Congress requested a ban on two Chinese technology firms for their undermining of national security. According to a report from Real Agenda, a one year investigation by the committee concluded that the firms Huawei and ZTE have been illegally transferring sensitive corporate information to China through the use of their telecommunication network access in the United States. Moreover, Google this week issued emergency emails to users of their gmail service citing a “state sponsored” hijacking threat to sensitive user information and communiques.

    Considering the Obama administration has, since September, been circulating a draft of an Executive Order which aims to implement some of the regulations and security features of the 2012 Cybersecurity Act which failed to muster enough votes in Congress earlier this year, this latest report regarding the possibility of an attack on the consumer banking system and customer funds at the largest financial institutions in the country could be another psychological operation designed to rally support for legislation that would give the government more monitoring and control over domestic internet activity.

    Whether this is a ploy to coerce Congress and the American people to give up their online privacy rights, or, in fact, a legitimate threat to U.S. bank customers is anybody’s guess.

    (Perhaps it’s a mixture of both – never let a good crisis go to waste)

    According to some analysts there are gaping holes in the online consumer banking system that could easily allow such a trojan to first identify security credentials to access personal accounts, and then to rapidly distribute funds within those accounts to fake bank accounts around the world. That the perpetrators have been identified as originating in Europe and Russia ads further credence to the possibility that this is real:

    In any event it’s not good; reports are that the “ringmasters” are in Russia and Eastern Europe, long a hotbed of this sort of activity.

    The gist of the attack is that most US banks do not require “two factor” authentication before initiating a wire transfer.  This is especially important because once a wire transfer is confirmed it is really gone, and in general cannot be recalled.  It appears that they intend to deploy (or may have already deployed!) trojan horse programs that capture keystrokes, obtain login information and then en-masse initiate wire transfers out of the United States from the victims’ accounts before the banks can react, effectively draining huge sums of money and distributing the proceeds among the crooks.

    The biggest challenge is that today’s hacker looking to rob you is more-interested in getting some sort of “quiet” keylogger or other trojan into your system.  These arevery difficult to detect, as they’re not designed to disrupt your system’s operation in any way — just to look for anything that appears to be a password and then sending it on to the criminals.  Do not be fooled if you’re on a Mac into thinking you’re impervious either — and in particular be very careful with mobile devices, most of which are far weaker than their desktop counterparts when it comes to security.

    I can’t judge the credibility of this threat accurately, but it has attracted the attention of a fair number of folks who are sounding warning bells, and at least thus far the information appears to be reasonably credible.

    Via Market Ticker

    Preventative Measures

    Because such trojans or malware can be dropped onto computers when visiting any number of web sites or opening emails, we urge readers to take preventative measures by verifying that their systems have not been compromised (including mobile devices). Online security firms like McAfee, Symantec and Kaspersky offer tools that will scan your computer for such infections and actively monitor your system in real-time as you receive email or visit web sites.

    Additionally, we strongly recommend this free tool from Malware Bytes. It has been rated 5-stars by Cnet and thousands of users, and does not require a subscription. It will both scan and clean your system of potential key loggers or other trojans, spyware and viruses.

    After your system has been scanned and cleaned of threats, best practices suggest that you change passwords for any online financial related accounts you have (in case a key logger has already captured your information), as well as accounts that require privacy, such as email.

    Whether the above threat is credible or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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      1. They can’t take my money if it’s not there, can they???

        • This is simply a ploy by the banking system to siphon your money to cover THEIR bad debs. It is like bank holiday, only more sophisticated.

          • David, since many are expecting a bank holiday they had to reword it: Closed due to Computer Theft. Still its a false flag to see what kind of uproar they get.

          • Exactly! Radware already deemed this a false flag op, just one more way that the Zionist banksters loot our nation. For them it’s a two-fer; they get our money and get to blame Iran. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has already judged that the banksters won’t have to return your money.

        • Mf global stole money and walked away….probably backed by goldman sax….not worse than anything else they do…

          Yeah…nothing is done in this country to such a large scale without the gov having a hand in it….

        • I’d wager this has the parasites’ blessing…

        • Riots cyberwars collapse oh my

          Potus..we ain’t in America no more


          • So we all know McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Symantec, Panda, Bullguard, GuardDog, and a bunch of other Online protection software all have backdoors that are easily attacked. Any high schooler with a bit of computer knowledge knows this and knows how to take advantage of the weaknesses in these softwares. If they want you they will have you the only thing you can do to stop it is to unplug.

        • If I was as smart as any banker…
          I would take the money and blame it on cyber crime…
          Oh, I almost forgot to INSURE my (our) monies from loss first.

      2. Oh yeah, see… these guys stole your money by computer and there is nothing we can do about it, see… So I guess your balance is zero, sorry. Oh wait, since you’re balance is below the minimum you will be charged a service fee. Sorry ’bout that.


        • Yessir! Can you spell false flag? …and then the money… was… just… GONE!!!

          Oh, those bad, bad hackers! We must get them!

          HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is hilarious! I mean, its like the jewel thieves bitching about the home invasion guys stealing their loot and then the home invasion guys complaining about getting car jacked and losing the loot they stole from the jewel theives.

          Hehehe. Hilarous!

          I hope they get it done. The sooner this pile of poop hits the fan, the sooner we can all take a bath. The way it is, its been sitting here stinking more and more since 1871.

          Someone, PUHLEEEEZZZZ! …kick it into the fan!

          • Ranger, about 95% of the sheep still believe it will be a terror attack. The media will confirm it for them, to be accepted without question.

            It’s not time to kick it into the fan. It’s time to turn the fan off, or at least get far away from it.

            • Perhaps it is time to Awaken folks to a real way to FIX it all eh?…IE: for Lew Rockwell fans, and Misses expert economist fans alike.

              Read this Lew Rocwell article…Rebutal email from a J.B.Campbell…He is the guy who Founded the Patriot Militia movement in the usa back around Late 1980’s era.

              He also writes articles at Vetrans Today website(or used to? Not sure if still writes for them?)..

              The Miseans after all divert our attention away from the real solution to our economic malaise which is government issuance of the currency interest free and, therefore, debt free. Here is an email from JB Campbell chastising the Miseans in a recent Lew Rockwell article for their duplicity in that regard;

              —– Original Message —–

              From: JB Campbell
              To: Tom Woods ; lew @ ; WILLIAM GRIGG
              Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2012 2:28 PM

              What shocking gall and negligence for a purported professional economist to go silent on the German Economic Miracle, which by any measurement was the most significant advancement for humanity following the worst man-made economic catastrophe in history.

              As a professional economist you know very well what was the cause of the fantastic recovery and prosperity, but you refuse to acknowledge it. You even have the nerve to smear its author as “a bad economist.” What an egocentric and dishonest twerp you are.

              I was an economics major in college and because of cowardly and dishonest professors my classmates and I were kept totally unaware of the truth about the fantastic German recovery, not to mention the criminal nature of the Federal Reserve System.

              How exciting and useful such information would have been to us and to anyone.

              What would you, the professional economist, have done in Hitler’s place to rescue the German people from total degradation and eventual starvation, which were the goals of the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan? The two American banking plans only added more debt to the German people’s account.

              I suspect that you have no idea what you would have done, just as you have no idea what to do today to avoid another “austerity program” demanded by the Federal Reserve Company so they can continue to enrich themselves at our expense.

              Hitler and Roosevelt came to power at exactly the same time, with both of their economies shattered by the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy of deflation. But Germany’s plight was twice as bad due to the vicious and rapacious diktat known as the Versailles Treaty.

              Have you ever commented on the deliberate destruction of Germany by the victorious Allies’ “reparations payments” following the war, or the sadistic thinking behind it?

              It took a real man to inform the American and British gangsters that there would be no more reparations payments. Hitler did just that, and the gangsters got mad but did nothing. Nothing until Samuel Untermeyer declared economic war by the forces of Judaism later in the year.

              While Hitler was quickly bringing the German people into prosperity by issuing the proper amounts of debt-free Reichsmarks, FDR obeyed the Federal Reserve gangsters and allowed them to continue to deflate the supply of dollars and “credit” even further, to the extent we now are informed by Russian researchers that several millions of Americans died of starvation in the 1930s, concealed by the government as occurring from natural causes.

              Mighty America brought to its knees by private bankers with a license to print our money and charge us for it, while little Germany emerged from destitution and starvation at the very same time due to the combination of debt-free currency and hard work and trade.

              Americans could have done the exact same thing with equally loyal leadership. But we were lead by traitors.

              Where were your brother economists?

              They knew the secret of Germany’s success, just as you do today. But they were as silent back then as you are today, deathly afraid to identify the Federal Reserve as cause of our downfall, and the only way to cure this disease.

            • Lew Rockwell is the most dangerous man in America because he sells Americans “Free Trade” as a FREEDOM when it is a demonic scheme run by the GB’s to impoverish US and enrich the Globalists.

              The Mises Institute is funded by the NWO.

            • Solid post, Angelo.

              Tom Woods is as dangerous as Rockwell because Woods touts the lie that Catholicism is compatible with usury, unjust wages, unjust prices, and the entire poison pill of “Austrian” (read “Judaic”) economics. Read von Mises and Rothbard and see in their own words how they revile Christianity and Christian decency. “Free market” is just another neurolinguistic buzz word coined (I use the word “coined” advisedly) to make the poison palatable for the goyim.

              Just as Kerensky’s “allies,” the Judeo-Bolsheviks, usurped the May Revolution in their October 1917 revolution, beware that free and decent American goyim are not led astray by Judeo-Libertarian Judas goats. “Free market” libertarians will lead the goyim back under the thumb of the “anything goes” genocidal looters.

          • Once upon a time the gov wanted to make it all digital bits of money. They are still moving forword…

            • John Q Public…Thank you. I must admit though all I get credit for is I copied and pasted anothers comment from Bro Kapners website.

              I think You are very much more wise on these issues than I or most others here. I wish you would post more info and comments so as to perhaps awaken more to these real threats which most refuse to see or believe.

              I understand why they refuse to consider or believe some issues. Afterall we All have been totally swindled and brainwashed our entire lives untill the internet became available.

              Just look how quickly Foxtv’s Hannity et al were able to Hyjack the “Tea Partys”…Then Glen beck brought in Haggee and many more similar type pastors. Within one years time tea partys became another Wing/org with probobly 98% Neocon repubs supporters.

              Ross Perot-Pat Buchannan-Ron Paul…ALL honest good men. All ignored or slandered or booted from neocon repubs for Fear voters may actually elect one like them!

              How can anybody still be fooled by the likes of hannity or o’rielly etc? When their paychecks are signed by the SAME zios/tribe who Own All Media-Banks-& Fed govnt.

              Beck and a couple others he hired for his new tv chanel(dish network) are the ONLY gentiles there!…Hmmmmm.

              As to the Catholic angles etc. I think Vatican II did more damage than most any other of recent times or eras.

              I try to just go by the new testement mainly. Seems today same as public schools leave no other choice but to Home school….So has Homechurching gone. I refuse to waste amy time at todays type churches like we see all over TV now. It is Sickining to me.

              We Shall prevail though!!…Wont be easy…But we will.

        • They can go after money not in the bank. A friend closed his account. Someone then sent an order to withdraw funds. The bank complied then sent a bill for the amount plus overdraft fees.
          The original company then ordered more withdrawals. At this point the bank began only registering overdraft fees multiple times
          They ran the fees over $1000 in a very short time. The bank just said “too bad, pay up”

          • Hopefully your friend had the good sense to tell them to F&%K OFF and die.

          • With me, good luck on trying to collect on withdrawls and overdraft fees on an account I had closed. Shows their mindset that once you start dealing with them, you are forever bound by their rules.

        • Yeah we’re sorry sir and madam but John Corzine lost your money and congress can’t do anything about it. Now just where did that money go………?

        • Does this mean we don’t get our foodstamps?

      3. If your money is in a bank it’s not really yours!!!!

        • If you have Federal Reserve Notes in your pocket, they are not really yours either.

          • Maybe not, GC, but I am doing a fine job of buying preps with those FRNs that aren’t mine.
            Yep, they go into the bank per the govt requirement but are out as soon as the bank opens.
            Buying more preps–this week, solar oven!!

            • Yep, they still work for now, but that doesn’t mean you own them. I just consider them Hot Potato’s and get rid of them as fast as they come in on something the corp can’t take or doesn’t want.

          • What if you have their codebook ?.?

          • What if you have their codebook ?.?

          • Oh thats funny!!!

      4. “The group’s plan apparently is to plant the Trojan program on numerous websites and to infect computers when users visit those sites.”

        If they were to plant it on a website such as ‘Facebook’, it would spread very quickly.

        I have heard that viruses have already been spread through Facebook. With so many people constantly uploading and downloading stuff…it is the perfect background for viruses to spread.

        • A CIA operation being run through a CIA web site? Why would that surprise anyone?

          They will probably try to put it on sites like this one so they can make sure to steal all the preppers money first.

          • GC,
            Lord knows all of us preppers are filthy rich!
            I think almost any website out there would provide better mark’s and more target
            rich environments than this one.
            (no offense any one)

            • Slick, we may not have the most money, but we are higher quality targets. The idea would be to attack the resistance before it can start.

              Most here are poor, but highly resistant to the corps plans. When you have a printing press, it’s no really about the money is it?

              Of course, in the end it will be ALL the accounts getting attacked. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they hit sites like this before the theft became public knowledge.

            • I’m VERRRWEEY worried about that $20 I keep in there for Netflix!!!:-)

      5. Yet another reason for not switching to online banking or payment. The Paypal-linked account is purposely kept nearly empty.

        Just went through explaining this to my insurance company. $5/month discount is not enough to tempt me to risks of this sort. A couple of years ago, I had 2 info from credit cards stolen and it had to have been by people working inside the card companies. Both were caught immediately: one by a retailer and another by the cc company, itself. Still, it was a pain.

        • My dh paid $5 for using cash at At&T!!!!

          • Actually, he could have refused the fee, offered the cash in the amount owed, and the bill would have been considered legally payed if legal tender was refused.

            Probably more than $5 worth of headache though… That’s what the count on when they engage in open petty theft like that.

            One day, that will change.

      6. Two days ago I went to my bank and the computers were down. In all my years of banking that has never happened. Banking has become some what risky, Cyber crooks, Cyber terrist and govermental stupidity. I don’t know where my money will be safe. Oh well, get the glass jars and shovel out, if you can’t reach me I will be in the back yard doing some digging.

      7. “”””Over the past two weeks, the online operations of several major banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo were disrupted by what appeared to be coordinated denial-of-service attacks.”””

        Wow, the perpetrators actually appear in the story.

        The purpose is to give the banks a way to explain the loss of customers funds they are in the process of stealing.

        The banks need someone to blame for the theft or else the customers may get wise to the truth. Why not blame cyber terrorist to scare the people into accepting some really bad laws at the same time? Did you expect them to create a crisis the let it go to waste?

        If you have money in the bank, get it out now. If you get a deposit in your account, get it out before close of business on the same day. If you don’t, you may as well just give it to the banks.

        • My systems (I have 31 of them in a certain area of the country) have been experiencing what can only be described as DoS attacks. Its DNS based. The outside systems start by sending RRSIG packets and it causes the server to respond. It buries the outbound bandwidth easily. In one case I found over 7,000 systems were RRSIGing one of my servers. I fixed it with a simpley configuration statement change but it was still annoying.

          I think this is an upcoming false flag backup. I know that sounds strange but there are so many things they are setting up.

          There was the 4% algorithm used the other day.

          Now this “cyberhiest” thing. Jeez! What dimwits.

          There is war with Iran.

          The gas price consternation in Cali (that I think they just might be lying about…)

          All corruption. I have started calling the government “The Corruption”. They are basically synonyms.

          • The “Corruption”; I like it.

          • I like festering and decay better..Pelosi comes to mind..EWWW.

      8. I haven’t had a virus on my computers in years. About a week ago I noticed my Windows Update icon showing in my task bar I had new updates to install. I have mine set to auto update at 3 am so the icon usually never shows up. I tried to install the updates 2-3 times…Failed. Then while I was looking at my updates in the Control Panel I see my Firewall is Off. Tried to Turn it Back On…Failed. I had a virus come through and it screwed up my dll. files and my registry and also my firewall. Registry was an easy fix but I’m still working on the other stuff. This is a tough one.

        • yea my firewall keep getting shut off too.. no big deal though im practially Omish

        • check to see if malware has installed, had to system restore before 31 days when had same issue

        • I turned my updates off on Windows. Who knows what they try to put on there.I cancelled online passwords to and no longer use my bank account on line. A program checks for virus daily. Rarely use credit card online. I’m paranoid I suppose. I agree with GC that it is probably a cover to steal. These huge banks have the resources to create complex algorithms to skim the markets so they have the knowledge to protect their accounts and I’m sure they do. They are criminals and the politicians that back them are grifters. They are all participants in limited liability corporations under the color of law out to enslave you to worthless debt. Hang the bankers. Rant over.

          • +1. I never use my computer for banking nor do I use a credit card on line for purchase. I call the company by hard line to order items.

        • Give linux a try.

          I have been using it since about 2001.

          Today’s linux distros are really easy to use.

          • Linux while still hacked alot, it is hacked the least these days because of the low number of users compared to other systems. making it a very good choice.

      9. I’m watching what the bankers’ hands are doing with money.

        And by the way, aren’t everyone’s bank deposits and credit cards insured against customer loss? Mine all are.

        • Wanna bet? By the time you get anything it will be inflated away to almost nothing. If you think the FDIC will bail you out, you are not really thinking.

          • GC, you missed my point entirely. Account loss is not the same thing as bank failure. DUH. If my bank account is hacked, the bank will cover those losses. I’ve had it happen. Banks have their own insurance to cover theft (regular banks or credit unions, each have their own agency).

            I’m not referring to FDIC insurance that would cover bank failure losses. FDIC insurance was implemented to cover large banking losses and it’s grossly underfunded, not to mention corrupted. Anyone who keeps large amounts of cash deposited in a banking institute always runs the risk of a future financial settlement through FDIC that will not be equal to the actual dollar loss.

            We personally use a local bank as well as a credit union for bill payments and we track both places every couple of months to make sure they’re still low risk institutes. Still, we do not keep large sums of $$ in either, nor do we have lockboxes.

            • And where do you keep your “large sums?” Really, is stuffing half a million in cash in a mattress that safe either?

            • Hey Troll, only your ignorance outshines that desperation of yours. What’s wrong, did those SNAP benefits get cut again?

              Most people who are preparing for more financial upheaval (ie economic collapse), or more appropriately called TSHTF, don’t keep large sums of $$ in a bank, at home, or under that mattress. Cash is being devalued as I type. If you had any, you’d realize that.

        • I Hid a Nickle five cent piece Under a small rock!

          I figure them ziobanksters Greed wont allow them to finish off america untill they Find it!!! And I aint saying where that small rock is located!!

      10. Why the concern about hacker criminals stealing your IRA or other investments when a US Federal Appeals court made a ruling which enabled New York Mellon to receive funds that were stolen through fraud from legally segregated accounts of investors at another investment firm that were unlawfully used as collateral by the said (Sentinel) firm.

        The defense Mellon Lawyers used was “they did not know” that the funds were illegally (stolen) acquired. The counter argument was they should have known the funds were illegally acquired. The fact that the funds WERE illegally acquired was confirmed but not an issue.

        Mellon legally obtained the life savings of investors that were stolen by another firm and the courts, our guardians upheld it. This legal precedent has SERIOUS ramifications.

        Worry not of some “foreign” cyber attack stealing your money.

        Look up New York Mellon and Sentinel.

        You can’t make this stuff up.

      11. Yeah Mike Rivero wrote about this a few weeks ago. Seems like he was spot on. To be blamed on Iran. Looks like they will get their war after all.

        • @ etg83


          Tomorrow, the pucker-factor ramps up into overdrive as its the beginning of a new moon phase, this month.
          Hence, near total darkness at night and a much favored period for air strikes against Iran.

          Israeli elections are very near & ours is scheduled for less than a month away. What are the chances that the idiot in Tel Aviv will throw caution & reason to the wind & issue the WARORD, launching the IDF’s F-16s & F-15s to kick off the show?
          The desperation of the insane Israeli tyrant, borders on the cusp of megalomania & he cares not for the rest of humanity or the unintended consequences, his lunacy will bring upon us all.

          Let us hope there are adults in the room to caution against & prevent WW-III.

          • Hey, Anton
            Your excoriation of Bibi Netanyahu is unwarranted. For $1000, tell me what posture should Israel adopt when Iran and their demonic “president” derogate Israel, daily call for their destruction, and are running pell mel to finish nuclear weapons that Iran itself has said are for the destruction of Israel?

            Look at Israel on a map: surrounded by enemies. If you were that small (you well might be…) totally isolated and cut off, facing off with a nation of psychopathic mooslem freaks bent on your destruction, surrounded by millions of confederate mooslems, what would you DO? The fucking mooslems want to kill EVERYONE, including the Israelis, other Jews and Americans. You are justifying the mooslem paradigm and methodology when you slander the PM of Israel. Your position is untenable. Why don’t you MAN UP, be more honest and just say that you hate Israel?

            • Seems Hannity and Haggee has Morphed into One being! =GOP4ever!….Shaun Haggee John Hannity welcome sir!

              What other MSM crap do you believe in?

            • Wow, GOP4ever!

              Let’s see – you believe in the inherent goodness of Netanyahu, you believe the mainstream propaganda about the nuclear threat from Iran, and clearly, from your username, you are a staunch advocate of the two party system, specifically the Republican party.

              Do you also believe in unicorns and the Easter bunny?

            • I like You Daisy! Alot too! Too bad more of todays women don’t think as you do.

            • GOP4ever Damn man, you got the local neonazis ready to fire up the gas house.

            • @ GOPwhatever

              Have attempted several times to give you an honest answer, seems the hasbarat & judeo-mega-phonies run interference for you…a shame really…the 404 gateway intercepts of my response simply couldn’t handle the truth & I’m sure you couldn’t either. Would of been nice for the “plan’s” audience to decide & weigh in on the matter, per our debate merits.

              Oh, well…perhaps I’ll get another chance, another day.

            • Israel is the world’s biggest welfare state. It wouldn’t even exist without US taxpayer money.

              Go back to your scared holy bullshit land (a desert in the middle of nowhere) & volunteer for the IDF chump.

      12. Yes Kevin2 I agree. Running this up the flag pole to see if anybody salutes. What is real? MF Global, Libor.. ad nauseum. Try doing with your gold bullion what the bankers do with theirs and you will proceed directly to jail. Thieves calling out others who are thieves, I guess they are worried about the competition.

      13. Probably the gub’t

        • “Under the ideal measure of values there lurks the hard cash.”-KARL MARX, Das Kapital

      14. Great, more crap to worry about. This could easily help to speed up collapse if the virus were to attach itself to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, ect…

      15. GrandpaSpeaks

        One major difference is you might get your money back from a hacker but as the courts ruled in the above your SOL when dealing with the Banking Establishment.

        When the system is inherently corrupt what would normally be considered illegal is lowered to unethical and therefore provides no redress.

        • Yes indeed, we do need a revision to the definition of “financial criminal” and relate it to corruption. I said in 2008 someday they will be hunting bankers in the streets…. I hope I live long enough.

          • We need a re-revision; Glass-Steagall. We as a nation been through this before for many of the same reasons.

      16. facebook has long been infiltrated by redirect sites. much like the illuminati one that redirects you to the NSA site.

      17. It appears that they’re letting us know in advance that what ever the crooks do,the banks will do BETTER.

      18. The easiest way to rob a bank is to own one.

        • “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank.

          Give a man a bank, he can rob the world.”

          (Donno who came up with that one)

          • 10 to 1 his last name was Rothschild.

            • Rothchild aka Amstel Meyer aka jewboy.aka True real Owner of Bandit state of isreal.

            • Anything with the name Morgan in it.

          • JustMe

            I think it’s just a variation of what President Teddy Roosevelt said, “An uneducated man robs a train”: “An educated man steals the railroad”.

            Regardless it’s accurate.

      19. I’ve been slowly debanking for the last year, hitting the ATM every other day or so. Trickle your bucks out of the bank if you can. It is less suspicious than taking it out in a large lump sum.

      20. I’ve been slowly debanking for the last year, hitting the ATM every other day or so. Trickle your bucks out of the bank if you can. It is less suspicious than taking it out in a large lump sum.

        • I have no idea how my post duplicated. Mac, please remove the duplicate if you wish.

        • I’ve been debanked most of my married life. (31 years). I realized what a crooked enterprise they are and how they use your money for evil. I use them. They don’t use me.

          • I bet after 31 years you still find it difficult to believe just how crooked they are.

          • Being married for 30 years myself, I thought the first line was going in a differant direction, haha!

      21. Don’t use the banks at all. Keep all your funds at home or on your person. Pay bills with money orders, in this area they are free, any amount of them. If pay is direct deposited, withdraw it on day of deposit. The banks don’t pay anything on a savings account anyway.

        • I’m lucky enough to have utilities and insurance within driving distance, so pay cash for everything–and as you, the govt mandating direct deposit, doesn’t mean my dh can’t withdraw $500 a day till balance is $20 for Netflix.
          All but the mortgage. No bank here in Ky.

          • OOOH, that post sounds like I get a bundle from S.S and it isn’t –it’s just a little; but it helps prep more.

        • Aljamo says

          “””Keep all your funds at home or on your person”””

          Never carry many Federal Reserve Notes on you, if any at all. Be like Dominos drivers and always carry less than $20.

          It’s not just the street thieves that might want to take your cash, but those thugs in costumes as well. They think if you have more than enough to buy a twenty bag you must be selling them.

          • Great site…keep uo the good work. Truth. Seekers

        • I am not getting it. Do you folks just not have any money? Or are you comfortable with $10k laying around the house? $100k? $500k? I’m serious, would appreciate your ideas on safe storage outside of a bank (yeah, I got hiding little tins of gold bullion in the wall and underground such, but is there anything more practical? That doesn’t seem that safe either…there are fires, development, death).

          • another comment;ahahahahah.. these are things one must figure out on their own.

          • You’re just fishing here. A few weeks ago you were complaining about your $27 a week food budget. It must suck to be a SNAP’r.

            Who in their right mind would disclose their private financial info on the Internet, especially to a troll like you?

      22. its sad to realize that an ivestment account or IRA that a person has worked hard for all their lives can be stolen in the blink of an eye by a faceless crook in another country.
        it would certainly be a life altering event .

        there is simply no way the FDIC can even hope to replace bank deposits if enough banks are hit.

        • hammerhead, it is NOT a faceless crook in a foreign country you should worry about.

          You are NOT protected by the FDIC. It has no intention of returning the stolen property.

          • FDIC serves the same purpose as the TSA.
            An illusion of security. Helps to keep the peeps feeling good.

      23. This whole BS crap stinks Mossad false flag.

        • Stef! BINGO!

          “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial” — Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister, BBC March 25, 2001

          I have always wondered about the societal model that Aldous Huxley described in his 1932 book, “Brave New World” and the 7-Layer Model of Talmudic/Noahide Law based World Zionism.

          When one looks at the Zionist “Battle Flag” of Israel, with the two blue stripes representing the Nile and the Euphrates rivers, with the previously pagan symbol of the Hexagram representing the “Perfect Man” on the white background representing this so-called “Promised Land” purged of all but “The Chosen” . . .

          . . . one can not help but think of Aldous Huxley’s “Alpha Caste”. An “Elite Class” that is not to be held accountable to any law but their own.

          “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial” — Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister, BBC March 25, 2001

          Below this is the “Privileged Class” of the “Beta Caste” who are the “Stars” that “Protect and Serve” like the sons and daughters of Cain and Lamech.

          Below this are the four levels of “Goyim”:

          The Gamma Caste – The “House Slaves” or highly trained workers that sport the four cornered hat, the mortar board, of the “graduate.”

          The Delta Caste – The “Field Slaves” or unskilled and expendable minimum wage workers that make up the so-called “Service Industry.”

          The Epsilon Caste – The “Prison Slaves” or forced labor that comes from the ever increasing Privatized Prison Population.

          The Zeta Caste – The “Sacrificed Slaves” or “culled population” of unnecessary “useless eaters” that have no place in the “Zionist World Order.” The millions and millions exterminated in all these illegal and immoral wars based on “Big Lies” and “False Flag” operations carried out by the “Beta Caste”.

          And at the top of this pyramid is the “7-7-7 Hidden Hand” that works in the darkness to creates wealth and debt out of nothing in order to set themselves up as “gods” on this planet. These self proclaimed “Homo-Superiors” that have taken it upon themselves to decide who is worthy of “LIFE” and who deserves to “DIE.”

          Reply post by Frederick C. Blackburn,NC-usa at website of Realjewnews dot com

          • “The only statement I care to make about the Protocols (of the elders of Zion) is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now.” Henry Ford – 1920

            • They are sixteen yrs old now!!!! Yeah and NOW its like 100yrs older!!! and alot worser yet!!!….Wont be long now before we see the time frame of the Parable of the Tares and Wheat!….When the tares are Matured and are much eaiser to recognize so that there wont be Any “colateral” dammage to the Good Wheat.

              Then the Tares gets UProoted and destroyed and tossed into lake of Fire for all time!…It does seem alot eaiser to notice who them tares are, as they get Older or more matured no.

      24. We didn’t really think Bernanke was going pay for QE3, $40 Billion dollars a month, with printed money alone did we?

      25. A guy is browsing in a pet shop, and sees a parrot sitting on a little perch. It doesn’t have any feet or legs.
        The guy says aloud, ‘Jeesh, I wonder what happened to this parrot?’

        The parrot says, ‘I was born this way. I’m a defective parrot.’

        ‘Holy crap,’ the guy replies. ‘You actually understood and answered me!’

        ‘I got every word,’ says the parrot. ‘I happen to be a highly intelligent and a thoroughly educated bird’

        ‘Oh yeah?’ the guy asks. ‘Then answer this, how do you hang onto your perch, without any feet?’

        ‘Well,’ the parrot says, ‘this is very embarrassing, but since you asked, I wrap my weenie around this wooden bar, like a little hook.
        You can’t see it, because of my feathers.’

        ‘Wow,’ says the guy. ‘You really can understand, and can speak English, can’t you?’

        ‘Actually, I speak both Spanish and English, and I can converse with reasonable competence on almost any topic, politics, religion, sports, physics, philosophy.
        I’m especially good at ornithology. You really ought to buy me; I’d be a great companion.’

        The guy looks at the $200.00 price tag. ‘Sorry, but I just can’t afford that.’

        ‘Pssssssst,’ says the parrot, ‘I’m defective, so the truth is, nobody wants me, cause I don’t have any feet.
        You can probably get me for $20, just make the guy an offer!’

        The guy offers $20, and walks out with the parrot.

        Weeks go by. The parrot is sensational.

        He has a great sense of humor, he’s interesting, he’s a great pal, he understands everything, he sympathizes, and he’s insightful. The guy is delighted.

        One day the guy comes home from work, and the parrot goes, ‘Pssssssst,’ and motions him over with one wing.
        ‘I don’t know if I should tell you this or not, but it’s about your wife, and the Mailman.’

        ‘What are you talking about?’ asks the guy.

        ‘When he delivered a package today, your wife greeted him at the door, in a sheer black nightie.’

        ‘WHAT???’ the guy asks incredulously.

        ‘THEN what happened?’

        ‘Well, he came into the house, and lifted up her nightie, and began petting her all over,’ reported the parrot.

        ‘NO!’ he exclaims, ‘and she let him?’

        ‘Yes. Then he continued taking off the nightie and began to kiss her all over.’

        Then the frantic guy demands, ‘THEN WHAT HAPPENED?’

        DUNNO?!? I got an erection, and fell off my perch!’

        Y’all Beware! Keep smilin’ it’s good for you.

        • Y’all Beware! Outstanding! That deserves 2 thumbs up. Thanks for the humor.

        • sick

        • Very much cleaned-up from the way I first heard it!!

      26. I can highly recommend Malware Bytes

        last year McAfee let through two viruses
        which virtually shut down my computer

        I was able to load Malware Bytes after many hours
        it took care of the viruses in short order

        I bought the full version and let it run continuously
        well worth the $$$

        • Some viruses will stop you from running any executable program. To run Malware Bytes anyway, pull the plug on the computer or otherwise make it stop abnormally. Then turn it back on. At the black screen, choose start in safe mode with networking. Safe mode keeps the virus from interfering. Having networking available allows Malware Bytes to update itself. Run Malware Bytes, let it remove everything it finds, and reboot the computer. If you ever get a virus that even in safe mode won’t allow an executable to run, just change the .exe at the end of the file name to .com. Windows will treat it the same as an executable, but the virus won’t stop it. I keep a copy of Malware Bytes on a thumb drive in my pocket for emergencies.

          • I’ve had better luck with SuperAntiSpyware ( They have a portable version that you don’t need to “install” to your machine and has a random name that is very hard for a virus/malware to account for and stop from running.

            It seems to find a bunch of stuff that others don’t. In a sense they are all equal, being that they don’t find everything that the others will…

            If you are unable to run any program on the machine, there is a program called Rkill.exe that you can use which stops the virus/malware from running on your machine. When using this program, i have had to rename it to explorer.exe or iexplore.exe just to get it running on the machine. Takes about 30 sec to 2 minutes to run, and afterwards will allow you to run your AV/Malware programs to remove the infection.

            • @ Archivist and CrackerJack:

              I was doing research for work on my laptop and contracted some nasty Malware. My IT guy has been working on it (via remote log in) and has used both of these programs and can’t remove it. Finally, last night at 8:00 p.m. he asked me to send the computer to him. ( I work remotely from home ). When I saw this article, I was terrified that I have this virus.

              And like a dumbass, I have used my work laptop for online banking…but in my defense, I travel almost every week and it just isn’t convenient to take care of banking any other way. I don’t know if this is the virus I have (if it has been unleashed) but believe me, this has been a wake up call. I will no longer do any banking online.

              What a horrible world we live in today…Technology has to power to do so much good in the world but unfortunately in the wrong hands it is all used for Evil. I work in the healthcare IT field (electronic medical records) and I know that the underlying reason is just to mine more data about people and that it will eventually be used to decide who lives and who dies. They have all the financial and other data on us, the only thing they don’t have is our medical data…well, now they are getting that too.

              • Yep they are…so they can build a world DNA program, that links individuals together thru information gathered by data mining…..will allow for lifespan charts to be developed to predict future events.

          • @ Archivist

            Thank you!

      27. The DOW is down and metals are up. FINE!

      28. smells like another 9-11 in the making if you ask me

        Its all bullshit, and scare tactics..and some of us are smart enough to see it.

        perfect excuse for them to pilfer everything the common man has, and the made up boogy man ala your federal government..False Flag if there ever was one

        Now people , If they try to play this one..we should all call them on it..not like that last false flag 11 years ago

        • oh and when i say “Call them on it”

          I mean with hand cuffs and life terms, or better yet..hang um

          • @ VRF

            I’ll bring the rope. Let’s do it!

            • Im not getting my hands dirty, we are supposed to have a system in place to take care of this, we as citizens just need to make sure that system works for everybody

              we all just need to make sure the Rule of Law applies equally to every criminal, even if they come from our government , banks, or legal system. we as the people need to demand it, enforce it, and not take no for an answer

        • Pardon my ignorance….but could you give a simple explanation as to what a.false flag is?? Thanks

          • @ Dingo

            Simplest example would be 9/11.

            Where the israeli mossad & their American cohorts murdered nearly 4000 innocent people & blamed it on a bunch of flying camel-humpers.

            Got it?
            Good…class dismissed!

            • Anton..Is that the same camel humpers who are riding camels or donkeys across the Ocean from 10,000 milles away in a Cave in afganistan?..You think they will bring ak-47’s with 50 rnds ammo and Destroy americas BOR and take over etc?!!!

              All this time I was worried it will be them ziobanksters and their talmudaic tribe which Is already 99% in control of all what matters of usa govnt and culture and msm medias etc etc etc!

              Thanks Anton! I am way better informed now and plan to do Midnite watch for them “sneeky” camel jockys with ak’s from here on out! Thank God its not the zio protocals at work here eh!!!

          • Examples:

            The sinking of the Lusitainia. The attack on the ship was warned about, because the ship was known to be carrying munitions, as well as passenbgers. The warning was convieniently silenced. The ship was allowed to be sunk, provoking the US into WW1.

            The attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese were known to be preparing some sort of attack, the carriers were sent away from Pearl, and all the old battleships were lined up. The attack was allowed to occur to provoke the US into WW2.

            The Gulf of Tonkin. The attack on US navy vessles which did’nt occur, but was hyped to provoke US invasion of Vietnam.

            The attack on the USS Liberty. Isreali jets attacked the USS Liberty, in hopes of blaming Egypt, to provoke US intervention in the mideast war going on at the time.

            Do a search for “Operation Northwoods”. A plan to attack US people, and military personnel, to blame Cuba, and provoke the invasion thereof.

            “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”…

            The list is long, worldwide, and will likely never end…

            • excellent post

              there is just too much evidence that the government lies about stuff like this

              they have no problems sending your children to die in their
              bull sh_t trumped up wars

              anything the government says is to be considered a lie until verified through other sources

            • and lets not forget “operation northwoods” the preface for 911

              google “operation northwoods” and read the actual DoD playbook to create a war with cuba in 60s

            • Great post

              Question is..

              What’s next in the queue?


          • Government attatcks itself, blames other suckers (usually some enemy), then attacks said enemy using the fake attacks as justifcation.

            See Hitler’s “Reichstag Fire” & the USA’s “Operation Northwoods”.

            The latter is 1 reason the US government assassinated its own president (Kennedy) & 1 reason why every prez since has been a scared puppet doing what he’s told.

      29. 30 tears ago, a bank stole $200 from my checking account. After spewing a number of obscenities at the manager, I resolved to NEVER allow this kind of scum to have access to my money ever again. I will not even allow an employee of a bank in my house. They’re nothing but thieves, and have never been anything else.

        • Years. An edit function sure would be nice.

          • No, no, tears is good…it works!

            If you pay interest on a loan, credit card, or mortgage, you’re working for a bank and should not be allowed into your house.

          • Also, if you refuse to work for a bank by not paying the mortgage, eventually you also won’t be allowed into your house.

        • Heretic, bank tellers are morons as well. About the same time frame, I went and cashed my payroll check. Turned around to walk away while counting the money.

          I noticed an error, turned back to the teller and said she had made a mistake. She replied “We don’t make mistakes”.

          I looked at her with a smile and said “Fine, I will keep the 20 extra dollars you gave me”, and proceeded on my way out.

          They have only gotten dumber since then.

      30. I run a virtual machine with a nonstandard operating system and browser that is ONLY used for online finance so its chances of picking up malware are slim. The virtual machine image is read only, so if it gets infected, everything gets wiped back to the original state when I shut it down.

        I never do online finance from a Windows computer or mobile phone. I never do it from a system that I use for everyday web surfing.

        • Never heard of that. Enlightenment, and link, please.

        • OBs
          Yes, please tell us where we can find out how to do the same.

        • Another way is to run a “sandboxed” browser. Sandboxie is a good program. It has a function where the browser runs inside a box where nothing is allowed to interact with it, so no malware can effect it.

          Another way it to run a portable browser that’s sandboxed for maximum safety.

          Lastly, another way is to use a program that fills in passwords with no typing, like KeePass or LastPass. All insertion is encrypted.

      31. One of the most dangerous ways that people make bank transactions is by NOT doing it in person. This electronic easy way of banking is just asking for it. I feel the same about how these companies ask you to do a monthly withdraw from your checking or savings account to pay a bill. Whatever happened to using a check or money order, or going to the company or utility company directly and paying for it? People go by the convenient way tha

        • They want you to give them direct access to you bank account because they can’t find enough sheep who can count the right amount and give change.

        • They want to do automatic withdrawals so they can increase prices without you noticing. When people pay by check or in person, they see what is going on. Too many people set things on automatic pilot and ignore what is happening.

          I have a friend who checks her bank account every day on her computer. She looked one day and her account had suddenly increased by about $50,000. She took a screen shot and called the bank. When she went to her computer the money was back to normal and the bank didn’t believe her. She took the screen shot in and showed them. It turned out that her account was being used to launder money. Unfortunately the bank and the government froze her account while they investigated but she didn’t have much in the account to start with. Who knows how much of this stuff goes on and people never notice?

        • You pretty much need a pistol to get auto pay cancelled.

      32. One of the most dangerous ways that people make bank transactions is by NOT doing it in person. This electronic easy way of banking is just asking for it. I feel the same about how these companies ask you to do a monthly withdraw from your checking or savings account to pay a bill. Whatever happened to using a check or money order, or going to the company or utility company directly and paying for it? People go by the convenient way tha

        • Mac, please check your system, my message was sent before I hit the enter key, and was sent twice. talking about computer problems in this artilce, something happened here. I was going to the end it by saying that people go by the convenient way that is the most likely way to cause them much bigger hassles in the long run.

      33. i use a credit union and withdraw funds the same day they get direct deposited. it should be common knowledge that banks steal from you. the only debatable fact is how much they are actually stealing from you.

        stop effin around and actually buy stuff you family needs. food, water and meds. oh and lead.

      34. I hate to post a comment about earthquakes on a financial article but I think people might like to know what some calculations brought up with that 6.4 near to the Balleny Islands region. This area is different than the last one a week ago. For this area there have been 59 earthquake sequences since 1973 of 5.0+.

        Out of these 59 earthquakes:

        53 times a 6.5+ earthquake has occurred within 15 days: that is 89.8% of the time.

        8 times double earthquakes occurred at different locations. 15.1% of the time.

        34 times out of 53 the 6.5+ earthquake occurred within 7 days. 64.2%

        19 times out of 53 it occurred 8-15 days. 35.8%

        35 times out of 53 the earthquake was 7.0+. 66.0%

        12 times out of 53 the earthquake was 7.5+. 22.6%

        4 times out of 53 the earthquake was 8.0+. 7.5%

        The following areas were hit:

        Line between Indonesia and Kermandec Islands, 27 times
        Eastern Russia, 7 times
        Japan, 5 times
        Aleutian Islands, 2 times
        Sub Antarctica Islands, 2 times
        West Central China, 2 times
        California area, 2 times
        South of Australia, 1 time
        North Of Iran, 1 time
        New Zealand, 1 time
        Chile, 1 time
        Pacific Northwest, 1 time
        Caribbean, 1 time

        Out of the 8 double earthquakes:
        6 times in the line from Indonesia east to Kermandec Islands
        1 time in the Aleutian Islands
        1 time in Peru

        Likely areas to get hit with a 7.3-8.6 earthquake within 15 days; Paupa New Guinea, Soloman Islands, Fiji, Tonga, New caledonia, Kermadec Islands, Samoam, Tahati, and even though it was only hit once before, New Zealand. Northern Chile, Central Japan, and Eastern Russia from the past plate movements in the past 2 months, are good possibilites. Now through October 24. Date extended from Oct.17 to Oct.24 because of today’s earthquake.

      35. If the banks know it’s out there, then set protections in place to prevent it. Maybe they don’t want to. Hmmmm.

        • Maybe they created it

      36. My company started direct depositing our paychecks back in July and so far no problems with it. But the first time my check doesn’t get deposited on time, I’ll go back to the old method. I don’t do a lot of online shopping which I know has its own risks. Any other checks I get besides my regular check I go and deposit myself That’s my only business with the bank; I don’t have any kind of loans to pay off, thank God. If someone tampers with my account, then that’s it; no more banks for me. i do have a setup for “private banking”, if I ever need it. Best wishes and keep prepping.

        • When I still was in Detroit I was able to also do Private banking….With some guy everyone called Louie DaThumper.

      37. Be informed,

        Thanks for all your work.

        Y’all Beware!

      38. Notice how all these viruses, and “gliches” ALLWAYS attack customer funds and accounts, and NOT the banks!

      39. I smell the CIA. Or maybe DHS.

      40. I wonder how these wye-lie-coyote geniuses plan to get round the requirements in 99% of online bank applications, that the transfer be authorized by some independent means, like email, or a txt message to the account holder’s mobile phone. A bot/trojan pair that could hijack online banking, separate mobile phone account, and email would be mighty impressive. And if one had that capability, why waste it merely stealing money?

        If they were smart, they’d just crack everybody’s PayPal password, and use the cracked accounts via botnet to send money to Bibi Netanyahu’s PayPal account. The FBI can then arrest him fair and square during one of his many visits to the US. “Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam” is the WINNER!

        Shady Arab-sounding Cybercriminal Mastermind Checklist:

        1. Come up with a really cool, and definitely ARAB sounding name (okay it’s not really cool….to most people…actually it’s lame…NEVERMIND!)
        2. Publicly recruit for members (while maintaining a fanatical level of absolute secrecy!)
        3. Make sure at least one recruit is an informant, and tell them the complete plan beforehand. (Oh, this has gotta work SO WELL!)
        4. Use a cobbled-together script-kiddie trojan (with lots of ARAB sounding references in it so nobody will know who “wrote” it) which rings every alarm-bell on all but completely unprotected PCs (C4us3 th0s3 0n35 4r3 t3h on32 w1t t3h b1g $$$ b4nk2 tr4n5f3r2 1n 3m!)
        5. Steal the moneys
        6. Buy the nukes
        7. Rule the world
        8. Rule the interwebz!
        9. Get laid!

        • Joe is it the same arabs bibi netanyhaoo always complains are so stupid and want to keep living in the 8th cent aka 800AD era?….Them Illerate ignorant cave dwellers idiots etc?….Is that who we must be watching out for as some type computer Genius hackers now?

          Meanwhile EVERY phone line travels Thru isreal and several isreali Owned co. that send You all the Phone bills! Oh yeah and them isreali co’s has ability to RECORD every call and email etc. Hmmmmm…..

          Oh well back to arab-watch!….See any donky drivers? Let me Know!

      41. I don’t believe this is practical on a personal account. I regularly wire money from my personal accounts and the bank (5/3) DOES NOT accept authorizations by email, letter, or phone call. You MUST go into a branch and sign the wire instructions. They tell me the is law. It is at least a little annoying given that I can wire funds with my business with en email. Maybe it isn’t so annoying anymore.

      42. I feel this is one of the last things up their sleeves to get all the money they can with out declaring a bank holiday. A bank holiday will cause riots and they do not want that to happen now, but latter. So rob the DUMB A-S Sheeple now by hitting the ENTER KEY. If anyone believes anything the government says, YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD. GET IT OUT NOW, everything out of the banks, wall street, credit unions or what ever. IF YOU STAY YOU LOSE!
        Thats just me.

      43. Sorry ..O/T

        Caught on cam: Officer punches man’s head ten times

        A Florida Police Officer is under investigation after he admitted to punching a man ten times in the head during an arrest for disorderly intoxication

        • we as citizens need to follow things like this, and when they dont pan out to satisfying what type of punishment would be for any other common man, we need to demand it until we recieve it

          Sarasota, Florida -Sarasota Police Officer Scott Patrick

          needs to be in jail, than after his trial..prison and we the citizens need to make sure shit like this starts happining to every cop that cant control his or her self when it comes to brutality

          By law if a person (any person) were to be doing this to someone who is lawfully where they belong, they would have the right to kill that person..cop or no cop

          castle doctrine does not specify, and Florida is a Castle Docrine state

          It reads
          Any place a person is lawfully, weather private or public, if said person has any reason to believe there is a potential threat of great bodily harm , they may employ lethal force.
          Further, it is not that persons responsibility to prove this was needful if prosecution is attempted, but rather the responsibility of prosecutors agency to prove it was not.

          • Looked like he “resisted” as he was falling over the table and the pig immediately began hitting him.

            • looking like a human is “resisting” annymore in their world

      44. Greetings Everyone!
        I added malware(amongst other kinds of protection)bytes because they caught stuff that FKN UNSECURE didn’t even know as there.I used to think highly of them(FKN-S.),but the company was bought out by a larger,”corporate business-class” outfit.They started out by “losing” my annual sub. for starters,then their “new and improved” program refused to “permit” any kind of other protection but theirs(by deleting ALL my other protection w\o permission!). Just Guess my reaction to that moment!I have used online “banking” to check what’s happening to my money waiting for deposit.It almost humorous how they switch around deposits,checks and withdrawals at random.Just add a little visit by the crooks to that and things will get very,very strange.Thankfully,I leave only enough to cover stuff coming in in a day or two and keep the COH where I can get to it if need be.
        As the banks start to fail,I wonder what else will falter.The gas light and water cos.?
        Almost ready now&getting there real soon.THE CHANGE is coming and we’ll have a ringside seat no matter where we live.
        Best to All,
        Hope you had enough food and a warm safe place for you and yours tonight.

      45. This makes x2 that I was “alerted” that I’m “posting too fast”.Guess the boys and girls at DHS,etc. are a little behind schedule,no doubt due to taking longer than usual group pizza lunches,coffee breaks and “chat time”.At least that’s what my “little green men” are telling me.

        • that makes two of us. Hope my name’s at the top of their list and underlined several times. GFG, take care.

      46. saw an ad on t.v. for B of A now offering 15% cash back for certain purchases using either debit or credit card. didn’t study the fine print, but seems to me ANY bank offering 15% on ANY product is just trying to get your money into their systems in order to keep it. crap, you can’t get interest bearing savings account, bonds, cd’s, or even metals to give 15%.

        only way to get 15% in this economy is with preps!

      47. gee I wonder what the banksters and Wall Streeters endgame is
        now what could it be ??

        deliberately crash the economy
        profit from it
        blame it on the school teachers,fire men etc and their “gold plated pensions”

        and now they come it and buy up distressed assets on the cheap

        it will be a happy day
        when their is a bankster hanging from every lamp post

      48. I once bought a brick of Trojans.

        • And then you woke up………

      49. grandee,

        Let me take a moment to discuss your one word remark ‘sick’ with my one word response – Thanks.

        Y’all Beware!

      50. LOL

        It’s a Bank Holiday
        Jamie Dimon got one of his lackies to write it

        Time to Clue Up sheep

      51. “Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse” Over Next 3 to 4 Weeks

        Mac Slavo
        – September 18th, 2012


        Any graphics out there to confirm or substantiate?



      52. Electronic banking is another tactic to use against the sheeple. Yea, it’s convienient and easy for you; but, it sure makes it easier for TPTB/NWO to have access to your records. A little slip up and you could be out thousands in a heartbeat. A little hacking, and you could be out tens of thousands in a heartbeat. Stolen identity anyone? It’s called “risky business”. Get you some. Do you feel lucky?

        I got caught up in the e-frenzy when it first began by having most of my payments set up on “auto-payment” withdrawal from my checking. Then it happened. A screw up, intentional or not, it caused a lot of aggravation and ended up costing me time and $$. The major bank I had dealt with for years said they would only cover so much of the screw up and I said,”you thieving bastards will never get another dime out of me”. I was told by the branch manager that I didn’t understand the banking system, and….. so I proceeded to cut his young ass off mid sentence and informed him I minored in Banking and Finance in college and worked in the industry for about five years until I realized my nose had turned brown.
        I explained exactly how it worked and told him his face would be totally brown if he stayed in the business long enough and walked out.

        I moved all my funds to a small “community” bank and have never had any problems,however; I don’t, do on-line banking,auto-payment, or keep more in my acct. than what I need to make pmts. by check. No debit card. The little woman had a $300.00 charge from a in California come off her acct. and we live on the East coast. She does business with a small regional bank also and they reimbursed her new acct. and wrote off the loss.

        The banksters started this screwy system to help the NWO control and manipulate the sheeple’s money. The majority has “allowed” themselves to be controlled and manipulated via the “electronic/digital age” with the ideology of “convienience and time-saving techniques.” Looks like it has back-fired.

      53. A guy walked into the local welfare office to pick up his check. He marched straight up to the counter and said, “Hi. You know, I just HATE drawing welfare. I’d really rather have a job.”

        The social worker behind the counter said, “Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a Chauffeur and bodyguard for his beautiful daughter.

        You’ll have to drive around in his 2011 Mercedes-Benz CL, and he will supply all of your clothes. Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You’ll also be expected to escort the daughter on her overseas holiday trips.

        This is rather awkward to say but you will also have as part of your job assignment to satisfy her sexual urges as the daughter is in her mid-20’s and has a rather strong “sex drive”

        The guy, just plain wide-eyed, said, “You’re bullshittin’ me!”

        The social worker said, “Yup. You started it.”

      54. Illegal search and seizures, on a grand scale Brought to you by the commie state of New York..

        yes the state that doesnt recognise your 2nd amendment right is and has been attacking your 4th amendment rights with little to no opposition..Hey people, get your head out of your ass this is an illegal move and your allowing it.

        “NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police stops of hundreds of thousands of people each year are in the spotlight as city lawmakers consider setting new rules for the stop-and-frisk practice and even appointing an inspector general to monitor the police department.

        It is too soon to say what laws, if any, will result from City Council hearings on the proposals, beginning Wednesday.

        But after years of complaints that the practice discriminates against minorities, the hearings signal the public debate has gotten loud enough that lawmakers, not to mention candidates in next year’s mayoral election, feel they have to be heard”

        • notice the story doesnt even touch on the fact that this practice is against our rights,

          Officers made a record 684,330 of the stops last year, seven times the number in 2002. They stopped about 337,000 in the first six months of this year

          those all are cases against this system and its practices..that many people have had their 4th amendment rights decimated by this citys government.
          and no one is taking them to the matt for this?

          this country and its citizens better wake the fuck up!

      55. just look at the lies the media showed over the embassey being attacked, they had us believe it was a film here in america that triggered it. but first common sense thing you could use is that film was out month and month prior, but obama admin blamed it on attacks. now it was all a cover up and obamas staff lied to us. did a good job even had me believed it until I saw fox other side of it. you can figure out what really happened. now this, government stealing our own money and blame it on someone overseas. its nuts, they all should be dealt with just like we would if we broke laws.

      56. I have MalwareBytes and it repeatedly blocks a “malicious” program when I open, who may be one of the targeted carriers of the trojan.

      57. International hackers broke into my savings account the other day. They felt so sorry for me that they put some money in my account. I used the money to buy more ammo. Maudy is so sexy.

      58. I have maximum daily withdrawals set up on my accounts – they could get some of my money – but not much.

        If all these losers would spend as much time putting in an honest days work as they do trying to steal from others, they’d be just fine.

        There’s a special place in Hell for these folks.

      59. The first lady jokes her girls “don’t care” about the election, but her youngest is worried for Bo

        and the reason is…if Obama doesnt get re-elected, they might have to eat him

      60. Boy, their gonna have a bitchofa time with me—I NEVER TYPE MY USERNAME or PASSWORDS! I have a list that I copy->paste from ONLY, so copy->paste will be the only 2 key strokes they will ever get with any keylogger from me! NOT my user name or my password! My list is individually encrypted on an USB removable drive with a password to access it!

        I used to be intimately familiar with this sort of hacking back in the day. It’s not gonna be that easy to get MY $4.12!

      61. The cyber attack had direct ties to, you guessed it, the NSA & CIA!

        Why would Iran be stupid enough to do this when the US fascist government is itching to attack it? The USA is trying to do this to garner sympathy for the banks & to institute draconian internet laws to shut down all the dissent & spread of information about how our crooked rogue government is operating. The US government is a bigger threat to US citizens than any of these other countries. The people in the Middle East know we’re trying to steal their oil because our bankrupt government is bankrupting the citizens.

      62. Wait. I know who it is! It’s Osama Bin Laden again doing it from 1 laptop in a cave somewhere. He now took down the whole internet that Al Gore invented!

      63. This is total BS. They are telling us this so that when confidence fails and the dollar/debt bubble collapses, blame can be shared around. ALSO, this facilitates internet controls and censorship, which is necessary so that we don’t all discover this is the jews who are responsible for all of this. is a cointelpro site, like and and MANY others.

      64. Yep they are…so they can build a world DNA program, that links individuals together thru information gathered by data mining…..will allow for lifespan charts to be developed to predict future events.

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