ALERT: Delivered By Airplane: Ebola Now Threatens 21 Million People In Major Metro Area

by | Jul 27, 2014 | Headline News | 286 comments

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    In January the U.S.-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the next plane could bring a pandemic.

    At the time, they were referring to highly contagious strains of deadly flu virus, but in reality any killer virus could travel around the globe in less than a day.

    In March we warned that the deadly Ebola virus, which kills upwards of 85% of its victims, was spreading at an alarming pace in West Africa. It was so serious that governments in the region had locked down their borders. The following month in April, officials in the U.S. and Canada were alerted that the virus may have made its way to North America, though no follow-up information was provided after the initial report. Then, just last month, the World Health Organization issued a dire warning – Ebola could go global.

    Despite these warnings and the fact that over 650 people are confirmed dead by medical officials in Africa, global governments failed to take any significant action. Flights out of West Africa were still being allowed to leave without any real screening procedures, even though medical professionals in the region had warned that containment of the virus was spiraling out of control.

    Now, amid the highly publicized infection of a leading Ebola doctor, the first case of the virus travelling aboard a commercial passenger airline has been confirmed.

    Nigerian health authorities raced to stop the spread of Ebola on Saturday after a man sick with one of the world’s deadliest diseases brought it by plane to Lagos, Africa’s largest city with 21 million people.

    The fact that the traveler from Liberia could board an international flight also raised new fears that other passengers could take the disease beyond Africa due to weak inspection of passengers and the fact Ebola’s symptoms are similar to other diseases.

    Officials in the country of Togo, where the sick man’s flight had a stopover, also went on high alert after learning that Ebola could possibly have spread to a fifth country.

    Screening people as they enter the country may help slow the spread of the disease, but it is no guarantee Ebola won’t travel by airplane, according to Dr. Lance Plyler, who heads Ebola medical efforts in Liberia for aid organization Samaritan’s Purse.

    “Unfortunately the initial signs of Ebola imitate other diseases, like malaria or typhoid,” he said.

    As always, government officials did nothing until it was too late.

    Perhaps the death of the Liberian Ebola patient was an isolated incident.

    However, the plane on which he traveled stopped for a layover where other passengers disembarked and then headed to Africa’s most populated city of 21 million residents.

    If this man came into contact with just one or two others who then mixed with the rest of the population, it’s quite possible that scores of others are now infected. Because the symptoms during the onset of the virus are similar to a flu, by the time infected individuals realize what is happening it’s too late – too late for them, and for those who they came into contact with.

    The virus may not be airborne, and because of its genetic profile it may not spread as quickly as a flu virus, but with its possible exposure to a population of 21 million people there is a distinct possibility that Ebola may mutate into something even more contagious.

    While the United States claims to have screening procedures ready, at this point, with global air carriers using numerous hubs to transfer passengers, it is becoming more and more likely that the virus will eventually make an appearance in North America.

    For the time being there are no active procedures being implemented to screen passengers from West Africa. If the virus were to arrive in the United States via an airplane, the infected person could easily come into contact with scores of other people who would jet off to various destinations around the country.

    If that were to happen, all bets are off.

    Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, says that Preparing for a Pandemic before information about it hits the news is absolutely essential:

    When the pandemic begins, many will remain in a state of denial about any approaching epidemics and not want to think of the long lasting repercussions of such a disaster. Being prepared before the mass come out of their daze will ensure that you are better prepared before the hoards run to the store to stock up.

    Ebola could potentially end up all over the United States within a matter of hours, a situation that would very quickly become untenable for medical emergency response teams.



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      1. they aint going to do jack squat until it is too late.


        they knew it was spreading and they knew which countries were affected. and they still let people fly without any kind of screening. it’s ridiculous.

        hey, but if your toothpaste is over 3 ounces, then we have a REAL problem!

        • The gov will keep a lid on this in order to build
          up more security in the event the lobatts (people
          whose minds run on low battery) should go into
          panic mode and possibly become riotous.

          • @Outwest: Of course eh Govn’t wants to keep a lid on it, because any breaking new of imported killer diseases, will be contradictory to Obama’s Open Border Policy. Our Government is doing everything “But” Helping Americans and the security of our Country. They need a Fat swift Boot in their Asssses.

            • Colloidal silver keeps my family safe.

              • Same here G.C. Ran a strong batch just an hour ago!
                Out West, I love that “Lobatt”, but I feel that it almost too nice. Be safe guys!
                Standing ready in Daytona

                • Thank goodness it is still not air borne. You look at the numbers of Ebola cases and it is still incredibly low. Even 10000 would be low considering the time frame. You get 100,000 new cases within a few weeks or days, then it is game over the thing is now likely surviving in the air or someone put it into a food source. Ebola has to go air borne to be the nightmare. Transmission of Ebola is still bodily fluids and open wounds.

                  The virus has not mutated since 1976 to air borne which is good. Doesn’t mean it can’t. The real issue with a virus like this is being resistant to the air, sunlight, and away from the host source. Like rabies, Ebola needs that host body to survive very long outside it. This is really the way Ebola infects others, through the body literally exploding and melting down. Unlike lung, throat, and other respiratory viruses like smallpox, Ebola is more of a blood and other fluid type disease. Logic would say that to change this it would take a type of genetic code alteration of the virus to make it air borne. The frightening aspect of this are all the virologists and genetic scientists that could make this happen. Up until now that appears yet to have occurred.

                  • Don’t overlook the possibility of fluid-borne contamination from a bloody cough in crowded conditions being inhaled or blood landing in an open eye or on broken skin. That is not technically air-borne.

                  • Zerohedge just reported that two American doctors in Africa contracted the disease and authorities are concerned because extreme precaution was taken by both doctors yet they still got ebola. In fact they were in complete body suits.

                  • @ SWFL. Just like the possibility of getting rabies in an isolated bat cave, the odds are thankfully not too good that someone that coughs up blood in a crowd is probably too sick at that point to even walk around a crowd. Ebola, again thankfully, comes on very quickly and usually the person can’t move very much by the time they are starting to cough of blood and other fluids. There are of course exceptions and this is possible and quite frightening to even think about. 🙁

                  • @ AbingdonLady. Back when the Soviets were experimenting with Marburg bio-weapons some mad scientists also contacted the virus. Even a full body suit is absolutely not full proof. During the attack on Iraq the first time the armed forces were very concerned about Hussein using poison gas, especially VX. These full body gas suits they were worried about because of the imperfect seams and took added precuation by further sealing these seams with a very adhesive glue to add protection. People also that deal with full body suits have a very detailed way of taking them off and putting them on. It sometimes becomes routine and human error leads to one of these bugs getting in. The people that they are treating are extremely sick and very, very catagious to touch. Sounds like these poor people had a faulty suit or failed to follow procedures like they normally would. Very sad.

                  • Stop flying in all commercial airlines. I did a lot of flying the last decade. Many times I got on perfectly healty and had a cold a day later. Being stuffed in a closed loop air circulation tube with 300 strangers caughing and sneezing for several hours sucks. It could have been that sweaty seat a fat sweat hog sat before me or that germ ridden airline blanket I used a a pillow. And you know they don’t clean the plane like they are suppose to. Load and go! Load and go. You are stuffed in a germ trap. And why I don’t date Flight attendants, school teachers or nurses. They bring all those getms home and infect your house.

                  • Ebola is in pigs. THere have been a few articles on this- articles now scarce. Its here people.

                • Ebola is spreading.

                  I am concerned about the other diseases (???) that are being brought into the country in the influx of illegals. The border is overwhelmed and these youth are not being checked. Instead, they are sending them (by bus, airplane, etc. to various locations round the country.

                  If anyone does not believe this is a concern, please see the article below which lists the diseases that doctors have found on illegals now in the U.S.

                  • The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration – Facts, Figures and Statistics

                    “Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States. Illegal aliens are not screened and many are carrying horrific third world diseases that do not belong in the USA.

                    Many of these diseases are highly contagious and will infect citizens that come in contact with an infected illegal alien.

                    This has already happened in restaurants, schools, and police forces.”


                  • Typhoid, Malaria, or Ebola??? Quarantine anyone who has similar symptoms and once they start bleeding from the eyes it will be obvious that it is Ebola. 🙁

                  • If there should come a day that this third world plague is brought into America, expect to see third worlders being terminated.

                  • Eze 14:6 ¶ Therefore say unto the house of Israel (North America), Thus saith the Lord GOD; Repent, and turn yourselves from your idols; and turn away your faces from all your abominations…..

                    ….then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it,….

                    ….Or if I send a pestilence into that land, and pour out my fury upon it in blood, to cut off from it man and beast: ……

                    …..Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, mine anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place, upon man, and upon beast, and upon the trees of the field, and upon the fruit of the ground; and it shall burn, and shall not be quenched.

                    I see a lot of judgement coming upon a wicked world thru the beast of the field and their diseases.

                    Apparently, almost every pestilence, that has the possibility of turning into a contagious deadly outbreak
                    originates with the “unclean” animals.

                    Same as with the Ebola virus (monkeys and swine), and there is no vaccine.

                • Why on earth the 15 thumbs down??? It sounds like you’re doing everything you possibly can to make some kind of preparation for this. I also love the “Lobatts” and am going to use it a lot!

              • I have done research on the safety and uses of colloidal silver online but can’t find anything that seems to prove its effectiveness. The FDA, WebMd, etc… they all basically say the same thing so I have my doubts…
                Can anyone help prove its worth or is this just a passed down practice and myth?

                • Go ahead and red thumb me for seeking the truth.
                  You’re ignorant if you believe in living otherwise.

                  • I’ve used colloidial silver for many years. It works for me and many I know. My best research is thru my own experience and observing how silver heals so any others. How difficult is that to understand.

                  • You get a red thumb for saying “you did research” and the FDA & WebMd didn’t tell you enough good stuffs.

                    Your ‘research’ consisted of nothing but googling and clicking the top two links…

                    Start by searching for ‘white papers’, ‘scholarly articles’, ‘efficacy’, etc. at least read research, if you are going to tell people YOU DID RESEARCH.

                  • To Rede2lead,

                    I asked my doctor about colloidal silver, and he said they regularly use it in surgery and it does prevent infection. However, he had never heard of anyone taking it internally and he didn’t recommend doing it.

                  • Rede2lead asked if anyone knew any evidence of whether or not colloidal silver worked. Since I had asked my doctor a few weeks ago, I related what he told me.

                    Seems it is not good to report honestly. I reported exactly what my doctor told me. I didn’t state whether or not it was good advice; it was just a statement as to the opinion of the medical profession in response to rede2lead’s qhesion. But then I get red thumbs for my trouble.

                  • You guys and gals are oh so classy up here…
                    Picking out a few words that don’t fit your “the entire mainstream anything is evil” mindset and going directly for the throat must be how you get off.
                    I also think it’s hilarious how quick people are to judge me based on me saying I have looked into something but didn’t stumble across the same links as them or dive into material that I know for a fact 98% of people can’t understand.
                    If this comments section and the people who contribute here were the only thing to survive a pandemic I would hope that they learn a better way to communicate with others.
                    I asked for help in understanding or finding proof and got insulted time and time again.
                    Opinions differ but jeez… is this where you wanna be when Jesus shows up? Bashing me for not reading your clandestine sources of information that can’t be proven is nonsensical.
                    Frankly, I just don’t care about this silver laced magic juice anymore.
                    I’m out making friends and putting resources in place.
                    How about you?

                • Well rede, if you havent figured out by now that the mainstream medical establishment is full of shit and is not in the business of curing anything then you have a lot of catching up to do. What the hell do you expect them to say? Dont be fooled by medical bullshit, Explain why silver is in all kinds of medical things like burn bandages, tool sterilizer, water filters, etc. Here is a site with a lot of independent research… Anything the corp govt shills say is a lie thats a FACT.

                  • Why do you think it is put into babies eyes seconds after they are born?


                  • First, I did not limit my research to the mainstream sites.
                    Second, if someone wants to sell you a product they will tell you anything to get you to buy it.
                    Third, the site you listed does EXACTLY that. They show no studies, no proof, no research. They use the same BS selling tactics by touting successes they cannot verify through lab testing or other means.

                    Believing in something does not make it true no matter how fervent you are on the issue. Facts are facts.

                  • Well I see your to lazy or stupid (take your pick) to look through the site for the info so here it is Yes they sell a product but they also publish the studies. Better go get your flu shot or whatever you doctor tells you, good luck 🙂 FDA? webMd? ha ha ha you are an idiot arent you. Theres the facts lazy man 🙂

                  • Yeah people won’t consider Colloidal Silver, but will easily fork out $10 to that Nut-job selling Miracle Holy Water on TV, Sunday mornings.

                • rede: I have posted c silver TESTS effective against just about everything, including HIV and other major nasties….I can mail it to you, but it’s too long to post again..(10 pages).

                  You need to get your info from Natural News or other naturopath sites. Lots of info….sorry, but can’t believe you still trust webMD or FDA…


                  • People like you make for interesting conversation.
                    I never said I believed either of the sites I cited… I only said that I had read them and came here looking for useful and alternative input. You guys sit on your high horse and act like you know it all by repeating what others have said about the subject.
                    You obviously read every single PDF and I’m certain you must understand the science behind it all because let’s face it… you’re a “Genius”.
                    Show me one single person who has cured their cancer or other ailments by drinking what is essentially a metal.
                    The govt lies… it’s no secret. Science lies for profit… same concept.
                    You think I’m gonna place my trust in a couple of know it all’s who sit in the comments section here and pick out every little discrepancy? The joke is on you.
                    I come here to read and glean whatever information is possible and I am reminded now of the reason I stopped saying anything here.
                    Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors.

                  • Yes I can say with 1000% certainty. I tend to eat a fairly lousy diet when Im working a lot and am around a lot of foriegners. For instance I came down with a bad case of bronchitis which I hadnt had since I was a kid and with no other antibiotics using just a pump nasal sprayer as an inhaler my bronchitis was fully cured in 1.5 days! Using the same method I have stopped colds in theyre tracks in 1 day. I cut the side of my calf with a chainsaw once and used colloidial silver gel and it healed with no issues in a week. Think Im kidding? Try it sometime then report back.

                  • Report back to the bureau of biased opinion and beliefs?
                    Sure thing… but you’ll have to send me some silver first.

                  • Lol… you’re so invested.
                    I admit to not knowing and then you call me an idiot… but an idiot wouldn’t be here looking for PROOF.
                    You have shown me none other than your own experiences and nobody can verify them but you. That’s awful convenient.
                    For years people have been using acetaminophen for back pain and just recently it was proven through a study that it was no better than a placebo.
                    Folks believed it was working for them and so it did.
                    Belief has power. Facts are much harder to dispel.
                    Try and get over yourself. Nobody called you smart.
                    You attempted (and failed) to do that with your 12yrs of experience.

                  • I don’t trust medical doctors these days. Many are on the payroll to prescribe as many pharmaceutical drugs as they can. They get free trips from these drug companies for playing the game. When I was a paramedic and get a call people would carry hand me grocery bags full of drug prescriptions when I asked what meds they were on. I would say no wonder you feel like you are dying. Doctors Practice medicine. And you are their Ginnea pigs for experimentation.

                  • @WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    You just a bundle of positive energy aren’t you. You really get off on bashing Christians. What lonely horrible life you must lead that every post you try to discredit our beliefs.

                    Let me give you an analysis:
                    You live by yourself, your have no job, your jealous of others, and you blame all your short comings on others…. Pretty spot on right… Yea I know your type

                • I don’t know about colloidal silver, but it has been proven that silver kills bacteria. I have had a bad wound on my leg, and the only medication the doctor used was silver powder and silver-impregnated dressings. The powder is called Arglaes and is made by Medline. Their website quotes some research papers related to silver and wound care. I finished with the doctor and the twice-weekly hospital visits this past week.

                  • Another thing you can do with colloidial silver is put it in a vaporizer/ nebulizer and inhale the mist. They sell machines that do this but you can just do it yourself with a nebulizer cheaper. Very effective on flu, pnumonia, bronchitis, etc. If you think you have inhaled some pathogen that would be the first thing I would do. I also made a plaster out of colloidial silver and portland cement to cover the walls of a cellar I was having mold issues with. The mold has never returned and the walls stay drier due to the cement. The list of uses for silver are endless but you wont read that on any official medical site 🙂

                  • Third, the site you listed does EXACTLY that. They show no studies, no proof, no research. They use the same BS selling tactics by touting successes they cannot verify through lab testing or other means.

                    Well there ya go, it is right there in a BIG red link so therefore you just spout off shit without even looking or you are a liar.

                    The FDA, WebMd, etc… they all basically say the same thing

                    There another lie lol. If you did anything BUT mainstream research you will find all kinds of studies proving the effectiveness os silver.

                    Can anyone help prove its worth or is this just a passed down practice and myth?

                    What do you think me and others are doing? Proving it!

                    I HAVE cured bronchitis, flu, cold onsets, infections, etc. NO ONE said it will cure cancer! Maybe if you didn’t try and put words in peoples mouths and defend you laziness/lying I wouldnt have to call you on your laziness/ BS. I AM into the truth and you cannot refute anything I have said. However everything you said has been refuted above^^^ Dont argue with me unless you are prepared with facts and research, I will bury you every time 🙂

                  • “I HAVE cured bronchitis, flu, cold onsets, infections, etc.”
                    Can you prove it? No, you can’t. It’s your opinion and that alone does not make it factual in any way.
                    I could probably “cure” the same things by drinking a glass of OJ and sitting on my ass in a sauna.
                    Cheaper and more effective too.

                  • Im not trying to sound arrogant but if someone spouts BS or lies about something I know for a fact, I WILL refute it with facts! I just have a 0 tolerance for BS and if I do NOT know the facts I do not say anything until I research it. I am in love with truth and do not tolerate lying. I have been using/making colloidial silver for at least 12 years and have had many succeses with it. The data and studies I posted are a little old but I have read them all. Reasearch+experience=TRUTH. The red thumbers are people that cannot refute me or hate the truth because I ALWAYS welcome being proved wrong. Its not a matter of being a genius, it’s a matter of truth vs. BS

                  • No, you can’t. It’s your opinion and that alone does not make it factual in any way.
                    I could probably “cure” the same things by drinking a glass of OJ and sitting on my ass in a sauna.

                    OPINION? So my opinion cures things too, damn I must have one hell of an opinion lol. When TSHTF you better have a lot of OJ stocked up! Me, I think I will stick to what really works 😉

                  • You’ve been using and making it for a dozen years now so it’s not like you would appreciate being told it has limited and debatable uses… and I think your opinion is biased because of your beliefs and personal investment toward the remedy in question.
                    You can’t prove your claim so who’s really spouting the BS here?
                    I questioned the science and legitimacy behind the uses and was greeted by insults from you. How noble of an experienced researcher…
                    That’s the truth. lol.

                  • I use it and it WORKS. What dont you understand?

                  • Can you, with 1000% certainty, say that it alone provides a cure or protects you against the ailments you have described?
                    A healthy diet, exercise, etc. can debunk everything you have said thus far. All of these have been proven to prevent sickness and improve well being.
                    I asked for clarification or help finding proof and you labeled me an idiot. That was your mistake.
                    Mix a little of that colloidal silver in with a nice glass of STFU and tell me if that works any miracles.

                  • Hoping your well now. Anything is better than nothing at all……especially when there may be Nothing At All @ some point in time. The more we learn and are able to add to preps, the better off we all are. Have faith and be sure if possible to add colloidal silver to your future safety. Does it really matter what proof there is except from what the users (expert’s) experience?

                  • I believe it does matter to some, hence the reason why I asked the question in my search for the truth.
                    I live with a chronic disease and the practice of introducing silver, even in minuscule increments, can cause undesired effects with other medications.
                    It doesn’t apply to all but it does apply to me.
                    My intentions in this discussion were and still are for the good and sharing of information.

                  • Report back to the bureau of biased opinion and beliefs?
                    Sure thing… but you’ll have to send me some silver first.

                    Ya rede, experience and facts are like religion (just beliefs and opinion) biased? What do you base that on? If it didnt do as I said it does and the others say it does why the hell would I say that? I dont sell silver or anything else. Send you some silver? Why can’t you get your own? I could care less where you get it I just stated my experiences and research, but then, you know all about it so I won’t waste my time or resources thank you. Try it or don’t, just don’t lie about what you did on this forum 🙂

                  • I don’t have time for a lie. You on the other hand…

                    “One thing I tell people is, just because you cant believe something doesn’t mean it isn’t true…”

                    So if you believe a lie then it must be true… right?
                    I don’t want anything from you. Sarcasm seems to be something you’re no genius at picking up on so let me spell it out.
                    I never lied or pretended to know anything about this subject. Go read comment #3191633 and start from there. You have provoked me with insults and claims of proof without evidence other than your beliefs since then and it has made you look like quite the fool.
                    I don’t see any of my comments being red thumbed into being hidden so something must ring true with the others here.
                    I’m still waiting for you to bury me with your astounding intelligence and truth. 😉

                  • OK so I have a lot of red thumbs on my arguement BUT, I WILL call out anyone who I catch in a lie here! If you have read all of the posts you saw where I caught rede lying. Don’t believe me? Look a little deeper. I love this site and try to contribute a lot of good tips and info. I know I have a following of red thumbers that are just pissed because they cannot refute my posts instead they just red thumb all my posts but I dont care, what I have to say is not refutable or they would. Ya I know Im pretty harsh on people sometimes but I just have a hard time with BS. I know a lot of you appreciate the posts I have made and are truly awake and I applaude you! I see a lot of new people here and maybe they havent read any of my older posts but there are so many I cannot possibly even remember all the ones with very valuable info. Im not the smartest person on this forum nor do I give a crap, I just contribute what I feel is useful to those who want to prepare (and other assorted stuff lol) I stand behind everything I say and if people dont get it it’s theyre loss. Excuse me for being passionate about calling out lies, I will continue to do so. Thanks to my friends and those who love truth no matter how shitty it is 🙂

                  • I never lied or pretended to know anything about this subject.

                    ok rede here ya go…

                    rst, I did not limit my research to the mainstream sites.
                    ………… like I said, if you didnt limit it to mainstream sites you would never say they all had the same answer. There are more sites promoting the effects of silver than not and I have yet to see a non mainstream site say silver is bogus so you lied about going to other than mainstream sites…

                    Third, the site you listed does EXACTLY that. They show no studies, no proof, no research.

                    You lie again! This site has links to a LOT of research which I posted FOR YOU after you said it didnt. The link was in a BIG red bar and took you to a LOT of research including Brigham Young university studies!

                    You say my experience and research are just bullshit?
                    You say I am defending my interests?
                    You say I cannot prove my experiences?
                    You havent read any of the research I gave you yet but you already know?

                    I have red handedly caught you in 2 lies already and you still deny it?

                    I called it right, you ARE an idiot, take your bullshit somewhere else, goodbye!

                  • WWTHUNKIT… I read a couple books about the pharmaceutical industry and they are as corrupt as he..! they do anything to make a buck, and even when they know a drug is useless (or worse– dangerous!) they do the best they can to get it on the market, anyhow. They are a for-profit-business and they don’t give a crap about your health! then they bribe doctors to give this sh.. to patients (victims!) Forgot the name of the books, but you can look it up!

                • Red, I gotta side with you on this one. Seems to me your poisoning your body with metals, it may kill the nasties but with a bad effect in long term, akin to chemo maybe. I read up on the silver for a whole day and I would say oregano oil may be an alternative, haven’t had the time to get that far. IMO, the below name calling dosent help shit and when I get a reaction like below I sure as hell think their full of shit. Educate!

                  • Thanks MOHB… I came here only looking for insight.
                    I would much rather take a natural remedy if it ever came down to needing an alternative.

                • @ Red2lead –

                  I was diagnosed with a very agressive case of Lyme disease with co-infection babesia. After many attempts at antibiotics like Doxycycline, Cipro, etc. the disease started becoming immune to the antibiotics. I was on the antibiotics for 6 months and finally my Primary Care Physician said that he couldn’t do much more for me and recommended a holistic doctor. My holistic Dr. recommended that I try Silverbiotics Collodial Silver. Within 15 minutes of taking my first teaspoon, I felt amazingly better. That was two years ago, and granted that throughout my treatment I was put on various other supplements such as Olive Leaf Extract, GRapefruit Seed Extract, etc. the collodial silver is what I started treatment on and regardless of scientific evidence I can personally tell you that it worked for me.

                  On a side note, the FDA, the American Cancer Society, etc are government agents. I would not trust anything they say. They all want you to be on synthetic drugs because they’re scared that if people found that natural cures work better then their racket is up. The best I can tell you is aside from scientific research just go onto Amazon and read the reviews from collodial silver users. These reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Hopefully this helps you.

                  God Bless,


                  • Thank you for your testimony and experience on the subject VA Patriot. I am very glad to hear that it has worked for you.
                    I know not to trust anything the govt says… that’s why I asked for opinions and proof such as yours.
                    The fact that you didn’t call me an idiot is a bonus… lol

                • Nebulize a nano silver solution. It will get into your blood better than by taking a spoonful and holding in your mouth before swallowing.

                • I have only anecdotal evidence and have idea how it would handle Ebola, but it works for us. The two most serious illnesses for which I’ve used it were viral pneumonia and an infected cut, going into red streaks or septicemia, while we were out camping. I don’t rely on government studies for anything, but personal experience makes me trust it. Again, I don’t know what it would take to cure Ebola or Marburg, which are huge. However, silver is the foundation of a plan and I’d rather have it than not.

              • You do know that is poisonous in the human system and causes non repairable conditions right?

                • What are the side effects anonymous

              • I don’t think Silver would protect against ebola.. sorry.. it’s good in other ways though.

              • What is Colloidal silver?

              • I’ve read both sides of this issue extensively. I have colloidal silver in bulk and the ability to produce as much as I want for 100 lifetimes. However, without knowing with 100% certainty that using colloidal silver will prevent death in the event of contracting Ebola, it would always be better to not contract it all.

                In the event of a world wide plague scenario, my plan will not be to take some colloidal silver and hope for the best. All those NBC items I’ve accumulated over the years, coupled with limited travel outside the home, will be my insurance plan.

                The reason this virus is so damn nasty is because at first you think you just have a cold. Even after you start vomiting your guts out, you think you still could just have a nasty flu. It’s not up until the point your insides begin hemorrhaging and serious internal pain starts, that you realize you could be in trouble. Once the blood vessels in your nose, eyes, ears and other highly vascular areas begin to erupt, can you confirm your eminent death by Ebola. Because if you get to this point, you are a living corpse waiting to die.

                Of course, what this will begin to do after we get some confirmed cases, is to flood every medical facility in the country with people that have a runny nose. Then that one person that really has it can spread it to hundreds of people in a single ER that should not have been there in the first place. From there, those that stay in their homes as much as possible and venture out only in proper attire, will be the ones that can remain unaffected until the storm passes.

                Sure, colloidal silver is a solid solution to have on standby. However, I won’t be betting my life on it unless all other prevention fails. I will also be avoiding any epidemic spread centers like hospitals especially since the Obamacare Free Shit Army will be packing them full.

                Get some N95 masks at minimum. Have a case or two of Tyvek over suits. Have chemical gloves and goggles. In fact, just get some full face protection. Have an area outside for decontamination if you have to venture out. We’re not at this stage yet, but have what you need now in case the shit does hit the fan.

                • Ugh! What an awful way to die. All I can think of to do is stay home and hope we have jobs after the cycle is over, assuming any part of civilization remains. I’m still a silver fan and have used it for twenty plus years. I haven’t turned blue nor do we have heavy metal poisoning. However, I don’t know what it will take to kill Ebola. Talk about a plague!

            • Follow up: Obama now is circumventing the Mexican Border and directly flying these Illegals into every city, flying over the Patriots at the Border trying to stop this invasion madness. Obama = TREASON See this video:
              “Treason! Obama to FLY Illegals to US…’Over the Heads’ of Patriots At the Border!”

              And the MSM is not going to report this, and WHY?
              Here is WHY – Video – “These 6 Companies Own 90% of Media Consumed by Americans!”

              Wake up America, the invasion is NOW!!!

              • Stop going to public places where children go. They are one of the biggest carriers of disease. They touch everything and put everything in their mouths. Again why I dont date School Teachers. I have one living next door maried with 2 small boys. They are home sick all the time. I wave and say hi at a distance. They are non preppers and are clueless and useless. They had their power cut off freaked out and went to a hotel for the night. The guy sees a spider by his front door and calls an exterminator. Absolutely useless people. The guy has zero skills of manhood.

                • So now children are on your list of people to avoid too. Why not just wrap yourself in a giant plastic baggie and stay safe indoors away from all the germs on the planet that are obviously out to GITCHA!

                • Actually, I have to second this post. Children are indeed great carriers of disease. When I did my pediatrics rotation, I was sick the entire time, despite careful hand washing. I see plenty of parents that are continually sick while they have children in preschool or elementary school. This is not necessarily a bad thing. These repeat infections are how children build a healthy immune system. Too bad they have to share the rest of the process with us!

                  There are now four doctors that have been infected with Ebola and two have died. There are many nurses and healthcare workers who have also been infected and many have died. Even the best protective suits have a hard time standing up to some of the conditions the health care team has to deal with. For example, when a patient first comes into a care center, they might not even have enough symptoms to indicate what they have. There is always a time before the patient is isolated and before the health precautions are started and this is a dangerous time for people around them.

                  Ebola has an incubation period of 2-21 days. The first symptoms are flu-like- fatigue, muscle and joint aches, diarrhea and sometimes a sore throat. The hemorrhaging starts 4-5 days later. It only takes 1-10 organisms to start an infection. It remains in body fluids in people who recover and, in one case, the virus was still present in semen up to 61 days after recovery from the illness.

                  Disinfectants- formaldehyde, 2% glutaraldehyde, 3% acetic acid, phenols, sodium hypochlorite and some detergents. It is also susceptible to gamma radiation and boiling for 5 minutes. The virus can survive at room temperature for at least four days and it lasts longer if refrigerated or frozen.

                  Finally, for those of you who think doctors are prescribing medications because the pharmaceutical companies are paying them to do so– this is no longer true. In many states, pharmaceutical companies are legally prevented from providing doctors anything that cannot be used for direct education or patient care. Most of them no longer provide samples of medications- instead they leave coupons that can be redeemed when the medication is purchased.

                  The doctors that are under the thumb of the pharmaceuticals are three main categories. 1) Researchers that receive funding from particular companies, 2) doctors that go around and give talks to other doctors about drugs that their company promotes (and I know many doctors that refuse to go to such meetings) and 3)specialists like orthopedic doctors or cancer specialists that work closely with a company developing a particular product. I don’t know any doctors that spend long hours at the golf course, not even most surgeons anymore.

                  I know it’s fun to bash the doctors but people at every level are struggling with the crazy dysfunctional health care system and some of us are even on your side. (BTW, I think colloidal silver can be useful in some situations, but it needs to be used with good common sense. Even water and oxygen can be deadly if used incorrectly and silver is no different.)

              • Something else MSM won’t report.

                Through the UN, all peoples designated as “refugees”, in other words, being assigned “refugee status”, is then eligible to receive a monthly stipen check/payment for as long as they continue to have that designation.

                Odrama and TPTB want to call/designate many central americans as “refugees”.

                It is reported that the American/USA citizens are responsible for 25% of the operating budget of the UN.

                Amazingly, there are hundreds of thousands of Palestinians receiving those monthly stipens, and have been for years.

                Don’t believe it? Do the research.

            • Another reason that third world people and their exotic third world deseases should stay in the damn third world.

            • I started stocking up on some basics over the last few days. So far I have plastic sheeting and duct tape but am considering a full face mask respirator and some Tyvek suits too. My plan is a self-imposed quarantine should it reach the US. My only question is how to purify water from the tap as I am not certain that chlorine or boiling will kill this deadly pathogen. Sadly, I am not the most prepared person as I only have a month or two worth of food at the most. Working in fast food doesn’t exactly leave one with a ton of spare cash, or in a good position should this thing make it here. I guess I’ll keep stocking up until I can’t and hope none of my customers gives it to me.

              • Winston….colloidal silver also purifies water….


              • winston

                food will be very important in this senario ,the idea is to shelter in place ,stay clear of the masses ,this is the best defence ,no contact ,no virus ,even on a limited budget you’ll be surprised what you can do ,you can get a good brand of rice for $45 for a hundred pds.a hundred lbs of rice = 1000 sevings ,beans have about the same yeild and are priced close ,pop corn $20 for 50 lbs,yeild is 15 servings per pd. ,you get the point with a small amount of money you can get a good jump on it

              • Winston,

                That is my plan too. Self imposed quarantine. I do have a year’s worth of food, dog and cat food, kitty litter, tp, soap, etc stored. But not water. I only have about 40 gallon stored, plus another 40 gallons in my hw heater. I bought a Berkley water filter and I hope that works! But, do I have to also boil or filter water I use for washing dishes, bathing, etc.? I don’t know.

              • Get a good teapot and a camping water 3-4 GAL contaners and start boiling and storing the water. OR. A Reverse osmosis water filtration system is good for $150 from home depot. And installed in the kitchen for cooking and drinking and using for waterv stockpiling.

              • WS

                When you get that gas/chemical mask, wear it around the house for a couple of hours. Have to clean shaved on facial hair. Sit out on the patio in the sun. Then imagine a full chemical suit.

                • Good point about shaving. When the SHTF, men had better have razors and shaving cream rather than relying on electric shavers.

                • I have used them before (well… a 3M respirator when painting cars) and yes, they are quite hard to use for long periods of time. However, that is not my intention. My intention is to have it handy in case a need arises ( tending to an ill family member, etc.). If I am in a sealed quarantine then I will just wear regular clothes. There is no sense using up an expensive, limited use resource like that if it is not necessary at the time. Remember: respirator cartridges are like gas mask cartridges. They have a limited number of hours they can be used for before needing to be changed.

              • Most viruses are inactivated around 60-65C (especially flu virus), so by the time you are boiling water, viruses have been wiped out for awhile. Mileage may vary, there could be a super virus out there, but I doubt it.

                Bacteria and other critters need to get up to full boiling…. and sometimes, quite a bit of time. Pressure cooker is better(you lose less water to steam and it gets well above 100C.

              • Apocalypse is fast approaching– Ebola spreading, on the verge of coming to America; WAR is coming to Europe (US preparing to attack Russia); Bread may soon be $15-$40/loaf due to extreme drought out west causing farmers to pay around $1,000 for the same amount of water they were paying around $150 for last year and they plan to pass on this cost to consumers).

                So basically, I guess we need to prepare for no more food at the supermarkets, Nuclear Holocaust and an extremely scary pandemic of Ebola. And stock market crash.

                • Well… you forgot hyperinflation, a Cumbre Vieja eruption causing a mega tsunami, a massive solar flare killing the grid and causing massive numbers of nuclear meltdowns, the VERY real and current issue of US crop failure out west due to extreme drought and the new dust bowl, nuclear war with Russia/China and a zombie apocalypse, but you’re getting there! 🙂

          • Well those 100 or so scientists that vanished might be working on it now, in another dimension.

            • Those that are in the circle will have access to a cure and the rest of us will be stuck with the incompetence of OBAMACARE! What a way to defeat an enemy, kill them off with a virus without firing a shot. Don’t think for a second they wouldn’t kill us off like this and just shrug their shoulders saying, “It wasn’t us”.

              • Those that are in the circle will have access to a cure…
                .They won’t have a cure. If there were one they would sell it and make more money. What they will have is isolation from exposure. It’s not like they exactly mingle with us now.

                • Perhaps you should research the new world order/agenda 21 plans.

                  • I already have done this. They let plague loose, we die, they avoid exposure. Cheap and convenient. And for all the tree-huggers out there, it is completely natural (and you will not be around to prove any different).

              • Ebola has no cure, no vaccine, nothing. All you can do is keep the patients alive until the disease kills them or it becomes evident the patient is one of the 15% who survive.

              • Imagine: Come get your annual mandatory free shot from Buckwheat Obama Care. The cure all. Loaded with bacteria, mercury, eboli, cancer cells, dunbed down flouride. You know damned well these sociopaths thought of that for thei NWO extermination scam. Here drink the magic koolaid. Beware of anything FREE from the Goverment.

                • Jesus, you ARE in SERIOUS need of professional mental help there son. EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is trying to GET you in one way or another.

            • PREPPER TIP of the DAY- Computer Viruses and backing up your data on a Memory stick. The last thing you need is to lose all your data over the years because some virus contaminated your computer. For less than $10 you can buy a few memory sticks 16-Gigs, at say Best Buy, Put them in your USB port, bring up the list open a file folder and drag your content in your folder into the memory stick File Folder. All your family photos, all your prepping lists, recipes, and any other files you need. Do this today,and back this info up frequently. Maybe keep one USB memory stick for prepping, another for business, and all the rest on another. Make sure you click on the USB removal tab, before you take the stick out so it is not corrupted. See, Once your Hard drive crashes, it is very costly to try and bring your data back to life. Again an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Pain.

              Also frequently scan and defrag your hard drive. Left click on the Start Button, then click Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, then San Disk, and clean all of that out, then go back in and click on Defragmentation. It will clean up your computer and organize your info. That make take several hours to defrag, have patience. Not doing this may cause your computer to run really slow. Then frequently run some FREE antivirus software such as “CCleaner” I am not a fan of McAfee but there are many other security software choice out there. The Biggest thing is after you clean up your computer, then download your files to your USB Memory Stick. If the internet goes down or you lose power or your computer crashes, and even if you need to bug out you can carry all your content on a Key Chain USB memory stick. Store these memory stick in your vehicle,gun safe, or separate from your house, if that should accidentally burn down. Back this up frequently.

              There also is a trick/ method to this, but you can put an entire operating system on a Memory stick such as Microsoft XP. So you can insert your USB Stick into any computer and when you turn on the computer, your entire computer hard drive operating and desk top comes up on that computer. I am working on getting the details on how to do that. If anybody out there, has that info, How to put an operating system on a USB Memory Stick, please post a link. Thx. OK, Let er; Rip!!!

        • Call Dustin Huffman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Mergan Freeman, and Rene Russo……..

        • I once had a blasters license and yeah 3oz. of a particular liquid and another substance will bring down an airliner.
          Ebola isn’t an effective bio-weapon. Requires direct contact and is not airborne. Lots and lots of things to worry about out there. Ebola isn’t one of them.

          • Ebola has mutated in the past to airborne strains …. fortunately, the last time air borne Ebola was in the United States, it was a strain that only affecting monkeys (and wiped out an entire quarantine facility in customs).

        • If the CDC is ever so willing to ignore disease walking through our border fence to the south, why would they really care if it came by plane…..?

        • its already too late, why would your leaders allow ms13 gang members into this country to infest between 250-300 cities with drug and crime gangs, and all the diseases that are here now that once was under control.

          • I always wondered why or where the need arose to overhaul the health insurance plans for Americans. charlie2dogs after reading your comment I get it now. Obumer wanted to flood the U.S. with these illegals and the insurance co.s were initially against it. Then Obumer let them write the affordable health care act. Sorry to all on this sight for stating something which wasnt obvious to me until now. LIGHTBULB just went on.

        • It’d be super nice if you included WHICH US city this EBola was brought into instead of spreading vague fear. If you’re going to report… FACTS PLEASE. I like your website for the prepping ideas, but PLEASE stick to CREDIBLE SOURCES!! I’d like to rely on your for REAL NEWS! Thanks!

          • Gimmefacts, go to Zero Hedge– they have really good, up-to-date news. Also, RT news. Drudge report has some good news, some bullsh..

      2. Any idea if colloidal silver could help with this?

        • Just took my teaspoon of colloidal silver today. And rubbed some on a small cut on my foot. Yea then Obummer begs for our borders to be over run by diseased cockroaches. Stock up on Lead too.

          • WWTI- silver and lead are my two favorite metals.

            • Smokin, Here’s one for ya, an oldie but a goodie…


              The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington
              chemistry mid term.

              The answer by one student was so “profound” that the professor shared it
              with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the
              pleasure of enjoying it as well :

              Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs

              Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law (gas
              cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

              One student, however, wrote the following:

              First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need
              to know the rate at which souls are moving into
              Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely
              assume that once a soul gets to Hel l, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls
              are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let’s look at the
              different religions that exist in the world today.

              Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their
              religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these
              religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can
              project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are,
              we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we
              look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle’s Law states
              that in order for the
              temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to
              expand proportionately as souls are added.

              This gives two possibilities:

              1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter
              Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.

              2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell,
              then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

              So which is it?

              If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year
              that, “It will be a cold day in Hell before I
              sleep with you,” and take into account the fact that I slept with her last
              night, then number two must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is
              exothermic and has already frozen over. The corollary of this theory is that
              since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more
              souls and is therefore, extinct……leaving only Heaven, thereby proving
              the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept
              shouting “Oh my God.”

              • Hilarious!

                • @Smokin,
                  see Comment ID: 3189785

              • Eppe, I just spit out fluid on my keyboard again. Only you and Smokin Okie can make me do that. Both of you are extra reasons for me to keep coming to this site. Keep them coming. BTW, Smokin Okie, welcome back, how are you?

            • Mine is aluminum. That is because it perfectly holds an Oly….

        • Ebola is a virus, not a bacteria. You’d be better off waving a dead chicken and smoking a reefer. Die happier anyway.

          • Expat: Silver kills viruses….


            • PK…can’t kill something that’s not alive. 😉 viruses aren’t alive

              • Kynase: Depends on your definition of alive….can they kill you? Yes. Do they reproduce/mulitply? Yes. Does silver kill them….YES.

                “For about 100 years, the scientifi c community has repeatedly changed its collective mind over what viruses are. First seen as poisons, then as life-forms, then biological chemicals, viruses today are thought of as being in a gray area between living and nonliving: they cannot replicate on their own but can do so in truly living cells and can also affect the behavior of their hosts profoundly. The categorization of viruses as nonliving during much of the modern era of biological science has had an unintended consequence: it has led most researchers to ignore viruses in the study of evolution. Finally, however, scientists are beginning to appreciate viruses as fundamental players in the history of life.”


                • PK…I totally agree with you about the definition of viruses being alive…I was making a joke. On the note about silver…I’ve done my research and believe that silver might be effective (not enough solid controlled experiments to back up silver) but I wouldn’t use silver unless it was a last resort. Ebola would be a last resort for me. So, normally, I wouldn’t use the stuff…for ebola, I would.

                  • Kynase: sorry…..sometimes it’s hard to “get” what someone else is trying to convey on these posts.

                    I have some research/tests that was very compelling about silver killing just about everything and how and why it does. I use silver for just about everything…it really does work.


            • PKL, Perhaps Silver does kill viruses when used externally. Once infected viruses become part of your cell structure. Your immune system will kill a virus, if attuned to it via nature or vaccines but they do so by killing the particular cell the virus has invaded.
              Silver would show no such discrimination.
              If you think that your simple solution to combating disease has somehow been missed or ignored by medical science is simply tinfoil hat stuff.
              There are no simple or obvious answers to difficult problems in science, engineering or indeed society in general.

              • Expat: Okay….let’s just agree to disagree….


            • A few years back I took this woman I know who has Fibromyalgia (Poor Immune Syndrome) to Atlanta to a Fibro Holistic Center. They took about 16 vials of blood, tested it and then we went back a few weeks later for analysis. The body sometimes can store way too much bacteria,or yeast that can rob the body of good energy. And what people need to is get tested in a holistic manner. What normally happens today is people go to their doctor who only test and treats, for a few things in a singular fashion, then send you hope with doped up drugs to mask the problem. But does not cure the problem. Most men have Low Testosterone after the age of about 45. Many have an unbalance of nutrition or certain vitamins. So when this debate about Colloidal Silver for internal ingestion,I say yes, it will kill lots of the over excessive bad bacteria that attacks and robs your energy. Because your body is using up all the energy to fight that bad bacteria it leaves little for your on muscles and activity. Women deal with excessive yeast all the time causing infections in the vagina. Thus the smelly fish box. All kidding aside. Basic problems can be solved with a holistic manner. Most FDA Doctors don;t want you to know or do this as it cuts into their drug industry profits. Home remedies and natural products work even better than some voodoo manufactured drug. BTW/ Fibromyalgia is a cruel and painful disease affecting mostly woman by 75% or more, compared to men. It feels like a thousand pin pricks constantly to your body, and muscles. It is Neurologically complex diagnosis. Many regular doctors diagnose Fibromyalgia and just say it is psychological. Wrong Jack!!

          • Cheech and Chong; Earache My Eye…

            h ttp://

      3. Here comes that sinking feeling….

      4. actually, in that book about Ebola, called, “Hot Zone” it DID become airborne at one point between monkeys!

        • Another Reason to stay away from public places where many cultures go. Such as Amusement parks, public restrooms especially off the highway, touching door handles, the grocery store and use the antiseptic wipes to clean the handle on the push cart, and the seat where the lady who had her wet baby sitting just 15 mins before you grabbed the same cart. Avoid fast food restaurants where Minimum wage worker work. They may be carrier of HIV, Hepatitis and other diseases which may transfer to your food. If you are NOT a Germaphobic, then start acting like one since this is no longer a sanitary society. When you get home wash your hands first thing.

          • May as well lock yourself inside for the rest of your life if your going to be THAT paranoid.

            • @Anon, An ounce of prevention to mitigate exposure, is better than licking a pound of door handles.

          • EVERY restaurant I have patronized in the past 3 years, including Chinese buffets, has had Hispanics doing the cooking. I presume they are illegals and working for cheaper wages than Americans would accept.

            I no longer care to eat out.

            • Anytime you go to a Restaurant, when they serve you your food, before you take your first bite, and put the food in your mouth, take a quick look around, and see what Cooks or Servers are gathered and huddled, peeking out or watching you take your first bite. That may be a clue your food has been messed with. Like any crime, the criminals like to see the crime go down. Also makes you think about how you treat your food servers. You will lose every time. Hell they probably take bets, in the back who can out do the others or spit on your food. There is little integrity these days, and something to think about what goes on behind the scenes with these highschool kids working in these fast food joints. You know drop your burger on the floor then put it on the bun.

              • And what about the places where the cooks and kitchen are in full sight of the patrons as they wait for their orders to be prepared, are the servers messing with your food via mental telepathy? Remember, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE IS involved in the great conspiracy to GET you!

          • Yeah, whothinkit, I read that door handles and light switches and internet keys are the dirtyest things!! I almost NEVER touch a door handle (except at home). I use the tail of my shirt, some kind of cloth, or whatever. That’s how a lot of dangerous diseases are caught. Don’t touch door handles without using a shirt tail or cloth bag or whatever. It may sound silly but if it prevents disease, who cares what others think?

        • Anonymous – that’s right, it did transmit via air contact. Control monkeys across the hall and even in another wing went down with Ebola Reston. The HotZone by Richard Preston should be compulsory reading, scared the bejabbers outta me though. One tiny mutation of Ebola, Marburg or Reston and we are in deeeeeeeeeep doo doo.

          And who is to say, locked away deep in the bowels of some nutcases lab there isn’t just such a specimen?

          Lets say pie face in N Korea gets his scientists to develop a strain of Marburg that is 90% fatal that is as easily transmitted as a cold. Then he develops a vaccine that he inoculates his people with before sending it out into the world to bring about his own version of Agenda 21? Think he wouldn’t? Or think some crazy in the Middle East or another Bin Laden wouldn’t if given the chance?

          90% – means the whole USA over a period of maybe a year ends up with 30 million people?

          Spooky huh?


      5. I am ready (prepared) as best I can or ever will be for something like this. I’ve made my peace with the God I believe in and am ready to meet him anytime from here on out.
        It is coming my friends please prepare accordingly for your own sake. I know most if not all of you here are.
        I wish everyone all the best, Peace!

        • @markinaz – Everyone should find their peace and be prepared. There will many unprepared people will when faced with their first encounter or controversy, just lay down in the dirt and die. I will have a meeting with the devil and will fight till the very end, never give up never surrender, never submit, resist all the way. Its the True American Spirit, never be beaten, never be a slave, Never!! I will take the Devil out and his seven brothers!! You with me? Let er’ Rip!!

          • Wwti, I’m there with ya, done to much shit in my life to just lay down and die… Been both a mean sob, trying to be a nice guy now. Hard to do too, with all these fumducks in the world….

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt & eppe, thanks for your reply.
          Here is a short passage out of a 10 page letter I just composed to my Godmother, who is now in her 80’s. I’ve not been in close communication with her as she resides in Michigan and I’m in Arizona. She has recently opened up a lot to me about my family’s past history. So I am in turn filling her in on the past 35 years of my life experience

          Not in line with the Ebola subject but within the context of your reply’s.

          Mind you this is all occurred in a very low income, high crime, neighborhood where as for my own safety I carried a hand gun at all times. I am very street smart I never got messed with. Any freaking dope head or mugger that seen me coming knew better than to mess with me even though I was in the wheelchair. It is how you carry yourself, look the punk or sketchy folks right in the EYE, never say a word and just keep moving. For some reason they get the idea. My friend told me those people out in the neighborhood see that you are in a wheelchair and are not afraid to walk down the street alone and with a gun on your hip, they are not going to mess with you because of their own street smarts that tells them you are no easy target and know better to mess with someone carrying a sidearm. In Arizona the law states that a law abiding Arizona resident can lawfully carry a sidearm on their person in public. I love that fact and law. I will always fight for and believe in my 2nd Amendment right to own a firearm…..I’m in a wheelchair I can’t run away from a person that wants to harm or steal from me, hit them with my fist or use something like a baseball bat or knife. So I have to stand my ground and I carry a gun and I will to the day I die. I have not struggled thru this life in a wheelchair to have some low life punk take me out, I will not go out with out a fight. I am one tough cookie and will defend myself to the end. No one should ever mistake my kindness for weakness. We all live in a very cruel world and must do everything in our power to protect and defend ourselves by any means possible.

          Looks like we pretty much share the same mind set!

          • @Markinaz- Why you have a perfect rolling chair you can mount a gun rack on. A few side winders, drop some “Caltrops” and canned expanding smoke from behind you, in case you being followed to confuse and stop them. Let er Rip!!

          • Well, its good you do have have a firearm if you live in Arizona! I just read (Drudge Report) that a lot of gangsters from Mexico are residing in Arizona (thanks to our open borders policy). Don’t know how reliable Drudge Report is– I think its mostly BS but they have some real news… something to investigate.

      6. I’m sure that our Government will protected us…

        (Sarcasm Off)

        I am going to have to start stocking up on respirators. N95 respirators provide the minimum level of protection needed. A surgical mask is not a respirator.

        • Actually a heavy duty surgical mask may be just fine except when caring directly for a sick patient.

          This is what I use on my ambulance when in contact with sick respitory patients.

          Here’s why,


          Although this is an observational study, nonetheless our findings show that surgical masks and N95 respirators do not appear to differ in efficacy in the prevention of the acquisition of pH1N1 by staff. Our findings also highlight the importance of a robust HCW surveillance system for the detection of nosocomial transmission of pathogens, including novel pathogens.”

      7. thank you .. slavo

        you are my hero

        C . Demer

      8. Africa has a city with 21 million residents? Who knew?

        • Actually no one knows. There are differing estimates and bickering about the counts. It could be 15 million, or it could be 21 million, or it could be more. When you have that many people, and many of them don’t want to be noticed, it’s hard to get a good count. Lagos is really big and spread out, so 21 million is not an unreasonable number.

          • Matters not how many and where. Before Obama leaves office they will all be over here.

            • So how long will it be before Obama and his collection brain dead liberals will decide to bring the Ebola infected to America to care for them? How soon will Obama send millions of our hard earned dollars to care for ebola victims in Africa?I can just hear the brain dead liberals insisting we bring Ebola infected children to America to try and save them,( at our expense of course). There will come a day when the average American has had enough and when it comes God help the turd worlders in America and the politicans and NGO’s than allowed them to enter and stay in the USA.

          • The last official census, which was 2006 according to Wiki, it was around 7 million.

        • Old Coach – Perfect place for the start of a massive pandemic huh? Poor sanitation, hygiene, medical facilities.

          If Ebola cleans out Nigeria though lets hope it takes all those stinkin’ low life scammers first huh? 🙂


          • Yah, fortunately Ebola is not the kind of virus you can spread by email.

      9. I went to Africa once, but I didn’t inhale.

        • So says Clinton….

        • General info. Need protection specs. on masks and filters.

      10. Hope a plane lands in DC.

        • If i found that I had it, I’d go to one of the many fundraisers!
          Standing ready in Daytona

        • A recent article claimed a lady brought in bedbugs into the halls of Congress. I assume they invented that story to cover up all the spousal cheating going on by our Reps in DC, as they dragged that home to their spouses.

        • The only problem with that is as we already know anything harmful or corrupted does not just stay in DC…

      11. I’m surprised there was no mention of the female patient who had been isolated at a hospital…only to have her family ‘break her out’. Oh, by the way…she’s DEAD now.

        Runaway Ebola-Infected Woman Dies As US Doctor Tests Positive For Virus
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        It continues to go from bad to worse for Africa’s “deadliest ever” Ebola epidemic which has officially claimed well over 600 lives, and unofficially many more. Following the death of a Liberian government worker two days ago who collapsed in the international airport of Nigeria’s 20-million megacity, Lagos which resulted in a “red alert” Nigeria clamping down into a quasi-quarantine state, sending specialists to airports and seaports for containment, overnight we got an update on the other major Ebola story from last week, namely the female patient whose family broke her out of a hospital in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, and who had been on the loose of several days, leading to a nationwide hunt. She has passed away, dying in an ambulance on the way to hospital, Reuters reports. And while the US public has been generally unaware of the severity of the breakout, this may soon change following news that a 33-year-old US doctor in Liberia was the latest to test positive for the disease.

        • I believe that Doctor has now died too and another has broken with Ebola symptoms? Has it mutated to be more easily transmitted?


        • Socrates, so how many people were infected by that woman and her family breaking her out of containment?
          I cant feel too much sympathy for smaller brained beings who are stupid enough to do something like this.
          Nothing like a bunch of new Darwin awards!

        • The family took her from the hospital to go to a traditional tribal healer. It obviously did not work any better than Western medicine.

      12. What causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever?

        The cause of Ebola hemorrhagic fever is Ebola virus infection that results in coagulation abnormalities, including gastrointestinal bleeding, development of a rash, cytokine release, damage to the liver, and massive viremia (large number of viruses in the blood) that leads to damaged vascular cells that form blood vessels. As the massive viremia continues, coagulation factors are compromised and the microvascular endothelial cells are damaged or destroyed, resulting in diffuse bleeding internally and externally (bleeding from the mucosal surfaces like nasal passages and/or mouth and gums and even from the eyes [termed conjunctival bleeding]). This uncontrolled bleeding leads to blood and fluid loss and can cause hypotensive shock that causes death in many Ebola-infected patients.

        What is the treatment for Ebola hemorrhagic fever?

        According to the CDC and others, standard treatment for Ebola hemorrhagic fever is still limited to supportive therapy. Supportive therapy is balancing the patient’s fluid and electrolytes, maintaining their oxygen status and blood pressure, and treating such patients for any complicating infections. Any patients suspected of having Ebola hemorrhagic fever should be isolated, and caregivers should wear protective garments. Currently, there is no vaccine or specific treatment for Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

        What are complications of Ebola hemorrhagic fever?

        Ebola hemorrhagic fever often has many complications; organ failures, severe bleeding, jaundice, delirium, shock, seizures, coma, and death (about 50% to 100% of infected patients). Those patients fortunate enough to survive Ebola hemorrhagic fever still may have complications that may take many months to resolve. Survivors may experience weakness, fatigue, headaches, hair loss, hepatitis, sensory changes, and inflammation of organs (for example, the testicles and the eyes).


        • Remember folks a virus is different than bacteria that cannot live outside a host( a person). A virus is limited to have to be in constant contact with a person that has cells (living people/Animals) It might change but HIV can only live for a limited time outside the body before it dies less than a few min like with most viruses. Bacteria like on grocery carts etc can live a long long time. Some may not know this so just a little education.

          • I posted this a few article back, but worth posting again.
            Today’s Prepping Tip – PREVENTATIVE HEALTH – Get your Tetanus Shot – Hear that old adage; “Stepping on a Rusty Nail can Kill You.” Yes its true, Tetanus bacteria is a very deadly bacteria and it located everywhere even in the soil. Rusty nails are the perfect habitat for Tetani bacteria to grow. In third world countries, thousands die every year from the Tetanus bacteria. Get a small cut or puncture wound and if not properly cleaned and gets infected, you can die within weeks. Tetanus is a horrible way to die. The Incubation period is about 8 days, then Tetanus sets in, which is also referred to as “LockJaw,” the contraction of muscle tissue which can tear muscles and cause bone fractures. Other signs are or symptoms are fever, drooling, sweating, muscle spasms, trouble swallowing, rapid heart beat. In SHTF/ Grid Down there will be many more hazards everywhere, including stepping on a rusty nail, metal shards in the dirt, causing scrapes and wounds. The CDC Center for Disease Control recommends adults receive a Tetanus Booster shot vaccine every 10 years. As we get closer to real SHTF or Grid Down, there may not be any medical services available. If there is any “ONE MAIN SHOT” to get, this is the one. So take your whole family to a clinic, to get this Required Booster Shot ASAP. More details at:

            • My wife said the same thing about keeping a Tetanus vaccine current…..

              A while back, I got up early one morning and said i was getting ready to go see the doctor and for her (the little woman) to sleep in.

              She inquired if anything was wrong and i said no, just a regular check up, which i almost forgot about.
              She wasn’t buying it so i had to fess up.

              OK, I wanted to make it a surprise since our honeymoon is coming up next week. I had talked to the Doc the other day about getting a prescrip for Viagra, and he said just come buy and I’ll give you one.

              So, that’s all it is.

              When i came back into the bedroom, before leaving, there she was all dressed and ready. I said what are you doing up and dressed so early. She said….

              Heck, I’m going with you. I said what for.

              She says, Well, since your are gonna start using that dirty grub again, I better get me a fresh Tetanus shot.


              • btw….

                she now suffers from the symptoms of tetanus infection every time i take a Viagra…


                … the contraction of muscle tissue which can tear muscles and cause bone fractures.

                Other signs are or symptoms are fever, drooling, sweating, muscle spasms, trouble swallowing, rapid heart beat….

                gritting of teeth…

                rapid toe twitching….

                squealing like a pig….

                rapid breathing as if in labor…

                clawing/scratching of flesh around shoulders, back, and buttocks…. (not her own)….

                tearing and biting of pillows…

                accompanied by violent head shaking…..

                sometimes ending after an hour or so with a sigh and the words…Oh…my….God!

          • Not necessarily true. Hepatitis-b virus lives for months on environmental surfaces. Not that it matters in this case but still important to know in general.

          • Ebola, unlike HIV, can live for a lot longer outside its host. Both are Filovirus’ like Rabies and Marburg.


            • One of the Main reasons I quit the Fire Dept /Paramedic back in 1987, was that the Aids virus came about. It was scary. There was no real data out there. It was thought it could transfer just by kissing. It was more evil than HIV.picking up people, handling them and then later finding out they were infected. We then all started wearing rubber gloves. I asked but what about yesterday when we didn’t, was there an incubation period. I was only making about $30K and said F-This. No more BS. Quit and sold Real Estate for a few years before moving to Florida. I was on the front line and saw for myself how F-ups society is and sick and diseased. We all took many precautions and scrubbed down the Ambulance with bleach daily. Scrubbed heavily after dropping off a Pt at the Hospital. Many infected people are not going tell you they are infected. Many feed cheated and will try to infect as many as they can. Like Prostitutes with HIV, that just keep on giving. So take all precautions and avoid Public places. Imagine riding the train daily in New York with all the Masses. Your school kids now sitting next to Illegal Aliens all day who could be infected with Eboli or HIV. Since there seems to be zero oversight letting these diseased people in our country. Parents need to call their schools and it is “Your Right To Know” if illegals are going to the same school as your kids.

              • Really good insights on the reality on the ground. The best way to deal with highly communicable diseases is to isolate the patient until you have it under control/they are cured/or they die. The problem we have today in our law and human-rights-based system is it is basically illegal to take any serious measures on highly communicable diseases. So, rather than doing what needs to be done, the infected individuals are left free to roam around, often falling through the cracks of the medical system and many not knowing they are infected and passing it on.

                Throw in today’s borderless world, and it is a nightmare to control these things. Check out the ending of the Planet of the Apes, when the pilot from San Fran catches the virus and then spreads it around the world in 24 hours as he flies the passenger aircraft.

                And another wrinkle is the incapability of civil authorities to get on top of these things quick enough. During the Toronto SARS episode, the knock-on effect basically shutdown much of the regular hospital services and was hugely disruptive to the health system.

                If Ebola jumps into North America, it will go like wildfire before the authorities eventually get on top of it. Many thousands would die. To regain control, they would need to flip the switch on the civil emergency legislation and hand over authority to the military – the only body capable of organizing an operation of this scale. Another film reference for this is World War Z.

              • I’m calling bullshit on this story telling, for the FIRST thing, Aids was around for several YEARS before 1987,and it was known by 1987 how the virus was transmitted and how it was NOT transmitted. Now you’re telling people to stay away from the entire population on the planet before they all try to kill you with a disease. Seems like everybody but YOU is contagious, better seal yourself off from EVERYBODY before one of ’em GITS ya!

              • Except for a brief (4 month) contract, I quit ER about the same time because I was tired of bringing home lots of nasty bugs to my family.
                I knew one nurse (ICU, not even ER) whose dog died from an infection he caught by chewing on her work shoes. The vet. couldn’t save him.

        • (for example, the tentacles and the eyes).

          • (for example, the tentacles and the eyes).
            For the politicians among us.

            • SWFL: ???? That was a funny from another post when someone wrote “tentacles” when they meant to write “testicles”….sheesh….


              • The point was to emphasize the presence of tentacles in the political process and the absence of testicles in today’s politicians.
                I’m not sure why you found that objectionable.

                • SWFL: Wow….I totally missed your meaning and intent….sorry.


                  • No harm, no foul.

      13. Sure, it’s a potential problem but it’s hard to imagine it becoming a pandemic in America.

        The death toll in West Africa is now 660 (apparently for the whole year) with 28 deaths between July 18th and 20th according to Yahoo News.

        In 2012 there were an estimated 207 million cases of malaria and an estimated 627,000 deaths according to the World Health Organization.

        • Yes, but how many people disappeared from the rapture? Poof!

          • (Philippians 2:8-11 NIV) And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death– even death on a cross! {9} Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, {10} that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, {11} and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

            • Barn. The author of the latest bullshit doom says Ebola could mutate. (Just like evolution). Your thoughts????

          • Or the Great Plague during the Dark Ages where 1/3rd of the Populations in Europe went Poof gone. The bubonic plague is one of the main reasons. The plague had three types, septicemic, pneumonic, and bubonic. The septicemic plague consisted of bleeding in the skin and other organs, this creates black patches on the skin. There are bite-like bumps on the skin, which are mostly red and sometimes white in the center. The pneumonic plague is the most fatal. The pneumonic plague infects the lungs, and with that infection there is person-to-person transmission breathing. The time it takes to die with the pneumonic plague is usually between two and four days, but can be as little as a few hours. People knew when someone had this disease because the person would have a fever he/she would be coughing as well. The last type of the plague is the bubonic. Bubonic plague becomes noticeable three to eight days after the infection. People knew when someone had this disease because they would have the chills, fever, diarrhea, headaches, and the swelling of the infected lymph nodes.

          • The 5 Guitars by Ugly….

            I was jogging in the Palouse on a rainy, misty afternoon. I was going for a long jog from Troy to Moscow Mountain. As anybody in this area knows, you can have 1-5 rainbows on the right kind of rainy, misty day….

            There were 5 rainbows and at the end of each rainbow was a guitar. I jogged past the first rainbow and there was a tone about excuse me while I reach the Sky. The second rainbow I jogged past had all beautiful colors relating to a Peggy Sue….

            I kept jogging and reached the end of the third rainbow. It’s beat was something like banging a gong. It was upbeat and different….and then a fourth guitar sounded like freedom. I jogged past it and I saw birds flying as free as they can.

            The last and fifth guitar was dark. It was more like a sitar and stated about red doors being black….

            At the top of Moscow Mountain, I could see all 5 guitars. They had their place in history….

      14. why you are censoring mi comment?

      15. The flu kills somewhere between 3 to 50K just in the US every year.
        When it exceeds those levels, I will start to pay attention.

          • @ Genius ~ I just read your post from the Steve Quayle website. Its is so alarming, horrific, and unbelievable, I am wondering if this is ‘really true.’
            Something this manufactured, so unbelievable, could be true.

            • If it sounds too horrible to be true, it probably is! All things aside, this sounds like the plan I would have if I was an evil globalist. It makes sense and fits the agenda of the NWO perfectly. One thing I tell people is, just because you cant believe something doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

            • Id read only about half of whats on Quayle’s site and then only believe about 10% of that…

      16. How’s that whole open border thing that most parties, including members of the libertarian party going right now?

      17. How’s that whole open border thing that most parties, including members of the libertarian party going right now?

      18. Plauge is considered the fourth rider of the………………


        (The horses are running.(

        • In Denver.

        • FAMINE (due to extreme drought conditions out West… the Colorado River, which is used by 7 US states and Mexico is down so low, its almost unbelievable. Farmers having to pay 10 times as much for water as they did last year and will pass the cost on to us for their produce.) PESTILIENCE. Ebola, etc. WARS (US preparing for war against Russia); Isreal up to their usual dirty tricks… etc.

      19. ***Disclaimer 1- No actual words were harmed in the production of this comment***

        Danny was a recent student driver. He learned to crunch the gears, haul the freight and sass the truck stop waitresses like a pro. However, his taste in music was another story altogether.
        When I first picked him up at the terminal, I told him the few simple rules about truck driving.
        1- Don’t speed in construction zones.
        2- Whoever is driving gets to control the radio and a/c.
        3- Never, EVER, pee in my truck. Even if you have an empty bottle, DON’T DO IT!
        4- Have fun and be safe, but maybe not always in that order.
        It was rule number 2 that came back to haunt me. I told him straight up- NO rap music. Other than that, anything goes. Rap ‘music’ (and I use the term loosely) is harmful to diesel engines. The sound waves interfere with the truck electrical system and shut down the fuel injectors. (maybe they just die of shame, I don’t know). Anyway, he said he didn’t like rap so I figured we’d be fine.
        I’v had several student drivers over the past couple years and their musical tastes range from Perry Como to Led Zeppelin. I’ve survived all of them (so far). But Danny was a challenging case. He pushed me right to the limit of endurance.
        I tell all my students to turn off the distractions, such as cb, blue tooth or music, in cities or heavy traffic. That way, they can hear me scream and I don’t have to compete with the stereo speakers. By his third day, Danny was comfortable enough to play some music out on the open road. That’s when I discovered he liked that crazy, head-banging rock n roll.
        I’m a country music fan myself, but I also enjoy classic rock, old pop, bluegrass, R&B, old school… just about anything. (except rap) But Dan, he was heavily into stuff like Marilyn Manson, Hole, and what they call ‘Industrial’ rock. I guess they call it that because it sounds like heavy machinery running loudly. It was horrible! But I try to live by my own rules, and I’d said “Anything but rap.”
        I teased him about his tattoos. (he had more than any three bikers I know) “You look like a walking version of the Sunday comics” I said. He beamed, thinking it was a compliment.
        “And you should have asked the clerk at the store, which side of that ball cap is the front.”
        “And you got enough piercings that if we stop to fish, we won’t even need to bring the tackle box” He beamed again.
        “And, most of all, you know I’m gonna have to work on your religious views” (he didn’t have any)
        ‘I’m agnostic,’ he said.
        “Yeah, well, I’m ignorant about a lot of things too, but I don’t make a religion out of it.”
        He just laughed. And, overall, we got along fine.
        By the end of the third week, his music was getting to me. It all sounded the same. And it wasn’t good. It reminded me of the time my brother and I put a dozen of Dad’s wrenches in the washing machine. Only difference being, the washing machine was in tune.
        I told him, “I think God sent you to me. You’re my mission field, and I’m gonna turn you into a Merle Haggard-loving, Bible-thumping, Republican-voting redneck if it kills me.” He laughed, then said he didn’t know if that was an insult, a joke, or a threat. (I wasn’t sure myself).
        Every time he’d finish his driving shift and I took over, I’d try to find the most twangy country music I could. Or some disco. Or drippy 1970s pop. Anything to flush out the speaker wires. He didn’t like it, but, you know the rules- ‘Driver gets his choice.’
        After week five, I brought out the heavy artillery, with limited results. I’d turn off his Nirvana (follow up hit to Teen Spirit, “Smells Like Old Spice”) and plug in a cd of Buck Owens. He’d just sit there, staring out the window singing la-la-la to himself, and pushing his foam earplugs in further.
        At six weeks, I was using the big guns. We’d switch seats and I’d immediately turn off the Bleeding Rectums (or whatever they were called) and turn on Porter Wagoner. Danny tossed the foam plugs and began stuffing old socks in his ears. I just turned the volume up to compensate.
        By week seven our time together was almost over. And I knew it would take drastic measures to save this poor soul from music hell. That’s when I found it- at a flea market in Virginia.
        That night, as his turn at driving ended, I took the wheel. As we pulled onto the highway I looked at him, “Danny, I like you. And that’s why I have to do this,”
        He looked a bit apprehensive, then worried. Like maybe he’d been riding with a serial killer and didn’t know it til now.
        I hit 10th gear, set the cruise control and plugged in the Barry Manilow cd I’d found at the flea market.
        He winced.
        I turned the volume higher.
        He stared, glassy eyed, out the windshield. Holding the socks in his ears. A single tear rolled down his cheek.
        When I hit the repeat button on ‘Copa Cabana’ he finally broke.
        “Okay! Okay!” he wailed, “Turn on something else!”
        I turned the volume up a bit, smiling devilishly.
        He screeched, “Please! Play some Red Seagull or Johnny Payday. Even Betsy Cline! I’ll even sing along if you want, just make this stop!”
        “That’s Steagall, Paycheck, and Patsy,” I corrected, turning the sound down just a little. His face looked white. So white, in face, I wished I’d had a copy of ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’ to play right then. It would’ve been so appropriate. I pulled into a rest area and set the brakes. I turned the music down, but not off. Barry continued singing ‘Her name was Lola, She was a show girl’ over and over.
        Turning in the seat, I put on my High School principal expression and faced him, “Now, Daniel, tomorrow morning we’ll be in Florida. Very close to your hometown, in fact. And, there just happens to be truck parking a block from the county courthouse.”
        “You were planning on registering to vote, weren’t you?” I asked, reaching toward the volume knob.
        “Yes! Yes!” he said quickly.
        Four days later we were back at the terminal. As I do with all my students, I gave him a few parting gifts. A flashlight, an atlas, a roll of duct tape, a paperback copy of ‘1001 Excuses For Why I’m Late’. Stuff a driver can really use.
        As we parted, he shook my hand. “Thanks okie. This has been the most memorable time of my life. And thanks for the cool stuff. Especially the new Stetson!” He beamed, straightening it on his head as he climbed into his truck.

        Drive safely, Danny ole boy. See you out on the super slab.

        • Bleeding Rectums, dude that was great. I think you may have meant Butthole Surfers…. I always wanted to do a band called the Pherrall Phookers….

          • Smokin, My wife even got a hoot out of that…
            And she is a tuff one to please, how she puts up with me which is amazing….
            Nine Inch Nails is the original ‘industral grundge’, love them. Have you heard Johnny Cash doing the song ‘Hurt’? h ttp://
            Written and performed by NIN, redone by Johnny, killer song. Look it up, it was on his last album before he died…
            NIN started Marilyn Manson, David Warner is MM, smart dude, watch some of his videos, makes you wonder about Satan on earth. Your story made my day…
            I am in moderation prision, so be patient…

            • MM songs
              Tainted Love, from the 60’s
              h ttp://
              Beautiful People-Bashing religion
              h ttp://
              Touriquet – off the chain
              h ttp://

              Yes I listen to this stuff, no different from Alice Cooper, Kiss, etc, just on a different level…

              • I listen to that stuff too. Also, Everclear, Collective Soul, Alabama, Josh Turner, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Emimem, Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Tool, Saliva and Big and Rich. My collection of Irish ballads in nice too…

              • @eppe, You mean “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell Lyrics –
                This song came out in the early 80’s when Aids was discovered and started killing people.

                • He said “taint”..

              • Kick Ass Album – “Soft Cell” Early 1980’s the Whole Album SOFT CELL ( non- stop erotic cabaret) is a good one. Listen to the entire Album here:

                Brings back lots of good memories back then. When you could go out and have random sex without every worrying about catching anything Pre-Mid 1980’s . lol Then Aids put an end to that fun, in the mid to late 80’s and another reason shy I got married, to at least be with one partner.

        • SmokinOkie, keep them coming.

          • And speaking of music-
            Has anyone besides me noticed? Janis Joplin Died in 1970. Ozzy Osbourne first hit the big time right about then. AND- the two of them were never seen together. Coincidence? Maybe not….

            I’m starting a new internet rumor- Ozzy IS Janis!!


                • Here is one of the Best Guitar Pickers out there, Saw him Live in concert. Play this and crank up the volume. Pat Travers – Hooked On Music (HQ Audio) – 1979 –

                  I was about 17 yrs old, and tickets to the concert were like $10 bucks, and during the intermission we went in and hit the head. A Joint was being passed around, and I swear there was PCP in it. Then we went back to our seats, and listened to Pat Travers Rock this song out. “Boom Boom Out Goes the Lights”- Its on this Album link above. F-n Amazing. Listen to him pick his guitar out.

            • Provocative….and all along I thought Ozzy was Jimmie Osmond….

              • After the local radio station played “Long-Haired Lover from Liverpool” by Little Jimmy Osmond for the first and only time back in 1972, the DJ said that it was the worst record he’d ever heard. I have that aircheck on cassette and listen to it once every few years.

            • This is Ugly Duck and I think we are about to have a Convoy!

          • That’s right…..

            I like me some Johnny Payday…..

            Well I was sittin’ in this bar in Houston TX, sippin on some Colorado Kool-ade, and talkin’ to some mexicans….and… What’s that you say….colorado kool-ade?…

            Killer, classic country tune.

        • Okie…now that’s a story!

        • GAWD! I can’t stop laughing and my husband is starting to question my sanity—more than usual. Thanks for the side-splitting laughs, Smokin!

          • Might work on that handle there Goatlover. Maybe Goatenthusiast? We have headlines in the papers down here in the south that make mention of some not quite natural goings on with goats. Just a thought. No offense intended.

        • Oldie but goodie

        • Great post as always Smokin Okie ! There’s ain’t many things better than eatin Conctete in a truck, with the window down, good music playin, & a good mug of coffee ! Keep Em coming !
          Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      20. Ebola has a typical kill ratio of 90%. 90% of 7 billion people brings us pretty close to the UN’s agenda 21 ideal population of 500 million people.

        Just saying….

        • Time to thin the heard, Ebola style.

          • Or Lead Poisoning!! Let er’ Rip!!

      21. We should ALL keep a VERY close eye on this.

        Ebola, like marburg, are the nastiest of the nasties. It is an RNA virus, which means it has RNA instead of DNA. This also means it mutates more rapidly than DNA based viruses (as seen with other RNA viruses). Currently you must touch the body fluid for transmission, but the longer it continues traveling through population, the more robust it can become, possibly becoming airborne.

        The incubation period of the current strain is up to 21 days before a person shows symptoms. Then after that, hemorrhaging begins within 4 to 5 days, death soon after. Luckily most don’t seem to be contagious until early stages of symptoms.

        Let’s look at the man from the airplane. He went to the airport, maybe in a cab. Anything/anyone he was in contact with before he went to the airport are in question. This man possibly used the bathroom, touched door handles, read a newspaper then set it down for others to use, coughed in line, sat in a chair, etc. Anything he touched, if he had any body fluid on his hands (saliva, sweat, tears), could have left the virus behind. It can stay outside the body, viable, for a few days in a dry state. I doubt the airport he came from shut down and did a full cleaning. I doubt the airplane did a full cleaning. He was probably sweating while in the plane due to fever, the seat would be soiled now. He probably touched the tray table, seat belt, bathroom, etc. Everything is suspect.

        For the next 21 days, every single person on that plane and in both airports had the possibility of being exposed. Most think they are probably ok. They won’t know for 21 days and then they will start to feel kinda sick, think its the flu or a stomach bug, might go to the hospital, but by then it is too late. Imagine how many of this people might be traveling to different countries?

        I hope I am wrong, but I predict that by the end of August/early September that ebola will be on another continent. We may not be told at first, to prevent panic, but once this virus shows up there will be panic.

        If this shows up state side, I am betting we will all need enough supplies to stay put for 3 months without having to go out in public, at all. It will have ot burn itself out. Gloves, masks, bleach. Burn ANYTHING that might have come in contact. This isn’t scare porn, people. If this becomes pandemic, this could kill >60% of the world population. And to make matters worse, it takes one clever terrorist to be willing to sneak in one of our borders and bring it here. This only get worse if it mutates into an airborne state.

        My prayers for safety, but people, please, be prepared.

        • I hope that you are wrong too!

        • Kynase, I hope you’re wrong too, but I will take proper precautions and I hope everyone else does too. I’d rather take a bullet then come down with something like ebola.

          • Don’t worry brave drunk. You have to have sex to get Ebola. Not likely

      22. If we get a Pandemic with millions of dead. Or more. Anyone who was lax about our borders should be put to a painful death.

      23. Reminds me of the old Bruce Willis movie “The 12 Monkeys”, except Obummer is the 12th. monkey.

        Maybe we should just call his whole 8 years in office “The Rise of The Planet of The Apes”?…works for me.

        • mooshell is living proof

          • LOL!!…. and they are known druggies.
            Maybe that’s why they sniff gorilla glue.

            • Gorilla glue’s some good shit man, good shit…

              • Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

                They have big fingers.

      24. The southern border is a sieve, yet…

        “Border patrol agents pulled a gun on Mid Iowa Boy Scout Troop 111 as four vanloads of scouts tried to drive from Canada into Alaska.”

        The scout leaders were furious.
        Jim Fox, Boy Scout Troop 111 leader, told Iowa KCCI television the boys were threatened by the agents for taking a photo.

        “The agent took his camera. Told them they would be arrested. Fined possibly $10,000 and ten years in prison…

        The agent had a loaded gun pointed at the boy’s head.”

        • Sooooo… what were they(BP) trying to hide? what was in the picture?

          hell of an act against The BSA

          kids no less

      25. gee , crash and dismantle our health care system and than bring , allow this into our country

        one would think that this was deliberate

        and they wouldnt be wrong
        This admin is more than messing with our 2nd amendment , our 1st amendment and the security of our border , they are hoisting a deadly disease against us knowingly

        and yet , not a dam thing decisive is being done about it

        to me this proves our military is complicit and every 3 letter agency ..all the way to the WH
        hangin is too good for these pukes

        better hang on to your ass folks this ride is about to get really bumpy

      26. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Kerry brings it back to Odumbo? Wipe the US government clean and we could start over again.

        No fuss no mess quick and easy. Only if!!!!

        I got to say that I served my country, I love my country, I realize all governments have problems and I am a Christian. But, with what is going on here, it scares me with what my grandchildren are going to face.

        • No it wouldn’t be ironic. It would be KARMA & Just desserts.

      27. Isn’t the family of a doctor who died of Ebola already here. I read they lived with him while he was “incubating”. It was stated that they have no symptoms; however, one wonders if there can be immune carriers of this, like other diseases.

      28. EBOLA, Limes disease, and AIDS are man made all man made. TPTB are trying to find something to take out the human race. Let us pray it stays in Africa.
        Watch the southern border they will bring something in just watch.


        • You can take that to the bank!!!! Obozo and Holder don’t see anything wrong with these virus-infected people coming to the US. Why? Because they are black/brown!!!!! Can’t discriminate against them, right?

      29. Understanding that every single human life is of utmost value, I am nevertheless surprised that “only” 600 some people have died, in an area of the world that has hundreds of millions in population. Perhaps this is slightly good news, at least temporarily. We also saw a lot of other scares in N. America, such as bird flu, SARS, etc., that never went… ummm, “viral” (sorry for the pun). That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, and maybe didn’t get out of hand due to precautions taken, but just a word of caution before we all get too bent out of shape about this

      30. Do I still need to prep ?

        • Peach….the answer to THAT is YES!!!!

      31. OFF TOPIC: It appears that the great nationwide mall terrorist threat did not occur this weekend. This is good. However, I am curious as to whether or not there was at least some concern by some law enforcement that something may have been possible. I took the family to the belly of the beast, Washington DC, this weekend. Up Fri night and back this afternoon. We went to museums, etc. I saw maybe 2-3 cops sitting for speeders in the entire 700 miles traveled. This is from NC to DC. Seemed very odd to me. Also interesting was that while we were leaving the Jefferson Memorial yesterday, 2 DC police were arriving and going into their positions with M16’s. Really puzzled by that one. Just passing on observations.

      32. Water is obviously most important, but I wish for all to also know of the importance of salt. Check out the many uses of salt….

        • Without salt bad things happen. 2lbs a person a year. Unless you live on the salt flats or the coastline getting enough salt is hard. You also need iodine in your diet (goiters). So you just stock up on iodized salt right? Well the iodine over time gassifies out of the salt leaving you with just plain salt.

          So buy a couple of pounds of iodized salt every year per person and use the old stuff to melt ice or something.

      33. Preppers.

        I have good news and bad news….the good news is Armageddon may only be about 10 years away. The bad news is that we have 10 more years of this….is there one, just one!, non-Reagan blaming Democrat out there that thinks today’s America is far worse today that say just 7 years ago?

        C’mon Dems, is there just one?

        • Ugly, the Good News is that GOOD prevails in this Battle approaching….the Bad News is that WE have to Fight innumerable foes to attain the victory…and it will be a battle to end all battles….

        • Ugly. Will Republicans ever give Clinton any Credit for a great economy, they soon destroyed. I wanna party like it’s 1999 again.

          • The above comment demonstrates your TRUE level of ignorance whodoo. What is truly amazing is the amount of brain dead idiots on this site who actually BELIEVE your rants.

          • Clinton had much money on “his” account because he “borrowed” (aka stole) from Social Security….

      34. 2017 by Ugly.

        The bomb hit. It hit Ugly and many patriots to the ground. Smoke filled the air, the sun and moon were bloody red. It was a bad day.

        Then we saw the flag. It had red, white, blue, but only one star. The star had green and red. The handle was yellow. We Preppers knew this was it. The one star meant unity, but unity of what?You mean unity of ridding Americans of America? No ‘f’in way as one Harvard scholar stated….Well, that is what it meant.

        Ugly shouted, ‘Americans! This is it. Our fathers did this, can we?’

        Ugly looked and said dudes, ‘our fathers fought these dipshits and here we go again! Do I get an Amen, and many yelled Amen!!!!

        Well all 900 Americans were energized, ready to go. All the others left for the number, off their souls they went.

        The 900 built their bunker and stand. Then came the 38 million. The 900 charged toward the 38 million. In an hour about 450 were left of the 900 and about 4 million of the 38 million. This infuriated the King. The 4 million regrouped and agreed that it was time to retreat and ask another PhD for another strategy….

        The area is known as Ugly’s Hill….it is a place liberals do not visit. They cannot figure how this was done without governmental support. It is a peaceful hill where flowers grow. Down below is loaded with puncture-vine….

        • Be brave, be aware, be ready… and WE WILL PREVAIL

      35. Ebola is transmitted by contact with body fluids and doctors using contaminated instruments (with body fluids). Not much chance of spreading any faster than hep C or aids. Paranoia self destroyer. The author needs to get a grip, read some med books, and get real. 2-3 weeks for symptoms after exposure. Body fluids. Not coughing. Not spread like a flu or cold. Come on already.

      36. ICE still hasn’t found the companion of that Ebola infected West African apprehended on our southern border last month. So says my Border Patrol contact.

      37. ICE still hasn’t found the companion of that Ebola infected West African apprehended on our southern border last month. So says my Border Patrol contact.

      38. Ugly and MERS by Ugly….

        It was a nice day. I looked out the window and saw potatoes growing nicely. The morning humming bird was there, and so were the singing Robins, happy with the morning sun.

        I went to my mailbox and I had two letters. One was from AARP, and it said because you are old then please read….the other letter was weirder. It was an eviction notice. It said that I have been living in a MERS home for free and that I needed to pay them rental fees or leave….I showed this to my wife. We looked at all statements and never missed a payment, nor property taxes. Yet, even though I paid my mortgage, the MERS friends asked me to pay, or leave….I paid for their home….

        I wrote back and basically said FU….

        Then came the blue helmets. They said that USA is no more, thus property is fit as Agenda21 sees fit. I am a was, and they needed to make room for the new. Thus, pay or get out!!!! The was are gone and the new needs room. Thus pay, or get out….

        They beat the shit out of Ugly. They threw all belongings out of the home.

        The new came in and turned on the light switch to their new free home. The story ends….

        • That’s not where the story would end for me…

          • Im thinking cross hairs would be in order?

            • you fight even when you know you can’t win

        • The ugly story continued….
          But ugly was not persuaded to give up that easily , he quietly in the commotion of the blue helmets helping the recent white house sponsored emigrants settle into their new previously occupied home.walked quietly into the woods of his youth. Leaving behind the clatter of the moving day behind he hiked 10 miles to a hidden meadow , in the trunk of a hollow tree quickly removed an Etool and began paceing off the distance from the old live oak tree. ” 10 paces it has to be here ” he said out loud to no one . Stopping and digging in the sandy soil he struck metal, with in 10 minutes dragged the heavy military surplus rocket box from the ground. Flipping the latches he swiftly open the box. Ugly was smart he catched his first line gear and a some means of defense prior to presidential defective 2015 authorizing confiscation of military equipment and firearms from private citizens , the old 1903a3 with a unertal 8x scope that belonged to his father a USMC veteran of the pacific campaign , it was a bring back from Tarawa ,his dad was a former member of Carlsons Raiders it had no paper trail . In the box was his FLV and 250 rounds of 30-06 , 50 rounds of AP shrinked wraped , a 45 ACP S&W revolver with 200 rounds , holster , water filter , poncho , Multicam utilities , and ghille veil, All the arms were packed in Brownell vapor bags and coated with a light layer of rig grease. But the best was the solar charger with eneloop batteries for the Yeasu VX-8r radio that light up when the charged cells were installed. That and the piece of paper with the short radio codes to others in the area , this had been agreed on and planned months ago when the hint of trouble appeared to be coming to a final show down between the collectivists and the individualists. He quickly reburied the additional cold weather gear for later . Later sitting under dense cover he gave all the arms a deep cleaning and packed his gear up, at the second catch he recovered his bug out bag with the mountain house freeze dried rations .
          Now was the time to activate the long prepared plan.
          Hiking 5 miles from his present position he keyed the PTT button.
          “Wolverine to Burrow”
          Silence , then “Burrow to Wolverine , SITREP Active , repeat STREP Active, ECHO, Burrow out”
          A smile crossed his face in the gathering dusk as he flipped the PVS 14 down over his non dominant eye .
          ECHO meant Execute Actions ,
          ” Hunting time” he said to no one in particular

          To be continued…….

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Now that’s what I’m talking about.

      39. WHO says pandemic, the Elite say “downsizing”.

        • Its Africa’s Gift to America, They call it “Outsourcing.”

          • Who is to say, some Rogue faction or sponsored Country, builds their own one way ticket drone to America filled with Eboli, and crashes it into a major city? Everything is possible. Stay away from major Population centers.

      40. What would happen if someone came into the USA, or worse yet a lot of someones, say 20, and injected themselves with the virus? What if they had first spread out to major cities? With the sole intent of spreading the virus, starting a pandemic. Think nobody would do that? We have suicide bombers in the world, so someone doing this is pretty easy to believe. The next big hit is how to get in here….well hell, just come across the southern border. Chances are more than good you will not be caught. We could already be screwed and not even know it. Yet.

      41. If I get it I’ll make my best effort to travel to DC and start eating in their hotel diners. I would have nothing to lose at that point.

      42. ALERT!!

        See The Washington Times opinion column by Joseph Curl, which contains a QUOTE from Obama’s press secretary, in which the following statement is made:


        Read it for yourself. Those are EXTREMELY provocative words to choose, in ANY scenario.

        If that’s what the Communists are planning to do — to actually not allow our midterm elections to take place — it WOULD be classic Communist tactics.

        • Not there.
          Too much time wasted at a bullshit site. Washington Times, Ha!

        • we’ll hold em without them..see how they like them apples

      43. It is good that we are discussing a possible threat with major danger. We all had some sort of sickness in our lives which had visual effects. Mumps, Measles, Chicken pox? When we start to venture into the major diseases like Plague, Smallpox, and Ebola, the visuals can be most frightening. The worse being an airborne bug. Hard to prevent against and one of those contained environment suits is a must. I’m sure we all have one. As one said before we should have the means to Self Quarantine. If this bug comes here many will be cleaning their asses off. A run to disinfectants from bleach to hand sanitizer. Plastic sheeting and duct tape too.

        On silver hydrosol. I have been taking it for years and had very few colds. Works good on cuts. A sore throat. I did end up in the hospital with phuemonia.
        Over the years I might have been lucky. Or I just got Old. I would tell you that a weaponized bug, liquid silver will not help.

        I want to inform you that if you think that protection from the Bug or Chemical is a simple matter. You are mistaken and it involves intensive labor and supplies that need support by doctors and medical equipment for people to survive once it takes hold.
        Purchase some military books on Nuclear, Biological and
        Chemical warfare. Read Them. On line purchase, at gun shows or Army/Navy surplus stores.

        Do you think the odds are better surviving a gunshot wound than catching Ebola.

      44. Hello… This is so alarming and horrifying!! I read that there is no cure to Ebola and it can have a fatality rate up to 90%. Is that true?

        • I think the gooberment has a vaccine. Saw something about it late last year IIRC. how things are related, I don’t know…
          Quick search confirms gooberment vaccine. Also, shows unethical, no-honor people in Liberia are going around selling fake vaccines. A new Nigerian scam?

      45. american children students will be the ones hurt most.

        just wait till the kids all go back to school with the new south of the border 300,000 immigrant students being shipped by the zog across amerika coast to coast… lil’ suzzy and bobby will be infected with more than the common cold on the first day of school.

        parents should really talk to their children about “cleanliness” when at school, no rubbing noses with eskimo kisses, no hugging sick friends, washing their hands after visits to the latrine, before lunch, before snacks and not to touch their faces with unclean hands.

        t.b. tuberculosis in no joke, and it will be in the schools this fall across amerika.

        a lot of innocent ignorant naive amerikan children students are going to suffer needlessly in less than a month when schools nationwide start up for a new school year, become sickly, all because of obama’s illegal open borders.

        parents beware and prepare.


        • How in the hell do you get a thumbs down on that post.

          • I dont know, but i bet you mine is going to piss off a lot of people

          • haters be haters.

        • thank god for homeschooling

          anyone at this point who has their kid in a US indoctrination center kinda deserve what they get
          sorry so blunt, but there are better options ..yes it involves sacrifices ..more then likely why people still send their kids to the prison , re-education centers one wants to make the sacrifice necessary to school your own kids

          what a gamble with your own offspring …boggles my mind

      46. Most preppers with protective suits and masks will become contaminated the moment they remove the items, unless they have a special washing rig setup where a caustic spray is sprayed on them, then a water rinse, before the removal of clothing or masks.

        Avoid humans that reside outside of your home boundary line.

      47. I guess that line in World War Z was not too far off … air travel is the best method to spread something very quickly.

      48. Gotta love those open borders. Maybe the idiots at the US Chamber of Commerce will get ebola first.

      49. Just heard on the news that an American doctor contracted the Ebola virus over in Africa, even though he took all precautions to avoid getting it. Also they said on the news that his wife was just there a few days ago with his daughter and they are now in North Texas, they said on the news that they believe that they did not have the disease? Believe? What does believe have anything to do with it? They should not let anyone in coming from over there. This looks like this might be the false flag we’ve been waiting for. If people start dying in the next few days they won’t say anything on the news until they start having people running around on the street in a panic to get away. This might be the start of the end. Lock down time for me. Just advised my employees to run the business on their own for the next two weeks, I’m telecommuting. I’m staying in and watching the net for anything that might let me know what’s happening.

      50. I work in west Africa. My vessel cleared in with Liberian port authorities about 2 months ago. At that time, there was only one suspect case well to the north. Less than a week after we departed, deaths were being reported in Monrovia. I travelled back to the U.S. 3 weeks ago. I am well past the incubation period and I feel fine. There was absolutely no screening in ATL when I arrived. There are however, newly installed touchscreen passport scanners wherein every new arrival has to touch a screen. This is incredibly risky.

      51. Something else that will help prevent illness and to add to antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral aresnal is iodine. There’s iodine in alcohol such as JCrow’s Lugol brand or the iodine in glycerine. The 400 mcg a day by RDA is too low. You need at least 12.5 mg a day and cosupplements are magnesium, selenium, and vitamin c. I get my magnesium and selenium (and various others) from raw brazil nuts (great health benefits) and vitamin c from fruits and vegetables but also from putting either lime or lemon jucie (fresh) in my drinking water throughout the day.

        • Good info Bonnie….thanks….


      52. Here is away to see if silver works for mouth ulcers and other infection in the mouth,take a pure silver chain use a chain because it can get into almost all areas move it around in the mouth do this for at least five minutes or longer repeat a few times a day for a couple days(do not use sterling silver).You can spit out excess saliva but not all.

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