Alaska Prepares For War With North Korea: Missiles Will Take Only 20 Minutes To Reach The State

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 33 comments

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    The state of Alaska is preparing for a potential war with North Korea. The Alaskans are being urged not to evacuate, though should Kim Jong-Un launch a missile toward Alaska, it would only take 20 minutes to get there.

    Emergency planners in Alaska have warned it will not attempt evacuations if a warhead is fired because time would not be on their side. Jeremy Zidek, from the state’s disaster planning team, will urge locals to find shelter rather than risk being caught in the open. He also urged families to have an emergency stash of food and water, flashlights and radios, and medical supplies including the anti-radiation pill Prussian Blue – medication that lessens the radiological impacts on your body.

    Tensions have escalated lately on the Korean peninsula after a series of missile tests in the hermit kingdom and propagandized media threats were made sentencing president Donald Trump to death. Tyrant Kim Jong-un has since threatened a “nuclear holocaust” and there are fears the regime will soon have a missile capable of reaching the US mainland.

    Zidek admitted that the state’s defensive facilities could be picked for an attack. Alaska is home to Fort Greely, where the US has interceptor rockets designed to destroy incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The state also has missile defenses at the Pacific Spaceport Complex as well as radar warning systems at Clear Air Force Station.

    “We have the missile defense system here. We have missiles and radars in a number of different locations,” Zidek said. “Perhaps there would be some type of attack on those military facilities to try to hinder our ability to react to any missile launches.” But Zidek’s warnings for Alaska get even more terrifying.

    He also warned that Alaska no longer has any bomb shelters and there would be no new measures to deal specifically with a North Korean nuclear threat. “There could be evacuation notices put in place but are we going to be able to get that amount of lead time to instruct people to actually evacuate an area?” he said. Remember, once a missile is launched toward Alaska, it would take less than 20 minutes to make an impact.

    “Really the recommendation for people during a nuclear attack is to shelter in place and find some type of secure location that will protect them from that blast,” said Zidek. “So with a mass evacuation – if people leave their homes, schools, and businesses to try to get out of the area, we may be putting more people at risk.”

    Emergency planners in Hawaii have already confirmed that their state is within 20 minutes of Kim Jong-un’s missiles – and Alaska is even closer. Guam is closer still, and Kim has already threatened that island territory too.

    Zidek said Alaska had reviewed its radiological threat plans and prepared social media warnings to be published at short notice. Otherwise, he said Alaska would respond to a nuclear attack using the same plans already devised for disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

    “The thing with disasters is – while disasters may vary a great deal – the consequences of the disasters don’t really change very much. With something like a nuclear attack, of course you’re going to have mass casualties, a hazmat event, and you’re gonna have the need to transport a large number of people,” said Zidek. “When we look at these problems, the consequences of the attack, they may be the same as if we had another large earthquake or we have a massive chemical spill. On a state level, when we look at our all-hazards plan, we say to ourselves ‘we are preparing for the consequences of any type of disaster’.  And that’s exactly what we want our residents here in Alaska to do. Prepare for the consequences of any type of disaster.”


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      1. This seems like a big vote of non confidence in our missile defense shield, 20 minutes from impact, the meme of our times.

        • Army Rescinds Waiver Program For Self-Mutilating, Mentally-Ill Recruits

          “The Army has decided to abandon plans to issue waivers to recruits with a history of self-mutilation or other mental health problems.”

          ht tp://

      2. The NK defector treated at the hospital had a 10-inch parasite in his stomach.
        Doctor said that is common in countries where human feces used as fertilizer.
        NK troops are rail thin and eating grass. They WILL surrender for MRE’s.


      3. Ivarr Bergmann is ready.

      4. Oh boy. Bend over and kiss that ass of yours good bye!

      5. what a waste of a nuke. the only city big enough is Anchorage, and that only has 300,000 or so. Now seattle would be a target.
        and since the law says they can’t prepare for such an event.

        • What law says Seattle can’t prepare for nuclear attack? This is horrible. Oh, i forget….the liberals run that state. Now it makes sense. Oregon is SO beautiful. I went there once 30 yrs ago. I didn’t want to leave and i cried on the plane as i was leaving. Went to an Ashram retreat., lived outside in tents, picked wild HUGE berries, had great food, was up in the mountains.

      6. making a mistake like that would be assured self destruction

      7. There are probably military targets in Alaska. And HAARP. And fish processing plants in Kodiac.

      8. I’m an Anchorage resident and this is the first I’m hearing of this. I don’t think the local government has told anybody to buy “Prussian Blue” or anything else for that matter. On the plus side a nuke would wipe out a lot of the crime problems our town has been having lately.

        • Yes, it would wipe out all the crime and all others too, and all the animals and birds and fish, and not be livable for thousands of years. Yes, lets wipe out all the crime!

      9. Have to keep the threat of greater war first and foremost in people’s minds to advance greater acceptance of planned ongoing wars. Even when there is nothing to fight about looked at by sane people.

      10. Kim not that dumb to attack America. He protect N Korea from the American ‘democracy’ . Play the fear tactics on the Americans and sell them more shtf supplies what they will never use that’s what going on in Alaska. Business.

        • as far as prepping supplied go…

          store what you use and use what you store.

          works great at my house 🙂

        • Nice of you to hijack my handle, asshole!!!!!

          …funny how they say imitation is the best form of flattery, which in your case is merely a weak attempt at posing w/ a total lack of honor!!!

          Question: ..are you a newby here & have never seen my prior posts??????

          Since I (as the real HUNTER) rarely post here nowadays, due to being perpetually consigned to posting purgatory/the posting gulag…I find it most amusing that you would adopt/steal my handle…

          I would appreciate an honest reply from you, if you’re capable of such!!!!


          Shout-out to Brave-heart: ..dude, looks like I’m experiencing the same shit you went through!!!!

          • hahahahhah who gives a shit

      11. I they miss most cities in the lower 48 by a mile they get just about the same causality count. In Alaska they get some caribou and bears.

      12. It is alright to practice for a nuclear attack as long as it doesn’t become an obsession leading people to fear to go on living. It is foolhardy to think that NK will ever attack the USA. The only reason for NK to develop nukes is to sell them to American enemies. NK uses their own nukes that would be the end for NK. USA, Russia, NATO and China should launch a joint ground invasion of NK to clean things up in NK. It would be great to have the big boys playing all on the same team, although it would piss off the American liberal socialists and the anti-nationalists pussikas.

      13. All the people who live in Alaska and Hawaii should prepare. One item they will need is Nuclear War Survival Skills, a book available online, it gives detailed information on how to prepare for such a situation. This in addition to Potassium Iodide, food, water, and shelter would be vital.

      14. Click bait. NK does NOT have missiles that can carry the load of a nuclear warhead to the USA! Indeed, it would be only a fluke chance if they could get ANY missile to hit anything at that distance. Now, Japan is a different matter totally. But we will defend Japan as if they are our own. I think Bert above has an interesting take on it all. Iran cannot develop nuclear bombs due to the treaty but they can help NK with the understanding they can buy one in exchange!

        • But, the U.S. Government’s Deep State has control of weapons that can hit Alaska or any where else in the United States. Any real attack on the U.S. by a real adversary would target only military capabilities. Targeting civilians is the mark of domestic Government trying to cower its people into submission and compliance.

      15. What gets to me is that the government will tell the citizens to ‘shelter in place’ while all the powers that be will high-tail it to some taxpayer-funded hole in the ground with all the amenities. Furthermore, I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut that if there was a launch by NK, our faithful leaders wouldn’t say a damned thing to us – not even to warn us of “you’re toast in 20 minutes”. They’d hate to have any of us clogging the highways and biways possibly hampering their own flight to safety. Best we could hope for is a “this is a warning from the emergency broadcast system…. you will be evaporated in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1….. breaaapp, breaaapp, breaaapp…”.

      16. The end result of Trumps’ big mouth and taunting tweets.

        I didn’t vote for Hillary and can’t stand the dangerous Clinton Crime Family. But imagine if she were taunting him and egging him on as Trump is doing. Then it would be wrong, poor leadership, but since Trump is doing it, it’s okay the NK leader deserves it, and entertaining too.

      17. I suspect that this is ostensible. Like the ABM build up around Iran that in reality is for Russia the US build up in Asia (The Pivot) is ostensibly directed at NK but in actuality its meant for China.

        Nothing is on the up and up from any side. If any of them spoke the “whole truth and nothing but the truth” a lightening bolt on a clear day would come down and strike them dead.

      18. If Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house, then surely she can see North Korea from her anus.

      19. Uh, 14 anti-ballistic missile interceptors are supposed to be stationed in Alaska as cover for that state,west coast, Hawaii?

        Not all the ICBM’s are loaded with Nuclear Warheads. Some are loaded with a Bio weapon I bet.

      20. Li’l Kim… ready to nuke the moose in Alaska. But why Hawaii? The folks there are already more communist the NK!

      21. What happened to the plan of getting rid of all nuclear weapons? Nah that never made no common sense. Let’s pour another trillion into upgrading our nuclear lethality. Famous last words… Nuclear energy is a safe energy source.

      22. Hey people, much love to you all. I really do hope you all realize that there would be no war at all if Kim would only capitulate and join the world banking system.

      23. We have anti-ballistic missiles – defensive missiles. They work great. Nothing to worry about.

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