Alan Greenspan Warns That Dangerous “Crazies Will Undermine The System”

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    Former Federal Reserve chairman and consummate insider Alan Greenspan discussed his concerns that things were tipping out of “equilibrium” and spinning into instability and chaos.

    Stagnation, lack of growth, and forced growth that is only going through the motions. It is all catching up with us, and it may be the fault of “the crazies,” Greenspan warned.

    But who exactly is he referring to?

    •Is it his own crowd of the feckless and incompetent choking the life out of America through monetary policies?

    •Or maybe the suicidal nihilists trading derivatives on Wall Street and playing with matches?

    •Or the class of working bankers and lenders, piling up more incendiary fertilizer material on the load before the crash comes, flinging more excrement into the fan and leveraging a complete and total disaster of epic proportions?

    •Or is it the class of power brokers, who quietly, coldly shifted around a few pieces that cost the other side the entire farm, and the shirt on their backs, too?

    Alan Greenspan doesn’t specify. He just warns us to heed the danger of “the crazies.”

    via Bloomberg:

    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan voiced concern that the U.S. economic and political system could be undermined by what he called “crazies.”

    “It is the worst economic and political environment that I’ve ever been remotely related to,” Greenspan, 90, told a conference in Washington Tuesday evening sponsored by Stanford University and the University of Chicago.


    Greenspan repeated his concern on Tuesday that increased government spending on social security and healthcare are crowding out private investment and leading to slower economic growth. He bemoaned the fact that neither presidential candidate was talking about reining in those expenditures.

    “Nobody wants to discuss it” for fear of a political backlash, he said.

    Greenspan echoed the ‘confessional’ warning of Lord Jacob Rothschild, who cautioned that central banks were undertaking an ‘unprecedented experiment,’ which was the greatest in financial history. Rothschild stated:

    “The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30 percent of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale,” Rothschild writes in the company’s semi-annual financial report.

    The banker notes this policy has led to a rapid growth of stock markets… However, the real sector of economy didn’t enjoy such a profit, as “growth remains anemic, with weak demand and deflation in many parts of the developed world,” according to Rothschild.

    Rothschild noted the “anemic” growth that has forced so many to surrender their wealth, and accept meager returns as a pittance, just as Greenspan warned of “stagflation” and “weak demand.”

    It all amounts to the same thing:

    On the economic front, the U.S. is headed toward stagflation — a combination of weak demand and elevated inflation, according to Greenspan.

    “Politically, I haven’t a clue how this comes out.”

    “We’re not in a stable equilibrium,” he said. “I hope we can all find a way out because this is too great a country to be undermined, by how should I say it, crazies.”

    This is the same Greenspan who stated on live TV – to the confusion of his cohorts – that the U.S. could never default because it can always print more money… the exact mentality that got us into this problem.

    Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan: ‘We can always print money…’

    Yet, Greenspan also brags about the Fed’s ‘above-the-law’ status – outside the reach of checks and balances, or approval or disapproval of the President.

    It is a mea culpa for the tiny cabal who hold membership in the decisions that control the world, and have set in motion (in response to the need for a “solution” after 2008) a devastating policy of reconquering the developing world, and capturing its people under the yoke of debt.

    In spite of their gravitas and demeanor – assuming and erudite in the case of Rothschild and authoritative and comfortingly-dry in the case of Greenspan – both might as well blush and remark “Oopsie” to the crowds of unemployed and economically stunted people who, only a few years before, had a great deal more economic freedom and financial stability.

    Naturally, none of these elite bankers knew this would be the result. And they had to do something.

    Unchecked: Greenspan: No Other Agency of Government Has Overrule Federal Reserve Action

    The entire economy is being encoded with the signals of a state-run sow, where the private sector feeds off the services and required investments, until nothing is left for anybody without a spot at the government teat.

    This is really a big deal. The problems of quantitative easing and the financial sector are compounding with the problems of Obamacare, welfare and food assistance, and big system pensions and benefits programs.

    These are the gravitational forces.

    Now, a lot of people are going to be hurt, though we can be sure how the positions of these inside bankers will turn out.

    The world has never been closer to collapsing back into the dark ages and the hopeless economic model of feudalism… just imagine it with an overlay of techno devices and entertainment to instill complacency.

    Read more:

    Rothschild Warns “Biggest Financial Experiment in History” About to Unleash Consequences Unknown

    Central Banks Have Pushed the Middle Class Down into Neofeudal Serfdom

    “Revolt of the Elites”: Society Is Divided, Self-Absorbed and Powerless to Stop Them

    The System Can’t Be Fixed, Only Crashed: “The Machine Resists Reform to the Death”

    Debt Super Cycle Will Destroy U.S. Standard of Living Overnight “Leave Society Gasping and Stupefied”


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      1. Setting on the lake in the forest. Just waiting for those crazies to come.

        • Dangerous crazies HAVE undermined the system. They are called: “NWO Globalists”. 🙁

        • Throughout history whenever a country has economic and social collapse a “crazie” radical takes over. Think of Hitler taking over after the German depression of 1925. Staling in the 1930s. Mousiolni in the 1930s. and the list goes on.

          • Looking for a HERO? Here is one.

            Trump on CNBC, Goes after the Criminal FED with Guns a Blazing.

            Trump: By keeping interest rates low, the Fed has created a “false stock market,” Donald Trump argued in a wide-ranging CNBC interview, exclaiming that Fed Chair Janet Yellen and central bank policymakers are very political, and should be “ashamed” of what they’re doing to the country…

            CNBC Trump Phone Interview –
            TRUMP: Janet Yellen should be ‘ashamed’ of what she’s doing to the country

            Matthew J. Belvedere | @Matt_Belvedere
            Monday, 12 Sep 2016 | 10:49 AM ET

            Link: ht tp://

            Live Interview Phone Feed Youtube – ht tps://


            • WWTI,

              I am reminded of one of my favorite Founding Fathers who said:

              “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809)

              “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson

              “… The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.” -Thomas Jefferson

              Some profound food for thought for this,

              Old Goat

              • Greenspan has always been a critic of the Fed. He was given the job to shut him up.

              • Absolutely correct!! I thought it, you said it. 😉

            • “Ashamed” ??? No, arrested for malfeasance, the contract cancelled, the top bankers at the FED hung. 🙂

              • My HUNCH is to watch the markets during the period of October 7th to 17th with special care.

                Its just a hunch. 🙁

        • Hilary… the best candidate Goldmun Suchs money can buy….

          • Test,
            She is the best Goldman could buy because their boy Cruz failed. D/R corporate machine.

        • the crazies run the asylum. burn the fed.

        • The Destruction of Babylon
          …22″The noise of battle is in the land, And great destruction. 23″How the hammer of the whole earth Has been cut off and broken! How Babylon has become An object of horror among the nations! 24″I set a snare for you and you were also caught, O Babylon, While you yourself were not aware; You have been found and also seized Because you have engaged in conflict with the LORD.”…

          This is all you need to understand about what is happening and why.

          • Aaron,
            Nice to read a blurb and not have to think or know anything more. What do you do with all that spare time?

        • hello

      2. Uncharted waters is all either smooth sailing or the biggest hurricane ever..any how watch www. Badselfeaters. Com its like 2 hrs away from end then????

        • been watching that too, stumbled onto that page from another. Interesting. We have read and heard so much doom and gloom we are hardened by it? Very skeptical, we all know a correction is coming.

        • Greenspan warning about crazies is like H Himmler warning about Anti Semitics

          • LOL, so true ! 🙂

          • Greenspan ought to know. He belongs to that disgusting ‘tribe’ which has been working to destroy ur country.

            • Thank you, ditto on Greenspan, the jerks who brags that the Fed is exempt from all laws. This is why America is lawless. The money changers can buy anything, presidents, congress, you name it. Didn’t they just print billions to buy gold mine shares? Why don’t people see it? Who on earth gets to print money to buy what they want, in the billions. Jefferson was correct in everything he said about banks.

          • Menzo,
            That is a great summary. Mosques in America are Trojan Horses.

            • There are no mosques around here. Those fuckers would be burned down before the framing was done lol. God I love living in whitey town 🙂

              • There’s a Wahhabi mosque built near me, the biggest in the state. It looked like a pit mine when they built it. Trucks just kept taking dirt out of the pit. Then for weeks they poured heavy reinforced concrete. Several buildings connected by tunnels. All buildings are thick reinforced concrete.

                No one, but authorized Muslims were allowed on the construction site.

                This one story mosque must have 4 to 6 below ground levels.

                There’s another mosque going up about 8 miles away from that one, buts it’s a lesser sect, rejected by Wahhabis. It’s a simple structure set on a slab, built of steel studs and commercial grade Sheetrock.

                • Turkey’s ‘moderate’ mslm, PM Erdogan:
                  “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers. The term moderate Islam is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”

                  The Saudi government funds jihad teaching in US mosques. Time to get rid of the 2,000+ ticking time-bombs in America, otherwise known as mosques (Islamic jihad training centers).

                • WAY past time to get rid of the 2,000+ ticking time-bombs in America, otherwise known as mosques (Islamic jihad training centers). The Saudi government funds jihad teaching in US mosques.

                  Turkey’s ‘moderate’ mslm, PM Erdogan admits:
                  “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers. The term moderate Islam is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”

                • It’s good to know only islamic savages will be the ones doing the construction.

              • What up with the static in the air. Most muslims here are good tax paying citizens not unlike you. Making a living,
                some working for the government (Navy), like me. Going for scripture (ho to be good neighbor), god worship etc. You need to calm down, make some friends (I did not say bring them home), get to know other people. There are varied things to learn, like appreciate Mediterranean food, Arabic calligraphy, etc. See how the diet of the progeny of Rome (people like you) have learned and adapted from the foreigner without you knowing it. Like the alphabet A,B,C.. where did it come from? It originally came from Egypt. How about your numerals, 1-10 etc, the 12 on the clock and the 60 on the Seconds, Huh? Have an open mind, it is good for you. Good day.

                • No

                • M ahmed, you attack any of my people and you’ll be sent to allah.

                • M Almed, weren’t those outstanding achievements of the Arabic people made BEFORE Islam became the predominate religion? Check the dates!!!!

        • Ford has to move production out of the US. If they build cars here they will have to pay carbon credits because Obama just signed the UN global warming treaty that takes effect next year.

          As a developing nation Mexico and other similar countries get to skate on Global Warming requirements. It’s more, crush America regulation. The Obama legacy grows. Expect a dramatic climb in unemployment as companies that can, flee America.

          With so much production leaving the US, domestic services, and suppliers will shut down. The dominos will fall. This is utter insanity.

          • If that’s going down, I suspect it’s going to be more than just “companies” that start leaving.

            Hablas Espanol?

          • At least I can still get 50lbs. of tannerite for 150 bux lol 😛

          • carbon tax on cars?


            just trying to do some fact checking

            • It is yet to be promulgated, since Obama signed the treaty on Labor Day. The best I could do is to point to articles on EU and Australian taxes since they signed the treaty. As with the TPP treaty it’s all classified until the tax bills go out.

              Obama also signed TPP, is there anywhere an American can read that or is it also still classified?

              • I think Wikileaks has one of the drafts.

              • Ford moving small car production to Mexico

                h ttp://

                The only small cars still produced in the U.S. are the Focus and C-Max, built at Michigan Assembly in Wayne. Ford announced last year it would end production of those vehicles in the U.S. in 2018, but until now has not confirmed where they would go.

                It’s not good news that production is moving to Mexico to lower costs. It’s not good news that Americans don’t buy more small, efficient cars. But there won’t be layoffs as a result of this move:”

                apparently no layoffs
                no new jobs either

                not looking good for the few remaining Chrysler workers

                Ford shifting all U.S. small-car production to Mexico

                h ttp://

                “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said earlier this year it will end production of all cars in the U.S. by the end of this year as it discontinues production of the Dodge Dart in Belvidere, Ill., and the Chrysler 200 in Sterling Heights, Mich.”

                • Bingo, and it will only spread.

                • Satori, I’ve never owned one of those ‘small, efficient’ cars and never will. They’re nothing but junk. It’s either a mid-size or full-size vehicle for me.

                  • Wow! You’re a man!!! Now I have to impersonate you!

                    • Anonymous, LOL. No thanks, I don’t need any impersonators.

                  • I have a Japanese super efficient car. My attitude is the car isn’t as significant as giving all that gas money to Arabs that hate us and want infidels converted or killed.

                    My car turns out to be have been made in the US by American workers.

                    Islam has been turning the cash stream produced by gas guzzlers into guns and political influence.


        • He’s not talkin to me

      4. Greenspan is trying to distance himself from the trouble that is headed our way He is afraid for his soul and legacy. Not unlike Obama.

        • You got it anon.

        • At least greenspan Never Ever complains of all the free LOOT of us dollars given to his main concern state of Israel eh. Even that extra $38 Billion Cash for Military aid to Israel to soon become reality seems to be of zero concerns for him right.

          Greenspan must have agreed with or also co-signed onto that same AIPAC-Contract every usa elected fed politions has to sign agreement to…IE: That page long Contract with AIPAC, that basically at Bottom line the co-signers in senate and congress, ALL of them, Agree to Always make their top main priority as public usa officials to, always Do whatever is Good for Israel and jewry First and Foremost! WithOUT Any Regards to weather or not whats good for israel and jewry is bad or worse for America and American’s.

          So far the Only us congress member known of to have ever refused to sign it, was Cynthia McKinney us rep black woman in some southern state(?) and as Pre-promiced by AIPAC, failure to agree and sign on to their contract against americans and america, will always end with very Bad media press, zero campain Cash donations, and an impossibility to get re-elected ever again.

          She refused to sign aipac’s crapola contract and suffered consequences as stated.

          I did read a few months ago an article somewheres online that stated we now have One other us rep that is a male and he too has refused to sign AIPAC’s demanded contract.

          Cannot recall which state he is a rep for? nor his name now?….but he did kinda make history being just the second official to reject aipacs crap eh…

          maybe he’d make a better usa prez?

      5. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out how this will eventually play out. If you want a hint, just look at the riots in Greece, civil unrest around the world.

        It’s the reason why the UBER Elite are buying underground bunkers !

        • No. The UBER elites buy Island countries

        • Social security will be the last thing they kill. They buy voters with it.

          They would dissolve the military first just to finance SS.

          • I think it’s the other way around. They will kill everyone on social security.

            • The reason for the US to do as well as its doing (living far above its productive means) is because TPTB need a “Bully Boy For Wall Street”. TPTB need to maintain sufficient political stability to not jeopardize their enforcer. MIC is a symbolic relationship.

              • So tell me… who are the disposables of the MIC?

                • Genius: Gen. George Patton was a disposable one for certain eh! As soon as somebody discovered that in pattons personal diary and letters home to his wife and ex military pals, that he wrote to inform them all that “I now realize and Know at wars end, that we americans have fought against the WRONG peoples! We should have Joined forces with germans and together totally eliminated and destroyed the Real true Threat of Bolshevik jewdeo kommies of russia and other places they overtook with communism…I now greatly Fear that by the top HQ rejecting my proposals to do eaxctly that while we are still here and can be ready in one month or so to act on it….I fear at some future point americans again will have no other choice but to fight against these jewdeokommie bolsheviks, and worse yet I also Fear that when that day comes it shall be a war fought On usa soil!”

                  Then they assainated patton!..No solid proof of it of course. But similar to JFK and Oklahoma buildg and Waco and 9/11 etc etc…When so many facts and fingers all point to same conclusions, and everyone that Dares speak out against the grain of official story about it gets whacked or labeled as a conspiricy nutcase and totally ruined…It usually ends up being the truth alright.

                  Pattons wife was one of the richest females in usa then and as soon as he even hinted at a run for usa prez as soon as he returned stateside…That was it…The very Day he got scheduled to return to usa from europe, he ‘died”…Or? was Killed to stiffle his free speech about them we aint supposed to name due to a globalwide huge Taboo fear…But like a few brave folk here that do dare to speak truth and disregard such phony taboo’s…Patton too was such a type guy! That made him Twice the hero he already was eh!

                  Today usa needs a gen patton more than ever before was needed. The Book on his diary and letters to home was wrote in 1970’s and is still avail to buy. Much if not all of it is at several websites to read for free too.

                  Patton said and wrote alot More than just what I outlined here too…Great research for naysayers willing to at least open One eye to real truths.

                  • Them Guys, which websites have his letters and diary? and were they ‘edited’ by chance? I hope not.

            • Genius… and disability.

        • Do you have any idea how much that’s not going to work if they do that?

          I do. I’ve run my numbers and while I’m not rich, I’m not precisely poor either.

          It’s not going to work.

          Either inflation has to utterly freeze (impossible) or that shit has to still exist (also impossible). There’s literally no other choice. You’re talking about shit that would make Venezuela look like a picnic.

          Don’t know what to tell you. Guess finding some land in South America’s gonna have to be on the table ’cause if Social Security gets nuked by more than 33% you’re going to see the life expectancy in this country drop right back down to 65 (or lower, depends how long you’re employable). And it’s not going to be for medical tech reasons.

      6. Vague use of projection but it really says volumes.

      7. This coock doesn’t know, but he is talking about his own kind.

      8. You know,first I was a deplorable(with all that entails),now,I am a crazy!

        Hey,these are disparaging comments made about me,seems we may be breaking toleration levels on site!

        • You crazy, deplorable bastard! I knew this was all your fault! 🙂

          • Genius, all here are deplorable.
            Weather or not we agree or not.

            Everyone thank Mac for what he has running.
            Name one site where one can speak thier mind???

            Not many out there…

            • 9/11 was also Mac day. I spaced it too. Happy belated Mac day my friend! 😀

              • damn, i missed it too….tipping my hat to you, mac!

              • Mac has done wonders linking us all up in one form or another.
                I do admire for the 8+ years he has kept this place what it is.
                Oct 1st might change the internet rules.

                Scary thought…

                • Mac, what do you think will happen when the internet gets given over?
                  Good or bad???

                  • G, thought it was 10/8 and 4/15, but we can always add a day, I appreciate what he has done everyday…

                  • Thats a good question Eppster, im curious about that one too.

                    • I said 4/15 (tax day) eppe said 9/11 so those are the two days of the year we dedicated to Mac’s day.

                    • Kula/Nail, hope you are well.
                      I just appreciate what Mac has going.
                      We are lucky to hit each other in the way we can.
                      Be well all…

                  • According who gets to run the web, what will they think what gets posted?
                    That is the scarest part.
                    Think about it…

                    • Eppe: This should be a Big Clue as to what will occure once internet goes to outsider controls away from usa controls…They cannot handle usa’s 1st amendt rules, soooo…This is The main Plan, same as already in Canada and most every EU nation where they censor Only One main thing! As described below!

                      The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.

                      According to an article in “Times of Israel”…

                      Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.”

                      The legislation would have common features, such as defining what constitutes incitement and what the responsibilities of social networks regarding it are, a spokesman for the minister told the Israeli-based newspaper.

                      “Companies that do not comply will find themselves hauled into court, paying a penalty,” he added.

                      According to the plan, the participating countries would be part of a “loose coalition that would keep an eye on content and where it was being posted, and members of the coalition would work to demand that the platforms remove the content that was posted in any of their countries at the request of members.”

                      The Big Taboo must remain Taboo so to keep their Shoa going on and on and on forever.

                      SEE Next Reply Post by Me for a couple Links to article etc.

                    • Eppe is back with his typical MO. Dissapears for a while then shows back up trying to carve out a place on this website for himself, like an insider MC, come on everybody give a big hand to Mac. Tries to make everybody think he is important to lend to his credibility. He contributes nothing to the websits in any substance in prepping or article content that is posted, other than slobbering over the host.

                      I am familiar with this kind of shill. Back in the City where I moved from, the City was trying to pull a fast one on the Residents in our area, trying to rezone our property from RS-60 to MI-AP. That’s right Military Installation – Airport; and all to cover up the existing Fraud and incompatibility of low flying aircraft. Another words they were trying to regulate to cover up the existing incompatibility. In the neighborhood there was this one Guy, just like eppe, who developed a Website “Neighborhood Alliance” giving info to neighborhood. But as time went on, in the rezoning issue, this guy turned into a traitor and turn coat, and without any authority began negotiating in front of the city council, giving away our property rights under the auspices that he was somehow an appointed spokesperson with all these followers off his website. After seeing what he was doing, I went up and spoke at the City Council on the record, and ripped him a new asshole. Saying, This guy started an informational website, claims he has all these supporters like this is some sort of a neighborhood consensus, however this Guy only represents himself, has no authority to negotiate our property rights away, is not even a legitimate or legal Home owners association, and if the city basis its decisions on this self-appointed person, they better have their wallets out because we will file a lawsuit. The entire matter and its studies were all fraud, and in the end, I beat all of these punks into the ground, after a year and a half, and the entire rezoning issue was a pile of dust, all because I called out their FRAUD, and it was waste of time. I was the point man, semi expert who studied the entire issues and all the reports and documents, and saved the entire neighborhood (3000 Homes) from this Rezoning scam. You see you need to get involved and recognize, these self-appointed shills that try to carve out a place at the table for themselves to make themselves feel important. And this Guy with the website, was just trying to set himself up for the next City council election by being a Sell-out to the neighborhood. He lost bad in the primaries, and disappeared into the ibis, like eppe does for a few weeks before he reappears with his new ploy.

                      So going forward let’s just see how of eppe’s posts are relevant to the posted article and see if he ever posts anything relevant about prepping. Pay attention folks. Just as this site begin to mature again, he’s back. Posting self-indulging nonsense take-over by slobbering on the host. I think Macs ego is well beyond your slobering suck-up ploy eppe.


            • Thanks Mac

            • Weather? Is it snowing out? I thought this was fear porn to you? lol Just when we thought it was safe Deplorable shows up with his knee pads on again.


            • eppe, at least we’re not like most of the supporters of the wicked witch of the Left. Most of her supporters are in a basket of deportables.

              • Sarge,

                “basket of deportables”, That’s a good one! I am hilariously proud to be in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”! It may turn out that it is better to be deplorable than deportable, but, the other side is trying hard to turn that around by changing the voting laws.

                Be ever safe and vigilant, says,

                The Old Goat

            • Weather? What is it snowing out? I thought you said this was all fear porn and people were stupid for acting on this info? Make up your mind.. Just when the site was safe again, suckass shows up with his knees pads on.

              ~WWTI… How about you write something as it pertains or related to the article, or something on prepping, you know keep it under 500 words of less. Can you do that?

              • Get your thong in a twist over a ‘h’?.
                I have many times before you ever graced this site with your books you write.
                Have you always been a prick, or did you wake up one day like that?

                • Btw, it is snowing all the time, somewhere on this planet.
                  But getting outsmarted by a flock of wild turkeys, what an IDIOT.
                  Ate his corn for months, then disappear.
                  What a loser…

                  • The turkeys were back the last 2 days clock-puncher. None of them are Male Gobblers anyway, and I don’t poach. And some new ones came in also,… However,…

                    Seems to me the Guys would flock to a happy hours Bar where the chick drink for free. You need to get out more and away from your home bottle and see how the world turns..


                  • eppe if you were a real prepper you would know already know what the purpose of a “Food Plot” is.

                    Since you can barely read more than a few words let me help you.

                    Food plot

                    A food plot is a planted area set aside to act as a supplementary food source for wildlife. The term was coined by the U.S. hunting and outdoor industries.

                    **Food plots can also be feeder areas, or like I do and throw cracked corn out for the critters to keep them coming back like a friggin bird feeder. Do you know what a bird feeder is eppe? If not, go ask your 3rd grade teacher.


                    • A food plot is planting something for them to eat in time, not tossing corn on the ground. That is called baiting.
                      For someone who is so ‘smart’, you are a newbie at prepping, hunting, most everything…
                      You are a blight to this site…

            • Eppe: Try website of incogman dot net he allows 100% free speech too. Also has Tons of web links to more great sites that allow free speech and contain more facts and proofs of what some of us here state and write about, than you can ever read in a dozen lifetimes!

              • Them Guys, incog has been on my list of sites I read daily. Sometimes the posters make the site.
                Too bad some posters here would just disappear, they bring down this place…

              • Them Guys, so that ‘censorship plan’ is proposed by a member of the ‘tribe’? No surprise there.

                • Braveheart: Yep, and in Canada the method they did to censor ALL public speech and turn it into “Hate Speech” they can haul yer ass into court over and Jail you and or fine you as high as a Hundred Thousand dollars fine!

                  Was that they had some tribe private org, like the ADL or another jewish org, create mass hysteria by getting some jewish guy to Pose as and pretend to be a new Leader of Neo Nazis!….Like in usa every ten yrs, they get him dressed up like hitler with nazi flags and arm bands etc…

                  Then locate a dozen “followers” nazi brethren members, and begin doing Protest marches across the land in large cities for best effect.

                  Then a few Dozen jewish orgs whine and cry like nobody else can whine!…Then state fed govnt gets hate speech laws passed that always Include Censorship in every form TV news and newspapers and university wide speech for all student bodies etc.

                  Then they find somebody that defies such fraud laws and charge him with hate speech crimes. Then the Real jewdeo circus begins!!

                  For a Great info packed espose reading of this ecact canadian fiasco of events and timelines etc go to JQP’s website called.

                  judaism dot is

                  His website has huge list at side you can click a topic on and research such issues that contains valid soild proof and vetted documented Facts and Truth which NOBODY can debate nor deny as true…Check it Out Brother!

                  PS: To Date, in every nation, Canada and aprox 56 EU and other nation states globally, the actual writers and main promoters of every such hate speech law bill passed or not yet done, including the law for usa hate speech, it has ALWAYS been all done by the jewish ADL org.

                  Of which ADL’s Own website admits to and greatly Brags of doing!…These tribal kommies are all about a JWO with every non tribe person aka every Goyim “animal”, thats all of You folk! To be treated as no better than Peon serfs period…Just as them jewish bolsheviks did to russia and eastern euro nations with their invention of communism. Why and How so many folk can still so worship them as we see happen in usa…Goes beyond the Pale!

                  USA must contain The most worst dumbed down and worst duped souls to ever live eh? They reject every piece facts or evidence and keep acting the same towards that tribe of satanic demons….They they thump their bibles at you and tell us gods going to bless america for acting as They all do!!!!…Yeah usa sure looks very well blessed the last 50 yrs now don’t it?!

                  More like americas been greatly Double whammy Cursed with afrians and the tribe here both at same time frame!

                  Now Thats real truth and Facts no sane person can refute!

        • Wear those lables proudly my friend

      9. Lots of Crazies have already underminded our Government.

        In fact our entire US Government is an illusion if you let it control you. Consider what really keeps the Government afloat? Our Tax payments?? But they don’t really need our payments since they can just keep printing more money out of thin air. So what is the purpose of taxes? It’s a patriot illusion that provides us freedom and a big fat Military that provides us freedom to vote, another Illusion. This Government thinks if they keep us paying Taxes we have a stake in the matter. But for what? To save us from our boogie man enemies like Russia. Putin already claimed they have all the land and resources they need, so Russia is really no threat. Like I said this is all an illusion.

        If you accept being controlled or taxed or regulated or play by their rules, then you and I are really just slaves to our Government. So why doesn’t the US Government not Tax the Canadian Geese, as they fly across the border from Canada to the USA, without showing a passport, or file a flight plan with the FAA, or charged a landing fee or accept being molested as they pass? In fact the Canadian Geese lands where ever they want, pays no sales taxes as they eat, sleep, and drink for free. You and I are only paying taxes out of fear or losing our freedoms that somehow the Government under illusion provides to us. Do the Canadian Geese feel they have more freedom today or less, as they fly at will? Do they need a Government to give them subsidies if they are down on their luck, or unemployed? They don’t even need a job, because there are no taxes, other than live free, eat at will, reproduce and get to travel unmolested. And they sure don’t need a pilot’s license riddled with taxes and regulation.

        Governments are an illusion created to keep the population in slavery if you let them. We are reaching a tipping point in our society, to create an “Article V States Convention” and ban the Federal Government, Ban Taxes, Ban their slavery upon us. Good riddance. Live Free or Die!!

        ~WWTI… We the people are the 4th Branch of the Government. Read here: A Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution, also called an Article V Convention, or Amendments Convention, called for by two-thirds (presently 33) of the state legislatures, is one of two processes authorized by Article Five of the United States Constitution whereby the Constitution, the nation’s frame of government, may be altered. Amendments may also be proposed by the Congress with a two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.[1]
        To become part of the Constitution, an amendment must be ratified by either—as determined by Congress—the legislatures of three-fourths (presently 38) of the states or State ratifying conventions in three-fourths of the states. Thirty-three amendments to the United States Constitution have been approved by Congress and sent to the states for ratification. Twenty-seven of these amendments have been ratified and are now part of the Constitution. As of 2016, the convention process has never been used for proposing constitutional amendments.[2]

        It’s about time we exercise our rights as US Citizens to take out Government back and utilize Article V Convention. I am tired of being a slave, how about you?

        • WWTI, yes govt. is an illusion but it has actual physical force behind it. It’s called the military and the agencies and the cops. Find yourself on the wrong side of their dictates and you will soon find out that the illusion has power.

          I did the soveriegn thing for 7 years and I found out that no matter what you do, these fookers will get you in the end. I think you know what has to happen before anything changes and it ain’t too pretty…..

          • Genius:

            Hitler said :(I don’t know the exact words). “‘They’ will kill you, but You will die silent, and I will die still talking”.


            The definition of “crazies”: People who know and speak the truth in spite of threats and intimidation.


            • I thought those were called REAL patriots. Not the brainwashed retards waving their flags and quoting the buybull. But yes I know your point… In times of deception, telling the truth is a dangerous thing.

            • hell, you can’t even say more than “how are you” to the cashier at the STORE any more…if you look around you and TALK to anyone in line, they act like you’re crazy…you don’t even need talk of politics to get stares of disbelief…these dumbed-down muricuns….we truly ARE doomed.

            • B FROM CA

              YOU ARE CORRECT 110%

      10. hmmm
        interesting conjecture

        President Trump= Food Shortages by Inauguration?

        h ttp://

        and Georgia did foolishly try this with disasterous results

        I can’t AMurICaNs doing this kind of work
        can you ?

        • Fear porn from the left.

          Only 1 in 3 farmworkers is a migrant, and only 1 in 3 of those are illegals. Getting rid of the illegals is not going to harm farm production, a 15% employment window can be filled with legal workers.

          Georgia had problems because the left stoked the flames with the legal migrants, and they stayed home scared, even absolutely nothing was going to happen to them.

          Stop fearmongering. It’s childish hyperbole.

          • fear porn ?
            I think NOT

            another little experiment happened a couple of years ago
            a town in the midwest ran all the illegals out

            the town collapsed financially within a year

            Georgia tried to force prisoners to do the farm work
            that failed too

            if those illegals could be replaced so easily why weren’t they ?

            and your proof that “the left” scared of the legals would be what ???

            I can’t wait to follow up on that link

            • The Law Of Unintended Consequences: Georgia’s Immigration Law Backfires

              h ttp://

              seems your figure of 15% is off somewhat

              “farmers were about 40 percent short of the number of workers they needed to harvest last year’s crop.”

              • So why didn’t they make the welfare bitches go pick the crops?

              • It was a big deal, most growers dont want to hire the lazy whiny Americans, they cant work like the immigrants, same here in the islands, the best farm labor comes from a foreign country.

                • Nailbanger, is this Kulafarmer?

            • Satori

              I would like to see the variables in the town story you described. Was it their labor? Was it money they received from social programs like food stamps? Analysis needs information.

            • What town? provide facts or its a big lie.

              • How America’s harshest immigration law failed

                ht tp://

                the incident regarding the town I referred to happened many years ago
                when I have time I will try and find and post appropriate info

                there has been more than enough research done on the subject
                the Forbes article says it all

            • They failed to change the welfare and food stamp laws at the same time. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

              MAKE them get off their lazy and work. MAKE them move if necessary.

              There are PLENTY of Americans that need a job. Kick ALL of the illegals out. Impossible? Nope – I’ve had a workable plan for over 2 years on how to do it.

            • Do you have the name of the town that “collapsed”? Just want to do some fact checking.

          • if we send the illegals home(i HOPE we DO), you BETTER get rid of welfare payments, because there’s a PERCENTAGE of them(ummm, 99%?) that WON’T WORK, unless they HAVE to…and i suspect THAT won’t be enough to get them working…i suspect they turn to a life of crime, instead.

            • by the way…has ANYone ever thought about what happens to the housing bubble if we send home MILLIONS of “illegals”???i’ll tell yuh what happens, we got a LOT WORSE housing glut…homes go to a FOURTH of what they are now….WITHOUT sending them home, they are going to fall 50% very soon…it’s not to late to sell.

      11. This guy knows exactly what the FED does . They rent us paper . And can print as much as they want for themselves. Jesus used violence to knock over there tables. That’s why they say he is now boiling in a vat of sewage. He called them the children of Satan. We don’t understand how bad they hate Cristian’s . Even after Saul changed his name to Paul. Read the story of that one. As long as Satan rules this world we will be manipulated and lied to. But it looks like things are about to change.

      12. Too late. The System has been undermined for a long time and perhaps he was the architect of it at a time.

        No telling how long we have been living on borrowed time.

      13. The disaster has been coming on for a long time with one bad move after another. The people who will get the blame are the ones who make the last bad move. It is the straw on the camel’s back.

      14. They are desperately looking for a scapegoat, since the FED bankers are clueless.

        It is also a veiled attack on political outsiders and their movements like Tump 2016!

        • The fed bankers are anything BUT clueless. They have enslaved your ass, started wars, stole your property, run your govt., dictated policy, stole your wealth, and they aren’t going to lose shit when they decide to pull the plug on the dollar. They run the global banking system man! They will just create a new currency (a global one as they have always wanted) and steal all your shit for pennies on the used to be dollar. These people aren’t stupid by any means, they are pure evil genius….

          • Genius

            “The fed bankers are anything BUT clueless.”

            Your correct regarding the above. The public plays checkers poorly while the banksters are chess masters.

            • Good analogy!

            • They have the power to not only control the supply of money but also have “influence” over governments to determine what money is accepted. This is tremendous power, omnipotent power. Preserving your wealth in gold is good for the local butcher, maybe the dentist or doctor if its office treatable. Try to buy a car, or home, or pay for your kids college with gold coin in 1938. Try to buy a home with real cash today. They don’t need an Army because they in fact buy Armies. Through media and social manipulation they get kids to kill and die for minimum wage. Their wars are sold with patriotism and freedom but in reality are fought for economic conquest.

          • Never the less the banking world has never been able to get a fiat currency to last more than about 120 years, 80 years is the average.

            Their genius is in surviving the transition from currency to currency preserving control and their wealth.

            • Plan twice, prep once says

              “Their genius is in surviving the transition from currency to currency preserving control and their wealth.”

              True Words

              Its nothing more to them then exchanging one currency for another. Their power is derived from controlling what money is (and isn’t legal), creating it and the quantity of it at will. Their Achilles Heel is the need for an enforcer as they are a parasite and need a host government(s).

              • It is legal… It isn’t lawful. 2 different things.

          • Exactly Genius. The only way is to just kill them all. The only way.

      15. Real definition: Him.

        (How do you think blowing one bubble after another equates to an equilibrium / slowly increasing condition???)

        Definition that will be used: Normal hardworking people, particularly if they’re not spending like morons and have any significant investment in physical PMs.

        Hey guess what we do with “crazy” people ever since 2001?


      16. Ford wants to bring those small cars into the us to sell they should have to pay a import tax on each one equivalent to the cost of producing it in the us. Trump says he will make the trade deals in favor of American workers I’m not buying it one bit. The whole reason they want immigrants here is to drive down wages of Americans. Gov is in the pockets of corporations. Corporate mergers and acquisitions are designed to gain a greater market share. Rule the market and have less competition at the expense of the worker of course. Baer purchased Monsanto today a match made in hell look for higher food prices farmers will have to pay more for fertilizer and seed which will affect the bottom line at the consumers expense. Corn is the main ingredient in just about everything. Greed knows no limits.

      17. I thought the Soviet Union already tried Feudalism Mark II.

        North Korea apparently never got the memo and is STILL trying that shit…

      18. Hey Greenspan, are you just trying to save your ass now? Tell your horse faced bitch wife at MSNBC to stop drooling over the globalist bitch Hillary! Greenspan, your done. And so is your ugly wife, Andrea Mitchell. We win, you lose!!!

        Game over.

        As Frank Sinatra once said, “We’ll leave the money on the dresser!”

      19. Anyone who doesn’t have a supply of food put back isn’t gonna have the energy to carry on the fight against corporate globalist scum. Ebt won’t save the useless eaters. They are privatizing water boards and selling the water to bottlers like nestle. We are in the midst of corporate takeovers worldwide by globalist scum. Think about it if they can build pipelines to move oil over long distances why not your cities water supply to drought stricken places. They wanna play God with all resources. They think they know how many fishys in the seas and wanna control the resources in the name of sustainable management. This shit house is smoking to the point it’s gonna bust out in flames and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Yet the reality tv show and media propaganda says everything is fine go out and buy a new car and live the good life. I feel bad for the kids they have no future and are constantly bombarded with lies of a great future. So sad for them.

      20. now it’s the Republicans turn ?

        BREAKING: Congressman Confirms RNC Email Server HACKED By Russians

        h ttp://

        it is to be noted
        the RNC is saying NO

      21. the Fourth Turning
        and it ain’t gonna be pretty
        it’s going to be one gut punch after another after another

        “By 2021, A Disruptive Tidal Wave Will Begin”: Robot Job Replacement Is Upon Us

        h ttp://

        end result?
        too many people
        not enough jobs
        let the riots begin
        thank God for food stamps and welfare
        hopefully that will keep the pot from boiling over

        • Too many people? YES way too many.

          Not enough jobs? Well no shit overpopulation?

          Thank god for food stamps and welfare? Bull shit! Fookin parasitic retards NEED to be deleted! ALL of them! Or else YOU pay for the stupid bastard kids and their parents and they can all live at your house idiot! The consuming/ overpopulated/ resourse depleting/ planet contaminating/ life killing/ parasitic/ criminal ridden/ knuckle dragging/ good for nothing pieces of human shit need to GO! Too damn bad if you can’t see that in your microscopic arena of future thinking but it’s true! Fook, anyone with a room temp. IQ can see that one!

          • so
            your gonna “delete” tens of millions ?

            really ?

            that would be called mass murder wouldn’t it???

            bringing back “the camps” ?

            you have to accept the world as it is


            as YOU want it to be

            welfare programs keep the lid on things

            hungry people don’t sit at home and starve

            they start revolutions

            read a book…..

            let us know what your solution is

            I understand your anger
            but it it what it is

            • Only one thing . too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not long term sustainable. venesulea is a good example.

            • Ya it is. I mean delete hundreds of millions. The camps? For what? Parasites that are non sustainable (I hate that word)? Humans have made their bed and they are going to suffer the consequences and that is a FACT! Ohhh the old mass murder propaganda… Are you so small minded that you think this planet is going to sustain the ever booming uncontrollable population? Oh so reward failure by using govt. armed robbery against those who aren’t responsible for this shit? Like I said, YOU pay for it and if you don’t like it too damn bad. Responsible, intelligent people don’t set themselves up for being reliant on govt. welfare. How the hell did people get by before there was welfare? You are a statist, microminded, communist, brainwashed, fool of a person to even say that. Pay your own god damned way asshole and don’t use the govt. to hold a gun to MY HEAD to force me to pay for your stupidity! Oh but the earth has unlimited resources? This shit can go on indefinatlely? Can you see past the hood of your car? You must be one of those assholes who drives in the left lane alongside someone else blocking traffic so no one can pass eh? THE ONLY SOLUTION IS GET RID OF THE USELESS EATERS! Wrap your microbial mind around that…..

              • Tell it like it is Genius,,,,
                I like it

          • Genius your talkin about 90 % of the world population. Do we have enough ammo? Better go out and get more. Dam this depopulation stuff is getting expensive . But I guess it’s worth it. In the long run. So many rats . So little time.

          • Surgical sterilization for the baby momma and the baby daddy after the first bastard child is shat into the world and the momma applies for section 8 or EBT. I’m tired of having 25 % of my pay check stolen to pay for these scum parasites.

        • Too many people? Sounds like a good case for immigration restriction. In fact, with the coming automation you mention, many ag jobs will go to robots. In fact, the capital investment in this type of automation has been suppressed by the never ending stream of dirt cheap/low IQ labor from the south.

      22. I’ll let ya know when i trust greenspan….it’s not today..

      23. The CRAZIES are already running the Asylum!!!!

      24. The biggest profits are in war. Not only loaning money for weapons but selling weapons . And buying up the destroyed property for nothing . And paying the starving survivors nothing to rebuild it for you.. It’s all part of the plan. The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet.

      25. Alan Greenspan and his wife Andrea Mitchell . The money and the media.? Deny that? The children of Satan? Deny that? These people are pure evil. As written. The synogouge of Satan.

      26. Thank God for farmers.

        One of my grandfathers was a farmer in Europe before immigrating to the United States. He was very, very, very smart.

        I’ll tell you the rest of the story another time. For now, I’ld like to ask a question. How in the world did Americans feed themselves before all the people came here from Mexico and South America?

        ___. Be well all.

        • Wait till the FSMA takes effect the end of this year middle of next, the farm goods black market is going to be my direction, that food law will double the cost of food at the market, just give it time, the government has done such a bangup job with the ACA just wait till they have their grubby little fingers in the nations farms

          • after a quick read through the Frequently Asked Questions on FSMA

            ht tp://

            I think i’ll stick with growing as much of my own food as I can.

            what a lot of rules and regs.+

            • Grandee,, its a damn shame, and most growers over here that i have spoken with have no idea they will need to comply. Its scary, im real glad i have a couple dozen hens and 6 or so acres i can grow stuff on, from Kulafarmer to nailbanger, my name says it all

      27. yup

        but I say let’s keep the shit show going for as long as we can

        I don’t see any viable alternatives

        once you leave the diving board
        it’s all over but the splash

        • Exactly the perfect commentary from your post above. Let’s just kepp shitting out kids and squandering everything as long as we can. Heck with a little luck we can keep this charade up for another 50 years! What then? Oh maybe a world similar to the hunger games? Or Logans run? I’m sure the people of the future will look back on you and thank you for your wisdom lol.

          • Soylent greens,,,

          • Genius:

            You are a very strong advocate of population control. I think there is some merit in your position, but your not the least bit discriminating in your condemnation of overpopulators. White Europeans are not overpopulating. Whites are not even replacing themselves. So why don’t you confine your sentiments to the offenders.

            I think it is a sad state of affairs that so many young healthy, intelligent white people don’t have at least two kids. You would be a more satisfied human if you thought less about this screwed up world and just enjoyed it and passed that joy on to your own flesh and blood.

            If we used water fusion energy and harnessed the electro-magnetic power around the globe like Tesla imagined (if it turns out he was right) or any other number of suppressed technologies, including wind; this earth could sustain many more people than you seem to think. I used to believe all the overpopulation stuff, now I just want to stop immigration. Then we would be fine and you could have a dozen without any worries at all.

            Let Africa and The Asian Countries deal with it themselves. We here and in Europe are a small but important minority of the world’s population. Our ancestors were the Newtons, Sheakespears, and DaVinci. If you are truly a genius, you owe it to future generations to pass on your genes. I have done a little, barely replaced myself. Now, go out there fella and do it for your people. We need smart white men in the future because without whites, as Acid often states, the rest of humanity will fail. Only white’s can save mankind from utter destruction. Only whites have the genius required.


            • B from CA, I am talking about the overpopulating retard races not the europeans. White people have a low birth rate and mud races shit out kids by the dozen. Pass on this shitty fooked up world to some poor kids? Naaah, I am kinder than that and I don’t want to be enslaved/burdened with paying for all the shit that kids cost. Thats why I am in such a good position and as free as I can be… no kids! I actually like a lot of things Hitler did, and some I didn’t like. Look into the truth about him and see what I mean. Like Them Guys said, we need another Patton!

        • just for clarification
          my last post was in response to OldGuy

          and Genius wow !!!

          the ANGER !!!
          your gonna give yourself a stroke and become a “useless eater” !!!

          I agree,the planet is at an unsustainable level of human population

          but what ya gonna do ?

          pray for a flu pandemic ?
          the last big one “only” killed about 50 million or so
          that ain’t gonna do the job

          you can rant and rave all you want to
          let it out !!!

          I do understand your frustration
          I’ve worked two jobs virtually my entire life
          and continue to do so
          so don’t lecture me on the use/waste of my tax money

          BUT my friend

          as I said

          you HAVE to deal with the situation as it exists
          yelling,screaming,throwing things accomplishes nothing

          perhaps at some point Mother Nature will step in and do a thorough house cleaning ?

          or maybe a big ass meteorite will take care of the problem

          meanwhile we soldier on

          and again

          thank God for welfare programs
          I’d rather have the kettle boil over later rather than sooner

          just think what will happen ,probably in a matter of days,
          if you immediately cancelled food stamps,WIC,Medicare,Medicaid,VA health etc etc

          the country would collapse,literally

          and that would solve NOTHING

          if you have the answer let us all know……

          • Giant meteor 2016!
            Just end it already

            • LMAO !!!

              pray harder Nailbanger

              pray HARDER

              • These days im just taking everything with a grain of salt

                • GOOD advice

                  I used to be one of those idiots who went years without taking a vacation

                  now ???

                  I take off every damn vacation day I have coming
                  taking off another 10 days starting Friday
                  yee ha !!!

                • I say let it rip! The longer it goes on the worse it will be. Either man will do the deed or nature will do it for him. Either way welfare at gunpoint will just continue to grow the hate and reward the overpopulators. If we just get this shit going now at least the planet will have some life left, if we let nature do it this place will be a dead planet. The future is fooked beyond belief with all these people here. Want to make it even worse?

                  • Fourth Turning dude
                    Fourth Turning

                    get ahead of the wave or get crushed by it

                    “Either way welfare at gunpoint will just continue to grow the hate and reward the overpopulators”

                    I TOTALLY agree,110%

                    but that’s all part of it

                    we’re watching a car crash in slow motion
                    and as it gets closer
                    it will speed up time and time again

                    now it’s late but I’m gonna go make my favorite food
                    a baloney and cheese sandwich
                    I know it’s gonna keep me up tonight
                    but I’m gonna do it anyway
                    cause’ I’m old and I can

                    night all

                • i’m carryin’ MY grain of salt in a WHEELBARROW!

            • Got stoned and I missed it.

              And it went right by.

              Oh me Oh my. Hehehe.

      28. and meanwhile in other news

        Clinton’s doctor releases a very detailed health history

        Read The Letter Hillary Clinton’s Doctor Wrote About The Presidential Nominee’s Health

        ht tp://

        sorry kids
        it would appear Hillary is gonna be around for a long,LONG time

        now we just have to see what Trumpette’s health history is
        if we ever get it

        • Are you still following that dog and pony show?

          (the force is dim in this one)

          • ummm
            in case you haven’t noticed
            Trump is too
            as a matter of fact in a speech yesterday he doubled down on it AGAIN

            so if it’s good enough for Trump
            it’s good enough for me
            ( I have very low standards 1)

            apparently the force is dim in him also

            I regard you as my personal court jester
            you NEVER fail to keep me entertained
            my sincerest thanks !

            • Genius
              you were right
              me and you agree on something

              “the force is dim in this one”

              my proof sir

              Donald Trump Takes Dig At Hillary Clinton’s Health

              h ttp://

        • sure would like to place a BET on that one, satori….the hillariatte’s champion is going DOWN, for the FINAL count soon, and all the lying doctors and newsmen in the world can’t change that.i hear LOTS of doctors that say she assumes room-temperature within a year….not soon enough, if you ask me(and yuh didn’t)….yer startin’ to look like a troll, sat…

        • I have no doubt that the smelly old hag will be around a long time.

          She just won’t be president.

      29. WHO IS NORMAL ?
        WHO IS SANE ?

        WHO IS ????

      30. Shillary could be re-animated in the Whore House, just hook up a couple o’ 12 jolt batteries to her clintontorus and then the next step is to have a crack addled chimpanzee in charge of the knife switch sending the jolts to the beyotch.

        more entertaining than Barry Soetoro’s sorry C.I.A. for sure!

        maybe we can dig up Moammar and have him dance with her in the
        new Disney theme park, ‘zio-animatronics’

        hell, let’s get Amschel Rothschilds dug up and make it real party!

      31. Regarding depopulation . If welfare did stop they would all start looting going house to house. And get shot. That seems like depopulation to me.

      32. Ford producing cars in Mexico to save on costs will not mean lower car prices.

      33. Buttcrack
        if HIllary’s doc is lying

        then why isn’t Trumps?

        and NONE of those doctors
        not a single one has done an actual physical examination or seen her test results in detail

        so their word means little to nothing

        they’re behaving irresponsibly and blowing smoke out their asses

        give me a minute or two and I can find a “doctor” who will diagnosis Trump as a sociopath or anything else you like

        • and i didn’t say/claim trump’s doctor isn’t lying…maybe he IS….again, the issue is she’s a criminal of the highest order…why we got to talk about doctors? she SHOULD already be in prison…we don’t need a jury to figger it out, all the evidence is OUT THERE, for all to see, yet o’bama does NUTHIN’….and YOU keep trolling here on shtfplan.

      34. really? you REALLY can’t see what the WORLD sees? hillary’s hateful rhetoric has caused her to blow a gasket, it’s obvious to most of U.S. that she and her camp are lying through their teeth about her health, and yuh aint got to be a DOCTOR to figger THAT out. how does a person collapse of pneumonia, and within a couple hours, appear in public all healthy, eveything’s ok? no, america doesn’t need a DOCTOR to know what side is UP.

      35. coincidentally
        I happen to have an extensive background when it comes to medicine
        and Hillary’s most recent “collapse” is something I see on almost a daily basis
        and it is consistent with what is commonly called “walking pneumonia” and dehydration
        and yes you can be looking and feeling pretty bad one minute but a few hours later you are up and running
        no big deal

        tempest in a teapot and a WASTE of everyones time

        Hillary’s doctor,UNLIKE Trump’s doctor has given a detailed account of hr health history
        unless you or someone else has access to the “real” records
        then she must be taken at her word
        Hillary is gonna be around for a long time

        and why so worried?
        Trump is gonna win right ???
        Hillary and her health are irrelevant ?

        • but why dance around the REAL issue? the pay for play that’s “got the internet all abuzz”. proof she sold gub-mint positions for MONEY for the clingon foundation….no, she’s DEAD alright. one way or the other, she aint going to be prez-dunt….and she has nobody to BLAME but her OWN lyin’ ASS. she’s a criminal in the WORST ORDER, and a LOT of the world sees it…hopefully, it’s enough to send her to prison.

      36. here dude
        in the interest of “fair and balanced”
        let my give YOU some ammunition against me

        Just Gonna Say It: a Lot of People Think Hillary Is Dead…

        h ttp://

        now this Piper Whomever who wrote this article is a blithering idiot,apparently writing for the local high school newspaper
        I’m not gonna comment on anything she wrote because it is a waste of my time and just plain foolishness
        anyone with a functioning brain could slice and dice this drivel in a millisecond

        what is of interest to me are the comments by this Dr Wolf
        he makes a few good points
        yet in one post he actually contradicts himself somewhat
        can you see where ?

        Hillary’s doctor needs to clarify her remarks
        I’ll wait till the end of the day before making a final judgment
        no doubt the internet will be all abuzz
        I’ll wait till the dust settles

      37. this is the same fkn moron that married andrea mitchell.

      38. Dr. Shady ???

        Doctor Who Wrote Letter Declaring Trump “Healthiest Candidate Ever” Has Troublesome Past

        h ttp://

      39. The “techno devices” and “entertainment” will come to a rather abrupt end, come the real Dark Ages.

      40. Is he saying that the people are the “crazies” that he’s afraid will buck the rich man’s game that the people can’t win anyhow?

      41. Anonymous, Whenever I see photos of cave people I can’t help but wonder if maybe they were once a civilization just like us, possibly even as technologically advanced as we are today, etc., and then BOOM!!! One day the SHTF, of course without warning, and what we think are cave people are really the survivors, although all are homeless living in shacks and caves, and maybe that’s all that was left of society after their shtf; starving, disheveled, no housing, with limited everything, and no modern conveniences whatsoever, and that we know of as cave people. I don’t think that can be proven, but it also can’t be entirely dismissed either.

      42. The children of Satan must do their fathers work. The synogouge of Satan has its goals. Collect souls. WHY.. For entertainment?what kind of entertainment do you think Satan likes?You probably don’t want to be part of the show.

      43. the world is coming to an end I don’t give a care, as long as I keep my limo and can have my orange hair

      44. Greenspan like the rest of them who controls the USA via bribes is a jew who works for Israle so anything he says can be made to happen.

        Yean i know it’s racist having so few jews and them all working in banking and government but what can you do.

      45. Greenspan helped create the problem…….

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