Alan Greenspan: Economy Will Be CRUSHED “Very Dramatically” Because Of Entitlements

by | Apr 14, 2019 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    Former Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan issues a warning about the United States’ inability to curb their entitlement spending. Greenspan says that the economy will “fade very dramatically” because of the burden of the socialist policies already in place: entitlements.

    Many economic analysts have been warning about the level of spending on Ponzi schemes such as social security and other government handouts for decades.  But whether Americans want to believe it or not, reliance on the government should be culled and for their own good.  People lose the will to even want to do better in most cases when a check is handed to them because they exist.

    Retirement is a Myth: The American Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

    In an interview with CNBC, Greenspan finally said what needed to be said and those shocked by this claim were the one who needed to hear it the most.  The government is $22 trillion in debt.  The gravy train will derail at some point. Economic growth won’t last as the U.S. labors under the burden of growing entitlement programs, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan tells CNBC. All this as communists call for “Medicare For All” a massive program full of heavy taxation, tyranny, control, and of course, entitlements.

    The long-time central bank chief repeated his warnings about the weight that Social Security, Medicare, and other programs are having on what has otherwise been “solid gains over the past few years” according to the media’s talking heads.  “I think the real problem is over the long run, we’ve got this significant continued drain coming from entitlements, which are basically draining capital investment dollar for dollar,he told CNBC’s Sara Eisen during a “Squawk on the Street ” interview. “Without any major change in entitlements, entitlements are going to rise. Why? Because the population is aging. There’s no way to reverse that, and the politics of it are awful, as you well know,” Greenspan added.

    Of course, mainstream media pundits brushed off Greenspan’s warning because a few economic data points have turned slightly positive lately. However, even Greenspan, who infamously said the government will never run out of money and default on the national debt because they can just print more, put them back in their place.  He said that the little improvement we have experienced has come from a rise in stock market prices, not a rise in personal wealth. He sees a “stock market aura” in the economy. A rise of 10 percent in the S&P 500 corresponds to a 1 percent real GDP increase, he said. And while the S&P 500 has risen nearly 16 percent in 2019 and is on track for its best performance in history should current trends hold, there are other economic concerns that should not be ignored.

    Greenspan also cited the effects of economic weaknesses around the world thanks to governments worldwide seeking more control over spending. The economy “is going to begin to fade out because Europe is not doing well and we still have a problem where there’s a very substantial fiscal problem associated with entitlements.”

    The best way to prepare for a financial crisis or an economic crash is to rely on yourself.  Become self-sufficient. Don’t rely on debt or the government to give you anything.  Take responsibility and work toward financial freedom.  Entitlements are not freedom.  Even slaves in the south were given rations (food stamps) and housing (section 8).  Just because the oppressor gives you something, doesn’t mean that you are free.

    As far as Americans go, there is no need to enslave the body, because their minds are already shackled to the cult of government.

    The only way governments maintain their grip on power is by stealing money, spreading it across bureaucracies, then giving a pittance back to those who demand money for work they haven’t completed. Without the ability to steal, without people believing some people have rights other mere mortals do not, governments crumble. And no human has the moral right to steal from another human regardless if they slap the label “government” on themselves. Governments are the worst violators of human rights in history and have been killed in historic numbers as evidence of that fact.



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      1. These people that are encouraged by TV shows to attack Trump supporters and patriots are the ones that are going to be crushed. Some of us will lay you dead where you stand for an assault attempt.

        • we were forced to pay at the point of a gun for medicare and SSI all of our lives.
          These bastard politicians took those funds to buy votes and expanded it to every damn worthless POS that could vote in order to get elected.
          You bastards stop 1 SSI or medicare payment due and see how long you live.
          The WORKING people that paid for this will make the French revolution look like a picnic for the govt elites.

          • Exactly

            • Greenspan is another paid shill to peddle his Globalist BS. Endless wars is what is bankrupting America and the Cabal loves it.

          • Agreed.

          • Damn straight…

          • Lets talk about the drain of social services to illegal aliens in the USA. The government wants to say the only services provided to illegal aliens is access to K-12 public school, which most funding comes from state and local governments; Emergency Medicaid, WIC, School meal programs, Head Start programs, various medical emergency programs, medical care for pregnancies, and workers’ compensation programs. If this is true and illegal immigrants don’t have access to food stamps(SNAP) and Medicaid, etc., then “HOW” are all these thousands of illegal aliens making it?????? They claim some get food stamp benefits by using fake IDs, which Welfare workers are not able to determine are fake. The government always wants to bring up Social Security benefits, and what a cost it is to the federal system. They should have explored this at the time they were forcing American citizens to pay this tax. The federal government has made this contract and now should continue to fulfill its promise. How the hell do they think now these elderly people are going to support themselves? Also the Federal Government employees, past and present( Senators ,Congressmen, and Presidents), don’t ever talk about their “great”medical insurance benefits. They don’t want you to know they have a much better deal. Though not entirely free( some parts are free)they get 72% paid for them. They can afford and do get a better deal than the average American citizen. There are so many other places to cut spending other than Social Security Benefits to the elderly and disabled. They have tried to renege on the Social Security Benefits Act time and time again, why???; there are so many other places to cut spending. The elderly are not valued as human beings anymore, they are truly being discriminated against. here are 5 examples of wasteful government spending:1) 85 million dollars spent building unfinished hotel in Kabul,2) 1.04 billion to expand Trolley in San Diego,3)55 billion on outdated technology,4)1.6 billion on purchasing 64,500 new vehicles when they already own 450,000 vehicles, and last 5)1.2 million researching social habits of monkeys. There’s a start, and I’m sure aid to a lot of foreign countries could be included in spending cuts. The government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people” so why isn’t our government putting us “first”? We need to get our own caravan and flood D.C. and show them we are not willing to stand by and take their dereliction of duty any longer.

            • If they ever stop social security they better have an island to live on! The politicians will never see the light of day! They will be prisoners in their own homes! These corrupt politicians have stuck their hand in the pot for way to long enriching themselves while the people are homeless! It’s a crying shame that veterans don’t have a roof over their head while these jet setting politicians spend our money like water! They ALL need to be thrown out and the good ole U.S. can start over!

        • …not me, I’m gunned up.

      2. Well, this article will piss a bunch of people off and rightly so. Of course the supergoo says cut what people paid for all their lives but NOT the welfare or war machine. Put the military on the border where they belong with shoot to kill orders. Round up the rest that are here and send them back to mexico and let them deal with it. End welfare period, whites, naggers, meskins, ALL OF THEM!

        • “Many economic analysts have been warning about the level of spending on Ponzi schemes such as social security and other government handouts for decades. ”

          Social Security is NOT an “entitlement” or “benefit”. SS is the return of and on the insurance premiums that I paid for 45 years. Is it a “ponzi scheme” ??? Yes as currently configured.

          The problem is not “entitlements”; not even welfare for poor Americans. The problem is government spending; but not government spending on Americans, or upon American Defense.

          The problem is that American Taxpayers have been funding the NWO Global Agenda for 30 years. That’s why America has an annual budget deficit of $1.2 trillion. That is why America has a cumulative national debt of $22 trillion.

          Every year the American Taxpayer subsidizes the global agenda of the NWO thusly: $400 billion trade deficit with China; $160 billion trade deficit with the EU; $120 billion with Mexico, and $25 billion with Canada. These subsidizes and loss of revenue go directly to the bottom line: American GDP.

          Additionally, the American Taxpayer spends $500 billion a year to subsidize ILLEGALS within the USA. This number is according to a Harvard Economist. Yeah, THAT Harvard.

          None of these subsidies and expenditures benefit Americans in any way. This is the drain on the American Economy. This is the transfer of Middle Class wealth.

          Trump is trying to reverse those subsidies. He deserves our support. 🙂

          • Everyone remember one thing: SS is not going bankrupt, medicare is not going bankrupt, welfare is not going bankrupt. When it goes it ALL GOES. There is NO CHANCE the Gov will cut anything until it all goes. Don’t bother to think about IF ONLY they would cut this or that. No one has ever done it , the US is not going to.. When the US Gov goes it all goes. No imported ANYTHING, no gov money for anything, no insurance, no paychecks

      3. In other news…… I just finished reading the mission of the U.S. military. Among other things,it stattes,quite clearly,that the primary mission is to secure the country and “all its states and commonwealths”. So why is stationing troops on our border to protect us from an invading horde of foreigners considered a violation of the Posse Comitus Act? If troops were sent to downtown Tucson to quell a riot,that would be a violation. We are so ass backward it’s unbelievable.

      4. …..and if someone says because a federal judge says it is, I would call their bluff and order the troops out anyway. Let the liberal media and its Democrappy Party have fits. Let the Supremes have the final say. I tell you what,people,if I were president……….!

      5. Greenspan was obviously correct when he said “reliance on the government should be culled and for their own good. People lose the will to even want to do better in most cases when a check is handed to them because they exist.” Greenspan should give this message to the Dumbocrats in congress – especially that little twit AOC and Bernie the moron Sanders.

      6. Julian Assange left instructions for this series of files to be released if he was ever arrested. Bookmark these files and spread them all over the Internet:

      7. Like a lot of words in our civilization, ‘entitlement’ is not a true description. Most payments that are now called entitlements began as a way of buying votes. The word ‘entitlement’ was chosen to make taxpayers think they are being altruistic and that the programs are virtuously deserved and therefore strongly justified. The actual nature of such payments is not improved by the use of such terms, but instead, because they function in ways that tend to conceal the truth, an element of deceit is added. In this way what began as a wrong is made wrong twice, so taxpayers are skinned without figuring out why. And when they do figure out why, their protests –instead of being recognized as intelligent and morally justified– appear to many as viciously motivated and morally wrong. It is the lie that causes this. And of course the theft also.

      8. It will be a cold day in hell before I vote for a Republican again. Who creates the deficit/debt crises? Republicans. Who ensures that needed government programs for the people are unfunded? The Republicans. Who receives the largest tax cuts on average? Republicans. Who are the largest beneficiaries of wealth and income disparity? THe Republicans. They’re not for me. Not any more. Uh uh.

      9. I remember 36 years ago when the Greenspan Commission was convened, ostensibly “to save Social Security”: for 75 years, Alan Greenspan said at the time. 26 years later Mr. Greenspan said that Social Security is in trouble. Now, 10 years later, he says it’s in serious trouble. Why was the Greenspan Commission really convened 36 years ago? To find a way to help pay down Reagan’s huge budget deficits following his catastrophic 1981 Kemp-Roth tax cut. Large Social Security surpluses followed congressional adoption of Greenspan’s proposals, made possible by gargantuan increases in the regressive payroll tax mostly imposed on working and middle class Americans. Alas, none of that money was invested to ensure Social Security would survive 75 years. It was complete baloney. In fact, it seemed manifestly obvious that Reagan’s tax cuts for the rich were to be partially offset by increasing taxes on the non-rich. Is that an example of social justice? More for the rich, less for everyone else? The question is rhetorical.

      10. Off Topic
        Tomorrow is April 15 aka “Tea Party Day”. If you can, go to one of the 400 rallies nationwide and support the Trump statement, ” America will not become a Socialist Country”!

      11. I paid into SS so where did “entitlement come from? I’m entitled to what I put in. As for our debt who put us there? Politicians,both parties…….borrow what you don’t have. Kick the can down the road,let someone else pay for it or be blamed. Get the damned govt. to cut spending instead of increasing it. Its gonna hurt for awhile but better now than than later.

        • Jim, you are entitled to every cent you put in. For SS was supposed to be a govt. controlled savings mechanism. Furthermore, it was supposed to have earned interest. You are entitled to your money saved and whatever the amortized interest happens to be. But, there are 2 problems we all must face. 1. many take out/have taken out more than they saved/put in (even with that same interest added). 2. there is no money in any account. It does not exist. It has been spent on hundreds of other financial needs or distributions. It is gone. So? Unless there’s a magic money tree that can be harvested, best figure you’re (and me, and the rest of us are) on our own. I hope and pray you’ve a good family who will stand by you in your senior years.

        • Jim in Va

          “I paid into SS so where did “entitlement come from?”

          I second that! They want to lump in the unproductive shirkers under the same roof as the productive that paid in big time.

          • K2,
            I third that!
            There were a few years that I hit the SS cap in late October , early November so got a nice break in Nov and Dec. I earned my SS! Legally. I expect the Democrat Government to live up to its part of the deal.

            • Rellik,
              You see where our illustrious non representitive hirono sogned on to the SS expansion act,,,,
              If you read the wording it expands it and tries to take more from those who contribute,
              They can kiss my ass

              • Apparently you can’t decide between popcorn or your trademark “4GWF…….hahahaha. You’re all over the spectrum.

          • They are entitled to steal your and other American’s contributions and that is the reality.

        • Jim in VA., The problem is that if someone fries their brain on meth, coke, heroin, alcohol, etc., and they get certified that they can no longer work, the government takes that out of what you paid in. What the tard will get for the rest of their lives, will be more than you get for working your butt off for 40-50 years.

      12. April 15th tomorrow, Tea Party Day, attend a Rally if you can to prevent America becoming a Socialist country. 400 rallies all across America

        • Don’t forget to bring your Gadsden flag and make “Don’t Tread on Me” great again.

        • SW,
          I’m on your side, but a rally? so what! That doesn’t get anybody’s attention, or change anybody’s minds as you are only preaching to the choir.

        • Seminole Wind

          “to prevent America becoming a Socialist country. ”

          The ruling establishment has no desire to make America socialist but they have a great desire to turn it into a welfare state. There is a major difference between the two.

          • BREAKING NEWS! THE US IS A SOCIALIST COUNTRY AND HAS BEEN FOR A LONG TIME! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming………

            • Genius

              That is not a true statement if the proper definition of Socialism is used. The US has private ownership of the means of production. Welfare, “entitlements” of various types define a “welfare state”.


              any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

              • K2, europe is socialist and they have private means of production. State owned production is communism. Just like the US europe steals money from the producers to distribute among the moochers. We are damn near exactly like socialist europe but with a little more fascism. Your definition of socialism is actually communism. The theft of the peoples wealth to fund all manner of social benefits is socialism. The state control and ownership of production IS communism.

                • Genius

                  I don’t intend to be a smart ass but you are incorrectly using the word “Socialist” to define “Welfare State”. Communism, the highest form of Socialism where there is a “classless society” has never been achieved.

                  I do not make up the definitions.

                  Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Financial, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
                  Related to socialism: fascism, communism
                  so·cial·ism (sō′shə-lĭz′əm)
                  1. Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.
                  2. The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which the means of production are collectively owned but a completely classless society has not yet been achieved.

                  • I don’t know where that def. came from but maybe we are past that? We have pretty much fulfilled the pillars of communism already. I’m too lazy to look it up right now but a russian leader (maybe putin) commented on how we achieved it so easily. If we are not a free country (not by any means!) then would you say fascist?

                    • I found your definition at dictionary dot com. Now Here are some facts. The state/govt. owns all corporations. Otherwise how could they be “incorporated”? Special privelages for signing onto this scheme. So therefor means of production ARE govt. owned/controlled just in a more subtle way. You have the illusion of ownership. In fact the USA is a corporation governed by a foreign entity. This shit is a rabbit hole that will take you years to unravel but I have seen it. Don’t pay your corporate taxes, file your corporate papers, etc. see who owns it then? So we ARE a socialist country but it’s just hidden from the average knuckledragger.

                    • Genius

                      By your definition all nations are socialist because there are some regulations. The government doesn’t own the corporations in the USA, the corporations own the government. We have had Communism so often equated with totalitarianism that the words are used interchangeably. Communist nations are totalitarian but so are Fascist and Monarchies.

                      What we live in is a plutocratic oligarchy.

                      h ttps://

                  • K2 and Genius,
                    We get it!
                    Quit pi$$ing in the campfire, it stinks!
                    Democrats have fu cked up the system.
                    Good info. both of you.

            • Genius

              We’re living in an expanding “Welfare State”; the .0001% desire it. The state is not taking Jeff Bezos nor the Walton families wealth. Actually, “We The People” are subsidizing their labor force, paid too little to support their families as “the working” poor are the most common recipients of what was called “food stamps”. I believe now its EBT Card government food aid.

              • See above post ^^^

        • Tax the rich and make them cry/ And hear their little alibi,/ And should you tax until they sceam/ Tax once more and make them lean

      13. This article catches me on a bad day. I have to send in my taxes tomorrow. I only pay income taxes once a year. I invest what would normally be quarterly payments into Tbills, to ensure I have enough to pay the bastards in April. If millions of working people were to do as I do, it is legal, and can all be done on-line, it would be noticed.
        If a significant portion of those millions were to not pay on the due date, file your forms, but don’t send money. You would really get their attention. Are there enough IRS people to deal with millions of tax forms with no payments in a timely manner?
        More importantly what does it do to the cash flow of a Governments that need to constantly borrow to fund
        day to day activities?
        Since we can’t seem to convince people to use their guns to change the real problem, that being the government, then perhaps we could convince them to use their money.
        All perfectly legal .
        Articles on subjects like this would be more interesting, than ones telling us what we already know, the Democrat run government is destroying our economy.

      14. The FED created this mess, and Greenspan is as responsible as the rest of them.

      15. We have lost the republic…

        I did not post here for some time because this site’s respondents are no doubt are being catalogued for future enforcement and incarcerations…waterboarding and torture is only justified for patriots…

        I believe we have lost the republic.. yes I was part of the problem for some 20 plus years and I was naïve, but it’s hard to keep from waking up when the blinders are taken off and you are put out to pasture…

        Who among us will live forever??? Let a democrat win the presidency and let’s have them take the senate… This is our best chance…fight now..

        I have an EOTECH holographic sight with a 3x magnifier on my FN…

        Equal money I hold my own…

      16. ????

      17. Wish the upload I previously typed was available as it was well thought out and coherently worded…

        The Republic is lost… We have turned our back on GOD and embraced all that we see today…gonna buy some baby body parts for fishing…(sick SOB’s)

        My grandson has low self esteem, is self admitted lazy, lasted 12 mos on a 48 month contact with the CORPS, threatening to kill himself after the girl he married who was having his best friends baby dumped him… at least she didn’t look like a tramp IN THE END …

        I served in the AIRBORNE 20 yrs and held my wrath at bay when he came up and said anything but the marine CORPS service was shit… my father was 32 yrs MARINE CORP MAN {PVT TO LTCOL} made all the beach landings in the Pacific, Korea and Viet Nam… I loved and respected him.

        I was forward when IRAQ kicked off & did my duty…

        Now we’re in the toilet, let it come- get strong get ready…

        • Vet 1, I agree. We should have listened to Jesus and Smedley Butler. If you dare to mention the principles of non-aggression and self-defense you are mocked. Even so-called ‘conservative’ sites (USAWatchdog and Freezoxee for examples) will harass and/or ban you.

          Former America is a fallen people. It is only right that it fall. Yes many of us producers will lose SS which we contributed to. It will add insult to injury. But that is reality.

          When will we stop trying to save a system intent on destroying us. That includes liberty-stealing Republicans. Wake up! Break your bondage of only two choices.

          Americans enjoyed Americans enjoyed their greatest liberty before the creation of the US Constitution, federal government, and political parties. Yet the States defeated the mightiest military in the world. And can the vote BS. The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession.

        • did ya ever stop and think maybe THAT is the reason AmeriKa is like it is today? STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S COUNTRIES and stop killing innocent people that ain’t done a damn thing to you. You were part of the problem, not the answer.
          Yeah, my dad retired from the Army, 23 years 56 to 79. I did my time in the military too.2 honorable discharges. Luckily for me, I never had to kill a bunch of innocent people in another land, ( why todays soldiers have PTSD) I finally realized I was a “goverment shill” and wanted no more part in their evil power hungry oil loving theiving murdering ways. If the gubbmint wants to send people over to foreign lands to kill innocent people and milk their resources,. Send all the CONGRESSMEN and their femi-nazi counterparts. Let them all die for their gubbmint

          • I’ve often wondered how many wars there would be if those who wanted it had actual skin in the game.

      18. They’ll have to secure the internet…

        Maybe we need to know who we are amongst ourselves now…

        North Texas-harry1911

      19. The give it to me group have had it given to them for too long. You and I knew it would come to an end one day.

        For us that have worked for many, many years, and have paid into the system only to get it taken away from us by the ones that haven’t paid their dues. This will be a change for the good, and just maybe they will get off of their asses and work like you and I did.

        Watch you 6 because when all the free shit stops they will come for what you have. Please my friends be ready.

        Don’t forget to Aim Small Miss Small!!!!


        • Problem is they don’t know how to work and are stupid too. Hell they wouldn’t even be very good slaves. I say just cull the lot of them!

          • Oh and another thing… WHAT THE HELL IS WITH LIFE IN PRISON SENTENCES? You mean sentencing us to pay for these piles of shit the rest of their life? Another a-hole BS crap bill foisted on us! ABOLISH LIFE IN PRISON! Make it death period!

            • In fact screw the wall, let’s build some big assed ovens! I’ll run the front end loader! Menzo can be the oven operator and infidel can be in charge of the roundup! Line up soldiers and GIT ER DONE!

              • I’d rather work the machine gun.

            • Beware giving the State the ability to execute.

              • K2, they already have it. Make it work to OUR advantage. Or take it from them by force and maybe we can win? But then the military are a bunch of brainwashed yes men that are the worst of the worst statist morons. If they could think en’mass it might be a different story.

                • “G”
                  I would rather turn them over to the families that the turd effected by their acts of violence. Then let them decide what to do to them and how to do it.

                  I can think of some very brutal way to inflicting justice.

      20. let’s hold off on the Switzerland e mail contact…I use a VPN system anyway..

        My 6 just got bigger but- PUT ME OM A TARGET WITH MY FN AR with EOTECH WITH MAGNIFIER HOLIGRAPHIC SIGHT – and I can more than hold my own… your sorrow will exceed my own… GOB BLESS AMERICA…

        SGT Dale

        • GGGGOOOODDDD!!!!

      21. When the one world order – Illuminati feel the time is right they will pull the plug on the world economies. I feel as long as trump is in office we are safe – Trump is a speed bump in their plans. Let’s hope we get 6 more years before the apocalypse.

        ” and you don’t believe we are on the eve of destruction”

      22. DAMN SHAME…

      23. DON’T WORRY ?BE HAPPY ?

        • Your such a warm and fuzzy little care bear! 😀

      24. The older we get the less ‘force’ the threat of life imprisonment has. I wish to remind the current low class politicians about that small fact. Also remind you that the French knew how to handle people such as yourselves.

        • Yup, they will smother you with their yellow vests?

      25. I take offense at social security being called a “government handout”. I paid into it for 50 years, and now I am drawing out some of the money I paid in. I doubt that I’ll ever get all that I paid into it. It is actually a retirement system that we are forced to pay into, so they are just returning my own money to me.

      26. …the economy will “fade very dramatically” because of the theft of already paid-for entitlements.

      27. “People lose the will to even want to do better in most cases when a check is handed to them because they exist.” That is true. I’m not directly getting a check handed to me, but I am enrolled in Obamacare and if I make too much money, I lose the subsidy. Since I’m able to get by on a part-time income, there’s no incentive to get a full-time job.

        • And hence you will never climb out of your low income shithole and have any chance of doing better and experiencing the things that you could have. But I suppose if your comfortable in your roach motel then stay there. It will be taken away like it or not and if you don’t do anything to better yourself then you will be a cull and it’s 100% your fault.

          • I can deal with the low-income because I had a higher income before my former job was eliminated and I paid off a 30 year mortgage in only 5 years. Obamacare only looks at income, not assets.

          • I’m able to get by on the lower part-time income because I used to earn a lot more money at my former job (which was eliminated) and I used that money to pay off a 30 year mortgage in only 5 years. Obamacare is based on income, not assets.

      28. That’s fine and all. But our ‘entitlement’ system is built around the destruction of the family and people getting older not being able to rely on children or relatives. The Globalist got people dependent on these handouts while destroying families. Now that older people (and people getting older or moving into parental age) are having less or no kids to depend on, they now begin the discussion resulting in the what amounts to the rug being pulled from beneath us. Just more of the economic warfare. Most countries around the planet don’t have these kinds of benefits and maintain the age old system of running your own [family] business while have the cycle of parents working with the grandparents taking care of the grandchildren. In many cases, all either living close by or under the same roof.

        Americans have had their families destroyed through pop culture and abortion, left dependent on government handouts and now the final act is to remove the benefits. Along the way, government destroyed businesses and entrepreneurialism by allowing the invasion of Big Box stores which wiped out mom and pop shops along with other small business (not completely but by and large). Big Box then replacing the employees with robots.

        Most Americans can’t recognize this but we’ve been under economic attack since at least WW2. The only way out will be a return to [proper] faith, family and small business. Make your own way and limit dependency on the idea of a retirement.

      29. Genius, you may want to know something about Social Security I just found out. Something called “equitable relief”. Upon being released from prison,inmates 65 and older are entitled to equitable relief. They go to a SS office, present their release papers,and it is computed how much they would have made had they not gone to prison. It’s the law,check it out for yoursellf

      30. Groinspawn is right. The Democrips and Rebloodlicans are running out of other people’s money.

      31. Greenspan engineered the eventual collapse of the economy years ago, and his predecessors have continued his policies. now he seeks to blame anything and anyone but himself.

      32. In 1964 the Democrats stole Social Security to buy the Black vote and kill in Southeast Asia. The Democrats now want to give more away to buy the Brown vote.

      33. Greenspan says that the economy will “fade very dramatically” because of the burden of the socialist policies already in place: entitlements.

        As best I can tell, a central bank is Communist — the 5th Plank of Marxism, in The Communist Manifesto.

        The IMF (not the Fed) is the central bank, and it pays nations in the form of entitlements. You are in the business of paying welfare. Nothing else.

        Politicos are resaling services, offered by the IMF and UN.

      34. GreenSpam has got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. He’s got more face wrinkles then Pelosi’s ass.

      35. One of the many reasons for more gun control is the fear of what people will do when the payments/benefits are reduced. It has to happen sooner or later. I was forced to pay into the Social Security system and I was forced to sign up for medicare. If I had invested all my social security taxes in the stock market I would be a lot better off now.

      36. Pfft. Greenspan says. Ya ya ya. Greenspan says. Take away women’s right and everything goes back to normal. Even they know it.

      37. Really yanks my chain when they tell me Social Insecurity is an
        entitlement. I’ve been paying into the shit since I was 16 years
        old. I would have been more than happy to keep all of those
        deductions and fund my own retirement without any “help”.

      38. “Many economic analysts have been warning about the level of spending on Ponzi schemes such as social security and other government handouts for decades.”

        I think, they work for the upline.

        Though, the money was taken from you, on someone else’s terms. It’s like saying you have equity in a protection racket.

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