Agents of Tyranny Arrest Reporters At Public Meeting

by | Jun 24, 2011 | Headline News | 174 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Do these law enforcement officers realize their role in the death of America?

    From The Fight Back Organization:

    Yesterday, Jim Epstein of Reason TV and I were arrested at a public meeting of the D.C. Taxicab Commission (DCTC). The meeting was held at the U.S. Park Police headquarters. Somehow, Park Police officers got roped into becoming the DCTC’s armed security and both Epstein and I have been charged by the Park Police with “Unlawful Entry/Remaining” and “Disorderly Conduct.” Our “crime”? Taking pictures or video.

    Less than an hour into the public meeting, a hack (taxi) inspector – with “K. Bears #17″ written on his shirt – told me I couldn’t take pictures. He stood in my way to ensure that I didn’t photograph the DCTC commissioners on the dais. I settled on taking a photo of him instead. Not long after, things went haywire.

    As I sat in the front row recording the testimony of Jim Dickson of the American Association of People with Disabilities, two Park Police officers approached me. “You can come with me or you can get locked up,” said one.

    “You cannot stop a reporter from [recording]. That’s outrageous,” responded Dickson. Despite the protests of the approximately 200 people in attendance, I was hauled away. Washington Post columnist John Kelly, who was present, wrote, “suddenly, a clot of Park Police officers frogmarched Tucker out of the auditorium.” Epstein caught it all on video, which led to his being placed in the jail cell next to me.

    There is absolutely no good reason for why these men were arrested for taking pictures and video at a meeting open to the public.

    If a public official is speaking in a public capacity the American people should have every right to make a record of the exchange. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    The overwhelming response of the other meeting attendees in support of the reporters’ actions and in protest of the actions of the officers shows that Americans from all walks of life are beginning to wake up to the tyranny being forced upon us by the state and its minions.

    Hat tip Daily Bail, Reason TV, The Fight Back


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      1. “A regime, an established order, is rarely overthrown by a revolutionary movement; usually a regime collapses of its own weakness and corruption and then a revolutionary movement enters among the ruins and takes over the powers that have become vacant.”
        Mr. Walter Lippmann

        • Were they removed for what they did? Or were they removed so they would not record what was next on the agenda?

          • Yeah, it could be.

            • There is something wrong with this picture, and no one has figured out yet.

              Good grief, MORE FEAR MONGERING FROM THE LEFT.

              I don’t know any educated people who takes Washington Post seriously. It’s nothing but a drag. This liberal corp. always has its own agenda.



            • The whole world is crazy except you Jane. Marry me!

            • @ Anonymous = Annoying Perverted Spammer = Conservative Shill = A name used to target opponents.

              No, only YOU, the Washington post and a few other groups (e.g. the filthy rich) who try to rule the world are obviously CRAZY.

              STOP your perverted behavior. Too bad, cannot marry you, because I am a mixture of all the races that you so disrespect.

              It’s so nice to see how you work as a team with Durango.


            • I peak when you respond to my stimulation. Yes, you are bad! I like younger women…

            • In resposne to @ Durango aka BJ aka….. and his threats while under different alisas or by throught his trolls:

              1. “FULL FRONTAL LABOTAMY FOR ME.”
              2. “FULL FRONAL NUDITY, EITHER WAY.”
              3. I predict 2011md will hit Jane’s house @ around 11am-1pm Monday the 27th of June.
              How do you do that, with HAARP weapons or what?

              I see these trolls are so violent. They exposed themselves as LIARS, and trying to shift the blame to someone else because they were caught.

              They THREATEN ME who dismiss their propaganda or join their colour revolution. And now it appears that I AM THEIR INTENDED VICTIM.

              They use this site (shtfplan) to carry out their vendetta.

            • Durango aka BJ aka anony, he is constantly making threats, such as:

              BJ says: June 25, 2011 at 9:55 pm

              I am afraid your past the point of medicating……full frontal labotamy for you. They know where you are.”


              There are articles about missing persons, and :

              I read they use victims for medical students practicing surgical procedure and provide these students with testing materials to pass medical board certification (AMA).


              This does not happen in China, Russia or any other country as Hollywood and the mainstream media portrays them, but it actually happens here, you can see their postings. Even though the posting is different from the current event.

              OMG, What a nightmare!


            • Ooops what I mean to say….

              “Even though the posting’s content is no different from the current events.”

              People made the news, and the sheeple and I are whining about the corruption or whatever is going on….

              (Universal Rights aka Gods given rights.)

          • Did it look like the meeting was over at the time of his arrest. TROLL!!!!!!

        • …and thereby hangs my plan: Stay out of the way of the crumbling mess until the dust settles, then, support the rebuilding. During this crumbling there will be no food and no government. Your cache of food and weapons will be all that keeps you alive (and, of course, your wits).

      2. “OK everyone calm down…we ARE NOT trampling on your freedom of speech…nope, not at all”…as they haul the reporter out of the room!!
        They don’t want video of themselves lying because it can and will be used against them!!! Move along sheeple, move along, nothing to see here!!

        • you called that one right. The idiot lady saying that they were with, and had no problem with the reporter, and asking for calm, lost all credability, as they hauled the reporter off to jail.
          The upper management of that meeting knew exactly what they were doing, when they told park police to arrest anyone making a record of that commision meeting. What a bunch of scum bags. How long will it take main stream media to understand they are being played and used just like everyone else.???

        • All that said, the lawsuit will be incredible.

          There was a bit on CNN last night about a woman getting arrested because she videotaped a police stop from her front yard:

          The police chief there is currently in a hard panic (you could tell by his public statement, which suddenly mentions investigating the cops involved), as the woman has retained a lawyer, and the city is about to get an expensive lesson in why trampling on an innocent person’s rights is considered a bad thing.

      3. There needs to be a push in every state NOW!!! to either counter these ridiculous laws against public recording and picture taking….especially where any kind of official crooks and commies are involved or to pre-empt them

      4. We live in an age when everyone with a cell phone can record video. The corpulent, room temperature IQ, fine people of law enforcement need to adjust their tiny brains to that fact and act right. You cannot stop every recording device. And to the NWO masters of the universe I say: We are many; you are few; you’ll never win; we’ll rise again.

      5. Soon you will see a mob of 100 jump the cops and beat them to death, and they will deserve it for their tyranny.

        • exactly, then they’ll be pissed that no one recorded it so they can arrest people. LOL

        • +1 !!!

        • that’s what I was hollering while watching the video…..rush’em dammit people, rush the cops”!!

        • Not soon enough, but I hear you.
          Too bad it didn’t happen this time.

        • Perfect!

        • No more being bullied by the Police or any other govt official. I am sure it will be just a matter of time until people will start fighting back with extreme prejudice.

          The American public will take back our civil liberties and rights. Weather it be the legal way or with a revolution.

          That is just a opinion.

      6. Oh yeah. I lived there from 68 to 96. Did you know they have more police “departments” in DC per square mile then any other city in the world?

        With a population under 600 thousand and a very small land area. Why do they need so many police departments? Talk about government waste and abuse.

        How many officers did you count in the video? I counted 2 departments! MPD and Park Police. Why so much security for a Taxi Cab Commission meeting?

        I can say things have improved. When I left DC you could not understand a word a taxi driver was saying. I could understand almost every word spoken in the video.

        • While the DC population is small, the tourism & workforce are huge. I lived there from 87-92. The small resident population is also one of the most violent per capita in the nation.

          We got turned around in the “wrong” part of town during the middle of the day. Wow is all I can say about that.

          • Blutarsky

            You are right about that, the day time population is about 3 million. Still small compared NY, LA or Chicago.

            As for getting away from it all, I have to agree with Anonymous. Every place you have open and concealed you have less crime as a general rule. Take Vermont, while they have few gun laws its a very liberal state and I wouldn’t want to live there.

            Small town America; more then 4 hours from a large city is the best. But most of us can’t do that. Even if I could my wife would go into social shock. I have kind of a Green Acre’s Marriage if you know what I mean.

            You have to have a tribe of like minded people or live in a area where people have high moral and social values.

      7. Where can we go to get away from all of this?

        • Where people are allowed to carry.

          • What do you propose to do, shoot the cops?!!

            • you mean tyrants?

            • Of course not Bluto! But, states that let people carry generally don’t trample your rights and freedoms so blatantly! Stop with the kneejerks and THINK!

            • Does the common man have gun rights in D.C.

            • I live in a state that has easy to get carry permits and we have rampant crime in our cities. Taxes are too darned high and there are rules galore.

              Heck, I can’t even buy a beer in this state on Sunday!!!

            • Buy extra for Sat. night.

            • “I live in a state that has easy to get carry permits and we have rampant crime in our cities.”

              If it’s Utah, I call bullshit. The “rampant crime” in West Valley is nothing compared to what I’ve seen come out of East Portland and Vancouver (WA, not BC) on a given night.

          • @navy91 – you are the first one so far to get “Mr. Blutarsky”. Zero Point Zero!

            • I live in a state where you dont need a permit to own firearms, or to conceal a weapon, hell, i can go to walmart with a 12 gauge, or my hi point carbine .45 acp without even being hassled 🙂

        • The Moon, or Mars.

      8. If this becomes a precedent…a whole lotta cops are going to get killed when the people have all had enough.

      9. “you know what justice means, just us, not them” gerald celente. “land of the fee, home of the slave” unknown.

      10. The reporter didn’t have his union club card.

      11. “Do these law enforcement officers realize their role in the death of America?”

        Of course not, they are protecting the people if you ask them and have every right to do anything they want to in order to make that happen. They know what is good for you, not you.

        They are too stupid to know when they cross the line. When the people fight back, it will be the peoples fault. Not the scum you see enforcing corporate policy in the video.

        • Totally agree! Just this past Tuesday I was pulled over for having a cracked windshield by AZ Highway Patrol. I’ll make my long conversation with this gov. goon, wearing a state sanctioned costume, short. He told me it’s against the law to drive with a broken windshield and when I asked why is it against the law he said it’s for MY safety. Then when I asked what law was it and where does that law come from he said and I quote, “What are ya, a Constitutionalist?” I bit my tongue from (I’m still kicking myself for it) saying everything that I wanted to. But I told him that I didn’t need him to take care of me because I’m a responsible adult and then he told me that “there are a lot of people that need to be taken care of.” I asked who? And he repeated himself. So I asked who takes care of them and he put his hand to his chest and said we do. Then I asked Who takes care of you?

          There was more to this convo. than I’m going to type out on my phone right now but their statist sheeple mentality is getting scary.

          Gov. goons wearing state sanctioned costumes are not your friend. The Revolutionary War started when the Colonists started shooting their OWN soldiers. I don’t think most “Tea Partiers” today realize that when they practically worship any goon wearing a costume today and call them “heroes.” Theses tea partiers are more like the Tories than they’d like to think.

          • When he asked you if you were a consitutionalist
            You should have asked him ..or said sure , arnt you?
            Than if he said no could say ..well didn’t you take an oath to up hold the constitution would have been interesting to hear what he said after that

            • A BIG AMEN TO THAT!!!!

      12. The elites are laying the ground work for massive protest, revolution and blood shed on a scale never seen in this country. The so-called police are clearly not thinking this through since they will be the first to draw fire! Heaven forbid any of this, it is sad and people in uniform whether armed forces of the USA are civil law enforcement must decide whether they are for the people are for the elite. If they go with the elite great sadness will befall them as the public is nearing a point I fear of emotional protest.
        The Constitution which no politician in DC seems to have ever read are understand gives the public the right of free assembly. When it hits the fan most in civil uniform will disappear leaving only the armed forces which will be opposed by those veterans and general public who say “enough”. POTUS is a Socialist who hates America with every cell of his being and is determined to destroy her as a puppet of the International Bankers, CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg elite.
        Prepare yourselves for 2011-2012 are going to be times of great hardship and unrest in our precious country! I do not now nor in the future condone violence but The Founding Fathers were determined to ensure the nation lived on even at the cost of rebellion against any group of individuals who held goals of destroying the Republic.

        • I’ve said once and I’ll keep on repeating it till I die and ya’ll need to wake up! The Constitution we all love and cherish is gone. Somewhere back it’s power got abolished an washington d. c.forgot to let the people know. The way they disregard it showes this. Any and I mean Any person with Any RESPECT or VALUES couldNot act like our representatives do from top to bottom. I call it Treason sheeple call it change. Yep we are getting change alright.

        • You’re correct conjecture, the cops should think through the abuses that they’re dishing out since it’s inveitable that we’ll end up in some Balkan style civil wars and they’ll be outnumbered 99 to 1 by people with a serious desire for payback…

          • The “LEOs” do not seem to realize that they are imperiling their families as they will also be targets and it will be impossible to guard them all 24/7. When the masses look for payback, the mob mentality will carry the day. Everybody lives somewhere and has neighbors. When a mob is outside your house it is too late to switch sides.

      13. The liberals are coming, the liberals are coming! Four flavors…

      14. It ain’t just DC. It’s everywhere. In the South, outsiders are regularly rousted by cops, but now, regular everyday “lawful” citizens are infringed upon for either minor violations (of laws that probably shouldn’t be), or for literally nothing at all. “Mistaken identity.” Do these “terrorist” cops get jailed for their indiscretions. The excuse is, “we had no way of knowing. We were given bad information”. If cops had to face the same punishment the citizens do for wrongdoing, they might be doing something else. At least, they’d think before acting. Unfortunately, thinking is beyond the ability of some of them!

      15. I predicted this in a post just the other day. The wardens of the Panopticon do not like it when the inmates expose them to the same Gaze. The downfall of the panoptic structure is when the inmates are able to expose their jailers to the same scrutiny they ae subject to. Expect to see more of this behavior; ie. banning recording devices from certain locations, passing laws making the use of such devices illegal with severe penalties for non-compliance, and developing technology allowing them to disable or disrupt recording equipment. This will not be an isolated incident; it is merely the vanguard of the empire striking back against it’s increasingly non-compliant subjects.

      16. Hey, they are recording us every step we make, and recording what we why cant we return the favor.

        I hate to say that if I was arrested for recording some official, I’d go to jail with my pie hole shut, not say a word, and not try to get out of it, that way when I sue the shit out of them, I will be able to name my price..maybe even go on a hunger strike.

        or Better yet, covertly record their Bullshit, and post it on You Tube and send a copy to a rights group..

        I think we gotta start getting sneaky and let them fuck themselfs bad..dont tip your hand on what your doing or why your there, just sit and be quiet , watch and record..than post it on line .

        let them think they are fucking us with out knowing they are being always plays out better that way.

        • Probably a good idea to have a prearranged place to send video to in short segments so it cannot get “lost”

          • If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, get Qik Video—it posts your video to your very own Qik blog right away, so no matter what happens to your phone, the evidence is there for the world to see instantly. Let’s use the power of the Internet before they can take that away from us, too!

      17. these public officials have no immunity to being publicly recorded..any of them. Just because the big media has been paid off to ignore this, doesnt mean the citizen got the pay off check in the mail.
        No different than any of us, they better get their tiny minds wrapped around this before enough of us snap and hand them their asses.

        Im recording everything that goes on around my home for security reasons, no different than any other buisness or public place.
        these cell phone cameras and video capabilities have back fired on them, and its pissing them off that we are catching them in lies, and breaking laws, and fucking with out rights..
        I got a clue for them to get..welcome to the real world of technology..whats good for them to use can and will be used against them too.time to take responsibility for their actions.

        • Do a Google search for covert video recording glasses. They are not overly expensive. I am unsure about whether they can upload the video to a remote location to avoid confiscation of the recording.

          The thugs will confiscate recording devices and the recording will be “lost” if they end up in court.

      18. doesnt this fall under “See something, Say something”

        • Only in Wall-Mart.

        • Thanks Art
          Great Idea..

          • VFR – You are so right about keeping your mouth shut. I remember the five words. I have nothing to say. Videotape the event, if they arrest you stay mute, get out and sue their asses. Works for me.

      19. Understand that this is a form of harrasment, intimidation, and abuse of authority. Cooperate but SUE for the violation of YOUR civil rights. It won’t be hard to find an ambulance chaser for this one, pro bono.

        And there’s always the ACLU.

        What thugs in authority like these want, is for you to disobey them, resist arrest, and make a mistake. Then YOU pay.

        Obey authority after explaining your civil rights. Ask the arresting officer to cite the ordinance and laws that you have broken to justify arrest.

        Comply, then SUE. My civil rights are PRICELESS. How about yours? Remember that when you sit in the Jury Box. Eventually BIG BROTHER will get the message.

        Engage your government or be enslaved by it, the choice is yours.

        • “Comply, then SUE.”

          That’s exactly what everyone needs to keep in mind. When the thugs are present, they are King. Wait until you are in a venue which will allow you to bring the appropriate resources to bear.

          The football guy wearing pajama bottoms on the plane should have kept this in mind. If he had redirected his need to run his mouth and used his financial resources to get a great attorney (since J.D. generally stands for Joke Diploma), he could have sent a much stronger message in the end, rather than diluting his position with resistance.

        • If one is black you can call the NAACP.

        • The ACLU as a whole is in league with the bad guys. Why are they always focused on putting pedophiles back on the street rather than defending the rights of decent Americans harassed by the Rothschild crime syndicate aka Federal Govt. You might as well expect AIPAC to fight for Palestinian human rights; haha, that will be the day!

        • DK,I have a friend from Romania living near Pittsburgh Pa who recorded a county commission meeting and was told to desist,she refused and was arrested and removed the commissioner told her she shouldnt be allowed to tape them especially when she coulnt even speak english clearly(words to that effect….AND ALL WAS RECORDED..Another friend helped her turn the tape over to the ACLU and they took her case,methinks the commissioner is in deep dodo…even though the ACLU is as useless as tits on a boar hog most of the time,I hope they fry this guys backside and feed it to him with a fork,same in the case of this reporter,he did nothing wrong!

          • REB: I agree about the ACLU BUT every now and then even a blind chicken will find some corn; which is why I mentioned them.

            Other law centers that could be helpful would be Freedom Watch, and the Goldwater Institute. Links at American legal at SHTF America.

            WE all need to support these liberty loving law centers with a small donantion to help them cover the costs of litigation. What affects one of US affects US all. some of these organizations do good work.

            Its time to fight back!

      20. trust the police they have our best intrest at heart.they are only trying to keep the peace, veg out america dont worry peace please

        • Lorenzo, while it may be true that most police are decent, we don’t see enough (or any) speaking out against these infractions…
          Their silence is taken as tacit approval.

      21. sounds like a good case for false arrest. even if the charge stands, the reporter will have his day in court, and be able to find out who gave the orders for no video allowed. it would be worth the exposure of the thugs who authorized the arrest.

      22. Just curious – is anonymous democracy valuable? If a record of something is made, then selectively released to damage the reputation of an office or delegitimize an office, should the individual making such postings or claims be identifiable?

        The reason I ask is this – if we are to have an “open” society, should that openness work in a two-way manner? If anonymous persons can act in a manner that bears no responsibility for discussion or comment (as a reporter does in the news through letters to the editor), then there can be no truly open society. The “watchers” in the system that are being feared would rapidly become the persons with zero accountability…us. We with the video cameras run the risk of becoming that which we fear.

        I’m just curious as to the responses.

      23. The reporter would have told the truth…
        can’t have that! (sarc)

        Ain’t Marxism grand?!?

      24. The reporters need to file a lawsuit!

        • Jeez, where’s the ACLU on this one? I hope they come out of the woodwork and sue those A$$hole cops. Right there was the gestapo on a frickin power trip. Did anyone read the comments left at the utube video? This reminds me so much of the gal that got arrested the other day on her front lawn for video tapping a cop arresting someone. LOL! Lawyers stood in line to offer their services to her. Go for the throat everyone–don’t back up for these cut throat gangsters who wear a uniform.

          • The ACLU (mostly Jews) is in bed with the Zionists that have infested our congress.
            Senators like Lieberman (dual citizenship with Israel & cheerleader for the patriot act), along with Michael Chertoff (dual citizen as well) are seing to it that we end up being treated like Arabs in Israel.
            It gets worse, the SPLC (run by two more of “the chosen” Michael Cohen & Mark Potok) are working with the DHS to paint anyone who notices these creepy trends as “homegrown terrorists”.
            It gets even worse, Abe Foxman of the ADL wants to make it a hate crime for me to type these very words about the tribe that is behind most of these trends and the gun confiscation attempts as well.

      25. I shudder to think of the dark, dank and musty cells you pacifists will be occupying once a misinformed jury of the sheeple sides with Johnny Law and you are locked up and forgotten about. The same law which arrests you for your “crimes” against the machine is the same law which will justify itself against you. Good luck with all that.

        • They can TRY to justify themselves and if you resist arrest, you will have given them just the justification they want. Eventually they must answer to the law also. Let them win the first round.

          Be smart. Not stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. Be curteous, even apologetic, then ask them to cite the law broken. If they cannot recite the legality of the arrest, then you can also sue for false arrest.

          Be sure to request a jury trial. Remember this incident and others like it when you sit in the jury box. A cop that costs the city tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars is going to be looking for a new career.

          Your response should go like this:

          “I’m sorry officer, I don’t understand. I am a reporter and this is a public meeting. Why do I have to leave? Am I breaking the law sitting here? Am I breaking the law by taping the event? What municipal code is that?

          I was under the impression that reporters are allowed to cover and record public meetings. Am I under arest? No? Then why must I leave? What municpal code is that? I am so & so with such and such. What is your name officer? What is your badge number? May I have that for the public record?”

          If you are arrested, and do not resist or otherwise do something stupid to generate additional charges, any charges filed against you would be dismissed at your arraignment(appearance).

          Then SUE the shit out of city and the individual officer for false arrest, false imprisonment for your detention time, and violations of your civil liberties.

          Consult an attorney. Intial consultations are usually free. Find one with a history of winning cases against the government. Then retire early.

          • Tell all that shit to a few million holocaust victims, or a few million Russians who were affected by Stalin’s Purges. All cameramen are terrorists don’t ya know.

            • Sanity: That is why we must act now to protect OUR liberties. The Jews, the Blacks, and the Hispanics scream bloody murder if their rights are infringed in the least; or if they so much as “perceive” that their rights are about to be violated. Not to mention the Illegals that claim they have rights in America.

              White America must also respond in a like manner. Engage your government or be enslaved by it. Its that simple.

              The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Scream bloody murder.

            • I think you are missing an important point which people have been talking about. And that is someone must be directing and coaching the Blacks and the Hispanics on how to use certain type of propaganda to their advantage.

              In response to your statement ““The Jews, the Blacks, and the Hispanics scream bloody murder if their rights are infringed in the least; or if they so much as “perceive” that their rights are about to be violated.””


        • Please keep us updated on this if you can, thank you.

      26. What these “authority” figures fail to understand is that they will be vastly outnumbered when TSHTF and each of them will have a target on their back simply because of the uniform they wear. Please understand, I do not condone violence towards ANY public official, but human nature will take over and people will be out for blood.

        But, I guess those in authority don’t actually think TS will HTF. They are wrong. It’s coming.

      27. Remember, the internet is our friend. It’s the last bastion of real freedom. At least right now, there is no censorship and we can post whatever we want.

        Keep your mouth shut, record what you can and be loud about it when it’s too late for “them” to stop you.

        The only way this stops is if someone says “no”. By saying nothing we tacitly agree that this behavior is acceptable.

      28. Obama says we are no longer a Christian nation, but we are one of the largest Muzzel Em nations. Now I am beginning to understand.

      29. durango kid is right on the money…this kinda thing happens all over america…particularly in rural counties, small towns and cities and public schools are the worse for this… a person learns real fast that there are “other” ways to get the information you want-you just need to want it bad enough and think outside of the box.

      30. Hmmm. I don’t know. I think if they really just wanted to record the meeting they could have stuck an ipod in their pocked and recorded it. I really do agree that they were unjustly removed, however, they could have done this in a manner more wise than this UNLESS they were simply wanting to cause a stir.

        How difficult is it to get decent video from a pair of those video glasses? Answer: not very. They baited them and then the bait was taken.

        I’m sorry but I think these people were just stirring up trouble. Unjustly removed but they knew it was coming and they intended for it to happen. This was not a little innocent “We The People” are recording. They knew. It was premeditated.

        • Agreed that covert action is best. Let the thugs find out about the video when it goes viral on You Tube.

      31. Hey NetRanger, When the Fuck did it become Illegal to tape in a Public Meeting? Show me the Statute, The Law that says so, Until them STFU Moron!

      32. I know of no just reason a public meeting can not be recorded,a private one…perhaps…but the freedom of the press is what keeps these officials accountable to the people,
        Why is it we see more and more resistance from these crooks to us taping them…while they impose more and more surveilence on us,of course I know the answer but you see the point…the irony?

        I have to agree with the others who say in time its gonna cost cops and bureaacrats their lives as people find they have no recourse to resist the “tyrants will”(decreed law)except the 2nd ammendment….

      33. Let this remind you that most cops are mindless drones that cannot back down from a challenge, even if they’re wrong.

        They will only listen to the agency that issues their paychecks and pensions.

        If a cop isn’t an oathkeeper, he isn’t worth a crap & he should be considered an enemy of your liberties.

        • SECOND!

        • yep..’bout sums it up

          • “The Sound of Music” about sums it up.

      34. Folks got to learn something: central DC (government areas) is not part of the USA. The “federal government” controls DC, has jurisdiction over the 10 square mile area, so the DC cops do whatever they need or want to do, because DC IS NOT the united states of America.

        At the same time, the “federal government” only has “jurisdiction” inside of this area, nowhere else – unless people allow it.

        The vast majority of people do not know or understand this, therefore the “federal” government gets away with it.

        Simple solution is to refuse DC “federal” government jurisdiction anywhere, but within its 10 square mile area. Anyone in DC’s area must face reality – you are no longer within the united states of America, so don’t be surprised when the communist-fascists go after you as happened to the reporter.

        Everywhere else outside of “federal” DC – should revert back to the united states of American, tell the corporation of the USA, headquartered in DC to take a hike, and let the police know they are not acting lawfully (in violation of God-given rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights).

        People do not need the DC “feds” to give allow them to use their rights. All people are born with these rights. Use them or loose them!

      35. Other Point Of View:

        Please explain the concept of the statement below.

        “If anonymous persons can act in a manner that bears no responsibility for discussion or comment (as a reporter does in the news through letters to the editor), then there can be no truly open society.

        It is my belief that because the authorities are entrusted with the power of the state it is prudent to put effective regulatory limits upon that power and enforce those limits. Recording is nothing more then having the ability to present facts in a form that cannot be effectively disputed.

        It’s obvious that an open society needs to facilitate as much discussion as possible by as many as possible to truly fit that description. Better a claim to be proven false then not allowed to be spoken.

      36. Now what I’d like to see is one of officer file suit against the person who instructed them to act.

      37. question I have is what was said before the video started rolling. It starts in the middle of the argumant. I have no idea why the rent-a-cop had approached him by the footage. Gonna with hold judgment to see if more info comes out.

      38. I HAVE HAD IT! I”M FUCKING DONE! I have never been so angry in my life up till this moment. I’ve had it. I’m DONE playing games with these people. From today onward. I swear if a scenario like this occurs within my sight, I will end it. One way or another, I will stand on the side of right. I will protect a citizen against an illegal arrest and/or prevent an illegal arrest from taking place. Come what may, so help me God!

        Fight on your feet! Or Die on your knees! What will it be!!!!

        That bitch woke me up. I realize how stupid it sounds when people like her speak as a crime is taking place right before her eyes. I realize we’ve lost the fight already. The America that was once great is now gone. That means I have nothing left to lose. I will not live in a dictatorship.

        • Do you have any clue what living in a dictatorship is like? As wrong as this is the men are FREE to air the tape, file suit, and see a judge. In a dictatorship they’d have been dead and burried already. You suggest violence in your tone and act like we live in Iran, Venezuela, or N Korea. While definitely wrong our FREE society offers non violent recourse that can work. As a former LE officer I declare it is attitudes like yours that are dangerous. You offer those who’d restrict our liberties the very reason for doing so. Tone it dow!

          • “While definitely wrong our FREE society offers non violent recourse that can work. As a former LE officer I declare it is attitudes like yours that are dangerous. You offer those who’d restrict our liberties the very reason for doing so.”

            Jim, the nonviolent recourse only works from the corp perspective you had as a corporate policy enforcer (stop referring to yourself as a former “law enforcement officer”, as that was NEVER your job).

            The attitude that one citizen will step up to help another that is being abused is only dangerous to those who are doing the abusing.

            There can be no justification for those “who’d restrict our liberties”, they should simply be shot for the treason they commit against the People on behalf of the corp.

            To tone it down is to submit when what is required is that the corp tone it down.

            • Well spoken GC!!

            • You both are dangers to society, and thus do not deserve liberty.

            • ….youd be incredibly funny if you wernt for real….as it is youre simply sad and pathetic and overbearing with no clue as to who is really the danger to free people!

          • Tone it down eh…what a douche…not even a cop anymore and still spouting the bullies favorite line,arrogant fool…still talking down to the civvies,what you dont seem to get mister is this,alot of us once respected the badge…once would have grabbed a gun and helped you out in a bad spot,no more,youre on your own ,reap what youve sown… many of us who once respected you now see you as the enemy,oh you may not be the one who raped us but you helped hold us down while your masters did and slapped us hard when we resisted and told us it was our own fault…your just as guilty as they are,dont you forget it!
            The recourse has run out,justice lies where your kind left her battered and bleeding in the ditch…dont lecture us about our tone and its suggestion of violence… trust me,there is no suggestion of violence against the tyrant, theres a firm promise!
            Fools and tools like you always want us to shut up and realize it could be worse and that we shouldnt do or say anything that might give the tyrant another reason to kill us…WAKE UP hes already done it and he needed NO reasons or excuses…dont tell the bully hes wrong…dont even look crossways at him or he might hit us again…what a coward!
            We didnt come looking for this fight…we were minding our own,your bosses started this but we aim to finish it,youd have locked up Jefferson and Madison and told Jesus to shut up and not antagonize the rulers…..good grief!Go crawl on your knees to your masters and while youre down there dont forget to pucker up……we wont be joining you….you ole enforcer you! As GMAFB always says NO APOLOGIES!

            • You will cause people to more freedom then you’ll ever gain. You sound horribly irresponsible as though you fantasize about violence for your perceived freedom. As a human you have never been more free in this world. Could the pendulumn swing against that freedom sure, but this event does not condone violence. Recourse is available and it’s here on this site and will likely be in the court.

              My advice to you is to move out to some very rural area and end your interaction with man permanently. Then you are free. For once you interact with man your freedom is restricted for many reasons. You apparently cannot accept that, and thus you must be delta with as one who cannot live in a society of rules. Bye Bye…..

      39. It can ALWAYS get worse.

        Wait until you’re arrested and detained by the Mexican government!!!

        Mexican troops cross into the United States at Bridge

        A convoy of three military trucks loaded with Mexican soldiers crosses the border at Bridge Number Two clearly violating international law.–124469714.html

        This occurs while we have over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan. WTF!!!! Apparently the Rothschild Caspian Sea oil pipeline takes precedent over our own national sovereignty.

        Why is it we don’t see dead Mexishits strewn among the smoldering wreckage of military vehicles and equipment that we saw in Iraq?

        Sun Tzu would’ve publicly beheaded every official responsible for deterring and combating such an invasive act. Perhaps this is why the Chinese mentality succeeds in today’s world and America’s fails.

      40. Vesting law enforcement authority in the hands of those lacking proper training is a very dangerous proposition. If the two men arrested by Park Police Officers were simply reporting at a public meeting, they have been subjected to a egregious public wrong. The Chief of this department needs to review the video and take all necessary corrective action. I seriously doubt there will be any charges filed in this case. If charges were filed, the court would most certainly toss it out.

      41. the people standing around while the cops puiklled off their illegal act reminds me of the old saying
        When the Nazis came for the communists,
        I remained silent;
        after all I was not a communist.

        When they locked up the social democrats,
        I remained silent;
        after all I was not a social democrat.

        When they came for the trade unionists,
        I did not speak out;
        after all I was not a trade unionist.

        When they came for me,
        there was no one left to speak out.

      42. To Jim, you are an idiot. Formerly Free Country, it is now a facist Corporatocracy, bordering on Corporate Fascism. Corporations decide to go to war with armtwisting or paying off politicians. Laws are ignored, the constitution is dead, since the lie of 911 our rights are going away day by day. Can’t wait til your wife, if you have one is groped by the tsa, then we will see if you defend this as a free country.

        • Freedom is a state of being; you are free to define it for yourself but not for me.

      43. Keep your nose clean, your head down and go on discretely prepping as best you can while you can……Those who go looking for trouble usually find it. Should trouble hunt you down………well, that’s an entirely different matter.

        • But it’s people like those videoing, who have the courage to show government’s upper hand on the PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES. This is unacceptable and revolt, any way and every way you can.

      44. And I was beginning to really have hope for Jane these last few days, thinking Nurse Kratchett finally had the medical dosage right. It appears I was wrong, back to the drawing board…..poor Jane

        • Durango aka BJ,

          Every time I point out how PHONY you are, you come out under another name. Then you restart your name calling and insults and make yourself look like a low-life.

          You are a typical of a vindictive dirty troll.

          You should not read people’s opinions if you’re gonna go into a rage every time.

          I have not responded to all of your postings directly to me; this is the latest one:

          JANE says: June 25, 2011 at 5:18 pm

          I think you are missing an important point which people have been talking about. And that is someone must be directing and coaching the Blacks and the Hispanics on how to use certain type of propaganda to their advantage.

          In response to your statement ““The Jews, the Blacks, and the Hispanics scream bloody murder if their rights are infringed in the least; or if they so much as “perceive” that their rights are about to be violated.””


          • Hollywood said Hitler was crazy.

            But later Hollywood said he was just stupid; Hollywood said, he tried to fight Russia instead of just letting America do it.

            If it doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s agenda, they will label any one ( leaders or conservatives or their rivals) as crazy or stupid.


            • @ Durango (BJ),


              OMG! An insight into one of your motives, ….. “Bolshevik Style”

              Oh yeah! Join your revolution = A Bait = Ethnic Cleansing.

              Sicko, I was trying to explain and only respondeded to your postings which directed to me; as always they are filled with lies and accusations. This posting is in response to the following threat.

              BJ says: June 25, 2011 at 9:55 pm

              posting to yourself again? I am afraid your past the point of medicating……full frontal labotamy for you. They know where you are


            • Awesome, she is still responding over and over to herself. It’s quite entertaining and I only skim the comments now for Janes’ raving rants.

              Btw Jane, you realize that Mac could easily (takes seconds at best) find out if someone is posting under multiple names right? I’m sure he wouldn’t be overly happy with it and would likely take action to do something about it.

              Instead of responding to your own posts, why not put all your wonderful thoughts into one single post? Just saying. I’m happy you got away from the all capital posts, those were just hard on the eyes. Thanks a million.

            • Mike L (Lunatic), ….. You are still bitter from the last time you lost when you were defending Google and GM not paying any taxes, but GM still got back a 7 billion dollars tax return, not counting billions of $$$$ in BAILOUT.

              I have not responded to all of your people (trolls’ postings) can you count?

              Not to mention, how many aliases you guys have. Not to mention how many postings each of you (conservative Shill) make every hour.

              If anyone has anything to say about my posting Mac is the only one who can.

              No one can tell me that I am not allowed to fight back against the trolls’ THREATS & VICIOUS ATTACKS ON ME. One million trolls are hired to attack conservatives and whom they do not agree with.

              Can Mac tell how many Dell computers your headquarters have provided to each troll?? obviously NOT.



      45. I still want to see Jane use the Dong

        • LOL….sssssspplllllttttzzzzz,
          damn it!!! dont be so funny when I am drinking
          my beer, it makes it want to come out my nose.

      46. I WILL not tone down. My tone is not one of reaction and emotion. I wrote it in an emotional way but the process that lead me to tell you what I pledge myself to do comes from many years of analysis, historical, current or past experience.

        You consider me more dangerous than the thugs that are using mafia like intimidation tactics, authoritarian attitudes and corrupt practices. You claim at least the reporter can still file sue and see a judge, at least we can still film it etc.

        Are you not blind? Have you not been following events for the last 10 years? We USED to be able to film it, now we get ARRESTED for it. In the coming months, it will read like this “We USED to have a judge but now we have no recourse”. That’s how it will sound not long from now. we USED to have a lot of things.

        In the video, the woman in the background was yelling for people to stay calm. She says she “supports” the reporter but yet does not do anything. She urges calm and passivity. SHE of all people woke me up to the crisis we are facing. I realized SHE is the one that is stabbing YOUR constitution in the heart, NOT the thug. The thug is able to achieve his goal because WE LET HIM DO IT.

        If you believe you are in the right and that rule of law still exists, then preventing illegal imprisonment is OUR duty as human beings. NOT AFTER the person is kidnapped. If rule of law still exists, then when we prevent this thug from taking the reporter away, then in court we would be justified to stop said thug. The individual that prevented the kidnapping will not be in trouble as we are justified to prevent a crime from taking place. This was what a citizens arrest USED to be.

        Your reply shines a bright light deep into our social psyche. It means deep down within you (society itself), you know the rule of law no longer exists. The justice system can no longer be trusted, so you keep quiet, and pretend nothing happened, but have your five minutes of emotional outrage and that is the end of it. We go back to what we were doing. You are afraid of the repercussions, not whether it is right or wrong.

        You are that woman in the video. Do you get it now?

        You also want to challenge me whether I have experienced a dictatorship. I was born on a land where chewing bubble gum is a criminal offense, where back in the 70s, acquiring long hair is a criminal offense, where mock democratic elections take place but political power only flows from father to son. Where possession of a firearm is execution.

        And this is the model society they are phasing in. This is the model society China follows, capitalist dictatorship. The people that live in that society do not know what real freedom means, they have never tasted it, smelled it or touched it. IF you were to explain it to them, they will have no clue what you are talking about. In China, you purchase and “own” a home for 70 years only. When time is up, it goes back to the state. To the Chinese, they think they OWN the home. To them, this is ownership. To us, this is the state LEASING it to the public.

        I want you to remember this. That reporter, does not own his own body. He belongs to the system, they own him, his body is on lease.


        Because you DON’T own what you CANNOT keep. He can’t even keep himself from the system taking him whenever they want, so how is he, his own being?

        He’s not.

        And until you understand that, you’ll continue telling others to “tone down”

        Fck that!

        • Your correct Phil but some people(guess who) disagree and therefore its you and I and GC and others who are is we who are dangerous to “society” because he disagrees that things have fallen apart and that this govt is no longer of/by/for the people!

          It is we who must be silenced because we dare demand justice and a return to the rule of law,( that might make the masters angry and cause us worse trouble)…by speaking out and exercising our liberty we may encourage someone to become violent or we may scare some fraidy cat with our words…. therefore we must give up our right to free expression…none of us has said to resort to violence and to not use the courts for relief,I see many here advocating suing in the courts…at this time there may be some good come out of a court here and there …. as for myself I am still deeply involved in the process and will continue to be for some time but Ive seen first hand how corrupt and ineffective the courts are and Id be a fool and a liar not to aknowledge that truth…some people dont believe that though and damn us for saying otherwise!
          Keep speaking your mind!

          • To state that it is wrong is great; and to challenge it even better. To commit yourself to violence, propose it, argue for it, demand it and threaten it is wrong.

            In China the outcome would be FAR different. Phil you clearly know this. In China we’d see no video, there likely would be no lawyers \ hearing \ trial with a judge and no outcome in the reporters favor. Not only is our nation not their yet – WE ARE’T EVEN close!

            If the freedom you seek is one that is going to propel violence upon me or others then you don’t deserve the freedom. With freedom comes responsibility and if you seek violence you are not responsible but instead shameful. To ask for violence is to be worse then those who’d seek to limit your freedom. Of course there is a tipping point, but our nation is no where near it.

            • No — actually violence is the cure for tyranny, pussy.

              Who determines my freedom? You? The government? LOL

              Wrong fool. That’s the Almighty. With endowed rights by said Creator. Throw up all the fine type, rules, decrees you want — doesn’t change jack.

              When the masters deem CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are no longer valid they just became candidates for the 100 heads list. Oops! Ignorant of the Constitution? Just following orders? Tough shit. Welcome to the real world. And it’s about to get real.

              The system is heading towards law of the jungle. What a stupid stupid mistake to forget your oaths and sworn duties silly fools.

              You want to search my being on the street, no reason, no probable cause, warrant — give your life for it. And your families life. How’s that? You feel so strongly about it (ahhh, feelings) and obeying any order from your mastas lay it down muthafudgers.

            • I know where you are coming from Jim. I know you believe the system is still intact and that reporter will get justice. I doubt he will get the justice he deserves. In fact, that “cop” that kidnapped him will face no repercussions, just like the many police that use unnecessary force and in many cases murder. Take the case of a swat team storming a home and shooting the resident 70 times. SEVENTY TIMES!

              That is two FULL MAGS worth of bullets. Everybody knows it doesn’t take 70 rounds to drop a person, drugs or no drugs. So the excess rounds can only be attributed to the police personnel’s sick and twisted psyche. Did the police department suffer the consequences of their actions? Nope. Now the wife and child are alone to suffer in an economy that is shattered and left in tatters.

              you are right, in China you’d disappear in the middle of the night. And there is no judge or jury for you. However, I see us going in that direction. I really don’t want us going in that direction because USA is the VERY LAST place on earth where you can actually fight for something and I don’t mean with sticks and stones. Look at Greece, people riot day in day out. The politicians ignore them and go right ahead with the bailout anyways. Now, China is joining in on robbing Greece.

              Let’s look at Argentina 2002. People rioted and banged pots and pans day in day out, the bankers and politicians just ignores them and continue destroying the nation. Argentineans were peaceful not because they want to, but because they were forced to be “peaceful”.

              Right now, as we speak, China is facing riots every day. From taxi drivers, truck drivers to store owners. The are rioting because of massive food inflation.

              Are all of these people wrong though? Are they wrong for doing what they do? Would you chastise the people of Greece, Argentina, China etc? Greece still has a legal system as far as i know.

              The Greeks, Portuguese, Italians, Irish are all rioting because of the CRIMINAL bankers stealing the nations wealth. Their children will live in shanties and starve to death in the future.

              There is one thing that ties us all together. It is that we are ALL angry because of the Federal systems criminal activity and bankers stealing our wealth.

              You may see the case with the reporter as nothing to do with Greek or Irish situation but I assure you, it does. It has everything to do with that.

              It is about Crime in action.

              When one sees a crime in action, it is our duty as human beings to stop it or prevent it. To not do so, means you are complicit. If a woman was gang raped right in front of you. Do you stand there? She’s screaming and looking into your eyes, pleading for help. Do you stand there? No, you don’t stand there, you’d actually WALK away, worse yet, you’d film it and later brag about it.

              Don’t laugh, This is exactly what happened.

              Doesn’t that disgust you? Don’t you feel sick to your stomach just thinking about it? So now I see a person being kidnapped right before my eyes. Do I stand there? Do I break out my iPhone and film it? I could reason this out and say, I should only act if it’s a single man raping but only if he is unarmed, but I’ll walk by if its a gang rape scenario, I shouldn’t bother if it’s kidnapping but if it was a grocery store robbery, then I’ll intervene. If the robber is fat then i’ll stop him, if he is fast and athletic then i won’t.

              You see how stupid it sounds when we try to justify when to help and when not to? There should be only two things to consider when a Crime is taking place, 1) It is confirmed that it is a crime, 2) If i intervene, my life will be at risk.

              This USED to be what our ancestors did but for some reason, we all somehow think only law enforcement can touch it. To further beat that kind of psychology into society, they remove firearms from individuals so that when a crime does occur, nobody will have the means to help. This gives the police monopoly on your safety.

              As a sick twisted joke on the public. Law enforcement is only there to document the scene of the crime, they are not obligated to STOP crime. If a woman is being gang raped, a police officer CAN stand there and watch and enjoy the show if he so chooses. He is not obligated to intervene.

              That is why nobody helps. That is why, USA is lost. It will not exist by next year. You can call me evil or promoter of violence. But I assure you, I am not violent. There is a difference between a violent person and a person able to use violence. Any human can use violence but it does not make them a violent person.

              My pledge is to stop a crime in action. If I see a crime in action, I will intervene, I have made up my mind that this kind of attitude must end. If i were not to act, I will not live with myself for not helping. That has nothing to do with me being violent. Sure, I can use violence, but so can you and so can any police, in fact the police are some of the most violent people (except some) because they use it as part of their daily routine. They become desensitized to it’s effect and as a matter of recourse, it comes out readily. I for one, have never used violence to solve anything, but I do not shy away from it like Joe sixpack.

              It all comes down to doing what is right and the police are falling very short.

        • In this incident being in the belly of the beast it sounds like your anonymity would be at stake too many forces around. Although spurring a mob force by yelling at others to come to the rescue would certainly be noble, challenging these goons with guns. However, swollen pride and brown shirt mentality would probably just get everyone arrested for any reason when verbally informing them of their misdeed. Cops would no longer feel “safe” and probably just open fire. But that would ignite unintended consequences as well.

          Want to give lose it all in this battle? Or wait for better opportunities later? I vote later in this situation where better served by future actions. The tyranny will continue after all. That’s why prep on. False papers, identities, weapons, caches, etc.

          It’s at one’s discretion and depending on circumstance, but say an officer is doing random bag checks and of your person on the street. No reasons. Just searching. And you can’t avoid it. How far in argumenting will you ratchet it up? To the point he can call back-up? When you are identified? Even though they are wrong, who thinks the police will back down? Simple question should be asked softly and with a smile “What about the Constitution?” If downhill from there meaning ‘how dare you question authority’, continue Mr. Rogers routine in acquiescence til 3 seconds to Rambo. Dispatch quietly if you can.

          But without a doubt, the 2 cops need to be identified. We need names. They need to be ridiculed, harassed, and ultimately educated in their misdeeds along with the council woman traitor.

      47. Jane,
        posting to yourself again? I am afraid your past the point of medicating……full frontal labotamy for you. They know where you are

        • …or full frontal nudity, either way…. cuz we are easy to get along with:) ( but pix are a must)

      48. I predict 2011md will hit Jane’s house @ around 11am-1pm Monday the 27th of June. Opening the flood gates won’t cushion the impact I am sorry to say Jane old girl.

        • can you believe that thing is only going to be 7,500 miles above our surface???

          • Well FEMA and the military aren’t occupying all the hotels down there for nothing so I guess we will have to wait and see 🙂

            • huh?? do tell more!

            • google – US military and FEMA movement. Looks like the entire issue supporting FEMA’s body bags, freeze dried foods and wool blankets RFP last year.

      49. How ironic to see the FLOTUS over in Africa last week tooling Nelson Mandela while racking up frequent flier miles during these debt solving problem days. “The trips are the best part”.

      50. I like the trips bush took too, laughing at katrina victims, with no response. Heckuva job brownie did great too.

      51. Chumptard goon unit. Po’ lice. (Scratches head.)

        Seems like when the cork finally pops, it’s gonna pop HARD. I’m not even sure if the military will be able to handle it…

      52. At least the Gestapo and KGB waited until night to drag you away. We are doing it in broad daylight! And without serious lawsuits to stop this police state behavior, it will become our new normal.

      53. The Park Police Officers Need To Be Arrested. Period. Someone should have made a Citizens’ Arrest against these two corrupt police officers. The whole world should sue them. They are committing crimes against law-abiding Americans because they have a badge?!

        These are crimes against humanity.


        I have directed at ‘The Police Academy’ since the 1980s and I always instruct the trainees on the meaning of PROBABLE CAUSE.

        This is truly deplorable. They are abject failures!

        I can’t believe the female officer looking at the poor guy’s handcuffs like some kind of leader of the Gestapo. What a miserable, stupid bitch.

        The male cop was a big pussy just like her, knowing he should have walked away. Disgusting. REVOLT-ing.

      54. Bush didn’t take as many trips in 8 years as #1 has already, and he treated the help better than company. Did you stay behind in Katrina with the governor, chocolate mayor and dims… I would chuck wood with him in the wood pile any day. He got his money the old fashion way. How did #1 do it… Look up the hardest thing the president (both) had to do. One was the honor the military dead, the other, you look up…

        • Georgie porgie never honored the military dead………..

      55. I love how they honor the military dead, by taking away the families death benefits and by making them fight in unnecessary wars. I like how they show the coffins coming home every night, Nice! So the sheep dont see the horrors of war, otherwise they might rebel and get the wars stopped.

      56. The White Chocolate Bush took as many vacations and spent us into debt more than any president in us history, more than all presidents combined at that time.
        Bush treated the help well, with the gay jeff gannon in the white house many times to service the gay bush in private. Bush had his own gay advisor Karl Turdblossom Rove to help him with being gay. Bush got his money the old fashioned way, He inherited it, because he lost money in the oil business and baseball business, but not before stealing people’s property to build his new baseball stadium, really nice guy NOT!

        • to anonymoron: Do you have proof in what you say? Show the proof of all that you expounded here about Bush being gay, and all the vacations he took. Put up or shut up.

          • Bush is a Member of Bohemian Grove as is he father, a known process of being in High Power also it is in san francisco and they bring gay prostitute there, look it up Moron, Willard the rat!

      57. Never been in the military, have you… Could see that right off. You must not have been around or reading history since your president has been in office. Count each of your toes & fingers and multiply by a trillion. You know how to do that (now). Welcome to your party!!! They’ve been running things for more than six years. There’s three kind of people. Good, bad & democrats. You sound like both. He, he!!!

      58. You have been in the military, you are a duped, sheep, you should be proud of yourself. Two years he has been president. Not 6 go back and look at November of 2008, see if that is when he was voted in or not! You did not serve to Protect our freedoms, actually we have lost more of them since the 5 wars started than before. You fought for the Profits of Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, BP, Blackwater, GE, Kellogg brown and root, Pfiser, Merck and many other Billionaire corporations. Dupe!

      59. Jane: I just logged in for the first time today, Sunday June 26th at 10:42 Phoenix time and saw your latest rant with my handle attached. 🙂

        I do not post here under any other name and if you don’t believe it you can ask Mac.

        Why would I threaten you? I find you amusing. Have a great day and sweet dreams!

        • you, me, anon, and OK Prepper are all one in the same now c’mon and admit it 😉

        • Hey!, I want to have lots of names too, no fair you guy(s)! 🙂

          • I could call you lots of names if that would make you feel better…

      60. A Long Time Ago

        In A Country Far Far Away…

        Princess Lardass Was Away On Holiday

        While Barry Stayed Home To Raise Campaign Cash

        ‘What do you mean we can’t arrest them for video recordings? Of course we can. I just signed an executive order saying we could. Or at least I authorized somebody to sign it with my auto-pen. That’s just as good.’

        ‘But sir, we need to hold off the revolution til after the election. If Bachmann or that wuss Perry get into office, they’ll take all the glory for the government response to save america. You’ll be left high and dry. Can’t you see that it’s crucial not to let the seething masses go off yet?’

        ‘Oh, yeah…I gotcha. So where am I on this issue? I’m against it right? I mean, I’m for the guy with the camera and against the cops, right?’

        ‘Yes, sir. You stand firmly in favor of the right of the people. Remember?…transparency and all that? And you’re against the cops, just like with the black college professor year before last.’

        ‘Okay. I think I got it. I’m for the video guy and against the cops…yeah, okay. Anything else?’

        ‘Just one more thing sir. You’ll be giving another speech tomorrow night in prime time. Be sure and mention your strong stand for amerikan freedom of information and such.’

        ‘Will do. And that reminds me, get my speechwriter in here. That idiot left out SIX references I made to myself in the last speech. I won’t tolerate this kind of editing. From now on, I want to see all of it word-for-word before it goes in the teleprompter. If he can’t comprehend that it’s all about ME, then we’ll get somebody that can! Now, where’s my lighter? I need a smoke…This prezidentin’ is high stress work’

      61. There “was” another opening for teleprompt. Another new one bites the dust as a queen. Fool me into reading anything. This is fun isn’t it, for me anyway. Speaking of queens, the queen with her French ontronge is home and all she got me was a strange hat & spear. When is her next trip a broad. Nobody will ever tool me while working my way up to ace of the world, too big to fail. I’m getting good at these teleprompt tv dinners. I should have started these earlier, running is what I do best. I got my money the new way. How do I get my picture on it.

        • Obammy will be on the new $12 bill. Actual worth in 2001 dollars…about 7 cents. That’s enough to pay the sales tax on a nickel.

      62. I do not think Durango and BJ could be the same person.

        For one thing, it is obvious BJ is a proud and devout Christian. He would not have made jokes (as Durango) in a recent thread where there was some discussion about the existence of God. Not that Christians don’t have a sense of humour…

      63. Some of the people are killing us out here Mac. All they have is Crazy Jane & JV. Help us!!!

      64. What’s for breakfast? A big bowl of Bachmann Flakes. With half a cup of milk it provides a full days supply of vitamins and irony.

      65. Got milk?

      66. Heil Hitler!

        All levels of government in the United States are increasingly using Fascist Tactics to subdue the people.
        What you see in this video is a prime example.

        Heil Hitler!

      67. Hey any cops out there need a good reason to question where their orders come from and if they should follow them

        Eric Holder…Nuff said?

        well he and the big one of your boys killed , trying to undermine our 2nd amendment rights..yeah that was the fuck us all by making the out come of this a way to infringe (give them “reason” for their adgenda) because the mexican cartels were funded and armed by ATF and this administration.

        Holder and Obama should be immeditely held responsible and should step down, or be impeached

        The angry citizen and angry police officers due to this action by our president and Mr. Holder..should be constantly reminded who are the people that are sacrificing your safety for a game they are playing..

        You cops need to stop taking out your anger on the citizens..were not as big a problem as these guys are..they are trying to get you and us all killed.

      68. This just gave me the push i needed to buy an AR15 and a colt 1911..
        yeah i have other arms..but because these jerk offs, Im going full on tactical and High capacity

      69. Any public officials actions should be open to public scrutiny. They work for us. They are not private individuals when they are conducting public business. Laws against recording public officials conducting public business are unconstitutional. A public official has no right to privacy when conducting public business. It is time for armed ebellion when justice cannot be found in the courts.

      70. This is the kind of crap that turns ordinary, law abiding citizens against the police. Not to mention the hypocrisy of taking the oath then disregarding everything the Constitution stands for. This kind of behavior is thuggery of the worst kind because they hide behind a badge and a gun. The militarization of police depts across the country over the past several decades. Federal “trainers” preaching that the founders are terrorists and instilling in the police a sense of “us (the cops) against them (citizens)”is another reason for this behavior as well. DHS is NOT meant to protect the citizens. They are there to protect the criminals in govt so they may continue to rape this once great nation unopposed. Police need to wake up and realize that they too will become victims of these criminals. Stop perpetrating crimes against the citizens.

      71. Why does American Jewry, in the largest proportion, support American Fascism when they vilify the German Fascist of the 1930s and 40s?
        Would German Jewry in the 1930s supported FGascsim if they had not been the recipient of the Nazi’s murderous ways?
        Why are American Jews predominantly Democrats/Progressives, which are now Fascists?
        The Lefts/Media/Government attacks on Christians, Constitutionalists, Patriots, NRA members, Tea Party Members, etc is exactly like the attacks in the beggining of the Nazi’s reign in Germany in 1934-5.
        Why do so many American Jews support this knowing full well what it leads to?

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