Activist: White People Should Kill Themselves To Atone For White Privilege

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Headline News | 191 comments

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    A YouTube video shows two black student activists from the University of West Georgia asserting that white people should kill themselves in order to atone for “white privilege”.

    The debate, which was held at Harvard University, features Damiyr Davis and Miguel Felician from the University of West Georgia, who won second place at the 2013 Cross-Examination Debate Association Nationals.

    A glowing University of West Georgia write-up of the pair explains that Davis and Felician have, “already established themselves as one of the elite teams in the country.”

    During the debate, Felician argues that “white life is wrong” and that white people shouldn’t be able to affirm that their lives have value.

    “Our argument is that we should never affirm white life,” asserts Felician because “white life is based off of black subjugation.”

    When a white debater asks if his friend should kill himself, Felician responds, “I don’t see why not, it’s ethical.”

    Felician says the white student should kill himself “because you have white privilege.”

    “Why does having white privilege necessarily mean I should kill myself, why shouldn’t I struggle against the structures that….,” asks the white student.

    “Struggling against the structure means putting yourself on the line, putting your body on the line, do it….affirmative suicide, that’s cool, it’s one little step in the right direction” responds Felician.

    According to the description accompanying the video, “Miguel Feliciano works as an instructor at Coppin State University’s Eddie Conway Liberation Institute, run by Professor Shanara Reid-Brinkley of the University of Pittsburgh.”

    As I explore in the video below, “white privilege” is no longer a privilege at all and more of a way for social justice warriors and extreme leftists to claim that everyone is born racist because of their skin color.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. Rubio was “Trumped” big time in Florida
        looks like he has dropped out

        Kasich taking Ohio so he’s staying in

        Trump looks unstoppable at this point


        establishment Rethugs find a way to take him out

        • I think Rubio supporters will go to Cruz. Outside of Ohio nobody knows who Kasich is.

          Interesting that Cruz won Wyoming Saturday, but that didn;t even make the news. It was all about Trump and his brown shirts beating up the poor innocent black people.

          And as for this article, black are the scurge of America. If you look at the world as a whole, everywhere a country is run by black, the country falls to total shit.

          America is a prime example.

          • Electoral College Stats-

            Wyoming only has like 3 electoral votes. Whooohoooo.. for Cruz.. Florida is like 29 votes. Trump is a smart man.

            Alabama – 9, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 332,636 or 7.5 percent to 4,779,736 in 2010.
            Alaska – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 83,299 or 13.3 percent to 710,231 in 2010.
            Arizona – 11, an increase of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 1,261,385 or 24.6 percent to 6,392,017 in 2010.
            Arkansas – 6, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 242,518 or 9.1 percent to 2,915,918 in 2010.
            California – 55, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 3,382,308 or 10 percent to 37,253,956 in 2010.
            Colorado – 9, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 727,935 or 16.9 percent to 5,029,196 in 2010.
            Connecticut – 7, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 168,532 or 4.9 percent to 3,574,097 in 2010.
            Delaware – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 114,334 or 14.6 percent to 897,934 in 2010.
            District of Columbia – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 29,664 or 5.2 percent to 601,723 in 2010.
            Florida – 29, an increase of 2 electoral votes. The state’s population increased by 2,818,932 or 17.6 percent to 18,801,310 in 2010.
            Georgia – 16, an increase of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 1,501,200 or 18.3 percent to 9,687,653 in 2010.
            Hawaii – 4, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 148,764 or 12.3 percent to 1,360,301 in 2010.
            Idaho – 4, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 273,629 or 21.1 percent to 1,567,582 in 2010.
            Illinois – 20, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 411,339 or 3.3 percent to 12,830,632 in 2010.
            Indiana – 11, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 403,317 or 6.6. percent to 6,483,802 in 2010.
            Iowa – 6, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 120,031 or 4.1 percent to 3,046,355 in 2010.
            Kansas – 6, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 164,700 or 6.1 percent to 2,853,118 in 2010.
            Kentucky – 8, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 297,598 or 7.4 percent to 4,339,367 in 2011.
            Louisiana – 8, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 64,396 or 1.4 percent to 4,533,372 in 2010.
            Maine – 4, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 53,438 or 4.2 percent to 1,328,361 in 2010.
            Maryland – 10, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 477,066 or 9 percent to 5,773,552 in 2010.
            Massachusetts – 11, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 198,532 or 3.1 percent to 6,547,629 in 2010.
            Michigan – 16, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population fell by 54,804 or 0.6 percent to 9,883,640 in 2010.
            Minnesota – 10, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 384,446 or 7.8 percent to 5,303,925 in 2010.
            Mississippi – 6, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 122,639 or 4.3 percent to 2,967,297 in 2010.
            Missouri – 10, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 393,716 or 7 percent to 5,988,927 in 2010.
            Montana – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 87,220 or 9.7 percent to 989,415 in 2010.
            Nebraska – 5, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 115,078 or 6.7 percent to 1,826,341 in 2010.
            Nevada – 6, an increase of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 702,294 or 35.1 percent to 2,700,551 in 2010.
            New Hampshire – 4, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 80,684 6.5 percent to 1,316,470 in 2010.
            New Jersey – 14, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 377,544 or 4.5 percent to 8,791,894 in 2010.
            New Mexico – 5, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 240,133 or 13.2 percent to 2,059,179 in 2010.
            New York – 29, a decrease of 2 electoral votes. The state’s population increased by 401,645 or 2.1 percent to 19,378,102 in 2010.
            North Carolina – 15, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 1,486,170 or 18.5 percent to 9,535,483 in 2010.
            North Dakota – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 30,391 or 4.7 percent to 672,591 in 2010.
            Ohio – 18, a decrease of 2 electoral votes. The state’s population increased by 183,364 or 1.6 percent to 11,536,504 in 2010.
            Oklahoma – 7, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 300,697 or 8.7 percent to 3,751,351 in 2010.
            Oregon – 7, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 409,675 or 12 percent to 3,831,074 in 2010.
            Pennsylvania – 20, a decrease of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 421,325 or 3.4 percent to 12,702,379 in 2010.
            Rhode Island – 4, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 4,248 or 0.4 percent to 1,052,567 in 2010.
            South Carolina – 9, an increase of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 613,352 or 15.3 percent to 4,625,364 in 2010.
            South Dakota – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 59,336 or 7.9 percent to 814,180 in 2010.
            Tennessee – 11, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 656,822 or 11.5 percent to 6,346,105 in 2010.
            Texas – 38, an increase of 4 electoral votes. The state’s population increased by 4,293,741 or 20.6 percent to 25,145,561 in 2010.
            Utah – 6, an increase of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 530,716 or 23.8 percent to 2,763,885 in 2010.
            Vermont – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 16,914 or 2.8 percent to 625,741 in 2010.
            Virginia – 13, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 922,509 or 13 percent to 8,001,024 in 2010.
            Washington – 12, an increase of 1 electoral vote. The state’s population increased by 830,419 or 14.1 percent to 6,724,540 in 2010.
            West Virginia – 5, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 44,650 or 2.5 percent to 1,852,994 in 2010.
            Wisconsin – 10, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 323,311 or 6 percent to 5,686,986 in 2010.
            Wyoming – 3, unchanged. The state’s population increased by 69,844 or 14.1 percent to 563,626 in 2010.


            • Also note, Florida Population is 18.8 Million people. Concealed carry permit holders in FL is about 1.5 Million. That is about 8% of the population in FL are Licensed permit holders, or 1 in every 12 people in FL are packing heat.

              And I bet the majority of CCL carriers are WHITE PEOPLE. Blacks don’t qualify, so that Race Bait SH!T doesn’t fly here.


              • I read somewhere that 25% of black males have a felony record. That tends to cut down on the numbers.

                • Texas has 21 million people and only 300,000 CHL carriers.

              • I read somewhere that 25% of black males have a felony record. That tends to cut down on the numbers.

              • I read somewhere that 25% of black males have a felony record. That tends to cut down on the numbers.

                • Glad you said it twice, because it is more like 50%. Black makes are either in prison parole or ex felons.


                  • 8 out of 10 black males have been arrest before they are 24 years old.

              • CCL is unconstitutional. Only the 2nd Amendment is Constitutional where shall not be infringed is concerned.

                Commies don’t care and commies rule. Sanders is a commie, hitlery is a commie and 60 million commies voted for commie bommie, twice.

                • From a retired cop carrying for 40 years precop too. DON’T carry open….it leaves you open to get shot at Mcdonalds by the guy behind you who was gonna rob them anyway…+ now he gets a free gun…yours…
                  AND…AND Smug Hillary voting deluded Socccer Moms ( is there anything more uselsss that these 2 blaque debaters? or Masterdebatoers?) will call 911 on your ass at the Pibbly Wigly and breathlessly desccibe hoe you are waving a gun around and could very well, regardless of any officers intentions, get you proned ut, roughed up -for better or worse….better safe that sorry from their perspective- and after calling and jetting you get hassled, threatened by wellintentionjec cops who are scared too….of who konws whom with a gun…Young scared of blacks, god old boys just obeying the law and seeking to prtect themselves,potential robbers and ‘someone with a gun with no details (the main manner of call that can be most lethal to beat cops…..use a cover shirt, from cowboys chambray -2 sizes too big, a Hawaian, big flannel in fall of at least a light jacket in winters…better not the ‘shoot me first photgrapher vest though…especially at the instigation of some smug yuppie c__T who smugly leaves with her bottle of Crytal or Dom in her 500 SEl, or Audi A8 or Porsche GT3 en route to the ‘Jeresy Shore, Gul Coast, Augusta Golf Championships, Palm Springs et al….accidents can happen when such calls are made….accidents which, thiugn acidents for true can stillmloeave you hurt, killed over the scared overeacion of a rookie, a marginal Afrimative action ‘tard hired cause of NomamaBama or a ‘gawky old jerky assed ugly assed old commie gay assed libtard desructive and subversive as a termite old cunt bitch Janet reno remnant PROgram….it’s not wrth ot and ot can provoke some trach and actually result in your using deadly force…quite legally of course but the lowest common denominator witnesses will say ‘them ;olices had told that whi’ manz to put down them guns and the manze had reched for it and the poleeces had shotted him….I guarantee you the luck of the draw will enure that the witnesses will not be of your choosing….and some cops will hang you to protect the city sespite a hmest mistake shotting…The price of accident s too high…cover that gtat and learn ot to allow it to print…through yur clothes….it;s only your life, legs, motor function.I never craaied on duty as a detective if it wasn’t too hot to =waera cover short sportcoat which can be picked up in good quaity in throft sotreI got tweeds, gabandines, cordoroy all of which go with jeans, cowboy shirts, suit oats make good sport coats and many are cheap if the pants are too big for a old fat assed man…I carry every day WIT comething to cover…Just because it’s your right don’t mean it won’t get you killed through an accident and that’s scant compensation when you figure the Hillary Nomamabama programmed idiots out there who follow theor programming ans e[screech if th see and evil gun….except on disenfranchised “urban yutes”….sadly some cops with agendas. unlime me who took my oath seriously. thats what it’s ALL about..and I never cared if a non crook was packing…admonishing them to DON”T SAY YOUR SOORRY TO ME FOR CARRYING YOUR PISOTL….WTF WERE YOU THINKING,YOU DONT APLOGIZE TO A COP FOR CARRYING YOUR LEGAL PISTOL?….I ONCE UNLOADED A GUYS 32 AND OLD HIM TI LOCK HIS VBULLETS IN HIS MOTORCYCLE SECURITY AREA AND PUT THE UNLOADED PISTOL IN HIS POCKET OT VZE VERSA…AND GO GET IT RENEWED MONDAY…THIS WAS SATURDAY NOGHT, HE WAS WEEKS EXPIRED, HE LIVED 5 BLOCKS AWAY…i WARNED HIM A ROOKIE WOULD JAIL HIM OVER THAT SMAL DETAIL.I TOLD FOLKS, MOSTLY MEN, ” I MAY BEED YOU TO SHOOT SOMEBODY OFF THE TOP OF ME SOME NIGHT..SO GO IN PEACE AND DN;T APOLOGIZE…THIS AINT NEW JOISY GUY!!!! THIS IS _______ FILL IN THE NAME OF GO;S COUNTRY BELOW THE MIGHT TENNESSEE RIVER….GP INPEACE AND WALK TALL AND SPEAK QUIETLY AND SUPER POLITE…LIKE CHIEF GILLESPIE….THE TURN AND SAY…kILL’IM BUBBA, OR ‘PAWHKUH’….LOL..DON’T BE A STATISTIC Y’ALL…..I WONT…….THE MORE TIME PASSES, THE GREATER CHANCE THESE ‘SYRIANS; MAY SHO UP HERE AND BEHAVE LIE ITS SWEDEN…OR GRMANY…BOY IS THEY CONFRUSEDED IN THY MODZES?….iNCREASE THE PEACE…pEACE OUT FROM AN OLD NON-VIOLENT RETIRED WHITE “SOUTHERN” GUY. YEEEEHAAAAAH!Sorry typos….masturbating a I tyoe and it’s hard to do both….NNNAW……LOL…just a sorry .sorry typer…CIAO! BOB….

            • Maybe if European where not causing problems every were they go other countries could live. And don’t fool yourself it’s not just Africa. I’m sure you would be saying the same about the people you found on this land if you had not killed them to a point you could live rule over them! I don’t hold you guys to blame because I understand that you were under mind control as many are here, (It’s is the only way nations go to war! Mind Control) and I understand how that happen.

          • Add South Africa too.

          • Cruz won Wyoming because Wyoming is full Mormons. Mormon Bishop Romney works every Mormon state to defeat Trump. Romney is evil.

            Romney, Reid and that Mormon Utah senator will assure that Utah goes for Cruz.

            Commies everywhere, especially in states near Utah.

            f ’em

            • Romney robo called every hard line in Idaho and Wyoming and told us to vote for Rubio. THAT didn’t quite work out. Too late for Nevada. Romney will have to revise his message for Arizona. Colorado is a caucus state, GOP establishment hacks go for Cruz.

            • I am from Wyoming, I am Ashamed that they got the out of work sheepherders to vote for Cruz. I guess they wanted to get on the gravy train, Not have to herd sheep and get paid anyway.

            • Cruz won Wyoming because it is one of the few truly Conservative States in America. And just in case you don’t know, there are only three counties in Wyoming that have over a 10% Mormon population. I don’t agree with their religion, but that don’t make them bad. Cruz won in Texas and Oklahoma and Wyoming and close in Missourah, That shows where the real Conservatives live. Trekker Out. No Commies Here!

        • No. He got schlonged.

        • The hackers “anonymous ”
          Want trump out

          I posted a link in the last thread

          • The dark ones need to kill themselves to relieve us white folk of our beasts of burden lol.

            • Genius, this article got my blood boiling. You hit the nail on the head with ‘beasts of burden’. Those black turds can go f#$% themselves!

              • one word.


                • Let’s play devil’s advocate and, hypothetically, see what would happen if those two morons got their wish: All white people suddenly ceased to exist.

                  Who do those two think would then tolerate THEIR existence?

                  China? Not unless they needed slaves.
                  Hispanics? Who do they think first brought slavery to the Americas?
                  Arabs? Isn’t that THE problem in Sudan?
                  Each other? They can’t stop murdering each other in Africa based merely on tribal affiliation and religion.

                  “Be careful of what you wish for” should be their next debate topic.

                  • “Hispanics” are the mongrel offspring of Spaniards having sex with Central and South American Indians. People from Spain look nothing like the Central or South American mongrels.

                  • Blacks have litterly been selling their own kind Down the River for Centuries. Take Al Sharpton Race Baiter, telling his own kind to go riot to get shot and killed. Sharpton is a cartoon, a real Sanford and Son junk seller.

                    And the NAACP was set up and run by Jews to pollute the no ‘s of blacks to create chaos. Get rid of blacks in the US and we get rid of most welfare and Food stamp program costs white tax payers are burdened to have to pay for. Blacks invented poverty, welfare and Food stamps. Its all a race to the bottom. About once a month I even see blacks in my area. We don’t have BS problems like inner city ghettos. Redneck in my area fly the confederate flags in their pickup truck bedss in parade fashion a dozen trucks deep. Sending the message. We don’t tollerate that nigger BS here.


                    • And you don’t think whites have been “have litterly been selling their own kind Down the River” If not, ask yourself why should the sh|t hit the fan. Oh that right it was the blacks the robbed the nation. WAKE THE FUNK UP!

                  • AND! just what are they going to do with the privilege they have at the moment. Debate nonsense like this or use their education to better their lives?

                    Or waste their opportunity.

                    Let’s have them come back in ten years and see where they are shall we?

                    We have sunk to new lows when ever we advocate the death of others because we THINK they have it better than we do.

                    covetousness is sin

                    Synonyms: envy, enviousness, green-eyed monster, invidiousness, jealousy, resentment

                    Related Words: animosity, enmity, hatred, ill will; malice, maliciousness, spitefulness

                    Col 3:5 ¶ Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and COVETOUSNESS, WHICH IS IDOLATRY:

                  • You tell them! The white nations have always been loved all over the world. lol

                    • Ako, “whites” have invented and produced over 90% of the world’s inventions and knowledge.
                      Where would “your” world be without the white race, hmmm?

                    • We whites will end up wiping you scum from the face of the earth if you continue to attempt a race war against us! When the gloves come off (meaning the politically correct crap is finally rejected in the name of survival) none of you will stand much of a chance against us. We will be unleashed and ready to finish the job that should have been done long ago! Mercy stayed the hand of our forefathers, we now know better! The only thing holding back the destruction is the advent of civil society and rules/laws that protect you. You brown and black racists will bring about the end of that and bring doom upon yourselves in the process!

              • Braveheart,I’m with you, asking what “beasts of burden”??? The only one’s i ever see are sitting on their ass drinking a 40 OZ colt 45 and smoking a blunt listing to that “BOOM, BOOM” crap they call music!

                • That’s right now like the old times. when they were picking cotton and the white folks were doing the drinking…

                • Colt M4, good to see you back. I’ll also pass on that ‘dirty black rap’ like someone once told me. Those people don’t know what real music is.

              • The fact that we the white majority allow them to speak that way shows how patient and tolerant we are even in the face of such racism.

              • MLK said he wanted people judged by the content of their character, not their color. They are! Always have been. Act like an animal, and get treated like one, the blacks don’t like that.
                I remember when Arthur Godfrey was on TV and saying to S Carmichel when he started complaining about black history and oppression ie. slavery. You don’t look that old. It is all about what you do with your life. Not what someone else did with theirs.
                The Jews were treated harsher than anyone, I don’t see them complaining that the Arabs, or Italians oppressed them, and they want back wages.
                Grow UP, get a life, you go to school for free. get free housing, free utilities, free food, free everything, but it is not enough.
                Lincoln was right, should have sent the entire lot back to Africa when we had the chance.

            • please allow me to inject some sense of reasonableness to your statement…i know a few good “dark ones”….please don’t put all of them in the same basket….keep your eye on the ball here, there are LOTS of crackers that are worthless too….this can’t be a black against white thing….some of them DO assimilate, and make useful citizens….this war will be the “haves”(those willing to work for a living). against the “have-nots”(those NOT willing to work for what they have). it will also be the people that have sumthin’ against those taking it away to give to others(democRATS). lets all give a lot of thought to who’s who.

              • Oh boy. Another IKAGW. I do too, but they still stink.

                • i know a good whitey?…is that what that means?

            • Good point! Why are they all fleeing to Europe? It is not because they want to see the Louvre and sip espressos on the Left Bank: it is because they smell the odor of a free lunch and they are lining up with their dinner tray for a plate of ‘White man’s wealth’.

              White countries are the only countries that produce so much surplus and efficiency, this wealth can be shared with the world’s ‘eater’ populations. But, this efficiency is being eroded by the inclusion of populations who are not as clever or productive.

        • If white people all killed themselves, the entire world would quickly become a third world shithole. Whites have built pretty much everything worth having.

          • Things made by white people:

            – the radio, the TV
            – planes
            – ships
            – submarines
            – spaceships
            – international space station
            – telescopes
            – roads
            – modern hospitals
            – modern labs
            – the car
            – CERN
            – NASA

            Things made by black people:

            – rap
            – hip-hop
            – the boomerang
            – spears
            – ebony statues
            – grass skirts
            – mud huts
            – gang rape
            – swarming
            – Black Lives Matter

            I leave the reader to work out which are the greater accomplishments.

        • Black can’t exist without White. Can’t have one without the other. I mean the separation.

          We can have humans without having black or white.
          We can have people without having black or white.
          We can have souls without having black or white.
          But as soon as we designate a human, a person, or a soul as being white (or black), we have to designate everything else.

          Getting to the killing part. I think from a metaphoric perspective, killing all whites (and blacks too) makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t mean to go out actually ending the lives of people. It means to stop having the designation of black or white. By not designating, you “kill off” the categories. If you don’t designate, you have no problem. It’s so simple that I imagine the most people can’t handle it because they think the problem is more complicated than that. It isn’t.

          Essentially: stop fucking worrying about who or what is different. Stop categorizing. The same thing goes for male and female – this one bugs me a lot. I work in I.T. and people are always going on about “women in technology.” What’s it like to be a woman in technology? It’s like being a man in technology I suppose, except I use a different restroom. How about you don’t worry about whether someone is a man or a woman and let them get back to work?

          Gee what can the media talk about if they can’t keep pitting one thing against another?

      2. But Wait; If all the white people kill themselves, who will pay the taxes for them to get their student loans and food cards.

        • The powers that be need to change the EBT car to the White Privilege card.

          • I read this site but NEVER comment. I’m a white male and it’s obvious how privileged other groups are. I support HR and see it all the time, minorities are handed so many advancements and opportunities. The stories I could tell….nothing handed here.

            My solution? Go Galt. Get out of the system.

            I work a hard 40 hour job (technical work) then go home and raise my 4 boys and work on my homestead. Everything I improve on my land, soil, orchards, and livestock means better food for me and my family. Better soil to pass along when the farm goes to one of the kids. More self-sufficiency.

            Imagine America run by idiots like these people from the video. It’d be ruined in weeks. No thanks.

            One last idea I want to share. Imagine a ship going to Mars. somebody is selected to choose 100 people to travel with them. Because of distance, it’s a one way journey. Who do you take?

            You take the most qualified, smartest, hardest working people you can find. You don’t check off colors.

            Imagine another ship loads up and is called ‘Affirmative Action Crew’. How well will that ship do without the smart, hard-workers to colonize Mars?

            Our problem is that we have too many AA Crew-members in leadership roles making the wrong decisions.

            Sorry for the long post: but I’m going Galt.

          • eh acid etch

            do you know the difference between an african or negro? did u know jesus is a negro? did u know edomites (the white people of the bible) are getting ready to go into slavery? to the negro ?.(rev 13 10) you edomites have to pay for what u did to us. i dont run from “the facts” negros,latinos,native americans were cast down for a reason. we are the twelve tribes of israel.and gold or silver or “prepping” wont save you. acid u better pray the bible is not true man, u better pray hard my friend.

            • You better hope you’re not wrong racist! When your “12 Tribes” rise up, you’ll be begging the white man to come save you as your other “brothers of color” are raping your women and killing your men as well as enslaving those boys of yours. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You win, moron.

              • So much internet tough guys. If a race war came down to it. I put my money on the “niggers” because “facts” show they ain’t afraid to pull the trigger, hell you white people think that video games make kids violent. You just haven’t been decencetized from real life death that they see in the ghettos. In the end, a vast majority of people live in some mad max fantasy. And you bitch about illegals, who was the people who put the capitalistic ideology in place that influences people to come here? WHITE PEOPLE. I don’t give a shit if your black white Asians or even fucking blue, everyone has it hard. And no, we natives Arne the 12 Israelis tribes, so the guy above you can take his Jesus Christian shit with him as well. Everyone of every race is racist, just ashamed to admit it, oh yeah fuck Donald trump. Hell if any “shit hit the fan” I’d love to see you guys play make believe on the synthetic battlefield.

            • Give proof he is black or that his name is Jesus

            • What bible do you read? So how have any of us God fearing people lead you into slavery? The bible dose not say that we are all going to end up as slaves it say that if you accept Jesus Crist as your lord and savior and that he died on the cross for your sins you place will be in heaven. For he has go to prepare a place for me. And the book of revelation say 12,000 from the 12 tribes will go to heave so how in Gods green earth are us whit people going to be slaves to the 12 tribes? And just for kicks here is the verse out of the King James version.

              Rev 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

              Now tell me how has Acid Etch lead you into slavery or any of us.

            • I do remember reading yrs ago in the bible that Jesus had hair like lambs wool. It’s in there somewhere. This means he was very dark skinned and not White with straight long brown hair. They have been lying to us for CENTURIES !!!!

              • Rev 1:14 The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire.

                Is that the verse? It’s copy and paste from

            • yaiqab, I been reading this site from time to time for a couple years and for the past year quite often. I have only commented a time or two, but looking at what you wrote…well, you better think twice as you speak like a friggin fool because white people would never ever let happen what you speak of.

              As for myself, I’m tired of all the black bullshit telling us that blacks are going to take over and that whites owe them. I’ve got news for you and your tribe, you had your chance to better yourselves and 99% threw that chance away.

              You can piss off!!!

          • AE is 1000% correct. This “elite team” is nothing without affirmative action handouts.

            yaiqab is an idiot.

          • And you forgot one very important difference, the brain size is smaller in the negroe and the frontal lobes are under developed.

        • Hispanic people.

      3. I am white and privileged, because I worked hard to earn it. I will snatch the soul out of any twat waffle that thinks they can kill me or my kind. Please African Americans dont push this kill whitey bullshit. If you start it we will end it this time.

        • HM-8427, welcome aboard. I’m white but have never claimed to be privileged. I’ll take out any mofo of any color who thinks they can kill me. I agree that these turds had better be careful what they wish for. It will backfire on them.

        • wrong hm

          read my post to acid etch, YOUR nation started it by enslaving the twelve tribes of israel and the way u treated us. and now messiah (who is a negro,not african) is going to end it with the twelve tribes doing to u DOUBLE what did to us.thats why this blog site is constantly reporting on the imminent end of your kingdom, get ready for captivity to the very people u oppressed. u better pray the bible is not true. esau (biblical name for white people)

          • Well, looks like you’ll just end up starving to death. ‘Mong you don’t have enough initiative to fill a thimble.

          • What’s with the “us” and “you” BS? I have never enslaved or oppressed anyone of any color in my life. You have no idea what true oppression is. Most slaves brought to the Americas were sold out by their own African leaders.

            You and others like you continue to race bait and encourage some kind of racial conflict. Your time would be better utilized by getting off the public dole, wearing a condom, paying child support, and contributing to the work force.

            If you want to be oppressed and have a real rationale for some of the supposed anger you are fostering, then return to your land of origin and try to make something of yourself there. Good luck with that. You’ll end up on the receiving end of some goon squad “recruiting fighters” for their cause.

            • you said it better than me ,, below

          • the Muslim nations enslaved way before the United States .. and your own kind sold your own people to the United States Slave owners .. so convenient for you to forget about that now isnt it?

            they also treated them with food and shelter for the work performed ,, much like today for ALL OF US

            hey dick whistle , were all friken slaves I know its hard to see that with where your head is stuffed, but its reality

            • …And let us not forget that the first slave owner…nay, the very person who took owning slaves to court…was…wait for it…a black man! Don’t believe me? Read this.


              Just food for thought!

        • When Black people riot Neighbor Hoods Burn, When white People Riot Countries Burn!!! Bring it on Ladies!!!

          Semper Fi

          • That’s funny!! I can’t stop laughing

      4. But Wait; If all the white people kill themselves, who will pay the taxes for them to get their student loans, welfare and food cards.

        • They never think that far ahead
          That’s why all the advancement in this world are completed by whites

          • And always has been. Imagine a country run by darkies? Oh ya AFRICA! that’s doin good swinging from trees and hunting with blowguns still. Other than the white interventions, look’s like cavemen still exist! PS, Don’t point that out to the sub 90 IQ afrekan amreikan foolks, they HATE THAT! lool 😛

            • Genius, AMEN. The spooks don’t have any brains.

              • i think the problem may just be that democRATs just have this “thing” where they don’t have any way to conceive of future events more than perhaps….say….5 minutes. that would explain a LOT…you might just be on to sumthin, enemy.

        • HN, that was funny!

      5. Ok Oreo you kill yourself first. I’ll watch.

        If some thug would have said that I should kill myself I would have told him he is out of his FRIGGING mind, and then told him. If he wants me dead to try and take my life. I would show him WHITE Privilege.


        • If all the blacks killed themselves then the gun industry would go bankrupt. There would be no reason for anyone to buy a gun. The police force would be just one cop, and he would only be used for getting the mail from the post office!

          • In response to this article – We could wipe out 75% of all crime in the USA by killing all the Blacks in America. Just one BIG Culling Sweep… Or offer them to get on that frigging one way boat back to Africa. Your choice. You got 30 days to pack up your shit and get on board!! Just saying…

            ~WWTI… The Facts Suck from them.

            • WWTI, spot on. The FBI and DOJ statistics make it clear who is really responsible for the majority of crime in this nation. These black turds don’t have a leg to stand on. They can go f#$% themselves.

            • Interesting how whitey is sooooo raysis, but darkie refuses to move away from the raysis crackas. They would do soooo well on their own.

              If you don’t count crimes committed by “African Americans”, USA is one of the safest countries on Earth. There are exceptions, but overall, Africans destroy everything they touch.

              • Disarm the inner ghettos in just four US cities, Washingon DC, Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore, and the US becomes the 14th safest country in the world, right up there with Iceland or the Falkland Islands, places like that.

                In fact, it already is, for the people who don’t live in those areas.

            • Good point: you could replace that entire population with Chinese people, and the US GDP would surge ahead by many multiples, while crime would drop through the floor. In fact, I did some back of the envelope calculations, and it would be cheaper to just requisition cruise ships and move the entire population back to Africa, and then allow Chinese people to buy an air ticket and move to the US. In one swoop, you could take away the need for two things that waste wealth to support this population: 1) welfare and ebt; 2) foreign aid. Take that money and better spend it on modern airports and transport systems. In fact, I bet the Chinese would even foot the bill for it for the ability to move to the US.

        • I strongly disagree Sarge. My life matters One hell of a lot more than some criminal nigger motherfucker shootin peeps for some crack! I produce, they destroy. destroyers are human garbage that need to be disposed of! I care not what people think this isn’t a popularity contest! The truth be told, all destroyers need to be eliminated including the rulers! The over breeders need to be sterilized too. The destruction of you resources is hidden by media, believe what you will but you CANNOT hide from the consequences of hiding from the TRUTH!

          • I strongly disagree Sarge. My life matters One hell of a lot more than some criminal darkie motherfucker shootin peeps for some crack! I produce, they destroy. destroyers are human garbage that need to be disposed of! I care not what people think this isn’t a popularity contest! The truth be told, all destroyers need to be eliminated including the rulers! The over breeders need to be sterilized too. The destruction of you resources is hidden by media, believe what you will but you CANNOT hide from the consequences of hiding from the TRUTH! (had to elimINate a word to get this posted)


              • Genius:

                No. I don’t believe in abortion let alone forced abortions. That said, I feel ya. It does appear that there are far to many people having children who lack the capacity to be effective parents and contributing members of society, while far more intelligent people are putting off having children for work and higher education. I would opt for subsidizing brainy people so that they could start reproducing while still in college.

                I would also be in favor of voluntary sterilization by parental consent of mentally retarded. But that is about as far as I would want to take that train.

                I really enjoy reading your posts. You’re a trip. Sometimes a bad trip. You crack me up. Ha ha.

      6. Whites are under attack. Every White male from 25-35 should expand the white population as much as possible and train for the race war.

        • I’m a little older, but willing to help.

          • Yep!

      7. F#$K’EM

      8. Since I was born white I hold no responsibility for it nor did i never get anything handed to me because of it. Its sad that I had 18 ancestors that fought for the Union and then have to put up with this crap. anybody have a problem with my color can pound sand. I don’t hold anybody’s color against them so the dummies pushing this crap can take a flying leap. Thank you Mr. half-white Obama. He must hate looking at himself in the mirror.

        • I had a great…grand uncle that fought in the 22nd Ohio Volunteers. He was captured at Chickmunga and sent to Andersonville Prison where he later died.

          So the blacks can totally kiss my ass. 400,000 white people died fighting for their freedom in the Civil War, they forget that part.

        • Well said Jim, from a descendant of a NY 43rd Reg. Union Solider.

          • The so-called civil war was never about slavery. It was about states’ rights and taxes.

            • True

            • Northern agression!

          • Paul, my main ancestor was in the 26th New York and died at Gettysburg in the wheat field.

      9. Not enough that the left murdered 100 MILLION last century. per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. Now the fascist left is back at it.

        While my black friends got all kinds of money to go do school, I *literally* on year worked **full time** at night and went to university full time in the day. When I got out, there were all kinds initiatives to hire minorities, but white, English speaking males? Meh, not so much. And there is the classic case (I am a dual US/Canadian citizen) where, as an experiment, I would apply for Canadian govt jobs. I have two graduate degrees, teaching certification in three provinces (takes five years to get this in Canada), was a Novell CNE and CNI, had extensive computer skills back in the 1990s when it was more rare, etc. I also scored on the 94th percentile on the govt entrance exam. You might think that would qualify me to be at least interviewed for being a janitor, but you would be wrong. There was only ONE time I was ever even offered a possible phone interview, and that was in rural Saskatchewan, a place no one would go, and after I claimed I had a mental disability (a bit of claustrophobia).

        But no matter. I had an response published in a major Canadian paper in response to some feminazi who had written that white, anglophone males should give up their jobs for women, minorities, etc. I had the utter temerity to write that I felt we should just hire people based on their abilities, regardless of race, creed or whatever. How radical! How hateful! So these fascist feminists, who were in a senior position at a major Canadian department (Treasury Board) we had a contract with went to my boss, and said fire him, or we pull a million dollar contract from you company. Being the weenie he was, he did so.

        There are numerous other experiences I have had like this. Suffice to say they have made a permanent, committed, articulate enemy who will never, ever, EVER go away. I don’t like fascism. I don’t like arrogance. And the left, the feminists and the New Black Scamsters….er… Panthers are that in spades.

        And they are too arrogant, ignorant and just plain puerile to not be able to figure out it is they, themselves (along with their Nazi Brownshirt gay buddies)that are the true oppressors.

        I can’t remember, but I think it may have been Moliere (can someone help me here?) who said “It’s never very long before oppressed people, once they gain power, TO PUT ON THE VERY ROBES OF THEIR FORMER OPPRESSORS.” That is *exactly* what you are seeing today.

        • The femenazis are just as bad. They whine about the number of Fortune 500 CEOs who are women, but I never hear anything about a push to increase the number of female coal miners, trash collectors, roofers, or drywallers.

      10. And they say we are racist my ass its not white privileged i dont racall white affermitive action dont recall any Arian American college fund as opposed to black american college fund and my favorite black history month i mean really hell we would need white american history decade

        • Godsoldier, spot on. And The United Negro College Fund is still called exactly that, not African-American college fund. That still exists despite the student loans, pell grants, quotas and set-asides, etc.

          • as i recall, richard pryor and michael jackson were involved with the IGNITED negro fund.

      11. I am interested to see what happens when Hillary pressures Bernie to drop out of the race…. Will the Commie agitators attack her rallies? Right now the media winks at them because they are after Trump. But what about when brainwashed thugs like in this video go after everyone?

        • If you aint white, you aint right! “Ben Franklin 1792”

          • Genius, I’m white so I know I’m right.

            • 😉

          • Genius, Ben died in 1790…

            • Ha ha ha, I was wondering if anyone would catch that! You win the prize 🙂

          • Rorinon.

            I watched the video and I would have shoved them off the stage. Those two wanted to make a name for themselves. Like in the obituary section of the newspaper.

        • Hillary is a commie. Why would commie agitators attack a fellow commie?

      12. One of these days “Whitey” is going to “Flip Out”.

        Once it starts it will not end till it burns itself out.

        When “Without Rule Of Law” happens, all the complaints of Racism, White Privilege, Prejudice, and Injustice goes out the window.

        Then barking out the above Bullshit will get you a pine box.

        • They do flip out only one at a time look at the mass shootings they are done by white who have had enough of this bull along with pc crap

          • GodSoldier

            Serial Killers too!

          • GS – bullfeathers! ALL OF IT is a mile-high pile of fertilizer! They’ll use anything that pisses as many people off as possible and never mind what their skin color is – there will ALWAYS be a mix of skin colors, native languages and other “divisions” that can be used as a wedge between people who are already fed up! False flags, assassinations, anything that’ll piss off a lot of people whatEVER their skin color is – that’s what they want! People blaming other people so that We the People fight amongst ourselves and ignore the lying, thieving, murderous, rich, totally insane and sociopathic perverts in D.C. and THEIR owners, who are even MORE insane: the Rothschild/Rockefeller so-called “elites”. THEY are the ones bankrolling and pushing it all! If We the People ever just ONCE were to stand up on our hind legs, all at once – Americans of every color, shade and native language out there – and DEMAND that our supposed “elected” officials do their damned jobs or be prepared to be yanked OUT of them and replaced by people who know the Constitution, respect it and who are WILLING to DO THEIR JOBS! These anti-Constitutional wannabe totalitarians are in a city of three Rothschild (or other “elite”-owned) corporations, though who “officially” holds title at the moment I don’t know and I doubt it matters. Ten miles-per-side D.C. was the repayment for the loans handed out to BOTH sides (as usual) to fight the Civil War (which the “elites” also started, as usual). So let’s take the seat of OUR (“of, by and for” US – you and me and those folks over there, remember!) government back to Philly and elect some LEGITIMATE government officials and start putting things back together as they’re supposed to be!

            *sigh* Well, maybe it wouldn’t work out quite THAT easily… You all get the idea, though. Remember something about “…government of the people, by the people and FOR the people” – or words to that effect? I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I’m sick of government of the Rich, by the super-rich and for anyone and everyone BUT the People! OURS are the hands that build the houses and office buildings, the cars and the roads they travel on, WE make all the little gadgets (or we DID before they chose to destroy America by sending the work overseas), WE grow much of if not most of the food… or we did. Et. Cetera. Black, red, white, brown, yellow – why allow Them to make those meaningless differences the deadly divisions they keep trying to make them into?? We are all ESSENTIALLY – in the full and true meaning of the word – the same creature! Except for, maybe, the “elites”, per their own claims. I have NO trouble believing that they may very well be descended from reptiles: no conscience, no love or caring, cruelty a casual amusement for them, murder a casual act to remove obstacles or for fun, or worse, for food…

            When people remember that Americans ARE Americans not just by birth, but by choice, by character, known by what we value: the freedom to choose our own lives for ourselves without interference, the willingness to grant to others that self-same Right, and with the willingness to back up that freedom for ALL OF US with whatever it takes to retain it, no matter WHO IT IS this time trying to take it away for their own convenience and gain, and no matter WHAT it costs US. THEY never pay with anything but stolen or fake money or other people’s blood and lives. We, on the other hand, have paid again and again and yet again down the long ages with our own labor, our own blood, sweat, heartache, almost always remaining in poverty no matter HOW long or how well or how hard we work, with our youth and even our own lives and the lives of those we love, and lastly we’ve paid with our seemingly endless tears for those lost in the battle to own ourSelves and the work of our own hands, hearts, minds and spirits…

            We’re coming up now on the last great battle for this world and for the RIGHT to own ourselves, to own our own work, and to make our own correctly INFORMED choices without the interference of the wealthy or a government that has NO conceivable right to insinuate itself into every aspect of the lives of We who created it in the first place! It’s also implicit in the Constitution that they very clearly so fear and loathe that we have the unquestionable RIGHT to remove the usurpers of positions of illegitimate power over us all no matter the cost to us! Like any other living creature in any other jungle – which THEY have made it into! – we can, and we MUST remove them from those positions of illegitimate, stolen power over us in whatever way they make necessary! For building the world with our own hands, stone by board by brick by steel girder, the civilization they think they can now lay total claim to, with us included in the list of their “possessions,” our “reward” is, by their own repeated statements, to be death by starvation, by torture at the hands of our deluded brethren who have yet to understand that they and theirs are to be next on the long, long list of the dead the so-called “elites” intend to MAKE that way. Down the ages they’ve turned us against each other for their own profits and amusement, built their homes on the crushed and burned corpses of those who came before us and their children, and they would now have us and our own children suffer the same fate and thus remove our inconvenient selves from “their” world – for THEIR convenience!

            Je refuse!

        • Having about 10K rounds in various calibers, and a lot of high capacity magazines, I will say that I will far out live these Buckwheats. Ready Go!!!


        • “Without Rule Of Law” already exists from the top, down….all that’s left is for the bottom UP to get lit.

        • Slingshot, the pine box will be built using lumber produced by whitey.

      13. When (ethnic)nation rises against ethnic nation, where does that leave us?

        It will not be mass suicide…
        I would suggest to this black panther wannabes, to tread lightly in a country where hundreds of millions of US outnumber them by orders of magnitude.

        • PM, good to see you back and spot on. they can kill some of us but not all of us. MOLON LABE

        • Even without the numerical advantage, negros have no chance in a race war. By and large, they are incapable of strategic thinking.

      14. Yeah sure
        I’ll get right on that

      15. Nincompoops being played off against one another

        They think they are pretty smart when in fact they are just useful idiots in the grand scheme of things

      16. If that were a white man arguing for black genocide, he would have been expelled from school and fired from instructing. The fact that Fellacio still has a job and enrollmemt makes his west ga, coppin state,and harvard promoters POS, including the racist shanara reid. Tired of these a-holes being given a platform and meal ticket for spreading racial hatred.

      17. This is looking good.

        If Hillary wins. She will continue what Obama started. More Gun Control and New World Order. Possible Civil Unrest

        Trump Wins. Might turn the country around if he keeps his word.

        Rubio supporters will now vote for Cruz. Could be a brokered convention. Trump loses nomination by being off’ed by the establishment. Angry Trumpers don’t vote in the Presidential election for Cruz. Might vote for Hillary?
        Throwing election to Hillary. Possible Civil unrest.

        Trump wins Presidential election and Give Me Dats start Civil unrest anyway.

        ” Just Tip Toe Through the Tulips with me”

        Tiny Tim.

        • Forgot to mention.

          We still have ten months left with the jerk in the white house and what he might instigate.

          Roll the dice.

        • I suspect that if it came to Trump v Hillary that significant numbers of Sanders supporters would hold their nose and vote for Trump. I know two hard core Democrats 94 and 71 years old, one female that have never voted for a Republican for President in their life that are voting for Trump.

          Let Trump get some commercials going of blue collar people that once made good money who lost their jobs to Free Trade and blame Bill Clinton and Hillary will loose a great number of otherwise supporters. She can’t defend herself from that.

        • i got a feelin’ that trump might just rip hillary a new one, once he gets past the republicant’s….he’s a damned tough opponent.

          • Hillary has two extremely vulnerable issues. Her support for and husbands participation in the good job eviscerating Free Trade Agreements and taking 26 million from Goldman Saks. There is no defense for either with the middle class, blue collar, fence sitters.

            “What goes around, comes around”.

      18. The Blacks talk big in their own ‘hood’, but just let them enter the white ‘hood’, and see what happens.
        Then we’ll see how brave they really are.

        • Ever see the dark ones out camping? OF COURSE NOT! They are afraid of theyre own shadow! Fookin bears and snakes an OMG! Darkies are the last thing you need to worry about in the woods! The white wiggers are too stupid to even drive 50 miles so count them out. Hunters (white 99.999999950%) will go where water is plentiful. So that leavesme with about .00005% to worry about and I can dispatch with them post haste easily. (by myself). If you have read my posts for the last few years and looked at the links I provided, you too are a guerilla genius and know what I mean! If you didn’t then I guess yer screwed cause I ain’t repeating them ! 😛

      19. Once again I have to laugh.. Frank is right, this is dumbphuckistan. They are all our of options and now they are rally sounding stupid, Final has now won the election
        , so now what? Get ready for the EMP…I am not letting my phucking guard down.. I am on high alert 24-7, and I can handle the stress better now.. thanks to you know what but then again we mat get that nasty surprise 11:00 am during the week one morning in broad daylight…I am still stocking up on preps.. when the Haarp induced rains cane Texs the other day, we got emails telling residence to cooperate with the local fema officials and government and do as we are told and to go it the facilties that they tell us to go to.. this is the crap that they are emailing tenants in my city from management companies..i had to laugh when I read that.. the dumb phuck’s in this management company actually believe people like me listen to crap like that much less obey that BS. Keep it cabal I just keep buying more bullets.. soon for the soldiers and the rest for the thug MS 13 Latinos and be dred lock.. just got a cantilever rifled barrel for my other mossberg 500.. need rifling to deliver the SSt..& acutips with much more Precission at 150 yards.. I figure I needs bigger rounds to take out bigger thugs at close distance post shtf. I am still not convinced that we are having another election. If Donald Trump does not win and something bad happens to him or they pull a false flag, EMP etc, then we know who do it, now what happens next scars the crap our of even me…because now it’s revolutionary and civil war combined..



        I have to literally phucking laugh.

        • You are kidding, right?
          Or perhaps wide awake on meth?

        • HCKS, ROTFLMAO! dumbphuckistan! Good one!

        • easy does it HCKS …remember lots of people take notes …your experience in your former life is helpfull. God speed to you

      20. Let these bastards come to work with me and see how they like my white privilege humping building materials up three stories. Ungrateful idiots, my great great grandfather paid for their freedom with his own blood.

      21. We should be killing all the blacks and beaners to atone for all of the wealth we have wasted on them.

      22. “White People Should Kill Themselves To Atone For White Privilege”

        If their technological advancements were removed too the remaining world would literally be in the stone age. That is not an exaggeration by any means. It would make for an interesting History Channel Series of “Life After People” with a twist.

        • I’ve heard a lot of that kind of thing in a long and (hopefully) lengthening life. Black Africans ruled Egypt for some time. I wonder if THEY ever offered to pay for the slaves THEIR ancestors took and maybe worked to death..? It’s all so damned ridiculous – we’re ALL in deep kimchee here! Black, white or green with purple polka dots, color doesn’t mean squat at this point. We’d better get moving and work TOGETHER as Americans! It’s either that or we WILL fall together – as a dead-and-gone former country that had a TREMENDOUS amount of potential – and walked away from it like fools and cowards. The excuse, “We didn’t fight because because there were WAY too many people with the wrong color skin on OUR side…” sounds pretty damned sorry as an excuse, doesn’t it?

      23. I invite the intrepid debater to come to my house and begin initiating the ” white solution” himself. May the best man win.

      24. If only there was some continent, possibly in the southern hemisphere, populated almost entirely by black people. A place where the blacks in America could move to, and be happy in their white-free paradise – without reliable utilities, paved rods, welfare payments, free Obamaphones, free Obamacare, and free schools.

        I think that if it weren’t for white people, 90% of American blacks would probably starve to death within a month, and the other 10% would be cannibals.

      25. When will these brave souls actually start some real shit?

      26. Actually, the sooner the war starts the better.

        Let’s get this over with.

      27. Oh sure! Can’t do it yourself, so kracker has to do for you again. Foock

      28. whitey just gave black americans the highest standard of living in the world and all sorts of hand ups. if anyone doesn’t like it, i’ll pay to fly them to live in Africa.

        you notice they never want to move out somewhere were they wont feel discriminated

      29. welcome to the new south africa

      30. Keep in mind Donald Trump was ostracized by the MSM and the other
        Presidential candidates because someone who was in the Klan 40 years
        ago endorsed him. That was “racist”?
        Calling for WHITE GENOCIDE somehow is perfectly acceptable in this
        inverted society that Zionists/Leftists have created. MLK never called
        for white genocide. This is something that gullible, easily manipulated
        thugs are taught.

      31. Yawn…….see how much he hates white people when his job search begins.
        Maybe he can move to Illinois and take up Community organizing?
        Maybe a Parole Officer?
        Maybe open up a Bojangles?
        Mayor of Baltimore?
        O’s body man since Reggie Love resigned?
        Crack dealer?
        F off.

        • exactly

          how many Blacks are offering jobs out there? good paying jobs .. I bet the number between the two races shows that 99% of his chances he would be working for a white man that did something with his life and built a business

          when my B.I.L. was bitching about company owners and how much money they make , I asked him when the last time a bum offered him a job

          • Stupid statement the banks have used red lining from back as the ’30 to stop blacks from owning anything that could provide their community with a way to employ their own. So your statement maybe correct (IS CORRECT) but let’s just forget the reasons that it is that way…. ID10T

            • Not so. In my home town, 100 years ago there were more black owned businesses of all types than white. Over half of the restaurants and grocery stores were black owned. All of the barber shops in town were black owned. (All per the 1915 city directory.)

              But then the 1920s and 1930s came along and the black people had to shop in white stores and go to other white businesses. Eventually, all the black businesses closed down for lack of business.

              They did it to themselves. Now the biggest black business in town is the funeral home. There used to be a rib house, but I think it’s gone now.

              So now there’s a huge section of the city with no businesses at all, so the black people are forced to use white businesses.

              BTW, if you’re a bank and want to make a profit, you don’t go giving loans to people who can’t pay you back. A neighborhood full of unpainted shotgun shacks about to fall down because of the laziness of the owners is not likely to harbor wealthy people able to pay back big loans.

              “Redlining” is just a name to make something sound worse.

      32. I think that the decent, law abiding, working black people aint talking reverse racist horseshit, i think the rest are nothing more than trouble makers.

      33. Some blacks are more angry than ever. Perhaps, they expected the president to seek revenge?

        It is coming to this. White people are going to have to separate themselves to a point but still being respectful

        That is a culture that is in collapse. White people are going to have to decide what is good for them. Misery loves company and I am past the point in that I am not concern about “a situation”, always stirring something. Racism is everywhere and a few I work with spend more time seeking that out than working.

        What is so bad is that we had cutbacks and those who did not meet the initial standards were placed the same position required for a 4 year degree at increase pay but below the pay of those with a four year degree and now it’s in your face for some, no change in attitude, worst.

        Just moving on in life.

      34. This article is only one more reason why this country is done. It is death my a million cuts. It is only a matter of time that the whole thing breaks down.

      35. I just wish that these youngsters would keep their mind off of others, and keep their minds on their selves. That’s the whole problem, young people have to much time on their hands, and they are using that time to blame others, such as white people. If they youngsters lived during Civil Rights, and before, I could understand, but they didn’t, they are using it to their benefit, just to complain about their lacking to get up and better them self. There are many African Americans that decided to get up and better themselves and are very successful, not just white people, and no one should kill themselves, that just stupidity talking. Are young people need to just grow up.

      36. How about a follow-up on the black students and their families. See how many of them are sucking the govt tit.

      37. Do your part and have more white children. I got three doing my part. If these apes decide they are gonna war on whites. I know what side I will be on. Niggers are the problem. They need to be eradicated like a bug infestation. You have to kill every last one or they come back and we will have the problem again down the road. When the time comes whites need to go all out on the nigs to erase them for good. Let them start the fight and crush them. They are the aggressors.

      38. When the SHTF a PURGE will happen that no one will be able to stop or control and Gods intended rule of nature of survival of the fittest will apply and im not talking about just physically fit or intelligence but common sense cleverness and balls (will to do what needs done)

        • couldn’t agree more

      39. I was told once by a dr that to be a dr or attorney you only have to have the ability of memorizing as in diseases and treatment and injury and procedures as for attorneys memory of laws and how to manipulate in both cases now a days the intelligence to just use a computer but a scientist discovers unknowns and i rank inventor tinkering survivalist and the ability to adapt and overcome as true intelligence

      40. Foolish, allowing a college professor to whip them into idiocy. You used to stand with your fellow students against brainwashing by teachers. But they start them young these days with unquestioning conditioning from kindergarten on up.

        It’s just complete and utter stupidity. If things continue on the way they are headed we’ll all starve together. Black skin won’t fill a stomach any better than green skin or blue hair.

        My advice to these Harvard students is this: drop out. Transfer to another college, a community college even. Attend a trade school and learn a useful craft. Or simply enter the workforce as-is. Quit paying 60,000 dollars a year to attend classes on “How to Hate Each Other 101.” There are very, very few jobs where you will be able to earn enough to pay back 240k in student loans, and the few that do exist are filled by people much older than you that need the work because the economy is in the gutter right now. Get a job, even minimum wage if you have to, save your money, learn to grow things, and be kind to those you meet. You will have far less stress and be much happier. A human life has only 100 years on this world if you are incredibly lucky. Why waste it on this?

      41. Just wondering about about Israel being black or white people being Esau where you get that information

      42. Garden Nut.

        You can not get rid of the stress because the threat is always there. Worse than ever with a president and his administration that has embolden these low life’s to continue with their attacks. Wait till the Islamic refugee’s get here in the right numbers. Heard one reason they need these people is to fund Social Security. Well you won’t need Social Security when they kill your dumb ass.

        I leave my neighbors alone and I wish to be left alone. Help where you can. But the world is pushing in on me to the point I don’t give a shit no more. I will be ready if they want to start it and will become as brutal as I NEED TO BE and screw the rest.

        Like the election it shows people have had enough of the B.S.

      43. A friend of mine put in a few years in The Peace Corps three decades ago. From his observations he theorized that people coming from a warm tropical climate have far easier access to food than those from a cold environment as the growing season is much shorter. Those from the colder environment must be thrifty, organized and disciplined to survive. Those traits carry on to offspring. The cultures reflect behavior. It just so happens that darker skin is an indicator of a warm climate origin.

        As they say your a product of your environment.

      44. I embrace and enjoy my “white privilege” and I’m also a racist. So what? Your “sticks and stones” bullshit doesn’t matter and never did.

        • You are not a racist. There is no such thing. You are racially motivated. Big difference. The word “racist” is a Marxist pejorative (insult).

      45. want proof this wont work?

        just look at Detroit

        Nuff said?

      46. The only reason I listen to them is to find out what they will do next. Otherwise, I don’t care what the simians think or say.

      47. Most white people are too stupid or lazy to know that they are going extinct. Say what? Whites make up no more than 10% of the world population. They have a birth rate of one white child per white couple. That means they will cut their population in half in one full generation. Not a theory. Mathematical certainty. I’m starting to see the topic discussed on TV more and more. Watched an Asian guy on TV last night, from the TV series “Expanse”. He said that there will only be one race 300 years from now. He was wrong. Chinese and East Indians have fairly homogeneous countries within which to breed. The only people going bye bye are us honkies. We are watching as our homelands are overrun. Our breeding grounds are disappearing. Oh well, baseball season starts soon, right?

        • The 2010 census shows the following from what I can find:

          White only: 63.7% – Way too high
          Black only: 12.2% – I doubt it’s this low. There is no way the census captured the true number.

          Asian/Islander/Indian Total: 7.7% – probably accurate

          Hispanic: 16.3% – This number is way low as well.

          I suspect the current white only is around 60% now, and black only is probably in the mid to high teens. We are quickly approaching 1 black for every 4 whites if we have not already eclipsed that ratio.

          The Hispanic percentage is clearly in the 20%+ percentile.

          Of the remaining whites, 78 million of them are boomers. The youngest boomers now in their early 50’s and are rapidly aging out. White births are now the minority as you pointed out.

          The remaining whites will be gobbled up and finished off as the burgeoning numbers of ‘non-whites’ continue to crowd them out and displace them across the board.

          Everywhere I look, I see race mixing from TV to the real world.

          One way or another, this country clearly does not have a good long term chance of survival as an economic superpower.

          • 52% of kids entering kindergarten last year were non white. That explains it all.

      48. Racism is the only contagious mental disorder. There are no other mental disorders which is passed from one person to another (as far as I know). It is a disorder where (in many cases) those who are infected by it (the disorder) do not know that they are infected. It seems to me that there is no way to have a sane dialog with those who are infected. Story of this nature do a very good job of spreading the infection. Many here are infected!

        • Discussing the science of demographics is not racism. As I’ve pointed out before, the word “racism” was invented in the early 1930’s by a communist who wanted to intimidate westerners (white people) out of the political process. Trying to intimidate a race of people is morally evil, wouldn’t you agree?

        • Racism isn’t the only contagious mental disorder, Mr. Adin..
          I see the results of inbreeding here several generations after the fact (when it was very widespread). People are mentally deficient in so many areas of intelligence and they have zero idea why.
          You can parse words on “contagious” in this example but I see no other explanation.
          Your racism is also contagious…you definitely have it.

        • If you are arguing that there is no discernible difference between various races, then I am afraid you are wrong. Especially in regards to the current dictionary definition for race – “a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc” [Oxford English Dictionary].

          History, culture, language, religion, each has a massive impact on how an individual views the world. What they value, what they despise, what is traditional, what is acceptable, etc. Taken all together they have a distinct and decisive effect. Groups of humans from different cultures are -different-. Different things offend them, different jobs are aspired to, different interactions with their families occur.

          If you have a thousand years of seafaring in frigid water in your history, then I can guarantee you will be far more fond of fish than someone from a desert. You will have a better understanding of weather patterns on the coast. Your ancestors will have emphasized strength of arms over fleetness of foot. Your childhood stories will be far different from ones from a tropical land. There will be distinct and noticeable differences between your neighbors, and those from a country half a world away.

          To say there is no such thing as race is to insult history and to be completely blind.

        • Racism is not a mental disorder. How is it wrong to point out that most of a group of people act the same?

          For example, I was in high school before I ever saw a black person who could speak proper understandable English.

          In my home town, whenever we would lose power at night, within minutes a mob from the black section of town would be heading to the business section to see what they could steal. There never was a white mob.

          In my current town, you see black people wandering around in the middle of the street blocking traffic and cursing. You never see white people doing that.

          My town is over 50% black, but you hardly ever see a black person working, except in fast food and a few in Wal-Mart.

          Is it racist to point out that you see white people and Mexicans working all over the place?

          I judge each person I meet individually without regard to color. They are all good people unless they show me otherwise.

          If there are a lot of good black people, they should be out where we can see them, and they should start kicking the asses of the hoodlums that are giving them a bad name.

      49. The sad thing is, black people would be up the proverbial creek without whitey holding their hands every step of the way. Here is some food for thought: black pirates trade white slaves off the Barbary coast for 200 yrs.

      50. To the makers of I’ve commented here before and never seen the post after hitting the post button,so I don’t really expect you to post what I say because it is counter to the spin you guys wants. I think that you guys are the major media gone underground.

        • Your posts have never been deleted here. There is a moderation delay for comments posted from IP Addresses that aren’t recognized by the AKISMET commenting system, so just because it doesn’t show up immediately doesn’t mean we’re trying to censor your “spin.”

      51. Get use to the fact that our votes don’t count. Curly Haugland, an unbound GOP delegate from North Dakota stated this morning that voters don’t select the GOP party nominee, the party does. He doesn’t understand why they even have primaries, since they don’t matter. The party will select whomever they want. The convention in Cleveland should be real interesting this year when the party announces their choice for nominee. Trump will not be allowed to be the nominee and unfortunately Hitlery will probably wind up as president because of their selection.

        • Correct. However, I do see substantial blow back on this. The Republican Party will shrink and become even more worthless. A third party may spring up, but for all practical purposes, voting our way out of this crap is over. Target practice is important.

      52. Any logical reply to their antics would immediately be labeled hate speech and racist.

      53. What has amazed me about this article is how one persons’ debate side has affected others opinions and brought about the deep seeded anger (In most responses) toward a whole group. Wow! My question is, would you be willing to take it down to eye color?

      54. If these people hate Whites this much, they should cease using everything that Whites created or invented.

      55. Blacks are just full of hate. One wonders how blacks justify their existence. They are like viriuses or the plague.

        Can anyone name one black community that is a model of peace, harmony, prosperity?

      56. they can go back to Africa voluntarily, or they should be sold down river. If they get violent, find the nearest tree. I’m fed up with black racism.

      57. Why is a prestigious college engaged in such trivial pursuits as this. Harvard is under occupation by the enemies of America and contributing to the dumbing down of its students. We need to reclaim American Universities from these infiltrators.

      58. IQ tests should be Mandatory. Race is not an issue, intelligence is. Please attempt to debate that.

      59. What we got here is failure to properly deal with the naggers.

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