A True Candidate For Liberty: Michael Snyder For Congress Needs Your Help

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Headline News | 73 comments

Editor’s Note: Michael Snyder has long been an advocate for liberty and real change. Now we can help him make a difference where it counts – in the Halls of Congress. We urge you, our readers, to help the political revolution that started last November to continue. As you know, it takes money to run a successful election campaign against the establishment, so any donation, large or small, will go a long way towards helping the Michael Snyder for Congress campaign. The following is an urgent request from Michael.


I really need your help. As most of you already know, I am running for Congress in Idaho’s first congressional district, and because there is no incumbent the race is totally wide open. I announced that I was running on July 4th, and so September 30th is my very first FEC quarterly reporting deadline. All over the country, prominent Republican donors and key conservative organizations will be judging the strength of my campaign based on how much money I raise this quarter. If I don’t raise enough, I risk losing national support that I otherwise could have received. And even though hundreds of people have been donating from all over the country, we are lagging behind where we need to be, and so I am praying for a $25,000 miracle over the next seven days. If you would like to help this miracle become a reality, you can contribute at this link…


Over the next week, I will be meeting with some of the most influential conservatives in the entire state of Idaho. I will post new articles when I can, but because my schedule is going to be absolutely packed this week it will be tough to get something new posted every day.

As I travel around the state and meet with top conservatives, there are certain points that virtually everyone agrees upon…

-I am the most conservative candidate in this race by a wide margin.

-I have the best message of any of the candidates, and it isn’t even close.

-My team is extremely effective at getting my message to the voters.

-If we can get that message out to every voter in this district the way that we need to, we will win this election.

-The major thing that could keep us from winning the election is a lack of resources.

Because we have the best message, we don’t have to raise more money than the other guys.

But we do have to be at least on the same playing field, and you can help us do that by donating here…


We have been bringing in lots and lots of small donations, but it takes a huge pile of those small donations to keep up with the enormous checks that the professional politicians in this race have been pulling in.

They may not have as many donors as I do, but when wealthy individuals are writing $2700 checks to them it adds up fast.

$2700 just happens to be the max donation that an individual can make to a candidate per campaign cycle, and even though we have had hundreds of large donors to the campaign, we haven’t had anyone donate at that level yet. If you would like to be the first, you can do so here…


Since there is no incumbent, we have a golden opportunity to send a true conservative to Congress. If you are not familiar with my campaign yet, here are some of the things that make me different from the career politicians…

-I am openly calling for all of the RINOs (Republicans in name only) to be voted out.

-I have made an unbreakable pledge to vote against any bill that contains even a single penny of funding for Planned Parenthood.

-I want to abolish the income tax, the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

-I want to repeal the major federal gun laws that are unconstitutionally restricting our 2nd Amendment rights.

-I want to build the wall and do all that I can to stop illegal immigration.

-I want to abolish the Department of Education and return control of education to the local level.

-I would fight like mad to stop the reckless borrowing which has put us 20 trillion dollars in debt.

-I would fight for a 100% repeal of Obamacare and to restore free market principles to our healthcare system.

-I want to clean up the corruption in Washington, institute term limits, and make our Congress critters live by the same rules that apply to everyone else.

-And I am unashamed to say that I am running on a pro-liberty platform and that I want to restore the constitutional Republic that our forefathers fought and died to establish.

You can read much more about my issue positions right here, and if you believe in what we are trying to do, I would like to ask for your support for our campaign…


Thanks to you all, we have the best looking brochures of anyone running for any public office in the entire state, our signs are starting to go up along the major roads, and our videos have already been viewed by thousands upon thousands of voters.

We are beating the other candidates to the punch in just about every area that you can imagine, but without sufficient resources we will be greatly limited in what we are able to do moving forward.

What happens over the next seven days is going to go a long way toward determining who wins this race. My opponents are making a huge push for donations as well, because they are facing the same critical deadline that I am facing. Most people don’t realize that we don’t just influence the outcome of elections at the ballot box.  We also vote with our dollars, and I very much need all of you to stand with me right now…


As I have said before, if every single one of my readers donated just $10 today, we could be done funding our campaign tomorrow.

Every single dollar makes such an enormous difference, and if you were ever going to stand with us, now is the time. This September 30th deadline is a make or break moment for our campaign, and we really need to find a way to raise at least $25,000 over the next seven days.

I believe that it is possible, and I am asking for your help. If a thousand of you stepped forward and donated just $25 to the campaign, we would be able to meet our goal.

I would like to thank everyone that has joined the campaign so far. More volunteers, donors and social media warriors are stepping forward on a daily basis, and we would have never been able to come so far in such a short period of time without your help.

Now this campaign is getting ready to go to the next stage, and so we need more of you to step forward and join the team.

On my own, I could never do this, but if we stand united and work together we are going to absolutely shock the world.

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    1. Halby

      It’d be nice to have one of us in there for a change.

      • john stiner

        I would fight for a 100% repeal of Obamacare and to restore free market principles to our healthcare system.

        I have been hearing that shit for 8 years ….

        • NunyaBidness

          So have the liars and idiots we went out of our way to put into Congress. What people say before being elected is utterly meaningless bullshyte.

    2. Anonymous

      All the best to Michael Snyder. We’re going to send you smack dab to the middle of the swamp in the hopes you can help clean it out!

      • TEST

        Michael is a good man. I will be donating. You might consider dong so, too. I takes money to do these things.

    3. The Deplorable Braveheart


      • admin

        Other than Ron Paul, there isn’t a single member of Congress I have ever said I trusted.

        Michael has shared his views with us for years. Some of us may disagree with him in some respects, but I feel strongly that we can trust him to do what’s right as a Representative of the people.

        In my humble opinion, Michael Snyder is the real deal.

        • TEST

          Amen, Mac. Is he perfect? No. But he is a man of intelligence, integrity and faith. As noted above, I will be sending money, which is the real test.

        • John Q.

          Snyder fell over himself for months babbling his “shemitah” prophesies. He is a gullible sucker for Zionist hasbara. IMHO he is a crackpot that would embarrass the Liberty Movement.

        • Grunty McPhereson

          Agree, Mac.

          I’ve done something for him I NEVER do: donated to his campaign. We’ve actually had some email back & forth as well (in which he presented himself as a true constitutionalist and Christian). No candidate would have EVER done that for me before.

          He is the real deal, IMO


          • CrackSummSkulls

            I commented on Snyders E/B Website and I slammed him for BS Lies and fabrications with proof, and all I got was Banned from commenting on his website for calling his lying ass out. Just letting you all know. lol

            • Anonymous

              Yes, CSS. EXACTLY what we have come to expect from you. Your issues with psychological projection really need serious help.

              • CrackSummSkulls

                And Anonymous has an identity crisis and can’t take responsibility for his own statements. He cowardly hides behind the curtain like a frightened sissy and throws his daggers at me. They didn’t stick asshole troll.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              CSS, I had my laugh for the day when I first saw this article.

            • Jacknife

              Yea so much for free speech and healthy debate. Snyder will be right at home as an active RINO. Are many in here supporting him because he posts articles here? I seem to remember reading quite a few comments that weren’t supportive of his style of fear porn.

          • BlackMoe

            I’ve never seen Snyder comment on this site. If he really is the “real deal” then he would join in on these conversations.

            Michael, are you really with us?

        • laeagle

          This Coonass will support Michael Snyder! Steve Scalis was just welcomed back with a thunderous applause in The People’s House, he needs some real help there and Michael will provide the kind of intellectual and moral support that is much needed in the leadership.

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • durangokidd

          I will be making a contribution !!! 🙂

        • Bling

          I’d support him except his views aren’t Libertarian enough to suit me. Where’s the meat?

        • James

          We heard that story line about donny too. Only way this will work is if all congress is replaced by the likes of Snyder. ALL of them have to be VOTED OUT first. Then maybe.

        • Zlatko

          Sorry Mac, but Snyder is a dangerous fanatic, a skilled propagandist, and lying shill. He also despises free speech, and will block you from his blog if you dare to disagree with him.
          He is an un-American narcissist and I hope and pray that he fails miserably.
          How can you be so gullible?
          Free your mind, your butt will follow.

        • still playing in the mud

          Jesse Helms was a decent senator. We had a sheriff in Franklin Co., N. C. that that said he would kiss your ass until he got elected, after that you could kiss his.

      • CrackSummSkulls

        E-Beggar. Saw MS E-Begging for campaign donations on another website. Oh he’s one of us? NOT!! A Failed Atty, turned Fear Port Author. Got the be a good liar to attend Congress. lol.. Glad he’s not running in my district.

        You Nailed it Dep BH. Thumbs Down. Sorry Mac. There are Many other authors on here I would trust more. And NO JJ is at the bottom of the list of Trust Factor less than bout 5%. How about we the commenters put our Ranking list of Trusted Authors. Id put Snyder about 15-20% or less percent Trust Factor. Just my H/O.

      • Jacknife

        DBH, ditto. If he gets elected, JJ will be right behind him

    4. Anonymous5

      Just curious DB…..

      What is/are the specific item/s in Snyder’s platform that you find objectionable?

        • TEST

          Thanks, Mac. Good on you for doing this!

        • deplorable infidel

          Thanks for sharing this. We need more good people in Washington who actually represent America and American values. I’ll be supporting him as well.

      • TEST

        Yes, me too, Anon…. With full respect to you DB, can you enlighten us? Thanks!

        • CrackSummSkulls

          It doesn’t take a lot of talent to cut and paste fear porn articles. You sure don’t see Snyder promoting Mac or SHTFPlan on his website. You see, its ALL About Snyder who is just trying to create a Resume to create credibility to sell more books. Its all part of making yourself relevant when your career is pretty baked. Look how many people run for President, so they can say that on their career resume. If Snyder was successful he could finance his own Political Campaign. Who wants to elect someone who is not successful? Like Trump. Trump is a winner. Trump created wealth. What has Snyder won or created? Yeah just what we need in congress another Fear Porn Hack. Congress is already scary enough and full of Psychopaths, looking for some big donor so he can be his b!tch.

          • Anonymous

            Another day, another piece of bloviating horsemanure from Crackhead. What a shocker.

            • Zlatko

              He’s absolutely correct, your a gullible fool. Snyder is a snake oil salesman trying to enrich himself. Free your mind, your ass will follow.

            • Grunty McPhereson

              You sure don’t see CrackSumSkulls promoting Mac or SHTFPlan on his website. You see, its ALL About CrackSumSkulls who is just trying to create a Resume to create credibility to sell more books. If CrackSumSkulls was successful he could finance his own Political Campaign. What has CrackSumSkulls won or created?

              • CrackSummSkulls

                I’m not running for congress dickwipe Grunty or an E-Beggar. So kiss my ass.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Anon5, ask CSS. I think you’ll find his answers more interesting.

        • Anonymous

          Nothing the bloviating CSS writes is ever worth reading. He actually ruins this site.

          • Anonymous5

            Yeah…..CSS is actually Eisencrap.

        • Grunty McPhereson

          CSS is an a$$hat, DB. You should find other boys to play with…

          • CrackSummSkulls

            Hey Dep BH, there are some real clowns on here today. Freaking Trolls.

    5. K Steele

      Just a question but if all the doom and gloom that Snyder has been writing about is coming to pass soon why would he run for congress? Not to mention why would he want to become a part of the ‘swamp’ that hes been warning everyone else against? Does he think that if he wins hes going to be able to change anything? More like he will just become another swamp creature. Mike you are going to lose a lot of credibility running for congress, just sayin?

      • durangokidd

        True Patriots sacrifice their personal interests and put themselves on the line for their country. It’s something about:

        “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor…”

        If not Michael Snyder, who ??? If not US, now, when ??? The man is looking for $25,000. That is just a thousand Patriots who believe enough in their FREEDOMS, to just hope to elect another Patriot to office to defend the America we know and love… by contributing $25 to his campaign.

        Some of US can contribute more. I will. 🙂

        • Zlatko

          Gag me. You’re a brainwashed fool boy.

          • CrackSummSkulls

            Durango Kitten is wrong just as much as Michael Snyder is, and all his BS predictions. No wonder you love each other. And DK as a reminder, the Chinese Yuan is back by Gold. Just ask the Russians selling China Billion of barrels of oil. Did you pay Mac the $100 you bet you lost, and I donated that winning, to Macs Fav charity. Pay up deadbeat.

    6. Anonymous

      Every time I vote, I always regret it afterwards. I voted for Obama because he promised to un-do Bush’s Un-Constitutional policies. I voted for Trump because he promised to un-do Obama’s destruction of the Constitution. BOTH LIED!!!

      Furthermore, I can’t stand that STUPID Ann Culture cunt. She makes me sick to look at– stupid phoney!!

      I want our Constitutional rights restored– do away with the Un-Patriot Act, down with FEMA AND NSA. Down with droning people at the whim of the chief in charge, etc. However, also want someone who will conscientiously bring up the issue of Global warming– explain it to the populace in language they will understand (so as to avoid more scenarios like Hurricane Irma and Marie– which WILL DEVASTATE OUR COUNTRY).. and the only person I know of who has the wherewithal to do this is Paul Craig Roberts.

      • Anonymous5

        Sorry…but if you voted for Obama then you are beyond dumb.

        For anyone with half a brain, it was always clearly understood that Obama was and is a leftist. He’s always been a leftist.

        You vote for a leftist, you deserve what you get.

    7. Anonymous


      Every time I vote, I always regret it afterwards. I voted for Obama because he promised to un-do Bush’s Un-Constitutional policies. I voted for Trump because he promised to un-do Obama’s destruction of the Constitution. BOTH LIED!!!

      Furthermore, I can’t stand that STUPID Ann Culture cunt. She makes me sick to look at– stupid phoney!!

      I want our Constitutional rights restored– do away with the Un-Patriot Act, down with FEMA AND NSA. Down with droning people at the whim of the chief in charge, etc. However, also want someone who will conscientiously bring up the issue of Global warming– explain it to the populace in language they will understand (so as to avoid more scenarios like Hurricane Irma and Marie– which WILL DEVASTATE OUR COUNTRY).. and the only person I know of who has the wherewithal to do this is Paul Craig Roberts.

    8. Anonymous

      Equifax is making changes to better serve people. Here’s a better idea. Pay off the victims of your shoddy business practices then go out of business PERMANENTLY. Even 1 company monitoring a consumers every move is 1 to many.

    9. HMULLER

      Tell Michael Snyder to contact AIPAC; they have barrel loads of money for Evangelical Christians who grovel at their feet.

      He comes across as some kind of jingoist flag waver, all too ready to send other people’s children to war for an American Empire run by Luciferian bankers from the synagogue of Satan.

      Snyder says he wants to be Trump’s best friend. This after Trump has failed to drain the swamp and instead appointed Goldman Sachs kleptocrats and Neocon warmongers to his cabinet. How about acknowledging the CIA and Mossad role in supplying ISIS, ever do that Michael?

      Personally, I detest Michael Snyder. I was banned for life from commenting at his website – no reason given, no right of appeal. He cannot abide opinions which dispute his own. That’s what Snyder thinks of freedom of speech.

      • Anonymous5


        Hmmmmmmmm….based on your post, I’m wondering if the reason you were banned had anything to do with your rancor.

        Just sayin’…….

        • HMULLER

          Read Snyder’s website Economic Collapse. He’s the poster boy for “rancor”. But if your rancor doesn’t agree with his – thru the window, thru the door, out you go.

        • Zlatko

          Rancor? Is that what you call opposing opinions?

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        HMULLER, agreed about Snyder. The only 2 honest people in Congress I ever saw were Dr. Ron Paul and the late Larry McDonald.

      • HMULLER

        And looking at Snyder’s campaign photo above, I wonder how his wife can walk comfortably with a big flagpole stuck in her ass?!

      • Zlatko

        You are so right. Me too, that puke can’t abide opinions that dispute his own. Banned me for life from his propaganda site. Guess he doesn’t appreciate the light of truth. Most cockroaches don’t.

    10. aljamo

      I would not give a penny to anyone running for office in these corrupted United States. Have any donations changed anything to benefit the average person? They never will either. I read today that Trump is connected to wealthy Russian mob characters in business ventures. I believe this to be true. I read it at whowhatwhy. This is being covered up. You may be somewhat honest going into politics but you will be chewed up and spit out. Not to disrespect Snyder but thinking he will be able to make a difference is highly suspect.

      • durangokidd

        Yes I believe so. I believe my donations and support of Donald Trump helped him in a small way, to become POTUS. He may not be perfect but ask yourself this question: “Where would we be now, if Hillary Clinton had been elected POTUS instead ???

        It doesn’t take much imagination to envision a completely destroyed America run by the SOCIALISTS ON THE LEFT. What is a Socialist ??? A Socialist is a Communist who has not yet demanded your guns !!!

        Vote for Michael Snyder. Make a small contribution !!! 🙂

        • Old Guy

          Where would we be now if hellery had got elected? There is about as much difference between trump and Hellery as there is between a pile of poop or a stack of turds. Thrump just like Hellery would is doing exactly what the Jxx NWO wants. Like I have stated before there is not any viable political or ballot box solution. Voting is a exercise in futility. Trump hasn’t any valid reason to make war with North Korea or Venezuelia. Trump added 300 billion to the dept of defense budget.

      • CrackSummSkulls

        This statement is total BS> I read today that Trump is connected to wealthy Russian mob characters in business ventures.

        How about you Post a link to that fabricated lie with proof. I bet it was the NY Times or Washington Commiepost

    11. Old Guy

      Its this simple. There has nor been. Is not now. And never will be any viable political or Ballot Box Solution. And Snyder even if he is the real deal still will very quickly start going along to get along. And then there,s this nagging thing. Is Snyder a taking Parasite or a Making Producer? Its a easy question to answer. If what you do for money Uses the planets natural Resources to Make ,Build or Grow something tangible that adds to the GNP . If you are a vital necessary link in that chain of Production you are a Maker. If not your simply another Taking Parasite. Much better to buy more preps than waste a penny on politics.

    12. joe

      I’m a man of meager means who wanted to kick in a small amount via PayPal, but bailed when they hit me up for my email, etc. I get so much spam and phone calls from telemarketers, can’t I just make my small contributions without all of the b.s.?

    13. Concerned-Citizen!

      All of Congress should just disappear and start over – None of them are worth a shit period.

    14. Anonymous

      Way to much fear porn flowing from this nut job. No vote here.

      • RickE.

        Most of Snyder’s articles though well-written, are simply doom and gloom pieces with a very minimal record of being correct. I concur with your no vote!

        • RickE.

          I specifically mean that his predictions have a minimal record of being correct thus far.

          • CrackSummSkulls

            He’s a cut and past fear porn spreader and now tries to act like he is one of us, to garner contributions. Snake Oil Salesman / Con Artist. So who fell for his BS?

            I would like to know if Snyder Lost his license to practice law, or was he so miserably and a failure he could not get any business as a lawyer? Why is he not practicing law instead of a fear porn author? Connect the dots, something is not adding up here.

    15. TheGuy

      Wait wait wait.

      If it’s all going to “crash and burn” then why does he…

      … c… are…

      mumble $$$$$$$$$$$

    16. Ron Ahrens

      Michael WTF?????…..You must not understand and know the ENTIRE criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government will soon be arrested and held for Citizen Tribunals????? sorry that will include you Michael if you are ignorant enough to join the Luciferian controlled United States Corporation Government.

    17. Old Guy

      Served in the CIA? that’s a really good reason to not vote for Snyder. If he is a lawyer that’s another negative?

    18. Gary Bourgeault

      Probably worth giving a try. How could he possibly be any worse than the alternative we’ve seen running for office in the U.S.?

    19. squodgy

      Absolutely right, we need as many israel supporters and Zionist Jews in government as possible.

    20. Zlatko

      I’m so disappointed in shtf. How could you advocate for that fanatic Sndyer? Self righteous lying deceiver is what he is. Spewing his hate of other Americans constantly, and you lap dogs lick it up. Disappointing in the extreme.

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