A Successful Derailment Of Trump’s Efforts Is Well Under Way: “The Battle With Ensconced Marxists Is Being Lost”

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    In previous articles, I mentioned the importance of the midterm elections, and how (to run the country effectively and to be reelected) the President needs success within his first six months in office.  Although he is more than willing to make changes and has demonstrated his good intentions, the battle with the ensconced Marxists labeling themselves as either “progressives” or “centrists” is being lost.  Why is it being lost?  It is because these prior Obama appointees in the Circuit courts and the Supreme Court, along with the innumerable holdovers within the administration’s machinery effectively amount to a “fifth column,” bent on sabotaging the President’s efforts.

    The successful derailment is well under way.  As I wrote in other articles, all that is needed for the Democrats to take the Senate and the House of Representatives in the upcoming Midterm elections is for the President to not make visible and productive changes within the first six months of his term.  The stultified public will perceive it as a failure, and with the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) Republican party to help with a “shove” here and there, the President will fall right into the pool.

    The planned border fence will not be built, the repeal of Obamacare will not take place, the flood of illegals will neither be stopped or reversed, and financial measures to stimulate the domestic economy are being implemented at glacial speed.  All the President’s executive orders are being struck down by the Obama-appointed judges in the courts.  There is not much time remaining before the Midterm congressional elections are a year out, and even before the campaigning has begun, it appears it will be up for grabs.

    Obamacare is the best example of what has been outlined.  Aetna recently bowed out and pulled out of the machinery as far as private insurance companies run.  They stated that the arena was “untenable” and that the firm could no longer underwrite with the budgetary shortfalls and the nebulosity that lacked a demarcation of where government responsibility was to pick up what the company did not underwrite.  From an economic perspective, everyone with a brain knew that Obamacare would not function properly and would be a financial and administrative disaster.

    That is why Obamacare is a success: it was meant to collapse the system and the insurance companies, forcing into existence a single-payer system and a government “exchange” that intruded on the lives of every citizen…pure “Cloward and Piven” at its finest.

    The Republican Party is responsible for the continuance of Obamacare.  Nobody is focusing upon this fact.  Right now, everyone is focused upon Comey and a potential tie-in with Flynn and any connection to Russia regarding pre-election campaign communiques between then-candidate Donald Trump and the Russian leadership.  Obamacare is all but forgotten.

    With the Republicans in control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, at this point, the bill to repeal Obamacare should have already passed both houses of Congress and been on the President’s desk to sign: this was not done, and the Republican Party is to blame.

    If the President is unable to make a change while he has both houses of Congress under Republican control, what will happen after the Midterm election changes the complexion of Congress and makes it Democrat?  How will he be reelected, and if so, to what end?  He waited too long to fire Comey…a name that will torment us in the news even more than that of Natalie Holloway…and now it is turning around to bite him.  What is the solution?

    War.  War is the means an administration uses to sway public opinion and garner the Congress and the other nabobs into lockstep under the guise-choice of “you’re either patriotic or unpatriotic,” forced upon all of them in the court of public opinion and on the media’s stage.  War is supported by the Congress, who is bought by the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and the oligarchy and their army of lobbyists.

    The administration is not accomplishing anything effectively, but a war can “rescue” it from its difficulties and divert the public’s attention.  There are several theaters that can easily metastasize into a full-blown conflict and then draw in other nations for an all-out war.  To catalyze such actions would be a simple feat for any administration with the resources of the United States backing it.  The question remains to be answered whether the administration will take such a step to save itself.

    History proves out a high probability that an administration will do such:  Carter with Desert One (the failed Iranian hostage rescue attempt), Reagan with Grenada, Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain with the Falkland Islands, Bush Sr. with Iraq (I), Clinton with the bombing of Serbia and the war in Bosnia, and Bush Jr. with Iraq (II).  Will this administration take similar measures in any of the “powder keg” theaters of Ukraine, North Korea, or Syria?  The question remains to be answered, and the probability is high that the answer will be “yes.”

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Ain’t I been saying it

        • “The Battle With Ensconced Marxists Is Being Lost”

          NOT TRUE !!!

          You have been listening to CNN FAKE NEWS too long !!! Investigations are ongoing against the Clintons, Comey, Clapper, Rice, and Obola !!!

          The evidence is piling up. Massive new evidence discovered every day and once AG SESSIONS starts to turn the screws, Clinton Minions will spill their guts trying to save themselves.

          It takes a long time to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s” in a criminal investigation. Just because YOU don’t know its happening, or Johnson, it doesn’t mean that the Mills of the Gods are not grinding.

          They are grinding exceedingly fine and the cases will be IRONCLAD !!! Indictments before the end of the YEAR as I mentioned here two months ago !!! 🙂

          • A lot can happen between now and then. I would be very surprised if there were indictments. Even if there were, what would it accomplish? Are we to have a reconciliation commission, or ministry of truth?

            It would be better to fix the economy and put those to work who want to work. Free health care for all is not an option. Work and eat, or don’t work and starve. It’s time to wean the welfare state. Any questions?

          • NO, no one will be indicted except maybe Trump. The power of the press is so much. They decide what is an issue and what is not.

        • Gerri Gerri Gerri, I’m betting you were doing backflips as you wrote this. IMHO, Donald Trump is much smarter than most give him credit for and I’m betting that he’s well aware of what he’s up against. With 75% of media coverage on him and 0% is positive, I think there’s a lot of good stuff he’s doing and we will hear nothing about any of it. Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s planning on having Hillary and company prosecuted. I also wouldn’t be surprised if that’s really why he fired Comey. Maybe he’s just not showing his hand. And given all the leaks, he’d be best to keep it under wraps. When people start crying about him not doing his job, I say give the man some fucking breathing room. I will never forget how he played the media the night of his debate with Hillary, he called them to a room for a briefing and when they got there, all of bill clintons rape and sexual abuse victims were there, well not all of them, but the media was furious. That my friends is Donald Trump. Don’t underestimate this man. As for you Gerri, you’re in love with Putin and Kim, you’re articles prove such. You are a fraud. You’re a liar and a con artist. Now go back to the dollar store and keep stocking up.

          Stay quiet Be smart

        • Civil war comin’.

          Been saying this for a while.

          • Trump is the last chance to avoid it, and no one will support his efforts to change things and head it off so, yes, civil war is virtually inevitable.

            But those who should have supported Trump and didn’t, no matter their reason for not doing it, are not going to be among the winners and most likely not even among the survivors.

          • I agree with you! Try an oust Trump and the day of reckoning will be upon us as a country.

            • Buddy and I were talking about this just today. Want to impleach the President? The left will rue the day they tried to destroy Trump.

      2. We are too cowardly to mess with Kim Jong Un

        • Right, we haven’t destroyed the North Korean ICBM program in a three-day assault because we’re afraid of him.

          Don’t you think launching what may turn into a regional war is something on something more than ‘we need to prove we’re not cowards’?

      3. Thats fine,,,,

      4. Drain the swamp!

        • Sorry but you did not listen before the election. The main objective in getting Trump in office was to get a conservative SCOTUS judge. The secondary objective is to roll back idiotic regulations. Nothing more. No swamp draining possible.

          The U.S. is bankrupt (search Kotlikoff senate testimony Feb of 2015). So nothing can be done economically.


            Could be a resignation this summer. Another opportunity to get a conservative SCOTUS locked in.

            • The leftists and turncoat Republicans know this and will launch a hysterical effort to get rid of Trump before that opening arrives so they can get one of their own in to offset Gorsuch.

              And they will likely succeed, Trump supporters abandoning him the way they are.

      5. These turds will start the battle and my even win a battle, BUT THE BASTARDS WILL LOSS THE WAR!!!

        • Sgt, they already won. They have shown the “right” to be weak and powerless. Pilosi still has her millions, oboinga still has his freedom, Clinton still has her power. We are tax slaves.

          • That is right, we have already lost. By the time anyone gets bothered enough to get off the couch and do something, it will already be over. Shit has to really hit the fan before anyone will pay any mind to things. Might as well not even fret about it, there is literally nothing we can do. Voting our way out of this will not work. I myself am thru with showing up to a voting booth.

            • Gonetoolong, why would I get off the couch, because someone told me the Revolution would be televised?

          • Whats this “We” shit,,,

          • Ouch…

          • Gandhi, to echo Nailbanger, what’s this WE shit? I’m not someone’s slave, that much I know for sure.

          • Gandhi, if you want to quit, then be a quitter. The rest of are in this fight to win.

      6. I hope it’s just that Trump has to clear the 8 years of mines Obama planted?


          • I hope you are ready for the REAL outcome you seem to embrace. I seriously doubt that your are!

            We spent the last 4 Administrations of TREASON!

      7. The American Bolshevik Revolution Is Afoot, by Corey Brenner (publish at will)

        I see much hoopla nowadays about Donald Trump having come to power by way of a coup. I see various left-wing-but-mainstream outlets advocating that we stop calling Donald Trump our President. This is entirely wrong-headed, and is the next step toward our downfall as a nation. This story has played out before, and will play itself out again if we do nothing to stop it. This is a critical time for our nation. We are on our way to a revolution, one which must be crushed, if this insanity is not stopped. The cure may be as bad as the disease.

        For starters, Donald Trump is in fact the duly elected President of the United States of America. You may not like this fact. I’m not entirely comfortable with it myself, quite frankly. But facts are facts, and the fact of the matter is that Donald John Trump was elected by our Electoral College to be the 45th President of the United States. Our system worked. A popular majority is not required to win that Office, and a look at the vote distribution map clearly shows the wisdom and brilliance of our nation’s founders. The system worked, and we should thank our lucky stars it did.

        Our problem is, now, that we must be willing to make it stick. The agitprop is running rampant now. There are literally prominent people in popular, mainstream media calling for our government to be overthrown. There are college professors calling for the murder of Donald Trump. There are violent mobs shutting down free speech on college campuses, directed in some cases by these professors. This is the same vector the Communists used in Russia. It is happening again, right before our eyes.

        This must cease, immediately. The next acts in this little play are riots fomented by Communist groups or those directed by them. Riots which must be cracked down upon, lest they inflame entire cities and begin an open civil conflict. A crackdown must surely follow, and then it is up to the character of Donald Trump to shape events. This is not a place where I want to be. I will put faith in the Constitution, and give the benefit of the doubt to the elected President. I see those trying to usurp the system and invalidate the election as highly suspect in their judgment at the very least.

        The President of the United States has the Power to put down insurrections. This is delegated to him by the Constitution. What is happening now, and what could unfold in the coming weeks, will certainly smack of insurrection. We cannot let this chain of events proceed. Our President will be forced to round up and jail the leaders of this insurrection, and that will snowball. Public outrage will further divide the country. Riots will ensue. Martial law will follow, as night follows day. As it must.

        We the People must look to our neighbors and friends, our coworkers and the people with whom we interact and conduct business every day. Imagine pointing a gun at each and every one of those people and squeezing the trigger. Or, since roughly half of the country voted for each of the top-finishing candidates in our recent election, call it half. The time is coming when you will have to make hard choices. If we cannot put the brakes on this train, it will plunge off the trestle that’s been dynamited before it. We have seen this story before. Must we continue the cycle all the way to its bottom? Can we please learn from history, before it’s too late?

        Choose sides now, and weigh your losses now, before the insurrection is kinetic. It doesn’t matter which side of this divide you are on, you must do this. Then realize that this future that you are contemplating is yours, if you remain apathetic now. Circumstances will be forced upon all of us, circumstances we cannot yet foresee, and you will bitterly mourn for the time you wasted right now.

        We the People have a banner to which we can rally. That is the Constitution. It is the fundamental secular Law of our nation. We are duty-bound to follow it, in this matter, even if we don’t like the results. The alternative is one that nobody who is advocating for forcing out our duly elected President can imagine. Talk to someone who lived in the Soviet Union sometime, especially an older person. This is not a road you want to go down, especially since our technology would make a police state that much more total and that much more nightmarish.

        I had an acquaintance in a class I took a couple years ago, a very personable and pretty articulate guy, with whom it was easy to strike up conversations. Inevitably, the conversation rolled around to politics. He is a far left fellow, and made no bones about it. I respected that, but of course extolled the virtues of liberty over the inevitable consequences of the form of government he was advocating.

        One thing he said struck me, especially. He informed me that I “just didn’t understand the love that was behind [the movement].” By his face, it seemed as though my retort might have caused him to tuck it away for further study. I said, “The Nazi regime and the Soviet Union are the quintessence of collectivism.” I direly hope that he will dig that one out of his memory banks and think about it a little more, for we are headed down the same path as the Russians tread, and the inevitable end of this path is a despotism most bleak.

        I said we would, as a people, need to make this election stick, whether we like it or not. This is not hyperbole. We have a tough row to hoe ahead of us. This country is under perhaps the most severe threat of its entire existence. Abraham Lincoln said this country would not be conquered from outside, but that if it fell it would do so because of rot on the inside. This is veritas. I see the rot before my eyes, and I cannot stop looking at it. I have begun laughing uproariously at it, because the pieces strung together are like a comedy where everyone dies in the end.

        Imagine if, on Monday, we see a resumption of outages or a spread of this “Ransomware” that has caused so many problems globally. Clearly, the security researcher in England who did the world a favor and registered a particular domain name is to be commended. He stumbled along and put his finger in the dike. But the story does not end there. This same code can be modified and relaunched with no Hail Mary to stop it. Worse already exists or is being cooked now, probably also based upon code our own intelligence organs created.

        What happens to our cities when money can no longer move? When trucks no longer carry food because money cannot move? Does that increase strife within a country, or decrease it? It seems to me that a cyberwar situation, where people are hungry and desperate, when political tension is already high, would be the perfect time to shove, rather than nudge. An insurrection taking off in earnest at a time like this, especially one which looked like it had a chance of succeeding, would create chaos that would leave us vulnerable to outside attack, as well.

        Civil strife in the United States would be just the kind of chaos a petty tyrant like Kim Jong-Un would use to his advantage. Perhaps he would drop one or both of his satellites, speculated to carry EMP weapons, over the United States. Or perhaps if the first one works on us, the second one will be dispatched to the atmosphere above Europe as it swoops overhead. Unless we pull our heads out of this fog, we are in grave peril.

        It is estimated that, if we were hit with an electromagnetic pulse weapon, over 90% of our population would die. We are dependent on our electric grid and all our electric gewgaws. If those suddenly stopped working, and if we could no longer communicate, this is a very credible estimate. Our grid is utterly unprepared for this event. If we are also trying to kill each other, this looks like a good option.
        We are already infiltrated by millions of military-aged, able-bodied men who are experienced at getting by with little or no infrastructure. Perhaps they are sent here by our guiding light to help us to survive in such an event, but perhaps not. An event like this could turn the tables on an unsuspecting American populace in a split second. Do we truly know who has come across our border, and where they are, and what they are doing, and who is helping them to do it?
        I know that people who aren’t just a little off-kilter never think about such things. I will not profess to be entirely what anyone thinks of as “normal”. I am, to the greatest of my ability, trying to prepare for what I believe to be coming. I live off the grid, in about as close to a wilderness area as you will hopefully never find in the continental United States, with plenty of good, fresh running water. I have provisions to last a good while. I don’t have room or provisions for anyone else.

        Face the facts. Please. Donald John Trump is the President of the United States, having been duly elected according to our Constitution. He is of sound mind, and is probably a fairly straight businessman, but from the old school. You may not like him, and you may not agree with him on anything. But he is the President, and that duly elected office deserves your allegiance.

        • Corey Brenner, well said and your heart is in the right place. However, we as a Nation are irrevocably divided. Half of the country believes in and is loyal to the Constitution of the United States of America and the other side are Communists. These two belief systems are incomparable.

          The US is a Ponzie scheme that is in the process of collapsing as ALL Ponzie schemes must. We have been de-industrialized (and kept afloat by cheap credit)and soon interest rates will CONTINUE rising and we will collapse. It is clear that the new Ponzie scheme will be run out of China.

          All Ponzie schemes have a life cycle and this one is ending. The ONLY question is wether or not and how violent our demise will be.

          It will be SOON, because Trump is the fall guy. Remember, every crime need a fall guy. A patsy to place the blame on. It wasn’t the Central Banks, everything was going okay until Trump and those dang Nationalists.

          • Thanks, Justice. Yes, it is true – half of the nation has gone down the fascist/communist path (no, they weren’t brothers, but they WERE cousins – hence USSR as Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics and the Nazis as National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party). Here’s where I think, and hope, you are wrong:

            – In WWII, Hitler by all rights should have won. Who could have predicted Churchill’s spine, and that he would rise from political oblivion? Who would have thought that the Battle of Britain would be won by England, the Hitler’s megaweapons would be delayed, including the deuterium oxide for his nuke warheads being blown up by yet more courageous heroes in Norway? Who would have predicted the breaking of the Japanse code, or those aviators finding that Jap destroyer heading back to the main fleet as they were running on fumes? Who would have thought the steering compartment of the Bismark would be hit by a torpedo from a freaking Swordfish Fairey BIPLANE, thus dooming the ship?

            Who would have thought Reagan would be elected, thus stopping the slide into oblivion, and sealing their doom?

            Truth is you are right, but you miss something critical, IMHO. And that is, my friend, that, just like Hitler, Stalin and others, their ideas SUCK. They have no explanatory adequacy – specifically, as the Austrians point out, no mechanism of price discovery. This is a FATAL flaw in ALL they do. But there’s more. They have ZERO idea of the true nature of human behaviour (which is why Solzhenitsyn called communism a “Christian heresy.”) This isn’t just some abstraction, but rather, if you don’t really know who and what man and mankind actually is, how can you defeat him?

            But there is even more: If there is a God (and there is!), these powers are arrayed on the actual side of demonic/anti-human forces, against God. God, in His permissive will, does allow some of this evil to flourish – for a season. And then they are SLAMMED into oblivion, like Hitler, like Stalin, etc. Unless we are in the end times, these people WILL fail, and will be judged (and if we are in the end times, they will still be, just a bit further down the road). And if we are not in the end times, this will be exactly like the book by CS Lewis (called the smartest man at Cambridge at the time), That Hideous Strength, where this EXACT same thing was occurring – in a fictional setting, of course – and where the macrobes (his term for demonic forces) actually bent inwards on the evil human forces that they had called up from Hell and consumed them.

            Extreme? How did Hitler end up? Stalin? Pol Pot? Wonder what Fidel or Che said when he met the God he spit on? How is Venezuela or Zimbabwe going? Anyone read how Robespierre ended up?

            Truth is, there are a MASS of gullible “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters. But the other truth is that their ideas are as naked as the emperor with no clothes, and MASSIVE numbers of people are waking up to this daily (I am one of those, many years ago, who is my best friend, author of http://www.thepoog.com, who was a big NDP (Canada’s far left party) supporter when younger, but then woke up and now battles them daily in his blog.

            The truth is that there is a spiritual battle going on, and the people doing this *****evil***** (for EVIL it is!) will be judged temporally, and then for eternity. This is not a joke, and just “slightly” serious, no?

            Yeah, they will try to make Trump a fall guy. Unfortunately, a MASSIVE number of us who voted for him already know the game and won’t fall for it when (not if) they try this. The media has already consumed itself with its lies, so that won’t gain them much. All those sheeple university leftists? After their degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology leaves them $100k in debt at 35 years old, when they wake up and see their socialist professor – who retired at age 52 after a cushy lifestyle of 15 contact hours a week and yearly sabbaticals – STOLE their future, you can be SURE they will fight against this leftist evil with all they have. How do I know? Because I, too, have been there.

            So, this battle is not over. Yes, I get it. The fascist left has the media, has Hollywierd, had the educational system, etc. But they do NOT have the truth, nor can they make truth out of lie – nor a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, nor a woman out of Bruce Jenner, who is still, in terms of chromosomes, 100% male, no matter how much surgery he does!

            Evil, by definition, is self-serving, self-absorbed, self-congratulatory. I recall seeing videos of Hitler after humiliating the French in signing their surrender in WWII, or visiting Paris after the Nazis took it.

            Question: How did that turn out? I don’t know how, or when, or who will do it, but our present day National Socialists, and their thousand year gambit WILL see the same fate befall them, just as before.

            Meantime, the rest of us are NOT ever going away. Ever. I had my career destroyed in Canada by radical leftist feminists. You know what? I am a dual citizen, moved to the US, and became 100 time MORE active and committed due to their filth. Rather than slinking away in poverty, I changed professions, and started writing even more. Every evil they do creates 100 times more committed people to fight them. The battle for truth and justice ain’t over by a long shot. As Horace wrote 2,000 years ago, “You can drive nature out with a pitchfork – but still she will return.”

            The fascist left should beware of their own pitchforks

            • Test, I owe you 1,000 thumbs up … If MAC ever brings back the voting system. Thanks for taking the time to write this comment.

              I believe that real evil is loose in the world. I hope and pray that you are correct!

              • Paid Rioters funded by Soros is half the country, really? They travel by bus to each event.
                Not HALF the Country!

                Learn to sort the wheat from the chaff. American Bolshevik Revolution? Yes, but conducted by Soros employees.

            • @TEST….

              I agree with you, but remember…despite the fact that the left is a vacuous system, it still took over 70 years for the old Soviet Union to fail. And what has replaced it is little better.

              The people of N. Korea are starving. But the little fat man is still in power.

              I see no hope for this country outside of a total civil war. I don’t want it. But just as is sometimes becomes necessary to amputate a limb that has gangrene…the rot must be cut away nationally as well.

          • I found Corey’s comment to be interesting reading, and found myself in agreement with a good deal of what he had to say. But, I was totally repulsed by his seemingly nonchalant and inexplicably tolerant attitude towards his conversations with leftists.

            Make no mistake about it. These leftists, or more accurately, these virulently anti-White, hate filled, anti-Western, anti-Freedom, totalitarianism consumed Cultural Marxist Communists – are the mortal enemy of every single freedom loving White man, woman, or child and there is no room for tolerance of any kind for their evil and twisted ideology. These enemies intend to kill anyone who they perceive to be in opposition to their Communist agenda – and history has shown, that Communists are not the least bit shy about committing mass murder on a scale of multiple millions. An estimated 100 plus million people have been murdered by Communist controlled governments over the last century alone and those murders have only served to whet the appetite of today’s American grown and imported Communists for more blood – primarily the blood of White Europeans, since Whites pose the biggest obstacle to their desire to create a totalitarian Communist ruled One World Government.

            This is a battle whereby there will be only one winner. Either these Communists kill us, or we kill them. And, there is no room in this battle for chivalry or for extending any sort of courtesy or compassion or rules of fair play to this enemy. There will be no prisoner of war camps, because there must be no prisoners taken alive or spared. This enemy must be completely and ruthlessly exterminated.

            • Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

              The class I attended was chock-full of lefties, but that wasn’t too much a part of the discussion in the class I took (a permaculture design course). The class had a ton of informational content, so I could look past the ambient political environment.

              But, the deal is, if we don’t talk to these people calmly and rationally when we encounter a calm, introspective, rational individual, then there can never be that chance to calmly and carefully plant the seed of dissension in their minds. No way to ever say, calmly, “The Nazi regime and the Soviet Union are the quintessence of collectivism.”, and make it stick in their craws. I encountered this same guy earlier this year, and he told me that with Trump’s electoral victory, he is starting to think a little more about what I had said when I urged him to look at minarchism. 🙂

              I completely agree that Communism and leftism in general, in exactly the same ways and for exactly the same reasons as theocracy of any kind, are cancerous ideologies. Cultural Marxism is a particularly nasty bit of the dialectic. Critical Theory sinks in just a little bit, and the professors start using that to drive the folds of these college-aged infants’ brains apart so the cancer can sink in more deeply. By the time they’re in their third year, they’re almost hopelessly lost to any attempt to reason.

              It is then that the heavy artillery, ridicule, is the most effective.

        • Thanks Corey!!

      8. Yeah… and the USSR thought they had won too.

        It ain’t over until the people speak. Truth is, while they DO have the fascist left media, educational system, etc., they don’t have the THINKING people. Even more importantly, their ideas SUCK, and all but the brain dead know it. I know there are a LOT of brain dead leftists, but they are just, per Lenin, ‘useful idiots,” and meaningless in the broader scheme of things.

        As far as I’m concerned, we, the people are where John Paul Jones was – “I have not yet BEGUN to fight!”

        Good luck fascist left. We are here, we are NOT queer, and we are never, ever, EVER going away. Get used to it.

        • I think the turning point would be to figure out a way to think like a useful idiot for the following: If you can think like a useful idiot you can communicate with them effectively, at an intellectual level they can grasp. If you can communicate with them effectively then you can show them that they are nothing more to their handlers than being useful idiots. Once shown, and with all their emotional vigor, they may unravel their own tribe from the inside out.

        • Yup,,
          I am old enough to be a real problem,
          Will fight like ive got nothing to lose because im older and have had a lot of good years
          Im no ts old that i will be asy to steamroll nor easy to kill.
          I promise as God is my savior that these fuckers will have to work for it and pay dearly if they think they can win some bullshit war againt true Americans,
          I am not alone…..

          • nailbanger, you nailed it again. I’m the same way. You wanna f#$% with Braveheart, you’re signing your own death warrant.

        • @TEST….

          In the end, the winner will be whoever is more determined and better armed.

      9. Jerimiah Johnson is correct. And those that are paying attention and can connect the dots, see it for what it is, the satanists are trying to take over the world, as simple as that. Thus the 6000 rich elites in charge of their satanistic cult, and the rest of us, pawns and slaves to their demands. IT is time that we start to focus on how to stop the corruption, stop the progression and to prevent these satanists that are in control, from being in control, and for future efforts how to keep these elitists from getting control back again.
        After 20 years of going over and over and over, what I see is a very difficult road, but it is do-able. The project needs to be taken over by people in their 20s and 30s, that have the energy to make it happen.
        1. Lottery Selection for all political offices. This will put us all on the same side. The reason for different political parties is to divide the people. A Lottery selection puts us all on the same team, and it allows for randomness, so the political selection cannot be bought and paid for up front. Have quality criteria and a way to update the criteria for the job, and we will get a pool of people that can do the job, and it will not matter the color of their skin, their back ground, their what ever, if they can do the job, they can put their name in the hat. And with a lottery, thousands will put their name in, the only fee is a vetting fee, to make sure that the lottery candidate is telling the truth. This can be started at the City level, with city Councils, then County, and then State, Federal after the States have demonstrated the solution. YES it will be a difficult sell, because when a person goes into the political system, in two to 4 years, they are millionaires, because they all get involved with black market businesses.

        2. Government Staffers, maximum job as a government staffer should be 5 years. No more than 5. The idea will be a starting job for young people, and a giving back job for older people. Lois Lerner demonstrated that career government staffers start believing that they are important, and Lois Lerner was way off base and she committed treason. 5 years maximum will prevent the Lois Lerner Syndrome and keep government small.
        Yes it will be a hard sell, however it will prevent corruption, with the high turnover new people will spot corruption and report it. The high turnover is key to preventing corruption. No staffer can get in long enough to infiltrate corruption. Plus the government will learn to contract out services.

        3. Companies can have 100 employees or less. True Capitalism started in the Feudal days when the kings and queens owned everything. They decided to allow for small family business, and it actually caused their downfall. Large corporations are really communistic, Fascist, as a handful of people control all of the employees. With 100 employees or less, we approach true and pure capitalism. A company with 100 employees will not be able to stop a paradigm shift, and this is essential if a country wants their people to reach the stars. With many small companies, the companies products will have to standardize inputs and outputs, because few companies will make everything for their product. No more boxes in the attic that contain electric chargers that are unique and now the electric device is broken and the charger only worked for that one product. WIth 100 employees or less the company will seek out chargers from a company that makes a charger. Parts will be made that will fit many products, because companies will have to standardize. Yes companies will complain, they will shout and rant and rave. However the goal is to stop and prevent corruption. And many, many small companies will stop and prevent corruption. And the elite will not be able to control the huge companies because there will be no huge companies. The owner will know all the employees, because someone can know 100 people. If one knows all of the employees, they have a tendency to work with them.

        4. A single company must be owned by an individual person, no other options, no corporation owned companies, no groups that own companies, a single person must be the owner of a company, and a person may only own one company. The person may sell their company and start or purchase another, but one person may own one company, no other options. Yes it will have a lot of people that will be very negative toward this idea. However, the goal is to stop and prevent corruption and this will stop the elitists from owning all of the companies, it will spread the wealth, and it will allow others to have a chance at greatness and financial well being. It will stop the monopoly of the rich satanistic elites. It will allow everyone to get a chance and these four concepts will make middle class the majority and by massive amounts.

        The Elites will do all they can to stop these 4 policies. However, Necessity is the Mother of Invention. If we can get these four policies instituted, we will figure out how to use it to our best ability, and it will spread the wealth and it will prevent the elitists from getting it all, and it will slowly drain the elitists of all of their wealth.

      10. Neo-Communists go …


      11. “Therefore since the world has still, much good but much less good than ill, and while the sun and moon endure, lucks a chance but trouble sure, I’d face it as a wise man would, and train for ill and not for good.”

        A.E. Housman

      12. The IRA fought the Brits for a hundred years or so, and they finally had the final win within their reach with no way of stopping them.

        Then they decided to start fighting among themselves and lost their victory, preferring to attack each other instead of finishing their enemy off.

        We need to do the same, as we obviously are now, otherwise we will win.

        There are two sides, the Trump and the anti Trump, decide which you are on.

        And support those on the same side you are on instead of attacking them and giving your strength to the enemy by doing so.

      13. This site is full of shit. Anybody bother to read what this bullshit site was posting 4 years ago?

        • Tell us.

        • Richard Wicks, f#$% you! Go back to MSM, libturd dildo!

      14. We keep calling them Marxists. Carl Marx real name was mordicia Moses levy , the son of a Jewish rabia. We should be calling it . The Jewish mafia.

      15. As soon as Trump took office he should have fired Comey for not prosecuting Killery. He had that power without needing any ones approval. He also, on assuming office, should have gotten rid of any one else appointed by Obama. POTUS should have started with a clean house and he wouldn’t be having these problems now. There could be another story here, one of a diversion of his own. Could be distracting for the purpose of hiding what his agenda really is. It is also too bad that a president cannot fire a federal judge and appoint a new one. That “so called federal judge” Robart needs to be fired because he did not follow the law, which was disrespectful to POTUS. Trump has a right to be enraged over Robarts decision on the travel ban. Hopefully these attempts to derail POTUS will be ineffective. If not, I am afraid there will be a great civil rebellion executed by “we the people”, the Constitutionalists. God and country, amen.

      16. Apr 4, 2017 The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

        Say hello to America’s shadow government: a corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country. This shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of American citizens.




        Agency ass clown super moderator.

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