A Second American Revolution Is Now Inevitable

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    “Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” – Militia Captain John Parker at the Battle Of Lexington

    captain parker monument

    This article has been generously contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.

    Just a couple days ago, two armed assailants, a married couple purported by the mainstream media to be “white supremacists” and “conspiracy theorists,” ambushed two police officers at a CiCi’s Pizza in Las Vegas, killing the officers after screaming, “This is a revolution!” The suspects then reportedly covered one officer’s body with a Gadsden Don’t Tread On Me flag and then fled to a Walmart, where they killed another man with a CCW who attempted to reason with them, then committed suicide. Yes, it reads like a Southern Poverty Law Center fantasy story; and in many ways, it is.

    As we all predicted the MSM has followed the pattern they have always followed, which is to equate the actions of one or two psychotics with the beliefs and principles of the liberty movement in general.

    I remember when Jared Loughner fired into a crowd of people near Tucson, Ariz., killing numerous Federal and State employees; the immediate response by the media was to attempt to tie him to the liberty movement. In the end, he turned out to be a raving leftist. I remember the Boston Marathon bombing and the automatic reflex by the media to accuse “right-wing extremists” of the crime. So far, we have seen NO hard evidence to implicate anyone specific in that atrocity, including the Tsarnaev brothers. Of all the violent crimes dumped in the lap of the liberty movement over the years, how many have actually been committed or endorsed by the liberty movement? I can’t think of any.

    This has not prevented the establishment media from doing everything in their power to associate criminal action with political ideals.  Efforts to sully the success of the Bundy Ranch stand-off were swift, with Jared and Amanda Miller’s visit to Bunkerville splashed across the headlines.  Luckily, the sound judgement of organizations like Oath Keepers led founder Stewart Rhodes to personally ask the two future shooters to leave the property.  I can only imagine the weight of the slander if they had been allowed to stay.

    When an activist movement holds the moral high ground against a repressive establishment power structure, the establishment’s primary recourse is to target the character of its principles. The secondary recourse is direct confrontation. If a dissenting organization is not mindlessly vicious in its methods, then simply make it APPEAR vicious. If it is not hateful in its rhetoric, then artificially tie it to people who are. And if a government really needs to kick-start a crackdown, it can engineer its own man-made calamities and blame the groups that most threaten its authority.

    This was achieved to great effect in Europe from the 1950s until the 1990s by the CIA working in tandem with multiple European governments under a covert project called Operation Gladio.

    Gladio was essentially a secret army of operatives and stooges, handlers and puppets, used to create false-flag terrorist shootings and bombings across Europe that were blamed on “left-wing extremists.” In reality, NATO alphabet agencies were behind the entire facade. The goal was to terrorize the citizenry through a nonstop campaign of indiscriminate death, blamed on a convenient scapegoat, so that individuals would hand over more freedom and more power to the central governments. The point is, whether real or staged, I believe such events are going to escalate within the U.S. today on an incredible scale and that, regardless of evidence, they will be blamed on “right-wing extremists.” In case you were wondering, that label will be foisted on most if not all of us.

    That said, I think an important truth needs to be stated here: Whether the beliefs of the attackers in Las Vegas were actually liberty movement-oriented or not is ultimately irrelevant. To shoot random police and civilians and then commit suicide is an act of pure insanity, a product of mental instability that has nothing to do with political philosophy, and mental instability trumps belief and association anytime.  Mentally unstable people exist within ALL belief systems and political groups.

    At bottom, I do not care what their beliefs were. Their actions do not represent the values I hold dear, nor do I think they represent the values most of us hold dear. The shooting is a tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, it means nothing, and I have little doubt it will be forgotten within weeks.

    I relate the story because I do, in fact, agree with one thing: that a “revolution,” a second American Revolution, is inevitable. But I think I speak for the vast majority of the movement when I say that this revolution will not begin with the deaths of innocents or random government employees on our hands, and it certainly won’t begin at the doorstep of a CiCi’s Pizza.

    The Bundy ranch incident, which occurred only a short drive from Las Vegas, has been a revelation for many people. Mistakes were made, provocateurs reared their ugly heads, and lessons were learned. But overall, America has been fundamentally changed, even if the average person does not realize it yet. The information war came within a razor’s edge of evolving into a shooting war, with the establishment in retreat, licking its wounds while planning how it can gain back its composure and carefully crafted image of “invincibility”.

    What frightens the establishment most, I think, is that the American people have become active participants in their own national environment once again. At Bundy ranch, they stopped asking for mercy, they stopped begging the system to police itself, they stopped waiting for the rigged elections, and they stopped relying on useless legal avenues to effect change. Rather, they took matters into their own hands and changed the situation on the ground on their own. For oligarchy, this development is unacceptable, because one success could lead to many.

    Already, we are beginning to hear whispers of possible Federal retribution against those who participated in the confrontation.

    This has been cemented within the efforts of a new task force against “domestic terrorism” organized by none other than Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder.

    After the recent exposure of Barack Obama’s Department of Defense Directive 3025.18, we now know that since at least 2010, the White House has been setting the stage for the use of military force against “domestic threats.” That is to say, for at least the past four years our government has been quietly maneuvering toward martial law. It’s been happening for much longer if you count George W. Bush’s Presidential Decision Directive 51, which has yet to befully declassified.

    The exposure of Directive 3025.18 also came with information that the Obama Administration considered using it as a way to activate military forces and drones against the Bundy ranch. The burning question is, of course, why didn’t it? The Federal government is not known for its diplomacy in the face of a defiant citizenry. Waco and Ruby Ridge made that clear. I believe that it was not necessarily the people on the ground at Bunkerville, Nev., that they were most worried about. The terrain is admittedly a terrible place to mount a defense against a mechanized horde of jackboots.

    No, what the White House feared was a larger response to such an attack. It feared the millions of patriots who would swarm down from all sides if it committed to a Ruby Ridge-style siege. It feared the reality that this time, Americans were not going to sit back and watch another family be slaughtered on national television.  It feared the fact that it didn’t have the moral high ground in the public eye and that a kinetic failure on its part would be met with cheers, rather than tears, from much of the populace.

    So where does this leave us? With the Bundy success besmirching the Feds, the next strategic program will likely include an unprecedented effort to demonize the liberty movement perhaps to the point of a Gladio-type false-flag campaign, leading to the eventual detention of activists as domestic security threats. It’s not going to end with shootings in pizzerias and slobbering hit pieces from the SPLC.  Expect a landslide of violent acts.  Expect another engineered large-scale calamity like the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Expect dozens of Timothy McVeighs to be trotted out in the media. Expect the Liberty Movement’s name to be buried in an avalanche of bullshit. Mark my words; it’s going to get much worse from here on.

    And this is where I will add my warning.

    Before the Bundy ranch became a possible battleground, I stated in my article “Real Americans Are Ready To Snap” that the liberty movement was going to draw a line in the sand over Bureau of Land Management abuses in Bunkerville, and I was right.

    It seems to me that time is growing short. As tyrants become more bold, so too must the citizenry; otherwise, we shrivel up and die.  We cannot allow the movement’s momentum to be shattered and driven underground as the militia movement was after Oklahoma City.  We know what is coming, and we must drive forward.  We know we will be labeled as terrorists and villains, and ultimately, we must realize that such eventualities do not matter.  The Liberty Movement is not going away.  In fact, future clashes with our criminal government are only going to become more frequent.

    The next family threatened, the next activist individual or group arrested or black-bagged without legitimate cause, the next major false flag, the next use of military forces as civil law enforcement, the next unConstitutional misstep, and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that a revolt will erupt. It’s not about making grand predictions; it’s about examining the logical odds, and the odds are high. The knowledge that the establishment is considering using the full force of its military apparatus against the people has not dissuaded anyone. Bundy ranch was a very near miss. I do not expect a peaceful resolution the next time around. I also do not expect the government as it exists now to stop clamoring for more control or less corruption. If recent events have proven anything, they have proven that a second American Revolution is inevitable; and all we can do is ready ourselves.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. Why are all these crazy guys named Jared??

        • Keep your cool and don’t give them a reason.
          I keep asking, where is Lon Hourichi???????

          • He’s probably retired by now and sitting fat in a million dollar home at our expense. Heck, maybe he is a consultant for Holder?

            • These anti-gunners/anti-self defense parasites are against nature that they preach often to protect. Many are PETA supporters. In nature it is very strange that any animal is totally helpless. Animals have teeth, claws, big whip tails, coils, poison, raw strength, etc. Some of these “weapons” on animals are to eat, but most are to defend themselves against being eaten and killed. What right do these MF’s have to take human beings right to defend themselves against rape, assault, murder, torture?

              The 2nd Amendment is there to not only protect the country from invasion from out and in, but there to guarantee that a human being has the right, that basic animals have, to protect themselves. 99.9% of the people that have firearms NEVER use them in some mass killing. Yet these apes go around trying to make everyone give up the right to defend themselves because they MIGHT commit an act of violence with a firearm. That is pure horse manure.

              The radical stance of these terrible anti-self defense crawlers goes beyond just firearms. There are 8 states that won’t even allow someone to possess a stun device. WTF. A stun device that leaves the attacker alive and kicking afterwards. Stun devices save people all the time from dog attacks. Yet these maggots have taken away that right in 8 states to protect yourself from a dog tearing your arm off. This is how deep it goes, that these control freaks not only want your firearms, they want ALL your self defense to make you as helpless to the evil of criminals as possible.

              Talk about pepper spray, a food you use on pizza and other dishes. Can’t even own it in sh#$hole police state england and many other european countries. This is beyond criminal to not let people have pepper spray that only leaves the attacker with some burning almost all the time. Yet the A holes, with a big fat capital A, call pepper spray a firearm in england. This is the agenda of these anti-gunners to make someone completely unarmed with even a food that MIGHT make an attacker too uncomfortable.

              The anti-gunners/anti-self defense monsters are totally pro criminal and enjoy seeing and hearing about victims. This sounds a little over the top, but pause for this thought. Those that aim to take away your self defense are empowering those that are pradators. Those that want to disarm you are part of a very wicked dark movement to control every aspect of your life, to cage you and take away every last bit of freedom you have.

              Back to the nature agrument. Take someone from PETA or other pro animal organization. For someone to declaw and detooth an animal would be considered cruel and wrong. These organizations go after any farm that makes takes livestock and makes them easier to handle. Yet these same individuals, not all of them, want to take away people’s natural right to protect themselves and their families. They want humans to be classified as lower than animals and not even given that right to naturally defend themselves. In totally hellhole Greece, Manos told me that even someone using their fists to defend themselves against an attacker can land someone with jail time. This is a worst cess pit to live in than even under Hilter or Stalin.

              This is the deviant and depraved that the anti-gunner/anti-self defense serpents want, to totally take away ALL forms of self defense from everyone, from knives to ball bats to anything that THEY consider a weapon. They want the human race to be as easy as possible to corral and control, without any fight from anyone. Shall we talk next about the ultimate form of control that the anti-gunners have dreams about, IMPLANTS to have absolute control over everyone.

              They will use these forms of control to the population that they are say are for the safety of the people. This of course is pure garbage as orgresses like that medusa fiensteinless and others know full well that disarming the population doesn’t deter crime, it enhances it. These power hungry sickos know that a population that can’t fight back is a totally obedient population. What is so pathetic is that most of the population is fooled by these lies and deception. Thankfully though there are still those that understand that without the 2nd Amendment there is no Constitution and no freedom.

              I would just like to take a moment to thank you everyone out there that fully supports the 2nd. Amendment and the basic rights of a human being to protect themselves.

              • BI, good evening my friend, and once again I just love how you and I end up on the same page in the same book. Like I said a couple of articles back, let these anti-selfdefense whackos suffer a home invasion, let their women get violated, etc. and then see what kind of song they sing afterward, on condition that they live to talk about their experience. I’ve always known that it’s the antigun lobby and certain elements in the fedgov who have been behind all of these mass shootings for the sole purpose of doing away with the 2A. If a member of the antigun lobby came within my sights……..

                • You would do what brave one? More bullshit about how many people you want to shoot. Ok, go ahead and shoot some people instead of constantly threatening to do so like some sophomoric kid who’s only able to shoot his MOUTH off.

                  • All “brave”heart has ever done is flex his computer key muscle. He his far from brave. Not saying I disagree with his stance on “things” but he’s a computer jockey warrior for sure.

                  • Amen.

                  • Anon AI and 1weakheart, I’ll try to be civil with both of you. I never look for any kind of trouble with anyone. I’ve always worked for the things I want and need. I never go around having bad intentions toward anyone, but if someone comes to my home with such intentions, I will stand my ground. I don’t make threats, just promises. If you’ve been paying close attention to what people here say, you should know something deadly serious is coming to this nation and I’m going to do my best to survive it all the way through. I’m not just mouth; I can and will back up what I say with the proper action. You 2 can believe what you want. I don’t care. Now what part of my message don’t you 2 understand?

                  • You’re trying to bullshit your way out of it brave one. You make idiotic statements like ” If I git them anti gun folks in my sights,I’ll…..”. You imply shooting people ALL the time on every article, whether or not they ” invade” your home. You’re simply an old man who makes silly threats due to your increasing feelings of impotence and old age, period.

                • its that kind of Bs that gives “Our” cause a bad rep. Even when its true you have to use control with your words.

              • These NWO bastards consider the people lower than whale shit, that’s why. In their mind people have less right to self preservation than a single cell amoeba. The crazy part is millions of captive so called human beings agree.

                • Eileen DiNino, 55, of Reading, was found dead in a jail cell Saturday morning, hours after she started a 48-hour sentence. Hundreds of parents, impoverished and overwhelmed, have been jailed in Pennsylvania for failing to pay court fines that arise from truancy hearings after their children skip school, creating what some call a “debtor’s prison”. She racked up $2,000 in fines, fees and court costs as the School District tried to keep her children in school.

                  More than 1,600 people have been jailed in Berks County — where Reading is the county seat — over truancy fines since 2000, more than two-thirds of them women. The fines handed down by judges were typically small, perhaps $20, but then adds court costs and fees. In one case alone involving DiNino, her bill included a laundry list of routine fees: $8 for a “judicial computer project”; $60 for Berks constables; $40 for “summary costs” for several court offices; and $10 for postage.

                  • Glad you posted that about PA. I live there and dealt with something close over BS fines and fees like this. Lets say you take a deal to go on probation and you do, they charge you over 100 dollars a month for this. Then the states are bringing in this money and if you fail or fall behind they arrest you and throw you in jail, then you lose your job and fall even further behind and the fees add up even more. Its insantiy and all it is, is making people lose their jobs and end up paying tons of money. its corruption at its best. F them!!

              • On 27 March 2011, there were 56,100,000 people living in England.

                It was much easier disarming 50 million.
                We have 310 million. 🙂

                • I watched a program on TV tonight on Special Ops about how the Government used these Private firms such as Blackwater and other firms in foreign conflicts as well as in New Orleans. These firms hire ex special forces and pay as much as $600 per day, but to keep the moral high ground they don’t like to be called mercenaries, cause mercenaries fight for anyone that pays the right price irreguardless of right or wrong. Of course for $600 a day these guys only fight for Good. So I believe when TSHF, at first it won’t be the Military or the Cops that come knocking at your door, it will be these Storm Troppers. These Firms are hired by the Government but whenever convenient denial by Big Brother can always be used. So you won’t know if it’s the Fed or Gangbangers. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

                  • trekker, i think you’re on to sumthin there. i never gave THAT much thought, but i betcha they’re out there right now planning this out. afterall,, they gotta find SUMTHIN’ for ’em to do now that the wars are winding down!

                  • You make a great point! Just remember, being one step ahead makes you far more successful at defeating them regardless of who they are. Stay ready!

                  • Does it really mater who comes to your door in the middle of the night? The same outcome will occur….Bye Bye!

                • The muslims are taking over England, will be 40% muslim in 30 years at current rates. Their causing trouble to. Lots of info at Brit Ian first.org

              • The Anti-Gun Movement is part of the Master Plan by the NWO illuminati. Which explains al the Jews in Congress passing anti gun legislation and laws – The Armed American population is the last major hurdle to crush for the NWO Clan-Tribe to completely dominate America. People, we are the last line of defenders that will protect America. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS OR AMMO OR FREEDOMS. Resist Tyranny. Keep your powder dry and your eyes and ears wide open.

                • So it’s only the Jews who want to disarm American citizens? Who knew?

              • BI, I am a PETA fan– I don’t believe its ok to experiminet on animals or humans– I’m for compassion period and against the theory that might makes right (domination of others). However, i am also FOR GUNS AND THE CONSTITUTION… you simply cannot group everyone in little groups and say these people do this and those people do that — its erroneous!


                • You are one of the few exceptions in that crowd. I too am for environmental responsibility, compassion and human treatment of animals. I also own some rural property that has many trees. When I built my cabin, I planned it in such a way as to preserve as many trees larger than 4″ in diameter. I only knocked one down, and that was for the driveway.

                  With that said, a human life is infinitely more valuable than an animals life. MOST PETA supporters don’t have enough sense to pour pee out of boot with the instructions on the heel. I know I have talked to several of them. Their logic is twisted. As a late friend and preacher once said, don’t be so open minded your brains fall out.

                  From an unknown source. “They don’t want us to label all Muslims as Suicidal Fanatics, based a few Terrorist actions, but they are glad to lump all Gun Owners as Fanatics, based on public shootings committed by a few lunatics.”

                  • I too am a PETA supporter (vegan), and I’m so pro-gun I consider the NRA soft. Still a member but like NAGR better. Generalizations like that are absurd, they’re based on stereotypes. Which is of course exactly where the image of “crazy right wingers” comes from.

                    Time to be the change you want to see in the world maybe?

                    Yes don’t be so open minded everything falls out. BUT ALSO don’t be so CLOSED minded that nothing can get in either.

                    What you said works in reverse order too: if it’s wrong to slander gun righters as fanatics based on a few, it’d be hypocritical to do the same to Muslims too. I think you’d find the percentage/distribution of crazies to sane depends on being…wait for it…human. About the same anywhere in the world.

                    Good luck to us all. But don’t not practice what you preach. Sanity, like charity, begins at home.

            • Horiuchi still needs to be held accountable for the murder of Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge. His day is still coming. The revolution is coming and I will take part in it.

            • He might be in your back yard, scoping your wife or son…

              • legion7, if I come across him……………………..

                • If I come across him I’ll shake like a dog shitting a peach pit! It will cause me to shoot myself in the foot and I’ll bleed to death, so much for the great braveheart.

          • When the revolution comes, the best camo for
            the Patriots will be a Mexican sombrero and

            With the tsunami of illegals flooding across
            the border at obamas behest, blending in will
            never be easier. Si, Senor!

            • De

              I think my blue eyes, white skin, ash hair and red/grey beard will give me away. How about I use my 308/45/12GA?

            • Defiant, a better camo for urban dwellers, especially in Michigan, MA, NJ, IL, CA and NY just might be a burqa!!! Or a gray hoodie…

              • I AM WORKING ON MY TAN AND SPLAGLISH NOW…. BUT MY 308,40,12,22 IS STILL IN MY HANDS…. PREP PREP PREP… TIME IS SHORT…. now where is that hoodi and mask…..

                • ‘Ol Pedro says, “Twentee more miles to te Souf of te Border”……

                  Well its now siesta time…..zzzzzzzzzz.

          • Brandon, big admirer of your work, most of the time. Sorry to say you are a day late and a dollar short on this one. The killing f the members of Seal Team 6 and most recently the killing of at least 40 Veterans by denying them medical were some of the first shots fired by the in power government.

            Remeber when Janet Napalatono said that combat veterans were the biggest danger to the Ameriac Government? That is when they declared war on it’s own people. Now they have freed the central party of the Taliban to assist in killing more of us.

            I also beleive that the killing of two police officers was in part a false lag amd not just because Alex Jones said it. The Gadsen flag left on top of the Nazi flag? just a few days before the Tea Party ousted one of the top ten politicians in the country? Yeah, I’m sure.

            Anyone wan to tell me why I saw on the railroad on Tuesday hundredd of MRAPS and CANNONS!! heading South out of Marysville Ca.? And they were not and did not go to Beal AFB. But I am sure I am just a conspiracy nut.


            • I don’t know that I am necessarily “late”. The Founding Fathers put up with decades of British trespasses before they finally fought back. Revolution is a process. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is a long and arduous process. The government’s technology means nothing. Wars are not won with tech, they are won by force of will. A century from now, people will be arguing that our revolution succeeded only because the enemy’s technology was not sufficient. I guarantee it.

              • @Brandon,

                You have a point there. I just read a couple of days ag about the rise and fall of gvernments over the course f history. Not one of the majors even realized that they had failed till there was no going back. I think that is part f what we are seeing now.


              • Love you Brandon
                I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time!

          • For a look at whats to come, go to RT NEWS, and click on the top part of the page concerning the Ukraine crisis, you will see…(Freedom fighters battling with fascists).

            What the US-controlled-Ukraine government is doing is shelling towns, killing innocent people, and bombing the power grids so the people have no water to drink and no means of refrigerating food– the same thing our government did under the Clinton administration when war against Sarahevo (sp?)

          • Lon Horiuchi IS now retired and living in Virginia, he’s “teaching” sniper courses privately and of course to his former agency on a contractor basis, or so I hear from current employees of his old employer.

          • I believe it’s they who is going to give us a reason….not us giving them a reason for revolution.

        • Nice article Brandon and this is your forte, but you are wrong about Bundy. Millions of Americans are not going to “swarm down” to support a criminal trespassing on Taxpayer land. That is a major miscalculation Brandon. I thought you were smarter than that.

          Guess not. 🙁

          Folks, no one should assume that the Rancher Bundy episode is over. It is not. The O’bummer administration is just waiting until AFTER the November elections as it has its hands full of negative press at this time.

          After November he and Holder have nothing to lose so those individuals who supported Rancher Bundy, and Rancher Bundy himself, will be arrested; and by force if necessary for embarrassing the FEDS. The Government will not walk away from this situation. The law and the Constitution is on the side of the FEDS in this situation.

          Having said that, let me repeat: Rancher Bundy’s cause is NOT a Liberty issue. It is NOT about personal liberty or Constitutional Rights. It is a simple commercial eviction for refusing to pay reasonable (and cheap) grazing fees.

          There is a time and place for another “shot heard ’round the world” but Bunkerville is neither Lexington or Concord.

          Patriots and Liberty Lovers must choose a time and a place where the US Constitution supports OUR rights to armed conflict against a Rogue Administration: and that armed conflict must be over a clear Constitutional Rights issue to win the hearts and minds of the American People. Only in this context will “millions of Americans swarm down” upon government thugs.

          Only when Constitutional Rights are the issue (and not personal enrichment by Rancher Bundy) are Americans justified and duty bound to confront the tyranny that passes for government in America in a second revolution.

          Engage your employees by ballot if possible, by bullet if necessary, but make sure your cause is lawful, just, and supported by the US Constitution before you squeeze the trigger. 🙂

          • I disagree DK. Bundy was another dry run for the Govt. They got to push buttons and watch response. The federal push was out of the blue and way overkill for just a rancher with eviction issues. This led to more militarization of the local, state and fed boys nationally. I don’t think it was a coincidence that the USDA shortly after Bundy starting procuring bids on 40 cal submachine guns. The govt is arming to the teeth and they are using us as their training subjects waiting for when shit goes down on a major scale.

            • And starting that “major scale” with an attack on Rancher Bundy, where the law is clearly on the side of the FEDS is the place for them to start that war, after elections.

              The American People are not as radical as the many on this site, so the silent majority will not resist when the FEDS up the ante using Rancher Bundy as the EXCUSE THEY NEED to tighten the screws on the rest of US.

              Bunkerville is not Bunker Hill folks. Get a clue. 🙁

              • If that were true, then why did the BLM run away? The “law” was on their side according to you…

                • Why did the Law Run Away? Good Question. They left because they where getting bad press. Its a election year. The monetery judgment against Bundy is still in place. If Bundy tries to sell any cattle the money will be taken. There was not any decisive victory or loss. It was only a stale mate. Bundys son was arrested & jailed how did that eventually come out?

                • Brandon if you believe that BLM “ran away” out of fear you would be sadly mistaken. No doubt they were ordered back because it is an election year. Elections will be over in November and they will be back.

                  I have a Franklin that says the FEDS will be back; or capture Rancher Bundy in another way. Rancher Bundy will eventually be jailed or killed and America will forget all about him within a weeks time, and not care, recognizing that he has brought all of it upon himself.

                  Maybe they left because all of those fucking “heroes” had placed women and children in front of them to take a bullet and the FEDS didn’t want to shoot women and children.

                  If you really want an armed conflict with the FEDS over a righteous issue, use Illegal Immigration, or QE/Bank Bailout as a legitimate excuse.

                  The Second American revolution will not be fought and won in the wilds of Idaho, so pack your sniper rifle and scope and move to NYC; a major hub of the New World Order. The bad news is that your weapon is against the law there, the good news is that it is a target rich environment.

                  Engage! 🙂

                  • I have to agree with a tad of all of you, but durango is right, they will go after bundy later when it flares down and pick him up for not paying something silly and when they have him they will charge him with whatever they can and then say to him, “if you can’t pay this we will then be forced to take your home and property to pay the skyrocket court fines and fees, then take his property and sell it to his friends in government. They are not our friends anymore. They are a MOB and we have to do what we have to do to end this. This is not a conspiracy. This is really happening. We are led to believe they are to protect the people. Everytime you hear Obama giving 6 billion for a security package or aid, they are all getting a cut of it. Its corruption and Im sorry they can track this and hear our talks but a revolution is the only way to get our country back unless we vote all all these corrupt people and get new people in. reid, pelosi and all the others are the real enemy not our friends and certainly not our representives. They will use police and law enforcement to stop us. They have all the security to protect them. The police are the ones that need to take the next real steps.

              • DK
                The Law is ALWAYS on the side of the government.
                I agree with what you say. Bundy was wrong. However neither fights nor revolutions are started over righteousness. They are started over emotion. And many people were pissed off over what was going on there. It wasent the legality of what the government was doing. It was the in your face overtness of the whole event.

                • Ed: No, the law is NOT always on the side of the government and there is much case law that evidences that reality.

                  The Government often loses its Court cases, which is why they attempt to intimidate citizens and manipulate them into pleading guilty; rather than holding a trial adjudicated by their peers.

                  Yes revolutions are started on emotion. It was the emotion of Rosa Parks that said enough is enough. Mainstream America was appalled that she had to give up her seat and was ordered to the back of the bus. That was inhuman.

                  While there was a lot of racism in those days, and much still lingers on ALL sides, the average American recognized the right of a tired old black woman to stay in her seat. In general I believe We believe in “first come first served”.

                  The US Constitution sided with Rosa Parks, so while local law was broken, Constitutional law supported her right to that bus seat. the local government lost.

                  The same analogy can be made for guns in NY or Illinois, if anyone cares to test it. 🙂

                  I am sure that many people would be upset if they watched a commercial eviction where someone was thrown out of their apartment for failure to pay rent; but what about the property owner’s rights? We like to tout personal property rights in America.

                  When an armed Sheriff’s deputy or two comes to a physical eviction because the tenant refuses to leave, that is as “in your face” as it gets.

                  The reality is that Rancher Bundy was wrong and he duped well meaning and Patriotic Americans to support his cause; but a large majority of Americans who are liberty lovers can see through charade, as you do. 🙂

            • DK is just another statist shill. Notice how he ignored the whole Harry Reid debacle, and all the evidence showing that the Bundy confrontation was designed to frighten the rancher off his land so that Reid could make millions off his Chinese solar farm contract. I don’t CARE what the federal courts say about how Bundy decided to handle his grazing rights. IT IS IRRELEVANT. The legal precedence is unconstitutional, the fed’s actions were unconstitutional, and DK wants us to argue over the arbitrary legal commandments of a corrupt government? I think not. DK has clearly chosen his side, and it’s the losing side.

              • “The legal precedence is unconstitutional…”. You hit the nail on the head there. I believe a man far wiser than myself once said that a man has no obligation to follow and unconstitutional law.

                • Ok how many have followed the Uncounstitional Obama health care Law ,Tax ,mandate. The wife & I didn’t buy any health insurance. So now I suppose We are criminal,s subject to punishment ? and all without a trial? and for refusing to engage in commerce? Now for me that was it. That enough right there. Two branches of our government the legislative and judicial failed to uphold the counstition. Now the other shoe will eventually drop. the government will send its enforcers after those of us who didn’t comply with the health care mandate. I don’t really know what my reaction will be?

                  • Old Guy, in response to your first question, the answer would be “Far too many”. Me? I’m one of the lucky few in the private sector to still have healthcare. Granted, my premiums doubled, and I’m extremely lucky that’s all they did. There is nothing affordable about the ACA, and the mandate is assuredly unconstitutional, the bs SCOTUS decision notwithstanding. It is merely evidence of the lack of control the people have over the government, and how the government is not looking out for the people, but actively screwing us, sans lube, with a sandpaper condom. I don’t know what will happen when the IRS SWAT goons roll up to enforce it, but I am supremely cognizant of the reality that it will not be pretty.

              • Brandon, this is one of your best articles yet. DK is just too much of a cheerleader for the current system we live under. And he said the feds have ‘law’ on their side? Some unconstitutional law with no legitimate basis to it whatsoever. Brandon, I’ve stated here in numerous articles that NOTHING THIS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER. NO GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL HAS A LEG TO STAND ON CONCERNING ANYTHING. WE DON’T OWE THIS GOVERNMENT ANYTHING EXCEPT TO CHALLENGE IT AND DEFEAT IT WHEN THE TIME COMES.

              • I don’t see that at all in DK’s post. As a liberty movement guy-which I am, I could not in good moral conscience “side” with Bundy, once I researched the facts for MYSELF, and found that Bundy did in fact USE the movement to garner support for his financial chicanery. He’s admitted he owes the grazing fees, publicly numerous times before and after the circle-jerk “standoff” which was embarrassing for ALL sides involved. ALL sides were engaging in self-destructive behavior and there is plenty of blame to go around, I for one have not met a single liberty movement libertarian that behaves in the manner the Bundy Clan chose to, nor have I met any other LDS congregants who used the foul and profane invectives used (see videotapes)by the Bundy family members against the BLM agents. While it is their “free speech” exercise of their First Amendment rights to use such foul and vile language, they embarrassed their fellow LDS membership by their stupidity, all in the name of trying to get out of paying a legitimate debt Jefe Bundy clearly has publicly recognized he does legally and lawfully owe. Now, those in the liberty movement can see unemotionally where Bundy et al hijacked for a few days the support of those in the liberty movement, until they smartened up and saw what was truly happening. It takes guts to look at the cold hard facts of the Bundy case, and Bundy is just a deadbeat trying anything to stall off the inevitable paying the piper his due. this was not and never is(Bundy case) about “liberty”, it’s about the money Bundy owes.the government may well be corrupt, but Bundy is as corrupt as Harry Reid is, and his very public actions show it in this case. I find no discernable differnce between Cliven Bundy and Harry Reid, they both are oily low lifes, and an embarrassment to their professed religious beliefs. Please do the research on this particular case and I am sure, being reasonable and prudent, you will come to the same conclusion I did. It’s easy to ride emotions when it suits a political ideology, and that is exactly what the Obamafurher wants us to do, so he can declare martial law and crown himself Emperor-for-Life. Let’s not give him that chance. Let’s do all we can do in all righteousness to bring down his reign of incompetence and arrogance through good morals, and good candidates.

              • Brandon: The “Harry Reid debacle” is a separate legal issue that should be investigated, and his telephone conversations reviewed by a special prosecutor and made public. If there is any evidence linking Reid, that’s where it will be found.

                Maybe Snowden has that data???

                No one has tried to frighten Bundy or remove him from his fee simple land. The FEDS have tried to remove him from the 300,000 acres of Taxpayer land that he occupies illegally.

                How Rancher Bundy handled his grazing rights IS the issue. There is nothing irrelevant about that. There is nothing illegal about removing Rancher Bundy from taxpayer land after he severed his lease; and there is every legal precedence for it.

                WTF are you smoking Brandon?

                Yes, there is corruption in government at every level in America because the retards and the demturds have divided the nation up state by state, county by county, and city by city.

                What I am saying to YOU and others here, is pursue those issues that are clearly UN CONSTITUTIONAL, take up arms about them, and fight to the death over them.

                Rancher Bundy is in the wrong and idiots like you will take the Liberty Movement down before it gets started because you are not smart enough to discern the difference between criminal activity and Constitutional issues.

                You disappoint me Brandon. Please, find someone in your area with a brain and maybe some legal experience to help you understand. Some day you will, (hopefully) and you will be absolutely mortified that you were so stupid and so adamant about it.

                LMAO!!! 🙂

              • I have to agree with what you just said brandon smith. I like durango’s opinion on the money side but I believe you are right on this one with bundy.

          • DK, while I agree the Bundy affair is not over, you still misunderstand that whole affair. You believe he’s a criminal just because a federal official said so? If you accept what any govt. official says as gospel without at least questioning it, you have a real problem. the revolution is coming and there’s no stopping it. I wish you would join us. I for one would still be willing to have you. forget about this totally useless and hopeless system we’re under. the system won’t last too much longer. Starting over from scratch is the only way I see out of this whole mess.

            • TRB: No sir, YOU misunderstand the whole affair. I believe he is a criminal because Rancher Bundy has publicly admitted that:

              1) His cows are grazing on taxpayer land;
              2) He refuses to pay grazing fees to the BLM after having paid them many, many years;
              3) He refuses to remove his cows from the land even after a Court order to do so.

              Finally, it doesn’t matter whether I think he is criminal (and I do) or not. The FEDS believe he is a criminal and have a Court Order to prove it.

              What I do know is a little commercial business law. He has severed his lease. He has no right to use the land and he has refused eviction.

              In America people are legally evicted by the Sheriff from the premises that they occupy every day at the implied point of a gun. Every day. This is no different. If you owned a rental property and the renter refused to pay his rent you would evict him via the process I described. First a Court Order, then a Sheriff’s Deputy.

              Because the BLM is a management agent acting for the Taxpayer, and the land is Federal land, Federal Marshal’s will enforce the eviction.

              My guess is that he will be arrested the next time he enters a Court Room and will not see the light of day for twenty years and will probably die in jail. If his Fee land is not in a Family Trust it will be confiscated. 🙁

              The first revolution had a valid legal basis. The Second Revolution must have one too, or it will NOT succeed.

              • I find it hillarious DK that you can sit there and chide Bundy for not paying his taxes, claiming it’s “unconstituional.” When we have the wealthy and corporations not paying a dime in taxes, illegals sucking the system dry, criminals on wall street getting away for stealing billions though fraud or manipulation, billions wasted and you want to whine about Bundy not paying taxes on State land?
                By the way the BLM was not taking care or managing this land properly(just like a government entity). In fact they were tearing out his water holes and destroying the eco-system. I would of also gave them a middle finger too because they were not there to help him but drive him off the land(as they did with all the other ranchers) and give it to your beloved Senator Reid and friends.

                • mqg25: I am not chiding Bundy for not paying his taxes or claiming that his non-payment of taxes is unconstitutional. I merely stated that Reid says he doesn’t pay his taxes and the US Government will use that non-payment of taxes against him as they have done others, as I exampled.

                  Personally, I don’t care whether he pays his taxes or not; I just want him to pay the rightful grazing fees that other ranchers do, if he is going to graze his herd on taxpayer land.

                  Why is he special? 🙂

                  • BTW: Once Bundy severed his lease by non-payment of grazing fees, the BLM had every right to remove any improvements, like “the waterholes” or fences he had constructed on taxpayer land.

                    Taxpayer land is not Bundy land. Bundy ‘s land is limited to the fee simple portion of the “ranch”. The government was not destroying improvements on Bundy land.

                    Bundy has not been driven off of his land. He is free to feed his cows on his fee land and buy the feed for them to eat. Taxpayer forage is not Bundy forage. 🙂

              • The federal government has no constitutional right to the land in the first place. If the landlord does not legally own the land, then how can he proclaim anyone a debtor and charge them rent?

                • Bingo.

                • Brandon: The Federal Government acquired all of Alta Mexico in 1848 after the end of Mexican War. And yes it does have a Constitutional right to the land and to manage it on behalf of the American people.

                  We have covered that ground here before. I suggest you READ the US Constitution and study it so that you will quit making a fool of yourself about it. BLM is the property manager for these particular lands on behalf of the American people and collect reasonable grazing fees for its forage.

                  Really 🙂

              • Bundy is an idiot. If there is to be a second revolution, let begin for legal and moral reasons like the first. I served proudly in the US military for 20 years and I will not die for a moron like Bundy. We must stand on the high ground or we go down in history as fools.

              • “The FEDS believe he is a criminal and have a Court Order to prove it.”

                ML King said “Remember, everything the Nazis did was ‘legal.'”

                And, oh yes – are you obeying all the the Federal Register??? When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see http://www.gwu.edu/~ffcp/exhibit/p6/p6_7.html ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

                The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – is, according to Politifact.com and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

                But, please note! Our politically correct government is trying to save trees, so the 34,000 pp. document – printed on double sided paper – was only around 17,000 pages, thankfully (of course, under Obama, even double sided is now probably back around that size).

                For verification, see http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2011/jul/01/randy-forbes/rep-forbes-says-federal-registration-containing-re/ )

                • test: Great rant. I agree. But what does any of that have to do with Bundy’s refusal to pay reasonable grazing fees for Taxpayer forage?

                  Nothing. 🙂

              • DK, you shock me with the amount of federal koolaid you have consumed, of the NEOCON variety. You’re saying the same things Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or even O’Reilly would’ve said. I know it’s only a matter of time before the feds get their revenge on Bundy and I hope he and his family take out as many as possible in self-defense of their home. There’s no legitimate basis for any federal actions, period! We don’t have the “rule of law” in this nation anymore, DK; haven’t had it for decades. There’s no ‘due process of law’ for the most part in the courts anymore, from federal to local levels. In most cases, prosecutors work hand in glove with the judges to coerce defendants into ‘plea bargains’ and nowadays the defense attorneys also take part in pressuring their clients to accept a ‘plea bargain’. Keep in mind, DK, that defense attorneys are “officers of the court” no less than the prosecutors are, so they will look out for the court’s interests regardless. The judicial system these days is totally set up for convictions instead of acquittals. Acquittals are anathema to the current judicial system and that’s one of the biggest reasons for the revolution that’s coming. There will be a ‘reset’ and there’s no stopping it.

                • TRB: In this instance, maybe these guys know something that would be valuable for you to understand. I don’t watch or listen to either the left or right.

                  At this point in my life I have enough education, experience, and special expertise that I can make sound judgments without the propaganda from either side.

                  When I need more info I know where to get it. That’s why I know that there is every legitimate reason for Federal action in Rancher Bundy’s case. 🙂

            • DK needs to read up on the statutory range laws of that area,,,
              That said, Bundys was just a point where people said ENOUGH!

              • Kulafarmer.

                The law has nothing to do with it. The government will do what it sees fit and deal with the fallout later.
                They are picking their fights when it suits them. If we ever go on the offensive we will be the terrorist and that will enhance the chances of terrible retribution.
                There is slow news on states like Connecticut, New York and New Jersey with their gun law battles. All silent on the eastern front. Screw the country one state at a time.

              • Kulafarmer: As someone who leases BLM land, I promise you I know a little bit about range law in the West. I agree that there are many people ITCHING for a fight with the FEDS; Brandon Smith being one of them.

                I would support armed conflict over a legitimate Constitutional issue. Rancher Bundy’s cause is not it. More than that it is a bad choice that the American people will not support.

                People need to say “Enough!” about Illegal Immigration. People need to say “Enough!” about the continuing bank bailouts. people need to say “Enough!” about FREE TRADE. these are Constitutional issues.

                Rancher Bundy is about a free lunch. His, on OUR dime. 🙁

          • I hope like hell that you’re wrong, but I fear you are right. With the power to cripple someone with IRS audits, or to take it one step further to cut a person off from his/her bank accounts, deevee credit cards, etc., they don’t even have to send out armed troops. The only people immune to this use of force are illegal aliens and criminals. To get to them the PTB will have to make cash illegal. So the we get: http://www.vocativ.com/money/industry/gun-ammo-new-cash/

            And read John Brunner’s other masterpiece, Shockwave Rider.

            • Coach: The FEDS won’t be able to cripple Rancher Bundy with IRS audits. Reid said he isn’t now, and hasn’t been paying any taxes. This guy has the shelf life of a Big Mac; or November, whichever comes first.

              How did they get Al Capone? Lyndon La Rouche? Wesley Snipes? 🙂

          • DK

            In the sense of the law of the land you’d be correct, but with so much blatant lawlessness within our own government people are now viewing things as more black and white, grey has become the neutral zone that allows people to choose sides.

            We are so close to what could be called a trigger point, because people are fed the hell up. Yes Bundy is partially wrong, but only because he refused to comply with unjust laws over a period of time, some are always closer to injustice then others and some will respond differently, much like the Founders did.

            • y99: None of the laws that Rancher Bundy refused to comply with were unjust. None. Name one and explain how it was unjust. I will be happy to debate the point. Grazing fees are sooooo cheap that they represent an incredible subsidy for ranchers. Not as flagrant or as generous as the subsidy for bankers (QE) but very real none the less.

              Why do you think so many ranchers are millionaires? 🙂

              WE ARE close to a trigger point and my point about that is that the triggers should be pulled and only pulled when a clear violation of OUR Constitutional Rights have been violated unilaterally, and repeatedly. Without that clear delineation, the American People will not support armed resistance.

              Without the support of the American People, the “Liberty Movement” will be as dead as Rancher Bundy will be before his case is resolved. I hope for the benefit of his large and multi-generational family, that the Fee Simple land that is the nucleus of his “ranch” is in a family trust to protect it from confiscation for fees and legal costs he owes.

              What Constitutional right was violated in Rancher Bundy’s case? None. Zip. Zero. Nada. 🙂

              • Know what DK? If he is a rich bastard raising my cattle to eat? Then, ‘go for it!!’
                Because those rich bastard CEOs making millions a year are not doing one damn thing for me, to better me, or make my life easier. AND they don’t pay shit toward revenue to support this nation(they spend hundreds of thousands on accountants to dodge taxes!!).
                So, if I have to choose, oligarchy or the farmer, I choose the farmer!! 🙂

                And yes, the attempt to steal that land and give it to the Chinese isn’t over–but neither is the support of the ‘we’ve had enough’ brigade.
                It may be a stronger ‘march’ next time. Those patriots aren’t just sitting watching Duck Dynasty—they are planning–they aren’t stupid!!

                • JayJay: Any American who wants a LEGITIMATE reason to take up arms against this Rogue Administration, should look no farther than the mass Illegal Immigration Invasion that is being facilitated by this government, prior to a “General Amnesty” by O’Bummer, next year.

                  BTW, Bundy is a rancher, not a farmer. 🙂

                  • Oh, hell, I don’t even care about illegals any more,.

                    A few billion thrown to 160 countries through financial aid or a few billion to illegals–it’s all wrong.
                    I DID NOT agree to fund these illegals OR other countries.

                    We here all know any actions today are made by the corrupt officials to destroy this nation to gain control of energy, food, and water.

                    NWO, One World Order, whatever you call it–it is coming and we better fight to keep our weapons because that is the only way we will stop becoming part of that.

                  • JayJay: The fight against Illegal Immigration is the fight to keep OUR weapons. Once they pay these people to go to the polls and vote against candidates who support the Second Amendment, that right will be legally taken from US.

                    Engage Illegal Immigration and protect your 2nd Amendment right. 🙂

                • JayJay, I’m with you and I’ll take farmers and ranchers over oligarchs any day. I have a family of farmers in GA so I know from where I speak. Farmers and ranchers provide sources of food for people. Oligarchs never do a damned thing for any of us, never have, never will.

              • DK

                You seem to be a very law and order type? How about any law by the EPA over the last 30 yrs that forces the rancher cost, time or money that pertains to the desert tortoise?

                The EPA has created so many laws that many of the former ranchers from that area are now gone with their millions of dollars.

                You appear to think I and many others should conform once a law, unjust or not is written into the books, by people only after power. I suppose by that logic when they outlaw the 2nd AMD I should crawl on my knees and turn over my tools to the nearest government agency?

                • y99: I have stated before and I will state again: The Desert Tortoise is the Spotted Owl with a shell. And I agree that there are too many Rules, Regulations, and Laws designed to corral Americans into the cities under Agenda 21. But NO CONSTITUTIONAL Right has been violated by the government in Rancher Bundy’s case.

                  I support the BLM for reducing the number of animal units per acre on that taxpayer land because the West has been in drought for at least 15 years. Lake Powell for example is only half full. The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains, but it is not falling in the Great Basin. Therefore there is less forage available. Less available forage means fewer animals should be allowed to graze; otherwise the desert will be blowing into Las Vegas like the Gobi into Beijing. I don’t think anyone wants that.

                  Bundy could feed his herd on his own land if he wanted to pay for the feed. No one is stopping him from doing that. With the higher cost for beef that you are paying at the store, he can probably afford it. He just wants something for next to nothing. 🙁

                  • DK,
                    Look I believe we have some common ground, but you need to realize that when you say taxpayer land you’re talking about land that for whatever reason the Gov placed dibs on forced people off of through invasive law and then they make us pay for it just like healthcare. You can find any reason you want, as TPTB have to call it Constitutional, but it doesn’t make it right or even legal.

                    Millions of law abiding citizens are sitting back every evening in shock at the lawlessness of this administration, we are being pushed and nudged to break the law. It’s why they’re doing it every day.

                    As for grazing drought land, I’d have to be a pretty dumb cattle rancher to not recognize the land can’t support my cattle. And I ain’t a cattle rancher.

                  • Bundy ranch – my challenge to all US citizens

                    The Constitution of the United States of America

                    Article I

                    Section 8

                    1: The Congress shall have Power…..

                    17: To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;



                    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


                    There is no amendment to the Constitution expanding or adding to the specifically enumerated limits that the Federal government was given.

                    The argument that the Federal government was “in charge” of those lands prior the the establishment of any of the states in the area, and thereby retains the “right” of control, is totally incorrect. Once the political boundaries of a state are set by it’s acceptance into the United States, all land control within that state transfers to that state with the only exception being lands that the Federal government must purchase for specific usage. IE: “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.”

                    The argument that states may have granted or “ceded” their control over the lands within their boundaries to the Federal government is also incorrect. The constitution does not give the Federal government the authority to accept such control. The 10th Amendment states that power is to the state or the people. It says nothing about power transferring to the Federal government.

                    The argument that the Congress and/or the President have passed laws and regulations creating agencies with the authority to “control or manage” these lands is also without Constitutional basis. Until such time as there is an amendment ratified by the states granting an expansion of the specific enumerated areas that the Federal government may “legislate” in, any such “laws” are unconstitutional.


                    Unconstitutional Official Acts

                    16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256:

                    The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be In agreement. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. This is succinctly stated as follows:

                    The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

                    Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…..

                    A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the lend, it is superseded thereby.

                    No one Is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.


                    My challenge to you:

                    Find me wrong. Show me (under the constitution) where my reasoning is faulty.

                    All of the pointing of fingers at “Dirty Harry” and elsewhere (minerals, water, turtles, solar, etc) is just serving to divert attention from the basic fact that the Federal government has acted without authority. And perhaps feloniously.

                    Consider the following analysis by Jon Roland, author and Constitutional scholar:

                    “Strictly speaking, an unconstitutional statute is not a “law”, and should not be called a “law”, even if it is sustained by a court, for a finding that a statute or other official act is constitutional does not make it so, or confer any authority to anyone to enforce it.

                    All citizens and legal residents of the United States, by their presence on the territory of the United States, are subject to the militia duty, the duty of the social compact that creates the society, which requires that each, alone and in concert with others, not only obey the Constitution and constitutional official acts, but help enforce them, if necessary, at the risk of one’s life.

                    Any unconstitutional act of an official will at least be a violation of the oath of that official to execute the duties of his office, and therefore grounds for his removal from office. No official immunity or privileges of rank or position survive the commission of unlawful acts. If it violates the rights of individuals, it is also likely to be a crime, and the militia duty obligates anyone aware of such a violation to investigate it, gather evidence for a prosecution, make an arrest, and if necessary, seek an indictment from a grand jury, and if one is obtained, prosecute the offender in a court of law.”


                    We are ALL guilty of allowing this to continue.

                    So, what are WE going to do about it?

                    Myself, I am going to start passing the word as far and wide as I am able.

                    Now it is Your decision. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

              • DK,
                You really need to drop the propaganda and read why Bundy objected to paying the fees as he had paid them for years with no problem. Then again you are a closed minded govt. shill and facts mean nothing to you. How much do they pay you to spew the same nonsense over and over?

                • John W: I have read Rancher Bundy’s statements. Rancher Bundy is no Rosa Parks. When he refused to renew his lease by failing to pay his grazing fees, he lost his right to Taxpayer land. End of story. Next rancher, cowboy up!

                  y99: Title to the land was acquired by the Federal government after the 1848 war with Mexico. The Bundy family didn’t establish a homestead until the 1880’s. His Homestead, which is the Fee land, is not in question, and he has not been forced off of that land.

                  The land is question is the 300,000 acres of taxpayer land that he leased for grazing his herd until he stopped paying his grazing fees. Why he stopped paying is irrelevant. He severed his lease when he stopped paying. His right to the land to graze his herd terminated when the annual grazing fees were stopped.

                  I understand that he didn’t like his animal unit number cut. Too bad. The area is in drought and has been for a very long time. No rain, no new forage. No new forage, fewer cows can be sustained upon the land. Its real simple.

                  Yes, this is a lawless administration, but don’t confuse the issues. Each situation has its own legal basis. The Kenyan had not even decided to run for POTUS when Rancher Bundy set these events in motion which will probably end in his demise. Focus on the legal issues associated with Rancher Bundy and you will understand why it is the wrong situation for a revolution. 🙁

                  • DK
                    Whether the chicken came before the egg is not my concern at this point, I know Bundy is not right on all issues and at the end of the day it’s his problem, but how at this point and time do you fully support the rule of law in such a lawless environment? Is it not human nature that recognizes injustice at a very basic level?

                    Some people would rather complain about the slinter in their finger, than the post in their eye.

                  • y99: I support the Rule of law because I believe in the US Constitution. It just needs to be applied in America again by OUR employees, and used as the basis for all other rules and regulations.

                    Currently, that is not the case and corruption is rampant. The Rule of Law (US Constitution) is NOT being applied and that is the fault of the Attormeys and judges in America who have become advocates for Special Interests rather than the US Constitution.

                    As for grazing your cattle upon land that will not sustain them, the idea for the Rancher not paying grazing fees, is that its not his land so if over grazing destroys the land and reduces it to complete desert, so what?

                    So while YOU would be concerned about the ability of your cattle to eat, the IMMORAL cowman doesn’t care and expects to lose some cows anyway and will deduct the losses from his profits.

                    For Rancher Bundy it is all about the profit, not about the land (which isn’t his) or the cows. He could care less about either or he would recognize that no rain in 15 years means no new forage. 🙁

              • How About The Fact 52 Ranchers Had Already Gone bust On The Fee Increases(Taxed Out Of Business).Fair???? I Think Not.Let Alone The BLM Never Did Their Part Of The Agreed Use Of Those Moneys….

                • Hogshed: You haven’t posted the facts about the other 52 ranchers who have “gone bust”, so I don’t know what the truth is in each of those cases; each of which is a separate legal issue.

                  Speaking in general, there is nothing wrong with BLM raising grazing fees or limiting the number of animal units per acre on marginal land that is barely a cut above desert during a 30 year drought. In either case it is still way cheaper to feed their herds on Taxpayer forage than to buy the feed and feed them yourself. Its still a great subsidy.

                  Especially if like in the Rancher Bundy case, you are not paying any grazing fees at all. This creates a serious un-competitive advantage for Rancher Bundy over other ranchers who are law abiding and paying their grazing fees. why should Rancher Bundy be “special”?

                  What about the Ranchers in Texas who also have been going broke trying to feed their herds because of drought there? They cut their herds. Drought is one of the risks that ranchers and farmers take pursuing their business.

                  Some of that risk is mitigated by cheap grazing fees on Taxpayer land, but whether you are talking about Texas or Nevada, marginal land can only support so many animals in a drought.

                  Rancher Bundy is a criminal and a greedy fucking pig!!! No pun intended, Hogshed. 🙂

          • DK, If our commander-&-thief fulfills his latest threats of penning some more anti-2cd amendment laws, you might have your cut-and-dried reason.

            • I agree. 🙂

            • Is his grazing cattle any worse than 11 Million People grazing here! This is a Lawless Adm…?

              • Cameraman: If there were only 11 million people grazing here the economy could support the burden, Think forty or fifty million. 🙁

        • Death to the traitors of liberty

        • That’s funny as Hell…I have a brother named Jared and he is a straight up criminal, he could sell you your own socks and he is a nut ball.

          • About 55 or 60 years ago, my mother came up with the theory that people take on the personality of a name. I started looking at people in association with their name and it seemed true.

            Unfortunately, my parents gave me an unusual first name that everyone made fun of. It was my father’s dead sister’s name. Even my father didn’t like it and usually called me “Daisy” instead.

        • Ed,was the staving guy from subway ads,lack of decent food made him insane!

        • Blame it on Subway.

        • Ed

          they are probably going alphabetically down thru their manicurian candidates, soon they will move on to names that start with the letter “K”

          watch for it

        • Obama is getting crazier and crazier! I think the dude thinks he’s Hitler!

          His latest attack on U.S. citizens was to pass a law saying he can bring the military in the streets whenever he feels threatened by protestors (subjective feelings, which means anytime he chooses). This, of course, is totally UnConstitutional and therefore, against the law, but he says he can do it anyhow.

          More recently, they decided to call an ace an ace, came right out and said they are coming for us Internet people– “domestic terrorists” (in other words, we are terrorizing/scaring them and they don’t like it!)

          Now, according to Daily Sheeple, Obummer is going to use Executive Order to come after our guns.. also, totally UnConstitutional. (The next step would be to exterminate us if history is any guide).

        • Because they’re probably gay.

      2. Obama cites Australia’s gun confiscation program as example for US:

        The Obama administration may be looking for an example in Australia as the White House considers potential new firearm laws for the United States in the wake of the latest in a series of devastating school shootings.

        River Rat at the ready!!! ENOUGH!

        • Yeah, the famous video and pictures of the piles of Australian sporting arms being turned into scrap is going to be a loser for him.

          Australians would not allow their government to do what they did back in the 1990’s, they trusted them then, and look what they got. More crime, more violence, and damn all to show for it.

        • Yeah…right now China is eyeballing them too.

        • KY Mom,
          That ABCNews article about the CME is garbage. The earth ionosphere was disrupted by the the radiation (Micro-rays / X-Rays / Gamma Ray’s). These electromagnetic radiation events are short lived and travel at speed with the light rays output by the sun. The disruption occurs when these high energy rays encounter the ionosphere and interact with ozone and other particles up there. The result is lots of radio interference and possible satellite issues.

          Both CME (an X-2.2 class and and X-1.5 class) were generated from delta class sun spots on the lim (edge) of the earth facing disc of the sun. What this means is that almost the entire mass of the CME was ejected behind the earth’s orbit. The charged particles in the CMEs move much slower than light and can take 1~3 days to reach the orbital distance of the earth (depending on how violently the CME is ejected from the sun). The earth is only at risk of miniscule disruption to our magnetics from the CMEs that occurred on 6/10/14 because the eruptions occurred on the edge of the earth facing disc and are thus not generally directed toward our planets current or future orbital position.

          If you are interested in Solar events and how the sun and earth interact from weather to earthquakes to magenetics, I would encourage you to look up on youtube the ‘Suspicious0bservers’ channel. The guy who puts a daily news / solar weather report together does an excellent job educating people on how to watch the sun, how the sun and earth interact from magnetics to solar flares to coronal holes to filament eruptions, and how the solar weather impacts our terrestrial weather and various other earth events (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, huricanes / cyclones). I found this information back last August, and after watching the daily reports while paying attention to other events, I have become convinced the theories and information being presented are accurate and have major implications to climate science as well as other areas of science.

          • anon,

            Thanks for the info.! I will look into this.

            Has anyone heard from Just One Guy? I hope he is ok. I haven’t seen a post from him in a long time.

            Take care! Keep praying and prepping!
            KY Mom

            • Or Old Vet: I haven’t seen a post from him since the “truck people” were in his driveway.


      3. Gun control isn’t meant to protect the people from crime; it’s meant to protect the government from the people.

        That’s the reason these Liberal wanna-be dictators jump on any opportunity to ban guns from the hands of civilians.

        Tyrants don’t like it when people shoot back.

        • Sorry to correct you, but gun control means hitting what you’re aiming at.

          • Hell yeah.

        • Gun control was originally implemented in the South and blacks were the target. The Klan wanted safe sailing when they terrorized the negroes. The Democrats were the party behind that sad that blacks are so dense they have never realized that.

          • Good point, John…

            They were also targeted by Reagan in California in the sixties when he passed state gun control laws.

            The black Viet Nam vets were the only ones to stand up for their second amendment rights when they walked into the state capitol building armed with their rifles to protest the bill. Perfectly legal at the time (try that ANYWHERE now).

            Didn’t help. Reagan was a “fake conservative”. Owned just like the rest.

            • Regan was a “Democrat” that switched parties. He also signed the bill outlawing the ownership of fully automatic weapons that were manufactured after 1986?

      4. Law of the Prophets

      5. Not until stomachs go hungry.

      6. A few lines from songs I like which are relevant….

        My feet are getting tired
        My head begins to spin
        Who of us is dreaming
        You or me or him?
        Yes, You know I’m waiting
        While these times unfold
        Looking backward briefly
        Running down the road
        Arlo Guthrie

        Lighten up while you still can
        don’t even try to understand
        Just find a place to make your stand

        just thought I would share these…

        • Arlo and his daddy too left leaning and socialist for this Okie.

          • The beauty of song lyrics is that they speak to many, for many different reasons…I do not look to the politics of the poet, but what the poet has written that I can relate to a particular belief/feeling which I HAVE….
            I believe the road will be a hard one and we all will be looking back and wondering how did this happen? And when it comes time to make YOUR STAND….you need to be where you want to be…’cause you ‘ain’t gonna be goin’ back to where your from after…..

      7. Baloney on this author.

        • Anonymous, Brandon Smith is one of the best writers I know of. If you don’t believe his article, then you’re living in a fantasy world. revolution is coming. I hope you’ll be part of the solution and not part of the problem. If you think we’re full of it, then BALONEY on you.

          • If you choose to believe everything in this article, that is certainly your prerogative.

            I do not.

            I would encourage you to try to verify the truthfulness or lack thereof of the claims made in this article.

            I would encourage you to be more analytical.

            I would discourage you from accepting at face value every statement made by others.

            Think for yourself. You’ll thank me for it.

            • Stick around awhile, you will see that he never has a thought of his own. He’s a coat tail rider of the highest order. It’s quite hilarious to watch, day in day out, Mr Barney bad ass, talking big to impress people on the internet. Pathetic!!

              • To both of you claiming to be anonymous: I already know how to think for myself and I do analyze and research every article I review. I never accept anything as gospel without at least questioning it. I don’t ride on anyone’s coattail. Never have and never will. You 2 morons can go ahead and believe what you want. I don’t care. so go f#$% yourselves!

                • Yeah. Sure…the comment section is intended for comments to the article. But time and time again you “agree” with everyone’s comments to the point that you contradict yourself at times. No one comes here to read Mr Barney bad ass, comment on their comments. No one cares about your opinion renegade pathetic braveheart. Otherwise, when bi makes his post, he’d type, “yo brave, what’s your take, you pathetic loser?” Hahaha it’s hilarious. You twist everything to you and NO ONE cares…..hahaha.

                  • Braveboy is THE poster child for idiocy. He steps all over himself with his comments that he forgets he previously made. Must be hardening of the arteries in his feeble brain.

        • Anon

          Brandon is an analytical thinker who like most is processing information like everybody else, nothing he’s proposing is out of the realm of possibilities based on our current national, political, economic and emotional state.

          Some just naturally know how to think outside the box.

      8. Wow…..I mean Wow.

      9. This seriously is the most idiotic article to date !!!
        Rioting is not a revolution

        • Rich99, while I agree that rioting alone is not revolution, it can be a step toward revolution. Revolution is coming, period, regardless of how anyone sees it.

          • He obviously’s never studied the French “Revolution[s]”.

          • The ONLY way a revolt will happen is when the people lose their material things ……look around you …look what’s been happening and STILL no revolt so that is very telling

        • I object to him using the two idiots that killed the police and the civilian who tried to stop them in Vegas as a sign of looming revolution. They were two scumbags that is all they were. If they are a indicator of the quality of the resistance then we are really screwed.

          • I imagine The King thought John Parker and his group were a bunch of “scumbags” too. No ‘Big Show’ has ever started without some sort of warm-up phase to get the audience involved. Right now most Americans are just part of the audience, waiting for the main event to start. When that happens they’ll either watch some more, join the show or head for the doors.
            The Millers weren’t a great warm-up group and many feel just as you do but after the show (whenever that might be) they may be remembered in much the same way as John Brown of CW1 days.
            In closing, had Great Britain beaten back the revolution John Parker would have been a criminal not a patriot. We’ll just have to wait to see what future history will say about the Millers.

      10. We are ready; even if it is only 10%.
        Pray that God is on our side.

      11. This is old school propaganda going on and it’s still effective with the non-thinking masses. Paint the enemy as a stranger, an aggressor and turn them into old faceless enemies. This is dehumanizing propaganda designed to make us the wall between the young and their new unfocused idea of success.

        They are systematically blurring the distinction old, young, black, and white, they’ve been breeding into us who our enemy is for decades.

        We stand as the last moral obstacle, those of us that have God as an anchor. Raise your children/grandchildren well, fight for your life because it’s coming.

        • y99,

          Individual liberty and private property are my liege. Having lived a variety of opinions in an examined life, I have noticed that one tends to believe in either a deity or in government.

          Whatever excesses Rev. Bob may enjoin he is not murdering peasants, kicking in people’s doors at 3 a.m. or involuntarily taxing anyone.

          Most people who worship government want power over others, even if only vicariously. Those who worship whatever god they choose generally just want to be left alone.

          To hold for liberty does not require “having God as our anchor.” In general, many whose pride won’t allow them to worship a deity can’t wait to exercise their “god-like” authority to command others’ lives. Do individual exceptions exist? Yes,
          but in general.

        • >>>We stand as the last moral obstacle, those of us that have God (and guns) as an anchor. <<<

      12. Don’t ever think police and military won’t brutalize and fire on citizens, many won’t but there are many who will.

        More on the MRAP from yesterday. They have a high center of gravity, often making them susceptible to rollovers or impediment in uneven terrain and destroyed roads. Many bridges can’t handle their weight either. In the absence of ordnance, an incendiary device of something sticky and that burns at very high temperature will in theory suffocate the engine of oxygen and cook the occupants. EFPs, a camouflaged anti-tank ditch, or pitfall will work also. Or a camouflaged pitfall or similar trap filled with an incendiary. If I had to fight one I’d want a .50 BMG rifle. Or wait til they exit and open the door, they don’t live in those things and can’t stay in there forever.

        • Americans have millions of paint buckets in the ole garage. Bottle + Paint + Windshield = MRAP unable to go far without driving off the road.

          • Glass coke can + paint. 🙂

            • glass bottle..duh!

          • Make sure it is fast drying epoxy.

          • Balloons would work. Only problem is they have wipers. Would need to be oil based, used motor oil would work nicely.

            • With a little effort. You could make a spud gun that fires the bottles out at higher velocity.

        • Dozer,
          Blade down and roll it over, push it into a pile with cars and crap,

      13. Anybody that criticizes the govt. owns a gun,votes,white,christian,you name it…..they are on the list.

        • Jim in VA, I fit all of those except the voter part. I’m still in the right kind of company.

        • If you are not on a secret, USG “Watch List” then you are not a patriot.

          • If you’re not on the NSA watch list you’re not on this planet.

        • Well then its the pirates life for me!

          • Yo ho!

        • Interesting how they are putting themselves on a different list and don’t even realize it. They think that they are part of the “Special Club”. There are far fewer of them than their are of us.

        • I assure you, Jim in va. that i am on the list as well… however, i ain’t a christian in the traditional sense of the word, and even though I am white– I like black people as well… but I know I’m on the list because I believe very strongly in the constitution and especially the second ammendment, I know what is happening and I have an extremely large mouth!

      14. I doubt that it’ll come to “revolution” in America.
        When a coalition of Islamic nations, led by Russia, invades Israel, we’ll experience what appears to be nuclear war (as described in Ezekiel 38 and 39).

        • It’s gone. All those guys died for nothing just like Nam. I hate politicians. George Senior should have finished it in 91. Just twelve more hours and it would have been over and the next round avoided. Junior was an even bigger idiot.

      15. Brandon touches upon many subjects in this great article…so, where he mentions the Bundy Ranch , I would like to bring to everyone’s attention that Dr. Michael Coffman is doing a series of articles (6…3 are already posted) titled: The Bundy Standoff. They are at newswithviews.com Direct website to the first one is: http://www.newswithviews.com/Coffman/mike147.htm Brandon mentions Operation Gladio…and false flags…there is a 60 minute lecture by Prof. Daniele Ganser, Switzerland, done in 2011 titled: “Ten years after 911″…he has a most effective way of presenting an overview..and 3 schools of thought as to “what happened”? who did it…the first one being that people believe the 911 commission report and the government’s story: others believe the government knew about it in advance (the attack) and let it happen, and the third group believes the government orchestrated it. He tells you about operation gladio, northwoods, etc. This is just an outstanding lecture. You can go to http://www.paulcraigroberts.org and look at the right sidebar…he feataures many articles… Dr. Roberts is an excellent source for information on all the “happenings” going on. Someone mentioned attorney John Whitehead’s article on the militarizing of america…it is at the top of the list… way down the list is: “False Flag Attacks” – Guest article by Prof. Daniele Ganser If you hit on that, you can read his article, and at the end of it is the website to hit on to see this presentation he gave on ten years after 911… here is the direct website.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fUT7XgLiTY

        • I expect that one day Mr.Bundy will go to town and never be seen again. Just a feeling.

          • No, they’ll wanna a use him as an example. Probably toast him like the rest.

      16. unconfirmed reports that Iraq is now asking for US airstrikes

        and totally unrelated
        some important info on superbugs and the food supply

        Bacteria found in squid raises concern about spread of antibiotic resistance, study finds


        now not a lot of people eat squid
        so no big problem ?


        “Most antibiotic-resistant bacteria have, until now, been in health-care settings and spread by infected patients, as occurred in the “superbug” outbreak at the National Institutes of Health clinical center in 2011 that killed seven people.

        The discovery of such a microbe in food means “the risk of exposure in the public goes beyond people with travel histories and beyond people who have been previously hospitalized,” said Joseph Rubin, assistant professor of veterinary microbiology at the University of Saskatchewan.”

        the demon is out of the bottle
        expect to see more of this

      17. I canceled Dish after my dad passed. If you are watching Dish/Direct TV/Cable. You are not a real prepper.

        To be fair. If you DO pay for a service. Call an advertizer and chew them out for paying a liberal show and that you won’t buy their product or service. You might actually feel good about it.

        Starve the Beast!

      18. It’s a must read, this underground book out about the 2nd American Revolution and what is going to happen next. ( http://www.booksbyoliver.com ). It’s precisely about the 2nd American Revolution.

        It’s going to a ground swelling of Americans uniting against federal tyranny. I recommend it as a must read.

      19. Actually the main take away from the article is this:

        “What frightens the establishment most, I think, is that the American people have become active participants in their own national environment once again. At Bundy ranch, they stopped asking for mercy, they stopped begging the system to police itself, they stopped waiting for the rigged elections, and they stopped relying on useless legal avenues to effect change. Rather, they took matters into their own hands and changed the situation on the ground on their own. For oligarchy, this development is unacceptable, because one success could lead to many.”

        Brandon, take a bow- well said! I also suspect a stronger anti-gun frontal assault coming up as well. They will just keep increasing the false flag attacks until the sheep cry BAAA! even louder. People are waking up…many very late to the game, but waking all the same. THAT is what scares TPTB…they are terrified of being held accountable for their historical myriad of crimes.

      20. Brzezinski said the thing TPTB feared the most was the “global awakening”

        this awakening is what kept the US out of Syria


        can TPTB destroy this awakening by the use of brute force
        eg the military and police state tactics ???
        God knows they will certainly try

        in western countries I think the approach will be blatant
        propaganda and an iron fist in a velvet glove

        Brzezinski’s Feared “Global Awakening” Has Arrived


      21. Thats how it should be Socrates, when the people are involved and know the issues things progress in the right direction most of the time. It is when the people get lazy and want politicians, or the system to run on its own that things end up like they are now. Corperate America, lifetime politicians, left, right, the lobby groups, and agendas the people have no clue about landed us here today, with a hell of a mess……

      22. A very good, albeit somber, article by Brandon Smith.

        I tend to agree with his predictions. I encourage him and others to review the article at the following link and pay very close attention to the map of the USA that illustrates where the Communist cabal at 1600 PA Avenue are sending tons of excess military weapons and advanced military equipment:


        Notice that the Southern states, the states which made up the old Confederacy – are getting the heaviest amount of this equipment. I read that in a number of ways, all of which are extremely sinister. For example:

        1. The South still represents the strongest bastion of White American resistance to this totalitarian, dictatorial, Communist inspired, One World Order fantasy that can be traced back to the evil father of Communism, Marxism and Socialism – Karl Marx.

        2. The South is populated by the largest segment of White Americans who are defiantly resistance to the self-hating, self-loathing, virulently anti-White poison that the Cultural Marxists have been pouring into our society and culture in order to strip Whites of their sense of racial and cultural pride and replace it with a pathologically suicidal self-hate for their own race, which then brainwashes them into embracing and obediently helping to promote the genocide and extinction of their own racial group. According to Michelle Obama, Whites who prefer to have children and grandchildren who look like them and who carry on their White European genes instead of the genes of one of her Bantu Somali ancestors are a huge ‘problem’ that she and her Kenyan born husband want to solve by whatever means possible.

        3. The South represents the largest percentage of the USA’s population who are passionate supporters of the Second Amendment and gun ownership in the Southern states drastically exceeds any other geographic region of North America.

        4. Despite the fact that neither Obammy or his gun smuggling mulatto buddy Eric Holder have ever been slaves, and despite the fact that not one living White American today has ever been guilty of owning any slaves, it is my deep feeling that these two clowns harbor a grudge against anyone who is White and devote a considerable amount of their free time, fantasizing about ways they can punish Whites today for the sins of a tiny percentage of super wealthy White plantation owners who did own slaves back before the War Between The States. What better way to get that ‘revenge’ than to unleash the almighty power of the state of the art military hardware and weapons systems that those ‘evil White taxpayers’ paid for and which were invented by the ingenuity that came out of those ‘evil White brains’?

        Incidentally, this is why the Communists in the Democrat party are so obsessed with importing millions of non-Whites from Mexico and from every other third world garbage dump of a nation on the planet. These are going to be the foot soldiers in the coming Second Bolshevik Communist revolution – who’s primary objective will be the complete and final extermination of every White man, woman, and child in North America.

        Think I’m exaggerating? Tune into MSNBC and watch that network for 5 straight days. Listen to the venom and unbelievable, over-the-top, 24/7, 365 spewing of the vilest form of anti-White race hate that the executives in charge of that network allow their employees to spout. Sure, MSNBC has the lowest ratings of almost any other network – and that anti-White policy might be the reason why, but has anyone seen any effort by the network moguls to tone down that hate agenda and maybe boost their ratings back up a little? Have they fired that evil, anti-White hate spewing witch Melissa-Harris Perry? Nope. MSNBC is willing to lose money in order to serve its mission and to advance its objective – which is clearly to stir up race hate among non-Whites for the White majority.

        I would advise everyone to think long and hard about that issue and where it will most certainly lead. On one hand, these leftists are always pretending to claim that they want better ‘race relations’, right? So, why does the left do everything possible to fan the flames of racial conflict and to always paint White people as the ultimate ‘Evil’?

        • Nice write up Tucker. Now I really hate both of them mutts.

        • @ Tucker —

          “Incidentally, this is why the Communists in the Democrat party are so obsessed with importing millions of non-Whites from Mexico and from every other third world garbage dump of a nation on the planet. These are going to be the foot soldiers in the coming Second Bolshevik Communist revolution – who’s primary objective will be the complete and final extermination of every White man, woman, and child in North America.”

          Very well put. If we know what is at stake, we know what we must do. Obama, Holder, Johnson of DHS and the other alien african filth are taking their opportunity to put it to Whitey in Amerika, for all time, by opening the gates and actively assisting the invasion of these mestizo “children,” a suspicious percentage of whom seem to be males in the 16-17-18 year old range quite capable of carrying a rifle (curious that they are being brought to and lodged in MILITARY BASES, isn’t it?).

          The bloodthirsty hybrid Valerie Jarrett stated that these creatures now violating the borders of the USA are “the best we have.” We know what Valerie Jarrett means by “we.”(Here are some details on Jarrett’s origins):


          We have also heard time and again the public utterances from negroid and “chicano” rabble rousers (and their Jewish communist handlers like Bernardine Dohrn, a.k.a. Mrs. Bill Weatherman Ayers) on the “necessity” of murdering White “Pig” babies. We must remember this when the festivities start. The ante has been upped, the cards are on the table and the stakes are indeed TOTAL.


          In the short term, Obama’s goals are to decrease the amount of Whites as a percentage of total population in Murka, and then to make the invading brown troglodytes “citizens” so they can vote to take away our liberty and property in sham elections. During this process, they will of course smear those who question the civic spirit and “american patriotism” of these newly-minted citizen-savages, who have never used a flush-toilet or electric lighting, as “unamerican.” Their long term goal is… you nailed it perfectly!

          They will lose in the end, albeit after much horror and suffering on our side, because their plan contains within it the seeds of its own destruction — the abject inferiority of those who will be called upon to carry it out, and the fact that (based on their public pronouncements) defeat for us means annihilation.

          • AHAB: Thanks for thate Link to “Foreward” the usa’s Main largest jewish publication nationwide..Which in that article Vindicates what I been saying all along…

            That Valerie Jarrett IS a JEW. The idiotic naysayers here use these jews last names or last names of perents as their “proof” shes not jewish. Or the naysayers here try to claim that various persons I or others label as jewish cannot be since their fathers not a jew etc..

            But they totally ignore the Facts that unlike all other types peoples who go by the Fathers heritage to determine the childs nationality and birthrights, these jews do the 180 degree Opposite and always go by the Mother.

            Hence even state of israel official law standards to determine if a person is a jew, is the state law goes also by the Mother being a jew makes the child jew regardles What the fathers nationality is.

            Israel state laws also consider ALL types folks who Convert to Talmudic Judaism as a full feldged jew.

            Jarretts a jew period..Forget if her “name’ don’t sound jewish…Jews are Famous for changed names to HIDE their jewishness when it is convienient. Same as “Most” jew converts to christianity be it catholic, baptist,protestant or other…”Most” do a conversion to be christian like they change Names if or when its convienient to do so…They are called “Conversios” aka Fake converts that always retain 100% of their jewishness and talmudic judaic religious beliefs.

            And its precicely why jews in general are such a subversive group, and such Nation Wreckers no matter which nation Hosts the international jew, the worlds Foremost Problem.

            Aprox 87% of jews in usa consistantly vote dems. African savage negroes are the Only group with a higher percentage of Consistant Dem Voters.

            Both jews & savage negroes are mainly Kommies at heart.

            Which Is why jews are chomping at the bit to Unleash vast hoards of black militants, along with mex mestizo militants, to do what jews did to russia in 1918 and mass exterminate whites across the usa.

            The jews Are the leadership of and within Every kommie or subversive org or group that exists in the usa and abroad.

      23. This article, unlike other recent articles, knows that this is going to be a revolution and NOT a civil war.

        A civil war is when people are fight other people.

        A revolution is when people are fighting their government.

        • Ohio River

          It is going to be both.

          • I tend to agree with Slingshot. And, I think that the current anti-White government we’ve got in power will take sides with the non-whites and either openly lend them aid and assistance, or at the very least – pretend to be neutral, but at the same time, continuing what they are doing right now – largely ignoring minority violence against Whites, while unleashing the full might of the US Military and ADL-brainwashed law enforcement agencies against White targets exclusively.

        • I don’t think there will be any tangible revolution. certainly not a large organized revolt. it will likely be Martial law declared for some reason. then it will be civil unrest ,civil war , race war & ethnic cleansing. and the goverment elete will be in their underground bunkers like the one at Mount Weather. There simply are not enough hard line patriots for any revolution. A revolution has a very small chance of happening. A revolution has a even smaller chance of making things better. Having stated this. There is not any viable political or Ballott box solution. The government will never become fiscally responsible. the government merely give,s lip service to the counstition. The US is trillions of dollars deep in debt. So where does that leave us? just what do we do when squeezed between a rock & a hard place?

      24. This will be a…

        “Revolutionary Civil War”

        … as you will fighting not only your own ZOG STATEGOV and ZOG FEDOV, you’ll also be fighting the Zionist Corporations, Roman Catholic church, Jesuits, Zio-Jews, Zio-Christians and a few million brainwashed FREE SHIT ARMY minority groups who depend on the ZOG to survive.

        And lets not forget the Indian tribes. As well as independent domestic criminal mafia’s and gang’s that control whole cities and towns in ZOG Amerika. Some people will fight you just because they are ignorant and brainwashed by the ZOG media lies.

        So it will be a…

        “Revolutionary Civil War!”


      25. I awoke today completely pissed off… irritated and I shouldn’t be.

        So I started to analyze it “why” and it hit me…

        I’m suppose to be ignorantly blissfully Retired!

        I’m suppose to be happily biking around town, hiking through the woods communing with mother nature, fishing and enjoying retirement.

        Instead I’m counting beans bullets and band-aids, learning how to build a nukebomb out of tin foil and car batteries in my basement and scanning global news sites to better understand the social economic political direction our world is going.


        F’it ya’ll can start the revolution without me, I’m going fishin’.


        • Mr. Wolf.

          Hahaha! Same way. I am counting beans and bullets and should be hunting and fishing.

          Enjoy the summer. I do not think there will be any action till after the elections in November. Agree all the keeping up with the latest acts of the government can be a clusterfuck. Somebody has to do it.

      26. Wolf,I once again bring up my used way too much phrase,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.One needs to laugh and have fun in life while at same time not living in denial that things either natural or man made can really change the world.That said,try and enjoy life,otherwise no point in being /preparing for tough times,enjoy the fishing!

      27. I have said for years that we are going to have a revolution civil race war, your leaders are already afraid of what americans are going to do when they finally learn the truth of what your leaders that you voted for have done to you, this is why they are gearing up to deal with the resistance from the American people. If you think these people care about the country or you, you best think again, they only care about being part of the club, the power and money club, I believe they will genocide americans just as fast as they have anyone else on the planet, they are setting the stage for a revolution civil race war where those in American will fight each other rather than them, they will be in hiding waiting for the cleanup to begin by the other traitors who have supported them.

      28. Yep, it has been said that there is a thin line between sanity and insanity, as for me well I jump rope all the time. That is the world we live in. Fishing or fighting yet prepare for both…

      29. The reality is, as Charelton Heston put it:

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principle and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a find new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

        The battle against leftist fascism is one of ideas, the pen, of imagination, of art, of communication, of education. The 2nd Amendment is there as a “force de frappe,” but our real goal is to be non-violent, to educate and inform. We need to make our case non-violently and under the law, but persistently AND cogently. As I riff off the old phrase, “We’re here, we’re NOT queer – and we’re never, ever ever going away. Get used to it.” The outcome is up in the air, but to be honest, the recent primary win of Brat vs. Cantor, the win of Sasse in NB., the strong showing of Miller in Alaska, the elections of Rubio, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, etc etc. show that all is not lost. And yes, I know none of these guys mentioned are perfect – but they are generally consistent with Constitutional principles.

      30. Per the third paragraph: The Laughner incident didn’t happen “near Tucson”, it was IN Tucson, and trying to tie him to one political wing or the other is stupid. He was a paranoid schizophrenic.

        • AZ shooter guy Laughner was also jewish and Steeped in Talmudic “Kill even the best of the goyim gentiles” type teachings. So deep steeped into it he spent summers as a Volunteer “camp official” at various jewish Yeshevia school summer camps for jewish kids.

          Yeshevia school is where that talmudic “master race” and “hate all goys” mentality is Pounded into their youthfull brains. Where the jewish ideal of only jews count or matter is taught constantly all summer at yeshevia school “camp”.

          Research that a Vast majority of such mass killer shooters ever since Klintons era of school shootings every 2.5 months for two years, and then it expanded into more, other areas mass shootings of mostly Goyim victims, were actually jewish shooter Perps.

          Why do you thing Dylan and Kleebold kept asking the victims school kids “Are You a Christian”? And asked “Do You still believe in Jesus Christ”? (at columbine school).

          Before those jewish shooter perps pulled the trigger to splatter the white christian kid victims brains everywheres. While laughing at the victim kids Christ belief.

          Gee ya think being taught to Kill all goys and hate all christianity since these jews were born, day one, has any relevance to they later turn into deadly killing machines aka jew perps?

          That talmudic and jew mindset to hate all goys, especially christians, and to kill the best of the goys is a jewish teaching thats first begun when a jew new born baby gets his or hers first taste of a jewish mothers breast milk. Of which that jewish breast milk Contains the jew dna of such a mindset that has evolved over at least the past 3500 yrs of Pharisitical rabinical talmudic teachings. It is the reason most every jew ends up a total Paranoid Skitzo whacko who see’s an “Evil nazi” behind every Tree and every corner of every building as the jew walks passed it.

          Try a Test of sorts. Next time you are around a jewish person or a group of them…Ask why so many jews are kommies? or how did so many kommie jews become us senators etc?

          Then just stand there and Observe the jews reactions!

          You shall see the usual typical standard jewish reaction when those jews hear a Goyim utter that Forbidden “J” word(jew or jewish) in any sentence or question thats Not nameing jews as the Only victims to matter or as the only victims of evil nazis in wwii…

          Fisrt jew reaction will be a mouth open wide gapeing stare with wide eyed amazement that any goyim actually stated the forbidden J words!

          Then once normal breathing resumes in the jews, a look that changes from total Disbelief, into a look of utter anger by the jew. Anger at the meere thought of some lesser race goyim actually haveing the audacity to even question any jews!…Then anger that another gentile goy has awakened to various jewish evils etc…

          And once that jew or group of jews gets that mindset about That particular goy who asked the questions, it becomes instilled forever within the jewish mind that, That particular goyim gentile Needs be watched over very closely at all future encounter episodes…Which if at all possible on the behalf of said jews, NO such future encounters shall ever again arise nor be allowed if they can help it.

          It begins with mommas Breat milk feedings from a jews very Birth, develops during youth, and by mid teens can quickly end up with a crazed, anti christian, anti goyim Mass exterminator killer perp jew. Of which when reported by every major tv msm news shows will be always portrayed as a “Violent WHITE skinhead, Seperatist, Racist, antiblack, antisemitic, Hater of all thats good and wholesome american…NEVER will ANY TV news MSM’s or Jewspapers mention the Facts that the mass killer shooter perp is in fact…jewish. Nor that a vast Majority of all such mass killer shooter perps were also jewish perps.

          And Dare You or another lesser equal Goyim even question as to why all tv news msms neglected to note that fact?

          They all will Turn on You as the bad guy, worse even than that mass killer perp!…And all you Naysayers that know who you are…..

          No amount of sniveling pro jewish nonsense will ever change this fact either so do not even waste awake folks time with any of it.

      31. If the Revolution comes and the reason I say “if” we might be in nuke war with China and Russia before the revolution starts.

        With a revolution in this country the whole world suffer.
        This will bring the whole world into a downward spin into complete anarchy. This could also cause WW3. Nukes would be used. This will be TEOTWAWKI.

        There will be survivors, but they had better had better have skills like the American Indian had before the white man pushed west. In short it will be like 1600 or 1700 around the world.

        Sure there will be some area better off. The question becomes for how long?

        Remember MAD MAX? I believe that is how it will be.

        I PRAY to GOD that I’m wrong and everything works itself out. But if it doesn’t I weep for my Kids and Grandkids. For me I’m 60 and well know to be Anti-Big Gov., White Christian, Gun Owner, Oath Keeper, Tea party Voter, Retire LEO with a lot of Tactical knowledge. I’ll be one of the first that they come after. My the Lord have mercy on their souls BECAUSE I WON’T!!!

        We all should Pray for each other, or have good thoughts of each other, what ever trips your trigger (pun intended).


        • How goes it Sarge D.? Keepin’ the heathens straight out there in ‘noise?

          • PO’d
            I’m doing my best.
            Just have to say. Were I work there is a lot of great folks.

        • Just another full of shot old fuck. I’ll bet you’ve never shot anybody in your life. How do I know this? Easy, you talk WAY too much about shooting way too many people all the fucking time. You better go rest now grandpa, and don’t forget to take your paranoia medicine once you get your daily fix of doom porn.

      32. So how does it all play out?

        The elections is the key. This is the message from the people as to how they will spring the trap on us. As more people comes across our borders, the race to legalize them is on full tilt. I believe this is to overwhelm the Patriots. To be initialized by a financial collapse which takes all the money in the banks. Might I say to pay or save some major corporation. The EBT and SNAP cards will stop or by inflation, will not cover the costs. Then it happens and people take to the streets. Those that turned their noses up at us will be knocking at our door. You will have to make a decision. These are people you know. Imagine those whom you do not know coming to your door. If I was the government I would promise all sorts of help but with hold it till most of the towns outside protected infrastructure was burning. They would rather have us fight each other. Then when our supplies are lowered, would I begin the assault on the rest that survive.

        There is plenty to think about and I sure do not see it happening here.

        Good article.

      33. You are precisely correct that the invasion taking place as we speak on our southern border is designed to cause chaos in our country.

        Crime will skyrocket as these rejects of a failed country take a look around and see the easy pickings waiting for them in every town in America.

        Some recommendations:

        1. Ladies, take another capable adult with you when you go shopping with your children under about age 17. You will be a juicy target for theft of your purchases when you return to your car in the parking lot.
        2. Ladies, when you shop at a store with carts, use the child safety straps to secure your purse to the cart by wrapping the straps around a handle of your purse and connecting the ends. It’s much more difficult to grab and run with a shopping cart than it is to grab a purse and run.
        3. Ladies, invest in a couple of oversized blouses that you wear loose and not tucked in when you go out in public. If you need to begin carrying, you want to minimize the look of carrying as much as possible so as not to make your weapon into a target itself.
        4. Everyone, if you have a patio door at ground level of your residence, never leave the room with it open. When you do have it open, keep a weapon handily within reach, even if it’s only pepper spray.
        5. Avoid shopping after dark entirely.
        6. Remain in your vehicle or inside the store if you see a group of possible illegal aliens approaching and let them pass. Be prepared to make a fast exit if they begin heading toward you or your vehicle.
        7. If you live in anything other than a lower middle class neighborhood, start immediately to begin watching your neighborhood for strange vehicles driving past. Illegal aliens are well versed in how to “case” people’s patterns of movement.
        8. Stop flashing cash when paying for purchases. Have only the amount you know you’ll need ready to remove from your wallet or purse. Don’t let additional cash be seen in your wallet or purse. Tuck additional cash away out of sight in your wallet or purse.
        9. Be aware that illegal aliens are experienced at tailing bank customers when they leave a bank driveup, which is the most likely way for customers to obtain cash. Be circumspect about counting your cash in your vehicle after receiving it from the teller. The bad guys can be parked next door in an adjacent business’s parking lot watching bank customers and picking out the ones most attractive — they can and will work in tandem with at least one other vehicle parked a few blocks away who can be signaled to tail you after receiving the description via cell phone of your vehicle. In other words, after leaving a bank, make it a habit to take measures to determine if you are being followed.
        10. Get comfortable with wearing a serious, “mess with me at your own peril” facial expression and body language when out in public. Illegal aliens want easy targets, not targets that could get them injured or killed. Don’t be hesitant to stare straight at them in a parking lot with a scowl and your hands free to let them think you can draw a weapon.

        Above all, remember what they are after: cash, easily pawn-able goods, food, cash, grab-able jewelry, cash, and did I mention cash?

        • And don’t think that they won’t use their kids to target you. They will.

          The toddlers will be used to distract you while the adult or an older child can rob you.

          The children old enough to run well will be used to grab your purse or a purchase and take off running.

          The teenagers are of full predatory age and will act on their own as well as at the direction of an illegal alien adult.

          Bottom line: they are bringing with them, and will use to the full extent possible, all tricks used and learned in their third world culture of the streets. These people are capable of actions that would make most Americans speechless with astonishment. Put nothing past them and expect everything from them.

        • Good tips, Anonymous, but I regret you have to post them because of another imminent danger.

      34. Im pruty shure tomorrow will be worse than today. the whole planet is in decline. how it will eventualy work out is anyones guess.

      35. Are you a Kalifornia resident? Then you may soon have to obtain a state permit to purchase ammunition. Kalifornia Senate Bill 53 will require you register with the state and receive an ammunition purchase authorization. “The ammunition purchase authorization shall entitle the authorized person to purchase ammunition from an ammunition vendor.” I s*it you not. Now how many criminals do you think will register to purchase ammunition? So, what’s the point?

      36. When I see a line “we have seen NO hard evidence to implicate anyone specific in that atrocity, including the Tsarnaev brothers” it makes me have a real hard time taking anything the author says seriously.

        If by “NO hard evidence” he means the note from Flashbang on why they did it. Does he mean the fact that Flashbang and Speedbump carjacked somebody and admitted to being the bombers, then had a prolonged chase and gun fight with police where they lobbed pipe bombs, and at least one other pressure cooker device isn’t evidence.

        That type of shit makes us look like complete nutters, and that’s simply the only way to put it. When every event is implied to be a part of the Eric and Barry False Flag Show, then the stage is set for a real false flag to just be more noise among a pile of bad claims.

        Flashbang and Speedbump were a pair of wannabe Haji extremists, and if there’s any coverup it’s in the fact that it probably could have been prevented if our grand ol’ gov’t wasn’t concentrating on such endeavors as Fast and Furious, among other things.

      37. A few thoughts on the subject at hand…out of all the incidents that have taken place in our history the Bundy ranch deal is but a blip on the radar…right or wrong isnt so much the issue its just another straw on a very tired camels back…something major or relativly minor will be the flash point…but more likely itll be many small seemingly insignificant incidents that together push us over the edge…I mean weve been building towards this fight since lincolns war was fought…we have more than enough reasons constitutional and otherwise to defy and throw off this govt and restore America to her rightful place that was stolen by the federal govt…it has lost all credibility all right to be respected or obeyed…again no telling what incident(S) will become the flashpoint but it will happen…Thomas Jefferson said once to the effect that the law was usually only the tyrants will and was always such when it violated the rights of the individual…I live by that creed…another point is this federal machine is and has violated the contract we the people made with it therefore I contend we the people are under no obligation to respect it or any law it claims the right to decree…it broke the contract…BML is just as illegit as any other alphabet soup federal agency…all it amounts to is a executive branch power grab…simply a creation of persons who know that congress is the only legit law making body and that the supreme law says that “congress shall make no law…” so they create these shadow govt agentcys and allow them to make laws thinking they are being clever…completely unconstitutional and certainly against the natural law which is ultimately the supreme law that man must bow to….do what you can where you are with what you have and do your best…the fight will come soon enough…probably when we least expect it…losing this fight is not an option…2 cents…REB

        • REB: Well said. These clowns running the usa fed govnt have violated and broken Every Oath and Covenant they ever made since their very First one at Mt Siani with God & Moses!…A 4000 year long history of Broken Covenants and violated Oaths taken or made. We today should not expect anything different from them.

      38. yep the government has been planning for this all along. the good part is we will take over their equipment and use it against them so it will be quite helpful to distribute excess military equipment all over the u.s. since it will be easier for us to get equipment to help us win more quickly against the tyranny that is the loose cannons of arrogant government who have forgotten who they work for.

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