Here’s A Rundown of All the Looting and Robbery Incidents That Occurred During the Oroville Evacuation

by | Feb 19, 2017 | Headline News | 128 comments

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    There’s a lot to worry about when a disaster strikes your community. You have to make sure that your friends and neighbors are going to be okay. You have to make sure that you have plenty of food, water, and medical supplies. You may even have to prepare to evacuate your home and leave most of your valuables behind. And while you’re focused on making sure that you and your loved ones are prepared to ride out that disaster, you can rest assured that there will always be some predatory person in your community who is preparing to take advantage of your situation.

    That’s the ugly truth about disasters, natural and man-made, that everyone needs to understand. When everyone else is panicking or gathering supplies or hunkering down or running away, there’s always someone watching the chaos and thinking “there’s an opportunity for me here.”

    And that’s a pretty good lesson to be learned from the Oroville evacuation that occurred last week. While every sane person was fleeing the city, a few were busy screwing over their neighbors. Most notably, a 33-year-old man was severely injured after his truck was hijacked at gunpoint.

    Authorities are looking for two people accused of carjacking and running over a man preparing to flee from Oroville when authorities ordered nearly 200,000 people to evacuate.

    Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea says the victim was loading his vehicle with the engine running when a man and woman armed with a shotgun jumped in, running him over as he attempted to stop them.

    Honea says the victim was flown to a hospital with serious injuries. Authorities said they are seeking 27-year-old Cody Bowles and 31-year-old Lucia Ripley.

    As bad as that is, at least it makes sense. It’s possible that these criminals heard the evacuation order and stole a car to escape. What’s more surprising are the incidents that involved criminals who decided to completely ignore the evacuation order, and stay behind to steal from their neighbors and local businesses.

    According to the Oroville Mercury register, there were multiple looting incidents which have led to the arrests of five different people. Several hours after the evacuation order was given, two people were arrested for breaking into a Dollar General store. Another two individuals were arrested for looting a local market, one of whom was a 16-year-old carrying a shotgun. A fifth individual was arrested after he tried to steal a gun safe from a residence, and drive off with it in a four wheeler. During the evacuation there were a total of 240 911 calls, many of which were for crimes in progress.

    Perhaps the most tragic incident happened in nearby Yuba City. A highly decorated Vietnam veteran left the city with his wife when the evacuation order was issued. When they returned his house was ransacked. Whoever was responsible made off with his purple heart and 23 medals; items that would be pretty much worthless for the thief.

    During any disaster, there are almost always an abundance of stories involving compassion and sacrifice between strangers caught a desperate situation. But never forget, there are always a few animals out there who will take the clothes off your back on a whim, even when they should be busy running for their lives.


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      1. “Whoever was responsible made off with his purple heart and 23 medals; items that would be pretty much worthless for the thief.”

        What the fuck is wrong with people….

        • He’ll get thirty bucks for those at a pawn shop.

          Scum sucking pig.

          The medals can be replaced, the Army will send you yours by request. You need your DD214.

          • Smokey… I never got any of the Vietnam service medals that were issued to everyone. I requested them but was ignored.

        • Just remember that.

        • that’s the problem in this country now…..we’ve become too lax in punishing wrong doing people the right way…this would detour people or make them think twice before they pull some shit….

          • That is exactly correct!

          • This was Kawleefornya right ?

            If anybody would have shot a looter legally, they would of course be seriously prosecuted and the focus would be on the vet for protecting his medals. Not the real criminal.

            Last summer a Mexican committed a home intrusion burglary in my small town and the guy was home. They exchanged shots. he shot him twice and chased him outside trying to get to the getaway car and he shot him again and killed him dead as a door nail. No charges were filed and the police chief went on local radio and explained why. This of course also means the county DA was fine with it also. The county sheriff also encourages people to be armed and get your CCL because it is a sparsely populated county and sheriff deputies are few for the large size of the county.

            So it really does all depend on where you live. I live in eastern Oregon and I would say 70% of the population is armed and many have a firearm with them or in their vehicle at all times because we do have a lot of illegals per capita and many drug related crimes.

            A few years back a guy raped a 14 year old girl and he was found out at a lake dead and had been seriously brutalized. No body was ever convicted of anything or even charged, done deal ! About 7 years ago I was pulling out of the 7 eleven on my way home and I saw a guy running thru the drug store parking lot across the street and a guy chasing him. As I drove by they were on the side walk and I saw the guy in chase was a cop I know and I rolled down the passenger window as I approached him we made eye contact and he yelled “catch that guy for me”. Billy the cop is overweight and was obviously out of gas. So I chased the guy one block to the credit union and then chased him around the building 3 times in my truck until he headed for the fence. I penned him up against the fence with my truck and within a few seconds Billy showed up and two police cars and arrested the guy. He had stolen something from the Safeway across the highway and had been arrested numerous times for drugs, burglary and various thefts as well as drunk and disorderly. Billy was in the store off duty, when he ran out and he pursued him. They knew him by name and yes he was an illegal alien who has been deported several times. I likely got a “get out of jail free card” for life on that deal. The chief personally thanked me as well as Billy and the other officers. I also got paid $2000 for beating up a bad guy once, some years back in Eugene, of all places. His own insurance company paid me. I gave my lawyer $500 and kept $1500.

            It pays to be well informed of your state laws and local laws and policies. I would highly advise everybody to study the citizens arrest laws in your state. This is going to be a critical point going forward. Nearly every state has some form of citizens arrest law on the books. Some are more specific and give definite boundaries of your legal rights in simplistic terms. Mine only has a few specific items and they are completely in favor of the person doing the arrest. It is completely legal to arrest a person in the commission of a felony or attacking you or anybody else. And if bodily harm is encountered or even apparent you can use deadly force to stop what action is taking place. You can also isolate and temporarily incarcerate the person with handcuffs or zip ties or just a piece of rope until any law officer arrives. You must identify yourself and clearly tell the person you are arresting them and why. This is not well known nor do any judicial or law enforcement agencies talk about it much . But it is quite legal in most states with slight variations and certain conditions present. I believe this will be very important to be very familiar with going forward and may well save your life and any legal matters. Realize things are changing and we now have a legitimate DOJ that will not necessarily be working against your lawful actions. This would almost always be a matter of self defense or defense of others being attacked. Obviously best to avoid such events, but I can see where this could be more prevalent going forward and it is not always possible to avoid every event. Another good idea is USCCA training and insurance. In the end it will always cone down to your overall training, fitness and mindset.

            2015 ORS 133.225¹

            Arrest by private person

            Text, News, Annotations, Related Statutes

            A private person may arrest another person for any crime committed in the presence of the private person if the private person has probable cause to believe the arrested person committed the crime. A private person making such an arrest shall, without unnecessary delay, take the arrested person before a magistrate or deliver the arrested person to a peace officer.

            In order to make the arrest a private person may use physical force as is justifiable under ORS 161.255 (Use of physical force by private person making citizen’s arrest). [1973 c.836 §74]

            2015 ORS 161.255¹

            Use of physical force by private person making citizen’s arrest

            Text, News, Annotations, Related Statutes

            Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, a private person acting on the person’s own account is justified in using physical force upon another person when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes it necessary to make an arrest or to prevent the escape from custody of an arrested person whom the person has arrested under ORS 133.225 (Arrest by private person).

            A private person acting under the circumstances prescribed in subsection (1) of this section is justified in using deadly physical force only when the person reasonably believes it necessary for self-defense or to defend a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical force. [1971 c.743 §31; 1973 c.836 §339]

          • I believe the only thing muslims ever got right was punishing a thief by amputating one of his hands. It’s the only aspect of sharia law I agree with…

        • Ever been to Oroville?
          I grew up in that county, and know Oroville far too well. It is not surprising since the vast majority of Butte County residents in the Oroville area are on “public assistance”.

          • Yeah I hear ya, I lived in Yuba City for a while. Glad I got out of there, moved out of state, seems like a lot of California is going down hill.

        • I’ll bet they weren’t White people doing this crap….it rarely is.

          • Sounds like Carjackers were probably illegals, Who else doesn’t have a car, Lynch Brown for letting them stay.

        • there are creatures so evil that u need to be made aware!

          I dont understand y most of this scum is not dealt with severely on the site at the time of the incident by the observer!

          Looting used to be a death sentence on the spot!

        • They’ve gone bat shat crazy.

        • A lot is wrong with people!

      2. People who would steal from their neighbors, when they have been ordered by law enforcement to leave their homes, need to be shot!

        • Colt M4, spot on. I almost had to shoot a couple of apes 5 days before election day when I was loading up the truck to go to the BOL. 2 black male teens approached me and one of them was carrying some type of fixed-blade knife. I had my 9mm locked-and-loaded with the safety on stuffed in my belt. I drew out the gun and told them both to leave and never come back if they wanted to live. They both took off running when they saw my gun and dropped the knife. I broke out laughing when I checked out the knife. It was a real cheap-quality “survival” knife like you would find in a dollar store. The handle on it was as loose as a goose. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix ghetto rats.

        • Liberals Looting-Rioting-being violent. That is a real surprise! NOT.
          Thugs sucking off of California Mammie State’s tit Looting and being criminals.
          They are doing what they ALWAYS do. Situation normal. “Crime in Progress.”

          ………Now to Matt Damon:
          Weekend Box Office: Matt Damon’s ‘The Great Wall’ Crumbles With $21M U.S. Debut
          7:05 AM PST 2/17/2017 by Pamela McClintoc
          …. ht tp://

          Matt Damon and Liam Nieson have BOTH commented that Americans should not have firearms or Access to Firearms. While Both of these Hollywood hacks make millions toting guns in moves that PROMOTE idiotic violence.

          They are entitled to their Views.
          I am entitled to stay the hell away from their films. **My money stays in my pocket. We have a big family that used to go to movies. No more.
          -We boycott their films.
          -My brothers and their large families boycott.
          -Our co workers boycott.
          -Our neighbors boycott.
          -Our church members avoid their films.
          -We ALL are Armed. Heavily armed. Most former military. We all shoot on a regular basis. And we are in the ten ring. Even my twelve year old daughter.
          -We ALL will defend the right to keep and bear ARMS.
          -We ALL voted for President Trump too. We will ALL defend our elected president from you commie NWO pukes and alphabet no name spooks that are actively underming our ELECTED President.

          ************Copy That Alphabet Soup spooks and Media Pukes? Trump is our Elected President. Leave him Alone.

          We the people ELECTED a President.
          We will defend that President Against ALL Enemies. Domestic No name agencies and the American Media are THE BIGGEST THREAT to FREEDOM-Liberty-and the American way of Life.

          American Politicians-American Media have done more HARM to your average American than any Russian. American Politicians-American Alphabet soup spook Agencies-American Commie NWO Liberal Media- and pukes like Matt Damon-Liam Nieson-George Soros are the Real Problem.
          I don’t care about Syria. Stay out of it. Assad can deal with his own problems.
          I don’t care Ukraine INTERNAL politics. Let them also sort it out themselves.
          George Soros should be ARRESTED for interfering in another nation state. George Soros should be ARRESTED for PAYING and busing RIOTERS-Protestors that cause problems in American cities. Soros INCITES Riots.

          Matt Damonand Liam Nieson-“Hope your films continue to flop.” My money spent on ammo for the gun range now. Instead of overpriced movie tickets-overpriced sugary drinks and popcorn-US DOD scripted movies.
          Thank you Matt and Liam—The kids are now great shots. And the dental bills less. Also hanging out with Mom and Dad actually doing something appeals to the children more than sitting in a dark theatre taking in idiotic violent Nonsense.

          Movies promote violence.
          Guns are an inanimate Neutral object.
          My Brush Hawg-Kitchen stove-5000lb vehicle-chainsaw, are no less dangerous than a properly respected firearm. In fact My chain saw is More dangerous than a gun. Chain saw and tree’s do not always react as expected.

          –end of Rant of the Day. Tune in Tomorrow for updated Rant.

          • Deplorable Proud, welcome, and that was a damn good post. You sound like me.

          • I haven’t opened my purse for a movie in many a year. No, friends don’t pay my way. There just are mighty few movies worth my time and money. Even on TV there’s little worth any time. Mostly I put on re-runs for background noise. If there’s really nothing, I switch to music (classical is my fave) on the radio or a CD.

            • Last movie I attended in a theater was in the 1980’s. If more were like me Hollywood wouldn’t be.


          • Oh man you said what we have thought so much! Right on! Perfect! These guys make millions with violence violence violence in their movies and then criticize anyone who has weapons for REAL everyday and emergency situations. They are supreme hypocrites! Thank you for expressing so well what I have so many times thought about but never expressed in writing it down.

        • I went to Thailand for a month of volunteer work after the Christmas Tsunami several years ago. It was heartbreaking to see the devastation but even more heartbreaking was the looting that took place after people were forced out of their homes.
          Just think what it will be like here when there is a HUGE Emergency/ mass evacuation or panic over whatever.

      3. maybe its time to get rid of the filth and scum out of this country,

        • Trump is trying. Look who is blocking Trump from “getting rid of the filth and scum out of this country.” Media, Courts, State and local governments, Hollywood, illegal aliens, university campus idiots, and in all too many cases, rogue government employees. I think I just listed many of the worst scum in the United States.

          • Buffalolips,
            YUP, bleeding heart LIBTURDS, the herd caanot be culled by saving them ALL !! until the LIBTURDS have ANY and ALL power removed from them. it will NOT stop, there are too many, stop the power of the LIBTURDS and then CULL the herd will take place!!

            • Let the bodies hit the floor.

            • Apache54, you’re using MY term to describe the enemy now? Congratulations. Use it all you like. I don’t have any copyright on the term.

        • Want to get rid of that ugly scum that is in the bathtub of your country? Well my friend all you have to do is turn off the lights of the country. And then, when the cockroaches come out, you burn them with Napalm Olive detergent. PS you will need armor piercing rounds to turn out the lights.

      4. If you are not already at your BOL with all your preps, but still a dope living in the city, some evacuation happens you will have to abandon 90% of your preps. If you are greedy still wprking your city job. You deserve your death or theft. You have been warned here for years to get the heck out of the cities and danger zones. Stupid is. Why buys a property located below a dam. Idiots do.

        • Zeus –
          Ur lucky that u can live at ur BOL with all ur preps. I guess I’m just an idiot doing my part by raising my kids and working full time to put food and the table and be part of the American dream. How dare I stay in the city and teach the generation. How dare I expose my children to culture and history and museums and modern medicine and technology. How dare I volunteer my time to help others. Man, I must be a horrible mother and woman. Thx for reminding why I should go in isolation right now and hide from the world. That is exactly what God would want me to do….save my ass…to hell with everyone else. Oh…wait a sec…

          • Kynase,

            You are not alone. I am in the same situation. I have gone through Katrina, am raising a family, getting them through school, trying to find balance in life, and at this point in time have not found a feasible place to relocate. Having studied the situation carefully, almost everywhere on the face of the earth has some risks, downsides and problems. You have to do what you have to do. I am proud to be a prepper and will continue to keep my eyes, ears, and mind open. May God bless and keep you and yours in the days ahead. Keep doing God’s work.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • I see some comments that I think are a bit off the wall here as well. On the other hand I am getting more and more to liking being away from lots of people. I live in a very small town and thinking about moving even further out. So I see the beauty of being away from Babylon. In defense of Zeus, I do think it is not prudent to still be in any of the actual cities any longer. I left 14 years ago and will never go back. I can be in the wilderness on 150K acres of private land in 10 minutes and miles away from anybody so I have a very good balance of events. That is where I do a lot of hiking and training. Sometimes just me and the coyotes, cows and a lot of wildlife for days. And a sky full of stars, beautiful !

          • Kynase, welcome back. I also still live in the city and still have to make a living, while conditions are still “normal”. At least I don’t live near a dam.

          • If you choose to cling to the city they you get what you deserve. In case you don’t know there are schools in the country or home school. Museums? Don’t you ever take a vacation? Travel an hour into the city for a day trip. There is this thing called the internet. You will learn a hell of a lot more on the internet than any museum looking at old stuff. I have been to plenty of Museums. Like Chicago Art Institute, but I don’t have to live next to it to go see it for a day. You live in a Rat race, with high costs, and therefore you feel trapped and broke. Cost of living is much much cheaper in the rural areas. Go exploring and there is a healthier lifestyle out of the cities. You are a slave sounds like. Who’s driving your Bus? Are you in charge of your life or a slave to a city? And my point is Location, Location, Who buys property below a big Dam? Idiots do, that’s who. Do you live next to a Nuke plant also? Every decision you made in your life got you to where you are today. Think about it. Do you car about the safety of your children? Or suck it up and live in the city?? sheesh.

            • Zeus, it is possible that SOME of the regulars here aren’t as wealthy as yourself. Can’t simply write a check for a quarter million dollars to buy that bugout location that actually features acreage PLUS a well producing potable water.

          • You can still do all of that AND have a homestead. I moved my family out of the city because I’d had enough of the gun shots and crack dealers, and wanted to be somewhere I could raise my own food. For about the same amount of rent, I moved to a 1-acre property only half an hour out of that city. I have been raising my own chickens since, and this year we even raised two pigs 🙂 And all while still maintaining our regular city jobs. I don’t care what they say, because you CAN have your cake and eat it, too! 🙂

          • Kynase – Sounds like you are still on a learning curve. GET OUT OF THE CITIES NOW, or Face the consequences. Final Warning!!! When all hell breaks loose how much do you think you City Dwelling will be worth? ZERO $$ as those city areas will turn into a War zone full of looters and land sharks.

            Some steps to take today to Get out of the City:
            1. Clear all the crap out of your house that are not preps. Start holding garage sales, Craigs List and sell your junk ASAP While you still can. The sooner the better. Or prepare to abandon it all. Some dopes think they need a TV in every room. Stupid is. Sell all of it. I started selling 2 years before I moved, like all my antiques etc, crap in the sheds, wall hangings art work, etc. before I actually moved, and still I am having to rent a storage unit $130 a month because I was not aggressive enough in selling when I had the chance. Learn from me. I have some huge expensive furniture pieces that are just not selling. I got a sales contract and sold my house almost full asking price the first day, and that is one reason I still had things I would have rather sold. Easier to sell it in the city now, than out in the country. I say this from experience. But I am out in the country now, and better off. And still have items listed on CL.

            2. Get your house in shape, new paint exterior will add $5K to $10K on the sales price. Fresh paint rid your house of all the BS clutter, new carpet, take family photos down and make it look like a generic house that anybody would like to buy. Get rid of your Pet smells. Get your yard in shape, and always keep your house in ship shape condition that you could list it at anytime of your choosing. I sold my house my self listing it on Zillow. A realtor contacted me and I only paid her about 2% rather than 6-7%. $250K house. Do the math.

            3. Start looking at rural property to see what is out there. Raw land you will need to pay cash, no bank will finance land. Do the math, how much equity do you have in your house to work with for a new BOL location. You better set your children strait right here and now, who is in charge. If you want to move, they will need to suck it up and follow your orders. I could care less if they are in their last year as a senior in HS. Too bad, you are moving. Years later I don’t care about anybody I went to HS with. Everybody moves on. I live in another state 1200 miles away. Go start looking for new employment in the area you are looking to move to. Get prepared now. Get your list together and get your skills together, Self employed or start your own business if needed. And everybody in your family over 16 will find a job and contribute. Complainers can go hit the road jack. Are you the boss or is your 10 year old whiny child the boss that dictates your decisions?

            3. Take action today, get rolling on all of this ASAP like your life depended on it. It may come down to this. Or prepare to abandon 90% of your stuff in the city including your house.

            4. I have a buddy who just bought a 40 Ft steel container, Connex for $1700. A steal in price, as demand for good containers are in high demand now. The supply is shrinking fast. $2500 and up normally. So you might be able to get one of those to store left over items on your new rural property. Plan ahead for various options.

            5. Get your plan together and work your plan, and get every person in your family on board. Complainers will be left behind to deal with the looters and rapists.

            6. Or you can just complain and make excuses like a few here are doing. You are a useless schlep and can’t make any decisions since you love your easy-boy recliner, and TV and popcorn and Saturday cartoons, or museums, or movie theaters, or some Sh!t public school, cause they have a soccer program. etc. GMAFB!!! You are a poor example of being a leader, and resort to being a simple useless coward, and you just raised another generation of useless eaters like yourself. Congrats!!! God gave you a brain, so use it.


            • Right On, Right On. You da man Zeus. I agree with you 100%.

        • Some people have jobs in the city, Zeus, that doesn’t make them greedy, or stupid, or an idiot.

          Get over yourself.

          • Smokey, since Zeus thinks he has everything figured out, you have to wonder how he’s making a living these days? Or is he independently wealthy?

            • Yep been self-employed for 26 years. Innovate or evaporate. There are leaders and there are followers. Which are you? I lived in the city then got the heck out of there several years ago when I saw all of this turning south. I positioned myself and moved. And sold my house took all the equity, and bought a property in the country, with cash and bought a few buildings and I have little to no debt. So I am not having to go be a slave for anybody. I never know anybody who got rich working for someone else. Not everybody is like you people. There are folks out here that have ambition and drive to succeed and enjoy being independent. Do you control your destiny, or is it chosen for you and punch a clock every day? Life is full of decisions, choose wisely.

              • Zeus: F’off you clown stick. hope you are one of the first to go when the day comes…

              • Zeus….. you have some good advice FOR A SINGLE person. But what if Kynase is married? for that matter, what about anyone who wants, very badly, to “move to the country” but has a spouse that can’t/won’t? …that’s kinda like the Question With No Answer, I know, but please think about it.

                • Barefoot, When I lived up north and was single, I met this lady and asked her if he wanted to move to FL with me. She said yes, but she needed more of a commitment, Well 6 months later we got married, then started planning to move to FL. Well when it was all said and done, she changed her mind and wanted to stay put cause her daddy was a multi millionaire and she worked for him, and could not leave the cushy life she had. So what did I do??? Got a divorce and moved to FL being single. If you have to fight your spouse over small things, you will fight your entire life in a miserable marriage. WTF did you marry her in the first place for? I felt betrayed and lied to basically. Tricked into getting married.

                  More and more, marriage is for idiots who like being stuck. No worries you can all perish together living under some dam in the flood zone, or next to a nuke plant, cause one half just does not get it. And if she does not get it, then you did not do your job in selling the idea to her. Like move and Live, or stay and die. Try that comment.

                  People, we are running out of time to sit for years and debate argument living in a populated city or in a major hazard zone. You say you are moving, and if she says no, start packing and move. If she loves you she will go with you, and support your idea. If she does not want to go, then she does not love you, so why would you stay with someone that does not love you, and just in it for her own personal greedy purpose? And she does not have your back.

                  You want to marry a chick that will follow you through the gates of hell and back if needed. That’s love. Support you as you support her. And move to a safer area and get started and reestablished. Sooner the better. Back in 1906, my GG Great Father gave his 80 acre farm in Wisconsin to one of his sons, loaded up a horse drawn wagon and set out on the frontier southern route through Texas all the way out to LA California, to start a new life. 2000 Miles by wagon on dirt road trail all in a horse drawn wagon and took months to get to LA. That’s true grit and love and devotion from a spouse. Sheesh, many women these days, complain about not having 2 hot showers a day or within a few miles to a shopping mall. Not all, but why marry a complainer who has no sense of adventure? I’ve had a few women come out to my BOL, and bitch and complain about a few spiders or bugs. I took one chick back to the airport and sent her on her way. You think they would make that wagon train trip out to Cali? Just saying choose spouses wisely.

              • When it starts to rain and you know that you are in a flood plain area; are you going to move to higher ground or sit there and let the flash flood take you?

                Com’on people, Zeus is tell you to look outside the box. Look beyond tomorrow. See the future and where it is going and where you are going to be(the high ground of washed away in the flash flood.

                And, Jimm Crack yo Neck, you’re the dumb-ass that will go first. Zeus is giving you and others valuable information – LISTEN to HIM and STFU. I hate punks like this clown standing in the way of others with his line of BS! Be constructive not destructive, Jimm Crack yo Neck.

        • Call me a fool as well. As a single person, I must also work. It’s either that or go on welfare to suck the gov. I wasn’t brought up that way. Oh, and the dam I live near is dam Washington DC. The preps I have will fit in my car or they are in my head (skills). What I’d leave behind isn’t worth stealing–no current technology aside from my laptop and that’s not new.

          Also, there is the added advantage of being able to contribute my vote to sanity when there is an election.

          I can also converse with people and perhaps change minds. Not with long discourse but just planting a few seeds of doubt against weird thinking. Can’t really debate most libs, they get on a talking point run and don’t stop to listen.

          I can also move within society as an example of decent living and show that I am happy without being entertained at all times or indulging in numerous other types of behaviors that break down society. This probably irks libs more than anything–being happy where you are and not demanding things from the gov.

          In the long run, I’d rather change minds than magazines. It’s far less messy.

          Zeus, if you are glad to be at your BOL, great. The rest of us will know when it’s time to make a change or how to deal with any crud that comes at us.

          • Time is not your Friend Yahooie. Get OUT of the Cities NOW!!! Or away from that Nuke Plant, Earth Quake Zone, Flood Zone, wild fire prone areas, etc or wait and watch it shred into pieces before your eyes in an evacuation, and flee for your lives later with what every you can carry on your backs.

            I paid attention years ago and positioned myself to make a move. There are Jobs out in the country. Did you look and see what there is? You do NOT want to live in a high density population area when SHTF period. You will be a casualty long with your family. Just read the article above. This sh!t is real.

            My city house was just 8 Ft above sea level and a block from the Gulf of Mexico. Flood insurance rates are screaming higher. Sell now while you still can. Try selling your house when it is flooded. See how much you will get. I moved to higher ground 45 Ft in elevation here in FL, and had to move to Central N Florida to get this high up. Anything south of Orlando is less than 30 Ft above sea level. Those in Miami are F*cked. The people in Louisiana who were not even in a classified flood zone got flooded and had no insurance. How about you? Do you live in a flight path of a major airport. One day a plane will crash in that path. So take all of this and reduce your exposure to hazards, natural or manmade chaos like looting and societal breakdowns.

            This is a learning curve here. Do you read this for entertainment purposes, or will you take action.

          • btw yahooie, I work too, but in the country where there are smaller towns. There is a friggin Walmart every 20 miles in the USA. Banks, Grocery stores, Auto repair, car dealerships, malls, insurance agencies, feed stores, bars & taverns, food joints, Realtors, title companies, surveyors, security guard positions, theaters, home Depots, Lowes, hardware stores, construction Contractors, farm and tractor stores, equipment rental, police, LEO’s Fire Depts, Municipal staffers, and the list goes on and on. Everything is out in the country if you look. Its just not all within a few blocks from your house like in a city.

            So no more excuses thinking the only Jobs are in some crowded city. That’s nonsense and just an excuse not to act.

            • Hospitals, clinics, dentists, etc all in the country as well. Like you cant find a job in the country? I say BS!! And even if the working pay is less in the country or rural areas, your cost of living greatly decreases. $100 per acres a year for taxes in the country vs $3K -$15K in the city for an acre. My auto insurance dropped more than 30% just by moving to the country. Just saying. Time to break out of your easy chair comfort zone, and expand your personal growth as a person. Thank me later.

            • I HAVE lived in the country when I was younger, and Zeus is right. There ARE jobs out in the country. MINIMUM WAGE jobs–picking produce, baling and stacking hay, shoveling shit out of stalls, clerk at a feedstore, pumping septic tanks…That’s why kids leave small towns once they graduate from high school–to find a job that actually pays enough to live on. How much do you pay YOUR employees, Zeus?

        • Arrogant prick. Some of us just need to make ends meet whilst the game is in play and we’ll deal with reality one day at a time. Good for you to have the option.

      5. There are always more than a few animals. If you are a prepper and have invested much into the lifestyle you are at risk if you have to leave it all and you are at risk if you stay! What a dilemma! My mother use to say, “As long as there is life, there is hope!” Don’t let possessions determine your safety or decide your fate.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Caches are king.

          • “(Soros) has given away billions to 187 organizations dedicated to destroying the United States from within.”

            A George Soros-Led Mutiny

            “For the last few decades George Soros and his Open Society Institute have organized and financed a seditious movement to destroy our Constitutional Republic and monetary system. Their mission appears to be to replace it with a One World borderless government under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.”

            “Cloward and Piven encouraged demonstrations, protests, and riots as a means to generate public attention and wreck institutional havoc. Their goal was to force the collapse of their target.

            Likewise, Soros appears to be using their concepts by employing the following steps to achieve his goal.

            Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.

            Step Two: Control the airwaves. Feed propaganda into existing radio and TV outlets and move public opinion.

            Step Three: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build anti-government hostility in the country. Exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis — pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government public sentiment.

            Step Four: Sow unrest. Protests. Violence. Hate.

            Step Five: Provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election and during the election, you cry voter fraud.

            Step Six: Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strikes, and you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations. Incitement and violence are conducted at this stage.

            Step Seven: Outlast your opponent.

            “Currently Soros is actively working behind the scenes to collapse the United States and all seven steps are now in play.”

            ht tp://

              • Don’t forget that C-A-N that used to be our commander-and thief. He’s still resides in DC. and there’s a real reason for it.

                • PO’d Patriot, something needs to happen to that shoeshine boy. As long as he’s alive, he’s a threat to us all.

              • KY Mom, you say 187 groups? Wow, I didn’t know there was THAT MANY libturd groups out to get us.

                • $31 billion will get a long line of people knocking on your door wanting money.

                  • Is 187 a police radio call for MURDER.

            • very good now if the sheep will wake up to it

            • Soros is just the lightning rod put out there, and kept there, to focus all of your anger on. He’s put out there so you can think that you found the guy that’s trying to take down the government. So you can also think that we have to stop ‘him’. Right. All those steps above have already been implemented. Your government was taken over a long time ago. Have you written your Congressman lately? Have you even seen the person around, except on TV? And then just around election time, or when backing some bill or ‘new rule’ that either takes more of your money away, or more of your freedom. Those are the people that are supposed to be running the country. And they are no where to be found.
              This whole plan that has been implemented is global. Whether it’s the constant wars in the ME, or the destabilization/destruction of Europe and this country through the similar immigration policies or the use of provocateurs. And guess what, Trump is part of the destabilization just like Obama was, and Bush and Clinton and Bush were too. So if you’re looking to warn someone who is in the position to do something about it by warning them who is behind it, guess what, they already know who is behind it and they are actually helping them accomplish their goals by accepting the positions that were handed to them. They do for money, power, or because they are told to do it or else.

            • Soros needs a Bullet. Somebody knows where the creep is hiding.

              • Zeus, I believe a helluva lot of people would stand in line for the opportunity. I’d settle for nailing any libturds I can find.

            • You are so right, KY Mom. This is exactly what
              G.S. wants. The more we fight among our self’s the better he likes it. Then comes the end. Marshall Law. Once that is started the U.N. will step in. One world police, One World Government, One world Currency. Then its all about Population Control. If you get a chance look at a u-tube video called. UN Agenda 21 population control. They have been preparing for this for many many years.

            • KY Mom
              You are brilliant. Truly.
              Your posts are informational-accurate-useful-helpful.

              Are you married?
              Probably. “The sweetest finest fruit is the first harvested.”

              Anyway thank you and some of the others here that post useful info.
              We won a battle. Not the war. Deep State and controlled Media are very dangerous.
              Soros is a criminal. Arrest him.

        • laeagle: Being in a hurricane area,less than 100 mi inland from the beach, we used to live near the beach, and had to evac several times. Was worried then about break ins in the area. New Orleans is a good example of scum bags taking stuff from stores during Katrina. We since moved inland not as much risk now. Preppers need to avoid living near the gulf-less than 50 mi, below dams, in forests where fires are common, and other hazard areas. Heavy preppers may not want to evac but we are not into prepping more than a month or so (not enough room in most houses to store stuff) Because of high winds from hurricanes where I live now, we rented a lg deposit box at the cr union for important papaers, deed, etc.

      6. What sad thing to have to hear about.
        As a christian I accept both good and evil, but when did evil become so predominant?

        LA, you are correct, possessions can be replaced,, keep your life safe first!!

      7. I remember when LOOTERS were shot on sight! We need to go back to that method of exterminating these vermin!

      8. Civilization is a thin egg shell. Decades ago it was thicker, more resilient. Over time popular culture has been steered blurring the distinction between right and wrong. This has incessantly dehumanized society. Instant gratification at any cost is the primary agent used to compromise the structural integrity of society.

      9. The thing that is really fucked up is couple who stole truck could have just asked for a ride,tis a truck,no room in front sure some in the bed.I would guess plenty of folks willing to take others in their vehicle in a time like this.

        While these situations usually bring out the best in folks be ready obviously for the few that suck,and deal with them in a appropriate manner including stopping them by any means necc.,sucks you have to think that way with so much already at stake.

        How much money did the state of Cali. waste while ignoring despite the warnings this dam and it’s fragility!

      10. I know lethal booby traps are illegal, but are non lethal things like booby traps using pepper gas grenades (the kind you can fire and toss and they keep spraying the air full of gas till they are empty) also illegal?

        Of course, this is California and it should be assumed anything in the nature of self defense is illegal, but would the penalty at least be less than having everything stolen if you got caught using this to protect your property?

        • Anonymous, I wouldn’t even care what Cali’s policy is toward self-defense. If I had been that truck owner, both of those scum would’ve been laying dead in their own blood.

          • Butte County is fairly conservative outside of Oroville. The Sheriff readily issues CCW permits to any and all qualified residents of his county. Butte County has a high number of parolees living there kicked out of California prisons by Governor Jerry Brown because California DOV is under a Federal mandate to reduce “overcrowding”. Brown sends them to the more Republican counties and withholds additional state parole officers from those counties intentionally.
            Butte County is a cesspool of property and violent crime.

            • I suggest you go look up your “County Mugshots” and see who is out there and what their crimes are and threts to you. After I moved to where I am, there is some 38 YO Punkass meth- who lives on the property next to mine, who is a Felon, aggravated assault. He sucker punched his Mom in the face, who he lives with, then he tried to commit suicide. He fears me, and I could easily kick his ass, in a hand to hand fight if I needed to. I got a hundred pounds on him. Besides I carry daily, so he is toast if he tried anything. He frequently goes over to another neighbor lady house begging for food or gas or something, about every other day, and she like an idiot dope keeps helping him. I warned her to stop giving him stuff. Cause the day she refuses, he will probably beat her up. Don’t feed the animals. People want to borrow stuff refuse them right away, so they know you are not their safety net. That lady is an enabler and will probably get robbed or beaten. Live and learn people. Some get it, some don’t. The idiots at the next door property are trying to sell their house now, so hopefully soon that threat will be gone. Or he may disappear in the night and fed to the gators, if needed. I will just say, I have no idea where he is, haven’t seen him in weeks. lol I looked at the mugshots site and saw a few others I see in the area. Child molesters etc. Identify your local human threats. Burn the images of their face in your memory. Waste them if needed.

      11. Bowles & Ripley have been arrested. They need to be made to foot the hospital bills!!! It’s a miracle that Mr. Asbury survived being hit with his own truck.

        • Glad to hear they got these skunks.

          A jury is going to put them away for a long time.

        • Eagle1, Cali state officials were warned about the condition of that dam 12 YEARS AGO and just left it alone. But they have no problem spending 25 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR ON ILLEGAL ALIENS. Yes, that’s taxpayer’s money. And that’s only for the State of California.

          • DB

            And therein lies the rub.

            Money that was slated for repair of the dam, but more likely spent on illegal immigrants. How about the insurance both car and home. Mine has gone up because there is more claims than ever and the companies have to cover those claims. Spread the misery around.
            People build homes in flood zones, right on the ocean front, fire zones and earthquake faults. They get a New Home every time there is a disaster and the rest of us pay for it. There should be NO Insured Areas.

            Some areas people want to shut the ocean off from the public. Then you have to pay for parking and entrance to the beach. Also they want us to pay for a seawall that PROTECTS their home. MOVE MF’s.

            • anon… My car insurance has gone up 6 cycles in a row. I’m not buying that insurance companies claims have went up to justify the increases. Hogwash! Nothing more than a blatant ripoff. These companies gouge incessantly. The books of all corporations should be open to prove the need to jack up the rates. Like I’m supposed to believe their lies.

              • Aljamo

                I don’t put much mileage on my two vehicle’s. don’t go nowhere. I see these people driving around talking and texting. There has been a bunch of people running into retention ponds and driving into store, into home and running into walls. Hell they are running over people.
                More hit and runs than ever. Some of these people have the “Last Chance Insurance” with High Payments but they should not be driving at all. my insurance company sent me a letter saying I am a “valued customer” and raised my payments.
                I would rather have the Mad Max. No more payments.

                • Anon, I’ve always noticed insurance premiums go up even when there’s NOTHING happening. In my area blacks and illegals from south of the border drive without insurance all the time and NOTHING ever happens to them when they have an accident. But if any WHITE people get caught driving without insurance they get held accountable. Double standard and selective enforcement. Either enforce the insurance laws EQUALLY ALL ACROSS THE BOARD and drop the whole matter.

                  • Yep I used to have Progressive insurance and just like the name stated.. progressively higher rates EVERY 6 months! Perfect record and older but hey, fook them I told them to shove it and went to AAA.

            • Anon, I always knew I was right to NOT live in Cali.

              • DH and Genius

                We are just fucking screwed on this problem. It should be if you pass your total allowable points you lose your driving “Privilege” for Life.

                As the Judge sings,

                Get on the bus, Gus.
                Need a New Plan, Sam.
                Buy a New bike, Mike.
                Don’t drive on the road.

      12. Man. That a lot of crazy stuff going on just from and evacuation.. And of course trolls will advise. Nothing you said has happened so far.. Where is Nibiru.. Don’t worry trolls. You overlords are busy trying to start ww3 because they don’t want it be in a position fo explain to the public why we have two suns in the sky. And wind and meteors and asteroids bombarding the entire planet..especially with a Trump as president telling the public the truth.. Am globalist and cabal it worst fucking night mare when the extra terrestrial presence goods right. Our into the public and the contactees from the Germans population out themselves supporting the disclosure… ha ha. Ha….ha.. You boys are in big trouble now, as the alien versus alien water comes right out into the open when the public realizes that all wards for the last 3,000 years have been aliens is disguise posing as leaders having us kill each other to prevent our advancement and self determination.. Not a pretty site is it trolls .. You see trolls. I have already been told what you fuckers are hiding. Anyone who need more info on this. Go on YouTube and see Kerry Cassidy interview Anthony Sanchez. Jay Weiner and listen to what the chi-com defector took him in person what secretly met with him.. It’s not a wonder why they tried to kill Tony Sanchez


      13. In any situation anywhere just be prepared to defend your preps and family. you’ll probably need extended family/friends to do so and now is as good a time as any to prepare for that evenuality.

      14. The decline is overwhelming. I had a sleazeball married couple from Maine move in next to me who were case a day drunks. Within a week an attempt to break into my dwelling was made by these people. I did not report it to anyone. I also had that same male standing in a bedroom window peering in who quickly moved away when noticed. Florida’s new motto: Send us your criminals, the more the merrier. The wife died a year ago at 56. What was bizarre was the night before she died I was awakened at 3 am and looked out the window and saw 8 black men dressed from head to toe in black directly across the street from this neighbors place. They stood around for a few minutes before walking off. There are cameras watching the area, after checking with those with access to the cameras nothing was shown of these people outside. If I did’nt know any better these beings were somehow connected to this neighbors death. She claimed to have nine personality. I’m not much for the occult but this incident was super strange.

        • The new video cameras cannot detect any so called ‘minorities”. That was most likely the problem when the recordings were reviewed. But the naked eye still sees things clearly. The old cameras were deemed to be racist since they overwhelmingly recorded only certain shades committing crimes. So to make it easier for the judges to throw out cases where these crimes were clearly shown being committed, and by whom, the cameras have become color blind. Only to certain colors though. Like black and brown.
          I don’t know how any one got convicted of any crime before video cameras. And now if you have video of the crime that my not be enough either. And if the defense is afraid that his criminal might get real time cuz it’s on video, the judge will gladly arrange a plea deal that will have your criminal out in the streets ASAP anyway.

      15. From my vantage point here where I live, I believe that these people are ready to take everything that you have, they are just waiting for the right time to do it. They have been told/taught all their lives that everything that you have worked for is really theirs, you just took it from them with your privilege. And that’s the thinking of the people that were born here. The illegals/Mexican nationals thinking is only slightly different. They weren’t taught that everything that you worked for is theirs, to them that just comes natural, and that’s what living the low-life is all about. They bring that life with them, though some try to hide it for awhile.

        • Yeah right, bullets will work on illegals just like on hood rats.

      16. They told us in basic training, ” Your primary weapon is your mind. “

      17. Very few people seem to have a moral conscience any more. I could never steal someone’s property and be able to enjoy my life again. I never could understand why people would steal; it seemed to me it was easier to work for what I wanted. People are greedy, but never figure out that when you leave this earth you are not taking your possessions with you.

        • Waiting

          I am the same way. Stealing from people when they are down is down right dirty.

          This was Grease Monkey Day.

          Check the fluids on the truck and grease the drive shaft. Air pressure on tires.

          Do you have a tire plug kit. Small air compressor. A can of Fix A Flat. Tire air pressure gage. Jumper cables. One quart of engine oil. A good flashlight. A second one that has a magnet. A Gallon of water.

          • anon, that is just the beginning of what I pack in the truck lol.

            • Genius

              Same here. That gear oil smells like salad oil to me. Put a quart in the tool box if needed should you get a leak in the 4wd transfer case.

          • Anon, that’s only 5% of what’s in my truck. I wouldn’t touch the Fix-A-Flat to save my ass. On the newer vehicles with the tire pressure sensors, that stuff kills those sensors. The sensors are located in the valve stems. I keep several tire plug kits, a 12V air compressor and a tire pressure gauge in the truck at all times. I also have a good 3-ton hydraulic floor jack which puts all the factory jacks to shame. The factory jacks are useless.

      18. Why has Obama moved less than two miles away from the white house? To protect his sorry legacy from erosion. I’ve read about this “sleeper cell” traitor having at least 30,000 devotees at his service to work against President Trump. I have asked brown people how did change we can believe in work out for you. That he is brown is all that mattered from my conclusion.

        • Aljamo, my condolences on your wife. As far as those 30,000 scum are concerned, 1% of all gun owners could take on and wipe out those 30,000 commies.

          • Braveheart … it was the neighbors wife who died.

            • Aljamo, sorry I misunderstood. I stand corrected.

        • aljamo
          Anyone spends as much time as B-Ho does on
          vacation & golf course will be just as brown.

      19. I’m not worried about looters. I’m ready for them.

        Anonymous is on the right track with pepper gas. Has to figure out how to remotely disperse it.

        If you can’t get it a can of Raid might do for those on a budget and can get to a work shop. Know what I mean?

        • There is a thing called burglarbomb that can be activated by tripwire or motion sensor. Fills the room with pepper gas. I used to have a couple at the cabin. You can make your own pretty easily with a refillable pressurized aerosol can.

      20. If things go well, they’re savvy buyers; if things go wrong, they’re idiots.

        Personally, I would rather live in a small house in a nice neighborhood, than a palace in a bad one. I like to live close to where I work. Commuting every day is very unhealthy. Figure in the time as money, expenditure on gas, wear and tear on an automobile, lost time with family, possibly added costs for child care. Is it really worth it?

        Stay safe, all.


      21. Always thought that the appropriate punishment for burglary and theft is hand amputation like in some countries.

      22. Those were some real geniuses there that broke into a Dollar General. Except for the cell phones, I don’t think they could carry more than about $20 worth of stuff.

        • Ha ha ha ha 😀

      23. I can’t stress enough people, you need to construct multiple, undetectable hiding spots in your house and out buildings. Don’t forget to tell trusted people where they are.

        If an order to evacuate happens, many cant take it all. I have a safe. It will contain distractions. The good stuff will be near impossible to find in multiple unrelated great hiding spots.

        My favorite hiding spot is in the conservatory behind the picture of Colonel Mustard right next to the lead pipe, but I digress.

        One big mistake is not having a functional garage. Clean out your freaking garage, so you can pull your car inside. When I travel for a day or two, I don’t pack suit cases into my car in view of the neighborhood. I pack it in the the privacy of a closed garage. No one sees what I’m doing. I open the door and drive away, always in control of what people see. The guy that got car jacked and run over, could have prevented it, had he not looked like one of the fools in the opening scene of the movie “Independance Day”.

        Part two of evacuation, do you always have a gas can or two with at least 5 gallons of gas on hand at all times? Add a preservative to your gas, I use “PRI-G gas treatment” Amazon has it, a third of an ounce treats five gallons. On a bad day, five gallons will get me 120 miles in my car. God forbid you must evacuate and have and empty tank. I actually keep more fuel on hand because I have a generator, so I can completely fill an empty tank at home, and even toss another can or two into the back before I leave. Safe to say I have enough fuel on hand to take both my cars at least 500 miles, or run my generator for two weeks.

        Finally, I have to say I was a bit annoyed by many remarks on this article. Too much macho I’d have shot the SOB’s…. Instead of practical solutions to more stealthily executed an evacuation without the whole freaking world knowing your house is empty, and you are on the run! I have lights on timers in my house, and even one of those TV simulator lights to set up in the family room that looks like someone is home watching TV, it takes about three minutes to set up. I mean damn people, the conflicts and robberies just shouldn’t happen to a prepared prepper.

        • “Plan Twice”, you sound like easy pickins to me. Your double secret hiding spots will be easily found and looted by even the dindus. They’ll probably booby trap them so you get a nice surprise if you ever come back. I doubt you ever make it back though. Meantime I’ll be safe and secure at my BOL.

          • TP,
            You sound like someone with a very messy garage!

      24. Is this a rehearsal for things to come ?????

        • This is now.

          If you have any Stone Age skills, or futuristic insights, now is the time. Use them to your best possible advantage.

          Human nature will not wait for teotwaki. Neither should progress.

        • bttw —

          They have it down to a 15min warning, now.

          Since when is that enough time to get out of town. I mean, on a good day.

          Most of the people around me, I am sorry to say, live in an alternate reality of rationalizations, excuses, and self-imposed rules, instead of just plainly doing a thing, whatever that may be.

      25. Damn white conservatives out there looting and robbing.

      26. The state of Calif should be held responsible for these crimes and subsequent reimbursement to the victims. They(Calif) have known about the problems with the dam for many years and have done nothing about fixing the problems. Instead, they give all the money to illegals and for a bullet train that most people do not want.

      27. Ha, we had a couple of Ghetto Hood Rats steal about 100 pounds of heavy chain each from my uncle’s truck shop. They found their bodies at the bottom of the canal. Dumb Ghetto rats trying to swim that canal with all that chain wrapped around their torso for a fast getaway! They won’t do that again!

      28. The Oroville dam fiasco underlines the failure of the CA government to serve and protect the citizens of CA. In fact, it underlines the utter contempt the CA government has for its citizens. Highlighted is the CA government’s putting Illegals and corporations first, making it a fascist government of the worst kind. It is both democrats and republicans that have demonstrated this contempt, and both parties should be driven from the governor’s office and the CA assembly! Recall Gov.Brown Now!

      29. You all know the UN and what they are up to. But did you now they now have only one world religion. Yes, it is true. One world. The same church that the pilgrims ran from because they were being tortured and killed for their Christian beliefs. The kings & Queens were shaking in thier boots from this religion. All of Europe was under this one church. what do you think it will do to our First amendment?

      30. I have seen and read a lot of these comments and the one thing that really struck me was that they never address the disaster and or mandatory evacuation of a city.

        The events in which occurred in Oroville, Ca can happen anywhere, at any time, under any situation or circumstance. As I recall, the same thing happened in New Orleans when a hurricane was predicted to strike the city. There were those that were able to leave the city and area and they did. Then,there were those that stayed behind because they didn’t have the money or transportation to leave. Of course there were those few that were willing to ride it out. Those that had remained behind were a few that felt that it was time to take whatever they want without interference or with without repercussion for their actions since there was no one to stop them from looting. Remember, the local authoritative government representatives had abandoned their posts and positions out of fear for their lives and basically said,”to hell with this and to hell with this city.”

        For those that couldn’t leave the city, they were told to go to the Supper Dome where it would be safe from the storm. They were mislead to believing that some form of authority would be there to assist them through this hurricane, only to find that there was no one there that they could count on. People remained there for several weeks with no help in site. Even after 5 days when a news team went in to bring their plight to the attention of the country no one was sent for another 6 days. No local, State, or Federal agency came to offer any help or assistance. There was no food, water, sanitation or relief. These people were left to fend for themselves and they were vulnerable not only due to the lack of supplies and assistance; but, the criminal element that was there with them, thugs with guns.

        People died during this storm, needlessly, because these people were not prepared. They didn’t have their act together. They made stupid mistakes and it had cost them or someone else their life. The Government had failed them and it will fail you too.

        The same could have happened in Oroville. It only proves one thing, people who are not prepared to do what it takes to save themselves during an emergency situation will be at risk. You can not count on your local government, your state government, or the federal government to assist or help you out. The only thing you will get from them, if you are lucky, is that there is an emergency and you need to evacuate the area or stay at your own risk.

        If you looked at the photographs of the highway that runs through that city, highway 70, you will see that all the traffic was at a stand still. Everyone was just on one side of the highway. If the State of California had it’s act together they would have closed off the highway and allowed both sides of the highway to be used to evacuate the people in a quick expeditious manner. They would have had sent a lot of buses to take those that couldn’t afford to leave or didn’t have any transportation to begin with. Then they would have followed up by getting those that still remained, for whatever their reasons, out of the area. For example, these could be people that were left behind due to medical reasons or conditions or in a retirement home. Remember, in hurricane Katrina, people in nursing home drowned because no one came to get them out.

        People need to have an exit plan in place. They also need a place to meet up at in case of separation. They need to have their gear and transportation at the ready. They need a place to go to, in state as well as out of state. They need to know the route that they will need to take and have alternate routes to get them there. They need to take what is of value with them and be prepared to lose the rest.

        If people are going to loot, let them. Just take what is of value to you and leave the area as quickly as possible. Chances are you would have lost all of your stuff during the disaster anyway so don’t worry about it just make certain that all of your stuff is insured and let the buttheads take it. They will get theirs when the damn breaks and they are washed down the river.

      31. Just to let y’all know that California evacuated a salmon hatchery BEFORE ordering the evacuation of Oroville.

      32. holy cow….worse than I ever thought it could be!!!

        as for the assholes that loot, they should remember; ‘you loot, I shoot’.

        just shoot them….at least to wound them seriously..that’s all they’d understand……..

        what a world!!!!!!

      33. Looters should be shot on site! Democrats have made that a nasty event because they are so sympathetic and dreamy. Pathetic is a better word. Realism- interest in or concern for the actual or real, as distinguished from the abstract, speculative, etc. Wake up, dreamers!

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