This is a REAL Commercial from AARP: “Riots Nationwide Have Prompted The Government To Declare Martial Law”

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Headline News | 144 comments

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    The bizarre world of militarization and propaganda just got a little bit more crazy – and spooky.

    A new AARP commercial seems to offer a public service announcement, but if you play close attention to the commercial you’ll hear something very odd playing in the background. As the woman in the video watches the news she is called over to another room by her daughter. In the background (you may have to turn your audio up a little bit) you can clearly hear a news report about “riots nationwide” and a declaration of martial law by government emergency services.

    Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law.

    The President is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm.

    Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.

    Here’s a video with commentary from Infowars:

    The full commercial – with subtitles:

    Paul Joseph Watson asks the obvious question given public concerns over the Jade Helm 15 exercise coming this summer and reports that the government will be simulating martial law and dissident roundups.

    So the obvious question is, why is this subliminal message about martial law being declared by the President after an outbreak appearing in a public service announcement for care giving put out by an insurance company.

    It has no place whatsoever within the context of the ad.

    Think about this – this had to be specifically created by the company to appear in this PSA. They couldn’t use an actual segment from a tv news broadcast… because they would be concerned about copyright… and because no such broadcast exists about the President declaring martial law in America after an outbreak…

    So they deliberately put this in.

    And it’s not going to be heard consciously, but it may be picked up subliminally by the viewer.

    I mean… what the hell is going on here… this is bizarre.

    What’s more, the ad was approved and disseminated by The Ad Council, an organization that essentially now serves as a direct propganda arm of the White House.

    None of this makes sense.

    Unless, of course, you consider that the American people are being psychologically prepared in advance of exactly such an event. Officials within the U.S. government clearly know something big is coming and they have been simulating collapse scenarios for many years.

    The American people, however, remain oblivious.

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      1. I’ve listened to this several times & still can’t match what it says with what they’re telling me it says…
        That is a smoking hot broad though!

        • Just a coincidence…for all you “coincidence theorists.”

          • That’s it! I AM bringing the tomato plants in!

            • That would only relate to the mega-centers anyway.
              No way could they put even one man per 50 miles in
              the vast areas we call “out in the sticks”.

              • Outwest,we refer to the sticks as the Northlands.Genius,good thinking on the plants though believe Eppe is getting a bit TOO paranoid!On a side note,really do not believe the folks who pay attention to aarp commercials stand a chance no matter how the country plays out!

                • War, everyone here is paranoid to some degree, otherwise we would not be here…
                  I assume your are back home?
                  Hope you are well…

                  • Unfortunetly I am not home,thus no decent email setup yet and a whole slew of other issues that need addressing,hopefully a couple of weeks back in the new englands,a day or two and then need to visit me mum down in Marthas Vineyard,help her out with some stuff/say hi ect.,then need to hunt around Boston for more regards regarding me dads death,no fun but necc. to do.I will also get a new decent e-mail system setup and start getting back in touch with folks,this whole west coast trip a total fiasco for the most part but hope it end well.

                    • And put tin foil over those tomato plants…

                    • The more important question is – why are an
                      ever increasing number of alt. Media blogs
                      calling protest and riots “outbreaks”?

                      subliminal messages – not just for tv ads.

                    • Yep– I know it– will occur before the end of this year;

                      This economist knows it (forgot his name but predicted few other economic crashes, including the soviet union’s collapse),

                      And now this article– just prepare for apocalypse because it is coming by the end of this year…

                  • Paranoid? WE didn’t put that subliminal in. But IT IS THERE, and didn’t fall in ‘by chance.’ If this ran in 2014, perhaps it was around Ebola?
                    Term “outbreak” usually refers to disease epidemic more than riot “eruptions”.

                  • “Sure I’m paranoid….But am I paranoid enough?

                    • love it, coach!…i’m gonna steal that one! thanks…speakin’ of paranoid…
                      I talked to a retired army friend a few days ago, and he says all those MRAP’s and other vehicles near barstow are going to fort irwin, because they are on their training “rotation”…it’s just that when they go to train for the desert warfare, they bring their own shit to do that with, so it has to be brought in on trains from wherever they are from…ending up at yermo(vehicle repair/refurbish facility,BTW)….then trucked to irwin by contractors, so they are there when the troops get to irwin….I’m sure this is the case with some of these sightings across the country that people say they’ve “never seen tanks goin’ thru this area or that”….they only get this training once-in-a-while, so it made sense to me…and those people wearing helmets are wearing them because they are required to by the army, even if they are contractors, to drive the military vehicles…and the “partially military” uniforms I’ve heard about are because some of those contractors wear military”type” clothing ‘cause it “looks cool”…kinda’ makes sense to ME, it explains why SOME of those military vehicles have been spotted across the country where they “shouldn’t be”…..not sayin’ your/our fears aren’t warranted,…just sayin’ …look for a logical explanation before you go off waving yer arms around and screaming the end is near….PERSONALLY, i think the end IS NEAR….but i want FACTS presented to me.

                    • Heh, even my veteran friends think I’m a little too paranoid. I wonder why they aren’t more worried.

              • …unless they are thinking about militarizing (nationalizing) the police!

              • True, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen!

            • Unfortunately, “bringing tomato plants in” is one of the 8,383,383 signs you are a bad guy.

              In fact, when the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

              The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – is, according to and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

              But, please note! Our politically correct government is trying to save trees, so the 34,000 pp. document – printed on double sided paper – was only around 17,000 pages, thankfully (of course, under Obama, even double sided is now probably back around that size).

              See ( ) for one site with details on this

            • G, you visit GLP don’t ‘cha? Tomato plants, lol.


          • Ready for the REAL stranger than fiction mind blow?!

            The sweater, towels, and knitting needles are JADE.
            And if you look at the lamp next to the family photos, there is a FUCKING HELM on the base!!!

            ..someone said “not paranoid enough”.
            I think that’s an accurate statement.

        • Hahahaha

        • Watching The Omega Man, I was struck by the scene of him playing chess with a mannequin.

          We don’t often talk about loneliness and depression in SHTF.

          Maybe I have some paper books, a baseball, and a few board games to occupy me.

          But sooner or later that shit would really get to you. A spouse nagging the shit out of you. Whining kids. Wanting to check on your parents? Or maybe you started alone and just want to talk to someone, anyone. Would you come out of your stronghold then? To your death? Who can say what they are gonna do in SHTF.

          • In an shtf, all bets are off. Imagine if you had been alone for say 6 months to a year. And then you happen upon a young woman in her early 20s (and you are 60). What would you do?

            • Bible says rape is capitol offence

            • What would you do? (Frank asks)…

              Get shot!

              • I know of a lot of females who like the idea of shooting would-be-rapists. (My sister sleeps with a gun under her pillow for this very reason).

                I know this young woman in her twenties who works at a gun store, wears a gun and has been in contests (shoots quite well).

                And then, there is the young woman who blew 2 would-be-rapists away with her shot gun, just as they came in, broke down her door. They got “it” but it wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for!! 🙂

            • That works fine dear. Me and my two kids need lunch meat, so come on down 😀 This moral decay works both ways…. Hot chicks can shoot too. And in any extremity it is safe to say people will link up. A more realistic plan for companionship is a quid pro quo arrangement. What can you offer that benefits me? Rapists IMHO will be dealt with swiftly and unpleasantly. It is likely that morals will remain fairly preserved, and those taking advantage of distress are going to get what they have always gotten only worse. So: have respect and be prepared to barter for your needs if and when.


          Soylent Green is a real meal substitute shake now.


          I do notice in the news that more and more fast food places are switching to organics.

          It’s a start.

          LOSE THE GUT

        • If anyone in your group shows up with a mosin nagant, kick him in the reloads for being a cheapo slave.

        • The intended purpose of the subliminal message was to introduce a mind controlling radio frequency directly into your brain by getting you to hold your laptop all the way up to your ear trying to hear this stupid commercial

        • Maybe they know the words “martial law” drive people to buy things. much like this website…

          • One would “think” that with the Patriot Acts I and II, that the City of Baltimore could have shut down their cell system in certain areas of the city, to prevent the lowlifes from communicating with each other.
            Then again, Baltimore has long been controlled by the Liberal/Progressive/Marxist/Progs, so the “riot” plays into their perverse need to “control their masses”.
            I doubt a single Guardsman is armed with live ammo, unless they brought it themselves. During the Rodney King Riots in 1992, I was asked multiple times by the CA NG troops if I had any ammo I could give to them.”Nope”, I said, I’ve got enough for me…”
            Martial Law is available IF, those that enforce it, have the will (and the means) to actually enforce it. Most won’t.

            • Oh yeah? Tell that to the people that were shot on site during katrina after curfew. It did happen. I was there. Dont kid yourselfs folks. This shit is real…t

          • You got it. This and other blogs need fear to support them. Some reports are substantiated, others are just crazy.

        • Well, how did this person (Watson, whoever)know to turn his volume up in order to hear it??!

      2. Sounds preplanned???

        • What I thought of was that I think it was on an episode of the Simpsons that foretold the twin towers.
          Other thing I was thinking is that maybe Bill Holter and Andy Hoffman are right when they say that by late fall there will be big financial problems that wipe out a hundred trillion dollars. When people find out everything they have ever worked for is gone they will be pissed.

          • Okay but see, we have the gift of foresight. we can see ahead. also, if someone is wearing camouflage but on their head, that is all you will see is a head.

          • And what will they do about it?

      3. Foreshadowing…. hmmm

      4. WIPrepped:

        I bet you dollars to doughnuts this queer could get your daughter’s pants off without a hitch. I have very little difficulty getting who I want.

        You know why? Cause I’m ripped, I study, I’m outgoing, and I have material things. With a 30% obesity rate and all sissy boys around it’s like spearing fish in a barrel.

        • Acid, WIPrepped would most likely blow your stupid ass away. I know I would if you tried that with my daughter.

          • Braveheart,

            Exactly which daughter of yours are you talking about? You’ve always said you have no children, so where did this one come from?

        • Acid; even a sissy would kick your ass.

        • That is until the girl smells your boyfriends poop all over your lil weiner. Why do you constantly brag about yourself and the children you molest? It seems from yer little “lonely” post up there you don’t even like yourself. Why do you feel you need to disrespect someone outta the blue like that? Does it make you feel good about yourself? I guarantee if you said that to his face he would end you.

      5. anyone who has not connected all the dots must be blind and deaf, it is way to obvious that we are in the final stages of the preplanned declaration of martial law to keep obozo and his fellow scumbags in office!! OOOPPPSS did i just re-enlist my name to the red list?

        NAAAWWWW, they would not do that!! LOL

        • A54, that was a Southern drawl???
          Never trusted AARP, get mail to join every 3 months.
          Glad I do not live in Baltimore, gonna get crazy soon, maybe tonight.
          Bless all here…

          • Not being in Baltimore will not save you. They plan to take this fake false flag mayhem national. We will soon all be involved. Outlawing cash wipes out everybody better than anything else could. Using it will soon get you arrested???

            • And the opposite of cash for a purchase……”card not accepted” no gas, food, lights or water…..they got you

            • I got a new Master card with the new improved RFID chip Four months after getting a 3 year replacement card !? Nuked it a few seconds,same with Passport. All paper money has magnetic strips that can be read by law enforcement as you drive down the road ! Heads up ! Incremental steps to subjugate and indoctrinate from all sides. AARP, Simpsons, Disney,Super bowl halftime,Subliminal Symbolism,Childrens’ war games, False Flags Etc,Etc.

              • so now we have to keep our cash in one of those lead-impregnated plastic bags, like they use at the airport to make sure your film doesn’t get radiated going through the x-ray machine? Damn. One more thing to prep… 🙂

          • Eppe,
            YUP, that was a southern drawl, i live in the southwest,

      6. Better be free thinkers folks, question it ALL.

        The day for becoming near invisible is coming soon.

        • Oddly, I’m not sure, perhaps it’s time to paint yourself purple and green and dance to ,naked down the streets. I doubt NSA or HS would even bother to notice

          • Remember ‘streaking’ in the 70’s???
            Making me flash back to crazy days…

            • I won $20 on a bet that I wouldn’t streak a Drive-in in Biloxi MS. I only heard the girly whistles and I got my $20.

          • Just wrap a towel around your head and carry a machete…the NSA will never see you.

        • Freethinking, that’s a very rare quality in people these days. People are afraid to question anything these days. They’re afraid people will disagree with them, assume them crazy. More than that they’re afraid they will find the truth, and the truth aint pretty my friends.

          • Excellent comment !

            We all live in massive illusions and that is just the fact of the matter. We have all been psyoped with all manner of illusions and disinfo for long while and it only gets more pervasive. This one is pretty obvious. I heard it quite clearly.

            Understanding the many illusions is the key to your survival. They are much more complex than most can even imagine. all the answers are at my site , no big deal, just what is .

      7. lol… The commander of the National Guard sent in to Baltimore just stated emphatically that “This is not martial law.”

        Who’s she trying to kid? It’s an official state of emergency with thousands of troops called up, dusk to dawn curfew and no school. What else would it be?

        Get out while you can. Cities will become deathtraps for liberty lovers. Of course, if you are a statist badge licker, you will enjoy being ordered around by your “heroes”.

        • To heck with those guys, i am going shopping in baltimore if i want to. I just dont want to.

        • I will not be afraid for whT is to come, I have good, my Lord, on my side

      8. Sign up with ARRP and get a free order of cheese sticks at all participating “Heil Amigo” taco stands…included with each order will be a “free Castro” order of potato sticks with extra slimey cheeses…uggggh…

      9. I don’t believe in coincidence, so I think that Obozo had to wait until Holder was gone and Lynch in place at Justice, before the final “games” started being played out.

        Watch out fur them hogs and keep the peace!


          Lawyer: Hi can I help you?
          Farmer: Yaaa I wanna git a deevorce.
          Lawyer: Ok well do you have any grounds?
          Farmer: yaaa about 100 acres.
          Lawyer: No you don’t understand. Do you have a case?
          Farmer: Weeell no but I got a John Deere.
          Lawyer: No no no, I need to know the problem. Is your wife a nagger?
          Farmer: Weeel no but my last kid was and thats why I want a deevorce!

          • Bad, genius, bad…
            Nawww, that was funny.
            Guess we are on the red list now…

            • How politically incorrect(and funny!).As for being on a list,all I can say,it’s about time.Lived mylife without being on guest list/invite list/you get the idea,so,at this point in life being on any list is a new thing!

          • For the non-farmers, Case is a brand of tractor.

          • ROFL.

      10. Verry interesting..someone told me that there are bits in songs that kids can hear at a different frequency than us older folks…prepping the youngsters perhaps?
        I have had a feeling that this pres is NOT going to leave office willingly- he could stay in power due to martial law, could he not?

        • the only reason why the youngsters can hear it is because us old guys are deaf from shooting our guns

      11. Baltimore sucks I hate just driving through. Someone told me the bloods and crips joined forces against the police. This is what happens when the cops go around strong arming people. The gov is scared of the blacks and the Muslims gov is weak and caves in to demands If people apply force. Getting violent is the only way to be heard otherwise you will be dismissed. After awhile diplomacy does not make gains it’s just fact that’s why war was created. Sure if it can be settled without blood shed great but there is no leaders that know how to work the deal. This is why Iran will get the bomb and use it. Obummer has made america look weak to the world people laugh at us. We are a joke people this is all by design made to look like we have poor leadership. They know what the hell they are doing. I used to be proud to be an American but not no more. Vladimir is a stronger leader IMHO.

        • There were a lot more people involved in making this country look weak, than just the HNIC. It has been a concerted effort.

      12. AARP is just an arm of the progressive liberal movement,
        the Democratic Party

        • You are correctum, which is why we are not members, nor will we ever be.

      13. There are numerous background options when doing a PSA…announcing a traumatic military or cop takeover of the population is NOT one of them. This is possibly a warning to the public. They could have played music, or the TV very low..but an emergency situation??? No Way is this just coincidence…and I’ve been on plenty of ‘film shoots’. So, get prepped up..and it certainly can’t hurt to have a few months worth of food and water anyway…plus precious metals, lead, etc…

        • I guess it’s not out of the question, that a patriot involved with creating this PSA would take advantage of it to warn others, if possible. It’s a wonder it made it past the govt reviewers, editors and pre-screeners.

      14. I am now old enough for AARP… and told them to get me off their list. They automatically join you up, even if you want nothing to do with them, then claim you as one of their many millions of members. More Saul Alinsky lies. There are alternatives – good ones – to leftist AARP. Just google it.

        And BTW, for those of you who are struggling with health insurance, we joined a health share plan. Fully one THIRD the price of COBRA – with equivalent care. No, you can’t smoke, do drugs or drink to excess, and they want you to attend church, but if that meets who you are, just google “Health share plans.” We settled on Liberty Health Share out of Ohio, and are VERY pleased.

      15. Have you seen how people are making their own presto logs out of paper? I’m considering getting all the Democrats I can to mail me stuff. From all 50 states. State and federal.

        Only in America can you get pulp material shipped to you for free!

        Yah, I know half the Republicans are no good. But getting their junk mail will only depress me.

        • Dave,only problem I see is most of the political crap photo style paper,kinda sucks for the flue/pipe what have you unless you are burning really hot.On a side note would say the repubs just as bad,they control congress and senate and yet march with obola,they are all in it together excepting a few lone voices/wolves from each party.

      16. Check your insurance policy, any of them…Bet dollars to donuts…Nothing, noda, zip is covered if martial law is in place…
        Their happy to help the world go down the drain..Just WFT are these morons thinking??

        • They don’t cover for riot either so those stores in Baltimore are sol.

      17. I have a very close friend here in the Socialist People’s Thugocracy of Illinois, who is a recently retired very senior IL. state trooper, who worked in Chicago. A good man, strong conservative, constitutionalist, etc. Yes, there ARE a lot of good police out there, and if all police were like him, we would be back to the country we once were (no, not perfect, but a thousand times better) relative to policing.

        But here is the point: When the issue of police getting MRAPS came out, I asked him about this. He actually would have been one of the people making the decision for the city of Chicago about the MRAPs. What he told me was that a city the size of Chicago could use one, maybe two max. Guess that leaves out Fargo and all the zillion other places getting them right now.

        But here’t the thing, folks. They need to have ***people to man*** these things. What if, as the hippies used to say, they gave a war, and nobody came? Similarly, what if they gave a police state, and no one showed up to enforce it. The young are increasingly passing on police jobs already. Similarly, in third world countries, you often read where the soldiers “refused to leave their barracks.” Now that we are a third world country, how will this play out here?

        As I repeatedly say, the issue is really one of communication, education and information dissemination. If we can get our basic message out, we will win. Our ideas are FAR superior to the leftist/fascist ideas. It is true the fascist left owns the organs of information dissemination and the educational sphere, but we are not without our own methodologies, not the least of which is the internet, blogging, etc. I only go to now to read sports and find out what the leftists want the unwashed, “Yes we can” chanting masses to believe.

        There is hope, but we need to get aggressive and get creative.

        BTW, speaking of Nazis and their Brownshirts, does anyone know when the shock troops for the fascist left, the radical gay Brownshirts, are going to start their book burnings of those who peacefully disagree with them? Just asking…

        • No job? No food? No money? No hospital? with wife or kids or folks real sick?
          They will run to fill these positions as trade off. That’s how they took Palestine. that’s how the colonizers always colonise and bring the locals into submission

        • ‘Nother thing about those military cast-offs. They are custom engineered from the word go. You can’t get parts for them at NAPA. Parts prices from the OEMs are astronomical. Expect 90% of them to be scrap metal within a few years.

      18. Yea it’s all coming.
        The bad parts of the Bible, that is.
        It is all being fulfilled by us just because we don’t believe it’s possible for all the tortures of the Tribulation to fall on us. We say “It’s NOT possible”. But then we make decisions that make these very events happen: war, pestilence, disease, famine, Wormwood and much worse things.

      19. STOCK UP. Getting food, drink, fuel, supplies, seeds, a wood stove and wood may be an issue.

      20. I found the original commercial as posted by AARP on Youtube linked by abovetopsecret, just so I could be sure that it wasn’t added to by a wacko. I recorded the TV news part of the audio. I filtered it in my software, which software is also used by the government spooks.

        In the beginning, with the loud shower sound filtered out, I can hear the announcer saying something like “…also urged Iranian military authority…” About 3 seconds after the little girl says “Mom!” it sounds like “…local government to declare martial law…” After that, there’s something about a president, but no indication as to which president, ours or some other country’s.

        It sounds to me like an ordinary newscast about the Middle East. I could probably decipher more of it if I spent more time with the audio software. It’s not nearly as quick as CSI or NCIS makes it out to be, although they do use the same software as I do for some of their computer screen shots.

        The audio has a lot of TV distortion and noise. If it was meant to be heard and understood underneath the other audio, it would have been clearer.

        So I don’t think there’s much to this.

        That’s my professional opinion.

        • There are sites that have actually broken down the video/audio and it is clear as day…following is close but not verbatim…

          “stay inside, there are riots, bar your doors and windows, the president has declared martial law and they are trying to contain the outbreak…”

          There is also a faint clock on the back of the wall by the pictures that looks like the hands point to 9:30…sept 30?

          Also the colors jade green are prominent and there is a ships wheel/helm next to the pictures…

          I’ll try and find the site that this information was presented…but I heard it clearly and saw the subliminals…


          • PKLL, glad to see you are back.
            Have missed you.
            This site changes constantly with poster.
            KIT (keep in touch)…

            • ditto,pkll

            • Hi guys….I still lurk occasionally…


          • That actually sounds more like actual newscasts about some parts of Africa during the earlier stages of the ebola outbreak.

            • Hey butt…I’ve been watching “Martin Survival” on utube…he has some good survival stuff for your area….


              • guy looks like somebody I know….lots off good iinfo there. thanks for the headsup!…been looking for someone that knows desert plants…thanks for being an asset to shtfp! we miss you!

      21. Baltimore “Purge” Begins: State Of Emergency Declared As City Burns, Rioters Warn “It’s A Nice Night For A Revolution” – Live Webcast

        ht tp://

        The Informed Minority

        ht tp://

        “Behind the financial jitters of the informed minority is the greater fear of social unrest.”

      22. Baltimore Police Caught On Video Beating and Arresting Reporters During Protests

        h ttp://

        riots in Baltimore quite predictable
        gonna be a lot more coming our way

        no justice
        NO peace
        the government on ALL levels has gotten so corrupt
        a tipping point has been reached

      23. I went through the whole commercial and broke it all down.
        At 0.03 seconds, you can hear the water faucet being turned OFF!!
        At 0.25 seconds, theres a photograph in a frame with mom and daughter. To the right of the picture, there’s a lamp with a ships wheel!!!! (Ships HELM) bolted to the lamp stand!!! Seriously!!! You can’t make this stuff up!!!
        Moms shirt in the photograph is ….. jade green! The nitting needles in the foreground are jade green!

        At the end of the commercial “Roles Change” is clearly spelt out across the screen followed by the words “Without us noticing”

      24. I went through the whole commercial on YouTube and broke it all down.
        At 0.03 seconds, you can hear the water faucet being turned OFF!!
        At 0.25 seconds, theres a photograph in a frame with mom and daughter. To the right of the picture, there’s a lamp with a ships wheel!!!! (Ships HELM) bolted to the lamp stand!!! Seriously!!!
        Moms shirt in the photograph is ….. jade green! The nitting needles in the foreground are jade green!

        At the end of the commercial “Roles Change” is clearly spelt out across the screen followed by the words “Without us noticing”

      25. Its true, they do prepare the public, just like the planes flying into buildings in cartoons prior to 9/11, or all the zombie shows, thats coming too, the diseased, the illness spreading that cant be stopped, the collapse,….

      26. OMG!! I was sitting here looking at something …. And a light came on!
        I was looking at a picture of a Walmart store in an article about the possibilities that Walmart stores might become Fema camps

        The Walmart sign was split with a star in the middle, so it spelled Walmart. If you kinda folded that image in half like a book and moved it around a bit, it would read martlaW

        Can anyone else see this? Surely others have seen this before right??

        I don’t even take meds!!!

      27. Just got told to keep an eye on Chicago. To stay with in phone range. We will see.

        • As in imminently? I would not be surprised if they started something like in Baltimore…

          • Why the silence from any preppers in Baltimore?
            There has to be at least one in the whole city that can tell us what is happening in their neighborhood.

            A hundred cities smoldering. Waiting to go up in flames.
            If the crash comes in Sept/Oct time frame, this is what we are looking at big time.

      28. To be fair, the population has become so scummy and so full of low-lifes, I kind of welcome martial law because it would be an opportunity to sweep that shit off the streets (Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit etc.) and generate a social re-set that would be very good for the economy. At present, far too much money and resources is wasted on policing and maintaining this scum population (welfare, EBT etc.). They now cost far more than they ever will be worth, even if all of them went off and got PhDs and started a business.

        In the re-set, it would be possible to pick the best of the whites, hispanics and mix them with high-quality Asians with degrees and cash: a potent combination that would bring in the next wave of American prosperity. On the current path, the US is heading into Planet of the Apes territory.

        • Ape shall not kill Ape……
          (Unless they’re in Amerika…..theys kill EVERYTHING).

        • Your idea sounds just like a low-scale globalist elite plan.

          THEY TOO, plan to keep the “cream of the crop”, as they deem who is the best, and discard the “scum.” In their case, they mean everyone but themselves, much the same way you mean it.

          FT, I know you don’t think so, but maybe YOU don’t fit in as one of the keepers either.

          WE won’t get to make that decision as to who is fit to live and who isn’t.

          NOBODY BUT GOD SHOULD HAVE THAT POWER. I’m saddened that you wish you did.

          • Who are the keepers will be decided. What is coming isn’t a reset or a reversion to the 1800,s . Its a skyrocket to the stone age. A Root Hawg or die survivial of the fittest. Frank Thoughts is correct the world is full of scummy lowlife culls. You can view them on TV looting . Those who loot wont last long when the SHTF happens they will kill each other. and the rest will eventually become extinct.

      29. When the SHTF the elite will not be able to dictate the course of chaos and that’s why they aren’t assured of winning. That’s why they need psy-op’s to try instill in us a sense of hopelessness, like they control everything, but their advantages do not give them control over chance. We can use those advantages and win.

      30. Notice the helm of a ship on a lamp base at about the 43 second mark. Also the extensive use use of various shades of jade (towels, blouse, picture frame, ball of yarn) throughout this ad. In fact, the entire ad has an odd greenish cast to it. Jade Helm? Who knows?

      31. glad someone saw my post from yesterday

      32. “However angry people might be, we’re still a nation of laws. The legal system has to function for justice to be done. Rioting is a breakdown of public order that can ruin neighborhoods, communities and entire cities.
        That’s why Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s comments are truly astounding. Not only did she not tell those who were demonstrating to wait until all the facts were in, she seemed to encourage the worst elements among them to do violence.
        In a press conference Sunday, Rawlings-Blake said, “I … instructed (the police) to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech. … We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that.”
        “Space” to rob, loot and commit arson? Even after 35 people were arrested and six police officers injured during the protests? It was an extraordinarily inflammatory comment.
        Meanwhile, Baltimore police report “credible information” that an alliance of gangs has formed to “take out” cops — possible fallout from the mayor’s remarks.
        It has been claimed that this violence was all the handiwork of “outsiders.” “The Baltimore Police Department believes that outside agitators continue to be the instigators behind acts of violence and destruction,” Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts told the media.
        Yes, some fanning the flames were outsiders. As several news organizations reported, one of them was Malik Shabazz, president of Black Lawyers for Justice and former head of the New Black Panther Party.”

        ht tp://

        they want this, they are provoking this .. theres a reason they are pushing these events

        • Same thing in London: elements in the ‘community’ egged on the rioters and at every step of escalation and violence, their grievances were validated by various politicians as just justice-seeking. This only fed back into the cycle of violence, arson and theft, giving each act its historical justification. All these ‘uprisings’ are organized and meant to throw the fear into ‘whitey’.

          That is why I strongly advocate increased immigration from Russia and Eastern Europe: two communities who do not come ready-made with white liberal guilt and who do not put up with guff from these communities. The more we can increase the population of smart Asians, Hispanics, Eastern Europeans, Western Europeans and Russians, the better the balance will tip away from these street thugs and toward society.

          As other posters have pointed out, there isn’t a single black-majority city or country on the planet that has low-crime and prosperity. That tells you something.

        • Good for her, I saw that on cnn and they were applauding her. Correct me if I’m wrong though,weren’t they just recently trying to lock up and take away the career and child of some football player for beating his son with a “TREE BRANCH” (a SWITCH) Our hypocrisy knows no bounds. This mom Is lucky they’re rioting because a week ago we would be cheering them as they locked her up and took her kid away. I wouldn’t be surprised if she still don’t get a visit from DCS after the fires all get put out. And just to be clear I fully support corporal punishment and parental rights. I just think the double standards are hilarious….and by hilarious I mean they make me wanna friggin puke and then shoot my tv 12 times

      33. Relax, go see a movie- like capt amrica lll-civil war . The villian is baron helmut zemo..

      34. Mac:

        This may actually make some sense when you consider what I am about to tell you. The CEO of AARP, Addison “Barry” Rand, has a pretty long history of being involved in civil rights movements in his younger days and largely in corporations that he has worked for in the past. Some believe that he harbors radical beliefs and resentment towards whites and is not afraid of using unusual means to achieve his objectives. It turns out that he is also a friend and ardent supporter, financially and otherwise, of President Obama. He has been a frequent visitor to the White House. This curious linkage makes the ad and its content even more questionable. A little digging on Barry Rand in the right places may be quite revealing.

      35. The radical Civil Rights Division of the Dept. of Justice surely had a hidden hand in ordering the Baltimore Police to stand down. The thugs and gang bangers are not the “protesters”. The rioters, looters and arsonists are the usual everyday street criminals. The Mayor surrendered the city to the idiots.

        • The Black female mayor was barely coherent in her public address. People like her are put in their position for their incompetence. She was probably simply following a script handed to her by her handlers. On CNN, Black commentators, obviously educated and well spoken, were in agreement that her failure to decree a curfew last night, after a disjointed and insufficient police response, was a failure to act as her office requires. The only idiot was a “journalist” from the HuffPost, who ranted on about protecting property when Black lives don’t matter. I think those Black businessmen who lost all would like to show him how his Black life matters.

          • Wow, she is hot though! If it is all going to crap you might as well have a smoking hot mayor to talk you through it. Those lips!

        • We should not ever be surprised that every single failed major city in this country, is wholly controlled by the Liberal/Prog/Marxist/Democratic Party Machine.
          The Plantation Massas always need more slaves, so they now have them within their “Chocolate City”, to paraphrase former Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans-forget what his Federal inmate ID now is….
          Baltimore is merely a reflection of typical Democratic Party mismanagement, lack of leadership, total lack of accountability and the need for Slaves. The electorate of Baltimore, Ferguson, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago,etc. well deserve the “leadership” and departments in their Citiesthey now have.

      36. BALTIMORE, This crap is exactly what my scientist friend warned about for the kazillionth time, now i must have mentioned this a zillion times on these comments. So the cops abduct the kid, break his back, throw him into the back of the truck, then broke his neck..Gee America is really over like what Lindsey Willams told us in 2014..

        Now, the governor has followed his orders from the Natzi elites and his “Homo Capensis “cone head Boses”, See Karen Hudes on Youtube, she will explain who is really running things behind the scene, the Extra terrestrial race that is controling them and our planet, that its time to declare martial law and roll out the tanks, the heavy equipment and get ready to fire on the protestors. We knwo what the scientist said, you have read my recnt post, dont need to get into it again, we get the point.

        Here is my prediction. I am not formenting violence, just saying what will probably happen. Besides i am just a conspiracy therorist, what worries too much.

        From the moment that the national guard fires on the crowd with real bullets and kill the protestors, the blacks are going to ignite, then the revloutionary war will start in 24-72 hrs and the whole country will be going to war against the National guard and foreign forces. These dumb azz idoetic protestors are really speeding up the process if allowing this to happen. Then the cabal, of course, they are in a hurry to run military drills and shut down and transform all the Watmarts into detention, via Jade Helm 15, where they intend to “Master the Human Domain”.

        I can hear them talking at the elite level, Call out the guard, get the tanks ready, get the russians and chinese ready, get the jihadist ready, we are going to declare martial law, if we dont do it now, we will loose the window, call Sam at Walmart, get the PLA chinese soldiers ready to detain all whites and thier familes. Call Z in china, get the troops ready to cross over from Mexico into Texas, roll it now, thats a direct order. Get ready to transport them to camps to be gillotined, shot, etc.

        Man, we are really heading in that direction that i am really hearing about isn’t it.

        But then again, what do i know, i am just a worried conspiracy theorist, who likes to act like i know what i am talking about, As one miseraby stinking fat lady told me. You dont know crap, you worry too much, like to be negative and don’t know squat, that will never happen, my daughter just married and indian guy, who is a doctor who has lots of money, and has a big house, more money that you will ever have, they just had a kid, you have none, no woman wants you, thats why you will never have kids, your nothing. Yes folks, this was told to me in my face.

        The real situation:

        As i type this comment as bodybuilder in top physical condition, as a martial praticing Si Lat, as a prepper who is prepaing for the shtf event. I have to laugh. The mind either makes us, or breaks us. I have learned.

        ha, haaa, haa, haa, i laugh to myself ever since meeting up with my scientist buddy. I have news for new you stupid fat lazy lard azz stupid woman, lets see how you fare with 2 days worth of food, lets see how the indian guy will fare in “SHTF EVENT HORIZON” BALTIMORE, you think us preppers are going to rush toward that lanky dumb azz indian guy and feed him thier survival and assure his safety, totally laughable. This is the this SHTF EVENT HORIZON, unfolding infront of our very eyes.

        What is the Event Horizon. THE EVENT HORIZON is defined as the “point of no return”, the point of which the “Gravity” of what is about to happen, that their is no escape. Good luck non preppers, and grostec fatty women, you will be learning about mother nature in the very near future. Lets see how the SHTF community will fare in the battle of the final 3-5 million survivors in ground zero of THE SHTF EVENT. That 3-5 million people, guys that us.

        We for one will survive, WE HAVE GOT: in place to gaurantee our very survival. we live it and follow the site owners advice and the commentors advice. We have prepared to our best of our ability for a Failure of Civility. Folks, you gotta get this book.

        • If you can believe it, we have been training since the 80s to do this. Since the 80s. They toughened us up in the 90s and in Iraq/Afghanistan. It has been war after war. Civil put down after civil put down. We are beyond ready. Time to cleanse and make the world a greener place … for ever.

      37. National Guard hasn’t been issued real ammo for riots since Kent State. The Guard won’t be armed. They will have some photo Ops and that’s all.

        • During the 1992 Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles, (I was called in to assist along with 100 others from my then agency), we were constantly asked by the CA NG unit members if we had extra ammo for them. They were not issued any until Day FOUR of their patrols. Seems that the typical military bureaucracy took it’s time. I’m guessing that IF anyone in the Maryland NG has ammo, they self-provided it in violation of strict orders to the contrary. (Self-preservation is a powerful motivator)

      38. Nothing subliminal about it. I believe the Baltimore riots are fascist-organized to prepare us for a large scale intelligence-run series of riots that will be described as an “uprising”. I had Black businessmen tell me that the word on the street was that paid terrorists set many of the fires on the night of the Rodney King riot. When a nation has Stalinist show-trials of mind controlled terrorists, where the defense says their robotic clients are guilty (Boston and Aurora), we are far beyond the rule of law. I recently read of a writ of Habeas Corpus being filed on the behalf of chimps. Apparently they have more rights than we citizens, who can be imprisoned for no more reason than disagreeing with the party line.

        • We will accept martial law, as long as everyone thinks “we’re just sticking it to the blacks” To hell with martial law!!! I don’t care how much looting and rioting is going on….Here’s an idea, If you own a business and don’t want the sumbitch burnt down, get your damn shotgun and get your ass out there and protect it. If the police want to shoot or arrest people breaking in and stealing air jordans or burning quickie marts, then more power to them. But don’t tell me when and where the hell I can go, and I will protect myself and my own property. Wake up people!!! Do not accept martial law, no matter what circumstance or scenario they come up with. Martial law is about control and the blatant outright suspension of our Constitution, and it will be enforced on Americans of all races and class. Do not allow our own prejudices and a few thugs and cnn looped news reels persuade you.

      39. Insurance company using psychological tools to manipulate/scare the living shit outa peops. Not news.

      40. CNN fomenting black revolution on a daily basis. Save one for CNN.

      41. Best to get out of the city! Any single preppers out there? 🙂 I’m a wannabe prep gal who grew up on a farm. I’m about to buy a house, looking for a strong, Christian man to team up with.

      42. Maybe the POTUS has instructed the cops to kill people like this deliberately, in agent provocateur style, in order to create a seemingly valid excuse for suspending the constitution and then fully implementing the 1991 US Noahide Laws in a lightning strike against the American people, with those 4.5 billion DHS rounds of ammunition.

        This seems entirely deliberately provocative and well planned against the American people to get a certain reaction just like the present riots, and that has to be for a well planned reason.

        • Well said

      43. This could be worse than y2k & eboa brid flu ? Better get some beans

        • Scary ain’t it?

      44. This could be worse than brid flu , y2k or ebloa

      45. OR the people making the commercial were having fun. Ad people are basically fuck-ups. The people that wanted to become film directors, or novelists. They often hate their jobs. And given an idiotic assignment, they will often play jokes to see if they can get away with it. I bet there were people dressed up like zombies on the set somewhere as well.

      46. It stands to reason that martial law and roundups are already occurring. They’re being kept quiet so as not to signal those who wait for a signal that anything is amiss.

      47. Fucking preppers… I fucking love it! You go girl!


      49. DO you guys notice all of the “JADE’ colored clothing and items? towels, clothing in the picture etc.. also the shot of the desk, check out the lamp,.. there is a “HELM” on the base of the lamp! “JADE HELM” references and martial law news clip in the background,…this is not a coincidence

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